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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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there's also a one-called over the next few months dir ship occurred >> this is a fox news alert. i am geraldo rivera. newt gingrich is holding a carpet bombing campaign of attacks ads is burying in him in florida. two-days left before the republican primary in the important sunshine state the nbc news maris poll releases romney is pulling further ahead from the former speaker. 42 percent to 27. with santorum and paul still polling in the double digits but far behind. public policy polling had i am proegs with romney oef gingrich by 8 points 40-32 percent. that story was public saturday before romney's attacks obliterated the speaker's attempts to fight back. the information comes from the
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brand new rasmussen report romney over gingrich. for the former government 28 percent for the speaker the gap is righting by the hour. buddy, what do you think? is it really opening up to gap minute by minute. >> one week ago evidences fresh up on his south carolina victory. this disappeared by midweek we had romney up by 8 the same trend is heading in that direction. part of it is the financial retorses. he did so el the debates in south kirl line gnaw.
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>> it is really that a single debate performance could sway their prep. >> i think that's over stating. what we are really seeing is republican voters have one criteria that tops all of the others. that is what is the candidate -- what is the strongest potential candidate against obama. mitt romney through out almost this entire rel election season. as being seen as the most electable. that change for just over a week or so. in florida in the first poll we gave romney and gingrich were the same. as the week has gone on things were returning >> do you see anything that might interfere with this?
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>> it is virtually impossible to see something we could predict that will change it into a newt gingrich victory by tuesday. could the mar kin change a little bit? of course. when your best poll is showing you 8 points behind and ours is showing 16 points behind, most recent numbers, you really don't have a lot of room to maneuver. >> i agree. scott, thank you very much. thanks, guys. >> i am over here live from florida from newt gingrich's daughter jackie. she has become one of his key campaign aids. oo oo how are you? >> we a bit of a delay. i am in los angeles. i will be speaking live to two key players in my wife and daughter's favorite television program real housewives of beverly hills. but ladies i am glad you are here. you don't want to talk politics, do you? but let's tistick to politics n
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in portraying himself as the only tea party conservative jackie's dad has consistently labeled romney as a moderate. nothing but a moderate. now the speaker is trying to push him further to the left. >> i think romney has a real challenge in trying to get a majority at the convention. i believe the republican party will not nominate a pro apportion, pro gun control, pro tax increase moderate from massachusetts. they will not nominate somebody who raises millions from wall street to run ads that are false. >> all right. now a bit of a delay. your dad sounds hurt and he sounds angry? just cause he is being blasted by those attack ads but it won't win him votes, will it? >> he is not hurt or angry. he is very determined. you have watched him a long time
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and you have known him for a long time. one of the finest qualities he has is being persistent. he has been persistent when he is speaker. he is talking about what choices we have as a people. he knows in the end our goal is to beat president barack obama. to be able to da that we would have a clear contrast between republican nominee and president barack obama. i think they mentioned there was only a difference between romney and ohio. to talk about he increased taxes and speed. >> i have a natural affinity for the underdog. your dad is a real scrapper he's up against a very well funded machine. some say his attempts to mere romney calling him among other things a pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase
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moderate from massachusetts. some are saying it's a display of desperation. how do you respond? >> if you look at what happened as governor taxes increased. if you look at romney funding for apportions by the government that's a fact. if you look at the facts of what he did as governor it's clear what happened. rom knee didn't want it on his record. i think this is great practice for my dad because we all know obama will not run his record in the fall. i think it's great dad is out there talking about his experience balancing the budget reforming whale dare and governing with the democratic president. look at that and look at obama right now. the contrast would be absolutely amazing. >> you see the same polls and you are more intimately aware
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where am numbers are growing? do you see a sense of despair when you see the stand sticking out from your small seat. >> if you look at the national polls. clearly in florida it's 6 verses 4. you are at a 4-1 disadvantage. i don't think we are at all discouraged. it will be a long race. even including florida that is only five percent of the delegates. we have a long way to go. looking forward to moving forward as well. good luck to you and your dad. give him my best regards. >> okay folks. they bottom of the our who gets the key latino vote in florida.
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we are keeping it real with the beverly hills. i will ask them all of the questions you want asked after this.
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>> this could be the savannah
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chandelier. wait for the cabana. >> i realize what had just happened. >> don't worry about it. >> we will take three. >> i am sorry. >> i have to go now. >> it was not me. they dropped it. i will pay for it. right? >> you dropped the chandelier? >> i took all of the blame for it. both of us had our hands on it. >> we thought he was holding it. >> happily married she is kyle richards she has a handsome husband four beautiful daughters one of whom is in the studio with us. but how does my next guest keep it together the author of "life is not a reality show" the real housewives of beverly hills kyle richard on your right and the glamorous sometimes clumsy favorite is on the left. keeping it real with the housewife who does it all. my first question i have written
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it on the book life is not a reality show but is your reality show real life? >> absolutely, it is. i know there's a little i misconception about that. >> it is not scripted? >> it is not lightly scripted like some reality shows it is all very much real. there are a lot of times i wish i could blame it on the script but>> if i take you at your word you are allowing intimate strangers into your bathroom. >> absolutely. >> ever have any misgivings about that? >> many times. when i had the argue umth with my sister i had a lot of regrets. >> we will play that. >> always good to relive that over and over again. i have a lot of regrets. >> is that the fight there? >> yeah.
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>> to what form does the regret take? did you ever think about bailing out of the program? >> many times. i think all of us have quit at one time or another or said we were quitting we couldn't take it any more. it was difficult to have the public think you are what you are not you will have one moment of something they will judge you on that one moment it is difficult. >> i don't think they aportray. we all have our moments good and bad. one thing if there's something you don't want shown it will make it to stair. there are things you can focus on maybe my strength at times. >> i met fay through -- >> describe that relationship. >> i met fay through my sister kathy and chris jenner, right? >> yes. >> we are very close.
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she is like a sister to me p and she is just a dear dear friend who i love very much. >> i know everything. i can tell exactly what kyle is thinking. >> how do you feel about this notoriety in your life now? >> they are fine. >> what do you mean? >> i don't like a lot of notoriety any longer. it's calm and peaceful. kyle approved -- kyle needed me every now and then. season one was creepy. it was really bad. >> it is special now the book tour and everything. the kid is crazy. >> how did people respond when they see you? did they respond as if they are intimate friend of yours because
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they see so much of your life? >> it is really wonderful isn't it? >> they want to give us a hug. >> i tell you my 19-year-old isabella at nyu she is never asked me for an autograph of any one and kyle was kind enough to give her one. >> i am honored. >> she watches the episodes four or five times. she is obsessed with it? is that the typical viewer? >> i have people coming up to me, i have people telling me i am obsessed with the show it has gotten them through illness and it saved their life they are so down and they got back up in the show. it is amazing. >> because you are the good girl. your advice is mainly it was an advice book. i thought it was more than a memoir. one of the things you say i haven't found the exact sentence if one of you, you or your
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husband cheat one time that's okay. >> that was taken out of context. i was referring to a situation with a friend of mine, nobody here who made a mistake. she came to me and said i am very distraught she said i have to tell my husband i have to. i can promise he will leave you. i know you love him you have a beautiful marriage. i think you should acknowledge it within yourself with god whatever you need to do to move on and it did not happen. they are together all these years later. i don't condone cheating at all. >> she never told. >> they are happily married. this is not for repeat offenders. >> what about two times? >> i think at that point there's something wrong there. >> both of you said tailor armstrong. he committed suicide one of the most shocking things ever in a reality show. it seemed as if the show or the
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context in which his story was portrayed accelerated his decline. i don't know, i am not making any judgment but here is the confrontation with tailor and am tad. >> everyone should start saying what they mean. >> i think we got it today. >> i don't think we got everything, but okay. >> but everything tailor, i don't think you got everything out there. >> when you said everything, be careful what you say. we all protected you. >> we have all protected you. >> about my marriage? >> about what you told us about your marriage. >> what you told us about your marriage. >> we are protecting you. >> because we don't say that he hits you. >> because we don't say what he broke your jaw, or that he beat you up and he hits you. we don't say that. but now we said it.
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>> did you know that her marriage was as bad off as it clearly was? >> yes, we did. >> we didn't want to address it in front of the cameras wbecaus we didn't want to put her in any more danger. >> i talked to -- we both say a lot about that because if he is doing this at home what would happen if he saw it on air? then what was going to happen. a lot of times we tried to dismiss it or brush over it in front of the cameras. >> but you have a broad view of life. did you know specifically that this woman was being physically and emotionally abuse i have? >> she told us both over and over again. >> that her husband hit her? >> more than that. she told us he broke her jaw. >> that was about 6 months before the whole thing came out. she also said it in a bathroom at boa actually. everybody could hear it. we were all keeping it a secret.
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thinking we were protecting her. >> what was your reaction then when russell killed himself? >> i was crazy shocked. i couldn't believe it. i thought it was a hoax. she was lucky, obviously, he could have killed her, too. unfortunately she lost her husband. she was crying today again and again. people think she doesn't feel it, she really feels it. >> you think the show had nothing to do with precipitating that? >> no. he was in such deep financial stress and everybody was coming after him. he really got himself into a situation where he couldn't hide any more. people were coming out of the woodwork he owed money and he was having a hard time staying afloat. obviously someone who is abusive that has issues as it is to begin with, so i really believe that it did not. >> we will be back with more including kyle's battles with her sister kim we referenced it
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and we will have much more of that. at the bottom of the hour politics. we will be right back.
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>> missed a plane in the morning. >> how did that happen? you want to brush over it but everyone else here is aware of that and knows we were all waiting. >> she is picking a bone with me for no reason. i call her the egg beater because all she does is stir the eggs. i don't know why she is crawling up this tree. >> you keep people waiting and waiting and waiting over and over again. once again they find a topic and they harp on it all night. >> it would be just like me talking about the fact that you drive around with a cell phone to your ear. >> what are you talking about. i have never driven a car so what are you talking about? you want to pull something out of your ass to say, fine.
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>> we don't care. >> i am sure you don't care. >> i am sick of the whole thing. >> what? >> i am tired of the whole thing. >> you can do this and have no regrets. >> i don't want you. scram. >> doesn't always get along with her sister kim but kyle richards has been voted several magazines one of the most stylish tv housewives of all times. she is here with fay resnick. is kim going to be on the program next season? >> bravo has not announced a pickup for season 3 yet. we would assume because of the ratings but they have not. none of us have had to make that decision yet. >> the story about cast changes is that -- >> none of that is true. i don't know about stem phones but they haven't announced it. >> is the assumption that kim is back? >> i don't know to be honest.
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>> dee doesn't watch the show. >> what's the beef? sibling rivalry? >> obviously -- yes, sibling rivalry. i love my sister very much. my sister is a kind down to earth, fun, passionate person. but when she -- when she is dealing with her issues things change. there was a lot of anger and a lot of built up resentment over the years with that. now we smoothed over that. >> smoothed it over. >> it is strained since the show ended. >> let me ask you guys, you have 3 months between taping and airing. >> yeah. >> 6. >> that long? >> do you live in dread of what you said or what you were into -- >> i do.
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i am not even on the show. which is hilarious. i always say to kyle what have you gotten me into. i know that you do, too. with kim it was so painful. it was so painful to have exposed what just happened. it couldn't be avoided because she kept not showing up. kyle knew there was something happening with her. >> are your parents still alive? >> we lost our parents. >> they don't see you battling? >> if my mom were here things would be very different. >> life is not a reality show. keeping it real. the housewife that does it all. >> there are nice pictures of your beautiful family and your handsome husband mari ceo. you said he is mexican and jewish? >> mexican jew. call him a mexijew. >> how about jewrican.
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>> how do you keep your marriage together thankihanging out with who is single and going to all of these dashing places with all of these ladies? >> mari ceo and fay are like brother and sister. they are very close. you have to make your marriage a priority. this show is a small part of life believe it or not. my priority is my husband and my four children. you have to keep it all together. >> fine looking young lady. i want to thank you both. life is not a reality show. our friend thank you for being with us. >> gingrich and romney locked in a death match. each calling the other a liar. who is telling the truth. that is next. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok...
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i am harris falkner. now back to ral"geraldo." >> he was fired for ethics violation. he ultimately had to resign in disgrace. he can't rewrite history we have to go back to look at history and say he may be a great guy with a lot of great ideas but he is not a leader we need at a critical time. this will be arch historic election. we need a leader who succeeded as a leader. i have and i will lead america back to strength. >> i am amazed. i am standing next to a guy who has the most blatantly dishonest answers i can remember in a
5:33 am
presidential race in my lifetime. i think i have seen every presidential campaign dee bait virtual liver ry one and he would say things that were not true. like yesterday's new york times we have 24 foreign reports. he said thing after thing that wasn't true. i don't know how you debate a person with civility if they are prepared to say things that are plane factually false. >> intense exchanges. the florida primary is feeling more like a mud bath listening to these candidates. are they soiling each other so badly they are making an obama victory in november more likely? bill mccollum is the former florida attorney general. that's him on the left there. he's lincoln ballard whose entire south florida clan including his brother has been
5:34 am
endorsed romney. john campbell who has also endorsed ie electronically shake hands with bill and with lincoln as well. but gentlemen what about my premise there congressman campbell the two candidates cutting each other up the blood is not going to be dry in november. >> hillary and obama weren't exactly kind to each other either four years ago. yet the winner of that contest prevailed in november. >> you really think the intensity matched what's going on now? >> it's four years. that time could make it dim a little bit. but they were at each other pretty hard i think. i don't think at that dooms wherever helps romney. whoever prevails i don't think it dooms mitt. i think it does give the obama
5:35 am
campaign ammunition. >> speaking of which i have to go to general mccollum on this one. i didn't read this since jackie gingrich daughter when she was on the program a half hour ago. this was what newt gingrich said after he was reprimanded by the house. quote i brought down on the people's house a controversy which could weaken the faith people have in their government in my name in my signature inaccurate incomplete unreliable statements were given to the committee. i accept responsibility for this and i deeply regret it. he goes on to say he didn't mean it. isn't it hard to wrap yourself in the man tell of truthfulness and var ras city and c-- veracid romney's misguided inaccurate statements when you have something like this on the record a shame that will live institutionally forever? >> first of all you have to have lived through that i did.
5:36 am
that is a context in which i suspect that statement simply doesn't ring with a lot of people. at the time when it all happened there were 84, 85 charges brought by democrats against newt from an election that occurred in his case his reelection. all but one were thrown out by the ethics committee that one was a minor charge. in the end newt gingrich asked for the reprimand paid him 300 thousand to clear it up. it was over a year before he left congress i don't think he left in disgrace at all. as a matter of fact the ramain charge an irs charge about doing some kind of fraud was cleared by the internal revenue service in 99 two years after this. >> let me squeeze in. >> congressman, what do you think about the lack of civility in the campaign circle? >> democracy is tough.
5:37 am
always bet tore solve these problems with ballots not bullets. >> getting perilously close to that. >> not really. we are going to come together. we are all going to support the nominee. it will be a tough fight in november, but i am confident we are going to win and one of the reasons geraldo, look, when in our community when we make a recommendation the community gives it serious consideration. that is a great honor. it is also a great responsibility. we take our recommendations with great responsibility. >> on that note let me interrupt you. i want to show something that is key to the south florida vote now. in 2008 most of south florida's latino establishment went overwhelmingly for john mccain effectively ending mitt romney's first dry for the oval office.
5:38 am
how specifically are latinos lining up this time? here is craig. >> reagan definitely would have never offended us as gingrich did saying spanish is a language of the ghetto. now searching for votes gingrich wants to change history but the facts speak for themselves. >> victorious in in south carolina but trailing in in florida newt gingrich faces a big head wind trying to win the hearts and votes of the voting block in the sunshine state. his tough stance against bilingual characterization of spanish still newt attacking mitt romney as the most aggressively anti immigration candidate. >> mitt romney is a government liberal from the state of and similar to dean. he is the most anti immigrant candidate. latinos smack down took center stage on thursday's rough and
5:39 am
tumble debate. i am not anti immigrant. my father was born in mexico my wife's father was born in whales. they came to this country. the idea that i am anti immigrant is repulsive. >> after the favorite mart teen no marco rubio complained it is inaccurate and inflammatory. they took out the ad. >> we are going to be the deciding factor because our percentage is higher than the national average. we are enthusiastic voters. >> what do you think about what's going on? >> we have a lively debate heated primaries they say terrible things to each other. that's democracy. he pulled the ad but wasn't -- (inaudible). >> romney's campaign and associated tax has spent a fortune on ads leading up to
5:40 am
tuesday's vote including one spot sfee touring his son speaking in spanish about liberty and opportunity. we caught up with greg romney at the popular restaurant. >> people give and take about your dad being anti immigration, the strikes he is taken from gingrich. what are your thoughts on that? >> i think my dad put it best last night. i think he said it was ridiculous or something along those lines. he knows this country was founded on legal immigration. he loves immigration but he wants to make sure legal immigration is protected. stop illegal immigration. >> immigration has become an illegalian issue in the primary debate. not the only issue. most hispanics are more concerned about jobs than immigration. >> i think everybody wants immigration policies to be fair. no one wants anybody to be
5:41 am
discriminated against. the big heest issue in florida whether you are a family or not is jobs. talk about how they are going to be a partner with what we are doing in florida. how they are going to help us build jobs here. that's what we want. >> today you became american citizens. give yourself a round of applause. >> friday congresswoman gave her keynote address swearing in 87 new u.s. citizens. majority from latino countries. >> immigration will be one of many important topics but will not be the deciding factor. here or really anywhere else. >> congratulations. (applause) >> i love that. i want to ask the panel will the
5:42 am
hispanic vote. he came out of nowhere to endorse gingrich. >> the former candidates when newt gingrich endorse the former speaker's run for the white house. cain said one of the reasons is gingrich is a patriot not afraid of bold ideas. he acknowledges king rich is going through a sausage grinder now adding and i know what a sauce san grinder is about. cain stopped his run for the presidency after rumors of an affair. we will be right back. our panel gives us their conviction on the vote. >> o.j. simpson later.
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>> welcome back everybody. i want to get right to this key issue of the latino vote. lincoln if i may start with you. what percentage of the latino vote will mitt romney win do you predict and why? >> it will be an overwhelming majority. all three of the candidates have
5:47 am
serious predictions. santorum gingrich and romney over come the threshold issue in the cuban american to be continued. >> they are anti castro? >> exactly. they are pro freedom tofor our brothers and sisters that are oppressed 90 miles away. what we need in our communities are jobs. the consensus view is we need a turn and specialist. we need somebody that can turn this econ me around make the united states the most attractive place in the world for investment and those trillions of dollars as we move toward energy independence and make this country the most attractive place in the world for investment. those dollars are going to mean millions of jobs in our community. >> mitt romney is the best prepared to turn the economy
5:48 am
around from day one. >> what about immigration. newt gingrich tried to label them anti immigrant or anti draconian. immigration is not a big a deal with cuban americans they doo an immigration issue. >> it is republicans in florida. >> i don't believe anybody agrees he is abahti government. i was pleased to hear them say what is true that is newt gingrich has as long as i know him have reported the issues in terms of fighting communists and dictators. he was a big champion of the helms act. they were in trouble and fleeing to this country.
5:49 am
i think he is a very strong, strong performer of freedom and as lincoln said it. he and i said the disagreement over the thing he talked about the person who has the acts program what he is campaigning for him and he's the one that wants to leliminate it all together. get the economy going again and produce the kind of jobs we need. he is way too past and not nearly bold enough. >> congressman campbell with the mexican american constituency it will be a huge deal in the general election. >> iment grayings will be bigger than it is in florida. i agree with lincoln. mitt romney will get most of the hispanic vote here.
5:50 am
>> some don't. >> you don't? i actually do. but i also think some of what bill said i disagree with him on who is the right person to do it. immigration is a big issue. education is the big issue. healthcare is the big issue. there's a lot of big issues. if we don't solve the economy, jobs and the deficit we won't be able to get to those in the right way. we need the person who can best do that and that is mitt romney's strong point. >> got to go gentlemen. i wish we had a whole night to talk about it. thank you all. come back. we will be back with the latest on o.j. simpson.
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5:53 am
>> welcome back. we are live in los angeles everybody. about a week ago the man on the screen with me here phillip the lead investigator in the 94 slayings of nicole brown simpson
5:54 am
and ronald goldman killed by o.j. simpson, i believe still to this day. the detectives say he was among the first detectives on the scene of the o.j. simpson mansion following those stabbing deaths of simpson's ex-wife nicole and friend ron goldman. our colleague mark fuhrman also testified at the infamous trial. this case has been happening and what it's all about. we are here in the studio. you helped put o.j. simpson? jail. they can tell us how the case was prosecuted. mark, you know, in reflecting on everything he did and how the case went down, do you still see it and you must in your heart of hearts as a gross miss care --
5:55 am
miscarriage of justice of the double homicide? >> of course i think it's a gross miscarriage of justice. it is sad when somebody dies an untimely death and he has family and grandchildren and sons and daughters. that is not really the reason we are talking and the reason we are talking is that there is a never ending interest in this case because it was a miscarriage of justice. i think the most unfortunate thing is that people really don't know exactly the bath of the evidence and exactly why they didn't see the evidence that was actually discovered who actually found it, and exactly all of the testimony that would have actually put him away for that double murder. >> do you think, mark, when you consider the fact, the absolute fact that there was a tremendous trail a blunt trail and other evidence beside the blood that goes from the murder scene on
5:56 am
sunday all of the way down to sunset and down to simpson's mansion on the other side of the highway and into his house and then we find the other glove? this is so -- such a mountain of evidence in every regard. why? what happened here in your view these many years later? >> well, i think i knew it from the beginning and i knew it as it was rolling right over the top of me that johnny cochran, f lee bailey both knew o.j. simpson was builguilty as the ds long. they knew they didn't stand a whistle's chance in hell to try to attack the evidence. they choose me, they choose race. they choose incompetence of forensic procedure. they completely evaded the fact that the evidence whether you
5:57 am
took 250 pieces of that evidence and through it out the window through me out the window, through half of the detectives out the window you would still have ample amount of evidence to convict ten people in a death penalty case. >> it seems like such a bitter failure. >> i disagree with what mark is saying. i talked to many members of the defense team. holly the defense below him was on his team. they very much believe in his innocence. >> i can't image that they did. >> the fact that fuhrman said some things that he wasn't frank about on the witness stand gave people an excuse. >> they had a son of stuff to be able to attack. >> you have to understand something. f. lee bailey gave o.j. simpson a polygraph. he failed so miserably they actually destroyed the evidence.
5:58 am
they destroyed the test. he was guilty from the first week. >> but you know, defense attorneys, good ones have a kind of self-imposed amnesia. they can't live with themselves if they really think they have a guilty person. they might justify it in their own minds. before i lose amount of time here what about o.j. simpson's vegas robbery? you were the one that helped them set up a meeting there in that room that led to his going in with a gun to get his stuff back. how much longer is he going to be in jail and how is he faring in prison? >> it seems to never end. on friday i got a sustabpoena i have to go to court for the victim bruce lamon he is saying that even though i never met him until oj came in with the guys with the gun. oj caused him a heart attack. it was going on and on and on and never ended.
5:59 am
>> oj got 9 and 34 years. he's up for parole 6 years or something. everyone else cut off. all turned evidence against them. he still wasting away in nevada. >> what's the vetting in nevada? >> no one wants to be the one to let it go. he is there for as much as 33 years. a lot of people think it is going to run the gamut. >> mark fuhrman you certainly have risen from the ashes. you have a great career now. robin


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