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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 31, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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fox all night for the coverage. >> bye everybody. >> ♪ >> we have the first look at florida primary exit poll data. live from america's election headquarters in new york, this is special report. >> good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you from fox news headquarters in new york and actually standing in the decision desk room where our experts and analysts will look over the exit poll data and the count to make a call tonight. florida is the biggest test to date for the republican presidential candidates and winner take all candidate could take momentum for mitt romney or give newt gingrich's a second campaign in a row.
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and we're tacking at what voters are telling us on the way out of the poll. my colleague is here with the commit results. >> let's take a look at what we've got. everybody is still voting and we're starting to see the trends in the exit polls that are quite interesting. this nomination process has really been a tug-of-war between two questions, and that is electability, and who is the true conservative in this race. and so, for those who say that winning in november is the most important trait. they're going for mitt romney, 58% to 33 for newt gingrich and romney though continues to be dogged by the idea that he's not a quote, true conservative. voters who are looking for a true conservative, once again, have been won over by newt gingrich's argument and gingrich is 46 and romney all the way down there at 11% with the true conservatives which is a striking number this evening. nearly twice as many are likely to say that romney is not quote, conservative enough when asked that question and say the same thing tonight
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about newt gingrich and let's talk about the makeup of the florida electorate. has both tore mitt romney and newt gingrich. and seniors are crucial voting blocks in florida usually strong for mitt romney and 50% of the seniors in florida voting tonight are going for mitt romney. 35% for newt gingrich. another voting block that we've been watching this primary season is evangelical christians and this is a very strong group of course for newt gingrich in south carolina, and once again, they seem to be pulling for newt gingrich here in florida as well and 40% for gingrich and 36% of the evangelical vote going for mitt romney. what about the hispanic vote. this is the largest minority vote in the state of florida and florida's really the first place where we're getting a true look at the hispanic vote as we head to the general election. on the republican side, the hispanic vote is mostly cuben americans in florida and romney beginning this handily. 56% over gingrich's 29% and another big question that
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we've been talking about in this election so far, is how is the enthusiasm level for these candidates. how pumped up are people for these candidates. take a look at the number. satisfied with the candidates, 57% say yes and 39% say no, they're not fired up for these candidates and majority, say that they're basically satisfied with the choices in that number. how about this one. four out of ten voters in florida are telling us today they would still like to see somebody else get in that race. and that number is higher than we saw for the dissatisfied voters in new hampshire, the last time we got a look at that on the exit polls. what about ron paul? he continues to register today with young people in florida and rick santorum does well with those who watch the debates and he's taking some of that very conservative vote away from newt gingrich this evening and so we're going to continue to stew over the exit poll numbers and a lot coming up in the following hour, back to you. >> bret: all right. martha, thank you very much.
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the romney campaign is looking to restore an aura of inevitability, and newt gingrich insists he's in it all the way to tampa and the republican convention there. chief political correspondent carl cameron tell both candidates were doing everything they could to get supporters to the polls. >> i need your vote. . >> working the primary day phones from the tampa headquarters, mitt romney hoped to run up the score for a crushing victory over newt gingrich and whose campaign launched a last minute robo call of denoig the culture food in nursing homes. >> in massachusetts, mitt romney for kosher food for our seniors in nursing homes. and you could end mitt romney's hipocracy on religious freedom with a vote for newt gingrich. >> and romney aides say that the calls are false.
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and hit was overruled by the massachusetts legislature and never happened. >> the comments recently attacking me have been really quite sad and painfully revealing about the speaker and what he's willing to say and do to try and take the nomination. >> after several days of the nas yes personal character attack between the two frontrunners, he turned focus away from president obama to counter at gingrich attacks. >> you can't whine about negative campaigning when he launched a very negative campaign in south carolina. >> he spends more than 5 million dollars here, but outspent by the romney campaign and pac, 3-1. days ago, ron paul and rick santorum pulled out of florida, each termed it would be impossible to win the 50 winner take all delegates and gingrich pressures santorum to quit. >> as long as the conservatives are split. the more likely it is for the nominee, who i think is had a moderate. it's a very, very hard time
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beating president obama. >> campaigning ahead of next week's caucus, they set an attack ad and asking which politicians backed sof the priorities. >> who are the three cap and trade loving bailout supports on immigration, big government mandating politicians? now you know. >> and like santorum, ron paul has moved on to states that follow florida. today, in the sunshine state, republican party officials lowered their estimate of turnout, the turnout was set to be quite light this morning at breakfast and lunch. instead of a record 2 million hoped for by the g.o.p., they're saying they'll probably fall short of that, bret. >> bret: any more news about the robo call about holocaust victims? >> well, if there's a mention of holocaust victims saying they were denied kosher food as a consequence and the gingrich campaign says that in
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fact, the content of that robo call did not go through the normal vetting process and we shouldn't expect there to be holocaust references in any other future gingrich advertising. as for the campaigns, all of them tonight. there isn't much question as to whether or not mitt romney will win, even in the gingrich and santorum camps, the question is how much they'll win. >> bret: thank you, floridians were able to vote early all last week, what were the late arrivals thinking today? >> phil keating asked that of several of them. >> and even before the sun rose in florida on primary day. about a third of the state had voted early. and those who remained on the fence until the last day, lined up on the way to work, finally committed. >> we're beating the heck out of each other, and the guy i voted for wasn't really. >> rick santorum. >> yeah, in florida the consta
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constant barrage of tv ads, what made up his mind is the improv improved-- >> after he handled himself after the loss in south carolina, i thought that he rebounded appropriately, and i was impressed by that. >> crystal overly is one of about a million republicans walking into precincts tuesday to vote and says she's invested a lot of time in her decision. >> the one that struck me the most, really liked was newt gingrich and i followed him and i read up on him, and he seems to have all the beliefs that he, that i want in a president. >> but they disagree. >> gingrich is an old time washington insider, and we just need some change, not obama change, but romney change. >> a they want something stronger than he calls obama light. >> for him, that's gingrich. >> this time, i think we need somebody that's got good judgment, sound mind and clear thinker and not afraid to
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state his opinion. >> republican party leaders in tallahassee report primary voters this year, set records over 2008 in both absentee and early votes, and they say that shows a highly energized florida g.o.p. ready to put this state back into the the red column in november. outside of tampa, phil keating, fox news. >> and please join megyn kelly and me 8 p.m. eastern for coverage of the florida primary. we'll have the results and all the analysis as the vote comes in, and among our guests, brit hume, sarah palin, joe tripe. iowa public party chief matt strong is stepping down and party leaders were not happy with the confusion over the iowa caucuses and strong declared romney the winner and determined that rick santorum had received 34 more votes. have you've ever wondered how much presidential candidates value your individual votes. there's some interesting
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>> the european union says unemployment in the 17 common currency countries, stayed at 10.4% in december, but there are huge disparities. spain is on the high end at almost 23% unemployment. austria's rate is the lowest and agrees says it's very close to a deal with creditors, to refinance that country's debt. and here in the u.s., the congressional budget office predicts the federal government will run a deficit this fiscal year of 1.1 trillion dollars. and that's the slight dip from last year, and the cbo forecast 2% economic growth and up employment at above 8% and home prices fell for the third in a row in most major cities and the biggest
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declines in atlanta, chicago and detroit. and the dow was down losing 21 and s&p 500 was off 2/3 and the nasdaq gained 2. one prominent roman catholic bishop says the obama administration is telling the church to quote, to hell with you. chief white house correspondent ed henry fills us in on what has sparked in religious furor. >> as president obama reconvenes his cabinet to try and keep the focus on jobs, catholic leaders are warning another issue may blow up in his face come november. >> when you push people of faith and you tell them that the government is going to knock down the wall and separates the church and state and overreach like the obama administration, you've got a war on your hands. >> new rules by the president's health care reform law will force catholics universities and charities, covering contraception, even though that violates church teachings. in an extraordinary mover.
6:15 pm
at cardinal designate, timothy dolan, the policy from the pulpit. this shouldn't happen in the land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the bill of rights. >> at the white house, jay carney said several times, the administration believes it struck an appropriate balance. >> between respecting religious beliefs and access to important preventive services. >> liberal columnist ripped the policy in a washington post column charging the president utterly botched the issue and threw his progressive catholic allies under the bus. >> retired cardinal theodore mccarrick told fox, the problem under the new law is that catholic hospitals can only invoke the conscious clause and get exemption, if they turn away patients of other faith. that means we can't say what we've been saying for 200 years, are you hungry? we have to say are you catholic? we don't do that. >> reporter: catholic voters
6:16 pm
played a pivotal role in 2009. and catholics made up 27% of the electorate. roughly 35 million voters and the president won 54% of the catholic vote. beating john mccain by points and that's on the line. >> i don't know why they're trying to use an election year, to me it's political suicide. >> the bishops point out that contraceptive coverage would include the morning after pill and more controversy over abortion and florida republican marco rubio, a financial vp puck, introducing a bill that would overturn the white house's move. >> ed henry on the north lawn. >> and they want to eliminate tax rates on small gains in business and extend deductions for equipment and software purchases and the president is proposing a 10% tax credit for small businesses that add jobs or increase wages. and fingers are being pointed in the aftermath of the government, gun tracking mission, known as operation
6:17 pm
fast and furious. and correspondent william la jeunesse tells us from los angeles that the fingers are pointing away from washington. >> it is my understanding that the department leaders were not informed about the inappropriate tactics employed in this operation. >>. >> from the beginning, attorney general eric holder claimed his top staff was unaware, the u.s. illegally sent some 2,000 guns over the mexican border. a report released by the house oversite committee backed him up. no evidence that the top aids, knew the atf this phoenix was walking guns as parts of an anti-cartel strategy. and republicans disagree. >> lane brewer knew, approved, and continued to approve this kind of a process, and this kind of a program, long after brian terry was gunned down with fast and furious weapons. >> congressman darrell issa points to memos, let a bunch
6:18 pm
of guns walk in a previous case and brewer suggested allowing straw buyers across into mexico with the weapons with mexico's help. on the next day, the justice department denied allegations they knowingly allowed the sale of to straw buyers who took them to mexico. >> fast and furious wasn't just about who knew, who was kept from knowing. the u.s. ambassador in mexico city. atf agents in mexico. >> the report clears top atf officials in washington and instead, blames atf and the u.s. attorney's office in phoenix for lying or misleading and mismanaging the case. >> late today, congressman issa says he believes holder was actively engaged in a coverup and unless he turned over subpoenaed records by the end of next week, the oversight committee will begin contempt proceedings against the attorney general. holder attendance that hearing. >> still ahead the highlights
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>> federal investigators say air force officials retaliated against four civilian whistleblowers at the base in dover who exhe posed mishandling of the remains of troops from afghanistan. and the office of special counsel is recommending that the three officers be disciplined for their actions. egypt's newly elected lawmakers are accusing military rulers there are trampling and democratic reforms and overstepping their powers and the military's pick for prime minister delivered his inaugural address to parliament during today's first working session. a senior russian diplomate is
6:23 pm
demanding that a plan, for syria to step aside, a path to civil war. the u.s. and others are trying to deal with crackdown on the dissent. >> secretary clinton pushed a u.n. security council rest lucas on syria she's reluctant to table because the russians threatened to veto it. >> we have a choice, stand with the people of syria and the region or become complicit in the continuing violence there. >> more than 5,000 people have died since the syrian uprising began last march. the u.n. resolution backed by the arab league called for the syrian lead tower step down and threatens further measures if he won't. and they called the path to civil war. >> it's going to be a very bad situation, much, much, much more than syria. >> russians enabled the action
6:24 pm
by libya, and debating on the security council resolution, and they consider that a mistake they won't make in strategicically important syria which is the last arab ally and they say that president obama should force moscow to veto the resolution. >> you don't have a vote and you signal to the arab world and to the syrians in particular, that the u.n., the international community, and more importantly, the united states doesn't care about the opposition in the streets. >> the u.s. has been trying to convince russia that they'll eventually go. >> assad's fall is inevitable. >> officials admit the timing is unclear. >> i personally believe it's a question of time before assad falls, but that's the issue, it could be a long time. >> a spokesman here says there's nothing more pressing in international affairs than syria. for the past few days, they've refused to return secretary clinton's phone calls on the subject. >> at the state department, wendell goler, fox news.
6:25 pm
>> and well, lawmakers spent part of the day today, learning about the greatest threats to this country's security. and chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge what, they heard. >> iran dominated the hearing. >> and up to this point, they have made any kind of difference, does anybody dispute that. >> no, sir, senator. the saurngss imposed so far have not caused them to change their behavior or policy. >> in written testimony, the top intelligence officials, the alleged plot to the audi ambassador last fall, shows some of them, including the supreme leader have changed their calculus and now more willing to conduct tests in the united states. and iran may retaliate in other ways. >> the iranians have the capability, we assess, to temporarily close the straits of hormuz. >> on the possible transfer of
6:26 pm
five guantanamo bay detainees in order to engage the afghans in peace talk, they were told the men were too dangerous to loof the camp. >> the intelligence community concurred they're too dangerous to transfer. >> i don't think anyone in the administration harbors any illusion about the potential here. >> and kcriticism from a leading dblth. >> who is going to start paying attention to it, we've made no progress. and that is embarrassing in view of what you and your predecessors have said about the nature of the threat. >> i do not think that today is necessarily a number one threat, but it will be tomorrow. >> and in the dominated the hearing and now the threat is comes fromaffiliate in north africa. >> a lot of people who hung
6:27 pm
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>> and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. texas born rick perry spent inspect $1,000 per vote and "the washington post" did the math in light of perry's
6:31 pm
fourth quarter fund raising numbers, showing he raised less than 3 million dollars in the final quarter and burned through more than 14 million dollars. president obama is being criticized by some for failing to address any questions about the legalization of marijuana during a hangout chat on monday and a huffington post reporter notes 18 of the most 20 popular youtube questions submitted were about the drug war, however, none made the final cut. quote, while the president did find time to talk about a whole host of less weighty questions including ones with late night snacks, and dancing and tennis skills, a response to a top question about drug policy was conspicuously ab sent. they suggested that google plus moderators selected the questions. and friday we talked about the annual coverage for the march or life rally. over the weekend, washington post ombudsman generally defended his paper's efforts,
6:32 pm
but noted there were know crowd shots, large crowd shots. and added in retrospect. i wish we'd given readers a sense of the overall magnitude of the march. ♪ >> our top story at the bottom of the hour, voting is taking place at this hour in florida and the winner take all, republican presidential primary and mitt romney is hoping to gain momentum lost. and newt gingrich has been working for a possible second consecutive victory. and correspondent steve harrigan looks at how the two men tried to make their points. >> with each day in florida, the attacks have grown sharper. newt gingrich has called mitt romney, breathlessly dishonest, ma and called gingrich, a whining, influence
6:33 pm
peddler who belongs on the moon. >> i've spent 25 years in business, and if i had a business executive come to me and say they wanted to spend a few billion dollars to put a colony on the moon i'd say you're fired. >> and what happens in six months in florida. >> and (inaudible). >> the ten day fight in florida had a number of key turning points all from mitt romney, who lost the january 21st south carolina primary to gingrich by double digits and first, romney's debate performances go on the attack. >> mr. speaker, i know that sounds like an enormous revelation, but have you checked your investments? you have investments mutual funds in investments in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> and what they call carpet bombing and what they all romney's superior campaign
6:34 pm
organization and 600,000 plus early an absentee voters with mail and phone calls. what is difficult to measure, how badly damaged the eventually winner will be before the general election. >> i think it's animal instinct. i think they smell blood, both of them see the holy grail and they view barack obama as vulnerable and they're pulling out stops by getting a competitive advantage and if it means bloodying up your opponent, that's what they're doing. >> nine candidates are still on the ballot and just four accounts are running and of those four, just two are actually campaigning still in the state. and mitt romney, and newt gingrich. bloodying each other. in orlando, steve harrigan, fox news. >> we'll talk about the florida primary and where we go from here, with an expanded edition of the fox allstars. that's coming up the after a quick break. his was how my da. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories...
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>> in florida. it's a pretty good indication of your prospects nationally. for me florida is big. if you watch tonight. my prediction is the conservative vote will be dramatically bigger than governor romney's and it will be split. >> and others have many, many billions of dollars to run a campaign in the state of florida and the winner takes all. and it will make a lot of sense, this is a long way to go. let's take our time and make sure that the best candidate rises up and in the end i think we'll be the best candidate. less than had an hour and a half from the polls closing in florida, analysis of the raw data. and the florida race has brutal and negative. and here is an example of the robo call on the issue of kosher food in massachusetts and fworn romngovernor romney
6:39 pm
veto. >> did he veto for kosher food-- for the first time we're forced to eat nonkosher because romney thought $5 was too much to pay for our grandparents to eat kosher, where is mitt romney's contention to our seniors, and end mitt romney's hipocracy on religious freedom, vote for newt gingrich. >> bret: the romney campaign points out the veto was overridden by the state legislature in 2004, so no folks had kosher food taken away in nursing homes and obviously, negative campaigning on both sides, romney and gingrich. let's bring in our special expanded panel. senior political analyst, brit hume. kirsten powell, columnist for the daily beast and rich lawrie, from the national review and the weekly
6:40 pm
standard. brit, let's start with you, about the state of the call and the campaign? >> i'd say when you get close to accusing somebody of being a nazi, or at least, you're going to take food out of the motor of holocaust survivors, you're desperate and i think at the end of this florida campaign the gingrich campaign was pretty desperate. and i think we've sort of learned in this campaign that newt gingrich is vulnerable to attack ads and he was certainly bombarded with them. he gets rattled at times when he's under attack and diminishes his effectiveness of his campaigning and we learned that romney is capable of lifting his game. he lifted his game to attack gingrich. i think there's questions about his candidacy and his campaign and his decisions, but those things we now know for sure. >> i put up the graphic yesterday, of the spending, the romney campaign and the romney super pac, more than almost 18 million dollars, and versus the gingrich campaign
6:41 pm
and the super pack, backing gingrich and backing romney and there you see about 5.5 million and we're talking a big disparity between the two xanls. >> yeah, if you compare it to, i think that john mccain paid 11 million on the entire campaign. they're doing to gingrich essentially what they did in iowa and pulling out all stops and going after him. even the romney is doing it, not just the super pac, we're willing to take the blowback from this and we want to take him out. they're trying to bury him in florida. >> isn't there, rich, some risk of going so negative and bombarding on the negative ads that the favorables for romney go up and people are dis disenchanted with the whole back and forth. >> and i think they've been romney and this is no choice and this is the whole ball game and chose to do to newt gingrich what george w. bush had done to john mccain in south carolina.
6:42 pm
ironically, enough. in 2000 where you had mccain really, he had-- forced a bond with voters in new hampshire, and had a stunning victory and then was just stopped for the full frontal south carolina, romney did the same thing here, and made their no way, bret, you're going to survive that kind of onslaught on advertising, but as bret if he ever had to. he responded the wrong way. exactly the way he did in ewe aye was to show that he was rattled, to whine about it and complain about it every day and there's a place for anger in politics, if you're angry about the state of the country, or about the struggles of the middle class, but you can't be angry about your own plight and that's what he was showing every day. >> when you look at polls and the early exit polls that we were able to talk about at the top of the show, there seems to be some sort of vulnerability in the conservative, very conservative element of the
6:43 pm
party for mitt romney? >> yeah, absolutely. i think if mitt romney had three central questions about his candidacy, one, was he tough enough to take on barack obama. >> two, could he handle attacks on his wealth and his best career, and three, can he win over conservatives? and i think it looks like, at least right now, he's answered two of those questions and answered them, i think, forcefully and successfully. the third question is, entirely open. it looks like he got about 30% of the people who identified themselves as very conservative in florida, that's up for 20% in south carolina, down a limb bit from 33%, in new hampshire and way up from 13% in iowa. it's still the case that seven in ten people who identify themselves as conservative, are choosing someone other than mitt romney. >> brit, if you look at the battle for delegates, even after florida, winner take all, 50 delegates half of what they had, simply moved up on the calendar and look at the nomination battle and there are 2,286 delegates up for
6:44 pm
grabs, the total. you need 1144 to win the g.o.p. nomination and we have that graphic, after tonight, 94% of the delegates are still up for grabs. and the delegate count up to south carolina, romney 37, gingrich 26, and santorum 14, paul 4. and as i mentioned, 50 delegates available tonight. the gingrich camp would make the argument that this is not the end, even if there's a big win for romney, it's just the beginning. >> well, that's a reasonable point looked at from the perspective of delegates. the question facing gingrich tonight, the margin of the loss, which is expected, whether he will have the wherewithal to campaign in ever epanning states and some are big and media markets much as florida does and if he'll be able to do that. romney beat him in in state with an onslaught of basically 100% negative ads and a giant megaphone to present them
6:45 pm
with, which is to say, he had three and a half times as much money to spend or spent three and a half times as much money as gingrich did. the question going forward for gingrich. will he have the money and otherwise the wherewithal to carry on. if he does and he has the money, i think he can take this fight to romney and continue as steve suggests to garner the conservative end of the party, which is a considerable number of people and there are doubts about romney's program, doubts about his tax plan and so on. so this is' a race to be run if someone is able to run it. >> rich, quickly, you agree. >> i think that's right. i don't think that money is that important to newt. he has the will and he has the personality, he feels as though he's been disrespected by a lot of people now in this process of mitt romney at the top of the list so he's not going to go quietly into the night and every day that he's still out there on the campaign, hitting mitt romney and some elected republican says oh, this isn't very helpful to the party.
6:46 pm
he will take that as vindication and that it's arrogant and out of touch and take it all the way to the convention, i believe. >> we'll talk about the other two candidates in this race and not to forget them and also the calendar going forwd, where we go from florida. stay with us. let me get you a free tank of gas -- how's that sound? progressive saved me money, and i'm saving you money. [ chuckles ] now these guys are protected with progressive. come on around. we'll fill up your tank for you. free gas! 5 more inches. w you're lined up for some free gas and savings, eh? [ horn honks ] hey, we're trying to save here. i came in for this. yeah, fill it up, too. thank you. don't thank me. i'm just the messenger.
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>> he's got to do what he believes is essential and what i say the longer they are he' split the longer they are for the nominee who i think is a moderate is going to have a very, very hard time beating president obama. >> i don't think people should be telling other folks to get out of the race and get out of my way. do you want to show, run a race, run a race, you don't ask someone to quit, just because you know, you think you're the better candidate. >> and newt gingrich and rick
6:50 pm
santorum back and forth who should get out of the race, as you look forward to the contest ahead after florida, you can see the calendar is pretty sparse in february and you have the nevada caucuses on the fourth and colorado, minnesota missouri on the 7th and the 11th, main caucuses and arizona and michigan, march is a much more stacked calendar and santorum, senator santorum and ron paul look to capitalize on some of the states where others have not been. and back with the panel. what about rick santorum, steve, and potentially, you know, attracting conservatives who may be disenchanted with the back and forth in florida. >> this becomes the central of the campaign going forward and he had two bad debates and made the argument na the reason that conservatives should choose him was because he could beat president obama in debates and chase him all over the country, lincoln
6:51 pm
douglas style and he had two debates i think most everybody believes he lost and rick santorum had one where many people thought he won. had a very good week. and the problem for santorum, he's not going to put up a good result here and didn't play as hard as he might have, didn't spend a lot of money here, and it's not like he wasn't likely to win, so, can he recover? now, he raised 4.2 million dollars in january, a good number for santorum and at the end of the-- and he mentioned. >> rush did. >> rush limbaugh did, said, you know, rick santorum is the only one in this race who doesn't have to apologize for anything he's done or hasn't strayed from conservativism. was that tantamount to endorsement. people are debating that. and probably short of that, but santorum's people are happy that he gave the shout out. >> maybe on specific issues, but obviously, he's talked about his union supporting votes in pennsylvania and
6:52 pm
other things where he might have to explain. >> nafta. i think there's things that he's strayed, but this is what limbaugh said. >> kirsten. >> it's interesting that santorum is taking voters from him. and in santorum got out of the race, half the votes would go to romney. and that's flawed upfront. in terms of keeping going forward and looking forward. and we have a one much of states coming up, nevada, colorado, minnesota, mabe that romney won before and romney had organization in all of these states and more money. not a the lot of reason to believe that newt gingrich is going to start picking up steam in the states and don't have another debate until february 22nd. >> at least not yet. >> these are things that gingrich prides on when he does a bad job and what he use toss try to get ahead. >> brit. >> and got an ad up, i guess it's colorado.
6:53 pm
>> bret: we have a clip of it. >> it's interesting. >> bret: go ahead. >> on the other side of these cards are the pictures of three politicians, who are these three cap and trade loving bailout supporting soft on immigration big government mandating politicians? now, you know, rick santorum for president, he doesn't just talk of conservatives. >> i am he' rick santorum and i approve the message. >> so much for all positive ads. >> and so much for the idea of telling him to get out of race, what a good idea that's turning out to be. i can't imagine anything less likely, rick santorum is a pretty tough guy, been around for a while and capable of showing his teeth. less likely, get out and tell him to. i think ale be around for a while and look, gingrich, he may have kind of you know, taken it a step too far with
6:54 pm
his comments about holocaust survivors or whatever, and the whole, and depending on the margin tonight may be somebody looking for an alternative to other than romney. he could, i think he could rise again, he's aattractive guy, he's-- >> gingrich could rise again? >> no, ruling gingrich out, can't rule gingrich out, but santorum could rise again and gingrich is seen as faltering bad youly here, so. >> bret: what about ron paul, rich? he's spent time in maine and he's organized in the caucus states and's not going anywhere. >> yeah, well, he made a shrewd calculation in florida and wasn't going to get delegates and why waste money there and there are people in maine who think that ron paul could pull out a surprise there and they're working hard and finished close third. and in '08, so, while we're all distracted by florida, watch maine, bret. they use today say as maine goes. >> and steve, with 95% of the delegates still up for grabs, we forget this whole map to
6:55 pm
getting 1144. >> no, it's a long process, if these guys are genuinely commit today staying in the race and seems that they are, and newt's people were telling me this, and santorum's people i talked to said we're going to the convention and ron paul had a plan to go to the convention from the very beginning so i think if they want to drag this out. they can drag it out and it can go to the convention. >> brit. >> there comes a point in the races there are an awful lot of delegates left to go and one candidate, the front runner begins to win a bunch. win the delegates in bunches and nearly everywhere and the whole thing just, the whole opposition kind of collapses and people don't have the money to carry on and nominee and time to get off his back and it unfolds. >> on paper. >> on paper. >> and others say they want to, you know, encouraging it to go on. >> i understand. the and people have to some extent encouraged it to go on and may encourage it to go on farther and the fact that there are a lot of delegates
6:56 pm
left to be collected doesn't mean we're in the farther down the the road. >> bret: got to run. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for some final thoughts. ...
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
>> brett: finally tonight. one last reminder tonight. join me and megyn kelly for? >> florida primary. we have analysis from our team of fox news political experts including charles krauthammer, karl rove. sarah palin and make huckabee, brit hume, kris, chris wallace. it begins right here at 8:00 p.m. here in new york. drop me a tweet at brett baier. that is it for this special report. always as fair and balanced and unafraid.


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