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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 28, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> rick: hello, everybody. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. top of the news this hour, newt gingrich a key leader of the conservative movement and a crowd favorite, but he has a few problems. >> rick: the dreaded s word, stimulus. is the fed now looking to pump more money into the economy? if this he do what, would that mean fort rest of? >> arthel: kentucky, we have a problem. a cargo ship carrying material
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for nasa. a traffic nightmare. >> rick: we start with politics and what is turning out to be an all-out fight in the sunshine state before the primary. newt gingrich and mitt romney, racing to events all over the state today, stumping for votes. both candidates pulling out all the stops as they make their closing arguments. >> how many of you remember being proud of an america that could? [ cheers and applause ] you know, under the elite, the people who oppose me, some of the democratic party, some in the republican party, under these elites, we've become the america that couldn't. >> people are coming down because they're concerned about america and they recognize what's at stake. they see a president who is turning us into a european-style welfare state. a president who takes his
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inspiration from the capitals of europe. we take our inspirations from the people of america. >> rick: carl cameron live in orlando. three days to go. the candidates are campaigning pretty hard this weekend. what's the word on the ground? >> well, we've seen it in the polls, mitt romney seems to have overcome the surge that newt gingrich got out of his south carolina win and informed ahead in the polls in florida. here we are in the final weekend and not a lot of time for gingrich to catch up. for romney, it's about making sure the air campaign he put on television actually delivers him a big win in florida on tuesday. and he's got to balance this exercise in energizing his vote to get out and not sounding as though he's too presumption with us in assuming the role of front runner. listen. >> i'm speaking to you today as if i'm already the candidate for president for the republican party. as you know, all right? [ cheers and applause ] but i'm not. i still got some primaries to go through.
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there is one coming up here on tuesday. so i need to convince everyone here to go out and get a few friends to vote for me. >> early voting and absentee voting stopped today. it looks like they'll be in the neighborhood of 300 to 400,000 early votes cast, combined with the absentee balloting and the romney campaign is count ago cushion there. they got started early and some insiders suggest that romney could have an advantage of between 7 to 12% in those early votes and absentee ballots. rick? >> rick: what about rick santorum and ron paul? we haven't mentioned them. how competitive are they expecting to be in florida and beyond? >> well, obviously they're focusing more on caucus states than primary states. that's always a sign of retreat, trying to work in races that are more easily organized and less expensive to run in. florida is obviously one of the more expensive states in the whole country to contest. that's one of the reasons newt gingrich had trouble keeping up with mitt romney in these last few days. gingrich has been very, very
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aggressive going after romney and today once again suggested that part of the problem in the last week was that the first debate didn't have audience applause. the second one did, and mitt romney wasn't honest. listen to newt gingrich going after romney. >> you can not debate somebody who is dishonest. you just can't. the people say i'm a good debater. i can't debate somebody who won't tell the truth. that's just a problem because they stand there -- for me to react as intensely as their statements would require breaks up the whole room. makes it impossible to have a civil debate. >> gingrich at one event today suggested folks supporting rick santorum should give he, newt gingrich, a second look again as the former speaker tries to coalesce voters. mr. paul was campaigning in maine today, a state that will have a caucus starting on the same day that nevada does once we got into february. the contests that follow florida and for santorum and ron
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paul to be put putting their efforts in those places suggest that they know the battle in florida is between gingrich and romney. >> rick: carl cameron in orlando, going to have a nice dinner there. hope you get a bite to eat. we'll see you soon. >> arthel: we go to the white house where a surprise reunion took place. hosting george bush and his son, jeb bush. the white house kept the meet ago secret, but did release this photo of the men sitting together, adding the visit was personal and saying president bush 41 usually stops by the white house whenever he's in town. tomorrow, don't miss jamie colby's interview with governor jeb bush in offer 11:00 o'clock a.m. eastern hour on the fox news channel. >> rick: new developments off the coast of italy. rough weather forcing crews to postpone pumping fuel out of the
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concordia. it comes as divers recover a woman's body from the wreckage. that brings the total number of confirmed dead to at least 17. 15 people still missing. meantime, in miami, six passengers from that ship are suing the parent company, carnival cruise lines, for $460 million. they claim the ship's operator is guilty of negligence in the january 13 wreck. costa is offering a all uninjured passengers more than $14,000 each. that covers loss of baggage, refunds to cost of the cruise and reimburses passengers for traveling home on their only the payouts will total $40 million. >> arthel: a dangerous scenario unfolding right now in syria. the arab league says conditions there are too violent for their human rights monitors and they're suspending their mission. herian authorities calling the move an attempt to push the united nations to put more pressure on president assad's regime. the arab league sent monitors to
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syria to try to end the deadly crackdown against antigovernment demonstrators. >> rick: president karzai of afghanistan is in england right now. he's meeting with the prime minister there, david cameron, about the u.k.'s commitment to keeping troops in his country. this after the french president says he's withdrawing forces a year before the 2014 deadline set by nato. there are about 9500 british force attention serving in afghanistan right now. >> arthel: the pentagon building a floating military base in the persian gulf. the navy converting an assault ship into a sea-based command center. one of their goals, creating a launching pad for navy seal missions, including operations like the one that took out osama bin laden last year. doug is live in washington. why don't you give us more details? >> yeah. this is another sign that the united states is taking iran's threat to blockade the strait of hormuz seriously.
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they took a ship scheduled for decommissioning last december. the navy unexpectedly put out an unusual no bid contract to retro fit the ship in what is termed an afsb, that's short for a float forward staging base, kind of floating dock where a mothership from which small patrol boats, helicopters, and special ops teams could operate without long refueling stops and transit times. in a statement, the navy tamped down that this is in response to new provocative action by iran. while this work is being done in an expeditious fashion, it's not accurate to surmise that this signals a rush to meet some urgent combat requirement. this is a long-standing request that with the opportunity now before us, we are fulfilling. in addition, the pentagon is taking another step to upgrade its threat response to iran. it's asking congress for additional fund to go strengthen its most powerful bunker busting bomb. the 30,000-pound massive ordinance penetrator. tests have shown it may not be
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able to penetrate iran's most hardened steel and concrete bunkers. where nuclear weapons developed t may be happening. again, the pentagon down playing speculation that this bunker buster upgrade is a direct response to provocation, suggesting that this is part of an ongoing effort to maximize the u.s. navy and army military capabilities. arthel, back to you. >> arthel: doug, thank you very much for that report. >> rick: the faa investigating the bridge collapse in kentucky. this happened when a cargo vessel crashed into the bridge. there were four cars on the bridge at the time of the accident. fortunately, none of the cars fell into the water. no injuries reported. state officials say they're looking ahead to replacing the bridge. >> we're looking at mounting pretty much the same kind of super human effort they put forth in minnesota when the bridge collapsed up there. they were able to replace it in about a year. our issue here is we have already plan to do build a
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bridge here. >> rick: again, no reason why yet the cargo ship slammed into the bridge, but that ship was carrying spare parts to cape canaveral for nasa. >> arthel: a sink hole nearly swallowed the car in arlington, texas. the scene was caught on video. water main break created the sink hole as a tow truck pulled the car back on to dry land. crews worked to turn off the flooding water. the driver escaped and no one was injured. >> rick: on-line dating growing in popularity over the years, of course. now more and more companies are going on-line, too. it's so-called virtual job fairs, is what they're hold to go help them find the perfect candidate for job openings they have. julie banderas is live in our new york city news room with more on this. >> yes. companies struggle to match employers with skilled workers, many are broadening the field for going the traditional route.
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the site brazen, for example, has up to 120,000 members, flocking to their on-line networking events where young professionals and seasoned veterans can connect directly with employers. the on-line forums can be accessed by companies and job seekers from anywhere in the world saving time and money. >> every company wants to find those a plus candidates who are always hard to find, regardless of when and how and where. it's always -- they're willing to do anything they can to find those top candidates. so this is just another method for them of doing that. >> the events are a networking equivalent to speed dating, if you will, with a new conversation going on every few minutes. they're different from traditional fairs, but the goal is the same, finding the best fit for your company. >> it allows us to present our story, to tell our story to these candidates in a format that they're already used to. they've grown up tweeting,
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blogging, chatting on-line. that's their world. so it allows us to connect with them so that they see us in -- they see the state farm brand in a modern, contemporary way. >> virtual fairs can help troops before they reenter civilian life. it hosts a monthly on-line fair for veteran web sites which works with over 240 companies to make vets with jobs. just this past year, they've had 100,000 attendees and more than 4,000 confirmed hires. so if you're interested, learn more about fairs through the company's web sites, check it out. or social networking services such as facebook and twitter. rick? >> rick: very interesting. julie banderas, thanks. >> sure. >> arthel: paying final respects to a trail blazer, etta james remembered at a service in southern california. hundreds attending the funeral for the grammy award winning singer, james was eulogized as a woman who broke down cultural barriers to create her own
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style. she passed away on january 20 from leukemia, days before her 74th birthday. >> rick: i loved her. i know you did, too. >> arthel: of course i did. >> rick: she's great. there will be a key voting bloc for the race to the white house, especially in the next primary. so who is winning and who is losing the latino vote? >> arthel: horrifying storms tearing across the south this week. a couple of lives even lost. ahead, how states can better prepare their citizens for the worst case scenario. >> she seen two funnel clouds. there was several houses that you already heard that were totally demolished. one couple was at home and no one understands how they got out alive ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria.
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>> rick: 17 minutes after the hour. here are your headlines on saturday. the president of yemen has just arrived in new york city for medical treatment. he's seeking treatment after an assassination attempt last year. the leader turning over much of his power to his vice president amid mass protests against his regime. firefighters in brazil
6:18 pm
pulling four more bodies from the rubble of the collapsed building in rio. no word yet on what caused the 20-story building to come down, bringing two others down with it. at least 17 people confirmed dead. and as if going to the super bowl wasn't exciting enough, football fans will get the chance to check out indianapolis from a seven-story high zip line. there they are. tickets go on sale today. >> arthel: immigration is a hot topic in florida leading up to tuesday's primary. mitt romney and newt gingrich in a sharp exchange over their differences on immigration policy. >> mr. speaker, i'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country. the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. don't use a term like that. >> you tell me what language you would use to describe somebody who thinks that deport ago grandmother or grandfather from their family -- just tell me the language. i'm perfectly happy for you to explain what language to use.
6:19 pm
>> arthel: now, this after a pro-gingrich spanish ad was leased and pulled, accusing romney of being anti-immigrant. joining me, the georgia state director of the company there. first of all, let's start here. when you hear anti-immigrant, what does that say to you? how does it register? >> well, i think that term is a term that has been loosely used and we have legal immigration and what we call undocumented immigrants. so i know that the average you're referring to, i cannot speak to that as it was pulled and i never heard it -- >> arthel: i'm not asking you about the ad. when you hear the word, anti-immigrant, what does that mean to you? i don't know. is it offensive? is it not? i don't know. >> absolutely it's an offensive term. i am a first generation cuban
6:20 pm
american. a product of immigrant parents. my father came from cuba at 17 years old. this country is built on immigrants. so it is an offensive term when you use that anti-immigrant term. >> arthel: let's talk about your organization. you endorse speaker gingrich. why mr. gingrich and not governor romney? >> speaker gingrich has been consistent with his approach to latinos. he developed, he was a co-founder of a web site of conservative values called the americano. and he has the consistent outreach, reaping out to latinos. he was the first candidate, frankly, in this gop primary to step out on a ledge, if you will, and really address the big elephant in the room that frankly republican party has not done a good job of addressing and that's the undocumented immigrants.
6:21 pm
11 million plus or minus. >> arthel: so, of course, as we know, immigration, it's complex, but if you could break it down to its essence in and tell me what are the top three concerns as they pertain to immigration? >> well, i think the biggest issue is what do we do with the 11 million people here that are undocumented? we know that these folks here, in many cases, were not illegal. they came and overextended their visas. what do we do with this population which is really an essential part in some cases of our economy? in my state of georgia, they are an essential part in the agriculture industry and the legislature in the state of georgia came out with a bill that basically sent the illegal immigrants underground and as a result, we had crops that were spoiled. so there is -- we do need for our economy, we do need
6:22 pm
immigrants. we should, as a country, which is built on immigrants, we should want people to want to come here. >> arthel: but mr. fernandez, i'm asking you about not necessarily -- we've already established there are 11 million undocumented immigrants here. i think that's the question that many people do have. what do you do? your saying that they're part of the community now, but rightly so, they should be documented. how do we go about doing that in terms of what you think mr. gingrich could do to help you get that solved? >> well, that's the $64,000 question that no one has yet to be able to address really and really provide a solution. one of the things that has been proposed is the dream act and there is an essential part of the dream act that states that newt gingrich, speaker gingrich has proposed to push, which is for the young men and women who serve in our military, that they would be offered citizenship.
6:23 pm
so i think that's a good start. i think there is guest worker programs for essential jobs that we would need here. so it's a complex issue and as senator marco rubio discussed, it's a complex issue that requires bipartisan support and this is an issue right now that really is a difficult one to solve. so there are certain things that we can do with what we have today. one of the things is we need to secure the border, but what happens is when people use that secure the border, and i say the borders, north and south for our national security, but for immigration s we can't have an enforcement only policy. that's what we believe. we need to be able to secure the borders, but also need to deal with immigrants we have here already. >> arthel: i have to leave it there. it's definitely complex issue and good luck to you.
6:24 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> rick: fox news alert. live to oakland, california, where there is a confrontation going on right now between the police force in oakland and the occupy movement. haven't heard a lot about the movement lately. the occupy wall street folks, but these people are now in oaknd la, california, getting ready to take over a vacant building that they'd like to use. they threatened to shut down the port of oakland, california and the police are trying to stop them. we have just been told that chemical agents have now been used as police try to shut this down and you can see also in some of these pictures here that some of the protesters have come armed with shields as well. so definitely seems as though they are prepared for some kind of a confrontation with the police and that's exactly what they're getting. local officials in oakland saying that the city would not be bullied by threats of violence or any kind of illegal
6:25 pm
activity. the interim chief of police in oakland has warned that officers will arrest anyone carrying out any kind of illegal actions. they have been threatening, the protesters have, to take over this vacant building. they want to turn it into some sort of political hub for themselves, a social center, is what they say. again, we told but the port. they want to occupy the airport and take over city hall as well. so city officials doing their best to keep this from getting out of hand. we are getting reports on the ground as we take a look at these live pictures that the police have used some kind of chemical agent on the protesters to keep them from being successful with what their goals are. these are live pictures for you. we'll keep an eye on oakland and bring you more as we get it. >> arthel: all right. take two for stimulus. federal reserve chief ben bernanke saying a new round of government spending could be on the way, but can our country take on more debt? >> rick: form of bees on the loose and not very friendly ones.
6:26 pm
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>> rick: fox news alert. back to oakland. look at these pictures from moments ago. that is a smoke grenade set off by the oakland police department. they are trying to disperse a group of occupy protesters who have been threatening for days now to take over a vacant building in oakland, to shut down the port of oakland and take over city hall. so the police are now stopping them from being able to do that. the protesters have ripped down some fences and so this is now a full pledged confrontation between the police and the occupy protesters in oakland, california, as we take a look at these pictures coming in to us. again, some chemical agents,
6:31 pm
mostly smoke grenades, it seems right now, being used to try to stop the protesters from achieving their goals. as get more information from oakland, we'll take you back there. >> arthel: let's go to the south now where there is a major clean-up operation going on in alabama. crews are clearing damage from this week's tornadoes that killed two people and damaged more than 450 homes. the twisters sweeping through so fast, survivors say they had little time to escape. >> we heard the sirens, woke up. i went back to bed. my wife got up and watched the news and she came and got me a little bit before 4:00 o'clock and took me downstairs. there was loud wind and the windows blew out, wasn't very long they started sucking, started pulling -- you could feel the pull coming back out. >> arthel: alabama getting especially hit hard in the past year, with outbreaks killing 250 people. now there is a push from the
6:32 pm
state's governor to do more to keep people safe. elizabeth prann is live with that story in atlanta. hi, elizabeth. >> hi. good to see you. we're starting off this year at an alarming rate, more than 100 reported tornadoes across the nation in january alone. 22 of those have been in alabama alone. unfortunately for those folks, last year, according to the national weather service, they were dubbed the most torrent-prone state with 177 twisters that touched down. mississippi saw 162 tornadoes. next on the list was texas, north carolina, and missouri. here is kent cook, chief meteorologist at fox 5 in atlanta. >> we really haven't had a cold winter in the south. so most times when these strong systems have come along, temperatures have been as if we're in march. we have 60s or 70s across the area. any time we have 60s and 70s in the wintertime, there is always cause to worry because the air is more buoyant, has an easier tendency to rise and rotate.
6:33 pm
>> we all remember that very deadly day, april 27, 2011, when 248 people lost their lives across the state of alabama. so after that horrific day, that's when the governor created a council to come up with a list of about 20 recommendations to help better prepare people and save their lives. they say the state needs more public storm shelters, more tax credits for safe rooms in both homes and businesses, better education and awareness, as well as new warning systems and an annual sales tax holiday for storm-related supplies. we spoke with ken cook over at fox 5, he said we've had a very warm winter. it's cause to be prepared because we're not off the hook for march and april. >> arthel: elizabeth prann, thank you very much. >> rick: the federal reserve announcing plans to keep interest rates near 0. at least until 2014. chairman ben bernanke also indicating that they will stay that way as we said. it's just one of the ways that
6:34 pm
the fed is hoping to keep the economy from sliding into another recession. but what does that mean for taxpayers? patricia powell is founder of powell financial group, always good to see you. thanks for being here. the chairman also said that he's ready to offer more stimulus to the economy. what does he mean by that? what can he do? >> he can keep interest rates at these very, very low rates. he can go back to buying more long-term bonds which is what he did in what they called qe 2, quantitative easing 2. we've gotten the mortgage rates down, under 4%. so it's hard to imagine that we could go much lower. i think he's really running out of bullets here. but he says he's got more in the pipeline and as i said, i think it's just a little more of the same, but not much help. >> rick: do you like the idea of more stimulus, because that word has just become such a political -- like a curse word, really. but i guess he doesn't have to worry about politic, does he? >> i think he worries about politics all the time. i think that's why we're in this
6:35 pm
position. i actually am an admirer of ben bernanke. i think that the actions taken by the fed in the fall of 2008 probably kept this economy afloat. but neither mr. bernanke nor the federal reserve are infallible. many of the things that they're doing could be downright dangerous. we have as of year end, over a $15 trillion deficit. every time -- when interest rates rise, and eventually they will rise, if we rise one percentage point, that's $153 billion more of interest for a 1 percentage point increase. we have treasury bills almost at 0. the rate on treasury bills is 0.04%. that means in six months on a million dollars, you would pay $200 in interest. we all can remember times when interest rates were significantly higher. one of the questions i think we as americans have to really ask ourselves, why, if we are the richest nation in the history of
6:36 pm
the world, why are we a debtor nation? this can be leading us nowhere good. >> rick: so as far as announcing the rates are going to stay near 0, until at least the end of 2014, is that to try to allay the fears of some folks out there like you who are worried about the long-term consequences of these low rates? >> one, we do benefit as a government from that because our borrowing is at a cheaper rate. but i think it indicates that he know this is is a very weak recovery. we had the gdp number came in this week and it was 2.8%. this is an extremely lack luster recovery. the highest number that we've had since 2008 since the recovery began is a number 3.9. when you go back to the reagan recovery, we were seeing numbers of 7, 8, 9%. when you look at the unemployment numbers, it's taken us two years to get from 10% to 8 1/2. go back to the reagan years. once we broke 10%, we were down at 7.3 in 12 months.
6:37 pm
this has been an extremely lackluster recovery. >> rick: there are 13 million americans out there looking for work. they're not finding it. they want to hear something positive. what do you leave them with? >> that there are jobs out there. last year we created is .6 million jobs that were not there the year before. so there are jobs out there. this is all about educational attainment. the more education and more skills you have, the more likely you are to find a job. those with a college degree have an unemployment rate of only 4.1. those without a high school diploma, 13.8. if you're in that latter category and you haven't found a job, get yourself some training. get yourself something out there that can make you more employable. at this point, it's much more in your hands than mr. bernanke's. >> rick: patricia powell, thanks very much. see you soon. >> thanks for having me. >> arthel: a swarm of bees attacking five children in arizona. firefighters say one of the kids lifted the lid to a box where
6:38 pm
the bees had made a hive and the bees attacked. the victims ran into a nearby store for safety. witnesses describe what happened. listen. >> we just heard a bunch of kids screaming. we just thought they were messing around in the parking lot. once i got closer, you could see the bees over them. >> you can see the bees on the ground. >> one fell into the bushes, clothing flying around. they ran about a quarter mile down the street. >> arthel: the kids were taken to the hospital, but the good news is they're expected to be fine. i would have freaked out. i do not like bees. i would have run. >> rick: who does like bee as soon as newt gingrich provoking strong reaction from some of his former colleagues. republicans divided on the former speaker of the house. what's behind the opposition? what does it mean for the president? we'll take a closer look coming up next. >> i think the prospect of gingrich actually becoming president for the old guard is horrifying. i mean, they're all comfortable, they're all set in their ways. they're all part of an
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>> rick: alert now. we want to take you back to oakland. this is a clash between the police force in oakland and the occupy protesters who have been threatening all week to take over a vacant building, take over city hall, shut down the port, while the police have been saying we're not going to stand for this monkey business and they have been setting off smoke grenades to try to disperse the crowd. apparently one or two have been set off and apparently it's having the desired effect as the crowd has begun to disperse and move to other parts of the city. this is a pretty big crowd. kcbs radio in oakland saying this is about 2,000 protesters on the ground there and several dozen police officers there in full riot gear. so we don't have any reports of any violence or anybody injured at this point. but there have been some smoke grenades set off by the police to disperse the crowd. as get more information out of
6:44 pm
oakland, we'll keep you posted. >> rick: back to politics. republicans who worked with newt gingrich when he was on capitol hill, very much of two minds. some sing his praises. here is ed rollins. >> i'm going to straighten it out. gingrich was a very important congressional ally. congressmen aren't in the white house all day long. he and jack kemp and trent lott and others were among the ten or 12 most important players and the most loyal to ronald reagan. >> rick: then there is this statement from former senator bob dole put out by the romney campaign saying, quote, if gingrich is the nominee, it will have an adverse impact on republican candidates running for county, state and federal offices. hardly anyone who served with newt in congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself. he goes on to say, in my run for the presidency in 1996, the democrats greet growthed me with a number of negative tv ads and in every one of them, newt was in the ad. susan gingrich is --estrich is a
6:45 pm
professor of law at usc. not related at all to the former speaker of the house. sorry for that. i had gingrich on the brain, susan, who is also a fox news channel contributor. i know you and i know you must be getting a kick out of this, aren't you? >> well, i have to tell you, the most disappointing thing this morning was when i looked at the polls and they showed newt falling behind because every democrat i know is rooting for newt out there. >> rick: what's going on? not the democrats, but republicans upset who have come out not just senator dole, but so many others, what's behind all of that? do you think? >> i think they're worried. look, i like newt gingrich. we worked together on fox news. we used to give speeches together. i think he's smart, he's funny, he's very polite and courteous to me. but the reality is if you remember the '90s, there are a whole lot of people in washington on his side of the
6:46 pm
aisle who said he couldn't manage his way out of a paper bag. and half of his ideas are really pretty interesting and the other half are kind of nutty. mining minerals on the moon and exploring mars and the like. so i think what republicans are worried about is just a disaster. they're worried that if this guy is their nominee, not only are they going to lose, but they're going to get creamed. and the grownups in the party, or at least some of them, don't want to see that happen. >> rick: yet a lot of republicans i talk to are still not ready to wrap their arms around mitt romney either. >> well, having worked for one massachusetts governor who a lot of people had trouble wrapping their arms around. >> rick: michael dukakis. >> yes. there is something fun and excite being newt. if i were a young kid, 19, 20, 24 years old, the way i was when i started politic, man, i'd be out there walking the streets for newt because he's got energy, because he tells it like it is. and there you got mitt romney who comes across a little bit as
6:47 pm
millionaire that he is and scripted candidate and very, you know, careful and modulated and calculating every move. and i think some republicans are nervous, too, that this is the no the guy who is going to inspire the base of the republican party which they need if they're going to get throughout and beat barak. >> rick: you were part of a fractured democratic party in 1980. >> i was. >> rick: i'm wondering, the long-term effects of this, obviously the comparison is not perfect. it was ted kennedy gun against jimmy carter and that caused a lot of problems for president carter at the time. but what are the long-term effects of the kind of battle that we're seeing going on within the republican party right now? >> it depends how long it lasts, rick. if as it looks, mitt wins florida and then he's got caucuses coming up, but gingrich isn't on the ballot in missouri, if romney pulls this together and this sort of adults in the republican party sort of close shop around -- close arms around
6:48 pm
mitt romney, things will probably be okay for them. the dangerous they face is that gingrich is an ideological candidate. he does stimulate loyalty and if he decides to go forward with debates and ideology, then you run the risk that the party really does fall apart on the ground and that only helps, frankly, democrats. >> rick: susan, thank you very much. always good to see you, and you can read her syndicated column in newspapers all across the country every wednesday and friday. good stuff. >> arthel: good stuff. >> rick: all right. >> arthel: the giants and the patriots are busy gearing up for next week's super bowl. so you might start your party preps with a trip down the beer aisle. how do you know which is the best brew for you? >> rick: taste them. >> arthel: okay. let's do it. "consumer reports" coming up next. we're going to put them to the test and let you know who came out on top.
6:49 pm
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>> arthel: you have about a week to get ready for super bowl. so for many of us, it means a trip down the beer aisle. >> rick: i don't know. my team is not in it. your team is not in it. we'll be watching, i guess. maybe more reason to enjoy a beer. in addition to the old familiar faiths, there are new brews to go with your party chips and
6:53 pm
dips. how do you know if you're getting the best beer for your buck? "consumer reports" putting them to the test. the magazine's beer and wine expert, paul, is here with the results. always good to see you. these are not all the beer. you didn't test all the beers that are available on the market, right? who were you looking at? >> we were looking at some of the biggest names in beers. some of the best sellers. we were also curious about a couple of private label brands, from stores to see how those stacked up, because some of those in things like our wine test has done well. the top beer was coors. believe it or not. it was nicely balanced. our experts found some citrus, lemon flavors in it. so it was really quite nice. it is, however, the most expensive of them. so the rest of them are less expensive. >> rick: ninety cents a can for the coors? >> if you go to the other ones, next down the line is
6:54 pm
actually -- >> rick: this is from trader joe's? >> this is a trader joe's name tag. i was here talking about trader joe's line before, which has done quite well. this is a little sweeter than the coors. but is really quite a good value >> arthel: sixty-seven cents a can. >> it's a little more flavorful. it's got apricots. it's an interesting choice. >> rick: i don't know that i'm definitely thinking about apricot. maybe some day. would you like a beer with apricot? >> arthel: okay. what's third in line? >> third in line is actually a house brand from walgreen's, believe it or not. >> rick: really? >> i don't think it has any medicinal values to it. it's not flat despite the name, big flat. again, this is a fairly simple beer. but it's a good value.
6:55 pm
>> arthel: sixty-eight cents a can? >> it stacks up well against these other ones and it's certainly the equal of some of the big names. it's better. i mean, coors and the next one we're going to look at were better than bud, were better than corona. >> rick: interesting. the last one is another one of the name brands that people will be familiar with. >> right. miller is in there with these very good beers. again, it's fairly simple beer. this is one if you like a lot of bubbles. you can see it's got more carbon ation. these are all very good and less expensive. like i say, they did better than bud, better than corona. the light beers fort most part are disappointing. lighter taste, obviously. but the real thing is the finish -- finishes very quickly. makes it not a long lasting flavor. but the best of them was miller
6:56 pm
lite, if you are looking for a light beer. >> rick: all of these are lagers. is that all you tested? >> that's all we looked at. they're the most popular, but they are lighter. they don't have as much flavor, as much heaviness as an ale or amber ale. >> arthel: that works because usually they drink all day when they're drinking for the super bowl. so it will last a long time. paul, thank you very much. >> rick: thank you. thanks for bringing the beer. where are the chips? the vending machine down the hall. thank you for joining us, everybody. >> arthel: stick around. fox with harris faulkner is coming up next. thank you for joining us. we'll see you next time. you name it. i've tried it. but nothing helped me beat my back pain.
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