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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cofounder of home depot, jack welsh, donald trump, just a few. at 7:55:00 p.m. on fox business, everywhere, with this and many others, they don't get it? >> demand it! >> pretty much. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, yes, ma'am, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ >> kimberly: our top story tonight. tension on the tarmac. a run-in between president obama and arizona governor jan brewer. governor brewer greeted the president who was visiting her state. as you can see from this warm and fuzzy picture, it didn't look so friendly. according to the governor, the president wasn't pap hi with the way he is portrayed him in
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the book and confronted her about it. listen to how governor brewer describes the situation. >> i was not hostile. i was trying to be very, very gracious. i was trying to explain to him, of course, write i wrote the book the way i did. i felt a little bit threatened if you will, with the attitude he had. >> kimberly: i don't think. i don't think he's dangerous. unless he has a predator drone with him. what do you think? >> eric: this is big deal. jan brewer is being sued by the department of justice over the arizona sb-1070 law and simply said i had a piece of paper in my hand showing what we have done in arizona. they created jobs in arizona. wanted to talk to him. obama took the paper, didn't read it, put it in his pocket and said i have a problem with the way you portrayed me in your book. really? this is what we're degenerated to, the president of the free
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world is worried about arizona governor the way he is explained a meeting they had. by the way, probably was contentious the way he is said it. >> kimberly: you're suggesting a determine to logical condition: thin skin. >> bob: while she was doing that, he is said you parked the airplane at the wrong place in the airport. without obama say something like that? probably. yeah. i don't think it's a big deal. i'm sure obama didn't like it. they had a disagreement. happens all the time. what is the problem? >> dana: the other problem, the greetings at the airport are a big deal. you have want to be if you are a member of congress, usually bipartisan you get invite and the governor of the state, welcome there. and interestingly, as we get closer to the election you see democratic governors probably not wanting to greet president obama when he gets there. they'll have a scheduling conflict all of a sudden because politics show not good to be seen with him popularity
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wise. but you're on a tarmac. air force one is powering down. it's loud, you are trying to explain something. you have a limited amount of time with the president. i think he is thought she was being cordial. i don't think he wouldn't have said i don't like how you portrayed me in the book. i wish he didn't feel like he need odd to say that. but if he felt that way about jan brewer what will he say to jodie cantor after the book? the white house is saying it's cordial and everything is fine. nothing to see here. the better thing would have been to say if he is wanted a meeting with him, to talk substance, ask to ride with him in the limousine so it's in private. >> kimberly: good idea. greg, you are making facial gestures. >> greg: it's a condition i have. tar mac is short for tar macaidiam? now you do. the thing, it's a giant
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apartment with -- well, not a giant apartment. it has 50 units. 57 if you're obama. they have to deal with the problem. she's a tene tenant that sees te landlord. cornered him in the elevate tomorrow. if you look and go on amazon, her book since this happened jumped from nowhere to like number one and number two. some of subtitles, whatever you call it. rankings. i'm thinking if he picks up my book and turns the page to page 42 and sees what i said about him. >> kimberly: throwing a flag on the shameless self-promotion. >> greg: he would go crazy. >> bob: this whole rant is about his book. if you have something to talk to the president about you having been in presidential motorcades, myself, you get
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the member of congress in the car with him. i did it with cart and we were driving through dewey plaza in dallas, texas, where jack kennedy was killed. a member of congress said, "i don't want to sit in the jump seat in front of the president." president said, "you sit there beckel." had the window down. mr. president, can you roll the window up? what do you think about that? he didn't roll it up. >> eric: sorry, quick point. we are missing a huge thing. obama was in arizona and then on to las vegas and colorado and michigan tomorrow. using air force one. >> kimberly: here we go. >> eric: five states, three days. swing states tour. i look this up, the map. 181,757 per hour. it comes to eight hours and 48 minutes. it did it. i took the time between the different cities back and forth. he is going to spend $1
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$1.6 million. i just don't like it. >> bob: stop doing all the numbers. it's bad for you. >> kimberly: good help us if obama -- >> bob: that is what it costs, costs the same for bush and clinton. they all go out and do fundraising events and do other things. campaigns pay them back. >> eric: oh, really? are you saying obama will, his campaign pays it back? b. if it's fundraiser. >> dana: it's the other way. if you make an official visit, so that is why you see randomly when he comes to new york, when he is back and forth from new york for the fundraising events, definitely the campaign has to reimburse. no -- >> eric: five swing state tour official business. >> dana: swing state since january 2011. >> kimberly: eric, i want to ask about this. >> eric: it doesn't make it right to do it now.
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>> bob: i see. >> kimberly: talk about the bigger picture. the president is vulnerable when he is in office, because people have a lot to say about him. especially at the table. but nevertheless, does he have thin skin? is this something that is part of the larger problem, one of the criticism has been he cannot take the heater or take the criticism because he has had a romance with the mainstream media. >> eric: he does have the romance. main stream media cuts him slack. you can take apart the different occasions where he says if i don't, you know, fix the economy in three years i'll be a one-term president. then all the things, the things he made promises about, the lobbyists in the white house. there is one the media should destroy him about how many lobbyists he fired. >> bob: what do you mean it's thin skinned? you shouldn't say that. >> dana: i don't see how
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president -- unless they briefed him and gave him like in his recent book, are we going to see the governor. by the way, mr. president, here are the rude things that were said about you in book and highlighted it. i don't see how he -- unless he's just -- >> kimberly: he said he read excerpts. >> dana: that means their staff pulled out that one line and said here is what he is said about you. i don't think that was a productive thing to do for the president anyway. >> bob: why are we believing what he is says? you assume -- obama hasn't said it. she said he is talked about her book with the president of the united states on the tarmac with the engine going. it find that hard to believe. >> kimberly: listen to this. this is an interview on greta last night. she talked about the experience and how it made her feel, see if you think it's taking it too far. >> i was trying to be very gracious to him. just reacted in a negative manner of what took me back. kind of left me bretless, to
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tell me the truth. in my opinion it was a terrible encounter to bring up the book at this particular time. >> bob: one thing to say, talk about thin skin. i was going to say something about wind blown hair -- >> eric: stop it. he is doesn't have thin skin. jan brewer doesn't have thin skin. one tough cookie, bob. >> bob: give me a break so. that take on the feds. great job. >> bob: you right the ridiculous immigration policy that will be overthrown by the supreme court. >> kimberly: we'll see about that. i don't think so, bob. i'm feeling a little -- all right. well directly ahead. did you know that warren buffett's secretary may actually be a 1%er? uh-huh. according to a "forbes" analysis we have details. that's up next. blast from the past. five of us. this is brutal. dig up our own yearbook
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photos. trying to heavily photo shop them in this break. give us a moment. we'll be back with that. you don't want to miss it. you'll be laughing it up forever. don't forget to e-mail us at you have can't believe bob. ♪ ♪ it's such a tough...
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the five." controversy surrounding warren buffett's secretary is heating up. you may remember debbie was a guest of the first lady at the "state of the union." and the president used her as a champion for secretaries across the country. well, he is and her boss warren buffett sat down with abc news to talk about her new role. >> you said that you felt as if you are representing secretaries across the country yesterday. >> right. i just feel like an average citizen, so maybe i should say i was representing just the average citizen who, you know, needs a voice. and wants to be treated fairly
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in the area of taxation. >> that is typical. he is is right in the middle. >> eric: is he is a real representation of secretaries across america? according to "forbes" buffett's secretary could make between $200,000 and $500,000 a year. comparison, the average secretary makes $43,500 a year. that's according to the bureau of labor statistics. greg, typical? >> greg: $200,000 is $10,000 per cat picture on her desk. by the way, he is is not a secretary. she's what you call a personal assistant. 2012, my assistant seth does my laundry and travel companion. i don't call him my secretary. that's plain offensive. one big flaw with the big story. the class warfare stuff is pointless because cost of living varies city by city. if you make $50,000 in
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allentown, pennsylvania, not the same as making $50,000 in new york city. talking -- i know. surprising. >> kimberly: shocking. >> greg: the media doesn't bring it up. the class warfare is junk. >> bob: megan does my laundry. >> kimberly: producer. >> bob: are you kidding me? >> greg: is that, that bag? >> bob: he is probably makes that money on, probably if i assume if a member of berkshire hathaway, he is gets stock options. >> dana: no. >> bob: how do you know that? >> eric: we don't know that. good point. >> bob: okay. >> eric: we try to know that because i called four different times, 10:58, 11:53, 2:11, 4:02. i'm on your voice mail four times. i wanted to ask you is it stock options? is it stock? is it capital gains or regular income? if it's regular income, he is has to make at least $200,000.
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>> bob: why do you say no to me all of a sudden when you don't know? >> kimberly: he wanted to know. he tried to know. >> dana: that is not the reason she was sitting in the first lady's box. the reason she was invite in the box is because he is has become for lack of a better word, poster child for the movement that is not fair that he is on her income is paying a higher rate than what warren buffett pays on his investment income. i actually think this conversation in america has been very helpful. because it's helping people understand, get the investment income. the salary. taxed on that. if you decide, because you made enough you want to try to invest that money and take a risk on it. if you are lucky enough to make dividend on it like warren buffett has, then you pay 15% on it. that's the way the system works. if it's true that what forbes said in terms of its analysis, in nebraska, it's 30th on the list of household income. $47,000 is the average. he is would be making, even if
5:18 pm
$200,000,000, 425% more than others. white house opened up to criticism. they want the full transparency. we have might find out her salary is $35,000. it kind of doubt it. it's really unfair -- >> kimberly: let me tell you something. i know her. i know warren buffett. spent time with them. being from san francisco. nice woman. he is is extremely hardworkin hardworking. he is should be paid -- believe me, $200,000 isn't enough. he is should be paid $1 million. she's practically ceo. that being set aside, he is is kind of now come under a lot of rit kule and criticism. everybody is investigating her. he is will become a scapegoat. >> bob: the president of the united states said is exactly right. it doesn't matter if he is makes $200,000 or $500,000, but the fact that warren buffett pays 12%, the rate on capital gains should not be 15%, it should be 30%. if you want to defend that -- >> eric: bob, bob, later on in the same interview, respond
5:19 pm
to this. later in the same interview, warren buffett said if this is war, talking about class warfare, if this is war, my side has the nuclear bomb. we have "k" street, lobbyists, money t on our side. buffett saying things that obama is too afraid. >> bob: the other thing on his side is the republican party. side of rich people. >> kimberly: he is not saying he is right. he is saying that the money >> bob: it's wrong. what he said is people making the money i do should not pay this in income tax. or capital gains tax. he's right. saying this creates jobs and this is a risk we take. well, so what? >> greg: the end result is there is no effect on the debt. the money we're talking about. so all this really is, is divisiveness. if you point out it's divisive, you are accused of being divisive. >> eric: weigh in, you said
5:20 pm
something important. you said everyone says this creates jobs. so what? shouldn't it be obama's message, i will do anything to create jobs. we needs job. >> bob: how do you know it creates jobs in >> eric: you said it. those are your words. >> bob: that is the argument you're using. that it creates jobs, capital gains -- >> eric: here is why capital gains is 15% and regular income is 30%. you want opportunity for people to invest so companies have capital to spend to hire people. that's why it's back at a lower rate. >> dana: i guess you have to tease. >> eric: don't want to go there? >> dana: i have lots to say. the point of capitalism is risk. if you want to take that out of the equation, then you won't have people risking starting a business to create jobs. that's just a fact. i take offense to republicans are just a party of rich people. >> bob: i said defend people. >> dana: you said republicans are the party of
5:21 pm
rich people. it did not grow up rich. it grew up with a conservative philosophy i developed over the years. i look at some people, a huge problem for democrats. saying things like that continues to be more, looked more divisive and it doesn't help you. you wonder why obama is losing independents at the fastest rate. >> bob: if i said that, i apologize. i think i said they defend rich people. i know republicans who are not rich. i want to know why capital gains is different than sweat equity when a worker puts sweat in every day. >> eric: because you want to invest in a company and that company's profits have been spent. >> kimberly: it's double taxation. if you think of in a logical way. >> eric: the g.o.p. candidates are swinging. mitt romney, newt gingrich, turning up the attacks on each other. romney hits gingrich on his ethics violations. we have it all when "the five"
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: i'm supposed to start the segment but dana is mad at me. they may take it away from me. >> greg: he is should be. >> bob: he is should be mad at me. newt gingrich, laying claim to the co conservative mantle of ronald reagan in florida challenged by mitt romney. not just mitt romney. a number of prominent conservatives have come out and expressed their views about newt. some pretty brutal. one fellow that greg used to work for, bob terrell, i guess
5:27 pm
his name is. america spectator. ann coulter, which some people consider prominent. also, nancy reagan -- >> kimberly: he is is mad at you now, too. >> bob: i don't care. i care if dana is mad. i don't care if ann coulter is mad. nancy reagan at one point did say that the torch was passed from ronnie to newt. got the segment on that? this is what newt's basis and assumption is, i guess. >> handed the torch to ronnie. ronnie turned the torch to newt and the republican members of congress to keep that dream alive. >> bob: my only comment on this is i have heard nancy reagan talk about passing the torch from ronnie to any number of people depending on what the circumstances are. what do you think about this, eric? >> eric: i would love, i've been saying it here for better part of three months. i would love to see a reagan republican in the race. there just happens not to be one. >> bob: you don't think newt is? >> eric: he is also didn't say pass the tomorrow to
5:28 pm
romney, rick santorum or ron paul. i don't think he is. no. he wants to run on it based on that. what he is said is ron passed the torch to the house. and newt happened to be speaker at the house at the time. i don'tshy shii don'tshy she was a reagan republican. who is the more conservative? newt is saying he's more conservative than romney. >> bob: is it timing or a lot of clogs waiting to break out? all of a sudden this mass attack on gingrich from people in the conservative movement? >> dana: i was surprised by it last night. if you look at, if you went on the drudge report around 8:00 to check in and see what was going on, boom, boom, boom. right in a row. i don't think that it was coordinated amongst the three. it is a little coincidence that people who have known him, speaker gingrich for a
5:29 pm
long time. of course they know him. he has been around washington for a long time. written books. he and his wife are involved in charities in the media. they do all sorts of things. it just think people didn't want to bite their tongues anymore. they decided to lay it all out there and let people decide. might not be that persuasive. a great article today described the cocktail party versus the tea party. i don't know if a lot of people follow that, supporting newt will be persuaded but i think it did put some cat amongst the pigeons. >> bob: let me ask you this question. today bob dole came out and endorsed mitt romney. absolutely leveled newt. i mean bob dole has some wit. he can be cutting. this was particularly striking, i thought. do you agree that this is sort of -- it's not coordinator. dana is right. it seems like a festering thing here. waiting to get newt in a position to lambaste him. >> kimberly: they don't want
5:30 pm
him to be the nominee. abundantly clear across the board. not a conspiracy. it's a mistake to compare yourself to reagan for anybody to do it. now you are getting lost in the semantic gymnastic in the playground. it won't do anybody any good. run on the record and state your principles. newt has a problem. a lot of people are out to get him. he is doing well in polls and the electorate find him the more conservative alternative to romney. a problem for romney. >> bob: i want to ask the media question here of greg. >> nancy pelosi served on the committee that found newt gingrich guilty of ethics violations. almost all republicans voted against him. gingrich paid $300,000. later he resigned in disgrace. now pelosi says he is will leak information so secret he is once asked her husband to
5:31 pm
leave her bedroom to discuss it privately on the phone. information so damaging, it would help obama win. >> bob: okay. >> greg: i'm glad he spoke the words because you know i can't read. i went on drudge this morning, too, it was like going to binihana. knives were out everywhere. people are now making a decision. before it was who is going to win versus who makes us feel good. take out obama in the debate. give us an emotional response. obama is the meal you always pick when you can't make up your mind at the end of the day. i can't believe i said that. end of the day. but you are considering the squid and you end up with the steak. >> bob: announcer -- >> greg: a good agenda. >> bob: i did, too. >> eric: everyone is using, call this ronald reagan. everyone is using ronald reagan as conservatism. >> kimberly: right. >> eric: everyone trying to be as close to conservatism as possible. >> greg: that is a pen, eric. >> eric: right.
5:32 pm
>> kimberly: even a pen wants to be reagan. >> eric: is it closer to this pen, conservatism than mitt romney. >> bob: i argue a lot of people particularly in the tea party who are much farther, more conservative than reagan ever was. >> eric: okay. >> bob: they hold reagan up as mr. conservative. he signed an immigration bill. >> kimberly: they're not in the race him. to be honest. >> bob: don't you think i'm right? >> dana: i think immigration is one thing that people look at to say i agree with reagan on everything except for immigration. they can find an exception. i think it would be better to do what obama did. run as a new kind of president. and somebody who can -- >> kimberly: play on words. newt kind of president. >> bob: coming up, my co-host here will make the case that the president's priorities are awry. a word i don't know. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: you read it. good job. >> bob: plus, wouldn't you like to see what kimberly looked like in her high school
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the shifting republican presidential race ahead of the florida primary. tonight on "special report," carl cameron shows us what newt gingrich and mitt romney, the two republican front runners are saying on the campaign trail. and how ronald reagan is playing a big part in all of it. older people will make up a huge voting bloc in next week's florida primary. tonight, stev steve harrigan tes us what they're looking for in a candidate. ron paul is not campaigning actively in florida but he
5:38 pm
will be at tonight's debate. we check in on the paul campaign strategy. ed herniary is traveling with the president and will show us what the president is doing and detail a dust-up getting a lot of attention. in the grapevine, who is definitely not paying their fair share of taxes? "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: like when i get mad at bob. so we're going to switch gears away from politics a little bit on the presidential level and talk about the current president and the decision he made today. made it announced through the secretary of defense, leon panetta, about the upcoming cuts in our military. take a listen. >> in this budget, we plan to gradually resize the active
5:39 pm
army. the 490,000. that is down from present force level of 562,000. the active marine corps who go to 182,000. down from 202,000. that transition will take place over the five years. we won't reach those numbers until 2017. >> dana: given the audio and visual quality of that, you might have thought in the 1990s or the clinton administration. but it wasn't. that was today. two days after a "state of the union" address in which the military was praised ad nauseam. >> greg: obama used military as a metaphor for greatness. everybody in america should act like an army and get behind president obama. then he fires 80,000 of them. i think he out did romney in firing. these are the people he says are the greatest people. he says great job. you're fired. >> kimberly: not nice.
5:40 pm
>> bob: that is outrageous. the idea of turning this military from a cold war military to a military for the 21st century is something that goes back to the bush administration, clinton administration, people trying to do it. donald rumsfeld. one of the few things i agree with him on is move it toward a propelled force. why do we need tankses in europe and 50,000 troops in europe? we don't need them. why do we need them in south carolina? why do we need more flat top aircraft? we haven't had a fighter jet war in -- >> dana: former secretary bob gates had a line america has a perfect track record for predicting wars. we are always wrong. you don't get to choose the next conflict you will have. to pivot to something is pivoting to asia and to the middle east means you are pivoting away from something. i think this year in particular splitticly if you tried to deal with the military cuts in this way, that they will have a hard
5:41 pm
time in some of the states where president obama wants to win. like north carolina. virginia. >> kimberly: short-sighted. also completely obscuring the problem here. this is actually only 20% of our actual federal budget spending. represents only 5% of our gdp. people, get with the program. this isn't where the problem lies. go ahead and weaken us. that is just not a good idea. >> greg: part of the government that works. >> kimberly: right. >> greg: best government workers in world. >> bob: take the best of what works best and use them like drones. by the way, this was gates' budget. so gates is the one thoughtfully put it forward. one quick point about what you said. when they do close the bases, though, it does have political implications. if i were obama i'm not sure i'd close anything in north carolina. >> dana: one thing that senator obama when running for president and rightfully so, president bush admits it they didn't send enough troops
5:42 pm
initially to iraq. one thing in the surge was announcing more troops to iraq and increasing the number of marines in the army as well. now we're going to take it away. i don't know. >> eric: this is so, so short-sighted. >> kimberly: it is. >> eric: this is one area we shouldn't be -- >> kimberly: it's irresponsible. >> eric: if you talk about flat-top aircraft carrier. we keep at least one in the persian gulf. nuclear. we should probably have two there. we need them around the world to keep peace. not because we are attacking anybody. the other thing is kimberly, we screened a movie today. "act of valor." it showed what is going on when you put our young people at risk, you want support. you don't just want eight or ten seals jumping in an active, you know, battle. >> kimberly: hot zone. >> bob: that is the point. the kind of wars we're fighting now. not fixed place wars. the other thing do you realize the united states of america, military budgets and related military has more than every
5:43 pm
other country in world? >> dana: thank god. can i make a point about the bob gates piece? general david petraeus celebrated war hero in iraq and afghanistan and now is heading the c.i.a. one thing he convinced the president and then the congress is we need more soft power. what that meant was we needed to have the military involved in the counterinsurgency. they had to be on the ground in there. you can't do it with drones. >> kimberly: you can't. >> greg: military is one of the only places left in america that create great people. people that you want to have working for you. or work for. colleges produce protesters. and the military produces winners. >> bob: what is the european military producing? >> greg: chocolate. i don't know. i'm sure they produce -- >> dana: we got to get out of here, because we have been teasing this all day. what is more embarrassing than snore go long this segment, make it short. >> dana: you are busted anyway. >> kimberly: bolling doesn't have a tan in his. >> dana: presidential yearbook photos and then they
5:44 pm
made us get ours out, too. we'll have it after the break. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ i'm in a tricky situation here.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. ref cent articles focused on the republican candidate yearbook photos. some of the pictures aren't bad. take mitt. not straight, but wow! he didn't pledge fa ternties, they pledged him. and then there is newt. something tells me, he had an odd array of magazines under his bed. ron paul seems the most dangerous. that mile long stare seems to say i've got two first names and you don't. finally, rick santorum, i'm pretty sure he was an extra in "taxi driver." the press loves to show how nerdy republicans are. because it validates their belief that liberals like them are more hip. which is baloney, but who cares. we love looking at yearbook pictures that remind us besides mitt, we're all dweebs
5:49 pm
at some point in our lives. if you weren't a dweeb then you're probably a dope now. most prom kings end up selling their crowns to pay off their bookie. well, unlike this gorgeous guy, i'm pretty sure he stuffed more people in lockers than books. bob? or her. don't you know her name? something tells me back then he is didn't know your name either. [ laughter ] >> bob: is that you? >> kimberly: yeah! >> greg: then there is her. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: your hair is bigger than mine! [ laughter ] >> greg: i didn't know dana was in "the princess bribe." only senior with a day planner and paperweight covered in rainbow stickers. boks he is looks like a hostage. >> greg: here is me. i really have changed. no, actually, here is me. >> eric: oh, no! >> greg: the hair was inspiration for the modern ballistic helmet and could withstand extreme weather conditions 50-degrees below zero. this senior class picture from
5:50 pm
the 1980s. some people never change! >> eric: so nice. >> dana: wait! that is not fair. that is not fair. where is the picture? >> bob: let's see the picture. >> greg: there he is. you were acting in adult films, right? >> bob: he does! >> kimberly: doesn't it look just like that? >> bob: "boogie nights." >> eric: for the better part of the week, two weeks, send in your yearbook picture. i'm e-mailing back celo green. maybe you get the joke. it had mustache and big hair. >> greg: dana -- >> bob: where did the black hair come from? >> eric: florida. >> bob: florida and your hair turns blonde? >> eric: if you spend enough time outside. played baseball all the time. >> dana: how did you get the
5:51 pm
swoop? did you work on the swoop? >> bob: no, put in game plan. where was that picture taken? >> dana: that was denver, colorado. i can't get my hair to be that big now. >> kimberly: i love your hair like that. >> dana: i don't have the yearbooks anymore. it moved around lost them. it asked my mom to find a picture. that is not the picture in the yearbook but taken at the same time. array of selection. >> greg: were you voted most likely to be d dana perino? >> dana: that would have been an accomplishment. it offense the speech team. >> kimberly: me, too. >> bob: who is that movie by the jetsons, the -- >> kimberly: west side story? >> bob: you look like the lead of "west side story." >> kimberly: take it as a compliment. >> eric: we don't hide from cruitmy, greg. you look scott baoish, maybe.
5:52 pm
>> greg: that was a respected -- it's a dickey only the front part is real and you put it around your neck. >> kimberly: did everybody wear a tux? >> greg: everybody. >> bob: why did you wear your hair like that? >> greg: it was 1983. >> kimberly: your picture is freaking me out. i don't know what is going on there. i'm slightly attractive to bob's. seeking immediate emergency counseling. >> dana: bob's is good. a lady killer. >> kimberly: that is why bob was first to turn his in. he's like take a look at me now. >> dana: carries it around in his wallet. >> bob: i used to walk around in a wallet, circle -- did i tell you that? >> greg: i don't want to know. >> dana: could you not find your yearbook photo? if there is anybody out there that has the high school yearbook photo. >> bob: anybody anywhere. pay $100 right now if you tirn
5:53 pm
it in. >> if you go further down, we had shorts on. >> dana: i don't want to know that. >> bob: really -- >> greg: believe me. >> kimberly: roller skates on? >> bob: you look like a triple x-rated movie set. >> kimberly: looks like you have sun-in your hair. >> dana: i loved that. >> greg: sun-in. blast from the past. >> kimberly: baby oil. tanning. >> bob: what is sun-in? >> greg: keep going. one more thing from the five so that means there are five things coming up. if you leave now i won't send you my homemade banana bread. ♪ ♪ you name it. i've tried it. but nothing helped me beat my back pain. then i tried salonpas. it's powerl relief that works at the site of pain and lasts up to 12 hours.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: time now for one more thing. this is a good one today. not like the yearbook thing wasn't off the chart. dana, we start with you. >> dana: one more thing, one reason we wanted to create it if you forgot to say something in the show or you didn't get to something. i wanted to mention on the military thing. a friend of mine works for latham and wattkins and they represented a world war ii veteran pro bono.
5:58 pm
leroy mcclen and got caught up in a huge more ras at department of veteran affairs of not getting his disability changes and in 2007/2008, the department reviewed how they review them. they heard about the case and fought for him. he is going to be now hopefully awarded the $400,000. if there are other veterans who were caught up in this or might be people out there who are willing to help you and set you right. >> kimberly: non-profit work. wonderful story. eric? >> eric: quickly, joe biden alert. check the sound bite from 2008. listen. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven, or a dunkin' donuts, unless you is a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> eric: do you think he learned his lesson. listen to him last night. >> how many times do you get the call i'd like the talk to you about your credit card, i like to talk to you about your credit card, i like to talk to
5:59 pm
you about your credit card. >> eric: that's it. >> bob: i got in a lot of trouble about that very same thing. mine is first of all, this is greg gutfeld's book. everybody buy it. can we bring up my yearbook photo, please? this is confession time. this was actually my college yearbook. they didn't have cameras when i was in high school. >> kimberly: okay. greg? >> greg: my one more thing is bob's awesome side burns. you got to bring the side burns back. >> kimberly: okay. >> greg: have to. >> kimberly: they do look attracted. i'm strangely drawn to them. this is what we were found, i had to go do my father's things. he passed away. these are photos that my brother wanted hidden. chubster. the next i was eating cake. i love cake. the last one is my dad and i in ireland. it lived there every summer since i was five. >> dana: man, he was a


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