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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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on twitter, i'm sean hannity. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. president obama taking credit for speeding up the construction of the southern part of the keystone peopleline. rush lame but a says the president had nothing to do with it. >> i told you yesterday this part of the pipeline from oklahoma to texas is already in the works and done and approved. obama is doing nothing but showing up and glomming on to it. this is not completing the keystone pipeline. it goes to canada. still opposed and has put the brakes on and is not permitting oil from canada to get to oklahoma. there is no approval of the keystone pipeline. another piece of information you need to know. obama couldn't stop this leg that he is out taking credit for. it was in the works. it was happening. he is simply there glomming on
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to what was already happening and further more he couldn't stop it if he wanted to. and he did want to. >> greta: president obama is take credit for the southern pipeline. it he simultaneously ducking responsibility for blowing 535 million taxpayer dollars in the solyndra disaster? >> obviously we wished solyndra hadn't gone bankrupt. part of the reason they did is because the chinese were subsidizing their solar industry and flooding the market in ways solyndra couldn't compete. there was not our program per se. >> greta: what does president obama mean by that? byron york joins us. good evening. byron. let's go first to what rush limbaugh says and he says that president obama can't take credit for the southern part of the pipeline. is he right or not? >> the controversial part of the pipeline is the part that brings the oil from canada down
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to the texas coast for refining. there is a sort of bottle neck of oil in oklahoma and this part of the pipeline from cushing down to the refineries will help but the whole point of the keystone xcel pipeline had been to bring the 700,000 and 800,000-barrels of oil a day down from the canadian oil fields. that is not happening. >> greta: could the president have stopped this part? or is this something he could have prevented the southern part? >> presidential approval is required for the international part of the pipeline. for a domestic thing it is not a presidential decision. the arm army corps of engineers and other agencies approve it but it is not at the presidential level. >> greta: if the president doesn't have to approve of the central or the southern pipeline and the president is now claiming that he is responsible does he not know that we have videotape, we have youtube, we have all that sort of thing?
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this is something that will make him look very bad if he is out there bragging about it and he has zero credit. >> and we with figure that one out. listen specifically to what he said today. he said i am ordering my administration to cut through the red tape and reduce the bureaucratic hurdles and get this going. he didn't say i'm approving this lower part of the pipeline. he is saying i'm going to cut through the red tape. the republican saying the red tape is from the president's own administration. in any event perhapses that part of the pipeline will now get built. >> greta: what happens to the northern part from canada down to cushing, oklahoma? >> dead for the moment but the president put the decision off until after the election saying it needed more study. i think he will come under more and more pressure to do something sooner. you have to remember not only do we have a new gallup poll showing that 57% of americans want to see the pipeline built that includes 81% of republicans and 51% of
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independents and a plurality 44% of democrats. and also there was a test vote on this in the senate a few weeks ago and 11 democrats switched sides. sided with the republicans in favor of building the pipeline. the only reason it didn't pass was that democrats filibustered it. 60 votes are required and they didn't have 60 votes. if the president has lot of 11 members of his own party in the senate and the election is not here yet he could lose more if mitch mcconnell tries again. >> greta: let's go to solyndra. solyndra was not our program per se. that was to end npr today. is he saying that the $535 million authorization that went belly up is not his fault? >> i hope he is not saying that. >> greta: does he not know we have videotape and youtube and everything else? we have this type. >> there was a preexisting program to encourage green energy and to give grants to
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green energy companies. but the bush administration did not give a grant to solyndra. a grant was not imminent for solyndra when the bush administration was still in office. the solyndra grant is the product of the obama administration and the president has to make a particularly tough case to make because just a few -- 60 seconds ago you showed video of twin.uring solyndra in 21st 2010. if he had not gone to solyndra physically himself and praised it as ad molly henneberg of the kind of enterprise he wanted to give federal funds to. >> greta: hard to understand how he could say it wasn't his. late august of 2009 he was inaugural rated in january when white house asked omb to speed along the approval. the approval happened september 1, 2009. and then september 4, three days later, vice president biden and secretary chu out there for the big razzle dazzle groundbreaking. i'm having a difficult time understanding how he can say
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this was not -- that this was somehow not our program "per se." these two things are not unrelated because the president knows in the campaign whoever the republican nominee is, probably mitt romney is going to hit him over and over. the way the republican criticism is going to be while the president was dumping taxpayer dollars into the green energy projects that weren't working out and costing taxpayers money he was not doing sufficient exploration or proving keystone pipeline or encouraging american independence in oil and gas. got things the president has done today are really kind of related which is don't blame me for solyndra and i'm really working hard for pipelines. >> and i go back to don't people know we have videotape and youtube and everything else and we know what people have said under certain circumstances.
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byron, thank you. >> great to be here. >> greta: inside the white house president obama's advisors are probably giving him an earful about soaring gas prices but all the president has to do is head right down the street to see the real pain at pump. >> when you walked up here, so i take it you don't have a car or just not driving today? >> i just didn't drive in today. i took the metra. >> why? >> gas prices. >> greta: tell me what what you think about them? >> pretty high, especially if you are driving back and forth every day. definitely more people on the metro now. >> greta: we are at one of the most famous intersections of washington, d.c. behind me the potomac river and you may hear a plane go over headed to cc regan airport. i'm pointing to the watergate hotel. 8 blocks down the road is the white house. directly behind jonathan is an
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exxon gas station where the prices are $5.69 a gallon. why are the prices so high? >> americans are experiencing pain at pump but not quite like this station. on average a gas station marks up the price 16 cents per gallon. we have a statement from the person who sells the oil who this gas station wholesale that they are marking it up $1.58 per gallon. a gas station across the street is selling for $4.15 a gallon and they chuckled at what is going on there. apparently it is always this high. >> greta: a lot of traffic because you will get a lot of business. if you are going to the kennedy center and on to capitol hill that direction if you need gas you have to get it here. you don't have much choice. >> people pull in and don't quite even look at the price before they put the pulp inform their car. >> greta: have you spoken to the owner so find out if the real estate for this gas station is particularly costly so that he has to raise the price. >> apparently it is just the
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decision of the operator and that according to the landlord of the property. the manager is a different entity and that is who is setting the price. >> greta: that is an enormous difference from this side of the street where there is a lot of traffic. but that is an enorm must difference. >> this is the highest price in washington, d.c. and one of the highest prices in the country. some cities are much worse than others. washington is pretty high. the worst city right now is chicago followed by santa barbara. >> greta: and in this city we have subway. rather limited subway. it doesn't reach serricorn of the area. >> and i take the subway to work every day. i wish i could drive because you get to see everything going by in the window. >> greta: are you finding more people are not driving in this area because of the prices? riding bicycles and walking and car pooling. >> and there is the traffic.
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the traffic here is the second worse in the nation. people make decisions based on the prices. as it goes up they start to drive less. >> greta: would you pay $5.69 a gallon of gas or drive around for awhile? >> i would go across the street, $4.15. >> greta: if you could see it. you would have to know that gas station exists oh fresh there. there was a proprosal to set limits on that. they tried that in the past and led to shortages and long lines and ehe con mists say that would be a bad idea. >> greta: i haven't seen any cars gassing up here. maybe the sign $5.69 is rather daunting perhaps. are anyway. jonathan, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> greta: coincidence or are something else? campaign stops, three out of the four stops on president obama's current energy tour of battleground states. is the tour about energy or the election. dick morris joins us.
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good evening, dick. >> hi. everything he does right now is about the election. >> greta: i guess that everybody is sort of in campaign mode. republicans and democrats as well. >> right. >> greta: let me ask you about the president. how is he doing politically and especially in the battleground states right now? >> the possible lemes that he has is that his base is falling apart. in 2008 he got 67% of the latino vote and 66% of the vote of people 18 to 29. now, his job approval according to the latest rasmussen poll among latinos is down from 67% which is the vote share he got to 41%. and among voters 18 to 25 it went from 66% his vote share down to 54 his approval. so of the tripod that obama's based on african americans, latinos and young people is now only a unipod and that is hard
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to balance. >> greta: in terms of that differencial, 67 to 41 with the latinos and with the young people 18 to 29, 66 to 54, are those people likely to be shifting to the republican party or stay at home people because that might make a difference especially in a close election. >> i think it is a little bit of each. i think with the younger voters have is probably more staying at home. with the latinos it might be a shift. remember the latino vote is very volatile in the united states. george bush lost it john kerry by only 10 points. obama carried it against mccain by almost 40 points. so it is a very volatile vote going back and forth. and that may be why the republicans are probably going put rubio on the ticket. >> greta: what are the latino vote looking for? jobs like most americans or a special interest? >> i think they obviously are focused on the immigration law
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and immigration reform. on i think by that token on the one hand, they are annoyed at the republicans for opposing it and for many opposing it. but on the other hand they look back and george bush fought for it and barack obama when had 60 votes in the senate and could have passed it in a heartbeat elected not to do it. >> greta: let me interrupt you. but senator john mccain had an immigration policy that would be appealing to latinos and they jumped ship on him and went to president obama. that was sort of a curious aspect of '08. >> i think that the latino vote is far more focused on jobs and the economy than necessarily on the immigration issue. nd a i think that is obviously hurting obama. the other thing that i mentioned here earlier that is just absolutely incredible is that the republicans are sweeping the u.s. senate races. sweeping them. they need to pick up three or four seats depending on who the vice president is to control
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the senate. right now there are eight seats currently held by democrats where republicans are in the lead and some of those are incumbent seats like, missouri, where sarah steelman is ten points ahead of mccasskill. usually woul you would say shes behind. in this case steelman has 51 and mccaskill has 41. in ohio, josh mandel is four points ahead of sharon brown the democratic senator. from florida, connie mack is 6 points ahead of nelson the democratic senator. if the election were held today the republicans with probably pick up eight seats, lose one or two and end up with a net of six which is incredible. >> greta: missouri, senator mccaskill that is a.b.
10:15 pm
interesting race. embraced healthcare and no sooner embraced and sort of one of the saw it wards of it suddenly they passed something i forget what it was in august 2010 where 93% of the people in missouri were opposed to healthcare. she is really on the rail. certainly looks like if she is losing ten points now missouri doesn't look like it will be a stronghold for president obama come november. >> and my whole point, greta is right now the head-to-head of the president against romney is a little bit obscured because romney is not the candidate and they are going through this civil war going on in the republican party. once that ends i think romney will move up smartly. to understand what is really happening in terms of incumbents and democrats in the united states, you look at those senate races. i would expect right now that an incumbent senator might be under 50. he might be only 8 or 10 ahead of his republican challenger.
10:16 pm
nelson behind mack in florida. mccaskill behind steelman in missouri. chester behind berg in montana. you have brown behind mandell in ohio and then in open seats in north dakota, nebraska, and wisconsin you -- and virginia you have the republican ahead. this is precedent setting up to be an absolute wipeout for the democratic party and people aren't saying that. but if you look at the data it is showing it. >> greta: dick, thank you. and i will pay more attention to senate races and see, interesting thought, pay more attention to them. thank you, dick. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, what do these men have in common with each other? mean bill maher is fighting for them. why would bill maher do that? greg gutfeld has the answer. something for president obama
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on the second anniversary of his healthcare law. not exactly a gift and president obama is not exactly going to like it. what is it? >> the rnc chair is here to tell you. economically, it seems like a good choice now. we need environmental protection. we've got more than 100 years worth of energy, right here. [announcer:] who's right? they all are. visit mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪
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>> greta: why is liberal
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comedian bill maher defending conservatives like rush lame but a? he has been under attacks for his own vulgar attacks on women including vice presidential candidate sarah palin for whom he literally uses the c word. in the new york times today, maher writes that these men should not apologize for what they said but is bill maher really defending the celebrities or hiding behind them? fox news host greg gutfeld joins us as the very famous show "red eye" and "the five." good to see you, greg. >> this is an amazing feat. it is proof that a ferret wrapped tightly in is a ran wrap could actually make a good point. i would have loved to have seen histinely little paws on the laptop typing this thing out. it is incredible. he has a point. we have got ton this apology
10:22 pm
exhaustion where everybody is trying to get a scout from somebody else. when somebody gets offended they demand an apology from one side. the other side says the same thing. the most important thing about the apologies is that they are fake. and you wouldn't want an apology from somebody who doesn't mean it. when somebody says something very, very vile about women and you deand an apology do you really think that apology is going to be sincere? of course, not. we ask for it. by all means say he is slimier than a slug in a wet suit. hate him all you want, ignore him but never demand an apology. because it is like counterfeit money, it is not real. >> greta: he has one portion of op ed which he says i have a where idea. let's have an amnesty from apologies. i thought maybe we can have an
10:23 pm
amnesty with him not demeaning women and actually making a buck on it. i mean that is h his product. and wouldn't it be nice if he could be funny like seinfeld or george carlin who was edgy and just not demean women or others. the level of vitreal from him has been rather -- whatever. go ahead. >> the definition of edgy for a liberal comedian is making fun of conservative women. that is their game. and the only people that go for it is the audience that they already have. so all you can hope for is for that audience to wither away which i believe will happen because his act is getting old. it is one big yawn and i think that over time hbo will see that. meantime, don't waste your breath demanding apologies because the apologies aren't real. so i think he has a point. and like i said, it is really, really weird because it might be the first time bill maher
10:24 pm
has ever been right in his life. >> greta: is he getting cover by defending rush limbaugh? >> i think so. >> greta: look, i'm a big defender of the first amendment. i represented people in court for the first amendment. i'm all for it. we don't have to listen to people's first amendment. we can try to like avoid when you don't want to hear it but is he hiding behind sort of his praise or his defense of rush limbaugh? >> i think he is scared. i think he is seeing what is happening to rush. and he is worried that might happen to him. and i think that is the strange timing here with this. and he is talking about the robert deniro things which is in many ways no big thing. and robert deniro has no sense of humor. a very dull guy, just a great actor. he is trying to present some balance in the editorial but the balance is fake because the degree and proportion of vile tweets and vile jokes is huge on the left compared to the right. his editorial should have been
10:25 pm
geared towards the people he agrees with. once in awhile rush says something that was inappropriate or crass, that lasts for a month because the press is overwhelmingly liberal. so they pull that story as long as they can go. when a left wing comedian says something that lasts a couple of days because the media agrees with it. you can make fun of sarah palin because the media thinks she is a joke so they laugh along. >> greta: i'm reading one part of the op ed says when the lady at costco gives you ham pudding and you don't like it you spit is into a napkin and keep shopping. you don't declare a holy war on ham. i'm not sure what that was except an effort to be clever. >> that is the best you will get from him. he is saying what you just said which it if you don't like something you don't have to take it. i agree with him. the difference is the media
10:26 pm
gives him a free pass so you see it freely. he has the freedom to do whatever he wants and if he believes in this he should be defending everybody like he claims and i agree with him. i think a lot of outrage is manufactured. it feels good to get mad but you then you lose interest and you move on to something else. >> greta: greg, thank you. love the new show. >> thank you. it's fun. >> greta: looks like it is fun. coming up, president obama may not want to turn on the tv as he swings through the swing states. why? rnc chair will tell you in minutes. also the bill banning congressmen from insider training is on its way to the white house. the bill has an added bonus and it is a big bonus. what is it? senator john mccain is here to tell you. is a lot like picking a team. you could go with the fastest, most reliable, and at the very least, talented at what they do.
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and our economy.
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>> greta: two years ago tomorrow that is when president obama signed the new healthcare law. but this week president obama is talking energy. not healthcare. but that is not stopping the republicans from talking healthcare. in fact, the gop is marking the two year anniversary by launching a new attack on the healthcare law. the rnc is clobbering president obama in a new ad. >> barack obama promised to cut healthcare costs. >> we will bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family. >> it didn't happen.
10:31 pm
6 in 10 americans are seeing premiums rise. the average cost of a family policy is up $1,300 and a key part of the obama healthcare takeover will cost $100 billion more than promised. higher costs for patients. higher costs for taxpayers. another broken promise by obama. >> greta: the new ad is headed right for the swing states that really matter come november. the rnc chair live from las vegas. thighs to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: i fact checked your ad, are i didn't. i should say abc news .com fact checked it and annual premiums up 9% or $1,300. i assume you are hitting the swing states for a deliberate reason. >> absolutely. i don't think there is anything better in politics when you can take the words coming out of someone's mouth in this case barack obama gives us plenty of words coming out of his mouth. if you can see the american people look here is what the president said.
10:32 pm
these are the promises that he made to the american people and then here are the facts and while he is in love with giving speeches and he is in love with the sound of his own voice and some people think he is pretty good at giving speeches we need to show the american people every single place he goes where we are on healthcare, his broken promises there in regard to costs and access. where are we in the debt, the deficit. and that is our job and that is what we are going to do from now until november, greta. >> greta: i don't fully understand. if that is your main line of attack and if yo your nominee should hypothetically be governor mitt romney i don't know how you could teak a run so hard at him with health dare and say, oh, yeah, our guy, too. how is that your position of strength? >> i think it is a position of strength. first of all, mean the president promised that he was going to lower healthcare premiums by $2,500 out of his own mouth. he is the one that actually wanted to socialize medicine
10:33 pm
from the very beginning. he is the one that promised that access would go up to healthcare. and all of those promises were broken. and so i don't -- you must be referring to governor romney and ile tell you that he is someone that has pledged on day one to make sure that he repeals as much of obama care as possible. and he is the one that said that he would lead the congress in making sure that it is repeal. so has newt gingrich. so has rick santorum and so has ron paul. our candidates have been clear on this issue, greta. >> greta: i think whatever but i actually was trying to put myself in the shoes of the republican party and frankly i looked at this massachusetts thing and i think it is a harder sell. i would think you would actually go after something more like solyndra where money is just frankly wasted. absolutelily, $535 million and we did some calculations that 535 million south dakota a million hp pavilion desktop
10:34 pm
computers. imagine a million computers going to kids across the country. i don't understand why you are running these because this massachusetts thing is -- the federal government's modeled after massachusetts. and the nominee that everyone expects to be governor romney thought it was a great idea. i can't imagine why that is such a a powerful assault by the republicans on the democrats. >> it is a powerful assault. if is a powerful assault because all of our candidates said they would repeal obama care on day one. the country doesn't want obama care, greta. look at what happened in ohio. they came to the polls and almost 3 to 1 to reject the collective bargaining bill and then turned around the same democratic union voters turned around and rejected barack obama's signature piece of legislation. our candidates said they will repeal obama care. that is not to the exclusion, greta, of what you are talking about. we can talk about gas prices that were at $1.85 a gallon when obama took office and now
10:35 pm
over $4 a gallon. instead of doing something about it you are right he flushs half a billion dollars down the toilet to solyndra. >> greta: i'm suous if the h healthcare bill is declared unconstitutional by end of june does that issue go away? >> it doesn't go away. shows you that barack obamas who heart is in big huge cradle to grave government and that is not the beacon of freedom that this country was founded on. the country will go more on individual and economic freedom which is what the country was founded on and that will be what the election comes down to. >> sorry about the wisconsin dad gres losing to syracuse. congratulations syracuse. ryan, nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, senator john mccain taking to twitter to make an announcement. what is it? senator john mccain goes on the record. that's next. remember the mysterious booms
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including medicare. why he is senator mccain talking handcuffs with us. in that in 60 seconds. >> a u.s. soldier charged with 17 counts of murder in connection with the massacre of afghan villagers. the charges will be read tomorrow at the kansas state where he is now being held. political-year-old bails is accused of going on a shooting rampage earlier this month, gunning down 9 children and 8 adults in two villages near his southern afghanistan military post. the florida governor appointing a new prosecutor to oversee the investigation into the killing of an unarmed teenager just hours after the sanford police chief announced he is temporarily stepping down to ease the tensions over the death of this guy, trayvon martin. neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman says he shot martin in self-defense last
10:41 pm
month. so far he is not facing any charges. i'm ainsley earhardt. now, back to greta. >> greta: now, this one is stunning. members of congress had to pass a bill to stop themselves from doing what the rest of us already know is wrong. a new bill bans insider trading in congress but that is not all it bans. senator john mccain goes "on the record." senator, nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: let me start with the recent tweet of yours that says good news senate just passed stock act with amendment banning outrageous bonuses for fannie mae and freddy excess. next step signed into law. i like the stock act. i think it is an important signal to send. although i don't think it has as much impact as it is advertised but we did have an amendment on it to cut out the outrageous bonuses for fannie and freddie execs.
10:42 pm
they claim they can't attract good people unless they pay them $500,000 and $700,000 in bonuses when we have people serving in the military in the cabinet and many other positions of responsibility so i thought we had maybe some patriotic americans who would like to sort out this mess of fannie and freddie without having to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses. by the way, their predecessors as you know ripped off millions. >> greta: we are even paying for their legal fees. it is extraordinary. they are being investigated for ripping us off and we are paying their legal fees. >> millions in legal fees. >> greta: tens of millions. >> can't make that up. instead they should be forced to give the money back and they were, what, 40, 50 million. johnson, raines. a whole bunch of those guys. >> greta: a full employment act for lawyers. send 12 lawyers to a dep position knowing that the taxpayers will pay it for the people being investigated for
10:43 pm
cheating the taxpayers. >> and then you wonder why the american people ar cynical. >> greta: the stock act. it is improper to do insider trading. did you all not see wall street being hauled away with handcuffs that you need a special law to tell you this is a lousy adeand this is skimming and cheating? >> well, one would think that this act was not necessary, that we could expect through rather ethics rules that we have and an ethics committee but if it makes people feel better then fine. >> greta: i thought what in the world are they thinking. it is so wrong to use inside information to cheat and get an advantage as a member of congress or the house or the senate and yet it was going on and there was reason some resistant to passing a statute to inform the members don't do this, this is wrong. >> all i can say, greta, is that i think we are overall at
10:44 pm
the end of the day i'm glad it was passed. its' fine. but was it really necessary to tell members of congress that they shouldn't do insider trading? >> greta: the affordable care act yesterday you took to the floor talking about the class act. if the healthcare law is declared unconstitutional by the end of june by the united states supreme court what happens? >> i think it depends on what portions of the law that the supreme court may declare unconstitutional. >> suppose they say the whole thing because there is a chance they could -- a chance. they will do.hat they doll but >> give aus chance to sit down and start over and this time with the object of preserving the quality of healthcare in america which is the highest and bringing the cost down. that was the whole purpose of obama care to start with and obviously it didn't bend the curve down. it bent it up and it was one of
10:45 pm
the biggest takeovers. one fifth of our gross domestic product the healthcare industry in america put it over and taken over by the federal government. what the obama care what i think will be declared unconstitutional is the notion that the government can provide a -- prescribe a product, say you have to have certain agreements -- ingredients of it and then fine you if you don't buy that product or use that product. that is what this whole argument is about. and i believe that it violates the commerce clause of the constitution of the united states. and i cannot believe that in any way you could view it as being constitutional. >> greta: many people think at least on your side of the aisle say that the mandate clause that you just noted is unconstitutional but in the statute is missing something called the severability clause which means you can't just carve off the part and let the rest of the statute stand.
10:46 pm
>> the whole thing falls. >> greta: even if that is declared uncounty tubessal that is where the whole statute falls. be glad to join withemen glad the president with one thought in mind, preserving the quality of h healthcare in america and bringing costs down. if we don't americans will not be able to afford it. we all know the problems that medicare is in physically. paul ryan is proposing some of the choices now that people might have under his budget. >> greta: another thing that sort of bothers me at the discussion. we talked about how costs are going up and not going down as expected. yet the washington names it the affordable care act. i mean like at some point i mean the american people are sitting there thinking like could you really i mean -- >> let me mention two things that resonate with the american people. one was the deal making. the cornhusker kickback. the louisiana purchase. bringing in the various elements of the healthcare industry and basically
10:47 pm
bludgeoning them around the pharmaceutical companies and hospital association and amj. bludgeoning them into submission to support it. and then the other thing that the american people really objected to was this whole idea of this class act. in other words, that was going take care of people's long-term care and, of course, when people haven't used it then they pay into the system. so that artificially made the cost the obama care less. thank god for senator judd gregg of new hampshire. he had an amendment that they had to certify that over 75 years that this would be a system that would pay its own way. they couldn't do that. they couldn't do that. and so that part of the -- of obama care is moot thank god. >> greta: the american people also saw how the sausage is made and were troubled it was 2500 or 2800-pages thick and everybody voted on it yes or no but you nobody read it before
10:48 pm
voting ton. it is hard for the american people to think do you even know what you are voting about. >> the other thing that is evidence enough is that there have been thousands of pages of regulation already issued. thousands of pages of regulation. everyone in the industry is saying here we have lawyers we had to hire lawyers to thumb through all of the thousands of pages of regulations that you are facing. >> greta: and not one elected official created the regulations. those are be withing farmed out to parts of the government. people who are unelected who are making decision decisions r healthcare. >> and so again it is no bonder to me thank god that over 60% of the american people believe that the whole thing ought to be repealed. that is not to say we don't have to fix the healthcare system in america and fix medicare and medicaid. medicare is going broke. we all know that.
10:49 pm
wouldn't it be nice if we recognized that all of obvious to make sacrifices including preserving the benefits of present retirees but making some changes so that their kids will also have medicare when the time comes for them to be a beneficiary rather than paying into it and getting nothing out and that is what the situation will be. >> greta: straight ahead, you will want to hold your nose for this one and it has nothing to do with politic. what could this possibly be? start guessing. also a pet that is no bigger than your iphone. video that is way too cute to miss. [ female announcer ] who'd have thought
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>> greta: top stories but here is the best of the rest. a skunk invasion chased a colorado family right out of their home. the house started to stink so the green family called professional trappers. they moved out while the trappers moved in. for weeks they caught a skunk every day. they caught a grand total of 13 skunks. where did they come from? they the house is 100 years old so the curves were able to get under the floors. the mystery solved. last night we told you that strange loud noises jolting wisconsin residents from their
10:54 pm
beds at night. we now know what caused them. geologists say a minor earthquake hit clintonville, wisconsin, on thursday night. only a magnitude of 1.5 but earthquakes have been known to cause booming noises just like the ones in this wisconsin town. and this might be the cutest animal video we have ever seen. she is a two week old puppy and she is the size of an iphone. her name is, of course, beyonce. one of five puppies born to a dog living on streets of california. bayance has received all kinds of medical treatment now now she and he siblings and her mor are healthy. there you have it. the best of the rest. coming up, the honor system under attack. the secretary gave himself an a for handling soaring gas prices but someone else is saying notr so fast.
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights it's time for last call, steven chu gave himself an a for handeling gas prices but jimmy fallon is on another grading scale. >> i guess yesterday energy secretary steven chu said he would give himself an a for controlling the cost of gas. on behalf of americans i would like to give him an f, and a u. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. rush limbaugh will go on the record, you don't want to miss it. right now make sure you go to greta you can tell us what you like and didn't like about tonight ace show. good night from washington, d.c.. ybody you see is out of


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