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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 18, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> good morning to you, it's sunday, march 18th. i am he' ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn this morning. here is what's happening. rick santorum that is a joe namath moment. >> come out in illinois with a huge surprise win, i guarantee you, i guarantee you that we will win this nomination. >> but does this guarantee match the math? >> and six months ago wall street first got occupied, but the movement's latest push to be relevant gets stopped by the cops overnight. how the occupiers got evicted on their anniversary. >> clayton: plus, everyone knows a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. and who gets top chef honors, is it the wives or the mothers? m mano e mano.
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"fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> mama to mama. >> dave: good morning, mama e mama. >> clayton: can we break it down. no pressure. i see you getting tweets. >> alisyn: be careful. st. patrick's day, did we have green beer and fun? >> our niece's birthday. >> dave: i did partake in connecticut, but not here in new york, you did you see the parade like nothing you have he' ever seen. >> alisyn: i saw it from a distance, i tried to-- >> thank you for waking up with us this morning and recovering, we've got a lot to get it. and including politics, you may not have been realizing that the presidential campaign is still going on and snort
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rick santorum saying some interesting things in the the past few days and predictions. like joe namath saying, we will win. said this about illinois. >> this is a primary and turnout is everything. you do your job, you do your job. this is the pledge. if we're able to come out of illinois with a huge surprise win, i guarantee you, i guarantee you, that we will win this nomination. we will nominate a conservative, if we nominate a conservative, we will beat barack obama in the fall election. thank you, illinois. god bless you, thank you. >> and then their own guarantees. >> dave: expect him to run off the field. because it's a bold guarantee from rick santorum, even if he wins illinois, a long way to go. there are 69 delegates up for
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grabs in illinois. and another 23 today in puerto rico. still, rick santorum, puts it into perspective now and here is the delegate counts. he needs two-thirds, essentially to get that 1144, an enormous task with winning illinois. >> people have asked how long do you think the race is going on, we're talking june. >> clayton: maybe further to the the convention in august and math seems the issue as dave was talking about, you look at the math, there's still 1356 delegates allocated in the field and math, rick santorum is hanging his hat on. if newt gingrich and me and ron paul can get it and then mitt romney doesn't have the math to get the delegates. >> i think after april 9th it's winner take all. >> dave: not cut and dried.
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california is not necessarily winner take off. >> that's not until june 5th. >> dave: it's not necessarily winner take all, don't want to bog you down with the math. but for anyone to get 1144. mitt romney not running away from the money issue and now owning it, saying, yes, i am rich. >> i'm not in this race to make money, i've made enough. i've worked for the last ten years -- i've worked for the last ten years without taking a salary. i'm not embarrassed about being successful, but i'm embarrassed for somebody who think there's something wrong with that. i want to help people become successful themselves. >> saying not about me, it's about you.
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>> dave: let me ask you, to my knowledge, i haven't heard him say that on the stump. as a governor of massachusetts he took no salary. i lived there and i haven't heard him mention that, that's a major selling point on the campaign trail. >> focus on the fact that he has so much money and embracing it and owning it. >> clayton: pundits said that, embrace it, he wasn't comfortable getting out there and talking about it. maybe that will help. >> that's one of the reasons if they're voting for them. that's what i'm hearing that they're voting for that reason. he could turn a company around and they're vote for the economy. many are voting the social issues and a lot of people like him because of his ability to turn a company around. >> and showing what his campaign is trying to do to connect with voters. in fact, a video with him. and we'll start with the political panel in a couple of minutes and now also, talk about money and how the people are affected by the high gas prices and it's remarkable
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when you think about a filling of a tank, $30, and $50 for you right now. it's 3.84 right now, is the national average right now. that's eight straight days picking up the surprise and a look what people are giving up pass a result of the high gas prices and here is a look at that j three out of four people plan to make changes to their actual driving habits and then down to what they're willing to cut out. 70% say they'll dine out less often, i have to add myself to that list, and every time i fill up a $92. >> for a lot of people affected a lot of people don't drive, but taxi cabs, and the airlines are outrageous. >> and we're all affected by this. if you're not dining out, then the waitress is not making as much money. >> and 64%, less on entertainment and 37 cents,
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closing shopping and spring comes around and getting ready for the summer. >> and dropping your prices on that. and reduce your plans a little bit. have you done any of this. >> driving not to drive as much and come back and think about it. and you've seen the studies out in february, and the spending is up. despite the economy and hitting the stores more. i don't know if there's, look at the gas prices on one hand and consumer confidence and retail establishments are going u you're seeing an uptick in people going into restaurants and not sure where they're going, maybe ordering up food from them. i don't know where the disconnect is. >> why don't you folks let us know. are you making changes to your routine. what in fact are you cutting out if at all. or are you not. not going out as much as you used to. and twitter at ff weekend. >> all right. thanks, guys. we start with a fox news alert
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for our headlines this morning. u.s. citizen has been murdered by extremists, reportedly happened a little while and authorities say the man worked as the director of a swedish language center there. so far nobody is taking responsibility for this act, but al-qaeda is active in that country. and a violent turn in indianapolis. cops say that five teenagers have been wounded two critically after someone opened fire on the crowd, on the west side of that city, in an area known as downtown canal. ap the area is popular, popular drinking spot and especially packed for the holiday celebration. so far, there have been no reports of any arrests or suspects at this point. millions of people could be getting insurance rebates in the mail this year and insurance could be sending out 1.4 billion dollars in rebates
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to 9 million americans. and the rebate, due to a new requirement in obamacare, 15% of cash on administrative costs and companies that don't comply must hand out rebates and any insurance company that files complaints, saying the new rules are going to force some companies out of business. and wall street protesters reoccupy zuccotti park in new york city and leaving in handcuffs. look at the picture. the exact number of arrestses hasn't been given, but dozens locked arms and officers swept through pulling people out and they locked up the park and piled those arrested on to a city bus. the gathering to mark the six month anniversary of occupy wall street. >> dave: and wish them a happy anniversary this morning. >> yes, we do. >> clayton: a check of the forecast with rick reichmuth.
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tell me it will be as nice. >> rick: it will be nicer than yesterday. take a look at the temperatures, it's really insane, guys, seeing 65 degrees in minneapolis on march 1st at what, five o'clock in the morning there. it's unheard of and you think you have the warm temperatures and are they going to stick around? here are the averages and monday's highs ap see the temperatures exhe treemly warm in chicago. yesterday the fourth day over 80 degrees and probably a 6th day of that monday, maybe on tuesday and the warm air is there. summery like and showers and thunderstorms, all the action is across the west though and it's winter action, talking a major winter storm bringing snow across the mountains of southern california into the baja of mexico and majority across arizona and the higher elevations and the grand canyon, a lot of snow and maybe 18 inches in some spots by the time this is done. and pull that in towards the
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plains and see severe weather from texas to nebraska, a three-day event of severe weather or else talking about significant flooding this week happens in some places and maybe six to 10 inches of rain, all right, guys, back to you. >> and thank you, a perfect day for parade video coming up. and now this. off the top of the show sure to get controversy. a new study out. men prefer mom's cooking to their wife's cooking. >> don't tell your wife that. >> clayton: kind of reminds us of "everybody loves raymond." >> and it's in the oven. >> i'm sorry, marie, was that for dinner? i took it out to make the corner dogs. (laughter) >> do you want a corn dog? >> and would have preferred the corn dog. >> dave: i love corner dogs. she prepares that nice comfort
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food. your wife is, whatever, tired from dealing with the kids. probably why it breaks down this way. a quarter of men admit to smoking over to mom's to eat without their wife knowing about it. one in ten feel pressure to give up to their mother-in-law's skills. their wives. >> i tell you what women prefer, the man to cook. if you want mom's cook, take a recipe and cook it. >> dave: my wife doesn't want the me to, it doesn't end well. one in ten and finish it off. one in ten, refuse to eat their wife's food. and 13% tell their wife to get cooking advice from his mom. who is better, clayton, mom or your wonderful wife? >> my mom made a really good mills, chicken cordon bleu, but my wife is a really, really good cook. >> dave: my wife, i love both of their food. >> this is why we have to have
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kids if our husband doesn't want our food at least one day, our kids will say my mom's cooking is the best. >> my mom is a great cook and i think yours is, women are under pressure. working, changing diapers. >> clayton: go to the commercial break and talk about it. >> i don't know how our moms did it. >> a warning from new jersey governor chris christie, doesn't send a member to the white house. and who makes that, the chief alaskan historian. >> and cruising and getting away it, and why they get a get out of jail card and what's being done to stop it. ♪
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>> welcome back to the show 6789 show. chris christie is taking a jab at rivals. let's be wary of sending another member of congress to the white house. they can be okay, but don't know the first thing about executive authority. and look back at history and see if christy's statement is true. and start with senator barack obama, we hadn't elected a member of congress going back to jfk. until senator barack obama was elected. does chris christie has a point. >> we have five governors and only two senators and kennedy and harding and there's something to that. if you look at it prior to barack obama, kennedy was our
6:18 am
last senator and got off to a slow start. the bay of pigs, that was a colassel failure and took him a while to his his sea legs. and warren hardy many consider the worst president of the 20th century. and they don't have experience when they tyke over the white house. >> and not just a lack of experience on one hand. but legislative baggage, so much of a voting track record. you voted for this thing ten years ago and we're not going to put you in the white house. >> a combination, they have a paper trail of legislation that comes down to certain issues that might have evolved over time and the american people, look at the governors to pick a staff, make a decision, and work with legislators and a paper trail and lack of-- you point out a common thread
6:19 am
and you say teddy roosevelt. franklin roosevelt and ronald reagan, a common thread. the three giants of the 20th century, when you look at presidents. reagan, rose volt, roosevelt. they were governors, governors of big states and teddy roosevelt new york, franklin new york and reagan california and they were iconic figures. they knew as soon as they got into the presidency a few things they wanted to accomplished and learned that as governor and prepared them to take over the white house. >> chris christie, a mitt romney supporter and we've heard about his experience. and he needs to talk more about what he accomplished in the state as governor and drive to home to vote herbs. >> he's talked a lot about bain capital and olympics, he hasn't talked a lot about in part for governor, he wants to
6:20 am
stay away from health care reform. he was pa executive. he did work with a democratic legislature. he did make tough decisions, if he gets the general election, talk more about that executive experience. at the end. day, the american public wants to know if he walks into the white house on day one, he knows what he's doing and i think they feel more comfortable with governors historically over senators. >> clayton: bringing oust history lesson of the morning. >> good to see you. >> coming up, those phone calls and e-mails not as private as you think. big brother is getting even bigger, we'll explain. the weather triggering mudslides and making roads a mess in california. the latest on the conditions there. ta. 4 gigabytes for just $30 a month. with 4 gigabytes, you could send and receive over 400,000 emails. or stream over 1,100 songs. or use gps navigation for 34 continuous days.
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>> welcome back, lawmakers in minnesota have their own get out of jail free card. under state law, they have immunity from drunk driving charges. the issue came to light. this is a state rep getting pulled over and the political science professor at concordia university, and thanks, guys, for being with us. >> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning, i'll start with you. all of this starts when the state rep gets arrested. why does this law-- why are state reps exempt from drunk driving. >> comes back to article 4 section 10 of the minnesota constitution, ainsley, states that any lawmaker should be free from arrest for treason, breach of peace or felony, any other criminal activity they cannot be arrested for, apply the constitution.
6:25 am
>> ainsley: why would they be exempted for that, when they're representing. >> sure, back in the 1800's when our founding fathers wrote the constitution, there was a natural fear of pulling votes and freedoms, our founding fathers wrote this in the constitution for that purpose and times have probably changed since the 180's. >> ainsley: nate, why are you getting involved to change? >> yeah, i think there's a change. i was appalled when i found out about this, people are about to drink and drive, especially with the laws, and recently made. >> ainsley: now, jane, i was reading some information about this law, and you were talking about, one of your interns for a state rep. tell me-- >> sure, and intern for the minnesota senate and after we were researching the law, an example where she was at a legislative reception, and
6:26 am
when they left the reception, one of the state senators said ride along with me in my car, i can't get arrested for a dwi and unfortunately when they pulled away that legislative hit the median on the side of the road. >> and now in the house what happens. >> straight to the floor, and one only has to go through one committee in minnesota and went to the the committee the first week and then to the floor and hoping for action. and we have a committee in the senate on friday. we had to have action by friday. >> ainsley: who is sponsoring this. >> a representative kree in the house and harry in the senate. >> ainsley: nate, what are you learned from this experience. >> and i've learned that, how to campaign for a bill and like every step to go through and who at that talk to, with the media, to get them on your side and helps you to pass the bill. >> ainsley: are you going to go into law now. >> no, i don't think i'm going
6:27 am
into law, i plan on being an officer. >> ainsley: that's great. we wish you the best. thanks to both of you. >> thank you so much, sure. >> ainsley: coming up, mitt romney flashing back to the 2008 presidential race, saying the republican party needs to come together. >> got mind john mccain last night. when the process was over, we got behind him. we'll come together. >> ainsley: will the work help land him the g.o.p. nomination? the panel next. >> and lose the hassle and get around the security lines at the airport, but it's going to cost you. we'll explain straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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6:32 am
the irish heritage. >> ainsley: that's in chicago. have you been to savannah. >> dave: i've been told it's the biggest, best, and wildest celebration. >> clayton: my sister lived there and shut down the city for a few days be and people take off work. >> dave: it seems like an odd fit, i wouldn't think there's a high irish population. >> ainsley: southners find any reason to have a party. >> clayton: and fake irish. more coming up. >> ainsley: a serious story, new information about the soldier accused of killing 16 people in afghanistan. and many details from his opwn wife. >> clayton: she kept a diary.
6:33 am
>> there's little online, but bits and pieces from her blog, just like many military spouses she was lonely and longing for adventure with her husband and something else, the strain that supposedly contributed to sergeant bales snapping. 2006 posted on line i only want the days to go by fast when bob comes back home. when their daughter was born his wife wrote in december '06. bob calling from the airport in kuwait. so good to hear his voice and i told him how the birth went, and he got to hear quincy squeaking in the background. because they'd been stationed in washington state so long, thought that she her husband would have say and wrote that germany would have the best adventure opportunity. italy would have the second
6:34 am
best adventure opportunity next to hawaii on the blog enough said and kentucky would put them near bob's family, sergeant bob, and georgia a good place for him to be a sniper teacher now he's in fort leavenworth for something he's accused from going overseas when the family said he never thought he would have to go back. >> he was told he was not going to be redeployed and the family was counting on him not being redeployed. and he and his family told that his tours in the middle east were over and overnight that changed. >> reporter: the most recent on the blog. writes the entire family was disappointed robert bales didn't get a promotion to e-7 because he did so much work and sacrifices for his country. >> ainsley: and an american
6:35 am
man held hostage by an islamic militia group in iraq is now free. and documents identify him as randy michael holts. you see him in the military fatigues, a former u.s. soldier when he visited iraq as a civilian and claims that the group kidnapped him was linked to al sadr and released him as a quote, gift to all americans who oppose the war. >> i was taken inside baghdad and kept in and around different locations in the city. and it was explained to me my release has been more humanitarian reasons and no exchange involved. >> ainsley: right now holts is at the u.s. embassy in iraq. you could soon breeze past check points. it's going to cost you every single time. on tuesday they'll roll out ex-- >> expedited. >> ainsley: i can't say that
6:36 am
word, expedited at the airport, called pre-check. lets passengers keep their shoes and jackets on and leave the liquids in the carey ones. the catch, it's going to cost you $100 every time, is it worth it? and meet the undisclosed criteria by the tsa and invited by the airlines to enroll in this program. is big brother getting even bigger? a new report claims that the national security agency is secretly working to revive the total information awareness program. it's that system that could easily intercept every piece of electronic communication in the world. talking about your e-mails, your phone calls, you name it. the original program designed to intercept from terrorists and criminals before being shut down by congress. those are the headlines. >> let's expedite is over to rick right now, and the forecast. >> you know when you look at a word. it doesn't connect. >> and clayton will help you. take a look at what's going on
6:37 am
weather-wise. crazy stuff going on there. take a look at the temperature map and see an interesting thing. today's highs, 78 degrees in minneapolis and 57 in phoenix. and we're talking march 18th and the numbers don't make sense at all, but we have a really potent storm going on across the west, and you can see that rain, snow, snow is higher elevations and take a look at the video out of l.a. l.a. has not seen that much rain this winter and all kinds of trees, and 400 accidents reported yesterday on the roads that they have to respond to because of the rain making it on the roads. new castle, california, a mudslide. this is to the northeast of sacramento on the way up. trucking people having to ski and having to encounter this kind of stuff as it hits the mountainous areas ap seeing the mountains come down on top of the roads. the good story for this one, up to 90 inches of snow, this storm across the mountains in northern california. so if you're a skier, that's
6:38 am
great news. be careful across the east. and heavy rain across eastern tennessee and kentucky and later on today. severe storms across the central part of the plains. dave, over to you. >> we are, brother, thank you. mitt romney saying this weekend. he wants to bring the party together. like in 2008 when the g.o.p. rallied around, senator john mccain. >> we got behind john mccain last time and he lost 19 states in the primary process, but when the process was over, we got behind him. we worked for him. we'll come together in part because president obama has been such a failure. >> and will romney need more than that to get the nomination and beat president obama. joining us for a fair and balanced debate. a fox news contributor, angela mcglowan and elliss henican and follower, learn of history. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> angela. >> yes. >> bring the party the together, probably a great idea, mentioning john mccain is that a good philosophy?
6:39 am
>> it's a good idea, a good philosophy. if we look back in 2008, we had a process then and the party came together. will mitt romney need more than the republican party to defeat barack obama? yes. and he's the only candidate with newt gingrich and rick santorum comparing the three, that could defeat obama, why? he can pull the independent votes. and that's what's needed. >> dave: however, elliss, as you know, rick santorum often uses john mccain as the reason we should not nominate mitt romney. >> john mccain can symbolize so many things. >> dave: sure can. >> in the end the party can come together. and the people behind newt gingrich and rick santorum, come on, they're not going to vote for barack obama. and do they mean it when they say i'll kind of support mitt
6:40 am
romney. >> dave: how do you do that, and bring the party together when you've got so many on the far right who are social conservatives and want no problem for mitt romney. >> sure, that's a problem for mitt romney and understandable why he'd want the other candidates out of the field. but you have to think about this as a self-inflicted wound from the republican party. if they hadn't gone ahead and changed the rules of the nominating process, changing states from winner take all to proportional allocation, the the the contest would be over by now and party elders would be happier because they wouldn't have the party's dirty laundry aired about. >> mitt romney is a smart politician because right now behind the scenes, senior aides and surrogates are reaching out to tea party organizers and reaching out to evangelicals and straddling the fence with mitt romney and doing the grass roots campaigning and he's doing grass roots strategy. >> a gardening discussion. >> every time i talk to angela, i learn something.
6:41 am
>> oh. >> dave: you want to learn something else? you're going to learn about mitt romney and pancakes because this is what the romney campaign is doing. sending out personal videos in hopes that he will begin to connect with everyday voters. check out the latest. >> these are pancakes, i'm in rosemont illinois and i got the pancakes from a restaurant called pancakes egg cetr a play on words and a fox and friends. >> and we appreciate the mention, helpful or not. >> this is why mitt romney struggles, these are pancakes. now, most americans know what pancakes are, at this point. and a week or so again talking about the cheesy grits, in the south. >> and y'all. >> and we don't call them-- . no, we call them grits. >> we call pancakes. >> dave: can these types of
6:42 am
things, excluding these pancakes, can this type of thing help to connect. >> here is all three of the campaigns problems. we help kids understand what happens in the past and elections a lot. one thing i know from the last 30 election. the more likeable has won the presidency going back to ronald reagan and look, all it three of these guys would do a better job governing, but there's an enthusiasm gap who you want to sit down have a beer with. >> would you rather go to a concert with obama, rick santorum or mitt romney. >>. >> dave: clayton morris was outraged because the video was shot vertical clearing on an iphone. >> side ways. >> dave: clayton is outraged. the and president going after facebook and google over privacy setting and using
6:43 am
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6:47 am
sense violating, the same type of privacy, right? >> a couple of thoughts. first of all, don't we understand that anything we put on facebook or similar sites used and twisted and turned and-- and do we think that nobody watches this? is it hipocracy? maybe a little bit, but it really is politics, they know how to do it effectively and better than republicans are, until the law changes, they'll keep doing it. >> to promote that and behind the scenes is double talk, a double standard. it's not just a social networking thing. it's data mining and connecting with data brokers to get your-- >> shouldn't you use that information? >> no. >> really? >> people should be able to say, yes, you can use that information, yes or no. >> it's clearly hipocracy by the obama administration the same way we won't release his college tran scripts. >> this is no different from anything any company aroun
6:48 am
the world does north to target market as well as they can. unfortunately, the government does things less efficiently than the private sector and people don't have to worry that much. >> and for the the politicians. >> we'll bring in angela. >> and people like me who think we ought to change the campaign finance rules believe it. until the rules change, you've got to raise it. >> to promote a law, to change and break the law until it passes. play by the rules the way they are, even as you're changing the rules. the democrats spent on data and the way to fight back, way it's manifested, you'll show that you like baseball. and show an ad with obama on the baseball. >> click on the ad, because it means he has to pay for t every time an ad is clicked on. he has to pay. >> and to pro mote we should
6:49 am
have legislation on that, to use it to win reelection, you don't think it's hipocracy. >> dave: i think he acknowledged a little hipocracy, it's politics. >> until the rules change, both sides will take advantage. >> dave: but the republicans rpt pushing for legislation. >> they better get-- all right. angela, elliss henican, brad, got to leave it there. and appreciate you all coming in. it's a trend that could be potentially deadly. americans and antibiotics. dr. mark siegel, what you might need. if you yawn you might be a tear ris morris. what airport security watches for while you're waiting in line.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> a scary medical warning from the-- a strep throat or scratched knee, could once again kill. if current trends continue unabated the future is ease toy predict. >> and at the medical center and fox news medical a-team. dr. mark segal. >> why is this happening? a kid falls down and scrapes his knee could lead to death somehow. >> the world health organization's warnings are over the top. in this case, it'm concerned. and back in the 1900's, you had a scratch, and that's why
6:54 am
people lived 40 or 50 years. and now, the drug companies are not making new antibiotics, they're not profitable. and number two, we're overusing them. and 20% go towards sinus infections and in the study of the journal american medical association, antibiotics don't have an effect on it. when you take your child to the doctor, they prescribe the antibiotics. is it the doctor's faults. we don't know-- >> you asked me that before we came on and i agree. it's a doctor's fault and parent aren't satisfied. give me a zack pack, we have a lot of pressure and want to keep the office moving and most of this is viral and the same thing is happening, clayton, out with our cattle. do you know how much antibiotics we're giving the cattle. half of our meat is infected with a resistent bacteria that we know.
6:55 am
mrsa. because we're giving the antibiotics. >> not in the organic and grass fed. you can avoid the antibiotics. >> why this is happening when you give anti-baskets, millions of colonies of effect. when you give antibiotics, you kill off the bacteria and the resistent ones survive, it's over. >> and we talk about kids and falling down and scraping his knee, is it possible that they can get infected and that child could die because we've gotten so resistent to the oent bokts. >>-- antibiotics. >> she is full of hype, but there's a point when you have a scratch and the doctor can't-- >> i don't want to scare people into thinking you never need antibiotics. sometimes we do and it's really a bacteria. >> how do you know, for the parents watching, what do they do. how do you know. >> it's not the parents that
6:56 am
decide whether someone needs an antibiotic. it's a physician, that's discerning, it's great to go to a surgeon who sometimes says don't operate. great to go to an internist or pediatrician that says that's a virus, you don't need an antibiotic for that. you're in the hands-- >> organic meat and organic milk, do you recommend-- >> i agree with clayton on this, i like the organic grass fed beef and getting the antibiotics out of the cattle. >> clayton: don't scrimp when it's your health. >> good to see you. >> ainsley: president obama saying to the g.o.p. candidates no fix for the rising gas prices. is green energy the solution? >> everybody knows a way to a man's mart is through his stomach. the results of a new poll may shock you. ♪
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> good sunday morning, it's march 18th. i'm ainsley earhart in for alisyn. the president is hitting road with his energy plan. >> a quick fix when it comes to gas prices, there just isn't one. >> and going after the republicans to get the gas prices to come down. >> and one city is taking the fun out of easter and canceling the easter egg hunts. the kids aren't to blame, the parents are the ones out of control. >> clayton: it usually means your a tired or bored, but now it could also mean you're a terrorist. why the tsa is looking for people who yawn a lot. be in trouble. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪
7:01 am
>> i knew that was coming. once you say the word yawn, it makes you yawn. it's not the just a contagious act. when we're talking about it. >> ainsley: i can't look at it. >> clayton: a science experiment. the teacher told one person to yawn and soon the whole class was yawning. >> dave: the only reason the crew is yawning not because of anything that's happening here. >> ainsley: many people might be yawning at home after the celebration yesterday st. patrick's day, and had a good day. and send us photos. and the biggest celebration they're m in new york, and bee lo it, dublin ireland. and chicago, they die the the river. and look on the upper right. >> ainsley: is that new york? >> no, it looked cold there.
7:02 am
>> connecticut. but huge zags celebrations in boston and-- >> and they dry the river green and send your pictures, and twitter as well. and let's talk politics. president obama set to, as you said, fuel up air force one and take his campaign back on the road again to talk about his new energy strategy, hitting four states, in two days, and the out in new mexico, nevada, oklahoma and ohio and here is what the president is saying, about those who want his job and they've had goes proposals out there, and newt gingrich says if he's president he'll bring the gas prices down to 2.50. >> it's easy to promise a quick fix when it comes to gas prices, there just isn't one. anyone who tells you
7:03 am
otherwise, any career politician promises three point plan for $2 gas they're not looking for a solution, they're looking for your vote. >> ainsley: the republicans are coming back. a sound bite from cory gardner, a republican from colorado. >> from day one, however, the president obama administration has consistently slowed or shut down domestic production. there's less acreage off shore open for energy production now than there was when the president took office. instead of increasing energy initiative. the first was a national energy tax according to him would cause rates to skyrocket. >> dave: primarily what the democrats will tell you, there's more domestic production than there was anytime in the last sate years, byeareight years, but republicans say it's private land not land under federal government control or permits. >> and karl rove saying on our
7:04 am
show that the bush administration had expanded domestic drilling in some of the lands and off shore, take a look at some of the differences here, this is the differences under bush. the areas open under off shore drilling and track that with president obama's areas closed under obama and the areas are open down there in the golf and expansion there with some of mexico recentlily, when the gulf opened. >> and what you're seeing is down from 2010, 2011 in terms of production on federal land. north dakota where a lot of the drilling is happening, and a lot of the oil is coming from, that's private land. >> and president obama is blaming the oil companies, not the administration. saying that oil companies are making more than they've ever made and i'm reading this article, from the business journal and liz macdonald says that the companies paid 1 trillion in tax and revenues
7:05 am
and profits 40%, 40 pest of the profits paying tax. >> clayton: and the administration want to-- >> what else is happening. >> ainsley: the rest of the headlines, a fox news alert. the fbi and embassy investigating the murder of an american in yemen. authorities say the man worked as a director of swedish language center there and we're told he was in a car and the militants drove up to him on motorcycles and shot him several times. so far no one is taking responsibility for the attack, but al-qaeda is very active in that country and st. patrick's celebrations took a violent turn in indianapolis and cops say that five teenagers have been wounded there. two critically after someone opened fire on the crowd on the west side. in the area known as downtown canal. that area is popular, a
7:06 am
popular drinking spot for the celebration today. so far no reports of any arrests or any suspects. an algae research company plant in gilbert, arizona is getting a property taxes on a 40 million dollar piece of land. under a tax break used around the area worth an estimated 2 billion dollars. the company only employs 70 people trying to find a way to get algae in cars. and looks like romney could win more delegates in puerto rico, he entered the puerto rican lottery without knowing it. happened when he was shopping for fruit during a campaign stop at a local market and it's one of 200 stores on the island that automatically provides lotto numbers with the receipt and romney now in the running for $1,000 and a new car and a great consolation prize should he lose today's primary.
7:07 am
>> you talk about corruption down there in the lottery and they said look, even if he wins he can't be he will dwibl to win the car, because he has to live there, technically. >> dave: safe to say he would give that back. >> ainsley: he doesn't need it, he's got a lot of cadillacs, he doesn't need it. >> clayton: give another cadillac. >> rick: i feel that might not be the car they're giving away. you don't know. a huge winter storm in parts of the west. california receiving 90 inches from snow in the last two days, four feet of snow, if you thought it was not a year to ski it might be time to think about a trip across parts of california. big time heat. summer across the plains and get ready for the severe weather and flooding this week for a lot of the areas. send your pictures and comments, rick reichmuth on twitter or put them on my facebook page. this is the storm diving in across arizona and heavy snows across arizona right now and
7:08 am
all of this is going to be on the plains and a threat for severe weather firing this afternoon for parts of nebraska down through texas and this is a slow moving storm, so, tomorrow, see this move slightly off to the east and areas up to iowa and dealing with severe weather and i think by tomorrow. very heavy rain across east texas again and towards oklahoma and parts of arkansas and next four to five days, rainfall totals probably in the five to ten inch range across a big bulls eye area and that means what we've had the drought there and the the rain and quickly, the big threat of flooding by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday. >> rick, you go to the security line at the airport, stuck there half hour, 45 minutes. >> sure. >> what are you going to do, stand and look at your watch. >> yawn. >> or text. >> yawning and text. >> words with friends. >> clayton: from now on if you're caught yawning in the
7:09 am
the airport security line according to the homeland security. you could be considered at risk for being a terrorist, a warning sign for both watching out. because yawning, apparently, they're about to do something bad. >> you're travelling today. keep that in mind when you're sitting in the line. there are other signs that they have released in new jersey, homeland security looking for this, a cold stare or eago rated yawning, touch your face or ears or tremble, perspire or goose bumps. ali must be in trouble. she has good bumps. >> ainsley: it's always cold, but maybe not at the airport. no, i'm wondering why are they telling us all this. want to know what you're looking for. >> clayton: they're worried. i have flash bulb eye, twitch my ear. >> and hand them your license, it automatically makes me nervous, i don't know why, i guess they look at you and the--
7:10 am
>> because of your record. >> ainsley: exactly that must be it, no, makes you nervous because you don't want to do the wrong thing and honestly, i don't want to go down the long are line where they have to do. >> the patdowns. >> dave: i yawn when i'm nervous, and makes sense to me. when i'm nervous i can't stop yawning. >> ainsley: really? >> a few years ago, he was like nervous and yawning, i'm so tired. the adrenalin and sort of like-- it's a protection. >> ainsley: we want them to be vigilant and do what they have to do to prevent terrorists from getting on the planes, obviously. >> clayton: at five in the morning, you're trying to catch a flight and they're tired and have the line where they can say, it's five in the morning, must be be at the airport this early. >> they've done the research and apparently, you're right. when you're nervous, you can't argue with science. >> clayton: covering south by southwest, a big "fox & friends" fan, and don't catch me yawning. >> dave: all of this on
7:11 am
twitter. rick santorum says if he wins illinois, predicting like joe namath he'll be the g.o.p. nominee and beat president obama. in case he doesn't, he's reaching outs to evangelicals in louisiana. and first joining us what he's looking for. >> ainsley: a new study claims more men prefer their mom's cooking over their wife's and we want to hear from you coming up. ♪
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
>> later today, rick santorum returns to the south focusing on the evangelical christian voters and louisiana and holding a question and answer session with the congregation at the baptist church. >> our next guest is part of that congregation and leading the k. q & a. and tony perkins joins us from new orleans. >> good morning. >> one thing that he's clear on, his stance on social issues, you have made it clear this week that you would like to see newt gingrich get out of the race, you say if that happened. mitt romney would drop into second place, why do you feel that way? how does that break down? there's a poll that show that newt supporters are actually split between mitt romney and rick santorum. >> there's no question. you can't say that all of the newt gingrich vote would go to rick santorum. when you add up the vote that rick santorum and gingrich has and seems to be leading in at
7:16 am
that conservative vote. it eclipses the support that mitt romney has, even only half of that vote goes to rick santorum, it puts him ahead of mitt romney and you have a conservative getting the nomination and that's what the conservatives are concerned about. and moderates don't do well against liberals and conservatives do better and they want to see a conservative emerge with the nomination. >> ainsley: when you talk to voters they say we want the economy to improve and jobs more people on hearing this election say they're not necessarily voting for the social issues, they're voting for jobs. and who can turn this around. what do you say for the voters who are stuck, they're not sure to choose, and one candidate is better with the economy and another candidate has more social issues or morality or so some people might say. >> you can't separate the issues, you talk about we want the strength, size and scope of government. they want to see the size of department of the drunk, but
7:17 am
there's a recognition, there's a reason the government is so big, there are so many government programs is because the family and local communities are broken down and they're not doing and able, and a lot of times roweded out by the government. these issues are the same and they want to strengthen the american family and that's a message that senator santorum has been. >> and it's clear where he stands on the social issues and where he stands on the sanctity of human life and the biblical definition of marriage and on those notes what specifically would you like to ask of him. >> you can ask what we're going to talk about. it's primarily. this was a state and louisiana never intended or thought it would be in the heat of this. as the contest continued on, and louisiana now has an election on the 24th of this
7:18 am
month, another key state in the south for the republicans and we'll talk about issues that are concern about not just the social issues, baton rouge, we're going to be talking about gasoline prices and what to do to get rid of the regulations that keep the businesses from moving forward and in the let him talk about his relationship with god and what that would mean for him as president. >> and your opinion is very important for voters out there and they want to know about the candidates. do you know them personally and what are they like. >> i know them personally, known rick santorum for probably close to a decade and i've known newt gingrich not as well, but worked with him on a number of occasions and i know mitt romney, and interaction with him. and not as much interaction with ron paul. and they're all good men.
7:19 am
anybody who-- and the women who have been in this race as well. michelle ba michele bachmann a very close friend. all of them should be commended for offering th themselves to the leadership position. i think it's a good process. i don't think it's drug on too long. i think it needs to continue on until we find who is the strongest candidate who can take on barack obama, this november. >> dave: it looks like it will drag on. exactly what you want it to do. tony perkins thanks for being with us. louisiana is on the 24th. >> have a great morning. >> you, too. and capital hill, do they forget we're facing a crisis. >> ainsley: stuart varney is
7:20 am
he he here. >> dave: a run from the law. why a swimsuit model was on the run. clayton time to be a bounty hunter. ♪ i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten... still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.
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7:23 am
>> noi now your news by numbers. says that john edwards defunct campaign owes the u.s. treasure. 54%, how many americans have not yet filed taxes this year and about 43% of you guys, you have, which is up, from a week ago. a few weeks ago, i should say, but less than compared to last
7:24 am
year at this point. and finally, 2 million. that's about how many people turned out to celebrate the luck of the irish in new york city's 251st st. patrick's day parade. >> clayton: this week the congressional budget office finished analyzing president obama's 2013 budget, but it seems like everybody is talking about everything, but the deficit. stuart varney is here. you say it could be a potential financial crisis. >> the deficit, that is the national debt, the accumulated deficits over the years, that national debt just keeps on going up and up and up. and we're not noticing it. the congressional budget office says you get the latest obama budget if it goes through, the deficit next year is 93 billion dollars more than we thought it was going to be. can you imagine a leap like that, 93 billion dollars. that's why mitch daniels, former governor of indiana, he says, look, this is a
7:25 am
national-- we're on the road to national ruin. and we kind of almost ignoring this as our nation's finances get worse and worse and not paying the attention we should. >> clayton: mitch daniels says we need to get this under control otherwise the financial disaster is looming. i want to throw you some liberal signs here that paul krugman rolled out. roll with this. >> see what i can do for you. >> clayton: i enjoy your response it paul krugman. he says the debt isn't a big deal at all. look, the right wing is having us believe it's a problem. we're borrowing money against ourselves it's not money we owe foreign country. it's false debt. . >> i he says the stimulus plan should have been much bigger, not one trillion, 2 or 3 trillion dollars and that debt doesn't matter we're borrowing at a low rate of interest. here is problem. the rate of interest is going
7:26 am
up. it's more expensive for america to borrow and we're at that tripping point where we're paying so much in interest on all of this debt that at some point people are going to say, you know, we're not going to lend you more money. for example, at the moment. we're paying 9 billion dollars a week in interest alone. and much of that's going overseas. by the election, it will be 10 billion dollars a week. >> clayton: more than every dollar we're taking in, owing more than the dollar is worth. interesting numbers as we take a look at the full screens here. the deficit 93 billion more than estimated, but president obama adding to the budget deficit of 6 trillion in ten years, and he's actually doing well on the campaign trail and raking in some good dough. >> oh, yeah, look, there's a contrast here, and this week, with our nation's finances head south, and look increasingly dodgy, the president's campaign finances look increasingly prosperous. on friday, he held five
7:27 am
fundraisers, raising 5 million dollars, just in one day. his campaign finance haul, the money bringing in looks pretty good at this point. 5 million dollars in one day and held an event obama for lawyers, and 600 turned out and paid $2500 apiece and fundraiser at the tyler perry mansion. and $35,800 each and flocking in to give the man money. as the nation's finances look dicey, that debt piles up and piles up and piles up. obamacare more expensive than we thought. gas prices up. food prices up double digit and the nation's finances look dodgy and the president's campaign brings in a ton of money. >> clayton: and a good british word for you, dodgy. >> dodgy. >> clayton: hear that on the fox business network, stuart and company 9:15, 9:20. >> 9:20. >> clayton: turn it on early and get that--
7:28 am
grab yourself a cup of coffee. >> you need coffee to watch the show. no you wake them up. a raucous caucus in missouri and in the show me state. a fight breaks out in missouri and we'll tell you why. and one city taking out fun of easter and canceling the egg hunt. the kids aren't to blame. they're sweet and cute, but the parents are out of control. and a study says that men like their wife's cooking better than their wife's. what do you think. send it to ff weekend on twitter. ♪ [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes?
7:29 am
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we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one rean over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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7:32 am
♪ >> welcome back, everybody, how was your st. patrick's day. >> ainsley: luck of the irish. shiver me timbers. >> clayton: and in reading pennsylvania, they had green bagels. >> dave: green ketchup at burger king. >> clayton: she said what's in the bagels. >> dave: here is the shot of the morning. president obama getting in the spirit, folks, hoisting a pint of guinness. >> all right. >> dave: you know what, i'm sure people are going to get angry about it. and there's always outrage,
7:33 am
enjoying a pint of guinness, an irish public two miles from the white house and hung out took picture for 30 minutes and separated by a visit from the irish prime minister, but this year he's not arriving until-- >> and some people, might get some brownie points for that. >> clayton: what's the great benjamin franklin quote, somebody sent it to me on twitter, evidence that god loves us. >> ainsley: you know what goes good with a glass of beer, m mama's home cooking. do you prefer your mom's cooking or wife's cooking, half the men-- >> a great deal of men are just like this scene in "everybody loves raymond." >> it's in the oven. >> oh, my god, i'm sorry. >> marie was that for dinner? i took it out to make the corner dogs. do you want to corn dog.
7:34 am
>> clayton: the appalling. and she was always known on the show for terrible cooking. but according to research men prefer mom's cook being and they'll sneak back without their wife nothing they got the extra food. >> ainsley: and then 10. >> clayton: 10% refuse to eat the wife's food at all. >> dave: and the question on twitter and facebook, all of the guys were afraid to weigh in because their wife cooks for them every day and for us, we said that mom's cooking is great. wives's cooking is better. it's know the about being smart. sorry, mom. why is anyone surprised, men are more comfortable with the food they grew up with. many young women never learned to cook, his name, bob. >> clayton: remember, guys, the wife is putting things into your food you're eating. be careful what you're saying about it. >> ainsley: he's smart, too. and what kind of a suicidal
7:35 am
man is going to answer this? >> right, good question. >> dave: and you don't-- i think that wives for the most part, the wives are so busy with the kids and day-to-day routine they don't have time to cook the good meals like your mom does. >> clayton: boca legend. 25 years and hundreds of dead chickens, but my wife finally got my mom's fried chicken recipe correct. >> ainsley: takes a long time. and vinny, mom's cooking is first and grandma's cooking is even better. but your wife's cooking will be number one for your kids, go figure. and their moms learn from their moms. >> clayton: and the comfort food, you know, and then my wife makes some fancy, fancy food and they're both great and i know they're both watching. e-mails and phone calls. >> ainsley: my mother shows love this way if you went to the house what can i cook you, say i'm fine, i don't need
7:36 am
thinking. >> dave: no, i wouldn't. >> ainsley: are you sure? what can i make you. >> shy, one of everything. >> ainsley: and my mom whips things up. moms know how to do that. >> clayton: let us know what you think about that. more coming up. and plus as we wind down from the st. patrick's celebration, the celebrations burns on in spain. >> ainsley: fire. >> dave: ain valencia with more on the five day festival. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, dave, clayton and ainsley. there's no siesta in the fiesta at all. right over here, gesture over to the plaza, the people are in the next marathon celebration. this being the town hall square there have been some protests against bull fighting. yesterday we saw protests against budget cuts of course, spain is struggling with huge
7:37 am
unemployment and massive deficit and lots of big economic problems, but anyway, what's going to happen down here, just in a little while. is something called the noiseiest festival i've heard in my life. gun powder goes off for about a ten minute period in an area, and someone called senor pyro technical. and starts off and boom, boom, into the daylight sky, creating something unique. and i want you to have a look at some of the other highlights of this festival. >> they're in the full valencia regalia. you can see the their emotion on their face. tears for prayers and promises to the virgin mary.
7:38 am
from the tiniest to the city on display. and less formal, but no less a part of life here is the celebration of paella. and the capital of the race dish, he is spanna. and the winning this year. a massive theme that's all about crisis, and financial crisis, with a figure depicting moody's and the euro. and the escapism of the holiday, reality is a part. price tag for that. the award winning one, $400,000 to put at that together. it's the only one that will be spared. the other couple hundred will be burned down when the if i feel wraps up tomorrow night in an event called la crema, i think in the local dialect means fire, i've been told, but that will be it. until then, this place with rock for another 36 hours or
7:39 am
so and that's the the latest from valencia. >> clayton: have fun. >> ainsley: gracias. chaos on the campaign trail. two people arrested during a brawl outside one of the g.o.p. caucuses at st. charles, missouri yesterday. witnesses say this tensions were running high for a number of reasons, a handful of mitt romney and ron paul supporters were angry when rick santorum showed up late and delayed the voting. and missouri caucuses simply he elect delegates to go onto the state and district convention where a bulk of missouri's 52 delegates will go to the candidates and so much for being a model citizen. a hollywood swimsuit model. this beautiful girl now arrested on charges that she ran an international drug ring. simone pharaoh found hiding in australia nearly a month after she fled bail in california.
7:40 am
and one named shl magazine sexiest in the world. she'll be in court this week. talk about bad eggs, old colorado city, do you know where this is, canceling this ye year's esther egg hunt not because of the kids, but the parents, parents are getting to aggressive. dave vonness works for the city and says that last year was mayhem. >> there were disgruntled people there weren't enough eggs to go around or some kids didn't get one. and it sort of got out of hand. >> and not the only ones disappointed. small business owners say they count on the easter egg hunt to draw in the business. canceled, no more easter egg hunts because of the parents. >> calm down, everybody. let's talk sports. imagine if karl rove served the democrats the other party. that's the equivalent of bobby
7:41 am
knight, referring to top seed kentucky, that team from the sec. he won't say kentucky for now, that team is in the big ten and trailed bc by 9 in the second half. and they tied it at 61. again, he tries it win it, the shot blocked from the hands of-- it was a huge jump shot to put indiana up, and bcu team was gutsy and could not get a shot to go and indiana plays kentucky that team from the sec, sweet 16. and clayton, how many was ferry bueller ap sent according to principal rooney. >> clayton: 19. >> dave: 9 times. that's how many times brady from three-point land. 9 three, two shy of the tournament record set by jeff
7:42 am
friar, 80-63 the final. the sweet 16 today. peyton manning sweepstakes is down to the final three. broncos, cardinals and tennessee titans and manning worked out for tennessee, and the titan gm looked comfortable and the soon to be 36-year-old tomorrow or tuesday. and all three teams to be offering around 90 million for five years and happy anniversary to payton and his wife they were married on st. patrick's day back in 2001 and that's why the decision has been pushed a little bit. >> clayton: and stop trying to get through that the buffalos are out and-- >> i'm a free agent. i need a tee. and the tournament though. >> rick: i noticed it. i did. and take a quick look at the weather maps, you guys. temperatures as you're starting out across the east and check this out. 64 degrees in minneapolis, and it's march 18th and it's six
7:43 am
o'clock in the morning there, it's crazy. move forward and take a look at the forecast today. another nice day across the northeast and temperatures into the 70's, colder across the water, and that's at new york city and see a few thunderstorms popping especially in the afternoon hours, and down to the the southeast, also, a few scattered showers, but a very warm day, temps into the 80's and western texas severe weather this afternoon, and in towards the northern plains, another nice day, crazy warmth. 70's and 80's and snow and winter storm across the west. and see that today and tonight. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> clayton: thank you. >> ainsley: thank you, rick. >> clayton: candidate barack obama says he was committed, committed-- excuse me, committed to the war in afghanistan, has president obama changed his tune? oliver north coming up. >> ainsley: and marketers can
7:44 am
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7:47 am
>> a recent study shows as much as 40% of what we do every day is out of habit and that can be used against us by marketers and predict our next move before we think about it. >> what do we need to know. charles breaks to down in the new book called the power of habit. why we do what we do in life and business. >> thanks for having me. >> your book aims to make people aware of how we form habits and how we need to break or embrace them and you discover what's called the habit loop? >> exactly right. in the last decade or so, it's been completely transformed. every habit has three parts. >> a trigger for the behavior, and a reward and understanding that reward is a secret to
7:48 am
creating or changing habit. you've chosen that product and tell us about that and how they're targeting all of us. >> about a hundred years ago, almost no one in america brushed their teeth and a marketer came up adding chemicals to toothpaste so your gums and tongue tingled after you brushed and a reward that it created a habit of tooth brushing and a decade later almost everyone was brushing their teeth. >> ainsley: thank goodness. >> and we see the marketing and suddenly we're spraying our couches with stuff and how they've been targeting our habits. >> febreez started a new habit in people's lives. if they could tie into an existing shopping habits and make it the end of a cleaning ritual that made your house smell as good as it looked and people would start using it. >> ainsley: what about targets. >> and shopping habits enormously, what they want to
7:49 am
find periods of life when lives are changing and studies women's habits and predict if you're pregnant before your family might know. >> clayton: unbelievable and some of the three companies that you looked at. finally the idea of breaking a habit. some people say i want to quit smoking or exercise more, how do you do it, you explain it in the book. >> any habit could be changed no matter how old you are and the cue and reward. >> a cue can be like an alarm going off. you wake up every morning. >> that's right. or a time of day, a certain person or almost anything can cue a habit and once understand what is cueing your habits, what he rewards are curing the patterns and then changing them. >> ainsley: does it take three weeks, is that-- >> unfortunately not true. the chocolate habit you can form in 12 minutes. if it's exercise it might take longer. >> clayton: the book is called
7:50 am
the power of habits. the author. >> ainsley: fascinating habits. >> clayton: order it on amazon, thanks. and candidate obama says committed to the war in afghanistan, on the campaign trail. is he living up to the prim now that he's candidate obama. and colonel oliver north will be here. he's been there a number of times. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it...
7:51 am
...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> this is a war we have to win and as commander-in-chief i will have no greater priority than taking out the terrorists that threaten america and finish the job against al-qaeda in afghanistan and pakistan. >> dave: that was candidate obama in 2008. affirming commitment to the war in afghanistan and the setback and the president seems to be changing his tune
7:54 am
a bit. and joining us now is fox news military analyst lt. colonel ollie north. >> good morning, dave, no doubt about it. he has forgotten those words and he doesn't want us to either. and the last years, the only strategy has been an exit strategy. what would you do if you were karzai knowing the americans were going to go home. unprecedented as commander-in-chief, the one that we hired three and a half years ago, would set an end date for a war before you won it. and talk about ending the war responsibly, dave, the only way to end the war responsibly is to win it and never mention the campaign dates. >> dave: in the wake of sergeant bales shooting 16 afghanis, how has it changed? is it still winnable? >> yes, it's winnable and the question is whether this administration is able to make the kind of commitment necessary.
7:55 am
that's the role of a leader. they're supposed to develop a strategy and the troops carry it out. and there is no strategy except a quote, strategy of withdrawal. that's the problem. once you told pt troops you could be the last guy to die here, it's hard to maintain morale even with the event like a week ago today. >> dave: and one of the injured troops asked you a question. i hope my son's sacrifice is not in vein, is it? are you afraid of just that. >> i'm afraid of that. frankly the only thing i'm afraid of in this whole thing that's what we heard a lot of in vietnam. and the first time in 11 years of this war and hundreds of trips to walter reed i heard a parent or a spouse say those. >> dave: and i can't imagine the impact that had on you, my last question, yesterday. we heard interesting news released about the washington post, bin laden's motives he
7:56 am
wanted to take out-- he thought that-- some are questioning the timing of the release of this information, do you believe it was about politics? >> well, it does seem strange that they've now had this statement at least made, the second of past year and coming out as the campaign season is coming you. and makes one wonder why they timed it this way. >> dave: lieutenat. colonel oll north. good stuff. we appreciate you being here. still ahead, if you're caught drunk driving, usually you're in jail. not in one state. why they're getting a free pass. what's being done to stop it coming up. ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
7:57 am
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>> wake up everyone, it's sunday morning, march 18th. you probably had a long day yesterday. i'm ainsley earhart filling in for alisyn.
8:00 am
here is what's happening right now. rick santorum had a joe namath moment guaranteeing victory. does it match the matt. >> dave: the occupied latest push to be relevant. stopped by cops and how they got evicted on their anniversary. >> clayton: and locked up for life at age 14. how young is too young for life in prison. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody, thanks for being here this morning. we lost a great one. founder of red bull. 89 years old. >> when did he develop it.
8:01 am
>> clayton: now he really has wings. >> dave: he has wings and changed the world. >> ainsley: i thought you were talking about duke. >> clayton: and your colorado buffalos, also. >> dave: gosh, thanks, guys. >> ainsley: people waking up this morning grabbing the tylenol. and a long day, especially for new yorkers, st. patrick's day parade about and a lot of people drinking all day long. >> clayton: we've heard a lot of people from twitter and following politics for you, and senator rick santorum. what's going to happen in illinois on tuesday and rick santorum making a pretty bold prediction, similar to joe namath. super bowl three. >> dave: super bowl iii. >> ainsley: what did he do. >> clayton: he predicted they would win. they won like 16 to something, i'm not remembering and santorum said this. >> dave: this is a primary and turnout is everything, do your job and you do your job and this is a pledge.
8:02 am
if we're able to come out with a huge or a surprise win, i garan he tee, i guarantee you that we'll win this nomination and we will nominate a conservative and if we nominate a conservative, we will beat barack obama in the fall election, and thank you, illinois. god bless you. and then he ran off the stage, olding the tie up in the air. but he's a fellow pennsylvania guy just like joe namath. it's a bold prediction, being that because of the delegate math, we're the not going to bog you down with it, rick santorum, nice side by side comparison. he needs two-thirds essentially of the remaining delegates to get na 1144. a long way to go, even to there's-- >> and even all of the gingrich's delegates, wouldn't have enough. >> dave: we had on tony perkins earlier if newt wasn't in the race, santorum would be leading. 383. over 100 shy of mitt romney's delegates. >> clayton: meanwhile, these numbers up for grabs, 1350--
8:03 am
i'm sorry, 1356 delegates are up for grabs right now and they're still to be allocated. here is santorum's thinking. because the pundits say you have a 1% chance of winning, if you listen to the the pundits. don't listen to them. >> ainsley: you're saying there's a chance. >> clayton: you're saying there's a chance. the idea there would be an open convention and he and ron paul would get enough so mitt romney wouldn't get the 1144 to get there. >> ainsley: don't we need someone, no matter where they are in this process to say, i guarantee i can win? >> newt gingrich said the same thing. >> ainsley: they're never going to take the podium and say i'm going to try to win, aim not sure. >> clayton: i think that ron paul admitted. >> dave: you're right. through all this have an article of a potential of an open convex about, you know, brokered convention and no one getting the 1144. and mitt romney clearly had
8:04 am
issues throughout the campaign and stumbling into it and the cadillac reference, you know all about it. it seems this weekend he may have changed the narrative a little bit and maybe owning the fact that he's rich and saying, here is how it works for you folks. he said, quote, on saturday. i i'm not in this race to make money. i've made enough and worked the last ten years without taking a salary and not embarrassed about being successful, but em bored for people who think there's something wrong with that. i want people to become successful themselves and he did not take a salary as governor of massachusetts and to my knowledge, the first time he would have talked about that something he would have brought up early and often. >> we talked in the 6 a.m. hour. and it will be online ott, but interesting takes on chris christie supporting mitt romney. we don't need another member of congress in the white house and a governor through their legislative executive experience is really the person you want in the white house and that's what governor
8:05 am
christy said. i said, does mitt romney need to say more about being governor because we hear so much about his private business experience and the point is, it may be more beneficial to start talking about being an executive and putting a staff together. and that's what the american people end up electing. >> i think they want them to become real and we're seeing that as the process goes on. >> yeah. >> and saying that kind of thing, i'm embracing, this is who i am. like it or the not. this is what it is and i think that america wants to see this side of these candidates. >> you want to see the pancake one i'll put that on twitter. one thing american people want to hear from candidates how they're going to bring the gas prices down. they're up. 3.84, the average price of a gallon of gas, just 7% shy of the all-time record which is 411 set back in july of '08. we're right there and almost certainly surpassed the record.
8:06 am
>> right, a the lot of presidents often say there's not really a silver bullet to get this thing lower. but the survey what the americans are giving up. three out of four americans say they're making changes to driving habits and dining out less often, not driving to go to dinner anymore, because of the amount of money it's costing for a night out on the town. >> and 64% less on entertainment. and 37% postponing close and 15% canceling cable and 12% cell phone. and i have a friend that watches cable and one on h.b.o. once the show is finished they cancel the cable and then once they come back, they call it back for a few months. >> and here is what you're doing because of the gas prices, and sharon in ohio says when people cut back other people lose jobs and it does trickle down.
8:07 am
restaurant, servers, movie particular maters, retail clerks, box boys. >> ainsley: box boys. >> dave: i don't know what that is. maybe busboys? and cooks, and trickles down hurts across the board. >> clayton: and roseanne from massachusetts writes my daily commute over 100 miles and had to come to terms with the length of the day and asked to add the huge increase in cost to the drive. >> ainsley:on from north carolina, i've cut back a lot with the rising prices and not sure what i'll do if it rises higher. >> dave: a sweet from thomas, gas prices less travel. eating out and cut being back on general purposes. only worse. >> doug writes, due to high fuel costs we've given up leisure drives and eating out and budget avenues in general. let us know what your thoughts are, if you're he cutting back. saw the lions for people in line for the ipad.
8:08 am
it's marred to tell. >> ainsley: yeah, and i saw a report that people are paying $1,000 just to take someone's place in line. >> clayton: yeah, people were selling and companies were selling for $100 to get in line. >> ainsley: it's crazy. >> dave: by the way, you're off every time a new ipad comes out. >> clayton: can't help you. >> dave: a great job. >> clayton: dave was hoping i was in line for him getting the new ipad. >> ainsley: i watched you talking about it on fox and friends first, did a good job. >> clayton: thank you. >> ainsley: meant to show you something, look what i got. >> clayton: she got a gadget. >> ainsley: i have i've had a flip phone forever and these guys. >> clayton: how many scratches do you have on it. >> ainsley: i know, probably some because i dropped it. >> clayton: how about the headlines. >> ainsley: and we start with a fox news alert. a militant group claimed responsibility for the murder of a u.s. citizen in yemen. the militant referring to him as a quote, american christian missionary. that's the detail that we have
8:09 am
not heard from the u.s. officials, however, yet. so, they do say that the man worked at a swedish language center in yemen, gunned down in his car early this morning and the u.s. embassy investigating. a scary moments at a ski resort in maryland as a cardboard derby car careens off the track, take a look. and-- all right. they brought in the ambulance. it happened at the ski resort, the dragon bag gone. carrying 14 people and two children flown to a nearby hospital and two adults taken by ambulance, the extent of the injuries not moan. >> many could be getting insurance rebates. 1.4 billion dollars in rebates
8:10 am
to 9 million americans and that's roughly 160 per person. rebate because of a new requirement in the obamacare that orders insurance companies to spend only 15% of their cash on administrative costs. and companies that don't comply must hand out the rebates and many insurance companies that filed complaints saying the new rules will force some companies out of business. and occupy wall street protesters, reoccupying zuccotti park in new york city doing what they do best, getting arrested. the exact number of arrests or a number of arrests hasn't been given yet, but dozens of protesters locked arms last night and the officers taking people out in handcuffs and cops locked up the park and piled those arrested on a city bus. the gathering to mark the six month anniversary from the first day of the occupy wall street movement. does it seem longer than that or shorter, six months. >> a lot longer. >> me, too. >> well over a year. >> let's check with rick now
8:11 am
for a look at the weather. >> hey, guys, a gigantic storm across the west and you and i haven't skied this year, and the west coast hasn't had as much going on. when you see the dip in the pattern. it's been windy and a fire drift across the high plains before the storm approaches and talking heavy rain and heavy mountain snow to the tune of probably two feet in the mountains of arizona and we've had over four feet in the last few days in california. there you go, across the east, also some rain and won't be bad. won't be severe. the severe weather is going to come from the system across the west. as it pulse off to the east, the tornados across the panhandle of arizona and oklahoma. a slow moving storm. by tomorrow is inches off to the the east and the severe throat from iowa stretching to texas and not a huge tornado upbreaks and we'll see the tornados here and hail and damaging winds and see very
8:12 am
heavy rainfall because it's a slow moving storm and it's going to be talking about rainfall the next few days and we'll see isolated ten inch totals and a the lot of places 4 to 8 and we already have flash flood watches posted through missouri and kansas and arkansas and oklahoma and stretch to east texas the next day as well. and so, big storms going on, all that have is happening while we have the major heatwave going on as well. and today getting to 83 in rapid city and 78 in minneapolis, 81 for a fifth day in chicago, temps above 80 and that will be again the story for tomorrow. and crazy heat going on and crazy winter across the west, guys? >> i've seen it all. thanks. >> thank you, rick. new details about the american soldier accused of killing villagers in afghanistan now coming out from his own wife. peter doocy with the report. >> clayton: if you're caught, usually arrested for drunk driving or go to jail.
8:13 am
but if you're a lawmaker, you're fine. a you get a free pass. and tell you why coming up. ♪ just, uh, checking out my ad. nice. t, you know, with every door direct mail from the postal service, you'll find the customers that matter most: the ones in your neighborhood. print it yourself, or we'll help you find a local partner. and postage is under 15 cents. i wish i would have known that cause i really don't think i chose the best location. it's not so bad. i mean you got a deal... right? [ bird cries ] go online to reach every home, every address, every time with every door direct mail.
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8:16 am
>> welcome back, new details pouring in about robert bales, the american soldier accused of killing 16 in afghanistan. and some of the details coming from his own wife. peter doocy live from d.c. we understand that karilyn bales kept a blog about her relationship and dealing with him going to war. it's called the bales family adventure. it's tough to find anything from before the shooting, but from what we've learned from
8:17 am
her posts that she's spent much of the last five years, lonely and looking forward to moving out of washington state. back in 2006 when she was pregnant wrote online i only want the days to go by fast when bob comes home. and when their daughter was born, he was overseas and wife wrote in november of '06. a phone call. it was from bob calling from the airport in kuwait. it was so good to hear his voice and i told him how the birth went and he got to hear quincy squeaking in the background and something else mrs. bales detailed on the blog, since the bales had been living at joint base lewis mccord in washington for a fou years they should get to pick their next location, she wrote germany would have the best adventure opportunity. italy the second best adventure opportunity next to hawaii and she just wrote enough said and kentucky we'd be close to bob's family and georgia a good place to be a sniper teacher, all that have
8:18 am
is on hold because her husband is locked up at fort leavenworth in kansas, where a crime he allegedly committed and a place they ut that he was done with. the sergeant bales was told he was not going to be redeployed, but changed overnight. >> clayton: a lot changed for the family overnight. peter doocdoocy. and looked up for life at age 14. how young is too young to be locked away in prison all the way to the supreme court. coming up. and one city canceling easter steg hunt because of bad behavior. this time the kids aren't to blame, the paints parents are the ones out of control. ♪ abin fever.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
>> it's 22 minutes after the hour. quick headlines now. 34-year-old second lieutenant clovis ray of san antonio, texas killed in an attack in afghanistan. a decorated soldier. wounding up a year long deployment. left behind a wife and five-year-old son. what happened to lemonade stands. a florida teenager arrested for allegedly a gambling ring. thousands a day as a bookie, taking illegal bets on pro football and basketball game and bet she did well the other night. huh, ainsley. >> ainsley: thank you. too young for life in prison? the supreme court is taking up that very issue. currently, 73 inmates across
8:23 am
the country have been sentence today life without parole for crimes committed at age 14. in the cases of controe jackson and evan miller, 14 years old. separate murders. is 14 too young for a life sentence, here to debate this issue, fox's legal analyst, former defense attorney joey jackson, two of my favorite people. why so far away from me. >> the magnitude of this. >> and so, this is an interesting top ib, and this is tough because they're kids and at the same time committing crimes like murder, what do we do. >> and this is what came to mind when fox told me the topic to discuss. john hinckley, the guy kills or tries to kill the president of the united states. clearly a guy who's got something going wrong upstairs, meanwhile, now,
8:24 am
after 30 years, all of his-- he was found be sob insane and everyone treating him wants to let him out. if you could fix a guy who wants to kill the president, you could clearly fix a 14-year-old kid put in a foster homage nine and beaten by his dad systematically through his life. let's say it's 30 years and 44 years old, i think we should, we have the technology to rehabilitate him. >> a couple of things,more than a couple of things. the laws have to focus on the victims not victimizer, we're talking heinous offenses, when you're beating someone to death and bludgeoned someone and that's not enough. let he me burn your body. i don't see many row deeming qualities from that. moving further from that, there are lawsuits that protect minors. you have friends on the supreme court. and you can't put them to death. no death penalty. >> and the supreme court said
8:25 am
if you're 18 years old and commit a nonhomicide you can't serve life, but these people deserve life. >> i would see the punishment is almost worse if you tell a 14-year-old you're spending the rest of your life in this cage. you see this cage, this is the rest of your life. day in, day out. it's the same thing. and should they be punished? of course. is 30 years enough? >> let me ask you that. you've worked with a lot of criminals in your day. >> joe being one of them. >> ainsley: not one-- can they be rehabilitating. have you seen a kid beaten someone with a baseball bat and set someone on fire and then how does-- do they get over that. >> i've seen a kid, he went to law school and passed the bar and-- >> and rarely happens. when you're 14 years old. an 8th grader or a freshman in
8:26 am
high school, i think you know right from wrong. and if you don't know right from wrong by then, i think you're never going to. >> ainsley: right. >> furthermore, i see it as a states right issues. what do i mean. legislations can make determinations in their own states, case by case basis. >> ainsley: where does it stand now? >> it stands justice kennedy of the supreme court going to be the deciding vote. it's clear the justices who are existing on the court, where they fall. scalia and is sotomayor and whether children can get life without-- >> which way is he leaning? >> he speaks with authority on this issue because he knows-- >> scalia is his mentor and friend and going to dinner with him. in fact, it's been 5-4 and
8:27 am
what it's been. >> and justice kennedy is the swing vote. i hope he gives a 14-year-old a chance. a 30 year term of encars ration is a pretty significant punishment, so, given-- >> you have a good point if you think about the family. the victim's family. how do you explain that to them. >> 30 years, 30 years. >> ainsley: okay, all right. everyone is entitled to their opinion. we report, you decide. all right, coming up still ahead the phone calls and e-mails might not be as private as you think. big brother might now be getting even bigger. plus, talk about coming out of your shell. find out why all of these ninja turtles are hanging out at the mall. ♪ now on verizon's 4g lte network. double your data. 4 gigabytes for just $30 a month. with 4 gigabytes, you could send and receive over 400,000 emails.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, we've told you about sporting events on a regular basis, parents get fired up in the stands yelling and the games canceled. the kids are having fun, but the parents are having fun and now easter is a problem. >> dave: parents, chill out. there was an easter egg hunt every year in colorado springs, colorado. not this year. it's been canceled. because of what clayton just sid. instead of allowing the kids to have fun and candy filled
8:32 am
eggs. they were taking too much trying to assure that all of their kids got enough. >> parents, act your age, come on. >> it's affecting the kids, but now what? they're saying that the parents are getting upset because the kids can't find an egg. so they're worried that if the kid walks away without getting an egg how it's going to affect them. it's an egg, big deal. >> because of the wussification of america, not everyone gets the same amount of eggs. >> ainsley: that's what you call it. and the flip side of it is, why don't they buy more eggs and hide more so everyone gets an egg. >> dave: you're further the wussification. >> ainsley: no, i agree with the-- >> don't walk the line. >> ainsley: i agree with you when it comes to sporting events you need a little competition. with an easter egg hunt. my parents used to hide the eggs and not find them until six months later and you might not find it, what is that. and they're not coddling you
8:33 am
and come out with a basket with no eggs, sorry, son, maybe next year. >> ainsley: a lot of businesses are upset. because it draws the family in the community and they have to close the doors. >> clayton: let us know what you think about it. e-mail us and ff weekend. >> dave: and we haven to see the great photos how you celebrated your st. patrick's day. >> ainsley: we'll show you ours. >> after the show show. >> ainsley: okay. time for head lines, a former university of michigan lacrosse player convicted of beating his ex-girlfriend to death is now seeking a retrial. you remember, 24-year-old george hugly was convicted three weeks ago in the murder of yardley love. in addition to a retrial. his lawyers are asking a judge not to release evidence from the trial to the media. a research company plant in
8:34 am
gilbert, arizona is getting a free ride on property taxes for 14 billion dollar piece of land. and will get an avoid the taxes under a government tax break used around that area worth an estimated 2 billion dollars. the company only employed 70 people trying to find a way to use algae to fuel our cars. and is big brother getting bigger? a new report claims the national security agent is secretly working to survive the awareness program, a season that could intercept every piece of electronic communication in the entire world. and your apartment, clayton. we're talking e-mails, phone calls, you name it. the original program designed to intercept upon terrorists and krils before being shut down on congress eight years ago, and you live in a house now. >> clayton: that's right, being monitored. >> ainsley: so much for being a model citizen. a hollywood swimsuit model, an international drug ring, she found hideening australia.
8:35 am
and she was once named hsm's model and those are your headlines. >> and rick eagerly awaiting the arrival of his ipad and clayton has it. >> clayton: i ordered it in the middle of april. >> rick: yeah, over a three week wait for the ipad so i don't have one right now and after having one and then not having one. >> clayton: it's really. >> rick: a little painful. i've got to admit. and a big winter storm, everyone is wondering where it is, it's across the west and seve severe weather firing later today. the tornados, biggest bulls eye, panhandle of texas and oklahoma and south and western part of kansas as well and other areas there, probably more hail and wind threat. big windy day though, across the plains and the threat for
8:36 am
fires, also. take a look at your temperatures as you're waking up this morning. hard to imagine if the temps are in the 60's in places like minneapolis right now. it's so incredibly warm and nobody would think we'd have that kind of warm stuff and a couple more days of it to enjoy. move forward take a look at the forecast for the day and across the northeast, another spectacular day, new hampshire, 75 degrees, syracuse 77. spotty thunderstorms to the west, throughout the day today. and down to the southeast, a few spotty thunderstorms in across the air carolinas and georgia. aside from that, a feels like summer, it's warm and humid and the northern plains, the temps are pushing 40 degrees above where we should be. 69 in marquette. michigan, and 77 in fargo, and places like phoenix and los angeles where you would want to see some warm temperatures move forward on that map and winter across areas of the west and snow across utah and
8:37 am
arizona and nevada, california, and temps into the lower 50's, across the coastal areas in phoenix, not getting out of the 50's today. as well. and all right, guys, we'll send it back to you inside. >> thanks, sir. >> a typical state, if you're caught driving drunk, there are stiff penalties for individuals if you're caught driving dunk, every state high school a different rule, one or two times locked up behind bars and in minnesota, not so much for the legislators. if you're in the legislators there in minnesota, things are pretty darn easy for you. essentially a get out of jail free card. article nine, section 10 of the minnesota constitution. you won't believe this, that they have privilege from arrest, in cases except treason, felony and breach of the peace and you can actually get away with driving drunk, even if you're pulled over by an officer and in fact, one lawmaker encouraged, i believe, ainsley, an intern to
8:38 am
ride. >> we interviewed this lady earlier and she said, i asked her in the interview, she's one of the professor, helped to write this bill to pass through ab say legislators can't get out this have so we interviewed this teacher earlier, this professor and she said that she talked to one of her students and she interned for a state rep, i believe it was. >> yeah. >> ainsley: and this is what her student told her. when i was interning and researching last year, told an example she was a legislative receptionist, i guess, and when she left the recession or at a reception, one of the state senator said to her, drive with me, i can't get arrested for a dwi when they pulled away, that legislature hit the median on the side of the road. so had a little accident there. >> clayton: that's unbelievable. and so often we think of members of congress being sort of above the law and get sort of. we hear this on the insider trading story in washington recently and how they're able
8:39 am
to do that and we're not. >> dave: it was on the state constitution and signed by the secretary of state. it didn't slip through. it was signed by-- >> it's been that way in minnesota forever and now it's brought, and you know why it was brought? a state rep was caught with a dui and the dash cam was rolling and so, this rep got in trouble. and that's why this is all coming to light so concordia university the professor we talked to and the students still trying to change it. >> let us know how you feel about this. you have to have some strong opinions on it. at ff weekend on twitter as well. >> well, his anti-union law setting off fireworks in wisconsin you'll remember. governor scott walker now facing a recall. but the numbers may show that he actually saved millions of dollars. so, what's with the backlash? we'll ask him about it, he's going be to be joining us soon. [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c! ♪
8:40 am
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8:43 am
>> welcome back. a tumultuous time with an anti-union law. fox has been following the story and the law may have saved for public schools. what is his response to that backlash. >> dave: joining us is wisconsin governor scott walker. >> good morning, good to be, but. >> dave: and the success and failure of all the tight cuts you made and the heat you took over them. >> well, two separate issues, i mean, the savings are apparent and they get better and greater every day and in contrast to other states, we save school districts and local government literally tens of millions of dollars and district by district across the state of wisconsin and the west example in the past, had to buy their health insurance from essentially one company, a company that happened to be affiliated with
8:44 am
the teacher's union and now they're saving literally tens of millions of dollars. we avoided tax increases and massive layoffs in states like illinois, a lot of work to do, but headed in the right direction. >> and now what the firestorm has been from the left. and we'll get a response 0 from that. they say you're to blame for the lagging economy and you look at illinois and look at others in the region that you're lagging behind the other states in growth because of the dramatic cuts and they say, what liberals are saying in wisconsin because you cut drivers, because you cut teachers and public workers, the cuts were too deep and they buy clothing and go it restaurants and had an adverse effect on wisconsin, what do you say to the left? >> just ridiculous, we didn't touch any firefighters or police officers and secondly, when you look at the yet gain in terms of new hires versus the layoffs in the sit of
8:45 am
wisconsin for teachers. 1200 more. and they ran out of contracts before the law went into effect. if they wanted to avoid layoffs in milwaukee, kenosha or janesville. in the larger context, under my predecessor, a democrat, and control everything in the legislature, wisconsin lost 150,000 private sector jobs in the three years prior to my taking office and this prior year just in january alone saw the creation of 15,700 new private sector jobs, our unemployment rate is down below 7% for the first time. since 2008. and that's a stark contrast, illinois. where the unemployment rate is almost 10% because they've embraced the liberal policies. >> appears to be headed back in the right direction and here is what the american education action group report says, essentially you've saved
8:46 am
162 million and 72 districts, that breaks down to $500 per student and i believe we have the numbers to show the audience at home, but has it come. has it perked at all the education system that you have there in wisconsin? >> no, overall. it's been a good thing and we've seen a system where we can hire and fire based on merit and performance and ultimately put the best and brightest in the classrooms. my two children, other schools have seen improvements and seen where they've taken deficits and turned into is your plieses and here teachers and many cases to set money aside to pay their best, based on performance, so long-term, a great thing. the other thing si had a school student say to me recently, the best part of your forms is not just savings, the fact that th
8:47 am
individual said he'd worry about curriculum rather than grievances. so the forms are working and we need time to push forward and others fight is mainly because we took their money away and you can no longer forcing them to be a union and somebody is taking-- >> and they've now mounted a fight to get you recalled. obviously, you've rolled a number of ads and how do you see this playing out may into june? >> it should be be called the next week or so election on june 5th. you're right about it. the public employee unions, big government union bosses and a lot of private sector unions like wh we're doing and because we're getting people working again. but in the public sector for the big government unions, they're driving the recall and they spent part of the 44 million dollars in total that was spent last summer against the senate recalls here in wisconsin and many suggested maybe as much as 70 to 80
8:48 am
million and have a majority from big government bosses and we've got to find it. and people can help us match that dollar for dollar at the grass roots level instead of the at the big government boss union level. >> a touch of irony that they are he' angry over tens of millions in cuts and all to spend tens of millions in advertise to go try to remove you, but we can discuss that at another time. governor walker is going to stick around for us, and we appreciate that because you can add wisconsin to the list of states where requiring a voter photo i.d. to vote, is ruled unconstitutional, is that fair? we'll discuss that with the governor in a moment. >> a disgrace to old glory, one veteran wants to know why the torn up american flag is still flying. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be.
8:49 am
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8:52 am
>> we're back now with wisconsin governor scott walker, his state one of many in this country. and trying to make a simple requirement in this country that you have a photo i.d., when you vote. governor, that's not an easy task, the department of justice is striking back in most states trying to enact a similar law. what is the holdup specifically in your state? >> well, in wisconsin we've had two different judges in dade county issuing injunctions in the law and years ago we had a governor in wisconsin, madison where our state capital is 38 square miles surrounded by reality. there's a lot of truth of that. and the rest of the state wonder what the folks on the left are thinking in madison. it's a common sense law. one i was proud to sign and had overwhelming support and it's had overwhelming support across the state and party
8:53 am
lines, one where you have to show photo i.d. here in the city of milwaukee where i'm sitting nearby today, the city there has a requirement if you want to check out a library book, do you have show a photo i.d. in our state. if you want to get cold medicine behind the counter, show photo i.d. and in the past used for meth. if you want public assistance, photo i.d. >> and a different angle this week, and talking about she said the progressives in the media, they want us to believe that voter fraud or election tampering either don't exist at all or a small percentage of abuse and that's not problematic. and the left the says that this inadvertently hurts or disproportionately hurts minority voters. what do you say to that? >> i say that's inherently discriminatory statement in itself. the idea that a certain class of individuals are more or less likely to get an i.d. is a ridiculous statement.
8:54 am
right now, the judge acknowledges under current law under the constitution, state of wisconsin, you can set aside either people who are felons, or people who, because of their mental status, are incompetent to be able to vote. i had a 17-year-old friend of one of my son's the other day say on his own not a political kid, he said when he heard that in the news. he said if you can't get an i.d., a photo i.d. in today's society, you are incompetent. because, it's not hard to get. in our state it doesn't cost anything. if you ask at one of our dmv offices for a state issued i.d. card and you say you don't have the ability to pay for it, by law they have to give it to you free. so, everywhere else in society you need it, need it to get on a plane, to cash a check. you need it for public assistance and there are so many places you already need it, the idea there would be people who didn't have it is remarkable. even if they did, it doesn't cost a penny to get it at our dmv offices.
8:55 am
i think this is an affront, trying to drive a political agenda for judges in dade county and it's something with wide, wide support in our state and others. >> dave: it does. teenagers are stunned you don't have to have a photo i.d. they have to have one for everything in orlife. and at the core is voter fraud. some suggest in pennsylvania where the governor signed it in law and wisconsin that voter fraud is not a huge problem. is it? >> it has been and the idea when you think about, i mean, the idea that we have to show a photo i.d. the hat the library to protect a book or people legitimately getting services they're entitled to. the irony is none of those are as important as the integrity of the vote. whether it's one or a thousand with fraud. the idea in wisconsin or any other state, makes good common sense. on top of that, we had a vote
8:56 am
in february in our local government primary back in february, and the media here was stunned to find out there weren't problems. reality is, it's not a problem. people enjoy pulling out the photo i.d. and letting people know about it. it's not difficult to do and somehow low income or certain ethnic groups can't do that, again, i think is in itself a discriminatory statement, they can and do in other ways in life, no reason every group in the state can't do it. >> and a big win with badgers. >> and marquette, i almost forgot. >> marquette and wisconsin. and could be a final, badgers and brewers, good for year for us. >> dave: at the airport if you yawn or look tired you may be considered a terrorist. we'll explain why. >> clayton: is president obama on the wrong side-- or... we make it pink !
8:57 am
with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 1-800-974-6006. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for excellent fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion, also refreshing plus tea. could've had a v8. when we were determined to also resee it through.ea. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousas of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open.
8:58 am
anthe tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp.
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9:00 am
wake up, everyone. it's sunday, march 18th. i'm ainsley earhardt filling in for allyson. here's what's happening. rick santorum has a joe namath moment and says if he wins illinois, he will win the nomination. match the math. it usually means you're tired or bored. stop yawning, clayton. it could also mean you're a terrorist. why the t ssm a is lookin tas ir people who yawn a lot. the stars and stripes is in at that timtatters. "fox & friends" hour 4 starts right now. happy sunday. >> yeah. it's a happy sunday for most people except for those that struggled a bit on st. patrick's day and celebrated a little too much. >> they might be craib this
9:01 am
morning, right. >> a great day in boston and new york and savannah. huge parades. >> it's my brother's birthday today, my baby brother's day or. >> he's supposed to be here and come to the show, but i'm not hearing from him. >> i think he stayed out a little too late. >> mark stien always brings the energy. you never yawn when he is on. he brings the passion in 15 minutes. >> meanwhile, senator rick santorum is making a bold guarantee, he did this yesterday. he says if he wins illinois on tuesday, the illinois primary, it's all over. count him in. he's got the nomination. this is what he says. he says this is a primary where turnout is everything. you do your job. this is a pledge. if we're able to come out of illinois with a huge win, i guarantee we'll win this nomination. we'll nominate a conservative, and if we nominate the
9:02 am
conservative, we'll beat barack obama in the fall election. >> we do talk about a namath moment. in case you have forgotten, a fellow pennsylvanian picked a win against the baltimore colts. it's different for rick santorum because of the numbers, folks. he needs ballpark two-thirds of the delegates remaining to get the 1144. now, there are 69 up for grabs on tuesday, and also we should mention 20 are handed out today with puerto rico' puerto rico's. here's where we stand. >> you said earlier if newt gingrich took all of his delegates and added them to santorum, it wouldn't be enough to meet mitt romney at this point. >> those who say if newt gingrich were out, santorum would be winning. so many proportions contests make it difficult to rack up a lot of delegates and come back. >> there's a long way to go. >> here's the race as it shakes out. these are the 1356 delegates yet
9:03 am
to be allocated. notice missouri. there was a brouhaha yesterday at some of the caucuses. we thought we went through the missouri caucus a few weeks ago, right? no. everyone is calling it a beauty contest. mitt romney was calling it a beauty contest. now they're starting to allocate those delegates and it looks like that rick santorum could do really, really well there and actually get some delegates out of this mass. this math is fuzzy. when you look at florida, we thought it went one way. it could go a different way. we looked at iowa. it could go one way or another. he's seeing different math, perhaps. >> it's like having to come back from 20 points down without a three-point ball. >> free throws. >> difficult. >> okay. >> fouls. >> it can happen. it can happen. >> if you want a sports analogy for the g.o.p. race. >> we've got california, new york, new jersey, texas, and meanwhile, mitt romney on the
9:04 am
campaign trail this weekend. instead of stumbling into his money and his success and having people hold that against him, maybe a change of tone from the romney campaign this weekend. it appears they are beginning to own his success, his wealth, and tell folks and tell voters how it might actually work to their advantage. here's what he said on saturday. >> he says i'm not in this race to make money. i've already made enough. i already worked the last ten years without taking a salary. i'm not embarrassed about being successful but i'm embarrassed for people who think there's something wrong about that. i want to help people become successful themself. >themselves. >> he said he didn't take a paycheck as the governor of massachusetts. >> he hasn't talked about that. >> has talked have little about that. puerto rico today, illinois on tuesday, and that's so important because santorum has lost ohio,
9:05 am
michigan, florida, those big states, those swing states, so it should be an important week. >> i think it's always interesting when you read something negative about someone in the media or a famous person and then they embrace that negativity, and a lot of people have said it's a negative. he's made so much money, americans can't relate. he's saying embrace us. hold on. i've made it all on my own. now i want to do that for you and america. he's embracing that message and saying i'm not going to apologize for being successful. >> someone argued it's taken him this long to do it. this is the issue he's been afraid to talk about. >> people are saying the real mitt romney, maybe. for the rest of your headlines and the rest of the the fox alerts. a militant group claiming responsibility for the murder of a u.s. citizen in yemen. u.s. officials say he worked at a swedish language center. we're being told that he was gunned down in his car early
9:06 am
this morning. the gunmen fled the scene on motor bikes. the u.s. embassy in yemen investigating all of it. the fbi is expected to launch its own probe as well. st. patrick's day making a violate turn in indianapolis. cops say five teenagerd were wounded, two critically, after two opened fire on an area known as downtown canal. it was especially packed, of course, for the st. patrick's day celebration. no arrest at this point. an algae research company plant in gilbert, arizona is getting a free ride on property taxes for a $14 billion piece of land. they'll get to avoid the taxes under a government tax break that's been used around that area worth an estimated $2 billion. the company only employees 70 people who are trying to find a way to use algae to fuel all of our cars. and it's more than an eyesore. it's a disgrace. that's what one veteran is saying about this tatte red flag
9:07 am
in new york city. it's been dangling from public school 28's flag pole in harlem for years. the school responded to the complaint saying it means no disrespect. it's against state and federal law to display damaged flag. the border o board of educations repeatedly said it's the custodian's problem. >> let's go to rick rie rei c h. >> kind of the strongest storm we've had across all of southern arizona. this is a potent one. this is is certainly a big one. this storm diving down in here will meet up with all that warm summer like air we have across the eastern part of the country. this afternoon it's going to cause severe storms to fire including a few tornadoes, i think, across parts of texas and oklahoma and kansas. kind of the area right there, northern texas and the panhandle
9:08 am
to that south central part of kansas. anywhere else, probably some hail and some damaging winds, could see a tornado as well in those areas. tomorrow it just pulls very slightly to the east. it's a really slow mover. because of that, we'll see very heavy rainfall falling for a number of days, the next four to five days. we'll see very significant rain and so big flooding concerns will be the case across areas of missouri, down through arkansas, oklahoma, eventually into texas. widespread 4 to 8-inch rainfall totals. some areas, maybe 10 inches. the other side of the story are these crazy temperatures that are more like summer high averages. the highest average in minneapolis is 84 degrees in july. that's what you average. the last few days have been in the upper 70s, very close to that. chicago, this will be your fifth day above 80 degrees. tomorrow will be your sixth day above 80 degrees. the heat continues tomorrow and slowly breaks down. we'll see the heat across the northern plains this week moderate a bit, back into the 60s and 50s.
9:09 am
we'll still remain well above average and we'll see the storms move a little more towards the southern side of this all week long. all right, guys. back to you. >> rick, thank you, sir. we would never yawn during weather. never. however. >> speak for yourself. >> we would yawn on occasion when we're in line waiting to board a flight at the airport. it's one of those situations. >> talking about it makes you want to yawn, doesn't it. >> you don't move. you watch the line. if you yawn, you might, in fact, be deemed a security risk. >> turns out the homeland security department is actually warning those folks or looking for warnings signs that you could be a terrorist. one of them is yawning. with a cold stare or those wide flash bulb eyes which i never heard before. >> bug eyes. >> i heard bug eyes or an exaggerated yawning, touching the face or the ears, fidgeting, trembling, goose bumps. >> it's also a psychological trigger for nervousness and fight or flight mode, according
9:10 am
to this article. they're saying that, you know, it's good that they're being vigilant, obviously and checking people out. if you see someone in line that's -- i mean, yawning doesn't seem obvious. >> the positive is we're not just relying on the security, the x-ray machines or the puffers or whatever. they're looking at you before you get through. on the flip side, some might say you just handed out the play book. you just told them what you're looking for. >> others might say this is not how other airlines do it. the airline in israel looks at individuals. if you have blanket yawning policy. my toddler is there. he's 2 years old, 5 a.m. in the airport. if he yawns, watch that punk. i've got my eye on you. if it's early in the morning and you're yawning, hopefully they use common sense. >> twitter us at #ff weekend.
9:11 am
coming up next welcome, president obama said critics of his koreahis green energy are le who told christopher columbus the world was flat. is the president on the wrong side of history. you know mark stein. he's passionate and he'll bring it on that subject. we want to hear what you had to say about more men cooking rather than their wives cooking. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. find new ways to optimizetted to heltheir cash flow.esses
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9:14 am
hay there and welcome back, everybody. president obama may be pegging his energy policy as forward looking, but was he on the wrong side of history when he compared it to other great moments of innovation. >> joining us from burlington,
9:15 am
vermont is columnist mark stein. thanks for being with us. always great to have you. >> hey, guys. still reeling over those criminalized yawns from a the t. that's great. >> don't yawn for the next four minutes. we're watching you. >> i don't want to be on the no fly list. >> you already are. sorry. >> what do you mean by this, mark? >> president obama in his energy speech gave a passage which was as bad as any president of the united states has uttered. he compared people telling christopher columbus that the world was round. actually, nobody believed that in 15th century spain. in 15th century spain, everybody educated, europeans knew the world was sever spheri. they thought colum columbus wasg
9:16 am
the long way around. when the president is ?eering at the ignorance of 15th century spaniards, he's the ignorant one. his audience is laughing it up. >> the president said, quote, one of my predecessors reportedly said about the telephone it's a great invention, but who would ever want to use one. that's why he's not on mount rush more. >> that quotation is entirely apocryphal. hays said he found the instrument wonderful and had it installed in the white house four months later. he had the first typewriter in the white house an he had edison come around to demonstrate the phonograph. the difference between president hayes and president obama
9:17 am
distinguished between genuine innovation and phony baloney help for pals. >>d preds said we heard these folks in the past. they would have agreed with one of the pioneers of the radio who said sell visio television won's a flash in the pan. one of henry ford's advisor said the horse is here to stay, but the automobile is only a fad. what do you make a fad? >> the president is sneering about a line by george peck. he was a crippled farm boy with an 8th grade education who started as a clerk in a dry goods store and turned it into one of the most successful businesses in the state of michigan, and then became president of the edison ililluminating company. you remember edison invented this light bulb thing that the geniuses of the united states
9:18 am
government has just banned. this is exactly what you want in america. you want an 8th grade guy who builds a successful businesses and introduces electrical distribution from southern michigan all the way up to sioux ste mayry. you compare that guy with a guy like president obama who has had millionons in education. who is he to sneer at george peck? the line about tv, that was said by a friend of a friend of mine. she was talking about it in the context of educational tv as a tool in school, so that's basically just four strikes in one paragraph in terms of getting his history right for president obama. >> mark, i have to ask you about a phone call i'm told you received recently where you had a request most of us could never imagine. they asked you can you fill in for former vice-president dick cheney. what is that all about? >> that's right. dick cheney, the man who they
9:19 am
tried to kill him in afghanistan. he had no problems about going to iraq, but he's apparently concerned about going to canada which is this big scary swamp of dysfunction up north, so he pulled out of an event there in toronto in april for security reasons, and i've been asked to pinch hit for him which i regard as a great honor. basically, i'm minut mini me tos dr. evil. if you buy elite gold prestige tickets for the first three rows, i'll give you complimentary waterboarding. >> if you're darth vader, who is he. >> i'm the guy with the bad skin. >> thanks so much, mark. good luck with filling in. >> my pleasure. thanks, guy. >> thanks for not yawning, too. appreciate that. coming up, from the runway to running from the law, why
9:20 am
this swimsuit model was a fugitive. plus game on. march madness in full swing, and yes, they're in. the national broadcaster who was stuck in marathon traffic, she got out of the car and ran. she's on the curvy couch in just a minute. copd makes it hard to breathe, so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, workintogether to help improve ur lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalersor sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia
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all right. welcome back. quick headlines for you. the federal elections commission said john edwards' defunct presidential campaign owes the u.s. treasury 2.1 million bucks. they say it's for receiving more money for the 2008 bid than he was entitled to. apple taking one for the team. a new study shows the company sacrificed profit margins by using more expensive parts in the new ipad than it did in
9:24 am
the ipad 2. this i as the cost to the custor remains the same. no one is crying here. >> $600 a share. pity on apple. meanwhile, march madness hitting the nation and even the president is getting in on the action. filling out the brackets, and you know he has the same final four as our next guest. >> here to weigh in on the madness is sports broadcaster bonnie better tha bernstein. >> good to see you. >> you have the same final four as the president and the same national championship. >> you know what else i had? i had colorado beating unc. >> what's the theory behind this bracket choice? >> a lot of blind guessing. i enjoy bright colors. no. i mean, michigan state, i know a lot of people are looking at kentucky. they've been israe amazing and
9:25 am
syracuse is without one of their biggest players in fab melo. the thing i've always loved about tom izzo is he emphasizes rebound and defense and his players buy into it. he's got incredible players. the big ten' has been one of the toughest conferences in the country, and maybe it's because i know him better than almost any other coach i've covered. >> he schedules really tough. when they get to the tournament, it's nothing different for them. remember, they started the season with north carolina. >> they lost to north carolina and duke early on. if you've seen green play, the kid is just a beast, and you can't cover him. >> let's get you to do some bracket metrics here on dave's bracket. i'll get you to weigh in on my choices. here's dave's choices. >> all right. >> a lot of people made picked michigan mizzou for the final four. that's the one team that's out of my elite eight. i'm still intact with every team expect missouri.
9:26 am
that's not really surprising. >> i'm curious to get your thoughts on mine. i had lehigh. >> you did not have lehigh. >> i had norfolk state. >> and syracuse. my genius or something else at work here. >> you're a liar. >> what is it about march madness? i was on lined. you can watch the games on line. if your boss comes into your office, you hit the boss button. >> it van shishes. >> we're looking for ways to keep employees safe. >> what is it about march madness that exiets all of us, men and women alike? >> there's a general fanaticism about it. it's a whirl wind three weeks. when we talk about the bcs in football, every single game counts. basketball is a longer situation. when you hit march madness and you see the teams like the lehighs, norfolk states upsetting teams in the tournament, that's what we embrace so much about the basketball tournament. when we look at football, we say
9:27 am
why can't we try to create a similar format because you just never know on any given day when one of the smaller teams can beat the larger teams. >> in college. in pros, still the number one sports in the country, manning madness might surpass march madness. alex smith, the 49ers quarterback, he's now visiting miami this morning. does he know something that we all don't? is peyton manning headed to san francisco? the other two teams are denver and tennessee. he worked out for tennessee yesterday. >> jim harbaugh, the 49ers coach, said alex smith is my guy. one of the reasons why smith has had so much success since harbaugh has come on board because harbaugh was a starting quarterback in the nfl. he instilled that confidence in alex that he didn't get from the other coaches aside from the fact he had a new offensive coordinator every season so he learned a new system every year. when you look at the quality of the personnel, of the three remaining candidates in san francisco and in tennessee and
9:28 am
in denver, at least as far as we know, san francisco is the one team that is ready made for the super bowl. they came close last year, lost to my giants, but they have the quality. tennessee, i really think among the three in my mind, is the frontrunner. he went to tennessee. >> don't say that. >> not only is it an afc team and that's where peyton has been the entire time, it's the same division. houston is really good, and just the familiar airportity, the lil protect him, and the offensive line coach were great. >> quickly before we let you go. you're such an advocate for this. it's important to you. march is deep vain thrombosis awareness month. why is this such an important issue for you? >> well, first and foremost, because it kills more people than breast cancer and aids combined. a lot of people don't know about it.
9:29 am
>> what is it? >> it's a bin laden clot that -- a blood clot that breaks off and goes into your lung. there are a lot of really common risk factors. by and large, this is a preventible disease. that's why i'm out there trying to talk about it. if you're in the hospital, if you have cancer or heart disease, getting major surgery, doctors look out for it. as far as non-hospital risk factors, if you're over 40, if you smoke, if you're obese, if you have a genetic predisposition. if you fly, take long train or plane rides where you're not moving. specific to women, anyone on evidenestrogen based birth cont, the general rule of thumb is if you have three or more risk factors, you have a 50% or better chance of getting something that's largely preventible. if you have those risk factors, is the website. a very simple risk assessment test is there. if you've got pain in your leg or pain in your chest or trouble
9:30 am
breathing, get to the doctor and hopefully you're in time. >> bonnie, thanks so much for joining us this morning. sitting on a couch for four hours, probably not the best thing. >> get up. >> do ankle circles. >> >> great to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you, my dear. the "new york times" nixing the anti-islam ad but instead ran an anti-catholic one. was the paper being too sensitive or hypercritical? we'll ask father john coming up. plus, are you a sucker for mom's home cooking. >> was that for dinner? i took it out to make the corn dogs. >> a new debate heating up. why men prefer mom's home cooking over their wives. uh-oh.
9:31 am
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
welcome back to "fox & friends", everybody. dave briggs, clayton morris, ainsley earhardt in for allyson. here's the question. does your mom cook better than your wife. you know you don't want to admit it, but a a lot of people, that's the reality. >> maybe we could if we weren't working these days, right? >> i have lasagna in the oven. >> i'm sorry. marie. that was for dinner? >> i took it out to make the corn dogs. you want a corn dog?
9:35 am
>> turns out the majority of men do admit that their mom cooks better than their wife, but in all fairness, the wives are busy taking care of the kids and bouncing around. they don't have all the time that your mom had. the numbers item the story. >> let's take a look at this. one fourth of you will sneak over to mom' mom's house to eat without your wife knowing. a tenth say they feel pressured to live up to mother-in-law's skills. a tenth refuse to eat wife's food. 13% tell the their wives to get cooking advice from their mom. >> i have fell victim to that. >> that's a big mistake. how did that go over? >> the couch was comfortable. >> an e-mail this morning from debbie that says i could never hold a candle to my mom's cooking but i make a mean microwave dinner. >> that's awesome. this one says my dad -- who
9:36 am
wrote this? >> donna. >> my dad told me don't tell, but you've become a better cook than your mom. >> a tweet from mark smith, be a man. you don't like her cooking, do it yourself. >> thank you. thanks, mark. >> let us know how you feel about this trend. here's another one. my husband definitely prefers my cooking. his mom's cooking is not that good. >> wow. >> that's coming from the wife. >> if you're a woman and you want to like butter up to the mother-in-law, just ask her for some recipes. it's such a compliment. my mother would love it if we did that for her. i always call her and say mom, this doesn't take like yours, what do i need t to do. they just know. >> my mom could cook, my mother-in-law could cook, and my wife's thehe best of all. i'm not kissing up, it's really that good. >> you're lucky. for your headlines this morning, chaos on the campaign trail. you're looking at two people arrested during a brawl outside of one of the g.o.p. presidential caucuses. this happened in st. charles,
9:37 am
missouri yesterday. witnesses say tensions were running high for a number of reasons, a handful of mitt romney and ron paul supporters were angry after rick santorum showed up late and delayed the voting. the event was shut down. the missouri caucuses do not elect a clear winner. they simply elect delegates to go on to the state and district conventions where a bulk of missouri's 52 delegates will go to specific candidates. occupy wall street protesters reoutbound zuccotti park in new york city doing what they do best, getting arrested. the exact number of arrest haven't been given, but dozens of protesters locked arms in the park and officers swept through, taking people in handcuffs. cops cleared out the park and piled those arrested on a city bus. so much for being a model citizen. a hollywood swimsuit model there is her picture, recognize her?
9:38 am
she's arrested on charges that she ran an international drug ring. she was found hiding in australia nearly a month after she skipped bail in california. far rorow is expected to be in court this week. those, my friends, are your headlines. let's check in with rick and find out what's happening in the weather department. >> hey, guys. all kinds of crazy stuff going on. it's incredibly warm. take a quick look at the maps. temperatures across the northern plains, the column on your left, those are where you should be this time of year. then you look at what today's high temperatures are and tomorrow's high temperatures. incredible temps. nobody would think we'd have that kind of weather here in march. go across the west. we have a major winter storm going on in arizona right now, getting reports from people on twitter and facebook that in press cot there's a foot of snow. at least that in flagstaff, although i haven't seen any reports of that. i-40 eastbound is closed. that gives you an idea of how big of a storm this is in
9:39 am
arizona, and very heavy rain in phoenix. they need all the precipitation they can get, so they'll take it, but a very rough day there. take a look at the forecast around the rest of the company. in towards the northeast, another very warm day. we'll see a lot of sunshine and a few thunderstorms in the western part of this. down to the southeast, also another warm day. we'll see a few thunderstorms and across the carolinas. guys, we'll send it back to you inside. >> thanks, brother. >> as we wind down from our st. patrick's day celebration, the fiesta for los fias burns on in spain. amy kellogg is live with more on the five-day festival. did i get it right, amy? amy? >> amy? amy is too busy watching the festival. she's ignoring us right now. doesn't want any part of the show. >> she wanted to experience it. >> reporter: this is a floral offering. it's won't haven into won't wor
9:40 am
eelaborate robe. as they proceed through town to make their floral offerings, you can see the emotion on many of the faces, tears for prayers and promises to the virgin mary. even the tiniest citizens of the city are on display. less somber and less formal but no less important is this dish. there's a competition each year. the winning fallas this year, a massive scene all about crisis, financial crisis with a figure depicting moody's squeezing the euro. even in the escapism of this holiday, reality is at the party. with spain's economy being in dyedire straights, there's debae about whether or not the festival should be scaled down. there are some thoughts that the the figures, the fallsa themselves will be smaller but
9:41 am
no discussion that this festival itself is in any sort of jeopardy. >> now we do have amy once again. how has it been, amy? >> i think there's just a lot of traffic in terms of keeping our signal alive for you because we've just had a festival within a festival within a festival. you just heard a big boom go off. one of the highlights is something called the mas cleta. it's a really unusual thing. people are sending pictures home. i've never heard such noise in my life. of course, i've been to fireworks displays. this is con concentrated in six minutes, thousands of explosions, absolutely deafening. you can only understand once you have lived through it. we spoke to a guy who is a fourth generation pyro technico.
9:42 am
he said it's something very specific for valencia and he hopes his family will go forever and ever. >> have fun. tough assignment. coming up, the "new york times" ran an anti-catholic add but refused to run one that was anti-islam a week later. is this a show of hypocrisy. at 14 years old, he might have found a way to save lives. we'll meet a boy whose science project could cure cancer. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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9:45 am
welcome back. the "new york times" is refusing to print an anti-islam ad only a week after they ran this anti-catholic ad, so is this a
9:46 am
showcase of hypocracy or sensitivity? we have the writer of the rejected ad, pamela geller, on "fox & friends" weekend yesterday. here's what she had to say. >> i think it's abject surrender and craven hypocracy. it was a blistering, insulting attack. i merely cited statistics. it was the exact same ad. i think they made their bias known. >> here to share his thoughts, father jonathan morris. he wants us all happy because he's trying to pump us all up. >> we're not tired. you're not tired. we're having a ball. we're ready. >> three hours into it. >> this is interesting. if we can put up the side by side ad in case anyone hasn't let this sink in, they're basically the same. one has catholicism, one has islam. they didn't run the one with islam because they were afraid it could jeopardize the troops.
9:47 am
isn't that true? >> yes. i think it's understandable, but that doesn't mean, you know, we did the right thing in not putting the anti-islam ad, but we did the right thing in putting up the anti-catholic ad. let me read to you what the "new york times" says is their goal. listen to this. company wide, our goal is to cover the news impartially and to treat readers, news sources, advertisers and all parts of our society fairly and openly, and to be seen as doing so. >> did they live up to that? >> they did not. not only did they not live up to the impartiality part, they've also not lived up to the whole slogan of news, all the news that's fit to print. this was classless. it was low. it was untruthful, this ad that they did about catholicism. >> what did you think about that ad? what was your reaction when you saw that. >> what the ad basically says is that contraceptives, that the
9:48 am
church's stance on contraceptives is responsible for all poverty and they go on and on and on and invite people to leave the catholic church. it's low and classless. i'm not even going to say the name of the organization that put it out. they're all about self-promotion, but the "new york times" is bigger than this. they know this, and they have a choice to make. are they going to be low and classless and impartial or rather are they going to step up and do what they did about the anti-islam ad and say you know he what? this is not the right thing to do. i'm glad they didn't publish the anti-islam ad. they should not have published this anti-catholic ad. >> that maybe answers this next point that the "new york times" makes. they say the fallout from running this ad now could put u.s. troops or civilians in the afghan region in danger. >> i wonder why they didn't decide to do the same thing when they published all the wikileaks, is that right?
9:49 am
wikileaks news that most definitely put our troops into danger in afghanistan. i think what they have done here is the right thing in not putting our troops in danger, but the very weak explanations of how they somehow were doing the right thing in putting out this anti-catholic ad really shows the classless editorial decisions that they've made. >> father jonathan morris, thanks for being here and injecting your passion and enthusiasm into us. >> thank you, father. so good to see you. coming up next, we'll hear from a michigan teenager whose science project could help cure cancer. looking good! you lost some weight.
9:50 am
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this 17-year-old from michigan is $100,000 richer. he's 17 years old. thanks to his science project on breast ken ser. researchers say his data could lead to better targeted and less toxic therapies for cancer parents. could this high school research eventually save lives? joining me now is the winner of the intel science winner talent search. it's such exciting news. >> definitely. i studied some different proteins that are involved in breast cancer and lie leukemia. i was a way to find a way to turn them off and slow the growth of the cancer and its spread. >> that's incredible.
9:54 am
cancer affects most everyone watching this morning. it's great news, especially as a woman, because breast cancer is something we all fear. i know it affects men and women. so you submitted this into the project and your project won, and you won $100,000? >> yes. >> okay. what are you going to do with the money? >> college. it's pretty expensive. >> where are you going to go? let me guess. harvard, yale, where are you going? >> right now i'm definitely leaning towards harvard, but i'm deciding between harvard, mit, and stanford. that's amazing. >> what's your advice for young kids. obviously you you're brilliant. what did your parents do for you? i'm sure they read a lot to you. what is your advice for people your age? >> you're never too young to start doing something really great. i started when i was like 13 or 14. most people told me it was a little too early but i enjoyed it. i think it worked out great for me. if you're interested, i would definitely say jump aboard.
9:55 am
>> what happens next. how is this research going to help cure cancer? >> you know, i was able to identify some targets in the lab, essential, so the next steps are really figuring out how this can be used in more of a clinical setting like how can we actually develop a treatment for it, so that's something that other people are working on and i hope to be working on soon as an undergraduate. >> do you think in the near future we'll find a cure for cancer? >> you know, i think we're going to find small curious for a lot of different types of cancers, and that will probably i think happen over the next, you know, 10 or 15 years. we're going to get much better at it. hopefully soon. >> it's amazing. thank you so much for your efforts in this fight because it's something that, like i said, we all struggle with or all have faced. what happens after college for you, doctor, or what are your plans? >> right now i'm thinking of pursuing both an md and a ph.d.
9:56 am
so i can have the clinical side but keep the research i enjoy doing. >> what ar you are amazing. what did your parents do? did they read to you a lot. >> they've always supported all my interests. >> i thank you from the bottom of my heart. cancer affects a lot of people in my family. thanks so much for your efforts. >> thanks so much. >> have great morning. more "fox & friends" coming upfe in two minutes. it's great for watching movies and sports, a true hdtv experience right on my phone. i'll get one for me and one for my wife. i'll be like [manly voice] "a phone, my sweet" and she'll say [swooning voice] "oh, my hero ! did you remember to pick up milk, my hero ?" and i'll say "whoops." hopefully the spectrum phones will make up for that. behold the power of two 4g lte smartphones. buy one spectrum by lg at $199.99 and get one free. verizon. ♪
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>> are those green pants? >> those are awesome. >> look at these cute little ones. >> thank you, happy st. patrick's day. >> michael and molly. golden retrievers. >> luck of the irish. >> look at this little boy. >> shawn miller. he was wearing beads. >> he' here's my miles morris. >> there he i


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