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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 29, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour.... >> from the occupied wall street chaos in california. protest leaders rallying to sue police what they say was hundreds of unlawful arrests. city is left to clean up the mess. >> a standoff with iran with the nuclear ambition to the united nations inspection teams. right now in tehran to try to get inside the nuclear site. we'll have a live report.
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>> a deadly avalanche in utah, snowboarders triggering it and we'll bring you the latest and latest weather conditions for the nation. >> gregg: right now, all eyes squarely on the state of florida republican primary is kicking off in less than 48 hours. battle getting fierce between the prisoners, mitt romney and newt -- front-runners. >> the real clear politics average, mitt any claiming 47% of the vote and the rasmussen poll showing romney's right 16% to 44%. carl cameron is live in sarasota florida. in your opinion nape wills and you saw romney's event. how is it going? >> she drawing big crowds.
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nape sincerely big republican bastion. drew a big crowd and answered all manners of criticism from gingrich saying that he is some sort of a spoiled sport, making excuses for poor debate performances and constantly kuigz of tough campaign ads. listen. >> mr. speaker your trouble in florida is not because the audience is too quiet or too loud or because you have opponents that are tough. your problem is you worked for freddie mac at a time when they weren't doing the right thing for the american people and you are coming to washington we need people to stand up for the truth in washington. >> reporter: there has been a visible bounce in mitt romney's step, his speeches have been much more energized and the responses from the crowds have
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been growing. the polls suggest he could have a double-digit win as of yesterday most of the polls one in three republicans might change their minds. early voting has come to an end and absentee voting has come to on a close. >> gregg: what about newt gingrich, held a big rally is he attacking harder and harder on romney? >> he absolutely is. he went to a place known to draw huge crowds. he went to the villages, a housing development for seniors and adults, no kids. he had a massive crowd there. earlier in the day, he held a news conference and pulled absolutely no punches. he made it clear he is going to continue to campaign to later states no matter what happens in florida. today has been more vicious
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attacks. >> i have a long record of a very hard hitting reagan conservative. the idea that record would be deliberately falsified by a massachusetts moderate using money from wall street from the very companies who have been getting money from the federal government is really about as big an outrage in my career. i look forward to the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: very tough talk. both candidates attacking their characters and attacking their experience and attacking the credibility of their promises. it doesn't get much tougher than that. >> gregg: you probably got this from romney's campaign. kuigz and i don't know about -- accusing, newt, tell the truth! this is getting pretty ugly in terms of the rhetoric.
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carl, thanks very much. >> heather: speaking of that top members of the republican party publicly criticizing newt gingrich. big names, bob dole and former house majority leader tom delay but gingrich appears to be using some of the attacks to rally his troops. joining is us is live is kelly a senior advisor for his campaign. let's take a look at one of the things, that bob dole, 1996 nominee has said about your candidate. here it is. if gingrich is the nominee, it will have an adverse impact on republican candidates running for county, state and federal offices, hardly anyone who served with newt in congress has endorsed him and that fact speaks for itself. he was a one man band who rarely took advice. it was his way or the highway.
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what is your response to that. >> a couple of things. i think there is score settling going on here. newt gingrich he joined with bill clinton to pass welfare reform in 1996 and the fact it got passed, and we were just i think newt was getting it done. two or three people something else is going on here. senator dole has been tough on barack obama as he has been on newt. we haven't heard him say about his time in office. this whole nonsense that people are almost accepted wisdom, totally unprovable that he would drag down people in the ballot. congress has the lowest approval rating right now and he d they did it without newt's help. all the new members of congress that will be fighting for reelection, they ran against
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obamacare to get to the congress. how in the world are they going to defend romney care. >> heather: you also have some other heavyweights lining up the speaker, tom delay saying that gingrich is not really conservative. conservative commentator, ann coulter said it would guarantee obama's reelection. what do you attribute this outpouring of nonsupport? >> i think some are in the conservative part of the party are becoming quite established. mitt romney really fits with what they believe in terms of expanding and re-energizing. we thought michael reagan the son of ronald reagan campaigning all day tomorrow. that puts to rest the idea of all these people have no idea with respect to ronald reagan. i think the president's son who is the real reagan conservative.
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we're taking our case to the people. it is all about ideas and the candidates who won, they had a message, not money. so many people take it to the grass roots. they know that voters don't care about the question who can win but rather who can lead. you have new members coming to washington on the message, many of them asking newt gingrich for his hem in fund-raising and messaging. when the new republican congress went to the first post majority retreat in baltimore keynote speaker was newt gingrich. he has been asked for advice to new members and old members. couple people here and there speculating, really doesn't matter that much is the fact that sarah palin, rick perry. >> heather: i want to bring that up for you. you have some big name supporters, herman cain, michael
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reagan. here a sarah palin on fox news last night. >> you got a ways to get at this point to defend our republic and say what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. somebody who is engaged and isn't afraid to shake up that establishment. if for no other reason, vote newt. keep the vetting process going. keep the debate going. >> heather: you see that as an endorsement and should he become the nominee. >> it's incredibly positive to have kind words from governor palin who knows firsthand to go up the establishment. she was told you can't win. she was the vice presidential
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candidate last time. we're happy to have her. also remind people they don't have to tell them how to think and who to vote for. after florida, 5 percent of the delegates will have been awarded. this is just starting. that really deprives voters in the 46 others states of their right to have a say. we're going forward and we like the super tuesday calendar and we like the fact we were outspent five to one and still standing. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. to the right here on fox news one on one with newt gingrich on fox news is sunday. that begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern and tune in tuesday for the florida primary. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the day and special coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern.
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>> gregg: clashes with police landing nearly 300 protestors behind bars. police say a standoff begin after a group attempted to break into city hall. there you see the scene. tear gas, rocks. law enforcement calling the most chaotic day of the oakland movement. >> tear gas and, we didn't throw anything. >> we gave them orders and they don't disperse. i suspect everyone will be charged. >> the doors were unlocked. people started tipping over stuff. i left because i didn't think it was right. >> they burned some the files that are in the center. threw trash on the ground, they broke into one of our electrical boxes. they turned over the historic model of city hall on the ground fall and they destroyed the
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children's art exhibit on recycled art. >> oakland police have received heavy criticism for using force to break up earlier protests including from the mayor but the mayor coming out in defense of the department saying, quote, our officers have been very measured. >> heather: turning overseas to iran. nuclear inspectors beginning a critical mission on the ground for three days. demanding answers to growing evidence that iran may be building an atomic bomb. iran not exactly rolling out the welcome mat. u.n. visit meant by protests and a warning by top iranian officials. steve is live in washington with more. >> reporter: this comes amid growing pressure on iran and recent threats by tehran to choke off international oil shipments in the strait of hormuz. they met in vienna but they have
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now arrived in tehran. they cite evidence that iran does have nuclear ambitions but this trip will help clarify matters. >> so we are looking forward to start with a dialogue. >> reporter: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says he is willing to restart talks over his program which he claims is for peaceful purposes only. he is feeling pressure from increased sanctions including the european union to ban iranian oil imports. they will try to control what they seek but they could uncover important evidence. the u.n. inspection allows iran to continue stalling. >> when you bring the iaea in,
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that is just buying iran time. we should be very cautious about taking our foot off the gas. they could end this tomorrow by stopping their nuclear weapons program. >> reporter: they are currently under four different sets of sanctions. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: fox extreme weather center, a deadly avalanche in northern utah a snowboarder killed after being buried by snow this weekend. he and two friends actually triggered the avalanche. his two friends did manage to escape unharmed. they are saying to avoid the area. the vun very steep and chances of avalanche is high. >> early season snow that we received turned weak and then got slammed with weekend's big
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storm. they are still adjusting to all that weight. >> now a brand-new storm bearing on the northwest. maria is following it. >> this time around, this one is bringing some very mild air but unlike last week where we got the snowstorm into the northwest. take a look at 24-hour temperature change from the storm system ahead of what we're looking at. 14 degrees warmer in the past 24 hours in parts of montana. 6 degrees warmer in the state of washington and that the storm system that is bringing a lot of moisture, winds ahead of it from the south. most of jetstream, snow is falling across the highest elevations. but tonight the system will continue to pull in cold air behind it as the cold front pushes through and we'll start to see the rain shifting over to snowfall. we're looking at over a foot
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possible in the higher elevations, most of the passes, half a foot so drive carefully. that will head eastward producing freezing rain across parts of the midwest in a minnesota and north dakota as we head into monday and head eastward. tuesday evening, rain will be falling across the lower great lakes in parts of texas and also missouri. so in texas we need the moisture. ahead of the system we're going to be looking at gusty winds out of the storm system, up to 75 miles an hour and parts of montana, western montana. we're actually seeing sustained winds of 50-60 miles an hour. if you are driving a high profile vehicle, that is something to keep an eye on. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: deadly pile-up on interstate highway in florida. multiple cars involved in this.
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latest on what police say caused this accident. >> gregg: plus the private equity industry is back in the spotlight again. we'll tell you why after the break. i couldn't concei this as a heart attack. the doctor leaned over and said to me, "you just beat the widow-maker." i was put on an aspirin, and it's part of my regimen now. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go see your doctor now. ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana! [ male announcer ] for a smoothie with real fruit plus veggie nutrition new v8 v-fusion smoothie. could've had a v8. forty years ago, he wasn't looking for financial advice.
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>> heather: time for a quick check of the headlines, republican presidential candidate rick santorum leaving the campaign trail in florida because of a family emergency. his three-year-old daughter is in hospital. she suffers from a genetic condition that can be fatal. police making a gruesome discovery, this is in alabama. five people found dead in a house in birmingham. so far no arrests have been made. at least ten people died in this series of car accidents on a florida highway. they say smoke from a brush fire and fog mixed to contribute to the crashes.
4:22 pm
>> gregg: some of mitt romney's republican rivals attacking his career in the private equity industry and now a class action lawsuit. big players in that industry may add fuel to the fire. the claims involving bain capital deal with cases that took place years after mitt romney left the company. brenda butner joins us. all right. we love competition in america. that is what capitalism is all about. we have antitrust laws that prohibit a couple of things. one is monopolies is bad and one is could lose i have price fixing, express agreements to fix prices or an implied agreement. everybody kind of does the same price fixing. that is the allegation here with respect to some pretty famous buyouts, right? >> yes there were a number of buyouts, toys 'r' us, a power
4:23 pm
operator txu a health company. there were a number of billion dollar deals, tens of billions of dollars. the idea there were a number of these companies like bain capital that got together and said they were club deals. they said, well, we're not going plaintiffs say you go ahead as a lawyer. >> gregg: it was an implied deal. we won't compete on your bid if you don't compete on ours, thus depressing the prices. so are we really sure that the buyout prices were depress had? >> that is very interesting because. in the hva, share price was up by 20%. so you can't really say it was depress had.
4:24 pm
the timing of this is very interesting. >> gregg: right at the time of an election where you've got one of the principal candidates mitt romney who head add private equity. >> yes, as you pointed out long after he had left. this is going to give a lot of fodder to other presidential candidates to take it on. but these are companies that take over other companies and this is just one way of going after this whole industry. it tends to be rather secret active, they're going to put their ceos under deposition, discovery still isn't over. when it does finish it's going to be in the heat of the presidential race. >> gregg: in the grand scheme, i trust cases, this is among the hardest to prove and a judge in the end, at the end of discovery you know what, there is nothing there, there is no evidence here of either depress had prices or
4:25 pm
collusion and the judge may throw it out but the damage can be done to people guilt by association for mitt romney. >> absolutely. people can say. your former firm is under a lawsuit for price fixing even though it had nothing to do with him. >> gregg: brenda, we'll follow it. thank you very much. >> heather: new concerns among republicans that mitt romney is president obama's reelection hope. he is taking over heet healthcare plan that compares to the president's overhaul. >> governor romney was the author of romney care which is top down government run system, read an article has 15 different items directly in common with obamacare. @@ [ ♪ ]
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>> gregg: rick santorum dropping a bombshell on mitt romney during the presidential debate possibly exposing a weakness on his healthcare overall. >> think about what that means going up against barack obama you are going to claim top down medicine from the federal level and he is going to say wait a minute, governor. he says it works well in massachusetts. we can't give this issue away in this election. it's about fundamental freedom whether the united states government or even the state government. you have amendment one here, who endorsed me today and it's going to be on your ballot whether there should be a government mandate here in florida. according to governor romney that is okay. >> gregg: so is santorum right? mat joins us and former economic
4:31 pm
advisor to clinton and former advisor to the senate finance committee. gentlemen, matt let me start with you. given all of his outrage in truth, santorum's criticism may be disingenuous since he endorsed romney four years ago. if voters see romney care as the template for obamacare and many people do, doesn't it make it hard for romney to attack the president on his signature accomplishment which remains unpopular? >> i think it makes it hard for him in the primary election. in the general election he is put a clear line in the sand he will repeal obamacare, i think you are going to see newt and paul and santorum go after him on this issue. they should. >> gregg: you don't see obama going after him. you can't criticize for me for
4:32 pm
obamacare, we patterned it after romney care and we used your advisors to help draft it? >> i do see the president trying to hug him up like a boxer and take the issue away from him. i do see crossroads and other third parties coming in and landing big punches on this issue. it's an unpopular bill. people don't like the bill and they don't like the bill was rammed through house and senate. >> gregg: romney's defense is that individual states like massachusetts are allowed to make whatever health care decisions they want to make. that is state's right but not the right of the federal government, he argues, to force everybody in the nation to buy health care. isn't that a reasonable distinction that essentially gives romney an out? >> i think romney said, so many different things about so many different issues including healthcare it's hard to know. >> gregg: but that is his principal argument. >> i think it's flawed because
4:33 pm
exactly what santorum said if you compare to the massachusetts bill to the federal act, they are the same in 15 different areas, individual mandate, government subsidies for lower income people. penalties to companies. >> gregg: but he says, look, states can make this decision. there are 50 states and they can make different decisions zisz. you can't have the federal government they have to buy something just because they breathe air? >> look, let's be honest. he had said before this was a blueprint for national healthcare. it's only recently he said he would repeal it and romney has been on so many different sides of the issue. >> gregg: healthcare may be a vehicles go problem for mitt romney if it was the driving issue, it's not. it pales in comparison to the poor economy and high
4:34 pm
unemployment. you look at any poll and voters tell you that. does that play to romney's strength, his business background and experience and does it therefore diminish his weakness on healthcare? >> i think it does. at the end of the day, when there is an incumbent election, people ask the question ronald reagan coined, are you better off today than four years ago? then as of today, people are saying no, we are not. we are not happy with barack obama years as president but more importantly as you said the economy is still in the tank. as much as they want to fudge the numbers on unemployment and other things, unemployment is still a persistent problem for this president. >> gregg: if the supreme court strikes down the healthcare law, wouldn't that render eight moot issue for the fall campaign? >> i don't think so. i think the fundamental issue
4:35 pm
that rick santorum was talking about in the debate, to me is less about healthcare than it is about the complete inconsistencies that romney has had a it's about gun control, tarp the auto bailouts and even ronald reagan. it's hard to find an issue he is consistent on. >> gregg: if supreme court says you can't have the law, it's not right to have this law, then who is going to bring it up? >> i would be lighting a candle hopefully supreme court will knock this down. >> gregg: why would it be relevant? >> i don't think romney is going to raise this issue. i think the president has plenty of good things about the healthcare bill. it's popular in massachusetts i think the healthcare bill is going to be incredibly popular when put in place in 2014. romney is going to have hard
4:36 pm
time raise that go given his inconsistencies on the issue. >> gregg: one further question. i know you are expecting the supreme court to uphold the law but if they strike it down, how much of an embarrassment politically is that for the president in an election year just maybe months before the election itself, supreme court striking down as unconstitutional his signature accomplishment? >> i'm not don't think it's an embarrassment but a setback. this president has campaigned on number of different issues including support for the middle-class. healthcare is one of those issues. payroll tax cuts. any number of issues the president is going to be talking about. it's one of many issues that will be discussed in the election this year. >> gregg: i know you are lighting a candle, you said so. it could be a real problem if the supreme court does uphold it would you agree? >> i would agree. i think we're going to be ready to fight that fight come
4:37 pm
election day. what i said earlier, gregg, mitt romney may be our candidate but our third party april rat us is going to make this a big issue. it's going to hang like an albatross around the president. >> thank you, gregg. >> heather: content of your personal e-mail may be fodder for a tidal wave of spam courtesy of google. google's new policy. we'll talk about that coming up. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male aouncer ] red lobster's ur course seafood feast is back. get soup, salad, cheddar bay biscuits, dessert and choose one of 7 entrees. four courses for only $15. offer ends soon. i'm jody gonzalez, ed lobster manager and i sea food differently.
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4:42 pm
so mercedes, we begin with you. you need to disclose something. >> regardless, it's slul absolute legitimate there is no reasonable expectation of privacy and you put in that information, it's out there on the airwaves. there are certain ways for it to be tracked. >> it's inevitable whether it is or isn't. it's going to happen. look at the lengths that osama bin laden to stay off the grid we found him anyway. >> i totally agree with both of you. we live in a digital world and we are constantly trading our privacy for convenience, atms and ez passion but applaud google coming out they didn't
4:43 pm
have to do it. this is full disclosure. everybody is screaming about transparency. >> there has to be a way that google pay forces it's services. >> and we are so dependent on the clouds and internet. what are they finding about us? what if it all goes down? >> and some of the articles, to talk about things. people go into search guess engines and find out what you are looking at up, are they actually researching. >> but to all put it into one. >> it's already being done. i'm looking for a new refrigerator, every time i open up a new search engine window i get this brand, it's already taking place. >> you can search without logging into a google account. are you still tracked that way?
4:44 pm
>> they can keep track even if you are not logged in. >> but it can be done again, if you are out there on the internet. there is no privacy issue. that is what you need to tell people and younger generation needs to be aware, be careful what you put on the internet. it will stay out there. >> and on facebook is going to be there forever so don't do anything you wouldn't want mom to see. so to extend a day by 90 minutes, school day, to bring it 7 and a half hours per day but one group that is fighting the change a smaller increase in class time would work just, as well. listen? >> i still think six and a half hours is adequate. regarding the extra 90 minutes of education, i wouldn't put my money on exactly how much of that will materialize in
4:45 pm
learning. >> apparently right now, five hours and 45 minutes are spent in class. so they want to make it flexible. six and a half or seven and a half but is the amount of time or quality of time? >> all the statistics show a longer they stay in class they better they do. and our average american students are in school 32 hours a week. the average in sweden, is 60 hours a week. we think our kids are working hard but compared to other kids in europe and asia our kids are not working hard. it's not an advantage to them because those are the people we're going to compete with going forward. >> it's like a bell curve. it starts out strong but starts to dissipate and drops off. so when you got this longer day. i agree with you, honestly it's
4:46 pm
the quality and not the quantity of time. >> i give them an "a" for effort but they are not addressing the fundamental concerns and concerns are underperforming schools. we talk about government run schools. what they are doing is mandating all of the schools in illinois for the upcoming school year. they will be mandated, whether they are doing well or not. so i'm we'll in support of school choice. that is where you put the power in the hands of the parents and that way you encourage competition amongst the schools, as well. that is something that is sorrily needed. >> it's overwhelming. we think our kids are in good schools. they aren't. they don't make in the top five, not the top ten, maybe the top 20 in math and science. >> and the answer to that -- >> statistics more time they
4:47 pm
spend in class the better they do. >> my sister is a teacher. she spends 12 hours a day more than that actually coming up with a lesson plans, her day is not an eight hour workday by far. to put another hour and that extends their day, as well. >> what about the children's family time. that is another issue that was raised. what about the children's family time? it's very long time is going to cut in family time which is very critical. it it's not just what they are learning and to deal with life. >> there are core issues, lack of accountability. teachers and administrators and students, if it's not being addressed, you could be in school all day. >> heather: we'll get you to next topic.
4:48 pm
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>> heather: welcome back. private groups spechd go $6 million last year, $6 million to members of congress to trips around the world. southwest that nice? that is most since 2007 when congress tightened restrictions to curb the influence of lobbyists. our power panel is back. thanks for sticking around through the break. k.t. dirty little secret. >> and all this legislation to make it abide by. even things like the civil rights act. congress, they don't have to play by the rules. >> come on. >> executive branch, i was at pentagon. when i got married i had to list my wedding presents for fear of lobbyists was going to be
4:53 pm
bribing me. you have to report to go out to lunch, they wouldn't let you buy a cup of coffee. here you have congressmen. >> three lawmakers that traveled the most last year, was in excess of $45,000 jim cooper, george miller, and republican from colorado so it crosses party lines. >> congress has earned their low approval rating. 1500 trips in 2011, $6 million and democrats can't pass a budget in thousand and five days now? >> you a tree yeah, turkey? >> and the companies that are making these trips, they shouldn't be policing it. they should be policing the politicians, saying, no, thank you. >> and it's being proposed the 28th amendment that congress has
4:54 pm
to basically play by the same rules that govern everybody. >> and insider trading. >> new study finding working in small groups, business meets and parties can suppress the i.q. of some individuals and it's particularly pronounced in women except, of course, on our power panel. the study was done at virginia tech. women in particular will try to dumb down their intelligence. why? >> it's so sexist and ridiculous. the conversations that women have, they talk about politics, talk about the economy. you know, i thought the products used so and so forth -- please, it was offended.
4:55 pm
>> bunch of women who are watching the jersey shore, okay, i could agree with it but not this panel. what would really raise our i.q. if we had gregg jarrett join us. [ laughter ] >> we need a man to raise our i.q.? >> is it something that parents need to take a look at. when you are developing young minds. >> it's interesting, harvard university has done a lot of studies on girls and boys and early education. they found even in plea school classes, little boys stood up in at the front of the class and constantly raising their hand. girls sit at the back and they won't answer unless they are sure of the answer. >> not this in my house. my daughter is like. >> it may be the indication being settle by your mom. >> you have no limitations in
4:56 pm
this world other than the ones you impose on yourself and i have been telling her. there is no way that a woman has no limitations. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. as always, gregg, do you want to join the discussion. >> gregg: i would love to join you as christmas club, is there a secret handshake. >> heather: we can't tell you. >> gregg: okay. getting serious for a moment, deadly wreck of that luxury cruise ship off the coast of italy making its way to american court rooms. that is right. u.s. citizens filing lawsuits for nearly half a billion dollars in damages. should they be compensated or is the $14,000 offer by carnival cruise good enough? our legal panel is here to weigh in. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
4:57 pm
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>> heather: i'm heather childers. welcome it a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. topping the news, a series of deadly pileups on a florida highway early this morning. investigators think the everglades may to be blame. >> heather: new developments off the coast of italy. that ship wrecked cruise liner slipping further down its
5:01 pm
dangerous perch again and the company faces half a billion dollars in lawsuits. >> gregg: and facebook may finally be being public. the ipo this week could generate billions of dollars and make huge money for its new shareholders. could that be you? >> heather: candidates pulling out all the stops with florida's critical primary two days away. newt gingrich facing a barrage of attack ads this week, from some mitt romney supporters. if the latest polls are any indication, it may be having an impact. carl cameron in in a fellow. romney seems to be, at least for new, pull egg way. what is he saying about gingrich? >> it's not pretty. when you talk about the dispatchity in the ad campaigns, mitt romney and the super pac that supports him spent 15 to $17 million, whereas newt gingrich and the super pac that supporting shim closer to five. it's big, big gap. romney is attacking newt
5:02 pm
gingrich, or counter attacking newt gingrich who was on the sunday shows this morning and went after romney aggressively. romney cast his rival as a sore loser even a day and a half before the polls even opened in florida. listen. >> he was describing his excuses and why he wasn't doing so well here in in a fellow and he talked about the fact in the first debate, the crowd was too quiet. then in the second debate, the crowd was too noisy. then more recently he's talking about me and he's look for some kind of excuse, but i'm afraid the real reason he hasn't been successful connecting with the people of florida is because of his message and his failure to connect to the needs of the people in this state. >> the latest poll suggests romney opened up a double digit lead. the real clear politics average of the recent florida polls says the same thing. one policy by the marist says when it comes to the attacks on his time at bain capital, many
5:03 pm
republicans don't see that as an issue. >> heather: what happened to the newt gingrich lead at the beginning of the week? >> he had that huge boost coming out of south carolina. that was reflected in the first polls that took place on sunday. those were weekend polls on a sunday and nfl playoffs, too. then there was that debate on tuesday at which there wasn't a lot of applause. gingrich didn't get the standing ovations he used to have. romney got aggressive in the debate that happened on thursday. now you see gingrich on the campaign trail essentially with a very, very economic populist outsider antiestablishment message and trying to run that against mitt romney who spent less time in government than gingrich. this was a little bit of the former speaker earlier today. >> i'm asking for your help in part because i think that it's pretty clear if you look at the volume of ads, i have an opponent who has money power and we need people power. >> gingrich has a day and a half of campaign time and they're still holding out hope. but there is a certain aspect to his rhetoric that suggests he's
5:04 pm
already looking beyond florida. he now is talking about how this race, this debate as he called it today, could go on weeks or even months and sold he would go right on through the convention. so come what may in florida, the gingrich-romney battle will continue in the states ahead. >> heather: you will follow it for us. campaign carl cameron on the campaign trail. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> gregg: with 18 million residents in the state florida, it's not only the biggest of the early voting states, it's also the most diverse. it's a winner take allstate in tuesday's primary. so a lot of delegates are up for grabs. voters there have been inundated with attack ads and, yes, attack rhetoric. the candidates themselves. let's talk about that with leonard curry, chairman of the republican party of florida. thanks for being with us. these attacks have been pretty vicious. gingrich accusing romney of lying. romney accusing gingrich of being unethical. are the republican candidating
5:05 pm
doing such damage to one another, it's only going to help president obama's reelection? >> i don't like the negative ads. i wish they'd stop. we'll get through them in the general election because they're not saying anything about each other that obama would not eventually bring up and try to spin to help him in the long run. but i don't think -- which ever candidate will win this primary, i think it's going to be the candidate that connects with voters and comes with a defense of free enterprise system, job creation. that's what floridians are looking for. >> gregg: frank luntz showed a fairly large focus group, some of the negative ads to which you refer run not guilty florida, they seemed to entirely agree with one woman who spoke up and said, all these negative attacks are making the republican candidates look unpresidential. what about that?
5:06 pm
>> again, they don't -- they're not good for the republican brand. i would agree with that. they're not healthy. i wish they would stop. every campaign season we see them. i'll continue to say stop the ads and let's come with a positive, compelling vision and message. >> gregg: today newt gingrich is describing romney as -- this is a direct quote, he said it three times -- pro-abortion, pro-gun control and pro-tax increase. end of quote. as you know, mr. romney's current position on those three issues is just the opposite. are you worried that voters are absorbing false information to the detriment of your party? so they're not only hurting their respective characters, but the voters are getting the wrong information. >> look, again, this information -- president obama would have come up with these talking points with or without our candidates doing it to each other. what pains me the most in the negative campaigning campaignind negative advertising is the
5:07 pm
attacks on free enterprise and the attacks on how an individual earns a living and frankly it's gone both ways. >> gregg: really? they haven't been just one way, attacks on mr. romney's career in venture capitalism? >> we've also seen attacks on how newt earned a living when he left the house. so it's gone both ways. >> gregg: sure. >> in america, we stand for opportunity for people to use their skills to go out and live their dreams. that's what the republican party is supposed to stand for. >> gregg: yeah. there have been three state contests so far. three different winners. as we mentioned with a population of 18 million, florida is bigger than all three. do you think your state will most likely identify the strongest candidate? >> absolutely. the ability to compete in a state that has ten major media markets, as large and diverse as we are, but socioeconomic and
5:08 pm
ethnically, the strongest candidate will emerge from florida and edge will likely go on with a head of steam ahead in the super tuesday. >> gregg: i know you're not picking winners and losers here, so i'm not going to go there. but your stage has a lot of social security recipients. newt gingrich proposed letting the states take it over, allowing taxpayers to opt for individual retirement accounts instead of current system. some have criticized it as unrealistic. how is it playing there among voters in florida? >> look, even when you talk about social security and we have to reform social security, how are we going to fund it even when it's reformed? with a robust economy. free enterprise works. i know because i lived it. had a great grandfather that was fisherman to a grandfather that drove heavy equipment, to a father that was a tv repairman, started his own business. it works. people want to live their dreams and that's what floridians, they want to hear about job creation and opportunity. robust economy can fund social
5:09 pm
security and reform medicare system. >> gregg: leonard curry, thank you very much for being with us. best of luck to you in the primaries, it's less than 48 hours away. good luck to you. we'll be forming it. thanks. >> always a pleasure. >> gregg: fox news is america's election headquarters. make sure to tune in tuesday for the florida primary. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the day in our special host, brett brett and megyn kelly beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. diplomatic tensions are rising between the united states and egypt. egypt is refuse to go let transportation secretary ray lahood's son leave the country. sam lahood and at least two other americans placed on a no fly list, now republican senator john mccain from arizona weighing in. >> i have contacted the egyptian authorities. our ambassador is working and egyptians have to understand that this is a very serious issue as far as our relationship is concerned and ultimately,
5:10 pm
could be a serious issue as far as the amount of aid we extend to them. >> heather: ray lahood says his son is safe. sam lahood heads an organization with ties to republican congressional leaders. he was in egypt to oversee the recent parliamentary elections. >> gregg: turning to iran, inspection from the united nations nuclear watchdog getting underway. the six-member team begin ago crucial three-day visit trying to find out if the real purpose of iran's nuclear program is to build an atomic bomb. the tensions are still rising. their visit met by a new threat from top iranian officials. steve has more. >> this visit comes amid tighter sanctions against iran and threats by tehran to choke off world oil shipments through the strait of hormuz. the inspection team for the international atomic energy agency, seen here leaving, has now arrived in tehran for the first day of their three-day visit. the iaea issued a report citing
5:11 pm
evidence that iran does have nuclear ambitions. the organization says their trip will help clarify matters and the chief negotiator expressed optimism. >> we told that iran will engage with us on the concerns regarding the program. so we are looking forward to start of a dialogue. >> iranian president ahmadinejab said recently he's willing to restart the international talks. he's feeling the squeeze from increased sanctions, including a decision by the european union to ban iranian oil imports beginning in july. the inspectorsors are likely to visit the site. experts say even though iran will try to control what they see, iran still -- and they say that iran has only one major concern. >> i think that what iran wants
5:12 pm
to use this visit for is to buy time to give the appearance of cooperation with the u.n. as negotiations look like they're about to start again with the five permanent members of the security council, to give them more time to adjust to the economic sanctions and get closer to a nuclear weapon. >> iran is currently under four different sets of international sanctions. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: steve, thanks very much. >> heather: new occupy wall street protests turning violent in oakland. police arresting nearly 300 people yesterday. a group of protesters attempted to break into city hall apparently. some were caught throwing rocks and bottles at officers. police fired back with tear gas and flash grenades to disperse the unruly crowd. there were no reports of any serious injuries. it's being called the most chaotic day in the oakland movement. and it can be quite some time before that wrecked cruise ship in italy is removed.
5:13 pm
crews say it could take up to ten months to lift the concordia from its resting place. this news coming after a search operations were suspended when system choppy surf caused the ship to shift drastically. later this hour, we'll talk with our legal pan and take a look at more on the half billion dollars in lawsuits. >> gregg: fox extreme weather center now, heavy smoke from a brush fire in the everglades blamed for at least ten deaths overnight in florida. the drifting haze hanging over interstate i-75 near gainesville, causing a series of car accidents throughout the night. so is there any relief from the dry weather? meteorologist maria molina live with the forecast. hi. >> hi. unfortunately, we're not really looking at any precipitation across most of the state florida in the short-term. so that means as we head into monday and tuesday, conditions should stay generally dry across most of the state. the reason for that is that this
5:14 pm
time of year, we typically see those strong cold fronts making it all the way down into parts of south florida. so behind it u got those dry conditions. it's beautiful weather, but unfortunately, you also have the other side of the coin, where you get that fire danger in place. you got the gusty winds behind a cold front where high pressure starts to set in. generally winds out of the east across the area. so we do have a fire danger across central parts of the state. fire weather watch in effect for today and also as we head into tomorrow. that's the whole combination of the low humidity levels, also warm temperatures and gusty winds. once you get a wild fire started, unfortunately, there is no moisture to help put them out. by the way, big primary coming up on tuesday. a lot of sunshine. temperatures very warm, upper 70s. 85 for fort miers. warm for this time of year. we're not look at any problems for the primary with the weather. but that fire danger is in place. elsewhere croats -- across parts of the great lakes.
5:15 pm
some snow, generally light accumulations, a couple of inches, but locally higher amounts right downwind of the great lakes where you could see up to a half foot of snow or locally higher amounts and gusty winds. across the northwest a significant storm system bringing a loft moisture. it's mostly just rain. temperatures are really warm right now. where you do see that snow is across most of the higher elevations. some of the valleys further off to the east across parts of montana and another big thing with this storm system, ahead of it we're look at strong winds with gusts up to 75 miles per hour possible. gregg? >> gregg: maria in the fox extreme weather center. thanks. >> heather: 85-degrees in fort myers. >> they're loving that. >> gregg: we'd like to love that. >> heather: facebook fever reportedly spreading to wall street. the social networking site expected to go public. what you need to know before trying to cash in. we'll talk with brenda about that. >> gregg: caught on camera, a busted water main, a massive sink hole and huge trouble for a
5:16 pm
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>> gregg: police in birmingham, alabama investigating reported robbery making a gruesome discovery, finding five people shot to death, execution style.
5:20 pm
no word yet on the names of the victims. broken water main in arlington, texas blamed for creating a sink hole. one car getting the worst of it, plunging in. the people in the car got out and nobody was injured. update on the health of rick santorum's daughter. the republican presidential candidate canceling campaign events in florida after the three-year-old was hospitalized with pneumonia. campaign aide now telling fox news her condition is improve improveing. >> heather: facebook may be starting a new page. according to the "wall street journal," the social networking giant might release its initial public offering midweek. right now the company is valued between 75 and $100 billion. so should you buy in and can you afford to? let's bring in senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears. thank you for joining us.
5:21 pm
so should we? >> it's an interesting question because facebook started as basically this personal photo album and then it grew amongst college students and then it grew into organizing global protests. it really is an amazing company. but we don't know that much about it. we don't even know if it's profitable. now, what is going to happen is -- the "wall street journal" reports that midweek, maybe they may start the process of starting to go public. we don't know exactly when they might actually -- >> heather: how long does that process take? >> it could take months. it might be offered sometime probably maybe summer that you might be able to get in. investors, lucky investors, lucky private investors will get in probably before it actually opens to the public on -- when it actually goes public. we don't know exactly how it will be priced.
5:22 pm
>> heather: that's what i was going to ask you because the company is saying they raise about $10 billion when it goes to the ipo. >> yeah. it would be valued at $100 billion. that makes it as big as big mac's daddy, mickey d's, which is amazing for an internet company. it's important to remember that the ipo internet market has been pretty tepid this year. remember zinga? it had all this buzz. it was priced at $10, it went up a little bit, then went down below $10. on friday, it was a nickel above ten dollars. so you didn't make much on that. google, if you went in when they initially went public eight years ago, you made 500%. but they're down from their height of how much they've made. >> heather: so their initial offering was $100 per share. what to you expect if you were to guess the price would be per
5:23 pm
share? >> you can't he's. >> heather: you can't even guess? >> it depends on the bank that does the offering a and all of that. it depends on the books. nobody has seen the books, facebook's books. it's impossible to tell. now, for individual investors, my advice usually is at this point in the market to wait a few days. wait until you see some of the ups and downs. if facebook is a good money making enterprise, you're going to make money off of it. >> heather: so you make 499% instead of 500%, it's better to wait a little while. wait until you can actually see the books. wait until the professional investors are done and the ups and downs and gyrates with the markets have gone through that initial part. you don't have to get in there the first day. >> heather: but people get so excited, they want to be right on it. >> well, it is. this is exciting. you take the risk along with the rewards. >> heather: thank you for joining us. great advice as always. >> gregg: the drama of the
5:24 pm
italian cruise ship disaster playing out in the water and on land. lawsuits against the corporate owner of the costa concordia are piling up and our legal panel is here to weigh in because there are a couple of problems. >> heather: and can mitt romney wrap this thing up on tuesday? he holds a comfortable lead in florida right now. but the race so far, anything but predictable. what can we expect? we will talk about it. >> gregg: for many, super bowl means loading up on that's fattening but yummy snacks. we're going to show you how you can enjoy tasty treats without putting on the pounds when you watch the big game olay says challenge that with an instrument that cleanses as effectively as what's sold by skin professionals for a whole lot less. new olay pro x advanced cleaning system. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms,
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5:28 pm
>> gregg: bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. republican candidate rick santorum canceling his campaign events in florida, staying home with his hospitalized daughter. the three-year-old girl diagnosed with pneumonia,
5:29 pm
campaign aide telling fox news her condition is improving. florida highway patrol saying pileups on a florida highway killing at least ten people overnight. police say poor visibility caused by haze and smoke from a brush fire. and california, police busting at least 300 people from the occupy oakland movement. at least three officers and one protester injured from the clashes yesterday. >> heather: newt gingrich saying that he will go all the way to the republican convention. but the latest real clear politics polling average showing romney's lead growing larger in florida with just two days before the primary. romney now claiming 41% of the vote with gingrich holding on to less than 30. joining us will i have is jessica brady, staff writer with roll call. thank you for joining us, jessica. >> thanks. >> heather: if romney locks up florida with its 50 delegates,
5:30 pm
will he essentially lock up the republican nomination? >> it certainly is going to be a feather in his cap going into the nevada and michigan primaries, which he also is expected to do pretty well in. it definitely will be tough for speaker gingrich. it certainly would hit his momentum which has been slowing down. you mentioned the polls just now. it certainly would make romney more of a force and obviously coming out of south carolina, he very much needed a win in florida and tuesday is very important to him. >> heather: gingrich promise to go fight all the way to the convention. let's talk about money. romney has a lot of money and the gop establishment support. gingrich has super pac support. could this last a while? >> that's right. that's exactly right. you hear speaker gingrich saying that he's going to be fighting for this through the convention and while he's not as well organized as governor romney, he's not up in as many of the states as governor romney, he does have a lot of super pac
5:31 pm
money at his assistance and those interests want to see him keep going. and so beyond nevada and beyond michigan, he could compete pretty well in states like colorado. again, these people want to see the primary continue on. they want to see somebody challenge governor romney and so the super pac money will make a difference. >> heather: super tuesday comes up on march 6. 25% roughly of all delegates will be at stake on super tuesday. so important day there. what happens if it does go on? will that be to the ultimate candidate's advantage, who ultimately gets the nomination? >> after march 6? >> heather: well, just if it continues on as it is continuing, will that play as an advantage to whoever ultimately becomes the nominee? >> it will certainly be fascinating. 2008 was incredibly exciting when barak obama and hillary clinton were really going down to the wire. it certainly made barak obama
5:32 pm
ready for a contentious general election and many people say it worked to his favor in the general against john mccain. the same thing can be said for george w. bush in 2000 when he was in a tough primary against john mccain. so yes. the nominee coming out of this primary, if it is mitt romney, some could say that he would be strengthened, he would be able to say, look, i battled against somebody trying to campaign against me on my right. i have answered the interests of all party members. i am the most electable. it is proven by the fact that i just emerged from this contentious primary. but we'll see, heather. the other side of it is does the republican party want to see this go on any longer than it really has to? is that good for the general brand and the general party going into the election against barak obama? >> heather: then how much money will they have left to go on.
5:33 pm
>> certainly. >> heather: would that be to president obama's advantage if they shored up early so he can start officially campaigning himself? >> i heard somebody mention on your program earlier that the obama campaign is working up their strategy, their talking points regardless of the primary. i think that there is something to be said for that. i do think that certainly with governor romney, he has been a candidate for a long time now. the obama campaign is prepared for that. newt gingrich is another person who has been in the political limelight for a very long time. so i think that for both candidate, it wouldn't be much of a shock for president obama's reelection campaign. having said that, sure, for president obama to be able to walk in, have his party unified behind him because he is the obvious choice for his party, it certainly could go to his favor. we'll see. >> heather: yeah. regardless, i think we can agree that it is going to be a tough campaign and there is a long, long way to go. thank you very much. >> long way to november. >> heather: yes. thank you. gregg?
5:34 pm
>> gregg: major senate vote tomorrow on a piece of legislation you think would be a no brainer. the stock act would ban insider trading by members of congress. something that already applies to you, me and everybody else. peter doocy has this report. >> ahead of the vote on act, one of its co- sponsors, scott brown says he thinks it is set a legislative speed record because it was only introduced on november 15 and the senate will be voting on it january 30. the president also plugged it in a state of the union address on tuesday. >> send may bill that bans insider trading by members of congress of the i will sign it tomorrow. let's limit any elected official from owning stocks in industries they impact. >> after hearing that, senator brown marched right up to the president, told him that the bill was already on democratic majority leader harry reid's desk ready and waiting.
5:35 pm
listen close. >> our bill is on his desk. >> i'm going to tell him to get it done. >> it will get done tomorrow. senator brown also says i hope the senate passes the stock act and send has unified message to the american people that congress is not above the law and will be held accountable. his counterpart and co-author, senator jill brand, was more specific on what she wants it to stop. >> the final product that passed with bipartisan support is a strong bill with teeth. >> the monday's action is in the senate. no date is set yet for a vote on the house version of the bill. gregg? >> gregg: peter doocy reporting from washington. thanks. growing problems for carnival corporation. the owner of the cruise ship that capsized off the coast of italy. the company offering a settlements of more than $14,000 to the uninjured passengers.
5:36 pm
that's not stopping all the lawsuits from pouring in. let's bring in our legal panel, mercedes, joey jackson, former prosecutor. so all the lawsuits, a bunch of lawsuits by americans are being filed in american courtrooms. there is a big problem with that, joey. i'll start with a case citation. 1991, supreme court decision, carnival cruise line versus shoot. >> absolutely. supreme court case and essentially with it says is a forum selection clause. it means when you enter into a contract, in this case, to go on a cruise, it limits -- a ticket what, it says is that it limits your ability to sue in a specific forum. >> gregg: here it's genoa, italy. >> if you're from the united states, what do you do? in that particular cakes the united states supreme court upheld it and it said that forum selection clauses are valid. >> gregg: binding. >> and they're binding burks in certain circumstances where they're unreasonable and it would create a burden on certain people to move forward, it could be undone.
5:37 pm
>> gregg: the burden here has got to be the litigants would have to travel over to italy. they'd have to testify, undue burden. >> right. as mercedes will get into, the long arm statute. >> that's a big issue. there is two things that these passengeruse. one, they can say a contract of adheres. there is no way for me to negotiate this contract. so they will be hard for me to bring a case and the other part is, the long arm statute. if you're deriving this income from the united states because so many of these passengers are from the u.s., then by golly, bring it here to the u.s. and litigate it here. >> she's got a point with that. >> gregg: here is another problem. there is an international treaty called the athens convention. >> another one? >> gregg: we are signaturors to the athens convention. and it limits damages for injured or deceased passengers
5:38 pm
to $75,000. that's a problem. >> there are a couple of things. you mentioned the athens convention statute. that convention, what it ultimately does is it limits your economic recovery, which is a problem. in addition to that, gregg, we have the high seas act of 1920. still applicable, although it's a 1920 statute. >> gregg: here is the thing, there is a caveat. if you can prove wrecklessness, which is far above negligence, then the athens convention doesn't apply. >> when you have the captain of the ship brought up on criminal charges for his wreckless and wreckless disregard of human life, frankly, he's proved it. those passengers can say that was wreckless behavior. >> gregg: but you're thinking like an american lawyer. you got to think like an italian lawyer. >> thank god because we're practicing here in the united states. >> gregg: i'm not sure they have the same level of proof and standards. >> but gregg, here is the big issue, though, there is such anger towards this captain
5:39 pm
because -- there is. there's a huge pr problem for carnival. if they don't do something about this. >> there is. with regard to wrecklessness, they'll be able to show it. whether weather you go too close to shore, you're putting people in jeopardy. that's conduct where you're disregarding the risk that people may be killed. what i bet on is that because of -- they have to rehab their reputation here. that's a problem. they want to get by this. they don't want this bad publicity to linger. >> gregg: so they're going to settle it and do a settlement pool. but they're not helping themselves in the pr category when they're offering a a scant $14,000 for the uninjured passengers. i mean, think about all of the mental and emotional stress and trauma. >> it's the first step. they have a multi -- $100 million lawsuit right now pending in miami with just a handful of individuals. they're thinking to themselves, there are 3,000 passengers. multiply that by $15,000, that's
5:40 pm
a lot of money. but it's a first step. let's see who will take it. there are lots of passengers on that ship that will not hire a lawyer. >> gregg: the $34 billion industry last year alone and they were the biggest. that's a drop in the bucket. >> absolutely it is. the answer to who will take it is no one. look, it's far too -- it's inadequate, i think, to compensate people. i know it was, to be clear, to those who were uninjured. but can we say people were uninjured? psychological damages. >> gregg: physical maladies can manifest. >> can any one of us being imagine being on a ship when all of a sudden, the ship is capsizing and people are going crazy? >> gregg: one of the plaintiffs' attorney said in an e-mail, and we're going to seek punitive damages. i'm not sure you can get that in a negligence or wreckless case, can you? >> it all depends on the forum that you're in. if you say -- punitive damages can be, if you're here in the u.s. you can do it if it shocks the
5:41 pm
conscience. certainly the captain who has done this who then runs off the ship after doing this, obviously that might be enough to say, what he did, that conduct that resulted in the physical injury and death of these passengers shocked the conscience, therefore, there is damages. >> gregg: good discussions. joey, mercedes, thank you both. >> any time. >> heather: captain said he fell into a life raft. fell into it. he didn't run off the ship, mercedes. our traditional family is becoming a thing of the past. there is a trend of men and women choosing to have children without love and marriage. so how are they raising the kids? that answer next [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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5:46 pm
mississippi. election, the dog, survived or served in iraq and he's no ordinary pooch. he's a purple heart recipient. lex and his handler, they were both injured in march of 2007 and lex never left lee's side. even after corporal lee died from his injuries. and now lee's parents deciding to adopt lex. the dog will continue physical therapy for the rest of his life. he is the first military dog to be granted early retirement for adoption. good for lex. >> gregg: big shakeup for the modern american family. elective co-parenting is the new trend on the rise. moms and dads raising kids without love or marriage. who else but julie banderas could tackle this sexting problem and subject for us. hey. >> hey. you don't have to argue here. marriage isn't easy. maybe it's not for everyone. they say that it does take a village to raise a child, but what if our parents came from an
5:47 pm
on-line community called co-parenting and redefining the modern family. it's matching up spouses who want to have a child but have no one to have a child with. rather than using anonymous sperm donors or perhaps settling and rushing into marriage a woman, whose biological clock is ticking, can now build a family. >> a family unit is very unique these days. there is divorce rates. there is bad marriages. there is unhappy families. i think that this is the best option for me right now that would bring me happiness and hopefully millions of others. >> new web sites specialize in pairing up people, much like on on-line dating web site. after months of getting to know each other, they decide whether to share a life with each other, with their future child. >> there is more options than just marriage or adoption or
5:48 pm
sperm donor, i think. i think it's important for the child growing up that they have the influence of both of their parents. so i want to talk about that and promote that as much as possible. >> the concept raise has red flag for many conservative groups who argue a committed relationship is the best way to raise a child. >> social science research shows that the family structure that is most beneficial to children and really the needs and interests of children are what should be in the forefront in our concern about any parenting issues. >> for those who haven't found mr. or mrs. right, sharing the responsibility could be all they need, gregg. >> gregg: wow. never thought of that one. >> it's not for everyone, i'll agree. >> gregg: obviously not for everybody. i guess it's an option. >> it avoids having to look for love in all the wrong places. i will say. >> gregg: you sound like you're speaking from authority. >> i'm married and i have a child now. but there was a point where i actually thought this will be my
5:49 pm
only option. >> gregg: alt wrong places. okay. thanks very much. >> heather: coming up, a super bowl snack fest minus the gridiron gut. we'll tell you how can keep the comfort food coming on sunday without looking like a linebacker come monday morning. i'll do my best hannity right here. ready? stay tuned. [ male announcer ] in bli, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ '80s dance music plays ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>> welcome back. the big game is a week away. can you believe it? how can you pull off a super bowl snack fest without looking like a linebacker on monday? >> heather: sarah is here to tell us exactly how to do it. and how many calories on average, do we take in from the super bowl? >> 1200. just during the game. you would have to walk around a football field for three hours to burn those off. >> heather: that's average. that's not if your team is losing and you decide to eat more. >> or drinking more. >> gregg: you've laid out a beautiful spread for us. this is what you recommend. start with the dips. >> sure. so spinach and artichoke dip is very popular. but traditionally, it's very bad. there is a great one with greek
5:54 pm
yogurt instead of sour cream or cheese. it's not marketed as light or low fat. it tastes great. has 30-calories and two grams of fat per serving: it's wonderful. really great choice. >> gregg: you got pita chips and what? >> igplant caviar. you can roast an egg plant for about an hour and then pan saute' it with olive oil and on ons it's incredibly low in calories and flavorrable. great spread. >> gregg: or go to trader joe's, my favorite store and you can buy this. right, egg plant garlic? >> it's a wonderful spread. really easy. everyone will be happy. no one will miss -- >> heather: you have to have wings. >> you do. one in a quarter million wings will be eat than weekend and that's a lot of fat and calories. these you make yourself. take chicken tender loins and dip them in egg white and whole
5:55 pm
wheat bread crumbs. pap fry them. really easy. i like a low fat honey mustard with them. some people just keep it low fat. >> heather: that's the thing. the dips. >> gregg: here is my favorite. i acolor chile. what is this. >> turkey and bean. this is a great thing to serve when you want not to be reaching for the potato chips during the entire game of the it's filling, high in fiber and african-american. make sure you choose a lean meat, steak or ground turkey or 90% ground chuck. nothing too fatty. >> heather: i wish we had smellavision. >> this is your dessert pizza. it's fun and healthy. made with goat cheese, which is lower in calories than regular cow's cheese with sliced strawberry, pecans and honey drizzled. go with a store bought pizza crust. not a sugar cookie crust which some recipes call for. >> gregg: you have to have something to wash it down with. what do we have here? >> that's bud riser select.
5:56 pm
it has 100-calories and a higher alcohol content. it's not going to take watery. >> gregg: gusto. >> heather: who are you pulling for? >> gregg: the giants, of course. we live here. >> i was born in cape cod. but the giants as long as i live in new york. what about you? >> heather: i'm going for the giants. i'm a carolina panther girl at heart, though. giants for the game. >> gregg: we just hope it's a great game. sarah, thanks for a great days apply. >> heather: that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace up next. >> gregg: we hope you have a terrific week. bye-bye, everyone okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
5:57 pm
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