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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 27, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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headquarters. we will be in new york. you can follow all the action on as well. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. make it a great weekend. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, two teens accused of plotting to set off a bomb at a school then take off in a stolen plane. one of them so obsessed with columbine he even met with that school's principal. and the price of college. tonight, the president lays out a plan to cut the cost. [cheers] >> shepard: president obama says he is putting colleges on notice. >> you can't assume that you will just jack up tuition every single year. >> shepard: but one republic warns the president's plan could end up hurting students. plus, the u.s. tells egypt let a group of americans go home or else.
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>> it is a dangerous game of chicken that the egyptian military is involved with here. >> shepard: tonight, the latest on the captives and the possible consequences. and. >> now, ripple, what were you thinking? >> shepard: apparently ripples did not want to fly coach. >> some people tried to catch him up front in first class and he took off. >> i sought cat jump into the cockpit. >> shepard: attention passengers, we may be here a while. but first from fox this friday night, investigators in utah say they have stopped a potential massacre at a high school outside salt lake city. that's their words. police arresting two teens who were told had delayed a bomb plot and they had laid it out. blueprints of the school, a plan to get away in a stolen plane. fortunately we are told they did not yet have any explosives. happened in the city of roy, utah about 30 miles north of the state capital. the suspects 16 and 18 years
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old. this is the 18-year-old's mugshot. we're not showing the picture of his alleged accomplice because he is still a minor. but cops say the two of them planned to set off a bomb at a school assembly in order to take out as many people as possible. and as is so often the case with these sorts of crimes, it appears the inspiration was the 1999 attack on columbine high school. and cops say these young men were deadly serious. >> the specific planning and process of getting ready to do a major event that would take lives at roy high school was being prepared and planned by two young men at the school. >> shepard: but we're told the plot unraveled when the suspects texted some of their friends with a vague warning that trouble was coming. one text read: if i told to you stay home on a certain day, would you? fortunately one of those friends alerted school administrators and "the fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt picks up the
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story from there. that was the only text message that set off bells for the administrator. >> no it's not, shep. apparently it's the 16-year-old sending out these text messages according to investigators. he sent one of them to at least one fellow student using words like explosives and killing and talking specifically about the plan to get away using a stolen plane, saying in one text message we ain't going to crash it we're just going to kill and fly our way to a country that won't send us back to the u.s. now the police chief in roy, utah says the student who alerted authorities may well have saved many lives. listen. >> when the information first came, it came from someone who had very little information but was concerned about it. and we were able to quickly put some information together. >> and having put that information together, shep, they decided they had no choice but to act. >> shepard: one of those students was reportedly not only inspired by the massacre at columbine but obsessed with
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it. >> again, according to the investigators, 16-year-old so obsessed with the columbine massacre in 1999, last december he actually traveled to littleton, colorado and interviewed under the pretense of being a student journalist the principal of columbine high school. police also say in their affidavit in court today that this 16-year-old, quote: he was offended that he was compared to the columbine killers. he was offended by the fact that those killers only completed 1% of their plan and he was much more intelligent. we should point out that it is still unclear tonight whether these two students had in their possession any weapons or any of the explosives they talked about. but cops clearly decided, shep, that they weren't going to take any chances. >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thanks very much. six americans still trapped in egypt as the fox reports tonight. u.s. officials are warning the egyptians that they could pay a very high price if they don't let the group go.
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you will remember u.s. taxpayers give egypt more than a billion dollars a year in aid. this year's check is not yet in the mail. >> congress has asked for a number of certifications from secretary before this money can go forward. it is certainly something that we have been calling to the egyptian government's attention. >> shepard: one of the captives is the son of the transportation secretary ray la hood. is he sam la hood. he works for a group promoting democracy in egypt. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington tonight. catherine, it's my understanding that you spoke with that hostage, the younger la hood. >> that's right. he told me, shep, they are being held for two reasons. the egyptian judge alleges that they took a salary. >> if it does go to trial, it could last up to one year in a case that's as wide raping as this one is. the penalty for that is six months to five years in jail.
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these are very serious charges. >> sam la hood says egyptian media is reporting that 300 organizations are affected so this does appear to be broad and wide ranging. >> does he think this is because his father is a cabinet secretary. >> good question. he doesn't believe his father's job made him a target. he said there is no question that it's hard for his dad, his mom and other families waiting for news. and tonight nothing suggests the egyptian investigation is rapping. >> concerned for my own safety as well as the family members of everyone else who works for the republic institute and other institutions. it's a little bit scary for us to be facing these very serious allegations. also for our egyptian police who work for these associations. >> sam lahood wouldn't discuss any contingency plans. go to the ambassador's residence today as far as we know that didn't happen.
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>> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. here at home, holiday shoppers helped give the economy a pretty big boost. the commerce department is reporting tonight gross domestic product grew 2.8% in the last year. fastest pace in some 18 months. still not enough to make a real dent in unemployment. g.d.p. is the value of all goods and services that the united states produces. reports tonight that one of the biggest names on the web is about to go public. the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network is reporting now that facebook could file for its initial public offering next week. analysts say the social networking site could have one of the largest ipo's ever in the united states. and they expected to raise some $10 billion. that's five times what google raised in 2004 when it set the record for the nation's largest internet ipo. mitt romney is trying to win over voters on florida's space coast without offering them a colony on the moon. plus, new movement in the
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polls. we are live at cape canaveral next. first came the collapse and then the news conference. >> work will not resume until the construction team at osha determines. [oh. >> oh, man. >> a very bad day for one casino company. lots of news tonight. the journalists have been busy for this friday fox report. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid wi prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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the droid razr is now $199.99. exclusively from verizon. >> shepard: mitt romney polling fight for florida. biggest poll begin pack survey shows mitt romney leading newt gingrich by 9 point. in fact, congressman paul isn't even campaigning in florida today. here is where the other candidates spent the day. they are fighting for 50 delegates and florida is the first state where winner takes
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all. carl cameron is live for us in cape canaveral, florida tonight. mitt romney just spoke there is he not going on the idea of gingrich's idea of moon colony, right? >> the space coast is a big deal in flerld particularly for its economy and in the last couple of weeks mr. gingrich has taken a little bit of heat for his creative ideas, using mirrors in space to illuminate earth and colony space station on the moon. that was part of the subject in last night's debate. mr. romney said if he was a businessman and somebody proposed hundreds of millions of dollars for such a thing he would fire them. there is a time and place for pandering and for honesty. here is a little bit of how he put it. >> in the politics with of the past, to get your vote in the space -- of the space coast i would come here and promise hundreds of billions of dollars. [cheers] >> you want to hear that. >> they are not gonna. s thought the kind of thing is he going to do.
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pander. direct shot at newt gingrich who has gone state to state and made local promises that no president can keep given the fiscal realities in balancing the budget and the nation's huge trillions and trillions of dollars in debt. >> shepard: newt gingrich put a video on the web today in essence calling mitt romney a liar. >> he did. going after some of the things he said last night. gingrich's new attack ad very tough calling romney's statements false. new super pac ad hitting the web that is also very very tough it comes on the friday before the final weekend before the tuesday primary, however, shep, and the momentum seems to have shifted toward romney in recent days. he has got far more money. is he outspending gingrich 10 to 1 on the air. so these attacks have the feel of a last-minute attempt to try to reverse the trajectory because right now there is a lot of folks, even in gingrich audiences who are worried that mitt romney may come back and pull this off in the sunshine state, shep?
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>> shepard: carl cammeron on the space coast. all of this special coverage tuesday night on fox news channel. our team gets started 6:00 eastern time. bring you the results throughout the evening as they come in. about a dozen construction workers are hurt and happened when part of a casino site chanced -- collapsed in cincinnati. the building's second floor just gave way and that sent workers falling about 30 feet. that casino under construction now. the same develop her a similar mishasp last month at a another site in cleveland. somebody crashed their news conference. look at. this not resume until the construction team and osha. >> whoa. >> oh, man. >> injured on the site. >> moved out of my way i wouldn't have ran into the car. we still have a job to do and i understand y'all got a job to do but i still got a job to do. i got passengers on this bus. >> shepard: so there. poor passengers. that was apparently the bus driver you just heard reaming out all the reporters,
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witnesses say a bus rammed a news truck. it blamed the driver -- the driver blamed the reporters for not moving when she honked. officials in kentucky working to find out why a cargo ship took out a bridge. happened last night on the tennessee river. officials say the ship was too tall and plowed into that structure. they think most of the bridge's warning lights were working at the time. nobody hurt, thankfully. there were some drivers on 00 bridge when part of it came down and one man says he saw the missing seconds and slammed on his brakes, stopped just five feet from thage. well, they survived the ship wreck that killed more than a dozen people. so how much do they deserve for their suffering and their belongings for that matter in the cruise company's offer and the passengers' response coming up next. plus, somebody sent piles of cocaine to the united nations. they are not having a party there tonight. there are new clues in a mystery with street value in the millions. that's just ahead. the employee of the month isss...
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>> shepard: turns out if you survive a deadly crews disaster you get 14,000 bucks. that's what it's worth. costa cruise is a carnival cruise lines proposed a lump sum payout to uninjured passengers. on top of refunding the tickets and medical expenses. lump sum would also cover lost luggage plus the trauma of living through this nightmare, look. [screams] >> shepard: you may remember more than 4,000 people rushed to escape that ship after it ran aground. at least six people confirmed dead. >> another 16 listed still missing. some survivors are refusing to take it deal. they say they can't begin to figure out the psychological costs. the fox business network
7:20 pm
melissa francis with us now. some of the passengers are really already talking about other legal action. >> not surprising. and 14,000es, that doesn't seem like a lot, right? our litigious society. italy consumer groups jumping on othe bandwagon saying they think they can get something like 150 to maybe $1.3 million for the pain and suffering that these people went through. now, to be clear and to be fair. this is for people who suffered no injury and they are paying for, you know, them getting home and the lost luggage and all that stuff separately. this is just for their suffering. $14,000. looks more traumatic than that to me. >> shepard: i would say. i wonder how this compares to other cruise ship disasters of its kind. >> not surprisingly there is not a lot of precedent. i had to look way back in the 1990s the cruise no nowhere in the gulf of mexico and passengers complained of exploding toilets and brown water, yeah. very disgusting. we don't want to talk about this at dinner time. if you look at the company's financials it seems like those people got something like a thousand dollars.
7:21 pm
once again, this wasn't a life-threatening cruise ship. just basically one that was incredibly unpleasant. there there. there is not a lot of precedent for this one. $14,000, i don't think this is going to fly. >> shepard: lawsuits on the way. >> without question. >> welcome on board. >> thank you. >> melissa is part of the best team in business. catch her alongside laura rothman catch her on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. activists are describing what they are calling a terrifying massacre in syria. government troops have killed more than 70 people. including women and very small children. [explosions] we're told that's the sound of forces loyal to the syrian president bashar assad shelling residential buildings and firing on crowds of unarmed people. those activists say this video shows the bodies of children killed in that massacre wrapped in plastic bags. of course, we can't
7:22 pm
independently confirm that nor the reports of the escalating violence because syria won't let our journalists in there. the united nations estimates more than 5,000 people have died since the government began slaughtering its own citizens in march. today the united nations security council met in a closed door session to discuss a possible resolution against assad's regime. investigators are still trying to find the source of 35 pounds of cocaine that turned up at the united nations last week. police say the drugs arrived in the bags that you see here. we are told they are supposed to look like diplomatic pouches but the u.n.'s real pouches are blue, not white. somebody is kind of dumb. a spokesman for the new york police department said the lo blow came from mexico city through cincinnati and here is what they said about the possible drug trafficking. >> as far as we can tell was one off. as far as we can tell, this was something that was very clearly not intended to arrive
7:23 pm
here at all. >> shepard: now the u.n.'s head of security says somebody may have used those pouches to escape inspection at the mexican border. perhaps not intending to actually deliver them to the united nations at all. experts say the street value of that coke was more than $2 million but they would probably never have been able to get that at the u.n. there is no doubt that the average college tuition has skyrocketed in recent years. now the president says he has a plan, a plan to get the costs under control. which sounds great but the critics say the solution will only add to the problem. we'll report and let you decide from the white house. and breaking tonight, fox news confirms the pentagon is rushing to build a large floating base in the waters off the middle east. a sort of commando mother ship. we're just getting brand new details on whatever this thing is. we'll have a live report in just a minute as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on "the fox report." in america, we believe in a future
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that is better than today.
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>> shepard: this breaking news came out of nowhere for us. fox news has now confirmed the united states navy is working to set up a floating base for our commando teams in the middle east. jennifer griffin is on it live at the pentagon. what is this thing and when? >> well, i'm being told that it will be ready in about four to five months' time, shepard, sometime this summer, in essence. essentially what happened u.s. central command in a standing
7:28 pm
request into the pentagon for in essence to create a flotilla, of sorts. they wanted to take a ship that they were planning to decommission, the ussponce which had been serving as a transport dock in the mediterranean most recently for the libyan. that was supposed to be decommissioned in december. they are going to take that instead of decommissioning it, turn it into a forward operating base that could be used by u.s. navy seals. the request stands that the commando teams would be able to use it for high speed boats, helicopters, a market survey posted by military sea lift command in december asked that it be able to support mine counter measures. now, of course, the concern of late has been that the strait of hormuz could be mined. u.s. officials telling us that, yes, they are hurrying with this project to turn this ussponce into a floating flotilla that could be used as
7:29 pm
a mothership of sorts for special forces in the middle east. >> i can't wait to get a look at that flotilla. now there is word the military is working on a stronger buster busting bomb one that could infiltrate underground sites. >> the "wall street journal" did an interview with defense secretary leon panetta yesterday in which he indicated that the -- this large 30,000-pound bunker buster bomb, it's known as the massive ordnance penetrator. the pentagon had purchased 20 of these with the idea that they would be able to penetrate 200 feet into the ground and possibly be used against iran or north korean buried nuclear sites. now what panetta has indicated is that those bombs aren't strong enough and the pentagon has has asked for more money to be allocated to make a stronger bunker busting bomb.
7:30 pm
>> shepard: jennifer griffin from the pentagon tonight. thanks. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, and time for the top of the news. colleges and universities cannot expect to jack up tuition every year while students go broke trying to pay off their loans. that's the word from the president who today called for a complete overhaul of the nation's financial aid system. the president also put schools on notice. either get ahold of spiraling tuition costs or risk losing federal funding. look at this. over the last decade, in state tuition at a four year public university has risen on average a .6% each year. and that's beyond the rate of general inflation. in other words, tuition is rising much faster than the cost of food and clothes. today the president tried to put that into some perspective. >> student loan now debt has now passed credit card debt for the first time ever. think about that.
7:31 pm
that's inexcusable. colleges and universities need to do their part to keep costs down as well. >> shepard: the president also calling for lawmakers in washington to get involved here. of course, the critics warn there could be unforeseen consequences if we move decision-making from campus to congress. wendell goler is on the top story at the bottom of the hour from the white house. what are the details of this idea and the chance that it might actually become law? >> shep, it's actually a relatively modest proposal. though it seems like the kind of expansion of government authority that republics are going to be reluctant to go along with the president wants to roughly triple the $3 billion in federal aid that college administrators distribute to students and then tie strings to that. it's the kind of idea that sells well on college campuses where students with loans are graduating with average of $24,000 in debt. mr. obama needs to build enthusiasm among young people who have r. a critical part of his election and important this year as well. the president says giving
7:32 pm
everyone the opportunity for higher education is the part of the way to make a stronger economy. but a weak economy is pinching state budgets. those states are cutting back on their aid it colleges. that's forcing colleges to raise tuition, shepard? >> shepard: president obama also addressed house democrats today it was on a number of issues. but the vice president made a pretty bold prediction, i would say. >> vice president biden predicted the democrats will take back the house of representatives today -- or in the fall, wiping out the republics 44-vote advantage. this came at a retreat on maryland's eastern shore. the president also rallied house democrats there. thanked them for having his back over the past years. but he didn't make the same prediction about taking back the house. political analyst larry sabato says doing that is a long shot. >> they are seeing the republic party maybe at its worse for the year 2012. right now they are trying to pick a presidential nominee. they're attacking one another. the airwaves are filled with
7:33 pm
negative ads. it's natural to think that the other party is self-destructing. but it's january. >> sabato says the only way democrats could win back the house is if the president is reelected by a huge margin. and he suggests that's why republics are nervous about making newt gingrich their standard bearer because gingrich polls poorly against mr. obama now, shepard? >> shepard: side item, there is now an interesting picture on the white house web site, wendell. >> shot of the president, former president george h.w. bush and mr. bush's son jeb, the former governor of florida talking today here at the -- in the oval office. mr. bush, the former president here for the annual alfalfa club dinner which is tomorrow night. the president will attend that as well. they also met about a year ago at the last alfalfa club dinner. that dinner the toughest ticket in town, shepard. the exclusive alfalfa club
7:34 pm
ironically formed 99 years ago to celebrate the birthday of confederate general robert e. lee. >> shepard: wendell goler at the white house. thank you. controversy over florida's new voting law two days before they head to polls there. came to tampa to hold a hearing on the things it will suppress turnout between young, minority and low income who tend to vote democratic. reduces the number of days for early voting. also adds new requirements for groups who register people to vote. people who have moved to a new county must now cast provisional ballots. those have sometimes gone uncounted for various reasons. supporters say the new law will save tax dollars and help prevent election fraud. phil keating with the news live in tampa tonight. are the critics suggesting some sort of master plan or another there, phil. >> make the republic master plan accusation outright or
7:35 pm
they imply it here in tampa today at the courthouse, two visiting u.s. democratic senators dick durbin of illinois and florida's bill nelson certainly did imply that citing a brennan center study for justice suggesting a million dollars voters could be impacted adversely nationwide. specifically young, minority, elderly and handicapped voters. >> any time you get a law that is reversed to reduce the number of persons in this case who can vote, of course, that's jim crow at its best. jim crow, the wife, the children, all of them. the whole jim crow family. >> florida's republic dominated legislature and republic governor also imposed new restrictions on third party voter registration efforts and in protest the league of women voters has stopped doing it for the first time in 72 years, shep. >> shepard: phil, these changes in effect for the primary could be thrown out by the november election? >> >> they could. they are being challenged on
7:36 pm
the state and federal level. the lawsuit filed by the league of women voters naacp and aclu is still in the recovery phase. however, that could actually partly explain why governor rick scott declined to come here and answer questions today. the party chairman did tell us these changes were needed to save tax dollars and target voter fraud. >> if citizens don't have faith and one person, one vote, then elections mean nothing. they have no value. >> now, under the 1965 voting rights act, all southern states that had a history of voter intimidation and discrimination must submit for a federal review any changes to that state's election laws. that includes florida. a three judge panel in d.c. is expected to rule on florida's changes this spring. leaving plenty of time until big november. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in tampa tonight. thanks a lot. newly released 9/11 calls seems to suggest that demi moore was not just suffering from exhaustion when
7:37 pm
paramedics rushed her to the hospital. >> was this accidental or intentional. >> well, she smoked something but the reaction was accidental. it was accidental. >> we will hear much more from that call next. it may be rare but apparently there is such a thing as a cat-related plane delay. >> some people try to catch him up front in first class, and then he took off into the cockpit and nevada down. [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> shepard: demi moore was shaking and burning up when somebody identified as a friend phoned 911 on monday to command an ambulance for that actress. according to the call from inside moore's home. listen.
7:41 pm
>> shepard: web site tmz reports demi moore suffered a seizure average inhaling laughing gas nitrous oxide. she left the hospital yesterday. she went through a very public breakup last year with the actor ashton kutcher. you can find moore's twitter account under the name mrs. kutcher. trace gallagher is live in los angeles for us. what more are we learning from this 911 call. >> the entire call lasted almost 10 minutes. a lot of it was bleeped out because of california's medical privacy laws. apparently the caller was talking about medication that demi moore might have been on. listen now if you will to the caller talking about demi moore's other issues. listen.
7:42 pm
>> trace: we don't know what that other stuff is we do know back in the 1980, demi moore was treated for drug and alcohol abuse, shep. >> shepard: do we know if her daughter rumor willis was there at the time? >> you know, nobody will confirm that but it sure it sure sounds like it on the tape. we know when demi moore was admitted to the hospital she was there. they have been spending a great deal of time together recently. traveling together. dining a lot together. listen to the 911 call and you will hear the name ru in the background. that's the name that rumor willis goes by. play it. >> you can see somebody -- you can see that location from your house at the gate? >> no, i can't. it's a ways down the road. they can dial. >>
7:43 pm
>> by the way rumor willis is still said to be very tight with ashton kutcher. he and demi moore have been separated since november, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher in l.a. thanks. anybody who has been on n. on an airplane knows passengers were not allowed in a cockpit. somebody should have told ripples the cat. >> don't oh sweety this cat. >> oh ripples what were you thinking? >> that's for like it after ripples caused a four hour delay on air canada flight from halifax to toronto. the owner explains how it happened. she is canadian so we added subtitles. >> i was walking on the plane like we had to go through the security thing. >> the check point. go on. >> and they had to take him out and they had to check this by themselves. and we put them back in and one of the back things wasn't snapped down. and i didn't know. so when i walked on the plane, it let loose and con artist
7:44 pm
just escaped. >> the con artist wasn't happy with seat in coach as it darted to the front of the plane it didn't stop in first class it went under the captain's seat they didn't see it run in there. >> at first they tried to reason with ripples, asking it to come out. but it refused to budge. so passengers say maintenance crews had to take apart pieces of the plane to get at it. they complained they were not getting the entire story from the airline. >> you know what? you guys lied to us. you should have told us there was a baggage problem when i saw the cat jump into the cockpit. >> ripples was guns again behind bars facing punishment of a lifetime of smooches. sorry, canada. ripples' owner says the cat probably freaked out because it doesn't like being around people, a, she says this was ripples first trip and promises it will be the last.
7:45 pm
oh, my. the bare foot bandit today learned his punishment for two-year crime spree. he previously called the police swine. so what did the bandit have to say in court today. we will tell you coming up. plus the national hockey league is reporting a drop in fights on the ice. that's not good. but some are arguing they are not doing enough to prevent scrapes. the battle over brawls in professional hockey. if you take the brawls out of professional hockey, that's it, i'm still not watching. 4g lte smartphone. all the power and strength of droid, now in colors. built with a scratch-resistant, gorilla glass screen. plus nano-coating that safeguards against spills. all powered by the speed of verizon 4g lte. more colors, same edge. the droid razr is now $199.99. exclusively from verizon.
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>> dropped your gloves, a., not anymore. fight something sadly way down this year. but the league hasn't enacted any new rules so they are not really sure why. of course, hockey and fighting go together like macaroni and cheese.
7:49 pm
the game is a lot different than was in the old days. a lot smarter and faster. new emphasis on concussions or lack thereof. adam housley sporting his summer of candy striping clothes today is live with us there. fighting is necessary in hockey. they can't stop the fighting, adam, no. >> you know, doing hockey from california. go figure. actually, three very good teams here in california, shepard. the sharks are in first place. we went out and talked to hockey fans and a lot of the players. the great majority will tell you fighting is a part of this game. they don't want it to leave in any way. they say if it goes away, you will see more cheap shots coming up. makes the ice safer. one of those guys a big enforcer for the anaheim ducks. the team sells t-shirts celebrating the big fighters. he says dropping the gloves reduces injuries and really does prevent cheap shots. >> teams play differently when you have someone out there like myself or other physical players. you play the whole game differently. if i'm not in the lineup and
7:50 pm
the other team gets the indication it might be an easier type night they will take more liberties out there. >> meantime research from the boston school medicine have shown in the brains of normer nhl there is punch drunk syndrome basically chronic dramatic syndrome in the brain. kevin dupont argues fights do lead to these types of injuries. places much of the blame on the league for letting the players enforce the ice sin stead of the officials. >> my argument is get better referees, have them make these calls and don't leave it to the players for self-government. >> shepard, as you mentioned, there heant been major rule changes at all. what people is saying teams are taking more notice as these injuries come in. as you get more information like the nfl has and so this week, actually the last week and a half a couple of teams have either eliminated their goons as they're also called or sent them down to minor leaguers. many of these guys had more penalty minutes than assist.
7:51 pm
or goals. >> shepard: adam housley out in the l.a. thank you very much. ♪ bare foot bandit. federal judge sentenced colton harris moore for six and a half years in the clink for a crime spree that stretched from the pacific northwest to the bahamas. for the first time today he spoke out in court. you will recall colton harris moore broke into homes, stole boats and airplanes sometimes while wearing no shoes. a state judge sentenced him to seven years last month on those charges after he pleaded guilty to burglary and theft among other charges. today harris moore apoll devised to his victims. he also talked about stealing planes and said, quote: what i did could be called daring but it is no stretch of the imagination to say that i am lucky to be alive. absolutely lucky. i should have died years ago. it's one big change from emails officials say he wrote just last august from inside the jail and i will quote that one. the things i have done as far as flying and airplanes goes is amazing. nobody on this planet have
7:52 pm
done what i have, except for the wright brothers. officials say harris moore has also referred to the local sheriff as king swine. prosecutors says fools and the media as vermont. as for his twin prison sentences he will reportedly serve them concurrently. violence at a labor protest kills two people including the company president. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. [gunshot] >> shepard: india, weeks long strike sarin micks plant led to the unrest. some employees went to the president's home and attacked him. they were demanding better wangs and rehiring of dismissed workers including their union leader. that man also reportedly died after the clash. the unruly crowd damaged a lot of property at the plant. iraq. a bomber killed himself and more than 30 other people when he blew up a car packed with explosives near a funeral procession in baghdad.
7:53 pm
six cops are among the dead. china, thousands of firefighters battling a blaze in a forest near a tourist town in the southwest. we're told crews put out the flames but were concerned high winds could reignite some hot spots. investigators trying to figure out how it started. canada. meet the earth's latest astronaut. this lego man, two high school kids launching the plastic twreaferl a 12-foot weather balloon, cameras and a parachute. the balloon reportedly blew at around 80,000 feet. the lego bot made it back to earth find about 70 miles from the launch site. what's next. >> completing great falls. >> the folks at lego sent a note congratulating the pair and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: it's like canada night in america. did you notice this?
7:54 pm
there is the lego guy there, there is the stow away plane and the hockey guy. i don't know, a few days ago scientists noticed bus-sized asteroid coming our direction today it flew over our heads. you may be surprised to hear how close the thing came to our earth. almost grazed it or something. t] i host a book club. so sexy... vaga had no tolerance for such dastardly deeds. finally... [ male announcer when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. there's nothing better. our mission is to make sure when you crack open that bottle of sam adams, you're getting the freshest beer you can possibly get. if it's not fresh, we buy it back. we spend so much time selecting the ingredients and using traditional brew processes. we want to make sure everybody gets a fresh sam.
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i'm jody gonzalez, ed lobster manager and i sea food differently. >> shepard: this is america's leading news on cable. you are on the fox report. did you feel it? an asteroid-school bused side thing -- good god. it's a school-bus sized asteroid. zoomed past the planet and only missed earth by 37,000 miles. sounds like a lot but it's a close shave. the moon is much farther out roughly 240,000 miles away. if this rock hurdled toward earth most of it would have broken apart inside our
7:58 pm
atmosphere. that didn't look like it felt good, did it? this went down during freestyle snowmobiling event in aspen, colorado. the driver here actually walked away from this unhurt and went on to win the event. experts credited his handling on the crash of training over foam pits and 10 years of experience in this sport. before we go, the team's top five things of the day. number five bruce springsteen fans had trouble buying tickets for his upcoming tour this morning after the traffic overloaded ticket master's web site. number four, fox news confirms u.s. navy is setting up on setting up a floating commando base somewhere in the middle east. number throw, word facebook could file for initial public offering next week. number two, the texas congressman ron paul says he will not be in florida for next week's primary. he has already moved on to maine ahead of that state's caucuses next month. number one tonight, investigators in utah are
7:59 pm
crediting a high school student for warning them about two teens now accused of plotting to bomb a school assembly. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1888, 33 of the most interesting men in the world got together in washington and founded the national geographic society. started as an organization dedicated to scientific and geographical knowledge. the founding members explorers and military officers, teachers and map makers. nine months later the society put out its first magazine. a decade after that nat geo began including photographs and stories of general interest. circulation jumped from 1,000 copies a month to 2 million. these days national geographic is one of the world's largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions. the world got just a little smaller 124 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, january


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