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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> it's the biggest night of the primary season. super tuesday, a whopping number of delegates at stake, one third of the total needed to win the g.o.p. nomination. could someone clinch it on super tuesday. tonight, a special look at super tuesday. lick klein is here. who is up for grabs on tuesday? >> the biggest state is ohio. that's the biggest western battleground. but there are the southern state, tennessee, oklahoma, georgia, newt gingrich's home state, all of a sudden in play. virginia is on the ballot. but only ron paul and mitt romney vote there. and then have you caucuses in states like north dakota, alaska and north eastern states, massachusetts, vermont, where governor romney is expected to do well. there is something for everyone. caucuses, primaries and lots of delegates and lots of
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opportunities. >> so a cliff hanger, in my sense on tuesday -- ohio for senator rick santorum and also speaker gingrich in georgeia. >> those are must wins. if rick santorum will win in ohio, he is leading in the polls and that's an opportunity for him to make an argument that he is the candidate who can take on mitt romney and barack obama. he had the opportunity in wisconsin, didn't get it done. ohio is a chance fora i do-over. for speaker gingrich, georgia is a must win. if he can't wane win, there is no rationale. and he has to win and dominate and have a spillover effect in the other southern states and do very well in tennessee and oklahoma to make an argument that you belong as a top-tier candidate. >> what a heartbreak for senator santorum and gingrich not on the virginia ballot. that's a huge state this time. >> it's enormous and even more because when you get into the math a little bit, you realize
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that governor romney because he will rock in virginia and run away with the delegates there and almost certainly win more than anyone else on tuesday. he is already the leader and he will pad the lead, even if rick santorum has a great night and win ohio, figure he wins georgia, you are still talking about mitt romney almost certainly having more than the other folks that night. >> all right, is the race still on if senator santorum takes ojaio and speaker gingrich takes georgia and maybe a state or two? >> yeah. if ohio goes to anyone other than mitt romney, we have a race here. because then have you someone who can say, i can win. im making an argument -- ohio is as critical a battleground as there is. so if someone else wins, you are questioning mitt romney's rationale. short of that, i think super tuesday is likely to go very well for mitt romney and the whole campaign. >> disappointing for speaker
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gingrich, he hoped that april 5, he would be in the texas primary and now it's in late may. that's a painful event for his campaign. >> that's bad for his strategy. but circle back to virginia and the candidates have only themselves to blame. yes, it's hard to get on the ballot in virginia. two candidates got on and two are not. that's the biggest factor in tuesday to make mitt romney's night almost certain. >> what a blunder nvirginia, it was such a must-win state and could be a state that goes -- that changes the policy in the november. to not cross your tsand dot your is. >> this is where organization and a powerful infrastructure like mitt romney does, that's where it matters. they weren't going to make a mistake like this. they were going to get on the ballot. that would never happen to him, to happen to newt gingrich and rick santorum, their campaigns weren't as far along and now it
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haunts them. >> the impact of endorsements. we have the attorney general in ohio, endorsing governor romny and switched to senator santorum, any bearing on the campaign at all? >> the former senator, the punish you are referencing there, i think that had a lot of value in the moment of the campaign. i believe that endorsements rarely matter. i don't think the voters follow the lead, but they do feed storylines. >> you don't have to buy an ad. we are talking about it. >> and we are talking about whether mitt romney is the right voice and to have a powerful voice like mike dewine did. if others start to jump ship tquestions the candidacy and raises doubts about whether he is the guy who can go all the way. but until then, most of the endorsems we have seen them with tim pawlenty, endorsements didn't matter for mitt romney.
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>> the senator from ohio, that was dwarfed by the aspect that dewine switched his. >> because switches are fun. that means something in terms of the exact argument that rick santorum has to make is that republicans are set against themselves, to think twice before casting the ballot for mitt romney. to believe that this is a race and he is the guy to do it. >> exciting tuesday. lots of excitement. thank you. >> thank you. >> now to a state holding a caucus on super tuesday, alaska. two dozen delegates are up for grabs. who might have an edge? >> in 2008, governor mitt romney won with almost 44% and ron paul finished third with 17%, but that was four years ago and much has changed. how is it looking this year? form early alaska governor sarah palin is here. good evening, governor. >> hi, greta. how are you? >> very well. you always talk about the lower
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48. so we are going to talk about the upper 1, state of alaska, in terms of the caucus. going into the caucus, has any candidate come up to alaska and campaigned? >> no. none of the candidates seem to ever want to come up to alaska. it must be too tough up here in these conditions. unfortunately, they need to get up here and see what alaska has to offer in terps of workforce and energy resources to secure the nation. they haven't been up here. but some have made an effort. newt gingrich did a teleconference with supporters to talk about energy, just recently, as you mentioned, romney won four years ago. wouldn't be surprised if he wins again. there is a strong libertarian strain, so ron paul did well four years ago, he will do well again. >> it's interesting, the whole alaska vote in the fact that they won because of the libertarian aspect to it. but i am curious about the other candidates.
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speaker gingrich, are you hearing much? or senator santorum or is this a romney/ron paul fight? >> it is not just romney and ron paul. gingrich has made the effort to explain to all of america that alaska is very resource rich. we have hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of clean, green natural gas up here. we have billions and billions of barrels ever oil. we have a strategic location on the gloarks obviously, so close to russia, so close to pacific rim countries. and our strategic location, ultimately does help to secure our nation. alaska has a lot to offer. newt recognizes that and spoke to alaskans about it. and that bodes well for him and allows him to respect his position in this presidential campaign. but alternates a very small process nterms of numbers participating, up here in a
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closed caucus. it's a presidential preference poll that is taken. out of our entire population, only about 14,000 people are able to participate and you have to be registered as a republican to participate in the process up here in choosing the nominee. people like my husband, todd, who is an independent alaskan and independent patriotic american, he can't participate in the process because it is closed. >> it's also fascinating that when you take the state of alaska and you pit it on the lower 48, it's almost half the size of the lower 48 n. caucuses, they will be held all over the state and in remote areas and the organizational aspect is quite different from other states. >> yeah. the caucus, if you will, some is held in people's homes, a local restaurant, perhaps, local churches. again, very small process. so not always as universal
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across the nation, not always indicative of a general election outcome because no matter who it is who comes out on top in terms of nominating that g.o.p. cappedidate from alaska, i'll bet you the majority of alaskans are of the mind-set that it must be anybody but obama. we are a very pro-military state here. we recognize what our men and women in uniform sacrificed to keep us secure am we are watching obama with his naive apol jees to savages in afghanistan who turn around and kill our soldiers, we look at things like that, the actions of our sitting president and we say, anybody but obama. and that is why, greta, the alaskans whom i speak with, we are so tired of the pettiness within the g.o.p. process, you know, the folks are bickering back and forth about different tactics taken within their campaigns and in the nominating process.
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we're trying to remind the candidates, stay focused on getting a commandener chief who our troops deserve, get a commander in chief who will keep our nation safe, who understands the constitution and the number 1 job of the president to keep this homeland and americans safe. we don't see that from our own president, we get very perturbed and very impatient with the pettiness of the g.o.p. campaigns and bickering. we say, stay focused on the main thing, which is to replace barack obama in november 2012. >> is it fair to say that different parts of the country have different challenges and problems and unemployment rates inform alaska, i assume that the key issue that drives the vote is your state's industry, besides tourism and wildlife and hunting, there is the oil industry. do you think that will affect how you vote, driven mostly by issues related to oil and
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energy? >> most alaskans are independent. we are not obsessed with the partisanship on either side of the aisle of doing what's right for the people. we believe in the united states constitution. and in our state's constitution, we are barely over 50 years old. as we got to learn from other states and maybe some parts of other states' constitutions that we didn't want to emulate and the strength of the stewings that we wanted to emulate, we put a fine constitution together for our state that says we will be as self-sufficient as possible and we do that, by developing our god-given resources up here. that's what our constitution says. unfortunately, the federal government, who has our -- obviously, our u.s. federal constitution in its purview, has not adhered to their end of the bargain and let alaska develop their resource, less than one
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half of 1% are in private hando sector hands, government essentially owns the state of alaska. when the federal government does not allow us to develop our resources and we are at the beck and call of the federal government to fund our services, we don't want to be in that position, we want to stick with our end of the bargain, when we became a state, 50-some years ago and we said we would be as self-sufficient as possible, we want the federal government to allow us to live that out, by developing our resources and we won't be on the federal government's dole to the degree that we are today. >> it's an interesting bit of political history. super tuesday, the first time we crossed paths. but in 2004, when you were in the republican convention. >> i chased you down the hall, greta. i said i had always wanted to meet you. when i met you, i said, man, i thought you were like 6 feet
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tall. you said, well, i am. i was so impressed there with your boldness -- >> you know, one thing, the funny thing is that i had to once you became the nominee, i was chasing you down across the hall and every state. >> i know. no, no, no. listen, since we are an energy-rich state and we know that lincoln's cabinet, all of these years ago, secured the territory of it alaska, first from russia so we could open and secure or union with our resources, it's time that alaska is allowed to do that. we watch our president manip iewrling the u.s./domestic supply of energy and bowing to enemies, asking them to ramp up energy production for us, it really infuriates us because we know what we have the resources up here. when the manipulation of the curency is devaluing the dlrks which jacks up the energy prices when you look at the budget, we
10:14 pm
say that's ridiculous. we need to replace barack obama with someone who understands the energy security that is at our fingertips and alaska has a lot to do with that. >> last time around, governor mitt romney won alaska at 43%. if he doesn't win but still wins, is that a win? >> a win is a win. you know? the win in november will be whomever the nominee is, replacing barack obama. anybody but obama. >> we will be watching tuesday, ark laska. your polls close very late for us. governor, thank you. >> thank you so much, greta. >> state ahead, social issues, jobs in the economy or other issues that may surprise you. what will drive the vote on super tuesday? we ask you, next. >> we don't know who, when or where on super tuesday, but we
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>> jobs, swrobs, jobs, yeah, that's right getting back to work is a top priorityarn the
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country. but will the economy be the driving force of drivers on super tuesday? or will it be social issues? or maybe issues you haven't even thought of. grif jenkins asked the vote whearz they really care about. >> i'm particularly interested in someone who will be a champion for we the people. >> i think economic issues. you know, i am interested in turning this economy around. and that's -- that's my most -- pressing concern right now. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. the economy depends on it and the person that can come up and have a good plan to put georgians back to work are the people that we will continue to elect and this in -- and in this next cycle, we want the economy tatotake off. >> for most folks in georgia, jobs and agriculture.
10:20 pm
so to me, it's food processing. one thing that concerns me is the immigration policy, coming up with something rationale to do jobs, that's the only jobs that they want to do. so we have a safe and secure food supply. >> the issue that drives my vote are making sure that the people are taken care of in this country. mostly, the military. my husband spent 30 years in the military. so am interested in say safe country. >> well oorkts all about the economy to me. i think that any candidate that -- the candidate that i support, rather, has a bold plan to cut spending. >> well, right now, the state of the economy is the most important to me. improving the housing market, improving jobs, bringing jobs to georgia, pro-life movement
10:21 pm
really's important to me. and seeing that stepped up. those are the things that are most important to me right now. >> some of the things that really matter to me, i guess, is costs are escalating and nobody seems to want to cut some of the frivolous programs. i think we need to be looking at that. >> the economy, mostly. and probably trying to regain some of our freedoms. >> americans with the political climate in our climate is the economic climate in our country, and of course, again, as a christian, i have some of the social issues, some of the moral issues that weigh heavily on my heart, abortion, for example. so i am interested in that and issues that are very controversial that i know are big hot-button issues that get emotional responses. but that's important to me. >> greta: coming up the battle for ohio.
10:22 pm
governor romny and rick santorum headed for a showdown there. but who will cash in on the more than 60 ohio delegates. you may be surprised by what the voters are thinking, at least right now. and the g.o.p. race sizzling in the south. former speaker newt gingrich has georgia on his mind. but is his home state a sure thing? a look at the southern strategy, coming up.
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>> greta: congressman ron paul's camp is calling it a two-mag race -- two-man race in virginia newt gingrich and rick santorum are not on the ballot. the state's primary has been a hot bed of controversy for months. we go to the richmond times for more. good evening, sir. >> reporter: hi, gret a. thanks for having me. >> greta: thanks for joining us. tell me, why didn't santorum and gingrich -- speaker gingrich and senator santorum get on the ballot? what's the challenge? >> reporter: santorum didn't even try to get on the ballot. speaker gingrich didn't qualify. he got more than the required 10,000 votes, but 1500 of them were fraudulent. so that dropped him back and he didn't make the ballot because of that. >> greta: how many delegates are up for grabs in virginia on
10:27 pm
tuesday? >> reporter: 46 delegates here. >> greta: so this is not an insignificant state nterms of delegates and not an insignificant problem, not to be on the ballot? >> reporter: no. someone recently said to me, we could have been a contender. so -- only two competing for it, 46 delegates, that's a significant number. >> greta: is there any chance for a write-in? are senator santorum or speaker gingrich trying to get votes that way? or is that just absurd? >> reporter: no. although speaker gingrich said he planned to mount a write-in bid, it is not allowed. so write-ins won't count. >> greta: any thought which way the wind is blowing for governor romny and congressman ron paul? what the numbers are likely to be? what the polls are showing? >> reporter: certainly, the momentum is with romney. has the backing of a popular
10:28 pm
governor here. his state campaign chairman is the lieutenant governor. and polling here shows he has a commanding lead. so i think most people are tending to think that he will win pretty easily here in virginia. >> greta: is there a way to comparison track 2008 with now? what the political ideology might be, demographics, popularity, any of those questions? >> reporter: well, it's -- in 2008, it's a swing state, with regard to the primary, there is just not as much hype surrounding it. we don't think the turnout will be as big as it was in 2008. but 2008 was the first time in a while that virginia had played such a pivotal role in the general election. >> greta: you say there isn't as much hype, or in other words, another way to say this, enthusiasm. what is your explanation for that you? would think, in the republican party, there would be a high level of enthusiasm since they
10:29 pm
have the mission to win the election. why not the enthusiasm or the hype? >> reporter: well, i think it will be there for the general election. it is not there for the primary, with so many people not making the ballot and only two choices here, the campaign is not much campaigning here. there hasn't been much advertising here. and it is want a lot of enthusiasm, as you said, surrounding the primary. >> greta: is there a penalty for the republicans not showing a lot of interest in virginia? >> reporter: well... we will see. like i said, i think it will be back in full force, come general election time. i think we will play a pivotal role there. so the primary was an unfortunate set of circumstances, where not everyone could make the ballot. the rules didn't change. the candidates just didn't meet the requirements. >> greta: thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> greta: to ohio, one of the
10:30 pm
largest and most important states on super tuesday. why? there is a big number of delegate, 63. and the candidates have their work cut out for them. half of ohio voters say they could change their mind by super tuesday. the reporter for the columbus dispatch joins us. that's astounding after the debates and primaries and caucuses, ohio people are saying that they haven't decided? >> well, i think that's true. like in virginia, there is not a lot of enthusiasm. that will change very quickly as the candidates flock to the state. they are all over the place like bats. they will be here through super tuesday. the tv ad war is heating up, romney and his super pac have dropped $3 million into the state. and so they are blanketing the airwaves here. and as that occurs, i think there will be more enthusiasm,
10:31 pm
although in 2008, in the democratic primary, while obama and hillary clinton were -- [inaudible], there were 2 1/2 million voters in that democratic primary. i don't see anywhere near that. it maybe even 2 million. >> greta: how about the economy? is it on the upswing or stagnant or the down swing? i imagine that will have some impack come november. how are you doing? >> it's improving, the job and the unemployment picture is improving. but job and it is economy are one and one here in ohio. we have suffered in the last half dozen years, we have lost about 400,000 jobs, 170,000 in the manufacturing sector. one in seven ohioans is on food stamps. one-third of births are paid for
10:32 pm
by medicaid. all right. now, senator santorum in recent polls seems to be leading. a lot can happen between now and tuesday and governor romney has a lot of money. i am curious, if you are a betting man, can -- you know, go out on a limb ask tell me who you think will win come tuesday? >> i can't do that. but i can tell that you romney will close. i believe he is closing, although i haven't seen any polls over the last two days. this is a state that the establishment republicans and it's a middle state. we like centrist. we are 5% advantage for republicans. but it's want a state that elects extremists. i think that santorum maybe hurt himself in ohio with -- when he
10:33 pm
got enmeshed in the cultural issues in michigan. i think they are carrying over into ohio. they are not helping him. that said, a third to 40% of the electorate here, evangelical christ yaps who care deeply about abortion and same-sex marriage and priprimarily with the economy. santorum has to get away from fm the cultural issues, but so far, the media are not letting him do that. >> greta: joe, thank you. all eyes will be on ohio on tuesday. thank you, joe. >> greta: super tuesday take the race to the south with tennessee and georgia, hold thrg primaries. georgia and the state speaker gingrich, represented congress for 20 years, with 76 delegates. and it's the state that speaker gingrich is banking on, pouring more money into his home state than anywhere else.
10:34 pm
will his southern strat strategy work? grif jenkins hit the ground. >> reporter: in carrollton, georgia, in the 1970s that newt gingrich took his first job as a history professor in west georgia college. even with a classical title, the year 2000 and if he ran for congress for the first time in 1974. he lost and ran again in 1976, the year jimmy carter was elected and the he lost. but in 1978, he finally won, beginning a political career that took him to washington. he would see the speakership, the house of representatives and now, presidential run to take him to the georgia primary. does your dad have a home-field advantage here? >> dad really appreciates georgia as an army brat, he moved a lot. he graduated here from high school. you know, he served here and
10:35 pm
lived here longer than anywhere else in his life. he has a very long history with georgia, loves georgia, really feels at home. and he will work very hard here. >> reporter: does speaker gingrich have a home-field advantage here? >> he should. he's our guy. >> reporter: how do the candidates connect to the georgia voters? >> the candidates come to georgia. we are a red state. we are probably the reddest state in this nation. we get ignored every time. and the candidate or the candidates that pays attention to georgia is going to be the candidate that georgia will elect on super tuesday. >> the republican party and all of these candidates with the republican party are focusing on those economic issues. and i think that's what brings the women toward the republican party. and i think they will begin to see that there are more women coming toward the republican party because of economic issues
10:36 pm
and they feel that the obama administration is not solving those economic issues at this time, particularly dealing with obamacare. >> reporter: the volunteer state of tennessee has 58 del -- delegates, the third most on super tuesday. they are awarded on a proportional basis. how do the candidates come to tennessee and appeal to the voters here? what do they need to do? >> you know, we have a broad base of republicans here from mountain republicans who had their great-grandfathers fought in the civil war and the union, to the more conservative democrats that move to the republican party and i think they are looking for someone who will stand up for america, who will fight for american republic principles. i think that's what they are looking for. >> for the candidates, how do they best appeal to the tennessee voter? >> if they throw out the red
10:37 pm
red-meat issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. if they aphel to the voters in that sense, i being they will make an effect. >> greta: up next, oklahoma, dozens of delegates are at stake. which way are the voters leaning in the sooner state isn't imfer imfer -- the sooner state? the governor of oklahoma comes on next. who is writing a giant check? and which candidate is benefitting the most from the super pac? coming up. when i left my job, i knew it'd be tough on our retirement savings, especially in this economy. but with three kids, being home more really helped. man: so we went to fidelity. we talked about where we were and what we could do. we changed our plan and did something about our economy. now we know where to go for help if things change again. call or come in today
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helping you do what you do... even better. ♪ >> this is a fox news alert. from america's news headquarters, a tornado sweeping across huge portions newscast midwest and southeast tonight. storms leaving a trail of destruction in indiana, ken tucky and ohio, killing at least 20 people. the death toll could continue to
10:42 pm
rise throughout the night as we receive updates from local authorities. some of the worst damage is in southern indiana. violent weather there killing at least 14 people. in one town, completely wiped off the map and tearing a roof off a high school. this comes just days after a huge storm system triggered dozens of tornados that left 13 dead in illinois, missouri, tennessee and kansas. now back to "on the record." and for all of your headlines, go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. stay with us. >> >> oklahoma on super tuesday. the governor has not made an endorsement. will she announce her pick before the primary? good evening. >> reporter: how are you, greta? >> very well. are you going to endorse between
10:43 pm
now and super tuesday? and if so, do we get the pleasure of having it here? now? >> reporter: i am not planning on endorsing right now. you know, oak is one of the most conservative states in the nation. i think we are going to elect and give a republican nominee for president from oklahoma. i am going to look forward to see what we do on tuesday. >> greta: who is leading now in oklahoma? >> reporter: well, right now, the polls are that senator santorum is leading. certainly, governor romney and speaker gingrich are at the very top. but one thing i do know is that all counties in oklahoma voted against president obama and gave that nomination to senator mccain, many years ago. and so i know that oklahoma's going to go republican because we are, of course, the reddest state in the nation. >> greta: in terms of having 43 delegates. is it winner take all? or do is divvy them up?
10:44 pm
>> reporter: it's proportional. but there are 43 delegates. >> greta: how about the airwaves? are you flooded with ads? and are there robo-calls? we are. there is a lot of advertising in oklahoma. all the candidates have been to our state. they have hadn some good crowds. there is a lot of interest about the republican nominee. i think any of those candidates would be great candidates? i understand or i have read or heard that you are not wild about the media focusing on the social issues. first of all, is that right? if it is right, tell me your thoughts? >> reporter: lyou know, i think our main issue that oklahomans and americans are concerned about jobs, economy, debt, deficit, american energy and the high gasoline price, national security, especially with all the things going on in iran and around the world we seem to get distracted by the questioning by the national media and some of the -- the debates on the social issues. certainly, we want our republican nominee to be
10:45 pm
conservative on the social issues. but i think the american people are concerned about their jobs and about the debt and about the future for our children. many times, they are not allowed to talk about those issues, the core issues because people try to distract them on other things? are there any other issues -- the big issue is the national security, economy, the debt. how about the keystone project. is that an issue in your state? >> reporter: energy is certainly a big issue for our nation because it's a matter of national security and economic security and it's a matter of jobs and producing american-made energy. certainly noklahoma, we are seeing a resurgence of energy, a renaissance of energy. oklahoma has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation, double-digit revenue growth for our state. we are creating jobs in oklahoma. it's because we are producing energy jobs. we are producing the right business climate by not raising taxes and focusing on the core issues important to the state. that's what we want a president
10:46 pm
to do. to focus on how we can grow our economy, create the right business climate, not raise the taxes on our individuals or businesses and focusing on american-made energy. >> greta: have you been eye imagine you have an endorsement, do you get phone calls or once a week or get coffee, what kind of courting are you getting? >> reporter: i have met with the presidential nominees and extend the courtesy to bheet them when possible. i have had phone calls from other governors and elected officials and even the former secretary, advocating a certain candidate. we certainly have given all the candidates a warm reception in oklahoma, with the republican party itself and they have drawn great crowds. there is a lot of cure yowtiosity. oklahomans want to know where the candidates sustained on the issues and they are anxious to be able to get to that
10:47 pm
republican nominee so we can get on and put a conservative in the white house. >> greta: governor, thank you. we will be watching on tuesday, a big day for the state and many others. thanks, governor. >> reporter: thank you. appreciate it, greta? >> greta: straight ahead, millions and millions of dollars, super packs, raking in the cash and spending it like it's going out of style. who is behind the super pac? and how much impact tell have on the election results? that's next. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. chocolate lemonade ?
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>> there is a name for the super pac. each of the candidates has the support of a super pac, donors spend millions and millions of dollars and they can raise and spend money without limits -- yes, without limits. so big money is a big influence. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> greta: what is the giant big-picture influence of the super pac and how does it differ from four years ago? >> it's the first presidential race in which we have seen the super pacs, the citizen united ruling allowed the super pacs
10:52 pm
n. 2012, they are spending a lot more money. there are maybe 1 thrirt super pacs and they spent $66 million already. the big super pacs are backing the g.o.p. candidates? are they contributions in the $5 range or are they in a bigger range? >> what's really interesting so far is that the large proportion of their donors are millionaires and billionaires from big industries, like real estate and investment, industry, energy industry donors. and romney's super pac got at least 10 contributions of $1 million or more. some donors have given $10 million, such as the casino mogul who gave that amount with his wife, a super pac backing newt gingrich. >> greta: they are associated with associated with the candidates, but they are separate. there may be a lot of -- i think this is my feeling, there is a lot of nodding and winking, but they are not connected to the
10:53 pm
candidates? >> in fact, they are forbidden by law from coordinating with the candidates. >> greta: but -- i never see a -- i mean, there are a lot of accusations about the super pacs running ads that are inaccurate. but not any of the candidates have said, i want them to stop putting false information. >> there has been negative information about the super pacs in general and specifically. so they are a double-edged sword for the candidates because sometimes the candidates are having to answer for the super pacs and the people who give money to them. >> greta: president obama has a super pac? >> yes, upping until now, they haven't raised that much money. some people speculate that's because president obama didn't like the entities and backed legislation to provide more disclosure for these entities and had condemned the citizen united ruling. but after recent respects show
10:54 pm
how badly the super pac backing obama is getting outrage by the g.o.p. super pacs, the president sent the signal that he will allow his surrogates and even cabinet members to help raise money for the super pac. >> greta: so maybe, maybe this is sour grapes, he doesn't like them, but he himself has been successful raising the money but not the super pacs and he wasn't going to take public financing -- and -- he was going to take public financing and then he did that one. >> it's very much along the same lines. he talked to watchdog groups, they will tell you, point blank, they are disappointed. they thought this was going to be a president who endorsed reforms and hasn't come forward to do that in a big way. >> greta: it will be interesting to see the aftermath because they are rolling in the money, paying in a lot of money. >> this will be an election unlike any we have seen. >> greta: they are all like that. thank you.
10:55 pm
>> thank you. >> greta: coming up, the final countdown of super tuesday. expect a nail biter. one more look at the state you want to watch. next. @@ [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible. >> greta: it's the big prize, super tuesday is coming up fast. primaries and caucuses in 10 states that start on tuesday. states are alaska, georgia, idaho, massachusetts, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont and virginia. and can that be make or break states for candidates? fox news channel will bring you results as they come in. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again monday night at 10:00.eastern. make sure you tell us what you thought about our super tuesday preview special. good night from washington. see you on greta wire.


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