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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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and with the most power business leaders. fox business is the only place giving you live market reaction here in the u.s. and overseas. watch it and profit. thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. up for grabs. final weekend before the florida primary. rom newt gingrich are dualing for latino votes . message not approved. super pack stepped up the attack on romney. and we'll ask for their take on this campaign trick. and right now, senior united nations inspectors are on the way to iran. former homeland security chief will join us .
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a student battling cancer cane make home come so they brought home coming to here. i am uma, with america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. okay, so who will come out on top? three days to go before the win or take all primary . at stake 50 delegates and newt gingrich and mitt romney are taking swipes. and newt gingrich is stepping out of the ring . mitt romney came in the weekend with momentum. what can newt gingrich do to reverse that. >> work hard and make every moment on the campaign trail. there is a organizational component in a state this week. who drops the most mail and get people to the poils.
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and in the case of mitt romney and newt gingrich. he is trailing now . came roaring out and over the course of the last two days. newt gingrich finds himself playing catch up . he's been complaining about the last two debates and said the first one was too quiet and the one that took place had too much audience participation. he is complaining that they have too much attack stage. and in the case of mitt romney. mitt romney is trying to take the high road and project the wehner and the idea of both campaigns above water can looks smooth and underneath the surface they are paddling
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like crazy about newt gingrich case a strong current against him and what romney hopes will bring him a victory. and sarah palin is coming to newt gingrich's defense. she hasn't endorsed him but what is she saying today. >> it is a response to the conservative tabe stament concern about the possibility of a newt gingrich nomination. we heard from national review. one of the most respected in politics and heard from american spectators and heard from ann coulter and tom delay former house majority whip under newt gingrich when they took over the house republican majority. all of them came out and harshly critized newt gingrich when dole trashed newt gingrich as well and palin said he is being critized by a
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gop establishment not ready to make reforms that are necessary. palin considers herself a maverick outsideer . so obviously she sees a way for newt gingrich said the same thing. and in florida. a state that is got a lot of the establishment republicans who play in national politics. mitt romney has a tremendous number of people in office in the state and national level backing him. it is a fair hit for them to say that the establishment has aligned against newtingrich and for mitt romney. that makes it tougher for newt gingrich to win and come back. it is a lataino vote that could be key. one florida leader that is a
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high profile player is the congressman. her name came up at this year's debate. >> we have many qualified historic leaders . >> and mel martinez is back in the private sector. >> there you go. they join us with more on how latino voters could make a difference. >> great to be here. i am excited about the race. >> there is a battle underway. but unlike past elections. this year, according to the historic center. more are registered as democrats and they could be up for grabs. how concerned are you about the trend. >> we have to remind them about the lostly rhetoric and
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false promises of the almost obama administration. he talks about immigration being a top concern but when has he battled for immigration reform in the house. he likes to put it in a plause line and it is more than just immigration also. we are about jobs and seeing 35 straight weeks of depressing job numbers . hispanic community cares about the young people. we see no job growth and having explosive budget under the obama administration. that worries the hispanic voters like it worries all voters . when it failed in 2007 that is when you saw it shift away.
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that translated in an latino bias. that brands us as immigration only community. we are immigration and that is an important topic it is education and crime and all . issues. we are worried about losing homes and the obama administration is failing at this. mitt romney has a good program . that's why he is doing well with the latino voters and not just the cuban american vote. what mitt romney will do forcefully. he will put forth a contrast to the failed promises of the hispanic community of the obama presidency and what he can deliver. not just immigration. when obama wants to do
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something he will put his whole force into it. when he passed the horrible stimulus plan. he was there lobbying the congress all of the time. he said he's for immigration reform. when did he put the full court press to do that? hispanic know if they have a real leader to do that and just playing lip service. >> we have economy, economy, economy, and job growth. >> you are also the chair of the house foreign affairs committee . debating the issue of whether the u.s. should have a relationship with cubans. how do most cuban-americans feel about the issue. you are yourself cuban-american as well >> i am happy that santorum and mitt romney and newt gingrich share the same passion for freedom and human rights and free
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election and multiparty systems and fleedom for political prisoners which is the foundation. u.s. cuba-policy for many years. i think romney has a more straightforward and direct approach but all of them are good. every year the media said the young hispanic, this is changing. i have been in poliics many, many years and i hear this refrain about politics changing all of the time. the reality is, any republican candidate who wants the line's share has to be strong against the castro brothers and these candidates have shown it. they are all there for us. i was born there and one day nigh native homeland will be free >> all the best to you. >> thank you very much . >> critics are calling it
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honesty. his idea to build a colony on the moon is a butt of several jokes. newt gingrich said the u.s. should shed a image that is unfriendly with science. hi, phil. >> hi, uma. yes, newt gingrich defending charges that are grandoise and he said i accept that. he began his campaign by touching back on a piece of hispanic tragedy in the american scene. january 28th, 1986 when the space shuttle challenger explode broke apart shortly after lift off. he touched on the themes of science and technology and future in a lincoln daybreak fast and offered a new vision
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for the gop if becoming president. that was a bold new future. i spent 25 year in business. >> the republican party at its best is the party of science and entrepreneur ship and creating a better future and unleashing the spirit of the american people so we can go out and we have a better future. that's what we have to stand for. >> the trick for newt gingrich. historically the gop has not embraced science or stem cell research and accused of science being a political tool . there is the money issue. tea party doesn't want a colony on the moon.
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they want to slash. mitt romney is mocking newt gingrich for pandering for votes and said that newt gingrich is not being realistic. i spent years in business. if an executive wanted spend few hundred billion to put a colony on the moon, i would say you are fired. the idea that corporate america want to go to the moon and build a colony there may be a big idea but it is not good. >> tea party in florida, according to the polls, half of the teparters are behind mitt romney and the other half behind newt gingrich it is it a nine point lead for mitt romney . right across the water that is the tampa bay times forum . if you think the campaign has gone on line enough they have tv commercials and mud
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slinging between romney and newt gingrich. 7 more months until the republican party nominates their nominee. here in tampa it is all about pirates and gas perilla and if a politician came down here they may be force to walk the planks. but the candidates are trumping heardad and drumping up votes. >> always greatt to see you. thank you very much. >> a lot of questions and cron troversey. are creating more heated attacks on the candidates on the gop trail and in the debate. >> we discovered to our shock governor romney owns of fannie mae and freddie mac. >> have you checked your own investments. you also have investments in muttual funds that invest in
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fannie mae and freddie mac. >> there is more where that came from. there is hedy personal politicings. do you feel that past investments and financial history is relevant? twit us at anhqdc. or hurricane uma: >> in other news, rough waters are threatening the effort to remove the fuel from the cruise ship. if there is a big leak it could damage the marine sanctuary. it has dislodged a dutch barge and used as a fuel platform. waters are predicted to remain rough throughout the weekend. >> leon paneta is revealing new information about the raid last may. a pakistani doctor confirmed bin laden's presence in the
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compound. they are charging that doctor with trezan in pakistan. he is sure that someone in authority in pakistan had to know that a person of interest was in the hide out but there is no proof that the country knew it was bin laden. and paneta said the country must done it to fight against al-qaida. >> have we defeated al-qaida. no there is still al-qaida out there and we have to put pressure on wherever they are at. >> tensions rides in iran. pentagon is workog upgrading weapons and new bases to increasabilities -- increase capabilities over seas. that's right. uma. there appears to be a sense was urgeency on the part of the pentagon. we are talking about the uss -- this ship was scheduled to be decommissioned. and then the navy had that
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ship converted in a mother ship and floating dock for small navy boats that ferry ops teams and navy seals about. it was issued on a rush order basis. fox news confirmed that the retrofitting is moving to the persian gulf and quoting from a pentagon official in order to fulfill a request for an afsb. propositioned floating dock to be located in their area of responsibility. they will delay its scheduled decommissioning to serve. and in addition to that. the pentagon is upgrading the powerful bunker busting bombs it built to take out targets .
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the bomb cannot destroy hardened underground facilities and that prompted the pentagon to ask for funding to get a bomb that can penetrate in deep part of the steel and convert before explosion. whether this is designed to put more pressure on iran to give up the nuclear weapon's program we cannot say. uma? thank you very much. >> mike huckabee hasn't endorsed any republican candidate but's new admakes it seem like he's on newt gingrich's side. how is the former governor reacting. >> when candidates want to win a race you use what you can do. drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit
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>> welcome back. huckabee wants neutrality to pull a campaign adthat huckabee had. that clip appear to slam mitt romney's character. >> if a man is dishonest on attain a job he will be
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dishonest on the job. >> huckabee said that never hit the air waves and his words were taken out of contest and they don't pertain to mitt romney. >> that is unauthorized disapproved use that was never authorized for the newt gingrich campaign. >> mr. huckabee doesn't plann to enforce dorse a candidate. >> new race for the florida primary is down to the wire. only two campaigning in the sunshine state. the poll show that is mitt romney is anewt gingrich by sevenpoints and that is compared to a poll that has him up. and who seems to be having the most to gain or lose. joining us now is shell and christian. >> thank you for being here today. >> michele. i will begin with you. we are hearing about scorching
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attacks and challenging honesty and integrity. how concerned are you that this is hurting the gop when it comes time to go up against the president? >> i am not concerned as a lot of people seem to be these past couple of days. it is politicings. it has to play out in the open it is healthy and necessary and in the end strengthening the candidates as they head in the general. have a final four. who knows, anything might happen as we head to the brokered convention. i don't agree with the leading gop lights out there gashing their teeth over the negative ads. the truth will prefail and it
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is ridiculous to attack each other as the gop establishment. so many people have concerned about mitt and newt. they are gras roots conservative. they were dissatisfied with big government republicanism. harks -- voters are inundated with the ads. do you think this rhetoric has influence on them and does it hurt the gop? >> negative ads can back fire but the newt gingrich ads are done by the super pack. there is a relationship there in terms of having a former staffer running that. i don't know if he gets the back lashh because of thamp the amount of are the attacks
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hurting the gop? i have to say romney is not hurt by them to the extend of the independent voters. he has drop 20 percent and it is because the negativity. will he be able to bring those independent voters back? a lot of people think he will. he typically did better with them than obama . obama is now beating him. people think it is because of the negativity that is going on its was clear he is campaigning on the wealthy don't pay their fair share. how effective do you think that this is going to be for the president in a time when voters are having financial woes at home?
12:26 pm
high is branking on that in the state of the union address. but how his own fat cats in his cabinet have employed all sorts of attacks. i think it will hurt him. there are many americans who are aware of the administration and the entire set of independent voters and small business owners who have watched their fortunes plunge under the administration in the age of obama. there is a redistribution of wealth from their pocket books to all sorts of cronies in the obama administration. you notice he said little about the debacle that the obama care law has become.
12:27 pm
redistribution under the dodd-frank bill that supposed to hedge against the wall street fat cats. where has the money gone? to the lobbyist in washington. >> do you think it is fair to play the class warfare knowing that high income entrepreneurs are also job creators? >> i will set aside that debate on whether they are the job creators. they are not always. in terms of the politics of it. it is not effective for him. demdeps like this and it may get democrats excited about voting. independents hate it. they consider themselves the haves. they don't consider themselves the have nots. they are concerned about the
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grandchildren and not how rich people are bad . i don't think it is going to help him at all. independent voters care about fairness . the reason they are losing faith in romney is the tough about the caymen iloaned and bank stuff and he hasn't reacted to that well. you think it can back fire against him. >> yes, i think it can. >> thank you for your insight . great to see you. twitter fans are angry about changes about coming to the twitter. how it can impanth people around the world. stay with us. instead i g heartburn. hold up partner. prilosec can take days to work. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast.
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>> welcome back everybody. it is the last week of
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campaigning . bottom of the hour and peter is standing by with more on that. >> gop presidential hopefuls. mitt romney and newt gingrich are barn-storming florida. and ron paul is all but skipping and up in maine to focus on the caucaus there. and rick santorum is here in dc for a campaign fundraiser . twitter is facing global outrage after revealing the sensor ship. it is a tool of choice for act 50s to change its sunning role reversal. and drivers in western kentucky are taking a detour. a boat carrying fake rocket parties slams and leaving a 300 foot wide gap.
12:34 pm
police released prantic 911 calls. they typeset that moore smoked something and semiconscience and confulsing. back to you. ahead of the primary. gop white house hopefuls are arguing about who is in the best position to beat obama . as they highlight the liabilities . what do the florida voters think about it and will they go red or blue in november. newt gingrich's florida campaign manager. and dnc vice chair. the mayor of minneapolis. welcome to see you here today. watching from the sidelines. do you think that the republicans are doing enough
12:35 pm
to beat themselves up. and that will impact voters in november. we have's clear picture of what the election is about. mitt romney especially this week, releasing part of his tax returns, that it is proving he is not trait with folkings. republicans can fight over the nominee and we have a president who is fighting for the midge class and a president focused on trying to solve the mess he inherited and mitt romney who invested in companies that have questionable records it is a clearr choice between the party of the middle class and a president who fought for it and whatever the republicans come up with it. do you think the voters are
12:36 pm
invested in knowing about the financial dealings of mitt romney or newt gingrich or more focused on what it take to create yobs and restore the housing market in florida. how fixated are they about this particular issue over investments? it is jobs and jobs. i am supporting mitt romney in the race and we are focused on jobs . making sure we create more jobs and in florida we faced a budget short fall. how to create new yobs and bring sanity in washington when you are spending more money than you have. we can't afford that.
12:37 pm
floridians are looking for financial sanity and common sense and it is not coming out of washington right now and we believe that it is the right way to go. they are not focused on it as much as middle is making a way on this. there is a spirited race. and after it is said and done. and republicans believe in less government and more freedom. mitt romney and newt gingrich are committed to that. but mitt romney has business experience to turn around the comment. he knows enough to create jobs. and they are asking the candidates what we can do to find a job. we duced it from 12 to nine
12:38 pm
percent. they want a president on their side . that's what i hear over and over at rallies. let's create jobs and opportunities. and president obama went on this state of the union address. he said he had a experienced fairness in the board and he believes there needs to be an emphasis on getting people well off to pay more taxes what is your take on that republicans and demdeps want to focus on jobs. today we had 22 straight months of private sector job growth and a president who is focusing on the key issues. we need a level playing field and not one that is skewed.
12:39 pm
we need to invest in small business and emerging business. and the president stepped up we pled a million more cars in america. that is the kind that is built to last. only real idea is to go back to the 73 that collapsed. if mitt romney had a record on jobs. look at what he's done in florida that bain invested in companies that lost jobs here in florida and all across the country . the fact of the matter is. a person that had an investment career is entitled to do that. if that is his one criteria. we'll look at his record.
12:40 pm
a lot of people have lost their jobs because of it. when floridians happen to know about a company that bain invested under mitt romney. should they want him in the white house or look at a president that led to 22 months of private job growth. >> we are running out of the time. and so the debate rages on. i know you are watching how the it comes out. we appreciate your insight. on the way to iran. they will cooperate. wooltalk to former [ male announcer ] how about we make a big change for just a little money? let's start with a paint we know can do the job.
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they are look at how long iran is dealing with the weapon. that is the word from a homeland security chief tom ridge wrote this week in which he describes the leadership hateful and disdainful. he said it is time -- and great to join us. great to have you here. >> does that mean from what you mean that the white house has not acted aggressively enough in iran right now? >> exactly. one thinks of relationship. they are the number one terrorist state responsible for killing ja's and marines.
12:46 pm
and and threatening to keel the jaudy ambassor. and holding up them. and ignored four rounds of sanctions and we talk about it instead of saying a regime change . they are not talking about that. >> it is actively embracing the opposition. >> it is remarkable. those of us who are supporting the oncision. the opposition with iran and most effective is the nek. it was put on the terrorist lead by president obama thinking that accommodation might led to negotiations. 15 years later with the litany of death and destruction and
12:47 pm
care. we get back to the united nations and hoping that the sanctions. you probably get super fuges and they are getting closer to the nuclear capability and refuse to stand up publicly and say we want a regime change. we'll delist the enemy k. these are the 3400 men and women who we disarmed. we vetted them back then in 2004 and had our military living with them and talked to thes and colonels who interacted with these people. the f.b.i. was right . the department of justice, they have no terrorist and they are democrat and we need to take them off of the watch list and terrorist organization list. that doesn't mean they would have a regime change. but it sends a message that we are tired of talking.
12:48 pm
and yet the iranians are threatening to cut off the hormuz and we don't hear an outcry for the united states and arab nations . >> it is remarkable. think of what the administration has done in the middle east. we recognized the arab spring but ignored the persian spring . ignored the uprise nothing 2011 and the alalamaki who kill would the citizens north of baghdad . we want to get rid of qaddafi and worried about the people in bengazi but not the people and didn't support the democratic resistance when it is risen on the streets of iran. we talk sanctions . we need to talk about delisting and not that that will turn it around overnight. but it sends a signal,
12:49 pm
sanctions and we will recognize the. >> all the best to you. >> is there a new tornado alley. last year alabama had more tornados. and you can't fight mother nature but you can be prepared. what officials are doing there, next . [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. [ male aouncer ] red lobster's ur course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, ed lobster manager and i sea food differently.
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>> we are not one month in the new year and already alabama has soon 22 tornados last year the state had more tornados than any other in the country and now there is new plans to help residents prepare for the worst. hi, there. >>reporter: good to see you. you think of tornado alley you think of oklahoma and kansas. but the hardest hit states hit in 2011 was in the south. alabama with 177 twisters that touched down. not too far mississippi. second highest with 162 tornados and next on the list texas, north carolina and missouri. pictures are hard to forget. deadly day on april twenth. when 248 people lost their lives.
12:54 pm
the governor had a council that comes up with a list of recommendation to help save lives. more public storm shelters and tax credits for safe rooms in homes and business. and better education and warning systems and an annual sales tax holiday. they couldn't have come at a better time. last monday's outbreak has alabama leading with 22 reported tornados in 28 days. what is up with the deadly pattern in the south? here is ken cook. >> we'll not be off of the hook in march and april. the weather pattern is very active and it tends to get more active as you get in march and april. we get a warmer contrast in the south . you have the fastest jet streams.
12:55 pm
he said we have had a warm wint yer not off of the hook for march and april. >> our hearts go out to the folks who lost their homes and possessions. thank you for the update. >> talk on the campaign trail. >> and the bigger issue here is two gentleman who are distracting from the important issues by playing petty personal politics. >> gop hopeful rick santorum is not the only one who thinks that candidates need to get back on topic. is it republican investment as long as they are legal. how will they perform in office. and in the fast majority of cases. past conduct is indictive of future behavior. we'll have more. stay with us. it hasn't been gog exactly as planned.
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or use online fillable forms. like maria and james, you'll get a refund in about 10 days. for taxes that are a lot less taxing, visit >> i know they would be there for me and they support me and love me. >> this is such a great story. christian wheeler was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer causing here to miss a lot but not homecoming. the classmates brought the pep rally to her. do you think a candidate's past investments and financial history are relevant? ji


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