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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  March 19, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. puerto rico has voted and mitt romney crushed rick santorum in the republican primary in the caribbean winning over 80 percent of the vote and earning all 20 of the delegates at stake in the u.s. territory that incidentally will vote in november on whether it wants to be a state in the union. here is governor romney an hour ago already in illinois which holds it's primary on tuesday. >> thank you to the people of puerto rico. thank you to governor fortuno and lusa his wife. thank you to all of the people who helped us get this extraordinary victory. 20 delegates, all of the delegates are ours. good news. thank you. >> you will hear from puerto rico go's governor who through his support to mitt romney early
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on and he is the gop frontrunner tonight. the 38-year-old robert bails accused of perpetrating the massacre in afghanistan is sitting tonight in an isolation cell in fort lev enworth skansa even as john brown his civil defense attorney arrived in kansas trying to get sympathy for bales. he slaughtered 4 men three women and 9 children and burned their bodies a quote devoted husband, father and dedicated member of the armed services. >> it was a shock believe me more to them even the neighbors reading all of the news accounts. >> whoever bales is, if he did what he is accused of doing he put his fellow gi's in greater peril. he sabotaged hopes to the
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successful end to the 10-year-old conflict and he has shamed his nation. knowing some of his personal problems may help us understand why he snapped. >> robert bales and wife aerican bought a house for 2 8 $0,000. but two-days before he allegedly killed 16 civilians his wife asked a real estate agent to put it on the market for 229 thousand a hit. she asked to take the house or the market saying she had a family emergency came two years after they abandon a home in auburn washington about 10 pa miles away. they say it was ramshackled when they left there were vehicles parked in the front yard. we had given up on the owners. the man who allege he had wlint
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into the homes was having problems with his own. and had problems with the law. he was raised for allegedly assaulting a girlfriend but pled not guilty did 20 hours of anger management counseling and had the charge dismissed. he was charged with hit and run after he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into something charged with running away from his car in uniform glady. that was discharged as well. he was denied a promotion which was a major disappointment from his wife's blog which is pufullf posts detailing the life of a lonely wife who had just given birth to a daughter quincy. bob left for iraq this morning. quincy slept in our bed last night. >> peert also tells us carolyn bails and two kids are under federal froeks. right now we are honored to have on board an active duty commander of special forces in
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afghanistan a wounded hero of spur win gar which is written about in a brand new book major russell candy joins me from myrtle beach, california. thank you for being with me. >> i don't expect and i don't ask you to talk about what happened, what went down with this man and this massacre. can you briefly tell us what you think it will do to programs like the viloney program you worked so hard on when you were in afghanistan? >> well, obviously mr. rivera i am not a member of the senior defense department. i am not allowed to talk about these issues with respect to the specific details or obviously national policy. one of the things we are able to do a measure of success is talk about the build stability
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operations. what we have been able to achooe on the ground. through those relationships we have built through out the years with the afghans we understand this is one individual isolated not representative of who we are what we are trying to do here with the afghan people and were theyable to do that through the partnership and loyalty and trust we have built with the afghan friends. >> i hope you are right. >> the afghan president saying he wants to withdrawal awe u.s. troops from the country side from the villages from the towns he wants everybody to hunker down in places like camp leather neck or back ram air base until the clock runs out. wouldn't that yield the territory back to the taliban, major? >> obviously this is a real insurgency. i can't get into what the president has decided because it is a sovereign nation. what i can tell you is when you look at the afghan people for
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example mr. -- the doctor has a book called africghan culture 1. it talks about the four pillars of the afghan society which are individualism masculinity power distance and uncertainty avoidan avoidance. i am sure there is a lot of back door conversations dealings concerns that go into the decisions he makes. but these are already transparent to the u.s. embassy and also to the signor commander w -- senior commander who is daily most cases hourly engayingiengayinging in these issues. >> i wish we could talk more about it the election results. your service has been exemplary all of the troops. i am going back in two weeks. that will be my 11th trip. i hope i never have to go back after that. how do you feel about having to
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return time and time again wounded in action as you have been? >> the interesting thing to look at is what we are doing. the u.s. forces are involved in full spectrum operations to target village ability operations. what we are doing there is no change. we are staying -- our off tempo is not going to change. we are committed and invested into this fight. informing people so they understand afghanistan is not the only place we have forces committed to the war on terror. right now we have probably about 5,000 operators that are in 45 different con res across the globe. if it's important to u.s. strategic industry or national security there's a green beret
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standing there. >> it is one of the best war books you will ever want to read lions of kandahar the story of a particular fight involving major russell bradley and his men. "a fight against all odds." thank you major for being with me tonight. >> right now this is a prime time and crime time alert. according to documents the feds prosecuting white yie boy bolged a biography he was writing. boston born james whitey bolger was number 2 on the fbi most wanted list for over 10 years behind only you guessed it osama bin laden. this man choked and cut up woman so they couldn't identify their bodies. did murders in broad daylight. my father was killed 150 yards from right here in broad daylight. >> bounced around fromm alcatra
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to lev enworth 1965 after serving nine years for bank robbery and other crimes. he went home to boston quickly carving out a place in the under world hierarchy. >> he was feared no doubt about that. the people who feared him the most were criminals, book keys, bank robbers, burglars, home invaders, pimps, drug dealers. >> > he was linked to money laundering extortion, drugs and 19 murders. >> terrible killer. >> on the run for the next 16 years he became a cult hero from boston and the model for knajac nicholson's character, the departed. >> when you decide to be something you can be it. that's what they don't tell you
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in the church. when i was your age they would say we can become cops or criminals. today what i am saying is this whshgs you are facing a loaded gun, what's the difference? >> whitey's quiet life on the lamb came to an end of june of last year. captured after the girlfriend. from a police psa. >> the arrest marked the end of a long exhaust i hunt for america's most wanted men for one of america's most wanted men. this is a great day for boston's law enforcement community. >> whitey's trial is set to begin november 5th. despite the robin hood image the families of the victims he left behind in boston are hoping for a harsh end to his life in crime. >> sticking a needle in his arm and watching him clothse his ey or hanging in the middle on the
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>> how bad was whitey bulger from boston. our favorite mob daughter she wrote the book. you know him he got killed on the sopranos. terrific actor. he hosts murder for hire? >> wednesday nights at 9:00. nothing personal "murder for hire." >> it is nothing personal. >> nothing personal. people hire people to kill people and there are -- it is a docudrama. the stories are great fascinating horrific. >> nothing personal. does that indicate why people maybe aren't so mad at sammy
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"the bull", karen's father? >> i guess so. i don't know who is mad at who. >> i think in this life some people choose crime. they know what they are. my father decided to be a gangster and he was good at it. that was his career choice. not saying it's good career choice but that's what he was. a lot of times when men decide to commit crimes that's what they do. >> whitey bulger is accused of 19 murders does that sound familiar witto you? >> my father was involved in 19 murders. crime is bad and when you choose that lifestyle it's a bad lifestyle. there is a dark side people don't shine the light it is more glamor rised. the reality is there is it is glammi
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glamori glamorized. the families want to put him to death. >> you know what the problem is i think it is not that they just hea hurt each other. i grew up in brooklyn around wise guys. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. >> we want to fill in the blanks. >> my friend's fathers, uncles i didn't know a guy i played little league with you open the paper his father killed 5 people. they don't just hurt each other but innocent people. you say this is the life they choose they are going to kill each other and that's the way it goes. th it is not always like that. i don't know if he killed innocent people it doesn't always work out that way. >> i disagree with him. i think that they kill each other but there are people that get hurt. there are the families. innocent people are getting
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hurt. when the men decide tock a part of that lifestyle usually they kill even other. >> when they do that sets off a chain of events and revenge killing. is that why it gets so bloody? >> i think so. i think it is a lifestyle where loyalty and respect is supposed to be there and a lot of times people feel like people betray whatever it is they kill each other for whatever it is for whatever reason. there is repercussions innocent people do get hurt. >> you think the women will testify against whitey? >> from what i read, no. she is been loyal and with him a long time. she will stick with him regardless of what happens she will do her time. >> even if she doesn't get a deal? >> what do i know? i am an actor. what the hell do i know? >> be able to talk to you like a mobster. >> we are not going to kill you at the end of the show. >> remember the manhattan madam case we covered last week?
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when we come back our at large investigation on how easy it is to find a high priced hooker in this town or to become one and also what we think is going on and why they are asking $2 million bail. i got $2 million bail from that woman you are looking at there.
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>> welcome back live everybody. as they try to make the $2 million bail cops continue to make an arrest in what is a broadening investigation of a business that is as easy to find as takeout food. >> how prevalent are he is courts? >> very prevalent. you will see numerous ads for escort services. it is legal depending on how the girl or guy presents themselves.
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>> for the past 30 years private investigator has investigated numerous brothels that operate in plain sight by saying they do nothing more than xroe vied companionship. >> it crosses the line when they will make an overt act saying i want this much money for this amount. >> this is the village boys here scantily clad women offering phone numbers, offering services. it is pretty apparent they are advertising for sex. >> yes, it is. >> to demonstrate one of her angels an under cover investigator answered a help wanted ad on-line and with voice. >> you understand what business you are. >> full escort, is it dancing now? >> it's a very grown-up job. very adult. >> she didn't exactly say what
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she is expected but it's very adult. >> she said it's very different, very grown-up. she is trying to make sure to get it into my head before i walk in the doors what is expected to me. >> she made numerous calls each agency said sex. >> they masturbate in front of you. >> yes. >> do we have to masturbate as well? >> do we masturbate as well? >> every girl picks and chooses what she is comfortable with. different people do different things. we don't tell you what to do, what not to do. it's really what you are comfortable with. >> she is not holding back even on the telephone call. >> no. she did not hold back. >> it goes back to see if you want to make it to the next step. >> masturbation is legally
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prostitution. >> are you looking for a position. >> have you ever worked before as an escort. >> yes. >> do you have pictures? >> yes. >> after a brief conversation and the request for photos this agency was ready to put sara to work immediately. >> you have a driver so it's you the driver and the girl a three-way split. >> and i get my tips i keep, right? >> she offered a driver to take h her to the john for security. the driver takes her there but the girls are alone with the clients. >> we never send a girl on a call without driver. >> is all of them sex or is it -- >> it's whatever the client. if i order an extra order of potatoes in my meal you have to pay me. >> exactly. >> she was pretty much up front and open she used potatoes as a form of if i want to have sex with a client. then again she repeated herself again. you know what i mean potatoes
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cost extra. the code word in this industry is potatoes. >> the driver operates as a body guard? >> you are probably going off to the guy's house or hotel. >> a guy could still rape or kill you inside because you have a guy sitting outside. >> like the long island serial killer who killed prostitutes s it was the driver in the cases looking for the girl. >> and bodies still coming up. >> wouldn't the nypd interested in finding out about is this what they are doing is providing sex for johns? >> they would be interested but only if they get a specific complaint. they are not going to have to go after every agency in the city. they wouldn't have enough money for that. >> the anna christina case isn't just about prostitution. even her lawyer said it's becoming more and more apparent to me that this case is more than one charge against my client. this case appears to be less
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about prostitution and more about corruption. people familiar with the investigation speculated to me there could be political types tied to the manhattan madam perhaps even another governor besides governor eliot spitzer who lives within driving distance to the new york area. >> another governor. another governor within driving distance of new york. connecticut, new jersey, pennsylvania. romney rocks puerto rico.
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>> i want to sum up the whole thing with the manhattan madam here. you think they are trying to squeeze her to get her it testify against public official or officials including and up to a governor in the area. >> or ex government. >> after her black book why else would they turn down the lawyer who offered up his apartment and even the other person other codefendant got off on 100,000 dollars bail. why are they squeezing her so hard? >> we think we know. the author of mob daughter karen gravano. you can watch nothing personal murder for hire which airs on investigation discovery wednesdays at 9:00. you are doing a sex episode in your next episode deep throat the porn film. the mob is involved in the porn industry? >> the stories we do are about
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hip man. this happens to be about the mob and hit men. deep throat the highest grossing possibly movie ever. certainly the highest grossing porn movie costs 22,000 dollars to make. they were making so much money they had to weigh the money in the 70s. had to weigh it. two brothers, betrayal, one gets a hit man kills the other one. the family demise all about greed, all about everything. just a horrible story. and an innocent woman an ex nun gets killed in the cross fire. >> you were in the sex business, weren't you? >> yes. >> was that run by the mob in arizona? >> no. maybe a different kind of mob but not the mob i am used to. >> was it a strip club? >> yes. >> do you have names there? >> absolutely but i am not giving any. >> here is mitt romney back to politics just about an hour ago. >> those people who don't think
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latinos will vote for republican need to take a look in puerto rico and see the conservative principles and latino voters go together hispanic voters are going to vote for republicans if we stand for conservative principle that bring broet and good jobs and values. we are going to get latino voters to help us out. >> this is a fox news alert mitt romney has vulvpull varized santorum. 80 percent of the vote going to mitt romney. they came back on friday night. >> shouldn't all american territories. wherever it might be shouldn't they all have one language. he sabotaged his chance. english is an official language in port week go.
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he is running for the republican primaries on sunday. that is statehood. one of the reasons they are opposed is of them are only going to have to change their loifs. it will change with port week co becomes a state. santorum fuels the flames of that fear. >> nobody knows the unique politics of puerto rico better than my next guest vpt he's a riegz star in the national republican party we offer the governor of poerlt reek go louise fortuno. >> what a day. a lot of excitement. how is the turnout so far, gorn more? >> so far it's looking good. we have been forced to send additional falling forms there are so many knew vuters joining
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the republican party. >> one of the reasons i support you and the party you represent is because you are in favor of statehood as i am, but let's put this aside for now. well it is related senator rick santorum wam down there and seemed to frightened a lot of people by suggesting if puerto rico was to become a state spanish would have to take a back state to english. did he damage -- did senator santorum damage his chances today in puerto rico go by his emphasis on english prime see. as you just mentioned. i am mott saying it was when he mid his comments all thundershower candidates are men. i respect all thor of them as
4:36 am
you know they have been official languages for over 100 years. >> as a father of trib lets i must tell you -- triplets want children to be fully bilingual. we see english as a language of opportunity. we share our heritage. then you have to dread carefully. you know better than i do in the hispanic commune site>> how old are the triplets? >> thor 20-years that was a nightmare we enjoyed it and they are so proud they are in poj. why dooz choose prom knee over santor
4:37 am
santorum. >> that's an excellent question. i respect all four. i know all four of the candidates. but i have to choose one. i am convinced this election has involved leadership. what is the person better prepared to sit in the oval office and make decisions not just on foreign policy someone has the experience in create be jobs. it is an important issue in nor puerto rico and -- he's coming. oon top of that he made a pledge. number one, to protect the current -- american caribbean boiler. when you talk about sporeder security when you fuss looked the frant door.
4:38 am
he kree mitted to actually will benefit the country. he is here jobs in puerto rico are american jobs. certainly he came to respect the will of the people on november 6th and actually he went further and said should the voters decide we want to use state wood he provide it had to the work on the terms and conditions that would have to be ironed out. >> didn't he erase you on the supreme court justice regardless of how she may have voted on this or that issue or ruled on this or that issue. >> he had to address that. he did during a couple of days they spent in puerto rico. what he said was this had
4:39 am
nothing to do about justice. he was not questioning them. it had to do about her doing a philosophy. certainly in every campaign there are issues you would rather not see around. >> predict tonight's outcome? who wins and by how much? >> let me tell you i am biassed as you i know, i believe governor romney is going to do well. >> governor louise have fun. i will see you on the (speaking spanish) >> you are welcome any time i can karn de you excellent >> thank you very much governor. >> obviously that was done before the final results we are showing romney absolutely dru c santorum he's sid
4:40 am
-- sharron angles will doin me. santorum lost 8-1. how does he recover and don't you think the reverb brakeratio the route may effect the illinois and louisiana primaries on tuesday? >> first of recalled doe. thank you for inviting me to be on your show. i have come from mind myself. >> we love having you. >> i have come from behind myself in third place to win a primary. i don't think you can count rick santorum out. i don't think this is a debacle. irng it was -- i think it was pretty much expected. >> i don't think it was expected at this rate. rick santorum is a man of faith, catholic as the majority of islands are. he went to church and abolishing
4:41 am
sandwich -- the rest of the sandlies. didn't you have the experience when you were an immigration where you led a foul sensitivities? >> i don't think so. wh has been attractive of rick santorum is he's straight spoken. people like that about him but it's a double edged sword. when people speak plainly people don't like that either. what he has done is echoed the governor's words. english is a language of opportunity. can nomic opportunity. she wanted the puerto ricans embrace -- they will have two different official languages.
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>> we broaden the political discussion to include the recall, the extraordinary recall of wisconsin senator scott walker. here's what's going on in wisconsin. many of the groups that are part of the recall movement aft has to be one of the unions ran fliers last year that said one of their members don't vote for this guy because he's going to make changes to collective g bargaining. they were warning that. the first recall was put up september 2010.
4:46 am
this has been plotted out all along the way. they used the hype and tension. >> there's a concern about the agenda being put forward and certainly a decision that needs to be made about new leadership in wisconsin. >> i think with the amount of signatures they think they got they feel emboldened. once most of those signatures are proven to be ill legitimate. >> we are here to say we want tour state back. we want jobs. we want to work and we want to get rid of scott walker. >> governor scott walker is facing the possibility of a recall election. it is unprecedented but he is not the only one in wisconsin. his lieutenant governor my next guest rebecca clay fish could become the next lieutenant governor also to be recalled with the melancholy prospect and at large exclusive the lieutenant governor joins us from milwaukee. i found this out 11 wisconsin circuit court judges in
4:47 am
milwaukee county alone have signed the petition against scott walker and i guess they will sign one against you, too. >> that's a sad shame. good evening, geraldo. when we are talking about what are supposed to be impartial judges, that is a sad commentary. >> are you worried? >> no. i believe that the voters, the taxpayers, the hard-working families of the state asked us for some tax relief. back in november 2010 we had taxpayers pleading with us please governor do a budget without raising taxes. we were facing a 3.6 billion with a b dollar budget deficit. they said do this without paying taxes and the legislature were accomplished. not only that. we were able to put in place reforms that had saved government $148 million and
4:48 am
counting. we have done hundreds in wisconsin. we have private sector jobs gained. 94 percent of the business owners in the state geraldo say our state is headed in the right direction. >> good to hear. good to hear. >> believing governor walker and lieutenant governorcally fish brought this on themselves by pursuing a radical agenda eric kirkstein of united wisconsin is leading the recall charge. eric welcome aboard. how do you respond to being called radical and all of the rest of that? >> well thanks for having me. >> thank you both for being on. i am sorry. i don't ne i don't mean to be rude. i am rushing tonight. >> this recall unprecedented is about reclaiming the values of our state and fighting against in radical agenda implemented by
4:49 am
choice. we have seen a billion dollars cut in our education a state that is number one in high school graduation rates. we are seeing people in tough economic times being kicked off of healthcare. we are seeing fundamental workers under assault. this all during a time when $1.6 billion in corporate tax giveaways is supposed to be creating jobs. the verdict is in and we in 2011 in the grooirs of governor walker's leadership we were dead last in in job creation. while this country was adding jobs wisconsin was being asklefn the dust. >> when he will come back to you all. who will win the recall vote we mv more on the civil war after this. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep.
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>> let me welcome back to the programmer rick kirk steen of united wisconsin the group organizing the recall. the lieutenant governor former tv anchor woman rebecca kleefish and the nevada assembly woman who ran for the nevada senate race in nevada. sharon, do you think the tea party should come to the support of governor walker or lieutenant governor kleefish? >> of course they should and they have been. the reason is we have our focus on the economy which is less taxes, lower regulation and that is exactly what scott walker and lieutenant governor kleefish have been about. it is one of those things they are trying to drive the discussion to a recall away from the economy and get our eyes off
4:54 am
the ball. lieutenant governor kleefish shouldn't be in the argument. she is about economic development in her state. that's what her job is. to throw this out andrea her eyes off of that and not get her into the arena where she is supposed to be which is creating joc jobs in wisconsin. this is really one of those things where we support all government keeping their focus on the keconomy. >> do you worry you are calling into the democratic process? >> to the contrary. wisconsin has a long tradition of allowing people to recall officials they believe violated the public trust. what is what's happening here. we have seen millions of dollars from out of state to help her failed agenda.
4:55 am
d is a grass-roots. if they were focused on the economy the federal bank out of philadelphia project for wisconsin to be one of the more economic attraction. this failed the people of the state. we are ready to hold them accountable come election time. >> governor kleefish you want to respond to eric? >> i think the use of the word radical is interesting. i don't know. i don't think spending within your means is radical at all. that is what taxpayers asked us to do. that's what the governor and i are doing. if we make this about jobs and that is the concern, i do believe that it was 16 members of eric's own county that voted for this. it is concerning to me that it
4:56 am
seems like members of the democrat party in the state of wisconsin are putting politics before the lively hood of their neighbor. >> eric you respond and sharon you do cleanup. >> the governor had every opportunity to come to a compromised position. the bill was compromised. >> they have come it 2k0i6r79 times and have not come -- >> one at a time. >> eric you first. >> there was no accountability for the people who were going to be running this money. they tried to get a compromised bill. it was rejected the governor failed to take 800 million of federal funding to build a high speed rail company. >> the public trust is to have government living within it's
4:57 am
means. we are concerned about the gasoline we put in our cars that's what the governor and lieutenant governor have been doing. they have not be trade the public trust. it is a political game being played in wisconsin to get their eyes off the main issue. >> thank you all for being with me. >> see you election time. >> that's it for us. thank you for watching. have a great week. check us out on facebook, twitter and
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