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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 6, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that's it for "special report," fair, balanced, unafraid. don't forget election coverage tom night. got you covered on fnc captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, escalation in egypt. americans stuck there, forbidden to leave there, could now face charges there. among them, the son of the transportation secretary ray la hood. plus, a suspect in a high profile missing person's case murders his own children. >> he decided to do this. he was going to do this. there was nothing was going to stop him. >> shepard: cops already suspected josh paul in his wife's disappearance. children thought to be the only witnesses. now they and he are dead. killed in an explosion of fire. >> it's just heart-breaking that he would do this. >> shepard: tonight, powell's last words and how
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investigators say he carried out his plan. crisis in syria. as troops crack down on descenters, the u.s. closes its embassy. tonight, the push to get americans out of harm's way. as a nation drops deeper into chaos. plus, after the super bowl, new york celebrates. but new england doesn't take it as well. tonight, a massachusetts riot, and the big apple's plan for one heck of a party. but, first from fox this monday night, an unthinkable family horror has just unfolded in america, leaving neighbors to wonder how in the world the survivors will ever recover. like nothing we have ever quite reported here before. it ended with an email from
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two little boys' father, an email that reads "i'm sorry, goodbye. he just poured 10 gallons of gasoline around his own home. lured his children inside. set himself the kids and the house on fire. killed them all. he had long been a person of interest in the disappearance of his wife susan. we reported just after she vanished in 2009 in utah. alibi was he had taken his children on a midnight camping trip in the freezing weather and didn't know what happened to susan. it was a story the cops never seemed to believe. and susan powell's parents say one of the children recently drew a classroom picture that showed the family in a vehicle and his mother in the trunk. >> in the minivan there was daddy, charlie, and me. so brayden, and then he said mommy's in the trunk. which caught the attention of the preschool people, of
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course. >> shepard: susan powell's parents say police told them they were actually getting ready to arrest josh powell. just days ago a judge ruled he couldn't have custody of his kids, but yesterday he got one last visit. the two boys walking right in front of a social worker up to the door they went to see the father they, by all accounts, adored. the kids in first, dad slammed the door, locked it tight. and as that social worker banged and begged and called 911, she smelled gas. then saw and felt the explosion. and watched in horror as those little boys burned to death behind that locked door. >> we heard the boom. and we ran outside and you see this big black smoke coming up in the air. >> i hope nobody was in there. >> shepard: she hoped nobody was in there. of course, josh powell and those two little innocent children were. charlie and brayden dead now. and perhaps with them any chance of finding what happened to mom, figuring out what really happened the night
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susan powell disappeared. dan springer with this news. he is live in graham, washington where all of this went down. josh powell sent out not just the one email that i read, the "i'm sorry, goodbye." we learned today he sent out a bunch of emails. >> that's right. several emails josh powell's attorney, cousin and pastor. sent at the very last minute. too late for anybody to do anything to stop the two murders and suicide he had planned. make no mistake. this was a plan. he doused a gallons of gasoline throughout his house and then ignited another 5-gallon can in a room with his two sons right next to him. the emails indicate powell knew what he was about to do. >> the only thing we have gotten in this he says i'm sorry. i can't live without my boys. and that's it. nothing anymore detailed than that. >> autopsies should be done by tomorrow. we will know the cause of
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death, shep. >> shepard: dan, were there signs, indications of any kind that this man might do something this horrific? >> well, nothing in the record from child protective services. we know that the kids were not in danger with josh, at least that's what the record was with child protective services because the coworker who was here yesterday was the same coworker who was here with several different visitations. they took place twice a week. she is said to be, quote, gravely traumatized by what happened. as for susan powell's parents they never opposed the visits. even after the west vale utah police told them josh was about to be arrested. >> we have been led to belief that there would be an arrest and that it may not be until the summer of 2012. that there certainly would be an arrest. >> and we are told utah police are now in washington state and on their way to the scene here, shep. >> shepard: there is one other
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chance of finding out what might have happened to susan powell. and, josh powell's father, he is still behind bars, right? >> that's right. he was arrested back in september on child pornography charges and voyeurism. he is still behind bars in pierce county. he is said to be on suicide watch. he is not cooperating with police. he is still remaining silent on anything that had to do with susan powell's disappearance. remember that whole story about how he said that she was attracted to him and flirting with him and all of that. since then he has clammed up and said nothing to investigators. shep? >> shepard: dan springer in graham, washington late this afternoon. wow. dan, thank you. well, it's getting serious in syria. i mean, very serious. in fact, so much so that the united states shut down the embassy today. pulled the ambassador and all the staffers out of the country. the state department is also telling americans in syria "get out immediately." the government sponsored slaughter there continues.
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[gunfire] [shouting] >> shepard: tell me this isn't a civil war? activists say syrian forces attacked the city of homs for a shird straight day. makeshift medical clinic. more than 50 people died across that country today. fox news cannot confirm those reports or verify this amateur video but u.s. officials say they could not guarantee the safety of americans working in that ambassador. >> as you know, we had been working for many weeks with syrian officials to try to control access around our embassy facility. we were not able to come to appropriate arrangements there. >> shepard: last month the united nations estimated more than 5400 people had died since the uprising began. in march. now the u.n. reports it can't keep track anymore. and tonight u.s. officials warn the syrian government may be losing control of the situation on the ground.
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"the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us tonight. whatever definition civil war is, we're getting closer and it is certainly getting bloodier. >> hard to find any expert, shep, at this stage who doesn't already consider this a full blown civil war. the rebels seemed to have realized that they are not going to get help in military terms from the west so they have to do this themselves. with the help of some defectors from the syrian army they are doing just that as president obama said today in errant view with nbc matt lauer we seem to be approaching a tipping point. listen. >> my sense is that you're seeing more and more people inside of syria, recognizing that they need to turn a chapter and the assad regime is feeling the noose tightening around them. this is not going to be a matter of if. it's a matter of when. >> the when, of course, is the big question here. because every day that goes by
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in this situation brings dozens more. sometimes even hundreds of casualties, shep. >> shepard: it's getting very serious for the civilians. the president has ruled out emphatically any ground forces. the entire western world has said we are not going to go in there and intervene. china and russia vetoed that u.n. resolution that would have put more sanctions or at least condemned them. that is said to have given the is assad regime a boost. >> it's actually given an effective green light to president assad to continue and even step up the brutality of his crackdown. all the signs are that he is continuing to do that because, as experts like michael sing points out he has already watched other arab leaders in similar situations fight and lose. listen. >> the lesson that he has probably drawn is that the best strategy to go forward is to resist with overwhelming force and to not make the kind of political concessions or other concessions that would lead to him being in the dock
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whether in damascus or in the hague because he sort of knows how that movie ends. >> right now this particular movie seems destined to end as many movies do in a very bloody battle, shep? >> shepard: jonathan, thank you. the president presidential candidates are getting ready for a string of contests tomorrow and mitt romney could be in for a bit of competition. we will check out what to expect in tomorrow's show downs plus, egypt dealing with brand new instability and protests and accusing americans of causing big trouble. ahead, the plans to put some united states citizens on trial for something that in this country would be encouraged. what washington has to say about that. from the journalists of fox news. from title town. this is the fox report. the next available claims representative will be with you in 97 minutes. [ laughs ]
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>> shepard: group of americans in trouble in egypt. 19 trials. including the cabinet secretary. accused of engaging in illegal activities there with pro-democracy groups inside the country. the egyptians say most of the americans have already left but six remain, including sam la hood. he is the son of the transportation secretary ray la hood. egypt has banned them from leaving the country. officials saleh hood and several colleagues are taking shelter at the united states embassy in cairo. washington has been pressuring egypt to let the americans leave. and today a state department spokeswoman reiterated the state department's decision could say effect the checks they get. >> these actions can have consequences for our relationship including with regard to our assistance program. that is not what we want. we need to resolve this issue now. >> shepard: it is a mess. the united states gives egypt more than a billion dollars in aid every year. that money, in theory, helps stabilize the region. tonight, it's not clear how high a price egypt is willing to pay to-to-make an example of some americans.
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mike emanuel has the news live in washington tonight. the problems are many here. they are not in their old confuse. they haven't gotten to the new constitution. their old government is gone. their new government is not in yet. they are in this time in the middle and it's very dangerous. what's washington doing? >> shep, no question about that one argument is pulling the money could create chaos, for example it, might cause the egyptians to stir up trouble with the israelis. something they certainly don't need right now. another argument is that it essentially could take away washington's leverage with cairo. today at the white house, spokesman jay carney spoke carefully. >> we concerned about the crackdown against ngo's. we're concerned about the ability of americans to, who have done nothing wrong, to leave the country. we are working at every level of the egyptian government to resolve this issue. >> there are members of congress already who would like to see the aid money to
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egypt pulled right now. as for whether it will happen. we will just have to wait and see, shep. >> shepard: you heard jay carney say the americans have haven't done anything wrong under our rules and culture if could be celebrated what they dncts that's right. working to celebrate democracy what they have done there in egypt for several years. as thee nongovernmental groups do all over the world, the military government also has plenty of other problems in the cairo. clashes between police and protesters on the streets continued for a fifth day in the row. shops closed hurting merchants in the struggling economy. they have also suffered extensive property loss. the ngo's are likely the least of the egyptian government's problems. if they go forward with trying the americans, the question is what the u.s. will do to stop it, shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel in d.c. tonight. mike, thanks very much. a teenage girl -- i should say first, a controversial law aimed at discouraging women from getting abortions set to go into effect in the state of texas. a federal judge there who ruled parts of the law are unconstitutional now says he cannot block it because an
7:17 pm
appeals court overturned his decision. under this law doctors are required to show women the image of their fetus or embryo and have them listen to the heart beat at least 24 hours before an abortion. in his initial ruling, the judge said the act compels physicians to advance the ideological agenda with which they may not agree regardless of any medical necessity. supporters of law say women seeking abortions should be fully informed. a teenage girl reportedly abducted at gunpoint. just ahead, a father's plea for his daughter's safe return. and it was an unsolved murder that stymied police for years and decades and then the clues started pointing to one of their own. >> the leads were leading to a current member of the police force. >> shepard: a veteran police detective accused of murdering a love rival more than two decades ago. and investigators say technology helped crack the
7:18 pm
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>> shepard: trial started today and decades old murder case that led los angeles police to bust a los angeles police detective. in opening statements, prosecutors accuse this former l.a.p.d. detective of brutally killing her then ex-boyfriend's wife. that was 26 years ago. police said somebody beat the victim and then shot her not once but several times. back then investigators suspected a burglary gone wrong. d.n.a. testing wasn't even thought of yet. and the case went up solved but a quarter century later police say now new testing points to a killer who worked
7:22 pm
right across the hall. trace gallagher has this story los angeles newsplex this afternoon. this comes down to one big piece of evidence. >> and that piece of evidence, shep, is a bite mark on the victim's arm that police long thought was caused by a man until the d.n.a. lab dropped a bombshell saying no the bite was actually caused by a many would. so then l.a.p.d. detectives began following one of their colleagues, stefanie lazarus. took a cup she bite got a probable match. the prosecutors say the odds of it not be lazarus are one in one sextill i don't know. that's a lot of zeros. >> if you are claiming i'm a suspect. then i have got a problem with that okay? so, you know, if you are doing this as an interrogation, you are saying, hey, i'm a suspect. now i have got a now you are
7:23 pm
accusing me of this? is that what you are saying? >> by the way i said sextillion that's 17 zeros. the bullets came from a gun that was owned by her in the 1980s, shep. >> i don't know how many that interrogation video is going to help her there i'm curious what the defense strategy. >> knock down the d.n.a. they are saying 25 years later that is a sasa live have a test. bite mark on the victim's arm does not match the teeth of lazarus. she is a former detective. watch again how she is interrogated by her colleagues about a point in time where she came in contact with the victim. she is very predictable. >> i may have. you know, i may have talked to her. you know,. >> you mentioned a hospital,
7:24 pm
maybe. you may have talked to her at a hospital. >> yeah. yeah. i may have -- you know, i'm thinking back now. you guys are bringing up these old memories. >> court by the way is done for the day, shep. opening arguments are done. they begin calling witnesses tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. >> we will stay on it trace, thanks for your help. thank you. a father in alaska is begging whoever took his daughter to let her come home. it's been five days since 18-year-old samantha koenig vanished from the coffee stand where she works. surveillance video shows her leaving with an armed man. they say they don't know whether he targeted the teen or whether it was a random kidnapping or they don't know what it is. court records show the victim filed for protective order oagainst a man back in november. but that order went unissued because she didn't show up for court. well, this one could real little shake up the race. that's what rick santorum is saying about one of tomorrow's
7:25 pm
caucuses. does rick santorum have a shot of derailing mitt romney? life team fox coverage from the campaign trail. our top story at the bottom of the hour coming right up. a couple of the republic candidates are getting involved in the showdown over birth control and the catholic church. this one is heating up and some analysts are warning the president's new policy could cost him crucial votes in november. that's straight ahead on fox report.
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>> shepard: six feet of snow trapped hundreds of villagers and forces one father to hop on a horse to make things better. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. croatia. as rescuers tried to reach those towns, these brothers took matters into their own hands. one of them grabbed his horse to go look for milk for his wife and 2 month old child. weather forecasters say more snow is on the way. pakistan a factory in the eastern city caved in after several gas cylinders inside exploded according to a city official. a rescue worker says at least nine people died. authorities say an illegal medicine making business operated there. they say they closed the factory three times but each time it reopened. egypt. a 14 story building collapsed in a port city of alexandria a
7:30 pm
workers indicate that at least one person died but that five families were inside when the structure came down. locals say workers built the place less than a year ago. mexico. animal rights activists demonstrate against bullfighting in mexico city. they say they want lawmakers to pass a measure that would ban it in the capital city. as you can see, the protesters stripped down to their underwear and covered themselves in mock blood. we're told only spain has more bull fights than mexico. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. we're just hours away from the next presidential contest. colorado, minnesota, minnesota, both hold caucuses tomorrow. a total of 70 delegates at stake. but more than 90% of all republic delegates are still up for grabs.
7:31 pm
here is a look at the counts so far. mitt romney added to his total over the weekend now ahead 101. still a long way to go to the magic number of 144. romney is focusing on colorado today. former house speaker newt gingrich and former senator rick santorum are both campaigning in colorado and minnesota. and gingrich seems to be making good on his threat to go after romney as, quote, timid. >> if you look at romney care and compare to obama care if you look at who he appointed as the judges. people made liberal democrats happy. is he not a bad person, per se. but he is also not a person who goes in there with force and will and fundamentally changes things. and we're in a situation we need fundamental change. >> shepard: today, a spokesperson said gingrich expects to win the majority of colorado's delegates. but the latest poll shows mitt romney up by 14 points. rick santorum actually in second place. gingrich down in thimpleted that's according to a public
7:32 pm
policy polling. democratic firm that uses automated phone service. -- phone surveys so take that with grain of salt. we have team fox coverage of the republic presidential race. mike tobin is live with us tonight in indianapolis. first to alicia acuna in denver. mitt romney there in 2008 and it looks like figures is he going to win there again this year. >> as one g.o.p. insider told us look to the fact that romney is the only candidate spending his caucus night here in colorado. the former governor is traveling around the rocky mountain state where he has had an established organization since 2008. romney told a crowd this election is about more than the president. it's about the very soul of america. >> the people we have elected from president obama on down, every year are now spending over a trillion dollars more than we take. in it's an unthinkable number. i mean it's an unimaginable number. a trillion dollars, 1 trillions. and that burdenson never going to be paid back my me or by
7:33 pm
you. and romney also has quite a few high profile endorsements in colorado. >> shepard: he does. winning in colorado is a lot more than delegates in this case. >> depending on the results of the other contests tomorrow it could go toward showing momentum which is actually kind of a big deal when you think about that three week lull in between tomorrow's caucuses and arizona's primary at the end of february. winning a swing state like colorado comes with a lot of bragging rights. electorate is divided equally in thirds by party. good test state for a general election. also, tomorrow look for who comes in second place here in colorado. it could be a game changer going forward. back to you. >> shepard: sounds like it. colorado, now a look ahead to minnesota. looks like a dead heat there in the caucuses. that same public policy polling survey shows rick santorum leading mitt romney by two points. statistically a tie. newt gingrich and ron paul
7:34 pm
within the margin of error there another poll shows mitt romney losing. the president beats romney by nine points in a new "the washington post" abc news poll. that's the first time the president's approval rating has hit the 50% mark since way back in last summer. and it has been going up. team fox coverage continues now live in indianapolis tehran paul event. what's congressman paul have going on there tonight? >> you know, shep, ron paul continues to rock the youth vote if you will. he just did an event in saint cloud minnesota before 900 people. many of them young, many of them college students. his messages hitting a lot of familiar points and they do very well with the young people. he talks about increased liberty, decreased government. decreased spending overseas. particularly while the homeland is broke. it does he have well with this crowd. he has a big room here in minneapolis he is trying to fill. he has the crowd streaming in right now, shepard. >> shepard: the candidates that say that minnesota is the place where they can break mitt romney's momentum, right?
7:35 pm
>> yep. rick santorum told me yesterday he is still in the game. what the candidates are hoping to do in minnesota in particular is appeal to those type of people who will show up at the caucus. their numbers are expected to be small but they are expected to be very motivated. evangelicals, tea parties, conservative, and they anticipate when these people get to make a choice, they will make the most conservative choice they can. and they believe that doesn't mean mitt romney. newt gingrich, rick santorum really hoping to send out the message at the end of the minute society caucuses that mitt romney is not running away with the nomination, shep. >> shepard: all right. thanks very much. mike tobin. that's minnesota. we did colorado. and then there is missouri. it's holding a primary tomorrow. as one analyst put it, it's meaningless, that's because the real contest is the caucus next month. republic party rules show that only four states can vote before march the 1st. it's a rule. but missouri law requires the state hold a primary tomorrow. the legislature failed to change the law. so missouriens vote once
7:36 pm
tomorrow it doesn't matter and then they vote later and it does. okay. the g.o.p. frontrunners are seizing on a growing birth control controversy. started really when the white house recently announced a new rule implementing the president's health care law it requires health insurance plans to give free contraception including plans from catholic hospitals and universities and charities, which of course, ban birth control. officials at those institutions say the rule violates their religious freedom. newt gingrich says the president has, quote, basically declared war on the catholic church. and mitt romney tweeted if you have had enough of the obama administration's attacks on religion liberty stand with me. he directed his supporters to an online petition. back in 2008 the president won with more than half of the catholic vote. critics say this controversy could be exactly what the republics need to cost him that this time around. james rosen has details on this. is he live tonight in our d.c. newsroom. james, good evening.
7:37 pm
>> shep, good evening. for a second straight weekend pulpits and pews were inflamed with this issue. health and human services op ed this morning even as the paper in its own editorial called the rule bad policy. we specifically carved out from the policy religious organizations that primarily employ people of their own faiths sebelius noted. this exemption includes churches and other houses of worship and other affiliated organizations. >> we will continue for the coming year as i think also with a little bit lost in the coverage of this to work with those religious institutions to try to implement this policy in a way that ensures that women have access to preventative care but tries to allay the concerns institutions. >> at the catholic university of america, for example, where people of all faiths are employed. the exemption would not apply. the president told lauren green it portrays a concerning
7:38 pm
mineld set with within the obama administration. >> protect if it's just happening in church on suneld or in the mosque on friday. but, if it has to do with your daily activity with what sort of life you want to lead, then it's not something the government will protect. >> there are about 68 million catholics in america. 35 million of them voted last time around, shep. >> shepard: james rosen on capitol hill. james, thank you. president obama today ordered tougher penalties on iran's government and central bank. it comes ahead growing tensions over tehran's nuclear program and a report of a coming israeli attack on othe islamic republic. at least thoughts of that plus the new york football giants are once again super bowl champs and the big apple now readies for a ticker tape parade for super eli manning and the g men. he would have come on "studio
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>> shepard: iran needs to look out for more painful economic penalties u.s. ramp up the pressure from iran's secretive nuclear program. some israeli officials make threatening noises of their own. the white house standing by its key ally. >> our level of cooperation with israel militarily and intelligence matters has never been higher. i think it demonstrates the this country's commitment to security. >> leon pa pa they that revealed last week israel could launch attack on iran as early as this spring. that may have triggered a recent scolding from benjamin netanyahu. a fellow official says netanyahu ordered his cabinet to end the quote chitchat about iran.
7:43 pm
jennifer griffin is at the pentagon for us tonight. it's my understanding that president obama is also trying to reduce the chitchat. is that right? >> yes, while also tightening sanctions. he signed executive order sunday night freezing iranian assets in the u.s. and laying the groundwork to enforce sanctions against iran's central bank. >> but my goal is to try to resolve this diplomatically the only way over the long term we can assure iran doesn't get nuclear weapon is by getting them to understand it's not in their interest. >> iran meanwhile stepped up the texas by carrying out more war games in southern iran, testing the shae hab 1, 2, and 3 missiles which can reach israel, shepard. >> shepard: hawks are all about going in there guns blazing. central commander figure said you better think twice about this look to see what might happen. >> that's right. the former head of central command admiral william j. fallon who lost his job you will remember when he issued a
7:44 pm
warning and suggested that it wouldn't be a good idea to strike iran that was at the end of the bush administration. >> you strike and then what? what happens then? state at the two, step three, sp four. where does this go? what do you think you can achieve? >> he told me that he thinks the war rhetoric coming from washington and from israel right now is not helpful in terms of pressuring iran. he also said that it's not going to be as simple as when israel struck iraq's nuclear reactor. wiped out othe reactor and also syrians reactor. iran is a totally different situation he says. >> shepard: sure enough. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, thanks. super bowl now. the champion new york football giants have returned after the mvp super eli manning led the g man to 21-17 win over new england in indianapolis. water teams jets this
7:45 pm
afternoon as it airport. busses to team headquarters where thousands of big blue fans lined the gates waiting to catch a glimpse of the champions of the football world. the official celebration slated for tomorrow. ticker tape parade, the city estimates the parade could draw more than a million fans to broadway. [cheers] >> shepard: because, as you can see here, new yorkers love their giants. this is amateur footage from last night. amateur all right. this amateur took it outside the poor house, the village poor house at 11th and third avenue. they were out in the streets. we are not showing you the 10 guys who were out there in speedos only dancing on cabs because our bosses don't like to show -- i don't blame them it was fun. and it went late. a live look at the empire state building dressed in big blue tonight to honor the four-time super bowl champions and their mvp super e.
7:46 pm
well, lose something no fun. we have all lost. the patriots super bowl loss did not sit well with folks in new england. cops using smoke grenades to disperse a crowd of 1500 they tell us at u mass in am hearst. 13 students and one other person facing possible charges they tell us, including disorderly conduct and failure to disperse. we are told there were some fist fights but nothing serious. no reports of any property damage. super bowl wife of the patriots quarterback tom brady captured on camera blaming the loss on her husband's receivers. she said was waiting for the elevator to leave the v.i.p. suites last night they tell when you say a camera for the web site caught her saying and i quote i can't believe they dropped the ball so many times. my husband cannot bleeping throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. nice gazelle. no word on who she blamed for her husband giving up a safety on new england's first
7:47 pm
defensive play. take a look at this. the game set a record, the most watched television program in the history of the united states in earthquake in. third year in a row for that 111.3 million viewers according to nielsen beating last year's 111 million for green bay's win over pittsburgh. of course, new york is the biggest media market in all the nation. wow, it was fun. it went very late. the battle against second-hand smoking targeting a new target. ahead, what u.s. health officials are saying about smoking while driving. plus, the cruise industry takes another hit. no, not that cruise. the one that floats. a virus outbreak strikes a third ship. that's coming up. as fox reports live tonight. crews and manningham, oh my. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum.
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>> shepard: a bank pays up. one of the nation's biggest banks set to pay $110 million to settle claims it overcharged people or at least charged people unfair overdraft fee customers accuse j.p. morgan chase processes transactions from largest to smallest instead of chronologically. caused will at co-count balances to fall feationer leading to overdraft fees. more than 30 several have settled including bank of america which. too many kids inhaling second hand smoke in darr's. according to fares of its kind study in the centers for disease control and prevention. about 1 in 5 middle and high school students says that he or she recently was in a car where somebody smoked. researchers linked second hand
7:52 pm
smoke to all sorts of health problems in children. they say it's especially bad in enclosed cars and still can be toxic even if you roll the windows down. four states already ban smoking in cars that contain children. now government scientists are calling for more states to crackdown. a recommendation that has critics really fires fired up. jonathan serrie with the news in our atlanta newsroom tonight. what's exactly where does the debate stand? >> yeah, well, shep, critics don't like the idea of government being able to legislate what you do inside your private automobile. especially when it doesn't directly effect traffic safety. supporters say your personal rights do not include harming kids, which is exactly what you are doing when you light up inside your car. the stud study's lead author complains exactly what's at stake. >> there is several adverse health eeivettle sorgetted with ear infections acute respiratory infections as well as delayed lung growth and
7:53 pm
even sudden infant death syndrome. >> even some the most outspoken civil libertarians are divided on this issue. it becomes very emotional. once children's health becomes involved, shep. >> shepard: really this study's findings are not all bad. >> not all bad. take a look at this graphic. back in 2000, 39% of nonsmoking middle school and high school students surveyed reported exposure to second hand smoke in cars. 39%. now compare that to 2009 when the figure was just below 23%. public health officials say the figure is still too high but at least it's trending in the right direction. shep. >> shepard: jonathan serrie if our atlanta newsroom. jonathan, thank you. a clean up crews have now finished scouring a third cruise ship the stomach outbreak. ships docked in louisiana and florida. all three had outbreaks of the virus. hundreds of passengers were reported sick. two of those ships belonged to princess cruise line, the third royal caribbean.
7:54 pm
police in hot pursuit of a run away goat. and we're told it took them hours to catch said goat. wild goat chase coming up. ou're. but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving. with xerox, you're ready for real business. until the end of the quarter to think about your money... ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you,
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♪ y feel good [ male announcer ] back. and better than ever. the all-new beetle. [ dog barks ] ♪ get up off... >> shepard: you are watching "the fox report" from america's cable news leader fox news channel. randy travis apologized today on arrest of public intoxication. there is a mugshot, of course. the sheriff's office in texas reports arrested randy travis in morning after spotting a vehicle parked and finding open bottle of wine. randy travis said he was sorry and he had been celebrating super bowl. sounds appropriate to me, actually. cool critters now, hot pursuit edition. police in australia got into a wild chase with one very allusive goat. there you see them. racing through the streets of melbourne, australia. nobody seems to know exactly where this animal came from. and officers tried hard to keep up but that goat was
7:58 pm
fast. >> very couple of timessenned unfortunately just too agile and too quick. come on now. eventually cops caught up. now the goat lives in a dog pound. where workers have nicknamed him houdini. after, well, houdini. >> before we go our team's top five things of the day. number five verizon and red box. the company behind rental kiosks teaming up to compete with netflix. simpson dolls to lacy will banned. barbie dolls also on the list. good job, iran. number three federal appeals court set to rule tomorrow on constitutionality of same sex marriage ban. number the two united states closing its embassy in syria and pulling everybody out of that embassy. activists reports syrian troops killed 250 people since saturday. number one, the hulls of the missing utah mom susan powell killed himself and murdered his children in an explosion
7:59 pm
at the house. josh powell had been a person of interest in his wife's disappearance. and that's "the fox report's" top five. on this day in 1952, princess elizabeth came the queen of england. her father king george the 6th died in his sleep while 25-year-old elizabeth was traveling in kenya. and in june of '53 she was officially crowned. starting a reign that continues to this day. though 12 british prime ministers have come and gone and an even dozen american presidents. did you know the empire ministers and presidents with whom this queen is now working weren't even born when she came to power? and today the 8 a-year-old queen elizabeth marked six decades on the throne in a modest asession day ceremony. the big party, the official diamond jubilee celebration set in june. a princess became a queen 60 years ago today. and a football player became a king.


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