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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the jets and the press conference introducing the backup quarterback, tomorrow. >> we're wild about you, thank you. >> and let's do fox fast forward. the supreme court is set to take president obama's health care law, the justices will year arguments over a through days, and the city of stanford, florida requesting calm and civility for a hearing on the unarmed teen killed that. trayvon martin's parents expect today speaks. and mf global, releasing a memo from a former executive. and transferred 200 million dollars to an overseas account. and just days before the firm went broke. he used to be the governor of new jersey, good night way. and that's ow fox reports this march 25th. 2012, mike huckabee, sounds
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good. have a great week. >> tonight on huckabee. >> the president's budget is putting us on a path of a debt crisis. >> we proposed to get our putting on a sustainable path. >> paul ryan says it can reverse the spiral. tom price on the republican's proposal and 26 states taking obamacare to court and hearings start next week. he makes his argument for overturning the ruling that makes it mandatory. >> plus-- two people are (bleep), are here. >> a powerful film about one of the biggest problems in american schools and one kid has the guts to speak out. alex libby and his parents on huckabee tonight. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you very much. what a great audience, full of life and energy. and we're live from new york, welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios. let me, first of all, begin by special announcement. former vice-president dick cheney we learned before the show is recovering from heart transplant surgery that took place just outside of washington d.c. in a hospital in virginia. our thoughts and our prayers go to former vice-president cheney and his family and we're grateful for the medical procedure that makes this possible. that just happened earlier today. well, president obama said this week that a president can't do much about the cost of fuel. and he continues to promote green energy. hey, i'm all for green energy. but i 'm also for common sense. we're not close to green energy thanks to the cronyism handing to pals at the white house for a solyndra solar
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plant to build a nice building, give big bucks in bonuses to their execs and shut the thing down. that left the big shots with some green cash, but the taxpayers got nothing green, but the grass growing like we understand at the abandoned plant. now, the president is trotted across the country this week, mostly wringing his hands, why he can't do thinking about the cost of high gas and some day using algae instead of oil. that's great. but as he jets around on air force one, that's not algae, it's jet fuel at cost of nearly $200,000 an hour, yep, an hour. now, look, i don't expect the president to fly coach on delta. i don't expect him to hole up in the white house, i just want him to quit acting like the oil and gas are our enemies and instead of open the spigots of our own energy
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capacity. i'm tired of seeing the oil sheiks getting rich while americans are getting poor. and i recommend that he fly on a start-up airline that my grandson just launched this week. he just got his pilots license so he's ready and he's learning to talk into the head set. so, he can tell everyone to get out of the way he wh he lands the plane. oh, and if the president isn't ready to fly with my grandson chandler, i'd like to offer him a ride on the newly christened waterway tuth named the governor mike huckabee. it was christened this week in new orleans by blessing marines. walter blessing could teach the president a thing or two about entertainment and growing the economy and that's walter and his wife in the background and chaaptain marty
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kreel. and trois started with one employee, himself. walter blessing has built that company into a model of corporate conscience and sharing his profits every year with the nearly 700 people who work for him and he's built the company not on handouts, hard work, integrity dealing with the customers and by doing the business with a handshake instead after room full of lawyers. and they don't need people like president obama could bail him out. leave him alone. if air travelling along the gulf shorts and you see the captain and marty crew, give them a wave and a salute and know they're doing the lord's work creating jobs, one nautical mile at a time and by the way, they're doing it without the government having to bail out their boat or their business. that's my news. i'd love to hear from you. [applause] >> you can reach me at mike
8:06 pm and click on the feedback session or on the wall. sign up for the facebook page as well as twitter and by the way, my book, "a simple government" new york times best seller. if you found it too heavy to read in the hard book, now the lighter version. the last time the senate passed a budget was on april 29th, 2009. and do the math. that's almost three years that congress has been working with no budget. and yet, the country is going deeper into debt. this week, house budget chairman republican paul ryan proposed a bold plan to get the economy back on track and some of what he's proposing is causing some controversy, even within the budget committee itself. and joining us now from atlanta is congressman tom price, he serves on the house budget committee.
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congressman, it's good to have you with me. [applause] >> great to be with you, governor, thank you so much. >> let me begin by talking about this budget. and it's had some controversy, largely because i don't think many democrats want to support it. but, tell me, what does this budget do that americans ought to like? >> well, governor, as you well know, the debt in this country is stifling the economy and is threatening, truly, our future, so much so, that the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff last year said that it wasn't a national security problem, in terms of military that concerned him, it was the debt. the largest concern of his as relates to national security so we've got to get our spending under control. we believe that it's irresponsible not to put forward a budget which is why we can't understand at all why the senate won't put on paper what their putting is, what their priorities are. our priorities are to decrease spending at the federal level, are to reinvigorate the economy through allowing the american taxpayer to keep more
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of their hard earned money and by saving and reforming the programs that are actually driving the largest portion of our debt. that's medicare, medicaid and social security. so we believe there are wonderful positive ways to solve these things and we wish the other side of the aisle would come along and join us. >> one of the things your committee put forth this week is a chart and it's startling and shows if we continue on the current trajectory. here is what happens to, really, the debt as a share of the industry, and versus congressman ryan and your committee's plan. you see in the green, that's perhaps congressman ryan gets it back to a balanced putting and takes a while to 2040. describe what happens if we don't do something pretty bold. >> well, you see that the gray on the chart, on the left side of the chart is the amount of debt. the percentage as relates to the gross domestic product that we've had in this country since 1940 until now, the red is not made up, that is the
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president's budget. that's the current plan that the president has. in order to get this economy rolling. well, as you can tell and your viewers and the folks in the audience can tell. that's going to fill us as a country and we believe there are responsible positive ways to do this and the green is possibly, gets us on a path to balance and over a period of time. yes, a significant period of time, but allows us to pay off the 15 trillion dollars plus in debt that this country has. >> now, likely that this may pass the house, because the republicans are in the majority. and congressman, in all reality. harry reid is never going to let this get to the floor. >> why bother to bring it up. >> i think you're right. he wouldn't pass the last one and i doubt he'll pass this one. remember, that the republicans right now are the minority party in washington, though we have the majority in the house of representatives, it's our responsibility to govern and
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we believe it's imperative that we put forward a budget so that the american people know that there are adults that are standing up and trying to do the business that's necessary for this country. but, we're the minority in washington because we don't have senate and we don't have the white house. the roll of the minority party is to provide that contrast to the other side so the american people say we believe there are folks there fighting as hard as they can, fighting the challenges in a positive way and consequently, the american peoples's job send more people to washington to allow that to happen. >> it's great to talk to you and i appreciate a lot about this budget that makes sense. and simply fighting the tax codes and a lot of things, i wish you well and i would love to see, maybe, the other side of the republicans get a majority in the senate so it would get to the senate floor. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, governor, appreciate it so much. great to have you here. >> up next, the supreme court is going to be hearing arguments that the federal health care law is
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unconstitutional. texas attorney general greg abbott is here and he'll explain why. and later, how many times have we heard the stories of kids taking their own lives, because they were tormented at school. maybe you or one of your grandchildren were on the receiving end of the bully's bluster. and there's a documentary called "bully" sees what kids go through. i'm telling you you're not going to believe what you're going to see tonight. that and more when we come back.
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[ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's lobstfest. the only time of year you can savor 12 eiting lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream i'm laura mclennan and i sea food differently. [applause] >> mike: on monday (applause). >> . >> mike: and on monday, obama's health care law goes on trial when the supreme court begins hearing a lawsuit that was filed by 26 states attorney generals. and challenging the individual mandate. that's the section. law that requires americans to have to purchase health insurance. and the ags say that's unconstitutional. one of them is attorney general greg abbott from texas, he's with us now. greg, it's great to have you
8:15 pm
here. >> good morning, thank you. >> thank you. >> i no you share with me the concern for vice-president cheney as he recovers from a heart transplant we just learned about before the show. >> remarkable man and we wish him the best in his recovery. >> there isn't many officials to be able to do their jobs from a wheelchair, you're able to do that. tell us about the powerful personal journey and the health care law. >> i'm really blessed about 25 years ago, i was out jogging and a tree fell on me while i was jogging and he crashed down on my back and vushing my vertebrae and spinal cord leaving my paralyze. at the heart of all human beings, our lives are not defined how we're challenged, but how we respond to those challenges. [applause] >> and if you rely --. >> very powerful! >> with faith, with family, i was able to piece my life back
8:16 pm
together, and run state wide, in a state the size of texas and it shows that it doesn't matter what your physical challenges are, as long as you're truly commit today what you're doing and committed to god. you can do anything. >> well, i know this, you're one of the most popular and effective public officials in the state of texas and you're going to be with your colleagues, other attorneys general from around the country at the supreme court this week. what's the biggest issue that you hope the court will pay attention to in regards to obamacare? >> first, i'm proud of my fellow state ag's, more than half of the states in this country are suing our country. because our country has done something it's never done before in the history of the country. from the time of george washington, through the time of george bush, never has congress passed a law compelling and forcing all americans to go out and purchase a product. and in this instance, they're using the constitution to try
8:17 pm
to force everybody to purchase health care insurance. we all agree we can do a better job, however noble the cause, congress cannot trample the constitution to achieve the noble goal and that's what congress did. [applause] >> one of the big questions that i have politically, i know where most americans stands. the polls over welcomingly show they want to repealed. let's talk about the legal realities. how likely do you think it is the supreme court will overturn part or all of obamacare when he they take the case? >> there's very solid reasons why the supreme court can easily rule that obamacare is unconstitutional. in doing so, the court is upholding the decision we've got. you know, when the state attorneys general, all we need is for the supreme court to agree with that and here is why they can do it. one, the law is unprecedented. never before in the history of this country has there been a law like this, the supreme court doesn't have to overturn
8:18 pm
anything in order to uphold the law. two, the law is unlimited in scope. if this law is uphold, there will ab dividing line that will limit congress's power going forward. if they can make you buy health care insurance, they can make you buy water, food, clothing, shelter. >> this will be the next thing that congress will pass. >> governor the last thing, that is the law is unnecessary. if congress really wanted to address the problem, they had a constitutional way of doing it through tax and spend authority. not any idea there, but they could have done it in another way, and they chose an unconstitutional path so i think that the court have ground to strike it down. one thing you brought up, the law is incredibly unpopular and polls showing majority unlike it and the court is not striking down something
8:19 pm
strongly embraced by americans, they're going to be on the side ruling with the states and striking down obamacare. >> you've got a front row seat. i'm anxious to hear how it's going to go. we'll keep greg abbott here. in addition to the case, his state is at the center of the voter controversy. and i want to talk to state attorney general abbott about that. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> i'm back with attorney general greg abbott of texas. general abbott, when we were leaving before. i said we were getting into voter i.d. the issue about a photo i.d. is a big deal. texas would have to pass a law. otherwise a vote. the federal justice department has basically come in with
8:23 pm
both feet and stomped on you guys and said no. so what's the status of that and why do they object to the texas law? >> well, it's pretty stunning because four years ago the united states department of justice was in favor of voter i.d. laws and he they found a brief pending, saying that voter i.d. laws were perfectly constitutional and now the department of justice is taking a different position and now the photo i.d. law in the state of texas. eric holder says that texas has shown justification. listen, i personally have 50 convictions for voter fraud. some where people voted for dead people, voted for other people and voted twice in election and that's how i got elected. (laughter) . voter fraud is real and the united states supreme court has ruled that voter i.d. laws are perfectly constitutional, texas believes it has the same
8:24 pm
rights other states have to require a photo i.d. >> i've tried to ask democrats who are adamant about this, i'm sincere. i don't want to keep anybody who is legal to both and legitimately able to vote from voting. i don't want to do anything that suppresses their vote. i honestly don't. and i don't think you do either. are there specific things that the justice department pointed out that they think would be an act that would create voter suppression. >> they raised a concern addressed by the u.s. supreme court. a concern that it may suppress votes in the minority community. for one, the supreme court said that's not the case, this is a nondiscriminatory based law. two, if you look at the states that implemented voter i.d. laws, minority voter increased not decreased. >> really? >> it's stunning, he we don't hear that, of course you won't hear it, this in no way suppresses minority votes and we make it simple because we don't require it, for seniors
8:25 pm
or the disabled. if you don't have a photo i.d. we'll give you one. there's no excuse or reason where people required to show a photo i.d. when they cash 0 check or go to a bank and can't be required to show one when they vote. >> it sound like texas is in big trouble with the attorney general and every which way, you guys are in a big fight with the federal government. we hope you win all of them. >> thank you very much, governor. >> great to see you. [applause] >> one of the finest public officials in the the country and i just checked. up next, for a year, camerased followed alex to see what was happening. happening to him at school. every single day, from the moment he left the house. and his story in just a moment. . >> okay. i will break . >> i'll break your adam's apple which will kill you. >> mike: his story is in a new documentary called bully. and we'll talk to alex, his
8:26 pm
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>> from america's news he headquarters, i'm harris falkner. a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocking central chile. no tsunami alert in effect. but the u.s. geological survey saying it hit 56 miles west northwest of the town. and that's outside of santiago. an at a depth of 6.2 miles. the so far no reports of any injuries there. two years after president obama's controversial health care overhaul became law. the supreme court set for arguments on constitutionality. and the justice is expected to focus on the requirement that everybody buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a fine. critics, rallying near the supreme court building today. saying the government is overreaching with that mandate. a ruling not expected from
8:30 pm
court until june. i'm harris falkner, now, back to huckabee, you're watching the name in news, fox. >> if you'd like to comment, huck male@foxnews.cil@foxnews.c do you know what is happening when your kid is sent to school. do you know if they're picked on or physically horsed? bullying has become the biggest source of violence in america. and some kids are too afraid to tell their parents or a teacher. >> some commit suicide because they can't bear to stand one more day at school where they get tormented and their stories are shown in a new documentary called bullying. >> you make someone feel so uncomfortable. >> and i'm nervous. i like learning, but i have troub
8:31 pm
trouble. trouble. >> some kids told him go hang himself, ayn i think those words-- >> a tragic situation, a perkins boy just 11 years old believed to have been desperate enough to take his own life. >> punch me, strangle me, take things from me. >> and he's not safe on that bus, i've been on that bus, they are just-- >> the last boy you saw is a boy named alex and he's now 15 years old and he and his parents, jackie and phillip join us from oklahoma city and here in the studio, a film maker, lee hirsh is with me. thank you for being here. >> and jackie from oklahoma city, thank you so much for joining us as well. and i want to begin with you, this was not just some professional project you wanted to do artistically, you were a victim. >> yes.
8:32 pm
>> of bullies when you were growing up. tell us what happened and why this is so personal. >> my bullying was very violent and physical. it was sort of elementary and middle school. i couldn't get home without getting beaten up and kids would wait for me. my dad fought in world war ii and he had an attitude. a good father, but he said toughen up, you'll get through it. kids will be kids and i think i just wanted to give a voice, give a voice it these families, to these kids so there wouldn't be argument is bullying bad, it's violent, it's a rite of passage. i think now we can talk about it. >> yeah, we need to talk about it. i'm telling you, this film is a gut punch to every parent, to every teacher, to every scoreboard member scoreboard-- school board member to every grandparent. why did you give consent, it's
8:33 pm
emotional for you, jackie, plained what went into your and phillip's decision to be a part of it. >> when he approached us, we had been having a lot of problems with alex the last few years, he'd become withdrawn and no longer participated in family activities and had no friends and we had him in therapy, and it didn't seem to be doing any good. we just wanted to know what was wrong with him and he said he was going to follow him. at times, when we wouldn't have been able to. and i guess we were just kind of opening that he could tell us what was wrong. even if it was us, you know, sometimes when it's you, you don't see it, but as an outsider, maybe he could have said, this is what you're doing wrong orring this why he's so sad. which turns out, is what happens. >> mike: alex, i want to first of all tell you how much i admire you, you are an
8:34 pm
extraordinarily brave young man and you put up with more than most of us ever could have imagined. when these kids were being so unfair and unkind and just vicious to you, how did it make you feel inside every day when you went to school. >> well, it made me feel inside that i just didn't-- i feel inside that i didn't have like a way out and i didn't tell my parents until-- 'cause i was embarrassed and we had just moved here, and s so-- jackie when you saw some of
8:35 pm
the video, how your son was treated at school, kids punching him, hitting him, calling him the most horrible names, in clear view of a camera and you saw that, what was the first reaction that you had as a mother when you saw your son getting this kind of treatment at the school? >> my first reaction, i bawled, i don't like to cry in front of people, i couldn't stop crying. it's hard to explain when you've got the answer that you've been looking for and you think this is all i want is that answer and now i have the answer. this is not the answer i wanted. >> we felt ashamed, that we didn't know that we were forcing him to go every day, that we were finishing him for missing the bus. and he was not telling us, so,
8:36 pm
we just thought we were right and he was just being irresponsible. >> jackie, you went to the principal and you talked to the school principal and said, my son is being bullied and people are beating him up. and her reaction, no, the kids on the bus, they're golden. tell me what your reaction was when you didn't feel you were getting any real traction with the school officials and they weren't paying attention to you? >> well, honestly, we felt bullied. and i just, she was, she wasn't listening to me at all. i mean, i was desperate and i think it shows in the film. i was desperate and i just wanted her to do something. and she just wasn't interested in what we had to say. >> let's watch the clip. i want people to see it, let's watch the clip. here is the exchange that you had with the principal. the tape. >> to the assumption, if they're out of your care,
8:37 pm
they're in someone else's just as capable as you. >> and i'm keeping them safe and he's not safe on that bus and it's hard. it is hard and you know what? this was my day on thursday. and this is my granddaughter and her new baby brother. and i'd be sitting there crying just like you, if anything happened to those two ki kids. >> see my new baby, huh? >> and there seemed to be such a disconnect and now, in fairness to the school official i know they hear parents come in and say things are happening to their kids, i do understand that. but in this case, it really was happening and i think it's one of the shocking things. >> well, i'm sorry, she saw the footage so she knew it was happening. she was shown the footage. so-- >> there was really no excuse for that. >> none. >> well. >> she just wanted us to go away. >> i'm going to keep you here because this is so important,
8:38 pm
this message is so very important for every america, as of now, "bully" is going to get an r-rating. and there's a petition to get it changed. i've soon the film, it ought to be available to as many people possible can see this film. [applause] >> we'll talk about that and others when we come back. stay with us. welcome to new from centrum. its unique assessment tool... helps you find the multivitamin and supplements... that are right for you. so visit better nutrition... is within reach. centrum. nutrition possible.
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how come the bullies are not for the death of >> if drunks are responsible for the deaths of people, how come the bullies-- >> we're talking about bully, a film if it's playing near you, i hope you'll see it. if it comes out on dvd, if it's out in the theater. and i'm going to buy copies, children who are grown, they're going to get copies. i want kids to see it and parents to see it before their kids go to school and get into this kind evof trouble. and we're talking with jackie and alex, followed a great deal during this film. and alex, before, i told you how proud i am of you, for your courage and i mean that with all of my heart. you've been two years in a new school and family moved from the place where you are
8:43 pm
bullied. are things going better for you know and you're feeling better about life. >> yes, i mean, it's gotten so much better. i got tons of friends and i'm getting good grades and so-- >> well, i am so-- i'm so glad. because, you never-- no one ever deserves to be treated like you were. your parents showed a lot of courage and made a big sacrifice to move so they could put you in a school at that you would be respected and treated with dignity and as a citizen of worth. and i want to say thanks to jack phillip, (applause) >> and please, this movie, has been rated r. and i'll be honest, i don't understand why. i've watched it, i've seen things on television that are far worse. i know it's important for you to try to get the motion picture association to change that rating. is that likely to happen? >> i think it is. i think that they're looking
8:44 pm
for a way to change it and there's a lot of pressure, that petition has, i believe, just shy of 600,000 signatures, and that's extraordinary. what started by a girl from ann arbor, michigan, 17 years old, herself a victim of bullying. how extraordinary is that? i also, i can't go further without just thanking you from the bottom of my heart for having me here, this family, giving honor to the stories and really, it means the world to me, thank you so much. [applause]. >> mike: i tell you, frankly the libby's are my heroes and other family on the film. they've opened themselves up to america and showing things going on i don't think a lot of us saw. as a director. what was the toughest moment you had? 'cause you saw some of this stuff and yet, you can't reach in there and stop it. you saw things happening to alex and, but there was a point you finally had to step in? >> there was, when i saw the
8:45 pm
level of violence, and there was just no conversation, we just decided to take the footage to the school and the family and i also want it say something about the school. it took a lot of courage for them to let us make this film. you know, really, most schools would say, absolutely not. he we don't have a bullying problem. they allowed us to make this film and stood by us and that's an extraordinary act from the school district sioux city. but the family, the toughest part being with the families that lost their kids and there's nothing that could prepare you for that. >> and that's something that i found overwhelming to watch. the fact that some of the kids were so taunted, so absolutely chased and harassed and just beaten down, till they decided that life was no longer-- one kid was told why don't you hang yourself. and he did it. he did it and then kids mocked him after he was dead by
8:46 pm
coming to school with nooses around their neck. you just wonder, how can people be so cruel? it's hard to imagine. >> i really wish i understood that, but you know, as cruel as they are, i believe we have the capacity to change. and i believe that kids, adults, can see this, can talk about it by like exactly what we're doing, they can make that choice to say i'm going to look out for that person, i'm going to stand up. i'm going to, act on behalf of someone that's being bullied, and that's-- and that's in everyone's capacity. >> i want you to see ty, 11 years old when he killed himself after being bullied in school and his father kirk said something that truly got to me. >> and you know, we're, we're nobodies. and i guarantee you some politician's kid did this he was getting picked on in a
8:47 pm
public school, you know, there'd be a law tomorrow, there'd be changes made tomorrow. now? we're nobody. but we love each other and we loved our son. >> mike: you know, what he said was they're nobody, i'm going to tell you something, that's not true. they're somebody. somebody just like the rest of us. who love their children, thought that they sent their kid to school, the kid would be okay, after all they're paying tax dollars and the school is closed to be the place once they're there, they're okay. all across america, 13 billion kids aren't okay, they're being harassed and bullied and some of them to the point that like ty, they take their liechs. this can't go on. doesn't matter, you're republican, democrat, liberal, it's an inexcusable thing for
8:48 pm
the country to endure. no american child should go to a school and somehow believe that tomorrow he's going to have a worse day because somebody is casing him down and giving him this kind of bullying. my heart felt thanks go to the parents and all of these children who are willing to let us hear their stories, and then-- thanks to lee. and be sure to watch it near a theater near you. i promise it will be life changing for you and for your children and i hope that this country will never allow this to go forth. the movie is bully, make sure you watch it. we're going to be right back. (applause). we always hear about jobs leaving america.
8:49 pm
here's a chance to create jobs in america. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the canadian border, through the mid west, to the gulf coast. benefiting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the country. this is just what our economy needs right now.
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>> it you look some rhythm
8:52 pm
and blues, you're going to like this by joan osbourne. it's called "bring it on home." joan, brought to have you here! >> (applause) >> i'm a big blues fan and playing blues music since i was a teenager. this entire cd is filled by classic blues tunes. what was your inspiration to do this particular project? >> well, when i first learned how to sing. i was imitating my heroes, people like eta james and otis reading and wolf and got a record to do blues coverage, i felt this would be a good time to do it, my choice developed a lot since i started singing and i wanted to give it a try and see what i bring to this music. >> you did it. i'm telling you, it's powerful and so good that we're going to give every member of the audience a copy of your cd "bring it home". [applause]
8:53 pm
>> they are he' available at itunes, amazon and joan you're going to do a cut tonight. called-- >> "shake your hips". >> i'll shake mine off the stage and you guys can shake it up for us. >> when you're ready. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ got to move your head, got to move your hands ♪ ♪ got to move your lips, shake your hips ♪ ♪ do the hip shake, baby, do the hip shake, baby ♪ ♪ shake your hips, baby ♪ shake your hips, baby ♪ well, if you don't know, don't be afraid ♪
8:54 pm
♪ listen to me, do what i say ♪ ♪ don't you move your head ♪ don't you move your hands ♪ don't you move your lips ♪ shake your hips ♪ do the hip shake, baby ♪ do the hip shake, baby note the note shake your hips, baby, shake your hips, baby ♪ ♪ ♪ play that easy now ♪ ♪
8:55 pm
♪ move her head, did she move her hands ♪ did she move her lips, and shake her hips ♪ ♪ do the hip shake baby, shake your hips, baby ♪ ♪ shake your hips, baby ♪ well, isn't that eeeeee echer eche echeeeeeee... easy now ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ whoo! >> (applause) >> joan osbourne, wonderful. thank you everybody. going to love the cd. i hope people will the get it at itunes or amazon wherever good music is sold. thank you for being here, joan, great to have you. >> thanks for hanging out with us. >> thank you for watching. hope you had a great time. until next week, i'm mike huckabee, from new york, good night and god bless. night and god bless. [applause]. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. huckabee. ♪ ♪ unleash my inner cowboy.
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