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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> this is the fox report. state department confirming to fox news an american held in rack is free tonight. and a details on the army officer. >> more than just his name coming out, an american soldier accused of killing families in the war zone. new information emerging from a man in the center of the military from the people who know him. >> he always had a good attitude of being in the service . never really angry about it. >> in minutes, what we are learning about army staff sergeant robert bale. and on the campaign trail, developments ahead of a fresh set of primaries. what is at stake for the race
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of the republican presidential nomination. >> also, our first view of the wrath brought by two tornados. >> 911 where is your emergency. >> want you to know i am chased by a tarn tarn- tornado. >> watching the horror unfold in real time. >> details revealed about the u.s. soldier accused in the brutal massacre of 16 women and children in afghanistan. known as suspect army staff sergeant robert bales. friends call him bob and describe him as a family man and dedicated dad and never talked about the time spent in war zones. a neighbor saw the soldier late lastt year before the fourth and recent deployment to the middle east. >> i knew he was getting ready to go back over there and i was leaving for a trip and i knew i wouldn't see him again. i told him be safe and he said
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no problem i will, see you when i get back. bales is sitting in the maximum facility prison in kansas. his transfer out of that country sparking new protest in the streets today. hundreds of demonstrators calling for bales to be placed on trial under islamic law in afghanistan. bales walked off the army base and entered two afghan villages and began a shooting rampage. he set the bodies on fire. nearly a dozen victims belong to one family, nine of them children. possibly signs of trouble when bales was passed over for a promotion. his wife wrote. i am sad and disappointed, too . relieved we can move on to the
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next phase of our lives. they cannot verify the content of the blog. the suspect's wife they were hoped he would be assign to hawaii and italy and instead know he was sent to afghanistan. casey stegal. >> he enlisted with the u.s. army back in november of 2001ly weeks after the air war began in afghanistan. and just one day before the taliban fell to the northern alliance. the 38 year old staff sergeant grew up in ohio and living in washington state with his wife and two young children. children that are just 3 and four years old. robert bales was stationed in the joint base near tacoma. it is a military installation that is thrust in the national spotlight recent years because of violence involving the
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troops including a officer who tried to hire a hit man to kill his wife and commander. they argue that they are not doing a good job recognizing red flags specifically like soldiers like bales who did multiple tours of duty. >> i am confident there is sufficient screening going on prior to repeated deployments. we continue to learn and get better at that every time and while we are not perfect, we have made tremendous progress and i am confident that the system is working. >> and the masses are triggering a international scene. the taliban threatened to avenge the killings. and president obama had to defend the war. hamid karzai said he's at the end of his rope and suggested that bales did not act alone and demanding that thiz leave
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the villages and confine its troop to major bases in his country. no clear time line on when bales will be charged and the defense team releasing a statement saying in the coming weeks, they will look at all of his permanent information and all of his service and background, the u.s. defense secretary leon panetta said harris, he is eligible for the death penalty here. >> what about reports that bales had dust ups with the law? >> they were minor one according to court documentings. he was arrested in 2002 in a washington state hotel for assaulting his girlfriend and pled not guilty at the time . required to complete anger management counseling and three years ago involved in some kind much a hit and run according to court documents and the charge was later drop by the town's municipal court,
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harris. >> case,reported the awards that bales won in the service. among them. national defense service medal. and the expert infan tree badge for skills as a fight yer three good conduct medals. and u.s. state department confirmed that an american was freed after being held captive for nine months. he said he is a former u.s. soldier and traveled to iraq last year when militia members captured him. >> i was taken inside baghdad and kept within different areas in the city. my release is more humanitarian and no exchange was involved. >> followers of the iraq clerish al-sadr announced his release and u.s. officials confirm that the american embassy in baghdad is giving
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aid to the former soldier. fox news and america's election headquarters and we are daying ahead of the illinois republican primarily. but first a stop in puerto rico. 20 delegates up for grabs in the primary there. ♪ former massachusetts governor mitt romney greeting the voters before heading to illinois. and one of the major issues in tomorrow's primary there, political status of puerto rico and should it require state hood or independent or no change. it is a u.s. sovereign territory and puerto ricoans planning to vote on the status in november. mitt romney favors a referendum. and former pennsylvania senator santorum in illinois after stopping in missouri. that state is holding on state
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caucaus . santorum spending time in san juan, puerto rico saying he would support state hood if the vote was decisive. house speaker newt gingrich was campaigning hard in louisiana in a bid to recover from the losses in the south . texas congressman ron paul staying in the race. he his yet to wen a state. >> and nomination race is close. romney and santorum hoping to pick up a share of the delegates. here is the tally from the associated press. 495 for mitt romney. and santorum 252 and newt gingrich 131 and ron paul 48. they need 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination. fox news will have the latest update for you and beginning on tuesday, best political
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team coverage anywhere will bring you the latest result and analysis of the illinois primary. watch for that. a programming note. tomorrow on "fox news sunday"anchor chris wallace talks with actor and activist george clooney. the interview before clooney was arrestediest along with members of congress. critics accuse the sudanese president for blocking the food in the intended. >> would you like to see the u.s. get involved in the no fly wrone and bombing the sudan air force? >> here's the thing. the truth of the matter is this, and you will understand this. if you are standing there and you see a kid with both of his hands missing from a jerk, you know, 10,000 feet in the air dropping bombs out
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indiscriminately on innocent people. you would like to see a nato plane come and take them out of the air. that is your gut reaction. in the real world, what we are talking about. we are not going to see nato in there. you can watch the rest of the interview tomorrow with chris. and also friendergast with the enough project is on the show. >> and bomb threat and evacuation from american airlines in dallas and now the search for a suspect . a harrowing scene in the atlantic ocean. a shark takes a bite out of a teenage girl. >> basically. me and my buddy right here were in the water and then as we were coming back. this girl came out with her foot - on [ captain ] sorry folks, our landing time got moved back another hour.
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paddle here 15 year old daughter slipped off the surfboard and her ankle was covered in blood . moments later the shark yanked her off of the board. she said the she grabbed her daughter's shoulder and paddled them back to shore as fast as she could. >> it was crazy. crazy. >> but alive. >> we are told that she needed surgery but now recovering. and right now, no suspects after a bomb threat on board of a flight from los angeles
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to texas. the plane land in the dallas airport. the f.b.i. investigating what happened on the united airlines express jet carrying 64 passengers and 62 crew members. commil is on the story. flight crew warned passengers that there was a problem on board united express flight. as they prepared to land. passengers were told to be prepared for an emergency landing. >> they said the lavaatory was closed and asked if they were inside. and i was getting concerned. >> the plane landed safely but the plane was taken to an isolated area. >> it was a threat to make them think it was a bomb. >> air space was restricted.
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halle took this video. passengers and crew were taken off of the plane. the dfw searched the plane and all they found was a note. >> the note was discovered in the bathroom of the aircraft. >> it was something writ own the mirror. we don't know when it was. >> and she was traveling with her family and young son. she prayed. >> we were scared and you know, it is just one of those things where you pray and ask god to get us off safely. >> 66 people on board were bused to the terminal and questioned by the f.b.i.. >> that we notice anything unusual when we board the plane and the flight. >> and as passengers waited for their turn with the f.b.i.. >> we were looking at each other thinking who is it? >> we told the f.b.i. that i wish they would let the
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passengers know who it is and then close the door. wow, i can tell you they were waiting to be interviewed for several hours and still tonight they are searching to figure out who wrote on the bathroom mirror. >> and a big storm targeting the westernitates and bringing a lot of rain, no and it may be a good thing, meteorologist mariah molina has the latest. the 911 call giving perspective on when a twister touched down on michigan watch. [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c!
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john, dead. he is the retired u.s. autoworker convicted of being a nazi prison guard. he reportedly died of natural causes. a free man. you know he was convicted in his death ending a 30 year long push to bring the former death camp guard to justice. he lived most decades in ohio working in a car maker. demjanjuk always insisted he was a victim of mistaken identity. newlyy released 911 calls in
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dexter, michigan. the 10 mile trail of destruction and homes and buildings ripped around and no reports of serious injuries and now we can hear what was happening. a man called 911 as the tornado approached. >> >> look at the surveillance video. it is from inside of a school in henryville, indiana. we reported it was one of the hardest hit towns from a string of tornados. the hallways and shake look at that. it looks like a bomb hit it.
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windows shattered and ceiling crumbling down . three people died in henryville. and dozens injured in the outbreak. fox news weather outbreak. a western part of the country big storm. this could bring much needed relief. good news this time. marina molina. it is about to get extreme out west. >> we are looking at a lot of heavy rain in southern california. and south of the san francisco area. and also a lot of snow. you mentioned that this is good news for this area and the reason for that. we are in a drought in california, nevada and in portions of arizona and utah. it is a moisture in the form of snow. we'll see it here and it will melt in the months of spring. good news for you guys, you
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will look at that precipitation. some of the rainfall is coming down too quickly and so watch out for the fridayed roadways and it will move east ward. you will start to pick up significant snow in areas and we are talking about snowfall in express of a foodfoot and some locations two feet of snow. that is the amount in california . as the system cuts east. we'll see showers and thunderstorms in areas was heavy rain in the start of the workweek on dallas and eastern portions of kansas and unfortunately those areas of rain will be coming in the form of severe thunderstorms . we have a risk for tomorrow to see severe thunderstorms in west texas and oklahoma panhandle and kansas. the main concern is large size hail and damaging wind gusts and isolated tornados. stay alert. >> a very active week there. as you feel the pain at the
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pump at home. leaders in washington talking about how to bring the gas prices down. and the luck of the irish wearing the green on the streets of new york city packed with parade goers. i am harris o-faulkner now. and we'll head to ireland where st. patrick was born. ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first wee.. i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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looks and fits like underwear. same great protection. depend®. good morning. great day. >> i am harris faulkner and this is the fox report. time for the top of the news. state department confirming a u.s. citizen, now a free man after nine months much captivity in iraq. he was a soldier and returned to iraq as a civilian last year. u.s. confirm the american embassy in baghdad is assisting him. nine -- the soldier accused of killing 16 people in kansas maximum security. gop candidates are getting ready for the next contest, puerto rico is the primary and followed by illinois on tuesday.
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the president and the gop talking gasoline prices today. right now triple a reported that a gallon of unloaded is up 29 sevens from last year at this time . president obama laying out his policy saying he wants to end subbed sidies for the oil companies . a republican from colorado blaming the president for the pain at the pump. it is well known factors beyond the president's control can cause price to rise. and presidents take a hit when gasoline prices rise . president obama is no exception . he made his energy policy the focus was campaign-like stops. he took aim at republican rivals for promising cheaper gasoline. >> it is easy to promise a quick fx with gas prices.
5:31 am
but there is not one. any career politician who promises two dollar gas they are not looking for solution, but they are looking for your vote. >> in the republican response. they took aim at the president's policy and questioned his comment that under his administration oil production increased. good day one. obama administration shut down domestic energy production. there is lesss acrage off shore than when the president took office. instead of increasing america energy independence. it was a energy tax that caused rate to sky rocketing. >> many analyst agree that it has increased under the obama administration but result of leases that were granted in the bush administration and of
5:32 am
technological advances in drilling. >> i know a lot of people want them to figure out something, doug. >> so true. >> good to see you. over seas a series of deadly explosions rocking the syrian capitol. report damascus said it targeted a palestinian neighborhood. and twin car bombs struck security buildings. twen people were killed and 100 wounded and the government blame will so-called terrorist that are behind the resolt of president a. but they believe the president adid it to tarnish. and u.s. officials say al-qaida being be responsible. >> a man accused of killing a worshipper and leaving a sond man in the story. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds.
5:33 am
france. police say a muslim man with mental health problems walked in a mosque north of paryis attaed two men with a bat. other worshippers jumped on him and held him down until police arrived. the suspect has a history of the violence. sweden, rescuers finding the wrengage of a military plane. it crashed on the counselry's highest mountain. five norwedgians were taking part of the drill when it vanished from the world. police found the remains of some of the crew. police say they are confident all five are dead. >> venezuela, hard-line president hugo chavez returning home after three weeks of cancer surgery. chavez flew to a hospital in cuba last month so doctors could remove a second tumor. he's up for reelection this year and leading in the polls.
5:34 am
china, a giant mission to save four giant sperm whales in an eastern province. fisher men spotted them in shallow water and the push is on to get them in the deep sea. each whale weighed 30 tons. >> pick out classified documents in the breach in history and posted them on line . now a new mission in politics. julian assange planning to run for a seat in the senate next year. he will face tough campaign challenges. assange an australian citizen remains under house arrest in england and fighting extradition for sweden where he is wanted for charges. meanwhile the man accused of
5:35 am
passing on the documents to assange bradly manning faces a court martial. and ireland, celebrating the st. pat's day in grand style. a glimmering sea of green in the big parade for st. patrick's in dublin. 500,000 people packing ireland's city for the festivities. and back here at home president obama celebrating his irish heritage and having a pint with peter heely in the center there and the pub owner in ireland. andi irish are not the only ones to be ready for a party. locals are celebrating not st. patrick but st. joseph with parades and giant wooden displays.
5:36 am
amy kellogg has more. >> it is a events and centers around the paper machee figures that are put in fantastical displays and marks st. joseph's day. that is a patron saint of capenders and they used to mack a ritual bonfire of all of the left over junk. timber and stuff like that and they would burn. and now they send it up in flames when the party is over. >> it is a rousing ringing in of spring. fireworks ignite the siesta in valencia. they do it all on a smaller scale. all a crackling prelude to the end of the right. burning of the fya. much larger life and flower
5:37 am
scenes and satires and made for the festival and destroyed in a symbolic of all that is useless and it all sparks fierce competition. neighborhoods vie for the best display of figures and lights . crowds revel in the four days set aside here for enjoying life in this all be it colorful realty. -- reality. some cost 350,000 to put together. the economy in spain is not in a good way . maybe in the future, these figures are smaller. but there is no discussion that this festival could ever go away. harris. >> everything's fun there, thank you. >> and a ride in a hot air balloon goes awry and can dangerous encounter with power
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...night view... and heads-up display. [ engine revving ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. >> released 911 calls from before and after the shooting in orlando florida. this man, neighborhood watch zimerman told the dispatcher he was keeping a close eye on the teen. just minutes later. several more 911 calls flooded the liance. a fight had erupted between that man and the teenager and it ended in gunfire.
5:42 am
had he had just left home for iced tea and skittles. the suspect fired his gun in self defense. >> and a leisurely ride in a hot air balloon ended in a dangerous mess. and millions worth of coain on the high seas. as we go across america. arizona, a hot air balloon hits power line outside of tucson and setting the balloon on fire and two marriage his were hospitalized with burns . all nine passengers survived which is amazing. florida, a lot of cocaine.
5:43 am
street value 43 million coming ashore in miami beach. 3630 of the pounds after it was discovered. >> they were stacked up plane to see. it is probably not sugar. >> the coast guard helicopter spotted it in the middle of the night and shot out the engine and took the men on board in custody. >> massachusetts, state wide lucky streak. and two of them taking home $25,000 a piece. >> i will have more fun and less stress and everything else. you won the money. >> the grand prize winner getting a $1,000 a day for the rest of his life. texas, the baby pig race one classic event in annual rodeo, austin.
5:44 am
>> we like to see the pigs race. >> rodeo aside from awarding them champions awards hundreds of thousands in scholarship. austin is one of my favorite cities that. is the fox watch. >> and debate of future high speed rail is traveling along. the state looking at plans to build a bullet train from san francisco to los angeles . going 220 miles per hour . that will get your hair moving. one of the main issues is cost. at last check 98.5 billion to do this. and now board members of the california high speed rail authority are making tweaks. and the travelers are hitting the rails in high style and taking private train cars and getting a ride in one of them. it is private, too. if you had that money, you would keep it secret. >> what is it?
5:45 am
who is taking the private car trains and how much does it cost? >> life styles of the rich and famous. they are harkening back to simpler times and taking trains to see america's sight. that would run you $8500 a day and amtrak. and it cost $4 bucks a mile. meals is open bar and chef and two stewards. it is a way of taking a cruise on land. bill gates and warren buffet and athletes are trying. sois patrick henry. >> it is a great way to travel and entertain clines and spend time with your family. and henry has of these 1950 luxury train cars that he uses for personal and business use. >> how much do the private
5:46 am
cars themselves cost. >> some of the train car are buying originals from the 1950s and making them worth 350,000 to one and half million dollars. >> that is quite a date night. >> they are difficult to find. there are only 60 private railroad cars that are amtrak approved to ride behind amtrak. >> he pulls over 25,000 over the course of 40 days. he's taken them to the super bowl or kentucky desh yefinal four . it is romantic whether it is a first date or anniversary. >> that's what i said. what a date night. >> but put on your life styles of the rich and famous voice. >> that was very nice. >> i was working on it. >> thank you, we appreciate that. we are now getting word of an emergency laning that is coming in to fox news.
5:47 am
we'll bring more details on the other side of the break. we are learning something new about president reagan. we'll show you proofs that were not seen by many people before. stay with us. there he is, poised to discover plum amazins, the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries with more fiber, less sugar, and a way better glycemic index. he's clearly enjoying one of the planet's most amazing superfruits. hey, keep it down mate, you'll wake the kids. plum amazins. new, from sunsweet.
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scow west airline making an emergency landing. the plane landed in denver international airport soon after take off. 49 passengers and three crew members on board and no reports of anybody being hurt.
5:51 am
updates as we get them. animated page out of ronald reagan history revealed. look at the doodle that the president drew in a g-7 summit in ottawa canada. they were reportedly taken by then british prime minister margaret thatcher. she was fascinated by the ink doodles and took them home. they were found in her personal papers and released by england's cambridge university. cool. and the news of last week's deadly massacre casting a shadow and there is a push for the soldiers to give the car torn nation a boost. department of agriculture to educate soldiers in the basics of farming. here's more from claudia
5:52 am
cowan. >> before they are deployed over seas to help tablize afghanistan. >> we have herbs. >> the civil affair's specialist head tofor a crash course on agriculture. >> it is one of the poorest countries on earth. food insecurity situation is chronic there and so if we can help get them little bit more with the food supply . get them through the hungry season just better. that means they are on the road to stability, and growth. afghanistan is also the world's biggest grower of poppies that is used to make heroin. >> it is a crop that is grown over there. >> they will encourage them to grow legal crops and in a climate where they are headed
5:53 am
they learn the basics. key ag issues that face all afghan citizens. >> they can connect poor farmers with the latest technology with the app that is linked to agriculture experts in the united states. feed back and possible solution. soldier madison. said he can diagnose a tree or chicken that doesn't not lk right. >> kitake a picture of that chicken and send it back to the guys in fresno. and they are getting back to me. what is wrong with the chick yen do to help him. u.s. forces helping a transitional government sustain agricultural sustainability. we have seen the picture before.
5:54 am
rush-- russia's long-term leader putam getting up close to a tiger x. flexes emptis and races cars. this may have been staged. what will his pr people do now. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security aneconomic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project icanada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security
5:55 am
and our economy.
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5:58 am
here he is scuba diving and his aids placed the relics in the bottom of the sea. he rode a horse riding shirtless. i guessed photoshopped. it takes a lot to be in russia leader. >>itate department confirming a u.s. citizen is free after nine months of captivity in iraq. he was a soldier and returned last year and captured in june by militia members. and an american soldier accused of killing 16 civilians in afghanistan is in jail in kansas. there are people who want him tried in afghanistan.
5:59 am
and nomination for president. candidates are going to puerto rico contest. and 20 delegates up for grabs and voters head to the polls in illinois on tuesday on this day in 1762, the world's first st. patrek's day parade in new york city. irish soldiers serving in the british military marched in new york city. and new yorkers are marching today. march 17th, a day of global celebration of all things irish. it attracts three million people and that is bigger than in dublin, irlandd. but they brought the party to new york 250 years ago today. that's the report. i am harris faulkner, thanks for watching. my saturday night is getting started. i will see you with a news update halfway with huckabee. starts five secs


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