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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it's his first tv interview since suspending his presidential campaign. you will hear from senator rick santorum in just a few minutes. but right now, the battle for women voters gets ugly, very ugly. democratic strategist hillary rosen, a friend of mine, making remarks about ann romney and the economy and setting off a firestorm controversy and even a twitter war. what did rosen say that sparked the uproar? >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country saying, well, you know, my wife tells me that what women really care about are economic issues. and when i listen to my wife, that's what i'm hearing. guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life. she's actually never really dealt with the kind of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and how do we -- why we worry about their future. >> and today, ann romney firing back. >> my career choice was to be a mother. and i think all of us need to
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know that we need to respect choices that women make. other women make other choices to have a career and raise family, which i think hillary rosen has actually done herself. i respect that. that's wonderful. but, you know, there are other people that have a choice. we have to respect women in all those choices that they make. i will tell you that mitt said to me more times than you would imagine, ann, your job is more important than mine. he was making money and doing the things, raising funds and investing and helping other companies, and he would come home and say, ann, your job is more important than mine. >> and now rosen making an apology, saying let's put the full war against stay-at-home moms to rest once and for all. as a mom i know raising children is the hardest job there is. as a pundit i know my words on cnn last night were poorly
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chosen. in sons to mitt romney on the campaign trail referring to his wife as a better person to answer questions about women than he is, i was discussing the poor record on the polite of women's financial struggles. how are you? >> good evening, karl. >> how are you. >> i think the democrats coined the phrase first of war on women, and now a friend of mine, hillary rosen, has walk right into the war. now the question is where does it go from here? >> she didn't walk into the war, she went in guns blazing, threw a few grenades and assaulted 5 million women who chose to be stay-at-home moms. and i thought her apology, such as it was, was interesting. third sentence she says her words were a poor choice. eighth sentence she says she apologize today ann romney and anyone who is offended and in
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her ninth sentence that you left out of what you read, she goes back and reinsults ann romney and said let's put this phony war on stay at home moms behind us and move on. wait a minute, you started it. she was dismiss i have of ann romney as having never worked a day in her life, and also made it sound if you are a stay-at-home mom you are not worried about your kids' future, you don't have to -- in my experience it is the moms, whether they are staying at home or they are working, it's the moms who are the ones most keenly aware what have it cost to raise a money, they are the ones worried about getting the shopping done and making sure the kids get off to school and making sure the bills get paid and so forth, and they have a keen understanding of what the costs are that the ordinary american family faces, whether they are working or staying at home. it was very dismiss i have. i thought the apology was half an apology. she apologized to ann romney and
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then put the knife back in by declaring it a phony war on stay-at-home moms when she herself declared it and fired the first shots in it. >> just a quick reference. obviously i'm a friend with both sides of the isle so sometimes i get caught in the crossfire. the war on women, i agree, it was a phoney war started by the democrats and started over the contra septive debates. i thought that was a phoney war. i will say this in defense of hillary rosen. look, i know her, and her criticism or her remark was about -- was about -- she was not critical of ann romney. she would not. >> oh, sure, she was, greta. absolutely she was. >> no, wait. >> sure, she was. she's never worked a day in her life. she doesn't know these things.
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it was very dismiss i have. >> i think, karl, the way i read it, and i read the remarks, i don't think she's been critical of the fact ann romney has been a spectacular mother and she has. she raised five children. >> she never said that. >> i don't think she would have been critical of ann romney if the issue were ann romney and the challenges she faced because she's struggle with a physical problem. i think she would have been fine with that. the way i treed (sic), the way i read it is because she was not critical of ann romney staying at home, she welcomed that choice, she's a mother herself, but the idea that she didn't know the business world because she doesn't have the experience. she certainly is an experienced mother, she knows the challenges of raising a family and household and has had the health challenges but i didn't see that as an attack personally of ann romney. >> i watch the episode. you can go to youtube and see it. she was enormously dismiss i have of ann romney as a person.
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she basically called her an economic idiot and told her she had no idea of the real struggles people were dealing with or what families were dealing with. it was highly personal. she never said i respect ann romney. she never said what a marvelous woman who has beat breast cancer and is fighting ms and raised a family of five wonderful children. she never said one word like that. the so-called apology, with all due respect to ms. rosen, was a half apology. she started the phony war on stay-at-home moms. it was not contrite. i think there are people in chicago who are happy that hilary rosen has said this thing and has ejected this into the campaign -- >> oh, they have thrown her under the bus already. >> yeah, and in a 140 word tweet. you know, nobody has called -- >> well, they threw her under the bus a lot faster -- they
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have thrown her under the bus a lot faster than reverend wright. >> i repeat with a tweet, they should have called up debbie becauser man schultz, the democratic national charm who they instructed to put rosen in as a senior visor and say publicly fire her as a senior advisor but they don't do that because one of the person who coined the phrase war on women and probably used it more than any other figure is deborah wasserman schultz. >> i'm totally in agreement with you on the war on women thing that. is phoney. i totally agree with that, 100%. i think the way hillary rosen handled this last night, the point she was trying to get, whether you agree with her or not, it was handle very poorly, it was clumsy. i'm only telling you she's not anti-stay-at-home mothers. i can tell you that. i know that -- >> oh, look, look. i agree with that. but she took a cheap shot at ann
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romney, and the collateral damage was she hurt herself because when she went after ann romney in the personal and offensive manner she did and made it look like she was attacking every stay-at-home mom. i will grant you that some more she probably didn't mean to do it to everyone. >> look, more of a reference to governor romney than it was to mrs. romney because the whole point she was trying to say is who he was look to for economic advice. i thought the shot was more at him. >> she takes three sentences and devoted three separate shots at ann romney. greta we will disagree about this. i understand. i think people ought to go to youtube, hillary rosen, cnn appearance, and judge for themselves. it was personal and mean, and her apology is halfhearted, and i suspect there are guys in chicago sitting in that headquarters who are saying, god, we were smart to get that 140 word tweet out and isn't it great we got our shot in and we were able to distance ourselves with t don't bother picking up
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the phone and calling deborah wasserma2346789-schultz and telling her to fire her but thank goodness we handled it the way we did. >> i will concede it was clumsy the way it was handled. it will be interesting to see, you know, what the fall-out is, whether this is a blip or whether it is a continuing narrative throughout the campaign. the war on women thing has actually now come to a head. >> and frankly, been turned on the democrats through the inept spokesman. >> karl, thank you. always nice to see you. >> you bet. thank you. >> up next, senator rick santorum. it's his first tv interview since suspending his presidential campaign and you will only see it right here. that's next. also, after a pregnancy scandal, former presidential candidate john edwards goes to court to face the music. the latest coming up.
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>> this presidential race for us is over, for me, and we will suspend our campaign effective today. we are not done fighting. >> and senator rick santorum is here right now. this is his first tv interview
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since suspending his campaign. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> not done fighting, what does that mean? >> there are a lot of people i've heard from out there that are concerned about where the country is going to go going forward. i think we provided a voice for them. those who feel like they are out there and economically that nobody is really talking about them, nobody is talking about giving them the opportunities that their parents and grandparents had. and same thing with the values of our country. as you saw me, greta, i talked about our founding principles, and our country and what made us great based on the greatness of you are people. a lot of folks i think are worried the message will be lost in the shuffle and i think we will continue to go out there and talk about it. >> how old are you? >> fifty three. >> so four years you are still a young man. can we sort of agree this is probably not over for you? it's over this time even though
10:15 pm
you are suspended but it's not over for you? >> well, i don't know -- >> you are still a young man in four years. >> i feel like a young man and hopefully i will feel like a young man four years from now. the last year put a couple years on me but i feel pretty good. there are a lot of issues out there i feel deeply about that i think we introduced into the debate, and i think the values that i talked about throughout the course of this campaign are ones that resonate. look, for us to do as well as we did, in spite of the overwhelming odds that we faced on a variety of different fronts, i think shows that there is still a lot of people in this country who still believe in the things that made this country great. >> all right. so now you raise that question about the ads. one of the, quote, ads that i see it, the media, that in part you assign the media part of the blame or the responsibility, however you want to characterize it for your campaign ending? >> no. i think what i said >> went through sort of the reasons that we decided that we
10:16 pm
really couldn't continue. one was money. you know, after wisconsin it was very, very difficult to raise money. but one of the reasons for that, it was the media narrative that the race is over. it was just, you know, i remember doing an interview on the sunday before wisconsin on meet the press, and i think it was twelve different questions but it was the same question. you know, such and such happens, are you going goat out of the race, next question, such and such happens, are you going to get out of the race. and the entire week leading up to wisconsin was when are you getting out of the race, why are you still in the race? it's over. and so -- and that was what was continually reported on every network, not just every network was this narrative that it was impossible and that it was just a matter of time. and it's hard to cut through that. and we were finding it very, very difficult to do that. >> if speaker gingrich had gotten out let's say a month ago, do you think you would still be in the race? was that a factor? >> well, certainly you look at,
10:17 pm
take wisconsin, for example, we lost by five or six points, something like that and that's pretty much what speaker gingrich. congressman paul picked up twelve points in the race and most of the polls showed we would do better in those states than governor romney would do. but look, there are a lot of factors. i mean, you can't look at that and say just one, you can't do that. >> a bad break for your campaign was right at the getgo at iowa. if you had won iowa the night iowa ended, i think you would have had a little more wind behind your sails. you would have had other troubles along the way but i thought that was a bad break. >> we had our share give breaks and bad breaks. you say are you blaming the media, i don't blame the media. the media was doing what they thought was a story. it's one of the things i found, you can go out and talk about the things you want to talk about, and i do, and that's not necessarily what people hear.
10:18 pm
i take responsibility for that. if we didn't do a good enough job in communicating our message, you can't rely on the media doing that for you. it would be nice if they would, but you can't. so you have to go out and find ways to effective communicate that message. i think we did a good job on a lot of fronts but on other fronts we could have done a better job. >> when you made the decision to get out, you called gov. romney? >> i did. >> whatevers the conversation like. >> i talk to him a lot throughout the course of the campaign. we've had a lot of conversations. i think we've had 35 con tests, and to his credit, and hopefully mine, every time one ever us would win or lose, we would call the other. and so we -- i did what i thought was the pro upper thing to do, was to give him a heads-up as to what i was doing so he would be prepared because i knew he would be getting on a plane and off a plane and probably be hit with these questions so i let him know what i was doing. he was very gracious and wished
10:19 pm
me the best and said he would like to sit down and chat with me and i said i look forward to doing that. >> did you call congressman ron paul and speaker gingrich? >> i have not talk to either one of those. >> how come? >> i haven't talked to congressman paul other than at the debates at anytime during the campaign. newt and i have traded e-mails, but we haven't had a chance to talk yet. >> hard feelings with the candidates? >> no. >> i can never understand this. all the bruising that goes on, people say the worst things about each other in these campaigns. >> hopefully i didn't say the worst things about anybody. >> no, but these campaigns are rough. you see ads against you i'm sure you didn't like. >> yeah. look, my feeling is that you've got to keep your eye on the ball. aim your ball for what's best for the country. >> no bruised feelings? >> i don't allow myself to let that happen. one of the great things is this is not my first rodeo. i've been watered and bruised in campaigns in the past and that actually has served me well, allowed me to keep pretty much
10:20 pm
of a level head. we went through this with i think, i felt of great spirit. i felt good the whole way. i was so encouraged by the great people that i met. i mean, i was just telling you off-camera how the last real campaign state i had was in wisconsin. i had a great time in your state. just wonderful, wonderful folks. the week before that was louisiana. i mean, those people know how to live. it's just we had a lot of fun. everywhere we went i felt better and better and better about this country, and have absolutely no regrets. >> is there anything, whenever somebody gets something wrong about me i think i would like to really tell the real story s there anything the media said about you that -- >> there's not enough time on this program to do that. >> anything that sort of rubbed you the wrong way they really got wrong about you in your mind? >> oh, the narrative that somehow i was this angry guy and that somehow i've got this -- i'm this angry temperamental.
10:21 pm
i encourage you to talk to anybody on my staff, anybody that works with me. talk to my -- my kids are here. that's just not who i am. i'm a passionate guy. i care a lot about the future of this country and, yeah, i can get pretty amped up and passionate, but i think i'm a pretty good guy to be around, i'm a good guy to have a beer with, go bowling with, and that's sort of who i am. but that doesn't mean -- you have to put your game face on. and when you are out there fighting for big things, you take it -- you got to put on the armor and go. >> two last questions. the e-word, endorsement. governor rally, i assume you will rally around, when is that going to happen? >> right now i'm trying to decompress and figure out how to put food on the table. >> that is has it been discussed. >> i haven't discussed anything with any of the candidates who are still in the race.
10:22 pm
my sense is right now just -- just try to figure out what i'm going to do and how i am going to do it. and one way or another we are going to stay active and involved in trying to take the energy and enthusiasm around what we were talking about and the people that i still think want to have a voice for what their concerns are and go out and voice those concerns and hopefully rally people to make some big changes in the fall. >> all right. we've all gotten to know bella. how is she doing? >> she's doing great. karen has been working on a new video we are going to post up on our website pretty soon to give you a little bit of a -- a little bit more of an insight as to who she is. that's been an amazing thing in this campaign, greta. the number of people who came out in this campaign, and all of the rallys we had. people with disabilities would come, people who would bring their kids who were disabled. you know, holding up signs i'm
10:23 pm
for bella's dad, little disabled kids. and it was so heartwarming to us. here was someone, at least they saw, who reflected their struggles, what they were going through in their life and gave dignity to the work that they were doing and the relationship they had with children who were special. and with not just with children but with adults who were special. and it was -- there's probably a lot of reasons we ended up in this race. obviously one of them was not to win it. but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't a valuable effort to do and there weren't good things that came from it. >> senator, thank you. good luck. >> thank you. >> doing damage control or are they throwing one of their own under the bus? pollster doug schoen is here next. and they are causing a raucous on screen and off, they are the
10:24 pm
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10:28 pm
and strategist david axelrod tweeting also disappointed in hillary rosen's comments about ann romney. they were inappropriate and offensive. doug schoen, author of the brand new book, hopelessly divided, the new crisis in american politics and what it means for 2012 and beyond. you couldn't have a better title for a back, especially on this segment. i tell you, there is no margin of error or no margin of gaffe or anything right now. it's so toxic, what everybody says. karl rove just spoke, gave his been on this latest controversy. so tell me yours. >> well, mine is that it's largely a tempest in a teapot. hillary rosen has apologized. whether karl likes the apology or not, it's still an apology. there's about 20 points for the
10:29 pm
democrats. they have all apologized and i think this issue will go away. but it's illustrative how divided we really are and how side issues have come to distract us. >> i sort of think on this one the democrats started it with this whole business of war on women. and then this sort of whole thing about bringing the women to the white house last week, and almost using women, you know, i fear it was almost using -- women are being used as the prop in this whole election instead of reaching out to women on both sides and discussing the issues, that women are being used as the political prop. but this war on women started over the contraception debate. the democrats coined it and now it's the republicans fighting back. >> that's exactly right. greta, your basic point we aren't talking about real issues, we are talking about politics and symbols is exactly right. in my book i say we should be talking about the budget, ways to grow the economy and reduce the debt and deficit. we aren't doing that. we are talking about phoney wars
10:30 pm
on women, we are talking about extraneous issues involving advisers to campaigns rather than the real problems facing america, and we all lose as a result. >> you know, it's become such a taking sides and not look at the facts and issues and giving people a little breathing room on this. i guess i look forward to your sequel, hopelessly united. >> well, i would love to have hopelessly united as a result, but given the polarization we are facing, given super pacs and elites in washington and lobbyists, we are getting more and more divide the and the kind of bipartisan consensus i think is critical to face our domestic and international problems is sadly empty and gone. >> if the democrats started this war on women and are creating that division there, they also have the president out there talking about class -- i mean, the republicans say it's class
10:31 pm
warfare having to do with taxes and pitting the more successful against the less successful or the rich against the poor or rich against the middle class. i mean, in hopelessly dividing, who is doing all the dividing? >> i think both sides are. the tea party and the republican right won't even consider any tax increases and the obama campaign on the left, occupy wall street, only talk about redistribution. no one is saying how do we compromise, how do we address our fiscal problems in a bipartisan way where each party gives a little. you are absolutely right, the premise of your question, greta, we are only going to talk about demonizing oil companies and demonizing banks and the like rather than talking about solving problems and addressing all americans' problems is exactly right. it's a terrible problem we are facing this election. >> doug, thank you. as i noted, love the title, hopelessly divided. that's just the main part of the title. it's a brand new book. thank you, doug. >> thank you, greta. >> coming up, back room deals,
10:32 pm
secret alliances, they all go on inside the president's's club. inside a look at the exclusive club known as the oval office. and john edwards facing criminal charges that could, if convicted, send him to prison for decades. the latest on the edwards trial just two minutes away. [ grandfather ] that a boy! this is my grandson. and if it wasn't for a screening i got,
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stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart orlood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. my inspiration for quitting were my sons. they were my little cheering squad. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> after years of scandals and delays, former presidential candidate john edwards trial is now underway. injure selection beginning today in a north carolina courtroom. he faces six felony counts related to nearly a million dollars in secret payments made by two donor. the payments during the presidential campaign helped hide his pregnant miss stress. he denies knowing about the payments who went to former campaign aid, andrew young. at first he claimed to be the father of her baby.
10:35 pm
prosecutors will try to show edwards used the money to cover up his affair and keep his presidential hopes alive. defense attorneys will argue the money was only intended to hide his affair from his wife and it was not a campaign contribution. if convicted edwards could face up to 30 years in prison, up to $1.5 million in fines. the trial is expect today last about six weeks. we will be right back and go to greta and tell us what you think. we will be right back.
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
>> this is a fox news report. the white house reacting late thursday to north korea's failed rocket launch. a statement was released saying north korea is only further isolating itself by engaging enn pro rocktive acts. he added the united states remains fully committed to the security of our allys in the region. hours earlier the communist nation launched a rocket that broke up moments after takeoff. it took a route and slashed down
10:38 pm
into the ocean. north korea refuse to go comment on the news so far. last month they said they sent a weather satellite into the space but the allys viewed it as a test for long-range missiles. from new york, i'm elizabeth. now back to "on the record." >> a very exclusive club. only five people in the world are in it right now. it's the president's club. a the subject of a new book by times magazine editor michael duffy and edited by gibbs. >> what is the president club. >> it's a fraternity of men who have had this job. there's only five in the world. they have their own rules and protocols. there are things they will do and things they won't do and they look after the presidency, they look after each other.
10:39 pm
they sometimes fight but they usually come together for the good of the country. >> it's exciting. what's the story of the picture on the cover. >> the picture is extraordinary. it's president obama with president bush and president clinton. when they met to talk -- >> met to talk about haiti relief. >> but you are eves dropping on the conversation. they are people who have only been in that job can understand. even though it looks like an unlikely trio, we found throughout history men who had little in common personally or politically they found they were bound together by the experience they shared and they could do good things together. >> we cover the stories, i read about them and watch other people cover them, and watch tv shows, and i learned so much. there's so much more to this friendship that i never new or to these relationships. >> i think because they call come out of the office with scars, whether republican or democrat, they have made tough decisions. no one knows how hard the
10:40 pm
decisions are except them. president obama, the older -- president bush, the older told us we know what the hard decisions are. we don't have to explain them to each other. only those of us who have done it understand how difficult it is to survive it. >> like wounded warriors. >> and even when successful, they were changed by the experience in a way that only the others understands. >> there are seemingly some unlikely friendships in this very exclusive club. let me ask you first about the relationship between president reagan began and president clinton. >> well, one of the youngest presidents with one of the oldest. a very interesting hand off. and there was some extraordinary moment during the transition when clinton visited with president reagan in his office in los angeles and president reagan told him you need to learn how to salute and they practiced saluting in their office because it's an essential part of performing the role of commander in chief and it's something reagan understood clinton never knew how to do. >> he didn't think clinton knew how to do it so he sat there
10:41 pm
teaching them. reagan was sort of in the military in the 40s during the war and also in the movies pretending to be a soldier and he was doing both at the same time so he was a former actor turned president, teaching the new president how to salute. >> i thought was it fascinating about the stuff between president clinton and president nicks -- nixon. they were in communication often and a friendship went up and down. >> it did. nixon wanted to get to know clinton. and he knew clinton didn't know very much about foreign policy and nixon thought he could help him. and clinton said you can, and they started talking late at night on the telephone. but not just about foreign policy. they talk about how to be president, how to organize the time. clinton said how did you do it? how did you organize your day in and nixon was fascinated by the fact 30 years after he was president, here was another president trying to understand how to do the job. >> and i love the part about
10:42 pm
then first lady hillary clinton with nixon. it says right in your book that nixon found hillary a little intimidating. >> he did. although one of the things we found very poignant was president clinton told us there's a letter that nixon wrote him just before he died that clinton pulls out and rereads every year to this day. that's how important that relationship was. >> you read about the letter but tell us a little bit about the letter. >> just before nixon died, he had gone to russia and locked over the landscape of a fast changing soviet union e said you need to replace in ambassador, change your policies to do it this, emphasize that and clinton said it was some of the best advice he had gotten in his entire presidency, not just about russia, but about foreign policy. he's yet to release the letter. >> there's so many interesting things. i love the book. and hillary clinton, who worked on the impeachment of then president nixon said to -- or
10:43 pm
president nixon said to her, i tried to get healthcare 20 years earlier, meaning the early 730s. and she said something to the effect she wished he had. it would have been a good thing. >> these were two first-rate charmers. nixon knew how to make friends immediately, and so did the clintons. i'm sure that's one of the most interesting meetings in the white house. hillary paid nixon quite a welcome. >> president carter comes across in the book as a fifth wheel, maybe a little grouchier, not someone who always plays well with the others in terms of the club. >> he's complicated. on the one hand he's a vigorous president, has a lot of relationships with leaders overseas that allows him to perform the private diplomatic mig that is really own a former president can perform and that's
10:44 pm
one of the main roles of the president's club. the problem with carter he doesn't always stay on script. he owemation neal talks to the press before he is supposed to or before he talks to the white house. they have to manage him but he can be useful. the presidents who came after him, he was the only person they could send to solve some problems. >> but you talk about screaming. it was governor of arkansas screaming at the then president carter. there was rather a lot of screaming. >> carter can be really difficult. he opposed first president bush on the initial war with iraq and the liberation of kuwait. bill clinton sent him to north korea and haiti and both times the finish of those missions was difficult for clinton. he got very upset with how carter handled it. and carter, i think when he finally sends carter to haiti, he sent along sam dunn and colin
10:45 pm
powell to baby-sit him bus he didn't think he could trust carter to do the right thing. in the end i think president carter showed press clinton how to be an expresident. he was the model for becoming the globe trotting, problem solving and he will affect all the president who follow, i think. >> we have so much more about the president's club. if you want to see our full interview go to greta it will be posted there, the full interview. straight ahead, move over house wives. a fiery new group of women is taking tv by storm. and they are making the housewives look tame. you will meet a star of the new show gcb. that's next.
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>> jr and the ewing clan, it's not them. it's a fiery group of women. >> how do you remember my old play? >> because it beat mine in the tenth grade creative writing competition and therefore i had to punish you for two years. >> it was something about the miracles of jesus. >> the miracles of jesus by heather crews. >> and you are going to direct
10:50 pm
it? >> well, with a little assistance from you. >> no way. no, i was one of your cheerleaders. do you know how many eating disorders you left in your wake? >> let's not rehash. >> now as a leader, you are a manipulative tyrant. >> we spoke with one of the stars of gcb. >> you have a hot new show, 10:00, abc on sunday nights, gcb but eats coming with a little heat and controversy. some christians love it, i've seen the comments. some collision stance say you are mocking them. are you mocking them? >> we are not mocking them. the show is about hypocritism and hypocritical people who you can find in all walks of life, whether it be business or school or any group you can find a hypocrite any where. that's what our show is about. >> one other little thing i noticed about the show is it seems to be about mean girls. >> yes. >> and it sort of tells us what happens to the mean girls when
10:51 pm
they come back from being out of town and also the mean girls get back together after some time. >> yes. and i think in anybody's high school experience, they have experienced mean girls, unless you were, of course, one of them. and these girls just happened to have never let high school go. they happen to carry it with them. right now meanness and bullying is a hot topic so i light shedding a light on the subject. >> any confessions among the actors in this? were they mean girls themselves in high school or are they all taking the fifth amendment? >> they are taking the fifth amendment. i was, however, kind of a bad mean girl. i wasn't really mean, i was just bad. i wasn't the prom queen. >> i will leave it there. >> thanks. >> this take place in dallas. what's the reaction in everything is dallas, and i can see people in dallas they may be amused or not so amused because it certainly exacerbates some of the things that people might say about them. >> it is.
10:52 pm
there's a very particular part of dallas that this is based on. and my biggest thing was knowing if the people in dallas liked the show. and from everything that i have read and everything that they have tweeted, they are actually really behind the show and really, really love it, and that meant the most to me. >> where many viewers know you from your acting career, different things you have done, but i'm sort of curious, a lot of people may know you from one of my favorites, which is vague gas. you were one of the griswalds in "vacation. take me sort of being in all those things, how it's all different or how it's all the same. >> it actually to me couldn't be a bigger leap. being in "vague gas" and in vegas and vacation, it's the ultimate white girl. and 24 was such a dark, arabic
10:53 pm
character, working in a counterterrorism unit and that was something completely different than i had ever done before. and now on gcb, southern bell, which is nothing i would have seen myself playing but i'm enjoying it. >> what is interesting in the other two you were sort of your own character. now you are sort of an ensemble of women, although you are the nicer woman. you are the least mean of the mean girls s that a fair description in gcb, the least mean girl? >> the least mean girl, that's what i like to say. i like to say i'm the nicest of the "b" girls. >> what's it like work with those women? >> i like work with them. we have so much fun. we have more fun than we should because we are sometimes gabbing and talking more than we should. >> what's the toughest thing about being on the series? >> i would say the hours are really, really long. you know, 17-hour days, sometimes five, six days a week. so over and over and over again,
10:54 pm
anywhere from five to nine months in a row is probably the hardest in keeping it fresh. fortunately on a comedy it's a lot of fun and you get to laugh a lot so that takes off some of the pressure. >> is comedy more difficult or is it easier for you to play? >> for me it doesn't come as naturally as drama. drama to me was something instinct iive and sometimes i he to understand where the joke is, but at the end of the day making someone laugh is better than making someone cry all day long. >> it's very edgy, getting a lot of heat on the internet. people love it, and they also give you a little grief for it to. we will continue to watch it. thank you. >> thank you very much. >>. >> coming up last call, one more quick call before we turn down the lights. you get some inside white house dirt next. why did president obama really select hillary clinton to be
10:55 pm
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luxury sedan ever. starting at $50,490. >> greta: flash the studio lights it's time for last call. jay leno just got information on secretary of state hillary clinton's summer schedule. >> dinot know this. hillary clinton cannot attend the democratic convention this year because she's secretary of state. and as secretary of state she's not allowed to attend a partisan political event. i found out why the president appointed hillary clinton secretary of state. because she can't go to the convention! >> greta: that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thank you for being with us tonight. let us know what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. mith. the o'reilly factor begins now.


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