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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  February 6, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EST

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> chris: i'm chris wallace. mitt romney takes the nevada caucuses for his second big win of the week. where does the republican race for president go from here? we'll get results and reaction from the silver state. and we'll talk with former senator rick santorum who is looking to make his move in the next primary states. then, is the battle between the two frontrunners hurting republican chances in the fall? we'll talk with top supporters of both candidates. virginia governor bob mcdonald who is for mitt romney and former congressman j.c. watts who backs newt gingrich.
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the politics of healthcare is a big issue again. we will ask our sunday panel how it could swing the general election. and our power player of the week puts his money where his convictions are when it comes to helping his country. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and h hello again from fox news in washington. after a rollercoaster ride in january, the republican presidential race is starting to settle down. late saturday, in the nevada caucuses, mitt romney scored a second straight commanding victory win, 48% of the vote. back in second place was newt gingrich at 23%. then ron paul at 19%. and rick santorum finished last. for more on the results and reaction from the candidates we turn to fox news senior national correspondent john roberts in las vegas. john? >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. the first back-to-back wins in the primary contest. and while the numbers in nevada appear to be down from where
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they were four years ago, it was enough for mitt romney to claim a clear victory in the silver state. in a state where the house always wins, nevada is clearly mitt romney's house. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence and this time i'm going to take it to the white house. >> reporter: whether it was the secret service detail or two blowouts in a row, romney looked and sounded more like the nominee, ignoring rivals, focusing his fire on the man he hopes to meet in november. >> this president began his presidency by apologizing for america. he should now be apologizing to america. >> reporter: for newt gingrich, the glory of south carolina seems a long way away. two big losses in a row now. though he is starved for cash, gingrich insists he is in it until the convention in tampa. >> our commitment is to seek to find a series of victories which by the end of the texas primary will leave us about at
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parity with governor romney and from that point forward to see if we can't actually win the nomination. >> reporter: ron paul who finished second four years ago was counting on a first rate ground operation to compel him to a win. he now acknowledges romney is beginning to look unstoppable. >> i would say that statistically right now that might be the case but every once in awhile he gets himself into a little trouble, too. who knows what is going to happen. >> reporter: for rick santorum his worst finish yet. last place in a state he admittedly spent little time and less money. losing the conservative vote to romney. >> we weren't out there advertising and driveing that message. it is one thing to give a speech. another to try to drive and penetrate that message. >> reporter: santorum has a new rabeen trumping a new rasmussen poll that shows him as the only
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candidate that could beat obama head to head in november. but to get there he has to win a few states,. >> chris: joining us from minneapolis is one of the candidates looking to regroup and generate momentum on tuesday, former senator rick santorum. senator, welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. good to be with you. >> chris: first of all, and most importantly how is bella your precious little three-year-old who just left the hospital after a bout with pneumonia? >> she is doing great. thank you for praying for her and everybody across this country. a rough time a week ago today. thanks to the great work of the doctors in the hospital and a lot of prayer she turned around amazingly quickly and she is home and healthy and we are very, very pleased. thank you. >> chris: i want to ask you about your commitment to the campaign just on a human level. i have to think as she was going through this part of you said maybe i should get out of this race and focus on my family. >> well, obviously any time one
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of our children are sick you got to get home and particularly a case like this where she was seriously ill and required hospitalization, you know, family comes first. and that i think anybody in the race, much less myself. one of the things karen and i talked about was being parents and what is your responsibility to be the best dad and husband you can be and we think the country is in a critical juncture and we feel like that i can bring something to the table that can make my children's lives substantially better as being president even more so than even being home for these few months where i would be out campaigning that it would be better for me to devote the time to create a country which is going to be free and safe and prosperous for them in the future. >> chris: let's talk some practical politics, senator. finished third in south carolina. finished third in florida and last night in nevada as we mentioned you finished last. how are you going to turn that around to become more
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competitive? >> well, i think you wait for tuesday. i mean the first five states are sort of cast in stone. they were the first five states the last time. they are the states that, you know, that governor romney and congressman paul who ran four years ago had an advantage because they had spent a lot of time and money not just in this year's campaign but for the last four years in working on those states. now, we are getting to the states where people don't have the natural advantage, don't have the time commitment and staff commitment to really build out an organization like they he did in the first five. i think we will do very well here in minnesota. i think we will do very well in colorado. and we have a one on one matchup against mitt romney in missouri while it is no delegates, it is a key state. it is a primary. and we think we can do exceptionally well in the state of missouri. so, we have got three states coming up on tuesday and i think we will show that this race is moving again in a different direction. >> chris: let me ask you about that. as you say, colorado and
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minnesota are caucuses. missouri is a primary but basically a beauty contest, doesn't choose any delegates. honestly, is tuesday make or break for you, sir? >> no, not at all. again, i think we will show improvement. this race is a long, long way from being over. we believe that if you look at the national polls, our numbers are moving up continually. as mentioned in your intro, we are the only candidate right now according to at least the rasmussen poll that defeats barack obama. everybody else is behind. in fact, newt gingrich is way behind. i think this race as people start seeing mitt romney doing well and gingrich really not up to the task with the money and the resources and the organization that he had and particularly in florida, they are looking for somebody else who can take on mitt romney and more importantly and this is the important thing, take on barack obama. it is not about who can win the primary. who can win the general
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election. florida z and nevada the results down as far as participation is concerned. this is not a good sign when the two candidates that everybody is talking about is not generating any energy in a republican primary. >> chris: let's talk about your two main rivals and we have to say ron paul is in there and picking up delegates, too. in nevada you ran a tough ad not against romney but against gingrich. let's play a clip from that. >> rick santorum for president. he doesn't just talk a good conservative game, he lives it. >> when you say that you live it, you live a good conservative game and then we see a picture of you and your beautiful family. is that a veiled reference to newt gingrich's personal problems? >> well, i think if you look at the actual ad, the ad before that line talks about four issues. talks about immigration, talks about cap and trade. it talks about healthcare. and it talks about the wall street bailouts. so it is very much an ad
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focused on the four issues that are very, very important to this campaign where the four issues where governor romney and speaker gingrich simply do not present a good contrast with president obama, do not reflect the conservative values that are going be important for rallying our base and creating excitement across this country and on the issue of living it, yes, i live it in both my professional and personal life and that is a message that i think is important for a presidential candidate. >> chris: let me ask you that, do you think that is a legitimate issue the question of how you lived your personal life? >> well, i think it certainly is something that everybody should consider. i said that repeatedly in the debates that the issue of character is an important one. the issue of trustworthiness is an important one. authenticity, whether you have been flip flopping on positions in your career. all of those things are character issues when electing a leader are certainly
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important issues to consider. >> chris: you have been critical of newt gingrich's leadership when was speaker of the house and you were in the house with him. even in some of the debates you questioned his stability. i want to ask you, do you honestly think that newt gingrich is fit to be president of the united states? >> newt gingrich would be a much better president than barack obama. my concern is with respect to a campaign and some of the things that newt is prone to do which is to look to government to do a lot more things than you would think to believe when you listen to his rhetoric. a lot of the ideas that newt comes up with whether it is a moon colony or whether it is personal accounts for social security in the face of a $1.2 trillion deficit are not connected to fiscal responsibility and limited government and doing thinks from the poo tomorrow -- things from the bottom up in a free market and free enterprise point of view. i just want a candidate that we can go out there and rely upon to be authentically
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conservative, stay disciplined and focus on barack obama as the person that we should be highlighting in the race and not make you the republican candidate the central issue in the campaign. >> chris: let's talk about romney. obviously we all know that the jobs numbers were pretty good relatively speaking on friday. they came out for the last month of january, 8.3% unemployment. a quarter of a million jobs created and you have said about romney that if the economy keeps improving then his candidacy in question -- is in question because he will have nothing to offer. what do you you mean? >> well, he is pretty much a uni dimensional candidate. talks about being the c.e.o. and businessman. first of all, i'm not too sure that is the greatest qualifications for being president of the united states. but if it it is the qualification is i'm someone who can run the economy even though i don't believe the president runs the economy. the president creates an environment if he can work with congress in a regulatory atmosphere to improve the atmosphere but the president of the united states is the
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commander in chief. the president of the united states! efstatesexecutes the laws and tries to motivate the public to make changes that are necessary. it is not exactly a c.e.o. position. governor romney doesn't create the contrast that we need to beat barack obama. we give away the healthcare issue if mitt romney is the nominee. we give away cap and trade. we give away the wall street bailouts. all of these big government interventions into the private sector where you would think a c.e.o. businessman would oppose government intervention at the ob trucive level that they are. he sided with big government not with business and he undermines his own credibility. >> chris: a couple more issues i want to get into with you. a couple of health issues got into the news and became political. first of all, the susan g. komen race for the cure foundation first cut off funding for planned parenthood and then reversed the decision.
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your reaction, sir? >> they are a private organization. they can fund whatever kind of effort they want. i have taken the position as a presidential candidate and as someone in congress that planned parenthood funds and does abortions, the leading abortion provider in the nation and i don't believe federal funds should go there. they are private organization. they should step up and support whatter this they want. i don't believe that breast cancer research is advanced by funding an organization that does abortions whether you have seen ties to cancer and abortions. i don't think it is a particularly healthy way of contributing money to further the cause of breast cancer. but that is for a private organization like susan b. komen to make that decision. >> the obama administration is coming under fire for a new decision that catholic institutions, not churches but
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charities, hospitals, schools are going to have to offer health insurance that includes contraception. the administration defends this saying the vast majority of women, even catholic women use birth control. your response? >> the catholic church specifically teaches that birth control pills as well as the morning after pill by i which t just a birth control pill, clearly causes abortion which as well as sterilization. they say they will give you the right to healthcare, be careful. then they can tell you how to exercise that right against your first amendment rights and against your ability to practice your face and even worse we saw in the case of the army where the head of the chaplaincy of the army wanted to issue a letter that was issued last week and all of the other catholic churches in this country and the obama administration said they couldn't even issue the letter
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to complain about the obama administration plan on this policy. so not only are we violating the freedom of religion and now the freedom of speech. this is the problem when government tells you that they can give you things. they can take it away but even worse they can tell you how you are going to exercise the new right they have given you consistent with your values rather than the values given in our constitution. >> chris: safe travels. see how you do tuesday and also see you down the campaign trail, sir. >> chris: thank you yep. >> chris: up next, we will debate before the republican race for president stands now, when we are joined by top supporters of the two frontrunners. 5-hour energy?
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>> chris: to help us get a better read on where the gop race goes from here we are joined by supporters of the two leading candidates. virginia governor bob mcdonald, a top supporter of mitt romney joins us from richmond and here in studio is former congressman j.c. watts who backs newt gingrich. congressman watts, your guy newt gingrich suffered a second straight lopsided defeat last night in nevada. the entire month of february looks like it will be tough for him. what is his strategy, hold on until super tuesday? >> i spent some time over the last few days kind of organizing, took three or four days to organize for the next three or four months. super tuesday is going to be pretty critical. i wain minnesota last week, spent some time there. we feel pretty good about our chances there. we felt like, nevada, was going to be tough. colorado is probably going to be tough. but you we think we can be competitive in minnesota and arizona and then springboard us
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into super tuesday and we expect the results to be much better. >> chris: governor mcdonald, half of the delegates won't be awarded total so therefore no one is going to get a majority until late april at latest. don't the gop rules ensure that this race is going to go into may or june? >> well, it depends on who wins these upcoming races. there are 17 primaries and caucuses over the next 30 days and if you look at florida and now nevada back to back here with double digit wins by mitt romney, chris, he won every demographic group. young, old, evangelical, tea party, mainstream republican, you name it. mitt romney is appealing now to a broader spectrum of the republican voters. over the next 17 races in 30 days he will show that he is
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the results oriented can do conservative, consistent conservative that can win across the board and win in november. >> chris: congressman, newt gingrich keeps escalating his rhetoric and his attacks against mitt romney. and let's put some of these up on the screen. he has been calling governor romney is a proabortion, progun control, protax increase liberal. last week, he started calling him obama-like and little food stamp as opposed to obama who is big food stamp. isn't that over the top? >> george soros who is a pretty famous liberal supporter in the country says there isn't any difference between or there is not much difference between president obama and governor romney and at the same time chris, i have encouraged people to take a look at where the candidates stood on issues when they had a vote or when they influenced public policy. speaker gingrich was balancing
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the budget, giving tax relief, paying down the public debt and reforming entitlement programs where governor romney was supporting the very things that you just mentioned, you know, gun control. he has been on record supporting that. he has been on record supporting abortion. he has been on record supporting all of the things that speaker gingrich has accused him of. i think that is a legitimate charge. >> chris: let me bring governor mcdonald into that. how do you respond, sir? >> look at his record as governor of massachusetts. a prolife governor in a blue state. cut taxes 19 times and balanced a budget without raising taxes eliminating a $3 billion deficit. he said he is for traditional marriage. i think that he is a consistent conservative. you know, speaker gingrich has been cozying up with nancy pelosi on global warming. i think he has challenges for
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conservatives, too. chris, in nevada and florida he wins evangelicals and tea party conservatives. despite the rhetoric he is appealing to a broad section of the conservative base. >> chris: let me intercorrupt for one second and i will give you a chance to respond in a second. i think you will admit mitt romney has made a series of gaffes on the campaign trail especially on the issue of whether or not he is in touch with most americans. let's take a look at some of those. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. i get speakers fees from time to time but not very much. i like to be able to fire people that provide services to me. >> chris: won't democrats hammer mitt romney over those kinds of statements? >> you know, chris, i have been in office 21 years. i made my share, too. i bet j.w. probabl j.c. probabs
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well. he was talking about programs to lift up the middle class. i think it was taken out of context. from time to time every politician says things they wish they could have said a little differently. president obama is a guy that accused people of clinging to their guns and religion. i think there will be plenty of things in november. who can win and overwhelmingly the people in the republican race are voting for mitt romney because they think he can beat president obama and i think he can, do. >> chris: an interesting development in the exit or entrance polls actually before people went into the caucuses not only did romney win among the groups he was winning with before but beat gingrich among strong tea party supporters and people who identified themselves as very conservative. >> chris, i am shockd that any candidate running for president would say i am not concerned about the poor.
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that i think gives us a good indication. >> chris: in fairness he did say they have a safety net. >> say that we took it out of context, let's take it in context. to say they have a safety net, that is literally saying i define compassion by how many people on food stamps, afdc and public housing. we can't bedefine by how few people because we helped them climb the ladder of economic opportunity. he literally said i'm going to shove them off to the sided because they have their safety net. that is a sick safety net and in my opinion straps people into poverty. >> chris: a lot of conservatives say that governor romney didn't seem to be in touch with conservative thinking which is that good economic programs, lower taxes, less regulation, the best social program for the poor is a job and a strong economy. >> i think governor romney is the best candidate talking
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about the american dream, chris, because he has lived it. he is not apologizing. a great defender of the american system. he wants everybody to have the same opportunity for suck tess that he has. actions speak louder than words and look at he disclosed his tax returns. has given 6% of his income to charity and to take care of the missions forr mixes for charity. i think his personal testimony and i know him well, he cares about people of all income and wants everybody to have access to the american dream. >> chris: governorrers let's turn this around, your guy mitt romney has also been going after newt gingrich. let's put up what he has been saying. he says gingrich is a failed leader who resigned in disgrace and a now an influence peddler. is that over the top? >> well, i think it is well known that speaker gingrich did leave his office back in the
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'90s and but i think what is important now that mitt romney is saying look both candidates are tough. this is a contact sport. they are both saying things that bring out their best and expos their opponents weaknesses but the bottom line is chris what the voters are responding to is mitt romney's message across every demographic sector within the republican base and they believe that they he can beat a barack obama and that is what the rest of the race is about. leadership and spending and about jobs and they are buying what mitt romney is talking about. >> chris: let me bring congressman watts in. your response to the romney attacks against gingrich? >> to say he resigned in disgrace. chris, i was there. he paid a $300,000 reimburstment fee to the ethics committee for having to investigate one charge out of 84 that he filed bad information on. he reimbursed them. it wasn't a fine. he didn't resign out of disgrace. and, you know, talking about --
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>> chris: he was forced out in '98. >> he could have run for speaker. >> chris: but he was told by his own party he didn't have the votes. >> well, they are saying he doesn't have the votes now to win the nomination but you have got to take your argument to the people. you don't win, you know, you don't win the nomination by making argument in washington. you win the argument by making argument in south carolina and oklahoma and texas and so forth and so on. and concerning the demographic of votes that mitt romney that he gathered last night, you know, south carolina, florida, oklahoma, texas, the further midwest and south you you go i think the tougher it gets for someone that has been on record being progun, prosame-sex marriage, pro abortion, proraising taxes, raising fees. the sell gets tougher. they have to make the arguement to the voters but the speaker stands a good chance the further in this thing we go. >> chris: finally and we only
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have a couple of minutes left, governor mcdonald your name prominently mentioned as a possible running mate for mitt romney should romney win the nomination and unlike a number of the possible candidates to be vice president you aren't being coy about it. you say you would be interested. >> chris, what i said was i think anybody who got a call from their nominee and said hey, you can help the country and help your ticket would you you join, of course, you would consider that. listen, i got the best job in the world being governor of virginia. big things doing this session and i will let everybody else talk about that and we'll see what happens. >> chris: let me just ask you briefly and i know you are not auditioning for the job. why would bob mcdonald be a plus for a republican national ticket? >> again, i'm not interviewing and waiting for the phone to ring. i want to help mitt romney because i believe our country is in trouble and we have crushing debt and deficits and no plans for jobs and energy.
2:30 am
that is why i'm behind mitt romney. people say it is a swing state. balanced budgets without raising taxes. third lowest unemployment rate in the southeast. unbelievable things we have been able to do in virginia. that is up to the nominee. i want to win because i want to see a better america for my kids and grandkids. >> chris: we have to leave it there. thank you both so much for coming in. thanks for stand in for the two candidates. some would say that you guys are better than they are. please come back, both of you. >> all right, chris, thanks a lot. >> chris: up next, with two big victories how solid is mitt romney as the frontrunner? our sunday group breaks down where we are now in the republican race and what happens next.
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mr. president, we welcome any good news on the jobs front. but it is thanks to the innovation of the american people in the private sector
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and not to you, mr. president. >> chris: that was mitt romney last night in las vegas celebrating a second big win this week and looking ahead to a general election campaign against president obama. it is time for the sunday group, bill kristol of the weekly standard. lisliz marlantes. fox news contributor liz cheney and fox news political analyst juan williams. bill, romney's win was certainly expected. combined with a big win earlier in the week in florida and what looks like a string of strong states for him in february, how commanding is his position right now? >> it is pretty commanding. but i think the key question is what you just said. the string of the apparently strong states coming ahead. i think tuesday night is important. you asked rick santorum is this make or break for you. he said it is a long campaign plenty of time. but tuesday night for santorum will be an important moment to try to surpass gingrich and
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take on romney especially in missouri. romney if he could win all three on tuesday night then suddenly five in a row and that would be impressive strength. >> chris: in fairness, liz marlantes, in 2008 barack obama won a string of victories in caucuses in february and it didn't stop hillary clinton and she was able to come back strong in march. even if you do well in one month it doesn't exclude the others from staying in and prospering. >> if they can survive financially. newt gingrich is facing difficulties on that front. >> chris: $600,000 in debt we believe now. >> exactly. and appears most of what he was doing in nevada was trying to raise money and not actually campaign. i thought it was a weird week in the sense that it was a very good week for romney in that he is basically consolidating and restoring that sense of inevitably and marching towards the nomination. on the other hand it felt like
2:36 am
a bad about week in some ways. the gaffe about not being concerned about the very poor and the weird press conference with donald trump and didn't actually feel like a great week for romney. in the back drop what really happened is we had the jobs numbers come out. the whole general election picture has been shifting and so even as you get the sense that romney is really, you know, consolidating his support you don't feel like republicans feel all that great about him or about his chances against obama. >> chris: liz cheney, let's talk now not about romney but about gingrich and santorum who are kind of holding on for their lives right now. we heard santorum and as bill mentioned really counting on a strong showing in colorado, minnesota and missouri on tuesday. gingrich seems to be really hoping and holding on for super tuesday, ten states including a couple of -- a few you southern states including his home state of georgia. what do you think of their strategy? what do you think of their chances?
2:37 am
>> i think that both of them have adopted pretty much the only strategy that is available to each of them. and i think it is too soon to say this is over. i think each time you see a romney victory it looks increasingly like he will be the nominee. newt says he will hang on until texas the beginning of april. we will see in the coming weeks. i think it is a mistake for senator santorum to talk about the jobs numbers as though that somehow diminishes romney's reason for being in the race. i think it ignores the still very poor economic condition that we are in and ignores the fact that the job numbers should have been better much longer that this is an anemic recovery and you have higher levels of spending than you had since world war ii as a percentage of gdp. fewer people employed than you had since 1983. very bad economic challenges that we face that one month of job numbers doesn't turn around and i think any of these republican candidates would be better suited to deal with that
2:38 am
than president obama. >> chris: let's talk about that and put up the jobs numbers that came out friday for january because they were good. the economy created 243,000 new jobs. the unemployment rate dropped for the fifth straight month to 8.3% which is the lowest in three years. and that raises the question, juan, if that were to continue is it going to be hard for any republican to run against barack obama? >> i think it is very hard if the economic numbers continue to get better and these were as you said, chris, these are terrific numbers. no getting away from that. liz's point sounds and i think governor romney's point sounds a little bit like cheering for bad news because of the political hope that this would give you a base to beat barack obama. but you if you look at things like consumer confidence, the fact that employers are hiring, tonight when you watch the super bowl you will see a ton of ads from the car companies. these people believe that things are getting better. and in a sense that is very, very good news for president obama.
2:39 am
>> chris: well, okay, liz, make the case that even if unemployment continues to go down and more americans are going back to work republicans can run on the economy? >> i think there is nobody who is cheering for bad news. i think it is good news for all americans when you see good jobs numbers but i think it is wrong to assume one month of this kind of jobs numbers takes care of the fundamental underlying problem which is the massive debt which is in large part caused by the entitlements crisis and president obama has been unwilling, more than just unwilling to deal with that. digging the hole deeper and deeper and deeper. we learned just last week we will have another trillion dollars deficit. americans still face a fundamental choice h this november about whether we go down the path of europe, whether we face a massive debt austerited ye aah tarity numbers we are seeing in europe. >> it is not just one month. it is all positive and when you talk about the underlying
2:40 am
issues like debt i think americans are more concerned with jobs. let's produce jobs and when you talk about making changes in terms of entitlement spending and the like that is a larger discussion but you not topic one for the voters going forward for november. >> chris: let me bring in mit. mit. let me bring in bill to talk about mitt romney. he is running so single mindedly as the master of the economy, the turnaround artist who is going to turn around the economy. if the recovery is taking hold, if the economy seems to be turning around on its own what is the rationale for his campaign? >> well, there is a rationale but i think rick santorum was is right in the discussion with you. the rationale is if you like obama care reelect president obama. if you like diskrame nateing against catholic institutions, reelection president obama. if you like cap and trade, reelect president obama. if you like increasing debt, reelect president obama. i think mitt romney has been so focused on making i'm a
2:41 am
business c.e.o. who can turn around the economy argument that he hasn't painted a bigger broader picture of the choice facing the country and i think santorum did a good job on that. >> chris: let me bring into this and specifically because one of the things that i admired about obama in 2008 was his ability to make a big speech and hit reset on the campaign. most famously of the speech on race after the controversy over reverend wright. does mitt romney need to make a speech addressing his wealth and gaffes he made but make the candidacy about more than his biography. >> some of the prove lemes, some of the issues that bill cited he is badly positioned on. obama care is an issue a potent issue for republicans and a big motivating factor for tea party supporters. all of the case that santorum has been making i think is strong on that front. and ironically even though
2:42 am
romney came in first in nevada and a resounding win in florida but then had the little gaffes. santorum who came in fourth in nevada in an odd way had sort of a good week and we'll see what happens for him in missouri and colorado. but we have seen some of these other issues as the economy has seemed to get better. we have seen other issues come to the floor that a candidate like santorum is actually stronger on than romney. >> chris: we have to take a break here. when we compaq come back, the s of healthcare involving breast cancer and birth control.
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just goes to show you when women speak out women win and women's health has a big victory this morning. >> we are witnessing an absolute shakedown of an
2:46 am
organization that simply wants to save the lives of women through cancer research. >> chris: that was just a taste of the fuhr error thi furor ov. komen decision to coun cut funs from planned parenthood and then the sudden reversal. komen which is the leading breast cancer advocacy group got caught up in the culture wars, deciding to defund and then reverse that and to fund planned parent hood's support for screening of breast cancer. how much do you think both of its moves were caught up in politics? >> i think at the end of the day they mishandled both. i think there are a lot of prolife conservative women out there, i'm certainly one of them who had no idea if you you contribute to the komen foundation that money may well end up with planned parent hood a group that is performing abortions.
2:47 am
they should have been up front about the reasons why they were doing it and i don't think there is any reason why this kind of pressure applied that money that ought to be for breast cancer research is in fact. >> chris: some would say there was presidential hopefuls sur in the first position as well. both times they were under pressure. >> the most important story this week in terms of the presidential campaign and in terms of the issues was the obama administration decision. >> chris: we will get to that. >> but i want to speak on it. >> chris: then we will move on. >> the fact that the obama administration is insisting that the catholic church fund insurance. >> chris: liz, liz, liz. >> fund insurance and things that they don't believe is is critically important. you may not get back to me, chris. i want to get my point in. >> chris: see, i'm tough on her, too. nevertheless, we don't run through red lights around here. let me put up facts on planned parenthood. they are the leading provider of abortions in the country. over 300,000 performed in 2010.
2:48 am
but abortions are just 3% of the services they provide and over the last five years planned parenthood has been responsible for 4 million breast exams. so, should liz marlantes, komen get involved in the controversy over planned parenthood or not? >> i'm sure they wish they had not. most of us don't even know they were providing money to planned parenthood and i think they will lose funding over this. it is unclear that they completely back tracked. that point has been lost in some of this. the statement kind of said well, we will restore the funding for now and they still have the right to apply for future grants. anybody has a right to apply for grants. i think, you know, in terms of why they did this, they were -- it was a totally a case study in bad p.r. it in terms of how not to handle something. unclear about how the motives were. we heard shifting explanations it was because planned
2:49 am
parenthood was under investigation and then because they don't actually provide mammograms, just referrals for mammograms. it was all over the map and unfortunate for the komen foundation. if they wanted to break ties for planned parenthood for political reasons they should have been upfront about that and realize they would take some hits for it. >> chris: the fascinating aspect of social media. a firestorm first against komen for cutting funding and then against komen for restoring the funding on the internet and this comes just a month after the furor over piracy legislation which forced congress to back down. how big a player, how powerful a player is social media now in the politics? >> it is powerful and as you said a minute ago the culture wars are alive and well. everyone wants to say they don't matter any more, just the economy. the economy, the widely
2:50 am
overused statement from the clinton campaign. people care about a lot of issues and people don't think that they have to restrict themselves to only voting on or weighing in on or using social media to affect decisions on economic matters. they care about a lot of other things. this was a good wakeup call that the cultural issues remain important to an awful lot of americans. >> chris: juan? >> bill is quackly right. from a political strategickist point of view the wedge issue abortion being the foremost one is absolutely still critical in the country and a huge divider and has been used since the nixon days to try to win the catholic votes and obama won the catholic vote last time but at the moment although he still has the lead before the whole controversy that liz mentioned broke out, now the idea is that he is going to lose the white catholic vote and what is in danger here is the hispanic catholic vote. that is the critical thing here. are if you can get hispanic catholics who are sensitive to
2:51 am
the church orthodoxy to shift from obama to the republican column that would be a huge victory for republicans. >> chris: get into the thing that liz wanted to talk about and that is the fact that the obama administration decided that it is going to as part of the healthcare say that catholic institutions, not churches but charities and schools and hospitals must offer health insurance that covers contraception. the catholic church very upset about this and so apparently is liz cheney. >> they are fighting back. the catholic church is fighting back. the government ought not be in a position where they are forcing the catholic church to fund things fundamentally contrary to catholic beliefs. at the end of the day you will see republicans and democrats across the board, catholics and noncatholics standing up against it and if the catholic church fights and pushes up against it i think it will win. it goes to the core of who we are as americans. if the federal government is telling people that they must in fact pay for contraception
2:52 am
and the morning after pill that the catholic church disagrees with or face fines that could be potentially devastating. >> chris: how do you respond and the argument that the administration is making which is we are not saying that the women have to use birth control we are saying there should be a choice. the vast majority of catholic women in fact do use birth control. >> three quarters of catholic women do use birth control. it is almost universal in the country. this is not a first amendment issue. not a matter of religious liberty. nobody is saying the church has to do this. we are talking about as you properly outlined, talking about charities and schools in some cases hospitals. this is federal government money that is being allocated. why we should say one particular orthodoxy. >> chris: this isn't even federal money. just saying that you as part of your health coverage have to >> this is to be happening through any hospital, any
2:53 am
charity that does healthcare planning, clinics and the like and why should any religion, i don't care if you are muslim or christian or whatever. >> chris: but we are running out of time. bill, there had been a conscious clause which exempted catholic institutions and they are saying no conscience clause. >> even the obama administration admits that teachers shouldn't be forced to pay for things that they find abhorrent to their belief. why is the obama administration telling everyone what kind of health insurance they have to have? because of obama care. this is why you don't want to go down that road in the first place. >> you just changed the parameters of the debate. >> chris: thank you, panel. see you next week. don't forget to check out panel plus where we will pick right up with the discussion on our website fox news sunday .com. we will post the video before noon eastern time. up next, our power playe
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>> chris: fa lan trophy is an unshent greek word which means loving humanity. all sorts of ways to do that. giving your time, your hard work. giving your money. here is our power player of the week. >> you can't take it with you so i think there is a big value in giving away the money while you can and while you are alive. steinis: david reuben seen is may be better known for giving his money away. almost every where you turn in the nation's capital there is one of the projects. when the washington monument was damaged by an earthquake he agreed to split the $15 million
2:57 am
repair with the government. he bought a copy of the magna carta for $21 million,. >> i was fortunate to be able to get it and put it on permanent loan here. >> chris: and this week presided over its installation in the national archives. >> i'm fortunate to be in country where people like me can rise up to have this type of good fortune happen to me and i want to give back to washington as well because this h is where so many good things happened to me. >> chris: he grew up in baltimore. the son of a postal clerk who never made more than $8,000 a year. after getting a scholarship to duke he worked in jimmy carter's white house and 25 years ago cofounded the carlysle group, now one of the country's biggest private equity firms. >> it was an advantage upbringing. i needed to apply myself and that was a great advantage. >> chris: his job is to raise the billions of dollars the company invests.
2:58 am
>> how many days a year do you travel? >> i'm on a plane about 60 days a year. -- 260 days a year. a lot of travel. i enjoy it or i wouldn't be doing it. >> chris: he has a big vacation home on nantucket. out front a rock with an encryption. >> it says on the whole i would rather be working and that will probably be on my tom bstone. >> chris: the work has made him a personal fortune of more than $2 billion. which gives you more pleasure making money or giving it away. >> giving away is a le h 11. making money is a large part of my life but giving away money is much more complicated as well. >> chris: he wants his money to have an impact. he has given millions for student scholarships. $4.5 million for the pandas at the national zoo. $10 million to the kennedy center where he is chairman. >> any idea how much money you have given over the years? >> i do know, i do have good
2:59 am
accountants but probably not something i will announce on television? >> over or under $100 million. >> you can assume it would be over that. >> chris: it is just a start. he made the same pledge as warren buffett and bill gates to give away more than half of his wealth. >> if i live a normal life span i will have the opportunity to give away money for another 20 years or so. never know if there is a heaven or not. most people believe there is. if you give away money you might have a better chance of getting to heaven and why take a chance. >> he doesn't think much of the attacks on mitt romney's career and private equity. carlysle has investments in companies that employ more than 200,000 people. next week our guests will include former governor sarah palin who has been outspoken about the republican pressial presidential race. she will be live here in the studio. that iit


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