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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 27, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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important issues, focus on the issues! >> he was spectacular last night. there's news he could be ready to leave the sunshine state before the primary even starts on tuesday. we got all the highlights from the debate and the campaign trail straight ahead. >> and another one bites the dust. first, he attacks him telling president obama he's moving out and now another cabinet member heading for the exits. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> ok. right off the bat, i'm going to admit i stole brian's word. we were talking in the preshow about rick santorum and i said he was fantastic and brian said he was spectacular! and guess what comes out -- >> stole the line. >> ah-ha! >> is this going to be the show of confessions? >> it really is going to be. >> let's talk about the debates. >> let's take camera one. i don't pick out my own clothes. >> what? >> i think that tie goes with the shirt. >> don't comment on me when
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you're supposed to confess. >> i think that your tie combination is spectacular. >> and i think it fetches me fantastically. let's use those two words throughout the day. >> they look like sunshine which is the monniker for florida which is where the debate was last night where the primary is coming up. >> there wasn't a lot of sunshine between some of the candidates. let's take a look at what happened when they got to their first heated battle last night. i'm talking about romney and gingrich because let's face it, that was the focus of the debate last night. did they bring up president obama's name maybe at 10 until 11:00 last night, first time they actually talked about president obama. more on that later. they decided to attack each other during most of the debate and it started with the immigration attack. there was an ad that had come out that romney had put out against gingrich and he took exception to that. here is that exchange. >> mr. speaker, i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in
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wales. they came to this country. the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. don't use a term like that. you can say we disagree on certain policies but to say enforcing the u.s. law to protect our borders, to welcome people here legally, to expand legal immigration as i have proved is somehow anti-immigrant, that simple over the top rhetoric that's characterized american politics too long and i'm glad that marco rubio called you on out. our problem isn't 11 million grand others. our problem is -- our problem is 11 million people getting jobs that many americans, legal immigrants would like to have. >> ok. so that was about the newt ad that accused mitt romney of being anti-immigrant and as we just heard from that marco rubio said take it down. >> yeah, so they were going back and forth kind of heatedly and i thought newt did fine but i thought romney came to play. it looked as though and we talked about this before that those bunch of appearances that
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morning and throughout the arch, it looked like newt was a little bit out of gas last night and mitt romney knew he's on an upward swing and if he could knock him out on thursday or keep him from scoring big last night, he'd probably have a really good shot at winning the primary and he might have done that. >> there was a lot of infighting. and i'm wondering this morning how republicans and democrats and independents feel about that. is it getting old to you, all this infighting over the same topics over and over again? here's the next one. fannie mae and freddie mac. >> i know fannie mae and freddie mac were a big part that we have the housing crisis that we have. we had this discussion before. speaker gingrich was hired by freddie mac to promote them. to influence other people throughout washington wash, encouraging them not to dismantle these two entities. that was an enormous mistake. instead, we should have had a whistle blower and not a horn
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tooter. >> is he calling newter a tooter? horn tooter? he is. >> i don't know. at some point, you got to wonder if the people are tired of going over these same topics over and over again. >> i blame the moderator. these are the questions that were brought up. this is two days after the state of the union. it should have been about the economy. it should have been about the future. but instead it was like your ad was this and your ad was that. we heard newt gingrich and both mitt romney saying hey, listen, i thought it was really, you know, we had heard from newt the other day on this program about, you know what, mitt romney? you've been making money off of freddie and fannie and it turns out some guy on the romney camp found out that newt gingrich actually had invested in fannie and freddie as well. and then it comes out that the big question is mitt romney says listen, i have no idea what my guy was doing or my people were doing because it's in the blind trust. i have nothing to do with those investments and the question that we have for you is what do
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you think about blind trusts? when someone says my money is in a blind trust, does that go over your head? can you relate to that? >> i have to tell you, i don't think that the average american is -- i don't think that's an appealing thing to say to the average american. i can tell you you one thing, if it's mitt romney and president obama in a debate, president obama will eat him alive with having a blind trust! so -- >> i don't know. >> i think so. most people don't have blind trusts, let's be frank. most people don't. if that's going to be a defense, he'll have to finesse that a little bit more. >> ever seen your 401k statement and i look at it and i can't make it out. >> it's the perception that people have. that will be important. >> i think everybody knows, mitt romney has made a lot of money and for him to say, you know accident over the last 10 years, i haven't invested my own money. i gave it to somebody else. and he's been putting in different things and you know
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what? we have heard for decades about politicians who have had money. going back to the days of the kennedys and they put their money in a blind trust. >> i'm just saying especially in light of the conversations that this country has been having about the 99% and the 1%, i'm just saying that that will be an attack on president obama against mitt romney if he's the nominee. by way, since we talked about this, there's an accusation from the newt gingrich campaign that mitt romney stacked the deck with the people who were in the room during this debate. and it was interesting because larry sabado who is a frequent guest on this show, he tweeted last night that the hidden story of this debate, why was audience more pro mitt and less pro newt. that was an interesting -- >> reflects everything. by the way, i think that you as president, you have to go into a blind trust. >> you absolutely do. >> so president obama accuses mitt of saying, you're in a blind trust and that's why i think our guest from last week
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who said congress should do that. in this way, we would know that when you pass something, when there's talk coming down the pike that they're not moving their money around. >> that's one of the things that the president brought up in his state of the union where he said, you know, you bring me an insider trading law to ban members of congress from doing that, i would sign that. he was spectacular, we're talking about rick santorum. one of the things was going back to what we said a moment ago, where are the issues? why are we arguing about this stuff? here's rick santorum. >> the bigger issue here is these two gentlemen out distracting from the most important issues that we have by playing petty personal politics, can we set aside that newt was a member of congress and used those skills to advise companies and that wasn't the worst thing in the world and mitt is a wealthy guy because he went out and worked hard.
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let's leave that alone and focus on the issues. >> fantastic. put all the pressure on the moderator who went back getting into intramural fighting. >> they said 10 minutes on the moon. come on. >> the space program is full. >> but 10 minutes, it was not brought about in a positive light. ok? for 10 minutes. i want to say that every time rick santorum spoke, i listened. because he was actually talking about the issues. was that because the other candidates didn't get questions about the issues? maybe. i thought he had a fantastic, spectacular performance. when he did sleep, it seemed like he was talking about the issues. >> the thing he shined on was health care and individual mandate and he took it to mitt romney repeatedly. that was the most i've seen mitt romney engage in a way in which mitt was solid but i thought santorum was really strong and
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mitt romney should know it will get worse for him if he gets the nomination. >> rich lowry writes today in the national review, santorum was simply terrific and he showed why anti-romney conservatives would have been much better served by rallying around him, santorum, than newt. >> and maybe that's one reason why he's not going to drop out yet even though he's not going to put his focus on florida. i think he'll stay in the race because of that. in the meantime, president obama agrees with rick santorum that the candidates are being petty. here's what he had to say. >> i think that what the american people are going to be interested in is not these kinds of rhetorical flourishes. they're going to be interested in who actually has a plan that makes my life better? and -- >> not going to go there? in this issue? >> you know what? i think the american people are going to make a judgment about who is trying to bring the country together and who is dividing it. >> he says he wants the second term badly and he was referring right there to the food stamp president label that he was
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given by newt gingrich and he said listen, i don't give anybody food stamps unless they become eligible for it. and that happens in the collapse of 2008. >> president obama got a pass last night. president obama got a pass because all these questions were not about the president. and, you know, as we move forward with these debates, you got to wonder if the questions are going to go back to the policies and moving this country forward. >> can i give you an example? if they wanted to bring something forward leaning, why not bring up the news today that another one of his green energy products has gone bankrupt. we gave away $180 million to this electric car battery company and that goes down the tubes along with everything else. that the vice president showed up at, this is a perfect example of government investment working. that's the 20th example of something failing. >> mr. spectacular rick santorum will be with us live. 7:15. just about an hour from now and one other great thing last night, he introduced his mother. 93 years old, lives nearby and
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as soon as she heard her son give her name, she sprang up. >> i know! and that was in his intro. >> it was great. >> we have to do a couple of headlines for you now. breaking out of baghdad, homicide bombers set out a car of explosives killing 28 people. police say another 61 people were injured in the attack which happened as mourners were gathering for a funeral. there have been a wave of attacks since the military pulled out of the country last month. he screamed "god is great" as he opened fire on the pentagon and this new videotape proves the prosecutor's case. the former marine sentenced to 25 years behind bars. he pleaded guilty to shooting up several u.s. military facilities in northern virginia back in 2010. in this surveillance video, he's seen wearing a mask and firing a gun. he told police he planned to desecrate grave sites at arlington national cemetery. they arrested him last summer before he could carry out those plans. it was her first day riding the school bus and after what happened, likely her last. we warn you, the video you're about to see is graphic.
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the kids on the bus would not let the 13-year-old girl sit down and they started punching her over and over again. when the bus driver finally pulled over, she was so disoriented she needed help getting to the front of the bus. she suffered a concussion. seven students suspended. earlier this week, timothy geithner announced he's cashing in his chips. now it's the secretary of state's turn and hillary clinton is now saying why. >> but i think after 20 years and it will be 20 years of being on the high wire of american politics and all of the challenges that come with that, it will be probably a good idea to just find out how tired i am. everyone always says that -- >> secretary clinton added how odd it is not to be participating in the election season. and those are your headlines this morning. >> all right. straight ahead on this friday morning, sneaks past the border no questions asked. mexican drugs smuggled through
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the united nations. you got to see this to believe it. >> plus not even $118 million taxpayer dollars could save it. another government backed green energy company goes bust? how will the white house spin this the third time around. stuart varney up next. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce.
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have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. if you've had enough, ask your dermatologist about enbrel. >> exactly one year ago yesterday, vice president joe biden touted the future of green energy and an electric battery company in indiana. >> this is where we'll shape our new domestic clean energy manufacturing sector. just like you're doing here. folks, we're on our way and
6:17 am
we're getting strong. we're writing a new chapter, a new american chapter. this is not a hyperbole. literally, i want our kids to read and my grandkids to read they're my age, this is the beginning of a new chapter in american history. >> kids, you might want to skip that chapter. it's called chapter 11. they were given millions in stimulus dollars and now it's bankrupt. the company's ceo citing insufficient customer demand. stuart varney is here. stuart, this sounds like solyndra. >> it's another major embarrassment for the president's green energy policy. solyndra, beacon power and now this company. by the way, vice president biden in that same speech went on later to refer to it as enron one. not once. twice. so an ambassador for president obama's green energy policy, another couple of gaffes from vice president biden. the place is bankrupt. >> here's the thing and the debate was a prime example of
6:18 am
this. most americans won't hear about this because most mainstream media probably will not focus on this and report on this. >> ener1 got $118 million in grants, not loans, grants to go forward. it is now bankrupt. it was supposed to employ 1400 people by 2013. it doesn't. it employs 350. what it does is makes lithium icon batteries for cars like the volt. there's no demand for plug-in electric cars. only 7,600 volts were sold last year. no demand for the product. >> part of the reason, it's so expensive. might as well buy a mercedes. it's $40,000 for a car that's solid but it's not worth $40,000. you can get more with another car, even a hybrid. >> ener1 had one customer, a company that called think which produced 15 all electric cars in indiana. that company went bankrupt late last year. there is no market for the
6:19 am
product. no market for these batteries. it's another example of the government picking winners with our money. unfortunately, they're losers when we lose our money. >> what about the report yesterday that car manufacturers are going to have to have more of these types of cars in the future? >> you're referring to california, i think. >> yes, will that mean some of these companies then will have demand or they'll just go all by the wayside by the time that actually happens? >> there's an example of government stimulating demand for the subsidized products which we're losing money on. in california, there is a demand, a state mandate not voted on, just mandated by the bureaucracy that 1 in 7 cars are plug in or all electric cars by the year 2025. that's a state mandate. they're thinking about it at this point. that's the government making demands on the consumer. this is what you will buy. i don't think it should work like that. the consumer should have the free choice and let the market work. >> $118 million, it's a grant
6:20 am
not a loan. >> they've got $55 million so far. >> stuart varney, oftentimes your best show ever, friday. >> always. if you're on it, it will be spectacular. >> spectacular. i love that word. >> see you later. >> the mobster from yesterday. >> if you forgot to pay your taxes, you would get audited. what happens to the irs losing thousands of your tax returns? stick around for that surprising answer. >> then inside the tarmac. president obama not -- now responding to the scolding from governor jan brewer. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> welcome back. headlines for you this morning. a rocket attack near bin laden's hideout. three rocket attacks damaged the wall. nobody was killed. that's the first attack in that city since u.s. navy seals killed bin laden in a daring raid last may. investigators try to figure out who sent 35 pounds of cocaine to the united states. -- united nations. the coke was in a white bag that looked like a diplomatic pouch and stamped with a poorly forged version of the u.n. logo. the package was sent from mexico city through cincinnati without a name or return address. wonder who it was sent to. >> i don't know. that's a big mystery. president obama finishing up the last leg of his five state tour today. it wasn't without controversy. the president now commenting on that showdown with arizona governor jan brewer. >> peter doocy live in washington, d.c. with what he said. peter? >> brian, president obama says
6:25 am
very simply that he is going to win re-election in november and he wants to win badly because he thinks the country needs him and he's been doing a lot of campaigning this week across america and part of his pitch, that if taxes aren't raised on the rich, then things like veterans care, education and research are going to suffer as a direct result. today, the president will be at the university of michigan in ann arbor. yesterday, he was in las vegas and aurora, colorado and the day before, he was out in iowa and arizona which is where one of his greeters, republican governor jan brewer has stern greeting. the two apparently disagree about something governor brewer wrote in her book "scorpions for breakfast." brewer says the president is thin skinned when it comes to her critiques of her immigration policy but the president now says this about their exchange. >> well, you know, what i've discovered is that i think it's always good publicity for a republican if they're in an
6:26 am
argument with me but this was really not a big deal. you know, diane, i'm usually accused of not being intense enough, right? too relaxed. >> so you weren't? >> and the book that started this spat, "scorpions for breakfast" by governor jan brewer is's number seven book right now. earlier in the week, it was the 285,568th ranked book. back to you. >> i know. >> rocketed up. >> thank you very much, peter. brian predicted that yesterday. another one for you. my goodness, you're on a roll this morning. >> two every 10 years. i also would like to see this on the record at a risk, "killing lincoln" is going to be a big seller. i do believe that o'reilly has got just trust me on this, steve. he's got something. >> i'm surprised you weren't reminding people about the president's featured in "the games do count." >> that's true. not this president. >> wow! >> he wasn't president then. wasn't even close. >> he would have been perfect. all right. 26 minutes after the hour.
6:27 am
next on the rundown, newt gingrich asked to end the fireworks calling for a truce with mitt romney. will it last? >> a student suspended for skyping a picture of his teacher. is that fair? we report, you decide. >> happy birthday to nick mason, the pink floyd drummer, put another candle on the wall. he's 68. >> i was in preschool with him. [ toilet flushes ] i come in peace... i come in peace. but you go in pieces. [ female announcer ] you can't pass mom's inspection with lots of pieces left behind. that's why there's charmin ultra strong. versus the ultra rippled brand. so it holds up better for a more dependable clean.
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>> with all the arguing, it's hard sometimes to tell if you're watching a debate or "jersey shore" especially tonight when they were both on the same time, it seemed especially difficult. >> you stay here, you work at the store. i'm looking for more people right now. >> [beep] in your house and there's nothing that you can say or do that's going to make you feel comfortable. >> real hot for that chick. >> do you want to go out to a club? >> wait a minute, did they just put snooki's voice into ron paul? >> how scary is it that you
6:32 am
know snooki's voice? >> it's j. woww according to toba who watches the young people's show. ron paul was hilarious last night. very funny. >> three zingers. he talked about his age and a couple of other ones. >> send in politicians to space and stuff like that. i wonder if mitt romney has last night had a pretty good night. peggy noonan writes in "the wall street journal" today, he was strong, more in command. looked tall again. i wonder if any of that had to do with the fact that he employed a new debate coach that's been working with him. >> it probably does because since he employed that debate coach, he's had two bang up performances, the last two debates. he also talked about -- and had no apologies for being successful. he says that that's the american dream. that he didn't inherit his money. that he made everything and made who he is today. >> and essentially, after the immigration ad and all the controversy around it, he asked for an apology. you should really apologize that led to this exchange between newt and mitt.
6:33 am
>> you've indicated somehow i don't earn that money. i have earned the money that i have. i didn't inherit it. i take risk. i make investment, those investments lead to jobs being created in america. i'm proud of being successful. i'm proud of being in the free enterprise system that creates jobs for other people. i'm not going to run for that. i'm proud of the taxes i pay. my taxes plus my charitable contributions this year 2011 will be about 40%. so look, let's put behind this idea of attacking me because of my investments or my money and let's get republicans to say you know what? what you've accomplished in your life shouldn't be seen as a detriment. it should be seen as an asset to help america. >> it would be nice if he had the same standard for other people that you would like applied to you and didn't enter into personal attacks about personal activities about which your facts are wrong. so i would be glad to have a truce here. but it's a two way truce! >> booing or newting? >> i'm not really sure. >> when they walked out, i asked
6:34 am
my wife, are they booing? no, they're saying newt. newt needed a big night last night. i don't know if he got it. >> i had the problem with lou piniella, why did yankee fans hate him so much? they're saying lou! >> another flashback. >> to the raucous bronx bombers. >> those were the days, weren't they? we have friday headlines for you. the cruise company behind the deadly shipwreck in italy now offering survivors financial compensation. of course, there are thousands of them. passengers will get about $14,400 each for their lost baggage. and for medical expenses. and don't forget, they were already offered a 30% discount on any future cruises if they decide to take one. italian residents are already speaking out saying it's not enough for what people went through. what do you think? >> it's a real tough one. do i have to answer now? if you filed your taxes early, you were supposed to get your refund this week.
6:35 am
the irs saying don't hold their breath. issuing thousands of iou's saying their system is overloaded this year. they'll try to get the refunds out within the next two weeks. no guarantees. >> when the story flips, they don't get in trouble. >> i guess so. >> a rude awakening for a ninth grader in oklahoma. the student thought he was doing the right thing by snapping a photo of a substitute teacher sleeping on the job but instead, he was suspended. the picture was taken on a cell phone and then posted to facebook and another teacher saw it and reported the teen. the school released this statement. a student may possess a telecommunications device while on school premises but the use of a telecommunications device is not permitted during the school day. ok. but a sleeping teacher is? school officials plan to take appropriate action when it comes to that napping teacher but how would they have known about it without the camera? >> can't turn it on, though, the rules are the rules. did you grow up watching ferris bueler's day off?
6:36 am
>> ♪ take it up baby ♪ twist and shout ♪ come on come on baby now ♪ ♪ come on baby >> watching that, everybody wanted to be ferris bueler right there, didn't they? the 80's teen icon making an appearance at the super bowl. matthew broderick will be in a commercial bound to take you back. a you tube user going by the name of chucka chucka 2012 posted a 10-second teaser of the ad. >> how can i handle work on a day like today? >> oh, yes! the video's caption seems to indicate more will be released on monday. and speaking of ads, brian, and gretch, did you see that they killed off william shatner last night during the debate? on the priceline ad, there he went off the side of the -- off the bridge on a bus. >> we know he's got that big horse farm. battle heating up between
6:37 am
indianapolis, the colts owner jim ursay and super bowl quarterback peyton manning. ursay calling manning a politician after he publicly complained about the change in leadership. manning says the shakeup has left everyone walking around on egg shells. ursay hitting back saying manning should have known better than to air the team's dirty laundry. the rift coming six weeks before manning decides whether to stay on with the colts or become a free agent. he's going to need $26 million to stay. i think he's going to go to miami, the jets, or the redskins. meanwhile, calling it "dancing with the scars. "soccer player hope solo, the outstanding goalie's olympic dreams could be shattered because of an injury she sustained while competing with celebrities and ordinary people. she might not be able to play in team u.s.a.'s qualifying match against costa rica. a big sacrifice since she didn't win "dancing with the stars" but she was indeed a finalist. that's why i don't get on.
6:38 am
i'm afraid of injury. do you remember when mitt romney offered rick perry $10,000 bet during the republican debate? that's chump change considering what came down. rapper 50 cent waging a million bucks on the new england patriots winning over the new york giants. he made a bet with birdman, born and raised in new york and now lives on long island. he already won a half million dollars on the championship game after betting the giants against the 49ers. not bad for a guy that was in prison 10 years ago. >> it's not 50 cent. >> if i knew him, i'd say it like that. i'll do it normal until i meet him and he corrects me. by the way, for more sports and we talked more about this and i talked more about my rap background, fox and, look for the sports there or, it will be there. >> what was your rap handle? >> it was called no talent and i think it was totally appropriate. >> all right. after a bunch of tough talk in last night's debate, can mitt romney turn this race around? brand new power rankings that show an even tighter race are
6:39 am
next. >> plus he broke them up and then trashed them on line. now he's suing. that could determine what you can say on the internet, judge napolitano explains. stick around. it could be a threat to your free speech. >> is this his baseball page? [ sniffling ] [ male announcer ] all stuffed up? simple relief is here. introducing robitussin® nasal relief pills. the right relief for nasal a pill. ♪ ne from robitussin®. relief made simple. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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>> 42 minutes after the top of the hour. if you're just waking up, a couple of quick headlines for now. two high school students accused of trying to set off a bomb and then steal a plane to make the getaway. the students prepared by logging hundreds of hours on flight simulator software on their home computers. and demi moore now out of the hospital. her publicist blames stress but sources say she's battling a drug addiction as well and now
6:43 am
we're learning her downward spiral apparently fueled by the death of her a.a. sponsor. there are reports that ashton kutcher cut his trip to brazil short to be by her side. brian, you got a horse race over there. >> i do. >> the g.o.p. candidates are off to the races as you just heard. newt gingrich has the lead over mitt romney. as all four candidates galluped into florida's primary. that first stat was about the national poll. what about the local poll? let's check in with our latest power rankings from the editor of, jason wright. in light of the debate, it's almost impossible to quantify so quickly but nationally, newt still has a reason to feel good. >> yeah, we still feel like newt is in first place nationally. he's led in the last three major national polls that have come out. but in florida, i think it's a little bit of a different picture. it looks like we might be seeing a mirror image of what happened in south carolina where newt
6:44 am
really turned it around based on some strong debate performances in the last week before they voted in south carolina and really won going away there. that might be shaping up well for mitt romney in florida, you know, he trailed by double digits on just a few days ago but now in the last four polls out of florida. he's got a lead. so i think if you're picking favorites today, i think mitt romney pulls it out next week in florida. >> all right, the derby composite looks like this. mitt romney with 40% of the vote. newt gingrich 37.7% so a lot can still happen in three days. rick santorum 11.7% and ron paul with a solid 10.3% so this shows an interesting trend. if you told us that a week ago, people might have thought that might be some disaster happened but it seems as though the romney camp kept chipping away instead of panicking after south carolina. >> absolutely. i think they've run a pretty steady campaign and as i said, i think they feel like they're going to benefit now the same way newt did from a couple of strong debate performances before the vote in south carolina. i think they feel like their guy
6:45 am
has done pretty well in these last two debates. last night, i think was a really strong for romney. actually used some of newt's old tricks by playing to the crowd a little bit more. for rick santorum, he's not going to do well in florida. everybody knows that he's likely to finish very distant third there but i think that santorum is running kind of a case campaign. if i'm team santorum, i'm telling him don't go anywhere. stay in this thing and try to raise as much money as possible to stay viable just in case a newt gingrich implodes one more time. he has twice already. if he does, he's right there. >> right. and the republican establishment seems to be going after newt in unison. bob dole coming out yesterday in elliott abrams' article, former secretary of state going after his days in congress. rick santorum did so well last night. i'm not too far he's going to pull up. i'll ask him in an hour. if he pulls out of florida early, he might lose any momentum he might have gained from the debate. if he does gain the school of thought is newt loses.
6:46 am
>> i agree completely. i mean, i still think for santorum, it's all about money. can he raise enough money to last here into super tuesday? if he does, i think he's waiting for newt gingrich to make a mistake. without a mistake from newt, i don't think it's likely that rick santorum can catch him. i just don't think he has enough energy and buzz behind his horse campaign. i think he's waiting for newt to do something. i have to make a quick note about ron paul. this has been in my craw here for the last couple of weeks. i ran into two guys on the street, ron paul supporters. they literally stopped me on the street and said hey, man, we watch you on fox. by the way, introduced themselves as joe and h.b. i don't know if that was really their names or not and they said look, have you paid attention to the way the moderators and the other candidates treat ron paul in these debates? and truthfully i hadn't. look, if you've been paying attention for the last few debates and i'm a guy who said that ron paul and his people did too much complaining early in the debate season that he wasn't getting equal time. but the last few debates, last
6:47 am
night was a little bit better, the south carolina debates, it's disgraceful the way these folks have treated ron paul on stage. i mean, i think he has a legitimate case to make. that he has not been treated with respect and look, if you invite these guys to your debates, rick santorum and ron paul, if they meet your criteria to be invited, the networks, let them debate! these guys are running for president. >> right. and by the way, everyone has been very nice and they cannot afford to alienate his supporters who were very fervent. you have a book, "wedding letters"? >> yes, the book is out. give it a shot. a lot of great debate going on about last night's debate. >> jason, thank you so much. we'll follow the derby and bring you back again. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, the vice president taking heat again. this time for something else he said. >> how many times do you get to talk? i'd like to talk to you about your credit card. >> was he over the line with that little imitation? we report, you decide.
6:48 am
plus they trashed him on line. he broke up with two women and he trashed him on line. why should you care? the case could determine what you can say on the internet. judge napolitano in full robe regala, i thought, is here to explain. as i get older, i'm making changes to support my metabolism. i'm more active, i eat right, and i switched to one a day women's active metabolism, a complete women's multivitamin, plus more -- for metabolism support. and that's a change i feel good about. [ female announcer ] from one a day.
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6:51 am
>> ever thought that a google search could ruin your life? one man says it has. a former employee and now a high
6:52 am
profile prosecutor suing his two ex-lovers for bad mouthing him on line. he says the two women have created a web site that pops up when his name is googled and that the web site is ruining his reputation. so does he have a case? fox news senior judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" judge andrew napolitano joins me now. so these women used to go out with this guy. and then -- >> at different times. >> then they, you know, ended not so well. and they went on line and said stuff. >> yeah. >> he doesn't like it. does he have a case? >> there's a couple of issues here. one is are they revealing private facts about him in which the public, the general public has no legitimate interest? i think it's a little equivocal in basically saying he's a bum, he's a liar. he pretends he loves you and then he doesn't. those are not serious allegations against him. they're not talking about private activities like financial activity or personal physical activity. this is their opinion. are they permitted to state their opinion? yes, they are. can this be used as a basis for litigation in my view?
6:53 am
it cannot. it's freedom of speech. if he said, she said. if they accused him of committing a crime or defrauding a client or lying to the court, that will be a basis for a case. >> ok. let's take a look at what one of these postings said. it was anonymous. our relationship didn't last long as i figured him out pretty quickly but for others be forewarned, he's scum. and then in a statement from the guy who that was about, it's one of the pitfalls of the internet and our national obsession with googling everyone we meet. they don't have the right to defame people on the internet. it's wrong and someone has to stand up. let me play devil's advocate for a minute, i kind of understand that guy's point because anybody can go on and say anything. >> correct. i understand the fact that he's hurt. and i understand the fact that he's irritated. when you google him instead of getting former superstar athlete, former employee executive at the nfl, former prosecutor, high profile lawyer, you get this nonsense about him
6:54 am
but the courts do not exist in order to right every wrong. otherwise, the slightest little infraction or insults would result in litigation. so the court basically limits the litigation it's going to take. it presumes that all free -- all speech is free because of the first amendment meaning free from punishment. and because we have a presumption in america that speech should be free from punishment, we only punish speech that is profoundly untrue and profoundly harmful. this is the he said/she said. >> ok. >> should the women have posted it? no. is it a basis for litigation, no and this lawyer should know that. >> and this will set precedent for this whole issue, won't it? >> well, if the court disagrees with me. if the judge who runs this case, a federal judge has this in lower manhattan says this case can go forward and a jury hears it, this will open the floodgates of litigation every time someone insults another person on the internet. the courts don't want that. they sit to address more serious issues that have a larger effect
6:55 am
on people's livelihoods and wealth. >> but in this era of technology, a fascinating case. >> yes, it is. how did you find this crazy case? >> been reading about it. >> kilmeade come up with this one? >> we have such smart producers. >> yes, you do! we'll be watching you on "freedom watch" on the fox business network. there he is, pointing his finger. watch out, that can get you in trouble. you heard the other story? >> have a great weekend, judge. coming up on our show, does this movie theme remind you of real life? your real life? >> all you do is nag me! the bathroom's a mess. hey, you should probably go work out. nothing i ever do is ever good enough. i just want to be left the hell alone! >> she kind of had a point in that movie, though. remember that? anyway, did you know there's a way to get the nagging to stop? stick around for that one. and there are reports senator rick santorum is getting ready to leave florida before the primary even begins. we will ask him when he joins us live.
6:56 am
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6:59 am
>> tgif, everyone. it's friday, january 27, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. let me tell you what's happening. mitt romney comes out strong in the debate hitting back on his immigration stance and his wealth. he did hit on one thing. >> i haven't seen the ad. i'm sorry, i don't get to see the tv ads. >> but he approved that ad. is that a problem? we'll report on it and you can decide. >> rick santorum showing why it's not a two-man race. >> these two gentlemen who are out distracting from the most important issues we have by playing petty personal politics, you guys leave that alone and focus on the issues!
7:00 am
>> but is the senator getting ready to leave the sunshine state before the primary even begins? he will join us in 10 minute. >> excellent. meanwhile, the vice president out on the road. he's showing off, perhaps, is that a new accent i hear? >> how many times you get the call, i'd like to talk to you about your credit card. >> he was talking about a call center. did that joke, though, cross the line? "fox & friends" hour two for a wet friday live from new york city starts right now. >> joe biden never lets you down, right? >> oh, my god. it's like he had a total transformation in his head in the middle of that joke, he's like i don't think i should be doing that. >> pulled out of it real quick. all right, we'll bring that to you in a little bit. first, your headlines. we have some breaking news to tell you about. taking a look at the scene of a
7:01 am
bridge collapse. this is in kentucky. two spans of the bridge collapsed when a cargo ship hit it. the bridge goes across kentucky lake. inspectors are the way to the scene to figure out how much of the bridge was actually damaged. no one was hurt on the bridge. there are reports that people on the boat were injured. the bridge closed indefinitely. a convicted killer executed in texas last night. rodrigo hernandez put to death by lethal injection after the supreme court rejected his appeal. he was telling witnesses as he entered the death chambers to hurry up because he was ready to die. his last words. this stuff stings, man. fernandez put to death for raping and strangling a 38-year-old woman 18 years ago and he was accused of murdering a 77-year-old woman. he screamed "god is great" as he opened fire on the pentagon. and this new videotape proved the prosecutor's case. the former marine sentenced to 25 years behind bars now. he pleaded guilty to shooting up
7:02 am
several u.s. military facilities in northern virginia back in 2010. so in this surveillance video, he's seen wearing a mask and firing a gun. he told police he also planned to desecrate grave sites at arlington national cemetery. they finally arrested him last summer before he could carry out those plans. vice president joe biden coming under fire for breaking into a foreign accent while giving a speech about jobs being outsourced overseas. >> even call centers, even call centers which rushed overseas in the hundreds of thousands, how many times you make the call? i'd like to talk to you about your credit card. >> oopsy. biden quickly caught himself but it isn't his first accent gaffe. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> vice president biden bragging back then about his
7:03 am
support from indian-americans in delaware. and those are your headlines. >> oh, boy! >> we laughed earlier. >> it was about one week ago when he told a bunch of san francisco people that the giants are going to beat them. that was really good. and it just got better from there. 19th debate last night. i thought it was extremely strong for rick santorum. the washington examiner was interesting and they said santorum was great. romney was steady and newt was flat. abc says romney finally wins. he finally looks like the guy who wants to win the election. >> and newt gingrich was on our show a couple of days ago saying, you know, got to have the audience being able to react and last night, there was an audience and they were able to react. they didn't react to him, however, on the level that he would like and afterwards, the newt camp said that the romney camp stacked the house. had a bad day, though, because earlier in the day, marco rubio had said mr. speaker, your ad where you call mitt romney anti-immigrant is over the line. you got to take it down. he did take it out.
7:04 am
and last night, mitt romney stood tall against the speaker with this. >> mr. speaker, i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country. the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. don't use a term like that. you can say we disagree on certain policies. to say enforcing the u.s. law to protect our borders, to welcome people here legally, to expand legal immigration as i approved that that's somehow anti-immigrant is simply the kind of over-the-top rhetoric that's characterized american politics too long and i'm glad marco rubio called you out on it. our problem is not 11 million grandmothers, all right? our problem is 11 million people getting jobs that many americans, legal immigrants would like to have. >> so the issue here is the fact that mitt romney appears to have done so much better in hiring this debate coach from michelle
7:05 am
bachmann. this may go down as the pivotal changing time in this election cycle where he has come out firing in these debates as opposed to how he was in south carolina where many people felt he was more like newt was the last two debates. a little bit more reserved. so how will this affect florida? we'll have to wait and see. one analyst last night pointed out this is different from south carolina because when newt did so well in that debate, the election was the next day. now, there are four days in between the debate and when the primary happens. so, you know, will there be more indecision? and then keep in mind, there's only one debate in the whole month of february. you might say yippie skippy to that. but that might affect -- that could affect both of those candidates and rick santorum and ron paul. >> who knew that ann romney's father was from wales? >> right. >> steve, that is the main point. and that's -- >> something new. something new. we knew his father was from mexico but we didn't know about her dad. mitt romney wasn't so strong when he was asked about one of his attack ads on immigration
7:06 am
and an issue that will come up again today at the hispanic leadership network's conference going on in florida right now. >> that's where steve harrigan is standing by live with a report. good morning to you, steven. >> good morning, steve. we're expecting speeches today from newt gingrich, from mitt romney, also from florida's senator marco rubio and these speeches come a day after the discussion on the topic of immigration at the debate last night. mitt romney pushing back against charges that he's anti-immigrant and newt gingrich pushes back against the charge that he called spanish the language of the ghetto. >> you've had an ad running saying that newt gingrich called spanish the language of the ghetto. what do you mean by that? >> i haven't seen the ad. i'm sorry, i don't get to see all the tv ads. did he say that? >> no, what i said is we want everybody to learn english, we don't want -- i didn't use the word spanish. we do not want anyone trapped in a situation where they cannot
7:07 am
get a job. they cannot rise and virtually every parent of every ethnic group and by the way, there are 94 languages spoken at the miami dade college. 94 languages. i think that english should be the official language of government and every young english -- american should learn english. >> here's his remarks in 2007. >> so people are the language of the country, the language of prosperity and not the language of living in the ghetto. >> it's no surprise that immigration has already become the hot topic here in florida where one out of every 11 registered republican voters is hispanic. back to you guys in new york. >> all right. from doral, florida, steve harrigan, thank you very much. >> the next battle that was front and center last night. maybe it will be over after this
7:08 am
and we'll actually talk more about policies. we talked about fannie mae and freddie mac. both candidates, mitt romney and newt gingrich have some connection to it. which one is worse? let's leave it up to you. >> well, i think you know that fannie mae and freddie mac were a big part of why we have the housing crisis in the nation that we have and we've had this discussion before. speaker gingrich was hired by freddie mac to promote them, to influence other people throughout washington, encouraging them to -- not to dismantle these two entities. i think that was an enormous mistake. instead, we should have had a whistle blower and not a horn tooter. >> we discovered to our shock governor romney owns shares of both fannie mae and freddie mac. governor romney made a million dollars off selling some of those. governor romney owned shares -- has an investment in goldman-sachs which is today foreclosing on floridians so maybe governor romney in the spirit of openness should tell
7:09 am
us how much money he's made off of how many households that have been foreclosed by his investments. but let's be clear about that. >> first of all, my investments are not made by me. my investments for the last 10 years have been in the blind trust managed by a trustee. secondly, the investments that they made, we learned about this as we made our financial disclosure have been in mutual funds and bonds. i've owned stock in either fannie mae or freddie mac. there are bonds that the investment has held through mutual funds. and mr. speaker, i know that sounds like an enormous revelation but if you check your own investments, you also have investments in mutual funds that also invest in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> all right. >> whatever opposition research guy dug that up, he gets a gold star today because mitt romney was absolutely able to make hay on that little turn around. >> newt, it sounded like his voice was breaking a little bit. maybe he was a little bit tired. but still, that performance
7:10 am
which was maybe subpar for him is only for him. anybody else would have been -- that's a good night. it's that newt gingrich has raised his own bar that high where people expect to flourish every third sentence. >> and expect a standing ovation because over the last couple, the two in south carolina were so far out of the park. we're just expecting it. >> and bring it back to what my frustration was from the night, that they never discussed policies really. i mean, rick santorum did and thank goodness he'll be coming up next and maybe he'll talk more about that. i think that's one of the reasons he shined last night because a lot of the questions that went to mim -- him were not about infighting, they were about actual policy. when did they talk about president obama? the last 10 minutes. the last 10 minutes, they were asked one question about president obama. keep in mind the state of the union address was tuesday night where there were a lot of lofty goals put out for all the american people to hear. and that, in my mind, should have been the first question last night of the debate. what is your response as a republican presidential
7:11 am
candidate to president obama's state of the union? >> and we don't have any snap polls after last night. we have rick santorum coming up quickly. we don't have snap polls after last night but the most recent rasmussen poll shows romney up by eight in florida. romney up by five in the real clear politics average. but newt gingrich nationally still up by 3.7%. >> all right. 11 minutes after the hour. coming up, cash used for bonuses. why are millions of dollars in tarp money going to these guys' bank accounts. >> then the true story comes out. pat sajak and vanna white drunk behind the wheel? can you say margarita? >> can you spell it? so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
7:12 am
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7:15 am
>> can we set aside that newt was a member of congress and used the skills that he developed as a member of congress to go out and advise companies? and that's not the worst thing in the world. and that mitt romney is a wealthy guy because he worked hard and he's going out and working hard and can you guys leave that alone and focus on the issues? >> and the crowd went wild and so did a lot of people in their homes. that was senator rick santorum's strongest line of the night breaking up his two g.o.p. rivals and expressing his frustration about being included. joining us right now is the senator from pennsylvania, senator rick santorum. senator, what prompted that? because that's exactly like a lot of us were feeling. can we get over the fannie and freddie? can we get over the internal debates and move forward? >> that's it. i mean, you know, the attack on capitalism and bain capital and the attack on fannie and freddie
7:16 am
for both back and forth, played some of that prior to the bank and i was sitting there saying, look, there are important issues in this race. and who -- how people made money, all legitimately in my mind should have nothing to do with it, the gotcha politics but i think it pointed out something. those two guys and they're friends of mine and i like them both bought the reason they're back and forth on those issues is because the big issues on the day, they don't disagree that much and they don't disagree that much with president obama. and that's what i'd like to have more conversation about. i did later in the debate with governor romney on health care. we needed to talk about cap and trade more and talk about the wall street bailouts. all huge issues where both of those guys actually side with obama as opposed to most republican voters. >> that's absolutely true. it would have been interesting to debate the president's state of the union but here's the president yesterday. he sat down with diane sawyer and talked about you guys. >> whoever wins the republican primary is going to be a
7:17 am
standard bearer for a vision of the country that i don't think reflects who we are. the proposal you're seeing from the republicans is they would actually cut taxes for those at the very top even further but if we are not raising any additional revenue, then we start getting to the bone of things like basic research or education or caring for our veterans that are critical to who we are. >> so is the president accurately describing the republican field? >> the president of the united states has on obligation to tell the truth and that was simply factually wrong. we've grown the size of government to the largest level in the history of our country since world war ii. the 25% of the overall economy is government and when the president says anything we cut is cutting to the bone, we can't even see the bone. there's so much fat.
7:18 am
there's so much government. and the president of the united states says the problem is we need more revenues. no, we don't, mr. president. we need to get spending down. we need to get government limited and we need to let people be free in this country and that means taking less of their money and not more. >> only thing they cut freely is defense. meanwhile, another great moment last night that was very noteworthy for the viewer was your debate with mitt romney on obama care, romney care, the difference. let's listen. >> first of all, it's not worth getting angry about. secondly, the -- secondly, 98% of the people have insurance. and so the idea that more people are free riding the system is simply impossible. half of those people got insurance on their own. others got help in buying the insurance. >> senator, that was a strong time. do you think you made your point? >> boy, did i ever? and yeah, governor romney, there is something to get mad about.
7:19 am
people, you and barack obama and others and newt gingrich who want to tell americans that as a condition of breathing in america, you have to go out and buy private sector insurance or the government will fine you is something that people get angry about. and i was reflecting that anger with not anger but passion to make sure that we have a nominee who is contrasted with barack obama on the most important issue of freedom in this country and that's obamacare and what governor romney did last night was stand up and forcefully defend government controlling the health care system at the state level and he's trying to say, well, that will differentiate myself from president obama and i'm just for government control at the state level and not the federal level. that's huey! the bottom line he's for government control of health care which is not a conservative principle and does not differentiate himself between president obama and that is a big, big liability for us going into this general election. >> senator, thanks so much for your time. i know you're going to be heading home soon but you're not giving up on the party.
7:20 am
you made that clear. >> look, i got to straighten this out. i'm heading home because everybody in the press is asking to get my taxes and i got to get home to get them and so i'm going to go home and get them. i'm coming back within 24 hours. and i'm here through up to election day. i've spent every minute here in florida and i'm going to work in florida. >> thanks so much, senator. see you soon. good luck on your trip home. >> meanwhile, the trouble with schools, it starts right here with this woman. >> go find these people! >> juan williams finding exactly how our schools are failing and show you an incredible alternative and then does this movie scene remind you of your real life? it turns out there's a way to get the nagging to stop! >> nothing i ever do is ever good enough! i just want to be left the hell alone. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years.
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7:24 am
>> time for your news by the numbers. first $1.2 trillion. that's how much the nation's debt ceiling goes up today and jumps to $16.4 trillion. next, 100. that's how many groups will be honoring our nation's iraq war veterans by marching in the first ever welcome home parade. thousands are expected in st. louis, missouri, for that event. finally, 71%. that's how many incoming college freshmen support same sex marriage. a new survey finds they are more liberal than students from just two years ago. steve? >> welcome back. a national school choice week. did you know that? and a fight for the future of education is game on. for instance, in the city of chicago, shorter school days and poor performance have not stopped union leaders like karen lewis from demonizing efforts to
7:25 am
reform the system there. > >> let's look at the top 10 richest people in america. nine out of 10 them are involved in the educational reform. brothers and sisters, let's go find these people and show them a real chicago way. >> joining us right now is juan williams, fox news contributor. he's the host of the new documentary which is on line. it's all about education. it's called "a tale of two missions." you can watch it by clicking on our "fox & friends" web site after the program. good morning to you, juan. >> good morning, steve. >> and we're going to get to, you know, some important stuff but first, put it in perspective. we've got some graphics to show just exactly what is going on there in chicago. the average person -- the average household income in chicago, look at that, $50,000. the average teacher makes $74,000. the average administrator makes
7:26 am
$120,000 a year and here's the kicker. the graduation rate in chicago, about half. they spend all that money and yet, juan, it's not working. >> you know, steve, i don't have any objection to paying good teachers and good administrators top dollar. we want those people teaching our children. the problem comes when you get locked into all this bureaucratic union structure that's not about educating children. that's why the two missions, parents and kids have a very clear strict mission. education first. but the union seems to have a message and a mission that's all about, well, let's protect teachers who have been here the longest. let's get those salaries up. let's put in more bureaucrats and more administration and i think it's very clear, these are two separate missions and never the twain shall meet. it's not helping our children,
7:27 am
especially not helping the kids in big city, urban school districts with mostly minority populations. those kids are coming out on the wrong end of the stick in this two mission divide. >> i know you have a real problem with how the unions operate and there is an alternative. there in chicago, there's a school called the noble street charter college prep school that actually we just saw only 56% graduate from the public schools. 99% of the kids who go to that school graduate. and it's tough to get to these schools. listen to this kid, what he goes through to get to school, to get a good education. >> i have to take the 87 bus all the way to the red line. take the red line to chicago and state. then i get on 16th and chicago and take it to chicago. >> wow. this is an effort for you to get here, it's a haul. >> it's a blessing. >> it's a blessing. it's not a haul. it's a blessing. >> ok. there's a lot of effort. it's a blessing. but why did those schools work
7:28 am
and the public schools don't in chicago? >> oh, gosh. you know, steve, i wish i could take you over there. what you'll see is that they have longer school days. they have longer school years. these are things that the democratic mayor of chicago rahm emanuel has been pushing the teachers union for. they fight him tooth and nail even though he's willing to pay them more money to do it. they're opposed to the very things that make noble college prep work. they don't have all the regulations. if you get a bad teacher that's not working, it's like a person that works at any other company, they find a way to let them go. what we're seeing here is that people across partisan lines, everybody is saying education has got to be key if we care about kids and that's why my feeling is if you care about education in this country, well, give parents the power, steve, because parents care about their kids and if parents can make a choice as to whether or not the school is really meeting their kids' needs, really educating their kids, then parents will be able to find the best school for
7:29 am
their children. so i say charter schools, vouchers, tax breaks, anything that increases the power of the parent to make a choice for their child would help us to break through what now is the status quo and the status quo for most children is unacceptable. >> well, the kids are our future. we're only as good as our kids in school. we got to do something. folks, check out juan's special. it's terrific. it's on line. go to and you'll see the logo for his documentary "a tale of two missions." thank you very much. i know you had a late night last night and thanks for getting up with us. >> you're welcome. >> after the break, they are the group that will make or break this election for the candidates. how do you tap into the independent voter? an expert comes up next. and then, the wheel is spinning! apparently so is pat sajak. he admits vanna and he might have had two or three or six margaritas while operating behind the wheel of fortune.
7:30 am
7:31 am
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>> that's all you do! all you do is nag me! the bathroom's a mess. your belt doesn't match.
7:34 am
hey, you should probably go work out. nothing i ever do is ever good enough! i just want to be left the hell alone! >> she isn't leaving there. >> he got what he wanted. she left. >> then he ended up with air hockey in the living room. so who doesn't want that? >> yep. "the wall street journal" has got something this week that talks a little bit about nagging and it can really be toxic to a marriage. and it starts by saying the reason people nag is because a person wants something done. they ask the other person if they'll do it and they invariably don't and so it just kind of builds up and it builds towards more nagging. >> that's the problem. you're taking my wife's side again and i'm really insulted that you have interpreted it that way. >> let me describe the typical nagger. an extremely organized, obsessive or anxious person may not be able to refrain from giving reminders. hi, honey. >> well -- >> are you saying you're a nagger? >> who isn't?
7:35 am
come on. this label usually falls on women in relationships because it goes on to say in this article, women are largely conditioned to feel more responsible for managing home and family. a lot of responsibilities come with managing home and family. >> let me give you the perspective that was illustrated perfectly here. why do people nag and why do others not respond. why, for example, does a woman nag a man and they never seem to get anywhere. for example -- >> please. if you can answer that question, i will pay you that same bet that mitt romney did $10,000. >> the genius of someone from harvard university, when we're nagged and we ask the same question over and over again. why don't we answer? we might not know the answer yet. >> good point. >> we're thinking about it. >> there are some in "the wall street journal", some suggestions on how to get the nagging to stop or if you are a nagger, what to do and one of the -- >> not leave, that's not we're talking about. >> that's a bad idea for tax purposes and for the children.
7:36 am
one of the purposes is to consider the alternatives. for instance, if your spouse is nagging you, look, you got to fix the toilet! here's the alternative. call a plumber. >> i know it's going to cost some money. call a plumber. >> no, no. >> that's according to the experts. >> that's one of the suggestions but then the person gets off the hook for everything. you're going to call somebody to take out your garbage? >> kids. that's what why you had you! >> you guys are trying to get out of any responsibility on this couch. here's one solution they offer. first of all to calm down but to try to do it in a more ginger fashion. for example, leave little post-it notes in their lunch box or down where they put their papers before they leave for work. i know that one of the best things that ever happened to me were these devices. because i text my husband some things that i know maybe he doesn't want to hear face to face. >> you could even text yourself. >> text yourself. >> i have a great idea, i don't know if it's here anywhere but a
7:37 am
way to stop the nagging is to not nag. that would certainly be somewhere in life. >> or brian just said, an alternative to that is rather than nag, you know, any time -- >> call him. >> if somebody says look, we need this done, listen. and maybe actually do it! >> oh! >> just listen! >> all right. >> that's a thought. >> let's see if it works. >> i'm so glad we're ending on that thought. >> how you handle nagging at your house, e-mail us at friends at if you've got a real gem, let us know, we can share it with our vast viewing audience. >> time to get to the headlines. the cruise company behind that deadly shipwreck in italy offering survivors financial compensation. passengers will get $14,400 each for their lost baggage and for medical expenses. and don't forget they were already offered that whopping 30% discount on future cruises. what about a lifetime ability to go on those cruises? anyway -- >> italian residents already speaking out saying it's not enough for people went through.
7:38 am
>> meanwhile, your tax dollars at work. huge bonuses now approved by the treasury department for executives who run companies that receive the biggest government bailouts. terrific. heck of a job. according to a new audit, tarp money was used to give the boss at g.m. a $5.1 million bonus. way to go. chrysler's head got $1.5 million in cash. he should have gone to g.m. and aig's chief got a $10.5 million bonus. the bonuses approved even after president obama and congress capped salaries at tarp at half a million dollars. >> guess who pushed that, the treasury department and right there, he's going against the president. meanwhile, pat sajak admitting to be drunk at the wheel of fortune. legendary game show host who used to be here for a while telling espn back in the early days of the show, he and letter turner vanna white would knock back margaritas at a mexican
7:39 am
restaurant during their 2 1/2 hour long break. >> they would serve great margaritas. we would go across and have two or three or six. we would do the shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet. >> he can't drink like that anymore, he'd keel over. no comments from vanna white yet. she didn't talk much. >> i'd like to buy a cup of coffee. >> sounds like it. >> let's take a look at the weather on this friday and it is wet! man, it is a dreadful day, as you can see, all the way from portions of new england where, as you can see, we have a little bit of snow and ice and sleet and then right down through the i-95 corridor, that's great. it is raining. it is really heavy at times as you can see, the storms are moving through central portions of florida at this hour. the south central plains are dry but we've got some snow in the northern plains at this hour. also, the current temperatures as you head out the door today, 12 right now in caribou. we've got four dozen here in new york city. 48 degrees. we've got 23 in minneapolis.
7:40 am
20's and 30's across much of the plain states. look at that, dallas right now, you've had flooding there and now they've got temperatures approaching freezing. meanwhile, later on today, the highs almost 60 here in new york city. it will be 55 raleigh-durham and 55 for memphis. in the northern plains, temperatures in the 30's along the gulf coast, temperatures in the 60's and the 70's as well. later today in dallas, metroplex almost 70. >> coming up next on the rundown, they are the group that will make or break this election and decide who will be our commander in chief. so how do you tap into the independent vote? our political panel will weigh in on that next. >> then inside the lines of american royalty. true stories behind john f. kennedy jr. and carolyn's marriage. >> first, your trivia question of the day -- i take a multivitamin,
7:41 am
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>> they helped president obama win the white house back in 2008 and now maybe more than ever, the independent voter will be crucial in determining the outcome of this next election. that's because currently, a record number of americans now identify themselves as independents at 40%. their numbers exceed both parties. so who will benefit from this swing this time around? let's ask our political panel, angela mcglowan is a fox news contributor, the author of the new book "the swing vote" and june green is a former advisor to hillary clinton's 2008 campaign and also a fox news contributor. good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. >> let me start with you, linda, you've just written a book about
7:45 am
the swing vote. 40% of americans now independent. you break them down into four subgroups. who are they? >> there are four groups that i think make up the key constituencies. the npr republicans who are what you used to call rockefeller republicans. socially moderate, fiscally conservative. the america first democrats who are what you used to call reagan democrats, newt gingrich is going after them hard. this group is going to be very definitive, i think, in the election. they didn't go for obama. they liked hillary clinton, you know, in 2008. >> right. >> the facebook generation, people under 35. people under 35 are registered as independents in a higher percentage than any other age group and lastly, the most important, the starbucks moms and dads. these are the suburban and xurban voters and they swing. like you said, they voted for barack obama in 2008. but they went republican in a
7:46 am
big way in 2010. >> so angela, which way do those subgroups go in 2012? >> it's whoever can give them solutions. independents are solutions oriented. what can you do to create a more prosperous america for me? what can you do to help my children live the american dream? and i'm sorry to say, as a registered republican, mitt romney and newt gingrich aren't doing it that well in fighting with each other over tax policy, or who did what with whom with freddie and fannie. people want results, gretchen, i thought it was so great when you brought up earlier that you have the state of union address and no one talked really about policy or barack obama until towards the end of the debate. >> i mean, were you surprised by that, too? at least during last night's debate, they weren't really debating policies and it appears that especially independents when they're making their decision, they want to hear that! >> exactly. i agree with everything angela just said surprisingly and i also think that when you look at these debates, there's a 12 man, six man aspect there where you
7:47 am
have audiences that are veterans that are cheering on old people without health insurance and you have these candidates on the stage denying science. these are all things that they're going to make independent voters say whoa, wait a second. i mean, they are up for grabs. we've seen a lot of shifts and a lot of shifts from being registered democrats in that historic election in 2008 and now they're independents so obama has a challenge to they gem back into our camp. >> class warfare is not going to -- >> i think that this will be the central issue of this election coming up. so my question today is -- look at this latest poll. there's a big change from 2009 to just 2011. do you think that class is on the rise? rich vs. poor. look at that, 47% thought it was in 2009. 66% just in 2011. so my question to you is -- is it because it's true or because of the rhetoric that we've been
7:48 am
hearing? angela? >> the rhetoric. and that's what liberals do. they debate in class warfare and that's what obama is doing. he's a warrior for the middle class but people need to look at his policies. not what he says. not about hope and change. >> let's listen to the president. >> this isn't about class warfare! this is about the nation's welfare. now, a lot of -- now, i hear -- i hear folks running around calling this class warfare. this is not class warfare. a lot of folks have been running around saying well, that's class warfare. asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes, that's just common sense. >> linda, is it class warfare? >> no, it's not class warfare. it's about fairness. it's about everybody pulling their weight and what i heard from the independent voters over and over is that they feel there's one set of rules for members of congress, for politicians, for the wealthy, for bankers, for wall street and
7:49 am
one set of rules that average people adhere to. >> do they have all the information? because half the country doesn't pay federal income tax. if we're talking about being fair, maybe they should also contribute just a little bit. >> well, i think they clearly have all of the information because long before the recession hit, hard work stopped paying off for your average american. it wasn't just in the last couple of years. yes, i think we're finally now paying attention to it. i think wall street had a lot to do with that. but for the last 30 years, income and equality, the gap has been growing between those who are benefitting at the top and those whose work productivity is increasing and their wages have stagnated and now that we're paying attention to it and people are saying finally, this conversation, this dirty little secret it out of the process. >> it was during newt gingrich's tradition but the capital gains tax cut, where people were more prosperous and bill clinton
7:50 am
signed 70% of the contract of america where it wasn't class warfare, it was -- >> let me correct you. capital gains has not been this low since the great depression and capital gains under reagan and clinton when the economy was good was close to 30%. >> i'm getting a hard wrap from the producers. this is a very hotly contested debate. thank you very much for joining us today. inside the lives of john f. kennedy jr. and his wife's marriage. the stories you haven't heard. and on this date in 1971, tony orlando and dawn had the number one song with "knock three times." [ male announcer ] where's your road to happiness? what ithe first step on that road is a bowl of soup? delicious campbell's soups fill you with vegetable nutrition, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> all right. the answer to the trivia
7:54 am
question of the day, mimi rogers. today is her birthday. the winner is carol from south jordan, utah. she's up already. we'll send her something real nice. >> they were american royalty. he was young, handsome and the son of one of america's most beloved presidents. she was beautiful, kind and his loving wife. >> today, 13 years after their lives were tragically cut short, new details about the tense marriage between john f. kennedy jr. and his wife carolyn. >> joining us right now, his former personal assistant and the author of the new book "fairy tale interrupted" rose maria. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> this is a great book and you write with a lot of love. i love the story you tell about how one day you came in and you had a hangover and he was packing up your supplies. >> he was packing me up. i walked in and said what are you doing? and he said -- i said something like, you know, you might be the big kahuna everywhere else but here -- and i heard his partner who was my boss at the time go,
7:55 am
rose, can you come in here? and he said, you could be arrested in some states for the way you just spoke to him. and i was pissed also because he ripped my howard stern head shot and i'm a huge howard stern fan. >> really? >> when i met howard, he said, you have a crush on me and you work for him. but you developed this very close relationship obviously with john f. jr. but with carolyn and a lot of the things that you felt so guilty about on that fateful day is encouraging her to get on that plane. she didn't want to go. >> yeah. it was one of those things where who knows if she would have ended up going anyway. i felt like having that conversation with her, you know. who knows? >> you write that it didn't seem like she was a priority, perhaps, in his life and didn't want to go to the wedding. >> i think it's the same ups and downs that everybody has with their marriage but theirs was played out publicly. i mean, as i said before, my parents didn't speak for three days over christmas ornaments. i mean, so it wasn't, you know,
7:56 am
my mom a million times didn't feel like a priority with my dad. >> real quickly, rose marie, politics, what is he going to eventually wind up in? >> he definitely talked about it but not until george was a success. >> he wanted to do that first. >> he was passionate about that and bringing people into the democratic process by glamourizing politics and if you look at politics today, you know, before the 1990's, no politician would put their own celebrity. >> politics is sexy. >> yeah. yeah. >> hard to believe the tragedy that has fallen upon that family and it's been 13 years since they passed away. check out the new book by rose marie "fairy tale interrupted." no doubt. great to meet you. >> thank you. >> good luck on the book. >> thank you. >> i'm not going to ever pack up your stuff. >> no, don't pack up my stuff. >> senator john mccain, look out! >> now -- channel 9. >> you got to hear what the senator says next. and we'll play it for you.
7:57 am
>> mitt romney, newt gingrich got the crowd roaring during their debate on illegal immigration. who's right? geraldo rivera is up next hour. is it fast?
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: tgif, it's tri, january 27. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your friday with us. never mind, newt. last night mitt romney came out to fight. >> mr. speaker, i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. >> gretchen: will his tough talk give him the boost he needs? geraldo rivera here to tell us what he thinks. >> steve: governor jan brewer pointed her finger in the president's face for a moment, giving him a letter during, it looks like, and a letter as well. we just got our copy. >> brian: did you see john mccain microphone moment?
8:01 am
>> now, in massachusetts -- channel 9, that's it. >> brian: he says blame it on the liberals. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> steve: at least he didn't blame it on bush. >> brian: and senator john mccain supporting mitt romney. last night we're going to tell you what happened in the test bait and recap it for you. yes, there was another. >> gretchen: yes, the 19th one. we'll bring you the details moments from now. fox news alert, you're taking a look at a bridge collapse if kentucky. inspectors on the scene trying to determine how much of the bridge was damaged. two spans of the bridge collapsed when a cargo shape hit it. the bridge goes across kentucky lake. we're told there were 20 people on board the ship and four cars on the bridge when it happened. no one was hurt.
8:02 am
the bridge closed indefinitely. he screamed, god is great, as he opened fire on the pentagon. this new videotape proves the prosecutor's case. former marine sentenced to 25 years behind bars. he pleaded guilty to shooting up several u.s. military facilities in northern virginia in 2010. in this video taken in his vehicle, you can see he's wearing a mask and firing a gun. he told police he also planned to desecrate grave sites at arlington national cemetery. they arrested him before he could carry out plans. you heard all about jan brewer's finger pointing exchange with president obama on the tarmac the other day in arizona. now we know what was in the letter that she hand delivered to the president. it reads in part: dear mr. president, welcome to arizona. we both love this great country, but we fundamentally disagree on how to best make america grow and prosper once again. i'd love an opportunity to share with you how we've been able to turn arizona around with hard choices that turned out to be
8:03 am
the right one. of course, my offer to visit the borrowedder and buy lunch still stands. with respect, jan. blame it on the humidity, senator john mccain caught off guard at a campaign event in florida. >> by the evidence. now, in massachusetts -- too bad for channel 9. that's it. it's not supported by the evidence. now -- >> beth: he was in tampa stumping for mitt romney when he accidentally dropped the mic. his recovery getting a good laugh from the crowd. those are your headlines. >> steve: president obama wrapping up the final leg of his five-state tour. he's going to be in michigan today reemphasizing part of his state of the union message. senior white house correspondent ed henry is somewhere in ann arbor right now. good morning to you, eddie. >> good morning. i'm actually on another lawn. i'm on a platform over the lawn. this is the football practice
8:04 am
facility for university of michigan football team. president been accused by republicans of out on the road campaigning here. they basically say campaign? what campaign? this is only the fifth election battle ground state he's visited in three days. they also note that this is a bipartisan tradition where presidents of both parties, after their state of the union address, hit the road to try to promote their agenda. yesterday the president was in las vegas. obviously nevada another big election battle ground where he was at a ups facility where they're using trucks that are fueled in part by natural gas to talk about renewable fuels. and white house aides point out the president is not just talking about some of the big election issues out here on the road, but also talking about some of the kitchen table issues, like college affordability. take a listen. >> if you work hard, if you do the right thing, you should be able to do well enough to raise a family and own a home and send your kids to college and put a
8:05 am
little away for retirement. that's the american dream. that's what most people are looking for. >> now the president will again be talking about college affordability at the university of michigan a short time when he speaks to students here. but undoubtedly he will also mention the auto bailouts. each day on the road here he has been talking about how he believes the auto bailout helped revive detroit and the state of michigan and has been noting various republicans, he doesn't name mitt romney, but clearly pointing at mitt romney, owe positived the bailout. even as they say he's not campaigning, he's certainly hitting some of those campaign issues. although i will point out, being at the university of michigan might not help him with ohio state fans. so he might win one election battle ground and lose another. >> gretchen: great to see you. it's time to bring in geraldo rivera as we have him on every
8:06 am
friday. good to see you. >> good morning. you look kind of matching. >> gretchen: i know. just for the viewer to know, we don't plan it. >> you don't coordinate? >> steve: we don't coordinate with herman cain. >> brian: i do have his permission to wear it. what did you think of the debate last night? immigration a big part of it. it matters to the people florida. >> that's a big question and i know that i'm out of sink with most of our viewers and i might as well upset their fridays. i think the republican candidates generally are, you know, in a way that i think puts them at odds with the majority of the hispanic population, i think mitt romney has been anti-immigrant and i believe that this is the first time i have ever heard him say from his mouth in a major speech, my father was born in mexico. 'cause his father was born in mexico, so was his grandfather born in mexico, and until he was about to be busted in a major nbc documentary, he unfortunate
8:07 am
mentioned it, as far as i know. >> steve: you know with disagrees with you is marco rubio. he said there was an ad down there run by newt gingrich that says, mitt romney is anti-immigrant. >> disagree me about that? >> steve: right. and mr. rubio said you have to take the ad down. newt did take it down, however, of it something that romney clobbered newt with last night. watch this. >> mr. speaker, i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country, the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. >> you had an ad saying mr. gingrich called spanish the language of the ghetto. did he say that? >> what i said was we want everybody to learn english because -- i didn't use the word spanish. we don't want anyone trapped in a situation where they cannot get a commercial job, they can not rise and virtually every parent of every ethnic group,
8:08 am
and by the way, there are 94 languages spoken in the miami-dade college. 94 languages. that's why i think english should be the official language of government and that's why i think every young american should learn english. >> let me explain if i can briefly what's happening. they say one thing about immigrants in iowa. they say another thing in new hampshire. another thing in south carolina. when they come to florida with 22% of the electorate latino, they change their tune. gingrich did say that spanish was the language of the ghetto. >> steve: bilingual. >> it was as i recall, he clearly, if not specifically stating it clearly implied that spanish was the language of the ghetto of the menial job, of the short end of the stick, learn english. i want everyone to learn english. they should learn english. what i'm opposed to is making english the official language where everything is only printed in english regardless of the circumstance of the particular community.
8:09 am
let the community decide. here is my point. my point is that the gop candidates have handed barak obama, who has been the worst president for immigrants in recent history. barak obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president. barak obama has beefed up the border security more than any other president. he has done exactly the opposite of what he promised to do in 2008! he was absolutely vulnerable to desertion from the latino voters who gave him two-thirds of the vote in 2008. but when you have republican candidates who have been speaking in a way that is extremely harsh, absolutely opposed to any comprehensive immigration reform, these republican candidates have -- >> gretchen: that's not true. newt gingrich has been more moderate than any of them with regard to immigrants. >> i've written about that. what he said is long-term illegals should get amnesty and you're right. i should give him credit for that. in the overall context, i think
8:10 am
gingrich has been more liberal on immigration than romney. i think the two of them together, they haven't really shown a great deal of compassion. the dream act, for instance, where if you serve in the armed forces, you should get a fast track to citizenship, or kids who come in at the age of two or three without any guilt -- >> gretchen: gingrich says you have to serve in the military to get that. >> brian: the military, how concerned are you about how this force is going to be cut over the next five years and over the next ten years? for example, at least 100,000 are going to be cut out of the army, even more out of the marines. are fighting forces going to be down significantly. you think it's necessary or overdone? >> i am not expert enough to tell you whether it is overdone, but i can tell that you i met with a bunch of marines serving, combat vets not so long ago examine everyone is in agreement that the next war won't be these massive ground forces. it will be drones, special operators like the seal team 6 that went into somalia to take
8:11 am
out those nine captors of those two hostages. that's the war of the future for the foreseeable future and i think that everybody understands -- >> brian: if north korea invades south korea, you can't fight it with a drone. >> you can't, but i think the odds on something like that happening and precipitating a global war, i don't think the world is there now. you can't maintain -- there is so much waste in iraq. i saw fields of armored vehicles that will never be used again. >> gretchen: what about his point that it seems so easy for everyone to cut the military first when people would argue there is waste in every single department and agency in the government. >> and i'll reinforce that point, gretchen, by saying that in my view, the military is the best run government agency we have. on the other hand, i have with my own eyes after all these massive deployments, seen what clearly was not only the
8:12 am
terrible shedding of american blood, but also the shedding of american treasure. we have spent a trillion dollars in the last decade. now some portion of that trillion dollars should be used to build highways and schools. >> brian: should we be adding $259 billion out of the next five years? >> there are many weapon systems that don't work that, are kept alive because of various special interests and congressmen lobbying for their districts. there has to be an objective look at this massive expenditure >> steve: during the commercial, you two can continue this. we'll be -- >> it's not the vatican. >> gretchen: you guys can continue. if you forgot to pay your tax, you would get audited. what happens to the irs when it loses thousands of your tax returns? oops. stick around. >> brian: peter johnson, jr. says mitt romney might be able to win florida thanks to his popeye moment.
8:13 am
here to explain. i always like popeye better in the blue uniform.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
>> brian: mitt romney seems to be making up ground in last night's debate. peter johnson, jr. says he has found his voice. what do you mean? >> i mean he did have a popeye moment. he took his spinach and the spinach was a preparation and new facts and has responded to newt gingrich's attacks in a really strong robust way. so when you look at some of the things he was doing last night, it was quite, quite different from the old mitt romney. >> brian: the problem that he also has brought up when he comes on our show, he says, i have a problem with the
8:17 am
candidate. it goes from state to state and continues to say different issues that resonate with that community but aren't feasible and possible. >> let's take a look at that. >> we have seen in politics, we've seen politicians and newt, you've been part of this, go from state to state and promise exactly what that state wants to hear. the speaker comes here to florida, wants to spend untold amount of money having a colony on the moon. look, this idea of going state to state and promising what people want to hear, promising billion, hundreds of billions of dollars to make people happy, that's what got us into the trouble we're in now. >> that's a critical statement. americans hate that. they hate old line politicians that say, i'm going to give you this. i'm going to give you that. >> brian: the colony on the moon? >> yeah. and he pointed out what newt gingrich was talk being state to state. newt gingrich talked about his opening last night. we're going to have another base here, another naval base here -- >> brian: in jackson? >> absolutely. so people really, really don't
8:18 am
like that at all. there was a same issue in terms of how we responded on immigration. let's hear about the response on immigration. >> brian: the way it ends is fascinating. let's listen. >> it would be nice if you had the same standard for other people that you would like applied to you and didn't enter into personal attacks about personal activities about which are factually wrong. it's a two way truce. >> brian: it lasted nine second. >> yeah, but it was kind of a boxing match last night when newt gingrich became meek and sheepish and mild and sometimes grim, at the same time mitt romney was energetic, was strong. it was like he had had sand kicked in his face several weeks before and had done on a massive protein shake diet. >> brian: you're wrong. >> tell me. >> brian: this is like olive oil who first looked like she was fall not guilty love with through toe and then it was popeye with his huge forarm.
8:19 am
>> who is olive oil in this? is that the american people? >> brian: i believe the american people have finally found the person they might be looking for. >> very strong performance. lot of charisma, lot of articulation, a lot of ability to respond to the attacks, and putting newt gingrich on the defensive as an influence peddler, as someone who has really totally dominated in the debate. rick santorum put on a great debate performance. he's pulling out of florida today, going to other states. >> brian: he's going to check his taxes and coming back. >> okay. >> brian: peter johnson, jr. that was, to me, the best cartoon ever. thanks so much. 19 minutes after the hour. he says the president's economic plans are work. but more african-americans are out of work these days. reverend jesse jackson shares his ideas to bring back the jobs right after this.
8:20 am
then, another government-backed green energy company goes bust, taking more than 100 million taxpayer dollars down with it. can the white house really spin their way out of this one? a third time? you you a lump sum of cash today. [ female announcer ] women move the world. and caltrate moves us. helping strengthen our bones. caltrate delivers 1200 milligrams of calcium and 800 iu of vitamin d plus minerals. women need caltrate. caltrate helps women keep moving because women move the world.
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>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. new video out of baghdad. at least 32 people have died after a homicide bomber set off a car packed with explosives at a funeral. 16 of the victims, policemen guarding the procession.
8:24 am
if you filed your taxes early, you were supposed to get your refunds this week. but the irs now issuing ious, claiming their system has been overloaded. they say, well, maybe next week you'll see some of that dough. steve? >> steve: it has been the major focus on the campaign trail. getting americans back to work. right now the nation's unemployment rate stands at 8.5%. and it sits at nearly 16% for african-americans. for african-american teen-agers, 41%. wow. so how do we put people back to work? let's talk to reverend jesse jackson, the founder and president of the rainbow/push coalition. good morning to you. >> good morning inasmuch that's the number one thing. they don't talk about it enough at the debates. how too we come up with jobs? >> for example, our veterans are coming home. they need direct job, public works jobs. those veterans cannot wait. those veterans how have a
8:25 am
guaranteed place to stay and transportation. it cannot happen indirectly. secondly, the issue of fast rail. there is such a gap between whether jobs are and the ghettos are. if you're on welfare, you can't own a car. if you can get to the job -- 90% of detroiters work outside detroit. and the jobs in between detroit and ann arbor, not within. so when people like governor walker send back millions of dollars, florida sends back millions of dollars, when you cut faster, we can make the steel, lay the rail, build a train, connect people with jobs. that may be 3 million jobs. >> steve: down in florida, the government, the feds have said we're going to give think money and the government said we don't want it. and california wants to go from los angeles to san francisco with high speed rail. there is only 3 million people a year who make that flight.
8:26 am
it becomes a question of, the vast cost versus how many people will use it. >> it must be cost effective. milwaukee is the most segregated big city and fourth poorest. the people can't get to where the jobs are. all the people on the train is such a big deal. >> steve: if there is trains, you can train people to the job. but there aren't any jobs right now. >> that's not true. there may be 3 million jobs within the reach the people. about 10,000 got jobs. they brought the jobs into the city where the people could get to them. 'cause on welfare, poverty is a big deal. 53 million are insecure. they're in poverty. poverty is on the minds. health care and even dreams. >> steve: the american dream.
8:27 am
it's just out of the grasp of a lot of people right now because we spend all that money on the stimulus and we were told it would -- if we paid all that money, it wouldn't go above 8. >> let's get to that. gm paid its money back. chrysler is about to pay its money back before time. don't stop there. we were losing 800,000 job has month. at least we stopped the hemorrhaging of jobs. maybe it's not enough stimulus. the fact is we stopped the hemorrhaging of loss of jobs. my concern is that we globalized. plants are closing, jobs leaving. there must be some plan for reconstruction. >> steve: you think the government needs to get involved in a bigger way to create a lot of jobs? >> it worked for roosevelt and direct jobs have a lot of mean ing. people get paid when they work. you pay people not to work.
8:28 am
for youth what, does it mean? it means jail becomes a hotel. a homeless shelter. i visit add homeless shelter. 25% in the shelter worked. they hawked newspapers. then stay in the homeless shelter. 15% are veterans who are wondering with no place to go. 25% women and children. this idea of reviveing a -- there is no evidence people don't want to work. gingrich -- >> steve: there are some. probably. >> people suggest, he suggests there is no work ethic. when kids come out of school and have a choice of college, a job and can't find neither, they do military. kids that work at tsa -- when they were at the south carolina debate, 25% of children are in
8:29 am
profit. their parents have a job. >> steve: we thank you very much. job, job, job, we need more of them. you got good idea. >> for the record, back to work. >> steve: all right. straight ahead, last night it was mitt romney who came to fight. does it spell trouble for newt? chris wallace is about to sit down with him. first, he joins us live from the nation's capitol. a blow to the united nations. why was 35 pounds of pure coke sent there? that story straight ahead on this friday. "fox & friends" what makes scottrade your smartphone's most powerful trading app ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes.
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>> gretchen: welcome back, everyone. it is 33 minutes after the top of the hour on a friday. it's time to bring in the guy who always joins us at this time on friday, chris wallace. good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. >> gretchen: so we had the 19th debate last night. >> 219th. >> gretchen: i know. pretty soon we're going to be up in the 20s. although i think there is one debate in february. what did you make of this sort of inner fighting? they really didn't talk about policy. in fact, the first obama question was one hour and 50 minutes into the debate.
8:34 am
>> well, i didn't know that. that's quite remarkable. but the problem is, and i think about it obviously for the moderators area point of view as i did four of these myself -- they talked about everything. there are too darn many debates and they've been asked about what's your jobs program, what's your foreign policy. so you end up in these things about what's in your bank account, what did you say in 1996? and quite frankly -- look, we dual it in the media, we try see where the lines of division are, what nasty thing they said about each other and try to get them to do it on stage 'cause it's good television. the people who really are responsible for this going so wrong are the republican party. they should never have allowed 19 debates to happen. they should have said, you either have one a month and -- but the -- i think it's the party. not the candidates because i think each individual candidate is afraid to say, i'm not gog participate 'cause he'll look like a wimp. >> gretchen: couldn't they have
8:35 am
started the debate asking questions about the state of the union address? that was only two days ago. to get the republican candidates who want that job to respond to that instead of giving in to all this infighting? >> yeah. i think that's a fair point, although the first question they did ask was on a legitimate issue and one of real interest in florida and that's the whole question of immigration. but of course, one of the reasons they asked that was not policy, but because they wanted to get gingrich and romney clawing at each other and they did. >> brian: let's talk about fannie and freddie because they did. here is how they handled it. both sides had their opposition research loaded. go. >> well, i think you know that fannie mae and freddie mac were a big part of why we have the housing crisis in the nation that we have. and we've had this discussion before. speaker gingrich was hired by freddie mac to promote them, to influence other people throughout washington, encouraging them to not to dismantle these two entities. i that i this was a huge
8:36 am
mistake. think instead we should have had a whistle blower and not a horn tooter. >> we discovered to our shock, governor romney owns shares of both fannie mae and freddie mac. governor romney made a million dollars off of selling some of that. governor romney has an investment in goldman sachs, which is today foreclosing on floridians. maybe governor romney in the spirit of openness should tell us how much money he's made off of how many households that have been foreclosed by his investments. let's be clear about that. >> first of all, my investments are not made by me. my investments for the last ten years have been a blind trust, managed by a trustee. secondly, the investments that they made, we learned about this as we made our financial disclosure, have been in mutual funds and bonds. i don't own stocks in either fannie mae or freddie mac. there are bonds that the investor has held through mutual funds. mr. speaker, i know that sounds like an enormous revelation, but have you checked your own investments? you also have investments
8:37 am
through mutual funds that also invest in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> steve: that was quite a matlock moment where some guy for romney tracked down and looked at newt's details. hey, look, newt, not only did you work for them, you invested in freddie mac and fannie mae. >> gretchen: that's going to solve all our questions in our country. >> gretchen is right. i would say this, that it's so nonsensical and it's working to the detriment of all the republicans. i will tell you, because you're right, the state of the union was this week so i got to talk to some top white house officials talk being what the president's agenda is, they are loving this and say, have another 19 debates because they're sitting this saying, you're in this mutual fund and you're in in a mutual fund and i'm in a blind trust and there is a swiss bank account. it really makes them look foolish and you're quite right. i hadn't even thought of it, but you're exactly right. the president did deliver the state of the union tuesday night. it's two days later and what do you say, that was an hour into the debate before that was even
8:38 am
brought up? >> gretchen: i don't even -- they never specifically asked about the state of the union. they did ask at the end why they should individually be president and president obama should not be elected. >> that was the last question in the debate. that was literally like 9:50. >> steve: that was after the first lady question. >> brian: i don't know what time you're having newt gingrich on, but paul ryan will be on. but you might want to know what newt thought of the debate. he did fine, but not compared to newt's standards. >> yeah. i agree with you with that, brian. i think he had a fine debate, but romney has really come out and he's aggressive and he's got the research and kind of set newt back on his heels. the other interesting thing is one of the best things going for newt was the crowd response. the standing ovations. yesterday they were cheering for romney. i don't know if romney, and i have no idea whether romney salted the crowd, but if he didn't, he should have because it worked well for him. >> steve: the newt camp is suggesting they did. when they walked out, to me, it sounded like newt actually got a
8:39 am
bigger ovation. you got plenty of grist for the mill for this weekend. watch fox news sunday. >> and let me just say, we will talk about the president's state of the union address and what the republicans think of it. >> gretchen: yea! >> and brian, here it is. >> brian: i gave him my $10 because of the regular season bet. >> and folks, 'cause the thousands of people -- really only two who e-mailed me t only took him seven weeks. >> brian: but you got it! >> gretchen: all right. you're friends again. >> brian: finally. >> gretchen: we'll be watching you. thanks, chris. >> brian: meanwhile, straight ahead, let's not go straight ahead. can i read news first? >> steve: sure. >> brian: investigators trying to figure out who sent 35 pounds of cocaine to the united nations. the drugs in a white bag stamped with a poorly forged version of the u.n. logo. the package originated in mexico city. they have drug there is? but didn't have a name or address. the u.n. insists the shipment was not intended for anyone at its headquarters. >> steve: meanwhile, another government funded company going
8:40 am
bust. this time it's electric car battery maker. that's the same indiana company that vice president joe biden expressed his utmost confidence in just one year ago. remember? >> you guys and i know we can outwork, we can outhustle, we can outthink anybody on the planet and that, as used to say on an old tv program, ain't brag, man. that's just fact. >> steve: the fact is, turns out ener 1 is filing for bankruptcy, just three years after getting more than $118 million from the u.s. department of energy. the company admits the demand for electric cars just hasn't taken off at this point. >> gretchen: the video you're about to see gives new meaning to the phrase, pony express. a pony was spotted on a highway in california. when police and animal control tries coralling him, he didn't want to go. it took about two hours to get him into a trailer.
8:41 am
it's not yet known where he came from or how he got free. >> brian: we don't know why the horses are there, why the cocaine is here. what do we know? nothing makes sense anymore. >> steve: we need mr. ed because if you had mr. ed, then you could talk to the horse. >> brian: why did every horse sound the same. every time they have a horse video, it has the same voice. >> hello. >> gretchen: there was only one ever talking horse. >> brian: that's true. i don't know why there wouldn't have been another. >> steve: that's all we needed. >> brian: that was a magic time in america. >> steve: those were the days. >> brian: he's on death row for a heinous crime. why is this murderer living a life of luxury behind bars. judge jeanine is here. >> steve: secretary of education arnie duncan up next. >> gretchen: first, the weekend crew is here, at least ali and clayton. hey, guy. >> good morning. >> a horse is a horse, of course, of course. >> brian: that's true. >> great to see you guys.
8:42 am
let's tell you what's going to happen tomorrow. the first of its kind parade honoring our brave men and women in uniform. we're live at the welcome home the heros from iraq day. >> you shell out extra cash for that organic label. but does it really mean anything at all? what you need to know before your next trip to the grocery store. >> plus, 90210 heart throb luke perry talks about his comeback role. that's all going to happen this weekend starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern. >> she uses heart throb to describe me as well. >> have i? >> join us this weekend.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> steve: during the state of the union address a couple of nights ago, president obama addressed the rising cost of college. >> let me put colleges and universities on notice. if you can't stop tuition from going up, the funding you get
8:46 am
from taxpayers will go down. higher education can't be a luxury. it is an economic imperative that every family in america should be able to afford. >> brian: later today, the president plans to expand on his proposal at the university of michigan. joining us right now with a preview is the secretary of education, arnie duncan. welcome back, mr. secretary. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> brian: who is to blame? i was staggered to find out that steve has been paying how much in tuition? >> steve: mr. secretary, i've got two children in college. why does college cost $50,000 a year per kid? >> i guess i'm less interested in pointing fingers and laying blame than trying to fix the problem. we're trying to do our part at the federal level, significantly increasing pell grants, reducing payments, trying to double access to work study opportunities. but we can't do it ourselves. we have to challenge states to invest and not walk away from
8:47 am
higher education and we have to challenge universities to keep their tuition down. my biggest concern is that there is far too many hard working middle class families are starting to think college isn't for them. it's only for rich folks. that's something fundamentally wrong with that picture. so we have to challenge that. >> brian: mr. secretary, as you know better than anybody, the market dictates how much they charge. if no one was paying $50,000, then they couldn't do that even at the most prestigious universities. why is it that these private institutions especially feel as though they can charge what they want? >> again, i don't have an explanation for that or try and justify it. where folks are providing real financial aid and helping young people not only go to college, we want to support that. but where tuition is going up much faster than the rate of inflation, where graduation rates are low, we don't think that's a good investment. so we want to put out significant incentives to reward good behavior to the state and university level and where folks
8:48 am
aren't doing the right thing, we have to challenge that status quo. >> steve: so what you're suggesting is if they're not keeping the tuition down, you're not going to give them any federal money -- i mean, that's the veiled threat right there. give us an example of how you're going to entice them to do that. >> we actually want to have a competition, a billion dollars opportunity, where we incentivize both states to invest and their local universities to keep tuition down and increase graduation rates. where folks are doing those things, we want to add significant resources. if folks aren't committed, those are not places that we want to invest. >> steve: we've got to give you the award for being able to concentrate while there are 500 people having a pep rally behind you. secretary of education, arnie duncan, mr. laser beam focus, we thank you very much for joining us live today. >> thanks for the opportunity. have a great day. >> brian: i know by the time my kids get ready for college, it will go way down, right? that's what i'm banking on. >> steve: you know what i'm
8:49 am
going to do? i'm going to have my kids save their books. >> brian: what about their money for my kids? >> steve: do you know how much books are? >> brian: i don't want my kid reading books. i want them meeting people. he's on death row for a heinous crime. why is this killer living a life behind bars of luxury? gentleman jeanine known up next. >> steve: let's see what happens in 11 minutes on the fox news channel. >> how are you doing? happy friday to both of you. the debate change this race? steven hayes will break it down for us in a matter of moments. energy, the president says we need an all the above strategy. why is keystone not included in all of the above? a snowmobiler buried up to his neck survives. he's here live today with video from this extraordinary rescue. martha and i will have that for you in ten minutes.
8:50 am
action he
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> steve: we got some headlines. survivors of the deadly ship wreck in italy will get over $14,000 apiece for lost baggage and medical expenses. this is on top of that great offer for 30% discount on future cruises. don't know how many people are going to take them. police will release the 911 call made the night that demi moore was rushed to the hospital. portions of it will be erased to protect her privacy. her publicist still blaming stress, but sources say she's battling a drug addiction. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you very much. a convicted killer sitting on death row in north carolina taunting his victim's family in a letter sent to a local newspaper there. he was sentenced november 18, 2011 to death for the brutal murder of 17-year-old heather
8:54 am
caterton. in his letter, he challenges the people of gaston county to put him to death and end when he calls his life of leisure in prison. quote, is the public aware that the chances of my lawful murder taking place in the next 20 years if ever, are very slim? is the public aware that i am a gentleman of leisure, watching colored tv in the ac, reading, taking naps at will, eating three well balanced meals a day? end quote. is it really an easy life on death row? joining me is judge jeanine. this is outrageous. many people find this outrageous. and we've had this discussion for what seems like decades that prisoners have more rights sometimes than people living outside the prison. >> i have always believed that, gretchen. i even think the criminal justice system should be called the victim has justice system because that's what the focus should be on. this guy is really making a mockery of the system and of the fact that in prison, these guys and women as well, have a life of luxury. i mean, they have access to three medical -- free medical
8:55 am
care. they have the ability to take a nap when they want. they have the ability to have three balanced meals a day. look, how many senior citizens go to the grocery store and look at the price of food and compare it to whether or not they can afford it? i mean, we are far too generous as a society. as a culture to these inmates. we get to the fundamental question: what is the purpose of sending someone to jail? is it to punish them? is it to rehabilitate them? is it to deter the next guy or is it to just segregate them from the rest of society? >> gretchen: you yourself were a judge and you say sometimes when you offered up jail or something else, like going to rehab, that they chose the jail! >> i was a superior court judge, very new on the bench in the narcotics mart and i looked at the defendant and i wanted to get him on the right track. i said, look, buddy, you're going to rehab or i'm sending to you jail. he shook his head. he said, i'm going to jail. three hot and a cot. they know that they're going to live the life of leisure. when you look at russia, france,
8:56 am
china has hard labor. in france, they're committing suicide left and right because they don't want to be there. these guys are being punished in the -- >> gretchen: i don't think the average american is upset that they get fed in prison. okay? i think they're upset they get all these other luxuries, like there is these lawsuits because they want to have porn in their cell. give may break. >> you can thank federal judges for a lot of that. these federal judges who believe they should have humane conditions. look, i know a lot of people who can't afford to join a gym. at the end of the day, these guys have more free weights than we do and it's free. >> gretchen: rock solid abs, apparently. judge jeanine, we'll check out your show this weekend. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more "fox & friends" two minutes away.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> steve: gretch and i are done for the day. but brian kilmeade does three more hours of broadcasting on the radio. >> brian: some of which will be fascinating. >> steve: and others? >> brian: you don't want t


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