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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 7, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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and he didn't shake sure you keep that center of the country bright red, strong conservative right here in kansas. >> now, rick santorum supporters have calling for newt gingrich to get out of the race. he is not. but,. [speaking french] >> carl cammeron is live for us tonight. no slam dunk here for anybody and nobody has left the race. >> no. but mitt romney did put a little bit more distance between himself and his rivals and he won the majority of the states and the majority. delegates. so, he is still the frontrunner and the national poll, the national gallup track shows that he is up well into the double digits.
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has he got some momentum. newt gingrich has some serious pressure. rick santorum and the super pac that backs santorum are sort of leading it. they are suggesting that it's time for the former house speaker to get out of race because his presence in it in the santorum view and other republicans worried about splitting the conservative base of the party think that gingrich is making it harder for santorum to really stand up and challenge mitt romney. the thinking being the two of them divide tea party and self-described very conservative republicans and make it harder to topple mr. romney. lots of pressure on gingrich who just says mr. santorum maybe you should be the one to bail out even though santorum has seven wins to gingrich's two. and of course mitt romney has won 13 states. >> shepard: mitt romney has raised a lot of then. they just announced last month they raked in $11 million. what does it tell us. >> just another category in which he has got an advantage. as the campaign goes into the rest of march it slows down a little bit. there is never going to be another day with as many delegates or states at stake as super tuesday.
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organization and money really matter. as a consequence raised $11.5 million last month. that's more than his rivals raised. another metric, another example of his ability to continue to keep a large established organized campaign chugging forward. there you see it outraising santorum who raised $9 million. with that organization, romney and momentum from these recent wins, romney can head out across the states where he might have a problem, you know, next, kansas this weekend followed by alabama and mississippi next tuesday. these are states in the south and central part of the country where mitt romney may not be as popular as some of the places he has won thus far. the momentum and money and organization it's going to be tough for his rivals to catch him. >> shepard: sure will. carl cammeron live in boston tonight. the president today addressed what could be a very big issue come november. gas prices as if you hadn't noticed, the price at the pump is the highest ever for this time of year. in a speech in north carolina the president urged americans to embrace more fuel efficient
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vehicles as well as alternative sources of energy. he called oil a fuel of the past. more on that coming up. plus, a live report on what lawmakers are doing to try to get gas prices back down to earth. also, the next time our enemies attack they may not use bombs or bullets but keyboards and computers. and today we heard an ominous new warning about what to expect from cyber terrorists. and should the united states take action. [explosion] >> shepard: to stop syria's leader to quit murdering men women and children. thousands and thousands of people are dead. hours ago top members of the u.s. military answered questions about the possible military options that are on the table. that's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on a hump day fox report. look! the phillips' lady!
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save big at the bass pro shops spring fishing classic with amazing daily specials. and bring the kids for bass pro's next generation weekend with free crafts, outdoor skills workshops and free kids fishing at our stocked catch and release pond. >> we learned today that the pentagon is looking at possible military options for syria. that's new. those options could include anything from enforcing a no
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fly zone to surveillance to air lifts. but we're told at this moment military officials have not yet briefed president obama on those options. this news comes from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsy, he and the defense secretary leon panetta testified on capitol hill today about the situation inside syria. it is a full blown disaster. the country's leader bashar assad has been murdering his citizens by the tens of thousands. [explosions] i should say thousands. amateur video from the hard hit city of homs. this town has fallen by the way. mass protests against the government. [shouting] >> shepard: united nations reports officially 7500 people have died in the year long crack down there. some in d.c. are calling for intervention. senator john mccain leading
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the charge. the most vocal supporter for u.s. forces getting involved in the fight. but tonight the defense secretary leon panetta told him we cannot just attack syria by ourselves. >> the united states has a clear, national security interest in stopping the slaughter in syria and forcing assad to leave power. we all wish there was a clear and unambiguous way forward to directly influence the events in syria. and, unfortunately, that is not the case. that is not an excuse. that is reality. >> and in the words of the defense secretary, this terrible situation has no simple answers. jennifer griffin with the news at the white house tonight. i should say at the pentagon. jennifer, the chairman of the joint chiefs pointed out today this isn't libya. libyans air defenses were nothing compared to what syria has. >> that's right. syrians air defenses, for instance, are five times for sophisticated than libya's and are located in populace
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neighbors. if the u.s. unleashed its military power that could mean scores of unintended deaths. >> i want to be clear. we can do anything. the question is so it's not about can we do it. it's should we do it and what are the opportunity costs elsewhere and what are the risks? >> one of the reasons to get involved is that syria has chemical weapons. the largest stockpile in the middle east. 10 times larger we're told than libya had. >> shepard: panetta seemed reluctant to get the military involved despite what's happening elsewhere. >> very reluctant and you also had senator john mccain on capitol hill today goading him, prodding him saying you were the chief of staff under president clinton when you used the military for humanitarian reasons in bosnia. >> what doesn't make sense is to make unilateral action at this point. as secretary of defense, before i recommend that we put our sons and daughters in
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uniform in harm's way, i have got to make very sure that we know what the mission is is. i have got to make very sure that we know whether we can achieve that mission at what price. and whether or not it will make marries better -- matters better or worse. >> today the president met with the new libyan head of state as the joint chiefs tried to explain on capitol hill how syria is different from syria, shepard? >> shepard: jennifer griffin from the pentagon tonight. thanks. american democracy workers who finally got out of egypt last week are saying thank you. among them sam la hood, the son-in-law of the transportation secretary raleigh lahood. sam the one in the far left in this picture. egyptians accuse the americans working there illegally and refuse to let them reeve the country for days and weeks. they camped out at the united states embassy for more than a month actually. egypt let them go after their organization paid almost $5 million. that was bailed as they called it some of those workers
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visited capitol hill today and met with lawmakers who fought for this group's freedom. >> we're all thrilled to be home and we are thankful for all of your efforts in doing everything you did to help with our situation. >> it was good for our egyptian colleagues to see the warmth and the concern of you and congress to really raise this issue. >> shepard: sam la hood spoke first there he says he has no plans to go back to egypt. the statute of limitations on his case is 20 years. apple today unveiled the new ipad. you have seen the thing? the word is it's faster in more ways than one. has one of the sharpest screens you have ever seen, including the one on your hdtv. and it can even type for you. down sides? details on the new gadget ahead. plus, there is a storm happening on the sun right now. and it could cause all kinds of problems here on earth. planet in peril. may start tonight.
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>> some relief on the street today. a day after wall street's biggest nose dive of the year. the dow was up today 78. of course yesterday it lost more than 200 thanks to the economic crisis in europe. thank you again. up 25 in tech sector and s&p 500 up 9. news that the job market is improving. according to one of the biggest payroll processing firms out there. the private sector added $216,000 that's up 43,000 in january which wasn't a bad month either due to uptick in hiring. that's a great sign. americans are borrowing again, too. the federal reserve reports consumer borrowing rose nearly
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$18 billion in january. the third straight month of gains. to hit the highest level in a decade. most of that money going to buy cars and pay for college. apple today unveiled its much behind new ipad the third version of its tablet has lots of new features but doesn't have a name, weirdly. apple calls it simply the ipad not the ipad hd or ipad 3. boring. faster prey says sore, sharper camera on the back like the one on the i phone. biggest draw is high definition screen. they tell us its sharper than hdtvs. here is one apple executive, look. >> when you go to read a book you will see text that rivals anything have you seen in print or newspapers or magazine. everything you do is just going to look stunning, surfing the web, reading your emails and photos are just going to look amazing.
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>> shepard: depending who they are of. the new model said to be heavier a little bit than the last one. starting price still about 500. the biggest surprise may have been for apple shareholders. today's unveiling did almost nothing to boost apple's stock it barely broke even after ortega taking a big dip right after the announcement. the fox business network's gerri willis is with us. we get this thing, i must admit i went to the web site today so i know it delivers march 16th if you sign up early. >> preorder tomorrow. >> you can preorder today? >> can you preorder today as you just said, shep. can you preorder right it very minute if you would like to preorder the ipad you can do it. don't call it the i hd that's wrong. it's just the ipad. >> shepard: it's not joe robby stadium anymore even though joe robby is rolling over in his grave. >> well done. >> shepard: what happens if you already bought. >> mine is injured. it has a thing in it i want to trade it. in i won't get a lot of money for it there are web sites you
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can go to to get a price to ship it in and trade it in. get a little money back. go next amazon. only give you amazon gift card as a result. i know a lot of people out there are thinking do i need this? well you can figure out what you can get for your ipad if you go on the web. >> shepard: get the ipad two the last version get it for $100 cheaper. they lowered that price. apple has been under fire for making products in china and creating a lot of jobs in china. it's come out survey that says it's created a lot of jobs in the u.s. too. >> 514 jobs they have created in the u.s. this is a multiplier effect. you know how that works. you know how economists works. they were working for apple. the number of people directly employed by apple. those who deliver apple products for u.p.s., et cetera, people driving trucks, all of these peopled a up to 514,000. get this, only 47,000 work directly for apple. about two thirds of those are in the resale stores. those are folks that can work
7:24 pm
any number. >> shepard: are the numbers reliable. this is a great question. lots of guestimates, for example, microsoft just did its own guestimate of how many people are involved in microsoft and cloud computing 14 million worldwide. >> shepard: 14 million? >> that seems a little she's specious, doesn't it? >> shepard: that might be o'reilly's word for the day. see you again. >> again and again. >> shepard: a showdown over record high gas prices now. oil executives and lawmakers face off on capitol hill as the president warns, listen to me there is no quick fix. he had something to say to our folks, too. we are live in d.c. with that parting words on planet blago. you love him, don't you? who doesn't? the exgovernment says is he counting his blessings during final days of trying to get a
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the storm could make the northern lights clearly visible tonight. in the skies over the northern u.s. and canada. an avalanche destroys a village of about 200 people, one report indicates but seven people survived top story around the world in 80 seconds. afghanistan. an agency worker who surveyed the scene says tons of snow crashed down on the town. a local official says the defense ministry sent two rescue helicopters to the area but they were not able to land because of rough weather. australia, as floods in the southeast threaten more towns, we are told they are also effecting thousands of spiders, experts say the displaced wolf spiders are ba ballooning, casting their webs over flood ravaged areas to find new homes. meantime the flooding has left thousands of people homeless
7:30 pm
south africa. a protest in the major cities. tens of thousands of people dancing and marching there they say they want the african national congress to do more for the poor and end a plan for toll roads. new zealand. a fisherman has reeled in 739-pound blue fin tuna. we are told it could be a record-breaker. >> i was pretty cold because when i first started fishing my dream was to catch a blue fin exactly like that. >> is he hoping the wife will let him mount the thing in their lounge. that's a wrap around the world in 80 seconds. >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news the price of oil wow jumped again today. back up to nearly -- up a buck
7:31 pm
50 that is to 1.06 a barrel. it comes as -- 106 a barrel. it comes as lawmakers who or what is to blame for skyrocketing cost at the pump. oil industry leaders appeared on capitol hill this morning to weigh in on what's become a big issue in d.c. campaign trail. many argue the white house should could more to increase oil production here at home. but democrats say the real problem is the turmoil in the middle east and wall street speculators who drive up the prices. the cost of crude oil has risen more than $30 since october when it was trading around 75 bucks a barrel. meantime a.a.a. reports the average cost of a gallon of gas held steady today. 3.76, 20 cents higher than it was a month ago. jim angle on. >> hello, shep. congress tackled those high gas prices today there were two entirely different views of the problem and its
7:32 pm
solutions. the president toured a factory that makes trucks using natural gas for fuel only alternatives can help us because we produce too little oil to effect the global price. anybody who tells you otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about or they are not telling the truth. >> no matter how much we drill our gasoline prices are going to rise if there is a crisis in the middle east. labor unrest in nigeria. >> many others, however, flatly dispute that one expert says high prices are a result of vastly increased demand overseas which has not been matched by increased supply. the reason is is a mix of veracious relentless oil demand growth in fast growing asia and the middle east on the one hand and disappointingly small net oil production growth on the other. >> now, the president, however, insists more supply isn't the answer, we must lower demand instead by investing in new technologies, but that will take a long time
7:33 pm
and the oil industry asks if democrats think supply doesn't matter, why do they keep looking for it? it is others that are called on the saudis to produce more. others who have called on other sources such as the brazilians and yet others who recognize supply matters by calling for release from the strategic petroleum reserve in fact, it was the president who encouraged the saudis and brazil to produce more oil. mr. obama clearly sees the political danger in high prices but not enough to help american firms produce more as well. shep? >> shepard: jim angle in the d.c. newsroom tonight. thanks there is a new warning now that our enemies want to take out the united states using our own technology. that's the word from the head of the fbi who testified before congress today over the threat of cyber terrorism. >> the country steals those secrets that will enable that country to overwhelm us in a -- on the field of battle some place, that is something
7:34 pm
that is a threat and ultimately may be a more serious threat. >> shepard: the director told lawmakers that terrorists or hostile nations for that matter could try to hack into critical computer systems in order to cripple our military. in today's testimony came with an increased sense of you are general sismt in fact, only hours later the director muller and other officials held a top secret briefing at the senate on that growing cyber threat. catherine herridge with the news live in washington tonight. what do we know about, this i don't know, top secret meeting? >> well, that's right, shepard. tonight a major cyber briefing for the entire senate behind closed doors with the chairman of the joint chiefs dempsy, janet napolitano, the head of the security agency keith alexander and fbi director robert muller. earliered in the today describing why rogue nations and terrorists are tapping into cybers 1-2 punch. >> on the one hand developing new technology for any future conflict or on the other hand
7:35 pm
enabling them to disable our technology in a time of war. >> fox news was told tonight's senate briefing will explain the administration's response to a major cyber event, shep. >> during the fbi director's testimony, there was more dancing around the issue of killing americans. the american government killing american citizens. a new thing. >> that's right. fbi director muriel was asked twice by republic congressman kevin yoder where the criteria in a chicago speech monday for the quote lawful targeted killing of americans applied on u.s. soil. both times muller deflected to holder. >> thinking about the three part test that he mentioned, does that only apply to u.s. citizen that's overseas or does that apply to u.s. citizen that's here? >> i would have to go back. i'm not certain whether that was addressed or not. i'm going to defer that to others in the department of justice. >> constitutional law professor jonathan writes in
7:36 pm
foreign policy magazine today, quote: holder's new definition of due process was perfectly or wellian. what is he describing is the model of presidency that would have made richard nixon pleasure. spokesperson said it was pretty straightforward the legal framework holder laid out applies to citizens outside of this country. holder will testify on the hill tomorrow. >> shepard: kill first, justify later. catherine herridge in washington. a fire left a man trapped inside a burning car. two police officers put their own lives on the line to pull him out. how the city honored their bravery coming up. when watching your kid's hockey game, try not to point a laser in the opposing goalie's eyes. daddy is in trouble. that's next. ♪
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>> shepard: guy in boston is in wicked trouble with the law for reportedly shining a laser rival golly during his own
7:40 pm
daughter's hockey game. here is is a picture of the so-called hockey dad. is he facing charges of disturbing the peace. he also has a bit of a wrap sheet. you see, back in 2008 a court convicted him of trying to break into a pharmacy. now he says he feels like a, quote, complete jerk, hmmm for humiliating his daughter. julie banderas has the story. how did this guy get busted again. >> all right, shep, this hockey dad as you can probably imagine won't be winning father of the year any time soon. witnesses say this is how it all went down. they saw him point a bright green laser in the eyes of the teenage golly opposing his daughter's team. as the daughter's team winthrop played headway in the third period spectators tracked that laser beam's path all the way to a man sitting by himself in the rink's upper bleacher. he had something cund in his right hand which signed a laser at the. >> you see this big green dot.
7:41 pm
everyone is saying do you see that? >> the actual fact of the matter is that a malicious act by one individual actually turned the tide of the game. >> that was golly's dad by the way. his daughter says she thought maybe someone was trying to take heir picture. she said she saw some kind of spot like when you look at the sun and when you look away all you can see is that bright spot for a few seconds. she said it distracted her and it could have cost the team a game. her team requested a rematch the local athletic win tropic's win stand. he is expressing remorse saying it was stupid and immature thing to do, shep. >> shepard: thank you investment. portland oregon is recognizing two of its officers who pulled up to the scene of a fiery car crash and faced life threatening dangers to rescue a trapped man. >> got one person in the car unconscious, unresponsive right next to a huge fire. >> dash cam video captured the
7:42 pm
moments after a fierce wreck near kaiser oregon. a car sliced a power poll in half before flipping over and catching fire. officer andrew coke land crawled in the car to check on the man inside. >> are you okay? >> he was basically passed out, knocked out, unconscious when i got to him. >> you have got to get out of the car, buddy, come on. get out of the car. climb out to me. you have got to climb out. [indiscernible] >> the man was conscious but he wasn't cooperating] >> we knew we needed to get him out pretty quickly because at any moment that car could be fully engulfed in flames. >> along with the flames a live power line was flopping around hitting nearby street signs. >> i'm good. >> get out of the car, dude. >> you can hear so. minor explosions in the background but those made you jump a little bit. >> by the time another officer arrived to help, the fire was so intense -- >> -- it was to the point where i was afraid that my uniform was going to start
7:43 pm
melting because they are polyester. >> it was clear there was little time to spare. >> let's get out of zero climb inside the car and both of us together are able to unwedge this guy from the driver's side. and then pull him out. >> come on. come on. >> shepard: the officers pulling that man to safety there they say he had been drinking before the crash. it all happened back in september but we just got the video. the city council honored the men this week presenting them with medals of valor, quick thinking and willing to risk their own lives to save someone else's. big set back in cancer treatment. they discovered different sections of one tumor can have a lot more genetic variety than they knew. that means when doctors do a bypass is i to figure out what kind of drugs to use on your cancer, they may not be getting a real picture of the cancer's biology. therefore, they might not choose the right drugs. this appears to have the greatest impact in cases where
7:44 pm
scientists try customize treatment based on each patient's genes. if you want to know more about this study, read about it in tomorrow's new england journal of medicine. oh, haven't you missed him? we have all missed him. time for trip back to planet blago eight days left until the favorite exgovernor reports to the he will be known as prisoner -- you will recall a judge last year sentenced our blago to 14 years behind bars on corruption charges including that little matter of trying to sell or trade the president's former senate seat. our chicago station wfld fox news chicago caught up with our blago just yesterday and he said is he looking at the brighter side. >> you know, when calamity strikes and you have to deal with catastrophic circumstances, i think one of the ways to get through it is to embrace the blessings that you have in your life. i have been blessed to have two precious daughters, a one wife who is a wonderful
7:45 pm
mother. and we are just going to get through these real hard times together. >> shepard: let's hope. no word on where blago will spend his time in confinement. he asked the judge to send him to the federal correction in colorado low security with dorm style housing we hear it has a game room with foosball. one of football's greatest stars got cut today. >> i have been a colt for almost all of my adult life. but i guess in life and in sports, we all know that nothing lasts forever. >> shepard: son number two in the first family of football cut by the colts. breaking up after 14 stevens together. and what an emotional news conference from one class man. details of what may be next with the four time mvp. that's just ahead as fox reports live tonight. o'reilly waiting in the wings. if you make any noises, he will be angry.
7:46 pm
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>> shepard: sad end of an era super quarterback peyton manning a hall of fame shoe-in choking back tears today after the colts of indianapolis announced they are letting him go. >> this town and this team mean so much to me. it truly has been be a honor to play in indianapolis. i do love it here. i love the fans and i will always enjoy having played for such a great team. >> shepard: they will miss you. the only nfl team peyton has ever known. they made him the overall number one draft pick when he came out of tennessee back in
7:50 pm
'98, sings then he has thrilled coltd fans and more for 14 seasons. peyton led the colts to victory in super bowl xli. along the way racked up an nfl record four mvp titles. but a persistent neck injury sidelined manning for last season. today the team cut him to avoid having to pay a 28-million-dollar bonus. but if he he decides to keep playing a free agency battle could see him suit up for miami or seattle or perhaps possibly sharing a stadium with his brother eli with the new york jets. ain't no way. i just don't believe that trace gallagher live with more. trace, do we know if peyton is meeting with any teams right now? i hear redskins talk everywhere. >> as of three hours ago, shep, peyton manning was free to sign with any team he wanted to. we know he is in south florida tonight he got the will he brain james treatment. they had helicopters up watching peyton manning's every move. we don't know if he is down there to meet with steve ross
7:51 pm
or out there to keep working out and rehabilitate his neck. experts say the dolphins are certainly one of the top contenders to pick peyton manning. the dolphins along with the arizona cardinals, the seattle seahawks, washington redskins and kansas city chiefs. many believe peyton is looking more for jewelry than cash. listen. >> i think in the long run he doesn't want to play for the 2012 indianapolis colts. their roster has been gutted. new coaching staff. new offensive coordinator. he will get a shot at a new team and a team probably in better shape to win the super bowl than the indianapolis colts. >> by the way duane wade of the miami height said he would look good in number 18. >> shepard: i bet he and the kids are down there enjoying the sunshine. there is still question about his health though. >> there is. there is. a lot of teams who put this kind of money want to make sure that peyton manning is healthy. everybody who knows peyton knows is he a straight shooter. unless he can play at his
7:52 pm
level he likely would nod play he says he is ready. >> i am confident. i don't know what the next steps are. this is new to me. this the is only team i have ever known. and i have always known what the month of march is for an off season. getting ready to go play, you know for the colts the next season. this is uncharted territory for me. we will see how all of that plays out. >> many analysts believe it will play out very quick delay peyton manning could have a brand new team by sometime next week, shep. >> trace gallagher in l.a. thanks. a routine traffic stop turns a two county chase that ends in a bridge it tops our news across america. texas, authorities were able to use spike strips to blow out all the tires on the suspect's car. as you can see that didn't stop the guy. he led police on a low speed chase through the dallas area.
7:53 pm
officers nudged him once but couldn't get him to stop. they finally got a pit maneuver to work on a bridge over a lake and then took the driver into custody. arizona. bureau of land management officers say a fierce wildfire has charred hundreds of acres of land west of phoenix. a sheriff's office in the area indicates it started yesterday afternoon as a controlled burn. we're told high winds blew it out of control. hawaii. flooding in honolulu and beyond. several days of heavy rain soaked part of the state. the high water closed roads, flooded homes, and caused a sewage spill. california. [cheers] >> members of the patriot guard riders helped a 22-year-old's brother and stepfather welcome him home. >> a little overwhelming. definitely wasn't expecting it. >> the riders motorcycle enthusiasts who support our troops.
7:54 pm
the specialist back from a five month tour in afghanistan and set to return there in two weeks. and that's a fox watch across america. >> shepard: we told you early this week about how lady gaga broke the record for followers on twitter. now another account is coming on fast. fox report party rocking ♪ sorry for party rocking ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've never tried miracle whip, but one thing's for sure -- you don't like it. but you've never tried it? see the problem here... ♪
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7:58 pm
we are 5636 most followed on the microblogging site out of hundreds of millions of users. i don't know what we tweet or why. before we go top five things of the day. carlos slim tops the analyst of billionaires. the head of the dip and dots ice cream company has reportedly stepped down. oh no. number three, apple today unveiled a brand new ipad. bigger screen, faster processor. after winning six states last night. mitt romney now says he is on track to win the nomination. okay. and number one, word tonight of a possible nuclear coverup in iran. telling the associated press that new satellite pictures shows what appears to cleaning crews at a controversial nuclear site. maybe somebody spilled milk, who knows. on this day back in 1945, the
7:59 pm
first troop crossing the ryan river into germany after capturing the now famous ramoggen bridge. at the time one of the two still standing over that river. to the supreme commander general eisenhower it was worth its weight in imold. they tried to blow the thing up over and over again. they failed. bombs, mortars, rockets, nothing work until a week and a half later it finally just fell down. the u.s. army had already managed to get thousands of troops across the thing. less than two months later the nazis surrendered and the military bridged the gap 67 years ago today. and now you know the news for this wednesday, marv the 7th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow. but tonight at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 in oxford the israel prime minister netanyahu goes on the record with greta van susteren. when you have got to know the news you have got to go to greta. opinion, analysis, discussion begins now.


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