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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 17, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, five stops, $4.5 million, president obama is on the campaign trail officially raising money and rubbing elbows with celebrities like oprah but should he spend more time doing presidential policy? >>dave: a school in the united states choosing bilingual over english only. should english take a back seat in america? we report. you decide. >> i am here for clayton. happy st. patrick's day, academy award winner actor, george clooney trades cuff learns for handcuffs. what get the actor busted. "fox & friends" starts right new. >>dave: cheers.
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>>alisyn: my gosh, we are all with green this morning, happy st. patrick's day. look at us. >>dave: we have cookies, flowers and because mike is here for clayton, we have fake beer. clayton would be comfortable with real beer but we are not always sure. >> the head of the beer is mums. >>dave: don't drink it! happy st. patrick's day, everyone. >>alisyn: we will take a st. patrick's day quiz to see
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what we know about the holiday. >>dave: an american made holiday that we celebrate far more than the irish. interesting. >> the only day of obligation here but here it is a party. >>alisyn: you nor more than you are letting on. and now the headlines because we have the fox news alert. police and civilians have been killed during twin car bombs in syria's capital this morning. according to local reports. details on the casualties have not been released. syria's news agency is calling the blast terrorist explosions and it is reporting that government targets were hurt. no one claimed responsibility but the blasts come two daze after the anniversary of a year-long uprising against president assad. >> he is called the man behind of massacre army staff sergeant back on united states oil a week after he allegedly killed 16 innocent civilians in afghanistan. he was flown to st. louis on air force cargo jet late last note
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and kept in a solitary cell at the u.s. military prison in kansas. we know the 38-year-old lives with his wife and children in washington, and his neighbors say they are shocked. >> the guy is just a good guy, and fun to be with. never thought something leak this would happen to him. >> he was arrested once for assault on a former girlfriend but that case was later dismissed. >> he had yet to be charged in the shooting in afghanistan. >> another late night document on solyndra the white house releasing 400 pages of documents. they knew plenty of the issues back in january of 2011 and rejected inviting the executives to president obama's special box for the state of the union peach and a white house official admitting the companied that "issues," and it would be a bad
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idea to seat them near the fast lady. solyndra got $535 million loan from the government. >> and george clooney arrested after leading a roast outside the sudan embassy in washington, dc, a critic of the humanitarian crisis there talking about this. >> would you like to see the united states get involved as part after an international coalition or no-fly zone or bombing the sudan air force? >>guest: the truth of the matter is this: and you will understand this, if you are standing there and you see a kid with both hands missing from some jerk, you know, 10,000' in the airdropping bombs on innocent people you would like to see a nato plane come and take those guys out. that is your gut reaction. in the real world, what we are
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talking about we will not see nato get there. >>alisyn: the entire interview is on fox news sunday tomorrow morning. check the local police tensions, it should be interesting. >>dave: terrible locking guy, isn't he? >>alisyn: hard to stare at him for longer. >> and his dad got arrested with him, too. >>dave: father and son bonding. >> he was a banker man. >>alisyn: a long time journalist. >>dave: and now rick with the weather. rick: thank you for the tie, dave. no weather men have green ties. >>dave: i have they. rick: green on the map, the green is the 60's and 61 in minneapolis, and march 17, guys, you should be around 30. so this crazy heat that is going on will continue with a little bit of weather across parts of
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the east and not that much right now but this afternoon because it is so had it looks like june. the hot is humid. it feels like june with scattered thunderstorms and in the west it is very much winter. a big winter storm moving in to southern cam with rain toward los angeles and san diego. snow in the higher elevations. the snow falls are extreme. two- to three- feet in sierra nevadas but spring skiing will be amazing and the mountains need the snow pack. this is a great storm. but it will be big time winter storm for us march 17. and now the temperatures for the nation today. we talking about temperatures again not 80's across the areas of far north as north dakota, and 80 in chicago and every
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record you can imagine for heat for the month of march has been broken. that will continue to fall, again, for the next couple of days. here is today, tomorrow, another extremely warm day and this will breakdown, out west, but we are talking about a slow on tuesday or wednesday and with it severe weather will fire across the planes for the weekend. guys? >>dave: the green temperatures ... mother nature is irish. >>alisyn: the campaign is in high gear. not just for the g.o.p. candidates but the white house. president obama is now officially on the campaign trail. the rhetoric has changed. the "los angeles times" writes this is the earliest and biggest campaign ever if presidential history. >> he made five stops and made $5 million in five stops. >>dave: impressive.
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five fundraisers alone on friday, one with oprah, and perhaps he should be in private equity when done with the white house. some are criticizing the president saying he is spending far too much time campaigning and focusing on re-election and not enough time governing. the white house spokesman reacted to the criticism. >> i maintain that the president is spending the vast preponderance of his time on his official duties. as is everyone who works here. >> every president goes through this when you are on the campaign trail. >>dave: but known has had the amount fund raiseers of the president. >> a money machine. >>dave: twice as many fundraisers as george bush and three times as many as clinton.
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>> and all the presidential duties, can you do them on the campaign trail? >>alisyn: hard to say. >> do you have to be in the white house to get the job done? >>alisyn: not that you have to be geographically in one place but are did you know cussed on the problems of the country or focused on winning re-election which is what the critics are saying. but on the campaign trail the president has broken down the difference in philosophy 20 what the g.o.p. believes and what he believes. he believes that government is an important safety net for people and the government can solve problems. listen. >> we have a simple philosophy, we are better off when everyone is on their own. everyone writes their own rules. wrong. >>alisyn: did you hear that? he said they have a simple
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philosophy that everyone is better off left alone, meaning the g.o.p. >> it made it sound like that is his philosophy. what is the standard for a presidential race as you get close to a presidential election? people say, am i better off now than i was four years ago. i am not sure when that started, maybe the reagan administration? deaf dave we report, you decide. when the president took office, the big thing you hear about today is gas prices and they were at $1.81 a gallon. and now they at $3.84 and the last month has beeningly and it will be well north of $4 a gallon because we will switch over to summer fuel and driving miles will increase. >>alisyn: and we hear, because of the tea party, the national
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debt. that, back then, was $10.6 trillion and now it is $15.5 trillion. >>dave: stunning number to increase $5 trillion in that short a period. >> and now food stamps, january of 2009, $31.9 million and now, $46.5 million. >>alisyn: but, that increased whomly under president obama, a mark many would say of the recession, increasing something like 86 percent. people get more desperate, food stamps go you, it is not fair to say that is only president obama but some callism the g.o.p., say he is the food stamp president. >>dave: those who want the president's job, they are focusing on president obama and perhaps move away from some of the infighting.
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>> we will not be successful in replacing an economic lightweight if we nominate an economic lightweight and i am an economic heavyweight, i know how the economy works and i will get it working for the american people. >> you have a choice between presidential gee -- president algae at $10 or gas at $20. >> romney is talking about being an economic heavyweight and you cannot replace president obama who is an economic lightweight and he believes san an is an economic lightweight. >> the billion that are campaign karl rove that is why the president is putting so much time raising money because they are way behind where they thought they would be in the burn rate is far higher than it has been for a president.
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>> welcome back on st. patrick's day. and some say we need to make the poor a priority. all there should be a national plan to eradicate poverty. other countries have done it. one in two americans live in
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poverty. >> is it the government's job to lift people out of poverty. we ask our guest, a successful small business owner with 11 businesses, and a mentor. thank you for being here. and thank you for dressing up for st. patrick's day. >>guest: i like red better. i'm italian. i'm italian. okay, you mentor people on how to get out of poverty and get jobs, et cetera, you have to fix the mindset of someone who is finding themselves in bad shape financially. >>guest: absolutely the government is not going to fix it and private sector will not fix it and nonprofit will not fix it, it is 100 percent about tapping into the culture and show how the culture turns into money, to change what is going on if their mind to say you can have anything and everything you have wanted and here is the path. what happens is you get into the communities and they perpetuate entitlement, more food stamps, more living on, we will give you
6:18 am
this, and that is the control. no different than all the different cultures that came here. if you can control a population, then it gives you more power but that is not how you get out of poverty. it is saying what you do and what you know is translated to money. i say that on oprah i took my parenting skills and applied to business. with that mindset you can do anything. >> is there a place for government to help if you need to be helped? >>guest: this is where i believe where the family unit, and, obviously, whoever the main person is, but, also, the community, and this is why small business important because small business is the glue in the community and to rally around someone this is why when big athletes or stars go back to the community and say i was you, the kid on the corner with nothing and look what i did.
6:19 am
we need the stories but the government can put in resources and the f.d.a. and get the loan. >> i am suffering financially what will you tell me? >> tell me you want it. if you have fire in your belly and willing to go all the way you are going to win. the reason why i won and people like me, i will work harder at it than you. don't quit. >> if i think the government will help me out i might give up. >>guest: sure or you will say that is too difficult. if you saw what i did each day, people will go, i don't know about that. it is like weight loss. it is not do you want to be thin, it is do you want to do what it takes. and, no, they want to eat five hamburgers. same with business, do you want to do what it takes? the answer for mother pest it is easier to sit and wait for what people will give you but what happens it perpetuates the year over year generation other
6:20 am
generation. >> i like you. a lot. >>guest: we will be become. >> thank you for coming up. >> coming up on st. patrick's day causing for a boycott on a show un-american? or is it your right? a fair and balanced debate next. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems,
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>>alisyn: is calling for a boycott on broadcasters like a tv show or a radio show, is it un-american? here is what bill o'reilly said.
6:24 am
>> americans are calling for firing boycotts, and criminal prosecution in one case, all for speech they don't like. we want a vibrant mechanic, free speech all over the police but when the speech turns irresponsible the market should dictate not pressure groups with threats. >>alisyn: we have a fair and balanced debate we is comic and columnist and partner of a group. is calling for a boycott stopping free speech or an example of free speech. >>guest: organized boycotts where the goal is to cancel a show, yes, that has a chilling effect on free speech. as an entertainer, like rush limbaugh, and i condemn what rub -- rush limbaugh said, it was hateful and mean but when you see press speech that you hate,
6:25 am
well, the test of free speech is to give the right for people to speak with speech you do hate. >>alisyn: as a come i think you may say some offensive things and you want the ability to say that. what do you think? is this boycotting, does it put have avilling effect on free speech? >> it could impact what people say but not chilling effect on free speech it is an extension of the right to say what you want because they are calling for a boycott. how is them calming for a boycott a contradiction. the boston tea party, that was an economic boycott. >>alisyn: having said that, isn't the most democratic thing to vote with your clicker. a broadcast, you can change the channel. isn't that how we decide if we like what we hear. >> the difference in turning off the show or you can say i don't like that the advertisers advertise on this show so i
6:26 am
won't buy but when the say the goal is to cut down speech it cuts both ways. bill maher made a controversial statement, and i think he is funny and smart and he was thrown off, and david letterman, an attempted boycott from sarah palin joke, and it cuts both ways and what will happen, the chilling effect on free speech. >>guest: the last point of letterman was an attempted boycott. this is a battle and this is a continuing of the narrative that started with rush limbaugh from the obama administration saying this is health care courage, to his opponent saying it is religious liberty to, morality, to rush limbaugh. that continued into us talking about well, free speech and the ability to talk about these things. in the end what matters is the narrative. i have a right to put my narrative out there and this narrative of free speech is what
6:27 am
is taking hold. >>alisyn: if people called on you to be fired for something you said, isn't that chilling effect, rather than just your free speech. >>guest: it is horribly chilling for me but everyone has a right to say what they think and they can call the show after and say never have that guy on the show again. the constitution guarantees rush limbaugh or our ability to soy anything we want but it does not guarantee us to have the bully pulpit of our own radio or f show which to say. >>alisyn: we will leave it there. i bet the viewers will write in. you can fiend me on twitter and at thank you for coming in, gentleman, to debate this. "new york times" ran an ad asking catholics to abandon their faith and criticizing the faith but "new york times" refused to do the seem on muslims when asked. were they everlicensive or
6:28 am
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>> this is the 4th president president of obama's presidency and he still hasn't create add green job. what happened to those? >>alisyn: funny, green jobs. >>dave: and michael is looking nice for the set. >>mike: have to look great. we are at 48th and 6th in midtown manhattan, and great scott is here. >> a beautiful day. i think st. patrick's day and i think of someone named paddy. my beard is in my mouth. we are making corned beef. >> we are grilling it. >> thought you were supposed to boil it. >> that is traditional, here we
6:33 am
will use warm water and each pound is 30 minutes and we have the potatoes and this is the water to get the salt in the water. and we have spice and pepper, and hot pepper. >>mike: the rub the corned beef. >> really good, we use the water from the corned beef to take out the acorned," which means big cluster of salt, nothing to do with corn and we seeped out the water. >>mike: it is dark but we have it on the grill. look at this. amazing. turn that over, buddy. this is a tech grill. no flare-up, totally gets up how fast in temperature? >> from zero to 900 degrees in seven minutes. bang. the mazurati of grills.
6:34 am
>> and back down to 200 in five minutes. >> don't you have a show? >> we are developing a show. it will be the best she looking for your producer. mike was the first host of my show on fox. >> okay. can you try this in they it on the grill. >> put it right here. how long would it be on the grill? >> it is cooked. you want it up to a temperature of 165 and then it is done. >> fan tass tick. >> shredded. more dense. and the flavor penetrates. you put that flavor rub you want to massage it in.
6:35 am
>>mike: oh, yeah, baby, i agree with that. tradition on pat president. you can use whatever rub you want. it is subjective. >> check out >> whatever you are drinking i help it is -- are they drinking? >>dave: i was going to say wait until 10:05. >>alisyn: and now the news. the nypd is on high alert over the test of a possible trust attack over st. patrick's day festivals. tensions are at a high with the massacre of 16 afghan villagers at the hands of a u.s. soldier. rebound trying to ease the tensions during a phone call
6:36 am
with president karzai yesterday and agreed to discuss the request to remove all u.s. soldiers from the rural areas in the next few days. >> parents of a student in california are outraged by a plan to phase out english-only classes. the elementary school wants to replace them with a duel language problem. when says i don't think this will set well. taking options away in this school that has done well with both is a mistake. the superintendent is defending the plan and claims "all change is hard, sometimes there are short term companies but there could be long-term gains only this little guy was in a hurry to start his life, his mom's water broke while on the highway so the dad had to pull over and deliver him crediting the 9-1-1
6:37 am
operator who walked him law this. >> push. push. push. >> doing good. do you have a cloth or t shirt to wipe the baby. >> a lot excitement and stress on the scene but we think ourselves as dispatcher we are first on the scene, not physically but we are there through the phone. allegation it all went well and bennett and his parents are happy. >> a boy took the love of college best a little too far. the 11-year-old got in trouble for running a tournament pool with his friends paying $5 and the principal ended the fool when she found out. she called his mom and the mother says she fund the whole situation kind of funny as i am sure you would, dave, if your young son was gambling. >>dave: i would have a very hard time punishing my son. we talk about the brackets.
6:38 am
two college hoops heavyweights celebrate st. patrick's day more than imagined a historic night. never before had two number 15 seeds upset number two's until now. norfolk state making their first trip. the 15 seed spartans shocking two seed missouri, 86-84. shooting lights out and one scholarship was offered and norfolk state, go call, 26 points and 14 boards and they get florida next. duke, everyone is happy but for me, losing the first game of the tournament for the second team in 16 years. lehigh upsetting the blue devils
6:39 am
75-70 and it wasn't that close. one player dominated the game, one of the great guards, with 30 and duke was 6-26 from three-point range and you knew that would steal their fate. norfolk state and lehigh for a new record and big ones at number 13, ohio took down michigan and temple lost to 12 seed south florida. rick, peyton manning down to denver, tennessee, and san francisco. rick: i am sad it is not arizona. they are out. incredibly warm. st. patrick's day could not be better. plan for a memorial day weather-wise and do that on st. patrick's day if you can. that is what temperatures will
6:40 am
be like, a huge storm across the west. the rotation is a monster storm with heavy wind across california and the rain moving toward southern california and we talking about a severe weather outbreak tomorrow, monday, and tuesday and that is where it will lynn up, a slow mover, and the high pressure keeping the heat there and it will not budge. sunday that is our severe weather and monday it moves to the east but it goes up to minnesota and that is not common for march and we had tornadoes in michigan and never happened before in march. that could happen in minnesota. and that extended across the south but the heat continues across the east and comes back to the 60's and 70's. guys >>alisyn: thank you, rick. we are learning new details of the documents that show that osama bin laden's desire to kill both president obama and general petraeus but with the president trying to get re-elected some
6:41 am
say the timing of the information is more than just a coincidence. >> good morning, if this case this is in question the timing is worth investigating. >> osama bin laden has been dead for ten months the al qaeda leader is making a comeback on the campaign trail. >> this is his decision. >> aside from the new 17 minute campaign video that showcases the president's decision to take out the terror leader, "washington post" columnist wrote on friday that he was given an exclusive look by an administration official at some of the documents recovered by navy seals at bin laden's compound in pakistan. the "washington post" reports that osama bin laden wanted to hit general yep -- general petraeus and president obama and was never seen as anything more than wishful thinking. the columnist writes the reason
6:42 am
for concentrating on them is that obama is the head of infidelity and killing him makes vice president biden take over and he is totally unrepresented for that post which will lead the united states into a crisis. and this week with prime minister cameron the president alluded to this. >> there is a reason why al qaeda is on its heels and has been decimated and a reason why osama bin laden and his lieutenants are not in a position to execute lots against the united states or great britain. >> as for the timing in the campaign and media could be calculated according to a member of the bush team. >> this president has suffered the most dramatic drop in popularity and the white house is desperate forego fuzz. >> an official said the white house is working to declassify
6:43 am
and make public as many documents as possible adding it could take months but will the timing bump up against the election. >>mike: thank you. coming up, he helped honor the man known as the grandfather to kids everywhere for his service to children: joining us live to talk about the great event unbelievable event. no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to... get in the way. not anymore. ink, the small business card from chase introduces jot an on-the-go expense app made exclusively for ink customers. custom categorize your expenses anywhere. save time and get back to what you love. the latest innovation. only for ink customers. learn more at
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than owners of any traditional mattress brand. ♪ it's the perfect time to save up to $300 on select mattress sets. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. like a ramen noodle- every-night budget. she thought allstate car insurance was out of her reach. until she heard about the value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. >>dave: welcome back, celebrityies including super bowl champion were on hand to celebrate the 70th birthday of artie rabin. >>mike: and rich was at the event. good to see you.
6:47 am
tell me about artie, 70's years old? >>guest: we say he is 39. >>mike: like jack benny. >>guest: unbelievable man, friend, and the most gracious people you will ever meet. >>guest: this is a have for all jewish kids, all kids in the city, a place to go and be educated and meet people like the celebrities. >>mike: here is what the part was like. >> we are celebrating big a's big night, big artie's big night. he is a great man. doing a great job of raising money for the kids and i am proud to know him and to be here. all he does not get the
6:48 am
limelight but he has been involved in every tournament event i have been involved in and he has been tied in to it and he liked to be anonymous. i call him the big a but i also call him the big "g," for "giving i the most giving people i know. all about party. >> i want to meet artie. >> i want to party with arti etch. >> we celebrated his birthday on a 240' yacht in the caribbean. >> i really do want to meet him. >>dave: sounds like a great cause you raised a lot of money and pick -- bill clinton was there.
6:49 am
>> and peyton manning name came up. >> could go back to tennessee, contract for light. >> big daddy, thank you for coming in. >>mike: and too sensitive? "new york times" saying no to this antiislam ad but running this anticatholic ad.
6:50 am
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>>alisyn: and was "new york times" hypocritical deciding to not run an anti-islam ad ambassador running an ad backing the catholic church. here is an example of the ad and my guest to discuss it. we talk about that, put up the ads side-by-side. what you did, you took an ad, directly that was run in the "new york times" they accepted, and that is the one on the right hand side, they accepted anticatholic but on the left you
6:54 am
created basically taking catholic ad, exchanging islam for catholicism and they rejected it. >>guest: i used the same people plat but i flipped the language and i referred to their 18 market 560 islamic attacks since 9/11 but the same ad, and the cartoon i supplanted the bishop with the blind sheik behind the world trade center attacks. >>alisyn: here is how "new york times" responded when you tried to pay $39,000 to run your ad they say the fallout from running this ad now could put u.s. troops and civilians in the afghan region in danger. do they have a point? >>guest: do they have a point? this is hypocrisy. you consider they ran 32 front page consecutive news stories on
6:55 am
abu gra and they leaked financial transactions with terrorists and they have put our troops in jeopardy. >>alisyn: it is so turbulent in afghanistan, would this fan the flames? >>guest: when is it good to be self enforcing the sharia where you cannot criticize islam. that was not enflaming? newsweeklied of the koran being plushed, that wasn't inflaming? >>dave: why are they doing this? >>guest: because they know catholics will hot kill them but they are reinforcing that terrorism works. and that is surrender, hypocrisy, and that anticatholic ad was a blistering insulting attack and i just cited the statistics, the same ad and
6:56 am
there is no way they will run it and they made their bias moan. painfully clear. >>alisyn: you are not alone, the catholic league agrees and says this decision was based on either anticatholic bigotry or fear of slam i think violence and they painted themselves into that corner and "new york times" said they will consider your ad if a few months. >>guest: i am holding my breath. you can visit me at the morgue but this is in the first. they do do not, i think, ever run that ad. when did they ever worry about the troops. ever? >>dave: next a frightening scene at a carnival when a little girl falls off a ride and the entire thing caught on camera. we have the latest on her
6:57 am
6:58 am
[ heart beating, monitor beeping ]
6:59 am
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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on march 17, saturday. happy st. patrick's day, president obama back to the white house a few hours ago after a busy day on the road not focused on creating jobs. he was raising money for his re-election campaign while rubbing elbows with celebrities including oprah. >> back stage for the pledge of allegiance, and that is what could happen if a councilman gets her way and says sitting is patriotic. >> and mr. mom may have made us laugh but now women are laughing all the way to the bank. we will explain that in a second. "fox & friends" starts right now.
7:01 am
>>alisyn: feeling festive and our floor director is doing some irish dancing at the moment. >>dave: happy st. patrick's day, everyone, celebrations across the country especially in new york, they do it up here. savannah, georgia, not to be outdone could be the biggest parade. they blow it up. >>alisyn: we will show you how dublin is celebrating and we will show you like shots in dublin, today. >>dave: and now the news, president obama getting back to the white house a few hours ago after a late night, hitting five fundraisers in a day bringing in the dough. >>mike: peter is in washington, dc with more.
7:02 am
peter? >> the day after president obama's re-election team released the 17-minute long documentary highlighting everything they think he has done right the last these years, the president on friday hit five fundraisers two in chicago at the palmer house hilton bringing in $2.1 million, and three in atlanta, one in the private home, one at tyler perry's house and studio including a performance with this. >> the philosophy is simple: everyone is left to fend for themselves. if those in power can make their own rules somehow it will trickle down to you. and they are wrong. >>reporter: he was talking about republicans and the final four have something to say about
7:03 am
the president's philosophy including romney is in the president's own backyard of illinois. >> the president takes your money and invests in the people would helped him in the campaign, this is a political pay back of a kind that distorts the way the market works and frightened entrepreneurs. it is the wrong path for america and something which the american people have had enough of. >> the president did not get back from illinois fundraiseing until 12-39 -- 12:39 this morning. >>mike: so, tyler perry's house in atlanta, is that where oprah was? >>dave: why foe -- know i was not invited.
7:04 am
everyone gearing up for as peter mentioned, illinois, the negligence big battle happening in the republican party, and romney again looking good there if you look at the latest rasmussen poll at 41 percent compared to rick santorum's 32 percent, and rick santorum is knock filed a full slate of delegates in illinois which could hurt him, and we continue to say, this is the next "must win," for romney, and we have said this a dozen times but it is another big state, big cities, and a big tv buy. >>alisyn: so now romney and santorum are the frontrunners, they are, of course, slugging it out between the two of them. listen. >> we will not be successful if replacing an economic lightweight if we nominate an economic lightweight and i am an economic heavyweight i know how the economy works. >> someone believes in government mandate and romney care and believes in cap and
7:05 am
trade and imposing the government's well on manufacturing, big government heavyweights, i am a government lightweight. >> after rick santorum swept the south, some say newt gingrich is time to get out but newt gingrich says he is in until tampa, the convention. and romney is at 40 percent and rick santorum 39 percent and ron paul 12 percent, and newt gingrich ten percent. >>dave: the narrative has been "if" newt gingrich gets out rick santorum would clean up because he would have a one-on-one race but that number tells you a different story, and, in fact, his supporters would split. they are hot necessarily made up their minds they would be santorum folks so it would not be a different race if he got out. >>alisyn: yesterday we talked to newt gingrich and he says he has no plans to go anywhere.
7:06 am
>> wherever we went in illinois yesterday people said you have to stay in the race, you have to talk about big solutions like $2.50 gasoline. the people who are supporting me want to have a reagan-like visionary of big ideas candidate. >>dave: this race will go on, why california could decide it, june 5th, 172 delegates, so buckle up. >>mike: it has been a roller coaster. why not stay in? >>alisyn: negative could happen in illinois. we have other news right now. we have an update on the situation in syria. 27 people were killed and 97 wounded by twin bombings in syria's capital this morning according to local reports. syria state news agencies call this blast "terrorist explosions." and the news agencies report that the government targets were
7:07 am
hurt. so far known has claimed responsibility, and the blasts come two daze after the anniversary of a year long uprising against president assad. american soldier accused of killing 16 villagers in afghanistan is back on u.s. soil pictured there on the right of the screen, was flown into st. louis on an air force cargo jet last night, and now is being kept in solitary cell at the military prison in kansas, and we now know that the 38-year-old lives with his wife and children in washington, and his neighbors, of course, say they are, showed. >> the guy is just a good guy and fun to be with. never thought something look this would happen. >>alisyn: he was pictured on the left of your screen, and a background check showed he was arrested before for assault on a firm girlfriend but that was was dismissed and he has yet to be
7:08 am
charged in the shooting in afghanistan. the supreme court is set to hear arguments this month on obamacare although many in the country would love to watch this live the highest court is saying "no," rejecting requests for live televised coverage about the law and say they will release audio recording the same day. we love just listening to audio. and a new jersey official in the hot seat after staying seated during the ledge -- pledge of allegiance saying it is her right as an american not to take part in the pledge, and the mayor calling her out during the meeting for being disrespectful and at issue, a rare, and williams said she is a christian there should be a separation of church and state. out of respect for those who pray, there is a
7:09 am
nondenominational rare that is read by our city clerk. i don't believe a prayer is necessary to open a public meeting. >>alisyn: i will read what the teleprompter says and i help you enjoy it. "williams says at the heart of the debate is a debate. she says the mayor misspent city funds and the mayor has not spended to the claims from the department of redundancy department, our teleprompter." >>mike: the debate is about a debate. and now over to the parade. rick: the weather is great. like memorial day parade for everyone. rather than ... st. patrick's day holiday. major winter storm in the west. california and arizona is nevada a big storm, junior snow, and in the planes, like summer, like june, for everyone. including storms that are like
7:10 am
downstorms. and by tomorrow severe weather breaks out across the plains. we have storms from arizona, southern california to idaho and montana and we are talking 1' to 2' of snow all going today if california, and tonight, moving across arizona, and, by tomorrow morning, we will see a lot of snow toward flagstaff. this storm is going to continue to bring rain and snow and years of the east, today, like june where we will see the summertime popup thunderstorms, what you would expect when it is humid and hot. this storm by temperature pulls out across the lanes and we expect to be have the beginning of a severe outbreak, major, maybe tornadoes and big problems and st. patrick's day, 83, and 81 in kansas city, and 80 in chicago, the 14 the day in a row
7:11 am
in chicago over 80. and they have a huge st. patrick's day celebration with the refer -- river dyed blue. >> you like the quizzes, this is the third holiday if a row, rather, not holiday, but ... you have something in your hands right here, but the first question, true or false? s patrick is not actually irish. >>alisyn: true. >>mike: born in scotland. >>dave: born in u.k. >>alisyn: his parents are romans. rick: he was born in britain to a wealthy family with 20 slaves.
7:12 am
>>alisyn: italian background. rick: second the original color of st. patrick is, what? >>mike: (a)? rick: the answer is "d." >> the first st. patrick's day parade, dublin, ireland, boston? new york. >> (b) for boston. >> (b) for boston. we know. rick: i lived in boston but i didn't know that. wreck risk how many pints of guiness are consumed around the world on st. patrick's day?
7:13 am
>>alisyn: i don't know. >>dave: i know this. rick: the answer is (a), 13 million. last question, how much money will americans spend on st. patrick's day this year? rick: the answer is (c), yes, $4.5 billion. that is a lot of money on st. patrick's day. >>dave: a lot of beer. reconciliation thank you. >>alisyn: a new campaign put out by the left is accusing republicans of waging a war on women. will that be testify -- be will that be testify -- be effective swaying voters
7:14 am
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7:17 am
>>dave: democrat super pac seeing this ad accusing republicans of waging a war on women. will this be effective in tearing away female voters from the g.o.p.? a rick santorum supporter is here, here in town to run a half marathon. he is geared up. this war on women that the democrats are trying to pain the republicans as waging, will it be effective? >>guest: when they put out an ad like this or a video like this, i have much more respect for women than to say they will buy into that line of thinking it is all about abortion on demand or subsidizing my contraceptives to have my lifestyle, women are more in-depth looking at the economy,
7:18 am
jobs, and gas prices and leadership for the country. >>dave: if this is a face of war, it is rick santorum, your guy. how does he fight back? >>guest: what people like is he is likable. the first thing, they trust him. they may not always agree with the position he holds but they trust him. they know he loves his country, has a great family, and loves his family, and she a proven leader, and people will look at him and he will stand up well against president obama. >>dave: if there is evidence to suggest it could be successful a new poll says 20 percent of romney supporters, if rick santorum gets the nomination, they would leave and actually vote for president obama. how big a concern is that for rick santorum supporters and what does he do to get back the independents? >>guest: he needs to win the nomination. i have watched politics and the
7:19 am
establishment play out and what they are interested in is winning. if rick santorum bets romney they will come out and them not want four more years of president obama, jobs are at stake, energy at stake. so rick santorum will do extremely well in this process. >>dave: we talked how big florida and ohio and michigan, and they not gone well for rick santorum. how important is illinois on tuesday? >>guest: well, all the states are big. >>dave: does he need to win a big guy to say he can win the huge swing states? >>guest: everyone says that romney needs to win the next big one. alabama and mississippi, show he can win in the south but rick santorum wins in the south. >>dave: but those states will go republican anyway. >>guest: the states you mention like ohio and michigan, if newt gingrich get out, and your poll shows, but if newt
7:20 am
gingrich get out i believe rick santorum wednesday michigan and ohio and the narrative is different. newt gingrich, a good friend of mine, if he got out and throws his support behind rick santorum the followers would follow. >>dave: you know newt gingrich and he ain't getting out. >>guest: anything to stop romney. good luck in the half marathon today. 13 miles. impress we. a terrifying scene caught on camera as a toddler is thrown from a carnival ride. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>>alisyn: and aretha says sisters doing it for themselves and women will overtake men as the primary bread winners and become the most financially powerful generation of women in history. >>dave: the author of "richer sex," and you can also read her stuff on the cover of "time magazine," a feature story this month. good morning to you. so, women are taking over the workforce. why? >>guest: well are 60 percent
7:25 am
of college and university students right now and that figure is having an impact on their earning power and the industry, the economy is changing, also, moving away from industrial economy to what they call a knowledge economy and many of those fields such as health care are women fields. >>dave: and manufacturing is including construction. >>guest: right. >>mike: you say in your book learn better, faster than men? >>guest: girls get better grades in school. there is a lot of variety between each child but typically girls read sooner and get higher grades and graduate from high school in higher percent. >>mike: why? >>guest: well, sitting in a chair, i have a boy and a girl, it is in a chair, foe cutting and reading, school is academic and at an early age.
7:26 am
every parent sees that. boys are more likely to be held back and more likely to start later. >>alisyn: as women become the breadwinners this mixes up traditional gender roles as menace the provider. >>guest: in the long run it is good. how could it not be good for women to have more earning power? economists talk about bargaining power and we know when women started working men starting doing more domestic housework. and men are doing more work at home and it is because women are earning and husbands with stay at home wives do more housework than they used to. >>dave: a long way to go because politics is dominated by men and fortune 500 c.e.o.'s, it will are women. 12 of 500. that number is down, 16 percent of corporate board members in the country are women. so there is a long way to go on top.
7:27 am
>>guest: a long way to go but there are certain professions that have slipped psychology used to be male can now mostly female. and veterinarian medicine, that is women. >>dave: but you need more seats in the boardroom to take hold. >>guest: a way to get more seats in the boardroom is if you would like to have a family you have a husband who is the secondary earner. that helps. >>mike: but single moms have to say i have to get a job. >>guest: right, and the story where this is not such a happy development, 40 percent of children now are born to unmarried mothers and in the working last among poor americans women who are supporting themselves supporting their child if men are suffering from poorer economic would expects because of changes, the
7:28 am
women will not get married. >>alisyn: also i read you talk about who is having a hard are time adjusting and you think it is men but women also are accustomed to men doing things for them and paying for them and they are having a hard time adjusting. >>guest: and young women graduating from college with great degrees and their boyfriends could say, this is great, you are my meal ticket, i will put my chips on you and i will move for you, and i talk to young women who ask, do i want to be the primary breadwinner for life and be locked into this and a woman says getting boxed in as the higher earner sounds like more work and less play so sometimes when look at less flexibility and choice. >>mike: can you endure dues me to some wealthy women? i am looking for a breadwinner. >>guest: studies show financial prospects in a mate for men have risen remarkably as
7:29 am
a trait they would identify. >>mike: back alabama -- back in the day women would look for domestic skills. are men still making more women? >>guest: yes by 40 percent. >>dave: women are 77 cent to the dollar. >>guest: so even with the gender wage gap that pentagon working wives but as the gap closes the percentage will rise. >>dave: we could talk about this for three hours the book is "the richer sex." >>alisyn: why do i have a horrible feeling i will be buying lunch? >>mike: wisconsin governor walker facing a recall election. my name is robin.
7:30 am
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>>dave: and time for the shot of the morning, the windy city going green, the chicago river will be dyed green in celebration of st. patrick's day, in the 50th year for the tradition. this is last year's celebration, the river dying ceremony begins at 7:00 central time followed by a parade at 12:00 noon and people say why don't we dye it blue because it is a strange ... grayish brown. >>alisyn: it looks like radioactive fill. >>mike: we will have fun in new york city with a big parade, st. patrick's day, but we will go to a festival where people compare to mardi gras mixed with the mummer's parade in philadelphia on new year's, a festival of fire.
7:35 am
amy? >> good morning, friends. i will show you about las fallas these figures are 50' or 60' and 70' guy and cost up to $350,000 to build and it take as year to construct. they are wood and paper and assembled at last minute, the day before yesterday and then they are burned. this is the festival of the patron saint of carpenters and it is the celebration of spring moving from winter to spring when carpenters here no longer needed so much fire for heating and they would put their latches on -- lamps on the stand, and it
7:36 am
became more elaborate and like a camp mall and all sorts of parties and the nights are filled with light. >> fireworks ignite the sky in the city, in spain, before the fiery end of the rite, the burning of the larger than life figures and flowers made for the annual festival and then, destroyed in a ritual in a symbolic burning of all that is useful, and there is fierce competition. neighborhoods vie for the best figures and of lights as crowds are here for four days to enjoy
7:37 am
life and then the colorful reality. >> now, the economy is really in bad shape in spain. and this town has been particularly hard hit. this area has the highest unemployment rate in the entire euro zone so there is a lot of debate whether the money should be spent on the festival. and it does bring a lot of money to the economy because there are a lot of tourists on the street but people have said that next year they expect the festival will be small are because of the difficult economic situation so i am glad i could bring it this year because next year could be different. >>alisyn: great to see it and uplifting for much there. >>dave: different than the inflatable floats we have. >>mike: right on the mediterranean ocean, a gorgeous city. and the feast of st. joseph is on the 19th.
7:38 am
>>alisyn: president obama says he will consider afghan president karzai's request to remove all u.s. troops from the nation's rural areas the karzai making that demand days after a soldier allegedly killed 16 afghan villagers as they slept in their homes pushing tensions between the two countries to the brisk. the nypd is on high alert with the threat of terror attacks over st. patrick's day parade. >> a terrifying moment. this is caught on camera. a he-year-old girl flung from a ride in houston, texas, and she is hanging on for dear life in the shadow after she slipped from the seat. she did meet the height
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
and if you have some bald spots, just make sure you cultivate, and you get the great tools. this is from the hound dog, to tear up the yard this is easy to do, obviously and you can get one of these, these are great, and the seed and fertilizer is in one and you just have to spread this. >>dave: easier than you thought, folks. and, finally, just mention that. >>guest: if you want to turn
7:43 am
up the yard, get some top soil. >>dave: you do not have to do that every year? >>guest: if the aerate the yard, clean it up, and you prepare it right, you will be in good shape. >>dave: more stuff at, now is the time to get the yard looking good. >>guest: and you can join the garden club at home depot. you are moving to the suburbs? >>alisyn: you are helping me imagine what it is like if the suburbs. >>mike: and now a break.
7:44 am
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>>mike: wisconsin governor walker facing a recall election for a law he passed loosening the grip of the teacher union but now the unions refuse to enact the laws and it could cost teachers their jobs. and now a wisconsin school teacher. seriously, i thought the union was supposed to protect teachers if they will not negotiate, teachers will lose their jobs. >>guest: well, that is what we paid them for. however, this is more than the budget. it has to do with the fact that teachers, public employees have a chance to decide whether to belong to the unions and the unions are aware they could lose
7:48 am
millions in members, so, in my opinion that is what the fight is about. >>mike: let's look at the situation over the 72 school districts in the state of business $162 million. and 330,000 students affected. and $500 per student. what is the solution? >>guest: well, the solution is the economy we are in right now makes sense. for public employees to pay into their pensions and benefits and we are asked to pay less than most of the private sector is being asked to pay. the bottom line is, there is only so much money coming in and you only have so much to work with and walker knows that and that is why he has a budget reform bill to allow districts to do what needed to be done. >>mike: i bet you are taking a lot of heat privately, what are other teachers saying to you.
7:49 am
afraid of the reaction from the union if they speak out like you? >>guest: well, there is some of that i receive e-mails, and phone calls messages on face book and what not, and it is usually just words of encouragement, keep this up, you speak for a lot of us, and what can we do to help. the truth is, some of them are not aware all the ins and outs of the union so i try to educate them. that's kind of it. i would say as far as the negativity is concerned there is a ton of it, but, it is okay i am a big girl. >>mike: hang in there. >>guest: great. >>mike: keep us informed. ok, guys-- what's next ?
7:50 am
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7:53 am
♪ how sweet the sound ♪ that saved a wretch ♪ like me >>alisyn: anker irish singing group has performed at the white house and st. patrick's day parade in new york, and they have a new album "thunder voyage," and here with a special performance for st. patrick's day, thank you. why am i the only one in green? (inaudible) >>alisyn: we blow it out here for st. patrick's day. >> you certainly do. >> we don't miss an opportunity to drink beer. so, tell me you have a new cd out called "voyage."
7:54 am
>>guest: it is a continuation of a lot of songs we have grown up with, this is our sixth album and we wanted to put all the songs in, songs we care about and songs we have done in the past. that is the birth of the album. >>alisyn: what song you will people today? take it away. ♪ leaving ♪ for a long, long time ♪ there is no finer harbor that can be found ♪ ♪ where the youngsters ♪ each evening ♪ go down to the shore
7:55 am
♪ and the bells are ringing ♪ for the maid of culmore ♪ the first time i saw her ♪ the next time i saw her ♪ she said goodbye ♪ the last team i saw her my heart squeezed ♪
7:56 am
♪ with the wind blowing out ♪ and the dark sky ♪ to the debt that i had ♪ no one knows me ♪ but if i don't find her ♪ i'll return home
7:57 am
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>>alisyn: good morning, everyone, on saturday, march 17. it is st. patrick's day and president obama had five stops and $4.5 million and is kick his re-election campaign into high gear but critics wonder if he should focus on the economy. deaf dave a school in the u.s. choosing bilingual education over english. should english take a back seat in america? the parents are outraged. >>mike: be honest are you a mama's boy? >>dave: yes. >>guest: he is 35 and still lives at home. that is not normal. i lived upstairs sense i was three. >> it will take dynamite to get me out of my parents' house. >> new research showing a little love from mama may actually make men stronger.
8:01 am
that's right. >>dave: right. >>mike: "fox & friends" continues on st. patrick's day. >>alisyn: good morning, everyone, this is a like picture from dublin, ireland, the st. patrick's day parade is about to start at noon dublin and much has turned out. you can see the grown lining the streets. >>dave: has anyone will tell you who comes here they are surprised at how big a sell presentation we have in the united states because st. patrick's day is celebrated bigger here in terms of a party than in ireland. savannah, a huge parade. new york. chicago. boston. all across the country.
8:02 am
>>mike: and lock at studio. >>dave: it is decked out. the cookie is fantastic. >> let us know about the story that michael read. do mama's boys end up softer later in life? do you ever toughen up. >>alisyn: we should mention the flowers. clayton is back tomorrow. >>imus: when this is a new gadget out, he is off the last day. the last ipad he was off. and i believe the new iphone. >>alisyn: coincidence? and now in the news, 27 people mostly civilians were killed and 97 wounded from twin bum evening in syria's capital this morning, this is according to local reports, calling the blast
8:03 am
"terrorist explosion," and reporting that government targets were hit. the blast comes two days after the anniversary of a year long uprising against president assad. he is caused the man behind the massacre, army staff sergeant back on u.s. soil a week after he allegedly killed 16 innocent civilians in afghanistan. he is being kept in a solitary cell at the u.s. military prison in kansas and the neighbors say he is the last person they would suspect of a crime. >> i have been around him, a good guy, fun to be with, never thought something leak this would happen to him. >> married father of two with reports he worked as a financial add veers and volunteered with autistic children but a back ground children revealed he has a dark side, reportedly arrested for assault back in 2002 and yet to be championed in the shooting
8:04 am
in afghanistan. >> shocking new details of ament by osama bin laden to kill general petraeus and president obama so vice president biden could become president. and bin laden felt biden was totally unprepared and it would lead to a crisis in the united states. according to the documents bin laden said killing general petraeus would alter the war in afghanistan and intelligence forces tell fox news the plot was taken seriously but determined to be purely an aspiration. some question the timing of the release since president obama is running for re-election. coon any in -- clooney in cuffs after leading a protest outside the sudan embassy in washington, dc. he is a critic of the humanitarian abuse and crisis in the sioux dan and is talking about it with chris wallace. >> would you like to see the united states involved in having
8:05 am
a know fly zone or bombing. >>guest: the truth is this: you will understand this. if you are standing there and you see a kid with both his hands missing from some jerk, you know, 10,000' in the airdropping bombs, on innocent people you would like to see a nato plane take those guys out of the air. that is your gut reaction. in the real world, what we are talking about, we will not see nato in there. >>alisyn: he is talking about the war on its own people in the sioux dan, you can catch the interview on fox news sunday tomorrow morning check your local listing. >>dave: and now rick has the news. mostly beautiful forecast but he said arizona is expecting a lot of snow. rick: big snowstorm. we will start off with the mild weather, all of the cities,
8:06 am
fargo, and chicago, and st. louis, and washington, dc, where you should be. fargo, 36 degrees. it is march. today, 74, and tomorrow, 75. chicago, in the 80's both days. st. louis usually in the 50's, and 83, and it has been this way for most of the winter, and now we have temperatures that feel like sell it summer. across the west and a wintery storm moving in, and warnings in effect from california and arizona to idaho and montana so a big storm and we are headed to the end the rain, the stormy season in the west so it is good because we have had a mild and dry winter. this is a look at the radar picture, the yellows and reds, that is heavy rain to central california and big time snow across the sierra nevadas, 3' of snow pushing to the east and tonight the rain and snow moves across arizona. in the southeast these are
8:07 am
storms you could see not middle of the summer with big thunderstorms and we will see all this move to the plains. very heavy rain and severe weather in the plains with flooding. we need the rain in oklahoma and texas but up to 4" to 8". >>dave: and now for the g.o.p. in the race for the nomination, all about now moving to illinois, the president's state, 54 delegates are up for grabs on tuesday and that is more than even in florida. why is it so important for rick santorum? he has not won in the big ones, michigan, ohio, florida-like states. >>mike: in illinois, there was fundraising the last 24 hours. president obama made five stops fundraising trips to atlanta, georgia, and chicago, and in the five spots $4.5 million in donations $1 million a stop? >>alisyn: according to the "los angeles times" the campaign is starting earlier and with a
8:08 am
bigger bang than any other presidential re-election campaign in history. some critics say that means the president's focus is is away frm presidential policy. and the spokesman addressed that. >> i maintain the president is spending the vast amount of his time on his official duties. as is everyone who works here. >>mike: and on the campaign trail you talk of the difference between the parties and president obama brought up his difference in philosophy on the economy, especially, and his difference with the g.o.p. listen to this. >> they want to spend trillions more on tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals even if it means adding to the deficit or gutting energy or education.
8:09 am
medicare. there is a simple philosophy we are better off when everyone is left on their own. everyone writes their own rules. they are wrong. >>alisyn: it was unclear what he said "they" think, but --. >>dave: i don't if the going would go with gutting energy and gutting education, so the question we have for you, which vision as you see it leaves you better off in the end? the one the president sees? or the ones the president candidates have? >>mike: and are you better off than four years ago. >>alisyn: data points about now versus then. the day that president obama took office. gas prices which were so
8:10 am
affecting lifestyle $1.84 and now, today $3.84. >>mike: but in 2008 it was in the $3's and $4's. >>dave: the biggest problem was the deficit was $10.6 trillion and it add $5 trillion in a short period and now at $15.5 trillion and counting. >> and food stamp recipient, january, 200931 9,million and now, 46.5 million. and newt gingrich called president obama the food stamp president but some say it is a mark of the recession and president been had to increase food stamp when the recession hit in 2007 and 2008. but that is another marker. and now, parents in a school
8:11 am
district in california and what has happened in many schools you can choose if you want your kids to be in a spanish and english program, taught in both languages or the traditional english track, well, in this one school they are phasing out the english only classes and now your kids will only be in duel language classes. >>mike: a school in southern california, if you want the english only you have to go down the road to the other school, so what do you thing of that? i wish i would have been taught in spanish and english when i was through grade school but i would like to have a close and i lived near that area and move my kids there so they could walk down the streets i would be upset if they i have to send them blocks away to get english only. >>dave: it seems ironic. here is the superintendent
8:12 am
defending this, all change is hard and sometimes there are short-term pain but there could be long-term gains. but parents are not so happy in the california area saying "they are separating our families, separating our children from attending the same schools, so, you might have an old are kid in this program but the younger child will separate the two schools in the family. >>alisyn: parents are upset because obviously it is not voluntary and so many parents want their kids to learn spanish at a young aim but they want the choice so that is why parents are outraged. what do you think?
8:13 am
>>alisyn: thank you. >>dave: the white house knew it was a bad idea to invite solyndra executives to the "state of the union" address so why did they think it was a good idea to give them tax dollars? [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c! ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture. whew. i love my pooch. oh no! my homemade sushi... turned p-ushi!
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8:17 am
way to tampa but a poll shows if he live the race most backers would support rick santorum. others dispute that. romney would still inch out a win ahead of the florida -- pennsylvania senator. does newt gingrich staying in hurt the g.o.p.? we have a pollster from the newt gingrich campaign and g.o.p. strategist and romney supporter. good morning to both of you. kelly, newt gingrich is not getting out. is there, though, any path to 1,144 delegates, if not why stay in? >>guest: this is a path for everyone. >>dave: for newt gingrich? >>guest: it is an open convention. >>dave: is there is not a path? >>guest: there could be. there is, however, if you get to an open convention the rank and file decide they do not want 1996 in 2008 all over where the
8:18 am
party is forced to nominate the guy would lost the previous time, romney, a moderate and we lost with bob dole and john mccain. they want those campaigns all over. our candidates run on ideas and conservative ideas and they prevail. the reagan revolution, the gingrich revolution and tea party revolution in 2010 but romney has all the king's men and king's horses he should have had the endorsement by voice vote with all the advantages. >>dave: is he the likely frontrunner. the if you poll shows that if newt gingrich got out, his supporters would be split between romney and rick santorum so his staying in the race, how does it containing? >>guest: well, it is unfortunate because pawlenty and huntsman are team players, newt gingrich staying in hurts our candidate. our nominee. there is no reason to stay.
8:19 am
you cannot even give us a path, they have asked and there is no path to victory for newt gingrich and he talks now about big ideas, well, start a think tank. support our nominee --. >>guest: who is the nominee? >>guest: it will be romney. >>guest: you have not given us a path. and he is talking about antiestablishment and antielite what do you thing the convention is? they are the republican party advocates that work to actually^, who work to nominate him back in the day when he was speaker of the house and now he wanted for dis the republican party. >>guest: he does not dis the republican party he talks about the media and those who say romney will be the nominee but romney is running this negative campaign and negatives are up $21 -- up 21 points. he said he was a moderate and progressive and he was an independent in the bush years.
8:20 am
>>guest: well, he --. >> they want to talk over each other. (inaudible) >>dave: thank you, lady, both. >>guest: happy st. patrick's day. >>dave: some say we need another government program to end poverty in america but is this, really, a for idea? governor huckabee weighs in. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy? pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served.
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8:24 am
allegation are you a mama's boy, remember "failure to launch." >> you are 35 and still lives at home. that is not normal. >> i have lived upstairs science i was three. >> it will take a stick of dynamite to get me out of my parents' house. >> new research disproving the theory that mama's boys are not strong, independent men. >> and our guest has been studying the myth and is busting the mama's boy myth, and why keeping our sons close makes them stronger. the myth is that moms should hide if they are chess to their son and they share things it could harm their children, their boys, later in life. >>guest: there is the idea that if we keep our sons too close and if we are going to
8:25 am
coddle and cuddle him he will turn out to be a wimpy guy would will never be independent and grow up to be a real man but the truth is, it is not so. when moms keep their boys chose they raise independent strong guys and research backs that up. amendments amendments -- >>alisyn: you are not suggesting the mom would do their son's lawn and cook for their sons. >>guest: exactly, i would love to be clear about it when i said mama's boy i do not immediate the domineering smothering mom we see in movies like the clip you showed or beer commercials where mom shows up in the bar and cracks open the beer for her son, not that. but moms that give the boys security they need. >>mike: but you say they do better in school in and we have more self control than non-mama's boys.
8:26 am
>>guest: you know, it was fascinating to fine out. they do better in school. moms who are closer to their boys, those boys think of being masculine differently and they do not have the "i have to fight to prove i'm a man," but they more emotionally open. >>mike: because we need measure are you are you of the . >>dave: is there a line you can cross, though in too much coddling that a mom can do to her son? and it would harm him later in life. >>guest: i don't think it is a mom and son thing but a parent and child thing, we have all seen parents, the temperature helicopter parenting, but i can say we see it with moms and daughters and moms and sons. there is too much you can do. >>alisyn: i like a lot about
8:27 am
mama's boys being that i work with two but you say they are better not workplace, but these guys have been known to sob on camera if there is a touching story they will cry and i think that is touching and adorable. >>mike: but do we make good husbands? >>guest: it does not just benefit guys when they are little but it helps as adults in the workplace. they better at teamwork, and better at communication and, yes, they work with women, some are working for women so it is a good thing to understand that and we are in an economy, now be where it is not just about strength. they need these skills to help them succeed. >>dave: thank you for being here author of "the mama's boy
8:28 am
myth." can mama's boy grow up to be tough guys, what do you think? >>dave: a dad doing double duty as driver and delivery of the baby as well. >>guest: there is a mama's boy. >>alisyn: is president obama focusing too much on the re-election campaign? it's time to get going.
8:29 am
8:30 am
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8:33 am
>>dave: in the midst of the u.s. navy ceremony the guard is drill team and we fear for his life because though are bayonets flying by his face. >>alisyn: and it is called "the cube of carnage." >>dave: and as a weather guy he knows there is a breeze. what if the wind blows? >>dave: whoa. >>alisyn: rick are you okay? >>mike: governor, would you stand in that in >>governor huckabee: i actually did that. scared the daylights out of me. you fear you will sneeze and
8:34 am
lean failure. >>alisyn: wreck did they take off on eyebrow? rick: we did practice before and one of these guys health my hand, and he was like, sorry, dude, my bad. hurricane mcmy -- >>mike: my bayonet. rick: you are marching in the parade? >>guest: second year. we will do a lot of movements and the guys will throw the rifles and doing this keep stuff during the parade. so come on out. rick: i can feel the wind. i am glad it is not cold because i was shaking and if it was cold that could have indifferently. and now the weather, gives, a very nice day set up today at 43 in new york city and up to 60 for parade and down in georgia, savannah, great.
8:35 am
chicago, crazy warm. and move forward with a high temperature out of whack right new. 30 degrees above where you should be across the northern plains and cooler across california and, tomorrow, the heat stays on across were of the east but we build colder air across parts of the west, toward arizona where the temperatures are 20 degrees below average and the 30-husband above where you should be is sticking on, it look like for the week. and the forecast for today, the notes, you are looking great with plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 60's and 70's and 71 in syracuse and in the southeast, we will see a few scattered thunderstorms and looking good. guys? back to you inside where it is safer. >>alisyn: we are happy you survived that. i was in a fear of death where motorcycles raced around your head you are if like a cage and i came home and my husband says
8:36 am
"don't do that again." >>dave: governor huckabee would do it. >>alisyn: but, first, the headlines the nypd is on high alert over the threat of a possible terrorist attack. tensions are at high after the master of 15 afghan villagers and the president obama trying to ease the continues calling president karzai and agreed to further discuss his request to remove all u.s. soldiers from the nation's rural areas in the next few days. in california, poised to be the largest city to file for bankruptcy because a report shows the city is spending $3 million each year on pensions. the problem, is the giant pension system bars cities from reducing the gives if times of financial difficulties stress. it is a protection unheard in the private sector and stockton
8:37 am
has physical june to cut cash elsewhere or file for chapter 11. another white house document jump and the white house knew it would be a bad idea to invite solyndra executives to it is in the first lady's box during president obama's 2010 state of the union address, and the mail says solyndra has "issues," and this was around the same time that the department of energy was changing their $535 loan guarantee increasing the risk to taxpayers. >>dave: back with governor huckabee who survived the cube of carnage. >>governor huckabee: i was stupid. nothing to do with courage. once you are there, you cannot say, let me step out. >>dave: a lot of criticism at the president this week for spending too much time fundraising, with five
8:38 am
fundraisers in 24 hours raising $4.5 million and plow by 100 fundraisers over a week ago way ahead of president bush or president clinton. >> i maintain that the president is still spending the vast preponderance of his time on his official doubts. as is everyone would works here. >>dave: is he spending too much time? >>governor huckabee: i am not an expert at body hang but i can tell you he looked incredibly uncomfortable like, my gosh, what can i say that has any credibility and the answer is "nothing." when you have so were more campaigning than, bill clinton or president bush it shows you put undue level of it. does the president have a right to campaign? yes. should he raise money? yes. but, disproportionately to the
8:39 am
issues he faces as president? no. he has to start saying, the best campaign is good policy that has good results and that is not what we are seeing. >>mike: could the campaign be a distraction? >>governor huckabee: when people pay $10,000 or $20,000 a plate to see you they are not going to throw a plate at you it will be a loving crowd so, the fact is, he not only is getting a disproportional sense of where he is but he is getting way too much time spent in getting in and out of the event and doing the event and speaking to the campaign event. >>alisyn: and a pbs host talked about the best way to eradicate poverty and he says the government needs to do more. listen. >> there ought to be a national
8:40 am
plan not just to reduce poverty but eradicate poverty. other countries have done it. and we are better than having one in two americans out of poverty. >>governor huckabee: the answer is goes back to the democrats, if a child grows up in a family where he is the child of a double parent family, both parents have high school education and are gainfully employed the child has 88 percent chance he will never spend a day in poverty. but if he grows up in a single parent household with chronic unemployment and a lack of education the child has 91 percent chance he will spend the bulk of life in poverty. if you want to deal with poverty you create wholesome and monogamy marines and families where a child grows up and the benefit of that kind of stable environment. let me give you a couple of examples, the no fault divorce so prevalent in the 1960's that are the norm, they make it too
8:41 am
easy to get out of a marriage and the fact we pay people to not be worried with we benefits but we take the benefits away when they get married is a mistake. welfare reform in the 1990's when i was governor, so i know it well, the fact is when you help people transition from welfare to work that makes so were more sense than to punish them for beginning to work. i can give you examples where you had a woman who could only get a minimum wage job but if she took the job she woulds there wic, food stamps, and the welfare benefits so it was if her best interests and her kids' interest to stay. that is crazy. >>alisyn: last question on this. i am reading about johnson's presidency and he declared a war on poverty and during the presidency poverty dropped because of government intervention from 19 percent to 12 percent but what did they know then or what was different about what we are trying now? >>governor huckabee: the biggest mistake was assuming you
8:42 am
can give people something for nothing. if you give people something for something you get them out of poverty. that is the key. thought just giving them a check but a ladder up from the hole not just tossing food in the hole. >> "new york times" asked catholics to abandon faith and it refused to run another ad asking muslims to abandon their faith. was the paper too sensitive or did they have another motive? they say they were trying to protect the troops. wake up!
8:43 am
that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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8:46 am
>>alisyn: after a "new york times" anticatholic advertisement want viral, controversy began, why refuse to publish an anti-islam ad? >>mike: governor huckabee, what is going on here? >>governor huckabee: a double standard here. imagine a television show that would be contemptuous of islam? no, but regular shows where christians portrayed as immoral or hypocritical, and that is okay. funny, and fine. >>dave: the backdrop, we have two ads, one in the "new york
8:47 am
times" anticatholic ad, basically exchanging catholicism for islam and "new york times" says they will not run the ad we trying to protect the troops and the quote was "the fall out from running the ad could put u.s. troops or civilians in the afghan region in danger." is that true? could that ad against islam put our troops in danger? >>governor huckabee: you mean they are not already in danger? they are in afghanistan, it is dangerous without a war. with a war it is dangerous. you are telling me an ad in the "new york times" make as war zone dangerous? the war zone is dangerous anyway. i will tell you something, we need to be very honest with the world. and saying, one of values we hold dear to us in this country is free speech and we recognize people have a right to stay stupid and offense ofive things but if they cannot understand that, get the heck out of afghanistan.
8:48 am
>>alisyn: but you cannot yell fire if a crowded movie theater and would this fan the flames in light the accidental koran building and the horrible attack, wouldn't this fan the flames. >>governor huckabee: i am not saying poke the tiger but it is ridiculous and absurd to play a double standard with our own constitutional protected concept of free speech. what are we going to do? have the christians say, we will burn down building if you offend us anymore? how does that go over? i am tired of, as a christian, personally, that i can be trashed and in every way held in contempt but i cannot say anything about someone else's faith that might be a muslim not that i want to because i am not about offending people. >>alisyn: should "new york times" not have won the anticatholic ad. >>governor huckabee: be consistent. if you run the anticatholic let everyone take a shot at faith.
8:49 am
as a newspaper they ought to run it because that is free speech. >>mike: in pennsylvania, in philadelphia, this week the governor signed off on the voter i.d., kind of a controversial thing. a big deal. he is a republican governor. and all the republican governors or for it, the i.d., and the democrat governors are not. what is the deal? >>governor huckabee: it is hard to understand why people are so if a froth over having to show a photo i.d. you have to do it to cash a check. i needed an i.d. to walk into the building. i am for that, i don't want someone not to be able to vote because it was difficult to get the photo i.d. but that is not the challenge, we can make it easy and we should but we hear about disenfranchised votes if you vote illegitimately you have disenfranchised we a legitimate
8:50 am
vote. >>mike: is it a bog problem? >>governor huckabee: if it happens once it is once too many and there are people that illegitimately vote, of course, and i have seen it. >>mike: there are 21 million who do not have a driver's license, and they will say, i will not even vote. >>dave: the governor will get into this show tonight. thank you, governor. >>alisyn: and in time for st. patrick's day, pour another pint new science that drinking beer is good for you. we have a real doctor here. not just doctor budweiser, a real doctor to explain this. >>dave: governor huckabee will actually have a beer now. ectrum, and get one free ? with verizon 4g lte and a 4.5" true hd display,
8:51 am
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8:54 am
he >> we have some great news for you in time for st. patrick's day. put the beer down. it turns ut that a beer a day may keep the doctor away. that beer has mainly health benefits. >> here with that breakdown. look at this man, dr. paul thompson. >> alisyn: picture of health. >> mike: you're a healthy man, looking strong! >> as a physician, seriously, dark beer can be good for us, better than light beer. >> definitely. >> mike: why? >> in first of all, alcohol and then in the dark beer more
8:55 am
flavenoids. >> alisyn: and antioxidants? >> that's how you rise your hdl's and stop the stickiness of the platelets like aspirin works for people so you don't have a heart attack. >> alisyn: you're saying for women with bone density issues, having a beer a day is good. why is that? >> because of contents of the beer, it comes from the husk. >> mike: that's not in the lighter beer. >> they are, but not to the degree. if you go from the heavy beer to the lighter beer. extremely light like this one here, there's not as many. this has about three times for phyto nutrients or flavenoids. >> alisyn: the dark beer, it has more hops. >> much more concentrated. >> alisyn: and some people listening, mike being one of them. does this mean you should drink a lot of beer? what's the tipping point? >> for men two, women, one. no, you cannot save them up,
8:56 am
no and have 14 today. you can't do that. >> alisyn: one a day? >> for you. not a 40. you know. >> mike: but i get two and it would be a glass this size. >> yes, one serving. 8 to 12 ounces. remember, it's any alcohol. you look at alcohol through history and medicis nal uses ofle alcohol. look at 191 times. >> alisyn: but the dark beer or a shot of vodka. >> a dark beer a better than the shot of vodka, but you get the decreased incidents with alcohol. >> mike: it would be a crime if i didn't drink a beer today. >> alisyn: thank you for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> mike: stay seated for the pledge of allegiance? that might happen if one council woman gets her way. >> alisyn: and g.o.p. candidates want less involvement. president obama says we're wrong, we need more government
8:57 am
to help voters. we'll debate. what do you think. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy. and even fewer that make moms happy too. with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's saturday. march 17th. president obama says republicans are wrong when it comes to helping americans we've got a simple philosophy, everybody is better left on their own, they're wrong. >> alisyn: do voters think that big government is the answer? we'll show you the latest poll numbers. >> dave: this is what the inside of a tornado looks like. check it out! >> frightening look at what really happened when that funnel cloud touched down in henryville, indiana earlier this month. >> mike: a shocking confession from one of the leading cardiologists after performing over 5,000 open heart surgeries, he says doctors have it all wrong. the causes, the treatment, everything. yeah, that cardiologist is with us on the studio.
9:01 am
fourth hour of st. patrick's day "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> wow! >> beautiful. look at these live pictures from dublin, ireland. they come to us, courtesy of travel zoo. and here is the parade in full force. >> it is one o'clock in the afternoon there. and a typical cloudy day there in dublin, but a great celebration. happy st. patrick's day to all of you, as you know, we tend to kick it up a notch in terms of our st. patrick's day celebration. >> they come here and they're surprised how big it is, but do us a favor, send us your photos today to @ff weekend on
9:02 am
twitter we want to see your celebrations today to see a special st. patrick's day and we'll run some tomorrow. >> and here in the united states, and people from ireland can't figure out. even if you're not irish, you wear green and celebrate. this the the extent or step it up. >> i'm step it up off i get off the air. >> alisyn: we're all irish, including mike jerrick in for the clayton morris. >> dave: first, the president getting back to washington just a few hours ago after a late night and five fundraisers and two cities in one day, raking in more than 4 1/2 million dollars, peter doocy was waiting up all night long for the president to get home, like a parent. he had his watch on. what time did he get home, peter? >> well, 39. not till 20 to 1, but he doesn't have a curfew, the leader of the free world.
9:03 am
and said, five fundraisers, two, palmer house hilton and tickets started at $2500 a porch and round table for 60 with $10,000 a ticket. 2.1 million dollars in the windy city in a few hours, and then it was off to atlanta, with an event at a private resident, at event at tyler perry's house, oprah, gail king and valerie garrett at the taubl. 3 million dollars in atlanta alone and this comment about republicans. >> their philosophy is simple. everybody's just left to fend for themselves. if those in power could make their own rules, somehow, it's all going to trickle down to you. and they're wrong. >> the president also said
9:04 am
he's gone gray and he's not cool anymore and a few days after over 40 campaign bundlers were on the guest list for prime minister cameron said that the president is only looking out for his friends. >> the idea that the president takes your money and invests it in the the people who helped him in his campaign. whether that was solyndra or nr one or fisker or tesla. this is a political pay back and frightens away entrepreneurs and innovators. >> and process secretary was asked if he liked cee lo, he might if he knew the any of
9:05 am
his songs. >> alisyn: staying away from his signature song. >> dave: the edited version, i'm sure. >> alisyn: and while the president hits the campaign trail, the candidates gearing up for tuesday, illinois, has a lot of delegates. >> dave: 54, bigger than florida. >> alisyn: i thought more. >> dave: more? >> i think it's 60-something, but rick santorum is only qualified for 50-something and a snapshot mitt romney is leading the pack at the moment with 41% and rick santorum 32%, newt gingrich 14 and ron paul 7. >> mike: and mitt romney and rick santorum going after each other. >> we're not going to be successful in replace ago economic light weight if we nominate an economic light
9:06 am
weight. >> mike: i'm an economic heavy weight. >> someone who believes in government mandate. romney care, and cap and trade and on top of the energy and manufacturing sector, believes that wall street should be bailed out. the government heavy weight when it comes to the economy and i'm the government light weight when it comes to the economy. >> alisyn: he thinks he's a big government guy, that governor romney is. >> dave: and meanwhile, the president saying more government appears be to be the answer and trying to draw a line between what republican party believes and what he says is the vision. listen. >> they want to spend trillions more on tax breaks for various wealthiest individuals even if it means adding to the deficit or adding to energy or education or medicare. we've got a simple philosophy, we're better off when everybody is left on their own. >> everybody writes their own
9:07 am
rules. >> and they are wrong. >> talking about the g.o.p. philosophy, which do you agree with. the democrats and president obama or the g.o.p. philosophy? well, scott rasmussen, one of the famous polls and came out a few minutes ago, and here it is, 55% of you voters believe that cutting government spending is good for the economy. >> 25%, however, have the opposite view and that is that government spending has hurt the economy. >> and 11% think that larger deficits lead to good economics. only 11. depends how you phrase it. larger deficit or government spending, and let the government spending lead to a good economy. so, sort of a mixed bag there for you. oh, let's look at your headlines. >> let's do. >> when we look at-- when you look at me this way i know you're looking at something and it's the news. we start with a disturbing story out of syria. >> officials there say 27
9:08 am
people mostly civilians were killed in twin bombings in the capital earlier this morning. that number is expected to rise. 97 people were also injured. and serio syrian state news agency calling it an explosion and reported that government target were hit. the buildings, i'm sorry, the bombings come two days after the anniversary of a year long uprising against president assad. an american soldier accused of killing 16 villagers in afrgs is now back on u.s. soil. army staff sergeant is flown into st. louis and a cargo jet is kept in a solitary cell at the u.s. military prison in fort leafen worth, kansas. he lives with wife and two children in washington and his names say they are shocked. >> a good guy. the times i've been around him and a fun guy to be with. never thought anything like this would happen to him.
9:09 am
>> checks, shows he was arrested once for assault and that case later to be dismissed and he has yet to be charged for the shootings. >> when it hears arguments about obamacare, members of the media made the push for live tv coverage even though the high court shot down that request. it will release audio recordings and transcripts on the same day. as you know, supreme court never allowed cameras inside. well, a very high honor for the correct director of the cia. general david petraeus was knighted. he was previously the commander of u.s. sources in afghanistan and all coalition forces in iraq and the first general since world war ii to receive this honor. >> amazing. >> alisyn: we'll call him
9:10 am
something different now. >> dave: knight, sir petraeus. >> mike: sir, sir petraeus. >> dave: all right. by the way you're right. 69 delegates. and rick reichmuth. >> rick: remember two weeks there were disorders that hit so many areas across the south. take a look at the pictures, this is henryville, indiana, this is the high school/injury high hit by the tornado and the bus whipped across the street and flew into the restaurant across the street and now we're getting video out of the junior high-high school that was destroyed. and this is the video of the tornado moving through there. this is the first time the videos has been released and so exactly how frightening it is as the tornado goes through. we had another tornado in michigan, ef-3. and i think we'll he see more tornados again over the next couple of days and this is just kind of general scattered summer-like thunderstorms, and
9:11 am
it feels like summer even though it's march. across the west, a potent storm bringing a lot of rain and heavy mountain snow down towards the mountains of san diego and towards arizona tonight and tomorrow and a lot of places over two feet of snow. if na ejects out here towards the planes, by tomorrow they'll see the threat for severe weather and texas and areas of south dakota, inches off to the east like monday. a big area from minnesota down to texas and threat for severe weather and i think we could owe poe it tensionally see a severe weather outbreak and possibly tornados here again and active seeing we're seeing, unfortunately, it's going to continue and it's because of this. take a look at the temperatures, it's great and it's going to be outside for what should be like memorial day weather and that's what it is. 80 degrees again today and chicago, out day in a row temperatures in the 80's and heat with us over the northern plains, enjoy the nice
9:12 am
temperature, but severe weather. >> dave: 80 degrees, four days in a row in chicago. >> rick: never happened. >> dave: thank you, rick. stay seated for the pledge of allegiance? exactly what might happen if one council woman gets her way, why she says that sitting is actually patriotic. >> mike: a shocking confession from one of the country's leading cardiologists after 5,000 open heart surgeries the doctors have it wrong, the treatment and everything. at that cardiologist is with us. >> dave: don't miss that. >> alisyn: the u.s. navy drill team is here warming up for the st. patrick's day parade. and they pointed at him, but he escaped. >> mike: drill baby drill! >> ♪ -- a living, breathing intelligence teaching data how to do more for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do.
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9:16 am
>> heart disease is a leading cause of death in the united states and every year, an estimated 12 million americans spend about 19 million dollars on cholesterol lowering drugs. our next guest says scientists have it all wrong. those drugs don't work. a cardiologist who has performed more than 5,000 open heart surgeries and author of the cure for heart disease, joins us now from phoenix, hi, doctor. >> good morning. >> alisyn: so we're not supposed to be taken the staten drugs 25% of the country takes? >> they don't do any good. >> alisyn: why not? >> well, they-- because lowering cholesterol is not the key. that's not the cause of heart disease. >> alisyn: in fact, you say that inflammation is the difficult pretty. culprit, while we've been on heart health diets, what is
9:17 am
wrong with the picture. >> look what the the high carb diet, overweight. and obesity and diabetes. despite 40 years of treating with cholesterol medication, we haven't conquered heart disease. >> alisyn: we've been told to avoid saturated fat and the message a the better part after decade. are we supposed to eat saturated fats? >> they'll be very healthy and avoid the unhealthy fats, which is are the soy bean oil and corn oil. >> alisyn: and avoid corner oil, and eating colorful vegetables, still good for you, the higher in color, the higher in density of vitamins, quality meats, of all varieties, what do you mean by that. >> i mean quality meats, there's between a nice grass
9:18 am
fed steak and pink slime. i'm taking quality, not processed sweeping from the slaughter house floor that's pink slime. chicken, seafood, lamb. >> alisyn: grass fed is better than yucky slime and full fat dairy and eggs with the yolks are what we should be be eating. >> absolutely. and one of the reaps is we need fats and the other reason is, they're so much more satisfying. you see someone pig out, if you will, on sweets. but you never see anyone pig out on fats. so, we'll naturally lower our total calorie consumption and we'll be healthier because it's those sugars that end up inflaming our arteries and being the original cause of heart disease. >> alisyn: of course, what you're saying turns
9:19 am
conventional wisdom on its head and medical community believe people should be be taking statins and does lower cholesterol and cholesterol is the culprit and we should be be avoiding saturated fats. how have doctors greeted your take on health? >> well, nobody likes to be criticized and this is a very set in medicine and don't like to be criticized so we've had backlash. >> alisyn: i'll bet. your evidence that yours works, just that the other guys aren't working? >> no, there's considerable evidence that the-- that inflammation is the root cause of heart disease, and so, the whole cholesterol thing has taken us away from finding the real cause. we're treating something that's not important. we've known for a long time that inflammation is the root cause of heart disease, what we've not done is say what causes that inflammation. and what can we do to avoid that injury. once again, inflammation is a
9:20 am
response to injury and so, if we avoid the injury, we avoid the consequences. >> alisyn: and people can find the answers that you prescribe in the book "the cure for heart disease". doctor, thanks for coming in. >> it's been fun. >> alisyn: you changed what i have for breakfast this morning. meanwhile, a mom to a nine-year-old son took a gun to school and critically wounded another student and she of course wasn't in the the school room, but is the punishment fair? we have that legal debate for you next. then, the white house knew it was a bad idea to invite sin dra executives to the 2011 state of the union address and why was it a good idea to keep giving you the tax dollars? another friday night document dump. ♪
9:21 am
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♪ >> welcome back everybody, quick headlines here, the obama administration now worried iraq may be aiding the on going slaughter in syria. concerned syria is taking planes over iraq, and banned by a human resolution and wants iraq to cut off air space. and rosie o'donnell talk show is axed already by the oprah winfrey network. it was on the air just five months and recent reports said that rosie angered some by saying she wanted to move the chicago based show back to new york. .
9:25 am
>> dave: oh, meanwhile, a washington mother whose nine-year-old son took a gun to school and critically wounded an eight-year-old girl has been charged with third degree assault, along with her boyfriend. they face time in prison if convicted, some say five years, is this judgment just considering the mother and boyfriend were not even present? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is family attorney and good morning. >> good morning. >> you say the charge is justified and we're talking specifically about the third degree assault even though the mom or boyfriend wasn't there. >> mom isn't where the school. a risky move by prosecutors, but i think it's going to pay off. the theory is, if through the-- was mom criminally negligent? mom is a felon not supposed to have a gun. second of all had a gun in a place where an eight-year-old,
9:26 am
nine-year-old boy has access to it and third, the gun was loaded and odds are he didn't load it. and put it next to the peanut butter jelly sandwich and say have a good day at school. >> dave: and the gun appears to have been load. we think the law in washington is sound. that under the definition of cause, that washington uses, the situation that was created by the mother and boyfriend that allowed the boy to come into possession amounts to them being legally responsible for it. but even they acknowledge it, call it a novel application of the law. >> i understand where they're coming from, i understand safety, guns, and having a very big interest keeping guns away from children. obviously. there's no question here that they should be charged with certain things. >> dave: with unlawful possession. >> unlawful possession, and some of the guns they found
9:27 am
other guns in the house, unlicensed, unregistered, absolutely, but for the prosecutors to charge the parents with assault. there's no intent. the parents were not there, the child was there and unformer the gun went off. thank god. the child didn't use the gun. the gun went off when he placed it in his lunch box. where is the the intent from the parents to commit an assault? this is where-- >> is that what you need, intent? >> this is what we need to washington state if they want to change the the law, i understand. legislators have to do that, know the prosecutor. >> again, the gun was in a backpack, when he set it on the desk it went off. >> no intent. >> no i tent on anybody's part. that's so reckless that's our substitution for intent. it's criminally reckless. >> where do you draw the line. say the parent had the gun locked up and unloaded. do you think you would look at it differently.
9:28 am
>> we would. and the child has to go out of his way to get the gun. if that were the case, we wouldn't be sitting here talking about it, the cold front have gotten the gun. >> we've seen children go into, even, you know, clothes cabinets and load guns and children think they're attractive and the issue isn't, and i get it. and donna, believe me, i get that people want to protect other children and we don't want children carrying handguns, but the law has to be set in the the state. >> why is this different than the get away driver who drives the bank robber to and from the bank. >> there's a law for that. and what, this is accomplished by building-- >> and get away and put the money in the bank and-- . and on that note, we'll have to agree to disagree, but we want to hear from you, do you think that assault charges are in line, even though the parents were not present? find me on twitter at dave briggs. and a terrifying scene caught
9:29 am
on camera. get this. a toddler thrown from a carnival road and we'll explain how it happened and update you on her condition. >> corner beef with a twist, how it's done. and the navy drill team before the st. patrick's day parade here in new york city and show you the one happening in dublin, wow! >> ♪
9:30 am
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
♪ >> welcome back, everybody. happy st. patrick's day. earlier we showed you the cube of carnage, now, the dead man walk formation. rick reichmuth, rick. what's more frightening the tube of carnage or the dead man walk. >> rick: the cube of carnage, make sure i was good. it was good. and had no idea wh is happening. >> mike: half your tie is missing, cut off. >> oops. >> dave: chef, great to see you. >> mike: chef chris. >> the culinary bad boy what
9:34 am
they caw call him and doing a twist. we're doing a new spin on an old classic and corned beef and cabbage and the jalapeno tobasco, it's delicious. right now the beef is browning, seasonening. >> hang on what type of beat? >> i use chuck. and something more cost effective. >> does chuck know about that? >> chuck does, you better believe it. spice it up and mellow it out with sweet potatoes and your onions and cellry and add it in, it's not as spicy as the original, looks like a lot. it's nochlt. now it's st. patrick's day. >> and bring on the guinness, and you cookout the alcohol, folks. >> and exactly. >> drink responsibly. >> and how long are we going to let this simmer? >> we're going to cook it low and slow, in a crock pot or
9:35 am
here, six to eight hours. >> go to work, forget about it. call it a day. and i'm going to feed you. >> mike: beef and beer, chef, love it. >> the next step, you forget about it. >> mike: eight hours. >> all right. now move on to-- >> go watch basketball. >> dave: soda bread, had it, st. patrick's day. >> mike: why do they call it soda bread. >> theres' baking soda in it, you know, the baking soda and the ingredients are easy and the recipe is online and check it out, but i'm going to put one of you to work and get a little-- >> go, dave. >> get your whisk on and we're going to add a little bit of bailey's original irish cream. >> dave: oh. >> spruce it up. keep it going j all right. >> doing a great job and we're actually there, and this is perfect. smell it. >> dave: oh, yeah. >> and this is the soda bred
9:36 am
and a heart shaped spoon for the love the holiday. >> dip it in there. >> dip it or spoon it. >> ill he' dip. >> i just need he the spoon, brother. >> and how is the whipped cream, how is it. >> you don't need the bread. >> the cream is good! >> let's not spoil your meal. >> dave: why not? >> here is the final product. >> mike: oh, mama! >> this is the mother load right here, guys, this is the beef stew, absolutely. the beef stew, and regular bread and nice and hearty, get in there. >> eat dessert first. >> absolutely on the special holiday. you want some. >> listen, no better way to finish it it off with some good old baileys on the rock. >> i wondered what rick was waiting for. >> rick, get in here.
9:37 am
>> dave: this is unbelievable believable. six to eight hours. lots of love and time. >> and finish it off with some of the colorful potatoes, and anything you like and put those in about 40 minutes before we're done. >> okay. six hours and the tobasco gets the little bit of spice. >> dave: i'm all set, my friends. culinary bad boy, where do we get information. >> it's my e-mail, twitter, everything. >> dave: follow him, check it out and more on this on the after the show show, right, rick? alisyn what's coming up. >> alisyn: i don't think i'll see you three again. >> dave: you've got it. >> you're not coming back inside here. >> and feed you, have a few cocktails, a good st. patrick's day. >> alisyn: they're enjoying it. all right. get to your headlines, what else is it happening in the news. parents, listen to this. it was a terrifying moment and it was caught on camera.
9:38 am
a three year old girl swung from a spinning carnival ride in houston, texas, you can see her hanging on for dear life. and she did meet the height and weight requirements. they're not sure, and they think she may have gotten scared and tried to crawl out. she fell several feet to the metal platform and several cuts and bruises and i believe a concussion, but she's expected to be okay. it was friday, and people were glued to march madness and another solyndra document dump. as we know as far back as january of 2011 we now know, the white house knew that solyndra was going to be bad news. e-mails show that staffer warned against inviting executives to sit in president obama's special box for the state of the union. and the official said that the solar company was dealing with quote, issues, right around
9:39 am
the time the energy department made changes to the the 535 million dollar loan, those changes actually increased the risk to taxpayers. and as you know, solyndra later went bankrupt. a new jersey official in the hot seat after staying seated turg the pledge of allegiance. plainfield city council member rebecca williams says it's her right. the mayor called her out for being disrespectable and prayer beginning the meeting. even though she's a christian, she says there should be a separation of church and state. >> stand out respect for those who prayer. there's a nondedominational prayer, i don't believe na a prayer is necessary to open a public meeting. >> alisyn: well, williams says the real reason that the mayor is calling her off she's--
9:40 am
the mayor has spot responded to the claims. the best pizza, tropical pie crowned at the winner of the pizza expo in las vegas, made by andrew serra of brook oven pizza. and melted cheeses, and topped with shrimp, lymes, and it's getting unusual. mango salsa and pineapple cream sauce with a little bit of petrone. that's blasphemy for an italian pizza. that's not pizza, that's a salad. . >> rick: dave, where are you on the way to. >> the american girl store where every little girl is going, the american girl store. it's a nice day, and take a look at the weather maps, if you're in the northern plains, take a look, the number on the
9:41 am
left is your averages where you should. 36 in fargo. today 74, tomorrow 75. and chicago, 80 again, and may push 85 tomorrow afternoon in some spots. a brilliant weekend and feels like summer, does not feel like march at all. the forecast across the country. the northeast, another beautiful day and we've got temperatures in the 70's, towards buffalo, warm and clear skies. and southeast, a few thunderstorms because it's going to feel like summer and we're going to have humid air and warm and thunderstorms again. in towards the northern plains, spectacular, ridiculous, and normal conditions and temperatures in the 70's for everybody there and across the west where the the winter is held up and a big, powerful winter storm across california, nevada and by tonight. moves into arizona, all right, dave. we'll send it over to you. >> american girl store is trouble, it's trouble! >> that's where my paycheck goes directly. all right. still ahead.
9:42 am
>> good job, mike. and still ahead, a fifth grader may look innocent, but is in hot water for getting caught up in march madness, what he did next and plus, st. patrick's day, what would it be without beer, mike? stick around. >> you've had enough. >> the guinness brew master pays us a visit and first a check with neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> good morning, talk about a dangerous game of chicken, china accusing the golden arches serving some bad birds. if this gets hotter we could all be cooked. an and private meeting with an onslaught of government regulations and why is the white house saying it's got the private sector's back. and only flies more oil from saudi arabia could put us all over a barrel. cost of freedom at the top of the hour. so who ordered the cereal that can help lower olesterol
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>> welcome back. one college hoops fan in nebraska had his bracket totally busted because he's only 11. he's running a pool with friends for five bucks. and the principal ended the pool and told his mom and his mom says it's all pretty amusing. good for her. and nick by knicks. nick fleedwood lashing out at former band mate stevie nicks, it's her fault the band is not doing a reunion tour. preventing the band making millions of dollars because she's busy promoting her own album a year ago. you're a huge stevie nicks fan, weigh in. >> alisyn: i love fleetwood mack or did 30 years ago. >> dave: still. >> alisyn: and making millions of dollars. >> dave: no question about it. >> mike: weren't they lovers, nick and-- >> there was a lot of--
9:47 am
>> and stevie. tell me lies, sweet little lies. >> alisyn: exactly. all right. can we get back to the news for a second because we're learning new details about documents that show that osama bin laden's despair to kill both president obama and general david petraeus higher than we thought. >> dave: with the president trying to get reelected, some say the timing of the information is more than a coincidence. >> mike: catherine herridge brings us up-to-date. >> reporter: dave, alisyn and mike, good morning, in this case, no question the timing is worth investigating. though osama bin laden has been dead for ten months the al-qaeda leader is making a comeback on the campaign trail. >> this is his decision. >> reporter: asaid from the campaign video that showcaseses among other things the president's decision to take out the leader, washington post david ignatius wrote on friday he was given an exclusive look at a senior administration officials at some the documents recovered
9:48 am
by navy seals at the compound in pakistan. "the washington post" reports emphasized the plot to target general petraeus, with the forces in afghanistan and president obama. the first reported in july last year and according to u.s. official, were not advanced and were never seen as anything more than wishful thinking. ignatius writes, the reason for focusing on the head lieutenant, obama is head of-- and infidelity and killing him would make vice-president biden take over. the and bish prime minister david cameron, the president was alluded to the raid. >> there's a reason that al-qaeda is on its heels and decimated. a reason why osama bin laden and his lieutenants are not in a position to be able to execute plots against the united states or great britain. >> as for the timing,
9:49 am
reemergence of the strike in the media may be calculated. >> there's fine line between taking credit for something and exploiting something. this president has suffered the most dramatic drop in his popularity and the white house is desperate for good news. >> a senior official told they're working to declassify as many documents as possible and take months. whether the timing will bump up against the election. dave, alisyn and mike, back to you. >> alisyn: thank you for that. >> dave: up next, the man behind the perfect pint shows how it's done on this st. patrick's day, how long it should take for a perfect guinness. >> pour a perfect quart? [ male announcer ] have you heard?
9:50 am
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all in a pocket sized pack.
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♪ >> the navy drill team could go all of their fancy handiwork. almost took rick reichmuth out, but he survived the cube of carnage. >> dave: the cube of carnage, the dead man walk formation. >> alisyn: wow. look at that. >> mike: getting ready to go on sixth avenue. >> dave: you thought the curvy couch was dangerous, happy st. patrick's day, this is the segment you're waiting for.
9:54 am
how to poor the perfect pint of guinness. >> we're here, with the guinness brew master and you're going to give me tips. >> absolutely. and when you have guinness, drink it with your eyes and crafted into the glass, poured perfectly into the glass. first step. take a nice clean glass and put it at an anger. this shape would be preferred. >> dave: it needs to be a true pint. >> i love the way you're dead on and second. get into position, the aim the pout to the back, more of an angle. can i touch the glass to the spout. >> no. >> alisyn: not allowed. >> a nice easy flow all the way back, the glass at an angle to the bottom of the harp and straighten and when it comes to the top we're
9:55 am
going to slowly stop. >> dave: as the foam reaches the top. now from my research i know you want to go three quarters of the way full and settle. >> that's right. two part four and allowing two things to happen. iconic surge and settle and people love the ritual of the serve, they see it. >> alisyn: yes. >> it's coming down the outside and back up the middle and strength in the head. you you need the strength in the head, the foundation and the final settle makes it look gorgeous. >> dave: it's not just about taste, it's about presentation. >> yes, guinness is the only beer in the world that needs to be looked at to be adored and while we're building the strength, the head over and a nice-- even more gorgeous. >> alisyn: and add more. >> top it off. this is your settle and hold
9:56 am
it like this, and push the tap away, and a little lower and bring it it right to top. and more over the top? >> bring it up. >> and then as you present that to your customer like that. with the rim. >> it should take 119 to pour the perfect pined of guinness. >> it's called a tulip? >> i have two lips. >> the pun! >> ♪ thank you. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006.
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