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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 30, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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>> good morning, everyone. it's monday, january 30th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. four men in the battle for the republican nominee and a political punch fest between two candidates. and another dealing with a family emergency. all this in the final 24 hours in fight for florida. we're live in the sunshine state with the very latest for you. >> meanwhile, what did newt do? one of the key voting groups that pushed him to victory in south carolina now abandoning him. does that tell you a little bit about it? details coming up straight ahead. >> and what do president obama and the captain of the italian cruise ship costa concordia have in common? we'll report it. you'll decide it. "fox & friends" starts right now.
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>> folks, you know how hard it is to get going on a monday morning. >> yeah. i'm feeling that way today. >> just imagine how hard it is for all the -- we've got a glittering line-up of people who will join us over the next three hours. buckle yourself in. we start out very shortly, mitt romney will join us live. he's doing really well down in the great state of florida. and he's going to explain his last 24 hour stretch. >> gretchen told me before the show he's running for president. we got to bring that un. donald trump might be, too. >> thank you for the wake-up call and donald trump and debbie wasserman-schultz who is from florida, a congresswoman who leads the dnc will be joining us and dana perino will be here with her thoughts. >> governor bobby jindal will be talking about his interaction with the president when they had that tragedy with the b.p. disaster on the louisiana coast and telling us who is going to be supporting now because governor perry is out, i believe. >> he is.
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and cuba gooding jr. has a new movie out, george lucas is behind it. it's about the tuskeegee airmen. you'll want to hear about that. three hours of news starts with the headlines. >> dramatic mission under way to rescue a group of hikers in the foot hills of albuquerque, new mexico. a national guard chopper airlifted one of the hikers to safety. the 15-year-old was free climbing, that is with four of his friends with no ropes when he fell and broke his leg. the other four hikers are not injured. crews will be able to walk them down the steep slope to safety much the teens are between the ages of 14 and 16. a major florida highway back open this morning after a deadly pile-up. heavy smoke and hazy conditions caused several deadly crashes and an arson investigation is under way. this is the aftermath of the pile-up. this is interstate 75 just south of gainesville, at least 10 people died in this crash. 18 others injured. one witness compared the scene to the end of the world.
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as vehicles crashed into each other bursting into flames. they think the brushfire was set on purpose. today, a team of u.n. inspectors heads deep into the desert for iran for a closer look at one of the country's most covert nuclear facilities. it's a bunker buried deep inside this mountain. here, iranian scientists are believed to be enrich willing uranium at much higher levels than usual. their jobs today is trying to convince the inspectors that the reactors are for peaceful purposes only like energy and medical use. secretary of state leon panetta says don't be fooled. >> the consensus is that if they decided to do it, it would probably take them about a year to be able to produce a bomb and then possibly another one to two years in order to put it on a deliverable vehicle of some sort. >> of course, he's secretary of defense. not state. or whatever else i said.
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not only iran's people protesting u.n.'s involvement, the oil minister announced he's thinking of cutting off all oil sales to certain countries. the movie "the help" sweeping the sag awards with three huge wins including best picture. >> here we go! it goes to the cast of "the help." >> that movie stars octavia spencer, viola davis and picked up awards for best supporting and leading actress. >> what is there but a dream? you can't trade in your dream for another dream. i am so proud to be an actor and i have a special shlg special note to the kids in central falls, rhode island, to dream big. and dream fierce. thank you very much. >> are for the second year in a row, "modern family" won best tv comedy. "boardwalk empire" took home the prize for best tv drama. >> that little kid was a riot. picking her up now.
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>> he had a response to w.c. fields saying never work with kids and pets. maybe we'll see that later. there's just 24 hours left in the fight for florida. can you believe it? & the candidates are not holding back as they crisscross across the sunshine state. >> you know what this means? this means we had to wake up phil keely early, early on this monday morning. he's in miami with the very latest. good morning to you, phillip. >> just got home actually, guys. >> can we see the band from the club on your wrist? >> exactly. the polls are all showing mitt romney with a comfortable lead here in florida. whether it's seven points in the latest ppp poll or 14 and 11 in a couple of polls that came out saturday and sunday. newt gingrich had a lead coming in from south carolina. it has dissipated. as for rick santorum, of course, he left the state on saturday to deal with taxes and also to deal with the very serious medical situation with his daughter, 3-year-old bela but he spoke to
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supporters last night talking about how his daughter had taken a miraculous turn for the better and things are really improving. here is santorum on a sunday conference call. >> she's doing great. she's got a little ways to go. she has pneumonia in both lungs which is quite a sick little girl for a few days but she's -- we believe she's turned the corner and we feel like, again, we're very, very blessed to have dodged another bullet. >> great news for the santorum family. doctors expect the little girl will be released in two to four days and then go home to continue recovery. as for mitt romney, he was on the west coast of florida out in napl naples. huge crowd of 700 to 800 people. supporters flanked on balconies all screaming support and again, mitt romney slamming newt gingrich on the lobbyist charge. >> so mr. speaker, your trouble
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in florida is not because the audience was too quiet or too loud or because you have opponents that are tough, your problem is in florida is you work for freddie mac at a time when freddie mac was not doing the right thing for the american people. >> at the villages, world famous's world largest retirement center, a lifestyle resort actually with golf carts galore, that's where newt gingrich was yesterday, this is northwest of orlando. big crowd of about 1,000 people, pretty much his only event of the day where he actually gave a speech but again, he actually took a jab at two very prominent romney supporters. >> and i would argue we tried a moderate in 1996. and they couldn't show the difference. we tried a moderate in 2008. they couldn't show the difference. if we're going to beat obama, he's going to have a billion dollars. and almost all of it's going to be spent negatively because he doesn't have any positive record
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to run on. >> of course, in 1996, that was the republican nominee, senator bob dole and, of course, in 2008, losing to obama was senator john mccain. both have come out very strong for mitt romney and senator dole really slamming gingrich trying to, in his opinion, set the record straight on how exactly the former house speaker left the house, whether it was in disgrace without any republican support or whether it was mutual. today, last day of campaigning, romney heads town the villages today as well and it's all about florida. it's been a very expensive state. nine days now campaigning, it all comes down to tomorrow. >> all right, phil. thank you very much for the live report from miami and talking about the villages. >> and by the way, if they need a floor plan for thevil avilaag because we had a show there. >> a lot of people are comparing florida to more of how the general election would pan
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out. why? because florida is a conglomerate of so many different groups of people. 10 media markets. but different groups of people. and this is the way in which one person broke it down to five different areas so the panhandle, what they're saying about that area in the orange is that it resembles more of the deep south. i guess that would make sense because it's bordering up on some of the southern states there. >> then you got north florida -- >> by the way, deeply red. >> they do, north florida anchored by jacksonville, a large african-american community and in the northwest heavily military and in the northeast, strong tea party area. >> so the i-4 corridor from orlando to tampa which is in gray, that an interesting thing. they say that is also very diverse and will ultimately decide the state. >> it's a swing area. >> and the thing is they say that the candidates in south florida is not all the same and that's a big mistake other candidates have made. they say i'm going to go to south florida. no, miami dade matters separately from broward county and different from palm county.
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in the big picture, they say despite all the technology and all the money that a candidate may or may not have, you have to appear especially in the 10 media markets you have to go there, get your face out there and prove yourself. >> that would fall under the same theory that you have to do it the old school way which is to have a big organization down there for a long period of time and what's the key word to all of that? moola, you got to have a lot of money and organization to able to have been successful this getting out to all these different people in all these different kinds of areas. at the same time, there's big changes down in florida compared to south carolina, then. especially for newt gingrich. as you recall, when he won south carolina, one of the big reasons why is because he was able to capture the female vote there an overwhelming way. now, it looks as if the females may be leaving him in the state of florida. >> yeah, new maris poll shows with women, mitt romney is killing them. mitt romney 42% and newt gingrich 27%. according to a poll by the
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"tampa bay times" and miami herald, newt trails mitt by 19 points and yesterday, he was asked, newt was, why are you trailing with women? he said i have no idea. >> good answer. >> "the wall street journal" said mr. -- writes this morning, mr. gingrich has tried to head off voter resistance that may arise from his two divorces and admission that he had an extramarital affair while pressing the impeachment of president clinton. >> it's amazing because the revelations from his second wife came out before south carolina and they had plenty of time to absorb that information and vote. what did they say? no problem. we have no problem. why in florida does it matter that much? >> exactly. you could argue that the women would be more conservative in south carolina generally speaking and might be more offend the at those revelations since they had just come out. >> you know what it goes to show you, i don't know women. i have no idea where they're coming from. >> you only have to know the one, your wife. >> that's true. >> you do as well. >> and my daughters.
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>> that's right. >> coming up on the show, he's one of the lowest paid congressman so why is wisconsin's shawn duffy fighting to freeze federal workers' pay. that would affect him! there he is and he's going to explain what he means by all that coming up. >> then we'll give him cab fare. >> there you go. and one woman's wild ride. how she survived going airborne in the middle of a snow covered highway. losing weight clicked for me when i lost weight in all the right places. you know what i mean! [ laughs ] when i tried to lose weight other ways, i felt hungry all the time. on weight watchers online, i eat all day long. i loved grabbing those activity points and throwing them into my tracker. and then it adds it up for you at the end of the week so that you can earn more points for food. i never thought that way before. i lost 38 pounds
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could've had a v8. delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees. with fancy feast gravy lovers, your cat can enjoy the delicious, satisfying taste gourmet gravy every day. fancy fst. the best ingredient is love. >> welcome back, everyone. wisconsin congressman shawn duffy may be one of the poorest members of congress. we say that in a nice way, right? but that's not stopping him from calling for an extension of the federal worker pay freeze. >> yep. republican congressman, we just referred to, shawn duffy is
6:16 am
here. you're for the pay freeze, shawn. >> absolutely. i introduced the bill to pay freeze as -- freezes across the board for all federal workers including congressmen. we have a freeze in right now and it doesn't include congressmen and women. we think that's wrong. my bill carves our congressmen and women -- >> do you sit alone at lunch? >> we're going to see. this is going to come up for a vote on wednesday and i want to see how democrats and republicans vote for it. >> let's take a look at how it all ne pay. we're going to compare feder workers vs. private workers and you can see over on our big board there, the average compensation for a federal worker, $81,258. for a private worker, the average is $61,051. this is back from 2009 but i imagine that would be pretty similar to 2011. >> absolutely. you look at the disparity in the federal work force as opposed to the private sector and there's -- and there's too much disparity there. but also, we look at the american taxpayer is struggling.
6:17 am
many of the workers, they're working less hours, number one. but number two, they've taken pay cuts. why are we going to give the federal employee a pay increase at the time when the federal taxpayer is making less money? it doesn't make sense. >> right. democrats in particular seem to be against this and the president is saying you guys should get a pay raise. >> so the president has come out and said we want to give all federal workers a .5% pay increase. we'll say let's continue with the freeze. i think it's this mentality when i was growing up, if it was first, second or third, you got a trophy. today with kids everybody gets a trophy. federal mentality is the same. if you show up for work, let's get a pay increase. >> i have a trophy that i got fourth place in a broad jump. they were giving out some awards. >> if members of congress got paid based on approval ratings it would be much, much less. that's go to factor in as well.
6:18 am
>> good interesting point on that. the senate hasn't passed a bill in 1,000 days. if you want to talk about performance-based pay, the senate should get a pay cut. >> let's talk about the restrict act. it exposed something that was going on. the insider trading that happens on capitol hill. if i hear talks coming out of a committee meeting, i dump my stock the day before and then the next thing you know all this money floods in and it becomes clear all these banks are about to fold. how can we stop that? >> here the deal. there was a great book "throw the bums out" and he's a whistle blower on this issue. i saw the story and introduced a bill called the restrict act. it's simple. it's easy. what we do is we make sure we have congressmen and women put their money into a blind trust. and a separate manager managing their funds and so that means the information that you come across as a congressman can't be used to personally benefit yourself. >> who would be against that? >> good point. >> everyone. >> but what's also interesting is there's a few members of congress who don't make as much money, they're not millionaires line the rest of the members. i'm in that graoup.
6:19 am
so we might not trade as much. for those members who have two, three, four trades a year, you have to aggressively disclose your trades which means any trade you make within three days, you report to the house clerk. it gets put on line. your constituents and the media can see what trades you're making so if bill gates comes in, and two days later you're shorting microsoft, the media and your constituents will go hey, what's going on? what information did he give you? >> very interesting point. cigarett congressman sean duffy sitting on the curvy couch for the first time, i think. >> it is. thanks for having me on. >> 76 students get into the college of their dreams only to be told it was a big mistake. >> oh, no. newt says the establishment is afraid of him. some say he is the establishment or was. our washington insiders pick this one over. right after the break. what do you think? let us know.
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>> some quick headlines now. it's been confirmed, blood found in justin dipetro's home does belong to the missing toddler ayla reynolds. he was the child's father. the blood was more than a small cut would produce and eight tsa workers reportedly suspended for lacks security at newark airport. sources telling "the new york post" a federal investigation -- the federal investigation found screeners doing everything from sleeping on the job to stealing from passengers. >> but other than that, they're terrific. all right. meanwhile, brian, newt gingrich continues to paint himself as
6:24 am
the anti-washington establishment candidate. watch. >> do i ruffle feathers? you betcha. if i go to washington as president on behalf of an insurgency of american citizens who are tired of being told that managing debt kay -- the decay is the best we can do. it's about challenging the establishment. >> will they believe that the former speaker of the house is a washingt washington outsider? we're joined by a former advisor to president clinton and former aide to president george w. bush's presidential campaign, didi benke. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with you. newt gingrich is he an outsider as he portrays himself to be? >> newt gingrich should be called disco newt because he's been in washington since the 1970's. and south carolina tried to say, you washington elite and new
6:25 am
york elite and this is a guy that's been there for a very long time and he shopped at tiffany's so i think disingenuous and not smart for newt to try to be the outsider. it's not believable. >> robert, i understand you -- you met newt many times. you've been down there in washington a long time and think he's a brilliant guy. >> well -- >> is he an outsider? >> well, he is -- she's right. he's the tiffany's candidate of the child janitor but romney is no outsider either. he tries to portray himself. he's a wall street insider with cayman island and swiss bank accounts and pays 13.9% tax rate using every washington loophole. you got two amazing candidates that are weakening the republican field and i believe softening them up for president obama. >> that's not true. mitt romney is not of washington. he's an outside successful business guy which is why the dnc and the democrats are targeting him because you don't want to run against a successful capitalist. >> i don't mind -- >> well, no, i'm sure you'd
6:26 am
rather much run against disco newt but mitt romney who is you're targeting and there's a reason for that because he's going to be tough to be. >> we have been focusing on romney from the beginning and president obama has been figuring that it's going to be romney from the beginning. so that's just not true and to call romney anything but an insider when he's been running for president -- running for president for 20 years and he's been a governor running for senate. running for president. he's hardly been an outsider. >> not an outsider. >> let me ask you this -- why is it so many people from the republican establishment have just come out and capped newt over the last 72 hours. >> bob dole has been around for a long time and john mccain, too. that tells you how long newt have been there. >> why are they so out to derail him? >> because he can't win. there's no way we'll be able to beat barack obama with someone who has been a part of d.c., the
6:27 am
con coney capitalism and thank goodness romney is winning florida. he'll be our nominee and beat barack obama. we can't have him as the candidate because there's no way that we can say this guy is not part of d.c. and this is not part of a broken system. >> robert, that's one of the worries of republicans who are down ballot, you know, the worry is that if newt gingrich who you look at the polls is not as electable as mitt romney, if he is the nominee, perhaps, a number of house seats could lose and they could lose control of the house, the republicans could and they might not pick up the senate so there's that worry. >> you know, we've got 1144 delegates to be winning. and only 42 have been picked. florida is coming with 50 and guess what comes after florida. georgia pretty soon after and then ohio and tennessee and new york. there's a lot to go. but to say it can't happen, you
6:28 am
know, these can't -- is he finished bill clinton? of course he wasn't finished. beating bush, it could happen. nobody thought that bush one could be beaten. so, you know, we know at this stage a year in front almost that anything can happen. >> anything can happen. >> mitt romney is the great american success story. great businessman, former governor. he's going to be our next president. >> not by the polls. >> and robert weiner who brought along a magazine. who knew monday was show and tell day on "fox & friends"? thanks for joining us live. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, it was a dream come true, 76 students get into the college of their dreams but then they were told oops. that was a big mistake. >> then the current state of our own can be summed up in these two words. we're broke! just how broke? you will not believe how much money every man, woman and child owes with our national debt. stuart varney speaking candidly here with brian kilmeade, he has the numbers as they'll continue
6:29 am
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>> let's take a look at your shot of the morning.
6:33 am
>> it's a homecoming fit for our nation's heroes, veterans were welcomed back over the weekend with the very first iraq veterans parade. this is st. louis, missouri, the parade was started by a private group of citizens. tens of thousands of supporters showed up for this but despite the overwhelming support, new york city mayor bloomberg, michael bloomberg says you won't see any praise in his town. he says he has received objections from the military. why would they object to that? >> they say that he said that some of the military leaders say now is not the time but hats off to st. louis. i read that there were over 100,000 people in attendance for that and it was started by two people talking across the fence and next thing you know is mushrooms to that. >> i have an idea, they didn't do a good job getting out the word of how you can donate. it will be good to find that address so people who missed the parade didn't know how to give because these men and women who served absolutely have costs and trouble getting jobs. it would be great to have a fund
6:34 am
really flourish. >> maybe that will happen now that it was so successful. let's do some headlines for you this morning. >> we have headlines on this monday morning. you are looking at pictures of the cruise ship that capsized off the coast of italy. it's on the side that is to say. the latest word it's going to take at least 10 months to get it off that reef right there where it sits. rough seas caused it to shift an inch and a half with three foot waves so the search for victims and the offloading of half a million gallons of fuel has been suspended. body of a 17th person recovered over the weekend. 16 others still missing and yesterday, the tragedy making its way into the race for the white house. rnc chairman reince priebus compares the president to the captain schtinneo. >> we'll talk about our own little captain who is abandoning the ship here in the united states and is more interested in campaigning than doing his job as president. >> what did you just say? what did you call president obama? >> i called him captain
6:35 am
schtienno, the captain that fled the ship in italy. that's our own president who is fleeing the american people and not doing his job and running around the country and campaigning. >> i love bob schieffer. what did you just say? we're going to ask reince priebus' counterpart debbie wasserman-schultz when she joins us in the next hour. i bet she doesn't agree. >> i'm not sure. don't jump to conclusions. >> the obama administration headed for a major clash with catholics. parishioners across the country pleaded with their congregations during the weekend's mass urging them to pray for the reversal of the new health care mandate? what does it do, it forces them to cover contraceptives on their health care plans. about 15 million americans attend catholic mass next week and that's a vote the president carried in 2008 by more than 50%. >> all right. it's the moment high school seniors wait for. getting into the college of
6:36 am
their dreams and then their parents can finally write those checks. now, imagine if you were told just minutes after you got the acceptance letter, it was all a big mistake. that's what happened to 76 students who applied to vasser college in new york. they logged on to the web site and saw the good news. a computer problem posted a test acceptance letter instead of the real one. the college sent the real letters and apologized for the mistake. they should let those 76 in, though. >> why not? >> what a bummer. that is so -- that is such a bummer for them. >> it's their mistake. check out this wild video as a driver barrels down a snowy median in pennsylvania. >> he just hit a bump! he has his turn signal on to go on to oncoming traffic. he got airborne. >> shawn lucas captured it all from his car. at first he thought it was a police chase. it turns out 61-year-old behind the wheel lost control because of a diabetic emergency. her ride eventually came for an
6:37 am
end when it plowed into an embankment. luckily, she wasn't hurt. wow. that is amazing. this is not a stunt, folks. she is not in control of that car because of her diabetes. lucky she didn't get into that other lane of traffic, that would have been terrible. all right. it is now 23 minutes before the top of the hour and brian kilmeade joins us with sports and a new face. >> special guest because lily won a silent auction in order to have the opportunity to do a sportscast on "fox & friends" and it turns out we're on "fox & friends." and she's the girl. lily, you're from merrick, new york. congratulations. what do you do for a living? >> i'm in insurance sales. >> you've always thought about doing sports or your mom always thought you should be doing sports? >> my mom thought i should be doing sports. that's why i'm here. >> lili, we have the big super bowl next week and pro bowl yesterday. ready to start? >> yes, i am. >> cue the music. let this woman go. >> the nfl pro bowl hawaiian
6:38 am
vacation cleverly disguised as a football game for everybody but brendan marshall from the miami dolphins. he caught six passes for 166 yards and a pro bowl record four touchdowns. the afc beat the nfc 59-41. that adds up to 100 points. i've done the math. >> all right! >> new england patriots quarterback tom brady on the ground in indianapolis predicting a huge patriots victory party next week. the rest of his team tuning out the noise with a little help from the wide receiver chad ochinico. he bought everybody a set of beats headphones. >> imagine if he was actually catching the ball. >> if you had five hours and 37 minutes to spare, you saw an incredible finish to australian open. the top two guys in tennis grinding out the longest finale in majors history.
6:39 am
beating nadal, ripping off his shirt and letting out a primal scream. >> that's exactly what steve does at the end of the show every day. he gets so happy. can't believe he got through three hours. >> your mom was right. you should be doing this for a living. so nice to sit in on the sportscast. you were fantastic. bad news is you have to go to work now. >> yes, i do. >> you know what? take the rest of the day off. steve, can you write her a note? gretchen, sign off on it. >> what can we put down as her deductible? >> here's what's great about lili she grew up in merrick, new york with the lohans and they didn't hang out. that's why you have a great career. >> that's why i am where i am. >> great meeting you. i have to get over there. >> thanks. >> all right. very good job. very nice coaching as well, brian. >> look. $15.2 trillion. that's how much debt the united states is in and ever growing. after some crunching of numbers, it turns out that each of us owes if you include unfunded entitlements an astounding
6:40 am
189,000 dollars. >> back when then senator barack obama was campaigning to be president, he said this about the debt under president bush. >> we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. that's unpatriotic. >> oh, man! if $30,000 was unpatriotic, stuart varney, what is $190,000? >> look, these are no spin numbers, aren't they? these are solid numbers. 34 -- let's get it right. $34,000 owed by every man, woman and child in america on day one of the obama administration. 34k. fast forward to today, solid numbers. $48,000 for every man, woman and child. that's our share of the national debt.
6:41 am
that's our share of the national debt today and if you head out into election day, it's going to be north of $50,000 owed by every person in the united states of america. you can't spin those numbers. you can't excuse them. you can't say like you say on unemployment, we saved 2 million jobs. you can't blame the banks for the housing market. you've got to take responsibility for that number. >> what you can do is add more to it. >> that's what's going to happen. >> with the unfunded entitlements, though. what i said in the lead was $189,000 per person. >> right. that is unfunded entitlements. that's what we've got to pay out in the future in total that we've not yet taken in. so that's a liability going way forward. i'm looking at the national debt as it now stands. that is a solid number. that's not a suggestion. that's why we are now. $48,000 for every single person going north of 50 by november. >> this must be driving you crazy because you watch the state of the union, one reference to the deficit.
6:42 am
nobody is talking about the deficit out on the stump. almost nobody so therefore, it's struck from our consciousness and paul ryan reminded everybody yesterday with chris wallace, these are the programs, i got together with the democrat about a way to go forward with entitlements. this should be the number one topic in america. >> i think it will be because of those numbers. those numbers are shocking and i think the republicans are going to seize on this because how does the president explain this? on his watch, it's gone from 34 to 48 to 50, debt for every man, woman and child. how does he explain this? >> the one way he'll explain it is to raise taxs to make up the difference. >> you can say newt gingrich called him the food stamp president. you object to that on statistical grounds but you can't afford the fact that this is the president of massive debt ooch . >> it's a much bigger number
6:43 am
now. >> gigantic. >> stuart varney, we'll be watching you at 9:20 eastern time on the fox business network. >> yes. >> throw a snowball and you get arrested for assault? are we looking at another example of the wussification of america? is that a word yet? is it in the dictionary? i happy so. we report and you decide. >> you'll probably be on the other side of the issue. >> ready for football. two marines heading for the super bowel. how they beat out 130,000 other marines to get the special invitation. that story is coming your way.
6:44 am
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why settle for a one-note cereal? from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, ♪ more, more, more... get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. >> two of america's finest americans are getting a super award for the dedication to their units in battle.
6:47 am
we have sergeant sheena adams and a master sergeant here. they were chosen out of 130,000 active duty marines to receive super bowl tickets to the super bowl. they join us right now from san diego. two happy sergeants. congratulations to both of you. david to you first. how did you find out? >> i was actually in a conference in quantico, virginia and it was a surprise that i was even nominated for the opportunity. and i came back and they told me what i was nominated for and it turned out, you know, it was just a big, exciting day for me and yeah, i look forward to an opportunity of a lifetime. >> and it looks like, sergeant, you're going to be going, too, with a guest for your outstanding service in aftern n afghanistan? >> i was just on leave, my husband was in afghanistan. we were there 14 months apart. i got a phone call and said to
6:48 am
come in and get some information. it's a shock for me as well. honor for both of us to be able to go. >> it's news america marketing program and it's fantastic especially for those who are able to go and enjoy this game which is going to be always patriotic themed especially in the opening. sadly i found out in the break, you're both pulling for the patriots and we're still going to go ahead with the section -- segment. i want to look at your background. you're awarded the bronze and silver star as part of enduring freedom where you went on 70 combat missions and involved in 40 direct engagement with taliban forces. how are you doing now after all that action? >> i'm doing outstanding. you know, i just continue to train hard and mentor the marines that are still going over there and doing great things. and my unit is actually over there right now. and the courage and the professionalisms that they display is outstanding. >> and you, sheena adams, as a
6:49 am
sergeant in the marines. you earned your second navy marine achievement medal and a combat ribbon after completing a deployment with the female engagement team at the helman province in afghanistan. that's indeed challenging, am i right? >> yes, sir, very much so. it was quite a challenge but it was a good experience as well. >> right. and then your husband over there, what are your dinner conversations like? >> we have a general -- a general bond. anything that happens at work, we understand each other. and it's a level that we can meet at each other at that some people aren't able to do. it's good. we're still a regular family at home. >> it's off to indianapolis for you in a couple of days. thanks so much for getting up early in san diego. i hope to see you in and around the city. we'll be there from thursday on and have a great time. i can guarantee one thing -- it's going to be a great game. >> oh, yes. definitely. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. thanks so much for your service and thanks for sharing your story with us and it's a great thing that they're doing. we move ahead.
6:50 am
mitt romney surging in the polls but newt says he's in it to win it. how will someone break ahead in the republican race especially when newt wants to take this right to the convention? dick morris helped bill clinton win and says the strategy he used would win here. he's here top of the hour. and throw a snowball and get arrested for assault. we're not kidding. are we looking at yet another example of the wussification of america gretchen asks? we'll report, you decide. ♪ i am you ♪ you are me i'm jennifer hudson, believe. i was strong before weight watchers, but i'm stronger with it. i believe weight watchers can do the same for you. i believe you have more power than you think you do. i believe because it works. ♪ if you want it, you got it
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6:53 am
>> welcome back, everyone. here's latest story. a 6-year-old suspended and then initially charged with sexual assault over a game of tag and
6:54 am
in another town, a 17-year-old is arrested and facing harassment charges for throwing a snowball, are we looking at another example of the wussification of america? joining me now this morning, comedian and dad, brad stine. good morning to you, brad. >> good morning, my friend, gretchen, i'm so glad i get to talk to you this wonderful morning and what a great thing to talk about. the wussification of america. it never ends! >> all right. let's take this 6-year-old as an example. apparently he was playing tag. he touched the upper leg of somebody else and before you know it, it's sexual assault. >> right. listen, nobody but the politically correct can take something as innocent as a childhood game and make it nasty. ok, let me explain something to you liberal wussies out there. tag is a game. it can get out of control. hands can go flying and you know what? we useed to have a name for that. let me think. i remember. fun! it used to be called fun. you could actually play a game of tag and everybody play it and first off, they said, you just
6:55 am
said it, they said they either touched his groin or his leg. any school that doesn't know the difference between your leg and your groin needs a new biology teacher. that's all i'm going to say. i think what's really interesting to me, gretchen, is if you touch his leg or groin, you are facing each other. ok? the point of tag is to run away! so what we have learned is a couple of things. number one, was this kid sexually harassed? no. number two, he sucks at tag. i think the kid needs a new game. maybe chess because in chess, you get to face your opponents and you hardly ever get to groin touch. >> i hate to tell you, i was at a chess tournament all weekend with my daughter. she plays tag, too. >> and nobody touched anyone's groin. >> if you move your hand, that's your play. there was a 17-year-old now who may be in a whole bunch of trouble arrested after he threw a snowball at another person that he apparently has some previous conflicts with. now he's been arrested. where do you stand on this? >> well, listen, there's a
6:56 am
difference between assaulting someone and a snowball. ok, if some teenager is trying to harm my 12-year-old daughter, i won't have to call the police. i'll take care of that business. that's how we roll. we take care of our wives and our children. but it's a snowball fight! or they actually complained because they said it made a red mark on her leg. it's supposed to! it's a snowball. what happened to all this exercise they're telling us the kids need? you know, that's what snowball fights do. it keeps you aware of the danger and allows you to learn how to dodge things. here's the part that bothered me. the ordinance said if you throw missiles, it's illegal. that's what political correctness does. it redefines words. snowballs become missiles. last time we were concerned about missiles, we invaded iraq. i hope you're not stockpiling snowballs in minnesota. we might have to bomb you. leave it alone! >> always great to see you. thanks for waking up everyone here on the set and all of our viewers. >> yeah. >> see you again next week! >> yeah, that's my job, waking you up. >> thanks so much.
6:57 am
governor mitt romney ahead in the polls but newt isn't going down without a fight attacking his character. mitt romney here to respond 7:15 a.m. eastern time. stick around. right back. to life really make us heroes? [ chuckles ] yes. yes, it does. ♪ call 1-800-steemer but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person abouter care.
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to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. >> top of the morning to you. hope you had a fantastic weekend. it's monday, january 30th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. four men in the same fight to become the republican presidential nominee and it's a political punchfest between the top two candidates right now. one of those candidates, mitt romney will join us live in just a few minutes. >> all right, president obama promised the $800 billion stimulus would be money well spent on things like uniforms for dogs. >> thank goodness. >> and there's more. we'll go into details. >> that's right. and this year's super bowl commercial hit barking dogs, a preview of what you're going to see on sunday. wait until you see the whole thing. "fox & friends" hour two for this monday starts right now.
7:01 am
>> welcome, everyone. hope you had a great weekend and let's tell you what's coming up on our big show today. we have two hours left. we'll have one of the republican presidential candidates on the show, mitt romney will join us just 14 minutes live from now. >> and donald trump is talking about still running for president even though he's not in florida, he missed south carolina, iowa and new hampshire. he's a no show and in may, when i'm done, i think i might run. we'll get into detail with him live on our show. today is florida day. >> also, debbie wasserman-schultz will join us to talk a little bit about the resignation of gabby giffords' last week and there's a brand new rnc ad out this morning that says back in 20088, she knew that barack obama not up to the job. she supported somebody else. we'll talk to her about that. >> all right. dana perino will be here as she is every monday to give us her thoughts. bobby jindal had an encounter with the president after the oil spill down in his state in louisiana. he'll comment on the encounter that governor jan brewer of arizona had with the president
7:02 am
recently. we'll round out the show with cuba gooding jr. who is in a new -- i'm waiting to hear something about my kids this morning. >> do you need to pick it up? >> sorry. that happens when you're a mom and you work. ok, let's get right to your headlines right now. rick santorum's daughter bela making a miraculous turn around. santorum speaking publicly on the health of his 3-year-old daughter. she suffers from a rare and serious genetic disorder. she was admitted to the hospital over the weekend and santorum canceled his campaign events yesterday in florida to be with her. during a tele town hall, santorum says she's on the mend. >> got a little ways to go. she has pneumonia in both lungs and was quite a sick little girl for a few days but she is -- she's -- we believe she's turned the corner and we feel like, again, we're very, very blessed to have dodged another bullet. >> well, santorum expected to be
7:03 am
back on the campaign trail in florida this afternoon. new this morning, a dramatic mission to rescue a group of teenage hikers in the foothills of albuquerque, new mexico. a national guard chopper air lifted one of the hikers to safety. the 15-year-old was free climbing with four of his friends, what does that mean? no ropes. so when he fell, he broke his leg. the other four hikers were not injured. crews in the process of walking them down the steep slope to safety. the teens between the ages of 14 and 16. i-75 in florida reopened this morning after a horrific pile-up over the weekend. more than 20 cars and trucks plowed into each other bursting into flames as they drove to a massive cloud of smoke. 10 people died in this horrible accident. 18 others were hurt. police say the smoke came from a nearby brushfire. they've now launched an arson investigation hoping to find the person responsible for starting this deadly chain reaction. following last year's popular kid in a darth vader costume
7:04 am
commercial, volkswagen releasing the sneak peek of this year's super bowl ad. check it out for yourself. >> volkswagen said the commercial is called the bark side reference be the "star wars" theme. very cute. >> $3.5 million to run that for the super bowl. can you believe that? >> to make it or run it? >> i don't know. that bisingi charges a huge rate. to run it. i think that's the key. you know, with no humans and their barking is that worth $3.5 million? >> in another ad you're going to miss because you're going to be there. we'll tape it for you. >> you promise? >> absolutely. >> ok. >> i'll stay home and watch. >> you don't have to tape the ads. the political ads down in -- down in the sunshine state of florida because they are on all the time. newt gingrich says that mitt romney is carpet bombing him. i'm sure mitt romney who is going to join us in 10 minutes would say the same about newt
7:05 am
although the romney camp is outspending him. newt gingrich said that this thing is far from over. it could go on for five months. listen. >> the campaign of 2008 between hillary clinton and barack obama led them to win the presidency. there's no reason a long campaign has to be a bad thing. ronald reagan and president bush had a long campaign. this is a campaign about the future of america and the future of the republican party. i think that's worth a serious debate and i think that debate will go all the way to the convention. >> all right. so that's what you have going on right now. a punchfest between the top two candidates and other information about florida. they only have 50 delegates instead of 99. they moved their primary earlier than it has been in the past. they lost some delegates as a result. it's a winner take all state. second place gets zip. also, are they talking really about the issues in florida? i mean, i think a lot of people are upset especially the seniors in florida.
7:06 am
a third of all the voters in florida are seniors and you're not hearing a lot about medicare or social security or entitlement spending because the candidates are so busy, you know, going against each other so are we missing out? are the floridians missing out about not hearing how the candidates feel about those really important issues. >> that's true. and part of it was revealed in sunday's "new york times" when a lot of campaign higher ups with the romney camp after south carolina got together over the weekend, met with their candidate and said we have to change gears. we got to go directly at newt gingrich and get people questioning his behavior. you got to be people looking into his background and the pressure off you. you can't act anymore above the fray and the result looks to be as of right now, many -- the four polls seem to agree, a double digit lead. >> also, it looks right now -- >> after a double digit loss. >> if you believe the polls, it looks like mitt romney is clobbering newt when it comes to women. keep in mind, out of south carolina, newt won big with women but now, why is mitt so far ahead? in the very latist maris poll,
7:07 am
mitt is ahead with women at 21%. dick morris writes today that he thinks that a real good possibility of the fact that mitt romney is leading with women is the fact that newt gingrich's wife mary anne, remember, she came out with that thing and it said, you know, he asked me for an open marriage. because south carolina was so close to that particular story coming out, you know, people went to the polls and didn't really talk about it much. since then, they've talked about it for about a week or so. and dick morris feels that it is essentially mrs. gingrich's revenge. people don't like the idea of what was said in that particular ad. >> that's really interesting. usually, it would be that it immediately came out and people would react. i would have thought it would have an impact -- i was surprised it didn't have more of an impact quite frankly in south carolina because of the timing it was and there was much debate about whether or not it should have been aired that close to people going to the polls. that's an interesting point of view that dick morris has. i don't know if i totally agree with that because it seems like
7:08 am
a lot of these women who are being polled have issues other than the marriages as to why they may be moving away from it. >> i think in south carolina, newt gingrich's second wife came out and ends up, john king took all the blame. he took the pounding. >> i think people -- i think you're exactly right. i think you hit the nail on the head. so many people thought that's a dirty trick. you got this story with mary anne. you got the abc story as well and all that stuff out there. and they felt sorry for him. and then when this -- because he was being lambasted by the press. that's exactly what's going on, exhibit a. >> what do other people in other states think about it? we haven't forgotten about you. even though you don't have a primary right now, there's polls out in the swing states to see how the g.o.p. candidates would stack up against the incumbent president obama. let's take a look first at president obama vs. romney. you can see it's very tight within the margin of error. the president would have 47% and romney would have 48%.
7:09 am
>> also, noteworthy, the candidate that does the second best after mitt romney head to head in the battleground states with president obama is rick santorum. 51% to 44%. there's a distance but then comes ron paul and then comes newt gingrich. he trails in those states by 14 percentage points but yet in most of the national polls, he's number one on the g.o.p. side. >> that's what's so interesting. how can that be? the swing states, he doesn't stack up well against president obama and in florida, it looks like now he's below romney but in the national polls, newt gingrich is still ahead. >> so romney ahead by one. santorum and paul back by seven and then also in the swing states, it is newt gingrich back by 14. also, something interesting, we've been talking about how it's been a slugfest down in the state of florida. there's a survey from the center for media and public affairs at george mason university in the washington, d.c. area and it says that mitt romney is by far getting the most negative press
7:10 am
in the broadcast and the cable channels. interestingly enough, the most negative press comes from nbc. they have 73% negative to 27% positive stories about the race. meanwhile, the most balanced coverage, fox. 52% positive. 48% negative. so fair and balanced not only a slogan, we actually live by it. >> coming up on our show, governor mitt romney ahead in the polls in florida but newt gingrich isn't going down without a fight. attacking character. so mitt romney will be here next to respond. >> and the science is now in -- are men or women -- we finally have something to study. stick around. this is an rc robotic claw.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
>> mitt romney in a moment. first, some news by the numbers. first $3.8 billion, the estimated price of construction at one world trade center making it the most expensive new office tower in the whole, wild world. next, 5%. that's the price increase you may see next time you buy beef at the supermarket. the hike due to the smallest cattle herd in 60 years. and finally, $20 million. that's how much money liam neeson's new movie "the gray" made at the box office this weekend. it's now the number one movie in the united states of america. that's your news by the numbers. >> all right. we're going to have presidential candidate and former massachusetts governor mitt
7:15 am
romney just a moment away. let's talk about the infighting that continues between the top two candidates, newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> it's bitter. >> the accusations now -- first of all, newt said yesterday he's going to take this thing all the way to the convention. or he might. would it be a brokered convention, then? because a lot of the states coming up do favor mitt romney after florida, thinking about nevada and michigan and the other big thing for newt gingrich is that there is only one debate in the entire month of february. now, some people might say yea! and other people might say if you're a newt fan, that's not necessarily great because he pretty much built his campaign on being a great debater. >> yesterday, you had newt gingrich come out and essentially say in response to the polls and in response to mitt romney coming forward and saying listen, look at his ethics charges and what he's done with fannie and freddie and asked, by the way, what his company lists are because he calls mitt romney a candidate for goldman-sachs. it seems as though if he releases his client list, he might have the same issues and
7:16 am
also, i think it's important to bring up that the negative on both of them are rising in the general election. right now, they're both upside down. 31% approval to 31% disapproval, negatives. this going to "the wall street journal" and 26% approval for newt gingrich so by the time they're done, whoever has the nomination doesn't even have a chance to be elected at this rate. >> that's exactly right. he has to worry about the independents and a lot of people still, despite we're very interested in it but a lot of people still not paying attention to what's going on in florida where yesterday, newt gingrich says mitt romney is part of the washington establishment. >> the conservatives and the grassroots are increasingly angry in the way in which the washington establishment has rallied in many ways the complete dishonesty. some of the articles and the attacks have been breath takingly dishonest and i think that deepens the conservatives to come together and decide they
7:17 am
do not want a massachusetts liberal to be the republican nominee. >> and joining us now with reaction from what mr. gingrich said is the other -- one of the other republican presidential candidates, governor mitt romney. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning, gretchen. >> i know we were just getting you wired up there with your ear piece. did you have a chance to hear what mr. gingrich just said as far as saying that you are the establishment candidate and he is the conservative candidate. your response? >> well, it's a nice try on his part but it's not selling here in florida. certainly didn't sell in new hampshire. he was able to get away with it in south carolina. and then we finally decided to respond and point out the record. if there's anybody who is a washington insider, it's newt gingrich. he spent his career there since 1978. he's been selling influence in washington for the last 15 years. if people believe you can change washington by just electing the same people and putting them in different chairs, he's your guy. if they want someone who
7:18 am
actually has brought change in multiple organizations, whether in the private sector or in the olympics or actually in a state like massachusetts, they'll have to vote for me. and i hope they do. >> uh-huh. governor, yesterday, newt said that you are pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase. essentially he's calling you a big fat liar. >> you know, desperate times, i guess, it really has been very sad and painfully revealing about the speaker to see him railing on like this. i think in some respects, this -- this helps us understand why it is that out of the hundreds of people who he worked with as speaker, only a handful are willing to support him. i am pro life. i support the second amendment. i don't support any new laws to limit guns in some ways. and obviously, i'm not in favor of any new tax increases. i cut taxes 19 times as the governor. i mean, i don't know what you can say about the speaker except, you know, he sees that he's not been able to connect
7:19 am
with the people here in florida. he's working very hard to find a message that will distinguish himself from the rest of the field and frankly, his experience as speaker of the house ending so badly with an ethics scandal and him having to resign in disgrace and with his own members, 88% of the republican members voting to reprimand him, this is hard to square with the new leadership that america needs right now. >> in most polls, you're up by double digits, a substantial margin and one of the reasons they've given is because you went directly at newt gingrich and fought him tooth and nail on every single issue unlike south carolina where you went after obama and stayed above the fray. i understand that jeb bush has talked to you directly and he's concerned about the tenor of the talk between especially you and newt and wants you to moderate your tone especially when it comes to immigration.
7:20 am
did that happen? will you? >> actually, jeb bush and i haven't spoken. it's probably been several months, at least a couple of months since we've had the chance to speak. but certainly not in the last several weeks here. he's a good man. i'd love to get his opinion on any number of issues. and frankly, the discussion over the last several days has not been about immigration. the campaign here in florida has been about leadership. and the capacity to lead and whether an individual that has a successful record as a leader or not, whether the people who worked with that person as a leader, whether they support him or not and, of course, the ultimate issue is who can bring real conservative change to washington. and the fact is that the speaker having been paid by freddie mac at a time when people were looking at freddie mac and seeing whether it was doing the right job, the speaker was standing up for freddie mac and people here in florida had been hurt in the housing crisis. they're just not going along with the speaker's message. >> yeah.
7:21 am
since we don't have newt gingrich here, he was just on another network and i want to get you to respond to what he just said about you. >> he's bought not amazing amount of ads to pretend he's somebody he's not. he's going to find it's a long campaign. i don't think the republican party will nominate somebody whose romney care is essentially the same as obamacare. and i think we have bigger issues to fight over, frankly. he can do all the personal things he wants, the fact is on big, philosophical issues, he is for all practical purposes a liberal and i am a conservative and that's what this fight is going to be about all the way to the convention. >> i'm interested in your response. i think what newt gingrich supporters feel back to that establishment question, governor, is they realize that he was part of the establishment back in the 1980's and 1990's but they see him now as sort of a reformed newt gingrich who would go to battle for some of the more conservative causes so it's maybe not using the right word of establishment. i'm just saying what i think his
7:22 am
supporters think. your response? >> well, i guess the question is what are those big ideas that he's battling for? we keep hearing him talk about fundamental change and big ideas. what are they? a colony on the moon? i frankly think that's not the kind of big idea america is looking for. i think we want to get jobs here. i think people understand that someone like myself understands how the economy works and i'll get jobs here and i'll work very hard to strengthen our economy. i also believe that people recognize the government is too big. i've laid out a plan that cuts back on the scale of government. i've taken $500 billion a year out of government spending and laid out how i'm going to get that done. the speaker continues to go from state to state to state to promise more and more money, whether it's the moon colony here in florida. whether it's the new interstate corridor in south carolina. a new v.a. hospital in new hampshire. he is the same old newt gingrich. what you're seeing on tv as you see him flail around and attack me is exactly what you saw back
7:23 am
in the 1990's which led to him being reprimanded and ultimately, if you will, pushed out of the speaker position by his own fellow republicans. >> uh-huh. i know you've got an awfully busy day today. i thank you very much for stopping by. i have a question, the other night when i saw you at one of the debates in florida, you mentioned for the first time in my memory, where you were talking about that anti-immigrant allegation by newt gingrich. you were talking about how your father was born in mexico. it's the first time i'd heard you say that. is that helping you with the latino community in florida? >> you know, i wish i could claim that i'm hispanic and it would help me the latino community here in florida and around the country but my dad was born of american parents living in mexico. so he was anglo at the time and yet, i'm very proud of the fact that he came to this country at a critical time, was helped to get on his feet by folks in this country and he and his dad went around america, started a
7:24 am
construction business, ultimately my dad went off and ran a car company. it's an amazing land, of course, people coming from all over the world seeking opportunity. >> no kidding. governor mitt romney, thanks so much for taking the time out one day before the big decision and the voting at least happens in florida. see you again soon. thank you so much, governor. >> thanks, gretchen, brian, steve, good to be with you. >> all right. going to be a big night for him. meanwhile -- >> we have quick headlines for you. their money vaporized. that's the word investigators are using to describe what happens to the $1.2 million that went missing when m.f. global went kaput and terrorists trying to bring down america. studying the botched attack in times square, perhaps. new documents from the department of homeland security released to "the new york post" claim a new generation of jihadists may be studying america news reports on the internet to learn from failed attacks.
7:25 am
>> remember back in 2009 when the president said this about the stimulus plan. >> the plan that's been put together without earmarks or the usual pork barrel spending. it's a plan that will be implemented with an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability, with a recovery package of this size comes a responsibility to assure every taxpayer that we are being careful with the money that they worked so hard to earn. >> three years later, was the stimulus money well spent? >> joining us is the author of "money well spent" michael graybill. good to see you. >> thank you for having me on. >> question mark is the important part of that title. money well spent? maybe not. you would fall on the side of which side? >> well, i think, you know, i say in the book the stimulus did a lot of good, you know, it created more than two million
7:26 am
jobs, created savings and built this battery industry in the u.s. and created educational reforms. at the same time, it ultimately failed to do what the public expected it to do which is bring about a strong, sustainable recovery. >> you talk about the drop kick to our economy, push it forward but we shanked it. how did we shank it? in what way? >> right. there's a new different ways that the stimulus had failed to live up to its promise. two of the main things, the short term projects, shovel ready infrastructure, the weatherization program. >> they didn't exist. >> they took a long time to get going, you know, longer than people expected. the second thing is we had these long-term investments for high speed rail, clean energy that were rushed in a way they may jeopardize a long-term vision that the president -- >> some democrats wanted no part of it. >> exactly. they turned down the high speed rail money in ohio and florida and we saw what happened to solyndra. there's a lot of damage that the administration underestimated. >> let's look at some of the other projects funded by the 2009 stimulus that some people
7:27 am
might have a big question mark about. like -- this dog costume. the water safety dog, 51,500 dollars. what did that go towards, michael? >> that was the army corps of engineers has a water safety program. so -- and they have different animals that talk about boat safety to kids and so the water safety dog, i think they think it's a good safety instruction tool. you have to weigh these investments and the spending against the fact that you have factories that are laying off hundreds of workers. you have construction that was up at the 27% unemployment. >> it was all about the implementation and the priorities. someone -- it seems as though everybody was worried about themselves, their own constituency. their own town. a turtle tunnel for $3.4 million. too many turtles, what happens when a turtle crosses over the road? it gets run over. not if you're in the tunnel. >> the turtle tunnel is an interesting issue.
7:28 am
there's a motor safety issue, you know, the highway department said, you know, when a car comes by and hits this turtle, it becomes a flying object and those shells can be pretty hard. >> exactly. >> i think the bigger issue with these projects are, again, the comparison but also it was so easy, you know, money was spread so thin it was hard for people to understand what the stimulus was about. it was easy for these projects to dominate the news coverage day after day after day. >> you mentioned, you touched on solyndra which in your book you say was a rushed decision and then look where it got the taxpayer. >> right. you know, there's been a lot of questions about the politics involved in this but i think if i've done a really close reading of the memos and i went inside the factory and what it really seems is this was an administration very eager to show a green manufacturing success story within the first, you know, three, six months of the administration and they didn't realize at the time the market was -- was not heading into solyndra's favor. >> was that the time to forward your green agenda which had no success arc.
7:29 am
was that the time and should that money have been spent there or give the money directly to the people like other presidents have in the past? it's all in your book "money well spent". thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> brand new video released from chairs to mattresses to dinner plates, an eerie look at that sunken italian cruise ship. >> and just yesterday, donald trump brought up running for president. but is he running out of time? the donald has time for us and for you next. ♪ ♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ ♪ side by side, e, two, three ♪ ♪ counthe birds in the big o tree ♪ ♪ la la la [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. ♪
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>> time for your shot of the morning on this monday morning. a polar bear plunge into the chesapeake. oh, man! the women's navy lacrosse team among thousands of people who took a dip in the ice cold chesapeake bay. air temperature was about 50 degrees but the water temperature just 45 degrees. the event raised about $2 million. for the special olympics. job well done. >> more headlines now. brand new video just released from inside the capsized cruise ship right off the coast of italy. look at this. shoes, chairs, mattresses, plates, reminiscent of the wreckage of the titanic. the latest word, it's going to take at least 10 months to remove that big ship from where it sitsz. rough seas caused it to shift an inch and a half so the search
7:34 am
for victims and the offloading the fuel now suspended. the body of a 17th person was recovered over the weekend. >> today, iran opens the doors of the covert nuclear bunker to u.n. investigators. that team will head deep into the desert for their first look at one of the most controversial facilities in the world. that's where iranian scientists are believed to be enriching uranium at much higher levels than usual. possibly weapons grade. iran claims it's for peaceful purposes but the secretary of defense leon panetta says don't be fooled. >> the consensus is that if they decided to do it, it would probably take them about a year to be able to produce a bomb and then possibly another one to two years in order to put it on a deliverable vehicle of some sort. >> not only are iran's people protesting u.n. involve wameninl
7:35 am
minister is threatening to cut off shipments to other countries as well. over the weekend, they asked the congregations to pray for the reversal of the latest health care mandate. it requires religious employers to provide birth control to their employees promoting a practice against their faith. >> you can now add parking to the list of things women do better than men. a new study out of england, of course, they love women over there, found women are more proficient at finding parking spots. impatient men, they say, often miss spaces because we drive too fast. women also scored better on positioning their car. >> you're kidding. >> reversing into spaces and making sure the vehicle is in the middle of the parking spot. i plead guilty on all that and i believe men have more free time because they're not policing the entire parking lot trying to get that spot very close.
7:36 am
i'm willing to walk in the rain just to not have the aggravation of walking around trying to find a spot. >> who is -- >> really? i don't fall into that category. i can't park at all. specifically parallel park. i'm a bad parallel parker. yep. >> who is a better parker at the donald trump home? joining us right now is the author of "time to get tough" donald trump. good morning to you, donald. >> good morning. >> you or malania? >> i don't want to really say. i'd give it to her. i think i am. >> wow. i'm actually surprised. >> very smart man. >> she's very good -- >> so i think you got them. >> well, she's a very good driver. >> oh, well, good to know. hats off to her this morning. let's go back to politics for a second because yesterday, you continued to stoke the fire, mr. trump, by saying that you're still considering a run for president. but is it too late for you now with some of these major primaries already history? >> well, i was on a certain show yesterday and it seems that the first question always asked
7:37 am
is will you run? are you thinking about running? and, you know, my answer is always the same. i really want to endorse somebody and i'm going to be doing that over the not too distant future. and if that person doesn't win, we'll see what happens. my preference is to endorse somebody, i love what i'm doing, as you guys knows very well. i love it. i want to keep doing it. i also love this country and we have to get somebody who is going to win. my preference is to go out and endorse somebody and that's what i'll be doing over the not too distant future. >> it would have to be may after "the apprentice" is done with the new season. but when you see some of the analysis on mitt romney's tax records, would that be a repellent for you for donald trump to reveal everything? no, i actually think it's a great thing when you can show you've been successful and made a lot of money and you've employed a lot of people. i actually think it's a positive and i think that actually mitt romney is starting to do that. you know at first he was a little bit hesitant about it and now he's out there and he's
7:38 am
really doing the job. so i really think it's a positive. >> yeah, donald, what do you make of -- there's been a number of pundits that said the last two debates both in florida after south carolina, mitt romney really picked up his game not only was he taking it directly to newt gingrich and challenging him on all sorts of stuff but he was also not apologetic about being successful. >> well, i agree on both accounts. i think that mitt did a fantastic job in those debates and i think newt was, you know, newt will tell you, he was off. i mean, he did not do well. he wasn't terrible but he certainly do great. and i think mitt romney actually did great. and you're right. he was not apologetic. he was a little bit apologetic about success and, you know, the american dream is a great thing. and people aspire to the american dream. and he's part of the american dream. and i thought in those last two debates that actually mit was fantastic. >> let's talk about the infighting between the
7:39 am
candidates because i have a lot of conversations as i'm sure you do with friends in your community, a lot of people are looking at this with a question mark. is this a good thing for them to have this infighting? is it a good preparatory ground to go up against president obama or is it bad for the republican party? the negatives for both the two candidates are rising. >> that's right. in theory, it should be a bad thing. there's a possibility and i think it maybe holds true. if you remember when john mccain won last time, there was like dead silence for four months. nobody talked about it and then you had the election and all of a sudden, he re-emerged and did the best he could and unfortunately, he didn't win. what happens is everybody is talking about the republicans. nobody is talking about anything else and frankly, you could make the case the longer this goes -- while it's really hurtful in a lot of ways, the longer it goes, it keeps them in the public eye. and there's a very big case to
7:40 am
be made that the winner will emerge much, much stronger because of it so we'll have to see what happens. at the same time, they're bringing in a lot of bad stuff. a lot of dirty laundry that obama can use but he's got his problems. i mean, he's got an economy that's not doing well. he has not been exactly a stellar president so he's got his own problems. i think it might be a good thing. >> right. finally, newt gingrich was asking santorum to drop out and stop deciding the conservative vote. would you say the same thing? >> it's up to them. they have to make that decision and santorum has not caught on certainly in florida if you look at the poll numbers. it's a tough thing. but that's really a decision that they're all going to have to make and one by one, they will drop out and you'll end up with one candidate and hopefully that candidate will be very, very strong and go out and win an election and let's see what happens. but i'll be making an endorsement sometime over the not too distance future. >> are you buying a golf course or building today? >> i'm actually looking at something very important today. >> really? >> just run it by my desk
7:41 am
before you send it through, ok? >> absolutely. >> he joins us each and every monday. donald trump whose wife is a better parker than he is. he didn't say whether or not his limo driver is a better parker than his wife. thanks for joining us today. >> you're welcome. >> the republicans using debbie wasserman-schultz to their advantage. taking pages out of her own campaign book? the dnc chairwoman will respond. >> and maximize your weight loss. prevent disease. and enhance your life. that's the promise of a new book. sound good? authors will join us coming up. ♪
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>> well, by the time our next guest turned 30, she had the bone density of an 80-year-old woman and advanced osteoporosis and instead of looking outside the box, she looked inside. the authors of "naked calories, discover how micronutrients can maximize weight loss, prevent disease and enhance your life" mura and dr. jason telton are my guests right now. you were a young woman, very successful in new york city, running a business and running all over the place. that was the problem, right? >> i thought it was just, you know, stilettos and that's really what was causing the back pain. it got so debilitating, i gave in and went to the doctor and i remember the news. you're going to be like this forever. it's going to get worse and you'll be on medication for the rest of your life. >> you said i don't want to go with that conventional idea. you decided to search for a different answer. you meet jason who says it has everything to do with what you're putting inside your body.
7:46 am
in what way? >> the micronutrients. we wanted to look at what she was doing, as far as what she was eating, her lifestyle habits and her supplementation and what we found out is that she was eating foods that were stripping her body of these essential micronutrients or vitamins, minerals and essential fats and she had lifestyle hablts depleting her of those nutrients. >> i want to take a look at some of the things that can happen to you when you're stripping your body of these micronutrient so if you don't have vitamin d, that leads to obesity, decreased immunity, high blood pressure. vitamin a, night blindness, defective teeth. stunted growth in children and so on down the list of all these veet minimums. so what's happening in american society? people are not getting the micronutrients like they used to? why? >> well, you know, right now, america is in the middle of a micronutrient deficiency epidemic and according to the usda, over 90% of americans are not getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. so what's happening is we're eating naked calories. food has two basic components. it has the calorie component and
7:47 am
it has that micronutrient component, the vitamin, minerals and essential fats. when the micronutrients are stripped from the calories, we're left with naked calories. when we eat these foods, we aren't taking the amount of vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy. >> you turned around your diagnosis of an 80-year-old os pa osteoporosis, you turned that around and you gained a husband. you ended up getting married and you went on a six year odyssey. what did you find out traveling the world? >> we went over to 100 countrys in all seven continents. at one point were these diseases setting in and what were the healthy communities doing as opposed to unhealthy communities. the more westernized it got, they were eating out of bags and boxes and they were filled with naked calories. micronutrient deficiency is what were causing their disease rate to increase. >> so you have a quiz in your book, and people can find out if they are micronutrient deficient
7:48 am
and they can go on line and do this and you'll score it for them. >> right. it's an easy three quiz, 50 questions and it will looks at your lifestyle, what you're eating. how you're supplementing and give you just a snapshot of where you fall on that deficiency, sufficiency spectrum. and also is important to know that naked calories is really for everyone. it doesn't matter when you're a vegan, a vegetarian, a low carb, what's important is creating micronutrient sufficiency no matter what dietary profile you're following. >> the book is "naked calories." thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. the republicans using debbie wasserman-schultz to their advantage now? they're taking a page out of their own campaign book much the dnc chairwoman up next to respond. first, let's go back to 1981 "the tide is high." remember that? she sang it and it was the number one song, too. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> the answer to the trivia question, gene hackman. the winner is tom from oklahoma who likes gene hackman. >> congratulations. >> 8 minutes before the top of the hour. republican candidate polls are close but the dnc is still focusing on mitt romney even though he got trounced in south carolina. why? >> good question. we'll talk to dnc chairwoman congresswoman from florida, debbie wasserman schultz about that in a moment. good morning to you, congresswoman. >> good morning. good be wityou. >> gat days. last wednesday, when you read gabby giffords' resignation letter there on the floor of the house as she said good-bye a year after she was shot in head. that had to have been one of
7:53 am
your worst days in congress. >> it was one of the most heart wrenching days i've been through. but, you know, i'm so proud of gabby. she demonstrated the selfless commitments to public service that she always has when she knew that it was going to take her a little while longer to get better and fully recover, she decided her constituents needed full representation and i know how proud they are of her as well and they'll miss her. she'll be back. she'll make a triumphant return. >> you've been there every step of the way with your friendship and work and your personal life. >> nothing more important than that. >> of less importance, let's talk a little bit about politics. the rnc and i mean that, the rnc is using your voice in their new ad. let's take a look at it. >> florida is going to deliver a tremendous victory tonight for senator hillary clinton who will be the next president of the united states of!
7:54 am
hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! hillary! >> wow, that's the ad. it's using a lot of your quotes for people listening on satellite radio. you were a big hillary clinton supporter and the rnc is making the most of that. >> yeah, actually, i couldn't see the video and could only hear the cheering. i remember how forcefully i supported hillary clinton because, you know, when i grew up, i was raised to believe that a little girl in america could grow up and be anything she wanted to be, even president of the united states. hillary clinton has been an amazing secretary of state under president barack obama. and that's because we had a remarkable field of qualified candidates who ran for president and now, and actually, right when that primary ended, two days later, i endorsed president obama and spent the rest of the campaign fiercely advocating for
7:55 am
him and now i'm proud to support him for his re-election. he's done an incredible job as president of the united states. >> what the rnc is pointing out there is back in 2008 you knew barack obama was not up for the job and said that much back then. >> president obama has been a president who -- >> in your own words! >> let me give you my words now. he's taken us from bleeding 750,000 jobs a month when he took office, inherited the most problems at once since any president since fdr, we've had 22 months of job growth in the private sector and he's begun to turn things around. in florida in particular, it's important to note that the entire republican field, gretchen mentioned how none of the republicans are talking about what's important to seniors in florida. i agree with that because i represent the state of florida. i want to make sure that we have barack obama back in the white house because he'll continue to protect medicare. make sure that seniors don't have their benefits cut.
7:56 am
republicans, led by mitt romney, support ending medicare as we know it. support allowing social security to be invested in the stock market. that's the reason i fight for barack obama. >> of course, the candidates and the president could do a good job tackling entitlements rather than avoiding it. the rnc chairman reince priebus has come out and compared the president to the captain of the costa concordia, your reaction? >> i'm not going to give any credence to those incendiary remarks. this is a president who has been the captain of the costa concordia has been charged with manslaughter and for the rnc chairman to compare the president of the united states to someone who has been charged with manslaughter shows a dramatic level of insensitivity to the families of those victims. unbelievable comparison. >> congresswoman debbie
7:57 am
wasserman-schultz, thank you very much for joining us today from tampa. thank you so much. >> always a pleasure. >> speaking of the president, he's doing something a little different today. he's taking his message to the internet and dana perino is here next. all the power and strength of droid, now in colors. built with a scratch-resistant, gorilla glass screen. plus nano-coating that safeguards against spills. all powered by the speed of verizon 4g lte. more colors, same edge. the droid razr is now $199.99. exclusively from verizon. a farewell long awaited. goodnight, stuffy. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspirio
7:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone. today is monday, january 30th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. four men in the fight to become the republican nominee and it's a political punchfest between the top two candidates. can newt gingrich catch up to mitt romney before it's too late? voting starts tomorrow. >> meanwhile, newt gingrich himself is having an 11th hour pitch, elect the real conservative. him. and he's even got some big time tea partiers on his side but is that enough to win? former white house press secretary dana perino is in the on-deck circle and she's up next. >> all right. and red tails tells the inspirational story of the tuskeegee airmen. one of its stars, cuba gooding jr. who i thought was going to be my first celebrity friend joins us live. "fox & friends" starts right now.
8:01 am
>> you actually thought sylvester stallone was going to be your first celebrity friend. >> but he is. >> sly is your friend? >> the guy i can count on most. i mean, running out of flour, sugar or need juice, he provides them. >> ok! >> yo, brian, here's your sugar. >> i need to see proof of that. >> listen, you got to ask him. he's probably coming over today. >> yeah. >> i'll be over. >> all right. let's get right to your headlines this morning because rick santorum's daughter bela making a miraculous turn around now. santorum's 3-year-old daughter suffers from a rare and serious genetic disorder. she was admitted to the hospital over the weekend for pneumonia and santorum canceled his campaign events in florida yesterday to be with her. during a town hall call, santorum says she's on the menld.
8:02 am
-- mend. >> she's doing great. she has a little ways to go. she has pneumonia in both lungs and is quite a sick little girl for a few days but she's -- we believe she's turned the corner and we feel like, again, we're very, very blessed to have dodged another bullet. >> santorum expected to be back on the campaign trail in florida this afternoon. new this morning, a dramatic mission to rescue a group of teenaged hikers in the foothills of albuquerque, new mexico. a 15-year-old was free climbing with four of his friends with no ropes when he fell and broke his leg. the other four hikers were not injured. crews in the process of walking them down the steep slope to safe safety. the teens between the ages of 14 and 16. i-75 florida reopened after a horrible pile-up over the weekend. more than 20 cars and trucks plowed into each other bursting into flames as they drove through a massive cloud of
8:03 am
smoke. 10 people died in this accident. 18 others were hurt. police say the smoke came from a nearby brushfire and they've now launched an arson investigation hoping to find the person responsible for starting this deadly chain reaction. the movie "the help" sweeping the sag awards last night with three huge wins including best picture. >> here we go! goes to the cast of "the help." >> that movie stars octavia spencer and viola davis and picked up awards for best supporting and leading actress. for the second year in a row, "modern family" won best tv comedy. >> i think it was the late great w.c. fields who said -- never work with kids or animals. well, he can kiss my -- >> "boardwalk empire" took home the sag award for best tv drama. we know why brian wanted us to make sure we played that.
8:04 am
>> that was funny stuff. got to be pretty confident you'll win if you rehearse the acceptance speech. we have dana perino one of the stars of "the five" which is completely unrehearsed. >> star. wow! that's quite elevated. >> i don't know what you would call something with five. >> newt gingrich is railing against the establishment in part because so many members of the g.o.p. establishment are railing against him. here's sarah palin. i want you to listen up and we'll dissect what she's talking about regarding her backing newt. >> that agent of change who has promised to shake it up and that's been newt gingrich. you got to rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is -- what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation. we need somebody who is engaged and relentless in reform and isn't afraid to shake up that establishment. so if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for newt. annoy a liberal, vote newt. keep this vetting process going,
8:05 am
keep the debate going. as more debate happens, we'll hear more from newt and from the other candidates who will oppose his position as he claims that he's not part of the establishment. let's hear more about it! >> it seems like she's supporting rug r-- newt gingric. in south carolina, she told to voters vote for newt to keep it going. now she's continuing with this message. will had resonate with the voters? >> it's sort of like if you support him and want to endorse him, could you take the full step and do ha? >> herman cain did. >> it's not a full endorsement, it's just short of that. we want to keep the process going. well, i would say that newt gingrich won handily in south carolina. he won based on getting enough votes. if it turns out tomorrow that the polls are correct and romney wins in florida couldn't that be it's on the merits and the voters decided they want him to win and this process will keep going for a while and newt gingrich has said, i'm in this for a long time. you think back to 2008 primary
8:06 am
when senator clinton and senator obama were fighting it out, it went out all the way through a little bit longer to almost april. was it june? i'm trying to remember. >> hillary will not quit. >> i don't think newt gingrich will either. i think governor palin will probably be right that this goes on for a while but i don't think that's necessarily a reason to vote for someone. if you want to vote for someone, let's do it because you believe that they have the best policies or the plans to right america. >> i'm starting to think governor palin is a little unorthodox. go with me on that. it's getting personal in florida, the negatives on every candidate, even mitt romney who is winning big according to the polls, his negatives are going through the roof. he's going after gingrich as a washington insider and gingrich says no, you're the washington insider. let's listen. >> well, it's a nice try on his part but it's not selling here in florida. certainly didn't sell in new hampshire. he was able to get away with it in south carolina. and then we finally decided to respond and point out the record. if there's anybody who is a washington insider, it's newt gingrich. he spent his career there since
8:07 am
1978. he's been selling influence in washington for the last 15 years. if people believe that you can change washington by just electing the same people and putting them in different chairs, why, he's your guy. >> insider establishment candidate. is that a dirty word now? >> for some people but i think that overall, the voters are wanting to know, ok, who is the best candidate that would represent me in south carolina? they chose newt gingrich. in florida, they might choose mitt romney. they did in new hampshire but not in iowa. that was by a hair, rick santorum vote and so i think that these candidates need to pivot pretty quickly. i think the washington insider fight is actually more of an insider than it is broader perspective. people want longer term solutions. how are you going to work with congress to get something done? we don't have a dictatorship. you'll have to do something. >> for that, newt gingrich has experience in balancing a budget. maybe that's what some people are looking at. but what do you make of the fact that the national polls still show newt gingrich on top?
8:08 am
>> well, i think that shows how close this really is and why governor palin is right, that will continue on for a little bit of time because a lot of the states that are the states that vote later are sitting out there thinking, wait a second, i've been following this campaign for two years and i want to have a say as to who is going to be the nominee. this isn't fair! it's a system that we have and this system narrows down and win owes down and this is the nasty part of the campaign. any primary when you get down to this point when there's just four left, when it's going to come down to two, you're going to start having this kind of vitriolic responses to one another every single day. >> when you talk about maine, michigan and nevada, it's romney country for the most part, that's the school of thought and you have one debate so he could get shut out in february. >> and maine, michigan and nevada, very interesting states as well because those are states that are probably on the cusp of going either for the democrat or the republican next november. so when they ask themselves who
8:09 am
do they want to fight against? i would imagine that the obama campaign is looking at those states very closely because those numbers are going to be very key to them especially when it comes to independents. >> of course, the independents and everybody else watching the state of the union address a couple of nights ago and the president of the united states made it really clear, he's got a big priority, asking for that payroll tax cut. that's it. so the message to congress is i'm going to fight you rather than lead you. if you're sitting at home out in omaha or wherever, do you want a president who is fighting congress or who is getting something done? we have a year on ice? >> i would imagine if you're a democrat, you probably would want the republicans not to win in congress so that you could go back to what president obama had in his first two years of office which was a democratically controlled congress where they could get everything they wanted passed including the health care reform bill nicknamed obamacare. i don't think that -- i think that there's -- we are all lacking the sort of persuasion.
8:10 am
i'm not persuaded that he has a big vision for the second term. got big problems from the deficit and the intielthszment spending and no one is articulating yet how they're going to deal with something like that. i ask myself sometimes why does president obama even want to win a second term. if he thinks congress is this hopeless. he can't get anything done, why does he want to be president for the next four years? what could he do to persuade them to bring them along and sort of like when gingrich and clinton worked together, they were political adversaries but they knew they could help one another. they did something good for their country. i don't think that president obama is laying out the vision now. he's just i'm a one man band and all alone here. >> president obama had a totally different strategy. clinton came to the center. obama made it clear he'll fight congress. >> the politics were different then. obama knew if he was going to be elected he'd have to move to the center. president obama has made a political calculation, he
8:11 am
doesn't have to move to the center. he can stay left. >> you were the press secretary for president bush and there seems to be a new strategy within the white house to try to squeeze out the media. do you see it that way? >> remember, anita dunne president obama's communications advisor in that campaign actually said in 2009, our strategy is to go around the traditional media. they do traditional media interviews and i think that the white house would probably say look, he's on "60 minutes" five times a month. he did diane sawyer. it's the white house press corps that has a tradition of being there, they are there to inform the public. >> they know the nuances. >> they're not going to ask questions like do you second guess yourself every day? >> exactly. >> this is the kind of question you got last week. they would say hey, last week you said you wanted to cut the deficit by x but your policy says y. how does that add up, sir? those are the types of questions that i think could be good. i think that this idea today to go to the people, to the internet and use that tool is a good one. but i do think that the white house press corps has a complaint to make, that why can't they be involved in it as well?
8:12 am
last year, this twitter town hall thing they did was a disaster. remember all the questions they got, they're going to do it again. if i were the white house press corps, i'd be raising a little bit more of a fuss. >> all right. she is, despite what she says, one of the stars of "the five". they have four other stars as well. dana, we'll be watching you today at 5:00 with those four other guys. >> it was a dream come true. 76 students thought they got into the college of their dreams but it turns out it was all a big mistake. how the heck could that be? what will happen to those kids now? >> going to harvard? president obama making headlines for this showdown with governor jan brewer but governor bobby jindal was the first one to have a tiff on the tarmac. louisiana's governor is up next. ♪
8:13 am
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8:16 am
>> president obama reportedly having words with arizona governor jan brewer since been confirmed over comments on him in her book about immigration. but this wasn't the first time the president had choice words with the leader that happened to be republican on a tarmac in their state. back in 2010, governor bobby jindal got an earful from the president as well during the b.p. crisis and joins us right now. governor, when you saw governor brewer got at it with the president, did you think "that happened to me"? >> i did, brian. it brought back memories. it seems hard to believe it was almost two years ago. here was the strange thing. it was the president's first visit after the oil spill. we were on the tarmac. he comes down there, obviously staged. they had tipped off the washington press corps to watch this interaction. grabs me by the arm and takes me aside and here's the strange thing, i didn't mind him being angry. i thought he'd be angry about the oil spill and the lack of resources. i thought he'd get down there and say we'll do everything we can to work together. instead, he was mad that he was going to look bad.
8:17 am
he was worried about some routine letter we had already sent his administration. nothing important, something to the department of agriculture. i was amazed by two things. one that he was mad about the wrong things and secondly that he was so thin skinned it was clearly a media stunt. clearly a political stunt. may have tipped off a couple of washington reporters to watch this interaction to get this picture. it was disappointing. i want him to be the president of the country, to come down here and lead. instead, he was playing political theatrics. >> he said a week and a half later, he didn't like that either, it only got worse. having said that, being a republican like you are and being that your interaction wasn't too positive and you were supporting governor perry at one point, who are you going to support now? >> well, look, i'm staying out of the primary. the reason i supported rick, he's got a great jobs record creation in e state of texas. hend texans were ry, very good to t state of louisiana after the hurricanes. here's the important thing -- you know, this election, this upcoming general election is not
8:18 am
about competing personalities or debate skills. it's about two very different visions for our country. under president obama, every year, we've had trillion dollar plus deficits. $15 trillion of accumulated debt. he's grown the federal government to 24% of gdp. taking over bank companies. taking over car companies. not wanting toake over part of the health care system. he's on a path towards more taxes, more borrowing, more spending. you contrast that, we're going to have a republican candidate who is serious about shrinking the size of government, shrinking these debts, cutting the taxes growing the private sector economy, you couldn't have a more different contrast between the two different governing philosophies. this is going to be an intensely fought election about the future of america. >> right now, you're focused on the future of louisiana and one of the things that you have to do is get the teachers unions, reign them in in order to balance your budget. where are you at with that? >> brian, it was amazing that we proposed a comprehensive set of reforms to improve education in louisiana, everything from making sure that only good teachers get tenure to making sure that we give real choice to
8:19 am
our kids so they're not trapped in failing schools. what is so offensive to me is one of these union officials, the executive director of our teachers union came out a week ago today and said that poor parents have no clue. i'm literally quoting, poor parents have no clue when it comes to making decisions for their kids, educational decisions for their kids. that's incredibly offensive. i met with some moms the very next day who said look, they make choices for their children every day. they know what's best for their children especially better than some bureaucrat in washington, d.c. this is the problem with the washington attitude, they think they know better than parents what's right for these parents' children. think about if a republican had said that a week ago, the media and the white house would be attacking that republican. it's amazing that a union official can get away with saying that poor parents have no clue. we're proposing to allow those same parents, if their kids are trapped in failing public schools, to take those dollars that are being spent on their kids, go to a private school, go to a parochial school.
8:20 am
spend those dollars on on-line courses to get a better education. we've got great public schools in louisiana but we have to do better for every child. our children only grow up once. it's offensive to me that these unions don't get it. it's about our children. >> right. and it's amazing, a democratic governor can make much more progress it seems with the unions than a republican governor even if you have the same exact thing to say like here in new york, cuomo is trying to do the same thing. governor, good luck in this fight. it concerns everybody. we'll all be watching. thanks so much for getting up with us this morning. >> great to see you, brian. thank you. >> all right. he's got the super bowl next year and we can stay at his place and save our money off a hotel. right, governor? >> right! >> thank you, guys. >> that's a no. thousands of people die every year waiting for a life saving cancer treatment. now the white house has plans to regulate it. is that fair? let's debate it and his attack on times square failed but terrorists not letting that get them down. they plan to learn from this guy's mistakes. they picked up this chatter on the internet.
8:21 am
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>> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you on this monday morning. update in the case of that toddler from maine who disappeared from her bed in the middle of the night. police now say ayla reynolds' blood was found in her dad's house. still, no suspects have yet been named. and terrorists trying to bring down america now studying the botched attack by the guy in times square. now documents released to "the new york post" claim a new generation of jihadists are watching u.s. news reports to learn from failed attacks and
8:25 am
figure out how to make them better. terrific. >> thank you, steve. an appeals courts that ruled it's ok now to pay people for bone marrow. the group behind the case hopes it will encourage people to donate more and potentially save more lives. why is the obama administration now saying that they want to reverse that appeal decision and insisting it be overturned? here for a fair and balanced debate, the attorney who won this original case in court and art kaplan, the director of the center of bioethics at the university of pennsylvania. good morning to you, gentlemen. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> tell me why you think this has been a good ruling to allow people to be able to pay to give bone marrow. >> that's easy. this ruling will save thousands of lives, men, women and children on are fighting deadly blood diseases like leukemia and reinforces the right of people to make medical decisions for themselves and their families. >> so in the past, bone marrow was considered to be a human organ. similar to a liver or a heart.
8:26 am
and so therefore, you could not pay for it, correct? >> that's right and bone marrow is renewable, though, and that's one of the things the court in making this decision paid attention to. but i have two big problems with this market approach. one is safety. for many years, i was in charge or chaired supervision of our blood supply and when we paid blood donors, we got health problems because people lied about their health. other big issue is if you open that market up, you're going to see bone marrow go to the highest bidder. you may get some people coming forward that wouldn't have done it, made bone marrow available for the money but i worry that we're going to have an escalation and only the rich will wind up getting bone marrow. >> how do you respond to that? essentially, that's why we don't allow it to happen with livers and hearts. otherwise, the richest people might get them. >> actually, that's not a problem here. in the -- all we want to do is run a pilot program and see if it works. if it turns out that compensating bone marrow donors doesn't work and doesn't produce
8:27 am
more and better bone marrow for more people, we won't do it. the fundamental problem here is the government is threatening us with five years in prison just for trying to find out. >> all right. so here is the message from eric holder who is the attorney general of this country. and why they want this decision reversed. the national organ transplant act bars the sale of human organs to preclude creation of a market system that favors wealthy donees and exploits the less financially privileged. we respectfully urge that the case should be reheard. you agree with eric holder? >> i do. i think we've had a system that collects bone marrow altruistically, the national bone marrow program saved thousands and thousands of lives. it's true there are some people with rare bone marrow types and find it hard to get a match. overall, i think you'll save more lives if you continue to let people altruistically donate
8:28 am
than if you let the rich hoard bone marrow. >> 3,000 people die yearly without a match. 10,000 need transplants yearly and only 30% have a family match. does that bolster your argument? >> yes, absolutely. the fact is thousands of people will die this year who don't have a matching bone marrow donor. and the pilot program we want to run, more marrow provides compensation of $3,000. it's fixed. it comes from a third party charity. it never comes from the patient. this will work. >> all right. very interesting debate. both sides of the story for you today on "fox & friends." art and jeff rose, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you, gretchen. >> it was a dream come true. dozens of high school seniors find out they got into the college of their dreams. hold on, it turns out it was all a big mistake, unfortunately, so how could that happen? then, have you seen this movie yet? >> we've been given the order to provide air cover. >> yeah!
8:29 am
>> new movie "red tails" tells the inspiring story of this tuskeegee airmen. is it accurate? some say it's not so we'll ask the star, cuba gooding jr. when he joins us live. ♪ you are me i'm jennifer hudson, believe. i was strong before weight watchers, but i'm stronger with it. i believe weight watchers can do the same for you. i believe you have more power than you think you do. i believe because it works. ♪ if you want it, you got it your turn. your time. your year. join for free. weight watchers points plus 2012. because it works. no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry. i'm right here larry. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half.
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>> time for this shot of the morning right now. watch pro surfer garrett mcmenera catch the biggest wave on the planet, 90 feet.
8:33 am
>> wow! he says he's currently looking to break his world record hunting 120 foot wave in portugal. he even uses military grade tracking technology to follow the swells. that's the same technology used by the navy. >> that's a tsunami. run for your life! >> amazing. >> what the heck? >> you ever notice all surfing is done to this kind of movie? >> it is. it's the 1970's hawaiian version of music. did he actually do -- >> no, he's fine. he made it. he's going after 120 feet. >> he's underneath that, isn't he? >> that's him right there. he made it out alive. >> he made it out. >> i thought he was underneath the white water. >> am i the only one here that has lifeguard instinct? >> can rerack the video to see it again? >> i don't think we'll have enough music. >> now, i see what you're saying
8:34 am
and you're wondering where that guy is. >> all i'm focused is the -- >> and that straight guy. >> i don't know if he's straight or not. all i'm focused is the white water that's coming over the top and i'm seeing him go down and i'm thinking to myself, he's going to -- here we go. watch, he's gone. >> no. not yet. >> there he is. >> watch, he's kind of -- he's ahead of it. >> you're right. >> he's not gone from that? >> he's in the tube right now. >> the pipeline. >> there he is. there he is. >> he popped out. look at that. >> now, i'm really impressed. >> somebody who knows a little bit about surfing is phil keating. he's normally here to talk about politics today but phil, that is -- that is some riding the wave, isn't it? >> yeah, that's a monsterous wave and that is the classic surf guitarist sound. nice touch in there. yesterday in florida, the last sunday of campaigning for the republican candidates before tuesday's primary, that's tomorrow, rick santorum had good news on two fronts. number one, the improvement of the health of his 3-year-old daughter turning a corner and he
8:35 am
says that's miraculous but last night, florida's tea partiers had a conference call with the candidates and then picked who was their preferred eventual nominee and rick santorum got the highest percentage followed by gingrich and then romney. romney still getting mixed support from florida's tea partiers. as for romney himself, he was appealing to the cuban-american vote. very important in florida. 12% of the electorate. he was there at the end of yesterday afternoon joined on stage by the prominent and influential south florida congresspeople and again, he hit gingrich who he says resigned in disgrace as speaker and now turned lobbyist insider. >> then i think the reason that you find it hard to connect with the speaker is you should know over the last 15 years, he's been in washington and he's been working for people like freddie mac. >> boo! >> and the idea of someone working in washington making $1.6 million.
8:36 am
>> newt gingrich had his biggest rally of the day up in the villages. that's northwest of orlando. the world's largest retirement community. everybody there is going to trick out golf carts and gingrich leads the crowd handling romney for being a pro choice liberal governor for massachusetts. >> i am, in fact, the legitimate heir of the reagan movement. not some liberal from massachusetts. >> and gingrich has gotten support from nancy reagan, by the way. also today's map of florida shows what's happening. another busy day of crisscrossing this very large state. romney is up around the i-4 corridor hitting the villages himself today. big crowd there expected. and gingrich starting in jacksonville making his way to the panhandle and then down to tampa, sarasota and then back up in orlando. so gingrich will be in orlando tonight. romney will be in the tampa area and that's where both will be on
8:37 am
tuesday evening for the results of florida's big primary. of course, it's the biggest state so far. it's been a very expensive state and about a third to a half of all registered republicans, two million will be voting by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night. more than a third have already voted early and that's where romney is said to have the lead because he had the organization over the other candidates early on. >> vote early, vote often. phil keating, thank you very much. live report from florida. thank you, sir. >> let's keep talking about florida because it's kind of like the general election to a certain extent because there are so many different areas of florida and they tend to vote differently. >> what do you mean by that? >> there are five years that have been singled out. if we start on the top in the orange, the panhandle, that typically resembles the deep south. it tends to be more conservative in that region. >> they say northern florida is diverse and that is where newt has done a lot of work there. it includes the gulf coast --
8:38 am
the space coast, doesn't it? >> up there -- it includes part of the gray right there. the gray is the i-4 corridor. that's a swing area. one analyst says in attitude and lifestyle, it's like st. louis with palm trees and by the way, tampa and orlando both in there. they don't vote as a block so they don't vote together. >> and then you have the gulf side, gold coast, i believe that's mostly transplants from the midwest or they make up a big part of the population there. and then, of course, on the other side, the purple, you have southern florida and that's varied voting block as well. >> yeah, palm beach county, broward and miami dade. they are quite different and all of this, the overarching headline is candidates have to go to the same media market. they have to show up on the tv stations and they got to do their time. if not, you're going to miss out and not going to be successful. >> who is going to be successful? we'll be on early tomorrow morning on "fox & friends" and on wednesday morning as well. get up with us at 5:00 a.m.. >> the miami herald said it's
8:39 am
42-31 in favor of mitt romney. that's substantial. >> yep. >> meanwhile, other stories making news. brand new video just released from inside that capsized cruise ship off the coast of italy. shoes, chairs, mattresses, plates. it's like the titanic. the latest word is it's going to take 10 months to remove the costa concordia from where it sits. causing it to shift an inch and a half for the search of victims and the offloading the fuel suspended. the body of a 17th person was recovered over the weekend. 16 others still missing. >> a team of united nations inspectors are going to head deep into the desert of iran for a closer look at one of the country's most covert nuclear facilities. a bunker buried deep inside this mountain about 100 miles south of tehran. here, iranian scientists are believed to be enriching your uranium at much higher levels than usual. possibly weapons grade uranium. the job today, they want to find out if it's for peaceful
8:40 am
purposes like energy or medical use. secretary of defense leon panetta says don't be fooled. >> the consensus is that if they decided to do it, it would probably take them about a year to be able to produce a bomb. and then possibly another one to two years in order to put it on a deliverable vehicle of some sort. >> so not only are iran's people protesting the u.n. involvement, the oil minister just announced he's thinking about cutting off all oil sales to certain countries. >> and meanwhile, it's the moment high school seniors wait for. getting into the college of their dreams. now, imagine, if you were told just minutes after you got that big acceptance letter that it was a mistake. well, that is what's happened to 76 students who applied to vasser college here in new york city. the teenagers logged on to their web site and saw the good news. you've been accepted. but a computer problem accidentally had simply posted a
8:41 am
test acceptance letter instead of the real one. it looked real. but they weren't admitted. the college sent the real letters and has apologized for the mistake. just happens. meanwhile, let's take a look at where it is snowing and we got a little bit of snow around the chicagoland through the great lake states area at this time. also a little on the eastern shores of erie and ontario, the great lakes. balance of the country is nice and dry although it looks like at this moment we have a little rain moving through the florida keys. current temperatures, a lot of 20's and 30's in the north and in the northern plains. look at that right now, it's freezing in raleigh-durham. 31 degrees. a little below freezing. much cooler than that in cleveland in the ohio valley, stuck in the 20's and you got 40's and 50's along the gulf coast back through portions of texas. later on today in dallas and san antonio, almost 70 as will be the case in kansas city and memphis as well. mid 60's across much of dixieland. only 40 here in new york city.
8:42 am
chance for rain later on today in caribou, maine, topping out at 20 degrees. on this monday. >> all right. coming up straight ahead as we finish up this show, as governor mitt romney surges in the polls, newt gingrich throwing jabs trying to change the minds in the sunshine state before it's too late. how do we separate campaign fact from fiction? fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. knows. he's up next. >> and the new movie "red tails" tells the inspirational story of the tuskeegee airmen. some say it's actually doing a disservice to those airmen. one of the stars, cuba gooding jr. joins us live to respond.
8:43 am
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because only the fastest survive. >> 15 minutes before the top of the hour. as polls show mitt romney pulling ahead of newt gingrich in florida by double digits in many cases, a war of words heating up between the two. >> i believe the republican party will not nominate a pro abortion, pro gun control, pro tax increase moderate from massachusetts and they will not nominate someone who raises millions from wall street to run ads that are false. >> he was fined for ethics violations. he ultimately had to resign in disgrace. he can't rewrite history. >> but how do voters know if these claims are true and are there any federal laws regulating candidates' claims? fox's legal analyst peter johnson jr. joins us live to figure it all out. peter, are our candidates
8:47 am
obligated by law to tell the truth out on the stump? >> i would say there's a higher law, there's a natural law. there's a moral law that should obligate them to tell the truth but there is no federal law. there is no state law that says that you can -- you have to tell the truth. there have been some states like nevada and washington that have tried to do that on a state basis but they've ever been repealed by the legislature or overruled by the courts and the courts say no, there's a first amendment protection of political speech and they can say whatever they want, whether they're telling the truth or not. that first piece of tape, we saw with mr. gingrich, he made the statement that mr. romney is really pro -- pro choice, anti-gun and pro tax. >> right. >> well, if you go out on the internet, you'll see that that's demonstrably untrue. that's provably false. but if you're home watching and you see that and you say, i thought romney was kind of a conservative guy, a middle of
8:48 am
the road guy and now i hear newt gingrich saying well, he's a liberal. he's against guns. >> right. >> he's for abortion and he's for higher taxes. romney has made it clear that's not true. at the same time, romney is making claims about gingrich. >> sure. >> and those have to be checked as well. >> who is the arbitor of whether or not the guy on tv who is running for higher office is telling the truth? >> that's what's wonderful about the american experience. the american voter has to decide and obviously, can't be decided on soundbites. it can't be decided on 30-second commercials. that's why debates really are important although some people criticize them. it's watching fox news. it's reading a lot. it's reading newspapers of all kinds. it's reading internet sites. it's saying, ok, what is the truth here? because you're not necessarily going to get the truth in 30 second political statements. >> and spending a lot of money to make a message. >> millions and millions of
8:49 am
dollars but this election is getting really, really close. and the closer that it gets nationally, the more you're gonna see. romney happens to be pulling away at this point in florida. >> interesting stuff. all right, and of course, tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., they start the vote. >> interesting. >> all right. we'll see what happens, peter johnson jr., thank you very much. >> don't look for the law to protect you. >> doggone it. >> it's supposed to, too. >> ok. straight ahead, cuba gooding, jr., the star of the new movie called "red tails" is in the studio. we'll talk to him right after we check in with martha for a preview of what happens in 10 minutes. >> how did i miss him downstairs? we'll look for that coming up. and meantime, one day away from what could be a pivotal night in florida and we've got you covered, folks. also, a fast & furious document dump late friday. some new revealing e-mails that may be troublesome for eric holder. we'll fill you in on that and she was strangled in her mercedes in an affluent neighbhood and now police are looking at her husband. all that coming up when bill and
8:50 am
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> >> the movie "red tails" celebrates the tuskeegee airmen, a legendary group of african-american aviators who broke barriers in the segregated u.s. military in world war ii. oscar winner cuba gooding jr. plays a major. >> it's a miracle you're flying fighters in italy and not mopping latrines in milwaukee. any of you that feel otherwise, any of you want to wash yourselves out, please do so. i'll have you on the next big smoking back home to make room for the men who want to stand and fight. >> brian is standing by in the hallway waiting to bring in
8:54 am
cuba. where is he? >> funny, gretchen, would have been much better had he been there at this time. we would have walked in together and the drama would have been uncanny and i understand that he's close to appearing on our show. we'd like him on the couch. but he's not here yet. >> where do you think he is? >> i'm not really sure where he is. >> is he down the hall? still outside? is he in make-up room? >> there's a few places i'd like to try. i'd like to see maybe in studio b. let me see. >> nothing. i got here. got it -- maybe got the closets. take a look. nothing in here. we got nothing. >> he's not in the closet. >> over here. let's go down the hall. can you reach? >> i don't have any -- >> it's a reach! >> he's not in this hallway either. but some of the things that cuba gooding likes, his demands have been met. he wanted one sandbag, orange preferred. we got it. he said get me a gas tank. absolutely. two cups of coffee. one with milk and one without. we've done everything we can. what i'd like to do is be your
8:55 am
cuba gooding jr. correspondent. if i see him, come to me. if not, i'll be alone. >> why don't we take a quick time-out. in those two minutes, he might actually -- >> wait, we got word he's making his way. i saw somebody point to him. and this could be true -- is this a sighting? i love celebrities. >> cuba, walk towards the light! walk towards the light. >> why are there bikes in our hallway? >> because i'm trying to get exercise. with the one on one segment. i need to be able to bring it this way. >> why are they there? >> there he is. there's his arm. there's his coat. there, he's taking off his scarf. cuba, come on in! there he is. >> brian, very nice. >> in the studio. >> wow! good to see you again. >> new york traffic, huh? >> good to see you. >> i had no idea there was traffic. >> what are you doing? >> it was great. >> we were talking about your movie behind your back. i hope you're not upset. >> everybody has been talking about this movie. >> i know. a few years ago, you did our show. and i really thought our relationship would take off.
8:56 am
and why hasn't it, cuba? do you know why it hasn't? >> i think -- you never answer your phone. >> that's true. ok. >> cuba, hello, how are you? >> sorry about that. >> how are you? >> welcome. >> i'm gretchen. great to see you. >> a little short on time. the world's fastest plug for your movie, please, why should we go watch it? >> i have people jumping out. this is great. >> trying to do some make-up. >> the movie -- you know what? we're going to take a quick break. and when we come back, we're going to hear from cuba. >> right. >> right back. and you are me. my name is susan. i'm confident. i'm strong. i believe. weight watchers pushed me to push myself. i lost 91 pounds. i believe i can do anything now. and i don't have to do any of it in sweatpants. i believe because it works. your turn. your time. your year. [ female announcer ] weight watchers, rated #1 best plan for weight loss by us news & world report. [ jennifer ] join for free. weight watchers points plus 2012. because it works.
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>> the good thing is we still have videotape. that means we can tape the interview with cuba gooding jr. and we will air it for you tomorrow about his new movie "red tails." >> you're going to be fantastic tomorrow, aren't you? >> you know. >> that is huge. >> great movie. great career. so we'll have a chance to go over everything and we only blame new york traffic. >> that's it. >> that's all it is. >> listen, we'll be up early tomorrowbe


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