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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 26, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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good for them? thank you for watching, everyone. i am making the way for shepard. >>shepard: and a changing board on republican fight for florida. and what about reports that rick santorum is dropping out? you her from him in the last hour. we will hear from him again. and the president and the arizona governor brewer have very different takes on immigration. but what sparked this exchange? upon the president's arrival in phoenix? and why the governor says she felt a little threatened. but somebody claimed a winning multimillion dollar lottery ticket but officials may not pay up. that's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york, the son of a united states cabinet member is trapped
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in egypt and reportedly facing charges that could send him to jail for up to five years. we told officials barred sam lahood from leaving as part of a crackdown on advocacy groups. he is director of the international republican institute egypt's program, he and sell other americans are on a no exit list accused of managing and working for an unregistered organization. a top u.s. state department official said this could jeopardize egypt's transition to democracy as well as the flow of american aid. a year ago egypt was not heat a revolution that forced out the long time president. the unrest per southwests and egypt's new leaders have often blamed foreign interference. the fox report's chief corporate jonathan hunt is with us. sam lahood tried to leave egypt over the weekend, right.
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what happened? >>jonathan: he went to cairo airport on saturday and was told he would not be allowed to leave. as five other americans have also been told. now, their laptops and files have also been seized and i spoke to the middle east director of the international republican institute earlier today and he said what worrying them is the steps, taking of the files and preventing of guys leaving, what comes next. >> we were very much troubled by the development of this "no exit," list from the country because it suggests they could be planning to issue arrest warrants for those including on the list. the next possible step would be that our staff could be arrested and, obviously, we are deeply troubled by that prospect. >>jonathan: the transportation secretary lahood, sam lahood 's father was at the auto show in washington and asked about his son's situation.
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here is his reaction. >> i'm very gratified by all the work going on by the administration and our ambassador in egypt and i appreciate the work they are doing on that. >> everybody seemed to be choosing their words very carefully here. obviously there is great concern. >>shepard: is there a sense for what egypt might be trying to achieve? >>jonathan: remember what they are trying to do, many including the i.r.i. are promoting democracy teaching people in egypt who have had no democratic tradition for the last four decades, how democracy works. and what a lot of middle east experts think is happening now is that the military, the egyptian military, the rueing military are showing their real view on the promotion of democrat accuracy in egypt. >> this regime is sending a message to washington and europe, sending a no more revolt, no more democracy in egypt we are 9 regime and we will head association with each other so remove the i.r.i. from
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our soil. that is the essential message. >>jonathan: also, the muslim brotherhood are now the most powerful party in the egyptian parliament. what is their view of this? what are they going to stay to the military rulers? >>shepard: we will see. we will chat away about this story and the rest of the our stories throughout the hour and you can weigh in at on "on the hunt," link on the right hand side of the page. according to an e-mail obtained by fox from one of the americans barred from leaving egypt, the situation is "very serious." the person who asked not to be identified says the group is concerned about getting arrested and that "we believe this case will go to trial and that we will be prosecuted on a number political charges." with that in mind we bring not senior judicial analyst who anchors "freedom watch," on the fox business network. how serious is this? >>judge napolitano: very serious. remember, the military is very
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unpopular in egypt and striking at an american target, the son of a person in the president's cabinet, may very well enhance their popularity. i agree with jonathan and the people jonathan interviewed, the military does thought want democracy, they want to stay in power at long as they can. and the democratic forces question if they are really question, but the people behind the riot as year ago, they want the military to leave. so if the military can gather support around attacking an american, a relatively harmless american, but an veteran nevertheless, whose father is in president obama's cabinet, that might get some support for the military. >>shepard: which is most likely the goal. >>judge napolitano: yes. look as we speak there is no rule of law in subsequent. the military makes up the law as they go along. the military is prosecuting president obama for people who are killed in in the square and
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the military has killed more in the square than they accused mubarak of killing. >>shepard: listen to this. a full screen, a call for full screen. here is the e-mail. several of us have been offered refuge at the u.s. ambassador's residence, and this is the nuclear obligation raising this to a full-blown crisis if it isn't already. >>judge napolitano: that is probably so if you isolate americans on the do not leave list in the one place brought egyptian military cannot go under all international standards, they cannot go inside the american military, you are raising the military of what we saw at the time of, in the carter administration, with the embassy in tehran. >>shepard: and that could be disasterous. >>judge napolitano: that affected the outcome of a presidential election. >>shepard: it affect add lot. we will watch for you on "freedom watch," on the fox
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business network just up the dial, our sister network fbn. the former massachusetts governor mitt romney is back not lead in florida leading up to next tuesday's primary but this is still very much neck and neck. according to the average of the polls in florida governor romney has a three-point lead over newt gingrich and days ago the average of the polls had speaker gingrich in the lead by four. florida is winner take all. 50 delegates up for grabs regardless, and the fight for florida remains open according to all of the analysts and according to another poll 38 percent of likely voters in the state could change their minds at the polls next week. and now, carl, hello. >>carl: boy it is getting nasty. there is a major battle unfolding today with all kinds of new rhetoric. newt gingrich, today, at a tea part rally said he is angry, angry at what he says are the
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false and misleading ads by romney and his supporters spending millions and millions better than 10-1 advantage he has pounding newt gingrich on the air, and, today, the former speaker lashed out. listen. >> i am angry. but i think i am angry as every american should be. how can somebody run a campaign this dishonest and think he will have any credibility running for president? >>carl: romney defends the ads and the ads are getting tougher and tougher, and today this is a backlash unfolding, no less than the conservative national review magazine, the men -- american spectator and tom delay unleading on newt gingrich and now the 1996 former senate majority leader who was considered a partner of newt gingrich, bob doles has sent an open letter to the public and it slammed newt gingrich, too.
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"if newt gingrich is the nominee, it will have an adverse effect on republican candidates running for county, state and federal offices," and hardly anyone who serves with newt in congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself, and bob dome joining the attack on newt gingrich. it is clear those who served with him in washington in roger numbers are now coming forward and speaking out, trying to stop the newt gingrich surge. it is that close, the establishment threatened by the foam house speaker and they are speaking out trying to halt him today. >>shepard: where are rick santorum and ron paul? >>reporter: ron paul has his emphasize in maine as preparation for the upcoming caucuses in maine the same day as nevada, a week from now on saturday. as for rick santorum he is very were in this race, and, today, he jumped like the reality tv show, and what he is trying to
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do is wait for the two more popular stars, mitt romney and newt gingrich to so sabotage themselves he can move forward the he is knocking down rumors he will drop out of the race and that is exactly the type of mischief one can expect in a battle like this. mitt romney and newt gingrich know if rick santorum were to drop out, their numbers would shift, and, so, looks of rumors and police periods that rick santorum each day has to knock down and say, no, he is fighting on further in the belief that either romney will take out newt gingrich or vice versa and he will get another look. >>shepard: thank you, carl, from florida. five days, our courage of the tuesday primary right here on fox news, and we get started at 6:00 eastern, through the evening, as results come in. iran's president says his country is willing to talk about its nuclear program but it is not willing to end the nuclear program. is this a stall the tack stick? or a sign that sanctions could
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be working? we will get into that. and president obama getting good news from a poll about the economy. coming up we will see how optimism could help his hopes for a second term. [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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help protect your eye health. >>shepard: iran is willing to return to the negotiating table to talk about the nuclear program, the word from iran's president. and it comes days after the european union imposed an oil embargo on the nation. officials in europe say they are not convinced iran's nuclear plans are exclusively peaceful and the iranians have insisted they trying only to produce electricity and medical treatments not weapons. and, now, as he says he is ready to talk the president of the republic warns the threat of more punishment will not step the nuclear process. and now, catherine, what is the white house take on this? >>reporter: from the white
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house national security team this morning to the state department, we just had a briefing wrap up an sure ago, and the iranian regime is told that it is not enough. >> saying you are open for talks doesn't meet the criteria we have set which is to be ready for talks and ready to be serious about letting the world know all of the details of your nuclear program and proving claims it is for peaceful purposes. >>reporter: they want iran to stop make nuclear fuel which could lead to the production of weapons. the talks have been stalled for a year, and iran reject add plan to send stockpile of low enriched uranium out of the country. >>shepard: the timing is important, right, catherine? >>reporter: a senior team of inspectors is expected there on saturday, the first visit from a u.n. inspection team since the report in november that alleged iran conducted convert weapons
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related tests and could be on the brink of development. and on monday there is an oil embargo to limit iran's ability to sell oil. and a draft report from a major policy group in washington suggests that iran is feeling pressure "iran is unlikely to decide to dash toward making nuclear beaches as long as the capability is limited as it is today," and they add "the greatest deterrent could be their fear of a military strike in the impact of the sanctions." >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from washington, dc. and now, a former intelligence officer from the office of the sent defense, former senior analysts for the joint chiefs, and was strategy director governor the white house homeland security council. >>guest: the report is right. it is unlikely to think that iran really wants to get rid of their nuclear program. what they are saying is, let's
3:17 pm
buy some more time. how do they take the sanctions that have been imposed by essentially western powers, there is division there. and, as long as they can appear to look reasonable and they can come to the neitherring table they can have conversations they draw it out which gives them more time to go ahead and develop the weapons, to figure out more about enriching the uranium and developing the won'ts program and delivering. so i don't think we have seen evidence they are sincere about the conversation other than using the conversation as a stall. >>shepard: given that what is the best course of action for the country and our allies? >>guest: well, that is a challenging question. certainly, it is true that these days being an iranian nuclear scientist has a short life span, so, whether the united states or israel or other countries are involved there are activists going on, on the ground, that you would want to see going on. so, heavy pressure in terms of the intelligence side, you do have to have the diplomatic negotiations, but, really, the negotiations are with our western allies and india and
3:18 pm
china and russia opposed to with the iranians because the issue is to draw the line in the sand and either develop and have a nuclear program or not and if you do that it will come to some form of likely conflict, whether it is rhetoric, low scale, or a full-scale conflict, and i think that is the path we are headed down because i don't see iran giving up. it is important to them. >>shepard: you have said there are three likely, three potential outcomes here, sure, basically, they gave up their program. which i don't think will happen. or we decide to accede to their demand which leads to the nuclear weapons which leads to further nuclear polarization, or, that there will be a conflict. there is one back door that would get us out of the open conflict and that is what you see the iranian president going after today which is can they sign airfreight that allows inspectors but maybe the inspectors do not come in non-american inspectors.
3:19 pm
we saw this in syria with the arab league and it took five months to get there and it took a month to determine there is not much blood shed. we did this dance in iraq for 10 years. >>shepard: and we see how that came out. good of you to be here, mike. officials in arlington national cemetery are missing about $12 million. can't find it. and that's just one of the new issues in the books there. our legal panel on that next. when you have tough pain, do you want fast relief?
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>>shepard: new trouble at arlington, officials are trying to find $12 million never spent between 2004 and 2012. senate officials yesterday said they do not have document on the
3:23 pm
missing money which is a quart we of the annual budget. officials say there are more than 400,000 bodies buried at arlington far more than the previous estimates 330,000 and currently conducting the first formal grave by grave count at that cemetery. you will recall a couple of years ago the army overhauled management after it was scoffed head stones in a nearby creek and found bodies buried in the wrong places. and now our legal panel, new york prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney. i don't where to start with this. >>randy: 70 to 87 months would be the sentencing guidelines for someone would misappropriated $12 million of government money. and, the most fascinating question, it does not take a rocket scientist to say i need to justify how i spent the money the year before. how did they do that and say, by the way, i can't find, what, $2 million or $3 million or $4 million a year. when it goes on over there it is
3:24 pm
okay but with what i do and with josh prosecutes, it does not work. >> who should have been open tough this? it is horrendous. we are talking about i pay taxes, you pay taxes this money, where did it go? it is supposed to be allocated to $12 million missing, a quarter of what they spent in a year they cannot tell you where it goes. problem after problem after problem and they say "we don't know," but no one has the answered. it should not have happened. >>shepard: and 70,000 people buried that they did not know exist. >>jonathan: so sad, an important special emotional place for the nation. >>shepard: where do you start with this? investigate everybody who ever touched the money? >>randy: the low hanging fruit if a case like this is always going to be the bookkeepers, the people responsible for entering the numbers on the pieces of paper. you start there. and you shake them up. and that's going to get you some answers.
3:25 pm
of course it could be this is an innocent explanation for this, and we are jumping tojections but it is scary that this is no inflation that, again, as you said for such a special place. >> subpoenas have to be issued and we have to track where the money went. it is huge. the federal government, where they keep their money, where do you say, i will send a subpoena and, where did this money go, who was supposed to be taking care? what money went out? forensic accounting says how will we show up? a huge understanding. what should be done. >>shepard: management changes have happened since two years ago. >>jonathan: but clearly there need to be a lot more and probably will be. >>randy: a lot of lawyering "up." >>shepard: if i have a loved one who fought and died for my country and this play was mismanaged i don't know how i process that. >>randy: it is impossible. because, again, it is such a special place and the people that are there, not to say that
3:26 pm
everybody is not special who passes on, but, come on, particularly there, you can't get it right there? we are supposed to trust the government? it is mindboggling. >>shepard: new fall out over what happened between the president and the arizona governor yesterday. the finger point on the tarmac making headlines next. and governor brewer says she was "trying to be very gracious," plus, technology giant apple made a ton of money last quarter but at what cost? new accusations about the conditions inside the company's factory. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama pitched his economic message today in nevada on the second leg of the trip through states that could be the key to his re-election. he is talking about a plan to put folks to work developing american made energy. >> think about an america where more cars and trucks are running on domestic natural gas than on foreign oil. think about an america where our companies are leading the world in developing natural gas technology. and creating a generation of new energy jobs. >>shepard: amid reports of new optimism on the economy that could help the president win a second term according to the analysts. according to a "wall street
3:31 pm
journal" poll 37 percent believe that the economy will improve over the next year. and that is up from 30 percent last month and 21 percent in october. the president's job approval rating was up according to the poll. and wendell, why the stop in las vegas? >>reporter: the president wanted it showcase another administration success story in a battleground state. yesterday, it was iowa and arizona. today he stopped at a ups facility outside las vegas, some of the trucks now use natural gas. and the government has helped build a filling station that lets the trucks run from los angeles to salt lake and wants to subsidize more filling stations on more high track corridors and get a lot more natural gas vehicles on the road. >> we've got a supply of natural gas under our feet. that can last america nearly 100 years. and developing it could power our cars and our homes and our
3:32 pm
factories in a cleaner and cheaper way. we it turns out are the saudi arabia natural gas. >>reporter: he said getting the goods has to be done in a way not to hurt the environment. >>shepard: what do republicans say about the alternative energy push? >>guest: they thing the focus led to bad decisions and not just the half billion bet the government lost on the solar panel maker solyndra but the decision to at least suspend the keystone xl pipeline carrying canadian oil shows a bias against fossil fuel and question the decision to have the navy make one of the largest clean energy riches in history at a time when the pentagon is being told to cut its budget. and they say the whole week's trip is basically more about politics than policy, and that may be the case, yet, how, maybe good politics the president's main message on this trip, that the middle class deserves a better deal certainly seems to getting a lot more political
3:33 pm
support. republicans call it class warfare and the politics of envy and the president today announced that microsoft founder bill gates signed on and he doesn't think gates envies the wealthy. >>shepard: thank you, wendell. there are new detail about the reportedly "tense" exchange between rebound and the arizona governor john -- jan brewer yesterday after the president's plan landed on the tarmac. the governor in this still picture the pointing a finger in the president's face, and the photo has gone viral, and we do not know exactly what was said. we have in way to know but the governor later told reports the president was disturbed about a description of him in her book about bother security. she also said she "felt a little bit threatened by his attitude." trace is like in our west coast news hub. what exactly is in the book? >>reporter: it is called "scorpions for breakfast," the
3:34 pm
arizona rancher killed by an illegal immigrant on his rot and the governor says when she met with the president not oval office to talk about border security, he said "we sat down and started chit chat with after a few minutes the tone got serious and con descending," saying "she felt like she was being lectured like a child by the president so on the tarmac, yesterday, sheehaned the -- shed hand the president a letter about the arizona economy but he only wanted to talk about the book. listen. >> bottom line is, i wantedded to be there to welcome him to come and see firsthand what arizona has done if regard to our economic recovery, and he wanted to talk about the book, and i thought that he was pretty thin skinned. >>trace: her book was 276,000 yesterday on and now at 56. >>shepard: what is the
3:35 pm
reaction from the white house? >>trace: the white house acknowledges the president did mention the book but they say there was no confrontation and they said and i quote, "the governor handed the president a letter and said she was inviting him to meet with her and the president said he would be glad to meet with her again but noted after the last meeting a cordial discussion not oval office, the governor inaccurately described the meeting in her book," and the governor brower was -- brewer why she pointed a finger at the president. listen to her. >> i would say this, a picture is what it is, but i must say that i was not hostile, i was trying to be very gracious and i respect the office of the president and i would never be disrespectful in that manner. >>trace: she claims the president has snubbed her on a couple of other occasions, and the white house says that is not true. >>shepard: a day after apple announced report profits, there is a brand new report that raises questions and concerns
3:36 pm
about the condition in factories involve in making appear people products. we heard past accounts of harsh conditions and safety violations and reported suicide attempts that makes iphones and ipads and at this latest report from "new york times", comes about a week after apple released their own review, showing it found some suppliers using child labor. gerri is from fox business network and here with us. what is going on in the plants? >>gerri: kids work, seven days a week and some say they stand so long their legs swell and they cannot walk, and lots of injuries at the plants and two years ago is 137 workers were injured to clean off the iphone covers and two explosions that killed four people so lots of questions. >>shepard: how is apple responding. >>gerri: they say they monitor the situations all the time but they require the companies, and
3:37 pm
remember they are not exactly apple plants, they are people who do work for apple, like the company you mentioned a moment ago, and they require the plants to do the right thing and i will read to all comment from steve jobs made a year ago, he said i actually think apple does one of the best jobs in the industry and this is not a sweat shot. and of course, ibm, and motorolaer, they all make their products overseas mostly in china is it is not just apple there are lots of companies. >>shepard: thank you, gerri willis from the fox business network at 5:00 eastern for her program on fbn giving you the power to prosper. netflix reporting better-than-expected 4th quarter after they took a dive not fall after backlash against the surprise high pike and a plan it dropped to spinoff the dvd by mail business. some shareholders also filed a class action lawsuit against netflix last week. they claim that company
3:38 pm
officials withheld key earnings information just before the stock price plunged. a message to whoever won $16 million not iowa lottery lat year you have one day to collect your winnings but first you have to show your face. that is next. and tragedy in brazil as the country leaders try to get ready to host the largest sporting events. details ahead. @=h [ female announcer ] investing for yourself
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3:42 pm
medicare spending, saying that governor romney and newt gingrich share the blame for a cap in medicare spending in the new health care law because they previously supported the idea of an individual mandate. both mitt romney and newt gingrich have rejected this but the candidates are actively campaigning for seniors a major voting block in florida. and now, steve is like in florida. steve? >>reporter: we have been talking to florida republican seniors all week asking them the most important factor in this election. and the answer that we are hearing over and over again may surprise you. >> 80 percent of florida's four million seniors are registered to vote. the republicans know what they don't want. >> i'm looking for at this point,onestly, anybody but obama. anyone but obama. >> fact tries and the jobs they grew up with are gone. >> everything has been moved
3:43 pm
overseas because it is cheaper but that doesn't make it better. sooner or later we will not be able to afford the things we buy because nothing is made here anymore. >> what they are, whoing for in a candidate more than any specific policy on social security or medicare is a quality, a toughness. >> i want a man to attend up, a man or woman, to stand up and say, i'll going to fight for this country to bring it back where it was, and i'll be honest and open. if you like it fine. if you don't like it, vote me out. >> i would like to see more respect for our country. everybody hates the americans. we have become the ugly american. and, why? we have no one to stand up for us. >> toughness is what we are hearing over and over again, what seniors are looking for this time. a third of all florida republicans are senior citizens but because they vote in such high numbers, their blue is even stronger. >>shepard: thank you, steve. local lottery officials in iowa
3:44 pm
say the mysterious winner or winners of $16.5 million have 24 hours to come forward or risk forfeiting the money. someone bought the ticket in 2010 and two lawyers turned it in, hours before it expired, and officials say a new york man signed it claiming to represent a trust. but hot try officials say they still have no idea who bought the ticket or where it has been all this time. and now, the lawyers, new york prosecutor from kings county and randy zelin. someone is owed $16.5 million. and they are like, awol or something. >> when there are large sums of money there could be something criminal. they do not want to answer question, clear security measures in blaze that says if you want, you come failure, you tell us where you got the ticket, writ has been, how it got to us, explain yourself. it doesn't take a genius to figure someone could have heard
3:45 pm
someone, killed someone, grabbed someone, on the ticket it says you have to do this and this is what has to be done. >>randy: you make a great argument from a common sense perspective but that ain't what the follow says. the follow simply says you have to certify that you had the ticket. that the person who bought it was over 21. you sign it. you say, i didn't get it illegally. you don't have to explain anything other than certify under the penalty of percentagery, those budge of things, and you can claim your ticket. >> but if you look at the ticket which you don't have, and you could not claim it unless you explain how you got it. >>randy: don't have to. certify. >> it says on the back. >>randy: if you present the ticket on behalf of a group you have to fill out an i.r.s. form which i have which says this is who they are, here is the tax
3:46 pm
identification information, so, this way the government can collect the taxes and that is all you have to do. the guy shows you, and he should get his money. >>shepard: what happens, sometimes people who have criminal activity in them win the lotteries and they try to figure out how not to end up in jail, like, you could being you could be a deadbeat dad, or outstanding warrants. >>randy: you are right. >>shepard: it happened sometimes. it does happen. >>randy: an upstanding citizen who won money, tell us what happened. the form is what the form is. if you don't like the form, change the form doing forward but when you have the follow you cannot say, well, forget the form. >>shepard: why not give this guy his money? >> because their procedures have been if place and their security agreement says you have to tell us to claim your money. i believe it is on the ticket and we don't have that ticket and the winner claim form is
3:47 pm
probably not what holds to say you can claim your money. >>jonathan: and thing how much money they get in interest on the lottery ticket. >>randy: he does not have to explain anything just check the box, check the box, check the box, sign and give it to my money. >> let's not give it to a criminal. >>shepard: one day we got scratch offs driving from downtown memphis, to the casinos, and got a bunch of scratch offs and stopped at every gas station until all the scratch offs ran out. we won. a lot. until we kept playing the game until we didn't win anything. but along the way, we probably won $60. >> but you got further south. >>shepard: we were big winners until -- i got a diet coat, and maybe a moon pie. >> never had that.
3:48 pm
or a twincy. >>shepard: what? something is inherently wrong with you. >>jonathan: i'm british. >>shepard: never had a moon pie and this is chocolate or banana. >>jonathan: clearly i have had a lot of pies. >> and up north it is called a scooter pie. >>shepard: a noon my from chattanooga bakery. a report says men more likely to have flight memory loss than women. do you call b.s. on this, it just, the percentage ... we will get into it in a minute. hang on. [ nadine ] buzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz, bzzzz,
3:49 pm
you know, typical alarm clock. i am so glad to get rid of it. just to be able to wake up in the morning on your own. that's a big accomplishment to me. i don't know how much money i need. but i know that whatever i have that's what i'm going to live within. ♪ ♪
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>>shepard: men are more likely than women to suffer mild memory loss as we age. according to a new study, about 7 percent of women, rather, of men in their 70's and 80's developed mild memory loss compared to 6 percent of women in the same age range. joining us is the assistant professor at cornell medical college. all right. 7 percent of men and 6 percent of women, this sounds like a -- 5.6 which rounds to eye, and 7.2 percent which rounds to 7 percent and it sounds like --. >>guest: but it was a strong enough study because of the size of the value it has significance because the value was less than .01 percent, which is how we measure this is the statistic. so even though it is only a small percentage difference, what they are trying to say, is there something going on here that we need to pay attention
3:53 pm
to? >>shepard: what do i do to stop forgetting? >>guest: exercise. exercise. >>shepard: physical exercise? >>guest: yes, that helps keep memory loss at bay, and the other thing is crossword puzzles and memory games, those different things that keep it nimble. if you exercise your mind you exercise your body, those are the things. use it or lose it. >>shepard: reading? >>guest: more recall. but it will help. you want to keep your mind engaged. in the study men who were single tended to have more impairment or people in general who were single. >>shepard: lack of stimulation. >>guest: they were not fighting with anyone in the home. probably some biology differences, men as a general rule tend to be more results oriented and women process oriented and it could result in
3:54 pm
women remembering mr. dales so there is a lot of things going on. this is also a study of baby boomers and maybe some things around at that time were compounding things. >>shepard: they are work on a pill? >>guest: but the research money that is going to alzheimer's disease is small compared to some of the other areas where they are getting billionsed and, money comes up with more research going on and faster results. we are not yet prepared to have the baby boomer have alzheimer's disease that would really ... >>shepard: exercise and do puzzle, it sounds like fun. glitter or lipstick or perfume could be a dead give away of a visit to a strip club and now a club has a way to give the customers an airtight alibi. if you have this problem we have your solution. and neil cavuto will step in and restore sanity.
3:55 pm
i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now.
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>>shepard: follow weather alert and strong thunderstorm and the possibility for tornadoes in the parts of the southeast. we have a map up here, our weather loop, and here is the greatest area of concern. this is alabama and florida border right along the western part of the panhandle, serious storms. can you see the red area here and up into alabama along the georgia border, all along this line. if you or somebody you love lives this this area it is time to at least check the local weather because that, that red box is appear area of serious concern over the next 30 or 40 minutes. the new york giants will win the super bowl according to a camel in new jersey with a love for graham crackers. officials at the state popcorn park zoo say princess, the camel has successfully chosen the winner of file of the last six
3:59 pm
super bowls and the zoo keep are writes the name of each time on his hands hidden under a cracker and which ever princess eats is her pick. whether princess is aware, this is another matter but official say the camel has predicted 14 of 20 games this season including the playoffs, but she got it wrong two years ago picking the colts over the saints in super bowl 44. and then there before we wrap it up, a strip clip in south africa is selling men's fragrances that smell like excuses, maverick strip club released after shakes lotions with scents designed to fool suspicious women, a fragrance, my car broke down, and it smells like gasoline burned rubber and grease and steal. and the owner says he never expected the after shave to catch on but he claims the club has been inundated with orders from an the world. including from one more camel. at the popcorn


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