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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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♪ >> friday the 13th. good morning i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am julie banderas. >> blackout will never scare me. i have one at home. >> let's get to the firestone in washington. president obama forced to apologize as they slam mitt romney's wife ann for being a stay at home mom. >> hi there, julie. the debate over raising five kids and 16 grand kids counts as work made its way up to the ladder. at the close of business the president said this. >> my general view is those of us who are in public life, we are fair game, our families are civilians. i haven't met miss romney but she seems like a very nice woman
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supportive of her family and supportive of her husband. i don't know if she necessarily volunteered for this job. we don't need to be directing comments at them. i think me and governor romney are going to have more than enough to argue about during the course of this campaign. >> the cnn contribute hillary rosen's name is on at least 30 times since obama took office. he personally knows three people known hillary rosen. he can't be sure they are all her. they urged rosen to apologize. after initially sticking to her guns she finally did saying quote let's put the foe war against stay at home moms to rest once and for all. as a mom i know raising children is the hardest job there is. as a pundit my words were poorly chosen referring to his wife as a better person to answer questions about women than he
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is. i was discussing his poor record on the plight against financial struggles. i apologize to ann romney and any one else who was offended. they found support from someone else in the white house the first lady. every mother works hard and every woman deserves to be respected. julie and ainsley. >> peter doocy, thank you very much. >> hillary rose en's comments the big talker this morning. >> the heavy hitters all sounding off on this. sarah palin responded on hannity's show. all women whether stay at home and working in the office should not be divided. >> the comments that hillary rosen made today has awaken many mama grizzlies. i know that because agot a lot of text messages from girlfriends some who stayed home for financial reasons others finances weren't a factor in
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their choice to stay home. the message is why is it some on the left choose to divide to insight with comments like that instead of respecting women's choices in what they want to do with the gifts god has given them how they want to contribute. we all have opportunities to contribute. we don't look to our president to speak for us. we will be silent no more on an issue like this. it is a sad commentary in an attempt to invalidate a woman for the choices they are making when we should be unified. all women should be standing up for each other all women and all races and all ages. we are all suffering under obama's economy. >> rush limbaugh also talked this morning. he is going to the obama administration for starting a war on moms. >> the obama administration has
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just effectively, whether they know it or not they have launch add war on motherhood. via hillary rose enon cnn last night. obama and the democrats are not content to just divide men and member they want to go deeper and divide working mothers from stay at home mothers. >> later on in the show you will hear from karl rove and why he is not buying that apology. >> a police chief shot dead just 8 days from retirement. michael maloney gunned down during a drug bust at a home in greenland. he leaves behind a wife two children and a grandchild. he was one of 7 officers on the town's police force. four others also shot. 2 in intensive care two others released. the gunman is barricaded inside
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the home. swat teams have the house surrounded. >> a major embarrassment. choosing to defy leaders and launch that go missile into space. moments after takeoff the thing split into pieces and fell into the ocean. the white house condemned the move calling it a violation of international law. many not buying that, though. they say it was a test for nuclear weapons. the concern is not that they are going to shoot them at the united states but they could sell them. sell this technology. he sold every missile they have ever developed the iranians pakistanis and others. >> the u.n. security council meets today to come up with a response. >> fox news first to report this development. john edwards may take the stand in his own trial. he arrived at the courthouse with his oldest daughter by his side for jury selection. a judge telling potential jurors the case is not about whether he
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was a good husband or a politician. it's about knowing whether he broke campaign finance rules. accused of using nearly a million dollars to hide his relationship with filmmaker rielle hunter. >> looks like george zimmerman could go free. they could ask the case to be dismissed by the stand your ground laws. prosecutors started laying out their case. they say it's a case of racial profiling and zimmerman hunted down martin. zimmerman's lawyers say his client is devastated and spends most of his time behind bars crying. he would like to apologize to the martin family if given a chance. >> take a look tia some video of mother nature's fury. streaks of lightening. take a look at that. splitting the sky in half in california. the storms knocked out power to thousands of people grounding
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several flights. that is your 5 at 5:00. >> 7 minutes after the hour. time for the weather. she has severe weather heading our way. >> we are going to see a weekend full of severe weather as we take a look at some of the maps. hi. can you see me? >> you are there. >> there i am. >> friday the 13th. we have little bugs in our system. >> let's take a look at our weather system. threat of ser stovere storms fr today to sunday. you saw that incredible lightening video. we are going to see a threat of more of that. a warm-up for the east. felt chillyer temperatures across portions of the east coast across the ohio river valley. let's take a tour across. we are seeing the threat for
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severe weather again for the central plains. today severe threat large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes through north texas into oklahoma and kansas and iowa. but look at tomorrow's threat, ladies. this is something the national weather service rarely does. they have issued a high risk area in the white. what does that mean? it means that we are certain we are going to see not only large hail not only damaging winds and lightening but large damaging potentially life threatening tornadoes. in the white area that's our bulls eye. any time you see yellow and red we are not out of the woods. you are going to see the threat not only for tornadoes but strong winds and heavy rainfall. this will be the story heading into tonight and tomorrow. 57 in kansas city rngs 52 minneapolis. a warm-up in store for the east. we will end off with a good note. back to you.
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>> i will take the warm-up. i am sick of this weather. i love spring. >> thanks so much. >> time now to brew on this. there is a battle brewing. >> two crosses built by 7 marines honoring the comrades in washington. >> julie and ainsley nobody knew about the crosses until last fall. they have been there for ten years. a controversy arose. we are in the middle of camp pendlet pendleton. the crosses are way up there out of view from any marine and definitely out of view from anybody in the general public. having said that there's still controversy over whether they should stay up or stay down. up on a hill of marine corps base rest two 13 foot crosses originally erected by marines grieving over lives lost on the war on terror this site has
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become grounds for controversy. >> it's not a religious spot at all. it's a place for the marines to grieve and to grow. let go of the burden of what they have in their soul that they can go back down that hill back into battle and put their own life on the line. >> karen mendoza's husband was one of 7 marines who originally planted a cross here back in 2003. of those original 7 three have since been killed in action including karen's husband ray. >> it's a symbol of sacrifice regardless of what you think, pray, like or don't like. >> not everyone agrees. several atheist groups argued it was a religious symbol and violates church and state. >> they need to go to a private institution. we need to stick to things that
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maintains neutrality towards government. >> getting to the crosses is no easy task. you see sorrow and it represents the burden and battle to make a it 3,000 foot climb up this hill. >> it wasn't intended to be a religious memorial. it was intended to be able to provide a fitting and a dignified memorial to their fallen comrades. >> the groups opposed to the crosses say they don't want the memorial removed just the crosses rereplaced by something else like an eagle or a flag. they are expected to rule on this at any moment. that leads us to our brew on the question of the day. do you think the marines should take the crosses down or leave them up? >> we love hearing those comments. sends them over to us. you can tweet us at fox friends first and
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friends first and e-mail us >> do people send things through the mail any more? >> it is 12 after the hour. cory booker rushed to the hospital. he rushed into a burning home to save a woman. we have details coming up. >> he is being hailed a hero this morning. >> workers quitting their jobs is the highest in three years. how this is actually good news for the economy? ♪
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>> some quick headlines for you. a 12-hour standoff between gun machine and swat officers. a massive fire breakingout overnight inside a home where a gunman shot and killed a sheriff's deputy and another man who tried to serve him with evictions papers. the gunman was in the home when the fire started. his fate not yet known. according to a new report former ms global boss jon corzine may have to pay back some of the $1.6 billion that went missing when his brokerage firm went bankrupt. he is said to be one of the global execs who may be on the hook for his client's money. now to stories you can bank on this morning more americans quitting their jobs without another job lined up. lauren simonetti joins us now to explain why this is actually a good thing. >> hey, good morning. happy friday the 13th. yes.
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this is an interesting story. 2 million workers in february quit their jobs. presumably they got a better job maybe they didn't. this is considered a sign that workers are more confident in the job market and their pay and ready to give up the work they have in toward order to get a n. >> don't quit your job until you have another one is up. the average family spending 1,078 dollars on the prom? >> it's up from over $800 last year. it is a nice up tick. people in the northeast and people in the south spend the most to send their child to the prom. it's a really high number. the reason is kids like to feel like celebrities. this is their coming of age moment their red carpet moment. what is interesting in the data is families in the lowest income brackets spent double the 1,078
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average to send their child to the prom. it's the people in the families making more money that are spending a little less. >> this is because people are waiting a little later to get married no more debutante balls so this is their big coming out party. >> exactly. you pick up any tabloid these days you see the beautiful red carpet pictures this is the teen's moment to feel like they can be a part of that, too. >> a thousand bucks? my dress was like nothing. my mom would have said, yeah, right. >> ainsley i think for you it was the question of how many dresses did you have to get how many proms did you go to? >> you are so sweet. one each year. >> what? >> what in the world school did you go to? >> your junior and senior year. >> i thought freshman. >> no. i was not allowed to date my freshman year. >> did you spend a thousand bucks at the prom? >> no. if i knew we were doing this segment i would have made my mom
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pull out mine. the puffy shoulders on the dress, but they were not skin tight like they are now. i think we spent like 50 bucks. it was not a good thing. so far removed from that. it's 19 after the hour now. >> it's the day high school seniors look forward to. graduation. some students are not being allowed to walk unless they pay you. we are ta -- pay up. hundreds of dollars. >> it's called a smart car. the driver trying to park this smart car not so bright. before we go to break a look at this morning's prices at the pump. average price 3.90 a gallon.
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>> it's 23 minutes after the hour. that is mt. etna creating quite a show lava and gray ash billowing hundreds of feeted in feet into the air. this is the 24th time and the third time just this month. violent protests are coming out. environmentalists are against the plan to build five dams saying it will hurt the wildlife. now to mexico. take a look at these guys.
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precious, right? they are a mix between a bengal tying he were and siberian tiger that ends up a whole lot of cuteness. they are stealing the show at the zoo. >> cute when they are that little. >> 350 bucks or you don't get to walk at graduation. sound crazy in that is the policy in a public school in detroit. >> it is causing a lot of anger for students and family members of those graduating. it is a time honored tradition. that priceless moment in jeopardy for some children in detroit. the oldest school there is requiring students to pay $350 to walk at their own graduation. a senior says he knows some who won't be able to because they simply can't afford it. >> my mom and dad are fortunate both to have jobs but other
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students are not. >> a lever sent home to families makes it clear the entire amount has to be paid. there are no options to exclude any items from the package. all students required to pay the full dues or they won't be able to participate in the graduation ceremony. the letter says $350 includes items like a cap, gown, tassel, diploma as well as a t-shirt. a former graduate and aunt of a current senior says students earned the right to walk even if they can't afford to pay the $350. >> most of those children this is the most important achievement that they have had. it may be the only one in a lifetime. give it to them. >> parents are trying to write letters and make calls to get the school to change its mind. the school was unavailable for comment on the uproar because classes are out for spring break. maybe we will hear more from them next week. >> they are about to go to
5:26 am
college probably. they have to may more after that. it's a big expense. >> one of the families there's two there's twins they have to pay obviously double. >> college is way too expensive. nearly doubled since i went to school. >> i don't even have kids and i am already saving for it. >> coming up the white house and damage control. will this effect the president's ability to the female vote? >> mayor by day super hero by night. corey booker rushed to the hospital late last night after saving a woman from a house fire. you have to hear the details next.
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>> kiep for -- i keep for getti it's friday the 13th. thanks for the reminder. nothing too bad happening here. fox and friends i am julie banderas on friday the 13th. >> i am ainsley earhardt lucky to be working with you. top story an advisor slamming mitt romney's wife ann for being a stay at home mom. doug lieu jader has mo-- luzade the fallout. >> a war on women. a reelection strategy based in part on women's voters is now in jeopardy after this dell kratic
5:31 am
strategist hillary rose ensaid ann romney has never worked a day in her life. she was a stay at home mother of five. president obama's campaign instantly saw trouble here and the president himself quickly sdpeend fended his chief add sar re's wife. >> when i think of my own mom a single mother raising me and my sister, that's work. anybody who would argue otherwise i think probably needs to rethink their statement. more broadly, i don't have a lot of patience for commentary of political candidates. >> just a week ago the president hosted a conference on women and prominent democrats have spoken again and again about a republican war on women. before the day was over both
5:32 am
rosen and romney weighed in. >> she should have come to my house when the five boys caused trouble. >> working moms stay at home moms they are both extremely hard jobs. i know. i have shared them both. and i am sorry if that offended. >> in a fox news poll the president has a sizable 8 point advantage over mitt romney when it comes to women voters. romney had an even larger lead among men. this is a growing challenge. both of these guys now pursue some gender specific strategy. ainsley and julie. >> could be helping them. >> karl rove and greta van susteren also talking about rosen's comments. >> firing back at her apology. >> went in guns blazing through in five grenades assaulted women who have chosen to be stay at home moms i thought her apology such as it was was interesting.
5:33 am
third sentence she said her words from a poor choice. 8th sentence she says she apologizes to ann romney and any one who is offended. in the ninth sentence she goes back and reinsults romney. let's put this phony war on stay at home moms behind us and get on. wait a minute. you were the one who started the war on stay at home moms. >> i will say in defense of hillary rosen. i know her and her remark was about -- she was not critical of ann romney. >> sure she was, greta. >> absolutely she was. >> no. no. >> she is never worked a day in her life she doesn't know these things she said. it was very dismissive. >> i think, karl, the way that i red it, i don't think she has been critical of the fact that she is been a absolutely spectacular mother. she raised five children. >> she never said that.
5:34 am
>> i don't think they woushe wo been critical of ann romney if the issue was ann romney and what she faced because of a physical problem. >> voters are also talking this morning. the president is dealing with poor poll numbers. >> take a look at the brand new fox news polls. mitt romney taking a lead over the president as his approval drops. romney tops obama by 46-44. >> those numbers could be due to the president's overall job approval. right now 42 percent that's down from 40 percent last month. >> now time for your 5@5:30. the top news. newark, new jersey's mayor cory booker hailed as a hero. he rushed into a burning home to save the neighbors. he and two of the body guards rushed into the house and pulled
5:35 am
out neighbors to safety. he was rushed to the hospital. he tweeted this. thanks to all who concerned, suffering smoke inhalation. we got both the women out of the house. rushed to the hospital. i will be okay. >> brand new details of how the gsa wasted money. the agency made up ridiculous awards including a joet jack ass award to justify dinner at conferences on your dime. tax payer money was also spent on interns. a gsa employee revealing these were lavish week long for interns. >> mitrik santorum explained his decision to drop out of the race on "the record." >> one was money. after wisconsin it was difficult to raise money. but one of the reasons for that is the media narrative that the race is over. every network was this narrative
5:36 am
that it was impossible it was a matter of time. it's hard to go through that. >> he is not ready to make endorsements he also left the door open for a possible presidential run in 2016. >> we have been following the story closely for a fight for religious freedom. in an act of unity we have learned 11 student groups are forming vanderbilt's volume darity. the policy forbids student groups for taking religion into consideration for roles. a christian group could be forced to have an atheist run their organization. >> a smart car driver not so smart trying to park her car. having the hardest time parking her little car. at one point her friend gets out of the car to try to direct her.
5:37 am
after many failed attempts she drives up and parks in a lot. no it wasn't another parallel spot. >> i could watch this all day. >> if you can't parallel park this car you have problems. >> drive a mo-ped for heaven's sake. >> more on the threat of tornadoes. >> the car saws so tiny, wasn't it? >> they should give up their driver's license. >> i wonder if there were 20 clowns in the car ready to get out. >> parallel parking not our strong suit. >> i agree. i am the same way. i don't know how i passed the driving test. serious weather this friday the 13th. let's take a quick tour across the nation. northeast clearing out and a warm-up on the way for this weekend. that is certainly a headline. the west coast still seeing unsettled weather heavy rain lightening, even hail, isolated
5:38 am
tornado risk yesterday. then we are watching the southern, central, northern plains where we think severe weather is going to erupt not only today but saturday and sunday. here are your severe weather ingredients. you have a strong jet stream a low coming out of the rockies classic setup for severe weather and more moist air coming out from the gulf of mexico. that strong jet stream is going to give us the upper level support we need for strong long lasting tornadoes not necessarily today although we have a slight risk across texas, oklahoma and across kansas and missouri. tomorrow i want to make sure everyone is on alert across the central and southern plains. the national weather service doesn't take this lightly. we have the threat for not only hail, damaging winds but long lasting potentially devastating tornadoes. this white shaded area you only see it a handful. we are thinking that all of those ingredients i just mentioned are going to come
5:39 am
together and we could have a tornado outbreak across the regions. in the red shaded areas in the white and certainly in the yellow you are not out of the woods but we think this area as we see all of those ingredients are going to come together. we will have potentially a devastating tornado outbreak. that's going to happen tomorrow. we are going to be live on fox news channel not only today but tomorrow and through sunday. your morning traifl looks good through boston, new york, memphis and dallas. you could see a little shower activity later on today. the morning travel looks good. across the u.s. we are looking at 70s and 80s across the south. moist buoyant air gives us the ingredients we need for a weather setup. a nice warm up across the great lakes where we have seen chillyer temperatures. sthooivengs. -- thanks so much. entertain this a dramatic night on american idol. did you miss it? i did.
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jessica sanchez forced to sing for her life after receiving the fewest votes. but then... ♪ flush ♪ >> give me that mic. this is crazy. yes, we are using the save. you aren't going home. >> the judges using the one vote of the season. they say jessica is one of the best singers in the country. i got to agree. brand new reports, by the way, moving on to a different story. brad pitt and angelina jolie could be starring in a new movie together. director ridley scott reporting them as a counselor. pit would be one of the bad guys while jolie would play the leading lady. the two haven't appeared in a movie together since mr. and mrs. smith. time for your box office review. >> look, it's santa claus.
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clause. >> that is the modern day version of the 3 stooges. the documentary "bullies" being released in theaters nationwide. >> always so painful to watch that show as a child. 41 after the hour. coming up the case against george zimmerman is underway in florida. lease wheel weighs in. we told you how drinking beer makes men smarter. there's a brand new report on red wine. this one for the ladies.
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>> 44 minutes after the hour. legal analysis we are learning george zimmerman is segregated in jail for his safety. this after he appeared in court but did not enter a plea to second degree murder charges. here's what both sides said. >> a judge made a determination
5:45 am
independent finding to call upon the proceedings as to second degree murder. >> it was a horrible intersection of two young lives and ended in tragedy. we have to figure out how it happened why it happened and who might be responsible for it. >> what happens next? let's ask lis wiehl. she joins us now. >> legal experts came out and said they over charged zimmerman. this second degree charge will be harder to prove. >> it is harder because of the intent element. there is one thing that could be going on here. sometimes when you are a prosecutor you try to maybe you would say over charge. i wouldn't say necessary ill loifr charge. you can't bring a charge unless you really believe you can bring it and you can win. but it does give you wiggle room for me bargaining. okay charge to you second degree but we will take a manslaughter charge. >> i pled not guilty? could you change his plea? >> a judge wouldn't expect a
5:46 am
guilty plea at this point. >> let's talk about the national rage that happened. why did it take 46 days to arrest. >> the local cops wanted to make an arrest wand weren't allowed. we don't know exactly what happened. it was smart for the system to go to the special prosecutor. this one is tough and fair by all accounts and by her reputation. she went through an investigation. it took longer than any of us would have thought but -- >> wanted to gather all of the evidence. >> i have to believe she is got more evidence than we in the public know. >> that's a good point. here's the time line of the week. what a week. tuesday's zimmerman's defense lawyer quit. wednesday they charge zimmerman with second degree murder. thursday he pleads not guilty with his new lawyer. what does it say for zimmerman the fkt that he had all of this time to consult with an attorney and lawyers bail on him. >> i think behind the scenes is zimmerman was unap pee wi happ*
5:47 am
unhappy with the lawyers. you throw your cally enter under the bus and say things that he never should have said. i can see why zimmerman or any one else would be mad at the lawyers. >> this has gotten so much worldwide pbu publicity before gets a fair trial. this is what vay vontrayvon's m thinks about that. >> i believe in the judicial system and he can get a fair trial. >> i agree. it will be a tough case. high profile cases are tough to bring anywhere. you have to take it out of one jurisdiction which is already being done. the test is not whether jurors have heard about it. unless you have been living under a rock have heard about it. it's whether knowing that you can be impartial and unbiassed. thanks ladies.
5:48 am
48 after the hour. coming up it is one of the hottest new gadgets on the market. take a look at them. >> it's the last chance to answer a question of the day an atheist group. do you think the marines should have to take down the crosses? your e-mails coming up next. check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up. >> coming up on fox and friends the democrat advisor hillary rosen said ann romney never worked a day in her life. she is backtracking on her comments about ann romney. is there a real war on women? we are going to talk to the chairman about that. a panel of stay at home moms are here to weigh in. they are fired up this morning. a former apollo astronaut drops by. best selling authors mary higgins clark and her daughter
5:49 am
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>> nokia and microsoft joining forces in an attempt to take over the iphone. the review for the lumia 900 has been less than stellar. what does our gadget guru thing? clayton morris has been testing this phone nor several weeks now. what do you think? >> the reviews have been less than stellar. my review gave it a c grade. the screen is nice. the hardware is really beautiful. i say how beautiful the hardware in. one of the most beautiful designed phones i held compared
5:53 am
to the iphone. >> it is bigger. >> 4.3 inches so you get a bigger screen. some like that some doochlt ladies tend to not like the bigger screen. >> takes up more room but it is flatter. >> this is brand new. they haven't copied apple or android which a lot of people think is a rip-off of apple anyway. they have the live tiles so i can see friend's updates on the front. if you post something on twitter it shows up. calendar information. photos 8 mega pixel camera. the software is really fluid and fast. but internet problems for this. >> nokia confirmed to me they have had some internet problems i was testing it wondering why when i would launch internet explorer i couldn't get on the internet. >> that is why everyone likes the iphone. >> so i would be loading different web pages jumping on fox news mobile site stuff like that i would be sitting there for seconds minutes at a time.
5:54 am
they have acknowledged this and working on a fix. the price point is hard to beat. $99 price point on this phone right now. you walk into an at&t store they spent 150 million to promote this phone. that's more than promoting the iphone. >> for 100 bucks. >> it's fast you have xbox live experience. tie it into everything you are doing on-line with your games and everything else. >> today's brew on this. an atheist group rejecting to a memorial for fallen marines on camp penld ton. it contains two crosses. people are complaining about that. we asked you should they take them down or leave them up? >> here are some of the your responses. a lot of people feel strongly about this. joe simpson tweeted if the cross is meaningless to an atheist why should it concern them? >> roxy says the marines should not have to take down the crosses where they honor their fallen friends.
5:55 am
what are they striking next arlington? >> i'm an atheist and i think the crosses should stay. it's part of the marine's heritage and restrictions someone else's religion, god or religious symbols don't hurt me. we want to thank those who weighed in on the question. >> coming up the teacher saves a student from getting beaten up. he gives the teacher a hug. sounds nice. no that kid got suspended instead. >> first it's your word of the day. all scrambled up. take a look at that. >> what is that? make it out. >> it is from one of our top stories. we are going to unscramble it after this. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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>> it's 58 minutes after the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. new study shows that showing that red wine can help stop obesity. it's thanks to the compound in the wine that prevents fat cells from growing. they say it's the same pound that helps stave off heart disease and cancer. next to the bad. a middle schooler in north carolina suspended for hugging his teacher. the eighth grader says he was trying to show gratitude after she broke up a fight between him and another student. the hug breaks school rules, apparently, and finally to the ugly.
5:59 am
these are what nightmares are made of when a panda walked into a classroom in pennsylvania, the kids started crying and screaming. they should stay out of times square, then. there's a lot of those kinds of things all over the place. >> elmos. >> that's awesome. >> spongebob. >> time to get scrambled. alisyn camerota is here to help us out. >> steve doocy said i should say meatloaf regardless of what the letters were. >> i think this is earnest borgnine. >> i haven't gotten one. >> graduation. >> graduation! >> there you go. we need to go back to school since we didn't get that. they get more sleep than we do. >> yeah, right! >> thank you, ali. >> see you soon. >> thank you for watching. "fox & friends" -- >> that was fun. get some rest. have a great weekend. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. see ya! >> good morning,


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