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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 5, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news this hour.... [ gun shots ] iranian muscle fleblgsing on the hay seas on whether israel may launch an attack to stop it's nuclear program. we'll have a live report zbloog. >> gregg: dramatic rescue caught on tape. deep in the oregon forest, a family lost for days very
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thankful with the u.s. coastguard. >> heather: plus only the young and beautiful need apply. and gregg jarrett. and fancy new casino has the right to discriminate based on looks. >> gregg: we begin with the republican race. it is certainly picking up steam as we look ahead to three big contests on tuesday. meanwhile, mitt romney celebrating a big win last night in the nevada caucuses. but we're still waiting to hear the total results from nevada's biggest county and who came in second place. john roberts have been covering it live in las vegas and probably been up all night long. john, this seems odd we don't have the final tally, what is going on there. >> reporter: it feels like we have been transported back in time back to iowa where we were waiting for 3:30 in the morning.
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race the is picking up steam but things is going so slow here in clark county. they were counting 4:00 in the morning. they wanted to make sure the count is accurate. let's get four or five hours sleep and let's get back this morning. here is the results as they stand right now. this is what the results from 15 counties as well as carson city and 50%, 50% of clark county, mitt romney has 48%. gingrich has 23%. ron paul in third at 19%. santorum way back in fourth at 11%. what is important about this about getting the count right. didn't romney win, he did. but he upped his percentage he could get another one to two delegates which could prove important going forward. then second place, only a thousand votes separate gingrich
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and ron paul. paul's campaign they were beating, this is according to local reports during the caucuses. they were beating gingrich two to one. they think they can close that gap, maybe move into second position. i'll tell you, this whole thing is looking pretty bad right now. we have a lot of local g.o.p. people, it's ridiculous. it borders on incompetence. a lot of these caucuses were over 24 hours ago and still counting. it's increasing the momentum for this to be the last caucus in nevada. what we should do in the future is hold a primary. turn it over to the state. voting that would last all day to caucuses that go until 9:00 in the morning. then the kosher caucus last evening which was crashed by ron paul supporters, hey, if you didn't participate come out at night. there was a scuffle ensued when one fellow didn't want to sign a
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waiver form he didn't attend the caucuses for religious purposes but he still wanted in. it turned out to be bit of mess. ron paul won with 181 votes. >> gregg: the ruak us on caucus. where does the race head from here. >> reporter: its kosher caucus became the raucous caucus. there are three of them, voluntary, romney is expected to win handily. minnesota and missouri which is non-binding primary and then everything is dark until the end of the month. two big ones, arizona and michigan. real trick for people like newt gingrich to see if he can hang on well during the rest of the month during that dark period of february. he is low on cash. he has got to keep his name out there. there is only one debate and
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advertising to keep your name out there costs a lot of money. real test will be next three weeks in february to see how newt gingrich does. >> gregg: i was watching you all night long. thank you very much. keep it light here. >> reporter: tough duty when you are in vegas. >> gregg: i love the fountain behind you. take a dip. as always i can log on to chris wallace goes one on one with rick santorum on fox news sunday. >> heather: growing tension between the iranian regime and what they are calling hostile countries. renewing threats to cut off oil supply to european countries and launching another round of military exercises, this time on the ground. holding a series of naval
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exercises near the major oil trade route in the strait of hormuz. steve is live in washington with more. hi, steve. >> reporter: possibility of an israeli military strike iran is issuing more threats and mobilizing troops for a new round of war games. these exercises in the southern part of the country follow naval maneuvers last month and it's to certain unnamed countries in retaliation for a european oil embargo. a senior commander of the receive huigs ear guard that any country helping them launch a strike on them would become a target. >> iran talks a big game but it doesn't have what we call the power projection capability. yes it has hezbollah and good relationship with hezbollah. maybe it could attack u.s. forces in afghanistan or cause
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problems in iraq but it doesn't have the military like the u.s. has a military. >> reporter: inspectors returned and israel losing patience and is said to be anxious to hit iran's nuclear facilities. iran in response is saying, any attack, quote, would be ten times worse for the interest of the united states than it would be for iran. former ambassador to the u.n. sees the situation quickly deteriorating. >> they make progress to get the nuclear capability. sanctions are failing. we are coming to a very difficult point here. i think in the near future. >> reporter: and all this comes at a wake of iranian threats to close the strait of hormuz which could bring a sharp response from u.s. and allies. >> heather: thank you, steve. >> gregg: some major new developments out of egypt. new reports that the government is planning on prosecuting as
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many as 19 americans, including sam lahood who the son of ray lahood. according to the a.p. they aren't making the charges public but the problem is part of an investigation into foreign organizations operating in that country. in the meantime, day four of violent protests there following a deadly soccer riot. police firing rubber bullets at demonstrators. they accuse of. attackers used explosives to destroy a gas pipeline in the sinai peninsula that provided fuel to israel and jordan. >> heather: the united states considering a new approach to the crisis in syria, international so litigation supporting groups that oppose the syrian government. this one day one day after russia and china blocked the
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vote to end the nearly year long bloodshed in syria. new concerns are mount that go the fighting will erupt in a a bloody civil war. over 5400 people have been killed in the to-month uprising. >> eight soldiers kicked out of the navy following allegations of hazing. that incident taking aboard a san diego ship. man accused of choking a sailor during an initiation rite. >> after being battered aboard the ship following an initiation a young sailor went to a doctor. he told the captain someone got beat up. eight have been discharged from the navy. there was wrestling and choking according to official. man black out after being choked and ended up bruised. when an incident like this happens, these be taken care of. it goes contrary to our core
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values. the discharges are pretty cut and dry because they have a zero tolerance policy against hazing. there is low quality video taken of one of discharged sailors that shows two men, vigorously wrestling in the locker room. man filed support is seen in a headlock but is released as he passed out. the navy was not aware of the video before they finished their investigation because the sailor kept it to himself. this news comes days after democratic congressman called for military hades go hearings stating on thursday that the highest military officials must make eliminating haze ago top priority. they must stop pretending there is no problem. none of this will change until the secretary of defense admits it. since the sailors received general discharges and not digs honorable discharges they won't
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lose their g.i. benefits and they have a right to appeal, nobody has. >> gregg: peter, thanks. >> heather: they are cleaning up in southeastern texas after a suspected twister, national weather service is now confirming whether a tornado in fact touched down on friday. but whatever it was, you can see most people are just thankful to be safe. >> it was hard. >> it was mixture. see how quickly things can happen. your life can be over in just a few seconds but it came out. good lord was with me. >> heather: maria molina with the weather center with more. >> you do have a storm system that looks impacts the u.s. storm that brought severe weather in texas and across the
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south. northern end of it actually had snowfall, 50 inches in parts of colorado. 15.9 inches of snow in denver which actually did set a record for the most snow in a 24-hour period. one day for any day for february with 12.5 inches reported just on february 3rd. that is significant storm for it to bring record snowfall to a city like denver that is used to getting snow. right now, across parts of florida. we do have some lingering showers across portions of southern texas and that is really where the only area of the u.s. we are experiencing temperatures below average. southern texas and parts of the rockies. rest of the country enjoying mild weather to end the week. showers lingering in parts of the austin into parts of corpus christi and further east in florida, unsettled weather in an area of low pressure that we're actually tracking into parts of the western caribbean into the gulf.
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we'll keep you posted as we continue to monitor the system. a little unusual to see activity during the month of february. typically we talk about during the atlantic hurricane season. radar around the u.s. relatively quiet for the rest of sunday, superbowl sunday and monday, you can see here, satellite radar not much going on. couple showers in parts of the southeast. snow showers mostly canada and across parts of northern new england and northwest. tuesday will be the next storm system that will impact california with snow in higher elevations. temperature-wise today, most of the country enjoying temperatures that are above what is typical for february, 48 in san antonio, that is where we have the cooler air, tomorrow, not much of change, temperatures above average in parts of the great lakes, 45 in chicago. 346 in cleveland and for us,
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heather with a high at 52. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: 81 in tampa. it's hard to believe. >> heather: it's weird. >> gregg: very strange winter so far but we like it. >> new videotape of the coastguard. air lifting -- get this, three mushroom farmers to safety in oregon. that is right. couple found yesterday after being lost in the forest for six long agonizing days. they left the campsite searching for mushrooms. they couldn't find their way back. they found a clearing and then waved for help. they are expected to be okay. this is why i get my mushrooms at the market. >> heather: i didn't think there was such a thing as mushroom farmers. >> gregg: there are hundreds and hundreds of kinds of mushrooms.
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i'm wondering what kinds of mushrooms. >> heather: that is what i was wondering. >> gregg: back in the haight ashbury days there were all kinds of mushrooms. you know what i'm talking about. he is smiling. okay. >> heather: speaking of mushrooms, making several arrests in an occupy movement campsite. next, scenes like this may soon be a thing of the past. >> gregg: plus, one woman's big money payoff against a top hybrid car company and her advice drivers facing the very same problem. >> i really couldn't be happier. i was asking for the maximum which is $10,000. i got $9800 and change, i cannot complain. look! the phillips' lady!
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>> gregg: i wanted to tell you about a decision with potentially long term implications for the auto industry. a hybrid owner winning a huge lawsuit against honda this week.
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heather peters said it didn't come close to the fuel efficiency standards. she took honda to small claims court. >> you when you get the class action settlement for $200 you have another choice. you don't have to higher an expensive court, you can go to small claims court. every 50 states can find out about their small claims court. as long as you are willing to lose $200 you have a chance of getting a lot better. even if you don't win, you feel like you've done something. >> gregg: auto giant planning to appeal her $9800 award. brenda butner joins us. good to see you. why would a multinational corporation which literally worth tens of billions of dollars try to appeal a little
4:21 pm
small claims court award? >> it may not be that if you multiply this. this thing is going run faster than your hybrid ever wosmt you take lawyers, millions of dollars and you know, you had a class action lawsuit. you got what? >> gregg: i got 30 cents? >> and to go through all the paperwork. she is taking a different tact. you may end up with a lot more money. you have to go to small claims court and fight it. this could really cost manufacturers a lot more money. >> gregg: because you are talking about thousands, maybe tens of thousands of owners of this particular vehicle. >> a lot more publicity. that is the issue here. >> gregg: negative publicity. it's fascinating if she had accepted as a participant in class action, she would have
4:22 pm
gotten as little as hundred bucks but instead she gets ten thousands bucks which sends a huge signal to everybody else, join me and file small claims. >> she is basically saying, yeah i won. if she had taken the class action lawsuit she would have been settling. she would have been saying, okay neither guilty, neither not guilty. >> gregg: honda promised this vehicle would get 50 miles per gallon but at best, 41 miles per gallon after a new battery was installed. it got 30 miles per gallon. it seems like a fraud or a misrepresentation, but then you consider the u.s. government is involved. they sanction this stuff. these are epa estimates, aren't they? >> this is 2006 model. honda knew, there was something wrong with this particular battery that they were working on. it started losing power and
4:23 pm
requiring more gas to go on battery. it's hard to say if they would admit to that. but that model obviously there is an issue with. >> gregg: honda is sticking to it's a story that heather peters drives erratically and she is maniac on the road. and absorbs all kinds of excessive gas consumption? >> honda will say anybody that is going to them in small kourt. it's the driver, not the manufacturer. that you have to drive it in a very special way to gets that kind of gas mileage. >> gregg: we did ask for honda statement and they wouldn't give one to us, oddly enough. brenda, good to see you. >> heather: employees taking a real gamble. rebel casino in atlantic, new
4:24 pm
hampshire is claiming to hire new staff and many will be young and attractive but they have to stay that way to keep their job. anne is live. >> when the rebel casino opened to may it will bring 5,000 jobs and with it unprecedented policy fresh faces over a proven track record of hard work and loyalty. from cocktail waitresses to food servers, they will be hired in terms of four to six years. after that they have to reapply to their job. they argue that employees won't be able to plan their lives when trying to buy a car or a house for example. >> this is all about using people like they use tablecloths or forks. they have a life and then they get rid of them and get something new. i think that fundamentally is wrong morally and also goes against the casino act which
4:25 pm
clearly stated good jobs for tourism workers. >> reporter: they defended their policy with this statement. we feel rebel will attract people. rebel will be an attractive -- >> reporter: some experts agree. >> i think the knowledge that you are going to be reevaluated every few years are a or so would keep somebody on their toes and make sure they don't get come place interested and deliver high galt service to the customer. >> reporter: they want to see union's policy revoked and other employees are concerned it could be affected if it's an industry wide practice. >> heather: thank you. >> gregg: mitt romney talking
4:26 pm
tough about the economy and, of course, president obama and assuring voters he is the man to take our country back on track. will that be an easy sell for him if he makes it to the general election? our political panel weighs in coming up next. >> the fact they think they know better, president obama denigrates almost every sector of our economy. i will make america the most attractive players plais in the world for job creators and get america working again! [ ma annncer ] wouldn't it be cool
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>> gregg: mitt romney pulling off a victory in nevada and in his victory speech looking past his republican rivals aiming directly at president obama. take a listen. america needs a president
4:31 pm
who can fix the economy because he understands the economy and i do and i will. [ cheers and applause ] >> this president began his presidency by apologizing to america. he should not be now be apologizing to america. >> gregg: our political panel is here. doug schoen is a fox news contributor wearing a giants t-shirt. and campaign manager aide wearing a patriots jersey. i challenge anybody who claims -- doug, let me start with you. that is really and ugly shirt. when romney ripped into the president in the drop of unemployment which is very high,
4:32 pm
8.3%. he claimed the president's changing policies of stimulus spending mate matters worse and job numbers would have been a whole lot more. economy healthier. what is your reaction to that argument? >> i think its weak argument in light of the fact i guess some 3.7 million jobs added in the last year or so. unemployment down to 8.3, 243,000 new jobs on friday. growth across all sectors. i think what romney should have done is celebrated the fact we're finally recovering and suggest there are different policies that he would pursue from the president but by needlessly harsh and partisan he is playing to base and not advance ago broader argument. >> gregg: they accept the notion that president obama inherited an abysmal economy. it was sort of getting worse and
4:33 pm
worse when he took office. during his term the jobless rate has dropped from 10.1% to 8.3%, is if it continues won't be hard for the republican nominee to argue that obama's policies didn't work? >> i tell you, it's inevitably the unemployment rate in past presidential elections and momentum typically is going to benefit an incumbent. i think we need to be careful about throwing around credit for decline in unemployment rate and some of the economic figures when if the private sector that primarily responsible. too many times we throw credit and blame to presidents for the economic situation. i think voters right now are more attuned to this and this year they will be focused on what both candidates have to say about making sure this mini depression happens again or how
4:34 pm
we maintain this momentum. >> gregg: both of those are awful to be fair and balanced. [ laughter ] >> the public i think perceives the economy as doing poorly. in fact i got an e-mail today from a friend of mine who made that very point. the percentage of americans in the job market is at a 30-year low and president may be able to brag for a short time he has brought unemployment down from as high as 10%. you know what, that is at odds with what americans are experiencing with the feeling hardships the temperament. it's not going to matter, will it? >> trey is right but more important than momentum the series of policies to stabilize the housing market, take on china, repatriate from foreign
4:35 pm
nations and you can object to that it's not good policy but it's a strategy. we haven't heard much from the republicans other than bash obama and praise mythical markets. you can't beat somebody with nobody. patriots are also nobody but that is a different segment. >> we'll see in a couple hours. >> gregg: it didn't help your cause. i'm glad you brought that up. critics say that mitt romney lacks a vision for how to turn around the economy. he doesn't specify much. in fact, the "wall street journal" wrote this editorial. if mr. romney needs to unite the party and rally an american majority he needs a cause bigger than his doctor
4:36 pm
>> gregg: what about that? is romney lacking a credible pl, something very specific that is inspiring to turn around the economy? >> well, you have to know, right now they are in middle of a primary nomination fight and he is appealing to the base and focusing on the anti-obama base. >> gregg: appealing or pandering? >> i would say they want barack obama out of office. but i would suspect as the race moves more and more in his direction, you would will see him identify his policies that are more general election focused, more focused on the economy, what government's role is or isn't going to be in his his administration in terms of keeping this economy going. >> gregg: so trey harden, doug
4:37 pm
schoen, thank you very much. so whatever. >> heather: that was fun. i like that. >> gregg: very enthusiastic. >> heather: massachusetts school cracking down on valentine's day candy. are they potential health hazard or just tasty treats? did the school go too far. our power panel takes this on stimulate ahead. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. delicious gourmet gravy. and she agrees. with fancy feast gravy lovers, your cat can enjoy the delicious, satisfying taste gourmet gravy every day. fancy fst. the best ingredient is love.
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>> heather: new reports of no-fly list, more than doubling in the past year. associated press discovering the list jumped from 10,000 to about 21,000 people including 500 americans. since one tried to blow up a jet airliner blow up a jetliner on
4:42 pm
christmas day. and let's bring in our panel. lis wiehl and judith miller. author and fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. . >> heather: so the first topic, is it a matter of national security or public safety or invasion of personal life? >> it's a matter of national security. i know it's annoying when they are pulled out of the line but the fact of the matter is, al-qaeda and groups like it remain fixated on airplanes. what this thasa has not been able to do is really get this list refined to a point it works and reflects it. they make a thousand changes a day to this list. so lots is going on. >> you mentioned airlines specifically.
4:43 pm
they lowered the standard that people were not just a threat to airlines are now included. >> i think what we're expecting the higher number. i think it should not just airlines but ferries and buses and on trains because let's face it. terrorists are going to be thinking, all right. the list is getting higher and higher on airlines, let's go to other venues. >> heather: people on the list now could be a threat they would do something on a train or some other means of transportation are now included. >> what is going on, i think we're being more hyper vigilant. >> we being pro-active. >> engs pliang this list is a good idea. more intelligence the better. watching our every move. terrorists know what we're doing to prevent it from doing things, more information is better. you can't treat all travelers exactly the same.
4:44 pm
searching grandma and strip searching other people is not the only way. >> and taken out of control and you have issues of unreasonable search and seizure. >> heather: do we have right to know if you are list. they don't tell you on list. "b", do you have a right to know why you are on the list. they don't disclose all the reasons? >> i think you have right and you should be able to challenge it. at one point senator ted kennedy was on the list. mistakes happen. once again, a tradeoff between protecting national security and exercising your first amendment right. >> we are trading off every day in things we do. why should some people be made aware of this when we don't want to know. we want to know to be at the airport to word a plane. >> but you don't want them to know you are on to them.
4:45 pm
>> good point. >> heather: pennsylvania unveiling a new program to drug test welfare recipients. state joining dozens of other states, proposing on passing similar measures. instead of mandating the drug tests for all welfare recipients pennsylvania plans to randomly test only those with a felony drug conviction within the past five years. i have no problem with this. >> i don't either. coming after a court decision, if you do a drug test everybody on the welfare that is a problem in the law. they are trying to accomplish something to say okay, we can't randomly drug test everybody that has welfare but we have some tests but some tests for felons. >> i think the question is cost. is this an effective way to spend tax dollars. do we want to test everybody or do we and the to try to develop a standard that makes it more likely you are going to catch people who shouldn't object
4:46 pm
that. >> even the way pennsylvania is doing it it will cost $474,000. >> flip side, if you are not doing drugs, you have nothing to worry about. yes, there are costs involved but costs involved with wasting our tax dollars to subsidize their substance abuse habit. >> there could be something simply handled, if you are going to sign up, part of it you come in once a week and you do this into the a random thing that takes a lot of money and time. >> there are about three dozen states that are proposing legislation similar to that. >> three that have passed it, florida being one of those, but florida federal judge temporarily blocked it. >> they said you can't because you can't bring everybody in that privacy issue again. i don't agree with that florida judge, once you sign up for a privilege which this is, you are
4:47 pm
privileged to get this money. >> you get drug testing a workplace. >> federal railroad pressure. >> when you get money by the government you play by the government rules. >> eventually, one of these states will get it right and find the proper balance which is why it's a good idea to leave it to the states for experimentation. see what is most cost-effective. >> heather: coming up one elementary school taking a hard line on valentine's day candy. why the treats are being banned in the classroom. we'll talk about that straight ahead. i'd race down that hill without a helmet. i took some steep risks in my teens. i'd never ride without one now. and since my doctor prescribed lipitor, i won't go without it for my high cholesterol and my risk of heart attack. why kid myself? diet and exercise weren't lowering my cholesterol enough.
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>> heather: this story is unreal. a new york city teacher now making nearly $100,000 a year without setting foot in a classroom for years. "new york post" that this man, 66-year-old alan rosenfeld was accused of making lewd comments and staring at eighth grade girls back in 2001. he basically done nothing, admits that for a decade with
4:52 pm
full pay. our power panel is back. so they do have to have some sort of job. and he makes coffee every now and then. >> this is an insult to all hard working teachers. because what the union demands their teachers are kept on. they rewarded. this guy is millionaire. i have teachers in my family. i hear the heartbreaking story stoors they tell me. you have clowns like this who is getting away with this. it's unbelievable. >> he should have been sued for that racing these students. fact he was let to keep his quote, unquote, job and benefits is really something. >> this is one of the reasons why mike bloomberg the mayor has
4:53 pm
tried so hard to end these kinds of practices. teachers unions, there are six other people just like him who are doing this. each year he stays on salary, he gets to earn $1,700 more. >> no mandatory age retirement. >> basically saying i'm not going anywhere because i'm just going to sit here. >> so he is making this on the side. >> because tenure the idea of ten ui but you can be let go for cause. i would think, health, he should have been letting for cause. >> the other thing property taxes keep going up because of situations like this. >> the other question, why did it take so long to resolve thinks case? why is it not resolved one way or the other. allegations are true or false.
4:54 pm
>> six young girls knriand about him, is enough. >> heather: i agree. the last story is a sad story. no heart-shaped candies at one massachusetts elementary school this valentine's day in an effort to curb the sugar rush. principal has asked parents to keep the snacks at home. it's not popular as you could imagine and students who sai some say makes perfect sense. >> secondly grader and kindergartener came back with bag full of candy, cake, they eat half of it in school. this is not right. the schools should not making my job worse. it's not like my children don't get enough candy, believe me. >> the boxes with the hearts and stuff. will there will be broken hearts if they don't get their candy.
4:55 pm
>> bureaucracy that making feel good decisions. it's not going to change anything. you need to teach church how to eat properly. you can do it at school as well but to ban a project like this. >> what about moderation. >> responsibility. >> why not start teaching them, hey guys bring some fruit in. bring something healthy. we live in a country where one-third of american children are obese. >> and apparently they wouldn't be allowed to bring in fruit. because the principal says it goes against the policy of sharing food in general. >> i miss those hershey's kisses. >> and principal tried to ban halloween. now, we're going to ban valentine's day.
4:56 pm
>> just the chocolate. >> whole lot of candy. >> i appreciate. thank you. gregg? >> gregg: lots of beer. the big game is just hours away. and our own brian, host of fox and friends is there at the superbowl at indianapolis. and new england won't be the only patriot at this game. we'll tell you about that coming up. new stride whitemint is a hit but it lasts too long. how do we get people to chew another piece? i got this one. oh hey. [ male announcer ] spit it out. or ti will find you. [ grunts ] like him. thanks ryan. [ male announcer ] new stride whitemint. the ridiculously long lasting gum.
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5:00 pm
>> greg: fox news alert. word of an explosion the josh powell. two children and maybe an his wife susan disappeared in december of 2009 under suspicious circumstances. while the couple was living in utah. he lost custody of his two sons last year: we haven't been able to confirm this that a case worker had just dropped off powell's sons at a home sunday afternoon for a supervised visit. powell then shut the door. the coworker locked it. the case worker then reported smelling gas fumes, then an explosion ripped through the
5:01 pm
home. a developing story. we will get you more information as we receive it. >> and hello, i'm heather childers. welcome to brand new hour inside americans news headquarters. >> greg: i'm greg jarrett, welcome with us. >> big political contest on tuesday. but, right now, mitt romney celebrating victory beating rival newt gingrich in last night's nevada caucuses by more than 20 points. but not all the votes are counted. john roberts is live for us in las vegas with the latest. hi, john. >> hi, heather. there is a team of 18 people still diligently counting all the votes from clark county. we will have an update on that in just a second. talk for a moment about mitt romney's win last night. it was a big one. right now stands at about 48%. that percentage could increase
5:02 pm
as more of these votes come in. and he won, according to entrance polls, in every item graphic except two. that was people who describe themselves as nonreligious and people in the lowest income bracket. which might be an indication that his comments about not caring about the very poor had some resonance here in the state of state of nevada. mitt romney's appearance flanked by secret servant agents looked very much like a nominee newt gingrich's appearance later in the east coast where stood pretty much alone in an empty room talking about the fact that he is not going to drop out of this race, here is gingrich. >> what happens is every primary day or caucus day the romney headquarters in boston sends out the rumor that they believe i will withdraw. which is, of course, their greatest fantasy. i'm not going to withdraw. >> >> yeah, so newt gingrich says he is going to stay in this all the way through tampa. slowly racking up delegates.
5:03 pm
big challenge is going to be though after the contest on tuesday there is a dark period of three weeks where there is only one debate. gingrich doesn't have a whole lot of money. it will be tough for him to keep his name out there. >> 21-day break. we talked about that the other day. >> what's happening on the campaign trail today? >> not a whole lot. everybody is off except for the hardest working man in politics, rick santorum continues to hit the campaign trail. is he in minnesota. and the name sounds familiar. is he at the mill that makes the famous rick santorum sweater vest. listen to, this they have sold 1650 of those. raising $250,000 for the campaign. and speaking to people at that factory today, rick santorum said the low turnout here in nevada is an indication that people aren't very enthusiastic about either mitt romney or newt gingrich and that gives him a better chance going forward. here is santorum. >> i think the more that this race evolves, the better we are going to look at the best
5:04 pm
candidate to beat barack obama that was just a pullout yesterday that had us is the only of the three candidates that actually beats obama. >> here is the thing he though. santorum was playing in nevada. he got the lowest percentage. people not very enthusiastic about him either. now for update. clark county g.o.p. officials have now counted 640 pretickets which means they only have 400 left to go. they say it will take about another four to five hours. we should start to hear interim results in the a little while. we will keep you updated on that in a little while. 400 left to go. >> hardest working man on the political trailer than you john roberts, of course, thanks for joining us. >> super bowl in vegas tonight. >> here is where we stand now on the candidates in this race. following wins in new hampshire, florida, and nevada, mitt romney has 97 telling cans. newt gingrich had 30 delegates after his victory in south
5:05 pm
carolina. a win in iowa helped rick santorum secure 16 delegates. ron paul rounds out the path with a total of 7 delegates so far. the candidates need 1144 delegates to clinch the republic nomination. >> and keep it right here on fox news channel for all your election coverage. we have continuing coverage throughout the day. as always, can you log on on for the very latest. tonight 6 p.m. eastern chris wallace goes one-on-one with presidential hopeful rick santorum on "fox news sunday." >> we're getting new reports that egypt is putting 44 people, including 19 americans on trial. according to the associated press san la hood is among the americans facing possible prosecution. the son of transportation secretary ray la hood. the egyptians are not releasing specific charges, but this is related to a probe into foreign organizations
5:06 pm
operating inside egypt. earlier egypt barred sam la hood and other americans from leaving the country. we are getting new threats now from iran to cut off oil supplies to european countries. this as it launches yet another round of military exercises on the ground this time. iran previously holding a series of naval exercises near the major oil trade route in the strait of hormuz. moments ago the president addressing that issue. steve san tany has more in washington. steve? >> right, greg. in an interview with nbc to be broadcast later president obama said that israel is rightly very concerned about iran's intentions. that the u.s. will work in lock step with israel and israel and the u.s. both believe iran needs to stand down. meantime, exercises in the southern part of iran and they come against this back drop of tighter sanctions and new threats. iran saying it will cut off european oil supplies in
5:07 pm
european embargo. threatening to close the strait of hormuz. military commander any country targeting iran would become a target itself. at the same time u.n. nuclear inspector went to iran without achieving their goals even though the u.n. sees some progress. >> when u.n. circles they achieved a great victory, they had a meeting in iran and agreed to another meeting three weeks later. that is success as they define it. what it means, i think, most importantly, is that iran has strung this thing out for another three weeks. >> and the big question now is whether israel, which is growing increasingly impatient will launch air strikes against iranian nuclear facilities. u.s. wants to allow more time for sanctions to work. allow the iranian nuclear program to their very existence. the risk is high if israel strikes. if you look at the history of israeli strikes on other countries, what you really run
5:08 pm
the risk of israel whether the strike is small or large that iran's response will be oh yeah, we will show you. we're going to develop a nuclear weapon. >> the current military exercises in iran come after 10 days of naval maneuvers in january with even more naval war games expected very soon, greg? >> steve centanni live in washington. steve, thanks very much. >> all right. get out your shovel or your snow blower. folks are trying to dig out from under a foot of snow in parts of nebraska. omaha, covered in a thick layer from yesterday's big winter storm. heavy snow making matters worse knocking down power lines to homes and businesses. what's the forecast look like for the week ahead? meteorologist maria molina live in the fox news extreme weather center. hi, marie a. >> weather for today and workweek looks good across most of the country. that storm that brought nebraska, iowa and colorado in the past several days. we will talking about snow
5:09 pm
totals pass 50 inches. leaving behind much quieter weather. >> across most of the west is quiet. getting some sunshine. snow showers lingering across portions of mexico and colorado. some of the rainfall across southeastern parts of texas into louisiana can be a little heavier at times. otherwise not really a huge concern. not looking at a major flooding threat out here. showers good news for texas. take all of that moisture we can get. by the way some of those areas have been relieved from drought conditions. talking about a drought for over a year across parts of the south. across the western caribbean right in the yucatan peninsula an area of low pressure. i know it's not hurricane season and kind of unusual that we are keeping an eye out down here looking at an area of plosh that could potentially develop into something but we're not looking at this as a major threat out here. just generally showers and thunderstorms that will continue to track over the next several days and will
5:10 pm
continue to impact parts of florida over the next 48 hours. that's what we're looking at a chance for precipitation. otherwise, take a look at precipitation participation model run. not much going on across the u.s. northeast, most of the southeast and parts of the plains. colorado, you will pick up a little bit more snow out there. that's not is he -- very significant. we will be looking at a new storm system starting to impact parts of california as we head into your tuesday. that's really the next significant storm we are looking at. potentially bringing heavier snow across parts of the sierra which is good news for those of you guys who like to ski. temperaturewise right now not too bad across the country. very mild. the exception is texas average. 47 in dallas, texas. i had temperatures for tomorrow, greg, it looks good. 52 degrees. >> greg: you can believe that? 52 degrees. we will take it.
5:11 pm
>> heather: if you have a credit card in your pocket. citigroup customers major confusion. credit card rewards like frequent flier miles are actually taxable. anchor of bulls and bears brenda buttner joins us with more on this. how does this issue circle to begin with. >> scary. a lot of people who opened up savings accounts and checking accounts with citibank all of a sudden started getting 1099 forms which said you are going to be taxed on these frequented flier miles that we gave you as a result of opening these accounts. they said what, for our frequent flier miles? and yes, in fact, you can be taxed. this is just another reason why we have such a crazy tax laws. not even the tax acounsel tants can figure this stuff out. >> who determines how much they are worth? >> that's part of the issue.
5:12 pm
not all frequent flier miles are taxable. that's are a really important thing. >> which are and which aren't. >> if you opened an account and you didn't spend anything and you got frequent flier miles as a result of that, that's known basically as a reward, you didn't spend anything. so if you got a toaster, that's taxable. if you get frequent flier miles that's taxable. >> like a gift. >> basically. you have to say that's taxable. you get a 1099. if you spent something like if you get them as a result of your credit card. got them as miles or if you went somewhere. if you -- you know, if you went to, i don't know, to the bahamas and you got more miles, if you earned them, then those are not taxable either. >> ultimately you are going to be spending on this credit card anyway, right? >> right, you are. >> presumably. >> that's all right. to spend.
5:13 pm
that's not an issue. if you earn them, spend them it's all okay. your question was a really good one. who determines it. citibank does. they said 2.5 cents. that's how much they are worth. if you think about it, add it up and they gave you 25,000 miles that's $625. are you going to spend that much for an rah count? so why are they doing? why is all this happening? >> well, it's really bad publicity on citi's part and i wonder happen. >> they handled it the wrong way. they did inform people it's in the fine, fin bryant. >> i doubt that the irs is going to go after you. but you should send a letter in. if you did get this, if you did open one of these accounts, and you if you want to value them at something other than 2.5 cents, i'm valuing them. >> do you have that option. >> well, try. always try.
5:14 pm
>> brenda buttner, thank you. >> my wife was over there at citibank the other day raising you know what. you don't want to mess with her. trust me on that one. new amateur videotape coming out of syria, allegedly showing the syrian army in a brutal crackdown on opposition forces. we will have the latest in that conflict coming up next. >> and in just a little more than an hour, it is kickoff time in indianapolis at super bowl 46. our own brian kilmeade is there he joins us live with a special guest. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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>> it is nearly kickoff of super bowl 46. the new york giants and the new england patriots about to battle it out. but we are taking a moment to reflect on the real american warriors defending our freedom all around the world. our very own brian kilmeade is live in indianapolis with army chief of staff general raymond odierno. hi, brian. >> hey, heather. thanks a lot. you are right. here is the general serving highest army of the u.s. army.
5:19 pm
is he more of a giants fan sthan anything else there is a relationship of more than you just sitting in the stands. have you talked to this team loot. >> the coach and i have had a close relationship for the last six or seven years. i have been a life-long giants fan growing up in new jersey. we talk quite a bit and i'm excited to have the giants here today. >> do you think they have a shot of being here in indianapolis? >> i have learned throughout my military career and my career in sports is you never give up until the final whistle blows. >> patriots in life and the patriots on the field. >> that's true. >> general, i have to talk to you about a relationship you have with the nfl. you haven't discussed in detail yet but it's coming together on traumatic brain injuries and concussions. >> led by my chief of staff of the army peter corrally who instituted a discussion with the nfl on brain injury and traumatic concussions. we are working to move forward. one is to share what we have
5:20 pm
learned by the studies we have done. but also get after the stigma of concussions. we have the is same problem in the army as they do. >> sikh suck it up and get back out. >> there we have to realize it's okay to come forward and admit you have a problem. it's interesting because mental injuries are not visible. you know, if you are externally injured. people understand what that is. when it's an internal and visible injury, they are afraid will question them. they will question their heart. and that's something that we have to overcome with these injuries. >> the nfl i know means lot to the men and women watching us in afghanistan and iraq. have you watched a few super bowls in iraq, haven't you? >> i have. >> is it heartening, bring you home when you watch it. >> yes. in fact, when the giants won the last super bowl i was in iraq. it was probably 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. it was a great experience. actually. >> in case you don't know, the generals implemented the strategy going to go down in military history. general, i have got to talk to but the military.
5:21 pm
secretary of defense came forward and said we are going to start petering out fighting and get more into training in 2013. a lot of people in nato were surprised by that were you? >> again, we are going according to the lisbon accords. we will be there through 2014 with our nato partners. that's what it says in the lisbon accords. as we did in iraq and as we are now doing in afghanistan, we are slowly transitioning more and more responsibility over to the afghans, that's what we are doing. we are doing more. >> we will do that a bit more. i think that's what the second was talking about. >> are you as concerned about the cuts to the military and the army in particular, you are going down to a number of them. >> 490. >> 4 0,000 from 570,000. senator mccain is worried about it. do you share his worry? >> there is a couple things that i always talk about. first, it's not just the number, it's how long we get there and so we're doing it over a six year period from 12 through the end of 17.
5:22 pm
that helps us to do it very slowly, very steadily, in case there is a problem we can stop and reverse. the second piece allows us to take care of our soldiers. unless we increase the size of the military iraq and afghanistan large scale stability operations that we h now that we're out of iraq and now that we are reducing our presence in afghanistan, i feel comfortable that as long as we stretch it over the six year period that i have just described that we can do that. >> you are the chief of staff of the army and that's a responsibility that's your job. >> do you also feel a responsibility for those wounded and killed in battle to make sure these wars end the right way. >> >> right now member of the joint chiefs, of course we worry about that as well. so many families and soldiers so much. as iraq ended the one thing can i say is military piece of iraq could not have gone better. the progress we made in the last three or four years over
5:23 pm
there really have given the iraqis a chance to move forward to be a secure staple to our country. i think the progress we have made in afghanistan, especially in the last two years has been quiet significant. i think we are on our way. our soldiers and sailors airmen and marines have sacrificed so much. they will continue to do their boast -- the difference in afghanistan is i think be there a little bit longer. initial discussions going on and i believe we will have some level of training that will go on -- >> 15th straight super bowl and military relationship from the nfl, from the nfl experience that we see, it is really strong. you seem to really appreciate each other. >> we do. interest is a strong relationship owner to willful military installation. bud adams was honored as the nfl working with soldiers of the year and he has had a long-term relationship with
5:24 pm
the 101st air division in kentucky. we are proud of that? >> family, rooney family he goes on and on. don't let anyone kid you in the locker room after and champagne on that uniform in the giants do what wants them to do. >> latest from super bowl 46 this guy has to get inside. brian, i have been following your tweets online, looks like you are having way too much fun. >> thank you. all part of the job. >> of course, is. >> absolutely. thank you. party animal. new jersey, got to be polling for those giants, of course. >> go big blue. >> all right. the giants may be playing hundreds of miles away. but they are still getting a super bowl size tribute in new york city. look at that isn't that beautiful the empire state building lit up in honor of the giants. go blue. they take on the new england
5:25 pm
patriots in super bowl 46. tonight in indianapolis. do you have big plans for the game? >> my oldest daughter who is 15 years old is throwing a little party for all of her friends, girlfriends. not little so much these days. >> they enter the game or the commercials and maybe that done naps halftime performance. >> >> it is good to be a republic presidential candidate this week. the campaign donations rolling in but the news is not so good for another republic group. we will tell you who. >> a canine customs inspector is keeping our country safe, you can say he has got a nose for the job. ♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ ♪ side by side, e, two, three ♪ ♪ counthe birds in the big o tree ♪ ♪ la la la [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how shipping giant can befriend a forest
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5:29 pm
>> greg: fox news alert, officials say an explosion at a washington state home has killed josh powell, the husband of a missing utah woman in addition to their two
5:30 pm
young sons. we are just now getting word. fire and rescue chief telling the associated press the e motion happened just moments after a child protective services worker brought the two boys to josh powell's home for a supervised visit. now, we're learning that powell let the boys into the home. suddenly closed the door. blocked the social worker from entering. the social worker called her supervisors to report she could smell gas suddenly the home exploded. susan powell disappeared in 2009 in utah. her body was never found. very suspicious circumstances. josh powell was apparently a person of interest and/or a suspect. he moved to washington state. and this has been a cold case in terms of evidence but hot case in terms of authorities trying to trace some evidence to josh powell and now we have
5:31 pm
learned through authorities there in washington state, grand washington. there you see the scene live and it is just a smoldering charred wreckage of what was once the home of josh powell and we are afraid to report and based on authorities telling us that his two young sons died in horrific explosion as did josh powell. apparently it would appear as though, you know, this was a planned event in which he received the boys from the social worker, shut the door suddenly, gas fumes had been inside the home. the social worker smelled it. knew something was awry, reported it to authorities, but it was too late. suddenly a massive explosion leveling that residence there. and that is all that is left. it is believed that josh powell and his two young sons are now dead. of course, susan powell is still missing. this has been a fox news alert.
5:32 pm
the super pac supporting the presidential field. congressional groups are coming up empty-handed. they haven't raised enough cash so far to fund even one good race. they are reportedly gun shy about dumping large amounts of money into untested waters for fear it will come back to bite them. to analyze the situation, we're join now by jonathan strong, staff writer for role call, jonathan, good to see you. >> is the presidential race in all of the attendant, hyperattention if i can call it that sort of sucking up the available donor cash. >> yeah. well, have you got to remember here. the advantage of a super pac is that there is no limitation on the size of the donation that any individual can give. so that leads to a contest for the backing of some of the mega wealthy donors like
5:33 pm
casino magnet shuttle addison who pass poured $11 million for newt gingrich. those kind of donors are focused on the g.o.p. presidential nomination and not on the congressional races and so you are going to tend to expect that money is going to be pouring into those races and not the congressional accounts. >> look. the "wall street journal" says that republicans may be utterly oblivious right now to the growing threat of losing their majority in the house of representatives. they have got a modest 25 seat majority. look, a lot of those 87 republicans are always vulnerable. redistricting did not help them very much. and some 55 republic seats are up for grabs. super pac money is going elsewhere. let me quote them. all those liberals who angry obama rechanneled their energy into putting the gavel back into the hands of their hero nancy pelosi. that's why the dnc out-raised
5:34 pm
the republic counter part by 7 million last year. mr. obama will swel voter turnout. republic seats that are safe in the midterm are not in a presidential election. what do you think of that? do you agree? >> well, there is certainly a sense in which with the focus on reclaiming the senate for republics and reclaiming the presidency that the house is the neglected stepchild of the three bodies and there has been a lack of focus on it and now people are starting to kind of clang the alarm bell that hey we might actually be be -- at risk here. you know, it's still going to be a long shot for the democrats to take over the house. >> what about the corporate money? >> well, the interesting thing here is after the citizens united decision, there was a lot of concern from some of the watchdog groups and civil liberty groups that corporate money would be flooding into these races and make a huge difference. but what we have seen so far is that corporations have
5:35 pm
tended to stay on the sidelines because they're worried about the backlash that it would create if they were seen to be siding with one party or the other. that a segment of their consumer base would be put off by and this a stop buying their product. >> look, newt gingrich, is promising he is going all the way to the convention. his attacks have been vitriol lick and so have mitt romney's. if this continues all the way into the convention in tampa, we are talking about late summer, does this leave whoever is the nominee, whether it's romney, gingrich, ron paul, rick santorum, utterly, you know, wounded and the party divided which extends to the benefit of the president's re-election? >> i mean, you could imagine a worse case scenario where that was going to happen. but it's kind of unlikely, one of the interesting things while we're on the discussion of super pacs is that allegedson, the casino magnet
5:36 pm
has signaled to mitt romney's campaign that is he not going to continue to back gingrich all the way to the convention if he has clearly lost momentum. you can kind of see the intersection of money and political momentum there in the context of super pacs in a way that shows how unlikely that scenario would be. >> greg: check it out on the "new york times" front page. sheldon add delson suggesting he will only stick with newt gingrich so long and then switch allegiance to mitt romney if he he is the nominee. >> thank you. >> heather: a new four legged recruit at jfk airport is helping to keep nation safe. meet i sey. 6-year-old beagle. i didn't see and her handler from a behind the scenes look. >> don't let the puppy dog eyes and perky tail fool you. izzy is a highly trained first line of defense. >> she is trained to finding a
5:37 pm
gri cultural commodities, food, plants, anything that could harbor a pest or t.b. >> stationed at international points of entry all across the country. >> i see z and her partner are one of several canine teams at jfk international airport. on average the dogs find 1200 prohibitive items. that's at this airport alone. >> sniff out quickly would take human searchers hours by searching bags. >> any food inside. >> this time apples coming in from a flight from madrid. >> these apples, mango, five odors that the dog is trained to detect in the training environment. 100 more pick up. >> izzy's madrid apples end up here inside the grinder. a cornucopia of contraband. >> i guess somebody thought they needed potatoes. >> fruit to meat, seeds, and
5:38 pm
well. this. >> turkey or some large bird. >> and that's exactly the way it came in. >> they chopped this up. and where was this found? >> if had the execute case. >> all of this confiscated stuff is ground up and incinerated several times a day. canine supervisory agricultural specialist james armstrong says it's where deadly diseases that could have devastating effects it to our nation's health and economy are stopped. >> all of the things that we take for granted all came in this way. the gypsy moth, the mediterranean fruit fly. and they -- so this is examples of it. when these do come into our country they can cost billions of dollars in either crop loss or failure. >> with the help of izzy and the beagle brigade. a agriculture 700 million products last year. for izzy it just take as treat. >> what an adorable little dog. >> yes. i didn't know dog's sense of
5:39 pm
smell 10,000 times stronger than humans. that's a whole another story. i don't want to go there. a police union defending officers accused of roughing up a houston couple and stealing the evidence. so what are your rights when you are using your own cell phone or video cam in public? our legal panel weighs in next. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow, ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums until the end of the quarter to think about your money...
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>> welcome back, the houston police union defending officers who are accused of beating a woman recorded them estating husband that woman speaking to the fbi claiming the officers used excessive force, took the memory card from her cell phone to destroy the evidence of it. our legal panel joins us now defense attorney david schwartz legal analyst lis wiehl. can justify taking the memory card and essentially obscuring
5:44 pm
the evidence that incriminates them. >> i mean, this is a basic violation of the civil rights of on nic can a lewis. it's a violation. the police cannot acted this way. we see cases over and over again, especially in houston. especially here. it's the right of onika lewis to videotape the brutal beating of her husband. >> here is the deal. a bunch of states have passed laws that saying it is a crime for citizens to record police officers doing their duties because police claim it interferes with their conduct of doing their duty. >> that's the claim. but you know the federal courts on those state state laws have structure those state laws down staying that is unconstitutional. you are talking about not private homes public highways, public roadways where everyone has a right to take whatever kind of pictures they want and the onduty police officers are working for the state or the
5:45 pm
feds and they're public employees, yeah. >> here is a picture of onika lewis and husband sebastian. she claims he was improperly beaten. they recorded it took memory card from cell phone and so on and so forth. my goodness, david. isn't the cell phone videotape the best evidence as lawyers like to use that term of what happened? >> of course it is. it's the key piece of evidence in this case and the police destroyed it. they need to have an investigation. needs to maintain credibility to. take this stance over and over again that there was no wrongdoing, they can't believe it. it never happened. why take -- the spokesman said it. >> their scenario is different from what ms. lewis is saying. they are conducting an investigation, david. so they're doing. >> the investigation should include the videotape. >> it should include the videotape which she says they took from her. >> if they destroyed it wouldn't that be a crime?
5:46 pm
>> of course it would be. >> prosecuting her. maybe police ought to be prosecuted. >> let's let at least the police do the investigation. guys are not bringing up here is that her husband was running from the police who led them on a chase. all we know she is small woman for all we know she was trying to harass or obstruct. >> you know what, david, so was rodney king. he was leaving the scene of an alleged crime and without a videotape rodney king would be another guy with a prior record claiming abuse. >> please. it happens every single day that unfortunately it's a small percentage. most police officers do their jobs correctly. but the small -- honorable. but i'm not saying that a -- small percentage ruins it for the rest, violates the civil rights and we need to use every tool possible to stop these rogue cops from acting the way they do. >> at least give them 10 minutes to figure out whether
5:47 pm
or not that's what happened and let the investigation happen and let the department come out and say this is what happened, yes, the tape or the cell phone was destroyed or not. i mean, at least let them do that before gang up on them. >> can we agree that the argument by police that video recording or whatever kind of recording of their activities interferes with their duties? is it other specious argument because they don't know when they're being recorded. >> they should know they're being recorded. they are doing their job. on the job performance. public highways, public ways, yes. >> yet, i remember i think it was illinois or indiana. i can't remember which, in which a guy on his motorcycle videotapes an officer who is totally abusing him. and the guy on the motorcycle gets prosecuted for videotaping what happened. there is no expectation of privacy in a public place. >> of course, that's the crux of it, expectation of privacy. no expectation.
5:48 pm
>> we have these video recorders everywhere. >> how can states justify passing laws making it a crime? >> they can't. that's why the feds are striking them down again and again. >> to keep the old school going. out the door. new generation. this is life today. >> you are on a public highway, you are a cop. you are going to be watched. >> you are going to be videotaped. >> i think you both agree. mark this on our calendars. it was super bowl. all right, 2012. >> never happen again. >> david schwartz, lis wiehl, thank you very much. >> surprising warning for hot new gadgets your kids love. well, they may be harmful to their health. even sending some chiropractor. tell you what's going on up next.
5:49 pm
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>> greg: welcome back, there is a brand new report out, tablets, smart phones and video games, yes your ipad could be hurting your kids. with technology such a huge part of our lives is apparently causing a digital dilemma matchett dr. edwin that my a of the river view medical center joins us with more on this. what's the problem? the problem is this. first of all we have a natural
5:53 pm
curvature of our neck. here we are bent down like this. our kids in school they bent down their necks. now on the weekend. any single time they have free. that bending down repositions that curvature that can lead to headaches, and spinal injury, also. these kids start young. everything else like that. you are doing it in school as well. while you are doing your schoolwork. >> what's the solution to this. >> that's a very good question. it's all balance, really. every kid is different. right? so you really have to listen to what your kid is complaining. mom, i have a headache. mom, my hands hurt because all of the cervical nerves effect the hands, if you are numb, tingling anything else, those are things you have to look for and listen and perhaps take away some of that time on that techno thing. >> especially on the cell phones. i have a droid, ipod, ipad. and using the little tiny
5:54 pm
movements like you this do get cramping in your hands carpal tunnel. >> yes. >> here is my ipad. i don't know if we can see this or not. but the icons and all the selections i have on this thing, it's asleep. it went asleep? >> yeah. >> are you kidding me? >> oh, there. >> there, you go. >> beautiful. my wife and two daughters. there they are. >> awesome. >> and here is the deal. i hit this thing and up pops my -- there we go. so i have to look at these a little bit and i bend over and i'm looking at this thing and i put my glasses on and am i doing myself some damage here? >> absolutely. >> spending hours of doing. this hours of that remember, now i have a middle school child who now has a laptop. doing her homework constantly and then you are slouched constantly. i'm telling you it really misaligns everything. this is the first study that actually we know about the
5:55 pm
social stuff, right? we know about the isolation, we also know about the kris kids are not able to turn their heads off. this is the first time that we're getting really physical attributes, not positive ones because of technology. >> even in college a lot of college textbooks are coming on gadgets like, this the kendall and the kindle and ipad. >> constantly like this. i think eventually good posture. we don't talk about that anymore. we are constantly hunched over. and if you are in a couch or if you ever look at anybody on a train, have you noticed, everybody is like looking down. that really misaligns like i said before that cervical spine. and we get so many other fan fess stations. >> are kids getting more and more headaches these days because of this sort of stuff? not just ipads and cell phones but video games nintendo. >> video games as well. >> i think they're. also eye strain. constantly, you know, sometimes it's far away. sometimes it's in 3-d. and sometimes you -- if you
5:56 pm
ever did mario cart and you actually get a little sea sick and everything else like that. i'm sure they have headaches. >> moderation is the key? >> it's the key. >> as with everything. >> as with everything. listen to your kids. >> christine burkhardt our senior producer dad used to say don't sit so close to the tvuv rays are going to damage your eyesight and brain. is that nonsense. >> that's nonsense. however, don't sit next to the tv because really you are going to get eye strain. >> professor burke, i'm sorry about that. >> exactly. >> okay. >> that is it for us. chris wallace dr. thanks for joining us today. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. [ male announcer ] new glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes.
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