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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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states wins the gold... in what event? corporate tax rates. that's right. starting this sunday, the u.s. will have the world's highest corporate tax rate. japan was the world leader, but it's cutting its rate to 38%, bumping the united states to the top spot with a 39.2% tax rate. one person who won't be celebrating -- senator barrasso. >> no. we know what we need to do to get people back to work. low taxes and reasonable regulations. light now in the united states, we have neither. in the last 10 years, 30 different major economic power-house countries have lowered their tax rates. britain did it and they are open for business. we are higher than china, russia. take a look, all around. as a result, jobs and money are leaving the country. >> greta: small businesses, with the high tax rate, by the end of the year, let's say they have
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$100,000 left over with high tax rates ndecember, they will off-load it, buy more copy machines or invest in something so they can zero out by the end of the year, the calendar year. so in that way, they are spending money to rev up the economy. is that not true of big corporations? we want them to off-load, whether it's by dividends or buying thicks or invests and keeping a high tax rate, they are more inclined to? >> they have been spenning money overseas and the monet and profits there are taxed at a higher rate in the united states. so they are more likely to hire people-- why overseas? >> a lot of is -- of it is there now. the incentives right now are to be overseas. i am more worried about the jobs for american workers. i want to get people back to work. we have 20 million american who is are unemployed or
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under-employed, we get the gold medal for the highest tax rates in the world. >> i agree. i want jobs. but i am wondering, if you -- if you remove the money and give them the incentive to offload the money, i am not suggesting that they turn over the government, that would be a big, stupid business decision, if they can get rid of it and if they are hiring people and dog that kind of thing. but i am curious, what do you expect, if they are piling up the profits, the enormous profits from the big oil company, $30, $40 billion. are they going to save that? >> i want them to invest in and high hire more people in the united states. if you lower the tax rate to 28-- the president said 28, i think we need to go to 25% because when the president wanted to lower it a little bit, he put in new tax of $350 billion on top t. so it would be almost worse than doing nothing.
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but to get the incentives to invest in this country, instead of move the money overseas is to lower the tax rates and be competitive. we are 10 to 15% higher than the average across the world. that's the wrong way to go. >> greta: what is interesting, japan is lowering-- the economic reason behind japan lowering its tax rate is because it does believe it will rev up their economy in japan. that's why they are doing it. >> that's why 30 other countries have done t. britain has just done t. you are seeing 25 years ago, the last time we had tax research in the country. we need to eliminate the loopholes and there are a lot of them and lower the overall tax rate to a reasonable number, which is what the world number is, which is 25%? do you think if we lowered the tax rate here, let's say we zero it out -- we are not going to, but for purposes. the money held overseas, that that will come back to the united states? and you think that american businesses will create jobs here in the united states, rather
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than leave it overseas and use cheaper labor? >> i do. i think that people want to get americans back to work. the multi-national countries, but those based in the united states have -- we want to give them the incentives to be here and with the high tax rate and the incredible regulatory rampage from this administration, it is making it harder to create jobs? >> don't most companies, in terms of whatever they are making -- whatever wiget they are making, they are going to make it where they can make it the cheapest and have the largest margin of profit, right? >> well, that's what corporations often-- yeah. but -- so if they can make something overseas for half the price, why would they bring that money back to the united states, to make that product, to make that wiget and have it cost more and consequently lower their margin of profit? >> you talk about production and if you want to produce low-cost items, that's one way. we have seen that for years. but i think the american economy
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and the american treme is something that people have worked on for years. i want to get more people back to work here. i look at so much money leaving and jobs leaving. that's the bigger issue, the jobs leaving. we want to get people back to work here and the way to do it is do get the incentives to hire more folks and we are the highest in the world, it's hurting our economy. >> greta: the interesting thing is, you know who number 3 is? i had to look it up. we are number 1, japan's number 2 and france is pulling up the rear. 34%. >> well, we need to do better and eliminate the loopholes? >> greta: what's the holdup, i realize the president wants to add tax revenue increases, which the republicans won't agree. to but everybody agrees to bring the corporate tax rate down. but here we sit tonight, or sunday, we are number 1. >> the good news is that both parties are talking about it now. and that's why i am hoping we can get something done.
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the president's been in office over 3 years, it's time to act? should we hold our breath? >> i wouldn't hold my breath. i am going to keep working on it because i want to get people back to work? senator, thank you. >> greta: forminger speaker of the house, newt gingrich, the wisconsin primary battle is on tuesday. speaker gingrich is campaigning in the badger state, where we caught up with him. mr. speaker, nice to see you. i want to ask, where are you? >> well, i'm at control's west, directly across the street from lam bow field. you of all people should be here. you're a shareholder like calista and me. >> i am i wish i were there. i must confess, i am jealous. but nonetheless, i'm here in washington with a lot of activity going on. let me start with what happened the other day. the gas prices, of course, you and i have discussed this before. they are very high. the president wanted to cut the tax breaks to some of the big
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oil companies. the republicans are opposed oppt y.? these are astronomical profits that the companies are having? >> well, you know, it's very strange. you get more of what you encourage. and you get less of what you discourage. like most good liberals. president obama wants to punish the people who provide goods and services and create jobs: it seems to be an ideological fixation. i would like to see us become the leading oil producing company in the world. the president could do that. i am encouraged to incentivize every business that creates jobs. the united states has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, higher than anybody else, beginning april 1. all the liberals who have given us the longest unemployment and the highest gas prices in history, they don't seem to get it. they seem to want to punish the
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people who we want to encourage. >> greta: i don't consider it punishment when somebody's getting special treatment and a break. i am not talking about the tax rate. i am talking about the fact that the oil companies have huge tax breaks that the rest of us can't have any use for or don't get. but let me give you an example. exxon mobil, $41.1 billion is their profit from 2010, up 35%. shell, $30.9 billion in profit, up 54% from 2010. what in the world do they need tax breaks for? they seem loaded! >> well, first of all, the most tax breaks that the president's trying to take away don't go to those companies. most of the tax breaks go to the nptds who do 85 or 90% of the exploration of the united states. you have to be clear with this. you will notice that the president's not suggesting that he raise taxes on general electric, which is a company which paid no taxes in recent
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years. and the president has been in the on the president's advisory board. it's highly selective of the president, who he wants to pick fights with. i favor encouraging american companies to develop american oil and gas. i favor getting the price of gasoline down below $2.50 a gallon. do you that by encouraging exploration, encouraging development, encouraging building new rifineries and by doing things like approving the keystone pipeline, which the president has vote -- vetoed and encouraging the development of the oil possibilities off louisiana and texas, which the president has stopped. and opening up parts of alaska, which the president has stop the. i have a plan that creates american jobs, keeps the money here in the united states and reduces the price of gasoline. the president doesn't do any of those things? >> greta: i am in favor of giving incentives to be competitive. but with the gas price so high, these tax breaks are being paid for by us.
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we see them in the form, i assume, of higher gas prices. these are not tax breaks coming out of the president's pocket. they are coming out of the american taxpayer's pocket? >> except the fact is, as i just said, most of the tax rates you are talking about, in fact, are incentives for independent oil and gas exploration. and that market would dry up without the incentives. you are asking people to spend a lot of money drilling a hole to see whether or not they can produce oil or gas. we want more people doing that, not less. we want them to produce more resource, not fewer. and frankly, i think this president has it backwards. he tells us he wants lower gas prices and goes on a war, attacking and accusing the very people who produce the gasoline and the natural gas he's talking about. they do this regularly. i mean, they have eight agencies trying to figure out how to stop the natural gas companies from using fracking, the technique by
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which they produce an enormous breakthrough in natural gas, which brought the price of natural gas down from $797 a unit to $205 f. we had the same reduction in gasoline twould be $1.13 a gallon. i am in favor of following the same pattedern with natural gas, where we have increased production and lowered prices as a scwens? >> the question of the sanctions gains the iran's central bank. are these sanctions have any teeth? are they feckless in light of the fact that some countries are getting waivers? >> well, you know, i don't understand obama's understand of appeasement and weakness. if you impose a sanction on a bank, how can it be a serious sanction, if you waive countries aroiding it? all have you to do is go, okay, i have to change who i call. so now there are 10 countries, if i remember correctly, 10
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countries have been waived, so how can the sanks have any teeth? they doll their business through those 10 countries. it strikesny as nonsense t. has to apply to everybody. if you only have partial sanctions, there are no sanctions at all. >> greta: some countries like japan and south korea and india, the state department has given them relief from this because, from some of the sanctions, because they say they have reduced the demand on the iranian oil. but they will get it somewhere else and jack up the price, so it will cost us more money at the pump? >> yeah. you know, see -- again, it doesn't make any sense to me. if they want a serious sanction against the central bank, they need to isolate it from the world financial market. if they are not serious about it, all they are doing is being a nuisance, not a threat. but that's typically the obama administration, which seems to do almost everything by half measure. >> greta: israel, what's your thought on israel's response to
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the sanction and it is waivers and some people get around them? >> you know, the israeli government has been saying very clearly, they are not going to tolerate an iranian nuclear weapon. from everything i can tell, they have plans that are very serious to do a range of things that may or may not be a bombing cam pairngs but there will be a number of things happening, i think in the not too distant future. the israelis have been very clear. they are not going to risk losing their cities and suffering a second holocaust to an iranian nuclear weapon. to the degree this president convinces them he's doing something real, i suspect they will be more patient. to the degree they think it's foolish and weak, i suspect that accelerates the time table for them to do something bold and dangerous? can you explain to me why, this -- president obama submitted a budget. congressman powell paul ryan submitted a budget and the senate has produced no budget. and it seems that everybody
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needs to produce a budget to have something on the tabling to negotiate. but if the senate has no budget, it stops the whole process, so it stops everything from going forward. any attempt of negotiations. can you explain to me, step out of the political field for a second. explain to me, why -- [laughter] >> greta: why would senator harry reid not want a budget put on the table to at least begin the discussion? >> well, i think there are -- two reasons. first of all, i think the senator's not produced a budget in something like 900 days. so they have gone almost 3 years now without a budget. i think what happened was that their budget committee chairman, a democrat, found out he literally could not produce a budget. he couldn't get a majority of democrats to agree to bring anything forward and they collapsed in failure. i think the problem they have is that the spending cuts they would need are unacceptable to one wing of the party and the tax increases that the liberals want are unacceptable to another
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wing of the party so they have melted down. so what you now have is a serious, responsible budget by paul ryan, something which is really a remarkable achievement. have you an obama faptacy wish list budget. and you have nothing for the senate democrats. i think this will be one of the items which leads the senate democrats to be defeated this fall. when i go around the country, i find a very large majority of the american people want us to get back to the kind of balanced budget we had when i was speaking. they -- speaker. they are very egg eager to see us get washington under control. and the democrats are in a sense, are eliminating themselves from serious consideration as part of the government. >> greta: but isn't that part of the job? i am not saying that anyone should agree with the republican president or the president's budget. but isn't it in the job description that you do your work, to help be a stewart for the economy and the government. i am having a really hard time understanding the two-week
10:16 pm
vacation and that budget in the senate, there is nothing from which anyone can debate, negotiate, agree or disagree, it just stops dead. >> look, a strong president who cared about a balance the budget, would call the senate back into a special session and would say, you are not going home until you produce a budget. they could plac it stick. the country would side with the president. the average american is going to be very uncomfortable knowing that their senator, as part of a group, can't even write -- whether it's a good or a bad budget, they can't write a budget. i think that disqualifies them from contending to try to govern this country. i think it's a very serious mistake on their part. >> greta: mr. speaker, thank you. i hope you wonder down highway 41 to appleton, only 25 miles away. >> joininous green bay sometime. >> greta: i will. thank you. straight ahead. voter protection? or voter suppression? new photo-i.d. laws riling up
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voters. why do some states have the law and others do not? that's next. and the obama administration, did it just torpedo israel? it looks that way to one of our guests. secrets about israel's possible trike strike in iran have gone public, very public. is the u.s. government the source of the leak? ambassador john bolton goes on the record. patriotism or propaganda. katie perry taking heat for her latest video. why do critics want to you boycott the rock star? hear the story and see more of the video. you don't want to miss this. notd is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] introducing the lexus enform app suite -- available now on the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer.
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and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy.
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>> greta: news that wisconsin is seismic. remember the protesters taking over the state capitol after the collective bargaining law was pass the? that was then. just hours ago, a federal judge in wisconsin today, ruling that part of the state's controversial collective barg ang law are unconstitutional. the judge siding with unions in two key area, ruling that annual recertification and a ban on automatic dues duction violated the workers' first amendment rights. that's really bad news for governor scott walker. today, more bad news for the
10:22 pm
governor. wisconsin officially ordering a recall election against him, after more than 900,000 signatures were collected to force the recall. the recall election will be held in june. by the way, june us monday night, "on the record" will be on the road in wisconsin. we will get the latest on the recall election from the lieutenant governor kleefisch and governor mitt romney will be our guest record roar, live from wisconsin on monday night, at 10:00 p.m. eastern. right now, a blistering controversy, voter identification laws. are they to prevent voter fraud or to discriminate and discourage some from voting? we are months away from the 2012 election and a growing number of states are passing strict voter i.d. laws. >> reporter: greta, have you stopped and thought about how often we have to produce a photo-i.d. in our lives? you have to produce one in a
10:23 pm
stewart checkpoint at any airport in america. >> have you to use an i.d. to get a library card at the library. for reasons of identity and proof of age, you certainly need an i.d. in a liquor store. you can't check into your hotel room without showing an i.d. first. and if you come to visit us here at fox news, it's 100% i.d. check. so what about when you vote? consider this n. 2001, there were only 14 states that had any voter i.d. laws on the books, none of which needed a photo-a.d, today, 30 states have laws and only a handful require a photo-i.d. we spoke with susan frederick in washington with a national conference of state legislators. >> there have been efforts over the past 5 to 7 years to pass a
10:24 pm
federal voter i.d. law. none of the efforts have been successful for one reason or another. most recently, the senate has held hearings throughout the summer and into the dispawl as recently as january, examining voter i.d. laws in the state. there has not been legislation attach to the hearings. it's a steep-down look at what is happening in the state and registering their concern that there may be voter suppression issues that need to be looked at. >> reporter: voter identification has become a major issue in many state legislatures, pennsylvania became the most recent state to enact such a law. tell require voters here to present a strict photo oiivegdz before they can vote in november. so we cay came here to spiel speak with the secretary of the commonwealth. have you one of the more strict laws in proving your identity in the country. tell me, what happens? what champs now? what will happen in november? >> i think it's been overplayed
10:25 pm
by the press because i have my photo i.d. card with me. >> reporter: your driver's license. >> when you go into vote in pennsylvania, you give the election worker your name and she finds your place and you sign your name and you get a ballot and guto vote. the only thing she doll now is look at your i.d. card and see if the face matches the picture on the card. it is not a verification of address or party affiliation. it is establishing for the election worker that you are who you say you are. >> reporter: if you don't have a driver's license or an i.d., you can get one for free? or are you making people purchase something? that's an issue in washington now in the supreme court? >> in pennsylvania, the department of transportation will issue non-driver votto i.d.s to anyone who has no other form of acceptable form in pennsylvania. >> reporter: 21 states have no voter i.d. requirements.
10:26 pm
new york is one such state. in fact, the only time you will be pass is if the state can't identify you from your registration. the commissioner with the new york city board of elections. >> if a voter registered after 2003 and they never provided the board of elections with the last 4 digits of their social security number, driver's license or photo identification, they can provide an elections official with the information that is presented in a utility bill, a government check. those are the types of ways that we are able to identify a voter, that's to comply with the help america vote act. we have a voter requirement. but after a voter has voted once, they won't have to show that type of identification for subsequent elections, which is where the question comes in. >> reporter: critics say this is voter suppression. what do you say? >> the evidence doesn't support
10:27 pm
that. there have been studies that doesn't support, that it doesn't suppress the vote. the university of delaware did a study. the university of nebraska at linkon also did a study and apparently, it doesn't have the negative effects that are being talked about. i believe the studies were valid. so, i also believe that the process has been in place for a number of years. and if there were disenfranchisement in the other 15 states that have had photo i.d. for a number of years, i think we would have heard about it? coming up, is it sabotage? did the obama administration try to sabotage israel's potential plans to strike iran? john bolton says yes. it is not every day, police pull over a real-life super hero -- well. sort of. why were police chasing the
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10:32 pm
is $640 million. people are lining up across the country, was secretary chu one of them? we hope sof. if he wins, he hope he will repay the half billion back from solyndra. what would you do if you won? go to gretawire and tell us. iran hates israel. its president says he wants to wipe israel off the map. it is no secret that israel's taking him very seriously. they for considering a preemptive strike on iran and some of israel's plans are showing up on the internet. who is leaking that? and why? john bolton is accusing the obama administration. is that far fair to say? >> it is reported in foreign policy dot-com, a magazine site, interviewing several administration sources that israel has a deal with the country of azerbaijan, on iran's northern border to use an air
10:33 pm
field to attack the iranian nuclear weapons program. i do think that's part of a concerted effort by the obama administration to try to pressure israel, publicly, not to attack. it began when defense secretary panetta said 2 months ago that the likely thyme frame was april through june. i think that the balm recognizes the private efforts to pressure israel have probably failed and this is a way of doing it publicly. >> greta: there were lots of reports two months ago about how this is an impossible project for the israelis to get their f-15s all the way to the sites and get back. now we have read that they have bases in azerbaijan, they valid places to refuel and the distance is much shorter, so a much more appealing military effort and now this is effort. >> i hadn't been one to talk about the possibilities here. there are so many experts that
10:34 pm
are convinced that israel's doesn't have the capability, stageing from azerbaijan is a game changer. one would expect that the iranians were not planning that possibility in their defensive preparation. so that's why leaking this information is not just pressure on israel, in effect, it's giving the information to iran and the rest of the world at the same time. i very much expect that if israel doesn't bend its knee to the obama administration here, they will leak other information. >> greta: wouldn't that have been obvious to iran? azerbaijan has had an economic relationship with israel, they buy a lot of their military hardware from israel. wouldn't that have been predictable, so this is not such a big surprise? >> well, azerbaijan is a muslim country. there are a lot of czaris in iran. so i think the iranians would be quite surprised that israel was
10:35 pm
able to build enough of a relationship to be able to gain access rights to a base to attack another country, that's an act of war from azerbaijan. so whether they thought of the possibility, i don't know, but now it's in the public. >> greta: iran is shiite muslim? >> right. >> greta: azerbaijan has a substantial shiite muslim population. >> right. >> greta: why would azerbaijan be friendlier with israel than iran, why would they be chummy? >> there is some tension between the ethnic azarian and it is slight majority, 50% of the persian population. israel may have been exploiting that and the israeli weapons are a very attractive buy for azerbaijan, who are worried about iran and russia with putin, trying to reinsert russian hegemony.
10:36 pm
>> greta: then you have the president, who -- we have sanctions, he has cranked up the sanctions on iran, hour the state department is giving a little leeway to jaknow -- japan and india and some of the european nations are getting a pass. president obama thinks that tameline is longer than the israelis do. >> the sanks policy by the administration is more blew smoke and mironnors than substance. i think the president's worried about the effect of the sanctions on gas prices at the pump in america, than he is about pressuring iran. i think it's his political future that is most of his top of his mine. i think he wors more about a strike than israel. >> greta: what do you think of the whispering we caught on the mike with russia? in which he said that after the election, he will have more frexibility? >> i think it's reprehensible.
10:37 pm
it's all about him. it is not that the country's in, that we postpone new yorks. it's give me a little space and i will be more flexible toward you once the election is over. now, he doesn't need the flexibility to be tough or russia. he needs it to be able to give more away. to me, that's a fire bell in the night that voters really need to consider. if he does it here who, else is he doing it with? >> he will have a new person to deal with shortly. a new president putin. we'll see what happens from that. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: five police officers, just murdered. mexico is a war zone. who would be brave enough to go in with a camera? our next guest is. he has seen it and it's all on camera. a katie perry boycott? perry coming under heavy fire from her latest music video. why are critics taking aim at her? don't miss this video, just 2 minutes awasm -- away.
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>> greta: a katie perry boycott? what's the controversy. in the video, perry transforms herself into a u.s. marine. a feminist, naomi wolf call its propaganda for the u.s. minor marines and that people should boycott perry for glorifying violence. this is the video... this is it is part of me that you are never gonna get to take away from me. no! sticks and stones -- this is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me! no! now look at me-- katie perry call its an affirmation of strength. go to gretawire and comment. back in 2.
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>> greta: behind the scenes of a new film, documenting cartel murders, in mexico. but first, lauren greene has the headlines. >> thanks, greta. new information in the 2009 disappearance of utah mother susan powell. court documents unsealed today, show investigators found blood in powell's home and a handwritten note saying she didn't trust her husband and feared for her life. her husband killed himself and the couple's two young sons in a home in washington last month. susan remains missing. dozens ever workers in northern california, sickened by a carbon monoxide leak. one employee at a specialty foods in vallejo is in serious condition. more than 70 people were sent to the hospital after being exposed. 45 were treated for flawsia, dizziness and difficulty breathing. only one remains hospitalized. we will bring you the numbers on
10:44 pm
the mega-million jackpot at the top of the hour? we have been telling you this almost every night for 3 years -- mexico, no one is safe, even in the place. five policemen were gunned down in harwees. mexico's deadly drug cartel violence is spilling over the border into the united states. so is anyone paying attention? filmmaker charlie minn is. he made a documentary called "murder capitol of the world." >> just the amount of corruption corruption -- and that corruption has been there for... decades. sometimes the officers have to take bribes because that's the only way to survive -- take the bribe or you are killed. >> greta: charlie minn is here. nice to see you. i don't know if the word
10:45 pm
"enjoy," i don't know how you can enjoy watching a horrible crisis, right next door. how bad is it? >> really bad, greta. in 20 terngs there were more murders in juarez than the 9/11 attacks. since 2008, we have been more murders in juarez than both the wars in iraq and afghanistan together. >> greta: why do you think that we seem to be looking the other way? this is right next door. there are other parts of the world, we are deeply involved. but this is right next door. >> it's a great question. i am not sure why it's so overlooked. the innocence of the mexican people need to be paid attention. to all the priority seems to be in the middle-east in the country and in the world. that has merit, obviously, the middle-east and all of that. but for some reason, president obama has yawned at the mexico situation. >> greta: president calderon in december of 2006, he declared a war on drugs.
10:46 pm
any luck? >> no! i mean, probably it's the worst decision in mexico history. he declared war on the cartels, 10 days into his campaign. we have had over 50,000 dead on the cartels. it's backfired on him. >> greta: is there corruption within -- i know -- i know that the police force, there are many good -- good police officers, and many corrupted. in the government, calderon government, is there any evidence of corruption? >> not directly. but the $64,000 question, is president calderon collaborating or putting on the greatest acting job for 6 years. >> greta: there is some question -- you think he could be working with the cartels? >> absolutely. the drug cartels are probably the most powerful organization in mexico, right now. they bought up the government nmy opinion, the police, the army. we don't know who is who in mexico. it's the saddest story in the world today, greta. >> greta: one of the things we talked about is chapel guzman, who is he? >> the biggest drug lord in the
10:47 pm
world, in my opinion. the leader of the cartel and just recently, we talked about this, before the show, four or five months ago, his wife delivered twins in los angeles and people are wondering if he's the greatest drug lord in the world, why wasn't his wife questioned or held at the hospital? >> greta: and he -- he escaped prison how many years ago? >> 10 years ago in a laundry bin. >> greta: and he's rich! >> he's in forbes magazine. a lot of people people have criticize forbes magazine, where they are glorifying criminals. the drug lords are idolized by the youth. smed instead of soccer players, act ares on, singers, it's the drug lords, actually. >> greta: why don't we see all the murders in juarez in el paso? they are separated by a line, imaginary, but just by the border? >> el paso, texas, is my second home, a beautiful city. two years ago, el paso had 5
10:48 pm
murders and juarez had thrent 11 border's the murder capitol. president fox, the former president of mexico, believes that the u.s. government is conspiring with the cartels to stay out of certain areas, why is el paso so safe and why is laredo so safe and across the border, it's so dangerous? it's an interesting question? how much has the cartel business been exported to other parts of the world, other than the united states? >> the influence of chapo guzman is extreme. he's in europe, asia, central america. guatamala's going through a horrendous situation. they are all over the place. but they are mainly in mexico, all 31 states are affected in the country of mexico? where is elchapo? his wife gave birth to twins in los angeles. where is he suspected? >> i don't know where he is.
10:49 pm
he could be in the united states. he could be in the area where he is from. nobody knows where he is. >> greta: they do the most vicious, viulent, beheadings, shootings. it doesn't stop. it opens in times quar and los angeles and across the country itch it's playing at the harkensville in tempe, arizona. and it comes to d.c. on friday, april 6, to the washington, d.c. area. i go after the white house quite a bit on that one. >> greta: thank you. straight ahead, do you think being a super hero gives you a license to speed? want so fast, batman. why why was the caped crusadener such a hurry? and why did he get off without a ticket? [ clang ] the all-new 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back. see your lexus dealer.
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>> greta: have you seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. this is definitely not a routine traffic stop. maryland police pull over the driver of a lamborghini. the driver is batman -- sort of. the driver was dressed as the caped crusader. police pulled him over because his balance plate had a batman logo. but in then, he didn't get a ticket. he told police, he dresses as a super hero to visit sick children in local hospitals. take a look at this. michael jordan, he's proving he
10:54 pm
is an all-star, playing golf, too. placing an amazing 55-foot putt on the third hole at his celebrity golf tournament. the event raises millions of dollars for charity this. year, it's in las vegas and benefits the make-a-wish foundation. a lucky man strikes gold in an ohio thrift shop. he spotted a picasso print, peaking out from behind artwork. he bought it for $14. and after doing some research, he found out his purchase was worth more, much more. he could get up to $6,000 at an auction, even more in a gallery. so far, the happy shopper hasn't decided if he will sell. this may be one of the happiest homecomings we have ever seen, an adorable boxer puppy welcomes home his dad, a u.s. soldier. check the dog -- he reached out of the car, right into the arms of his owner. the soldier had been in afghanistan, 8 months, the
10:55 pm
heart-warming video's becoming an internet sensation with dog lurvetion everywhere. there you have it, the best of the rest. coming up, a year of grabbing the spotlight with his rants, charlie sheen has a new career. wait until you hear this. what's your deal with going left? announcer: get great deals at bass pro shops and this weekend bring the kids for a free picture with the easter bunny. are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ]
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>> greta: time for last call. fasten your seat belts. actor charlie sheen has a new job. >> this morning charlie sheen said he cringes when he watches footage of his crazy rant from last year. now... you sheen said he's moved on and focusing on his new career as a jet blue pilot. >> greta: that is horrie. that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta monday night we'll be live from wisconsin. don't miss thachl we'll see you 10:00 p.m. eastern, monday night. live from wisconsin.


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