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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 19, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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well, i'm sorry. see you tomorrow night. tonight we are live in the great at this time of wisconsin where the stage is set for an explosive political showdown. this is happening one year of a angry protesters stormed the state capitol. right now governor sean walker's job is on the line. he's facing a contentious recall election. in 2008 the democrats were the big winners. president obama winning wisconsin by more than twelve points. but then in 12010 the republicans took control. and then there is now. what might the recall results tell us about the presidential election? governor walker is here and also rick santorum goes on the record tonight. nine house before the polls open in illinois, why is he going to battle with axelrod.
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first, wisconsin's governor scott walker joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. welcome to wisconsin. >> love being here. you know that. the recall, how is it going? >> it's going well. the more we get the message out, the more we get the truth out, the more we compare to illinois and they say the failed policies there don't work, it's good but we have a long way to go. >> so far you don't have any opponents. >> the recall happens the end of the month. people can take out signatures. two are three candidates said they are in. there may be one or two more. it will be interesting to see. >> who is considered the most serious candidate among most people? kathleen falk out of dade county? >> she has by far the support of the big government unions behind her. and mayor of milwaukee ran against me in 2010. i think the two will be fighting it out in the primary if the mayor gets in. >> i describe this as a
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fierce -- i mean, it is the third time there's been a recall in history for governor. >> in the nation >> so it's a big deal. and it's a big deal to you obviously and to the state of wisconsin. why has it gotten so fierce here? >> when we saw last year about this time was when moneys and bodies came throughout the state, certainly a lot of passion here. you know this. this state has had big debates about political issues for years, if not decades. but when the money came in from out-of-state, when the people were bussed in and flown in from out-of-state and the union bosses pushed things. they drove the money being spent last year. $44 million was spent on the senate recall elections to take out the republican senators. many said it will be 07 or $80 million spent against me and a good chunk coming from government unions. >> do you have any regrets how you handled the collective bargaining issue? >> well, i can look back. a good example, if team last year before we introduced our
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reforms knew the vast majority of school districts in our state pay tense and millions of dollars more than they needed to in the past because the old collective bargaining system forced them to buy their health insurance from one company that was afillated with the teacher children, they would demand change. now we have to tell that story, along with others, after the fact. when people say the results, they may not have like the process but it's better than what other circumstance including cities like illinois. >> give me the at this time of the state. how are you doing? what's your unemployment level. >> 6 .9, the lowest since 2008. we had 700,000 new jobs in january. >> yet people leave the workforce in the state. >> they do, but compare us to illinois that raised tackings, laid off thousands of employees, cut med kay, and they have unemployment of about 10%. really if people want to know what you get out of a recall if it's successful, i say look to the south in springfield. those are the same policy that is failed in the past and they
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would fill here. >> some think in recall is hijacked on the national level. money is coming in from the unions for whoever your opponent is and for you there is money and they hold you have the coke brothers as the ones they say are funding you. isis that a fair description of this, this has been hijacked to some degree on the national level? >> well, you look at the way it started. the out-of-state money even before there was a recall campaign clearly came from the big government unions, special interests from washington. you will see the vast majority i believe coming in from out-of-state. and there are people helping all across the country. but our last report showed that more than 76% of our contributions came from people who paid $50 or less. the ten dollars, $20 contributions make a difference. the national unions, it's about the money. it's not just the budget or collective bargaining. we gave every public employee in this state the freedom to choose
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whether or not they want to be in a union, and i think that's really why this is a waterloo to them. they are going to spend whatever possible to take me out. and many look at this and say, you know what, maybe we can reign in our cost here and be able to balance our budge net a way that's responsible if we do some of the same things they have done in wisconsin. >> it's interesting how it's gotten so divided in the stay. i realize it has a long and tortured political history in the state. but you are the villain to the unions. you are the absolute villain. even during the time of the coverage of the collective bargaining, when i would interview you, it didn't matter what i scud, i would go the nastiest e-mails that now i was the villain with you or if i interviewed is you someone on the union side the republicans said i was a villain. >> about a week after it started and the 14 senator left the state, it opened the win go --
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the window for people to come in from oustitis. when you saw the buses coming in, the charter planes coming in and the money they spent. they dumped $4 million, $5 million attack being me and the process. that's been hard to recover from because a lot of people bought into that. overtime as people see the milwaukee paper said here not long ago, the sky is not falling, when they see that our schools, including the public schools my kids go to, many across the state are the same or better than they were before. they see the local governments are the same or better, and saw their property taxes go down from the school tax levees for the first time in a long time last year, and my hope is between now and the election it will happen. but as you know, 52% is a big win in the state of wisconsin. so for us to get 50 plus one is what we are aiming to. >> and there area large number of people who signed the petition. >> about a million.
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a significant number of those people are people who never voted before. in our state to sign a recall you don't have to actually vote, you just have to be eligible to vote. that means 18, not a felon and lived in the state for 28 years. a lot of those people never voted and the past and my not vote this year. but i think when you go the truth out, you compare and say do we want to go back to the days of the double-digit tax increases, the billion dollars budget deficits and the record job loss or build off the positives we had in the state, i think people wanting to that route. >> governor, we will go to the other side of the recall fight. firefighter and union leader malen mitchell calls wisconsin's political climate an emergency. miff he will announced he will run as a candidate in the election. we spoke with him tonight. >> and for you, you made an announcement? >> i announced 10:30 this
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morning i was going to seek candidacy for lieutenant-governor in the recall election. >> why not run for governor? >> that's a good question. i always said from the beginning i will do whatever it takes to move our state forward. now is not my time to do that. i want to help any governor that comes out of the democratic primary i want to move our message forward and i will move our state forward. whatever i can do to move that and make the message better, that's what i'm going do. that's why i'm running for ltd. ant governor. >> what's wrong with the current lieutenant-governor? >> she's a rubber stamp. she's a rubber stamp for walker. one said she didn't know. but months knowing is one thing but not doing after you know is another. >> so if you differed with the governor, let's say you become the lieutenant-governor and let's assume governor scott walker loses to a democratic governor, will you stand up to the democratic governor if you disagree?
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>> i will do that. there's a need to do that. this isn't a democrat or republican problem. this is a problem we see politicians not taking care of decent american values and he with have to get back to that. we have to take care of all citizens, not a select few. >> and you are with the firefighters; is that correct? >> i am. >> when the governor talk about changing collective bargaining, the republican party said you came out and cheered him on, said it was a good thing. and now what happened? >> well, i came out with a press release. not a personal letter to scott walker but a press release recognizing that governor walker treating public safety as not important and making public safety schaub important in an election. now my fault, my chagrin, i did that before i learn the full ramifications of the bill. so i sent this press release out shortly after his press conference friday afternoon. after reading the bill and looking at the bill in its entirety, over the weekend talking to different local leaders and union leaders, i
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realized we could not sit by and let it happen. we were out on the first day of the protestors and people who want to judge me on one press release, also judge us on what we did the next seven, eight months and that was to fight back for what the governor put in place. >> the measures the governor put in effect doesn't affect the firefighters or police, it's other state employees? >> we are exempt from the changes. >> exactly what is it, what has been the impact of what he has enacted visa vis those other state employees? >> it's taken away money in your paychecks. >> how much? do you have any idea. >> it's taken away between 8% and 10% money from people's paychecks a year. you take away $4,000, $5,000 of income from people there's no doubt the middle class needs more money in their pocket, it's hurting the state. he said these reforms are working. we go back to not justify the concession bus trying to attack union rights and workers rights. it's not something he bar
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agained on. it's not something he campaigned on. we feel in our at this time we've been tricked, we've been fooled, wave been duped and misled and that's wrong. that's why you see the people fighting back. >> how should he handle the shortfalls or how would you handle the shortfalls in the budget? >> you have to bring people to the table and negotiate. >> negotiate what? where will you go the money. >> through collective bargaining. where i live in madison, we negotiated through the collective bargaining process, coming to the table, giving concessions and saved the city over $4 million through two years. that's with the city sitting down with the employees and doing what's best for the community as well as the employees. we saved money to give con sessions on health insurance and give concessions on the pension and that's the way things work through collective bargaining. there's a misnomer about collective bargaining, it's not unions going to the table and pounding therapists on the table and say we want these demands or we strike. that's not how is works. everybody sits at the table and say this is whether we can do, what can you provide and come to
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a consensus what is best for the community. unions don't want to bankrupt the community. unions don't want to bankrupt the state, that would hurt all of is us. >> are you saying members ever the union should contribute to helping the shortfall in the budget? >> there's no doubt about that. i don't think any union employee or state employ' doubted that. they said we had a $3.6 billion deficit. that's fine. they say we can't keep kicking the can down the road, we understand that. we want to sit at the table and negotiate over the changes. what we saw in last year was corporate payback. we are open for business and we are open for business is what do we see in january? massive tax cuts to corporations. you come to the state of wisconsin from illinois, iowa, minnesota, you can work two years and not have to pay any income tax on any income you make as a corporation. >> as a corporation. what is the current corporate tax in the state? >> that's a good question. i have to look. >> i think it's 7.9%. >> this is what we did the next years. we dave $2.3 billion in tax cuts
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to corporations. >> is that to bring them here to generate jobs? >> and that's fine. there's no doubt we need businesses to create jobs. we need by toss create jobs but you can in one breath say we are going to give the corporations tax cuts and the next breath say we need -- our state is broke and we need money. we need shared sacrifices and balance the books on the backs ever the hardworking middle class of the state. we sacrifice and they share the wealth. we need a balance. i'm not saying we don't need to give tax breaks to corporations, but to give them the brakes and not put onus on them to create jobs is over. we had six months of job losses in the stay. >> but uv 6.9% unemployment rate that the rest of us on the country is envy us of. not that it's good, i don't think any unemployment is good but your state is doing a little bit better in unemployment than most other states and it's less than the national average of
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8.3. >> i don't think there's any one republican or democrat that can argue that, we need to create jobs in our statement but there are philosophical differences of how to get it done. that's why you see people act out. >> governor scott walker is still with us. governor, your response to that? let me just say it occurred to me tucking to him is that he wanted to work something out on all these tough issues. he's a good man, a good firefighter, but he didn't like your method. he thought you rolled them over without -- without talking to them and bringing them to the table. >> a good guy. i think reflective of what you hear out of madison and centers like that where they believe that somehow they stand up for the middle class when they are really just standing up for the big government unions. i would look and say you know who paid for the expansion of government in the past, it's been the middle class taxpayers overwhelming in the state and finally we are putting them back in charge of the government at both the state and local level. we are sitting in the city of
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milwaukee and the mayor saved about $25 million because of reforms and balancing the budget and not gorge the property owners. in other cities they have gorge the property on the other handers because our reforms aren't in place. we are protecting the hard-working people of our state. >> did the state union employees pay 8 or 10% for their paychecks? is that what it was. >> they pay about 5.8% for their pension which is half of their pension contribution. >> under the new plan. >> under the new plan and pay 12.6% premium. a lot of employees the low end of the spectrum in terms of the health insurance like my family gets, a couple hundred dollars a month. my brother works part-time as a bartender and as a manager and his wife works at a department store. two beautiful kids. he looked at it last year and said i paid $800 for the little bit -- for what i pay on health insurance premium and the little-bitty can set aside on my
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401k. he said i would love to have the deal you are putting on the table. that's the difference. a lot of people don't get that people outside of government, the hardworking people of our state, pay a whole lot more even currently let alone what they paid in the past. this is about evening it up owe the taxpayers of the state have someone on their side. >> obviously you can't take the intellectual interest in it that i do from afar because it matters to you and the firefighters and everybody else. but it sends a big message one way or the other that how a state like wisconsin will vote come november. >> and what can happen in november or a key senate race, long-term it's more important. people like me or my friend pull ryan and the things he's trying to do in washington. when we prevail, it will send a powerful message that when people complain about politics who don't have the guts to stay
10:17 pm
on the issues, when we win it shows people want people to stan up and want people to turn away the special interests and that's what we will show. >> governor, nice to see you. and, of course, go badgers this week, right? >> absolutely. two big games. >> two big games. >> we are hours away from the illinois poll opening and gov rick santorum is here. he's doing battle with romney in illinois. why is he going to battle with david axelrod? we will ask him. and the chief target of operation fast and furious is captured and then let go. released. and do you know what happened after that? the border patrol agent brian terry was murdered. does this capture and release mean his purchased could have been prevented? troubling story is coming up. and a new thing in the wisconsin recall batter. more than 12 dozen judges, what do they do that raises eyebrows
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and does it raise ethics trouble? we are live from the milwaukee hotel in milwaukee, wisconsin. city with us.
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>> this is a fox news aler. twelve mexican police officers are murdered on a highway ambush. gunmen open fire on the police
10:22 pm
convoy killing a dozen officers and wounding more. it happened on a rural highway in southern mexico between acapulco and mexico city. hours earlier the severed heads of people found lined along the street in the same town. the region is used about i drug gangs to grow marijuana. more than 350,000 people have been murdered in mexico's drug war in the last five years. of course, we are coming to you live from milwaukee, wisconsin. voter tempers ofen flamed. the state is on the verge of a recall election and everyone is steam. tonight new information about the effort to remove governor scott walker. turns out more than two dozen wisconsin judges from 16 wisconsin counties signed the recall petition. are judges allowed to do that? one of the judges that ruled it just ruled again the governor in the voter identification issue.
10:23 pm
nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> it started with a judge in dane county. he ruled against a voter id bill. a case the governor was maimed as a defend of he got to thinking how many other judges have signed the recall. we started looking at a digital version of the bat two base and turns out 29 judges from around the state put pen to paper and supported the recall of governor walker. >>. >> there are 250 judges around the state. none of the members of the appellate or supreme court signed, but 29 out of the 250 at the county level. >> i'm going to teasa little bit. how is that wisconsin supreme court doing? are they assaulting each other anymore? >> i i believe they are behaving as of late. >> never dull. back to this. in terms of the judges who signed they recall petition, i take it you tried to contact some of them? >> we placed calls to all 29. to first off give them a chance
10:24 pm
to say if someone else signed their name. we matched names and adreadful shapes with campaign records but wanted to give them that opportunity. none denied having signed it. five were willing to call back and explain their reasoning for signing it. fell into two camps. some said it was a protected constitutional right just as voting would be and that they were merely supporting having an election again against the governor. lottest pointed out the specifics of the wisconsin judicial code saying it does not specifically bar them from signing the petition. the code itself bars judges from being members of a political party, bars them from supporting a specific political party or candidate. there's nothing that references recalls specifically or opposing a candidate. >> i suppose that it has the provision almost every code of professional responsibility has among lawyers is that you have to avoid the appearance of inpropriety.
10:25 pm
do you know if that's in the code? >> yes. there are several references in various parts of it to avoid, yes, even the appearance of inpropriety. >> was judge flanagan, who actually ruled against the governor on one of his signature programs, which is voter i. d.s, within of his signature bills. he voted against and then signed the appearance. was he asked if he thought it had the appearance of inpropriety? >> as far as i'm aware he hasn't given any public saying why he chose to sign and rule and particularly rule without disclosing he signed the recall. >> and these judges are elected to begin with. they don't assign to a party but they run for office. >> nonpartisan election but they are elected by the people. >> what is the reaction of the people? does the public think it's fine? >> i think it's split along party lines. the folks to the right supporting walker have an issue and feel it may question their
10:26 pm
bias, but the others don't have much of a concern. in terms of people within the legal community they look at it as kind of a gray area. as the directive director of the council pointed out there's no specific verbiage that bars this. >> except the appearance of inpropriety. if you go back to that. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> up next. sen. rick santorum, things are heated for him. he's not only battling the candidates in illinois, he's taking on david axelrod. what tweet fueled that fire? governor rick santorum appears. that's next. and britt -- br. istol is waiting for her phone to ring, why? she's hoping it's president obama on the other side. you have to wait for this one. i'm a lobster girl.
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>> with illinois voters heading to the policy, you might think rick santorum's battles are with the other candidates but it's not. he is duking it out via twitter with david axelrod. today he tweeted >> the senator fired back from the campaign trail.
10:31 pm
he said, hopefully people vote for the man over the money. >> senator santorum is joining us. good evening. >> good evening. we just had a rally of a few thousand people. at the heart of dixon, it's been a great day. moline and rockford, we've had a great day in illinois. >> illinois is a great state. tell us about the battle you are having with david axelrod on twitter. >> well, you know, we've seen in these past elections that money just doesn't buy elections. if it did, mitt romney would have void -- sewed up the nomination a long time ago. we have the energy and enthusiasm on our side. david axelrod is entitled to his opinion but ten times he's been wrong. we won ten states.
10:32 pm
and if we are fortunate to pull off an upset here in illinois, and i know it would be an upset, but that's what they said last week in mississippi, that we couldn't do it there, and we did. >> there's a video posted today, a governor mitt romney video from 2008 and you are standing there endorsing him saying no one puts words in my mouth. if you want a conservative, you must vote for mitt romney. now four years later you are saying he's not a conservative. how do you get around this video. >> later mitt romney thanked me for the endorsement and calls me the true conservative and someone strong and principalled on economic issues and national security. i was den dooring him for president four years ago but over that four year period of time he's done a lot of things of that undermined my trust in him. first supporting the wall street bailout and advocating for
10:33 pm
romneycare at the federal level which he did in 2009. he said it was just missouri but he went on television and said president obama should follow the massachusetts model. that's the wrong approach. it's a governor run top-down approach and it's the wrong approach. i opposed obamacare. we can't have a candidate, mitt romney, who gives away the most important issue in the race, which is our economic freedom with obamacare. >> and it's a legitimate question to ask of candidates and pitting one toward the other, but today an issue raised that governor romney referred to you as an economic light weight. and you said he shouldn't put his doing on the roof of the car. he says you are an economic light weight. your thoughts? >> it's interesting governor romney, who record as governor of massachusetts was 47th out of 50th in the country in job
10:34 pm
creation, after the previous four years massachusetts was 16th in the nation. and -- >> well, let me stop through. they did have -- they also have very low unemployment right at the time. i think you have to factor this in, as well. >> well, as you know, greta, we had low unemployment rate everywhere. it was 4.3% across the country during that period of time. everybody had an unemployment rate but compared to everybody else he wasn't getting people moving into the state. they weren't creating jobs. look what went on in texas and other states where people were moving in droves because they created an environment for people to flow their businesses and expand and gov. romney didn't do that. he put in romneycare which was a huge red flag to businesses not to come to massachusetts. as i said, he created six times for public sector jobs than private sector jobs. he increased taxes by almost $1 billion. you know, he did all sorts of
10:35 pm
spending increases, about a 40% spinning increase. this is not someone who understand how to -- he may have done well on wall street, but he didn't apply the principles of limited government intervention in business when he came to the governor ship of massachusetts. that's why he didn't run for re-election because he couldn't have gotten re-elected with the record that he had. >> all right. yesterday it's abc on the question of afghanistan. you said, in reference to afghanistan, let's either commit to winning or get out. if you were president tonight which one is if? are we committed to staying in and winning or getting out for whatever reason? >> well, i've been very clear that i believe that we don't get involved, we don't goat get our military involved in any situation unless we commit to victory. president obama when he took office said he was going to, you know, fight the real war, if you recall. the real war was afghanistan. he quickly put a timeline. when he put a timeline in place, what he did was he gave the enemy something that we can never give the enemy in this
10:36 pm
situation, which is hope. and he gave the enemy hope that we would have -- they would have the opportunity to hunker down and be able to survive it. and that's why we've had the limited success we've had in afghanistan. >> but if you are president, i mean, whoever is the next president, whether it's president obama or someone else, that's the past. we now have that. in light of fact that anyone who comes into the office has to deal with the situation we are in. lacking back why we -- looking back why woe got there isn't going do good. what would you be doing if you became president in light of where we are. we have a timeline. mate get rid of it, maybe not, but what would you do? >> if we were still in afghanistan when i became president, again, you have to assess the situation and see where we are, but assuming we are in a similar situation that we are right now, i would commit to making sure that we had success. i would do what is necessary to demoralize the enemy and let him know we are going to stay there. it my not be in the capacity we
10:37 pm
are now. we may have a different strategy, but the strategy would be to successfully eliminate the taliban as a threat. it doesn't mean you will completely eliminate the taliban but eliminate the threat and that's the objective in afghanistan. >> in illinois, the most important issue people and you about most often is what? >> well, i mean, people are anxious about a whole variety of different things. obviously the economy, people are concerned about the economy. i her a lot about the debt and the deficit and what we are doing as far as bankrupting this country and i hear a lot about obamacare and the issue of freedom. i always talk about that there's big things at stake in this election. the economy is important, unemployment is born, but that's not the beg issue. the big issue is how we are losing our freedom because government is controlling businesses and people lives is what causing the economy to be in such bad straights right any. we have to look at the fundamental issue and the fundamental issue in america is whether we are going to be a free country or whether government is going to be dick at this time to go us what
10:38 pm
healthcare, what loans, what cars and everything else in our lives. >> you say that, i mean i heard that earlier today and it's been sort of bantied around. you say unemployment and not important, freedom is more important and i was trying to think about what to is you or how to ask it. maybe it's just me but i think if you are unemployed, as much as you love those lofty principles of freedom and want to keep them. unemployment sort of rises to the top as a more important issue and an urgent issue for a lot of americans. freedom is important but the job is real important. >> well, yeah. you have to understand what i said was that the unemployment rate, it didn't matter what it was between now and election time because the fundamental issue that's causing the unemployment, that's causing the economic distress in our country is the fact that the government is imposing its will and mandating things on people and creating a yoke on top of
10:39 pm
businesses that mix it hard to employ. so if you want to solve the unemployment problem, you have to solve the regulate tea tax and government oppression problem. one is a cuss of the other. it's not that unemployment isn't important, it's just you have to get to the foundational root cause of what is causing the unemployment. >> all right. i understand you have a secret service name that everyone now knows. is it petris, is that the name? >> yeah, that's the name, petris, yeah. >> can you give us any more background on that? >> oh, yeah, petris is the latin word for peter. and you heard me talk repeatedly about my grandfather. his name was peatro. i didn't think it would work. it's a name and i didn't want a name. petris is a latin word for peter and rocky thought was a more apt name than an italian name for peter. >> i understand governor
10:40 pm
romney's name is javelin. any sort of final thoughts on that and sort of on a light note on your secret service name? >> no. i think -- i understand he named it after an american motors car. i remember the javelin. it was an unusual car. i think it sort of fits. >> all right. senator, thank you. good luck tomorrow. the policy open in about 8 hours and we will be watching. thank you, senator. >> thank you very much, greta. >> coming up, could an arrest prevented the murder of border patrol agent brian terry. shocking news about the operation fast and furious. the chief suspect captured and then released and soon of a agent terry is gunned down. how could that be allowed to happen? that's next. and you are celebrating in the mile high city tonight. payton manning finds a new home. but does it mean bad news for another star quarterback? that's coming up. turn left.
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>> the chief target of operation fast and furious captured and release. that was months before the murder of a border agent. how that could happen? that's in 60 seconds let's go to the newsroom for the headlines first. >> greta, thank you. parts of the nation's midsection is under severe weather alert tonight. strong storms sweeping across the southern plains, bringing a threat of tornadoes. warnings in dallas and san antonio. this comes after a day tornadoes damaged homes in nebraska. the storms continue to bring heavy rain. the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians met with his attorney today. the attorney for robert bales said his client remembers very little of the time. they believe he went on a ram badge through two villages. charges could come down this
10:46 pm
week. now back to greta. >> captured and released. oh, how we wish we were talking about fishing, but we are not. it is lauren force -- it is lauren force meant. atf agents stop him at the border and release him. and later brian terry is shot to death. could they have put a stop to the gun tracking operation before a border agent was murdered? rob is with homeland security nice to see you. tell me what happened? how does someone get stopped and get released? >> that was the whole problem with this program. instead of stopping gun smugglers heading to mexico, the atf allowed them to cross over, sell guns with the goal of tracks purchases and building cases against mexican cartel leaders. the justice department has said this is an unsuccessful tactic
10:47 pm
and it's a problematic operation. >> when they stopped him, what did they say to him? did he identify himself? >> this was in may of 2010 that he was stopped in the arizona desert. he was in a bmw with 74 rounds of ammunition, a ledger that referenced both money and guns, and first he tried to say it wasn't his car, and then he sort of opened up. he said he was actually on the way to the birthday party of a cartel leader when an atf case agent arrived on the scene and he asked if he would cooperate. he said he would. he gave her a phone number. and this was scribe he would on a ten dollars bill and handed to him. he disappeared into mexico and never contacted the atf. >> is there any indication, he didn't have any direct involvement as far as we know in the death of the border patrol, right? >> that hasn't been determined
10:48 pm
yet. it would require tracing the gun back to a particular sale that he made, and that hasn't been -- at least tracked yet. >> sort of the correlation with him is sort of the heartbreak that had he been arrested, had he been stopped, had he cooperated or at least not released him, there might have been information so fast and furious was stopped in advance of the incident that led to the death of the border agent, right? >> absolutely. and even at the time of the stop he was a known cocaine trafficker. it was someone who was identified as a bad guy right away. i should also mention he had ammo in his car and he was headed toward mexico and just literally a month before the stop, the justice department had issued a directive to the atf saying we don't allow any kind of gun running toward mexico, even for monitoring purposes in a larger case. in fact, the justice department
10:49 pm
reviewed a 2006 operation that used that particular tick and specifically said not allowed, not acceptable. >> rob, thank you. of course, a official tragedy for the border agent himself and for his family and for all his friends. it's a terrible story. thank you, rob. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, bristol palin, she says president obama should give her a call. what do they have to talk about, president obama and bristol? you will have to hear this. and a break in the case of the stolen rabbit we told but last week. the latest on bunnygate. that's next.
10:50 pm
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>> you've seen the top stories but here's the best of the rest. bristol palin is waiting for her phone to ring. now who is she expect to go call? president obama. in a blog post palin writes that she thought the president might call her for the same reason he called the law student insulted by rush limbaugh. he said comedian bill mahr has insulted her and her family. she thought president obama would call her too. she writes back in 2008 president obama said attacks on her should be off-limits. so far no phone call.
10:54 pm
and former indianapolis star quarterback peyton manning picks a new team, the denver broncos. financial contract negotiations are still in the works but manning has made his choice. the deal with the broncos is expected to be worth $95 million over five years. manning is the nfl's only four-time mvp but he was sidelined with an injury last season. the indianapolis colts released him less than two weeks ago. the big question now is what happens to bronco's quarterback sensation tim tebow? stay tuned. >> and the bunny napping. we have good news. kim cooper, no relation to our executive producer, cooper, is back home. she was stolen from a fashion boutique in new york city. but early saturday morning ms. cooper was dropped off at a police station. no word on who turned her in. but she's safe and sound and she's returned to her spot in the store.
10:55 pm
the suspects, though, are still on the loose. there you have it, the best of the rest. and one more before we turn down the lights. did president obama go green this st^patrick's day? jay leno has that answer next. and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps. for making your financial life a little bit easier.
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>> eleven o'clock is almost here. it's time for last call. seems president obama could use a bit of irish luck. why does he need help? here's jay leno. >> you know it's kind of ironic, this is the fourth st. patrick's day of obama's presidency and he still hasn't traded a green job. what happened to those? remember those? >> that's the lift call. we are closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. go to and be sure you blog in the open thread. good night from milwke


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