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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 14, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> shep: tonight more fallout after a prominent democrat with close ties to the obama white house criticized mitt romney wife ann romney for being a stay-at-home mom, the culprit is hilary rosen you she had on back out writing on twitter, quote, i deeply apologize again to on work in home moms. not going on meet the press on the weekend and i'm going to be a mom that stays home. while rosen is stating that. president obama is trying to deflect the damaging comments but it's not working. earlier today president obama said that hilary rosen's apology was appropriate and time for everyone to move on. last night joe biden went on nbc news, while he did call the
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comments outrageous he took a swipe at governor romney's stance on women's rights and in general. >> can this guy talking about women, this guy is talking about women. these guys have a social policy contraception that takes you back to the 50s. when asked a question, do you think the legislation passed mandating that your son and daughter doing the same work will have to get the exact same pay, willie led bettor law, they couldn't do. >> so the war on women on real? >> i think the war is real. >> shep: who would know better himself, ed schultz. and white house don't remember the despicable comments that schultz is famous for. >> dick cheney is political football, we ought to rip it out and put it back in him.
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he is the new poster child for health care in this country. he is enemy of the country, dick cheney. he is an enemy of the country. lord take him to the promised landlord, will you. i wish he wouldn't go to hell, i wish he would get the hem out of here. and you know this right wing slut. she is talk slut. >> sean: that is what joe biden chose. joining me now is our panel. tamara do you think it was the appropriate place for the vice president to go on the show where they talked about the ripping out the former vice president's heart and stomping on it and calling laura ingraham a slut. do you think it was appropriate forum to go on a show and talk about a republican war on women? >> well. sean, you are the one....
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>> sean: that is question. >> you are the one and republican analysts are saying that it's obama's war on women. i think president obama is a coward because he seems to distance himself from the serious issues like solyndra and reverend white. anything that is serious matter of political discussion he distances himself from. he needs to step up and say this conversation is for these reasons. he said that bringing women, the presidential women into discussion is wrong. when president -- sorry --. >> sean: i haven't said a word. >> i'm so used to cutting me off all the time. i don't know where i'm going. >> sean: you are blaming me. go ahead.
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>> no. what i think he needs to do, though, he needs to change the conversation. he needs to say that h ross ross and whom ever else what they mean is "x", "y" or "z". this isn't a war on women. there are serious issues. >> sean: you actually made some sense in that conversation. you did. but you didn't answer my original question and i will take you back. it was simple one. original question, here is a guy do you think the vice president of the united states made a good choice to talk about a republican war on women going on a guy that is known for calling a friend and colleague a slut? was that a bad choice. >> i think he has forgiven him. >> sean: talking about ding cheney and going heaven and ripping his heart out and stomping on it.
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mercedes? >> this is so typical of the liberal media. they go off and they bash the conservatives. laura ingraham who is a mother of three, adopted three children is also working a full-time job not only at home but at the radio talk show host and television. and it's ridiculous. again, biden didn't read the memo. obama started the war on women. it's happening across the country. >> how did he start the war on women? >> he used it as a campaign tactic whether he is blaming republicans. this is very clear. under the obama economy, the women in the poverty level has skyrocketed in the last 17 years unemployment rate for women has increased. >> sean: let me bring you up the numbers. tamara, hang on for a second.
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this has backfired against the democrats. the president calls sandra fluke what happens? and he won't give bill maher's million dollars and she shown as a phony but mercedes is bringing up a great point. 90% of the jobs lost in the obama era were jobs by women. this the unemployment women has increased from 7.8% the number of women increased five million to 5.9 million. these are labor statistics. the poverty rate among women rose to 14.5%. the highest number in 17 yeerls. so mercedes is right and three out of five women over the age of 65 can't pay their basic daily needs. >> it shows you hannity how disconnected, sean, the obama administration is for women.
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they may try to court certain kinds of women but not the stay-at-home moms. these women who are nurturing and shaping the next scren raise of americans. >> you want to talk about statistics, how about the margin that is widening of women voters. they are favoring obama more and more. >> the gap is closing. gapt is closing. you are going to see --. >> sean: one at a time. let me give you two polls. one is out today. we have a fox news, a rasmussen tracking poll. romney 48 and obama 44. romney 48 and obama, 44. we have fox news opinion poll. >> right wing. >> sean: tamara. wait. you are on this network as much i disagree everything that comes out of your mouth. so i don't know what you are talking about. rasmussen poll a well-respected
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pollster, 48-44. fox is down by 12 points. fox has not had him up in the poll since uncover. now she down and this is all prior to this ridiculous statement, this insulting statement that ann romney has not worked day in her life. she raises five kids. first lady of mass masses, she last fought cancer and ms. how insulting? >> no, sean, you have made it a separation either you are working woman whether you are at home. >> you are not working. >> you are a working woman who has a job --. >> sean: do you agree with the statement that ann romney has never worked a day in her life. do you agree with that statement? >> it depends on what you mean with work.
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you can't put it in a black and white box. i dare to come to my house 24 hours with my children. you will be running back to chicago and saying i want to go back to my life. >> sean: i have to tell you, it's so, you don't respect. the fact that you need a definition of a mother that gets up, feeds her kids, takes them to school. takes them to activity. takes them to the doctor and dentists and helps them with their homework. puts them to bed at night and turns in. you don't -- you don't understand is work is insulting. >> you go along the lines that said ann romney lacks life experience and imagination. let me tell you.
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>> i never said that. i have never said that. >> sean: guys we have to go. coming up. thank you for being with. president obama's tax returns are released. we're going to play hilary rosen's comments and what obama said about attacking michelle obama, does it apply this time? and new numbers out on the taxes how they are trying to spin them and what a cheapskate joe biden is and then what we continue to vet the president. we look at radical associates in the next installment of the real obama. obama. why [ male announcer ] how do you trade?
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>> sean: the numbers are causing a problem for his reelection team. in 2011 his reported income was about $790,000. they paid roughly $162,000 in taxes. here is the thing. the president has crisscrossed the country trying to sell his buffet rule based on how much money they made it would not apply to the obamas and apparent attempt to minimize criticism. jay carney put out a statement, under the president's own tax proposals including the expiration of the high income tax cuts and limitations on the value of tax preferences for
12:15 am
high income households. he would pay more in taxes while ensuring we cut taxes for the middle-class and those trying to get in it. joining me now is ed rollins and from the fox business network nicole. you know what the dumbest thing, joe biden, 1.5% of income in charity. how many years does he have to go through this criticism before he ponies up money and donates. >> he should know better. his whole tax return is being scrutinized. at least while he is in office. >> bill clinton, used underwear and give something. >> he can give whatever his rent is. this is political theater. if the president wants to eliminates the capital gains tax which is where these people take it. i want a big tax reform and i
12:16 am
want to do this. this is all part of the war against the rich. this class warfare and the truth of the matter you can go back a few years ago, warren buffett took $150,000 a year in salary. if he wants to pay more in taxes he can take all his income and pay it, but that is not what it is. >> we read this week, one of his companies is fighting it. it's hilarious. >> let's talk about the buffet rule. when warren buffett and i was on the floor of the new york stock exchange about his ideas and how we should be taxed. he wasn't talking about somebody that makes a million dollars. that is small businesses. that is capital lism. these are the ones. he was talking about companies and he was talking about people that make $200 million. he said the multimillionaires. i am surprised that he is calling obama every day and saying that is not what i said.
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i wish i had the video. it's not one million. >> sean: even the comment with hilary rosen blasting ann romney never worked a day in her life. there is a class warfare in this, as well. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the country, well, my wife tells me what women really care about is economic issues. when i listen to my wife, that is what i'm hearing. guess what. his wife has never worked a day in her life. she has never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women are facing, how do we feed our kids and send them to school and why we worry about their future. >> sean: she has raised five kids. she was the first lady of massachusetts. she has fought cancer. she is fighting mgs. what do they thinking here. >> they are out of their minds. that is so one-sided.
12:18 am
i said it before. they are so divided in this country, a stay at home mother, what does she live under a rock? the woman is working so hard day and night. she is well versed and why shouldn't he be listening to his wife. >> why would the campaign or white house jump into this. this is cnn contributor. >> sean: she is hired to be the media advisor on debbie wasserman's show. >> at the end of the day they could jump in here and reinforces our base. most married women are republican and gender gap is single women and this is insensitive to all women. >> two polls, president is losing by two points and another poll, she down by four points. it's interesting because every attempt they have had now they are trying to energize their
12:19 am
base. so far it's not working. the sandra fluke call raises questions about million dollars for bill maher. you go back. here is more hypocrisy of the president. here is what the president said in his case the wife michelle and candidates, it's low class. >> the g.o.p. should not be nominee. they can say whatever about me and my track record. if they think they are going to try to make michelle an issue in this campaign they should be careful. that i find unacceptable. the notion that you start attacking my wife or my family. michelle is the most honest, best person i know. she is one of the most caring people i know. she loves this country. for them to try to distort or to
12:20 am
place snippets or remarks that is unflattering to her i think is low class. i think most of the american people would think that, as well. whoever is in charge of the g.o.p. needs to think long and hard about the kind of campaign they want to run and i think that is through for everybody, democratic or republican. >> we're trusting the american voters are ready to talk about the issues and not talking about the things that have nothing to do with people's lives better. >> and i also think folks should lay off my wife. >> sean: this is not about red or blue america. now, he is dividing on every front. >> we haven't gone after his wife. we are going after his record and the things he hasn't done. things he promised to do as a caped. he has been an ineffective candidate. >> is that from 2008. this stuff doesn't go away that fast.
12:21 am
working women, stay-at-home women are going remember the comments. they don't forget the stuff. on taxes, you can't overtax americans. you can't overtax the companies that are trying to create the jobs, that are trying to spend. >> sean: we have the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world as of last sunday. >> it doesn't work. you cannot try and create economic growth while strangling with everybody. >> tell that to all the tax cheats. >> coming up we will continue to vet the president. that means vetting his friends, his associates and appointments. coming up next, we're going to look deeply at green jobs czar, van jones. you know he was the one guy who once claimed he was a proud communist. we're going to lay out the case that and case generals george
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>> sean: as we continue to vet the president. tonight we focus on one of his
12:26 am
radical appointments. we look at former green job czar guy by the name of van jones. a self-proclaimed communist resigned his post in march of 2009 and amidst controversy after controversy. let's look back at some of the past low lights and what does it say about van jones himself and about the president's judgment. first there was this comment. made about republicans less than tasteful language the republicans are able to put things through but somehow we can't? >> the answer to that is [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> sean: then there was this comment. >> to try to bring the price of energy is to increase the supply. to begin to drill more and drill offshore and to drill there. liquefy coal and go with oil and shale and everything you can to
12:27 am
get more into the system. we heard our president say just that. i night say but the president of the united states sounded like a crack head when he said that. [ applause ] >> a little bit low. i can get some. i can get some. it was shameful. am i wrong? >> sean: and finally we can't forget in 2004 van jones allowed his name to be put on a 9/11 truther letter and he apologized for this and said it was mistake. here today is vetting process is jeffrey lord and the president of american commitment. that is phil carpin with us and also author of democracy denied. you hear these comments and
12:28 am
avowed communist. 9/11 truther, it's all on the record. i want to ask why would obama ever pinpoint somebody like this to such a high position of power? >> the thing to remember, scene, i've been on white house staff. you were vet within an inch 6 your life to get on the white house staff. when all of this came out first reaction, gee, how could it happen. it happened because people in the white house hadn't vet and they knew his record because they agreed with him. this is what is going in the obama administration whether van jones is there or not. >> sean: phil let me put up on the screen. this is three years before obama is elected as president of the united states. an interview he gave. i met all these young radical people of color, really radical, communists, anarchists. it was like what i need to be a part of. i spent the next ten years of my
12:29 am
life working with all a lost people that i met in jail trying to be a revolutionary. i was a nationalist and the veterans came down the rodney king verdicts on april 29. by august i was a communist but still he gets his position of power. i'll ask you the same question. what does it say about the president's judgment? >> i think it says a lot about the president's judgment. two of the chairmen, they had close ties and long been fans of van jones. i call him anthony jones. he made up van because everyone cool and radical had a one syllable bole name. in the same article, he said i gave up the cheap, i gave up the cheap satisfaction of deep satisfaction for the radical ends. look, i stopped calling myself as a communist but i kept believing all these same things. he saw green jobs, the kernel of
12:30 am
capitalism destruction. if you look at all the failure around solyndra and ethanol and obama is out there on the stomp saying we need to double down. he sounds like a degenerate gambler that doesn't know when he is losing. he agrees what van jones stood for zroo. >> sean: i said this because a lot of people predicted wrongly. there were very few of us that were out there after studying obama and then his appointments and later his policies and now we see the results of his radical agenda, from eric holder to carl and jennings and then the friends that pointed in the direction i predicted he would go. when we look at disappointment in particular and somebody this radical, i come to this
12:31 am
conclusion. that the president has hidden what he really believes from the american people. we get glimpses of it. san francisco about people in philly. in pennsylvania, better people clinging to their guns and religion. those comments to nicolas sarcozy, his comments to the president of russia. do you agree with me that the president has hidden his true opinions? >> absolutely. you were one of few people out there that were doing the vetting job that needed to be done. it's only being done now. this is what goes on with far left wingers. let me just say, right this minute, van jones is out there clamping down on free speech. going after the american legislative exchange council. he went after rush limbaugh and lost 50 sponsors when he lost four. rush had a telethon, raised $3 million in three hours.
12:32 am
what if rush limbaugh had been kicked off the air by these people. what about those kids with leukemia? this is disgraceful. it's not just a free speech issue. it's simple compassion. >> sean: let me ask you this and i'll ask you this if i can. he co-founded in 1994 a socialist collective standing together to organize a revolutionary movement. it was called storm. they held study groups on the theories of marx and lennon and -- lenin and dreamed of a socialist ui taupe island was arrested. it was available to the president. what happened with that? why did they ignore that? >> he was swept up. he was actually a legal observer during the rodney king demonstrations. he pinpointed that as the turning point in his life. obviously he has all these
12:33 am
radical ideas. he said i didn't give up any of the radical ends, i decided to be more subtle about it. if you look what happened when van jones left the administration, it shows how other folks haven't been as open about it. center of american progress hired him back. naacp gave him an image award. now, he is an msnbc contributor. so he is communist and 9/11 truther. >> sean: you have to wonder if f by brian williams and matt lauer is proud of this. >> did the prosecutor in trayvon martin case overreach on second-degree murder charge and when will eric holder be going after the new black panther for after the new black panther for the bounty they put on george
12:34 am
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>> sean: after being charged for second-degree murder, george zimmerman remains in protective custody. earlier today his attorney, mark omera quad hearing to see if he can be released on bail. the affidavit reveals that the prosecution pursued charges against zimmerman state healing that he, quote, profiled martin and confronted him which resulted in the shooting. could this change the scope of the case and turn that into a hate crime? joining me is the latest. fox 35 report, shannon butler and david webb and crystal mccleary is back with us. shannon, you are on the ground. it was very interesting because as i read that document as put out by the prosecution.
12:39 am
a lot of people were running that especially in the news but that is one side of the story. here is what else i learned. that the prosecution has other witnesses that we have not heard from that some may in fact contradict the testimony that you got from the one eyewitness that was there from day one. have you heard the same thing? >> we have heard that. there were at least two witnesses that we know that had that same story of saying they saw trayvon beating george zimmerman up. the only thing, they didn't see what happened before that. it was the girlfriend on the phone that really helped the prosecution with the case. the girlfriend was saying that is when trayvon martin, someone is following me. the phone went dead. it's what happened between then and the eyewitnesses saw trayvon martin on top of zimmerman that we don't know what happened. >> sean: so nobody should rush to judgment. >> no. >> sean: i would assume this is
12:40 am
going to be one side presented. another side presented. here is the problem. is it possible, i actually had a website make fun of me for suggesting this. george zimmerman had a mindset crime in the neighborhood, somebody he didn't recognize and you had a mindset 17-year-old kid, who is this guy chasing me. is it possible that those two mindsets that did not read the situation correctly and this horrible incident happened. is that possible? >> i wouldn't laugh it out of the courtroom. none of us knows what really ahead. unfortunately tragically trayvon martin is not here to tell his side of the story. the prgh has evidence that none of us in the public are aware of that caused them to come to the second-degree murder charge that
12:41 am
they brought. but this is what is disturbing i think to me. let's take his side for a moment. you can profile someone and i can profile as a black woman and not be a racist. you can profile someone, a kid is wearing a hoodie. >> sean: that you don't recognize in your community? >> you could do that but the issue with george zimmerman in terms of the facts that are not disputed. he was a neighborhood watch and by all intents and purposes went into that position to help protect his community. let's concede that. the thing that is troubling to me is, as mother, african-american son who has been profiled simply because he is an african-american. >> sean: but we don't have any evidence. >> let me saying from my empathetic point of view from the entire situation. the tragedy of it. what we don't know is what was
12:42 am
going through george zimmerman's mind to think that trayvon martin was suspicious. >> sean: wait. the insight he is coming at me. on the 911 tape. she holding something. he has something in his waistband. he was wrong but that is was in his mind. >> this goes to what i talked about a mindset. it happened to be black and could have been somebody hispanic, whatever. the word empathy i understand but this isn't about empathy. this is empirical evidence. the prosecution, the burden is on them. why did they not impanel a grand jury? why did they take it away from the local authorities? we have to find out what they know. where was this 13-year-old witness, one of the first once interviewed. police don't have everything. aside from the killing of
12:43 am
trayvon martin and pain of his family, the rush to judgment has been the biggest tragedy in this. >> sean: i agree. the media, nbc, abc and cnn have had to retract. >> i edited video and you have committed a lie to do what they did. >> sean: if i'm trayvon's mother i want to know. >> she has been the most dignified gracious woman. we had a great experience on o'reilly show. >> sean: my heart goes out to her. >> we want to know what happened. >> sean: she has a right. now, we're at the point. let the process go. i want to make a prediction. think either they are going to plea down to a misdemeanor, some -- i'm sorry. plea down to manslaughter. thank you for correcting me.
12:44 am
i love women. plea down to a manslaughter or it goes down to trial. >> i think it's going to be difficult based on what we have and on what we're hearing from the tape being, we don't see the depraved indifference in the action. >> we still don't have all the evidence. >> we don't know about gun powder and all of that. >> sean: great american panel is next. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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12:49 am
do you know ann romney never worked a day in her life? >> now no one knew who hilary rosen was. the white house press secretary, i think there were three of them here. we know that one met five times with the president himself. >> sean: which hillary. >> so it's despicable but it's well traveled in democratic circles. it's not an interest group that the democratic party has historically been interested in women who work at or from the home. this also goes into the narrative not returning bill maher's money. it goes into selective moral outrage a double standard in terms of liberals have except when conservative women are attack. >> that's okay. last form of approved and authorized misogeny and you can
12:50 am
be attacked if you are liberal woman. >> sean: give me a comparable example. sarah palin or michele bachmann? >> look what people said about nancy pelosi nancy pelosi. >> and as far as many people going after advertisers. >> i wouldn't say that is appropriate either at all. >> if you don't, if you think that you are being insulted, if you think someone is homophobic or racist. >> sean: wait for a second. >> turn off the tv. >> sean: bill maher gave a any will yon dollars to president obama and called governor palin the "c" word, the "t" word and abimbo. attacked her children. >> i don't think it's appropriate. >> sean: but the president didn't call her. called sandra fluke. >> i'm not defending the
12:51 am
president. >> sean: i'm seeing the democrats are hypocrites. they are outraged when it's a liberal. >> it's not even stay at home moms should be offended by this. i was raised by a stay-at-home mother. i was offended by this. men who have wives stay at loam mothers they are offended, as well. hilary rosen is on apology tour, barack obama he was way ahead of mitt romney with women now this whole war of women. >> it's a lack of understanding of the american psyche and the importance of mothers and importance of mothers at home. mothers are dear to americans. stay away from our mothers. everybody has a mother. >> absolutely. >> everyone has a great story about their mother and
12:52 am
grandmother. ann romney she is fighting ms. she fought back against cancer. she raised five kids. >> there is no doubt it was a terrible mistake. hilary rosen should not have said that. >> sean: and for being hypocritical on this issue of women and for joe biden to show up on a guy that a calls laura ingraham a slut show on nbc news that was dumb decision. you but they are obviously insensitive to ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge,
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel. peter let me go to on the issue of trayvon. i'm going to make a prediction. we don't know the fact. i think because they have the indictment. no grand jury. i have to believe that the it is has other witnesses besides people we've heard from. why do i believe the end of the day this gets dropped to manslaughter. is reached. shorter amount of jail time or the trial would result in the same verdict? >> maybe because of the political implications of this case.
12:57 am
maybe there wasn't a grand jury of community peers deciding whether there was probable cause for an indictment. it seems in a case of intense international pressure one person is making a decision whether a man should go to trial. >> sean: they should have had a grand jury. >> so the officials down there may have approximate one way or the other with the case and they may want to put it to bed. it does a disservice and increases a lack of confidence where we put grand juries aside that bothers me. >> someone that has dealt with special prosecutors. i don't like them. i don't like someone that is empowered that way. i do agree with peter will it's much better to have a grand jury. what is astonishing about this indication we still know so few of the facts.
12:58 am
you know more than any of us right now. i really was stunned there was so little in the actual indictment that came out. >> it was thin and alan dershowitz with. i think he was hened by but if they don't have more evidence but i'm making an assumption they do. based on what we know and the eyewitness that seem to corroborate the injuries he had and the stories he gave police and trayvon was on top of him i got to believe they have more than that and it will come out a trial. >> my concern, we're seeing doj missing in action. >> doj, mi. >> eric holder is really more tainted the case by hugging al sharpton and a political sense.
12:59 am
of course. we're wondering whether or not the justice department is going to take this case. >> sean: let me ask legally this to peter. you a lawyer. how do you have a bounty on someone's head. >> you don't. >> sean: we know who is doing it. >> if someone is violating the law then they should be. >> sean: isn't that a violation of law? >> sure you can't put bounty to have someone killed. >> sean: and they have not acted but if there is an acquittal in this case the department of justice will act against mr. zimmer manned and second trial. >> sean: a civil rights violation. >> and black panther party for a bounty. i predict that nothing will >> sean: you have a great weekend and greta is up next.


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