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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 29, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, january 29th. i'm alisyn camerota. the streets of oakland turned violent as hundreds of protesters tried to occupy an abandoned convention center and firing off tear gas and grenades for the crowd. hundreds of arrests. >> dave: another show of support for newt gingrich. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for the president of the united states. >> what happened to we, we the people? >> will the endorsement help or hurt the droves of speaker. >> clayton: men and women put
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their life on the line in iraq. and they put their parade. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, good morning, just missed the "fox & friends" dance party, lucky for you. >> alisyn: he no, no, we'll recreate it. we have a sunday morning dance party before we start the show and dave is going to bust a move. >> clayton: and slip a disc. there was dancing going on on the endorsement. because herman cain actually it an endorsement for newt gingrich, this is surprising because he came out and saiddoi. >> dave: we the people:
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what happened. >> alisyn: he realized that we weren't organized. >> on the ballot. >> alisyn: in charleston, south carolina, january 19th said he wasn't going to endorse anybody. he's changed his mind and he just endorsed newt gingrich. >> i'm happy to be here tonig tonight, because i here by officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> i know that speaker gingrich is a patriot, speaker gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas, and i also know that speaker gingrich is running for president and going through the this sausage grinder, i know what this
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sausage grinder is all about. i know that he's going through this sausage grinder because he cares about the future of the united states of america. >> we all do. >> we often talk about how the president likes it bury bad news on a friday night. this, i don't know how it gets about, late on a saturday night ahead of the sunday morning interviews and all of herman cain's supporters. how could it move the needle. >> clayton: are they waiting? the real question after he announced he was getting out of the race and would he endorse anyone, a number of pundits said, would anyone want him to endorse? obviously he left the race under a cloud of issues. will it help or hurt newt gingrich going into florida. i don't know if we get any bounce from the endorsements. >> alisyn: we'll see.
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if it does, it's the perfect time. the final stretch before tuesday and he may still have lots of passionate supporters and what it does, it helps to finish his credentials. >> and anti-establishment. >> and i think more important for newt gingrich what sarah palin is doing and saying, and clearly a lot of followers and support among the tea party base and sarah palin had been talking on facebook and now talking on television and it has really defined the anti-establishment, the us against the media narrative that newt gingrich is now playing up. here is what she says on saturday night. >> that agent of change, who has promised to shake it up, that's been newt gingrich, you've got to race against the machine at this point in order to say what is, what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. we need somebody who is engaged and isn't afraid to shake it up. shake up that establishment.
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so, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, newt. keep the process going and the debate going. as more happens, we'll hear from newt and others who oppose his condition as he claims he's not part of the establishment. let's hear more about it. >> dave: meanwhile. >> clayton: mitt romney is out on the trail trying to counter some of the anti-establishment from the newt gingrich campaign. he said he had an opportunity to lead our party and you're not as conservative as you're playing up your credentials to be, let's listen to mitt romney. >> he was given the opportunity to lead our party. we elect, he failed, he was find for the ethics violations and had to resign in disgrace. he can't rewrite lift. they have to go back and look at history may be a great guy with a lot of great ideas. he's not the leader that we
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need at a critical time. >> this, this will be a historic election and we need to have someone who has been a leader and exceeded being a leader. i have and i will lead america back to strength. >> mitt romney, i think, took a page from newt gingrich, call all of your friends and tell them to vote. and romney said something similar. >> i'm speaking to you today as if i am 'm her the candidate for the republican party. as you know, but i'm not. i've still got some primaries to go through. there's one coming up on news, so, so, i need to convince everyone here to go out and get a few friends to vote for me. >> alisyn: so everybody is enlisting voters to convince
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their friends, they tell one friend and they tell two friends. it's a commercial. >> a third of the electorate has voted. a huge number of votes are in between the absentee. >> and how many are undecided at this point. it doesn't look like a similar situation in south carolina, where so many people are undecided in the very last few days, we're awaiting pa poll out later on this morning and expected to be between the 7 and 10 point range. just about every. >> and the whole host of polls came out that shows the same thing, sort of an eerily kirth. all about at the point points. >> around that ten point lead for mitt romney. it'd be dramatic if there was a major shift in the poll this morning. >> let's talk about a sad chapter for rick santorum.
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and he had to cancel some, his daughter is psych. and he talked her about, a genetic disorder and he and his wife i believe just hospitalized here in philadelphia. and he's talked about how her health is so touch and go, even one cold can be life threatening for her. >> clayton: yeah, i mean, he had want today come home, actually to take care of taxes and go et the stuff and headed back to florida and it's canceled because of it. here is the quote from rick santorum. rick and his wife are admitting bella. florida campaign schedule, however, rick intends to return to florida and resume the campaign as soon as it is possible. >> dave: it's difficult for his family. it's an extra chromosome, a genetic disorder. when you look at the political implications, will it hurt him?
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i think it's the one question remaining and will some of his supporters go above the newt gingrich campaign? we haven't seen any sign of that recently. if he can get it to a two man race, but santorum is not winning. he's going on. >> and maybe people understand how challenging it must be for him to be campaigning with such vigor, while he has a child. >> everybody understands his priorities, can't be on the campaign trail right now. >> meanwhile, ron paul was down in texas over the weekend. back home in texas and headed up to maine to go after some of the folks up there. because of course, that's a primary coming up soon. he had this to say. takes a listen. >> and most presidents would be-- >> waist going to mouth the words for you, but then i thought. >> dave: that was marco rubio, let's tell you what's going on with ron paul, he's bucking
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convention. he'll leave in colorado, not doing the conventional schedule and go going to florida and try to compete. he's going to the further states out west to try to pile up the delegates. >> alisyn: we have sound from him now. >> others who run for president, they talk about i know how to run the economy and tell people how they're supposed to live and police the world. i would like to be seen as the president, i don't want to run the world. i don't think we should be running the world. [applause]. >> and interesting, that he's done that and did that of course in iowa when it was going to the caucuses and thinking he left and went down to texas. >> there's a message to his madness. florida is winner take all in terms of the delegates. he knows he's not going to win florida. why not go to a caucus state and he can do that and makes
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sense. >> clayton: and the then obama strategy against clinton. let's play well in the caucus states and get out retail politics and winner take all and it was neck and neck and tuesday, neck and neck, the winner take all in the caucus states. and doing what rick santorum is doing in florida, it's winner take all until it's not winner take out. if it's not a-- that's why santorum has been in congressional districts. they could give him the delegates. >> alisyn: get out your calculator. >> clayton: abacus. >> dave: the endorsement many want in florida is marco rubio, the senator from florida, but not endorsing anyone. he is staying focused on the president and criticizing his
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lirn. he's at the republican address and he spoke to governor huckabee last night about the president and his failed leadership. >> most presidents at this stage would be bragging about accomplishments and telling them give four more years, what they've done the ras four years, wouldn't be able to to that. he has no excuse. 's going to pit he is against each other, hoping to gets to the magical 50 plus 1% to help win the election and trying to tell them. the reason why you're doing worse off because someone else is doing too well. the only way that you can climb the economic ladder, for someone to be pulled down. >> a lot of people saying that it's one of the issues. >> and marco rubio saying it's not necessarily the most important issue down there. that hispanics in florida care
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about the economy. >> take a listen what he had to say. >> it's not the number one issue. there are a lot of other issues, number one is the economy, the lack of jobs and no community in this country has a stronger desire to leave their children better off than themselves, but it's hard to get on to the issues you described, whether it's social conservative and importance of the family and life. it's hard to get to those issues without confronting the immigration issuing, you're not just talking about statistics and theory. >> it's important that they become the pro legal immigration party. >> and many of hispanic decent-- they are from cuba, makes illegal i am great lakes not as big a deal for them. that's a huge part of their population, is the cuban paplation and don't have the same problems that mexicans do. a different state. >> alisyn: and he went on to say as part that have steech or part of that appearance i
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should say, he thinks that some of the republican candidates have engaged in overheated rhetoric and asking them to tone it down. >> calling for ads to be removed and we know that earlier in the week and see if that happens with two days ago, and run in that capacity. >> believe it or not we have other news, and right to the headlines. >> there is he' been an occupy protest from oak, california, about 300 protesters arrested after they were ordered to disperse. another group was throwing rocks and tearing down fences and so far, three police officers have been hurt and the group also broke into city council, reportedly damaging, and burning an american flag and tried to occupy a ymca and tried to be in a vacant convention center downtown. a look at the wrecked concordia cruise ships.
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overtight rough seas and strong winds, caused rescuers to stop searching for bodies. the ship's position has shifted suggestly over the last 24 hours and removing its file is also not an option. another setback for carnival this morning, the parent company of that wrecked ship, announcing a passenger in the bahamas died after falling off one of its ships. it was docked in nassau friday. when a 26-year-old man from fell from one of the upper techs. authorities are investigating that incident. a team arrived in iran. for three years they refuse today address those allegations claiming it's for peaceful use. and the representatives will be with the iranian scientists
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working on the so-called peaceful project. they say that nuclear energy is their right. hundreds of friends, family and fans gather in california to say goodbye to eta james, she died after a battle with leukemia. they called her a dreamer, and achieved her dreams. >> etta james was real, authentic, she said what she meant, she meant what she said and i think it was her authenticity that was part of the charisma that drew people to her. >> and of course, her beautiful voice. stevie wonder, and christina aguilera were among those that song at the services ♪ >> she can sing. >> so can stevie wonder and etta james. >> let's talk about what
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happened yesterday. there was the first parade out in st. louis for the returning veterans of the iraq war and it's a bit controversial because no other big cities are doing this and government has not been asking for it. we've had the joint chiefs say that's not something the pentagon would do and mayor bloomberg basically saying here in the city, well, the federal government hasn't asked us to do it. to do on our own. this is the first big city to do this. >> dave: the difficult question how do you honor the end of the iraq war. honor our troops without delving into the politics of it and that's what the organizers in st. louis decided. we need to first honor the people who sacrifice and honor 4,000 lives lost in iraq and there was a huge turnout and some say as high as 100,000 people and the two guys started it all and talked to us on "fox & friends" on saturday and here is what it's all about. >> really important that-- from my perspective that we
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were closing the book on the iraq war, and we need to celebrate that. mike caig says we're beginning an about phase where we have to help us transition into societies and i think that's really important, but also to let them know that we really appreciate what they're doing. >> new york city decided not to have a parade like this and mayor bloomberg says that he's following instructions from the department of defense that they think it's premature and other troops are in harm's way. for any city that is considering doing it. lewis has set the bar very high. for the people that turned out and a model. >> we've talked about it before, but there's precedence for this. when we were fighting world 2. people were celebrating as a result. men and women served and helped to fight in world war
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ii. not the women on the front lines. we were still fighting in japan and in the pacific and we're still fighting another war in afghanistan and there's precedence for celebrating those in iraq and being brought back home. >> it's pa good perspective. >> about the politics, it's celebrating the individuals. >> we had a former sniper and a most decorated sniper on just a couple of weeks ago, regardless of how you feel about the iraq war, the afghanistan war, the politics behind the decision to go there. say thanks to our troops and that's all they want. want to you recognize the sacrifice they are making, it's not about politics when you honor our troops. >> i do remember that. one nice thing he witnessed somebody in uniform and another guy in the restaurant picked up a tab. >> dave: even if you buy a cup of coffee to them. at which point, mike jerrick
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said i've got to have a, you know, forl lau (laughter) . just a funny one. >> alisyn: and the economy will improve? will it give him the upper hand headed into the election. >> clayton: and actually getting your hand on a gun, it's not so easy. wow, that's a gun. wait until you hear what this woman went through and she's here to share her story. i wonder if she bought the gun. >> alisyn: i hope not. ♪
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♪ >> rise and shine, everyone, it's 24 minutes past the hour. and here to headlines, more news to tell, but. new revelations this morning in the case that have missing maine toddler, they're testing blood found in the basement of her father's home where she was last seen six weeks ago. police won't say how much blood, but he plans he put her to bed and when he woke, she was gone. and the yemeni president
6:25 am
arrived in the u.s. for medical treatment. president saleh expected to find treatment for burns. the end to his 33 year old? and they'll hold elections for the successor. amid the violence in iraq, vice-president joe biden is is keeping in touch with the iraqi leaders. in the latest of the a series of attacks, a suicide bomber killed 31 people in baghdad. and the united states with troops at the end of 2011. oops a news conference in cincinnati interrupted and they're growing. watch the whole thing. >> the construction team at osha, oh, no! >> what you can't see there is that that big green bus hit a news van. luckily no one was hurt, but
6:26 am
the live news conference halted for a few minutes. dave with sports. >> dave: let's talk sports, football of course. lucas stadium, the home of the super bowl a week from tonight of the the big question, will lucas stadium will home to peyton manning. the colts decided weeks ago to end the panning era. the super bowl superstar talked about it. >> and he called him a politician. of course, they expected to draft andrew luck the quarterback out of stanford. the overall pick. to golf now, is tiger woods back, the golfer on top of the leader board. and abu dhabi championship.
6:27 am
you're thinking abu dhabi, the top four golfers in the world are there. a huge field and woods he' first third round lead in a tournament since 2009. the australian open the last time he won an official tournament. >> does college basketball need instant replay? west virginia, yes, after what happened last night. trailed syracuse by two points. late in the game. west virginia kalicha grabs the rebound and the layup. the shot was blocked after hitting the backboard. that's clearly goal tending. and most of the could you understand saw it and the coaches saw it. >> and the refs did not see t it's a terrible call and cost west virginia a chance at least to going into overtime. and got to do it for sports and ali, i know you're excited
6:28 am
about the pro bowl. >> clayton is excited because the players can tweet during the football game. >> did you watch that game. >> dave: you can watch it on your verizon phone this year. >> clayton: exciting. there was an error in sports, you failed to mention my pit ban they ares had a win. >> dave: huge win over georgetown. >> clayton: is the recent good news on the economy bad news for the g.o.p.? a recent poll finds 30% are headed in the right direction. how can the republican presidential candidates combat the class warfare rhetoric. let's ask our political panel. and down there on the end. former aide to chuck schumer and margaret hoover is here, nice to have you here this morning, margaret, let me start with you. how can they talk about the
6:29 am
improved economy. >> we have to look at how much the economy is improving. in the last year, the economy only improved 1.7%. that's good, but if you compare it to say, reagan, they love to compare. >> at this point in the presidency. 16% not 6%, so, as you compare the improvements, this has been a very sluggish improvement, chris and we have to admit that. >> she brings up a similar point and bring in bill clinton and far more favorable during clnton's run up. brings up a great points. >> the recession we were in was far deeper, and broader and across the country. that said, we are starting to see improvement in the economy. americans should feel that things have turned a corner. and let us know, about the
6:30 am
chans, especially given the fact there's no enthusiasm for mitt romney by anyone. >> on that point. we showed the poll up at the top. >> and the perception, regardless of the numbers that he was talking about, 1%, 1 1/2%, that may be all that matter. if we're looking on the screen and going into the right direction and perception matters more than the numbers. >> and he made an excellent point and consumer confidence is very low in this country and so if you look at the garage growth. economic growth which is eye naeemic and compare what barack obama promised. by his own words, his administration's own words we should be the a-- we should have a labor force, 130 million strong, we should have gas prices lower not double what they are today. and barack obama's promises and policies, hurting and
6:31 am
squeezing the middle class. it's the middle class that-- >> and it's president obama and let me just say one thing. >> hopefully not for long. >> let he me make one thing perfectly clear, things are getting better and they tend to snowball. if they spend more more people will be in-- >> and all republicans can do right now is hope and pray that things stay bad. >> please don't let them get better, please. >> margaret go ahead. >> we want things better, not playing politics, and i want my family members to go back to work just like everybody else. the problem is the policies are not making the economy better and that's what they are going to argue. he also promised to unite the united states of america, not divide it with their warfare, rich versus poor. >> not really rich verse poor. >> barack obama has to run on
6:32 am
his own record. those arguments don't wash. does the argument wash that under president obama, things haven't gotten better? earlier in this week, mitt romney was talking to laura ingram on the radio show and basically admitted under president obama. the economy improved. how are you going to run on the message? do you have a solution, laura. mitt romney, says this is the case, it case. >> it hasn't lived up to-- he says the liberals continue to move the goal posts, when we should be 6.8 unemployment right now, haven't had the economic growth that promise promised. they said we didn't know how b
6:33 am
bad. even though they say it's the worst economy since the great depression, you can have an underemployment rate. and a real unemployment rate close to 15%. >> i don't know what the conservative republican argument is going to be, a guy like mitt romney governed to the left of president obama. who is going to basically be talking about his experience on wall street making him qualified to be present and wall street drove us into this ditch and president obama ap the democrats in congress and some that worked with him. tried to make the country go out and-- >> and oh, that was president obama. >> and what i love about my good, my good friends, my good democratic friends, they continually find the rhetoric and there's nothing wrong with being rich, nothing wrong with being hf made and it's an aspiration and-- >> close that up and i wanted to go there next, the idea of class warfare and we heard some of it, and even president
6:34 am
obama talked about it during the state of the union. you can call it, even though of it's moderately. >> and i don't think there's class warfare by the president, and taking your country back. from who? who do they want to take it back from, the dually elected in the united states the first to get over 50% in 12 years. >> and the reality. can we have a reality check. the whole buffet rule is saying that-- >> wait, class warfare. >> no no. >> let's have a response here. >> and there's no class warfare, i don't know what you're watching. big bad policy companies, bill gates and warren buffett paying less tax break. and it's crazy. >> i admire-- >> obama, let me just add to this question, let me--
6:35 am
>> and let me just ask you a simple question. what is wrong to ask people who made money by moving it around. and they have the same taxes as us. >> and that's the american economy and you don't want to-- >> you don't want to demonize. >> this is particularly the argument among the tea party folks that outraged the tea party and we saw sarah palin this week on her facebook fan page coming out and throwing her support loosely, although not endorsing gingrich. she affirmed that on television and let's listen to sarah palin. take a listen. >> we don't have that, she did reiterate what she did say on that. >> now what she said. and throwing her support loosely behind. does this matter for newt gingrich the avalanche of polls in the last few days, and the cain endorsement. does it matter? >> i don't think that the cain endorsement doesn't make much
6:36 am
of anything. one philanderer, palin does matter, she has a basic support for the fallen right that might come out and support-- >> and do the palin supporters jump on the newt band wagon in florida? >> what you basically set yourself up in. it's hard for me as a republican to believe that gingrich grib is not the establish the candidate. nobody has been more part of the establishment over the course of his career. newt gingrich is the outsider, sarah palin and former vice-president nominee is now the outsider and running against mitt romney, and om been the governor of massachusetts. >> how does the outsider wash with newt gingrich, a guy peek speaker of the house, office on k street and lives in washington d.c. do the tea party folks buy na. there is he' such a distrust for mitt romney that they have been buying that. the best thing for newt
6:37 am
gingrich if rick santorum moved out of the race. >> sarah palin will help, but a bump, but sarah palin supporters and herman cain supporters are already aligned with newt gingrich. >> if rick santorum dropped out. it would help newt gingrich moving forward. >> and the news going around and the outsiders. the speaker of the house, made a lot of money, god bless mimm after he left the house and working in washington. he's calling himself an outsider. nobody wants to see him wearing jeans and he's not pony boy. >> clayton:.boy. >> san sorm has been very, very-- did not respect and admire gingrich in the house with him. hard to see him endorsing. >> i think his supporters of a lot more conservatives than mitt romney. >> final word? >> listen, whatever happens in florida. i think the race goes on more,
6:38 am
but newt gingrich doesn't have the national organization, doesn't have the money and infrastructure to run well on super tuesday so he has to come close on tuesday, if he doesn't, he's going to have problems. >> mid april, and april 24th when you have a final bout of primaries, take at least that long to get the-- >> and when newt says he's going to continue on until the convention. and jason, margaret and chris, great to see all of you, and next time we see you, we hope you'll be borrowing some of jason's hair. >> if i can. (laughter) >> let's turn it over to rick. >> i believe right around there, clayton, are you awake yet. >>. >> clayton: good, very good. first look at the weather, and take a look at the map. the clipper systems around the great lakes, there's another one moving through today. and another one back behind that, each one is making it colder, at least temporarily, in across areas of the great lakes and very windy day
6:39 am
today. across montana and wind in excess of 75 miles per hour and the east coast and southeast, another stellar day and especially the southeast, with mren itty of sunshine, and rain across far south florida, and events in and around the great lakes, and next system bringing snow this morning to chicago, by tonight, it will be over towards the buffalo area, across parts of the west, california, another spectacular day and the santa ana winds are winding down and advisories end by ten o'clock this morning. significant wind warning, high wind across the mountains and high plains, montana, winds gusting to 75 miles per hour today. a very, very windy one. the temps for the day. hyped behind the clipper. and southeast, phoenix you're looking good and southern california, and mid 60 across
6:40 am
the plains and the temps are back into the upper 50's again in places like new york city by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. >> oh, yes. >> all right. >> and would you like to know when winter arrives? >> yeah, they're not coming this year. >> and it's coming, it's coming up. >> more than a dozen leading scientists putting their reputations on the line and joining forces to debunk the myth of global warming, hear why they say it's not time to panic. >> and she has h c ♪
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>> welcome back, tragic news out of utah. a snow boarder dies after he's trapped by an avalanche. happened yesterday morning near salt lake city. the 24-year-old victim was with two friends who had to watch as he was swept away. the 9th avalanche death in the west this season. and how didn't stop this from going out. american express sending out a promotion for a seven night cruise of italy, france and spain. only $729. the only problem, the ship mentioned is the costa concordia, half submerged after running aground off the coast of italy. ali. >> alisyn: dave, is global warming for real? what should be done about it, if so.
6:45 am
in a recent wall street journal op-ed, scientists wrote there's no compelling scientific evident for drastic action on global warming. rodney nichols, the former president and ceo of new york academy of sciences. you joining us this morning to talk about your fascinating and provocative op-ed. let me start with you, professor harper. you say that no drastic action is needed on global warming at this time. why not? >> well, first of all, there's been almost no warming for ten years and so, it's clear that the computer models that have frightened everyone are greatly exaggerating the amount of warming that's going to happen. >> let me stop you right now. that's in the face of some prnted by noaa, the national oceanic and atmospheric
6:46 am
association. they say that 2011 was the hottest summer on record for the nights. two states that you see there were, had temperatures, record breaking temperatures. you remember the wildfires in texas and dozens of other states had temperatures well above normal. mr. nichols, how do you explain that? >> i don't know the details this have particular chart, but there's variations every year. you can find over 100 years, or ten years or 20 years all kinds of variations. >> the hottest summer ever was 2011. >> i've seen data that contradicts that and, for example, most of the data i'm seeing indicates that the 30's, dust bowl was hotter than it is now. and you know, you need to look at the details. >> alisyn: yeah, this is, according to noaa, 2011 was, however, there's another world
6:47 am
health organization says that globally, 2010 was the hottest on record. all time high in asia. and record heat in the sudan. and again, this is the stuff that other scientists, other leading scientists, much like yourself, say is evidence of global warming and what do you-- how do you counter that? >> well, global means to average over the entire globe. and you can look at the satellite measurements and temperature or you can look at ground based temperatures and they do not show that there's been any warming for ten years. a and. >> on average. >> so you could find pockets where it got a lot warmer, and pockets where maybe it got cooler and the other point, ali, the long range is what's important. >> right. >> most of the more gloomy forecasts say that over the next 100 years, it might get
6:48 am
two degrees centigrade warmer worldwide. we can cope with that. the reason our op-ed is titled don't panic, we can cope with what seemed to be a pretty bad case. >> meaning, there won't be massive melting of glaciers that are causing the sea level to rise, you don't think? >> well, there might be some, but we can cope with whatever it is. >> well, listen, your message of not panicking is certainly a comforting one. it's nice to know that such esteemed scientists as yourselves have looked into this and don't believe there's reason for panic. the op-ed no need to compete about global warming, and rodney nichols from the new york economy of sciences, thanks for coming in and sharing your perspective. >> thank you. >> don't call him the food stamp president. >> the initial expansion of
6:49 am
food stamp eligibility happened under my predecessor. >> and can he blame president bush. arms, getting your hand on a gun? not so easy. wait until you hear what this woman says. she's here to share her story. chances are you've probably had your kraft macaroni and cheese stolen. now there is a policy that covers you in the event of macaroni and cheese loss: macsurance. an insurance policy for mac and cheese? talk to me. i have a policy with kraft that covers me
6:50 am
in case a grown-up eats my share. with kraft macsurance you have piece of mind in an unsafe world. coverage feels good! [ male announcer ] gooey, creamy, delicious kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it.
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6:52 am
>> welcome back everybody. after being the victim of a robbery our next guest decide today get a gun to protect herself. little did she know the steps of becoming a gun owner. joining us, emily miller. good morning to you, emily. >> good morning, dave. >> it is a cumbersome process to say the least to get a gun in washington d.c. it's a ten step process.
6:53 am
ordinarily, i think you'd write a column and for you a 17-part series. why is this process so difficult? take us through it. >> well, dave, we're not even at 17 parts, we're not done. my gun now is held oej and i almost might add at the d.c. police station. it was unbelievable. i knew be it would be difficult to get it legally. illegally, i probably could have in one in five minutes walking down the street. but legally, make it virtually almost impossible for anyone to get through this process. i've taken a written test, five hours of classes, stood in line at dmz. filled out forms, there's so many things you have to do to get a gun legally in the city. i don't know when it's going to end. >> we have some graphics to
6:54 am
take people through the steps to get a gun and i think one of the things, to mention in your piece, you couldn't do it in the d.c. city limits. you have to actually travel to get, to take the classes, was that the most difficult portion of this and what about the money involved? >> well, the most difficult by far has been what he they thought was a safety class and i c i know nothing about gun safety in the class. they make you do four hours and the shooting range. the four hours are just about learning the gun laws and take a written test later at the police station. at the shooting range they should be able to issue the paper, which is, you know, this big and not that difficult. but, d.c., because you're not allowed to take a gun anywhere outside of your house in the city, foe open carry, no concealed carry.
6:55 am
so you have to go to virginia or maryland and i had to drive almost an hour each way until i found in maryland. and the cost is astronomicalment and i have no idea how expensive this would be. the class itself and $225. plus, $35 for the range and ammunition, also spent, $125 to transfer the gun into d.c., because you can't get a gun at the gun stores in nearby states and that's part of the deal. a total of $465, i've spent so far and that doesn't include the price of the gun. >> now, this is ultimately about protecting yourself. don't we want it to be a somewhat difficult process, we don't want to make it easy for people to get guns, do we? >> i think we do. it says in the constitution, the right to keep and bear arms. obviously, everyone knows the crime rates in d.c. if you know anyone, getting a
6:56 am
gun is ease any d.c. it's getting a gun legally that's very difficult. if i wanted to walk down the street and buy a gun, that's no problem. it's getting one legally and that's why people don't get guns legally and otherwise, not talking about the bad guys and they're robbing people. and good guys, otherwise law abiding citizens, they have thousands and thousands of guns in the city and not registered pause the process is so time consuming. i've taken off days of work and obviously, my job, but days of my regular job, writing editorials on politics because i have to stand in line. >> maybe 18, how easy it is to get it legally. you can read it on the washington times website and appreciate you joining us, what a process, you're going through. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> herman cain's bless be enough to help newt gingrich to win. >> they come out in full force with the former speaker. and break out the your
6:57 am
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♪ >> good morning, everyone, today is sunday, january 29th. i'm alisyn camerota. can newt gingrich make up lost ground with herman cain's new blessing. the former candidate makes the endorsement official. will it help or hurt? we report, you decide. >> meantime, mitt romney is busy digging up the past. he would give us an opportunity to lead our party. and we elect, you're right, he failed. >> can mitt use the old newt against the new newt? and should he. >> clayton: new newt. >> dave: you newt. >> clayton: that's right. does your job make you feel dumb, you're right. why the corporate media make
7:01 am
you act like you don't know what you're talking about? that explains it. alisyn has been wondering, why is clayton so dumb. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> welcome to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, thank you for waking up with us this morning, we appreciate it. there's dave briggs and alisyn camerota. >> this is a new dave. >> clayton: old clayton morris. >> alisyn: now and improved alisyn camerota. >> clayton: what did you have done. >> dave: we didn't know. >> alisyn: i mean every morning that i wake up. i haven't changed anything in particular since the last time you saw me 24 hours ago. >> clayton: did you get an endorsement in herman cain? >> no, sadly, i didn't. there was a saturday night surprise as they call it if the political world because newt gingrich did get an endorsement from herman cain
7:02 am
and this is interesting on many levels, a couple of weeks a ago, herman cain said he wasn't going to endorse anyone, but it was we the people and i think he decided we were not qualified. >> dave: the question is this morning, how much does it mean for newt gingrich, has all of herman cain's support spread out among the candidates. here is why he's endorsing the former speaker. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> speaker gingrich is running for president and going through this sausage grinder,
7:03 am
i know what this sausage grinder is all about. and i know that he's going through the sausage grinder because he cares about the future of the united states of america. >> the question this morning is whether or not this helps him? do the endorsements help? he certainly carries that outsider credential within. >> that was one of the appealing things about him in the race. he brought the flat tax discussion to the fore in the discussion. let's have a plan. >> and it's possible that it will help newt gingrich with some support. >> dave: where do the supporters come from. >> clayton: right, the question is-- >> where is he pulling from? if he's pulling from someone else, who? >> you think that the herman cain supporters were not on the sidelines, and they already decided. >> they don't seem like folks
7:04 am
that would sit on the sidelines. to sit on the sidelines and not support anyone. >> a lot of them we were hearing from the campaign and read their e-mails and tweets, these other establishment guys, i'm not supporting any of them. that's why we like herman cain, the businessman outsider. are they sitting on the side lines and does newt gingrich represent the candidates they are he' looking for. >> and sarah palin. she does seem to be supporting newt gingrich more and more v voe-- and she was on the justice jeanine pirro, and here is what she had to say about newt gingrich. >> you've got a rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and
7:05 am
security and prosperous about our nation, we need somebody who is engaged in second relentless reform and isn't afraid to shake up that establishment. if for no other reason, ridge the machine. annoy a liberal. vote for newt. and newt, other candidates oppose his conditions as he claims he's not a part of it. >> annoy a liberal, vote for newt. a big take away, maybe not herman cain supporters wushg to newt's side. but a lot of people who were still with sarah palin waiting to find out what she would say and do. a number of people showed up in iowa, the earthquake group that showed up in iowa that has to be like a 10.2 earthquake for me to get into this. and they're out there and
7:06 am
maybe when she said that, they're going to newt? >> and according to the paper mitt romney, here is what he said on the campaign trail on saturday. >> he was given the opportunity to lead our parties, he failed, he was fined for ethics violation and had to resign in disgrace. he can't rewrite history. we have to go back and look at history and may be a great guy with a lot of great ideas, but he's not the leader that we need at a critical time. this, this will be a historic election and we need to have someone who has been a leader and succeeded at being a leader. i have and i'll lead america back to strength. >> well, we also want to update you, what's happening on the campaign trail this morning because, obviously, one of the candidates is
7:07 am
missing. >> this is interesting. one of the g.o.p. presidential candidates were not there. and rubbing santorum has a family emergency. steve with the latest on this, good morning to you. not a good situation for the santorum family. >> that's right, dave, rick santorum canceled events here in florida this morning and returned back to pennsylvania. his youngest daughter, isabella, age three admitted saturday evening to the philadelphia children's hospital. no public record on his exact schedule. and isabella is three and a half years old and most people born this, don't survive the first week of life and half die in the first week so she has become a simple for many of santorum's strong pro-life position. and santorum officials say he will be back perhaps as early as this afternoon. he has a major rally scheduled
7:08 am
at 2 p.m. and in sarasota. back to you in new york. >> thoughts and players go out to the santorum family. >> the outside of politics, more than 300 people have been arrested in oakland, california after a chaotic day of occupy protests. at one point police officers used tear gas and shock grenades to keep them from tearing down fences. so far three officers have been hurt. a group broke into city hall, reportedly damaging exhibits and burning an american flag and tried to occupy at a vacant center downtown. another setback for carnival cruise, a passenger died from falling from bun of the ships in the bahamas. 26-year-old man from south carolina fell to the upper decks and the authorities are
7:09 am
investigating it. they're the parent company of cost costa cruise liners, who ran aground. nuclear energy is their right. focusing on i alleged attacks to create nuclear weapons and today's two senior weapons experts and for three years refused to-- they're determining if they're telling the truth. and some of the stories i have to tell you about. and this is the beachware and they plunged into the icy chesapeake bay. and heaven help them. this is the 16th annual polar plunge. you can see everyone is of sane mind and body there. and the president money good
7:10 am
for a wonderful cause. the special olympics, last year raised nearly 3 million dollars, oh, my gosh. >> and now we know why the airlines are in danger. >> a great cause and god bless them. >> wow. >> i'd love to to-- >> a twitter follower, and face book friend, always out of town. >> how convenient. >> i want to to it. they do it in west port, connecticut. >> and we're going to hold you to that. >> we'll have the camera for that and the following month when you have livonia. >> rick will do it with me. right? >> i will do it. >> you're committing on national investigation? >> in places other than to maryland to do it. >> in connecticut. >> no, let's go to the north, to maine, arctic circle. >> let's go to a lake somewhere. >> ali and i will watch. >> and so you're looking for winter, right? is that what you think? >> yeah. >> there you go in alaska, minus 26 for a high in
7:11 am
fairbanks, coldest winter in 40 years. they have winter to be had, but it's bottled up across the north. and right now up minus 51 in fairbanks as you're waking up. and good morning, spring in effect. we had all kinds of tornados across areas of the south and the month of january is the second most towards we've seen. mrichlry reports, but 109 tornados. starting up with an active season. as we move into february, the little more to the eastern side and the area phone as tornado alley. and keep south where you see them in february. look forward to tuesday, big voting day across areas of the florida. no cold air anywhere and the high temps, east to the south and maybe a few showers and thunderstorm. but overall, you're looking good. here are the high temps, high plains looking windy towards the area of montana and looking good for everyone.
7:12 am
>> thanks a lot. >> coming up, don't call him the food stamp president. >> the initial expansion of food stamp eligibility happened under my predecessor, not under me. >> and president obama blaming bush for the food stamps. >> alisyn: two trapped in a sinking car and you don't want to miss this how this story ends. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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7:15 am
>> president obama is firing back at newt gingrich's claim that he, president obama, is the greatest food stamp president. >> first of all, i don't put people on food stamps, people become eligible for food stamps, second of all, the initial expansion of food stamp eligibility happens under my republican predecessor, not under me. >> who is right. president obama or newt gingrich. >> a former speech write are for president george w. bush a former speech writer. >> how are you.
7:16 am
>> the numbers are conflicted. because george w. bush increased the number of food stamps compared to president obama. then again the current president did this in three years, compared to eight years and it seems that both much them have expanded dramatically the number of food stamp recipients. isn't that the ultimate answer? >> and typically on the issue, as we point out, the president's people are out there saying, increased 14.7 million people on the food stamps, under barack obama, it's 14.3, but that was under eight years of gueorge w. bush and only three years of president obama. >> alisyn: let me interrupt you, the lion's share of what happened with president bush was in the final year. it's about the economy. when the economy goes south, more people are on food stamps. is this a logical argument that newt gingrich want to be
7:17 am
making. >> i don't think we want to. people generally on food stamps, they can't get enough money to get by. and under the obama economy, people can't get jobs. they've gone into profferty under barack obama. 36 months above 8% unemployment rate. and you have 1 million private sector jobs that have disappeared under his administration. that's the issue we should be talking about, not talking about whether people are receiving food stamps or not. and we've got a visualization, and the question, also, what has president obama done in your opinion to make food stmstm stamps to change the requirements for them. >> and i don't know what he has done, is it put more people on food stamps by the fact that he hasn't improved the economy, and the reality is, look, if you want to talk
7:18 am
about government dependency, 40 million people are going on to government health care bus of obamacare and spent the first two years of his presidency, trying to force through obamacare, rather than focusing on the number one issue in this country, which is creating jobs. so, the issue is not who increases eligibility. the issue is why are people on food stamps? because they can't find jobs because the economy is disaster. >> mark, we want to get your opinion of a new ad that is a pro newt gingrich ad and this is the pac and goes after mitt romney and his bank cut. let's listen to at that piece of this. ♪ >> okay. so, very dramatic music and if you were reading along the
7:19 am
words, it was, you know, low tax rates, swiss bank account, cayman islands set to ominous music and ends up it's blood money. is this effective? >> it's funny, if you go further into that ad, and the main substance of that ad is attack on romney over when he was director of the day monday corporation and that he brought in medicare. fraud in medicare. there's an ad out by avs mere, public sector workers union. virtually identical to the ad it newt game out. romney people dispute the facts of it. why on earth is newt gingrich using the same ads as the, he says he's not using these of the left. if i was a candidate and had an ad up, a conservative
7:20 am
republican that would be the exact language as a public sector workers union. i'd take a long look in the mirror and ask myself what i'm doing. >> we'll see how effective they are. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: and small town business as usual, they're been taken over by the cash mob. we'll explain what's going on. >> and a member of the secret service, inside scoop. what is it like to protect the president. ♪ ♪ secret agent man ♪ secret agent man ♪ hey, giving you a number a♪ ♪ my name is robin.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
ichltd. >> clayton: 7:23. time for news by the number. 60 million dollars how much six costa concordia cruise passengers are suing the cruise line far, alleging recklessness on the part of the ship operator. next, 5%, how much costs are expected to jump before march. that means now is the time to buy. get out there. and finally, 14.8 million be, that's how many union members there were in 2011. and that's up by about 50,000 people and union leaders hoping that they've bottomed out. and 10 georgetown. >> clayton: thank you for working that in there. you've heard of occupy wall street. what about occupy the hardware store.
7:25 am
one man sent an e-mail to friend and family telling them to spend at least 20,000 at the store last saturday. the result, a cash mob as it's called. tons of customers poured in and steve shucks is the owner of the hardware store in ohio. >> clayton: welcome to "fox & friends." >> good morning. >> jim, why did you decide to send out this e-mail to friends and family? with an about your friend's hardware situation there, decided you to do it. i thought i'd try to give him a little boost and i was down there on a saturday. and talked to my wife and decided to kick an e-mail out and ask everybody r everybody to support it and send out to friends. >> you must have a large e-mail address list. so many people ended up showing up? >> we think about a thousand. >> a thousand people came out and 8:30 to 5 in the
7:26 am
afternoon. >> were you surprised, steve, at the overwhelming turnout from the community? >> that's the word, we were overwhelmed. i mean, it was from the very beginning to the very end. we have absolutely no time to stock shelves. >> and i understand, gym, you caused like a blackout because the credit card machine broke down three times as a number of people coming in, right? >> that's a good problem to have. >> clayton: jim, what was the response from individuals that you sent out those e-mails. had you-- were you getting e-mail responses for the same things, this is an important thing you're doing in this community and something we may try to replicate and try for other stores? the community? >> at first, i had a lot of responses back and since then, we've had questions what we're going to do next and at the time. it was simply, you know, great idea, let's go down there and support it. >> steve, your store has been
7:27 am
in the family since 1857 it opened and so you're a long generation there of having the hardware store in this town. you've seen the big box stores come in and potentially pose a threat. what do you offer that's he so important to the community. got everyone out. >> it's a community and it's slow right now and we're going to be there for a long time to come and the reason we've been there for a long time is in the support. >> and i'm sorry, what they offer is special people that work there. and that makes it even greater. >> and jim will get absolutely nothing from this. no 10% off the top. >> not yet. >> do you have any other plans to do this in the community for anyone else? >> what i'd like to see us benefit on it, first, but then i'd like to see our, you know, businesses and right on to
7:28 am
other communities and other small bizes all over the country. >> that it would be great. >> and i'll give you the final word there. >> and the final word is just support your local businesses, your local community, and they're a blessing to have in the community and we should appreciate them and give more bagging. >> okay. it would be amazing if we could replicate this around the country and people taking this upon themselves to help support their local businesses. we appreciate you being on. and chagrin hardware in cleveland. is it in cleveland, exactly where is it people driving there. >> we're in chagrin falls, 20 miles outside of cleveland and a great place to be. >> clayton: go shop at the hardware. thanks, appreciate it. marco rubio says the president's class warfare attacks are dividing americans
7:29 am
instead of bringing them together. more from the senator after the break. the deep spots two women stranded in a sinking car and jumps into action. and look at this. tell you how the story ends. ♪ ♪
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
[ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work, protecting people's lives... [ soldier ] move out! [ male announcer ] ...without their even knowing it. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. ♪ >> welcome back. everybody. thanks for joining us, dave briggs, clayton morris, alisyn camerota. . >> dave: nice to see you, doing the head bop, don't
7:33 am
turn. >> alisyn: i don't want to waste the energy to raise my hand and point. reserving energy for the next two and a half hours. we have a great show and lineup. >> clayton: let's talk about that. speaking of the roxbury, what happens in miami, florida, marco rubio down there talking about, because obviously, all of the focus in florida, 28 hours left before what happens in florida matters to the gain and immigration has been one of the big focuses of many of the-- many of the candidates on the campaign trail. although marco rubio thinks one of those that you focus on is the leadership of the president and the not necessarily the main issue, take a listen to marco rubio. >> most presidents will be bragging about their accomplishments and telling people give them four more years and because what they've been doing, he's not going to do that and no excuses, either. he's going to pit americans against each other and put
7:34 am
each other in hopes of getting to the magic 50 plus 1% and help them get to the election in certain states and the only way to help you with your job, the reason you're doing worse off, because someone else is doing too well and the only way you can climb the economic ladder for someone else is pulled down. that's not who we've been as a nation, that's what other countries do. >> alisyn: of course in florida one of the issues, immigration, marco rubio has a lot to say about that. one of thing this i think so, he tells how he thinks the candidates had overheated rhetoric about immigration and believes it's not helpful and tone it down and some people wondering if he himself is softening his stance a little, particularly on the dream act, about students are here illegally and being able to stay if they're getting a degree or sign up for the military. so, it's interesting how the positions are coming into sharper focus now that florida is-- >> and perhaps, the senator reminding the candidates that
7:35 am
they might be focused too much on the immigration issue, 48 hours out from the primary. >> immigration is not the number one issues on americans of hispanic descent. the lack of jobs, no community has a stronger desire to leave their children better off than americans of hispanic descent. and it's hard to get on the issues you described, whether it's social conservativism, the importance of family, importance of life. on immigration, you're not just talking about statistics or theory, you're talking about people that they love. that's why i think it's so important that the republican party becomes the pro legal immigration party. >> and this is something that karl rove warned republicans about, an issue where we could really alienate, not a pun there, but alienate some of the hispanic population and they try to find a way forward on that. and what they need to look at
7:36 am
george w. bush and his battle with illegal immigration and try to deal with it. he got a lot of blow back from his own party to deal with it. a motted history. if you want to look during the complain year, it's difficult for anybody to handle it. >> a bigger issue in the general election, probably. >> it's complicated for every president, but let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening. at this hour, there's new troubling information in that case of the missing maine toddler. they're testing blood found in the basement of her father's he home where she was last seen six weeks ago. and police won't say how much blood only that it's discovered early in the information. he claims he put her to bed and next morning she was gone. and rising violence in iraq, vice-president joe biden is keeping in close contact with iraqi leaders. the latest in a series of attacks on friday when a suicide bomber killed 31 in
7:37 am
baghdad. raising concerns about the ability of the iraqi security forces to keep the peace. and led the u.s. with troops at the end of 2011. check out this amazing dash cam video. and two women from a sinking car, and this happened yesterday. near dallas, texas. the 21-year-old driver accidentally drove off a boat ramp while talking on her cell phone. and the deputy was nearby, and he swam out to save them. both are fine and the deputy says he was doing his job to help people. >> and a big thank you for our troops returning home from iraq. ♪ about 600 veterans walking down the streets of st. louis, the first major celebration since the last troops in december. complaints with the signs and flags, the parade brought out
7:38 am
more than 100,000 people. and honored those. >> and my son, he was killed in iraq april 10th, 2009. i am he' proud of him. you know, i call him the world's greatest hero and i'm very proud of him. >> alisyn: so touching. the parade was organized by two men who made it happen through donations and a facebook page. so far your headlines. >> dave: and rick has the conditions everywhere, how is it in manhattan? >> good news, sam adams people who are here next hour, the walked by me. >> just kept walking. >> and the temps across the country. far northern plains and that's about it. everybody else, temps looking pretty good. and take a look at the
7:39 am
satellite radar, and the snow and flurries towards milwaukee and chicago and that will move out and in towards areas like cleveland and maybe a few snow flurries at pittsburgh. nothing that's going to cause problems. and forecasts across the country for the day and here towards the northeast, a lot of white on the map, very, very light snow, it's not going to cause any problems and up to 38 and we'll be in the 40's, all the way in towards coastal areas of maine and not a bad day. and towards the southeast, we're talking about temps that are cooler. move forward on the maps. temps into the 50's and 60's and miami looking good at 78. towards the northern plains, a little bit of snow as you move forward on maps and far northern plains and that's not going to cause any problems and tomorrow we start a warm-up as well and temperatures above average. >> back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> i don't know, anyone this room that enjoys going to
7:40 am
meetings. rick, one person raised their hand. >> well, they're fun on "fox & friends." >> you're home in your p j's, who are you kidding? >> that's the best part. new research out this morning, and actually shows what i've long believed. >> what is it? >> meetings make us dumb and reminds us of this clip from the movie big. take a look. >> market share, that we are targeting the same area, i think, that we should see one quarter of that and that is 1/5 of the total revenue from all of last year. [applause] >> any questions? >> no, not for me? >> yes? >> yes? >> i don't get it (laughter) >> of course, tom hanks is a 13-year-old kid in a man's
7:41 am
body, but makes us all feel 13 years old when you're in the group and seem to shrink to the situation, right. >> alisyn: they say this particularly applies to women. and women, when they're in a group of their peers, similarly, with similar iq's, suddenly, the women and they've tested for this, their iq drops, if they're in a meeting with other smart women, your own iq drops and i find this-- it does seem impossible. i think i have seen some of this in my own life when i was in a book club with a group of women who were big brained, smart women and they went to yale. and i was like sucking my theme. >> big brains. >> alisyn: they have great theories about the book and i was like, i don't know, it had a good ending. >> clayton: this isn't a fly by night study. they've looked at human neural imaging laboratories and they've looked at it.
7:42 am
and i had a boss in los angeles that said any meeting longer than five minutes is worthless. >> dave: that would be brilliant. send out an interoffice memo. >> clayton: that's true, meetings make us dumber. >> dave: have you found a meeting that made you feel dumber at ff weekend at twitter and >> alisyn: and a hot topic today, you're going to meet the marriage killer. ♪ >> why nagging could be more toxic than infidelity and what you can do to make the nagging stop. stop. >> and yours-- plus, what it's like to protect the president of the united states. a former member of the secret service mere to take us inside the agency. ♪
7:43 am
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7:46 am
years, was a key figure in planning inauguration. kind of like being a baseball player in the world series, when you think about that, you're going to stress yourself out and there's no time for that, you just do the job. >> and that was the sneak peek at discovery channel's three-part documentary called secret service secrets. and the man in that clip joins us now, former secret service agent, dan, good morning to you, sir. >> thank you. >> dave: the documentary starts tonight at nine o'clock on discovery. the one thing i must imagine about the president of the united states. there is no such thing as spontaneity. when the president plans a visit to new york for date night like we talked about a year or so ago about the play and dinner. can you do anything spontaneous when it comes to the the role of the secret service. >> you have to remember, the president doesn't know where he's going and the jackle doesn't know where he's going, the potential asass sin and some moments of slim spontaneity. the reality is, the footprint
7:47 am
is large and repercussions for traffic and things like that, we try to reduce spontaneity as much as possible. he's the president of the united states, if he can do-- >> running out for a burger. >> no jumping. >> dave: and what is the most difficult part about securing the president and protecting the leader of the free world? >> crowd control, definitely. they're excited to see the president and that's not a partisan issue and that goes tore republicans and democrats and i've served under three presidents and crowd control can be tough and people live at the moment and you're part of history and you have to personalize it right away and look at them in the eye and they get back in the moment. >> speaking of personal life. do you have to put up a wall in terms of how well you get to know him? >> yeah, it's definitely not a personal relationship. there's interaction and they get to recognize familiar faces, spaesespecially a lot of supervisors, hey, how are you doing, how was the morning,
7:48 am
it's not that. >> do most of the secrets you learn on that jump many you have to take to your grave, you can't go home and tell your wife about what you saw. >> when i went to afghanistan, i was sworn to secrecy, no o knew and i told my wife, we were going to hawaii, she. >> some things will not be revealed. >> you're running for senate in maryland against the democrat. and the president will not be supporting you because he's supporting his party. how strange is that dynamic, i know a lot about this man and protected him. >> he endorsed my opponent relatively early. and my opponent is a democrat. that hurt little. got into the race. i'll be endorsing his opponents as well. >> that didn't hurt. >> you jump in my race, i'm going to jump in my race and
7:49 am
i'm going to endorse the republican in his race as well. >> dave: and once you're on the job, now about the ultimate task of taking a bullet for the president. what's the most surprising thing you saw. >> the order of the white house is overwhelming and no prep whatsoever. when you stand at the oval office door the first time as a secret service agent it's an all encompassing bubble. >> one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. thank you for being here, the discovery channel tonight at nine o'clock eastern time. coming up, you've seen the labels, organic, fresh and natural. what do those mean, has anyone checked to make sure they're true. next hour, a story that might kill you, why nagging maybe more than adultery.
7:50 am
how to make it stop? . ♪ let me get you a free tank of gas -- how's that sound? progressive saved me money, and i'm saving you money. [ chuckles ] now these guys are protected with progressive. come on around. we'll fill up your tank for you. free gas! 5 more inches. w you're lined up for some free gas and savings, eh? [ horn honks ] hey, we're trying to save here. i came in for this. yeah, fill it up, too. thank you. don't thank me. i'm just the messenger.
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7:53 am
>> when it comes to marriage, one thing can be even more toxic than cheating. >> it's nagging. >> da, da, da, da. >> bah, bah, bah, bah. >> hey, hey, hey. >> of excusa. >> alisyn: even in another language you can recognize it. and how to make sure it doesn't ruin your marriage.
7:54 am
>> the author of marriage tims. dr. karen ruskin. the story excited clayton morris. >> clayton: honey, turn off the tv. so really what's going on? it was a story in the wall stre street, and more toxic than an affair. >> what concerns and disturbs me greatly. the problem is not nagging. the killer of marriages is not nagging, the killer is the relationship dynamic between husband and wife in this circular pattern that goes on and on. dynamics, like blaming the nagger, we're blaming the wife. >> you're saying that the men-- the men don't do what the wife is asking. >> now what i hear? ma, ma, ma, ma.
7:55 am
>> the clip. >> and did everyone see what happens here. >> dave: the solutions we have them for you. acknowledgment and both take ownership. >> that's the key, if you acknowledge and take ownership of the fact na it's a dynamic between two people, it's the requester and the questionee, not the nagger and naggee. and taking ownership and each plays a role in a marital partnership. it's not unlike a business relationship where one person manages the business of home and the other person is to healthy part of that by acknowledging that and not blaming the magger in the solutions. >> it's pointed out that women nag more than men. >> because she's saying that women are the managers of the household. as the house manager, you have to get things done, pick up your laundry. >> you know what happens. they did not know that they signed up for this job when
7:56 am
they got married, by the way. ab shocking to them. >> dave: and my female producer is nagging me in the air to get on to the next solution. >> okay u operation appreciation, what is that? >> every day be mindful of what you can do. think about it, what can i do, that shows my appreciation, verballize it, tell yourself and your spouse what you appreciate about them. before you go to bed at night. tell them as well and the third, be mindful throughout the day and allow myself to i appreciate them and show them that i am doing appreciative behaviors. >> and number three, let's go to number four, which is text and e-mails. >> where? >> what's that mean. >> text and e-mails, you can utilize that as part of the list formation. >> even if you're nagging at
7:57 am
text. the fact that you see it as nagging is the problem rather than if you view it, both people takes ownership of this dynamic and into the next segment, a technique a blankty blank technique. what does it look. >> by sharing with your spouse in a scripted for mat. when you tell me... fill in the blank. when you're nagging me, i feel like i will zone you out, but i'm work as an effects tiff team. >> alisyn: doctor, thank you, i think you saved our work relationship. >> dave: and the nag and-- >> we got to the bottom of alley's problems and more what's going on with the campaign and sarah palin, we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm alisyn camerota. the streets turn violent as hundreds of protesters try to occupy convention center. police throw tear gas and flash grenades to try to steer off the crowds. >> don't forget the people. herman cain is changing his endorsement. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> will -- this give newt gingrich the boost he needs going into the primary. >> meanwhile, mitt romney is at
8:01 am
staying on othe attack. >> he was given the opportunity to lead our party. >> he failed. >> you are right, he failed. but there will be one candidate missing from the trail in the sunshine state. we will tell you who that is "fox & friends" continues right now. captions by closed captioning services >> alisyn: i love the friction you two have gun on today's show that i nag you. >> i love it. >> you don't. you are like a guy's girl. she is like the least nagging human being i have ever met. >> you have won a lot from that segmentment now you are showing appreciation. >> clayton: i loved that kick to the knee during the commercial break. she is fantastic. >> dave: if we don't get to chris wham also a, someone will nag in our ear.
8:02 am
>> clayton: constantly nagging us. >> chris: hi, guys. >> dave: herman cain coming out and endorsing newt gingrich. >> chris: it doesn't hurt. i can't say that it means a lot. cain has been out of this race for a couple of months now and that most of his supporters are no longer cain supporters. they have gone to other candidates. my guess is because he was more of the tea party side. more of the conservative side they probably already, most of them gone to newt gingrich and now he has been officially endorsed by cain. so, as i say, it can't hurt but i don't think it's a big boost for him either. >> are you looking at polls and trying to glean some information about antiestablishment strain that's been going on? newt gingrich trying to paint himself as the antiestablishment guy. herman cain. throwing her support behind
8:03 am
newt gingrich. anything to this. >> chris: there clearly is an effort by some members, you know, you can't call it a cohesive group but of the so-called tea party faction within the party to rally around gingrich or at least to stop this march which we seem to be headed towards romney at least in florida. obviously that's something that gingrich has to tap into. that's a very important part of the party. maybe not organized but there is certainly a tea party strain, which is against big government, which is antiestablishment. gingrich is a kind of curious messenger from that because nobody could have been more a part of the republic establishment. he was speaker of the house. he has been living in washington for 20 years. as we all know, he has done commercials with nancy pelosi. he involved on k street and a lot of the business in washington. he particularly versus romney has tapped into that tea party
8:04 am
sentiment and to see palin talking about raging against the machine and then herman cain, clearly there are some people -- it's interesting it reminds me of obama and clinton in 2008. whenever anybody got close to the nomination, it was if the party said you know, we want to think about this some more, let's help the other person to win so this will drag on longer and we can see these people a little bit more in action. >> alisyn: i thought the comments on jeanine pirro were interesting. machine. -- she said annoy a liberal, vote newt. what some of the, we have seen in the past week, is it is some conservatives like ann coulter and the national review that have come against newt's conservative credentials, not necessarily liberals, it's conservatives. >> that's right. that's why this is diabolic
8:05 am
stuff. yes there is a tea party strain. i think it's less liberal conservative and more establishment vs. grass roots. i think the establishment is certainly rallying around romney. now, is it because of his views or because they have doubts about gingrich's ability to run a general election campaign against barack obama? i think it's more of the latter. but, in any case, certainly the establishment is rallying around romney and the grass roots in the person of or persons of palin and cain is going to support. and i think a lot of people, too to support gingrich. >> dave: romney took heat for running this ad that starred tom brokaw highlighting the day that newt gingrich, the ethics violations were finally wrapped up. then on saturday he again turned back to the clock to what happened to newt, what was it 15 years ago now. listen. >> he was given the
8:06 am
opportunity to lead our party. >> he failed. >> you are right, he failed. he was fined for ethics violations. he ultimately had to resign in disgrace. he can't rewrite history. we have to go back and look at history he may a great guy with a lot of great ideas but he is not the leader we need in a critical time. this will be an historic election. and we need to have someone who has been a leader and succeeded at being a leader. i have and i will lead america back to strength. [cheers and applause] >> that was a little longer than we counted on. that's something you asked newt gingrich about later. how about the voting aspect of this. i'm seeing a lot of response on facebook and twitter. we already voted some say as high as a third of the population in florida have already voted. how big of a factor is that? >> chris: it's a big factor. 400,000 people have already voted. if you go to the total turnout in 2008, which is 2 million.
8:07 am
one fifth, 20% of the total vote has already voted. a lot of them have already voted 250,000, even before the south carolina primary last saturday. now, romney had a big get out the vote organization. this is both for absentee ballots and early voting and there is every reason to believe he had banked, i know the romney campaign believes they had banked a lot of votes before the candidates even came to florida. that could be a big advantage to romney when they start counting the votes tuesday night. >> alisyn: we know you have newt gingrich and congressman paul ryan on "fox news sunday." what's your first question for newt gingrich. >> i could tell you but i would have to kill you and stop nagging me. >> dave: chris, always great to see you. >> alisyn: tell you what else is happening in the news. more than 300 people arrested in oakland, california, after a chaotic day of occupy protests. police officers used tear gas
8:08 am
and flash grenades to stop protesters from tearing down fences. a group also broke into city hall reportedly damaging exhibits and burning an american flag. they then tried to occupy a ymca and vacant convention center downtown. we have a live look for you right now at that wrecked costa concordia cruise ship off the coast of italy where rough seas and strong winds have stopped divers from searching for bodies. the ship's position has shifted significantly over the past 24 hours. and real moving its fuel at the moment is not an option. a team of scientists thought at work in iran investigating the country's alleged attempt to nuke lab weapon of mass destruction. arrived. for years iran has claimed their nuclear aspirations are purely for peaceful use. they will try to determine if that is the case. scientists working on so-called peaceful projects.
8:09 am
iranian sentences have been outside protesting today's visit. they say nuclear energy is their right. hundreds of friends, family, and fans gathering in california to say good by to etta james. she died on january 20th after a battle with leukemia. last night they called her a survivor who beat the odds and achieved her dreams. reverend al sharpton gave the eulogy and other singers paid tribute. ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: beautiful. christina ago do youchristina ao performed. those your headlines. >> let's get to rick reichmuth who has a check of the weather. just too warm for me but aly loves it. >> going to be pushing 60 again. hard to imagine. so many people don't want to see in this time of year. winter will come and i think
8:10 am
we will see some winter. we are going to run out of time. we can't keep on saying that forever. >> little bit of snow flurries around the great lakes and rain moving into the midwest. california, absolutely spectacular again. the wind that we saw last night is going to begin to die down. wind advisories in southern california, those all expired around 10:00 this morning. wind will be decreased as well. which is good news. not the case mountains and rockies area of montana are dealing with wind warnings. winds gusting to 75 miles per hour. extremely windy one. take a look at the futurecast here. this is the storm the clipper system is moving around the great lakes. that will rotate in around the great lakes today. there is another one in behind it. not going to amount to too much snow but far interior sections of the northeast are going to see 3 to 6 inches. buffalo area and plateau coastal areas. just too warm once again. take a look at the temperatures over the next few days. not that cold anywhere except
8:11 am
the far, far northern plains. even that the temps are still warmer than you should be this time of year. nice all across the south. start to notice this warm up again 66 again tomorrow kansas city. 48 in chicago. and go to tuesday, and we're going to see those temps even creep in towards the northeast or back in the 50s in new york city, 51 in cleveland and those temps clism a few more degrees on wednesday. yesterday was saying next weekend we will see a batch of colder air move in. that might kind of take hold. >> alisyn: were you making that up? >> kind of. indications it still might not take hold. >> dave: hey, rick, a viewer just raised the challenge me and you march 10th, connect cut the plunge. >> alisyn: you are taking the polar bear plunge. march 10th? get the crew ready. >> dave: i might be out of town. >> convenient as usual.
8:12 am
>> clayton: rick santorum taking a sudden break from his campaign. is he headed home. >> alisyn: imagine every time you buy cold medicine at the drugstore. happening in one state to fight illegal drugs. critics say this goes too far. we have a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> clayton: you see them every grocery store aisle. is there anyone making sure they are true? what you shouldn't buy and what you should buy coming up. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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8:15 am
>> clayton: quick headlines for you. a snow board boarder dying after avalanche happened near salt lake city, utah. already the ninth avalanche death this season. why didn't someone stop this from going out? american express sitting on promotion for seven night cruise. only $729. the only problem is the ship mentioned is the costa concordia is half submerged after run ag ground off the coast of italy. dave and aly? >> dave: thank you, clayton. final push.
8:16 am
pun of the g.o.p. presidential candidates went be on the campaign trail today because of a family emergency. >> alisyn: fox news steve harrigan is live in miami with more about rick santorum. what do we know. >> that's right, allen. rick santorum back in pennsylvania where his youngers daughter has been hospitalized. no public statement on the condition of 3-year-old isabella santorum. shes is born with serious genetic disorder also known as down syndrome. youngest of seven children. this disorder is so severe roughly half of the children born with it don't survive their first week of life. isabella has become a symbol of his strong pro-life support. as far as the campaign depose in florida. santorum will be back and will be back soon perhaps as early as this afternoon. a rally is scheduled for santorum 2:00 p.m. today. still not clear whether they will be back for that event or
8:17 am
not. back to you. >> alisyn: steve harrigan, thanks so much for the update. you have to feel for him obviously campaigning takes such a toll on people and families even when kids are healthy and having a sick child. >> dave: that family has been tested before as we all know. that is a tight, strong family. don't look for rick santorum to get out of this cling. >> clayton: he said on cavuto's show the other day not even a discussion. he is in this thing for the long haul. >> dave: ron paul going to be in colorado during the tuesday primaries. maine today. >> alisyn: rick santorum said it's because of bellla, his daughter that is he running for president. in part he believes so strongly in what she represents and what n. what family values represent. she gives him the motivation to go on. obviously our thoughts are with the santorum family this morning. >> dave: before you bicough syrup you have to register with the government first. the new plan to track store
8:18 am
bought medicine. do we really need it? >> alisyn: press conference interrupted by out-of-control boss. whoa. ♪ [ male announcer ] you never know when a moment might turn into something more. and when it does men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ [ man ] tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
8:19 am
stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> alisyn: if you buy cold medicine in illinois drugstore police are now notified about your purchase. new state law designed to cush the publish of methamphetamine. some say it violates the people's right to privacy. here is pam dixon from the world privacy forum and dr. darryl angreth addiction psychiatrist. thanks to both of you for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: you don't like this new law. what's the problem? the big problem is that this kind of medication, which are
8:22 am
basically methamphetamine precursors they need to be controlled but our argument is that we need to control it with prescription. right now these prescriptions would have, for example, the protection of the privacy law, hippa. but without a prescription, the information is not protected by this law. and it's just going straight to a database where if you have cold, you are on file for four years. i just think that people who have a medical problem should be protected by a medical privacy law. >> alisyn: what about that? the police have you in some sort of data base or file for four years if you buy cold medicine? >> well, for those of us on the front lines of treating addiction, most of us applaud this kind of legislation. methamphetamine is such a powerful drug. anything we can do to reduce
8:23 am
the production of it, i think we need to do i think at some point going to a prescription may be a solution. those things take time and great deal of debate. we have a problem right now. i think this is good legislation. >> alisyn: pam, the other argument is if you are not doing anything wrong, you are not a drug addict or a drug dealer, what do you care if you sit on a data base for four years? >> there is a lot of problems with it. in privacy there is a saying if you build it, they will come. they meaning hackers and identity thieves. if you have large database of people's names, phone numbers and home addresses that are -- it's basically unregulated database, it's a real honey pot for mischief. so, it's better if those are not created. i really like the idea of moving these drugs to prescription basis because that way the information already has normalized procedures. there is a lot of process around prescriptions. a lot of protections.
8:24 am
it's much better to employ the protections we already in the law and set up. >> alisyn: it sounds like you both have this point of agreement that at some point a prescription process could work here. however, as someone who likes to go into a drugstore and buy allergy pills when she needs it or cold medication when she needs it doesn't that put undue strain on a consumer? >> crystal meth is a drug of mass destruction. there is no other way to describe it. incredibly addicting, incredibly toxic to take but to make. i think that it's a small price to pay for this kind of anittany lions. i think we all have to contribute to the reduction of this precursor. >> alisyn: let me quickly read for you the statement of the illinois governor pat quinn on this new law. it's a valuable tool that
8:25 am
helps prevent meth from getting into our communities by stopping production. we will see how it works in illinois and whether or not this comes to other states. pam dixon, dr. daniel angres, thank you for coming into the debate. >> thank you. >> alisyn: official honoring home parade for heros heading back from iraq. they have raised millions of dollars just by riding. how you can help cycle for survival after this.
8:26 am
this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people came to louisiana... they came to see us in florida... make that alabama... make that miissippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home.
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8:29 am
>> clayton: the whole spin class in our room right now. >> alisyn: it's for a great cause. we'll be talking to them. cycling for survival coming up soon. >> dave: are you going to get on the spin cycle because you don't love the gym. >> alisyn: unfortunately no bike available for me. so i don't think i can. >> clayton: try to figure one out. >> dave: someone will free one up for you. free that up for you and how they are helping cancer in just a minute. first, the question how do we celebrate the end of the iraq war. how do we honor veterans of that war and the 4,000 americans plus lost? the answer came on saturday in st. louis. you can have a parade to celebrate these veterans of that war. boy, was it a tremendous success in st. louis on saturday. >> clayton: of course there was a lot of controversy over whether or not the military, the government should -- the pentagon should ask cities to hold parades. mayor bloomberg here in new york city had said that the pentagon hadn't asked and we're not going to could it. st. louis took it upon themselves to do it and they
8:30 am
did it we had the organizers on the show yesterday, it's not about politics, it's just about the men and women in uniform. >> it's really important from my perspective that we were closing the book on the iraq war, you know, we need to really celebrate that and -- but like craig said, we are beginning a phase where we have to take care of these troops and help them transition back in a society. i think that's really important. but also the -- to let them know that we really appreciate what they are doing. >> alisyn: st. louis sure made the troops proud and visa versa. they turned out in full force. you can see hundreds of thousands of people. i'm not sure exactly what the total is. >> dave: organizers claim 100,000 people were there. >> alisyn: chill there obviously. people are lining the streets. >> dave: 600 veterans as well. >> alisyn: great model for other cities considering it new york has decided at the moment to subscribe to the department of defense theory that our men and women are still in harm's way and now is
8:31 am
not exactly the time for. this each city can do their own thing. st. louis sure led the way. >> dave: take politics out of this and honor the troops say thanks. >> dave: it is odd in new york because we have a parade every weekend walking through this city. you are hard-pressed to find a weekend without some type of parade. >> clayton: traffic is rerouted on a regular basis. like this weekend who knows hun doran festival, necked week the canadian festival. >> dave: let us know how you feel about this? >> alisyn: the missing toddler ayla reynolds. they are testing blood found in the basement of her father's home. where she was last seen six weeks ago. police won't say how much blood only that it was discovered early in their investigation. ayla's father claims he put little ayla to bed and when she awoke the next morning she is gone. police say they don't think that the is full story. yemen's president has arrived in the u.s. for medical
8:32 am
treatment. president saleh is expected to receive care at new york city hospital for burns he suffered during assassination attempt. after months of unrest and deadly government crackdowns saleh agreed to end his 33 year rule. elections will be held next month to select his successor. vice president joe biden is keeping close contact with iraqi leaders. in the latest in a series of attacks friday, a suicide bomber killed 31 people in baghdad. the blood shed is raising some serious concerns about the ability of iraqi security forces to keep the peace. they took over, of course, when the u.s. withdrew troops at the end of 2011. oops. a news conference in cincinnati was interrupted and cameras were rolling. they caught this whole thing. >> construction team and osha. >> whoa. >> alisyn: what you cannot see there is that big green bus had just hit a news van, pushing it forward by a whole foot. luckily nobody noe one was hurt. news conference on live
8:33 am
television when this happened was halted for a few moments. >> that's what's called breaking news. >> that is good, brother. give it up. >> let's see sports real quickly. lucas oil stadium in indianapolis, home to the the super bowl one week for tonight. what we don't know is will peyton manning still call that stadium home in the future? jim denying the team has decided against bringing back the face of the franchise. the nfl network didn't report overnight that indy decided weeks ago to end the manning era. he missed the entire season with a neck injury. he publicly complained about the team's recent change in leadership. the colt's owner then hit back calling him a, quote, politician. manning is owed. here is the whole argument $28 million. just a roster bonus or he can become a free agent. the colts expected to draft andrew luck. the quarterback out of stanford. golf fans, spoiler alert. tiger woods stumbles after
8:34 am
three solid rounds at the hsb until abu daby. wind up finishing third. third two shots back. he still has not won an official tournament since 2009. you may remember that was australian tournament. west virginia trailed syracuse by two points late in this game. watch what happens. that shot would have tied it. syracuse blocks it. they blocked it after it hit the back board, that by definition is goal tending. clearly most people in the crowd could tell that i think both enches could tell that the refs did get that call right. >> that would have done with in. >> west virginia did have another shot at it which came up short, but you might hear a few arguments calling for replay with last second shots
8:35 am
in college hoops. no one needs to slow the call up. you have got to get it right. players are allowed to tweet during the game. >> clayton: what i love about the pro-bowl any members of the super bowl who are got nominated for the pro-bowl won't be there. it's really just a brilliant game. >> lots of the stars as well. >> alisyn: are they playing with blackberries and tweeting? >> dave: watch it on verizon phone. maybe they're watching and tweeting on. >> rick: and it's in hawaii. right? how about that? i didn't even know it still happened to be honest with you. >> dave: neither did the players. >> rick: take a look at the weather picture. nice day for some people. no big weather systems today. big weather system is wednesday. see your tenks as you are waking up this morning. colder across the plains but not that bad.
8:36 am
lester, north carolina is how you say it, right by ashville just to the west. this is sun set last night absolutely spectacular. 24 degrees. today getting up to almost 50 degrees. not a bad day in the mountains of north carolina. keep sending me your pictures. twitter or on facebook page. take a look at the forecast for the day today into the northeast. talk about really a pretty nice day there is a lot of white on that map. don't be fooled. not that bad. light snow flurries for a lot of people in interior sections a few areas. coastal areas all sunshine and temps into the 40s. down to the southeast, another nice day, temps a little bit cooler but not that bad, 50s and 60's, plenty of sunshine into the northern plains. very light snow again and temps into the 20's and 30's for the most part. out across the west, another nice day and the wind beginning to die down in southern california. allison, as i understand it to you inside. >> alisyn: thanks so much, rick. jennifer's life was turned upside down when she was dtioned with a rare form of
8:37 am
cancer. while battling the disease she realized how little funding there is for rare cancers. she wanted to change that jennifer and her husband started a foundation called cycle for survival. since then, the foundation has raised more than $13 million. just last year jennifer joined us on "fox & friends." >> my husband and i started doing research and we realized where cancers -- rare cancers are more common than you thing. group them together 50% of all cancer cases a year. when i was first diagnosed i found exercise very therapeutic for me. i would go to the gym and cycle. i decided to kind of take my passion for marketing and couple it with cycling. >> alisyn: sadly just five months after that interview jennifer lost her fight with cancer. her husband is making sure her cause lives on. dave lind is preparing to mark the sixth year of cycle survival next month. and he joins us now. dave, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: so sorry for your loss.
8:38 am
continuing her legacy. >> jennifer, no matter what she went through, six major surgeries, over 20 different types of chemotherapy. she was always thinking what can i do to help other patients. when i get down or anybody else gets down we think we need to keep going with everything she started. we have got the events coming up this year. they will be bigger and better than ever. >> alisyn: $13 million is a lot. how you have done it so successfully? >> we started out and i found one of jen's old emails. she said if we can just raise $10,000 that would be great. here we are updated total up above 14 million. we're hoping to continue to push that forward in the next couple weeks before the event on february 4th and february 11th and 12th. >> alisyn: what are rare cancers? >> we were shocked when we found this out. there are actually cancer effect 14,000. pancreatic, brain cancer, stomach cancer, kidney cancer. and when you add them up, as jen said on that interview,
8:39 am
they total 50% of all cancers. and there aren't any -- until cycle for survival there weren't any national events that collectively focused on rare cancers. >> alisyn: rare cancers, though they are ones we have heard of and add up do they have the funding. >> huge events for breast cancer and prostate which are great cancer. sometimes they are called organ cancers. we started with a way to find new treatment options for these cancers. and every single dollar that's raised goes directly into research that's run by kettering cancer center. >> alisyn: tell us about the event next year. >> team cycling event. equinox is the founding cycle ler. best gyms around. they clear out all of the equipment, all the weights and fill the entire place with bikes. have people and teams riding. it's a fun, inspiring event. and all the teams are raising money for cancer research. >> alisyn: indoor cycling. should we give it a shot, people? >> we should.
8:40 am
>> alisyn: how does it work? what will would he be seeing next week. >> jen said you pettledz hard or hardly pedal. perfect event for you. people in the shirts with different teams. we got expect miracles for mark right here. team sydney. everybody gets together and everybody has their own story about why they are riding because, sad facts are that one in every two men and one in every three women are going to be affected by coach at some point in their lifetime. that's why we have to keep riding and doing everything we can. >> alisyn: people watching and throw their support behind the event how do they get involved? >> go to cycle for sign up to a team to ride with us or donate to support the cause. every dollar goes right into research. >> alisyn: that's so terrific. who is tired? [ laughter ] >> not tired yet. >> alisyn: then you are better than i. you have more will power than i if you are not tired yet. you guys look great. you are doing great. thanks for coming in and telling us all about it. we really appreciate
8:41 am
everything you have done for these cancers. >> really, it's the whole group here. everybody in their teams carrying on what jen saw and started. >> alisyn: thanks so much guys for coming. in then drop and give me 2 oin a minute. more coming up. >> dave: convenient that ali forgets her running shoes? >> clayton: they won't allow the bikes up in the o'reilly studios. think about that for a second. >> dave: no spin. >> clayton: no spin zone zone. terrible joke. organic to cage-free. foods that claim to be fresh might not be so fresh at all. going to break down fact from fiction this hour. dale dale back to the spin zone. ♪ ♪ you name it.
8:42 am
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to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. [ male announcer ] ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now, that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health. >> alisyn: organic grass-fed cage-free, free range... >> clayton: you lost me. >> alisyn: the labels mean something, but what do they mean and does it mean it is better for you? >> dave: let's find out, here to sort it out, meaningful and misleading food labels is michael hansen, senior scientist at "consumer reports," joining us again. nice see you. >> good to be here. >> clayton: let's start with organic and people think, i'm
8:45 am
eating healthy and when -- when they see the label. >> organic is a meaningful label because there are standards behind it and, basically what it means is there is no synthetic ingredients, have been added and there is no synthetic use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers, so that is a very meaningful label because these standards mean something, it is also verified and there is a system behind it. >> alisyn: i'm glad you are here to help us understand this. nowadays, buying organic is not good enough. now we are supposed to also buy grass-fed. grass-fed means the cows have been out in the pasture, eating the mineral-rich grass. >> grass fed can be a meaningful label because the data show that animals, cattle that have been fed only grass, do have -- their meat and milk is of higher quality. so, if it says grass-fed and usda verified it means it is real -- >> alisyn: and this is grass -- >> if it just says grass-fed.
8:46 am
we don't know. because what happens is, the food safety inspection service allows something to say grass-fed, if only 80% of the feed is grass and the other 20% can be grain. that is not really good and if it says, usda processed verified grass-fed. that is a proven thing. >> clayton: a lot of people buy milk for their children, and toddlers, put it in to the batt. natural, we have natural peanut butter on the show yesterday and it was filled with chemicals. >> all-natural means is that it is minimally processed, and there is no added artificial ingredients. but, for example, when it says, natural chicken it means it is minimally processed. that chicken technically could be a cloned animal, it could be fed genetically engineered grains that have been covered in pesticides, and, it could have been fed ground-up parts of other animals, all natural tells
8:47 am
you how it is product. >> sounds delicious. >> that doesn't really mean anything, though people think it is a meaningful label and it means something more when it is on vegetables, because all that means is nothing is added to them but, again, they can be sprayed with pesticides. >> alisyn: natural is not as good a label as organic. fresh? >> fresh means never has been frozen and for poultry the way they define fresh is anything above 26° fahrenheit and claim chicken doesn't freeze at that temperature but our west coast office tried to get the law changed and actually had a fresh turkey and chicken that we could bowl with, because they were frozen solid. >> clayton: 27°? it snows at 32°. >> that can have been frozen and any other food, fresh means it can never have been frozen before. >> alisyn: your scientific research, i love that, with bowling. >> clayton: what is wrong with our government?
8:48 am
next up, free range, you go to a nice restaurant and want a free range chicken, presumably it tastes better. it has not been shoved in a cage and fed chemicals. >> people think -- or cage-free and some say free range and this is a free range chicken broth and eggs and other things, they say cage-free. free-range, you think the animals are left to run around outside and it could be that but legally it means access to the outdoors and you can have literally a chicken coop with 20, 30,000 chickens in it and one case had a porch they could walk out onto and that was considered free range. or cage-free, people think it means the chicken are running all in around and you can have them in a barn with 50,000 chickens that can hardly move, they are not in cages, and that is cage-free. >> alisyn: should we stop buying free range and cage free eggs? they are not useful now. >> in some cases the free range
8:49 am
could really mean animals that have run around outdoors. you don't really know. >> clayton: is the answer to drive up and -- see all the local farms all the time, selling eggs locally? is that better. >> it could be. but, in terms of what labels are, useful, we have a web site, go to the web site and find out which labels are meaningful and which aren't. >> alisyn: check that out. >> clayton: it is really about your health and not getting chemicals in your body and knowing what you are buying, the labels can be highly misleading. michael, appreciate you joining us. >> alisyn: thanks, appreciate it. next, michael is back to talk about organic food, what you get and what to forget. >> and also, alaska airlines announcing it is taking the face out of the friendly skies. what does it mean and why? father john will be here, live. >> alisyn: meet the marriage killer. clayton morris! joking! we're not talking about cheating. find out why nagging could be more toxic to your marriage.
8:50 am
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they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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8:53 am
>> dave: the nagging never stops, alisyn. >> alisyn: no, it doesn't. we'll tell you who the biggest nagger in our studio is. in a moment. >> clayton: we'll reveal it. >> alisyn: meanwhile, the headlines, let me tell you what is happening, high school students one a trip to the rio grande river in new mexico, all of a sudden heard a man calling for help. they called the police, and rescue crews were able to find a man, who was stuck in the mud. they said he had been there for three days. >> clayton: biggest fear. >> alisyn: and they say communication is key but in north korea it appears to be a threat. the country is reportedly banning cell phones, saying anyone caught using one will be viewed as a war criminal.
8:54 am
it comes amid fears of an up rising there. yes. you'll share -- >> a quick thing, as a kid, quicksand was everywhere, you read it in every book and cartoons and i was afraid i would be walking outside and get stuck in quicksand. biggest fear. >> dave: biggest pet peeve? nagging, some say the biggest marriage-killer, even worse than adultery, say some experts and we did -- broke it down in terms of how you can avoid the nagging in your marriage, do you guys first buy that it is worse than adultery in a marriage. >> alisyn: equal. >> clayton: equal? >> dave: i don't know. i did not marry a nagger. >> alisyn: if you are constantly nag that is a slow death of a marriage. >> clayton: slow, it is like quicksand, a slow death. the research interestingly found that within five years, if you have negative communication within the marriage according to
8:55 am
the study, it will lead to 20% more negative discussions after that five-year mark and it is downhill, if you are nagging in a relationship. >> dave: mostly women, alisyn, sorry that you feel it's not. >> alisyn: i'm reaching back for a book, we had a doctor on, who has -- dr. karen's marriage manual and told us how couples can stop the nagging. >> if you acknowledge and take ownership of the fact it is a dynamic between two people and the requester and the requestee not the nagger and the nage and by taking ownership each plays a role in a marital partnership. it is not unlike a business relationship. where one person manages the business of home and the other person is to help be part of that team-ship, by acknowledging your spouse and not blaming the nagger, there will be solutions. >> clayton: so easy, ignore it and not get to the root of the issue. that is what the piece was saying, nagging is not the
8:56 am
issue. it is the underlying thing and you only argue about the nagging and not the issue, like leaving cabinets open. >> alisyn: and women, usually women, it is the women, because they are the house managers in general. we are stereotyping but in general, women they're house managers, so, by definition, they nag you to pick up your laundry and nag you to get off the sofa or whatever you are doing... >> dave: not much of a nagger. i leave the cabinets open... no, i mean, one of the tips was, use texts and e-mails. here's where i argue with the doctor. if you text an e-mail you are still nagging and, can you fix that, to your husband, it is still nagging, virtual nagging is no better than ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma... >> clayton: and she talked about a guy who went to work and went to take a bite out of his sandwich and there was a sticky note in his sandwich and he hit the roof. meet later at the tile store, she was nagging him to go to the
8:57 am
tile store. >> alisyn: our biggest nagger on the set. dave is -- you could argue it is his job to tell us what camera we're supposed to be on and move our cups and to get over to a certain area of the studio, and there... >> can i nag to you go to break. >> clayton: move the cup, move the cup is his favorite thing to tell me. >> alisyn: wrap it up, let's go. >> clayton: here's to you, nagger! >> alisyn: thanks, dave. >> clayton: occupy turns ugly in oakland and protesters burn the american flag and police fired tear gas at the crowd and hundreds arrested. we'll have details. >> alisyn: how can republicans support romney care while being against obamacare, both sides of the issue, here to explain. ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8.
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>> alisyn: good morning, sunday, january 29th, i'm alisyn camerota, herman cain ditching the "we the people" and jumping on the newt train. will it help or hurt the presidential candidate? we report, you decide. >> i here by... >> dave: mitt romney's busy, digging up newt's past. >> he was given the opportunity to lead our party. we elect -- you're right. he failed. >> dave: turning back the clock, will that work for mitt romney? >> clayton: and alaska airlines taking the faith out of flying. getting rid of in-flight prayer books. is that pc? run amock? father john will be here live to explain.
9:01 am
"fox & friends," hour four, starts, right now. ♪ >> clayton: continue sending us your nagging e-mails this morning. who nags more, males or females. >> dave: you know what the biggest thing women nag about is... >> clayton: send us your biggest nag. >> alisyn: what do spouses nag out. >> dave: @fsweekend on twitter and what you think of the endorsement of herman cain endorsing newt gingrich late on a saturday night. what does it mean to you? we have heard that you don't care who people come out and enforce and we have heard that time and time again, most often these are established figures making endorsements and people don't care, is it different now that it is herman cain and he has the tea party cred. >> alisyn: it is interesting the timing, the saturday night surprise, historians like yourself will remember it is the
9:02 am
same thing that then governor of florida, charlie crist did when he came out on a saturday night and support john mccain four years ago, around herman cain who in january 19th, i think, at an event in charleston, south carolina said he wouldn't endorse anybody other than we the people says he didn't think of this at the last minute and it has been in his heart a long time. >> clayton: and they developed a friendship and of course had the lincoln douglas-style debate and have been friendly on the issues the past few months and here is herman cain making it official for newt gingrich. listen: >> i here by officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states. [cheers and applause]. >> speaker gingrich is running for president. and going through this sausage-grinder, i know what the sausage-grinder is all about.
9:03 am
i know that he is going through the sausage-grinder because he cares about the future of the united states of america. >> clayton: i miss herman cain, don't you? that is what a... >> dave: colorful, isn't he. >> clayton: and newt said i'm glad he was here, he brought in the 9-9-9 plan and got us talking about the flat tax and talking about tax issues, up to that point there weren't really any issues being discussed by the republicans candidates. at least in those early debates and early on in the campaign trail, it was all attack obama. >> dave: it is interesting, all of these endorsements probably don't mean nearly as much as a nonendorsement but the support of sarah palin, she is clearly coming out, in support of newt gingrich. all week it was on facebook. but, she came out and spoke to judge jeanine pirro last night, talking about the anti-establishment narrative newt gingrich is now using, to some effect. listen: >> that age of change who has promised to shake it up and that
9:04 am
has been newt gingrich. you have to rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. we need somebody who is engaged in relentless reform and is not afraid to shake up that establishment. so, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for newt, annoy a liberal, vote newt. keep the debate going and as more debate happens, judge we'll hear more from newt and the other candidates who will oppose his position, as he claims he's not part of the establishment, let's hear more about it. >> clayton: there is disagreement among republicans whether or not the long process helps or hurts them. karl rove thinks it helps them and the vetting process, president obama and hillary clinton and the protracted fight and other republicans think it is bad for the party. >> alisyn: voters like it. if you judge by the ratings of the debates. they are not slacking off, and they keep getting more and more
9:05 am
and mitt romney, ever since the last debate, on that thursday night and he turned in a strong performance the gloves have come off and he keeps hammering newt for what he says is rewriting history. >> he was given the opportunity to lead our party. we elected -- you're right. he failed, he was fined for ittiit i -- ethics violations and had to resign in disgrace. we have to look at history and he may be a great guy with a lot of ideas but he's not the leader we need at a critical time. this will be an historic election. and we need to have someone who has been a leader and succeeded at being a leader, i have and i will lead america back to strength. [cheers and applause]. >> clayton: avalanche of polls, though, saturday night and a lot of people waiting just a few minutes ago, for a big nbc news maris poll that came out of florida. numbers are amazing. >> dave: they are, a 15-point
9:06 am
lead for mitt romney, in the sunshine state. 42-27. and echos closely to rasmussen poll, releasing a poll earlier this morning, 44, romney, 28, newt gingrich and the gap is widening the last couple of days, these were before the herman cain in dormant last night. is there some minimalization of that widening? i don't know. >> clayton: also, interesting, a little bit of a santorum bump in the new poll, calling it mini-santorum bump of 5 points for rick santorum on a day when he heads back to pennsylvania, everything going on with his family and his daughter bella change en to t-- taken to children's hospital. >> dave: a genetic disorder and polls open in 48 hours down in florida. big lead for mitt romney. >> alisyn: fascinating stuff and one voice in florida that is significant is marco rubio, senator there and he talks about
9:07 am
immigration, that is an important topic in florida and his own family and history, and first thing, however, he talked about was president obama and how much he thinks the president's policies have failed. we could hear that. >> most presidents at this stage would be bragging about their accomplishments and telling people, give them four more years because what they've done the last four years, he will not be able to do that. and she has no excuses and will pit americans against each other and put us against each other in hopes of getting to the magical 50-plus-one percent to help him win the election in certain states and he says the reason why you are doing worse off this year is because someone else is doing too well and the only way you can commitment the economic ladder is for someone else to be pulled you on. that is never who we have been, that is what other countries do. >> alisyn: there you have it and he talked about immigration, and how important it is to people in
9:08 am
florida, it is not the number one issue. >> dave: economy and jobs is the number one issue for the hispanic population of florida and could be a bigger deal, approaching the general. >> alisyn: a team of nuclear scientists is at work in iran, investigating the country's attempt to create nuclear weapons and they arrived for three days of inspection and for years iran claimed the nuclear ambitions were for peaceful use only and today's team will try to determine if that is the case by meeting with iranian scientists working on the project and iranian citizens are protesting the visit insisting nuclear energy is their right. occupy protesters, keeping police busy in oakland. >> alisyn: officers used tear gas and flash grenades to stop rowdy protesters, tearing down fences and throwing rocks, 300 were arrested throughout the
9:09 am
day. a group broke into city hall, reportedly damaging exhibits and burning an american flag and tried to occupy a wmca and convention center downtown and so far, three officers were hurt. a set back for carnival cruises, the company announcing a passenger died after falling from one of its ships in the bahamas, it was docked in nasa and a 26-year-old man from south carolina fell from one of the upper decks and, the authorities are investigating the incident. carnival of course is this parent company of the costa cruise liner, ran aground off the coast of italy, earlier this month. hundreds of friends, family and fans gathering in california to say good-bye to etta james. the grammy award winning singer died on january 20th after a battle with leukemia and last night they called her a survivor who beat the odds an achieved her dreams, and several mig name musicians were on hand to pay
9:10 am
tribute. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be your shelter ♪ in the rain... >> alisyn: christina aguilera, also performed. >> dave: i could listen to stevie wonder all day. rick reichmuth i know is keeping his eye on a fantastic tennis match, the final of the open, he'll tell us what is going on with the weather. >> rick: 4-4 in the 5th set. everything is really calm and a nice weekend in general for almost the entire country and temps well above average for almost everyone and snow around the great lakes and rain and snow, the pacific northwest, where you expect to see it and this is the futurecast and the one clipper pulls towards the northeast, and today towards tonight and another one moves in and behind it you see pink and warmer air moves back again, towards the far northern plains and we'll see snow accumulating and it will be light, 1-3
9:11 am
inches, across the areas around the great lakes and a couple spots, 4, 5 inches towards the tundra plateau and tuesday, election day in florida, look. hard to believe, we're in january, and we're talking about temps into the mid 70s, and mid 80s. across much of florida for your tuesday, an absolute perfect day for voting on tuesday. here's your high temps, and warm across the high plains and windy towards parts of montana and the temps across the central plains creeping up tomorrow, 66 and by the time we get to the day on tuesday, northeast, another spectacular day, temps into the mid 50s and pushing 60s, in new york city for tuesday. hard to imagine. >> clayton: snowbirds move to florida during the winter. you might be onto something. >> dave: no snow here, i don't know why you would leave here. >> alisyn: 80. >> clayton: 70 here. coming up on the show, how can some republicans support romney care and be against obamacare? the g.o.p. candidates are
9:12 am
campaigning heavy in her state now, florida's attorney general will explain when we come back. >> dave: a deputy found two women stranded in a sinking car and he springs into action. you don't want to miss the story. next. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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>> dave: welcome back to "fox & friends." mitt romney's rivals continuing to attack what many believe is his biggest weakness in the race. romney care, saying it is no different than president obama's federal health care law. >> governor romney was the author of romney care, which is a top-down government-run health care system which read an article today, has 15 different items, directly in common with obamacare, everything from the increase in the medicaid program, not just the government
9:16 am
is going to mandate you buy something that is... mandate you buy and insurance policy, something governor romney agreed to at the state level and something congressman newt gingrich... >> alisyn: our next guest is leading an effort to repeal the president's health care law and at the same time supports mitt romney's plan, joining us is florida's attorney general pam bondi. hello. >> pam, please. >> alisyn: madame attorney general, i thought it might be too formal. >> i like pam. >> alisyn: thank you, how do you explain what senator santorum was talking about there. 15 points of commonality between romney care and obamacare, the number one being critics object to, the individual mandate. >> well, that is -- you are exactly right. the individual mandate. let me tell you what the difference is. this was a state plan in massachusetts.
9:17 am
and i am fighting with everything i have got along with 25 other states, about the federal government intrusion into our lives. that is what obamacare is about, the federal health care mandate. that is what we are doing, everything in our power to fight. i have personally spoken with governor romney, numerous times about this. and he wholeheartedly agrees with us, that we have got to get rid of obamacare. in our country. you know, the founding fathers, what if they told us the powers allocated to the federal government are few and defined and, it has become a runaway train in washington, d.c. and we have got to -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. you say in attacking obamacare, quote, if the federal government can do it they can force us to do anything and let's insert state government into the sentence, if the state government can do it they can force to us do anything.
9:18 am
philosophically doesn't the mandate still offend you as an attorney general, that is where you are arguing it is unconstitutional? >> what i am arguing is that the -- along with 25 other states and the majority of states endorsed mitt romney. let me tell you that. let me tell you what we're arguing. obamacare, the federal government mandate on health care, is destroying jobs in my state. in florida. it is hurting liberty of my state, in florida. it is killing our state. it would be financially impossible for my state in florida to survive with obamacare. >> alisyn: okay. and we hear you. just so we're clear, you are okay if states decide that they want a universal health care plan... >> dave: similar to massachusetts. >> alisyn:... similar to massachusetts that may raise taxes or premiums and have an individual mandate. you are okay with states deciding that individually?
9:19 am
>> that is what our government was set up to do. states should make that decision individual states, for themselves. not the federal government, not barack obama. it would put our state out of business. let me tell you what we're concerned about in florida. first, we're concerned about getting barack obama out of office, because we're concerned about our economy, we're concerned about job creation, we're concerned about the things i believe matter to most people in this country. >> dave: you certainly are. >> the candidate i believe who can best beat barack obama in a general election is mitt romney. >> dave: we understand that. all the candidates want to repeal obamacare. if... >> and i commend all of them, yes. >> dave: if the supreme court does not rule it unconstitutional you as an attorney general must realize how difficult the mission will be to repeal it. how will mitt romney and newt gingrich, any of the rest, rick santorum, ron paul, repeal obamacare if it is
9:20 am
constitutional? >> that's right and thank goodness all of our republicans candidates, i'm glad you said that, are committed to doing everything in their power to helping to repeal obamacare. but you are right. it will be difficult because you can't just do it by the stroke of a pen. it takes more than that and that is why we have been allocated as you know, three days in front of the united states supreme court in march. and, we are praying the states and the national federation of independent business it will not come to that. the supreme court will hear our case, they have given us an unprecedented amount of time and by the time the election comes around we will not have the federal health care mandate and by the way we'll have a decision sometime in june from the united states supreme court because this is so important to our country. >> alisyn: interesting stuff and you're at the front line of it, pam bondi, florida attorney general, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> dave: coming up you might be able to get peanuts on the
9:21 am
plane, hold the prayers. alaska airlines taking the faith out of flying. father jonathan morris here next to explain.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> clayton: welcome back. service with a smile but not with a prayer. alaska airlines, one of america's largest commercial carriers is ending the 30-year tradition of passing out prayer cards. with lines from the book of psalms in the in-flight meals and they hand them out after the meal. >> alisyn: father jonathan morris, and author of "god wants us happy" joins us from jerusalem. father john great to see you. >> thank you, very much, i'm with archbishop dolan,
9:25 am
cardinal-designate dolan and this is a wonderful place to talk about prayer, the land of prayer and in those in-flight meals, it was not a propaganda for people to become christian or become jewish, it was a psalm. for 30 years, people received that and now, the decision has been made because passengers complained. to get rid of the tradition. how many passengers probably were blessed and lunched it over these 30 years and continue to be blessed and buff it and instead chose the political correctness and you know what? i think it is like forcing a chinese restaurant to get rid of the fortune cookies, you know, food with a message. >> clayton: how much of this is faith-based? some critics have done studies and one olive per customer on a flight, they save x amount of dollars and is it convenient to
9:26 am
put the spin on it to say it is a passenger said it in the complain and we'll get out of it for political reasons but it is really about cost savings? >> no, i don't think so. i think that was clayton, i can't see you from here. they've given an explanation, some people complained, what is happening in our country today, a small minority has chosen to be extremely vocal and to say, separation of church and state, or tolerance, means that there could be no public expression of one's values and beliefs. this is a private company. a privately owned company, who will be offended by a prayer, a very, very small minority, all the things i got the plane, coming here, including duty-free shoved down my throat? i think we need to relax and people need to stand up and say
9:27 am
we will not let our country become a soulless nation which nobody can express their beliefs. >> dave: we want to get in the airline statement and they say, quote we did not make the decision by scoring compliments and complain, we simply think removing them from is this reit thing to do based on alaska airlines values of diversity and inclusion, are you okay with the statement, father. >> those words, adversity, inclusion is the opposite. we want no diversity, we want everyone to be the same. if i get on -- an israeli airline i hope there will be diversity. i hope i get to understand a little bit more about the jewish faith. i think we need relax and recognize when we get rid of people's beliefs, it is doing exactly the opposite of creating a diverse and respectful nation. >> clayton: father jonathan morris, great to see you, live
9:28 am
from jerusalem. >> come over and broadcast from here. >> alisyn: why don't we, father. >> dave: the big guy and i don't mean god, you know, the big guy... >> alisyn: both, whoever you want to call. father jonathan, thanks so much. >> clayton: they still serve meals, that impresses me about the story! >> dave: coming up a car is sinking into deep water and a deputy does not think twice, springing into action and risking his life don't miss how the story ends. >> alisyn: as new york gears up for the super bowl one bar banning sam adams beer. >> clayton: say it ain't so. >> alisyn: the founder is here to react. >> clayton: how can you ban sam adams. ♪ if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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>> dave: welcome back to fox and friends, dave briggs, clayton morris, alisyn camerota, down to the last couple of days, 48 hours before tuesday's florida primary and the g.o.p. candidates making that final push, most are there, but not all. >> clayton: steve harrigan is live in miami with details on what they are up to. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning good morning. a busy day of campaigning across florida, mitt romney starts it off today in naples, on the gulf coast and will move across
9:33 am
alligator alley to hialeah and the miami area and newt gingrich will be campaigning in central florida and will be at the villages, a retirement community of about 90,000, a regular campaign stop for all of the candidate, the senior vote is expected to be critical in this election. it could make up, perhaps 40% of the total vote on tuesday. as for ron paul he has already left florida and campaigning two days in maine. his campaign saying the florida campaign, with the ten major media markets is simply too expensive to spend millions on tv ads in the winner-take-all priv mary a primary and is looking for greener past tours on college campuses in maine and, rick santorum's youngest daughter, isabella with a serious genetic disorder was hospitalized early saturday evening and he is with her in pennsylvania, officials of the campaign say he will definitely return to florida, to
9:34 am
campaign ahead of use's primary but it's not clear when. a santorum event is scheduled 2:00 p.m. today and family members will be there and the candidate with his ailing daughter in pennsylvania. back to you guys in new york. >> alisyn: okay, thanks for that and we're thinking of the santorum family and hope things get better soon. headlines to tell you about, let us bring you up to speed on those. new revelations in the case of the missing maine toddler, ayla reynolds, police are testing blood found in the basement of her father's home. where she was last seen six weeks ago. police won't say how much blood, only it was discovered early in their investigation. her father claims that he put her to bed, and when he woke up the next morning she was gone, police say they don't think that is the full story. and, arrived in the u.s. for president treatment, president saleh, who is expected to receive care at a new york city hospital for burns he suffered during an assassination attempt and after months of unrest and
9:35 am
deadly government crackdowns he agreed to end his 33-year rule and yemen will hold elections next month to select his successor. a big thank you for our troops returning home from iraq. about 600 veterans walking down the streets of st. louis, receiving a hero's welcome in the first major celebration since the last troops were withdrawn in december, complete with signs and american flags, the parade brought out more than 100,000 people and the celebration made sure to honor those who have fallen. >> my son, he was killed in iraq. april 10th, 2009 and i'm proud of him. you know, i called him the world's greatest hero. and i'm very proud of him. >> alisyn: that is powerful. the parade was organized by two men, who made it happen, through donation and their facebook
9:36 am
page. check out this amazing dashcam video, a deputy risking his life to rescue two women from a sinking car. id happened yesterday near dallas, texas. the 21-year-old driver accidentally drove off a boat ramp reportedly while talking on her cell phone. the deputy was nearby, and jumped into action, ditching his utility belt an swimming out to save them. we are happy to report both women are okay. and the dispute said he was simply doing his job, helping people. >> clayton: that man wouldn't drop his utility belt, smoke bombs... >> dave: thank you, bad boy. rick reichmuth, i'm looking past the cameras now to give you an update on the tennis match, still going on, djokovic, nadal for the aussie open, give us the weather. >> rick: don't worry. we haven't had people outside for such a long time because it has been so cold and has not really been that cold but people don't come out as much. where are you from. >> raleigh, north carolina.
9:37 am
>> rick: i did not plan them to say that. timed like that. nicely done. they had it rehearsed. the weather maps, if you want winter, it is -47° now in fairbanks, alaska. they are having the coldest winter in40 years, there is winter to be had, go up to alaska and the rest of the continental u.s. and your temps this morning, not that bad, except across parts of far northern north dakota and, minnesota and temps are above average and your forecast for the day, across the northeast, another nice day, more white on the map than we'll actually see, will be light snow flurries in the afternoon and we'll see lake-effect snow as well. temps are looking good. down to the southeast, a nice day as well, certainly for january, temps the 50s and 60s and plenty of sunshine, the northern plains by this afternoon. we'll see a little more snow flying across parts of the dakotas and into minnesota and out across the west, plenty of sunshine, again, a beautiful day in southern california and especially because the winds, we
9:38 am
had yesterday will die down by the afternoon. guys, back to you inside. >> clayton: thank you. >> dave: thank you, buddy, another reason you need to get in here. it is time for beer. getting ready for the big game, all you need is your sofa and a big screen tv and tasty beverages and our next guest has the food and drinks to have it all cover, one man has the owner card. at sam adams. >> clayton: the founder of the boston beer company, jim cook joins us with his chili recipe and it is with a surprising ingredient, which is beer. what better thing to add to your chili. >> all these years, people use wine and perrier... >> clayton: and you say that with such dis takdaiisdain. >> we need to take it up a level from wine to good beer. >> dave: why is beer a good ingredient, spice rack. >> that is exactly it. beer is like a spice package. i'm a brewer but maybe a sauceier as well and it has
9:39 am
roasted sweetness, spitiness from the hops and bitterness and the whole spice package. >> clayton: have you poured it in yet? what is in there. >> basic food, really delicious. >> yellow peppers and onions and tomatoes... >> dump everything in here and saute it for a while and instead of water you add the secret ingredient, which is a good flavorful beer, whole bottle of beer and the recipe is on the web site from chef david burke and you can get it at >> clayton: you chose the boston lager, your original, traditional beer, none of the other seasonal flavors, the one you want to go with? >> it is still my favorite, the best beer sam adams makes, what is in my refrigerator and is really big an flavorful, a lot of malt an hops and it stands up to spicy food. >> dave: let's pair other super
9:40 am
bowl favorites. chicken wings, you say those can go with the beer. which and why? >> absolutely. spicy chicken wings, you need a malty beer that will cut through the spiciness and this is our seasonal beer, alpine spring. >> clayton: new one. >> brand new, a fusion beer, part helas and part bach and it is unfiltered and has wheat in it and all of that complexity matches really well with the different flavors in spicy wings. >> clayton: what about burgers? a lot of people will have burgers on the super bowl parties. what do you want to pair with a good, spicy burger? you have jalapenos too. >> a burger to me, beef pairs with boston lager, the red wine of beers and has carmelized malt
9:41 am
that matches the cameraization -- caramelization, and it matches with the juicy burger and has a lingering hop finish. >> dave: you can't pair beer with a burger at one bar in manhattan, foley's, they banned from the super bowl, new york home to the giants, playing against giants, playing against boston, home to the patriots. >> i think they should take a long view on this thing, because, let's face it. if it weren't for the original new england patriots sam adam, the brewer and revolutionary we wouldn't have the super bowl, we'd be watching cricket and singing god save the queen and drinking tea! >> clayton: hear all this giants fans. >> dave: take that, foley's, sam adams, one of our favorite guests, go super bowl, go
9:42 am
patriots. >> clayton: stick around, more on the "after the show" show and also coming up, looking to may have a move with interest rates super bow? super low. what you needed to know before you buy. get out there and buy a home. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag, united club passes, and priority boarding.
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>> clayton: shhh... we're still talking beer. now, real estate. the fed expects interest rates to remain unchanged through 2014. does it help the housing market or make the crisis worse? and what if you are buying a home? joining us with tips on what you need to know to buy is real estate expert katrina campen, nice to see you. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> clayton: generally, we heard the news and it seems like it would be good news on the surface. does it help or hurt the current housing crisis and if you want to buy a house is now the time to do it? >> generally, we have seen a clear turn towards positive
9:46 am
momentum in the housing market and the federal reserve announcing they will maintain interest rates, it certainly will continue to help the housing market recover and in addition we are seeing lower unemployment rates and higher confidence and that coupled with low mortgage rates, is going to continue to spur increased buying. the low interest rates will also motivate people to abandon their capital accumulation. i.e. savings, where they are not earning high returns, in exchange for higher yields such as real estate. >> clayton: if you want to go out and buy a home in the next 2-3 years now that we know the interest rates will stay at that rate until 2014. number one on your list, start living belower means and what does it mean, get your finances in order before you will make the purchase? >> yes, start living below your means and spend less than are making and, unless are going to qualify forth an fha or va loan
9:47 am
you must plan to put 20% down and in addition, many lenders are requiring to see at least 6 months worth of mortgage payments liquid in your bank account. start saving. >> clayton: how do you qualify for an fha loan? >> you know, it is -- it actually depends, every state is different but, in general, generally speaking i would say that people actually need to focus more on the 20% down and start saving towards that because so many americans don't save and that is a main recommendation i give and in addition, i would actually advise that you visit your local bank and start establishing a relationship with the loan officer in that bank. i don't necessarily think you should apply for a mortgage at that point in time. unless you are really ready, because they do have to pull your credit report and that can impact your credit score but ask the bank to give an overall picture of what they will look for financially so you don't
9:48 am
have any surprises later. >> clayton: one thing you mentioned, is go on-line, i think. it is interesting, my father is a realtor and he'll say most people go on-line first before they come to me and ultimately they need to come to me, go on-line first. what are people doing on-line that is so important? >>. >> he's absolutely right. there are free options on-line, mortgage calculators which help you assess what your monthly costs will be. pipi, principal, interest, taxes and insurance. and in addition, many people forget to allocate a reserve for repairs and replacement costs, owning your home is an expense and you have to make sure you allocate enough money up front. >> clayton: we're almost out of time, and your third tip, speak with a loan officer ahead of time. what do you say -- with the bank? >> i think it is important to establish a relationship with a loan officer at your local bank. life in general is about relationships and preparation
9:49 am
and so, by establishing the relationship you are getting ready and will be better prepared and, also help -- they can help you improve your credit score as well which will help you secure lower interest rates, moving forward. >> clayton: like we sue with the recent housing issues, people having the goal post moved, and the call-to-loan person and they say you need these documents and you didn't tell me that before and better to get the relationship started early and, thanks for waking up super early for us in los angeles. >> thank you so much for having me. >> clayton: you bet. coming up on the show, anyone can sling mud and experts say it works, what do voters say when candidates go positive? frank luntz asked the voters that question and he's here, next. >> struggling businesses... growing new ones and rebuild old ones, creating thousands of jobs. men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. even if it doesn't happen every day, you can be ready anytime the moment's right,
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9:53 am
>> alisyn: you heard before, political scientists say attack ads work. but what happens when the candidates go positive and talk about the issues? frank luntz asked the voters, he joins us live from los angeles. hi, frank. >> good morning, how are you? >> alisyn: doing well. the first ad that you tested was something called bright future by mitt romney. tell us. >> it did incredibly well because it describes exactly what republican primary voters believe in america, not specific. but gives you that sense of an up-beat feel they are desperately trying to see. let's look at the ad. >> this is a business mitt romney helped start. and this one. and this steel mill. mitt romney helped create and ran a company that invested in struggling businesses, grew new ones and rebuilt old ones. creating thousands of jobs,
9:54 am
those are the facts. we expected the obama administration to put free market on trial but as the "wall street journal" said, mr. romney's g.o.p. components are embarrassing themselves... >> alisyn: how effective was that one? >> we have been dial-testing it and that was one of the most effective because it talks about what romney did on a personal level, talks about economic freedom and addresses the job issues the public want to see addressed. and, overall is one of the most effective ads of the campaign season so far. >> alisyn: let's talk about the next ad. this is an ad by a pac, red and white blue fund -- red, white and blue fund, pro santorum pac and the add is called pride. let's watch a moment. >> the principled conservative, rick santorum, champion, leader, reformer, he is determined and will never waiver. >> what wins in america are bold ideas, sharp contrasts, and a
9:55 am
plan that includes everyone. a plan that includes people from all across the economic spectrum. a plan that says we will work together to get america to work. >> rick santorum the conservative we can trust. red, white and blue fund is responsible for the content of this ad. >> alisyn: lots of patriotic symbolism and nice music and we can see it did well. >> the line, we'll work together to get america to work. is one of the strongest sound bites of the campaign. and one of the reasons why he, who has been out-spent in some cases 15-to-1, why he's still in the race and the language is powerful and you see that in the ad. >> alisyn: let's look at newt gingrich's latest ad. main street. >> say baloney. we can create millions of jobs, right now, my plan includes repealing laws that raise taxes, and cutting taxes so america is
9:56 am
the best place to invest and create jobs... >> alisyn: how did that do? >> it did well, he talked about his plan and it resonated with primary voters, particularly the tax issue and his feeling of don't say die, trying to do it differently than the obama administration is doing and it also tested very well. >> alisyn: frank, we want everyone to know you will host the florida primary preview tonight at 9:00 p.m. we'll tune in for that. >> have a chance to see gingrich and santorum and alan west face tough question from florida voters, no media involved. it is basically politics unplugged. and they said stuff that really surprised me. >> alisyn: frank luntz, thanks, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. over twenty delicious varieties ha sixty calories oless per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce.
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>> dave: welcome back, we'll have jim cook on the "after the show" show and the coolest cuff links that open bottles of beer and


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