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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 3, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> the final stop before super tuesday, voters in washington state choosing a republican presidential candidate. plus more intense storms on the move at this hour after a string of deadly twisters devastate parts of the midwest and south. i am harris falkner. this is "the fox report." (sirens) >> tornado outbreaks taking lives and lively hoods in an instant. an unrecognizable landscape in a place many americans call home. amid the death and destruction incredible stories of survival. we report live from some of the worst hit areas. temporarily pulling the plug on an eco friendly car touted by the obama administration. halting the option of the battery operated chevy volt. how it will effect jobs at the
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manufacturing giant. also out of control and out of time, you just have to see what happens next. >> fox news is america's election headquarters. voters in washington state making their pick for the republican presidential candidates. people meeting in churches, schools, town halls and homes. those caucuses ending a short time ago. they are now counting the votes. preliminary results are beginning to come in. washington state the last contest before super tuesday. when ten states and 419 delegates will be in play. special report anchor bret baier is live with the washington caucuses in washington, d.c. and alook ahead at super tuesday. take it away. >> we are getting the first results from the washington caucuses. the next step as you mentioned in the republican presidential campaign process, mitt romney has 31 percent of the vote
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romney next -- paul 27 percent, santorum 16 percent. mostly in the eastern part of the state. the bigger voter rich counties will be coming in through out the evening. we are keeping our eye on all of these results. an eye on the campaigning for super tuesday races as well. we have fox team coverage tonight. chief political correspondent karl cameron is in cincinnati ohio. we begin with dan springer in seattle. good evening, dan. >> ron paul is second at 27 percent. rick santorum 3rd at 24 percent and newt gingrich trailing at 12.8 percent. these are small rural counties in eastern washington. 15 percent of the 39 counties. i am guessing this is certainly less than 10 percent of the expected vote. they are anticipating between 50 or 60 or 70,000 to vote today.
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that would be a record for caucuses but not surprising given the amount of time that ron paul spent in the state of washington and the amount of organization he has here. the guy who has the most ground game and the one who spent the most time and made an ad in washington state. romney rebounded in the last couple weeks. paul is the only candidate who is still in the state. he showed up at a caucus today outside seattle. he was treated like a rock star the only one to show up at the caucus. he clearly wants his first win and has made the biggest ground game here. >> i take my oath of office very, very seriously. he has anything not stiktly
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permitted. >> two weeks ago paul was trailing rick santorum by 11 points. the latest had him up by 5. clearly he has momentum in this state. he could pull out a victory. also it could be ron paul hitting his first victory in this whole process. >> anecdotally hundreds of people have been turned away from some of the county precinct sites. benton county, for example. they are seeing high numbers some place. >> people were urged to show up early because of the expected high turnout. they have never had 50,000 people left. four years ago 13,000. we were at the place where ron paul showed up there was a line outside the door one hour into the caucus. you could tell if people were in a long line they were not going to be able to get inside by the time they closed the office at noon today. >> ohio figures to be a crucial state on tuesday.
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see what happened with karl cameron. high brett, ohio is huge. super tuesday 10 states 400 nominating delegates. that's more delegates that have been available in all of the races combined at this point. mitt romney leads the polls nationally. that is something that has not happened in quite sometime because newt gingrich and santorum had moved ahead. he is playing and spending aggressively to win in ohio. by far the most pivotal tuesday state. he leads with moderate republicans and wants a candidate who can beat the president and has the experience to deal with the economy. rick santorum leads with self described conservative republicans and tea party voters who want a quote authentic conservative somebody who lax as a moral leader santorum has been pounding romney as a flip flopper and a liberal big government type. now in georgia that is where former house speaker newt
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gingrich is looking for his big win on super tuesday. big enough to cat tult him in different wins and southern states that vote after that. ron paul looking for his first big win in washington state. he hopes by doing that he will be able to stay in the race all of the way to tampa. having said that, brett, all of the candidates are promising to stay in this race for the long hall saying no one is going to win the nomination any time soon. it could be weeks or months. they are all saying that. after super tuesday it may be a lot less plausible for a couple of them. stoddard editor of the hill. houston powers from the daily beast. >> okay. ab, talks about washington how it shapes up and how it effects super tuesday. >> it is nonbinding it doesn't really matter they weren't withe and they weren't playing paul is
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the only one doing so. rick santorum wants a win to help propel them and be in the headlines for news sunday and monday leading into super tuesday. high turnout is good for mitt romney. low turnout will advantage ron paul and possibly rick santorum. a good sign for mitt romney that he is turning out supporters at a low percentage. ron paul we said before we sat here and said he might win, i will believe it when i see it. he under performs polling. but he is organized he spent money here. radio oo in washington about four weeks ago i spent sometime on the west coast. at the time they haven't heard much from the candidates. he had two campaign staffers on the ground doing organizing. rick santorum and newt gingrich hadn't been there at all. santorum made a visit out there at a very well attended event about two weeks ago.
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they had been focusing more trying to steal some of the headlines if they could. sounds like ron paul may have a good night tonight and talking to people over the past couple days they expect them to do well. >> ron paul win wouldn't be the worst thing that happened. it would be worse if santorum one. if it ends up being his one win it's okay for the romney campaign. it would be better for romney to build on the momentum he has from winning the past three states, but whether paul wins or not he is in it for the long run. it would be nice for him but it is not necessary. >> the interesting thing is how much the wins have psychological febts. he has a swing in the polls of 30 percent. he has a 20 percent swing.
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we saw what happened in michigan and arizona now with mitt romney. as a result of that he went ahead in the polls. he is now ahead by double digits in any of the polls nationally since his victory on tuesday. and that is what stands out in washington state tonight. it is not really what is happening in washington state it's what is going to happen on super tuesday. the mood of that will be set. you could get a reverse swing. in ohio as a result of the victory he had in michigan. romney is now within the margin of error. he was way behind. behind by double gdigits. if santorum can pull out a voik to -- victory tonight that could reverse that. if romney wins in washington state that could assure a victory in ohio and could be the most important on super tuesday. >> as we cycle through the boards the votes that are in now it is very early still. but it is important when we talk
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about this being nonbinding that people remember that the iowa caucuses were essentially nonbinding. this is how it is set up they go through a system to get the delegates to the national convention. >> that is the way most of the caulk cause stits are conducted. the only one with exception was nevada was immediately binding. iowa had 28 delegates it was nonbinding. the delegates were bound at the state convention in washington here. they went into the caucuses made the choice when when they walked in. they could have 30 minutes to change their vote. >> we will have continuing coverage through out the night on the washington caucuse through out the evening updating -- through out mike huckabee's candidate forum tonight goes from 8-10 p.m. eastern time.
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then we will have an hour long recap at 10:00 p.m. eastern in which we will give you all of the results from the washington state caucuses. we will have a look forward to super tuesday. i am heading out to ohio tomorrow. we will have special report from ohio monday night. that is it for washington. now back to harris falkner in new york. >> always good to see you, bret, thank you very much. right now crews searching for more, any more survivors they can find from a deadly outbreak of tornados across the midwest and south. we are learning more about rescuers in indiana who found a 2-year-old little girl in the middle of a field miles from her home town. she was all alone with no one around her. we have brand new details on that. and more up close video showing the storm's destructive path. you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. >> i didn't take my eyes off of it. it was mez merizing and scary at
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>> a fox news weather alert now. destruction and despair in america's heartland. at least 38 people dead after dozens of reported tornados hit the midwest. >> some of the worst damage in indiana where officials are saying a twister wiped out one town. you are watching amateur video of one twister touching down near henryville, indiana that was yesterday. it leveled entire blocks. >> everything was beating around our head. thank god we made it. >> i looked up and i was talking to my daughter across the street and i looked up and i see debris every where. >> what do you make of all of this? >> i don't know. i am glad to be alive. >> amen to that. >> first responders in
7:16 pm
henryville say tornados destroyed all of that town's schools. thankfully no one was inside of them at the time. in dozens of places from the gulf coast to the great lakes the scene is grim. volunteers and rescue workers looking through demolished buildings looking for survivors. mike is in henryville. >> as night has fallen a curfew is in place. that's why you see a roadblock behind me. you can see remains of the henryville junior, senior high school where so many people sheltered one person was killed at the high school took a direct hit. we can show you video of the tornado that hit this school. the national weather service has now ranked it an ef 4 the second most powerful category of tornado with winds up to 175 miles per hour. debris was pulled up from this tornado 5,000 feet in the air. mike kaiser was the local
7:17 pm
gentlemen that shot this video. contrary to what you normally hear from witnesses that a tornado roared and sounded like a freight train. he said it hit like static on a television. after it hit he heard screams of people needing help. minutes later they were pummelled with baseball sized hail. the emergency crews out here say all of the people in southern indiana are accounted for. this is now about rebuilding. this is now about cleaning up these battered towns in southern indiana, harris. >> this part of the story also surreal. we are hearing reports that rescuers found a toddler alone in a field in indiana. >> she is 2 years old. she is now in critical condition at last report. her entire family was killed by this storm. mother, father, two month old sister, 3-year-old brother, all of them perished in an instant. she has extended family there at the hospital hoping and praying
7:18 pm
for her, harris. >> as are we. mike tobin, this is tough, the beginning of the season and this is what mother nature brings us. thank you so much for the update. >> arizona, a helicopter hits the ground. it is caught on tape. the guy who was rolling with the camera just kept rolling. we could see what the scene looked like right after the crash. is the chevy volt out of juice? what's the bright spot of president obama's auto bailout. general motors pulling the plug on making the electric car. what happened? is it coming back? this mio energy is completely crushing my game. i take the stuff everywhere. exactly. everyone's more energized, more alert. i've lost their respect. oh who's laughing now!? gazelle!!
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>> well, we don't have to tell you energy policy is a big deal right now. millions of americans feeling the pinch as gasoline prices continue to go north. according to aaa the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.76. that's up $0.29 from one year ago. the pressure is on for lawmakers to do something about it. president obama and economists using the same word. >> we have to pursue an all of the above strategy that uses every source of american. >> americans continue to pursue all of the above approach to utilize the natural resources we have right here at home. >> then there's this. general motors putting the brakes on the chevy volt and temporarily laying off workers who built them. you may remember the electric car was highlight of president obama's auto industry bailout. even after government rebates took thousands of dollars off
7:23 pm
the price tag of the sales of chevy volt fell flat. >> i remember the president saying he wanted to drive that car. >> after he leaves office that's what he says he wants to do. part of the volt's problem is it is pretty expensive. 40,000 dollars if you include the $4,500 tax credit to buy one. even with gas prices going higher and higher they are unwilling to take faith in an electric vehicle that can go 30 miles on batteries alone before the gasoline engine kicks in before it needs recharging. the five week idling of the hamtramck plant where volts are assembled results in layoff of 1500 workers. the volt as you said was heavily tout bide the administration and by the president himself has repeatedly fallen below sales forecast.
7:24 pm
2300 were sold last month. the same dynamic may be with the volt that experts say caused other green energy programs to fail. >> the idea we are going to create employment through subsidizing alternative energy has to be assigned to the humor department. we have too many examples of these subsidized firms going out of business because the cost of what they produce wasn't worth the value to the mar et. >> -- market. >> spokesman for gm says even with sales in february up over january we are seeking to align our production with demand. president obama has a budget to proposal up the rebate to 10,000 dollars per vehicle. the administration to reward movement to green vehicles but critics say it's an admission these vehicles can't make it on their own without manipulation on the marketplace.
7:25 pm
>> very interesting. thank you very much. earlier today an apology from conservative talk show host rush limbaugh. the georgetown university law student appeared on capitol hill advocating for her health insurance companies to cover the cost of birth control. on wednesday limbaugh argued that the desire for birth control coverage promoted casual sex and called her a prostitute and other derogatory word. in a statement today limbaugh said i do not agree american citizens should pay for these ocean activities. he went on to say my choice of words were not the best and in an attempt to be humorous i created a national stir. i sincerely apologize for the insulting choice of words. see what police rounded up and how much the knockoff accessories are worth off the street. we are awaiting the results of washington state caucuses.
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>> i am harris falkner. time now for the top of the news at the bottom of the hour the results coming in from the washington state caucus. the multi step process toal gate th allocate that state's 40 delegates. it's the leadoff to super tuesday where we have ohio and 10 other states. karl cameron is live from cincinnati. karl, it is possible for one candidate to win the vote in ohio the important state on tuesday while another takes more delegates. >> that is right. it has to do with how they are allocated in ohio. rick santorum was unable to qualify to be on the ballot in 3 congressional districts back last year when registering to be a candidate in ohio walk taking place he didn't supply the necessary petitions in each of the congressional districts nor did he fill out a slate of delegates for ohio. as a consequence he's going to
7:31 pm
be ineligible to win 18 of ohio's overall 66 available delegates. that means he could actually win the popular vote statewide but not get the majority of the delegates because he is simply ineligible. i had a chance to talk to santorum about it. he was quite candid about the problem. >> we didn't get some of the delegates filed in know and december before iowa. that's true. three or four states that was true. but that's not going to make the difference in this election. romney campaign argues it will make the difference. fundamentally a fundamental election is a request for delegates. romney is the only one who will be appearing in all of the states on all of the ballots. ron paul is competitive at all. romney says wherever the contest is he will be in the hunt for the delegates. i talked to him last night. >> delegates. i want delegates. ohio, washington state, idaho,
7:32 pm
tennessee, georgia looking to get delegates. we have proved we p want a campaign. now it's about getting delegates. i need 1144. >> there is another state where he will have an edge virginia. neither newt gingrich or rick santorum are on the ballot. ron paul can qualify for delegates but romney meets the polls by more than 25 points. >> when you hear the 1144 delegates needed they are a long ways away. i know you are at an event for mitt romney. i got e-mails from viewers wondering what does not binding mean for the state? particularly moment dumb leading up to tuesday. right? >> no question about it. it is the last contest and it matters.
7:33 pm
caucuses by definition by which delegates are not alotted whether it was iowa or any of the caucus states taking place thus far. tends to be necessary and third step in the process. what ultimately happens is the grass-roots gets to have precinct votes for the caucus preferences than that goes to the county and they validate it or have a convention or meeting and they have the state level. the caucuses at the precinct level will be finished tonight. but the actual allocation of delegates want be official until june when they have statewide convention of republicans. this time around the caucus turnout is expected to be quite high. 50-60,000 is quite unprecedented in washington state. four years ago there was 13,000 people who went to the caucuses. back then there was a primary in washington state. it had nearly a half million voters. they couldn't afford to do a primary at this time so there's
7:34 pm
only a caucus. the folks who had a primary in the past or many are voting in a caucus. many for the first time. the population of voters has increased dramatically. hopefully that won't gum up the system and cause any delays in the vote. but it's for lack of a primary process. tonight the preference will be in the caucus vote and that will then be reflected in the process that will come out in june when the delegate comes in place. there are several steps that have to happen. it is significant whoever wins gets that momentum and ultimately will get some portion of the delegates based on a reflection of the gas roots. >> i love it when you open your reporter as notebook and give us that kind of information. it is why we call you campaign karl, cameron. thank you so much. good to see you. anchor bret baier will have the results of the washington caucuses and a look ahead to super tuesday on a special edition of special report tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. as always stay with fox news for
7:35 pm
complete coverage leading up to and through super tuesday. beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the actual day the best political team anywhere will bring you the latest results and analysis. now to the deadly tornados tearing through the midwest and the south. volume tires and rescuers searching for survivors. officials saying the storms killed at least 38 people in five states. they say that number could easily rise. the searchs reach areas cut off by rubble and debris. jonathan is live there tonight. >> national weather service officials have been out here testing the damage. based on what they see not only to the man-made structures but also damage to trees. the most powerful this is an ef 2 tornado that came through the delano community in tennessee. more likely an ef 3 packing 110 to 115 miles per hour.
7:36 pm
while there is tree damage largely the treetops are still in tact. you can see the incredible structural damage caused in the neighborhood as well as quite a few injuries to residents here. i believe you pronounce it delano, tennessee which is where you are now. you are at one particular spot that was hit. there were cities all over the place that got hit. >> they were scattered through out in tennessee. >> this is the community where a tornado came through there damaged admah arena as well as several houses. one in particular we saw was knocked 8-10 feet off its foundation. a tornado hit a father, a mother and their grownup daughter. that daughter has downs syndrome and suffered severe lacerations in the head. she is listed as stable condition. the father is also listed as
7:37 pm
stable. he got several pieces of debris that pierced his leg during the tornado and had minor cuts and bruises all over her body. they were out there earlier in the day and they estimate that tornado also preliminary expert says it's a e f1 tornado possibly ef 2. minor twisters here and quite a lot of struck actual damage and quite a few injuries. >> thank you very much. all of the people in the areas in five states suffered. >> maria is in the fox news center. you were talking about earlier in the season it is officially upon us now. >> mean in march it is typically not when we see the most active severe weather. we don't see the peak of severe
7:38 pm
weather with tornados large sized hail and damaging wind gusts until we head toward the month of late april, may or even june back when we should be looking at some of the weather. last year we saw severe weather out breaks during april and during the month of may. it is likely due to the fact it has been a mild winter. we had the warm air in place and how unusual this is, the record for now for the most tornados reporteded in a severe weather outbreak during the month of march was march 11th through 13, 2006 with 74 tornados so far 111 reported tornados predicted by the storm prediction center friday and today. it could potentially be the largest spefr weather outbreak with tornados being reported during the month of march in
7:39 pm
history. in georgia and the panhandle and there was a watch during the region that has been allowed to expire. severe weather in the nighttime hours. no tornado warnings in place. however another concern is the storms have a lot of moisture. we are getting a lot of heavy rain across this region with flash flood warnings in effect -- or flood warnings in effect. thank you for keeping an eye on it for us. in syria getting worse as they are blocking aid to thousands of civilian there is. the president has given permission for the group's convoy to deliver tons of medical supplies to neighborhoods and homes at the center of the nearly year long up rising. government forces refusing to allowed the aid workers as they intensify their assault on citizens. this comes as the syrian government is returning the
7:40 pm
bodies of american journalist marie colvin and french photographer. they were killed during shelling at home. they are at a damascus hospital and plans to fly their bodies home have been finalized. one of the catholic churches top officials weighing in on the white house's birth control policy. >> we have a live report on that coming up. plus a man in hawaii has to abandon her home. why? it's surrounded by lava from a volcano. it's one of two structures left standing. they get them out. please watching.
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. >> more than thousand people gathering to say good-bye to a 16-year-old killed in monday's shooting rampage at the city's high school. today's funeral held at a church right across the street from that school.
7:44 pm
paul mat tore started a job at a bowling alley. his parents buried him with a first paycheck he never got a chance to open. funeral services for two other students are set for next week. the have aed canvatican's t speaking out over the white house's contraception policy. federal rules requiring private health insurances cover birth control are wrong. the coverage became mandatory as part of president obama's healthcare overhaul. the president made a compromise or what he called an accommodation when it cams to religiously affiliations saying catholic hospitals saying only private insurers would have to pick up the tab. religious leaders are not happy. the cardinal for a second time. >> he was very animated today. we were there inside of the
7:45 pm
house told the crowd of nearly 1,000 today the health and human services is quote an unwarranted unprecedented radical intrusion. it is a break through for women's rights as you know. cardinal turned up the heat at the white house while giving the keynote address at a catholic school conference on long island? >> who is trying to impose what on who? we are not trying to impose our teaching on anybody. we are saying don't impose your teaching upon us and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable. >> he got more in depth with reporters saying the catholic church will never compromise on principal but there is room for a compromise on the mandate. simply drop the restrictions widen the exemptions and say government doesn't divide an exemption the churches themselves set their exemptions. we don't need to tell them what they should do. that would be fine. widen the exemptions dop them
7:46 pm
all together trust the church to define its own ministries and services. you want to keep the mandates we are going to speak out that we think that that is unwise law. our urgency will be more than religious freedom. >> cardinal dolan says they have strong support from constitutional scholars. it is not off the table. the cardinal is calling on worshippers to become more in politics to the government and issue that many others called freedom of religion battle. >> it is a question we cannot answer tonight. the rest of the country is getting to see what new york city already knew but he speaks up and can motivate others. >> he was spicy and forceful and funny at times. during the speech he made himself available on stage for q and a and went back so we could have a chance to talk to him about this.
7:47 pm
>> definitely very powerful. >> major counterfeiting operation busted in in jersey at a volcano closing in on a man's hawaiian home. two stops as we go across america. >> new jersey one of the largest cases of counterfeiting ever uncovered. nearly 30 people arrested. they had groups operating primarily out of china importing items worth $300 million. the suspect accused of smuggling in fake gucci and coach handbags. >> not just clothing and footwear but countrystal meth t. >> hawaii, lava in a nearby volcano forcing the owner jack thompson to leave. >> it is so much around me now i
7:48 pm
have become a low spot. its pouring in. it can go anyplace else but once it starts pouring in here it's going to take efrpg. >> his house one of the only two structures standing the rest buried by flowing lava over the past 26 years. cars don't have access to this part of the island. compton had to be air lifted out. >> i am leaving almost everything. i figured a long time ago it was already donated to the mountain. whatever happens i am just taking odds and ends. >> delaware alligator in a store parking lot. >> a baby around 4 years old it will grow in excess of 7 or more feet. wildlife officials rescuing the gator saying they believe it was someone's pet that was abandoned. his new home a sanctuary in maryland. later gator. that's fox watch across america. president obama says it was a mistake. the burnings of copies of the
7:49 pm
koran sparking days of deadly rioting. up next new information on the investigation into how the books ended up burning. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ it's a smart way to go. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site.
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>> the burning of the muslim holy book in afghanistan. it led to days of rioting last week and the murders of 6 americans including two high ranking officers. now an official familiar with the ongoing investigation into the burning saying the joint u.s. afghan team saying it was convinced it was not intention nalg -- intentional. 5 american military personnel who faces disciplinary review over it. officials have apologized saying the burning was an accident but the apologies did not swell the anger as you see here.
7:53 pm
afghan president hamid karzai appointing his own panel to investigate the incident. that panel said the burnings were intentional. >> the battle over the future of a california school parents claim have failed their children. think convert their elementary school into a charter school. they followed the law but school officials rejected their request saying this weere were problems the paperwork. inside the house a small army of parents and others carrying out the next step in the battle plan to take over desert trails elementary school under the parent critter law. >> the schools here signed your petition. >> last week the school board rejected their position to take over the failing school. that's because board members removed dozens of names of people who said they wanted off the petition. they filled out forms to that
7:54 pm
effect. >> these are the documents in>> absolutely. >> on the theft ef the oo poster size version of someone they wanted to sign. he was told they were signing something good for the school and didn't check off reasons for being intimidated or given false information. on the right a copy of the same document some kind of notes on the top and check marks in the boxes. >> they turned in the original undoctored version. >> that didn't only happen in this case? >> it happened in two cases. >> when you are dealing with hundreds of parps there are bound to be mistakes. >> the parents not supporting the trigger movement had the grates integrity and no way they could have doctored a document. >> i cannot image anything was done in a fraudulent manner with
7:55 pm
ill intent or maliciousness or anything like that. that was not the focus of these parents and what they wanted to see. somebody achieved the result of the petition. >> who did it? no one seems to know. they want the san bernardino county to look into it. >> that was fox affiliate of kctv reporting. >> they were part of a film crew shooting a scene in a movie. but when this chopper came down it certainly stole the spotlight. what happened after the crash gave the guy who was rolling in it with his camera the shock of his life. [ male announcer ] juice drink too watery?
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this one's for all usm spru, lawnsmiths. grass gurus. doers. here's to more saturdays in the sun. and budgets better spent. here's to turning rookies - into experts, and shoppers into savers. here's to picking up. trading up. mixing it up. to well-earned muddy boots. and a lot more - spring per dollar. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. show the yard who's boss, with this cordless black and decker trimmer, just $84.97. >> jarring video of a helicopter crash in arizona. remarkably the two pilots survived. >> they were able to walk away from this wreck. a guy on the ground shooting this video stunned what he
7:59 pm
witnessed. >> i think the thing that shook me up the most was at the time i thought the pilots were dead. i thought that -- i turned the camera off and i didn't want to roll on what i was about -- what i thought i was going to see. >> what he saw was pretty much a miracle. the pilots were shooting a scene for a television show and they say they were strapped in tight with harnesses and helmets and the chopper's ridged frame protected them kept them alive. >> recapping the deadly twister outbreak. 38 people killed in storms. we are going to show you some of the moving pictures we are seeing from areas in the path of destruction. give you the red cross web site in case you want to help out and donate for the disaster relief. here is jerry comforting charles kellogg in limestone county alabama. also in limestone a man touching his


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