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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 11, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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in. huckabee with rick santorum now. tonight on huckabee, he's running for president. she's raising their seven kids while supporting his run. rick and karen santorum on how they manage to maintain family life during the campaign. and ... i've met parents like david mcarthur. >> the father of a wounded veteran on the reaction he got to this question. >> sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me who will be taking care of him? plus, our panel of voters on what's happened since forum 3? then, to keep things quick and quiet, he plans to beat her brains out with a claw hammer. >> former soprano star spills the beans on real life assassins. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee!
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>> thanktonight >> thank you, thank you, thank you, very, very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city, well, it turns out that some really stupid things are happening in our country and they aren't all happening in congress, in my home state of arkansas, paul crowder of forest city was celebrated as catching the new state record large mouth bass. 16 pounds and 5 ounces. but turns out he lost her fishing license three hours after he caught the big fish. instead of a state fishing record, he may end up with a different record. a thousand dollar fine and 30 days in jail and not getting credit for the catch. he didn't even get to keep the fish. now, in another, we had an aw, in the audience, somebody is sad. in another moment much
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unchecked stupidity. a tsa officer didn't like that amy was travelling with an empty breast pump. but this generius was upset because the bottles were emptiment they ordered her to go to a public restroom. with other people in and out of the restroom. she had to pump the milk from his breasts to move that's what it was, the tsa officer who was forced to apologize, proved what he was. to quote the great american philosopher "forest gump." >> stupid it as stupid does. >> indeed it is, our attorney general eric holder who says he's disturbed because police commissioner ray kelly has conducted on potential terrorism suspects because they were in new jersey at the time. and holder seemed a whole lot more disturbed for the presenting terrorism than
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taking part with his department called fast and furious that put illegal drugs in the hand of mexican drug lor lords. and there's the stupid vote in the state this week to kill a bill by senator tom coburn which would have implemented a government accounting office recommendation that would have eliminated 10 million dollars of duplicative government programs. sounds simple. a government agency finds 10 billion pure waste of your money and recommends we turn off the leaky faucet. the senateresponse, defeat the bill and turn the spigots on full. that's stupid. median ron white has it right. >> you can't infix stupid. >> that's right, ron. you can't fix stupid. in most cases you can't, but when stupid gets elected you can fix it. you can vote stupid out, send
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him home. and there is an election coming up. and i think it's time to fix stupid. [applaus [applause]. well, that's my view and i welcome yours. contact me at mike and sign up for my facebook page and post your comments on the wall and follow me on twitter. all of that at mike and reminder paper back edition of my book "a stupid government-- i mean, "a simple government" i'm writing about the one we wish we had not the one we've got. called "a simple government", new york times best seller. copies available at book stores and during huckabee's special small business forum, a question that turned heads.
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>> my son received a traumatic brain injury, wound in afghanistan and suffers from severe post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. the government is repeatedly denied services because his wound aren't visible. and he will never be able to return to the regular work force, and this week, president obama's administration again cut his benefits. sir, will you look me in the eye and tell me he'll be taken care of? >> david, my, my heart breaks for you and your family. it's, it's just hard to imagine what it could be like. i have five boys as you know, having one of them injured that way, having one having his loss, his life taken, i just -- it's something you can only imagine and you can't know unless you've really experienced it as you have, and i want you to know how
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much i appreciate your son's sacrifice for our country and i appreciate your sacrifice, your family's sacrifice for our country. to those who put everything on the line, we owe everything they need. . >> joining us once again is dave mccar thur, that was a very emotional moment. for every one of us who was there, you can sense a palpable energy i've rarely seen in doing television, but something happened as a result of that conversation that you and governor romney had. you got a tactful contact the very next monday. >> my son was, i call him to the world, his name is david. but got a contact from our local-- his local va rep and suddenly his ten days before that four
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to six months off is in process and tuesday morning the phone rings not only the month turned into a day. the process, the claims had been processed and now the check is in the system to be cut and actually on his mol, the military online thing. and you know, as great as that is, governor, it shows the patheticness of how the system is run. >> i know you're grateful that, wonderful and what you prayed for. at least it appears, i can't say this definitively, because i don't know. but it appears, that you have a-- you having talked about this on television and had such a powerful emotional moment there, got moose's case the attention that it should have had from the moment he got back from afghanistan, but there's lots of families out there. lots of fathers whose kids are not getting that attention because he they haven't been on tv. >> pass the e-mail to you this week, a gentleman out of bloomington illinois, his son
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wait add year, a year. i feel like i know, i'm a christian, and my son is wounded and we like bud light. i'm a real guy. and a dad going, i don't have the attention you had and my son is suffering. how they can go through the process, d 0. d, department of defense has them in the system for a year and a half, goodbye you're on your own and there's nothing, nothing for these men and women to support themselves. and we talk about the suicide rates in the the military, and the veterans. and this is it, folks, this is why. the american public has no clue of what we, the american people, are doing to our men and women that are coming out wounded. >> you know, it was very obvious to those of us sitting there, that this had a very profound effect on governor romney and i said in all the times i've seen him on the campaign trail and i've seen him more than most people, quite frankly, four years ago and now, this was one of those times when you could see there
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was not the candidate romney, there was the father mitt romney, father of five boys, talking to you dad to dad and mentioned to you in his speech in bo boston and i want us to play the clip and get your reaction. >> i have he' met parents like david mccar thur and maybe you saw him on the huckabee show whose children in this case have served their country in war and david's son was seriously injured in afghanistan as he described. he only returned to the front lines to face a new fight to get the medical care he needs and surely deserves and i told david i believe for those who put everything on the line for us, we owe everything to them that they need. >> dave, when you were watching television, suddenly and see your name mentioned by a presidential candidate at a victory rally. what's inside of you when this happened? >> thank you, lord. that says it all, when i saw
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that, moose was right here. now what it's like to set beside your boy, sorry, but to set beside of your boy going through that and to know him, and to know that his brothers and sisters he fought with are still fighting the same fight. my heart goes out in appreciate to governor romney. i hope if he makes it to be our presidential candidate that he makes this an issue, you know, we're still fighting the war over there. >> yeah. >> and this administration doesn't talk about it. when is the last time you hear about it on the news and as i say, those benefits they talk about cutting at that tri care and people think that's that 50-year-old retired man or woman not going to work, no, that's that 19-year-old kid that got his legs blown off yesterday in an induced coma, when he wakes up in a week, what are we going to tell you, thank you for sacrificing your legs and we raised your fees. >> i hope the for.
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50, 60, 70-year-old the veteran. we owe them, they kept their promise to this country and we have a moral obligation to keep our promise to them. i'm glad it worked out to moose and i'm saying thanks again to bring up the issue not just to mitt romney, but bringing it up to america and a great deal of attention. thank you for being back. >> (applause) >> the three ohio residents undecided before the state's primary on super tuesday peppered the candidates with questions in our forum. were their questions answered? and did the answers help them decide on a candidate? why don't we just ask them. we'll bring them here right after this break. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow. to keep big winter job on track, at&t provided a mobile solution that lets everyone from field workers to accounting, initiate, bill, and track work in real time.
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[ speaking in japanese ] yeah, do you have anything for a headache... like excedrin, ohhh, bayer aspirin... ohh, no no no. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my head. no, bayer advanced aspirin, this is made for pain. [ male announcer ] bayer advanced aspirin has microparticles, enters the bloodstream fast, and safely rushes extra strength relief to the sight of your tough pain. feel better? yeah...thanks for the tip! [ male announcer ] for fast powerful pain relief, use bayer advanced aspirin. >> our second panel in l a >> and in ohio, it featured three ohio residents hit hard by the poor economy in the
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past few years and they asked the candidates some pretty tough questions. >> sir, with all due respect the statement that you made about unemployment where you were giving people money for doing nothing, that's not entirely accurate. while you say we're doing nothing, you have to look for a job, you have to document that, which takes a lot of money and fuel, time, and then with what's left over you have to try and pay your bills. >> you made some comments that lead me to believe that you might cut social security immediately. my husband and i took social security early, so that we could maintain our home and not lose it. when are you going to make cuts and how? >> i am your comment about obama being a snob for everyone wanting to have a chance to go to college didn't sit well with my campus. and i'd like to give awe cans
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to explain, because i really want to know. >> mike: joining us from last week's forum, and what happened since. and a long time wirmelmington, ohio resident. aid lot of fun in wilmington, the wonderful community and nicest people and maybe ought to do the show more oftenment i know that wilmington and new york are a lot alike and you probably feel at home here. but, first of all, let's talk about some of the reactions that you had as a result. devin, what feedback did you get after being a part of the forum? >> you know, a lot of people reached out to me that i knew with my hometown, with my church and stuff like that and a lot of students at schools found out about it through facebook or twitter, stuff like that and some protesters reached out to me, former
8:17 pm
alumni, from-- >> did you get extra grades out of this? you should have, and how about writing ohio state a letter, my gosh, take your f and make it a d. >> i'd love that. >> mike: tammy what about you, you probably had folks bumping into you in 0 wilmington and saying i saw you on tv. what did they say? >> i talked with lots of folks, and one actually said his wife was pretty apolitical usually, but she watched the show, she saw me after-- asking the questions and she saw what she thought were real questions and real people asking them and so she had questions of her own after that and she actually voted in the primary, something she usually doesn't do. >> mike: wow, you at least pulled one more voter into the primary. >> one more voter. every vote counts. mike, you look different this week, what happened to the rest of the the facial hair? >> spring has sprung. >> mike: what kind of reaction
8:18 pm
have you had and what's happened in your world since a week ago? >> well, i got dozens of phone calls from people all over the united states. and a the lot of them were asking me, you have set, you know, face-to-face with these guys and you're just a real person. what's your gut feeling, can i get your reaction, your gut feeling to try to give me an idea. >> they want to know what you felt. >> what did you tell them? >> i told them that, you know, i got a lot of sincerely from mr. romney, governor romney and i felt a little bit of that grit and you know, he didn't have his game face on. didn't have a tv face on. he was talking to me and you know, i formulated my votes to from panel. you know, i was completely unaware who i was going to vote for until after that and also, i've been blessed tremendously.
8:19 pm
my phone hasn't stopped rinking since i was on the show from people all over the united states, wanting to ord order-- and went from a 6 to 8 month wait to 16 month. >> wow. it's just, that's just gone. >> mike: well, what a great affirmation of your presence here. and were there any answers you got out of the candidates that either surprised you positively or negatively? >> i think what surprised me the most was the passion that all the men brought to the forum. and there was a little side stepping, i do have to say that, but i think that happens. and i was impressed with some of the answers concerning the taxation of manufacturing. and it went anywhere from senator santorum says he was 0% to governor romney which i thought did a more realistic taxation, and that was from 35 to 28%.
8:20 pm
>> mike: and devon, quickly, was there anything out of this that, as a student who's facing a long future and a tough job market, anything out there that made you say, that answer made sense? >> i was actually disointed by the answer i got to my question. not necessarily romney, but specifically rick santorum's answer. the next day the l.a. times ran a question about it and fact checked, obama making, and that came back fls, obama never cited. santorum either distorted the truth or didn't know the truth. sitting five feet away from me, i wasn't satisfied with that. >> mike: well, i want to say i thought all the candidates were candid with you guys and i thought the energy they brought, exceptional. it's tough being a candidate and i think it's tougher getting questions from you, than the media types.
8:21 pm
they know what the media will ask and your questions were not from following them around on the trail. your questions came from the life experience struggling with the economy that's in the toilet because the whole country's economy struggled and i think it's a powerful moment and i want to thank you for helping to make the forum a success. great to have you back, have fun in new york. i want to go back to wilmington. go back to new york and i'll go back to wilmington. we have a blast there. >> coming up, former senator rick santorum and his lovely wife karen join us. we'll have a lovely conversation with him. stay with us. (applause).
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republican presidential candidate rick santorum has surged fromd (applause) >> republican senator rick
8:25 pm
santorum challenging mitt romney for the nomination, with the status comes scrutiny and say he's not in with issues to women. t rick santorum and the woman who knows him best, his wife karen. join us. [applause]. >> thank you, governor. >> mike: senator, the young man who was with us in ohio, one of the concerns he had with the question that you raised about barack obama and people and i think you used the term be snob. look, having been a candidate we've been on the campaign trail and we said things we wished we hadn't said or differently. is there anything out there you would love to walk back ab say, well, let me do that differently. >> my wife after she heard that comment, she said, rick, his comment might have been snobbish, but that doesn't
8:26 pm
make him a snob and so don't-- if you want to say it was a snobbish comment that's one thing, but, yeah, you're right, mike, you get out there and you get wound up and passionate and sometimes, as you know, you did, and you spoke from the heart and you didn't use the teleprompters like many candidates do and sometimes you say things that you wish you had said just a little differently and that's one of them. >> that's where the wives are so effective and come in and tell us some things nobody else will. karen, what have you told your husband along the trail and pulled him aside, and told him something that no one else would get away with. >> you don't have enough time, don't have enough time on the show for that. (laughter) >> karen, give me one example of what you whispered into your husband's ear to give him helpful advice. i know my wife was always there and good night, she was brutally honest with me. >> no, so much of it is just, you know, be yourself, be ssince
8:27 pm
and speak from your heart and rick is a very passionate man, i love that, very passionate and sometimes people interpret that as sort of being mean. i ask him to tone it down and keep a balance between your passion and being too fiery. he cares a lot about the issues, but there are so many things like part of the fun of being married, right? >> yeah, and one debate i was getting a little, i was getting a little fired up and i walked off in one of those breaks and you get a chance to see your wife in between and she walked up to me and i said how am i doing, and she looked at me sternly and said, chill. so that's-- >> that's what wives do and do it it well. >> yeah, yeah. >> mike: one thing, rick, i've known you a long time and i have admired the convictions you have. the last thing on earth i think that would ever be legitimately said about you,
8:28 pm
is that you fear strong women. you married a woman who has both a nursing degree and law degree who home schools seven chirp. that children. and that is strength, tenacity and a high level of education. karen, i'd like you to tell the real rick santorum and relationship with a strong woman because you are one. >> thank you, governor. rick has been a great husband, completely supportive of me and my hopes and dreams. he has been a loving, passionate and devoted husband and father and very involved with me in my life and everything that i do. and he's also just a completely committed and involved father to our seven children. and he's really been great. he's the kind of guy when you walk through the husband, the front door, he's not a senator, not a guy running for president. he is right there, helping me with the children, he's you know, doing the yardwork with
8:29 pm
the kids and he's in the kitchen cooking a meal and actually a great cook, his father was an italian immigrant and taught him to be a great cook and involved at home with every aspect of family life and great about that. >> mike: and talk about your role, too, karen on the campaign trail and balancing the incredible responsibilities of seven children, one of whom had some serious medical issues, your precious child bella, yet at the same time i've seen you so often on the trail and let's talk about it. walk us through, how do you do that, and how do you make it all work? >> oh, my goodness, i wish we could do a day in the life. it's amazing. we are just-- >> she is amazing mike, amazing. >> taking care of their needs, education, extracurriculars and appointments and you know, play dates and everything. so, juggling family life and making sure the children are taken care of. so, i'm very much a mom at home and rick, too, is a big help and then we're juggling
8:30 pm
campaign trail and i always say, rick is the guy who knows hard work ethic, knows frugality, we-- if he doesn't know the price of a gallon of milk, he knows the price of six gallons of milk and we're very much on a pft that hard work ethic and frugal ways on to our children. we shop at discount stores and outlet malls, you know, it's a wonderful, we're very united as a family in this children, but it is a juggling act and i think with having seven children it gives rick a unique perspective on things, because he understands living by a budget and all of the demands of being a parent with combined with work. >> and mike, you know, i mean, when you went through running for president, i mean, you've got to give up everything you're doing and go full hog and you know, we've done well, we worked hard after i left the senate, but we're burning through our savings and making
8:31 pm
the sacrifices and we've got to pinch pennies and make sure that we're sort of holding things together and karen has been just fabulous at that. but this is, this is a team effort and as you can see, she's a very key part of the campaign. she was here in wichita today and speaking for me at the caucuses and i suspect wichita will be my best caucus location as a result. >> mike: i don't doubt that a minute. i want to say thank you. one of the things i'm enjoying doing, is hearing a more personal side. we hear the policy side, but to see you guys as just people like us, and to see a wonderful marriage and a committed family who have seven kids and you raised those kids and you've loved those kids and commitmented to them. i think it gives us a much better insight than the super pack ads run for or against you, u.s.a. say thank you to rick and karen santorum.
8:32 pm
>> thank you, god bless you. >> and his parents got whacked by hitmen on the sopranos. he's the host of ooh series about real life hired guns called "nothing personal", steve schirripa joins me next. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! you don't often find these things in one place. maybe in vegas, if you know where to look. and us. so come on, give us a whirl. ♪ ♪ what started as a whisper
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that'll make testing easy. and you can get these strips for a $15 monthly co-pay simply by joining the freestyle promise program. and i think i know exactly where those savings will go. call or click and join for free. test easy. >> live from america's news headquarters. traff tragic and shock being, how the president describes the soldier. the suspect an army sergeant, originally from washington state stationed at a base in southern afghanistan, he allegedly opened fire on sleeping families and some villages killing 16 people nine of them children. reports say the sergeant later returned to the u.s. base and turned himself in. the nation's gasoline prices going up overnight by 2 cents.
8:36 pm
the nation's agencies on energy. a gallon of self-serve regular, up 12 cents in two weeks and we are feeling it. i'm harris falkner, now let's get you back to huckabee with all of your headlines when you want them. >> (applause) >> the all time classic movie the godfather had memorable lines including this one. it's not personal, it's just business. the investigation showed nothing personal is not based on a script, but real life murder for hire stories. >> to keep things quick and quiet he plans to beat her brains out with a claw hammer, no gunshots, and he's confident you're way more powerful than your victim. >> mike: please welcome back to the show, the host of
8:37 pm
nothing personal, our favorite, steve schirripa. [applause] >> hey, governor, good to see you, my friend. >> great to have you back. [applause] >> you know, you did that opening thing with the ham her and all of that and i'm thinking quick and quiet? that seems disgusting. >> well, it is disgusting, i mean, these are-- >> these are real stories. >> horrific stories. >> and this story, i was telling you about, was a nurse. >> yeah. >> who was 5-6, 260 pounds, married to a guy for 17 years, and he hires someone to kill him. he wants a pension, he wants a house and it's for money most of these things and she comes homes, a cup of cocoa and sneaks up behind her, with a hammer, 5-8, 180. a half hour they fight. she's on camera walking us
8:38 pm
through the house, she fights him back and kills the hitman. >> with the hammer. >> and chokes him. and his last words are, boy, you're strong. she kills the hitman. >> speaking of hitman, for a long time, you played on the h.b.o. award winning series, the sopranos, and a lot of people including your character. >> right there. >> mike: you got whacked on the show, but there was a "vanity fair" article, the sopranos, a lot of you sat around and talking, i didn't know this until i read the article, you didn't know who got whacked on the show until you'd come for the read. >> absolutely. they'd tell you maybe sometimes you have a read through and they tell you before and step into my office or maybe a phone call. but, it was a serious concern. >> mike: well, yeah, kills serious return. >> and no matter how you look
8:39 pm
at the story line, you're out of work. so, here you are and it's hard enough to get a job and then here you are, finally get a job and finally the get on a hit show and now of' got to sweat it out every week they're going to kill you. >> how and when did they tell you you were going to get whacked. >> i got it a different way. i got killed the next the to the last show. and called my house, hold for david. it's like the boss calling and david, where are you. >> in my apartment. well i'm on my way over. you're coming here to my house? we don't visit each other's houses, you know? and i get a calling from the governor, get over here. so. . >> mike: and he walked in with a hammer? >> not far off. so shall the doorman says, chase is here. he rings the bell, i open the door, he says i guess you know why i'm here. it was like a real hit. i said, i guess.
8:40 pm
>> he says well, if you have any, if you have any plans for the next episode, go ahead and do it because you're not in it. >> oh, and we sat and we talked and i thanked him for changing my life and i said how is it going to happen he says, he was vague, well-- i took it kind of as a badge of honor that one, he came to my house. maybe he was just in the neighborhood. and two, they killed him the right way and just fade out no big deal, but if they give you the good killing, i think that was good. >> mike: there was a great story, too, james gandolfini, i'd love to meet one day, an incredible actor. he and h.b.o. were haggling over the money situation and he ended up getting more. but what did he do that surprised all of you guys? >> he took and called each one of us into his trailer, 16 regular cast members and gave us $33,333 each. >> mike: wow. >> and giving, 16 people a car, he said thanks for
8:41 pm
sticking by me, thanks for sticking by me. and look, there's lot of people on tv made more money than jim, he's done well that was generous. >> mike: that was exceptional. i think a lot about you him and you guys. it's great to having you here and hope to do it very often. steve schirripa, i'm glad he's still here and nobody whacked him. thanks to a supreme court ruling. the super pac changed the way that campaigns are waged. what are super pacs? have they made things better or worse? coming up i'll tell you the secret of super pacs. stay with us. [applause]. ng? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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8:46 pm
citizen's united ruling. fact is super pacs is probably a good court ruling, it says you can't restrict people's free speech, but what is the result? well, let's take a look at some of the super pac ads and then we'll talk about how this happens. ♪ ♪ >> why is this man smiling? because his plan is working. brutally attack mitt romney and hope newt gingrich is his opponent. why?
8:47 pm
newt has a ton of badge. for ethics violations or freddie mac before it helped the cause the meltdown. >> and mitt romney, bain capital, the mission, to reap massive rewards. >> mitt romney, those guys don't care who i am. >> he's for small business, no use, he's not. >> you're going to be on a hit list, now what. >> from latin machine, began a pattern of exploiting dozens of american businesses. >> that's pretty rough stuff. that's what super pac's do. they do stuff that no candidate would put their name on and so rough. it would blow back to the candidate. super pacs are created independent of the candidate. there's no ability for the candidate and the super pac. the legal idea.
8:48 pm
no hand holding, no collusion, it has to be kept independent and clearly they're created and the entire purpose is to help one candidate and therefore, to hurt one or more of the others. and here is something that many do not know. 59 million dollars have been spent by the super packs in television advertising and how much the candidates have spent, about 18 million. so it's almost 3-1 mix as to $3 of super pack money for every dollar that a candidate actually comes on and says, i'm mitt romney and i approve this message or newt gingrich and approve this message. let' talk to some of our audience and talk about super pack's today. mike from oklahoma has a question on super pacs. >> yes, governor, i was curious, why is it there's no accountability between the candidates and the sum packs. >> i'd like to know that they're portraying what they
8:49 pm
want and not an unknown group taking a hit on their behalf. >> one thing that's disingenuous about the super pac, the candidate can say, i have nothing to do with it or stop it. wink, wink, like they want to, are you kidding me he. they're glad it's going on, no know the donors, or legally they cannot pick up the phone and call the super pac and say, please stop at that ad. i think the better way to prohibit nothing and disclose everything and anybody that's said about, or for the candidate would have to come through the candidate's campaign and that candidate has to stand up there and put himself up against that message and say, yeah, i said it. that wasn't something from the trees. let's see, we've got we he s from texas? there you are. >> you took my question away there, because, it seems to me we've got a lot of confusion
8:50 pm
with the organizations and the laws. why would it not make sense to be relatively few laws and whatever has the money to give to whoever they give it and it has to be exposed. >> mike: wes, i think we need to elect you to congress. that's exactly what we need to do. the worst thing is the mccain fi finegold campaign reform. and your idea is the right one. let everybody stand up and be counted for the money they give and the message they say, we'll know who is saying what and why are they saying it and that would be a better answer. i vote for you for congress, look forward to your campaign soon. hope that helps you on super pac the, coming up, rock and pop music like you've never heard it before. youtube sensation, the two cellos, next. in here, the landscaping business grows with snow.
8:51 pm
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>> mike: they became an overnight sensation, recei you >> they became an overnight sensation, the music got the attention of superstars like elton john who asked him to join him on tour. wait until you hear these guys play. here they are, two cellos. [applause]. ♪ . ♪
8:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ (applaus (applause) >> oh, man! >> the two cellos, i don't play cellos, but if i did, it would sound just like that. magnificent music and i hope you'll get their music available on itunes and retail outlets, the two cellos, a remarkable gift to the music world. thank you for joining us, hope you enjoyed our show. until next time, mike huckabee
8:57 pm
from the fox news studios in new york. good night and god bless.
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