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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. fox news alert. they lived with the world's most wanted terrorist for years. now usama bin laden's widows will be paying the price. their sentence handed down moments ago. you might be surprised straight ahead. >> meanwhile, the mega millions becoming a mega mess in maryland as one woman claims she won but her co-worker saying not so fast. we had an office pool. so who is the real lottery liar? we got the story coming up on this monday. >> another big night for taylor swift at the american country music awards. >> and the academy of country music entertainer of the year goes to -- taylor swift, everybody! >> new hair style and another award. a couple takes the stage and says "i do" guess where they're
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starting their honeymoon. right here with us. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> that's right. this could be the very first time we've ever had somebody who got married one day in vegas on our program live the next morning. with their honeymoon. >> bright and early. hopefully we didn't disrupt too much of their celebration. >> right. hope they're pacing themselves. i have a prediction. taylor swift will soon be living in the metropolitan area. she's dating tim tebow. he's a quarterback for the jets. don't be surprised if they're a couple in new york city in years to come. and we see her on the subway. >> she is not dating tim tebow. >> oh, yeah, right. >> she's not dating tim tebow. >> she's dating tim tebow. wait a second, joel, you're a jets fan. is it true? >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> the only thing for sure, we
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know she has a new hair style. >> and we know they go out to dinner a lot. >> thank you, mr. tmz. >> ah-ha! >> let's see if brian is right. >> see her at the bus stop all the time here. she'll be living here. let's get to the headlines for your monday. we have a fox news alert. three of usama bin laden's widows and two of his older daughters sentenced to 45 days in prison and fined around $110. nice. for illegally entering and living in that country for the nine years on the run. boy, that's a deterrent. $110. >> bin laden's widows are from yemen and saudi arabia. after they're released from jail, they probably will be deported but then what happens? dramatic rescue happening late last night in the middle of the pacific ocean and u.s. coast guards boat finally reached two british sailors off the coast of california. their battered yacht seen here in this aerial video.
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it was hit by a monster 70 foot wave during the around the world race over the weekend. the sea was so rough, rescuers couldn't parachute down to get them. both sailors treated for injuries. a rally protesting the killing of florida teen trayvon martin. among the protesters, chakka khan and alonzo mourning. last night, the 17-year-old's father talked about the possibility of george zimmerman's arrest and the black panther party's calls for violence. >> me and my family as well as my attorneys are promoting nonviolence in this issue. we stand -- we just want a peaceful resolution. we're promoting peace. we're not responsible for anybody's actions. >> martin's parents are now asking the federal government to review reports that prosecutors undermined a police investigation of shooter george
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zimmerman by overruling a detective who wanted to charge him. country music invades vegas strip. the stars were in sin city for the academy of country music awards. >> ♪ wonder ♪ if i give my life ♪ could i make that sacrifice >> that's keith urban honoring a touching tribute to the troops with the performance of his song. miranda lambert and blake shelton took home the awards for female and male vocalist. for the second year in a row as well, taylor swift taking home entertainer of the year. >> thank you so much for the fans that voted for this. i'm so happy about this. i just -- i want to say to my fellow nominees in this category, i respect you so much and i love you. >> and a special part of the night devoted to one new jersey couple who got married right on the stage and their honeymoon
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begins, drum roll, please, they will be live on "fox & friends" 8:20 a.m. eastern today which vegas is 5:20 a.m. eastern time. what time did they get married last night? during the show. >> what time was that? >> about 8:30, 9:30. i will say this, how do you pick a wedding band with all that talent in the audience? how do you pick the one band to play your wedding song? >> the big question is which dress was she going to wear? she selected the fourth one she tried on. >> that's the big one. >> now country music awards have a reality show marriage. >> first time somebody has gotten married. >> always singing about love. >> and congratulations -- >> you're a hopeless romantic all of a sudden. >> trying to put the pieces together but then it's monday. >> let's talk about this. we know that the price of gasoline is going up so when joe biden went on "meet the press" yesterday, the white house says joe, go out there and try to play down the fact that the national average for gas is just shy of $4 a gallon.
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instead, just blame republicans. and say that we're doing more drilling than ever before even though really george w. bush's administration paved the way for that. here's what he came up with. >> we're pumping 650,000 barrels of oil a day more than we did when we took office. there are more oil rigs and gas rigs running in the united states today than all the rest of the world combined. we are importing less foreign oil than we did the last time it was this low was 16 years ago. and these guys, what are they offering? $2.50 gas. i think at least one of them is offering that. that's what's going to happen and what's their policy? continue a $4 billion tax cut for oil companies? drill more? where are they going to drill more now? and they're going out there and they're emasculating all the efforts to deal with renewable energy. they have no policy. >> really? if you're going to take credit
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for the extra barrels of oil that are coming in now as steve mentioned because of other policies put in place by george w. bush, the simple follow-up question would be, would you agree to continue to do what george w. bush did? i mean, do you agree, then, with what george w. bush did with regard to drilling in this country. nobody asked that question as a follow-up. >> most of the drilling is being done on private land and it's very fortunate and that's fine. administrations have things happen during their reign for eight years out of their control. for example, the dot-com bubble. you have to give bill clinton credit for that? no, when the internet came into fruition, he was there. when you talk the drilling north of lands in colorado and how it's been done and regulations are in place, may be slowing that situation down. that's something to discuss. maybe the fact that we're not drilling in alaska and the moratorium was put in place at the gulf of mexico after the b.p. spill, that's something all the experts said was not necessary. meanwhile, did you hear when joe biden mentioned $2.50 gas. that was a reference to newt
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gingrich, a man he says really doesn't offer any solid ideas. he had a different take on newt gingrich in 2005. so impressed was he, he even had a recommendation for him. >> that's right. we're talking about joe biden who was heading -- big shot in the senate. and they were trying to figure out who should be the united states ambassador to the united nations and at the time, the administration wanted john bolton but the democrats didn't want john bolton. john bolton would, two weeks later, be appointed with a recess appointment but nonetheless, mr. biden said some very nice things about newt gingrich who yesterday on "meet the press" he couldn't even remember his name. >> yeah, you know, usually some of those things are well thought out like well, let's not say any of the candidates' names. we don't want to call more attention to them. i got the impression during that clip we played he didn't know which candidate was offering up the $2.50 gas gallon plan. >> needs to watch our show. >> maybe so. here's what he said about gingrich in 2005. power of gingrich's ideas and persuasion are so paramount that
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he should be the u.n. ambassador. but not feeling that way seven years later. >> uh-huh. >> meanwhile, it's down to four on the republican side. mitt romney, rick santorum, ron paul and newt gingrich. mitt sees the writing on the wall. he says it's him. watch. >> this president can't run on his record. and so he's going to try in every way he can to divert to some other kind of attack. and try to have people disqualify our nominee which will probably be me and instead of talking about where we've been and where we're going as a nation. >> he doesn't even talk about the other nominees now. he's only focused on the president and he's way ahead in wisconsin, he looks very strong in maryland. you're going to talk to the former governor of maryland shortly, gretchen and it could come down to pennsylvania. meantime, once again, i believe this is the second time but the first time since 2008, governor romney got pranked by his staff
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in a classic april fools joke. >> yeah. >> it wasn't so funny if you're running for president actually because what they did is said hey, we don't have a big crowd for you this morning. when you go out there, don't be shocked when you don't see a tremendous amount of people in the seats. watch what happened. >> the next president of the united states! april fools! happy april fools! >> next to him was senator ron johnson who just endorsed him and the introduction was done by chairman paul ryan but the crowd was intentionally empty. everybody was actually upstairs. >> they were in another room so here is mitt romney telling the real crowd what had happened downstairs. >> well, paul ryan goes up and
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gives the same introduction, what he just said. let's welcome the next president of the united states! the two of us go out there and it's completely empty. there's nobody there. like oh, boy, this is going to look really bad on the evening news. >> so not only did they do that but they caught it on camera. you guys, this is known as forgive but remember. >> so did you get pranked this april fools? e-mail us your stories or your pictures to let us know. my daughter wanted to prank my son so she hid his sleeping bag last night. why does he use a sleeping bag? he doesn't want to make his bed in the morning. he was in a panic last night. he might have to pull up the sheets in the morning. >> wow. by the way, there's one story we're not saying going over today, we fear it could be an april fools joke because that's how concerned we are as a show. >> the dots don't all connect properly. >> i believe it's real. >> we're talking about the story on the cover of "the new york post." >> not this one. >> this isn't the one you're
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talking about? >> this isn't the april fools joke. >> merlonda wilson has told some friends she is the person who is holding the ticket that was won in maryland. now, here is the thing -- >> not just friends. >> she was -- she told a bunch of people. she was part of a pool of employees at mcdonald's in maryland and they all pooled their money. she told friends i won, i won. she says she bought the ticket after she bought the ones in the pool and the people in the pool are furious! >> she says this -- we had a group plan but i went and played by myself. the winning ticket wasn't on the group plan. the winning ticket was a separate ticket. i mean, how many times have we heard lawyers say if you go in on some sort of a group plan, all of you sign the back of the ticket, you know, just write a simple, on a piece of paper. it doesn't have to look that leg legalese but write signed on this date. >> i don't know if she bought
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the ticket. the guy that bought the winning ticket and it's just unbelievable this woman feels as though she's making $7.50 an hour can't split $5 million every year for 20 years or $105 million. how could you be that selfish if it is indeed true? >> she did tell some friends she would be at the lotto office when it opened later today. if it's her, she's going to never go to mcdonald's again. i have a feeling. >> all right. coming up, 13 minutes after the hour, beer goggles. you've heard about them and maybe even fallen victim to them. now there's actual science behind how they work. and who is the most at risk. >> i'll have you read that story. good news, the so-called bullet train in california slashes costs by $30 billion. guess what? it's still $25 billion higher than what taxpayers signed on for. how does that happen as we slowly zoom to stuart varney or pull out. >> as we go to break, another look at the american country music awards and the band perry.
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>> all right, the california high speed rail association is proudly announcing they are lowering the cost of the project to $68 billion. wait a second. that's still $25 billion more than what the voters said they could spend. >> so is california governor jerry brown ignoring a financial crisis to spend big bucks on green projects? joining us right now, host of "varney & company" on fox business network, stuart varney. it's good if something is going to cost less as long as it does something worthwhile. >> i'm laughing here. do you think that the formerly golden state of california can afford to spend $68 billion on a bullet train that goes from nowhere to nowhere when they have a massive debt, ongoing deficit, double digit unemployment and they face a whopping great big tax increase
6:18 am
come november. you think they can afford $68 billion for bullet train that will not be a bullet train? >> no, they can't afford it. >> governor varney, i'm wondering what the deal is. what do you mean going nowhere from nowhere? we need to go from los angeles to san francisco quickly. >> it doesn't. it goes from outside san francisco to outside los angeles. that would mean you've got to take local transportation, a taxi or your own car to get to the station in l.a. or near l.a. >> why isn't it from downtown to downtown? >> because that's how they save the $30 billion. so instead of going from downtown to downtown at $98 billion. they'll go from outside to downtown to outside downtown and call it a bargain. >> if nobody is going to take the train, it will be a hassle. i'm going to go way out there and get on the train. nobody will get on that train. >> they think they'll have a minimum of 2.9 million riders
6:19 am
every year on this nowhere to nowhere train and they don't have the money for this. they'll get $9 million from the -- they're going to raise by borrowing money in the state of california. $7 1/2 billion from the feds and they think that private investors like you and i are going to lend them the rest. >> are you going to be talking about trains at 9:. 20 on "varney & company? >> yes and the mcdonald's winner. >> remind he not to pool my money with you. >> nobody ever does. >> he doesn't need it. >> 19 minutes after the hour. coming up straight ahead on this show, it's not all about varney & company. do you think the quaker oats guy looks fat? he's on a diet to set a good example for kids. he's not the only iconic figure slimming down. >> from that open mike moment to watching the potential health care reform falling apart,
6:20 am
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>> all right. quick headlines now. hours ago, a plane crashed in a snowy field in siberia left at least 31 people dead. 12 survivors hospitalized with serious injuries and burns. russian aviation officials trying to figure out what caused the twin engine turboprop plane to go down shortly after takeoff and want to see the new movie "the avengers" before it comes out on may 4th? i can't hear your answer but i'll go ahead with the story. marvel studios announcing it will offer advanced screenings starting april 14th in cities
6:24 am
where they had the most fans on facebook. admission will be free. first come, first served. gretchen, you're up. >> thanks very much, brian. we've all had a bad day. but the washington times published an op ed claiming president obama suffered more than a bad day last week. he endured his worst week ever? for a fair and balanced debate, we're joined by washington insiders, former maryland governor and co-chair of romney's campaign in maryland robert urlich and fellow the harvard pal particulars, artur david. good morning. let me give you first chance to weigh in here. was it the worst week of president obama's presidency? >> i'm not laughing. maybe i'm smiling. it wasn't a good one, gretchen. clearly, the supreme court and what occurred, what took place over those three days reminded the american public about why they disliked that health bill so much. the unguarded moment with regard to russia, obviously, was the second major story of the week.
6:25 am
not a good week for the president. >> all right. congressman, the health care law, let's face it, this administration has not wanted to talk of it as of late but they kind of had to because it was front and center last week and the open mike flap, i mean, do you believe that president george w. bush might have had a few stories written about that if the same thing had happened to him? >> well, here's the reality. the health care laws he just said are enormously unpopular. that's not new. it's been unpopular since the day it passed. it's arguably less popular now than the day it passed. most americans have seen their premiums go up. there's a lot of uncertainty over whether their own private plans are going to stay the same. remember one of the big selling points of this law is it wouldn't change your private plan and we're learning that's not the case. i think this week underscores that it's going to be more than the economy. the economy is going to matter but the question of what an obama second term is going to
6:26 am
look like is going to matter. and the question whether or not a second term is going to mean more big government, more big spending and deficits, those issues are all going to be on the table and that's not good news for the president. >> speaking of a bigger government, the president unveiled his budget and it was voted on in the house last week. i mean, it was 414-0, wasn't it, bob? >> it was more of political statement, obviously, sort of dead on arrival. republican budgets by the way, presidential budgets have been dead on arrival in the past. it shows the unserious nature of the president's fiscal policy. it shows the unserious nature when he talks about entitlement reform. no serious proposals have been forthcoming over the past four years and the numbers have gotten worse and worse and worse. >> congressman davis, you're a former democratic congressman. some of the things you've said this morning sound like you're not that happy with president obama, is that true? >> well, the reality is i think a lot of people in the country, a lot of people supported the
6:27 am
president four years ago. and a lot of people supported the president four years ago still question -- excuse me whether or not we're going to get what we voted for. which is a president who will bring the country together which is an economy that is going to be strong enough to stretch across the board and create jobs in many different sectors, president obama has all kinds of virtues but what a lot of people wanted to see four years ago was a stronger economy and they want to see stronger leadership. the reality is, i think a lot of people believe we're not moving in that direction and that's why the race continues in not all polls but most polls to be closer than you would expect it to be frankly based on unemployment numbers. >> all right. governor and congressman, got to wrap it up there. don't feel bad about the frog in the throat. i've had this morning as well. it's monday and it's early. >> too early in the morning. >> i know. i hear you. thanks, gentlemen, have a great week. >> thanks, gretch. >> thank you. >> this is a study we've been waiting for. the science behind beer goggles.
6:28 am
why i'm reading this. how it works and who is more at risk. had a travel nightmare lately? you're not alone. guess what? airlines are getting better at what they do. we'll tell you why. first, happy birthday to emmy lou harris. how could this be? she's 65. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
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>> time for the shot of the morning now. a patriotic parade. thousands of people turning out in downtown tucson, arizona, to honor those who fight for our country. people lining the streets to welcome heroes home from iraq and afghanistan. this weekend, the event inspired by a similar parade in st. louis. launched after the department of defense refused to back a ticker tape parade in new york city. well, it felt the celebration would come too soon. >> yeah, right. >> they would have it all financed by private financing, too. a family in turmoil after new details are released in the disappearance of utah mother susan powell. >> anna has more on this disturbing case. good morning to you guys and good morning to everybody at home. evidence from unsealed files brought to light friday have authorities in washington state and utah at odds over how the disappearance of susan powell should have been handled.
6:33 am
authorities found a handwritten will saying she didn't trust her husband and if she died, it may not be an accident. her blood was found on the floor next to a sofa that appeared to have recently been cleaned. fans were blowing on it. and life insurance policies totally $1 1/2 million with her husband as the beneficiary. josh powell always maintained his innocence but a washington state prosecutor says this information would have been enough to lock powell up in his state. >> i've read enough to say that there's direct evidence in here, there's circumstantial evidence in here. and there's motive. there's everything but the body. >> susan was reported missing in 2009. you'll remember josh claimed he last saw her before going camping with his two sons, brayden and charlie in the middle of winter, freezing temperatures. the documents say charlie told police his mother went him although she didn't come back. utah police stand by their actions saying there was not evidence to arrest him at the
6:34 am
time but have not ruled out murder and kidnapping in what they continue to call a missing persons case. >> my department is committed to locating susan as well as bringing a resolution to this case. that's why it's still active. >> lawyer for josh's dad steven powell requested the documents be unsealed. steven himself is facing child pornography and voyeurism charges. the investigation into his father is what led josh to lose custody of his boys. he then murdered them and committed suicide setting his house on fire in february, if you remember, and of course, that angered so many people seeing that video of the house and the gas fueled fire. >> had they just been able to connect some of those dots like the big fan blowing on the just cleaned couch. had he been arrested, those two boys would be alive today. >> yeah, the prosecutor said they had everything but the body. >> such a horrible and sad story. thanks very much. see you bright and early tomorrow morning? >> actually, i'm going to hilton head, south carolina. >> so yeah, finally taking a couple of days off. >> if you have some time, break a story or two.
6:35 am
>> all right. i'll do some story research for you while i'm gone. >> you are now officially our hilton head correspondent. >> ok. ok. >> all right. twist my arm a little bit. >> on the golf course next. >> we got some headlines for you on this monday morning. flames engulfing this apartment building in boston forcing at least 16 people including three kids out on the streets. the seven alarm fire started on the top floor and quickly spread. fortunately, a good samaritan happened to be driving by, stopped to save anybody who had been left behind. thanks to him, all the residents got out safely. the cause of the fire still unknown. nonetheless, a seven alarmer. >> secretary of state hillary clinton weighing in on president obama's open mike moment with russian president dmitri medeved promising more money on missile defense after he's re-elected. he disagrees that russia is the
6:36 am
top geopolitical foe. >> i think it's somewhat dated to looking backwards instead of being realistic where we agree and don't agree. look for ways to bridge the disagreements and then to maximize the cooperation. >> romney says the obama administration's policy towards russia has been a failure pointing out that secretary clinton recently asked whose side is russia on. >> believe it or not, a new study finds that airlines are doing a better job for passengers. it's true. the results in the annual airline quality rating showing the performance of the nation's top 15 airlines improved slightly last year. it included on-time performance, number of bags lost. involuntary denied boardings and complaints showing that progress is slow but sure. it's better this year than last year. what was a stinker. >> beauty in the eye of the beer holder? you've heard about beer goggles
6:37 am
fooling people into thinking the opposite sex is more attractive than, well, they might normally appear. a new study finds that women are more likely to be fooled. london researchers say the lady's judgment is more clouded by alcohol than a man. the study had men and women rate faces of the opposite sex after having a few cocktails. come on, how do they know that? how somebody looks is all subjective anyway. >> research. they've done research. >> ok. >> brian has done research in beer. >> what would you say after you have beers, do your goggles improve or not? >> tell you a real life story. during my courtship with my current wife, mrs. kilmeade. i seduced her with pabst blue ribbon. she saw me as somebody different. >> be mine! >> way to go. >> let me take that as my toss, ok? yeah. you have a smell -- you smell pabst and you have a hangover. >> i was going to say schlitz.
6:38 am
>> they make a light beer now. saints coach sean peyton and the general manager will soon plead their cases for their suspensions. they want to appeal this. they'll be at the nfl offices here in new york city tomorrow. the suspension reportedly results in the bounty program the saints used from 2009 to 2011. ruling is expected quickly so the suspensions will start quickly. tonight's ncaa championship matchup, you'll watch it, kansas against kentucky. kansas beat out ohio state over the weekend in a thriller. final score was 64-62. they'll be facing kentucky who got by louisville after some big slam dunks by michael gilcrist. final score 69-61. meanwhile, riots break out in the streets near the university of kentucky this weekend after thousands of rowdy fans celebrate their victory like british soccer fans. cops even had to pepper spray some of the crowd as they overturned cars and lit couches on fire. what's the couch doing in a car? don't know. cops reportedly had to dodge flying beer bottles while using
6:39 am
extinguishers to put out fires and there you go. 13 people were arrested. want to know more about sports? go to fox and, go to keeping score. i talk about three things most important to you. >> right. i'll make them up at noon. >> from those three things to four iconic cartoon characters. believe it or not, they've been in the public eye for many, many decades and now, their owners are updating them. let's start with tony the tiger is getting an update. as you can see, there he is screen left. in the beginning, when first introduced in 1951, his head was the shape of a football. >> looks like a child back then. >> yeah. look at kind of a scrawny body but now he's ripped. that is one ripped tiger. >> what a great message. does it stop there, gretchen? >> it doesn't. it goes on to our quaker oats guy. i never knew he was known as larry. >> yep. >> he's been around for more than 100 years. look at -- ok, look at the left. he's a little bit pudgy and a little bit paler. >> it looks about the same.
6:40 am
>> no, i noticed a big difference. he's tanner and he does -- look at the double chin. slightly thinner on the bot many on -- bottom. >> everybody knows a powdered wig dries you out. >> a what does? >> people saying you're wearing rouge. here's some others. charlie the tuna, for example, caught under the sea smoking are for a while. it didn't make any sense. now charlie the tuna is anti-smoking and relatively slim. see where he's very slim by his rear fin. that's a great message for thinner. and as for cookie monster, there he is back in -- >> he looks the same! >> there he is today. he is the same on the outside. he is still 100% blue shag carpet. but on the inside, screen left, he's eating a cookie. he's laying back on the cookies, the cookie monster is. >> apparently the message now is that sometimes cookie monster has cookies. >> that's outrageous. >> remember how cookie monster used to eat. he was like this, this, this and
6:41 am
only about one slefr -- sliver of a crumb of a cookie. >> he has no throat. sometimes they paint a tongue in. the other thing to keep in mind, too, is that popeye is the healthy character that ate spinach for more money, we can't find popeye on television and he had big forearms. >> and popeye also smoked. >> he had pluto down his throat every day going after the same woman. >> olive oil. much better than canola oil. >> very good. >> cross town rival. >> i ain't scared of nothing! >> thank you very much, popeye. what do you think about the updates on the iconic cartoon character? do you have any suggestions for some? e-mail us at friends at or -- >> should we take this talking point out for the west coast feed? we'll find out. administration is spending a lot of time trashing oil but it's
6:42 am
more crucial than you may think. it's not just for your car. how about your toilet seat and your lipstick unrelated? >> you scream, i scream. we all scream for ice cream, right? not if some parents have their way. why they say ice cream has got to go from their neighborhood. >> oh, my goodness. >> before we go, carrie underwood at last night's acm's. >> she opened up with this. your finances can't manage themselves.
6:43 am
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6:46 am
the best selling passenger car. at least 19 of the small sedans have burst into flames while out on the road. thankfully nobody has been hurt. and "two and a half men" star ashton kutcher signing on to play late apple founder steve jobs in a new movie. the indy film called "jobs" will chronicle the life of the 56-year-old who died in october from pancreatic cancer. shooting starts in may. brian? >> the administration spending a lot of time trashing oil especially on friday but a war on oil won't only affect gas prices. it could change the way we live. one 42 gallon barrel of oil, for example, creates 19 gallons of gasoline. the rest of it goes to make other products like trash bags. with more on this, let's bring in sabrina who is a spokesperson for the american petroleum institute. what does it feel like to be targeted on friday by the president? >> well, i will say i wasn't surprised by what the president said. obviously, big oil is always a big target when it comes at a time when gas prices are high. it's hard to imagine everyday
6:47 am
life without this industry, as you mentioned, there's a lot of products that are petroleum based products and they touch our lives from the day we get up, from the moment we get up to the minute we go to bed. think about it the plastics that go through your alarm clock. >> around the house, you have furniture, as you mentioned, vinyl flooring, paint and cosmetics. what houses don't have those items? for example, lipsticks, you have lotions, nail polish all create oil and i don't have if you have a monitor there but also recreational sports like football, golf, fishing rods, basketballs all contain that along with things like health products like aspirin, heart valves, prosthetics, electronics. when you start trashing the industry and saying they don't deserve tax breaks, you have to think about everything they're connected to, right? >> that's right, brian. there's also misinformation been put out there about tax breaks. just because the president says we get subsidies doesn't make it true. the fact is we do not get any tax breaks from the government. we actually generate revenue for the government, more than $86
6:48 am
million a day. what we do get is manufacturing deductions that everybody else gets. what we're saying is if you're going to change the tax code, make it equal for everyone. don't pick out five companies and penalize them for their profits and the fact of the matter is it's hard to live without oil and natural gas. it heats our homes, all the list of goods that we mentioned, people don't think about petroleum jelly, it's in vaseline and this diaper rash clean for babies. it's in plastic seats for car seats for kids when they go to school and it's in the rubber in your shoes when you go to the gym when you wear your sneakers so it's really a part of our everyday lives. and we need the industry so when people say we have to get off oil and natural gas, it's a little unrealistic. well, we are for new fuels, renewable fuels. we need all of the above, that means this industry. >> and by the way, when oil does go down to $10 a barrel, if it ever does again, oil industry and gas industry was not asking for a bailout. they realized that was the
6:49 am
market. tell you what, very interesting to hear some pushback after the president targeted you guys on friday. curious to see what was going to happen. sabrina, thanks for getting up this morning and spelling it out for us. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead, see this video? that's police cuffing a man for reading the bible in public! is that a public nuisance or are police taking liberties? we'll report, you decide. plus weigh in on this one. a group of parents trying to dump the ice cream man because the kids scream for ice cream. not that kid. and it's too loud. they just don't like it. not kidding. in my neighborhood, they actually play a song that bothers me even more. [ male announcer ] what if you have potatoes? but you've got a meat and potatoes guy?
6:50 am
pour chunky sirloin burger soup over those mashed potatoes and dinner is served. four minutes, around four bucks. campbell's chunky -- it's amazing what soup can do.
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6:53 am
>> scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. almost everybody. some parents in one new york city neighborhood want to ban vendors from selling ice cream in the parks. why? because they say it's causing their kids to have embarrassing temper tantrums. comedian brad stine joins us live from nashville. oh, yes, you're a good humor man today. so brad, a number of these parents, they don't want their kids screaming "hey, i want some ice cream" so what they want to do is they want to ban the ice cream vendors. >> right. let me tell you something, it is spring, easter is just around the corner. the last thing we need is a liberal mom starting an occupy playground movement which is what is going on. only a liberal mother can look at an ice cream man and see him as the face of corporate greed! he's the problem. the 1%. why? he's got all the sno-cones and she has to tell her 4-year-old
6:54 am
you don't get any. as a good liberal in training, what does he do? he starts crying and she can't handle it because she doesn't have to deal with the fact that sometimes you have to say no. now, steve, this was a teachable moment. what she could have given them is what conservatives give their kids. what it's called is delayed gratification. sometimes you don't get everything you want as soon as you want it. or you could have taught them another lesson. it used to go like this. i'm the mom! but instead, whining, complaining and upset because he's screaming and i'm telling you, that is what america was made on. screaming at the ice cream man used to teach you how to stop somebody in their tracks. there's things you can learn from screaming at the ice cream man. >> when i was growing up, brad, i remember my parents used to call them treats. we'd want something every day. my parents go look, we can't afford that or whatever, you just have one of those. it would be a treat. you can have one on friday.
6:55 am
you're right, parents need to teach personal responsibility. you can only have it once in a while. although these parents, brad, say look, there's a childhood obesity problem. if i don't keep my kid from eating ice cream, he'll wind up 300 pounds. >> look, you don't buy him every time he wants one. just now and again. listen, i think what she needs to do is simply teach him that he's got a bratitude and it needs to change. a new game. next time she goes to the playground, here's a game you can play. look, son, i have a paddle this time or here's a better do. take him to the zoo and show him the locked up animals and see all these locked up animals? you know why they're there? they started whining because they don't get an ice cream son. you're next, son. we could have taught him something. if he's complaining there's obesi obesity, teach him how to eat well. don't tell me that you can't give a kid an ice cream cone or tell me you can't afford an ice cream cone for a kid in the summertime. this is america. if the economy has gotten that
6:56 am
bad we can't afford ice cream in the summer for the kids, maybe we need a new president in the fall, how about that? >> how about that? look at you not so good humor. >> not so much. >> commentary live from nashville on this monday morning. thank you very much, sir. >> i need an endorsement. >> i endorse you 100%. >> all right. 4 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and nowhere to put them so the government is setting them free all because they don't have enough beds. guess what? president obama's 2013 budget, fewer beds. it's going to get worse. and should rick santorum throw in the towel? ann coulter top of the hour on that and so much more. there she is live in our green room that's actually painted red. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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7:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. hope you're going to have a great monday. it's april 2nd. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. they live with the world's most wanted terrorist. now, usama bin laden's widows will be paying a bit of a price. their sentence handed down. we have the breaking details for you straight ahead. >> check this out. it's like a scene from "the perfect storm." this boat you're seeing right now getting tossed around and taking on water, the incredible coast guard rescue that almost went awry if it wasn't for this incredible crew fighting for its life. >> only thing missing, george clooney. >> true. >> meanwhile, arrested for reading the bible outloud. was that pastor in the black leather coat being a nuisance or did police go too far? we're going to report and tell you the story as you decide on this monday morning. you're watching "fox & friends."
7:01 am
>> we're going to have an interesting discussion about one of those talking points coming up. >> because we just had during the animation. >> see which side you're on when we get to it. >> it's all about this guy was praying outloud reading romans 1 outloud. how many people the last 48, 72 hours have been praying outloud whether or not their team would win in the final four. or whether or not their magic numbers would come up with the mega millions. how much praying was done in the last weekend? >> you mean silently to themselves? >> i'm not even counting the -- >> you mean people praying on their own? that's fine. >> or outloud. >> all right. we'll get to that topic in a minute. first your headlines. starting with the fox news alert. three of usama bin laden's widows and two of his older daughters just sentenced to only 45 days in prison and fined only $110 for illegally entering and living in that country during bin laden's nine years on the run.
7:02 am
bin laden's widows from yemen and saudi arabia. after they're released from jail, they'll probably be deported but where they will live next and what they'll be aup to, not known. a muslim brotherhood breaking its promise to stay out of egypt's presidential election next month. the islamic group once banned from that country has nominated a candidate who is now one of 450 candidates. 450 candidates running for president. the movie "the perfect storm" becoming all too well for the crew of the shamrock. the fishing boat out of boston lucky they didn't sink before making it back to port. they hit rough seas and started taking on water off montauk, long island. a coast guard and another fishing boat helped them pump out the water and get back to shore. lady antebellum one of the winners at last night's academy of country music awards. >> ♪ i haven't seen you in ages ♪ ♪ sometimes i find myself
7:03 am
wondering where you are ♪ >> they took home the prize for best vocal group and sang their hit "dancing away with my heart." remember last year's american idol, the crooner won best new artist, scotty mccreery. taylor swift was crowned entertainer of the year. >> taylor swift! >> i've become aware of a different struggle that's going on. my date tonight was supposed to be a high school football player named kevin mcguire. and he's not here but i promised him i'd give him a shoutout. >> mcguire asked swift in february to be his prom date but because of conflicts she invited him to come to vegas instead. the 18-year-old who suffers from leukemia couldn't go yesterday. he was just readmitted to the hospital and those are your headlines and she apparently promised to make it up to him. i don't know -- that is a
7:04 am
wonderful thing that she's doing as far as asking him to come there. i kind of like her new look. she looks -- i like the bangs. i don't know if -- >> so do i. i'm pro bangs. >> i like her offer. he was just too sick. he had 103 fever and couldn't make the trip. >> all right. meanwhile, let's talk about the trayvon martin case. there was a rally yesterday in -- down in miami. congresswoman frederica wilson organized it and predicted there would be 75,000 people in attendance. there were 3,000 people. al sharpton said it's time to end the vigilanteism and he wasn't talking about the new black panther party. he was talking about george zimmerman. >> for the first time, the parents were asked about the black panthers and some of the antic and some of the bounties they've put out since the death of their son became international news. here's their reaction. >> the fact that the black panthers have been involved saying there's a bounty on george zimmerman's head, that will turn people against your
7:05 am
son's cause. >> first and foremost, me and my family as well as my attorneys are promoting nonviolence in this issue. we just want a peaceful resolution. we're promoting peace. we're not responsible for anybody's actions. and for the most part, we're looking for peaceful resolution. >> and geraldo, we don't condone that in any way. the only people we want to make an arrest is the lawful authorities. we do not, for the record, acquiesce or suggest anybody, black panthers or anybody try to take the law into their own hands because then, we'll be guilty of what we're saying george zimmerman did that night.
7:06 am
and we're taking the moral high ground. >> very well put by the attorney there. so in other words, the family is saying look, we are -- we don't want to be aligned with the black panthers. as you recall, it was $10,000 bounty that the new black panther party was putting out for george zimmerman, the suspect in this case. and then it was even just up to as much as a million dollars at one point and yet, no one was really looking into that. >> and right now, gretch, it is in the hands of the special prosecutor appointed by the governor down there. it is 57-year-old woman by the name of angela cory. she and two prosecutors and an investigator are talking to all the people that are all eyewitnesses and it will be up to them to figure out whether or not there will be charges or to call up the grand jury. but to do a grand jury, it's got to be -- >> i think he already decided they're not going to do a grand jury. but the only thing that i thought came up significant over the weekend is experts seemed to believe it was not george zimmerman yelling for help, it was trayvon yelling for help.
7:07 am
>> on the 911 call. >> on the 911 call, you could hear it. >> prosecutor has her own self-imposed media blackout. all the details we're given we're getting from other people and not actually people doing the investigation. >> let's switch topics now and talk about illegal immigration because, as you recall, when the president ran for office, he said that he would pass a comprehensive illegal immigration policy. a lot of people are upset with the president for not really tackling this issue in the last 3 1/2 years. but is he tackling it in subtle ways now before this next election? some people are saying this latest policy here's what it is. apparently, the obama administration going to allow illegal residents to stay here while their relatives are applying for permanent residency so some people are asking is that pandering to the hispanic voters a couple of months away from the election? >> that would be in the case if there's one legal u.s. citizen
7:08 am
in a family, a father or mother were on the verge of being deported, they could say well, you know, you've got a child in the country. some refer to him as an anchor baby, you would be able to stay while you apply. meanwhile, there's also the case of so many -- according to "the daily caller", there are so many people who are grabbed by ice for various legal reasons and they're simply let go. why is that? the number of beds, i mean, you got to have a bed. if you're going to keep somebody in a detention place overnight, they don't have the beds. so what they'll do and look at this, in the president's new budget, the number of beds will actually go down 1,200 even though the number of people being detained constantly going up. >> i heard it looks like a country club, too, and the new beds they've been building according to one congressman in texas. here's the cost. the cost to the government per day, housing a detainee who got in here illegally allegedly, $166. the dhs spends about $2 billion yearly on housing and
7:09 am
deportation. according to 2011 national immigration reform and today the obama administration wants to know what you think about illegal immigrants. that whole plan that we just discussed, you think about it. you think it's going to be a situation that you could actually sign up for. you think that's a good idea if there's a citizen here in this country here legally. should their relatives be allowed to come? >> the interesting thing is that in light of this recent change, the obama administration has deported more legals, record number of deportations. so it kind of seems like they're changing their policy right now and that's why people are saying. >> keep an eye out for new proposal for the republicans that are really concerned about losing the hispanic vote. evidently, senator marco rubio is looking for the deal, see if that can be the first sign of bipartisan agreement. >> here's the story that probably will have some disagreement on the couch about. that has to do with this gentleman out in california. he's a pastor and he decided to go outside of the dmv where you go to renew your driver's license and he was reading the bible outloud.
7:10 am
now, it's my understanding that the dmv office wasn't even open at the time. is that true? >> that's right. >> i believe that's true. >> but nonetheless, he was arrested even though he was on public property. he was over 50 feet from the entrance. and he was not blocking anybody. even though there wouldn't be anybody going inside because the offices were closed. this guy was arrested. do you believe that's a violation of free speech? >> my personal experience with people reading the bible outloud is screaming at me every day going into penn station to repent and seem to be staring right at me. i could do without that. if he was screaming loudly as if he was a human bullhorn at people with the bible, i don't really think that really makes the situation better. >> well, here -- >> do you think he should be arrested? >> put it this way, i don't know if he was asked 20 times to leave. >> he was asked, apparently, don't do that right here and there were people in line for the dmv and they were listening to him. i don't know if it was bothering them but eventually the police came and he was arrested with impeding an open business but like gretch said, dmv wasn't even open yet for the day.
7:11 am
here are a couple of attorneys weighing in on this. >> he's creating an intimidating situation for people who simply want to get their driver's licenses renewed. he does not have the right to intimidate others and force them to listen. and impede their ability to do normal daily business activities such as go to the dmv. >> not only was it closed but the fact is that along with that statute comes threats and intimidation. he has to -- he had to have been threatening them. is reading the bible threatening? >> that guy is his attorney, by the way. >> sometimes you need a higher power just to wait in that line. >> good point. >> whether you're going to the post office or the dmv, maybe that romans verse from the bible gets you through it. >> maybe the book of revelations is more appropriate. >> the guy reading out of the bible, do you think that's a good reason to be arrested? e-mail us, friends at >> coming up straight ahead, what was wrong with the jet blue pilot that freaked out mid flight? this morning, his wife is speaking out. >> and then ann coulter is here
7:12 am
and she says it's time for rick santorum to go. she's standing by with her take. she's endorsed mitt romney and she's next. >> good morning. >> actually standing by. >> first, another look at the american country music awards and the zac brown band. all multivitamins give me the basics. they claim to be complete. only centrum goes beyond. providing more than just the essential nutrients, so i'm at my best. centrum. always your most complete.
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7:15 am
>> yesterday, republican presidential candidate mitt romney said "he'll probably be the nominee" but rick santorum says not so fast! >> i mean, this race isn't at
7:16 am
halftime yet. we haven't selected half the delegates yet. governor romney isn't half way to the magic number. >> that's where he compared himself to the kansas jayhawks. with the current delegate count, rick santorum would have to win the next eight contests in order to surpass romney's current delegate count. so why is he still in the race? joining us right now is the author of "demonic, how the liberal mob is endangering america." she's supported mitt romney. ann coulter, good morning. >> good morning. >> time for rick santorum to go, you say? >> yes, i mean, i think it is hurting romney and hurting our chances of taking out obama by furthering this narrative and humans have a tendency to do this anyway, of always fighting the last war. rick santorum is not the most conservative candidate in the race. this is why ron paul keeps bird dogging him. he's a big government conservative and yesterday on chris wallace he was explaining
7:17 am
some of his pro union votes and that sort of thing by saying i'm from pennsylvania which by the way, he doesn't understand when it comes to a more liberal state like massachusetts but beyond that, i mean, the saying about pennsylvania is outside of philadelphia and pittsburgh is alabama. it's a very pro life state. and very socially conservative and yet, rick santorum voted six times to refund the national endowment of the arts. that's like the big noir of the social conservative. they're funding photos of dead fetus. do you think a bain capital guy who is used to turning around bankrupt businesses is going to consider it a good taxpayer investment to fund bull whips up men's derrieres and here, rick santorum voted for it six times. stop telling me you're the most conservative candidate. you were a big government and not that much of a social conservative. >> that's the thing about it, ann, the reputation that santorum has in this race is he is the conservative. >> because he keeps saying it. >> maybe people are looking more at his social values and that's
7:18 am
what they're seeing. >> i'm not saying he's not a social conservative. this is not ford vs. reagan as was suggested yesterday on fox. if anything, romney is closer to reagan. he was the governor of a state of a much more liberal state than california. ford was just a congressman, inside washington guy as santorum is. >> you say romney is my guy. having said that, if you thought santorum was a better candidate, you would say stay in. your problem is not that he's staying in but the way that he's conducting himself or just his background? >> that's a good question. >> you want to end there? >> good night, everybody! >> i mean, i thought it was very admirable even though i couldn't stand john mccain and prefer hillary clinton in 2008, when romney dropped out pretty early and he was doing better than santorum is now, by the way, but he dropped out saying we have to beat the democrat this time and we need to pull together and i'm going to pull out now and get behind mccain so
7:19 am
that we can beat the democrats. that's an admirable thing to do. that, by the way, is what reagan did. >> but with what rick santorum is doing now to candidate romney, is it almost scorched earth? is it damaging the brand for november? >> i think it is! i mean, so many people believe the nonsense about romney care being the same as obamacare and if i can just say for the 8 billionth time, no, it isn't. for one thing, romney care is constitutional. let's start with that little detail. the federal government, we're arguing cannot have a federal mandate. it's not one of the enumerated powers. there are a lot of differences and the other part of romney care, other pillar of it was no frills catastrophic health insurance. if that were adopted by the other 49 states there would have been no argument for obamacare. it was a conservative solution that was ruled liberal. >> supreme court will take care of that part now. >> maybe not. president romney will repeal it.
7:20 am
>> don't you remember four short years ago when clinton and obama went at each other and that's exactly how the republicans got themselves in this situation because they changed the way in which the votes got to the delegates because they wanted that increased energy so why is it a bad thing now? >> i don't know that it -- that it -- i don't know that it was a good thing in 2004 for obama and clinton and why is it a bad thing now? >> why is it a bad thing now that romney and santorum -- >> i don't know if it was a bad thing that romney and mccain went at it. romney dropped out in february of 2008. it was at cpac and by the way, the 11,000 members of cpac, most conservative organization in the country were weeping when romney pulled out. he was the conservative candidate in 2008 but santorum and gingrich are furthering the false narrative that romney is somehow a liberal now. >> she is for mitt romney, can you tell? >> anybody but obama.
7:21 am
>> thank you for joining us live. >> right back with more "fox & friends." [ male announcer ] this is genco services -- mcallen, texas. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere, is always headed somewhere. to give it a sense of direction, at&t created a mobile asset solution to protect and track everything. so every piece of equipment nows where it is, how it's doing or where it goes next. ♪ this is the bell on the cat. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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7:24 am
>> most college students in america have better gpa's than those guys from "animal house." remember them? >> two c's, two b's and an f. that's a 1.2 grade average. congratulations, you're at the top of the delta pledge class. >> mr. blutoski, 0.0. >> but our next guest says when it comes to providing students with critical thinking skills, most colleges today would get an f. we are joined by nyu professor and co-author of "academically
7:25 am
adrift" richard aren. good morning. >> good morning. we don't find many kids like that today getting those kinds of grades. today, we would give them b's. >> in fact, you have suggested that maybe we need to give kids a ged test just to see what they know because some of the kids who didn't go to college are smarter than the kids who do. >> yeah, that proposal by clarence page is interesting and provocative. i do think that we need to move from just giving people paper degrees to assessing what they learn and seeing whether or not they can actually perform these basic competencies. >> if they're not learning critical thinking in college, what are they doing? >> well, in our study, we followed several thousand students. we found a third of them spending less than an hour a day studying and preparing for class. a third of full-time students and when we looked at their
7:26 am
transcripts they had a 3.2 gpa. >> let's hook at this. pie chart. big yellow part, 51% socializing followed by sleeping, working, volunteering, student clubs, not so much. >> yeah, we're not asking very much of our students today. we're making it very easy for them to go through college and universities without having to read very much. without having to write very much and bout -- without having to study. yet, they think they're doing just fine. they think they're going to get these degrees that will be worth a lot in the labor market. >> what's the message for parents? i have two kids in college, i'd like to think they're learning something they can use down the road. >> we hope they are and many of them, of course, are in colleges and universities today but the message to parents would be you can't assume that once they are sent off to college that the college is functioning to ensure that these kids are working hard. >> so as a parent, should you encourage your kid, look, the way the system is set up right now, probably going to spend
7:27 am
more of your time socializing. i want you to be in the library and i want you to do this and i want you to volunteer. >> exactly. you would point out to them that the amount of hours that the average kid studies today is half of the amount of hours that kids spent three or four decades ago. that it dropped in half in this kunlt. you'd also want to point out to them that if you look to the other countrys and you looked at europe and asia, the kids were working many more hours today studying preparing for class. you know, these kids in colleges and universities today that are getting b's for nothing, they think they're doing fine. but again, it will be the parents' responsibility to step in and tell them that wasn't the case. >> it seems like universities spend a lot of time fundraising and promoting the sports teams. >> and ask their faculty to focus primarily on research and scholarship and not on teaching so the colleges and universities, the objectives and are completely misaligned with getting students to work hard in their classes. >> academically adrift is the
7:28 am
name of it. thank you very much for joining us and it's kind of a wake-up call for parents and kids as well. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you, sir. >> all right, what do you think? e-mail us, friends at next up on the rundown, a 2-year-old pulled from a well after falling 40 feet. the dramatic rescue straight ahead. and president obama says more government spending is key to success. not capitalism. the king of capitalism, the king of entertainment television donald trump here to weigh in next. today, we stand against the tyranny of meager travelards. battle speech right? may i? capital one is issuing a venture double miles challenge. sh us how much you spent last year and we'll give you 2 miles
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cococording to the signs, on that? ford is having some sort of big tire event. i just want to confirm a few things with fiona. how would you describe the event? it's big. no,i mean in terms of savings how would you sum it up? big in your own words, with respect to selection, what would you say? big okay, let's talk rebates mike, they're big they're big get $100 rebate, plus the low price tire guarantee during the big tire event. so, in other words, we can agree that ford's tire event is a good size? big big this one's for all us grass gurus. doers. here's to more saturdays in the sun. and budgets better spent. here's to turning rookies - into experts, and shoppers into savers. here's to picking up.
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four minutes, around four bucks. - [ announcer ] introducing hugs. - [ barks ]rs ] crispy, oven-baked dog snacks with soft savory centers, made with beef and cheese. beneful baked delights: a unique collection of four new snacks... to help spark play in your day. >> time for the shot of the morning. it's a bundle of joy at the zoo in germany. take a look at this adorable baby polar bear. >> is it knute? >> no, this is a knute one. the name is anori. she was born in january but just made her public debut. you can see her here giving her mom a little eskimo kiss. cub is the half sister, brian, of knute. >> that's the similarity. that's why they look alike. >> another celebrated polar bear at the zoo who tragically died from a brain tumor a year ago. >> bring down everything. you always bring up the bad stories. >> i can see a headline on a blog soon.
7:33 am
brian kilmeade tells crazy story. zoo officials say anori is healthy and happy. >> we know why you read it. brian would have found a way to not make it a cute story. folks, he has something against cute little bears. >> we have way too many polar bear and panda stories on this planet. but with that particular story, hey -- >> why? look at how cute that is! >> and billionaires in balloons is something else that's got to go. >> speaking of billionaires we'll be speaking to donald trump moments from right now. >> right. that's a good transition to reading the news. hey, time for the rest of your headlines and the developer of the keystone xl pipeline says he's found a new route through nebraska avoiding the sensitive sand hills that the white house cited when it rejected the project. keystone's developer says details of the new proposal will be released during public hearings with the nebraskan environmental officials. >> meanwhile, the wife of that jet blue pilot that had a mid-air meltdown last week speaking out. in a statement, connie osbon says her husband was not
7:34 am
intentionally violent towards anyone. last week, he reportedly ran through the cabin screaming before passengers tackled him to the floor of the plane and held him there until they landed in amarillo, texas. osbon says their family is focusing on his recovery and thanks the airline, jet blue for handling an awful situation professionally. >> all right. an amazing rescue caught on camera. firefighters in china pulling a 2-year-old boy out of a well. little boy slipped and fell into the pit by mistake. rescuers could hear his cries from 40 feet down. luckily, the bottom of the well was dry and the rescuers had to pump oxygen down to the boy so they could finally lift him out. he was not seriously hurt. >> oh, my gosh. imagine being those parents. >> how dangerous is it that to have an open well like that. >> the driver of this car you're about to see might want to rethink his choice of bumper sticker. the man crashed in new york city landing like this. take a good look at what his bumper sticker reads. why am i the only one on the
7:35 am
planet that knows how to drive? whoopsy daisy and by the way, that man was not seriously hurt in the crash. >> all right. meanwhile, he's joining us right now as he does every monday. he's not here live. but do you want to smell like donald trump, brian? >> say that again. >> i've got donald trump's cologne. >> i want to feel lake -- >> shoot me with it. i like men's cologne better than women's perfume. >> i finally for the first time in my life, mr. trump, i feel like a success. after the battle is smelling like it. >> i hope you go to macy's and buy it. it's doing great and i hope you go to macy's and buy it and it's called success. >> women can wear it, too. >> women can wear it and they can smell it. >> ok. smells like money. it's called success. >> smells like money, right. >> speaking of money, does president obama have a problem with capitalism? because he said some things towards the end of last week where it sounded like not a big fan of capitalism. we'll play that first for you, mr. trump. >> if we cling to this same
7:36 am
old, worn out, tired you're on your own economics that the other side is peddling. they act like we haven't tried it. we tried it! it was tried in the decades before the great depression. it didn't work then. it was tried in the last decade. it didn't work. you know, the -- the -- the idea that you would keep on doing the same thing over and over again even though it's been proven not to work. that's a sign of madness. >> forget that's the case, donald, because as i recall, the stock market, nasdaq and private business is doing pretty well during some of those years. >> that's true. and object yuls, this is electoral talk. this is somebody that wants to get elected and probably from a political standpoint he's doing the right thing but from an actual standpoint and from a country's standpoint, not good.
7:37 am
this is somebody that really wants to get elected and will say anything that he has to say to get elected. >> and he's also brought up the buffet rule again, those horrible people on wall street not paying enough in taxes because warren buffet's secretary pays more than he does. and also, he vilified the oil companies on friday morning. is that an effective approach? >> well, i don't know, but, you know, warren buffet is in a major tax dispute with the united states treasury right now and they're suing each other for hundreds of millions of dollars on getting back taxes for net jets which warren buffet owns and he's trying to get back hundreds of millions of dollars. it's sort of interesting, he talks about the secretary all the time but nobody mentions the little article that there's this major, and i mean major, lawsuit going on having to do with taxes that they claim warren buffet owes. >> that's right. >> meanwhile, donald, you know, it's autism awareness day and the facts came out last week that so many more people are being diagnosed with autism than before. have you been thinking about that? >> well, i've been very much
7:38 am
involved with it over the years. i have some great friends, bob and suzanne wright who used to head up nbc, as you remember, they've really devoted their life to autism. and they've had a serious event take place in their family and they're fantastic people and i've helped them over the years and we've had fundraisers at other places and i've gotten to be pretty familiar with the subject and, you know, i have a theory and it's a theory that some people believe in. and that's the vaccinations. i mean, we never had anything like this -- this is now an epidemic. it's way, way up over the last 10 years. it's way up over the last two years. and you know, when you take a little baby that weighs like 12 pounds into a doctor's office and they pump them with many, many simultaneous vaccinations, i'm all for vaccinations, but i think that when you add all of the vaccinations together and then two months later, the baby is so different and lots of different things have happened, i really -- and i've known cases. i knew a case, a 2-year-old
7:39 am
child went for the vaccination and the child was fine. a month later, the parent was up in arms and didn't know what was going on because the people had just lost it. >> and you know that most physicians disagree with that. >> i know they do. >> and the studies have said it's no link. it used to think there was mercury in those vaccinations which we haven't had for years and yet we're at the highest time of autism. >> it's controversial to even say, i couldn't care less. i've seen people where they have, you know, a perfectly healthy child and they go for the vaccinations and a month later, the child is no longer healthy. >> sounds like something doug flutey, your former quarterback said happened to his son. about 2 1/2, he stopped talking. >> it happened to somebody that worked for me recently. i mean, they had this beautiful child. not a problem in the world and all of a sudden, they go in and get this monster shot. ever seen the size of it? it's like they're pumping in, you know, it's terrible! the amount and they pump this into this little body and all of
7:40 am
a sudden, the child is different a month later and i strongly believe that's it. now, they have vaccinations but do them separately and over an extended period of time. not at all one time. >> i had no idea you were this involved in that. we're doing a segment a little bit later on autism today. but one thing that happened, i could not sleep and i blame you, i started watching "celebrity apprenti apprentice" again on sunday and i could not believe this meltdown from former sensational talk show host arsenio hall. listen. >> it's another word that puts the i in t. >> i was just saying to -- >> she's a very -- >> proud of me as a writer. >> but she's not -- >> she's not writing. >> you didn't write mine. you didn't write mine. you didn't write mine. so the totality of your statement right here is untrue. >> so that was arsenio hall. he was fired up with aubrey. >> he didn't get kicked off? >> no, he didn't.
7:41 am
last night it was dee snyder who is really a good guy and debbie gibson, two terrific people and they sort of understood it. it was lots of complex reasons but the fact is they -- they were -- last night was a three hour episode. i'm just saying to nbc, i mean, three hours, that's a lot! >> it's almost like us. >> yeah. it's exactly like you come to think of it. but, you know, three hours on sunday night primetime, that's a lot of -- that's a lot of apprentice. >> you also had arsenio hall cry twice. once after he won. and then again in the green room. did you have any idea this guy was this emotional? >> he's emotional but he's smart and he's cunning and he doesn't like taking a lot of nonsense from people and you'll see that actually in the coming weeks even more so. he's very good. he's very talented and he's a good guy. >> i like the way the episode started last night where they had to -- the two teams had to come up with celebrity tour books of new york city. it was a great idea and then you see all the celebrities around town pointing at their favorite things. >> we have amazing people in the show. and it's, you know, really been
7:42 am
an honor to be associated with it for -- this is now 12 seasons, if you can believe it. >> yeah. >> it's been amazing. >> your sons were great last night, too. >> smells like success once again, donnald trump joining us on the horn. hope to see you back here next monday. >> thank you very much. >> suddenly gretchen finds us attractive for the first time -- >> we smell successful. >> we are smelling a lot of it around here, i can tell you that. this will be on me for the rest of the day. he promised hope and change and in 2008, president obama's message resonated with the young voters and many others. not all of them are happy with the results. up next, one of those disappointed young voters inspired to teach others about the youth vote in 2012. >> amy smart is standing by. shameless on showtime but has an important message for pet owners and she brought them. [ male announcer ] every day thousands of people
7:43 am
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>> quick headlines now. scary new information on a massive credit card security breach. as a global payments firm says hackers stole account numbers and other data for up to 1.5 million people. burger king rolling out a new menu with 10 items including salads and snack wraps. salads will never catch on. similar to its rival mcdonald's. it's the biggest menu shakeup since the chain opened in 1954. i'll never forget they added the chicken parmesan. they added it and then took it away. i went to the window and they didn't have it. >> the hit tv series "shameless" follows the dysfunctional family struggling to get by in life. our next guest plays a married mom looking to burst out of her element and rebel, that is to say, and that includes dating older guys who are married who have yachts.
7:47 am
>> he buys me nice things sometimes. that's what rich people like to do. they like to spend their money. rich guys like a pretty girl on their arm. so why not let them spoil us? >> joining us is actress amy smart who you just saw there wanting to be spoiled and this morning, you're spoiling somebody else on the couch. buggsy. >> i am. we have buggsy here and he's a rescue from the aspca and i've teamed up happily with the aspca and pet armor to launch this pet armor protection promise that basically gives affordable health care to pet owners. >> one of the things that a lot of people don't realize, dogs get lyme disease, too. >> oh, yes. oh, yes! and especially this season because we had such mild winters that they predict that the ticks and fleas are going to be more severe which is like why right now is so important to start protecting your animals. >> i know buggsy is your friend's dog, adorable. is his tongue too long or jaw too small?
7:48 am
it's sticking out there. we have days like that, i'm too exhausted. >> he's always been like that. >> really? >> yeah, you know, it's part of who he is. >> women love it. >> got a new puppy. >> congratulations. >> i did that treatment for ticks and fleas. >> yeah, on the back of the neck. >> you do it on the back of the neck. is that the one you're talking about that works? >> yes, yes. pet armor has come out with a treatment half the price of frontline top spot so they say like 2/3 of pet owners won't use medication because it's so expensive. >> right. >> now it's affordable to everyone. >> that's great. somebody who can't afford anything is the gallagher family in this show "shameless." if you haven't seen it on showtime is right now my favorite program. the season finale was last night. my wife and i are going to watch it a little later on. how crazy is that set? everybody seems like they're always either drunk or high or just drifting. >> i mean, you know, it is a show and it is acting.
7:49 am
>> they're not actually drunk. they're not actually high. but they are drifting. >> yes. but it's such -- it's so well written. it's so much fun to be part of. they always have great directors come in and the writers are amazing and all the actors are so talented. >> is this one of the cast where you hang out after? >> yes. >> we'll go to friday's and over to ruby tuesday's. >> not exactly. but we -- you know, we shoot the exteriors in chicago. so that's -- that's really fun. >> i was wondering what was happening in that scene. who are you comforting? that young woman? >> yeah, so that's -- so my character comes on as a mom of three who is a school mom and then she also likes to play on the side. she kind of goes down the rabbit hole. >> nothing like your real life. >> not -- you're married at home and have two dogs and two cats. >> yes, yes. we have a full litter of animals and they're rescues and, you know, we -- carter has a
7:50 am
beautiful bulldog so now we've got all of these animals and it's fun. it's great. >> they can be healthy at a reasonable price now. >> we look forward to finding out when you find out when you're going to be back -- if you're going to be back for the next season. >> we'll see, yeah. >> amy smart, thank you for the shameless plug. >> thank you! >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. >> coming up on "fox & friends", president obama promised hope and change in 2008 and that helped him secure the youth vote but one of those young voters now says that the bad economy and scarce jobs, that vote is up for grabs and now he wants to teach and inspire others. >> first on this day in 1974, the number one song by blue suede. wake up!
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> in 2008, president obama captured an overwhelming 66% of the youth vote but now a bad economy, bleak job market and a runaway deficit that threatens their future and that inspired salvador lamastra to write 2012 for 20 somethings, a young voter's guide to the 2012 elections and he's my guest this morning. you got involved after the election. >> after. >> what did you come to find out about yourself being a young person who is going to vote now again? >> well, i came to find out, you know, that all this massive debt with entitlements is going to fall on me in the future and i need to be involved to make my voice heard and my vote count when it came to those issues. >> so you believe that president obama is doing his part to inspire the youth vote this time around like he did before. >> no, i don't think he has.
7:55 am
i mean, his message of hope and change is not going to work this time around. i mean, he's going to have to come up with something else because no one -- the youth vote, i don't think especially has seen that hope and change that they wanted from 2008. >> so he says he needs more time but you're saying you don't buy that. it's interesting because you say that young people actually are concerned about what's coming down the pike and maybe not so much about the social issues this time around. why? >> yes. well, the social issues are important, of course, to young voters but i don't think it's going to be the deciding factor in their vote this election. it's going to be the debt. i mean, $16 trillion and the entitlement issues and, you know, are they going to be around for us when we've been paying into them for several years. what's going to happen with the unemployment, youth unemployment is so high. those are a bunch of hurmgdzs that president obama will have to explain. >> the last time around in 2008, you were still in college. did you think this is a dramatic effect for a lot of the youth when they get into the real world and if they can get a job, they see that they are paying a lot of taxes and they start facing reality. >> yes, exactly.
7:56 am
i mean, and college is over. you're having to look for a job. if you were lucky enough to find one, you're in the system now and you're paying taxes and all that matters now and so their vote is not going to be the same as it was in 2008 because they're going to be more in the real world like i am. >> interesting enough, you get several e-mails every week from the obama campaign and you believe they have the upper hand on the social media with regard to wooing young people. >> exactly. i mean, i register in all the campaign web sites and president obama does a fantastic job with social media. i get campaign e-mails every week telling me where is the local campaign office, how i can use twitter to spread his message and how i can go on my college campus and spread the word about his campaign and republicans, nothing. and nothing at all. he definitely has the upper hand. >> all right. maybe they need your help! you become inspired, the author of "2012 for 20 somethings, a voter's guide" thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you saw this couple tying the knot live on the country music awards last night and they're starting their new life with us.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're gonna have a great monday. it's monday, april 2. i'm gretchen carlson a. fox news alert for you this morning. they lived with the world's most wanted terrorist. now osama bin laden's widows are going to pay the price, kind of. their sentence handed down. the breaking details straight ahead. >> steve: joe biden says he's working hard for you. >> we're pumping 650,000-barrels of oil a day, more than we did when we took office. >> steve: but is the obama administration's latest full court press only celebrating what president george w. bush accomplished? we report. you decide. >> brian: and mega millions jackpot turning into a mega mess. the woman who bought the tickets for her office pool says she's taking the whole thing. "fox & friends" starts sadly right now.
8:01 am
>> steve: we have to wonder whether or not the woman is telling the truth, whether or not she does really have the winning ticket. >> gretchen: if they say they were able to pinpoint four people who may have bought it from the video in that store? there were four guys, all guys? so unless she had a getup on, if it's not her. >> brian: i'm looking to get a promotion from trump. >> gretchen: we spray an extraordinary amount around the set. >> brian: more on the lotto story in a short time. >> steve: it's big. and gas. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines. fox news alert, three of osama bin laden's widows and two of his older daughters sentenced to only 45 days in prison and fined around $110 for illegally entering and living in pakistan durbin laden's nine years on the
8:02 am
run. bin laden's widows were originally from yemen and saudi arabia. after their release from jail, they'll likely be deported, but where they'll live is not known. it was a theme right out of the perfect storm. the crew of the shamrock fishing boat out of boston lucky they didn't sink before making it back to port. they hit rough seas and started taking on water off montauk, long island. >> brian: you say it wrong. you say long island. >> gretchen: the coast guard and another fishing boat helped them pump out the water and get back to shore. another rally protesting the killing of florida teen trayvon martin. among the demonstrator not guilty miami, singer chaka kahn. the 17-year-old's father talked about the possibility of george zimmerman's arrest. he also spoke out against the black panthers' bounty. >> me and my family, as well as
8:03 am
my attorneys, are promoting nonviolence in this issue. we just want a peaceful resolution. we were promoting peace. we're not responsible for anybody's actions. >> gretchen: another new development over the weekend, officials have confirmed that the cries for help on the 911 call are those of trayvon martin. not george zimmerman. country music invades the vegas strip. stars were in sin city for the academy of country music awards. ♪ >> gretchen: that is keith urban offer ago touching tribute to our troops. as for the winners, miranda lambert and blake shelton tomb home the aword for female and
8:04 am
male vocalist. for the second straight year, taylor swift taking home intertaper of the year. >> thank you so much to the fans who voted for this. i am so happy about this. i want to say to my fellow nominees in this category, i respect you so much and i love you. >> gretchen: a special part of the night devote to do one new jersey couple who got hitched right on stage. guess what? they're spending their honeymoon with us. they'll be live at 8:20 eastern today. that ought to be interesting to see whether or not -- if you just got married in say g would you go to bed or would you just stay up all night? >> brian: and do the number one morning show in cable history. >> steve: absolutely. >> gretchen: we'll find out. >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk about what's going on in politics. the administration has chosen one of their targets and that is big oil. oh, that gas. the president said look, you got
8:05 am
to end big oil subsidies. there is the national average of gas. right there close to $4 a gallon. speaking of subsidy, did you guys realize that wind energy companies get 1,000 times the subsidies that oil companies do per kilowatt hour of energy produced? they say, those subsidies for big oil, bad! but we're giving 1,000 times the subsidies to the green stuff. >> gretchen: vice president joe biden was the one out pumping the message for the obama administration yesterday, pumping the message. and taking credit for all the drilling that's going on. listen to this. >> we're pumping 650,000-barrels of oil a day more than we did when we took office. there are more oil rigs and gas rigs running in the united states today than all the rest of the world combined. we are importing less foreign oil than we did the last time
8:06 am
was this low was 16 years ago. these guys, what are they offering? 2.50 gas, i think at least one of them is offering a that. that's what's going to happen. and what's their policy? continue a $4 billion tax cut for oil companies? drill more? where are they going to drill more now to produce something now? and they're going out there and they're emass cue lating all the efforts to deal with renewable energy. so they have no policy. >> brian: emask lating or pointing out that they failed and our money is gone and it was supposed to be emergency stimulus gas to reinvigorate our economy. i think it's important for joe biden to know there are plenty other places to drill that we're not drilling and plenty other lands to lease that you're not leasing and there is plenty other permits that could be okay that you're not okaying. >> steve: had they gotten started three years ago, when then senator obama came in, he said, elect me and i'll make sure the gas goes down.
8:07 am
they could have come in and done a lot of permitting and stuff like that. as you pointed out a while back on this program this morning, two hours ago, you said that drilling is up in the united states, but it's down on federal property. it's up on the state land and it's up on private land. the administration says that, you know, george w. bush, even bill clinton gets credit before the current administration. >> gretchen: when joe biden was saying that one of those other guys out there is talking about 2.50 a gallon and actually has a plan to get us there, do you think that it was by happenstance that he didn't know which republican candidate for president that was or did he conveniently leave out the name, newt gingrich? well, maybe so because just a couple of years ago when joe biden was a leading senator, he thought newt gingrich had so many great ideas that he was recommending him for united nations ambassador. back then, he said he was persuasive. >> steve: praised the power of
8:08 am
newt's ideas. >> gretchen: yeah. and so times have changed now. but he wouldn't think that idea specifically, the gas one, he said that really isn't a good policy. >> brian: the gop race for a quick second now, governor romney out over the weekend and doesn't really mention his opponents, rick santorum and ron paul or newt gingrich anymore. he's focusing on president obama. you can even see now he doesn't have a swagger in his body language or in his words, but he was pretty confident in this sound bite. >> this president can't run on his record and so he's going to try in every way he can to divert to some other kind of attack and try and have people disqualify our nominee, which will probably be me, instead of talking about where we've been and where we're going as a nation. >> steve: so now tomorrow there is going to be a primary in wisconsin. according to the real clear politics average, romney is ahead 7 1/2 points. it was yesterday morning he was appearing at a restaurant in
8:09 am
milwaukee and keep in mind, april fool's day. it turns out paul ryan led him right into one of the biggest jokes we know of. watch this. >> elect mitt romney president of the united states! [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: so that's senator ron johnon who endorsed mitt missile he was also part of hatching out this plan where you come into the room and nobody is there. can you imagine the feeling in your stomach when you're walk not guilty and you know it will be videotaped. so if it's actually true, that's not a good message if nobody shows up. >> brian: mitt romney went upstairs where the real crowd was and told the story from his perspective. >> i hear he gives the same introduction, what he just said. he's down there and so now let's welcome ron johnson and mitt romney, the next president of the united states! so the two of us go out there and it's completely empty.
8:10 am
[ laughter ] there is nobody there. oh, boy. this is going to look really bad on the evening news when we play it. not only do they do that, but they caught it on camera. this is not only forgive, but remember. >> gretchen: they might get it next. we asked you to e-mail your favorite april fool's story. we got this from jay in virginia. close friend and his wife changed their facebook status from married to single. we all knew that they are too happy. >> brian: keith says this, my son told me we used to say if he didn't behave, he might have to camp outside, but no, he figured out the smart way to make his bed.
8:11 am
>> steve: if he doesn't have his sleeping bag, he doesn't have to go to bed. what do kids hate? going to bed. >> brian: by the way, there is one story out that we can't do because we're concerned it's an april fool's joke. hopefully by tomorrow we'll have it vetted. it's my favorite story. >> gretchen: now i want to know. does it have to do with beer goggles? >> brian: no. >> gretchen: we're going to talk about that. you heard about them and maybe fallen victim to them. now there is actual science behind huh howe it all works. ladies, this applyies to you the most. >> steve: fed up with the high taxes and burning regulations in california? well, this state assembly man that you're about to see said why aren't we more like texas? so when democrats challenged him to leave, he did. why he said the lone star state has the secret to a great economy [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
8:12 am
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8:15 am
>> brian: what would make someone move from the golden state to the lone star state? the economy, stupid. california is hurting and causing thousands to relocate, including our next guest. chuck is with us, he spent six years as state assembly man in california and left because he's had it with the current business climate and living style. chuck, welcome. what made you do it? >> well, very simple, jobs. california has been taxing so much and regulating so much and suing so much that they've been driving jobs out of the state. texas is a completely different place, a place where they honor freedom and hard work. >> brian: they do. but for a state legislature to pick up and leave is unusual. but not if they listen to you, chuck, 'cause you've been talking about this to the people of california. you said why aren't we more like
8:16 am
texas and got on a lot of people's nerves? >> i did. i was the vice chairman of the revenue and taxation committee. i was on the budget committee in california. when you're on these sorts of committees, you pay a lot of attention to numbers. if you look at the share of the economy, the share of the economy that state and local government consumes in california and texas, what you'll see is that in california, they take 46% more of your dollar for state and local government. what do they spend it on? in california, we've got one third of all the nation's welfare recipients in california. in texas, we've got about one tenth of the people on welfare. it's completely different attitude from one state to the other. >> brian: chuck, you picked up and left, but you're not alone. texas population growth is through the roof. they've added in three years, from 2007 to 2,010,207,821 to their population while has lost 264,000 plus in that time.
8:17 am
aren't the people sending a message with their feet? >> the people are, in fact, voting with their feet. there is something else that these numbers don't show, which is that the cost of living in california is the third highest in the country after hawaii and new york. it's actually 42% more expensive to live in california than it is to live in texas. >> brian: now, you're now in austin for three months. how is it going? what are you doing? >> well, i love it. i'm working for the texas public policy foundation, which is the country's premiere conservative free market think tank. that's i think one of the reasons why texas is such a great place to live is that they honor liberty. they honor hard work and they understand that big government is often the enemy of liberty and hard work. >> brian: chuck, you also say before you were an assembly work, before your work in legislature, you worked in the aerospace industry and that picked up and left california. >> it did. in 2011, the last major
8:18 am
aerospace headquarters in california picked up and moved out of the state. after i left the legislature, after i was termed out after six years, i looked around to get back into my old industry and it was gone because in california, not only are there high taxes and regulation, but the energy costs are very high in california compared to everywhere else in the country. >> brian: right. chuck, good luck in austin. we'll keep tabs on you. be great to see you as you chronicle the difference between the two states at this point and our economic state. thanks. >> thank you. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, in this state and this country, scary news for women this morning. drugs that the majority of women taking linked to cancer. details in the case. plus, an award show and a wedding. why not? >> by the laws of the state of nevada i now pronounce you husband and wife and now, sir u may kiss your bride. [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: the couple married during last night's country music awards and they start their honeymoon with us next. make out on your own
8:19 am
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>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines now. a warning for women this morning. new research suggests that long-term use of any type of hormones to ease menopause symptoms can actually raise your risk of breast cancer. doctors say women should use the lowest dose for the shortest
8:23 am
time possible. a new study finds women are more fooled by beer goings than men. they had a harder time finding which faces were symettrical. >> steve: it was a wedding they'll never forget. exchanging vows on live television on the stage at the american music awards last night >> take christina as your wife. >> i will. >> will you, christina, take frank as your husband? >> i will. >> bit laws of the state of nevada, i now pronounce you husband and wife. now, you may kiss your bride. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: awesome! it was a fairy tale ending for two people who just a few years ago had never imagined finding love again. frank and christina davidson tucci are the lucky couple and join us live from las vegas. good morning to both of you.
8:24 am
>> good morning. >> steve: so we just saw it last night on the big music show, did you go to bed last night or have you been awake in las vegas ever since? >> no. we've been awake ever since. >> steve: that's great. so now you guys won a contest. christina, tell me how you were selected, hand picked by martina mcbride. >> well, i was on facebook and when frank proposed to me, i thought it was the most unique way to incorporate all three of our children. i had posted a story and kind of gave a little background to our friends and an executive from david's bridal actually saw it on there and contacted me and just wanted to get a little more information from me regarding hour story. and then he proceeded to say, you know, we're looking for someone special, a special couple to get married on the acm awards. she just asked me if i'd be considering it. never in a million years two
8:25 am
weeks later did i think we would be hand picked by martina mcbride to do such a thing. but it's an amazing, amazing experience. >> steve: absolutely. indeed. frank, we just showed a picture of you and christina and your boys and this is the reason you were selected essentially was because of the unique way you proposed. we've got a picture of the boys with the t-shirts. what did you do with them? >> they still have them. they were wearing them last night while we were getting married back home and they had a house party, so to speak. news crew on hand and the kids loved wearing their shirts. >> steve: and the day you proposed to chris, you had the first boy walk in with the t-shirt that said will. followed by the second one, you, followed by the third one, marry. and then you came in with the me on it. >> yes. >> steve: very, very nice. >> it was puff to get the first one to go and follow. but they did a great job.
8:26 am
those boys are awesome. >> steve: christina, i understand you had wanted a wedding where as many as people as possible could see it. i think getting married on cbs will do it. >> yeah. i mean, thinking that we were going to have to cut a list down, the best part about it, everyone was invited, as long as you turned your tv on last night. >> steve: fantastic. you look so pretty. i understand that is a designer dress by olag cassini from david's bridal? >> correct. it was the fourth dress i selected. got it in new york city and i loved it. i did. it made me feel really good to put it on and wear it, especially in front of all those people that watched. >> steve: you mean that was the fourth dress, they had a bunch of them lined up and that was the fourth one? >> yeah. it was the fourth one. yeah. manager there at the store saw, when i walked in she said, i have the perfect dress i think you might like.
8:27 am
it was the fourth dress i put on and it fit just perfectly. >> steve: the cool thing is when martina mcbride sings at your wedding and since she chose you, you didn't have to pay the band, did you? >> no. >> steve: well, that's fantastic. congratulations, frank and christina tucci who got married last night during the academy of country music awards. that is a wonderful story. may you have a long and happy life. both of you. >> thank you. >> steve: that's great. now you can take it down. that's great. coming up, we all think our kids are the cutest. right? guess what? now science says there is an actual age where they stop being cute. we will tell you what the age is coming up next. that definitely is cute. the mega millions becoming a mega mess. one maryland woman claims she won, but her co-workers saying not so fast. we had an office pool, so where is our shared money? so who is the real lottery liar?
8:28 am
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>> gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. check out this awesome video of the largest active volcano in europe. mount etna erupting for the fifth time this year. the eruption lasted now for about an hour and a half. luckily air traffic was not disrupted as it was back in february. it looks so beautiful, but it causes so much havoc. >> brian: that's exactly what my fourth grade project looked like 'cause we had a volcano in school, we had to make one. that's what it looked like. >> gretchen: before they had mentos. >> steve: you created your own volcano, much like the guy in close encounters of the third kind? >> gretchen: or the braid bunch? >> brian: that's true. the brady bunch. >> steve: richard dreyfuss became obsessed with devil's tower. >> brian: right. he was good. you put newspaper in a can. that's how you make a volcano. if you're making one right now, call us.
8:33 am
>> gretchen: brian will be the expert. something that we've had a slight disagreement about on the sofa is this next story which has to do with a guy in california where -- taking liberties. here he is in the black jacket. he was reading the bible out loud. you can see he's handcuffed by police. you're not allowed to be here. even though he was outside the dmv office, he was 50 feet from the entrance, which you have to be. he also was there and offices weren't even open yet, but they said he was disrupting people who were waiting in line. so he was arrested and hauled off to jail. is that the right thing to do or is it his freedom of speech liberty to be able to be there? >> steve: we've got both sides. we got a couple of earn toes cued up. the second attorney that you're going to see is bob tyler. he says this is an example of christian prosecution. listen. >> he's creating an intimidating
8:34 am
situation for people whoa simply want to get their driver's licenses renewed. does he not have the right to intimidate others and force them to listen and impede their ability to do normal daily business activities such as go to the dmv. >> not only was it closed, but the fact is that along with that statute comes threats and intimidation. he had to have been threatening them. is reading the bible threatening? >> gretchen: during the occupy wall street protest, all the people who live in new york and lived down in that neighborhood, down near wall street, did any of those occupy wall street people get arrested for impeding business, impeding lifestyle, impeding -- that went on and on in the middle of the night and all throughout the day. so is there a double standard there in any way? >> steve: the whole free speech thing. he was reading romans 1, you would think as long as he wasn't bothering anybody. we don't know if there were people who were complaining. hey, that guy is really bugging me. apparently the security guy came
8:35 am
over and said, you got to stop. he didn't. then they called the cops. >> brian: if you take -- if someone is reading the koran out loud, jehovah witness, do you really need that in a public place? someone reading the bible out loud to you? i mean, couldn't you get a book on tape and put on a head set? >> steve: he's a pastor! >> gretchen: i made the point earlier, maybe you need inspiration when you're waiting in line at the dmv or post office for that matter. i think the point of the story is that if you crack down on this and start arresting -- this is what america is about. >> brian: they would never do it if someone is reading from the koran. >> gretchen: that's true. there's a double standard in many different ways. but if you crack down on this, is it a slippery slope for crack down on everything else. >> brian: race says this, i have to listen to vulgar music booming out of a car at every stop sign. why aren't they arrested? >> steve: curt says why is it
8:36 am
illegal for a pastor to read the bible in a public place, but a group like the westborough baptist church can disrupt a military family trying to mourn and bury their child? you're absolutely right. different standards. >> gretchen: with the loud music, there are some city ordinances that make you stop doing that loud music, especially if you do it late night in neighborhoods and people are arrested for that. but maybe that's a particular city by city thing. >> brian: right. also, if you book mini kiss, a lot of people complain. >> gretchen: i don't know what you're talking about. >> brian: i have no idea either. >> gretchen: except the police came and stayed. >> brian: that was a problem. not saying it's you. >> steve: somebody like her. who won those mega millions jackpot? $640 million, after taxes, three winning tickets were sold and apparently each person will get 105 million. there is a woman in maryland by
8:37 am
the name of marllon wilson who says she has the winning ticket. the problem is she was part of a pool at the mcdonald's she works at. there are a couple guys when they heard her say i won, i won, i'm not giving anybody any of the money -- >> brian: she's a single mom of seven. has nothing to do with it. you can probably get buy on a million dollars. they'll get a lot of money. if she does have the winning ticket, this is incredibly selfish of somebody to get a group ticket and say no, this is what i bought on my own. surveillance tape will show she bought it. >> gretchen: okay. because that won't prove whether or not it was the group ticket or the single ticket l it? >> steve: if they know what the group tickets are, they will have a time stamp and stuff and say okay, how come all of these were bought exactly at the same time but you say that one, the 9th one is just yours? >> gretchen: she also kind of said she wasn't quite sure she had all the numbers now or not. i think if you have the winning
8:38 am
ticket, you've looked at it about three times. >> brian: a little camey. a bunch of people making 7.50 an hour are getting -- >> steve: we should know later. president obama refocusing his campaign on the fair share message again. he repeated his call for congress to act on the so-called buffet rule. but is that a good idea? joining us from dc right now, mr. doug luceda. >> the president talks about this all the time and tried to drove this home again over the weekend. the idea hyped the buffet rule which is named after warren buffet. during his weekly address, the president said this was a question of fairness. >> when it comes to paying down the deficit and investing in our future, should we ask middle class americans to pay even more at a time when their budgets are already stretched to the breaking point or should we ask some of the wealthiest americans
8:39 am
to pay their fair share? >> you look at the impact this would have on taxpayers and while many high earners would obviously pay more, congressional number crunchers estimated it would bring in $47 billion over the next ten years. that is less than initially expected and obviously far less than the $7 trillion or so in additional debt that's expected during that time. we think the senate is going to take up the buffet rule later this month burks it's not expected to get through congress. republicans have maintained all along that it's a gimmick that would ultimately hurt the economy. >> somehow he is conflating the small and medium size business people with the likes of billionaire warren buffet and i say we don't need a buffet rule. we need a buffer rule. we really got to stop the intrusion of more and more government. washington's got enough money it's spending. >> again, the white house counters with this fairness argument and they even raise the possibility that the rate could even be higher.
8:40 am
the 30%, they say, is a floor. not a ceiling. steve, gretchen, brian. >> steve: doug, thank you very much. live report from the bureau. >> brian: now the rest of the headlines. >> gretchen: the developer of the keystone xl pipeline says he found a new route through nebraska, avoiding the environmentally sensitive sand hills that the white house cited when it rejected the project. keystone's developer says details of the new proposal will be released during public hearings with nebraskans environmental officials. >> steve: terrific. secretary of state hillary clinton weighing in on president obama's open mic moment with russian president. he's seeing more flexibility on muscle defense after he's reelected. clinton disagreeing with republican presidential candidate mitt romney's assertion that russia is america's top, quote, joey political foe. >> i think it's somewhat dated to be looking backwards instead of being realistic about where we agree, where we don't agree,
8:41 am
but looking four ways to bridge the disagreements and then to maximize the cooperation. >> steve: romney says the obama administration's policy toward russia has been a total failure, pointing out that secretary clinton herself recently asked whose side is russia on? option. >> brian: yeah. a new study claims airlines doing much better. so straighten up your tray table. results of the annual airline quality ratings show that the performance of the nation's top 15 airlines improved slightly last year. for example, they're not losing as much luggage as usual. the ratings included each airline's on time performance and passenger complaints. so feel better about yourselves, airlines. >> gretchen: is there an age when babies stop being cute? >> brian: yes. >> gretchen: according to a new study, it's about 4 1/2 years old. i don't agree. scientists say they found the faces of younger kids more likeable than older ones. that's reportedly when their
8:42 am
cute baby features are no longer as noticeable. >> steve: 4 1/2. adorable. >> brian: kid looks all alone. coming up, chevy cruise cars bursting into flames. we have details. >> steve: obamacare, baseball style. our next guest says the president's trek out of the supreme court and he's counting them. is it three strikes you're out for president obama? that theory coming up next this one's for all us lawnsmiths.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
>> brian: quick headlines. federal safety regulators trying to determine what's causing engine fires in the chevy
8:46 am
cruise, gm's best selling passenger car. at least 19 of them have burst to that flames while on the road. plus, bruce willis and his wife, model emma willis, welcoming a new baby girl named mabel rae. gretch? >> gretchen: did president obama strike out on his health care law? our next guest says after this week, he's out. michael goodwin, columnist for the "new york post" and fox news contributor. i know you came up with this ingenious idea because the baseball season is upon us. what is president obama's strike one with obamacare? >> the first is just the name itself. obamacare, which his office rejected all along. that was a name given to it by the opponents, kind of shorthand way of catching people's attention. in fact, it really worked because you look on-line and the search engines, if you punch in obamacare, boom, that is the way you find everything about the law. so just last week, the president
8:47 am
finally conceded this and said, okay. it's obamacare because i do care. trying to do linguisticjew jet sue. >> gretchen: strike two? >> the hearings last week before the supreme court, i think, there is no way to view all of that in totality and if you support the law, you have to be depressed by this because this was not just about finally getting its day in court, which by the way, we forget, this was essentially a partisan vote in congress. nancy pelosi wouldn't let republicans even offer amendments on the house floor at the time. the speaker. so you really had a one-party vote for this mammoth piece of legislation. as i've written recently, president johnson who did all these great things in the '60s always had more republican votes than democratic votes in some of these big issues. so the fact that they shut out the other party, finally you get
8:48 am
day in court with the supreme court and you have what looks to be a clear majority to overturn the mandate that either requires people to buy insurance or be fined by the federal government. you have liberals talking about it as though it were history because i think the court knows within itself who is voting and which way. so that is strike two, that the hearings look like the law is headed for the trash heap. >> gretchen: so how does president become out with strike three? >> what's interesting is in the reaction to the -- even before the hearings were over, a lot of the liberal commentaries were discussing that running against the supreme court would be a good addition to the presidential campaign, that they could go out, attack the court for saying that the president -- that the republicans were stopping him from helping people. >> gretchen: that they would say the court is an activist? >> that's right. they would use that against mitt romney, assuming he's the republican nominee, which to me is ridiculous because the idea
8:49 am
is that the public doesn't like the law. up to two-thirds and several polls show that the public wants the court to throw out part of the law or all of the law. so to campaign on the basis that the public will now be outraged that the court did what it wanted, that doesn't make any sense. so to me, if the president is going to seek reelection on obamacare, that's strike three. >> gretchen: according to you, that makes him out on obamacare. always great to see you. thanks so much. coming up, sobering new stats on autism just out. our next guest says the disorder can be reversed. you have to stay tuned and listen to this. first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what's on at the top of the hour. >> could the murder of two kids been prevented with a single phone call? intriguing new evidence on that this morning. rick santorum says the establishment is getting nervous. we'll talk to him live in wisconsin a day before the big vote there. what will the u.s. government do with a million square feet of spy space in the state of utah?
8:50 am
we'd like to know. we'll see you at the top of the hour on the monday edition of "america's newsroom" [ kyle ] my bad. [ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have...[ roger with voice of dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not.
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>> steve: welcome back. today is national autism awareness day. there is sobering new report from the cdc. one in 88 kids are now being diagnosed with autism. that's nearly twice as many five years ago. >> gretchen: our next guest says it can be reversed. >> brian: it's in the book, "the autism revolution ," dr. martha herbert is here. what do you mean reversed? >> well, people with autism get better. some of them get somewhat better and some of them actually lose their diagnosis. so i think that we need to stop thinking about it as a life sentence and think about it as something that we can work on.
8:54 am
>> gretchen: a lot has been said about nutrition, that if you change the diet of some young children, that some will be amenable to change burks not all. what other factors do you point to? >> diet is big because it triggers the immune system and because it supplies the ingredients for our cells, so our cells can do the best possible job. i'm also concerned with toxics. we have a lot of everyday toxic exposures we don't think about. our household products. living near a freeway has been shown to increase your risk for autism. so reducing as much as you can toxic exposures is another thing. >> steve: one of the things you say is you need to calm the brain chaos. >> right. >> steve: a normal brain, but there is chaos. >> the brain is not malformed. the brain is irritated. so you need to reduce the irritation and the inflammation in the brain. i'm not talking about drugs. i'm talking about the same kind of anti-inflammation diet people
8:55 am
have read about. absolutely outstanding high nutrient density food. fruits and vegetables. lots and lots -- the rainbow diet, every color of the rainbow in your daily diet. that's going to give the body what it needs to start fixing things. >> gretchen: what about vaccine as soon as early oron, donald trump, he's a big believer that they may have led to this, especially when they had mercury eight years and beyond. what do you think? >> i think it has to be bigger than that because there are people who have not been vaccinated who have autism. what i'm concerned about is the vulnerability of body and brain, particularly the immune system and what we can do to shore it up so it's not so vulnerable. >> brian: go for the extraordinary, you say, people with autism are capable of astounding things. >> right. we have been learning that there is far fewer people with autism who are mentally retarded and some people are remarkably brilliant. we just haven't been testing
8:56 am
them right. so look at your child. think of your child as being in there and understanding even if they can't express themselves and expand their world and give them the opportunity to grow and develop their interests. >> steve: you're theory is an interesting one. we have more questions. can you stick around? >> sure. >> steve: more with dr. martha herbert as we roll on live from new york in two minutes wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. but one thing's for sure -- you don't like it. but you've never tried it? see the problem here... ♪
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>> steve: dr. martha says that autism may be reversible. we're going to talk to her about that in the after the show show. log on right now. >> brian: tomorrow, we'll have governor mitt romney on here. shannen doherty, randy jackson and gene simmons. >> steve: all together? >> brian: one segment. the rest will be us talking. >> gretchen: a lot of reality tv shows. the fascinating discussion about autism will continue on the after the show show. have a fantastic monday, everyone.


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