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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 29, 2012 10:00am-12:00pm EST

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mitt romney in part for sam adams beer. he did not hire jim cook, early on in his career. >> alisyn: it worked out. >> clayton: it worked out. join us another "after the show" show, ♪ >> jamie: good morning, a "fox news alert." it is just 48 hours until the republican primary in florida and now, mitt romney and newt gingrich are going toe-to-toe in the most significant race for the white house, three different winners in three contest, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. and the question is, will florida determine a clear front-runner for the nomination, they crisscrossing the state in the last-minute push for votes and santorum and paul are absent. at the moment and we have all the latest and a live report from the campaign trail.
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and another "fox news alert." new warnings out of tehran amid growing nuclear tension. early this morning, u.n. inspectors arriving in iran, the visit met by protesters, and a threat from top iranian officials. it is great to have you here, a busy day it will be, eric, good to see you. >> eric: good morning. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. >> eric: welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. and the 6 member u.n. team on the ground in iran and will be there for three days, trying to get a handle on the disputed nuclear program, demanding answers to the u.s. says, iran is pursuing a possible nuclear weapon including designs for a warhead. critics say there is until indication iran will cooperate and many are asking, will it be more of the same or could it be finally a breakthrough? u.s. ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor joins us, every sunday, good morning,
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ambassador. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> eric: when do you think the inspectors can realistically accomplish, if anything. >> expectations should be low but these inspectors, scientists, technicians, technically proficient and they will be trying to have conversations with iranian scientists, involved in the nuclear weapon. to see what they can get out of them. now, the iranians will be well-rehearsed and when you get into scientific conversations, sometimes things slip out and the u.n. inspectors will be looking for that and taking samples wherever they go to see if iran is enriching uranium towards weapon-grade levels and it is a possibility but i wouldn't have high expectations. >> eric: do you think those scientists will talk, considering they are getting assassinated? >> they've had extensive rehearsals, you think our candidates rehearse for debates. their lives, literally are on the line, not to reveal anything and that will depend in part on
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how forthcoming the regime is and how many people they make available. and, that is what the iaea is counting on for staying there three days, if they have enough conversation maybe they'll find something out. >> eric: is three days enough? they want to talk to the scientists and visit the sites and you have heavily enforced sites and as well as looking at documents. is that enough time to try to determine whether or not iran is developing a nuclear weapon? >> i don't think -- well it is certainly not enough time to prove they are not developing nuclear weapons. the iaea has been to the nuclear facility several times and the iranians will not let the iaea near any really sensitive sites like where they are doing weapons design and testing. so i think that what iran wants to use, this visit for, is to buy time, to give the appearance of cooperation. with the u.n. and as negotiations look like they are about to start again,
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with the five permanent members of the security council. to give them more time to adjust to the economic sanctions and get closer to a nuclear weapon. >> eric: if iran doesn't let them go to sensitive sites and look at the documents that indicate they were working on a warhead design for a potential nuclear weapon. is it a dog-and-pony show? >> from iran's point of view, exactly. i hope as people see iran's continued stonewalling on questions the iaea has been raising for five, six, seven years, this continued lack of cooperation is really evidence that iran can have no purpose here, other than building a nuclear weapon. whatever they say publicly. >> eric: they blocked inspectors before. what happens if they do it now? >> well, the iaea is still at a number of iranian facilities. but i don't think that is where the real weapons work is taking place and if they ask to go to other facilities and iran denies them access, which i think will happen, again i think that is an
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indication that iran is hiding the critical weapons related aspect of its program and, people should draw the appropriate conclusions, that neither diplomacy more economic sanctions can work nearly enough in time to stop iran before it gets a weapons capability. >> eric: and, the 6-member team and one member is an american and letting the american in, she's perry lynn johnson and she's a harvard trained lawyer and has been a u.n. lawyer for years and is basically the general counsel of the iaea and went to harvard law school. graduated 1991, with barack obama. ambassador, what is this significance of a classmate of this president of the united states being ash loud into iran as part of the u.n. team? >> the united nations circles it doesn't gets much more adrenaline-pumping, exciting, the iaea is deploying a lawyer to the gun fight at the okay
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corral. i don't expect much, b the iranians want to give the president a message they can tell his classmate this week. >> eric: could she be a pipeline to the president? >> i don't think it is set up deliberately, she has been a lawyer in u.n. circles for a number of years but the coincidence is interesting if the iranians want to take advantage of it. >> eric: ambassador john bolton, we will we what happens with the situation. >> jamie: a major set back in italy. look at these live pictures, the wrecked cruise ship, you know by now, salvage crews are delaying plans to remove a half million gallons of fuel, from the grounded cruise ship off the tuscan coast, heavy seas and strong winds overnight which cost the ship to move. the operation now suspended until the middle of the week. what will happen to the fuel? if it leaks it could cause an environmental disaster. the operation to remove the fuel expected to take between 3 weeks
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and could take as long as a month. >> eric: occupy wall street protesters tunnel violent in oakland, california. police arrested 300 people during a wild day of protests there. demonstrators reportedly breaking into city hall an burning an american flag. police catching up with the unruly protesters outside of the convention center. demonstrators they say were throwing rocks and bottles at the police and police fired back with tear gas and flash grenades to try and disperse the crowd. no indication, thankfully of any serious injuries and, florida, now, getting ready to have its say in the republican race for the white house. the candidates facing off in the state's primary, tuesday. the latest real clear politics poll average showed mitt romney is in the lead, at nearly 40%, newt gingrich following at about 31%, and rick santorum, third with 12% and, texas congressman
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ron paul, 4th, with just over 9%, and steve harrigan live in miami with the latest, counting down to the beginning of the poll on tuesday. hi, steve. >> reporter: it will be a busy campaign day in florida, for just two of the four candidates. mitt romney starts out on florida's gulf coast in naples, and will make his way across the state and alligator alley to campaign later today in the miami hialeah area and newt gingrich, he is campaigning in the center of the state and will make a campaign stop at the villages. a retirement community of 90,000, a regular stop for all the candidates. florida's senior vote will be the largest voting bloc in the election and could make up to 40% from the total votes cast, on tuesday. as far as ron paul, he's already left florida, citing it is too expensive to keep campaigning here and has gone to campaign in maine, mainly working around college campuses, getting ready for the state's caucuses in february and, rick santorum left
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the state due to a family emergency. his youngest daughter, the youngest of his 7 children, isabella has a jen noegenetic d and he was hospitalized on saturday and santorum is with her in philadelphia and the campaign says he'll return to campaign in florida before the tuesday primary. but it's not certain when exactly he will be back here. back to you. >> eric: our thoughts are with the santorum family and dealing with this. >> jamie: and we thought south carolina got down and battery? the gloves are off, name calling to harsh political ads, some even having to be pulled from the airwaves. what do the candidates need to do to win over florida voters? shane de april is editor of "campaigns an led elections" magazine. >> thanks for having me. >> jamie: can you go from nasty no nice if you are a candidate in florida? >> i don't think you go from nasty to nice if you are newt gingrich at this point and i
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think what we have seen over the past week and particularly these last two debates before florida's primary on tuesday is that newt gingrich is on a footing that he is not used to. mitt romney controlled these debates and went after newt gingrich hard and it worked. and now newt gingrich is left on the campaign trail, and perhaps the only thing he has to say and has said for the past two days is that mitt romney is lying about his record, is lying just about every word that comes out of his mouth, if you listen to newt gingrich and it has gotten nasty and personal for the speaker. >> jamie: turn on the tv and any of these primary states and one ad after another, you cannot avoid it. how far of that do you think is actually absorbed by voters? or at this point, is it tunout? >> it is a much bigger deal in florida. we have come from new hampshire to south carolina and a couple states where the retail campaigning as sect ispect is m
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important and states are not as large, media market is not as expansive and expensive and florida is a much different animal in terms of the campaign. when you've got the money that the mitt romney camp does and the super pax supporting mitt romney -- super pacs supporting him have, you can overwhelm things in florida and mitt romney is doing that to newt gingrich and the newt gingrich camp, facing a campaign with boots on the ground and money to spend in expensive media markets and a state like florida the tv narrative and money on campaign ads makes a difference. >> jamie: a pretty major tv market, a bet it doesn't come on the cheap. what about endorsements? what endorsements, right now, the gingrich camp making a big deal about herman cain's endorsement last night. what kind of leverage do they get from that, with voters and, what endorsement, one for each, would you be looking for, right now, if you were a campaign manager? >> well, if you are mitt romney, in florida, i mean, really the
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endorsement you wanted was former governor jeb bush and he is not going to endorse. but that would have been the major endorsement in florida, and would have been something that might have completely... the herman cain in dormaendorse the newt gingrich campaign, i'm not sure what it does in terms of support and i wouldn't be surprised if there were none but what is important is the newt gingrich campaign is taking it and using it to further the anti-establishment narrative. right now, newt gingrich is fighting against a republican establishment, and, herman cain certainly during his campaign was doing the same and i think it furthers the anti-establishment narrative for newt gingrich and i'm not sure what it does in terms of us. >> jamie: and maybe it does something for fund-raising. we'll have to wait and see until the reports came out, shane, great to have you here this morning, thanks and fox is the place to be, in america's election headquarters, tune in on tuesday for the florida
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primary, trust me it will be a very exciting one, continuing coverage all day long, but our special coverage will kick off at 6:00 p.m. eastern with bret baier and megyn kelly, fox news is the election headquarters and there is new reaction because the rhetoric has gotten rougher in florida. you heard shane mention the endorsement to have, would be former governor jeb bush and coming up, my exclusive one-on-one with the former florida governor, here's a sneak peek. >> jamie: do you think the party is sticking to the core values or has it become muddled? >> clearly, the candidates are sticking to the core values of the party the problem is intern attacks as the campaign has gone on, have overwhelmed that. so, it has a little bit of a circular firing squad feel to it now. >> jamie: you told them to stop. >> i said it's not going to help. eventually there will be a nominee and everybody will want the nominee to win.
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and the only way you win is to draw more people rather than less. and, independent voters get turned off by all of this. >> jamie: some of those independent voters are hispanics, former governor jeb busch knows them well and predictions for the race and his own political plans, if any, i will not give it away, stick around, next hour, much more with the governor. >> eric: and looking forward to the interview in the next hour and not only is he speaking out to fox news but so is newt gingrich, this morning. what he's saying about the contest, about his rival, mitt romney, will the primary prove to be the turning point in the race? for the republican nomination? yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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>> eric: a "fox news alert," a horrible accident in florida, has now closed an interstate near gainesville. there were a series of pile-ups on i-75, overnight. that killed at least 9 people. apparently that has been caused by heavy smoke and fog overnight. and authorities say the crashes involve four or five large commercial vehicles. and, at least 6 passenger cars, and, we're told several people were injured in the series of accidents, more throughout the hour.
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>> jamie: a run-up to the florida republican primary, newt gingrich and romney camps are going negative and what could be the most important electoral contest we have seen yet. newt gingrich spoke with our chris wallace on fox news sunday. and gave his predictions for this tuesday. >> we had a poll day before yesterday, we were tied, and we had the two polls this morning that show santorum and i collectively are bigger than mitt romney and mitt romney beats me as long as we split the conservative vote and have tremendous effort underway to reach out to conservatives to get them to see the only effective vote to stop a massachusetts liberal from becoming or nominee, is to vote for newt gingrich. >> jamie: joining me, the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good morning. >> good morning, jamie. >> jamie: happy sunday, we look forward to the program and newt gingrich says, no matter what he's sticking it out to the end. do you believe him? >> well, there is no reason he
10:20 am
shouldn't. he has been count out for dead twice and resuscitated the campaign twice and is, as he says, leading in national polls, that may change after florida. i think he's got a real tough road the next couple of days in florida and why shouldn't he stay in the race and he makes a good point, which is, you know, in a sense, it is a... you know, an arguable issue and if you take the vote of him and santorum and add it together they beat romney and santorum is in the race and if he drops out, the conservatives might coalesce around newt gingrich and it doesn't make sense to drop out of the race. he's in at least until super tuesday in early march. the -- a number of southern states on super tuesday, that favor him, whether he stays in all the way to the convention, but at this point, who is to say he won't be the nominee and mitt
10:21 am
romney drops out? >> jamie: i guess we have to consider both of those and florida is interesting, because it is winner take all. what boost do you think either of them get if they get those 50 electoral votes? >> it is a big deal either way. not that it ends the race or knocks the other person out. but, let me make the argument, i made the argument on argue of newt gingrich and in terms of romney, if he wins, the month of february is much slower and there aren't nearly as many primaries, places like nevada, a mormon population and michigan, romney's home state, and, there is only one debate and debates have been the strongest points, more than three weeks from now, february 22nd. and he doesn't get that kind of exposure and, third, mitt romney is out-spending newt gingrich in florida and he and the super pacs, 5-1 and assuming mitt romney wins, and again it is if, but if he were to win and newt gingrich loses the disparity in money will be more striking.
10:22 am
it doesn't mean he wins the nomination but puts him en a commanding position. >> jamie: it looks like you can't call it. you have to tune in on tuesday to see what happens. great to see you, chris. >> let me quickly say we'll have paul ryan on also, fascinating interview about the president's state of the union speech and the republican agenda and some people will watch the show and say, why isn't he running for president. >> jamie: we'll check it out, great tease. thanks. you should watch the conversation with newt gingrich, later today, the one-on-one airs at 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel. and, also, the chairman of the house budget committee, republicans congressman paul ryan, as chris said, definitely, worth watching. eric? >> eric: we're all over the race. men, listen up. did you know that your biological clock could be ticking away? why doctors claim menopause is not just limited to women. >> jamie: do they get those hot flashes? and coffee may do more than give
10:23 am
you a pick me up. the dangerous disease it can prevent, in sund"sunday house c and, jeb bush weighing in on the 2012 republican field and his take on the candidates in an exclusive one-on-one interview, you'll see the governor, straight ahead. >> i honestly believe both newt gingrich and santorum and mitt romney and paul all are better candidates now than they were two months ago. >> jamie: in that order? have they improved in that order?
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when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we knew it would take time, but we were determined to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years.
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>> eric: time for sun house call, -- "sunday house call," dr. david samadi, vice chairman of the department of urology and chief of robotics and chief at
10:28 am
mt. sinai. >> jamie: and you had an emergency, last night and, dr. marc siegel, from the langone medical center and, author of "the inner pulse", unlocking the secrets of health... and that what is we do here. >> eric: and women may not be the only ones who suffer the effects of menopause and doctors noticed male patients report the same symptoms as women. dr. samadi, hot flashes? >> no, it is not the same as women. it is not necessarily hot flashes. it is called male menopause and is different and is a graduate dual pace and not subtle like women and, as we get older the level of testosterone in male hormones, starts to decline and some people actually call it andro-pause, and, typically, men present with being fa teaketigu don't want to do anything, low testosterone is the same as low
10:29 am
libido, no interest in sexual activities and become couch potatoes and they are tired and a lot of people... >> jamie: mojo, is that a technical term? >> and some people think it is the typical mid life crisis and, really, the diagnosis is critical. it is secret medical news and now is coming to the surface. why is it important? low testosterone, means high cholesterol and heart disease and osteoporosis and park son's depression and on and on and on and we need to diagnose and treat it and they do really, really well. >> eric: how do you treat it. what if you want to sit on the couch and play football. >> i as an internist have to screen for it and i check every man over 50 for this and 30% of men between 60 and 70 have it and 70% of men between 70 and 80 have it, low testosterone and they are lethargic and are at
10:30 am
increased risk for heart disease and, many times i should replace testosterone and there is a potential risk of prostate cancer if you overtreat this and there is a possibility of making sleep apnea worse and it is not a ride in the park but if you want to treat with testosterone replacement which many men need it can be health saving and life-saving. >> eric: those watching us now. what do you say to your doctor? >> get your testosterone checked. the levels, fluctuate during the day and get 2 or 3 of the tests and the peak of the time believe it or not is 5:00 a.m., go to your doctor early on and get the test done and certainly there is injection by muscular injections and patches you can get. so getting prescriptions or viagra and, a red corvette and tight jeans will not work.
10:31 am
>> jamie: i was going to ask if that was a symptom. >> it is part of it. >> jamie: and, early morning is a good time to be tested. great stuff. a story after my heart, your morning cup of joe could do more than get you going, studies show coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes and scientists now know why. what did they find out? >> we have talked about this, an ongoing theme and i brought my coffee cup, this is on sour sou we talk, growing observational evidence, the coffee, over four cups a day is an antioxidant and decreases the risk of cancers and has a 50% reduction in diabetes and a study that showed 7% decrease for every cup you drink. now, researchers in china have actually tried to figure out why. and they isolated the ingredients in coffee including something called cafeiac acid, and they took the cells and put
10:32 am
the coffee on the cells of the pancreas and found they literally didn't make a certain protein, an analoid protein and, it clogs up the place you are talking about, in the brain, leads to alzheimer's and, is a market for a dysfunctional pancreas and coffee decreases the production of that and i talked to a senior official at the american diabetes association and he cautioned, it is step one. he said i'm excited and now we have to go from cells to humans and see if this is the mechanism. >> jamie: it is interesting in china they tested coffee and i think tea, would it have the same benefits? >> it does and also as you said, coffee is the most common traded commodity next to oil. and all over the world, they are drinking coffee. i love coffee, i drink four cups
10:33 am
a day and i'm glad that a lot of people called and e mailed and said is that reality? here's the prescription to the art of drinking coffee. you have to pace yourself. you can't drink all of them next to each other. i put three hours between so it won't affect the heart rate. and you want to make sure you watch the amount of sugar and milk that you put in, that can increase your cholesterol and defeat the purpose of diabetes. coffee is diuretic and you can lose a lot of water and for every cup of coffee you need a bottle of water to replace it and you can go and have it. i think the concept of having the amyloids, it is important -- >> clayton: and one more quick thing. you may be able to put it in a pill. let's work on that and b, the caffeine is key. the study didn't show caffeine had the same benefit and you may be able to get the caffeine out and still that he have same benefit for diabetes.
10:34 am
>> eric: coffee is the happy drink. >> jamie: talk to your doctabou whether or not it is right for you. >> eric: coming up we'll find out how patients can tell if they are healthy enough. >> jamie: holding hands looks safe... and gluten allergies. you see all of those signs that say gluten free and you may pay more at the supermarket and restaurants? we wanted you to know what it means and whether or not you need to go gluten-free. we'll be right back. forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice. back then he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future.
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diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> eric: back now with "sunday house call," a worldwide study finds treating men with painful inability to urinate various among countries and the condition is called acute
10:39 am
urinary retention and is a severe complication and it is associated with what doctors call bph. what is it. >> benign prostatic hyperaphasia and, the process indicate can become 70-grams, much double the size and what it does, show where the prostate is. it is -- the male organ, sits right next to the bladder. here's the bladder, here's the prostate and it is in front of it and as it grows, it can actually block the urinary stream and, what happens to the men? they get up at night multiple times and keep going, frequency and feel like they are urinating but are not emptying the bladder and it affects their quality of life and, if you get -- your husband is getting up 3 or 4 times a night to urinate that is not normal and part of aging,
10:40 am
get checked and see the doctor and we have ultrasound we can check to see how much urine is left behind and, look into the severity and growth of the prostate and needs to be checked, that's baas the baby bt older it will be a real entity. >> dave: and they are getting older and it could be affecting a lot of people? >> this is one of the number one things i do as an internist. 13.5% of men over the age of 50 have the problem. the number 4 disease among men over the age of 50. and the other seizes are things like heart disease and high blood pressure and high cholesterol and i'll let you in on a secret. here's how easy it is, i ask for a change. have you had a change in your stream? are you going more often at night as david says. is it less forceful? what is changing? and if i think something is changing and you go more frequently and not as forcefu y forcefully, the chances are your prostate is larged.
10:41 am
we have alpha blockers, like fl flomax and they work well, and we can add drugs to shrink the size of it and if it goes on i refer to a urology, we can treat it medically a lot of times. >> eric: dr. samadi said 2 or 3 times a night. what if it is once during the night. >> it depends on how much fluid you have before you go to sleep at night. if you are taking -- if you are taking proscar, you needed to double the level of your psa because it brings the level down, and the other thing is, if you have a cold, do not sake sudafed. it can shut down the urinary stream, one thing to really avoid if you have a large prostate. >> jamie: that is a brand name, and it would be what drug... >> any kind of -- sudafedarin
10:42 am
and you have surgical treatments. >> jamie: see an internist andy urologist. >> at the same time. >> or a urological surgeon. everybody gets credit for the expertise. great topics and we helped the guys, and help is -- more or us. i have a girlfriend who has not only a food allergy but gluten intolerance and i was curious and it turns out there's a dramatic rise in the and you see gluten-free products that supposedly help you and can you cure it and prevent symptoms? >> we are doing the topic because of your friend, but your friend is among 18 million americans with the problem. a gluten sensitivity or allergy. there is something called celiac disease which is 1% of the population. and gluten is 6% and, if you have an auto-immune problem and making antibodies, to gluten, you have celiac disease and you
10:43 am
could have allergies to gluten. what is it? it is a primary product in wheat, barley and rye and these are pro es teens and many more people have it than used to. >> jamie: why. >> we think it is hygiene hypothesis, we're wiping out all of our immune responses and get allergies we didn't used to have, we're taking too many antibiotic but we have to know because we have to do what your friend wants, we have to go to restaurants and say you cannot have wheat products, you need a menu and alternatives for people. it leads to discomfort and bloating and abdominal pain and if it is celiac disease you can have real problems. >> the symptoms are vague and could have gi symptoms and also systemic symptoms and can have migraines and rash and symptoms of arthritis and typically, the patients go around from doctor-to-doctor and the average time to get diagnosis is four
10:44 am
years. and see a neurologist and get a cat scan, nothing wrong, dermatologist, gi. keep a diary, keep the journal of everything that goes on, what causes this, what did you have for dinner and what kind of food you put in and what brings it up and bring it to your doctor. somebody needs to put it together and make sure. >> jamie: what kind of doctor is best for that? >> medical doctors, allergy doctors, we are talking about gluten energies.allergies, whic different than celiac disease, that is very difficult and this, stay away from gluten and you are fine. >> jamie: let me ask, the fda regulates some things but not like vitamins, often and when you buy a gluten-free product how do you know it is really gluten-free. >> you have to check the label. salad dressings and baked goods have it and as david pointed out. 18 million people that he have gluten sensitivity. if you are a self-respecting internist or family doctor you better ask the questions when
10:45 am
someone says, i have bloating, i'm losing weight, i feel fatigued, having diarrhea and gas, it could be this. >> jamie: glad we raised awareness of it. sounds like you can do something about it. >> there are a lot of stores out there and this $2.6 billion market is opening up. first find it and treat it. >> eric: a lot of people affected and may not even know about it. great. thank you. good news coming up. for heart patients who want to kick start their love lives, the simple test to determine if you are ready. >> jamie: and coming up we had an opportunity, exclusive sit down conversation with former florida governor jeb bush. he has not said much but has advice for the candidates ahead of tuesday's florida republican primary. >> i hope the candidates recognize that the swing voters in swing states are going to determine who the next president is. there are 15 states that are really up for grabs, and if you look at those states, every one of them, the fastest growing
10:46 am
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>> eric: back sith sundwith su"e
10:50 am
cal call", if you are aping to walk upstairs, without gasping for breath, after a heart attack, you are ready for a love life. >> you know the movie with jack nicholson. and, if he could climb two flights upstairs he could have sex and hopefully for him a beautiful woman was waiting up there and american heart association came up with the fact that if you have a stable heart disease, you can go ahead and engage in sexual activity without jeopardizing your life, actually, sexual activity is responsible for less than 1% of heart attacks and doesn't put pressure on your heart and it was a big discussion between us doctors and the patients and we know it is safe. you need to speak to your doctor, if you are not taking nitroglycerine, take viagra or cialis and have a great sex life and that is big news. >> and to add to that you have to talk to your doctor, because you cannot know whether symptoms are stable or unstable.
10:51 am
they can tell you and the jack nicholson movie is a perfect example. i'm not sure he should have been doing that. >> he had a good time. >> and for most people this is a very good thing and these guidelines from the american heart association calls people down and tells them sexual activity is part of normal life and if you can exercise you can probably have sex. interestingly, married men who are having affairs, did worse, than people who stayed with their same partners. so, in other words, the usual sexual relationship that is probably the safest but, again, probably safe, this is great that these guidelines came out. but, talk to your physician. >> and it can work the other way around and the first sign of heart attack now, is erectile dysfunction, because those arteries are much smaller than the arteries in the heart and i see someone young and they have that dysfunction it can be a
10:52 am
warning for a heart attack. >> jamie: doctors are warning about the long term effects of sleep apnea, just-diagnosed or being and in som knee yak. >> a study out of the annals of medicine saying they are under diagnosing it and, they are waking up fatigued and having headaches and for women, sometimes the symptoms are more subtle and they get anxious and get depressed and it may not be as obvious and 2-3% of middle aged women have sleep apnea and the studies showed three times the rate of sudden death from this, in untreated. and it looks like using those masks everybody doesn't want to wear, cpap, it causes positive pressure and literally gets rid of the risk and the disease worries me as an internist. 70 million people out there with this. and can lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks and can lead to strokes and you have
10:53 am
to get tested if you are having the symptoms and you have to get treated. snoring alone is not the issue. but if you have snoring you better have it looked at. >> jamie: does it take your partner to bring it up? a lot of people are in denial. >> apnea means you stop breathing and, they snore but it's not just snoring, they wake up in the morning and feel like they've slept but are extremely tired and increasing car accidents and many health hazards, and what you need to do is go to a sleep lab and let them study you and find out exactly what goes on during your sleep pattern to treat it. >> jamie: don't be afraid to. better to have the information. a good night's sleep is everything and i hope you get one tonight. >> i'll get some tonight. >> he doesn't have the condition... >> jamie: eric and i are big nappers. >> eric: the benefits of naps, back with the doctors, and we'll answer your viewer e-mail. people with a machine.
10:54 am
what ? customers didn't like it.
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the e-mail example is a good way to venus yourself and change your lifestyle, and get back to not smoking and not drinking and healthy diet and now, here's what is important about this. most plaque is calcified and there is 10% of plaque that aar are... and it doesn't mean, you
10:59 am
want to find out and, get a stress test and angry yo. >> get it if you have high blood pressure and smoking be a diabetes and you don't know if you are at risk. in the moderate risk it can tell me if it is high i need to get a stress test on you and you need to then do lifestyle changes and cut down on smoking and exercise more and maybe you need a statin to lower your cholesterol, all of that, helps to make the decision, if i have the information, if you are in the middle group. high risk people shouldn't get it. >> jamie: and watch the program, folks, to learn how to avoid having to get it because you will be healthier. >> eric: and questions for the doctors? e-mail us, docs, as always, thank you. >> jamie: thanks. appreciate it. >> my pleasure.
11:00 am
>> jamie: the nation is watching florida as the primary looms 48 hours away, mitt romney and newt gingrich are blasting each other, as the race there turns negative, in the final stretch. and really they are laying it all out there. good morning, everyone i'm jamie colby, great to have you here. >> eric: i'm eric sean, welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. and the outcome in florida could produce a clear leader in the race. for the republican nomination. and this of course comes after thcontest in the three other states and turned up 3 different winners, rick santorum, mitt romney, newt gingrich, all tied with one win each, so far, florida, could tip the balance. carl cameron is live in naples with the latest. good morning, carl. do the polls show him pulling ahead? what do you think will happen? >> reporter: the polls are pretty clear, the latest maris
11:01 am
poll, shows mitt romney is up 15 points and the real clear average at 11 points, and, this morning, on fox news sunday, newt gingrich spoke with chris wallace and talked about how it is a, quote, tough race for him and he argued, it is largely because of the ad blitz romney unleashed on newt gingrich across the sunshine state, and here's a little bit of him, former speaker with chris wallace on fox news sunday early this morning. >> i think it will be much, much closer, these polls, we have a shot at winning and, frankly, it is uphill against the sheer weight of his money, and the negativity of his campaign.
11:02 am
leaning toward mitt romney but newt gingrich showed in the past an ability to surge in the final seconds of the races. this is the 4th contest. it's 1-1 and 1 santorum romney and gingrich. the florida primary is likely to get a massive head of steam. it will be the first winner of take allstate. there are more republicans here than all that have been offered. >> gingrich is about to press on even if he loses in florida. see what happens as we go into
11:03 am
tuesday. >> you can make sure to tune in on tuesday for all of the coverage of the florida primary. we will have continuing coverage through out the day. special coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time with bret baier and megan kelly are back with america's election headquarters with all of the coverage. >> it is just two-days before the winner take all florida primary. former florida governor jeb bush warned the gop candidates to more effectively engage hispanic voters. he calls them the margin of victory. when he left office in 2007 unemployment in his state was down, the housing market was booming, and he left a budget surplus in excess of a billion dollars. even though florida residents don't pay state income tax. so it's no surprise many are asking now why isn't he running for president? will he or won't he? here is governor jeb bush in my exclusive one-on-one sit down. >> governor bush, so great to be
11:04 am
with you again. thank you for making time with us. busy week in florida. oo thanks. great to be with you. >> what is the biggest challenge people living here are facing and how different is it from when you were in charge? >> when i was in charge, we were hitting on all cylinders on the economy. now the real estate market collapsed. jobs by far and away is the biggest issue. there has been recovery in the last 6 months which is good. good for floridians and job growth is improving. but it is still a tough time for a lot of people. >> the hispanic vote is not just in florida it's important across the country. are any of the candidates getting to them with the message they want to hear. >> i hope the candidates recognize that the swing voters and swing states will determine what the next president is. >> there are 15 states up for grabs. if you look at the states every one of them the fastest growing segment of the population are hispanic voters. every one of them.
11:05 am
not just florida but north carolina, virginia, colorado, new mexico, iowa, maybe even new hampshire. i don't know. >> do they want anything different? >> they want to be treated liwi respect. the misnomer is hispanics have a set agenda unique to everyone else. >> as one of the most popular successful governors you left a tremendous surplus when you left office here. have any of the candidates come to you and said, how did you do that? i want to do it, too, as president? would the model even work? >> no state income tax but there's other ways to collect revenue. you don't have to try to appropriate people's money to create a government that serves people. i have worked with governor romney and speaker gingrich on policy issues. i think they are committed to pretty good ideas. so not all of it translates to washington because we have a
11:06 am
balanced budget amendment. florida, i am proud of the fact that florida went from double a credit to triple a. some of these if it applied to washington you would quickly see a reduction in the deficits. the united states is capable of growing at 4 percent per year for a decade of time. that would solve this problem more than expropriating people's money and spending more through government to try to solve policies. those policies didn't work. t time to try something different. >> a balanced budget, why shouldn't it be required? >> the states are in the process of changing that. hopefully that will be a constitutional amendment because three quarters of the states approve it. that would be fantastic. our debt now is over 100 percent of the gdp. we look more like grease than we want to admit. grease is on the bath to banksy. my hope is the next president
11:07 am
will decide he is not going to lead in this regard figures out a way to put by the partisanship to find what is called the grand bargain. it is not a question of whether we want it or not. at the same time we still have incredible people doing incredible things. i don't think this is a problem of the american people. i think this is a problem of dysfunctional government right now. >> what is the right answer on social security and which of the gop candidates has it? >> phasing at retirement age increase would be appropriate and would solve the problem. there is no proposals on the table by president obama and this is his responsibility and he's basically saying it's not a problem, which is negligence in my mind. i am guessing ron paul's proposal is libertarian which may not be feasible. in the proposals i have seen that governor romney and speaker gingrich and santorum have made
11:08 am
are all within the range of what a solution would be? >> what was your impression of the state of the union address? >> the president he's a great speaker so kudos to that. i am not sure that's necessary ill wiy a sign of great leaders. this is all designed toward reelection and it's designed to try to create a wedge and strike fear rather than to offer hope. it's a very dramatically different kind of campaign than four years ago for president obama. >> if you were to play a role other than for the white house as president of the united states which a lot of people bring up your name to do what role would you want to play? >> even now to be honest with you if president obama asked me to do something that didn't violate my principles i would do it. i love my country. the idea that john huntsman was criticized for serving, this is a new thing. that's not the way it has been. we need to restore the tradition of service. >> will you never run for president? >> i don't know. i -- this is probably my time i
11:09 am
tend to stay i involved. i doubt i will be a candidate. >> has the party asked you to step in? >> no. >> i have been asked to help and i have. >> how many times in the past week have you heard brokered convention. >> i have heard it but that is an unbelievable scenario. it would be hard to achieve that. >> is it out of the question? >> you could do it if all four candidates stay in. i believe that gingrich and santorum and romney and paul are better candidates than they were two months ago. >> in that order. have they improved in that order? >> i think they have all gotten better in different ways. >> you have chosen not to make an endorsement of any of the gop candidates. will you endorse after the florida primary? >> i might. i felt like given my connectivity to the state i love it was best to let the voters
11:10 am
decide. governor jeb bush devoted to his state of florida. also devoted to identifying a role to better teacher schools and tea can play to better our future. he heads to louisiana for a leadership in change in education summit and first ever national digital learning day. he's behind that promoting innovations in the classroom as he said in our sit down he plans to keep really busy and stay very involved. i want to thank jeb bush for his time in that interview. >> when you asked him whif if h would run for president he gave you that little laugh. >> yes, that laugh. >> in washington now where the senate is prepare ago key test on what's called the stock act. the bill would prevent members of congress from profiting from insider information. you would think that would be something illegal already. peter is live in washington to fill us in. >> hi, eric. when we talk about the stock
11:11 am
act. it's an acronym for stop trading on congressional knowledge act. it has been bouncing around in congress for the last five years or so but never gained any steam until a 60 minute story late last year just this past tuesday president obama said this about stock act. >> give me a bill that bans insider trading by members of the congress i will sign it tomorrow. that limits any elected official promoting stocks and the freeze they impact. >> we have another clip a few minutes later. you will see senator scott the republican co-sponsor march right up to the president after his address on tuesday and tell him that the stock act is in majority leader reid's hand ready for a vote. >> i am going to tell him to get
11:12 am
it done. >> senator brown also said in a statement after the address i hope the senate passes the stock act and sends a sun fied message to the american people that congress is not above the law is and will be held accountable. one of the counterparts democrats senator kirsten jil branned will ensure members of congress can't tip off any one else with nonpublic information. there is bipartisan support in the senate for the stock act. that is where they will be with the text vote on the stock act. eric cantor a republican says their version of the stock act is going to be expanded but there's no date for a vote on that just yet. >> all right peter. thank you for filling us in. >> there is new video of violent clashes with police. angry protestors are throwing rocks and bottles. take a look at this. dramatic video. the police fired back with tiea
11:13 am
gas trying to get the chaotic scene under control. guess where it happened? right here in the u.s. we will have details of the latest occupied protest coming up. >> fox news voter fraud unit will fill you in on two separate voter fraud trials. tomorrow morning the trial for the republican secretary of state of indiana starts he's facing felony voter traufraud charges. in new york voters testify in the trial of democratic politicians abused of being part of a scheme to try to steal an election by faking absentee lal bought -- ballots? >> did you do anything wrong? >> no. >> did you forge any absentee ballots? >> no, i did not. >> did you steal an election or try to steal one? >> like before i told you no.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
11:17 am
>> major interstate of florida remains closed. that happened near gainesville florida in the center part of the state. this after horrible pileups overnight on i 75. sadly at least 9 people were killed in a series of accidents that occurred overnight. apparently caused by heavy smoke and fog. authorities say the crashes involved 4-5 large commercial vehicles and at least 6 passenger cars.
11:18 am
we are also told at least 17 people have been injured in these pileups. their conditions as of now remain unclear. >> you don't have cash in the bank and you don't have stuff in the mattress. you may be running short and wondering how do you get a cash advance. maybe you can get it on your paycheck. we want to warn you about the risk associated with so-called payday loans. the best way to get emergency credit. jieni joining us is vice president of state policy for department of responsible lending. that's what we are looking for. great to have you on the program. >> good morning, jamie. thank you for having me. >> i haven't heard of payday loans but they must be particularly popular right now, sometimes not proper. what do you want us to know about them? >> first of all what pay day loan is marketed as a short term
11:19 am
small dollar loan meant to get borrowers through their next payday facing a financial emergency. it can seem like a quick fix. they market it as a quick fix. what we have learned is that it is anything but that. the average annualized interest rate for a payday loan is 400 percent and very severe risk. >> how can that be? states have usury laws. i remember at one time it was 25 percent was the max you could charge? >> that is true. historically that has been true. when the declaration of independence was signed all of the signers of the declaration went back to states that had usury that had interest rate limits. but over the years, particularly since the 70s, many states, not all, many states legalized petty lenders went into the states and got legalization of 400 percent. >> sounds like loan sharking. >> well, i would say the
11:20 am
collection tactics can be different but the rates are very much the same. in fact, there were some indictments in chicago of some loan sharks a couple years ago and they charged less than what petty lenders are charging right now. >> say you are getting your paycheck in a week or two weeks and you need the cash right now is there a way to do this that say what would be your top two tips for checking it out? >> there is a couple of things. by and large for people who are paycheck to paycheck who have minimal savings facing an emergency they can't pay a loan back all in one big lump sum on their next payday plus pay all of their regular bills they still have rent and heat and food. >> what should they do? >> look for a longer term installment loan, credit card, over draft line of credit, signature loan from a credit union borrowing from a family member bor a friend. anything but a payday lender.
11:21 am
what we have seen with 400 percent interest rate it invariably leads to a long-term cycle of high cost interest rate debt. >> if you do encounter a payday lender is there a place to check them out to see if they are legit? oo from our per securityive a dpayday loan is a payday loan is a payday loan. there is little variance by term and cost. they charge the maximum rate they are allowed by law. >> you say swear off them but the consumer financial protection board is looking to regular slate this and monitor it. take charge this one shouldn't be at the top of the list. thank you so much for being with us for the take charge consumer protection segment. >> we will have this and other information. if you want to go to click on the america's news
11:22 am
headquarters page and look for the link to many of the take charge consumer protection segment. >> always great advice. >> you know the battle for reet pub can presidential nomination has been a real slug fest. could this long process of republican candidates duking it out against each other actually help president obama in the election? i will have a fair and balanced debate coming up. a pregram to help struggling homeowners. how it could help the housing market. how to fill you in for this sunday morning. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them.
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>> it's america's election headquarters. who is really benefitting from the republican primary so far.
11:27 am
even though the candidates have been going at aech ear debate to debate and contest to contest the strategy could be working on the gop side but not for the republicans in the long run. the latest clear politics average shows if the election were held today the president would beat any of the republican lineup. we have a fox news contributor and adam geller for governor crist christie. you got blood sport going on. is it going to boomerang against the gop in november? >> bill parcells would say let's not get excited this is one in a row. the reality is let's not look too much into this right now. if you look at state by state president's numbers are still upside down in the state florida, michigan, pennsylvania, virginia and so on and so forth. really the name of the game is independence. you want independence with 52
11:28 am
percent at 2002 and 2008. the numbers are going to go up and down as they were through out the year. but when you look at it state by state and look at the specific demographics he needs he has a long way to go before he is in the game. >> i don't think it's too early. what about the job approval number? >> that is a sign of the times when it comes to the economy and as we are slowly digging o ourselves out of the ditch. it is going to come down to independence. when you look at romney's numbers with an independent in a few recent weeks his negative ratings have sky rocketed 20 points. i think in any case when you are looking at a presidential primary it does toughen up the candidates makes them stronger in the general elections. it you hear despicable dishonest.
11:29 am
they are getting nasty but the main thing happening as independents and other voters learn more about governor romney. we know a lot about speaker gingrich. as they started to learn more about speaker romney they don't like what they see they don't trust him and they don't think he would have their best interest at heart. >> look at the numbers. romney is the closest to president obama. 47.3 percent for the president, 44.9 percent for mr. romney. two points apart. you got the swiss bank the cayman islands the speaker fees a list that goes on and on and on that gingrich has used against him. isn't president obama going to pick that up? >> if you look at the numbers, the story is right there in the numbers. against mitt romney the president is under that critical number 50 percent. against newt gingrich, he is over 50 percent. now why is that? it's very simple. goes back to what he said the independents. i realize where he is coming from and i am not quite sure
11:30 am
what poll you are referring to, but the reality is most of the polling we are seeing right now on mitt romney is the republican primary. >> nbc wall street journal poll. >> when you look at the public poll numbers and see the president under 50 percent you know as well as i do any incumbent under 50 percent is a vulnerable incumbent. romney can hold the president under 50 percent in the middle of a republican primary when he is getting attackd from all sides it's a pretty good sign obama is indeed vulnerable. >> santorum according to the list he holds the president just basically at 50 percent. 50.5 percent. and that is rick santorum. >> as the general election heats up and we are continuing to see the numbers moving in the right direction when it comes to the economy and jobs numbers and the president gets out there making his case directly to the american people those numbers are going to switch. adam is trying to have it both
11:31 am
ways in saying the numbers don't really matter right now but the ones that he likes matters right now. what really is important is independent voter it's not just republican primary voters paying attention to the primary. as they have gotten to know more about the candidates they are being turned off, and turned off by the republican audiences. that is going to have a dire impact on a man in the general election. >> obama has been getting his word out he has been doing campaign style stuff. he's in full campaign mode and he's still under 50 percent. >> last time i checked the state of the union is the role that the president played. >> it was a campaign speech. >> campaign speech, state of the union there's the debate right there. adam and jermot thank you very much. the obama administration launching an initiative to pollst bolster the struggling housing market. expanding the number of homeowners who may be eligible for it, brenda buttner senior business correspondent.
11:32 am
brenda, let's find out how. it wasn't that long ago i remember $75 billion the administration made available for homeowners. like so few got to take advantage of it. why is that? what's different about this program? >> this has been a bureaucratic nightmare this program. a majority of people who were eligible dropped out because it simply didn't work. there was a lot of finger pointing at the banks. pointing the finger at people who didn't send in the right documents. it wasn't worked so hard. even the obama administration says it hasn't. they are extending and expanding it. not only simply owners of homes but investors who own homes and rent them out will be el visible f -- eligible for this. they are also extending it to fanny and freddie. the government is getting in on
11:33 am
the act. they are going to ghif money to fanny and freddie to buy down principle to people who might be in danger of going into foreclosure. >> that's a lot of people who's homes are worth a lot less than they owe. how do they take advantage of this program? you think this time it's the real deal? >> i am not sure. a lot of people argue in are taxpayers thenning out investors at this point? but the truth is if your home -- if a home on your block loses 5-10,000 dollars your home is going to go down in value as well. this program doesn't take effect until the end of april. you can't take advantage of it. you can look into what you should be doing if you are in danger of floor closing this will be one option. maybe it will work. it has a very bad history. if they are extending and expanding it it is something to
11:34 am
look into. >> extending, expanding and spending. >> exactly. >> maybe is the operative word. we hope it does, gren dau. -- brenda. >> two voter fraud trials one democrat has been accused of stealing an election. on the other a top republican state official goes on trial on voter fraud charges. he's the state's chief elections official. [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner,
11:35 am
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♪ if you're like my patients, you want to hear you've done a good job caring for your mouth. that's why i recommend a rinse like crest pro-health multi-protection. it helps you get a better dental check-up. because not all rinses provide all these benefits. so be ready for your next dental check-up. crest pro-health multi-protection rinse. [ male announcer ] try any crest pro-health rinse. complete satisfaction guaranteed, or we'll buy it back. >> we have a fox news lart. a horrific scene coming from west birmingham, alabama. a reported robbery that left five people dead inside a home. details are still unclear. we are told there have been no arrests at this time. any updates that come in we will bring them to you here on fox.
11:39 am
>> now to the fox news voter fraud unit and a case we broke nationally. testimony has begun in a voter fraud trial in new york. voters testified last week that they were paid by democrats to vote. 8 democratic public officials and political operatives have been indicted four guilty in a scheme. the prosecutor say was aimed at stealing an election by faking absentee ballots. the two officials on trial deny the charges. the elections commissioner and normer michael proto. during jury selection he again told me he didn't do it. >> did you do anything wrong? >> no. >> did you forge any absentee ballots? >> no, i didn't. >> did you steal an election or try to steal one? >> as i told you before, no. >> in indiana another voter fraud trial starts tomorrow morning.
11:40 am
republican secretary of state charlie white indiana topple election official faces 7 felony charges. he's accused of illegally registering to vote at his ex-wife's house. he is denied any wrong doing. joining us now is republican consultant dede and karen cast le is a democratic lawyer for the state's democratic party in indianapolis. thank you and welcome. mitt romney registerd from his son's basement and was in charge of felonies. how come this is different? >> in indiana you have to register where you intend to make your permanent residents. in this case charlie white moved into a con minudominium in janu and february of 2010. told the world he told the federal government he told his mortgage lender, he told everyone this is where he was making and intending to make his permanent residence. on february 22nd of 2010 registers to vote and claims the
11:41 am
home of his ex-wife on february 26th of 2010 he closes on the condominium that cost over a quarter of a million dollars. it just so happens that by registering at the home of his ex-wife he was allowed to go on doing his job as a counselor on the fishers council that netted him a thousand dollars a month. so he was continue to go get paid. of course as soon as the word came out in late september what he had done, he immediately resigned from his town council position. >> you think he committed voter fraud? >> most certainly. he knew he was not living in the basement of his ex-wife. he is our chief election officer. people need to know they can believe in the election process. it doesn't matter whether you are a democrat or a republican you need to follow the laws. >> do you think he committed voter fraud? >> of course not. indiana has the most laid back
11:42 am
residency laws in the country. evan bayh claims he lives with a buddy. they were taking the couch two times. we don't be brdrudge him of tha. you live where you say you live. when charlie white claimed to live at his ex-wife's house, his house where he was in between a divorce. we know how divorces get he had his voter id. he had his driver's license, everything registered there. he had bank statement there is. that is well over enough to claim residency in in. maybe not in other states but in indiana you can home is befowhe the heart is. wherever you claim to live that is where you are. >> he claimed ep spent 4 nights a week there. indeed why was he charged? >> you don't know where he was? how do you know? were you living with him? hanging with him? having dris with minimum? any one can say where they want to take residency up.
11:43 am
i believe if a homeless person said they want to vote in indiana they could claim the park bench the shelter they could claim wherever. it's lax in indiana. >> it's not lax in indiana. dede just hasn't been back here more recently to know the law. >> no, i do know the law. >> if you are homeless there is a special exception. >> no. no. >> i let you talk you let me talk, please. charlie white didn't claim to be homeless, dede. his own wife testified that he stayed his the over view condominium. it ranged anywhere from 2-4 nights. the ex-wife said at most he stayed at her condominium 3 nights. but most of all -- (talking over one another). in that motion he specifically to keep out telephone notes to show where his telephone was making telephone calls. >> no he is not.
11:44 am
>> come read the court documents. >> (talking over one another) >> his ex-wife, his son, his wife, all tof the relatives and neighbors backed it up. you are the only ones saying he doesn't live there because you want bob per sillah to take over. the state of indiana is not one to be secretary of state. >> final word. a judge ruled a democrat lost the race. stay that for now should he be secretary of state. never heard of such a thing usually they have a special election. >> of course. >> indiana law does not provide for special elections. in duality if it is not charlie white it should be bob owesly who got over 6,025 votes in indiana. >> he only won 4 out of 92 counties. (talking over one another). >> they are disenfranchising voters and one liberal judge
11:45 am
shouldn't deny that. it's wrong. >> the trial starts in the morning. thank you for the lively sunday morning this morning. >> thank you. >> the voert fraud we want to know about it. you can send an e-mail to our address there it is. voter fraud at meanwhile we have to send you back to indiana. seems like something something is going on there. check it out. meanwhile big changes in the american family going on in our country. children being raised in some new ways. we are going to tell you about that straight ahead. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your ruy nose. [ deep breath ] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
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>> i am more than kicurious to hear about it. it's a new trend em americaing among hopeful parents coming without the usual baggage. as julie banderas has told us you don't have to bearried you do don't even have to be in love. according to some not all of us that may be better than the alternative. what's going on? >> it takes a village to raise a child. one of our parents came from an on-line community? it's called co parenting. it's redefining the modern family matching up selfless people who want to have a baby
11:50 am
but have no one to have a child with rather than using anonymous sperm donor or settling and rushing into marriage a woman who's biological clock is ticking can now build a family. >> this doesn't mean i am any different than anybody else with a child. this means i will commit to someone that is interesting in raising one. that relationship to me by the time a child is rived would be a healthy happy relationship. >> co marriage specializes in pairing up dreams of building a family in a private environment. after getting to know one another they decide whether to share a lifelong commitment with their future child. this raises a red flag for religious groups who say this is a wrong way to raise a child. >> two people not living
11:51 am
together not married not having a sexual relationship why do we assume they are going to agree on the parenting of a child. why do we assume the child will be happy bouncing back and forth from one home to another? >> there you have the story fair and balanced. they admit cohesive unit two parents is the best situation for children. but for those who haven't found mr. and mrs. right sharing the responsibility is where it should be. >> seems like this is where i should say i love you mom and dad. >> thank you. i know you are a proud mom, too. >> oh, yeah. >> it is 48 hours to the florida primary and the media is in over drive. a lot of critics zeroed in on newt. next on why.
11:52 am
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>> you know some expect liberal commentators to go after liberal commentators but some on the conservative side. liz trada is a fox news contributor who joins us every sunday at this time with commentary on the media. >> good morning, liz. >> it has been wild, wild, wild in this race. >> for a friend of mark levin of talk radio says it's a coordinated effort to smear gingrich. let me have the wall street journal also sum up nicely what is going on.
11:56 am
the journal said this week the sheer number of leading republicans coming out against gingrich's bids for the gop presidential nomination has been unlike anything the party has seen in decades. reporters p and statements and even drop byes at his own event they blasted the former house speaker's record and temperament calling him unethical, erratic, and dangerous. in his defense in addition to mark levin ronald reagan's elder son mike reagan did come out and endorse gingrich and defended him but nerp two lonely voices in the sea of criticism. emma terrell says he's a tireless hustler. the name of the piece he rote in american spectator is called our bill clinton. it's a real searing job of elliot abrams got into a big flap.
11:57 am
he was the former assistant secretary of state under reagan writing a vicious piece and attacking gingrich and saying he was never close to reagan. he was always criticizing reagan. we have an intra mural fight reagan aids started writing competing pieces saying he was a reaganite, no he wasn't a reaganite. at the heart of this eric is whether or not newt gingrich is a conservative. the hard right seems to have decided he isn't. >> some would say he deserves some of this criticism. >> yes. the new york times today if you see the review page has another vicious piece by gail collins talking about all of his ex-wives and girlfriends, et cetera, et cetera. there are hints of people more will come out if he gets the nomination. what is happening you have the republican establishment completely rattled basically
11:58 am
thinking if he gets the nomination he is going to be unable to beat barack obama. for a while the anti media campaign worked. many conservatives not necessarily hard right to believe of course there is a liberal media and they have been doing obama's bidding for some time now. how long will that be a viable strategy? what do you do after that? how long will it stick? bob dole even came out against him which was apparently the result of an old fight they were having together in the 90s which is too long to go into. george will, charles crowd hammer, our very own ann coulter, tom delay calling himmer erratic and undisciplined. >> ann coulter is not a fox contributor but independent
11:59 am
commentator. >> thank you very much. >> the investors business daily churchill prone to greater or also success steeped in history, politically brilliant, unorthodox, audacious, often witty, never dull. >> he said with clem entime his 'ole life if anybody hasn't that makes a big difference in this. the ex-wife's story is simply not going over big in a lot of supporters. this does not help againigingri. >> 30 seconds left. obviously he is going to stay in the race. this will continue. >> he says he is going to stay until the end. this media attacks if it continues who knows there might be even sympathy generated for gingrich. certainly the media is not in love with mitt romney. we know that. of course what's happening is the republicans are doing themselves enormous damage. >> all right liz. that's the last word for today. see you next sunday. that does it for us on this su


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