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tv   Stossel  FOX News  January 30, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EST

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and a free $50 savings card. call now! care >> with 48-hours before the michigan republican primary senator newt griffining, senator rick santorum adam west and a number of incredible guests will face down with our florida voters as we look at florida 2012. >> i am standing with one of the frontrunners, statistically tied for mitt romney for the lead as well as nationwide, newt gingrich. (applause) >> you face a lot of criticisms at how you handle the media and yet how many of you supported what he did to john cane last
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monday sfl how many of you supported what he did with wolf blitzer this time? i want the viewers at home to take a look at how high you dialled this segment when you challenged the media to focus on policy. >> are you satisfied right now with the level of transparency as far as his personal finances? >> you and i have a great relationship. i am with him. this is a nonsense question. >> how about the four of us agree we will talk about -- >> you had a favorable reaction to that segment, why? >> it's amazing you focus on the issues you didn't want to make the race between you and mitt romney the whole time. >> he was digressing into personal attacks you tried to bring it back to the presidential election.
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>> you brought our frustration. we were sitting there watching the debate for an hour and saying somebody do something and you did it. >> are you frustrated with the media? >> yes. >> are you hostile with the media? >> yes. >> you seem to capture that. >> i keep telling reporters they need to get the powers that be understand the alienation, part of it is because the media is self centered. if i am nominated in the fall i will not accept the presidential debate commission model. i will not have a debate through some reporter gets to decide what matters to the american people. i think it's exactly wrong because it puts them in a position of judging what matters. he's a good guy. i am not in any way hostile to him as a reporter. he took about a third of the time on junk. the other week we had 15 minutes on a contraception issue decided in griswold verses connecticut in 1963 about which to the best
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of my knowledge no one has discussed it politically for a decade. you think what is this reporter doing? >> good point. >> what question if you could have it did yo you want to knowm speaker gingrich? >> i heard marco rubio had a bigger role. what did you think when he said he wasn't going to be a vice presidential candidate? >> i am not at the present moment saying anything decisive. if i become the nominee. i have known marco a long time i would speak to be very persuasive about america and the importance of america and the importance of his helping america. i think he's a guy who would be swayed by patriotism. i don't want to have a big fight. i am just saying he is one of the great talents we have in the country not just republican party. >> how many would want to see him as vp?
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it would certainly help in florida. >> it has been 1,002 since the budget has been passed. none of us can comprehend that. we couldn't run our house like that. what would you do to fix the problem day one. what do we have to do with the system so it never happens again. it is absolutely incomprehensible. >> you have to break up the partisansh partisanship. i want to run an american campaign. i want to bring everybody in that cares about our values. if we get elected i would immediately before being sworn in meet with every single democratic individual not just the leadership. i would try to find a way to build bridges on little things and try to work to -- also say we try to leave without finishing your job on time i will call you back into special sessions. >> i want to get your reaction. in your debate on sunday you talked about the importance of shrinking the government rather than expanding taxes.
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once again it was one of the highest moments in the entire debate. let's take a look at that debate. >> i believe we need to have somebody who fights for hard-working taxpayers. my interest is in reducing everybody's tax here to 15 percent not trying to raise his to the obama level. i propose an individual tax. you fill it out you either keep the current system to what they do in hong kong. you keep the current system with all deeft duxes and paperwork but a single page. i have this amount i have this number of dependents here is 15 percent. my goal is to shrink the government to fit the revenue not to raise the revenue to catch up with the government. i would be happy. >> how many of you agree to that raise your hand? how many strongly agree with that? raise your hand. what is so powerful about shrinking the government? isn't that ideological?
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>> it is but i still wish we would shrink the government. >> why? >> because i think we as individuals know better what to do with our money. >> i think the government's solution is a flawed ideology. the republican if you believe in the power of individuals i agree with that statement. >> liberty means if i can afford the car that is an suv and it gets terrible millage that should be my choice. i should have the choice of health insurance, light bulbs, shower heads. >> still on the same subject but i am watching the taxes where you are talking about a flat 16 percent and your choice. we have almost half of the country that pays no taxes right now. with those people pay taxes under your plan that they don't pay now? >> in a lot of cases they would. there are two large blocks that are always included in that. people who don't have a job and
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people who are retired. people who are retire they had play property taxes sales tax, auto tax. they don't feel over taxed. my goal would be to have everybody participate in the system. if you are very, very poor you would have to pay something for medicaid to have a sense that it is a value and partis tory than necessarily get you on the tax side in phase one. our goal would be to say to everybody if you want to have no paperwork fill in one page here's what i earned here's the number of dependents here's what i owe. >> are we an over taxed country? >> we are an over taxed country with a bloated government. >> we are going to do two segments if you will stay one more segment we will give our florida voters a chance to respond to you, and coming up senator rick santorum and congressman allen west and the husband and wife team from capitol hill that i promise you are going to knock your socks
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off when we come back. thank you.
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>> you have seen the debates and you have seen the ad. do you feel you have a fair impression of who newt gingrich is and what he believes in? who says no?
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in the back row why no? >> there's a lot of information that is not being given. they are taking the part that helps them and hurts you. they are not giving us the total truth. that is what we need. >> i would like to show the viewers at home they reacted to a few minutes ago it is the most favorable ads of all it's a positive ad from your campaign. let's take a look. >> you hear high unemployment is our new normal. we can create millions of jobs. cutting taxes so americans once again the best place to invest and create jobs and unleashing the power over energy. that's just the start. working together we can rebuild the america we love and get people working again. i am newt gingrich, i approve this message. >> what's your reaction to that ad? >> very good.
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>> it's honest. >> iave to ask you in this give and take they don't like this back and forth between you and mitt romney. is there any way to wage the campaign without that kind of back and forth? >> sure. i did that up december 15th i was ahead according to gallop and got negative ads in iowa. i as a candidate i don't know how to respond. when you get drowned in mud what happens is you lose. i lost 22 points in iowa by the sheer weight of the attacks. i mean i think the whole system is pretty sick. >> you guys agree with that? >> yes. >> whou end super pack? >> yes. >> would you make candidates fully responsible? >> yes. >> what do you want to ask him? >> i have a question concerning energy, if you don't mind president obama as you know said no to the keystone pipeline and gas prices are going up. what part of energy policy would
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you have in newt gingrich's administration? >> i would have an extraordinarily bold energy plan designed to get us totally off of venezuela saudi arabia and iraqi and iranian oil. my goal would be to say there's no american president that would bow to a saudi king. >> you like that? we want to produce so much energy we can be the word's reservoir if something happens. we are literally irrational in the risk we are running right now in this administration. oba obama's view of the world is out of touch on an extraordinary level. >> does this include nuclear? >> safe nuclear power new generation is much safer of nuclear power. it includes offshore in appropriate places. it would be fairly far offshore. there's no reason to change that for right now. obama won't let them into into places they want them to go
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into. his policy is an anti-american policy that kills jobs and drives up the price of gasoline. >> what functions would you either eliminate or significantly down size or push in order to bring the government to meet the revenues? >> i would abolish the department of energy. i would shrink the department of education and eliminate all federal regulations return power back home. i would look seriously at combining the department of labor and department of commerce so there would be one sin thighed system designed to make american workers competitive in the world. i would over hall the state department. i would require they execute a foreign policy based in the american presidency not cultural service which routinely undermines us. but i would also very pro military i would apply being the entire defense department that is a management tool. the estimate we apply modern
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management to the federal government 500 million a year in in the government and 2 trillion in the economy because you would have a more efficient and effective government than we have. i would go through it pretty inten intensely. what is holding you back from supporting him? >> nothing. he is smooth and articulate and states his case exceptionally well. >> i called on the wrong guy. >> what's holding you back? >> one that holds me back is i don't think you have had a proper representation of the breadth and depth of your political experience and your influence in our government for the last 30 years. >> what's holding you back? >> the fact that you are a political insider. >> the thing that started to turn me off is the attack against bain. sometimes i don't know if you are for free market making
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prophet or if we are sounding like a socialist. >> i am very much for free markets but if somebody runs for president it's also fair to question their judgment. since he sites that is half of his resume asking questions about his resume is not an attack on free markets it is questioning him. >> what else do you want to know? >> do you think we can reduce the deficits without increasing taxes? >> if you run a campaign this fall in which you build a team that goes into the purposeful approach and you understand what you are doing, this is the one thing of being an insider i am probably the most knowledgeable in insider that is the most defiant insider in my values. you need that to make washington work under our constitution is a really hard problem. my commitment would be no tax increase. i fought every major tax increase for 20-years in my career. we got to a balanced budget. ron paul is technically right because the unified budget.
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but in the terms of unified budget we paid off 5 million in debt. it is important to look at how do you control government. if we use american express or visa or master card we can save between 60 and 110 billion a year on fraud in medicare and medicaid. huge numbers. you do 20 things like that not one matters. >> are you going to win? >> i have a real chance to win. i have a hunch after tonight's debate the way the debate will spin out in the next 48-hours i think i will win. >> speaker griffining, thank you very much. >> convince all of you to vote for me. remember i am still available. i would love to have your vote. >> never interrupt an audience when they are applauding. coming up rick santorum allen
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west and congressional team of mary bono and connie mac right
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>> you won in iowa. can you create the same in florida? joining me is sick santorum. how many of you walked in here supporting rick santorum. 1, 2, 3, 4. how many thought rick santorum won the debate. congratulations. why did you think he won? >> you showed your authenticity like you always do. you are consistent in what you have done. you proved that tonight again. >> you stood from the heart and i came in supporting mitt romney
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i came out supporting you. you won me. >> i came in undecided you were passionate and articulate you won me. >> you didn't let the other candidates off and you took it to them. >> there is a specific moment i want to show you all where you chastised the other two candidates mr. gingrich and mr. romney for what they were saying to one another it's one of the highlights of the debate. let's take a look. >> the bigger issue here is these two gentlemen who are out distracting from the most important as we have from petty personal politics. can we set aside that newt was a member of congress and used the skills he developed as a member of congress and went out and devised temperatures. he worked hard you see guys leave that alone and focus on the answers. >> what is your reaction to that? >> yeah. (applause) >> what advice?
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what are you telling these candidates? >> we want somebody to step up do the job and tell us what they are doing and work hard for us. >> david he's also controlling the dialogue letting the moderators control it. he kept it to a point that it is important to all of us. let's talk about the issues we care about and not what they are trying to put in their corner if you will. >> need to ask you a tough question you did incredibly well exceeded expectations with performances like that why aren't the numbers higher? >> if you look at the debate they have had a huge impact on this campaign. in the last couple of debates where the fields have been small enough, i have been sitting out on the end of most of these debates and not getting a whole lot of time. people are asking me why didn't u take on mitt romney before. i was averaging 4 minutes at the debate. i don't know how you can take on someone when you have to answer the question you don't get the
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opportunity. i have always believed, frank, that we have got the best record and we have got the boldest vision and people i believe, i hope will trust us when we say it. that's why i do my town hall meetings. i don't give a laundry list, i give people as to why i believe what i believe. >> what question have you not been asked that you want to know? >> what would you do to bring down the cost of healthcare? everyone talked about repealing obama care, but we need something to bring down the costs? >> what is the best way in america to bring down costs? >> free market. >> free market competition and we don't have that in healthcare. when people think we have the healthcare system obama is taking the government it's not true. over half of the healthcare extensions are paid for by the government and the other half are regulated so heavily. even now every code used in the
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hospital is medicare code. you have mandates on insurance on the state level and mandates on insurance at the federal level. all of you have gotten a healthcare bill. hopefully some of you haven't. if you are like most people you have gotten some hospital bill. how many bills have you gotten in your life here's the cost 10,400 dollars we are going to discount it by 8,300 dollars and the insurance will pay you $1,800 you will pay 10.42. what other place in the world sends you a bill like that? why in? you are not involved in purchasing something. unless we fundamentally change how we consume healthcare you will be deck indicated to you just like what's going on in massachusetts. statistics are true. >> i need to show that actually. i am going to interrupt you. this was one of the great moments of the debate when you and mitt romney went back and forth at each other you all said that you didn't like negative but you dialled this among the highest segment.
12:26 am
let's take a look. >> amendment one here. offered by scott plankin who by the way endorsed me today. it will be on your ballot as to whether there should be a government mandate in florida. state does it that's okay. if the state wants to enforce it that's okay. those are into tnot the clear contrasts we need if we are going to defeat barack obama. >> you guys agree with that? >> yeah. >> you didn't find it negative? >> no. >> you found that appropriate? >> it wasn't about the issue. >> and much more focus and expanded beyond the social issues tonight with real tenacity. >> when obama care pauwas passe done in the dark of night. >> before tonight i felt like you were the guy in the sweater vest. but that was actually a fire in your belly. i really felt like you could be president. >> thank you. >> so does he take off the
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sweate sweater vest? >> i don't like the sweater vest. >> you have more questions for him? >> you will see more questions from senator rick santorum and congressman is coming up you will be fascinated with what you hear what's really happening in washington when we come back. thank you. (applaus you name it. i've tried it. but nothing helped me beat my back pain. then i tried salonpas. it's powerl relief that works at the site of pain and lasts up to 12 hours. salonpas. i trust nature made because their products are scientifically formulated. their fish oil contains the right dose of critical omega3's. the amount recommended by several leading health organizations. nature made,the number one pharmacist recommended fish oil brand. learn more at and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges, or the worry my pipes might leak get in the way of my busy lifestyle.
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>> we are back with senator rick santorum. we have questions from the florida audience. he has an ad that is really scoring well. let's take a look at one of the most effective campaign ads of 2012. >> he's the principle conservative rick santorum champion leader reformer. he is determined and will never waiver. >> what wins in america is bold ideas sharnl cp contrast and a that includes everyone a plan
12:31 am
that includes people from all across the economic spectrum a plan that says we will work together to get america work. >> sirick santorum an america w can trust. what do you think of that ad? reaction? >> you focus on manufacturing, you focus on blue collar? you focus on so-called working america as much as the middle class. why? >> that is where i grew up. i grew up in a coal town. my grandfather was a coal miner mom and dad both worked. grew up on a va post. public housing. all of my friends either worked at the mill or dads worked at the mill and that's just -- and it was an amazing place to grow up. >> those communities are
12:32 am
democrats. why aren't you a re -- why are you a republican? >> number won the vietnam war. we were seeing all of the veterans come back from the war. i knew they were good guys. i hated them for the way they treated these guys for what i knew. to be honest i wasn't particularly a conservative when i went to college but i was probably a republican more because of what the democrats did for me than the veterans than anything else. newt gingrich had an impact on me later in life. newt is a brilliant speaker and great professor and explained things really interestingly. that was back in the late 80s. i sort of learned through reagan was my mentor seeing how things worked through the eyes of reagan. >> where are we going with the military? are we going to stay with the
12:33 am
obama administration started? what are we going to do? >> i don't believe we can sacrifice any military. i don't think we can drawdown the marines or army particularly if we are going to finish the commitment we have to make sure we have a stable afghanistan. what we are doing is unconscionable, is leading to a horrible scour raj of ptsd and all sorts of problems men and women coming back. there are rules of engagement that make it super hazardous mentally to be able to move into that country for a long period of time. to shrink that force would be the wrong message. then you are talking about increased up tempo. the amazing thing about men and woman in uniform the increasing rate is off the charts. these are folks that are sacrificing and they are going through and yet they are coming back because they know the mission is important. we can't short change them. you agree? >> yes.
12:34 am
>> i have a son who is a marine. i also want to thank you for elevating the levelled of the debates. i am going to encourage all of the participants to continue to raise that level. do you feel that our system has become mirk tealists? do we have too much government control of the economy. how are we going to address that? >> the answer is we too much government control in the economy. that's why i said obama care is really the fundamental issue that we have this idea that government can micro manage. one of the things is the obama administration has just last year put forth 150 regulations that cost over 150 a year in businesses. it's an explosion of micro management of businesses. and what you said i will take
12:35 am
every one of these regulations i will follow the administration and repeal law. you can't repeal law. >> aren't you afraid of clean air? clean water, workplace safety? >> -- first up i am concerned about that. the president just put in a regulation effective january 1st that is going to put about 60 coal firepower plants out of business. and it is all mercury regulation. it is one of those things where you have to sit there and sit outside of a power plant a coal firepower plant and eat dirt for the rest of your life. the scientific -- or pseudo scientific studies are not based on the reality these soldiers are going to get. we have taken environmental regulations to the point that now we can measure in such minuscule amounts we now require enormous costs of absolutely
12:36 am
significant health and safety benefits. we have to look at the cost of society for the improvement of health. >> i want to jufrp in. there's so much to ask you. what advice do you have? >> stay with what you are doing now. >> what advice? >> i don't have advice. you don't have the private sector experience that's what worries me. >> stay on the core conservative values to be specific. >> you got to get better with taxes. you have to have a plan that will make sense and be more simplified. it was okay for reagan it's not okay any more. >> your reaction? >> my reaction is new tax rate 28 percent. we expand the 10 percent bracket we have 5 reductions children, charity ares pensions healthcare and house. everything else in the tax code goes away. we have a corporate tax cut it in half makes it a net profit
12:37 am
tax. very simple. nobels and wileses. pay less taxes and small business. the only exception of that is manufacturing. you pay no corporate taxes? why do we treat them differently? because of the rest of the corporations of america aren't having their jobs being shipped overseas and competing with overseas that's why we have to have a tax rate to compete with what we have to deal with in china and mexico and a whole bunch of others. >> do you believe him? go ahead. (applause) >> we brought a very special guest and i have a special present. you can bring her on. this is my mother who i had an opportunity to introduce to america tonight. this is my mom. she lives here in north port. that's my brother who as i mentioned before is a gator which i probably shouldn't say again. i have a present for mrs. santorum.
12:38 am
what do you think? he painted this for your son. nice shot. what do you think? >> senator santorum. thank you so much for coming. congratulations on a great debate. when we come back a congressional duo that will knock your socks off and allen west. stay tuned.
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>> in more than 200 years of american history only three couples served in congress at the same time. only two have come from different states. never until now do you have one of the most eastern states, florida and the most western state, california. please join me in welcoming mary bono mac and connie mac. (applause)
12:42 am
i don't understand. i know that you met while you were both members of congress, but what i don't understand is with people disliking congress so much why would the two of you want to serve? how many of you have a favorable impression of congress raise your hand. okay you are deaf. 0 out of 26. why do you want to serve? >> we now have children. when my first husband sonny passed away people encouraged me to run. >> sonny bono also members of congress. >> they were 6 and 9. people turn to do me and i turn to do my children. you think of that a lot they think about their children what it means to fight for them and what you believe in. it is without a doubt a calling. you always believe you can do better. >> speaking of the next guy standing next to you, you come from a political family. >> yes. you know, in response to that
12:43 am
question, i remember when my father decided that he was going to retire from the senate. he was announcing his retirement and he said that politics was an honorable profession where men and women can make a difference. he would encourage anybody who wants to try to make america better and stronger to get involved. i remember standing with them going, i wonder if he thinks that's me. i think in politics it's a tough aggressive sport almost. but it's important because we are talking about the future of america and the future of freedom. >> what frustrating you the most about congress? >> they think they know more than we know. >> terri? >> can't pass a budget. >> too many democrats. >> i am frustrated about
12:44 am
congress inthat i feel like the president doesn't think you stand up for anything but you are standing there saying we don't want that for our country. >> what do you want them to do compromise or stand on principle? >> work for the people. >> your reaction? >> first of all i apologize i have lost my voice tonight. couldn't come at worse time. for me i have been a member of the house for 14 years and there are times when we do have to stand on principle absolutely. there are times you need to recognize you were dealt a certain hand and we have a democrat senate and democrat in the white house. we have a third of the government. we are trying to make our future better for our children and we are dealt two two's if you are a poker player is that a bad hand? you have to know when to fight. there are times you have to know when to reach across the aisle
12:45 am
and find common ground. this past august i passed a bill with bipartisan support democrat supported it. i found common ground with them that really saved thousands of jobs. i took them on as regulations that i thought were over burdensome they agreed i got it done. >> do you want them to phyto bam ma more or less? >> phyto bam ma more stay on principles say what you believe and let them know. >> stewart more or less? oo more or less what? >> phyto bam ma. >> how many want to fight them more than they have? >> i think this represents florida. i am fortunate to represent a district in southwest florida. i have said at a time obama and others would say, they don't want to compromise. they don't want to do anything. if you are compromising to something that you know is going to hurt america and not create
12:46 am
opportunities for our children and grandchildren, why would you make that compromise? it doesn't make any sense. you know so i think principles are very important. it is what guides you in your life. and so to stand there and say, well i will take a little bit less of something that i know is going to hurt the future of america in freedom, that is something i am not willing to do. i think you have to stand on principle. >> i have to ask you, your more con sill tory, you are more combative. what else don't you agree on? >> like we are going to admit that. >> let me say this. when we got married her brother said to me, connie, i want to give you some advice. you can either be happy or you could be right. and it and i am a very happy man. >> what message do you want to tell him. >> i don't mean to be
12:47 am
disrespectful but i have concerns about career politicians. i would like to get your thoughts regarding term limits? >> that's a great question. i personally think -- i come from california we have term limits. but i look at people who served in congress for longer than i have been alive and i am frustrated with that, too. i don't know if it's a positive experience in california. you get a politician in right away. they are chairman of a committee they have no knowledge base about what they are doing and suddenly they are out. you know the bureaucrats scare me more than vl politicianers being held accountable for the electorate. >> obama will try to paint the picture of obama verses obstruction in congress. what are you going to do to get out the message it's not congress's fault nothing is getting done? >> i think this will be the crux of the election. obama is going to say that the
12:48 am
congress is obstructed everything that you have tried to do. we have to make the argument that what he has tried to do are failed policies. things that we know have not only failed when he has tried them but failed around the world. >> you guys agree? >> we can't continue to have a $1.3 trillion deficit. we cannot afford that. we can't afford more regulation. we can't afford more litigation. we can't continue a government that seems to be turning our backs on our allies around the world. reaching a handout to our enemy. we have to stand up for what america believes in and for freedom. this really does come down to freedom. i think when you pose that question to the american people whether they are republican, independent or democrat they are going to say we are going to stay on the side of freedom and stay on the side of america before we are going to stand on more government, more
12:49 am
regulations, more taxation. >> i know you support term limits, would you vote them back into office yes or no? >> yes. >> you are quiet. they are the most powerful couple in washington, d.c. it's a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> when we come back p.m.
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12:52 am
>> we went to washington, d.c. because that's where they know congress the best. florida isn't just about the presidential campaign. who controls florida probably controls congress. we asked americans from the washington, d.c. area and we
12:53 am
asked congress here's what they had to say. >> what is the highest priority of an elected representative to represent their own beliefs or to represent the voter's beliefs. who says their own? raise your hands? and who says the voters? haze your hands. very quickly. why your own? >> they should stand up for what they believe in. it's up to us to vote for them if we believe agree with their we put them in office. otherwise they are not going for our principles they are going against their own. >> i think you should do that what the voters want. that's why we put you there. you are our folks and our representative. >> you have a district that is very split a third republican a third democrat a third independent. you have elected with what percent? >> 54.3 percent. >> close election. >> what is the answer? do you stand up for your xon vickses or their convictions?
12:54 am
>> i stand up for america-- ame convictions. when you understand what america represents and when you talk about effective and efficient government understand there are proper roles and responsibilities as it is mandated flew the constitution when you understand the unalienable rights life liberty and pursuit of happiness not the guarantee of happiness. when you talk about the free market system and entrepreneurial system how do you make sure you cry ated the right type of policies that allowed our small business to grow corporations and businesses to thrive? you have to have the right type of corporations to make sure they don't go over board. you have to talk about traditional cultural values. may be a split there but we dondo believe in faith and family. after spending 22 years in the military we can make american people prosperous we have to keep them safe and secure.
12:55 am
those are the five principles i stand upon. if you articulate it to people they know it's coming. >> i feel like he's having a good game. i follow a lot of your comments. a lot seem to be divisive, closed minded out of nowhere. like your time is out in the democratic party. i am a black person but i am democratic not because my family is democratic but i look at the issues and i vote my faith. your comments and what you are saying now are two different things. >> yesterday we had a conservative black forum. if you look at what's happening in elections for some odd reason you get 90 some odd percent. what i find is per bleksing w - perplexing. people come up to me and how can you say you are republican. do i not have any free will to
12:56 am
make any decisions on my own. >> i don't agree with what the woman is saying. i take you at your word i think you are sincere and i respect everything you have said. i take you at your word. >> samantha? >> every time i see you on television you are honest and up front. i really respect that. i believe everything you are saying to me. you can tell it's really and truly a part of you. >> this is what i think is important. it leads to the fact that i led soldiers in if combat. we have to get away from telling people what they think they want to hear and what they need to hear? >> i agree with that, however it's not directed as your demographic. i am a conservative democrat? >> i have not been afraid. there's nobody who actually voted with the same issues.
12:57 am
>> i am from georgia, too. >> too sophisticated an audience here. i feel like a lot of comments put us in a box. most of my conservative friends. but to say they are sheep and we are blinded by one party, we might actually believe that. >> how many of you heard that from him? who did not hear that from him? raise your hand. i have to ask you a question. what are you hearing that the other 28 people in here aren't? >> i am listening to his comments now and listened to the comments he had in the past. those don't match up to me. >> what he said now i don't think you believe in it. >> one thing i think you are referring back to there's a quote by alexander the great. i do not fear anl army of liars
12:58 am
with they were led by sheep. let's the lions and lamps. i think america has portrayed strength. i believe that's one that ronald regular can convey i had. >> mike, your reaction? >> i expect congressman a sreed der. i heard responsibility and the prehar at the time what do you want to tell us what we need to hear. we need to understand what's going to happen, not what they are going to do. >> my brother was killed in afghanistan. i didn't hear anything but positive and i am an independent voter. you actually an interest in learning more about what you stand for. i am really grateful for some of
12:59 am
the slips you just did. i am a tough guy. i had a mother who spent me bad information. that's what you want to respect and that's what you won't to me. for me it's not about getting re-elected. if we go with the growing government to turn the economy around -- >> do you can't him elected? >> yes. >> do you want him to stay in washington. >> thank you so much for the help. >> two presidential candidates and hee exchange between voters and


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