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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the dow not having too bad a day. for monday, it's great. see you for fox report tonight. right now tonight for the man, cavuto. >> thank you, shep. one day to go and the sunshine state is looky sunnier for one mitt romney today. >> welcome everybody. i'm neil cavutoful the nastier it gets the better mitt romney does, so while newt says he is the real victim here, is all of his bashing actually backfiring in. >> the massachusetts moderate, which is a liberal by republican standards. >> a pro abortion, gun control, pro tax increase moderate from massachusetts. the 'public is not going to nominate the 'author of romney care. >> gingrich is coming off like a complainer, romney is not. he is a political science
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professor at the university of new hampshire. we did call the gingrich camp for a statement. they provided a poll showing him leading by a hair. regardless, what are your thoughts on this, andy, whether this type of strong talk could be backfiring? >> you don't want to have to be in a position to complain about what is happening in politics, politics -- this is -- >> okay, danny, i don't mean to interrupt you there's something wrong with your audio. newt may be down but far from out. the former speaker says he is just digging in. >> the romney anywhere coming close to getting a majority and when you take the nonromney votes it's likely the convention will be nonromney. my job is to change that into a progingrich majority. >> so are we looking at a
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brokered convention because no candidate will have the delegates you need to get the nomination. tom says it's a real possibility. what makes you think it's more likely, al beat not necessarily inevitable now? >> well, i actually still think it's a long shot. the system is set it to prevent this from happening. it would be more likely if gingrich were to score an upset in florida tomorrow, which would damage romney, i think. if romney wins tomorrow in florida, he is in the dominant position to win the nomination, however, gingrich said she is going to stay through the convention. gingrich will do well in the south, be able to collect delegates from there ron paul is staying in, going to try to work to accumulate delegates through the caucus states. typically those states have smaller number of delegates in play, so there's a scenario where, if you do -- if those guys can keep romney under the
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1144, ron paul can score a couple hundred delegates, gingrich can get eight or nine hundred, then you go into the convention obviously without anyone having a majority. the other scenario, you get a late entrant like mitch daniels or someone else who comes in and tries to win a few hundred delegates of their own. those that are coming late in the process, with the race even further, and then take it to a brokered convention. >> normally the past of both parties indicates when there's a prohibitive front runner, you see candidates emerge. i think we saw that in the case of jerry brown challenging jimmy carter in 1976, the same with bill clinton in 1992. we tend to see this a lot. will that be the impetus? if it's looking like romney is rolling to this, even the as you stress, he would be even now a long way towards those 1144
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delegates you need -- just to keep it interesting they would do that. >> boy, you know, neil, it's tough to see how this is going to play out. obviously if it gets down to somehow a two-person race that will inevitably eastbound not in a brokered convention, but if the race continues to have three or someone else gets in and splits the race even further, then you start looking at a scenario where you could get a brokered convention. i think this is a long shot, very unlikely. the system is rigged against the brokered convention scenario. >> thank you very much, tom devin. we have our respecttive wires fixed. professor we were talking about whether gingrich's approach where he is going after romney for these negative ad, complaining about them, some of his supporters say rightly so.
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nevertheless you say at it boomeranging, why? >> there's an old saying in politics, never explain, never complaint you don't want to come off as somebody complaining about the rules of the game, especially for somebody like newt gingrich who has been involved so long. he is in an environment in florida which is not like south carolina, and the same things that worked for him in south carolina really attacking mitt romney, aren't going be to as effective as they were because largely the florida electorate is not as evangelical, not socially conservative, and complaining about mitt romney and attacking him as being a moderate, that might ring more true to a lot of the republican voders in florida. it looks unseemly when you're reduced to just attacking over and over again yourself your opponent, rather than having an outside group or having a commercial do it. >> it's not as if he has been without negative ads himself. negative ads are in thieves the
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beholder. some called them truth ads. >> having said that, it's not as if newt gingrich is lilly white in this attack ad battle. >> absolutely not. all of the candidates run these contrast ads, and they do it because they work. what you want to do if with these things is diminish the enthusiasm your opponent's supporters have. basically you want to keep them from showing up on election day and to give your supporters some reason to really want to get out their and vote. the problem is if you do this too much and too long and you appear as if you don't have anything positive to say, then voters will start to say, wait a minute, we're going with the guy that is a little more positive that is maybe not complaining as much. so never complain and never explain is a real adage to live by ifer who a candidate. >> you remind me that never get caught in the moment of the snapshot. one snapshot right now is gingrich on the descent, but we said that after iowa and he was on his way back.
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having said that, how much of the volatility attached to newt gingrich gets to be an issue? he is up and done and up and down. >> i thick some has to do with the various states and the order the states have come. starting with iowa, more socially conservative state. high percentage of evangelical voters. state where gingrich can do better. you get to new hampshire, moderate, liberal republican voters. south carolina, he can do well because hi -- his message resonates. you get into florida, a mixed different electorate. so it's a state-by-state i-and a debate performance issue. gingrich has to rely on the other aspects of his campaign and debates have been central. he has been flat in this last couple, certainly not on fire like he was going into south carolina, and because debates have been so important, the
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press focused on how well the candidates have been doing and the we do debates, and gingrich set the bar to such high levels and people expect a lot. when he doesn't reach those performances, it's a letdown for him and his supporters. >> andy, thank you very much. i apologize for the problems earlier. >> you're welcome. >> newt gingrich is crossing the state of florida with at least five rallies, mitt romney making a last-minute push with three rallies. cameron has been keeping track. can gingrich catch up? polls indicate he is falling back. >> well, it's tough. and he has gotten more aggressive and toxic against mitt romney in the last 36 hours. today gingrich is accusing romney of joining the obama's war on religion. gingrich went back to governor romney's time in massachusetts when he especially put state
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mandates on catholic hospitals as part of a budget crunch vetoed a bill that would have paid for meals at jewish nursing homes and gingrich said that shows an insensitivity to religion. it's gotten a lot of attention, but it shows to the extent gingrich is now attacking mitt romney. mr. romney is campaigning obviously very aggressivefully florida and banking on a big win. gingrich made it clear hi is not only going to go on in future states but today he said he is going to continue on to the convention and has no intention of backing away. gingrich recognizes the upcoming states include a lot of caucuses where you can get a bigger bang for your buck when you organize for them. he sees opportunities in places
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like minnesota, where there's a big populace in the republican party that he believes he can turn against mitt romney. there's a lot yet to be said about this race but looks as though the florida aspect of it may soon be written and the chapter closed. the romney people look very confident. >> carl, you could argue all of this back-fighting, regardless, produces four candidates who still go all the way to the convention. i don't see ron paul going anywhere. i imagine he sticks it out. i think you could make a point that rick santorum might but you don't know. newt gingrich indicated he would by sheer mass, wouldn't it be possible that gingrich is right, that it would deny simply because there are three other entrants in the race on an apportionment base basis, picking up delegates who could deny a simple majority for mitt romney? >> that's very true and it's going to be further stated that the gingrich campaign sees a few states down the road where he is
4:11 pm
likely to come out with a victory. he specifically looks at georgia. mississippi, alabama, states in the south where gingrich is likely to do quite well. but they are further down the road. and as for this idea of a brokered convention or the possibility of another candidate getting in late, there are some real callender prohibitions to there. there are a matter of days any new entrants into the race would not be able to get on the ballots in snuff enough states to clinch the nomination on their own. meaning anybody who were to add themselfs into the race will be doing so more as a spoiler that further divides the electorate, because past the end of this week they're not going to be able to get on enough ballots to win the nomination. it may be that another candidate gets into the race and that all four of them continue to go forward but it would be almost exclusively for the purposes of denying romney the nomination and getting into a brokered convention to pick somebody else. >> carl, thank you.
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always a pleasure. my favorite task with you is when you're in a car doing the driving miss daisy thing. i thought you were driving the car but you were not but that's my favorite report. >> people have to know that's not a limo. we're in our quick response mobile satellite truck and i'm not in the back of a black see dan. >> understood know. it's a navy blue sedan. i'm kidding. carl, great job. carl cameron, on top of this like nobody else, and rick santorum is looking beyond florida. find out how far beyond florida. and there's just one day to go before the florida primary coverage and it's say anticipation is building. >> nervous. >> it was a certain urgency to it. it's beyond profound for me. >> profound indeed but no reason to be nervous because we've got all the bases covered as we track the votes and your money. it all kicked off at 4:00 p.m.
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eastern with our star-studied list of names and then at 7:55, our nonstop coverage continues with herman cain. the only place covering not only your ballot but mark-by-market, tick-by-tick vote, how it's going down in asia, later on in europe. how our futures are responding. other business networks say they're committed to this stuff but if it's after hours, sorry, ain't hang, unless you want to watch an eight-year-old commercial. >> coming up -- >> i am in fact the legitimate heir of the reagan movement, ronald reagan. >> actually going to steal one of president reagan's lines. i'm very proud to run on a reagan gingrich record. >> usually newt gingrich is running with ronnie reagan. why is the speaker priding himself on the time he did not.
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>> i fought president reagan when he tried to raise taxes in 1982. i fought president bush when he tried to raise taxes in 1990. >> did you larry that? newt gingrich admitting to a fight with a different later on. the guy who succeeded him. smart strategy when you're trying to show your ties. we did call michael reagan, who is campaigning with the speaker, to get his thoughts. we hope to hear back from his soon. is there anything wrong with saying that, you were consistent on this no tax hike, no settled deal that would raise taxes? how would that be damaging in. >> factually its true. but gingrich based his campaign on hi ties with ronald reagan, not to mention before the negative attacks on mitt romney and saying they should obey
4:18 pm
reagan's commandmentment so for gingrich to come out against reagan and his own rule he has been talking about is hip credit cal and goes the problem of what gingrich's campaigning says and that is that he is solid on the issues. he has been opportunistic in his career in that he likes to say things that are popular, whether it's sitting on the couch with nancy pelosi and the global warming going on, or disclaiming paul ryan. >> i got to say, on this i give him the benefit of the doubt. if he wants to airing have been consistently opposed to tax hikes and any tax hike deal that ronald reagan entertained -- he said this before, and the other deal from 1986, write off credit card interest, that ultimately translated to lot more americans paying more taxes elm when ronald reagan left office he said bottom line people are
4:19 pm
paying a lot less in income tacks then they were when i came into office so i have the better of the democrats. gingrich is saying the purists, that's true, but i fought him when he ceded that ground. why would that be bad? >> that's fair enough. there are other people who he should be attacking outside of ronald reagan. he could be talking about how barack obama's class warfare and raising taxes on the rich is not how he will run his presidency and explain why the american people are already paying too much in taxes. didn't need to throw ronald reagan under the bus in this argument against tax hikes. >> so you're not a fan of newt gingrich. >> i'm just not a fan of his inconsistencies and positions of saying he was for the 11th 11th commandment about attacking fellow'm rains and then attacking the person who came up with that. >> if the president is losingground in battle ground states, who is gaining ground in those states? he may have lost to this
4:20 pm
president but is senator john mccain helping to make romney the next president? the senator is here. >> i feel a bit like zsa zsa gabor's fifth husband. on the wedding night, said, i know what i'm supposed to do. i just don't know how to make it interesting. so i'll be brief. a lot of patients are using toothpaste to clean their dentures. you really want to be careful, you can't use something as abrasive as a toothpaste because it will cause scratches. as a result of those scratches,
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>> we called michael reagan and he was kind enough to pick up the phone and talk to us about newt gingrich and his comments -- some interpreted as disparaging of his dad, a saying when it came to tax hikes, ronald reagan pursued in 1982 and 1986. he parted company with reagan. his son is on the phone. michael, it's technically true
4:24 pm
and you're campaigning for a guy who did that. what do you make of that? >> my father was against taxes himself. to say that newt threw my father under a bus because my father raised taxes and newt was against raising tacks, there were a lot of conservative republicans who were against my father. in fact raising taxes. back in the 1980s. that's just part of government -- he is not throwing ronald reagan under a bus. it shows in the 80s he fought not to raise taxes and ronald reagan did. it was also bob dole who came to my father and said, listen, mr. president, if you raise taxes a dollar and give three dollars in spending cuts to the democrats, my father believed bob dole. the tit-for-tat is silly.
4:25 pm
to say he threw ronald reagan under the bus -- >> the difference is that newt gingrich liked it when i can say, the lean stuff off of reagan, not so when he can try to capital off the not so lean stuff. so gingrich looks like an opportunist. >> a lot of people using ronald reagan's name who never met him. gingrich met him, worked with him in the 1980s. i said, newt, what have you've got? gave us the first control of the united states in 40 years. all these people backing newt gingrich that he is not a reagan conservative. my problem is that many people would bash ronald reagan today for not being a reagan conservative. >> when you dad was pushed into these deals because even he was worrying about the ballooning
4:26 pm
deficit figures, and he thought we got to get this under control. his budget director was saying, unless we do we're in deep doo-doo. but your father was very worried about that. very much a big believer in lower taxes, argued they were lower than when he took office so they were. so he was happy to go out and negotiation the other third. but is newt gingrich blurring that? >> i don't think gingrich is blurring that at all. ronald reagan fought to lower taxes all of his life, and so to sit there and say that newt is throwing ronald reagan under a bus because he is newt gingrich didn't want ronald reagan to raise taxes, maybe because newt gingrich now inherently from serving in congress you couldn't trust the democrats to give you spending cuts, and newt gingrich, which was proved right, where bob dole was
4:27 pm
approved absolutely wrong. bob dole promised the tax cuts, we wouldn't have had the deficit in 1980 that people talked about. so, to say newt gingrich was wrong is absolutely wrong, because he understood the process and just cooperate trust the democrats to live by their word. >> thank you very much for calling. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> this could be fast and furious right before the vote in florida. david, if you don't mind changing gores, this is a developing story. maybe a developing drama. there's schism between the gingrich statements and what you like about the reagan presidency and what you don't like. is it out of school for gingrich to cut taxes? >> i don't think it's out of
4:28 pm
school but it's off message, and the last two segments you have discussing this issue, my only question is, why in the world does newt gingrich thing this is a good idea right now? to receive herman cain's endorsement on stage with him? why is it a good idea to give speeches about a lunar colony when he should be trying to win the state of florida and not -- >> lunar colony on florida -- [overlapping speakers] >> something that only 34% of his voters in his state are behind. so you've got basically -- if you want to talk about ronald reagan. here's something that reagan understood. you listen to the people who run your campaign because they know better than you do, and reagan as an actor knew how to take direction, and newt gingrich thinks he is too unconventional to do that, and that's why he is going to go down in florida, it looks like tomorrow and that's why i don't think that he's going to be able to win the
4:29 pm
nomination. who knows. he could very well surprise me. but there is a renton conventions, conventional candidates win by doing conventional thing. >> ronald reagan did follow his gut as well. he had great advisers but the fact of the matter he did have an uncanny sense of what was right, that famous microphone moment in new hampshire. >> tear down this wall was another -- >> visiting the -- >> i guess what i'm raising with you, a lot of people have gotten this gingrich thing wrong. if he can leave in people's minds that even with ronald reagan he took on the issue of tax cuts and would never waiver, never veer, earned him the enmitt of some reagan cabinet folk and certainly the bush, sr. administration folks, and he might wear that as a badge of honor. >> he might. agree there's a point be made but days of newt was buried in
4:30 pm
this avalanche of stories about him supposedly dispaperring reagan how he was dealing with the soviets, doesn't seem like they way to take this on. i think he wants to talk as much as he can, as he had been before, about him being a reagan conservative, not, i'm more conservative than reagan. reagan wanted to raise taxes. i don't thinkes dispaging reagan here. i just think that if the attack on you is, you're not really with reagan, you were always against reagan, why would you respond by saying, here's another way i was against reagan? because he was trying to raise taxes. and it's just against the -- the lack of message discipline on newt gingrich's part is something that is just going to dog him, and doesn't matter how you feel about it. you don't have to like mitt romney to realize a candidate is who all over the map and saying things that distract from his underlying message is a candidate who loses an election. >> we shall see, thank you very much.
4:31 pm
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4:35 pm
we tried 0 moderate in 2008. he couldn't debate barack obama effectively and we lost weapon nominate a mod resident rat this year, the gam between obama care and romney care is that much. >> arizona welcomeon john mccain who opposed barack obama. senator, i think he threw you under the bus. >> nothing surprises me, neil. it's a tough business. as he watches the sun set on his chances to get the nomination, then people have a tendency to lash out. some of them do, anyway. goes with the territory. >> but it up sos almost -- well -- beyond me because talking about a vacuum with mitt and referring to you and bob dole as the guys who lost, they're probably not the guys romney should have crowded out. what do you make of it?
4:36 pm
>> well, for a moment, i'm not too concerned about what they say about me. bob dole is a man who left parts of his body in the killing fields of northern italy in world war ii. any united states senator, whether they were republican, liberal or moderate or conservative, will tell you his leadership of news the united states senate was the best we ever had. he is a wonderful ask descent american, and to start trashing bob dole is not appropriate. in fact, bob dole -- wasn't bob dole's debating skills that harmed it. in his attempt to defeat bill clinton, it was because newt gingrich in his wisdom decided we needed to shut down the government in 1995, and that really did receive very dams to bob dole's chances because bill clinton was -- emerged vicious,
4:37 pm
but mitt romney is doing a great job. his credit den shalls were that he saved the olympics in salt lake city. he has been a governor in the free enterprise system. has the credentials to be the next nominee and the next president of the united states, and i'm not surprised he is picking up momentum. i was down in florida campaigning with him. we had a lot of fun. and i think he is going to do extremely well. >> i for one loved the gabor line. i would probably wonder who in the audience would have gotten that. >> worked better at sun lakes, and at the villages. >> i hear you. senator, is there michigan to what the former speaker says about republicans going more moderate? i don't think that's a fair general description of you. but i do think we wrap ourses around these labels and he's saying when the republicans go
4:38 pm
moderate, they go down. >> first of all, mitt romney is the nominee. when he says i'm, quote, moderate, i am astounded. i was in the florida senate railing against this k-street project, a flood of ear marks which was corruption, which was pervading the congress and a betrayal of the thing wes promised the american people than i gave us the majority. it bred corruption. that's why duke cunningham is in jail. why we hadmer abramoff. it was a calculated plan by newt gingrich and his friends to try to help freshman congressmen. before the old bulls had been able to put in a few -- some earmarks, they exploded under newt gingrich. and the k street project where they're worked hand in glove with the lobbiest was not the kind of government the american people deserve. so if that's establishment
4:39 pm
fighting against earmarks and pork barrel spending that exploded while he was speaker of the house, i would gladly accept that label. >> if he is in the nominee, gingrich, would you support him? >> surety. absolutely. i'm a loyal'ma. i'm loyal to my party and i certainly will. but in the meantime, i think that his electability, which is a factor -- not the most important factor but his electability is very poor, and i think it's understandable. >> what do you think of sarah palin and her husband, todd palin, endorsing newt gingrich. >> my feelings and affection for sarah and todd, but they did not -- in all due respect, they didn't know him when i was down on the floor of the senate, putting up a 52-page into the congressional record, 52 pages of earmarks that were put in. the bridge to nowhere, ended up with a bridge to nowhere.
4:40 pm
you have heard the -- $50,000 to study the effect on the o zone layer of flat you lens in cows. >> the cowed liked that. >> the testing procedures are interesting. it was a period where we had an opportunity to govern cleanly and efficiently and we did not and we betrayed the american people. who was close toast ronald reagan and who did this with ronald reagan, we all love ronald reagan, we know that ronald reagan was not perfect, and agreeing to the tax increases and spending cuts, ronald reagan acknowledged later on that he had made a mistake. he was not perfect in my mind, he goes down as one of the greatest presidents in history. >> senator, for that and your zsa zsa gabor comments, i want to thank you. >> thanks for having me on,
4:41 pm
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>> 51 years ago today, president john f. kennedy gave his first state of the union speech. the president talk about a disturbing economy, and offered some solutions. >> offer tax incentives for sound, planned investments. to increase the development of our natural resources. to encourage price stability. and to take other steps aimed at ensuring a prompt recovery and taking away for increased long-range growth. >> ten days into office, a solution that was not on president's kennedy's radar that day, any hike in taxes of any sort. my guest says it's time for president obama to take tax hikes off this radar. >> i don't he is doing that yet.
4:45 pm
>> no, he is running a different state of the union and a different campaign. john kennedy gave two state of the unions that year because we have both international crisis and a domestic crisis. of his idea was growth. the idea of growing the economy. tax incentives, later would leave to the historic tax cuts in 1963. >> for much -- >> we were in a lot better shape. this doesn't wasn't broke, among other things. i watched the president do this. i was in the state of the union, about the tax which doesn't show up in the budget because, after all, it was just a campaign line in the state of the union. and i must say, i was amazed that he could skip over the deficit as lightly as he did, and i thought that mitch -- >> he made references. you don't think it was enough. >> let me put it this way. the major problem he has -- he ills being helped because'mans are self-destructing in florida and other places. >> how so? >> because what's happening is
4:46 pm
the hardest and worst states for president obama, of the big states other than ohio, and now he is eight points ahead of romney, he is 14 or 17-points ahead of gingrich. the more they campaign down there, the more women and independents flood back to obama. >> you know better than anybody how short-lived that can be. >> what they're reacting to, they're not seeing stuff they want to hear. for instance, they care about the deficit. the republicans are off on things like attacking class warfare. the problem with taxes the president has, he's trying to -- he feels right now he can satisfy the base of the democrats and still benefit from notes and others, and he is not being challenged with a narrative that -- he has been in trouble for most of two years. >> isn't his argument, things are so bad but they're improving? >> the problem with they're improving line, all they have to do is take one slip. >> one bad number and
4:47 pm
unemployment goes up -- >> all bets are off. >> let's say that doesn't happen. >> he is making the case -- he is out there -- i say he is unopposed -- republican are bashing, the blood-letting is more vicious. >> john kennedy got -- >> here's the point. john kennedy spoke to a large vision. what's not happening -- look, neil, you have a country where people believe the country is on verge of -- on the precipice of an abyss. the president had a re-election speech. republicans are running for the primary. john kennedy said, we must get america moving again. and a tax cut was part of it. >> thank you, buddy, forget about these guys. why this guy might be the most important republican tomorrow. win or lose.
4:48 pm
feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8.
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>> forget florida. what if i told you there's a much bigger race happening tomorrow in oregon. a special election to fill a vacant house seat there the district heavily liberal, and i mean heavily. that has not stopped unusual interest in the republican candidate. the republican hopeful. we did contact his democratic opponent. she declined. so, bob, let me get your take on this. you're within 10 or 11 points. might seem like a lot but in a district that specifically goes 70-30, at the very least for the democrats, what do you make of what's going on and the million dollar plus the democrats are powering into there -- pouring o this thing. >> according to the latest
4:52 pm
numbers we're actually within 4 points, the margin of error, and that poll was taken recently, and it's cullly closer to $2 million the democrats and the machine are throwing at this campaign. specifically targeting me. they're not saying anything positive about their candidate. just trying to assassinate my character and i think it shows they have a lot of confidence in my basketball to win and not much confidence in their own candidate to win. >> a lot of people are looking at this as a potential indictment of the obama administration. do you? >> i don't think it's so much in oregon an indictment of the obama administration. i think it's just things in general. as you know, we lost a congressman due to a sex scandal. he embarrassed our state, and my opponent was part of the coverup that withheld that information from voters the last time congressman woo was running for re-election, and people are tired of the same. they're tired of the
4:53 pm
establishment. mostly located in downtown portland, and they're saying, we have an unemployment rate that is 15 years before the national average. high poverty, homelessness, foreclosures. we have to go a different direction. we can't give the keys to the same people who got news this mess and people are looking to a job creator as opposed to a career insider like my opponent. >> why haven't you benefited from republican national committee money. why isn't the republican party tripping over itself to rush ads on and get you going? >> well, that's something you have to ask them. but as i said, i think the other side doesn't have much confidence in their candidate. i'd like to think the republicans have a lot of confidence in my candidacy. my ability to actually take this thing home. it is the first federal election of 2012, and everybody knows we're going to send a very clear
4:54 pm
message here in oregon, starting on the west coast this year, not the east coast, and that is we're tired of more of the same. >> we shall see, sir. thank you very much. good to have you on. >> thank you, neil. >> meanwhile, her majesty over there. or his majesty. get it? over here. solidating my assets. i'm not paying hidden fees or high commissions. i'm making the most of my money. and seven-dollar trades are just the start. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. i'm with scottrade. and i'm loving every minute of it. [ rodger riney ] at scottrade, we give you commission-free etfs, no-fee iras and more. come see why more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade. [ male announcer ] for our town. [ dog barks ] for our country. ♪ for our future. ♪
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>> neil: just because you can't order them, you can shame them. without raising a regulatory arm. to make sure that a embankment ceo there did not get his bonus there. royal bank of scotland steven ester passing on collecting a $1.5 million payment. technically he was due the money. folks across the bond thought it was arrogant if he tried to collect the money because the bank is still on the hook to the government. you think the taxpayers have a majority stake of the bank and they ain't happy.
4:58 pm
imagine their surprise mr. hester was due for this th bonus. government could have ordered him not to take the money, sort of the white house conducts business here but in the case of automakers it goes to throw the book out, replace witness green to technology stooges that do the administration businesses. think volt and you have a got picture. my point is whether the government has a role of taking over busy, i don't think it does. when it does it needs to do it. that is the difference between here and there. they get capitalism and they get moralism and simple power of persuasion and not so subtle difference between ordering folks to change their ways and providing the environment that gets them to change their ways themselves. there is a difference.
4:59 pm
meanwhile, let me take a peek at this. >> we have the greatest fans in america. you got to prove that to us here. you ask, it never gets old. if i say anything, will you yell? yell, yeah! >> neil: things are getting pumped up at the superbowl. they are getting pumped up, florida primary coverage, on the fox news channel. and then on to fox business, 7:55 eastern time and also herman cain, one time front run er and we'll have much more and give you market action, vote for vote. only business network doing so. all these other business, two, oh, we are really in to this, but look for them.


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