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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 24, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> it is saturday, march 24th, and in 2008 obamacare was more important than getting millions of americans back to work. remember how excited vice president biden was? why did the white house essentially ignore this week's two year anniversary? >>dave: wild weather sweeping across the country as tornadoes touch done in the heartland. where we will show you where. >>clayton: the government now is cutting the cash needed to train pilots to pack heat in the cockpit. is this the right move? we report. you decide. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> it's "fox & friends."
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>>clayton: welcome to "fox & friends" on saturday morning. kids, look who is here, nicole. >> thank you for having me. >>clayton: you occasionally come in on the weekends and grace us with your business for fox business network. >> business is my specialty but i am changing chairs at the dining room table and we are a family and i just moved the share over. i have to say something right off the bat, here is how you know i'm filling in. their computers are set up, i have done plenty of prep work and got here at 2:00 a.m., and my computer has nothing on it. it's off. >>clayton: and you mention the dining room table, but there is in food here also, a shock for you. >>dave: we are here and happy to have you and we start with the anniversary. is it a happy anniversary of obamacare? not necessarily but in two years
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since the affordable care act was passed and you don't hear a lot about this from the obama administration. not exactly throwing a happy anniversary party, are they? >>clayton: yesterday in the rose garden having a discussion there and the president did not mention it. it was the g.o.p. candidates hitting the president on this on the trail. >> the second anniversary of obamacare and i don't think anyone is celebrating even if the white house today. because they have seen the polls. the american people don't like obamacare. the more we see of obamacare the less we like it. >> more and more members don't like obamacare so they are taking it to the court. >>clayton: a poll showed support for obamacare slipping again around 50 percent of americans think it is the right move so if you are on the campaign trail and you are president obama do you want to tout this? >>dave: you would think they
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would find at least their positive spin. we will show you an intriguing new t shirt the obama administration is selling later not program but this is how nancy pelosi says "a good thing for americans back to the founding fathers." listen to the former speaker. >> what our founders put forth in our founding documents which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. and that is exactly what the affordable care act helps to guarantee. >> how does she know what the founders wanted. i hear she is an official founders, she gets it wrong every time with the founding fathers. >>clayton: the idea the founders wanted government more involved in our likes is the argument, and that is what obamacare does puts health care on those who may not want it, to an individual mandate and on
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monday at the supreme court hearing we will hear whether you will be forced to purchase health care. is that what the founding fathers would want? >>dave: that is what they will take up on monday. does this, is it constitutionally permissible, 26 states say it is not. and, will they take out, overrule that mandate? that should be interesting when it starts on monday. it was supposed to, the heart of it, supposed to cut premiums and make health care more affordable for americans however, so far, that is not the case. we have not seen all of it kick in, obviously, it is around 2014 but they said your premiums would go down by $2,000 per year by the end of the president's first term. >> and, also, did you see how many companies are saying they will detroit altogether. they will drop health care for folks in 2014 when it is in full force because it costs too much.
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>>clayton: or they are asking for waivers. if you look at the premiums and the amount they are raised, the way this is going is not go, $2,500, the average family premium has increased by $2.2 thousand and the deficit, another big issue the obama administration was talking about the affordable health care act would cut the deficit and now we know this is what they were hanging their hat on back then in 2010 it would cut it $143 billion in 10 years but it actually increases it because of accounting gimmicks. >> when we talk about the $2,000, that is how people save. in a year. so everyone is cutting --. >>clayton: the average family. >> high gasoline prices and health care are cutting into
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savings and that is causing a problem making your way through a rough economy. >>dave: what we know is the health insurers are trying to prepare for the changes under obamacare. here is how it has impacted some of them so far. still, again, everything is not taken into account. the second largest health insurer with 34 million members will spend $100 million 24 year on technology upgrades to meet the law's requirement but the question is, will they pass on the extra expenditures to you in the follows of higher premiums? >> well they pass on the $50 million this year to upgrade the software on the computers to handle the upgrades. and blue blue -- blue cross-blue
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shield having to add 100 employees and spend $20 million and that is what we are looking at for the health insurance. a lot of folks say it is not fair or right and moving money out of care for the elderly to aid for the poor. there is so much that goes, all the companies that have to pay for which and year after year it is building. so, unless something is changed in a couple of years ... >>dave: when the obama administration taxes about it they will talk how young people can stay under their parents' insurance and you could expect that to be the campaign push. let us know how you feel about obamacare and how it is affecting you, your live, and your savings. >> no celebration over two years since obamacare. your headlines: more protests popping up nationwide as
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thousands call for action in the trayvon martin case. from chicago to philadelphia, demonstrators marched in honor of the florida teen who was gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer. a lawyer advising george zimmerman says the incident has nothing to do with race. >> the issue of whether this is between a caucasian and african-american has been brought to light and i don't see george as being that. >> a grand jury is set to convene in the case and decide whether zimmerman will face charges. he is in hiding after receiving several death threats. go figure. >> a manhunt underway right now for a gunman that opened fire on a tire shop in north carolina. two people died and there are reports of at least two others injured. the shop is a family-owned business reportedly a cousin of
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the owner is believed one of the fatalities and the man fled from the scene if a silver sedan. a motive is not known. >> rick santorum looking to get a rebound in louisiana in the republican primary. he is expected to do well days after the loss to romney in illinois but romney is outpacing him in the race for delegates with 20 up for grabs today and a candidate needs 1,044 to win the nomination and romney has 563. santorum has 263. newt gingrich has 135 and ron paul has 50. another issue is the volt. general motors will replace 9,500 charging cables on 2011 and 2012 volts after the claim that the core could melt.
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it happened in a few cases with the 120 volt charger not meant to be the primary charging cord. most owners have a 240 vote station install asked drivers will be notified the next few weeks. government motors? we are supposed to get it right with the volt. >>clayton: and now rick in the weather center. rick: it is early for spring. like the week? >>clayton: beautiful. i hear rumors that it will be cooler. again. >> i didn't get to the beach, risk, it was gorgeous. rick: what is weird is how long it lasted. even at nighttime. it is about to change. but not that bad. storms and shower around the northeast to the southeast today. we still are mild across the plains. not as mild not temperatures in
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the 90's like this week or well above average, and across california, another big storm moving in, more rain, and more snow. here are the temperatures, still another nice day across parts of the far northern plains and 54 in minneapolis well above average. this is the same storm that brought the snow to arizona last week, a week later and we still have the same storm. rain and thunderstorms will be with us all day long and, again, tomorrow, because it is a slow mover and the next storm ready to hit northern california today and tonight and by tomorrow into southern california and that storm is not a snow maker again for arizona like the last one. today we have a threat for severe weather. from illinois, this is jackson county, illinois, a funnel cloud looks like a twitter is touching the ground in jefferson county, illinois, a neighboring county,
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to the north of it, a trailer rolled with a man in it and he passed away and a couple of other injuries and 16 reports of tornadoes yesterday today we could see a few more in the carolinas and far eastern georgia but not a horrible outbreak. guys? >>dave: thank you. >> you never get tired of looking at that. >>dave: more news ahead on rising gas prices. [ male announcer ] montgomery and abiil haggins
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>> the obama administration is facing criticism over rising gasoline prices and the list of failed green projects and during a congressional hearing energy secretary chu offered a positive assessment you give yourself "a-" in weatherization. and in controlling the cost of gasoline at pump do you give yourself an "a-". >> the tools we had are limited but i would say i would give myself a little higher. >>dave: and billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on green energy plant that is falling short. and now pennsylvania
6:17 am
congressman. good morning, congressman. >>guest: good morning, guys. >>dave: how would you grade the secretary? >>guest: well, that happens, you let students grid -- grade their own papers that is what happens. she probably a marvelous scientist and probably would be more comfortable with the petri stuff than the gas pump. "a-" with gasoline from $1.80 to $3.95 for me last night? that is a failing grade not only for the secretary of energy but for the president of the united states. >>dave: congressman when you see the price of gas it is now $3.89 on average the highest ever, is it that simple to blame the energy secretary or the obama administration for the high price? what have they done to lead to that? >>guest: well, the president
6:18 am
ran on the ability to change the future of the country, and he had the answers to our energy problem. i listened to the state of the union address and he talked of all of the above and left out all of the below. he left out coal, a sly -- supply and demand market. to say that is not my fault, not my fault, this happened before, no, no, no, the chief executive has the responsibility to lay out the energy strategy which was to go away from nuclear and fossils and stick with renewables and it has been a failure for taxpayers. >>nicole: that has been the pet peeve of americans we have seen the administration spending on green energy rather than focusing on our own gasoline prices and from what i have heard and read they were all right with the fact that grip prices were -- gasoline prices
6:19 am
were going up? >> absolutely, under the first administration, if they got up to $4 a gallon i would hate to see what will happen. guys in a country that so blessed with natural resources, coal, oil, gas, we do not need to rely on everyone to dictate the price of our markets. coal, and i go back to coal more than anything else is responsible for half of the energy production and electricity in our country. why are we not concentrating on what we have? do the offshore, on shore, open up the east coast, the pacific coast, the atlantic coast, alaska, in the east coast, the gulf, we have abundant supply of natural resources this administration has said "no, off limits, we will stick to grown agenda." the president has become a venture capitalist that invested billions in his own agenda and
6:20 am
turned his back on the most affordable and accessible and keep our cost of living in a lower legal. we enjoyed a mild winter. when we see the summer gas prices coming and what it will happen next winter and power our autos it will be a drastic effect. >>dave: the obama administration would counter as we wrap this up we have more domestic production than not last eight years, congressman kelly from pennsylvania thank you for being with us. nikki araguz less drilling. in permits and that is what americans are looking for, the case of a neighborhood watch captain who killed an unarmed black teenager, and he is still a tremendous man because of a controversial state law, so, what, exactly, is the "stand your ground" defense and does it apply here? people with a machine.
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>> rallies held across the country to protest the shooting death of unarmed florida teen martin, a grand jury will look into the matter but the neighborhood watch captain who says he acted in self-defense has not been charged. now florida "stand your ground" law is under closer scrutiny. former florida governor weighing in on this and zimmerman's attorney saying the law does not apply in this case. and former washington, dc, homicide detective is join us and florida-based criminal defense attorney. welcome, both. >>clayton: eric, the "stand your ground" law is it enough to protect the guy? you heard yesterday florida governor bush coming out and say this law doesn't apply. what do you say? >>guest: lincoln said that the
6:25 am
only way to repeal a bad law is to strictly enforce it. take it further. the only way to repeal a good law is to use a bad case to use this law. florida stand your ground law has been a great law, a law that allows them to defend them sexes and we have constitutional right to defend ourselves it does not give us a license to hunt down someone who is wearing a hoodie if someone believes they are going to have serious body harm or be killed they can assert this ground and they have in duty to retreat, the doctrine that a man or woman's home was your castle, in your home negotiation duty to retreat. now, outside, stand your ground says you have no duty to retreat and you can defend yourself. >>clayton: it doesn't sound that cut and dry. what tour think? >>guest: is not that cut and dry and i kind of agree with the
6:26 am
defense attorney believe it or not because i can understand the spirit of the law. i can understand the spirit of the law. however, in this case the law does not apply. zimmerman's attorney, i'm glad to hear this morning that he is saying that this law does not apply because he knows as everyone else knows, the reason why they have had the rallies all across the country, that those elements did not exist in this case. can you not get in your car with a gun and drive around and say you will look to someone to have a confrontation to utilize this haw. and then kill that person. >>clayton: you identify this as a particular bad case to use against this law, but drug dealers and gangbangers all getting off from homicide charges because of the law. is it working? >>guest: well, i believe as a criminal defense attorney this law is working it has been a boon to criminal defense attorneys. no one has a more sacred obligation than law enforcement to obey and to follow the laws
6:27 am
the question in this case, should the law be used in this case. people have a right to defend themselves. you need to not have to wait for the police to show up and come. if you believe you are in danger and you will be killed you should have a right to defense yourself. do you not have a right to hunt someone down and to follow someone. george zimmerman no matter what the lawyer says at this point in time because it is tooley to tell we don't have a rush to judgment but a stampede. if he believes he was going to be harmed and going to be killed, i am not saying that applies only two people know what happened. one is unfortunately, sad and tragic, is dead. and one from the get go is claiming self-defense. >>clayton: and the final word? >>guest: there are more than two people that know what happened. we have a number of witnesses, a number of 911 calls, individuals that have not been interviewed
6:28 am
yet, and i am glad to see that the justice department and the f.b.i. are now involved in the case and hopefully we will get to justice. >>clayton: we appreciate you getting up early with this controversy. coming up on the show, are other skies less safe? the government has plans to cut back on firearm training for pilots. is that the right move? [ male announcer ] this is genco services --
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[ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> welcome back, everyone, time for the shot of the morning. holy traffic stop, batman. police in montgomery county, maryland, pulling a guy over in a batman suit because he did not have tags on a car, a black lamborghini, of course. >> batman does not need to register tags. you do not get tags for batman. >>nicole: i hope he was coming to my house. >>dave: he was on the way to
6:33 am
visit kids in the hospital and police let him off with a warning. he always get as warning, always a troubled relationship between the police department and batman. >>nicole: when i first got a cd before cell phone stuff my hand goal was wonderwoman. >>clayton: you went from here off the chart. >>nicole: on the long island expressway i had ... >>clayton: i was not picturing the car but the outfit. this week, the interactive festival, the music and film festival, the companies go to austin, texas, to show off their stuff and i add brand new cutting edge gadgets and gizmos that i played with down this. take a look.
6:34 am
this year's south by southwest is not just the apps and the software but hardware and gadgets and gizmos. and now we will see some of them. i am here with the creator of a skate board that you control with your mind. >> you control it with your imagination. you imagine where you want to go and you see that point and you think of the speed and this set converts your brainwaves into commands that control the electrical motor on this board. almost like you are meditating. >>clayton: and big companies
6:35 am
like chevy showing off, including an internet connected car. check this out. you have an ipad in the back seat, so, i could be skyping my family while i'm on the road driving across the country. >>guest: it is really intended for the passengers, my daughter scores the winning goal in soccer and she is excited and you want to capture that in the moment for grandma. >>clayton: i need a lot of help looking cool so i figured to test drive a brand new chevrolet to help that out. and now taking it for a spin. i feel a little bit cooler. the convention center is great, though, the stiff austin comes alive at night on 6th street where a last the business gets done is at the parties.
6:36 am
let's check it out. for those that drop your iphone all the time what about a case that lets you drop it in the water? it's fine. or drop it from 6' in the air. and it still works! i should have mentioned dave all dropping and breaking the phone. >>dave: i need the phone case. >>nicole: and we liked the sunglasses. >>dave: but they were women's glasses. >>clayton: i would not have noticed that for a while. >>nicole: we are controlling your mind? the headlines show a bank heist and car jabbing leads to a
6:37 am
deadly manhunt in massachusetts and police caught up to the wanted men in a residential neighborhood when gunfire drop out and the suspect was shot by the officers. two accomplices were arrested. a midnight showing that knocked all other viewings out of the park. come on, you know i am talking about "hung are games," pulling in $19.74 million from fans eager to see the film when the clock struck midnight last night for the biggest non-sequel opening night of all time. we setting recording. beating out "dark knight," and they estimate that bit end of this weekend it could rake in between $130 million to $140 million. life is not a bed rows for one new hampshire woman. locked in a bit are dispute with her homeowner's association. they are suing her now for nearly $14,000 for a garden in
6:38 am
front of her own condominium. when she planted the flowers back in 2008 she got the okay from the developer. but, when the board took over in 2010 they told her to remove them immediately. >> it feels like i am being bullied, and, really, all we wanted was to have a conversation to figure owe this can benefit all of us. the situation is out-of-control. >>nicole: the board argued that landscaping is to be performed only by the company that they have hired. and those are your headlines. not too happy. i live in a condo and they are very particular. >>dave: and now sports. how are the brackets this morning? two teams can push to the final four, the gators and louisville and ohio state and syracuse squaring off in the late game.
6:39 am
last night, north carolina surviving a big scare from ohio. the game was tied in regulation and then he missed a free throw what could have won the game if over time and tar heels take over. and 73-65 was the final, 24 turnovers for the tar heels. and number one, with revenge on their minds, and indiana upset the cats early this year, and last night, kentucky got 16 straight free throw to seal this in the final five minutes 102-90 and they get, the cats get baylor. happy birthday to peyton
6:40 am
manning. he is 36. this morning. 36. and $9 million on the way. rick how is the weather? rick: just like you guys. so it has cooled down considerably and still it is nice across the northeast. look at this map, chicago, so we were talking about how warm it has been and how long, nine days in a row this week over the last two weeks as chicago broke records and eight days they were above 80 degrees in march. insane. now, year, 63 degrees and we are back into more reasonable temperatures but, still, above average, and we still have temperatures 20 degrees above average for a last people in the plains. and now across the northeast today, we will see a few shower from time to time, moving into northeast late tonight, but, temperatures still in the 60's for everyone, and it is before our average although it is cooler than the last few days. across the southeast, warming up again toward texas and 83 in
6:41 am
austin, and 79 in oklahoma city and a lot of sunshine and the northern plains the temperatures are holding and still well above average and not as warm, not not 80's, but, still, well above urge a, and 79 and across the west we are looking good into the southwest but the rain and snow moves into northern california today. back to you. >> and now this question to the audience, get your comments in on twitter and e-mail. do you want your pilots in the flights you take to be packing heat in carrying a gun in the cockpit? this came into effect after 9/11, arming pilots on certain flights to make sure we did not have what unfolded on 9/11 and now this looks like it could change. >>dave: the obama administration would say no, we do not want pilots to pack heat. they are our last line of defense. and another question, would you secure the skies for just about the price of checking a bag? costs abound $15 a flight to
6:42 am
train and arm pilots during each flight. the obama administration wants to cuts out that program and save about $45 million a year not even a drop in the bucket. >>nicole: and now a quote from janet napolitano, the reduction for the federal flight deck officers program is predicated that the program is not risk based. we are moving in the t.s.a. to risk-based systems. the idea is that the pilot is the last line of defense. i was a goalkeeper in college and you are all about the team and everyone getting it right but not end, who is there? the pilot is. >> that is the beg question, now they say we will beef up more security so before you go through and you get on the plane well make sure but last week we had another issue with a kid in a wheelchair being padded down and checked out. so put your faith in that process. >> i would like to have my faith
6:43 am
everywhere. >>dave: do you want your pilots armed? let us know. more ahead. i remember the days before copd.
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>> i needed to protect the covert operations. get out your notebook. there's more. >>nicole: he was known for three decades as "deep throat." the informant that brought down president nixon but now there is new insight of watergate whistleblower. >>clayton: the author of "leaked," has interesting revelations. nice to see you. the record so far about deep throat is he was an honorable guy and he was some sort of a guy doing it for patriotic purposes but you paint a different picture. >>guest: he was no whistleblower he leaked in order to get the top job at the f.b.i.
6:48 am
it was all self serving. >>nicole: you feel he was leaking to woodward and doing it over 18 months, in order to get that f.b.i. top spot which he did not get, what were some of your greatest findings in doing this book? >>guest: there were three finding. first, the motive. he was self serving completely. second, he was leaking to time magazine as much as he ever leaked to the "washington post" and more important stories, and third, he leaked a lot or he disseminated a lot of bad information to woodward and time magazine. >>clayton: on time magazine issue why did they not go forward with the information? or did they? was there more information or more important information leaked to time magazine they never reported we may never have learned? >>guest: no, they have never gotten the credit because they were weekly and the "washington post" came out each day.
6:49 am
so time magazine never got the same credit as the "washington post" did. >>nicole: what do you feel, still feel are unanswered? do you feel like this was question you are sitting with still? >>guest: the biggest question is, nixon found out felt was leaking before the november election. and i am not sure how that happened i wish some of the people were still around to answer questions. >>clayton: a larger theme is the idea of self preservation, nixon wanted to preserve the presidency and mark felt was leaking. >>guest: he worked at the bureau since the 40's and he thought what was good for the bureau was good for mark felt. >>clayton: the book is "leaked," fascinating stuff about a dark period in american history. thank you, max.
6:50 am
>>nicole: coming up, digging up dirt on the g.o.p. presidential candidate an assignment given to eighth graders in virginia. going to get a loan is stressful enough without having to wait for an answer on a timeline that looks like this. at regions we've streamlined applying for a loan so that you get honest answers in about 30 minutes. it's sure time somebody did. is a lot like picking a team. you could go with the fastest, most reliable, and at the very least, talented at what they do.
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>>nicole: 8th grade political operatives? sounds too creepy to be true, right? it is happening in one school in virginia. students were given an assignment to dig up dirt on g.o.p. presidential candidates. and track down someone in president obama's campaign to send the information to! >>dave: and good do have you,
6:54 am
michelle. what on earth was the reason. the school said this was a "good project." only do opposition research on the g.o.p. candidates, nothing in regard to the democrats. why? >>guest: exactly. they wanted to teach about the legal process and they had them dig up dirt on the republicans, write a strategy paper and try to figure out how to send that information over to the obama campaign, so, like you said, our public school students are being treated as political operatives now. >>nicole: that is unbelievable and feels unfair and unbalanced when you hear it. the school district spokesman said this. the principal advised the teacher to emphasize that the assignment was meant to "learn a process." what do you think that? is that straight up? >>guest: well, obviously, this assignment is bias but if you put the bias aside, this is a strange assignment.
6:55 am
why teach students of the dirty side of politics, there is so much to learn about the election process and the political ross why teach the bad side? and encourage that behavior? >>dave: encouraging it on either side, these are middle school students, they, it is not helpful for them to learn of opposition research. maybe in college, a graduate type course, has there been discipline with the teacher? >>guest: they okay and now the students have the option to dig up dirt on the obama administration mission. imagine if liberals found out private school students were encouraged to dig up dirt for romney on the obama administration? they wrote be outraged but liberals it is aside while we teach our students to dig up dirt on the g.o.p. >>nicole: and concerned parents did not like this assignment, as all. >>guest: not at all, and the individual we specific to said tons of parents were calling the
6:56 am
school but there is not going to be any punnerment for the teacher whatever. >>dave: unbelievable. thank you, michelle. and obama administration letting officials keep longer tabs on americans with no known ties to terrorism ♪ ♪
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone, on saturday, march 24th. i am here for alyson. the volt is going from low voltage to no voltage. was this auto push worth your tax dollars? >> plus the president taking credit for the keystone xl pipeline. >> and i am directing the administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucratic hurdles and make this project a priority. >>dave: part of the keystone xl pipeline. but as the president taking credit for something he had nothing to do with? we report. you decide. >>clayton: and calling on d list celebrities. you can dial them on the phone. but it will cost you. you don't want to miss that. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
7:01 am
>> this is "fox & friends", one of my favorite shows, i am former mayor giuliani. >>dave: good morning, everyone, nicole is here this morning. a couple of people would like to see some tweeting. is nicole on twitter? >>nicole: i have not done that. >>dave: i thought you register add twitter. >>clayton: we will see you get on twitter. and we have someone from "dukes of hazard," bo duke. he is coming up in 20 minutes. >>dave: but, first, we start with another snag for the volt, the president's favorite car that he might drive when he is
7:02 am
done with the white house. another problem, another bit of a recall, for the volt. they have already halted production for five-week period because at the love the dealers said they had five months of stock already and they did not exactly need it. >>nicole: they had a medicalling -- melting plug in fire. and the battery was a problem. it has not gone that well. >>clayton: the new cords, that is the story of the morning, you plug them in and you have a recall and there is a possible problem. this is what the whole thing has cost: $49.5 billion to g.m. from the taxpayers, you get a $7,500 tax credit if you buy. and people complain they are so pricey you have to dry the thing for 40 years to get back the machine you are spending upfront
7:03 am
to save you on the gas. >>nicole: general motors stock is nowhere near where it should are for taxpayer to get their money back. >>dave: because the government owns so much of it. that is why the stock is stuck. >>nicole: it is stuck? in reverse. >>dave: people say it is a great car but the $40,000 price tag is tough to overcome. the president out there in oklahoma talking about exploration and energy in his program and in part claiming credit for a portion of the keystone xl pipeline. yes, the very controversial keystone xl pipeline the president went out of his way to kill legislation for the pipeline coming from canada. there is a part that is happening. >>clayton: republicans are slamming the president for the appearance yesterday with pipes behind him yesterday in oklahoma talking about getting the new legislation taking care of the bottom portion of the pipeline, the top part that is the
7:04 am
problem. listen to the president yesterday. all right now a company called transcanada has applied toable new pipeline to speed more oil from cushing, oklahoma, to state of the artery fineries in the gulf coast and today i am directing my administration to cut through the red tape and make this project a priority. >>clayton: republicans call this the "pipeline to nowhere," down in cushing, oklahoma, but does not come across the board boarder. >>nicole: they are taking credit for something they did not do. we are not drilling where we are supposed to drill. gasoline prices are rising. >>dave: this portion of the pipeline was already going to be clear. there was no real opposition to it and it is helpful getting to the gulf coast of texas but the
7:05 am
representative said this was underway fast tracking it note making a difference. >>guest: this is nothing more than a con job that oklahoma people do not appreciate, this photo opportunity. i don't believe the american people are going to believe in this con job, either. >> the president needs to take credit for things in the work. knick member and i have another one. how much production we have. so, there has been all this hype by the president, the administration, about how they have increased production but the production that has been increased is only on private land and state land, not on federal land. the federal land actually is down. >>clayton: and rush limbaugh calling out the president forting -- for then getting the pipeline through. >> remember, it was already not works. he cannot stop this and he
7:06 am
didn't have anything to do with approving it. there is no key -- keystone xl pipeline, 9 leg in the united states is still in limbo he has not authorized it. and now it is blame this on congress they wanted it done in a certain amount of time. >>clayton: and democrats slammed the president on the we will keep you posted on the latest developments. kowtowing to the environmentalists saying it should have been open and shut deal, something the president could handle, and became a campaign issue when he voted it down. >>dave: we will hear about it in the upcoming g.o.p. race. today primary day in louisiana. some voters already headed to the polls very early joining us, like, is our guest always up early. good morning, at cue beetle.
7:07 am
>>guest: good morning. dave. nicole. and clayton. the last of the deep south states to cast a ballot. louisiana will award 46 delegates on a proportional basis. rick santorum favored to win. placing him more than ten points in front of romney. year, santorum was trying to move beyond thursday's gaffe suggesting voters might as well keep president obama in office rather than elect romney. he squeeze off a few rounds at a shooting range in louisiana and still maintained there isn't "a dime's worth of difference," between romney and mr. obama and later at an appearance he asked who is better to take on the president on national security. >> someone who is a wall street financier with zero national security and foreign policy experience? zero. zero. or someone would served eight years on the armed services committee? wrote major pieces of legislation about iran and syria?
7:08 am
>> latest poll of republicans and republican leaning independents nationwide, governor romney now leads santorum 40 percent to 26 percent the first time any has reaped the 40 percent mark and romney talked to a repeal and replace obamacare rally and made a direct appeal to voters. >> you have a lot of delegates here. i want, well, i would like all of them. i probably not going to get all of them but i want as many as i can and i ask you to get out and vote and give me a good send off. illinois did. puerto rico did. >> newt gingrich and rick santorum will appear at a leadership conference in pennsylvania and the primary is a month away and the polls in louisiana close at 9:00 eastern tonight. would knew clayton was such a comic book nerd geek? he cited "small bill," as a favorite but he told us about
7:09 am
the tense relationship between batman and the police department. >>dave: you are just coming around to comic book geek? >>nicole: thank you. and now protests popping up nationwide as thousands of people call for action in the trayvon martin case. from chicago. to fill. demonstrators wore hoodies and marched in honor of the florida teen gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer. a lawyer advising zimmerman saying the incident has nothing to do with race. >> the issue whether this is between caucasian and african-american is brought to light and i don't see george being that. >>nicole: the grand jury will convene to decide whether he
7:10 am
will face charges. she in hiding after receiving several death threats. a montana man behind bars after trying to board a flight with a loaded pands gun. at sacramento international airport. the 45-year-old reportedly trying to board a us airways flight to phoenix when t.s.a. agents spotted the gun. one was on his body and three in the carry on. and another eight semi automatic weapons were found in his car. no word on what he planned to do with the weapons. >>dave: you can got bring those on a plane? shocking. >>nicole: an 83-year-old, the confusing piece of technology at apple store was the front door! she now is suing apple for $1 million claiming the company was negligent for not elderly
7:11 am
proving the store's see through door and did not realize she was headed straight for a wall of glass. that happens sometimes and ended up breaking her nose. officials and workers at long island location have not commented. >> this is your bread and butter. >> come on, elderly proving? that is a new phrase. i worked at a mall and each day without doubt there were glass doors, and -- boom! rick: maybe she was trying to text. storms will be severe, and a lot of rain in the west. with snow. send me your pictures and details on your weather.
7:12 am
here you go, shaft week we had the temperatures 30 and 40 degrees above average and today around 20 degrees above average so more reasonable and tomorrow, 20 degrees above average across the heartland and toward parts of the rockies and cool in the west because we have rain out there. and rain across the east, the same storm that brought the snow last week across arizona and very slowly moving off to the east with shower and a few thunderstorms and some could be severe later today. and the next storm spinning toward california, so, big rain in northern california and storms in the higher elevations. i feel like james maybe has not watched the show if he realize clayton is a comic book fan. >>dave: you have outed james. >>clayton: that is like me not knowing james is a hue beatles
7:13 am
fan. much more ahead. the government can now keep longer tabs on americans. even with no known terror ties. is this going too far? [ male announcer ] have you heard?
7:14 am
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7:16 am
>>dave: the obama administration under fire from civil liberty group whose say new law enforcement guidelines go too far. the rules allow intelligence officials to retain information gathered on american citizens for longer period of time, much longer even with no criminal background. how far is too far? joining us for a pair and balanced week a former homeland security advisor and author of
7:17 am
"tea party, three principles." and a professor of law. his both, five years you were allowed to keep information on american citizens without a criminal background. is this too long? >>guest: well, no, of course it is not. the reason they are expanding the time period for retention of this information is so nose who are charged with keeping us safe from terrorism can do so effectively. if you can only keep this information for 18 months there is only so were they can do. i would think we can get on board with this because there is zero new information being collected. >>dave: and civil rights advocates are concern about keeping this information this long. we are talking about it was 1810 days and now to go to five years are you concerned? >>guest: the question is how does this affect the counterterrorism effort. in law enforment if you keep
7:18 am
information on someone for five years the information could be stale or wrong. and in addition what part of the investigation, do you get an enhanced look at five years? what is causing concern is the information collection on people who have in ties to terrorism. that is the type of thing we have to look at. this is part a national debate. and who are you looking at? and what is the range in which government can take a look at innocent people who have no connections going forward. >>dave: and the viewers at home wondering if they are keepingness on me for five years with no known ties to terror are you concerned? >>guest: this is the same information the government has been collecting for years, now, and there is no new information being collected and the only difference is they are keeping it for a longer period of time and the reason they are doing that is because anyone who works
7:19 am
in counterterrorism will tell you that sometimes it takes a while to see connections between otherwise seemingly innocent points of data, so, all they are doing here is troying to take the information they already have gotten and use it more effectively. >>dave: is it hypocritical for the bush administration infringing on civil rights? >> the recall the firestorm over the awareness program for data of president bush a result of americans and folks in congress saying, this is too much. you do not have the serious for this type of analysis. and, really, when we give up this type of a privacy and we allow government to come in we have to have a good reason for it. and the thing they keep citing is the case that is the detroit airline bomber, right? they failed to put some of
7:20 am
databases together. is that the only case? the only reason for doing this going from 180 days to five years? you need bed are ideas for that. >>dave: thank you boat for -- both for being with us this morning. and he is best for the "dukes of hazard." ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie.
7:21 am
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anybody knick -- anybody anybody we know you remember him from "dukes of hazzard," and john russia -- schneider starring in a faith-based film "october baby." all in the car. now. >> fine. >> fine. >> fine. stay out of this. >> mr. lawson. >> stay out of it. >> i know how you must feel. >> have no idea and you cannot know until you have a daughter of your own. >> join us is the star of "october baby," john schneider. nice to see you, john. >> mice to see you.
7:25 am
thank you for the references, appreciate it. >> movie looks unbelievable. >> you do not choose a role blindly so it had to be mere and dear to your heart. >> well, i'm a dad. we have four kids. and it is always fascinating in the scene you just saw a young person says i know how you must feel about, really, anything. so, i appreciated the script because when it all boils down, it and really is a movie about the burden of hatred and the power of forgiveness and i am talking about basically if i am holding someone against someone, if i have a hatred toward you, however justified, someone said that hatred is like continually drinking poison waiting for someone else to die.
7:26 am
for me that is what this film is about and there were a lot of those sorts of message. is i am excited about the policemen. and it is a little movie that is making a lot of noise. number three on "must see," list behind "21 jump street." >>nicole: about a 19-year-old that was supposed to be aborted and live and her challenges and anger through life. how do you hope that families, a lot of people will watch this, highway do you hope the viewers take this in? what do you think as a viewer what do you think i will think? >>guest: well, i hope it causes conversation. really. because it challenges what you believe. i never heard the term "abortion survivor," before i read "october baby." the script. and i saw the movie last night and i listened to people talking
7:27 am
and there are a lot of people talking about adoption. a lot of people saying i didn't know there was such thing as abortion survivor and hopefully it will begin conversations in families on the way home, not political views, but, just, open, honest conversations, about life. and about the, especially for me, about whether you are holding a grudge. teens hold a lot of things against their parents. they do. and you know it will pass. but, they don't. and that is also one of the points of the movie. i am excited about "october baby." >>clayton: and you mention the similar things in smallville, and very wholesome show and as a have nerd a fan of superman now the show has ended, john, what does it feel like to be tied to this character, superman, there is a new superman movie in
7:28 am
production what do you think about it? >>guest: i'm so honored especially to have been, i'm the guy that handed clark kent the suit. and he puts it on. i love smallville and it is hard to be a father. a book doesn't come with the children when they are born as you enjoy. but, i have so enjoyed being that kind of a father on "smallville," and now this kind a father in "october baby," because it, it's stories leak that, like smallville obviously helpful to people hike me who are fathers and "october baby," is the same thing. >>nicole: we are glad you did this project and you yourself married 18 years, you have four kids and this "october baby," is out this weekend is everyone can catch that. >>clayton: great to see you.
7:29 am
>>clayton: tim tebow headed to new york to become a jet so what are the other players thinking of that move? [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota. in here,
7:30 am
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7:33 am
>>dave: that is the shot of the morning, with katy perry saying hello to our troops in "heart of me," going all out not performance and went through boot tramp and trained for the video which was filmed at camp pendleton. trained with other women. i like her a lot before.
7:34 am
>>clayton: you have to hear this story from a list to d list. a new hollywood hot lies that allows to you call your favorite d list celebrities you can talk to gina lohan for $25 a minute. and racial, -- rachel and i used to work together, $20 a minute. >>dave: i would not know ... >> and danielle staub $18 a minute. and another one, i don't know this woman, who wouldn't want to speak with ... this woman? >> that is supposed to be
7:35 am
angelina. angelina, are you there? >>clayton: i would call octo monday $12 a minute. >>dave: how is octomom half of low man? >>clayton: she probably has advise on handling all the kids. >>dave: gina may not have too many friends. >>clayton: do you remember as kids, when we had a friend who got michael jackson's phone number. >>nicole: i would dial santa. for free. to know where he was. >> and he would say he was in
7:36 am
asia now. >>dave: and now headlines. >>nicole: former florida governor bush speaking out about endorsing romney for president. take a listen. >> he is the candidate that can beat president obama. he would be, i think, a fine president. and i think he will win the republican nomination. and that is pretty clear now. >>nicole: bush is a huge figure in the republican party and now calling on other g.o.p. leaders to unite and support romney and start thinking about the general election. lighting up in your home could go up in smoke for some residents in california. a city is thinking of banning homing in apartment complexes. but not everyone is on board with the idea. the rent am housing association says that owners, not the cities should decide on the appropriate policy. the city council meets wednesday
7:37 am
to take up the issue. >> emotional homecoming for one of new york's bravest veteran firefighters greeted by cheering crowds as he left a manhattan hospital three months after he nearly died in raging survive, surviving severe burns to half of his body and ten surgeries and a medically induced coma with the recovery called "miracle," and he said he never lost faith. >> i had so many from my company over there, coming in, and people i didn't know. >>nicole: he is a husband and fatherf two and he hopes to return to work in the future. and those are the headlines. you know what with the smoking in the apartment building i have a friend in manhattan that took it to court so her 19 could no longer smoke because it was coming into her apartment and
7:38 am
affecting her kids. and they won. they won. he cannot smoke or he has to pay her $1ment. >>clayton: that is a way to kick the habit. >>dave: rick? rick: that is why rent in manhattan went up to $1 million. now the weather maps, a nice day, again, not as nice or as warm and not like june but we will have temperatures that are more like april although it is still march, and now, lock at peculiar, missouri, what a great name for a town, southeast of kansas city, a nice spring conditions day. everyone talk about pollen issues. so many allergies right now. san me pictures of your pollen your car covered with pollen.
7:39 am
purely, missouri, will be a high of 77. the northeast is not as nice but shower moving in and clouds and mid-atlantic state seeing quite a bit of rain and thunderstorms and in the source more storms, the carolinas and eastern georgia, that could be severe. and the western side of the map is nice, warm, and nice toward the northern plains and 73 in minneapolis again today so warm temperatures continue. in the west a good start with the next storm moving in to northern california and san francisco rainy and gloomy and snow moves in tonight and tomorrow that moves in to southern california. guys? >> i don't know if you remember this a short time ago when vice president biden happening over the podium to president obama on the over of the big health care news and of course passing the health care bill and he says
7:40 am
this. >> thank you, everyone. >> remember that? >> i didn't forget it. >>dave: and from everything we were told the president was not happy that vice president biden said that in an open mike and maybe they were proud of it because they now are owning that slogan. the president himself on his own twitter accounts putting out the word selling a t shirt "health reform still a bfd." $30 great obama for america, their official campaign is fundraising off of joe biden's open mike slip. i think parents are not thrilled with the idea of their kids walking away with that t-shirt. >>nicole: i am not a fan. not a fan. >>clayton: i thought maybe it was a super pac, an unaffiliated
7:41 am
democratic super pac but obviously unaffiliated but, no, from "obama for america." >>dave: he brings up his daughters in conversation, and thinks of his daughters would it be appropriate, when it comes to the rush limbaugh comments and now this is from the president's own account "bfd," and now coming straight from the president. >>clayton: tell us what you think about that. i wouldn't want my son to see daddy wearing a t-shirt with that. >>nicole: "hunger games," is a big box office hit
7:42 am
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bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousas of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. anthe tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. >>dave: welcome back, a wild season by the nfl with pay tongue man headed to denver and tim tebow coming to new york city and the jets. and now the leading rusher of the nfl for two years, houston, texas runningback "the most interesting man in the nfl," and i agree with all of that hype. congratulations on the new five year contract you have earned
7:46 am
every penny. and now this crazy week. i thought manning would be the story, but, no, it is tim tebow coming to play for the jets would already have a quaterback, who signed for next five years, and i know the fans will be split. what does it do to the locker room or the jets' team? >>guest: it depends on the leadership in the locker room. when you bring in a go like tim tebow you have to be prepared as a coach, staff, and players for the media swirl that will hit especially in new york. this is media mecca of the united states. so it depends on the leadership but if you had any good character with the guys on the team i don't think it going bad. >>dave: provided ryan and sanchez can get ahold of this. >>guest: ryan is good as
7:47 am
handling debacles, he is, i am a fan of ryan and how he stands up for the players and takes responsibility. i like how he goes about his business. >>dave: he is an interesting story and the other story was the saints' punishment for the bounty system. the head coach, sean payton, suspected for a year. the santas were america's team for a while and now it is us against the world, they feel, inside the locker room. was the punishment too strict or just right? >>guest: i was asked that by espn and i have thought about it since then. when you trying to intentionally hurt someone, it is just entertainment but this is how a lot of guys -- these are
7:48 am
families. if you have an open bounty to hurt another player, you are actually actively trying to take food out of that family's mouth. i understand injuries will happen in a sport but when you try to take someone out, there are implications in there. >>dave: do you think they are the only team doing it? >>guest: there are gives doing additional things to hurt me. but, when a coach advocates that, it is crossing the line. >>dave: and now undrafted from the nfl you are now the best runningback by a lot of counts in the nfl, averaging 1,400 yards and 15 touchdowns in the last two seasons an impressive stat and you get a new five year deal and the sports news names you the most interesting man in
7:49 am
the nfl. why do you take pride in that. >>guest: people are always trying to be interesting rather than interested. and i was trying to learn to be a well rounded person. >>dave: you are one of the most well-read players in the league and a lot makes you an interesting guy and you tweeted this week that you and the commissioner of the nfl doing a special greeting namasa te.
7:50 am
>>guest: it showed respect to everyone that loves football and i met the commissioner in my trip to new york and i asked if he would do it, i thought it would be a cool jess tire because in houston a lot of people took to that. so now one more shot of catching that football because we caught you off guard. namaste. >> yes, namaste. >> congratulations on your success. more ahead. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>>nicole: a stellar debut for "hunger game," telling the story of teens that compete in a game of survival and the government officials and the world watch on television. >> wish i could think of a way to show them they do not own me. i am going to die. do they illustrate the horrors of big government? joining us is editor of this is unbelievable. tell us what it is about, kids
7:55 am
living in squalor and drought and tough times trying to make it through. right? >>guest: yes, they are living in a country a post modern united states where they literally have to fight and scrounge for food on a daily basis and they are a society at war for food. so in order to eat it is almost lucky to participate in the games where they have to murder each other because if you win the became, if you are the last one standing, you will have a life with a house and food. otherwise, you will not live that way. >>nicole: how does this relate to big government? the folks that did not participate in this do not get anything, right? how does this relate to big government? how do you think? >>guest: well, interesting, no one ever reads the same book and it would be great to ask the author what she meant by this but if you look at countries where the people living in them
7:56 am
are stabbing those are countries oppressed by too government. they cannot produce and be product ever and get food in return for their work. this does not occur in capitalists society but those overrun by government and they are at war essentially with each other and if you look at when you are not allowed to exchange what you work for, for that of others history says people go to work and that is essentially what it is, individuals fighting each other for survival so they can eat. >>nicole: thank you, john, this is unbelievable. take it over. it is unbelievable. thank you for joining us. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. a long walk. a walk with you.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> good morning, on saturday, march 24th. two years ago a big deal, this
8:00 am
year? a not so happy birthday for the president's health care bill. >> this is the second and was of obamacare. i don't think anyone is celebrating in the white house today. >>nicole: where are the big parties? >>dave: jon corzine caught lying unoath to congress through e-mails saying the further new jersey governor and mf global c.e.o. may have misplaced customer cash. on purpose. what it means and why he could be in a whole lot of trouble. >>clayton: the government cutting the cash and disarming our pilots. is this a good idea? or plain fooler? "fox & friends" hour three starts right now.
8:01 am
>> this is dolly parton and you are watching "fox & friends" this morning. >>dave: dollywood is open. >>clayton: great to see you, nicole. >>nicole: it has been a fun morning. i am not yet on twitter. got to do that. >>clayton: i saw these in the green room. do you know what is going on this week? better know these guys. all eyes on robert, kennedy, alito. >>nicole: we have to watch kennedy. >>clayton: monday it starts, folks, keep those around the case just in case, and sunday all eyes on this because of the big supreme court hearing for obamacare the affordsable health care act is underway on monday and the candidates have a lot to say. >>dave: the mandate is at the
8:02 am
part of this? is it constitutional? 26 states say it is not. it will likely be a 5-4 split. >>clayton: the candidates are on the campaign trail on the two year anniversary of obamacare, and romney care is considered the basis for obamacare and he said the more we see the more we don't like. >> the second anniversary of obamacare, i don't think anyone is celebrating even in the white house today. because they have seen the polls. the american people don't like obamacare. the more we see of obamacare the less we like it. >> interesting how he talks about that and it will affect businesses and americans. here is mcconnell. >> two years have gone by. and this is what we know: the president was right to join a call for health carry reform. but the giant bill he and others
8:03 am
ran through congress made it worst. >>clayton: and david axelrod former campaign leader for president obama sent out an e-mail. on behalf of obamacare for america. saying this. i like obamacare. i'm proud of it. and you should be. here is why: it works. custody stand with me in saying hell, yeah, i'm for obamacare. and the college kids come back whom on their parents' health care and talks about cutting costs, and he talked about that inside the e-mail. >>nicole: that is arguable. >>dave: and the kids under 26. the president will try to rally the youth. did it work? and here are some things that have happened. a promises, a core promises in the president is that premiums
8:04 am
would come down and that is a big problem in this country. they have come down over $2,000 by the end the first term for the average family. what has happened, since the affordable health care act, average premiums have increased by more than $2,000 so completely in the opposite direction is the fowl promise. >>nicole: people are losing choices. they going to lose their choices. we talked of the companies by the year 2014, many of them may choose not to give health care at all. and that is a problem, as well. >>clayton: and the deficit is a big issue, a projection by the c.b.o. in 2010 that the health care plan would reduce the deficit by $143 billion and the white house saying, that is curting the deficit. in 2011 the obama administration does away with the class act because it is fiscally unworkable which was a portion of one of the accounting gimmicks as the right called it,
8:05 am
and in the numbers, there were projections and weird accounting gamics accounting for the lowering. >>nicole: they give us something and revise it. we were presented with one thing and they revise it. and now the true costs of obamacare, wiping out $70 billion of projected $143 billion of deficit reduction. >>dave: much of obamacare is unknown because a lot of things are not fully in place. companies are trying to prepare for it whether you are a small business or insurer. here is what the insurance companies are saying they have done. the second largest in the country will spend $100 million on technology upgrades to meet the law's requirement. >>clayton: and it that, with 189 million members will spend $50 million to upgrade software in the computers. >>nicole: and blue cross-blue shield of michigan with four
8:06 am
million members spending nearly $20 million and adding 100 employees. and also, money to care for the elderly aid for the poor. >>clayton: it starts on monday morning at the supreme court. the white house will say a portion of this you need to wait for and they will use the legal idea which is, look, we cannot rule on this because it has not gone into effect. that is an argument. >>dave: three days of oral arguments scheduled in the supreme court. today it is primary day in louisiana and the polls are open as republican voters are ready to pick their favorite candidates. james is on it and in washington this morning, is that right?
8:07 am
>>guest: rick santorum will likely win the share of the 20 deaths being awarded in louisiana primary and romney will pick up some of them and end the weekend with the commanding lead in the count instant. the two candidates stumped across the state yesterday, and santorum emphasizing his social conservatism, and blue-collar roots and romney making the case for business experience, and both took aim, however, at president obama and his signature health care law. >> americans do not want what they or their ancestors left. that is why it is important. in this race. on the issue of government control of your likes and being dependent on government for your very health. >> people have taken a good hard look at obamacare and seen the additional taxes and seen a $500
8:08 am
billion cut to medicare, and i cannot skip that one were we have to talk about that. because i go to symposium and them say "don't touch my medicare," and only one president cut $500 billion out of medicare and that is your guy, and? i am president i will reserve medicare and i will not cut $500 billion out of the medicare that we have. >> newt gingrich is polling at 18 percent in the state this month and ron paul is in single digits so, trouncing by rick santorum, a former senator from pennsylvania in the last of the deep south states to vote in the cycle could accelerate calls for newt gingrich who staked his candidacy on the south to drop out. back to you.
8:09 am
>> and two thirds of americans are not for obamacare. protests popping up as thousands call for action in the trayvon mar ten case. in chicago to philadelphia, demonstrators marched in honor of the florida teen who was gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer. a lawyer advising george zimmerman saying the insurance accident has nothing to do with race. >> the issue of whether this is between caucasian and african-american has been brought to light and i don't see george being that. >> a grand jury will convene in the case to decide whether zimmerman will face charges. she in hiding after receiving several death threats. a manhunt underway right now for a gunman that opened fire on a tire shop in north carolina.
8:10 am
two people died and there are reports of at least two others injuried. the shop is a family-owned business reportedly a cousin of the owners is believed to have been one of the fatalities. cops say the man fled from the seen in a silver sedan and the motive is unknown. here you go, new details in mf global's collapse showing former c.e.o. jon corzine may have been lying to congress. according to ena male from the former assistant treasurer he ordered $200 million be transferred from a customer account before the company tanked. the money was allegedly moved to the company's accounts that were overseas. if that is true, that would con thing with corzine's statements that he never directed anyone to misuse the customer funds. and mf global filed for bankruptcy in october after a bad bed on europe debt. those are your headlines. we are going to hear a lot more
8:11 am
about this. rick is it short leaved weather or not? rick: this is the in between. it was short sleeve weather at night but now not short sleeve weather going back to sweat are and light jacket weather but across the plains it is not the case. and last week we talked about temperatures in the 80's, and pushing lower 90's for some people and today and tomorrow we still are well above the average across the central lanes and toward the mid-atlantic but not as warm as last week so it will feel very nice and we cannot complain with this, there is warnings in los angeles, and there will be snow dropping to around 5,000 feet.
8:12 am
and here you go the big storm, the spin right there, another very cold storm, so more rain and mountain snow and further to the north and across parts of california and the other storm is across the east and heavy rain and severe weather threat today across the carolinas and down to georgia and that is why you can't wear short sleeves, dave. the next couple of weeks it will be colder. long sleeves and a sweater. >>clayton: more ahead.
8:13 am
8:14 am
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come see us. now that's control. (bike bell) >>dave: the president's energy policies causing gas prices to go up to $4 a gallon, and he went out west saying drilling is simply not the answer. >> if you hear anyone, anyone, on tv saying that somehow we are against drilling for oil you will know they don't know what they talking about or they are
8:17 am
not telling the truth. >> even if we drill every square inch we will rely on other companies for oil. >>nicole: what is the president's policy on drilling? is he doing enough? >>dave: we have the c.e.o. of an energy company, and he wrote an open letter to the president. john, good to see you. >>guest: good morning, you cannot drill your way to lower gas prices. is he wrong, i think, we have new technologies including fracturing which you know about, and have opened up a new world from an oil accessibilities point of view. we have a lot of oil? we go after it and that will
8:18 am
lessen our dependence on foreign countries. >>nicole: your thoughts on the keystone xl pipeline? >>guest: the keystone xl pipeline, gosh, you saw what happened this week and the president came to oklahoma to get support for the southern leg of the keystone xl pipeline which is a leg that did not require his approval. it was going to happen anyway. what was requiring his approval is the northern leg. if you want to be technical, what needs his approval is the 12 itch crossing the border from canada to the united states. he has not given his approval. >>nicole: were you a began? we know he approved the bottom half not the part we were interested in. >>guest: we need him to approve the northern part. what is unfolding there, and we all know that and the but public knows it, he pushed that approval down the road until after the election because it is
8:19 am
being oppose bid environmentalist extremists part of his constituency. >>dave: and, john, this letter you and your colleagues wrote to the president and we have a portion of that saying no energy source is good for men than domestic oil and gas and our companies are creating well paying jobs. we hope your actions follow suit, to date they have not. specifically, sir, you want his actions to be, what? >>guest: well, we want him to support the industry here by doing things that are -- what he is doing is increasing regulation. layers of regulation. and they are not helping to make this industry more environmentally sound. have had no real positive impact, just putting more control in the hands of the federal government which he is doing on all fronts and we need him to quit doing that and to
8:20 am
quit being hostile, and threatening and increasing taxes. and let me point this out. this industry is terribly capital intensive industry. we invest more than 100 percent of our cash flow each year. we take all the cash employee and we borrow money. to take more taxes away means it will have ramifications and we will cut back activities and cut back on jobs and reduce supply and increase prices. it is nonsense. >>dave: thank you, john. >>nicole: we could be hiding two wars, high unemployment and high gasoline prices but my ghost those there is a brighter future ahead. >>dave: safety in the sky going to the birds with the government cutting cash and disarming pilots. is this a good idea? or plain foolish?
8:21 am
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8:24 am
>> would towards and high unemployment and skyrocketing foreclosures a few challenges facing the nation but our next guest says that the world is better off now than it has ever been and our next two decades will have great gains than the last 200 years. the chairman and c.e.o. of the x prize foundation and author of "abundance the future is better than you think." quite an interesting page turner, and joins to talk about it. nice to see you, peter. >>guest: a pleasure. >>clayton: we have a few examples but generally, i am curious to have you answer, those who say we are in hard times, famine, wars the world is facing but you argue we are in a more peaceful spot than ever. explain. >>guest: well, if you look at the data over the last 100 years
8:25 am
the quality of life has skyrocketed throughout the world, each nation has gotten healthy and wealthier, and income foreign has tripled the last 100 years and the human life span has doubled and the cost of energy is down 20 fold and the cost of transportation down 100 fold account forces that created this nation and all that has improved the last 200 years are accelerated so we are headed to a world where health care is slow cost, and education and energy and water are ubiquitous, a function of technologies and a small team of entrepreneurs who are doing extraordinary thing. >>clayton: you mentioned faster computers and network. i am a fan of technology and it is remarkable to think this is somehow expanding our lives. >>guest: in the book i talk about artificial intelligence and biology and the small teams of entrepreneurs who can utilize these things to change the
8:26 am
world. we just larged a $10 million x prize that my organization runs $10ment for the team who can build a hand held mobile device that can diagnosis you better than the board certified doctor and that will be in four years 155 teams are competing and that provides health care whether you are in africa or the middle of los angeles, and, really, for pennys. >>clayton: you talk about that in your talk, in africa, sub-sahara, with no doctor anywhere near holding a hand held device that with a few simple questions, artificial intelligence can answer questions and can diagnosis myself. >>guest: and that is digital imaging and these are technologies that make the cell phone so powerful and are available across the globe. in the book and folks can download the first chapter for
8:27 am
free, i talk about the technologies and how they will transform our likes and increase the quality of life for everyone on the planet in the tax few decades. >>clayton: you talk about the billions of people that will come to finally use the intent for the first time. we take it for dramaticked in the united states. you say that could be a major game changer. >>guest: it is. we are going from two billion people in 2010 connected online to 5 billion in 2020 and people you have never heard from before are plugging in. they will pump in tens of trillions of dollars into the global economy and they will be the customers that the multinew jerseys are building for and they will be inventing solutions that we will use back in the united states. >>clayton: and we try to find a silver lining in negative news so it is refreshing to have you on, check out "abundance," it is
8:28 am
fascinating and watch peter's talk. great to have you, peter. >>guest: my pleasure. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow
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8:32 am
come realize water's true potential. dive in-to the waters of pure michigan. your trip begins at >>dave: hello, everybody, welcome. good to have you nicole. >>nicole: thank you. we have been talking football and "october baby," and bubbles. and 10 percent of that movie goes to charity with john schneider. >>clayton: from "dukes of hazzard." >>dave: this is "click" of the week. remember playing with bubbles as a kid? our shot of the morning, check it out, did it thrill you as much as this little guy?
8:33 am
>> he is absolutely amazed by them. with every blow of the bubbles. he gets more and more excited. >>dave: i saw that when clayton first saw his new ipad. almost the same reaction. a week ago. amazeing. i remember that moment. >>nicole: so fun. he is calling it a pilgrimage of hope. pope benedict calling for an end to drug-related violence in mexico and today he will hold a private mass in the city of leon before meeting with the president calderon. this before he leaves for cuba
8:34 am
on monday. the first visit since pope john fault's visit in 1988. imagine driving down the highway and you see a huge, huge chunk of metal flying at you. that is exactly what happened to a woman when the car in front of her hit a tail pipe laying in the road and the 4' long pipe sent flying through her windshield like a missile stopping short of the driver seat. a few more inches and she could have been seriously inyou areed or killed. can you fiend me now? can you find me now? a study by "look out mobile security," finds that we cannot keep track of our cell phone. the top places people leave their cell phone include the coffee shop. the bar.
8:35 am
at work. the survey says that not only is it a pain but it is also costly adding up to $30 billion for consumers. those are the headlines. >>clayton: i don't often lose my cell phone by my wife constantly call my phone. >>dave: and it is on vibrate. >>clayton: it is always in her purse. >>dave: they are so big with so much junk. >>clayton: sort like rick wearing a fannie pack. reconciliation look at the weather maps, guys, another nice day cross the northern plains, and the number on the right is how far above the average you will be today. another nice one the we will stay that way for the coming week. and this picture coming to me from cincinnati, ohio, big storms yesterday, and more storms moving through today and
8:36 am
a threat for severe weather and you get that in the afternoon and amazing rain bow, and it is coming right from the house there in cincinnati, and, right now you are 56 degrees and today a few more showers and storms and getting up to 66 so, not that warm. keep sending me your pictures on twitter or facebook. shower and thunderstorms in the northeast dropping the temperatures down from where we were the last couple of days down to the southeast the biggest chance for severe weather is across the carolinas and eastern georgia but warming up a lot in texas and back into the mid-80's and the northern plains where the comfortable temperatures are. if you want winter, go to southern california. hard to imagine tonight the snow moving into the mountains around los angeles and this morning and this afternoon, around san francisco and northern california, rain and more heavy snow. guys? >>clayton: we you are an obscure candidate and i don't
8:37 am
know to we can say governor huckabee was obscure. difficult dave every politician at some point is obscure. >>clayton: we want the governor to weigh in on this. >> that is typical the way that norway punched above its weight. >> philippines is not the largest of country in using a phrase from boxing, punches before its weight. >> we have in stronger ally than the netherlands. they consistently punch above their weight. >> the republic of korea is one of america's closest allies. we have in stronger ally than australia. france is our oldest ally.
8:38 am
>> great britain is one of our strongest allies. >> israel is one of our strongest allies. >> japan of course is one of our strongest and closest allies. >> germany is one of our strong was allies. neck neck the needle is stuck on the record. >>dave: to the point you say the same thing, they punch above their weight. is this indicative of something? >>governor huckabee: the president of the united states can afford to get some good writers and you would think they would change the wording. it is so indexty of amateur hour. this is amaze the president of the united states, a staff full of people that do nothing but it is around and write everything from his introductions of the cabinet members at a meeting and they cannot come up with anything other than "punches
8:39 am
above the weight." knick folk he would never anticipate that would be put together the way it was. >>governor huckabee: somebody ought to get a real talking to over this. it was just, really, it is funny. funny. funny. >>dave: it felt lick he was an libbing. >>governor huckabee: maybe the white house is focusing on the re-election campaign with all eyes on the supreme court on monday hitting two year birthday of of obamacare this week. can it be repealed? >>governor huckabee: the interesting thing now, the health carry law is in terrible 2's and it is starting that time. starting to really act up. throw tantrums. and people realize this is a baby that is a real problem child and it will create problems for individuals, for businesses, and for families, and for the country, economically. it can be repealed.
8:40 am
but it means you will have to get a majority in the senate because right now the appeal will not come up on the stat floor unless never democrats bolt and i don't think that will happen. get 60 votes. >>dave: we expected more on the anniversary. but nancy pelosi is talking about it, the foam speaker. all what our founders put forth in the founding documents, which is lifer. liberty. and the pursuit of happiness. this is exactly what the affordable care act helps to guarantee. >>dave: life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. >>governor huckabee: the eastern any is she is pro abortion. why is it this bill, in fact, does create both at the
8:41 am
beginning of life, at the point of birth, opportunities for abortion? and at the end-of-life you have people call them death panels but you start evaluating whether a person is going to get treatment based on the likelihood the outcome you make decisions that do exactly opposite of what nancy pelosi says. i believe the founders said something about live. i do not believe this government believes it and they do not practice it. >>nicole: exactly. well, safety and going to the skies is it going to the birds? the government is now cutting curb and disarming our pilots. is this wise? >> and a flashback to the modern age, how you can live like a character straight out of a show from "madmen."
8:42 am
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8:45 am
>>dave: the governor is sticking around on "fox & friends" to weigh in. the obama administration wants to remove guns from the cockpit. there is a program that arms pilots as the last line defense. this costs only $15 a flight to allow a gun in the cockpit. what do you think of the decision? >>governor huckabee: i would rather the pilot be armed rather than having people shaken down by the t.s.a. with their hands down our britches. there is something
8:46 am
unconstitutional about treating people as being guilty putting us through a machine and we could be getting a dose of radiation that could prove lethal. >> i had a view are write to make this point, and it is a great point, this is cheaper than having to put air marshals on each flight having the mights have the armed cockpit $15 a not, hiring air marshals is way more expensive. >>governor huckabee: and the pilot, there is no one on the airplane better able to make the tough decisions on protecting the passengers than the pilot. he has the airplane. that is the greatest defense too much and the greatest weapon. put him in charge of the instruments and you have given the greatest legal of trust to the most trustworthy person on the plane and the flight attendants. they are highly trained
8:47 am
professionals who also have been trained how to deal with problems. i think the more we train them the less you have to worry about some of the invasive processes we go through before we get on the plane. >>nicole: the money that goes to the t.s.a. rather than the pilot is not the right decision. >>governor huckabee: it doesn't make any sense and there is a role for the t.s.a. but this ought to be sanity and common sense brought to the process and there is not much of either. >>nicole: and gun sales in america have been surging. >>clayton: the governor brings fair and common sense on the weekend to fox. and coming up the volt going from low voltage to no voltage. was it worth your tax dollars?
8:48 am
stay tuned.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
>>nicole: it is the series that made the 1960's cool again. everyone is mad about "madmen." take a look. >> you don't get to kill the account. >> maybe it will kill itself. >> i'm not talking about money but the work you can do for those people. have you seen the motorcycle?
8:52 am
they love design. >> if my name is in the lobby i can choose who i do business with. >> i was director of agency operations. >> smoking and drinking, and now the show is back tomorrow night. here to show us how to live like a "madman," in your life. nice to see you. >> thank you for having us. >>clayton: why are americans drawn to this show in the style of the 60's? >>guest: this refined classic look appeals to a lot of consumers and i'm excited to show how this wonderful show is influencing fashion and cocktail and beauty. this is a beautiful dress that
8:53 am
features a full bodice from that era and the setting is from the furniture of the time. we have a recliner and a leather back, classic arms on it. >>nicole: nice. beautiful. >>guest: and comfortable. a beautiful streamlined chair with classic wooden leg and what room is complete without a cocktail table and we have beautiful cut glass tray. it could have been an ashtray at the time. >>clayton: very much, an important part of the show, the poffle women in the show. and you have someone here who is wearing an outfit straight from "madmen." >>guest: this gorgeous dress has fitted bodice and straight shirt with highlights as the best assets and this could be complimented with gloves and
8:54 am
scarf or pearls, we have a beautiful ring by charming charlie she is wearing to complete the outfit. >>nicole: and, now, the men. >>guest: this is a beautiful men's suit with classic white pocket square and what outfit is complete without the hat. >>nicole: love that. >>clayton: why is it coming back? >>guest: a refined and classic look, it will be appealing through the ages. >>clayton: are they affordable for men and women? >>guest: absolutely they come in a variety of prices it is about finding what works for you. it is affordable. and this is a bar cart increasingly popular.
8:55 am
>>clayton: and it is on wheels. >>nicole: we had one in my house growing up. >>guest: it is a beautiful complement to any look. here we have a bar setting. special vodka, ready for cocktails. >>clayton: and are those actual ... cocktails? is that ... that is real ice. >>guest: don't drink it. neck neck will this trend continue with this success of "madmen." this is a conservative look, they look fantastic, trim suits. >>guest: a beautiful interpretation of the 60's style look, clean and classic line and the makeup, something we seeing coming back, a rip, red lipstick and smoky eyes and the lovely,
8:56 am
refined curl and the experts from the makeup company put together this look and the great thing is, you asked about this, the cosmetics are found in the greecer so this is attainable by all. >>clayton: the show starts this weekend so you can kickoff your mad men weekend. pressure mounting for holder to resign as it is revealed that this man caught and released in the fast and furious program. more on that coming up. why does a missouri judge say it is okay to burn an american flags? we will hear that from the veterans fired up about that. [ male announcer ] have you heard?
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> hey, good morning, everybody, it's saturday morning, march 24th. i'm nicole petallides in for alisyn camerota. the chevy volt from low voltage to no voltage. hitting another speed bump is this really worth your tax dollars? >> and in 2008 obamacare was more important than getting millions of americans back to work. some say. remember, how excited vice-president joe biden was? (bleep) (applause) >> thank you everybody. . >> and the expression is a comeback and we'll explain how the president is on born. >> clayton: it's your right to burn the american flag. a judge's ruling causing outrage among veterans. "fox & friends" hour four
9:01 am
starts right now. >> this is william shatner, and guess what? you're watching "fox & friends." ♪ . >> clayton: i love william shatner and my co-host dave briggs and nicole petallides in for alisyn. >> nicole: i'm having fun, and i feel like it's hour one. >> clayton: let's go for eight straight hours. >> nicole: if the other shows don't mind. >> dave: she is he' been up since one o'clock. enthusiasm. >> clayton: the other hour first, louisiana a lot of focus of course today. primary in louisiana, could be make or break for rick santorum. >> nicole: a lot of folks say this is his day and they've been casting their ballots out there. joining us live from washington, let's go to james rosen. james. >> nicole, good morning, rick santorum is favored to win today's contest and likely have to share with mitt romney. the 26 delegates and 26 give
9:02 am
away at the time of the republican convention. both men canvassing the state and rick santorum firing range in west monroe. romney touring an oil and gas company in shreveport and each of the candidates pledged to voters if elected he would create more american entrepreneurs, a more business friendly climate. >> president obama my regulations every three years than any other president by far, two and a half times the average and i will repeal every single one of those regulations. >> what this president is doing is slowly, but surely killing those dreams, with higher and higher taxes, regularity by regulator. regulation by regulation. this is not the right course by america. it's protected dream and protected dreamers. the real clear average of major polls showing
9:03 am
new jersey polling at 18% and ron paul in single digits and the way they award the delegates, gingrich will not pick up any if he fails to garner any. and they'll be in pa, the critical primary one month from today and i should point out. my family and i love it because it's halfway between washington and scranton area where my wife is from and we stop and eat at panera. >> dave: go with the bread bowl. >> clayton: james rosen there for the free wi-fi. (laughter) >> . >> nicole: enjoy that. protests popping up nationwide as thousands of people call for action in the trayvon martin case. from chicago to philadelphia demonstrators wore hoodies and
9:04 am
marched in honor of the teen who was gunned down by a watchman there. george zimmerman saying it's nothing to do with race. >> the issue whether it's between a caucasian and african-american has been brought to light ab i don't i don't see george as being there. >> nicole: a grand jury has been set for the case to see if george will receive charges and he's in hiding after death threats. reports of at least two died and two injured, a family owned business, reportedly a cousin of the owners is believed to have been one of the fatalities and cops say the man fled from the scene in a silver sedan. the motive is unknown. new details on mf global's collapse showing former ceo,
9:05 am
new jersey governor john corzine may have been lying to congress. according to an e-mail, corzine reportedly ordered 200 million dollars be transferred from a customer account before the company tanked and allegedly moved to the company's accounts overseas. if that's true, that would conflict with corzine's statements that he never directed anyone to misuse customer funds and mf global filed for bankruptcy in october after a disastrous bet on the european debt. for one 83-year-old the most confusing piece of technology at the apple store was not an ipad or an iphone. it was the front door. evelyn of queens, new york, is now suing apple for 1 million dollars, she claims that the company was negligent for not elderly proving the front door. it's a see through door and she apparently didn't realize she was headed straight for a
9:06 am
wall of glass and allegedly ended up breaking her nose. apple officials and workers at the long island location where this happened, well, they have not yet commented. >> clayton: i've he done that before and you my first thought wasn't to sue the place i walked into. . >> dave: really. >> nicole: when do you that, people walk through screen doors. >> clayton: all the time. >> nicole: in the summer homes and people do. don't laugh. they do. >> clayton: absolutely. rick, i am 'm sure you've done . >> rick: i know. dave briggs and i are about to be in the twitter war. and you mocked that i had pollen pictures. >> dave: pictures of your pollen. >> rick: if you pay attention to twitter, poll sn a big deal. the pollen count got over 9,000, and previous was 6,000 and everybody's cars looked like this and lawn furniture. am i right? respond on twitter.
9:07 am
>> dave: i'm on board, okay, i like it. more pollen pictures. >> clayton: and going to look out longingly. >> rick: all right. so, anyway, the pollen is bad and atlanta tomorrow. and take a look at the weather map, big storm out west and rain and snow and not dealing with the spring conditions yet and the rain that's flowed through the central plains and into the east has caused some of that the pollen down and in fact, a threat for severe weather across georgia and areas of the mid atlantic. and could be a tornado or two. definitely, we'll see strong winds and maybe a little hail. so, certainly watch out. we've had so much severe weather again this week and getting into the season. temperature-wise, across the plains, again, temps well above average today. around 20 degrees, above your average in the northern plains, tomorrow, that shifts farther to the south and towards parts of the rockies and denver, you're going to be warm. and these are how the temperatures shape up. 73 today in minneapolis, and
9:08 am
80's across much of texas and in the northern plains and we're going to remain warm. there you go, dave, pollen. >> ins a difficult time of year, your daughter didn't know whether to wear the short or long sleeves. >> dave: she's crying because rick told her not to wear short sleeves. >> nicole: if i'm not snow skiing i should be at the beach, and the in between thing. >> clayton: the sneezing and the sniffling nose. first, gm has issues, what's happening with the chevy volt, it seems like a new week, another story with the chevy volt. now, this morning, they're having issues with the plug you plug into the charging stations and they're now replacing the cords on the chevy volt. >> nicole: melting, melting, that doesn't sound good to me. >> this is not a recall. they're going to do it themselves, making the fix, a long line of problems as you know. they had to halt production about a five week production, slow sales at the heart of that and of course the fires were the big thing that some say really hurt their sales.
9:09 am
and maybe in a story that was overreported a bit. how does it look. gm bailout, 49 1/2 billion dollars and you get a refund and tax break. 7500 every time you buy the volt, but the problem is you're looking around the price tag, even with that, well north of 40,000 for a volt. and i think that's why it's been sluggish with the car and a lot of dealers say five months of volume. >> nicole: not cheap, problematic, it doesn't really sell. and it's a tough sale. >> it seems like the prices, a number of extras on the show and the number of price tags unfortunately, so, let us know what you think about that, about the chevy volt and also this morning, an issue that the white house is having to deal with now, of course, over the keystone pipeline. of course, the controversy there that a lot of folks on the right and democrats, slamming the president saying he kowtowed too much to the environmental left and the fringe of the democratic party and didn't go forward with the keystone pipeline.
9:10 am
>> then he's in oklahoma this week, talking about a portion of the keystone pipeline, one that runs from oklahoma to the gulf coast of texas that he wants to put on the fast track, listen to the president. >> right now, a company called trans canada applied to build a new pipeline, to speed more oil to cushing out on the gulf coast and today i'm instructing my administration to cut through the red tape and through the bureaucratic hurdles to this make this a priority. >> nicole: pretty unbelievable, right? we saw all about this pipeline and not doing that and not giving the permits and not drilling, gasoline prices going up. a lot to handle. >> dave: the knock on keystone the president went out of his way to sink the project when there was clearly bipartisan support for the pipeline and bill and a lot of democrats were on board, but this particular part from oklahoma to texas it was going to happen anyway, no real holdups
9:11 am
and to take credit doesn't wash. >> clayton: disagreements with governors who came on board and the governor of nebraska was on board and rush lame beau calling out t-- rush limbaugh calling out the president for taking credit-- >> what he was already in the works, he can't stop this. and he didn't have anything to do with improving it. >> there is no keystone pipeline. the leg from canada to the united states is still in limbo, he has not authorized it and he won't until after he's elected and now it's blame this on congress, they want it had done within a certain amount of time. it's just all-- >> it's a mess because he's taking credit for something he doesn't have any reason to take credit for. and the same thing we were saying about production, with basically staying that they've increased production during his term and that's not the case and we saw that on state
9:12 am
land, private land, not on private land. production fell there. >> and it's the e-mail address and find it on swtwieter. we're ff weekend. >> and shocking details in the botched fast and furious operation. it turns out the main suspect was actually caught and released by atf officials and border agent brian terry killed by those guns and a friend of his weeking out and calling for eric holder to step down continues. >> nicole: and chat, your favorite d-lister, it's true. you can now dial up your favorite d-list celebrity, but it's going to cost you big time. ♪ ♪ here i am signed sealed deliver, i'm yours ♪ ♪ here i am baby, oh, signed
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>> shocking new details this week in the botched fast and furious operations. seven months into the gun running program. federal agents caught their man. the main suspect was 74 rounds, live rounds of ammunition inside his car. and instead of locking him up, they cut a deal to make him an informant. he was let go and was not arrested until months later. >> this news comes as calls grow for attorney general eric holder to step down over the arrange: a close friend of the slain border agent, brian terry and missing weapons from the fast and furious at the scene of terry's murder. good morning to you, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thanks for
9:17 am
having me. >> what do you make of this news that the main suspect in the case was caught and released? why? >> well, just more negligence and more proof that this was their intended inception of the program was to let guns walk and the documents that eric holder just released, well, said he released another thousand documents when it was really 376 documents. if there's nothing to hide. why wouldn't you just release all 80,000 documents? i think when acosta, you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. i believe there are worst things than this story and to let him go not once, but twice and for him to leave with a $10 with mccallister's number on it is the tip of the iceberg. >> nicole: you're talking about holder and over 100 representatives are asking for him to actually resign over this because acosta had been pulled over, as you noted more
9:18 am
than once, twice, actually and in that case there were guns and nine cell phones, who travels with nine cell phones and a whole thing of guns. what do you make of that when everybody is saying for holder to step down? >> i don't understand what it's going to take, now, at first he thought, it's just the republicans saying it's a political thing, and this is an american citizen thing that everybody would like him to step down. all you have to do is pick up a paper, go on social media, on a blog, maybe fox should take a poll of the american people to see if the american people lost confidence in eric holder and maybe that will open his eyes. i don't know what it's going to take, but two democrats have now stepped forward saying release the documents. if he doesn't think this is, you know, an issue, he still hasn't accepted any responsibility or accountability. no one has even been fired for any wrongdoing. in his eyes, the doj has done nothing wrong. well, in my eyes the doj has
9:19 am
done nothing right. not only do we have brian terry who was killed, by zapata was killed. and two families that don't have answers for the murders of their siblings and children. >> dave: as you mentioned you're a friend of the former slain border agent, brian terry. >> i can't speak for the family, but i'm sure, as any family would he feel, extremely irate, that a program like this would even be created. the recklessness of the program in allowing guns to walk. it doesn't make any sense. >> nicole: we're waiting for it to work and they're waiting for it to work, hoping he'd become an informant and the whole thing was really botched and lives were lost. thank you so much. >> and. >> nicole: yeah, go ahead. >> thank you. and those were their intentions were to let those guns walk.
9:20 am
>> dave: all right. lana domino, appreciate you being with us this weekend. >> thank you. >> dave: remember when vice-president joe biden had this to say did health care? (bleep). >> dave: the president shied away from it there and now the president seems to be full on embracing what joe biden said there and using it to rake in cash for the 2012 presidential campaign. we'll tell you how they're doing it. where you can find it. and hear from you, what you think of your kids potentially wearing that. >> nicole: yeah, you may be appalled when you see it. and it's a symbol of national pride so why is a missouri judge say it's your right to desecrate the american flag? we hear from veterans, they're all fired up. that's coming up next. ♪ ok, guys-- what's next ?
9:21 am
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9:24 am
>> it's your right to desecrate the american flag, that ruling coming down. the state law in missouri banning the desecration of a flag is unconstitutional because it limits free speech. >> that ruling has our next guest and other veterans incensed. joining us is american legion department commander for the missouri chapter, kenneth. >> good morning. >> dave: we want to show folks what the law is in a moment, but first, tell us for you, what does the american flag mean? >> it's, it's our country. it's our honor, it's a lot of things that veterans respect
9:25 am
out of our american flag and desecrated that's a sad thing. >> clayton: as you know, the judge said desecration was unconstitutional and here is what the law specifically states there in missouri and get you to respond. any person who personally and publicly mutilates, defaces, tramples upon or did hes crates the national flag of the united states or state flag of state of missouri is guilty of the flag desecration, where is the gray area? >> there isn't any gray area, missouri is i think one of the 20 states that still had desecration of the flag on their books. a lot of senators or representatives don't want to sponsor a bill that's going to take it off our books. and hopefully, congress will one day come together and pass
9:26 am
a law or amend the constitution that allows congress to pass a law that says, you can't do that. and stop listening to the 1% and start listening to the 99% of the people. >> kenneth, that judge, in a sense, is saying, i'm trying to protect your free speech by not allowing this flag desecration law. how do you react to that? >> well, i've been in law enforcement for 42 years and that judge really had no other choice. back in 1989, the supreme court said it was unconstitutional to have a flag desecration law because it did interfere with free speech. so, really, she had no choice to do-- but to do that.
9:27 am
and that's why the american legion supports the citizen flag alliance and it's made up of like 148 organizations and the director is a harvard law professor, richard parker. and if anyone would get on that website, they could find the video that he has and it's really good. and you wonder why congress hasn't done something. >> and, well, it's not surprising, that you don't have sponsors and people jumping on that bill to get on board with it. we appreciate you joining us this morning and thanks for bringing your story to us, good luck there. >> okay. thank you very much. >> got it, thank you, still ahead. former florida governor jeb bush speaking out why he's backing mitt romney for president. we'll hear from him. >> you can dial a star, a
9:28 am
d-listar and it will cost you, we'll explain why. >> dave: and spring has arrived. is your garden ready? clayton has been getting his ready. and showing you how to add some charm to your outdoor space.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> all right. welcome back and check this out. this is something i wished i would have done as a kid. the largest paper plane.
9:32 am
you've never seen anything like this before. that looks like a real airplane. >> nicole: that looks like a fighter jet. >> clayton: 43 feet long, taking a flight in arizona and a helicopter launched the thing and dropped it and flew only for six seconds. >> dave: come on, that's it? i could make a plane better than that. 30 seconds i could make one that will fly. >> clayton: nearly 100 miles an hour. >> nicole: oh, no. >> clayton: before it began. >> nicole: and making paper airplane like that. >> dave: the paper airplane was built and designed by a 12-year-old boy and part of the kemah air and space museum a great way to get interested in science and engineering like a young clayton morris and now an old clayton morris, trying to fold furiously. >> clayton: i used to build me, my friend and i used to put paper clips to weight the
9:33 am
back down and i didn't do this properly enough. >> nicole: you know what else worked, crumbled paper. >> clayton: throw a ball. >> nicole: right. nice, you crumble it up and throw it to the people next to you. >> dave: welcome folks to "fox & friends." >> clayton: out of paper now. >> dave: the anniversary of obamacare, and affordable care act as some know it and the obama administration isn't talking a whole lot about it, but barack obama is tweeting about it on his personal twitter account. first, let's remind you of what joe biden said bohn the passage of the affordable care act. [applause] (bleep) >> an open microphone of course. and now, tweeted from his own account, this is from his own campaign, and help reform the
9:34 am
still a bfd. and president obama would he think that's appropriate for his children to wear. >> clayton: think about your family, would you want your children wearing a t-shirt like that. do you expect more from the president of the united states, tweeting from their own account driving to you a t-shirts that has a vulgarity. >> dave: and this is no way for the pod to talk. and weighing in on both sides of this. keep it coming to us at ff weekend on twitter. >> nicole: we'll see bill and his family. a man and his family trying to board a flight with four loaded handguns at sacramento international airport.
9:35 am
reportedly trying to board a u.s. airways flight to phoenix when tsa spotted the guns. one on his body and three others in his carey on and another eight semi automatic weapons were later found in his car. no word on what he planned to do with all of those weapons. former florida governor jeb bush speaking about endorsing mitt romney for president. >> i think he's the candidate that can beat president obama. i think he would be a fine president and i think he's going to win the republican nomination and i think that's pretty clear now. >> well, bush of course, a huge figure in the republican party, and he's now calling on other g.o.p. leaders to unite in support of romney and start thinking about the general election. well, talk about a wild nfl off season so far, and it's only march, folks. well, first, was peyton manning leaving indianapolis
9:36 am
after the colts, right after 14 years to become the quarterback for the denver broncos. then, with tim tebow heading to new york to play for the j-e-t-s, the houston texans running back arian foster with us earlier weighed in ow the changes could affect the team. >> well, it depends, depends what kind of leadership they have in their locker room and i think anytime you bring in a guy like tim tebow, you have to be prepared as a coaching staff and as players, for that media, swirl that's going to hit and especially in new york. this is the media mecca of the u.s. >> nicole: and a great guest. a lot to say. and the new york jets will be holding an introductory news conference and that will be on monday. >> dave: i will be there. >> nicole: you'll be there? we'll look for for you. how would you like to talk to your favorite d-list celebrities. this is a hollywood hot line
9:37 am
to dial in. how about tina lohan for the bargain price of $25 a minutes and remember tiger woods mitt stress, rachel uchitel, i know, use today work with her. 20 a minute. >> dave: doesn't come cheap. >> nicole: and i think you can call the octob-mom. >> dave: i'd rather watch the grass grow he, but dial ahead. and out to rick reichmuth showing off pollen pictures and now coming my way. thanks, rick. >> rick: is that $18 or 18 cents to talk with those people. >> nicole: i've got to stick up for rachel at least. >> rick: well, good for you (laughter) >> all right. so, you-- we've been trying to talk to
9:38 am
the crowd. and where are you from? >> and like the accent. makes you seem smart. and northern plains, texas, sioux falls, 30 degrees above your average. air not as warm as this week. and take it nonetheless and move forward and we're talking about severe threat and southeast, coastal georgia, down across the carolinas, and virginia. an isolated small tornado and certainly see the strong winds and heavy hail and big downpours as well. take a look at the forecast around the northeast and all of that rain will move there later this afternoon, and we'll see the rain showers move in and be that way again tomorrow and temps above average, down to the southeast, we'll see the showers and warm and sunny, a nice day in austin. to the northern plains, another warm one, plenty of sunshine and across the west. the rain and snow moving in to northern, california.
9:39 am
and southern california tonight. so, it's so nice out and there's pollen everywhere and clayton morris-- >> i want to do some gardening and who better than dave white. it's that time of year, time to get your garden or back yard setup. i love what they've done. one way to add a path, a walking path. >> it's amazing how much it really, really adds to the texture of your yard. i mean, it makes a huge difference so i'm going to show you the path to a nicer back yard. >> i was for a terrible pun i'm going to walk you through. >> i'm sorry. >> so, this is a great tv project to do and when you're done, this is one of those you can look at. this is cool. >> so you start with grass. >> so, this is our yard and the first thing you want to do is just lay it out and the easiest way to do that is to use a garden hose or a rope to kind of get to the pattern that you want and you can use a tape measure or i marked my
9:40 am
shovel with a piece of tape so that i know how wide it's going to be, and it's shorter in one area, and what i've he done is mark that, and uk us a chalk line or this is a yard marking paint like they would mark utilities. >> right. >> so it will disappear a little bit and it will be along the edge of your hose like this, and when you move that, now, you've got a pretty good line of where you want to start digging and next step is to remove the turf. and use a good flat shovel and i want to dig in around two inches along the edge and cutting into the edge and then you can just go through and remove the turf from the top and you're going to get pretty close to that line. it doesn't have to be perfect. >> you can pull it up, if you've got good grass, you can reuse that as other parts of the yard. >> i'm stepping on the stuff that you want to put down next. >> so we've already removed the turf here, the next thing
9:41 am
we want to do is spray, with some weed block or some we had and grass killer, in case anything is starting up inside your path. you don't want that to happen and the first step is to do this and put the landscape fabric down. so you lay that down and i've already put some blocks and you can see we've got that layer down there already. and you put up the blocks around the site next or the material around first. typically put that out first and the blocks were on top. >> and put that out and i would put the fabric down first and for this case, you've laid the blocks in. you can see down here, and there won't be anything growing up between the blocks. >> and keep it nice and taunt and put mulch or whatever you want on there. >> the next thing is to decide how you want to fill this. we decided to use some mulch with this and if you get mulch in different colors and we use
9:42 am
the black mulch, you can get red, brown, if you want different types of gravels. so, yeah, all do you have do is use your imagination and you get i remember blocks put in place and you don't have to do much once you set them in and cut in. and that's it. >> it's simple, but a really, really cool project. >> that's a weekend warrior project and i'm going to tweet some pictures out after i accomplish it. go to home and folks like the path and it's great how to videos. >> and it looks much better. >> and another pun, i told you i'm leaving. >> i learned about mulch and weeds and different types of gravel, very informative. >> and the government allowing the can i go killing of the american symbol, the bald eagle, but protecting this lizard. why that might shut down oil and gas operations.
9:43 am
>> parents dropping the ball when it comes to teaching the kids about finances and kids want to learn more about money. stick around, our next guest says boy, is he tough, the pit bull of parenting. he'll give us some tips. >> and neil cavuto, what's coming up on the cost of freedom block. >> and more per gallon for gas, despite the president claim being he's drilling wherever he can. and we do our own drilling and we have the facts. a new plan to slam oil companies with taxes and would that slam drivers with even higher gas prices and some of america's top companies say that inflation is taking a bite out of the bottom line and still, washington will not admit there's even a price problem. the cost of freedom at the top of the hour. smiths.
9:44 am
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>> you are going to love this one. kids are telling parents, show me the money according to a survey. says 77% of parents are not always honest with their children about money. and 27% withhold information about family finances. >> it's tough, i can say it. what can parents do to teach their kids about important money matters. let's ask an experts. with us from phoenix, arizona, the author of your kids are your own fault. good morning to you, larry. >> good morning! >> so there are a couple of simple tips. you say that you can start to teach your kids about money. tell us about them. >> well, first of all, if you help them establish clear life priorities, then understand how money works, then teach about discipline and then make sure they understand the unseen hidden costs of money. if you get those things, you're probably going to be in
9:48 am
pretty good shape. first of all, live-- >> you mean. >> it's easy. >> nicole: no, it's not, is it? >> he yes, it is, really is. >> nicole: how is it so easy. >> comes down to priority. if it's important that you make sure your kids understand about money. it's simple, communicate what they need to know. when it comes to priorities you have to understand that your money always goes to what is important to you. so, looking cute is to you, you're going to spend your money at the mall. if being trendy is important to you, then you're going to have the latest gadget, but if financial security is important to you, that's where you're going to put the money. it's all about priorities and choosing. you know, we tell our kids and that's part of the survey that he we can't afford something, when we can. what we should be saying, is we choose not to spend our money on that right now. always remind your kids, it's about choosing well. >> nicole: i've said that, i said let's make 2012 the year that we don't buy things we don't need. i tell the kids that.
9:49 am
>> dave: but we still do it and larry has a rule for simple survival. save 10%, invest 10%, give 10% and live on the remaining 70%, but larry when did you start to teach your kids that lesson? how do you do it. how do you first introduce it? >> well, i don't think it's ever too early to start teaching your kids about money. you can do it with an allowance of ten dimes, this is the dime we give to people who aren't going to have anything it's the right thing to do and this dime you'll save and one say you'll have it for something you want and this dime you're going to invest, when you invest this dime, one of these dime, that dime will be two dimes and then here are your seven dimes left and you get to spend those dimes, but only get to those those. it's a great lesson, 47% of americans spend who are than they have, that trend has to change and i think kids are seeing in their parents. we're spending more than we
9:50 am
have. why don't you teach us better. >> nicole: you make a great point and that's why everybody says they are plastic magic and spending credit cards, more than they actually have. thanks so much. >> you bet. >> dave: coming up, save a lizard, but kill the american symbol the bald eagle. why is the obama administration for the little guy even though it thrives where we drill oil? there's another way to help eliminate litter box dust: purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters now works harder on dust. and our improved formulas neutralize odors better than ever in multiple-cat homes. so it's easier to keep your house smelling just the way you want it. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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>> welcome back. it's a story we've been telling you about on "fox & friends." the federal government granting a native american a permit to kill the american symbol. bald eagle, for religious purposes and the same time they're trying to add this lizard to the endangered
9:54 am
species, one problem, may shut down oil drilling in texas and i have to say when i first saw the story, something smells weird, smells like purely politics to me, am i wrong about this? >> oh, it's completely political. you know, we get about a million barrels a day off the basin out in west texas. this lizard has been living there for centuries, obviously, millennia. if you have he' ever visited west texas, there's so much land and space, essentially you can have all kinds of industries and all kinds of wild life living come patbly with one another, the fact that they have chosen now at the highest prices, that we have paid in our history for gasoline, to shut down or potentially shut down oil expiration and production in west texas is purely
9:55 am
discriminatory behavior by fish and wild life regulators. now, here is the real rub, how they're determining an endangered species. they had 27 site visits and if they didn't see a lizard within an hour, the lizard must be rare, because it's rare it must be endangered. why didn't they stay two or three or four hours. >> that's amazing to me. >> it to make a decision on such a thin basis. >> i could go up to the poke no mountains and say i'm not going to see a deer in an hour, but we know that deer aren't rare. and if i stayed for two hours, i might see a deer. >> well, in addition, if the human presence is there, these lizards can detect it dn pretty good at hiding. isn't that why they've been around in all of these sentries, they're pretty good at protecting themselves. even in this harsh environment and harsh in west texas and you know, it's just,
9:56 am
government out of bounds, being arbitrary, being discriminatory, with no concerns, as to the economic impact on real americans, all across the country who could suffer from this kind of a declaration, and there's no proof that it's endangered species, those the problem. based on an hour's visit, i think that's nuts. >> that's unbelievable and bureaucracy at its best. john, this is unbelievable. thank you, we appreciate it as always here on "fox & friends." thank you. more "fox & friends" coming up in two minutes. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast spes. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small sinesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon. i wonder how she does it. that's why she's the boss. because the small business with the best tecology rules.
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. >> thanks nor joining us and nicole petallides in for alley. >> you spoiled me, thank you. >> madmen to senators, never know what you're going to get. >> and tomorrow, schweitzer, and rick reichmuth back with more pollen


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