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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 25, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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declaring the republican nominee. michele bachmann is here and you are fired. those are the words high ranking official of the gsa scandal. taxpayers should stop paying his salary. but first, you then at 11:00 p..
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now back to "on the record." >> greta: big night for mitt romney. is he the g.o.p. nominee. michele bachmann joins us. it's not official but he swept five tonight? >> this is governor romney's night. i don't think anybody thought it was going to be in contention but it was turning the page in the romney campaign. ultimately to gain access to the white house. now what we need to make sure is obama is a one termer. >> greta: are you ready to endorse governor romney? >> i have been working hard to
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unite the party. it's not about me. it's about defeating barack obama. i have been working with tea party and bringing people together. i think we're making a lot of progress. >> greta: why don't you endorse him. but now it's fate acome reply, i really speaker gingrich has not moved out. but i take it you would rather have him president than obama as president? >> i know i don't want it is president to have a second term. that goes without saying. but my focus is not on me. i'm not the important part but the victory he has put together is extremely impressive. >> i think the tea party looks to you. i think they are wondering because party is coalescing. they are wondering if rick santorum is going to meet with governor romney in may. >> the thing is i haven't been
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shy. i will back the nominee. i think it's becoming very apparent who our nominee will be but not giving an endorsement or withholding an endorsement. i'm working behind closed doors and that is what i want to continue to do. >> greta: speaker gingrich is still in. he lost tonight in delaware. what is your advice for him? >> well the speaker will know what to do. i know what my decision was when it became clear i wouldn't be the nominee. i chose to leave the race. i've been trying to work to make sure that our nominee will be the winner. newt gingrich will make his decision. the focus rightly is on barack obama and his failed policies and how we need to have an agenda that is going to bet people back to work. >> greta: you have loose strings. party isn't all united. he hasn't clinched all the delegates.
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there are still people in the race. >> quite honestly, this is pretty low on the priority level because the biggest priority is coming together. that is what we're doing. remember, don't forget, the democrats were in complete and total disarray in june of the election year. we're going to be more than united by the time june arrives. >> greta: is governor romney a conservative? >> that is what the voters are choosing right now. he has a very good record in a number of different areas. he is explaining that record and doing that. >> greta: has he satisfied you? >> the point is he is satisfying people in the primary races. overwhelmingly they are giving his vote. he had a clean sweep tonight. >> greta: let the viewers know you came here from the airport. where have you been? >> i left last thursday for afghanistan to visit our troops. i was in afghanistan, i was with our general, general allen and
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ryan crocker and i was with hundreds of troops. i was in the number one trauma hospital which is camp leather neck down by helman province and went to the united emirate. >> greta: and give a top nurse in the hospital because where are they from? >> they are from my district. i was absolutely thrilled. i had no idea. number one trauma hospital in the world are serving our guys and gals and top doctor is dr. morris and top nurse is lisa from minnesota. >> greta: it's tough to go to afghanistan in over the weekend. >> it's a good 14 hour trip. >> greta: but when you get there and see it, it makes, whether you understand, it helps you
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understand to do your job? >> it really does because the big question is it the right thing to be there. my opinion when president obama we are going to be out by 2014, come hell or high water, i thought if your goal isn't to win and be successful, why even expend one more human life if that is not your goal? when i went over this weekend and literally i spoke with hundreds and hundreds of our soldiers over there and they are getting up 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. they are working solid until 11:00 or 12:00 at night. because by the time 2014 ends they want to hand it over to of winning this effort. it will be running by the afghan national forces. so the afghanis will do it but they are building the plane while they are flying it. they are trying and create the afghan forces but they are doing a great job. can i tell you a good story?
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not this weekend but the weekend before in kabul your viewers might remember there was an 18-hour siege by taliban. they have spent a year putting together an assault on kabul. here a good story. the americans said we're here to help you. we'll help you win and defeat the taliban. they afghan forces said we can handle this. the taliban wanted control of kabul. in 18 hours, afghan national forces defeated the taliban in kabul. there were only four civilian casualties. it wasn't reported as a success in media. this was a wild success. you should have seen the servicemen and women. they are seeing what they are doing matters. we will be handing off to the baton and our men and women are doing everything we can. >> greta: every time i see our men and women how hard they are
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working. it is tough. what they are enduring and what they are experiencing. >> when i was in the hospital, we had the occasion, there were five of us a delegation led by louie go her. we went in the i.c.u. and when we went in there couple hours ago he lost his leg, a soldier. our doctors were trying to save his arm. he didn't even know what had happened to him. he was in medically induced coma. we stood over his bed and prayed for him. he will have the finest medical care and he deserves it all and more. >> greta: when he comes back, are we really taking care of the soldiers that come back with missing limbs and giving cars to drive, especially equipped. are we taking care of them. >> the good news we have made
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incredible advances, the top doctor said we made so many medical advances, this young man's life would have been lost. >> greta: but we have to follow through. >> you are right. that is bipartisan issue. war shouldn't be political. if we have to deal with it as evil as it is, it has to be bipartisan. we should never make one decision about freedom based upon political considerations or the next election. it has to be about doing the right thing. they are giving their lives to do the right thing. we as lawmakers have to do the right thing. >> greta: and i'm so appreciative 6 members of congress that go over on the trips and take a look. it's so important to see it. congressman, thank you, nice to see you. ♪ >> greta: free trip to las vegas hawaii, how about the south
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pacific? no? you must not work for the gsa. new tonight the gsa jeffrey neily was taking family vacations as work tris. we know he enjoyed them. but did he bank roll all of it you are still paying for it. so why hasn't he been fired. congressman joins us. >> good evening. >> apparently you have the question, you have written a letter? >> i served in the earlier capacity, probably the first republican chairman of civil service now headed by transportation and infrastructure that oversees gsa. this is the guy that everybody knows did the wrong thing, refused to testify in our committee. took the fifth amendment in government reform. he is still on the people's
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payroll and i want him off the payroll. >> greta: the reason he is on is the way the laws is, right? >> but this a senior executive employee. he should be setting an example. not sitting in in a hot tub. civil service was set up to protect lower ranking, entry level and above, but not the senior executive. i want him out of there. if he isn't out of there under lawsuit we have to change the law. >> greta: the current laws, there is nothing you can do about it. >> i'm not sure about that. first of all, he swore and oath to uphold the constitution. he is required under his position to appear before our committee. we're the committee of jurisdiction reform and
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oversight. we are the chief investigative committee. he took the fifth. he is protecting himself against criminal action. there have been referrals here. i don't want to get in to that. what i'm saying he is required to perform. he did not perform. at least i don't want the taxpayers paying. >> greta: i'm with you. i don't want to pay for that. i don't want to pay for that. because we don't like him -- >> this isn't about liking him, greta. it's drawing the line. >> greta: you have to follow the rules. you created the rules. >> we created the law. if the rules are allowing it, the rules need to be changed. law needs to be changed. this is not run-of-the-mill employee. this is a guy who is senior
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executive. >> greta: i'm with you on this. >> i want him out but i don't a want him paid. into the question of how much retirement. i just talking to my constituents. they want the money paid back. >> greta: i think you have to change the law or change the rules. why don't you start that tomorrow? >> the council is working on it and four attorneys and three different opinions. >> greta: when can you get started on it. >> i started today. i started gsa. i held the first hearing in an empty federal building two blocks from the white house. empty for 15 years. this multimillion dollar waste, it's a tip of the iceberg. these guys are wasting billions with thousands of buildings sitting vacant. >> greta: if you tried to change the rules tonight, i bet you
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couldn't -- michele bachmann, god bless her for coming back. i feel beat up. again, she is not the problem. when the lights go up on the vote. you knowledge tell who the problems are right away. >> greta: you are going to get started looking at the rules. >> changing rules. >> greta: and start that tomorrow. you have sent a letter over to the active administrator to see if there can be something done and get started looking at the rules to see what we can do. and people should be whistle blowers if there is a lot of money being wasted. >> the chairman is one of our former staffers. she blew the whis until november
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after this october fisco. >> greta: that was a year and a half ago. >> she reported -- this would still be swept under even after the aig report and briefed the white house, fleob did anything. but she went back. >> greta: give her the nod. >> there are good federal employees. >> greta: thank you for your time. >> secret service prostitution scandal, more agents forced out. secret service has two more agents have resigned and another one has been revoked will. they will face administrative action. thus far, 12 secret service agents have been accused of misconduct. >> straight ahead. accusations on capitol hill. find out why jon kyl refused to
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show up for senator schumer. rick cline is here next. disturbing news over the north korean peninsula. north korea is threatening to reduce south korea to ashes. we have almost 30,000 troops on the border. is this threat real? john bolton goes on the record. plus what does elbowing in the head get you, let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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>>. >> greta: senate democrats dissing republicans? but today skhuk schumer is announcing a proposal the to block the immigration law if arizona up holds the law. jon kyl refusing the senate hearing today i will not participate in the hearing because it is strictly political theater to influence the courts's decision or garner publicity. rick cline joining us. >> it's about as divisive. senator kyl is right. this is going to court and have
4:21 am
a decision in the spring or early summer. that is when it's going to be settled. >> greta: what was this hearing. what was chuck trying to do? >> he is trying to get at constitutionality of the whole law. it hinges on whether the states have the power to enforce immigration law. >> greta: which they going to decide by the end of june, so why do you do it? >> two reasons. whatever the court does, there is going to be big response from senate democrats to try to limit the arizona law. the other thing is the politics of this. democrats love that the play that they have because it puts republicans in a tough spot. are they going to endorse the law and turn off latino voters are stay very close to the constituency. >> greta: i hate to nickel and dime but today they went to this
4:22 am
incredible political theater. i realize political implications the democrats are trying to corner the republicans on this and make a splash about it for the latino vote. the problem is this costs money, this hearing today. the supreme court is going to consider it beginning tomorrow. apparently chuck schumer thinks it's worth spending money to to gather a hearing and get security. he doesn't care. >> it's time and resources. whose money is he spending on this. for me to complain about such little money. >> they are important issues to be fair. >> greta: but the supreme court is taking it you were. >> whatever happens from. they are going to have lots of hearings in the future. >> greta: by minority point is this drama on capitol hill costs us money. supreme court is going to consider tomorrow and whatever the supreme court decides, if congress doesn't like it they will pass the new law and supreme court can look at the
4:23 am
next flew nau law if they want. >> the state senator, he was out there defending it and playing along with the charade that was happening today. to try from arizona's perspective. >> greta: the dick durbin and chuck schumer, 11 mechanics on the committee. so apparently there are six six democrats and five republicans. so chuck shuim ear and dick durbin don't though had up, republicans being no shows, maybe they should complain about the democrats that are no show. if your own side didn't show up? >> you are totally right. this whole thing is going to play out. what the court does is going to have big implications in the fall. politics of immigration is fairly settled.
4:24 am
i think the more attention that the arizona law gets and run-up to the fall is going to be important. as we are seeing right now the democrats want to take advantage of this. >> greta: how important is this immigration decision, no matter way it guess on the november election? >> i think latino voters to think they are dialed into this, is one of the key points. president obama needs to win latinos big and romney says we need to get latinos on board. rubio is trying to make the point latinos has suffered. so the issue is going to be important for mitt romney. democrats are going to try to take advantage of this. and in the middle of this you have bomb going off with the supreme court they are going to say yea or nay to the law. >> greta: when you say the latino vote and marco rubio, he is cuban american, does he carry the same weight with the latino
4:25 am
vote? >> i think it's a myth to think its latino candidate he is going to carry a large portion of the latino voters. i think he would do well in florida clearly. i think a lot of hispanic voters would be other positions he has. he is taking his party differently in immigration. but i don't think they are going with him because he is latino. >> and gingrich had a bad night? >> he going to fake time to chart his path forward. everybody knows he is not going to be nominee. so now how does he craft an exit strategy and pay down the campaign debt. how does he get out that doesn't further embarrass. >> and he wants to be a player in the republican party? >> that is a factor. he was a soldier getting secret service protection, talking about taxpayer resources. he does more damage. he has super pac with 5
4:26 am
unexpectedly and if they keep dumping money on romney it won't be good. >> north korea is threatening tonight, but there is something disturbing about the threat. ambassador john bolton is next. and not your typical anniversary celebration. wait until you see how they are honoring prince [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 18 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money. by taking over our bank accounts.
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eastern and back to greta and on the record.
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>> greta: north korea threatening, they say think they intend to reduce south korea to ashes. they will launch specials actions against south korea. what are they plotting? and the united states also at risk? john bolton joins us. >> glad to be here. >> greta: what do special actions mean? >> this is part of the script, reducing seoul to ashes, more of a wake-up. they threatened to launch a sea of fire against south korea. think when you combine this with other evidence of preparation for a third nuclear test, the failure of the missile launch on hundredth anniversary that evidence points to a third nuclear test. south korea has been warning about that for a while. i suspect this rhetoric may be preparation for the happy day when they light off the third nuclear device. >> greta: this happens often,
4:31 am
but at some point at some time the possibility it could be bad. they launched a rocket couple years ago and everyone in the world laughed at it so it was to do a nuclear test. >> they wanted to get a nuclear device that is light enough to pout top of a missile. on the other side they are trying to perfect their ballistic missile program and their aim is to have a deliverable nuclear weapon. i think they are have been collaborating sometime on the missile side and on the nuclear side. this is not just a little dictatorship. this is global proliferation threat. >> greta: and they are not that far, number one. >> it's right there. >> and we have 30,000 soldiers there. this is potentially at some point extremely dangerous.
4:32 am
>> i think that is why our military on the korean peninsula is worried about the threats because the northern suburbs of seoul is easy range of north korean artillery that we believe are stocked with chemical warheads. civilians in south korea are very vulnerable to the irrational behavior of the north koreans. >> greta: what is the deterrent. can they intercept one of those missiles or after the fact that is way too late we suddenly move in and take a military action if that, indeed, what happens. what protection does seoul have now? >> the main protection is the readiness and south korean and american troops that have trained. they will have to cross the dmz and go pourdz pyongyang. >> but that is after the chemical weapons? >> that is one scenario.
4:33 am
the other if their regime collapses which is entirely possible we would want to get before they lost control of the nuclear weapons to stabilize the station to prevent seoul from coming under attack and prevent massive flows up to millions of refugees into south korea and china. >> greta: they warn and say they are going to do this. why do they tell us, what do you think they warn us and very hostile terms? >> i think part of it is for domestic consumption. in the background of the failed missile test, there is an i am per active not to mess it up again. while they may be to take the presses down with them to see the explosion, it's a lot harder to cover up, to know the test
4:34 am
has been been a success than watching a missile that blows up after 90 seconds. so nuclear test could give them successful that overcome some of the propaganda embarrassment of having the missile fail. >> greta: china is most muscle with them. >> doing nothing but something significant. defense secretary panetta testified to questions about chinese assistance to the kore a an missile program essentially said there was evidence of assistance. he didn't want to be specific in public but we've seen pictures of that truck on which the north koreans paraded another icbm. for years china has been saying, no we're not assisting anything with respect to the nuclear missile programs, not true by the admission by panetta. >> and it's they are actually
4:35 am
assisting them. >> the argument will be it's some rogue country and they sold it as a truck to haul logs. china controls everything that going across that border. if they want to stop it, they could stop it. i view this as a very serious matter. >> greta: and administration policy is what? >> is to go beg china to allow china currency to appreciate. they are building up conventional and nuclear capabilities in the east and south china sea and territorial claims. they are doing all kinds of things economically to disadvantage foreign investors and our response is essentially to do nothing. >> greta: thank you, sir. orrin hatch called them liars right here on our show. the people he was referring to, they are not happy. who does senator hatch make really mad? and two minutes, metta world peace learns his punishment. what does he get for elbowing an
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4:38 am
>>. >> greta: metta world peace suspended. we showed you elbowing james harden. and n.b.a. announcing that world peace has been suspended for seven games without pay. that means he could mean he could miss at least six playoff games. after elbowing harden in the head gig him a concussion. he will misses the final game and next six games. playoffs start saturday. he alluded to his history. in 2004 haoe got an 86-game ban to fight fans. what do you think? did you say world peace punishment fit the crime. go to greta
4:39 am
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4:41 am
>>. >> greta: veteran utah senator who are run hatch, war is far from over. votes needed for a direct nomination, senator hatch faces a primary challenge for a bid for seventh term. tea party insists it will unseat senator hatch. she firing back on freedom works last week. >> i could probably live with them if they tell the truth. they take a few dozen of my votes better 12,000 votes that i have casted, and they distorted those votes. they lie about them, direct lie about them. >> greta: strong words from him. the other side. freedom works matt joins us. nice to see you. let's go to the issue of votes.
4:42 am
what vote are you and senator hatch arguing over? >> there are a lot of votes but the one that frustrated me the most was partnership with ted kennedy to create a new health care entitlement. that was hillary clinton's strategy after the failure of clinton care to add government healthcare playing by population from the top down. >> and that was 12,000 votes? >> right. >> and you like governor romney? >> i think she better than barack obama. >> greta: governor romney has endorsed senator hatch? >> yes. >> and your board, gray. he has endorsed senator hatch. >> and also steve forbes and he has endorsed senator hatch. so i'm curious how you can isolate this vote and suddenly
4:43 am
with all the seniority of senator hatch, why would you want to push him on out. if the senate is taken by republicans why would a group from washington, d.c. wanted to put push out a veteran u.s. senator? >> for a couple reasons, our power as an organization comes from the activists that we partner with. it was the activists in out thought came to us and said, would you help us unseat senator hatch. they were partners when we replaced senator bennett with mike lee. >> greta: i went to their website, under construction. it seems like it's been disbanded, local freedom works you partner with in utah. i tried to look on the website. >> that is not freedom works, it's called freedom path. >> greta: i don't think so. i got linked to your website, but what is so peculiar though,
4:44 am
your organization is an outside of utah you spent $700,000 to unseat senator hatch and you spent zero opposing democrats and you spent money against obama. so it looks like you got something on senator hatch, you have governor romney endorsing him. the surrogate for governor romney. >> thinking about running against orrin hatch and is highly critic of his record. >> but she surrogate and governor romney who has done an ad and endorses senator hatch. it goes full circle? >> let's talk about the money. orrin hatch raised $5.7 million to solicit some 2,000 votes in the convention. about 89% of that came from out of the state of utah. so you are talking about -- >> both of you guys are out of
4:45 am
state. >> so i don't think that suggests that freedom work is putting all this outside money. we are focused now on disciplining certain republicans that have grown the size of government because our goal is not just take the senate for republicans but have a fiscally conservative senate. >> greta: if you look at his record, as a fiscal conservative i don't care if he is elected or if you look at his record, senator orrin hatch introduced a balanced budget the cornerstone of the tea party movement. and freedom works is a tea party party movement? >> yes. >> so he has done it year after year on the balanced budget amendment. i know you are critical of him because he voted to raise the debt ceiling a number of times. your leader, former congressman dick armey raised it including
4:46 am
the last year in congress? >> let's talk about one thing at that time. balanced budget management, he had been co-sponsoring. it's important 1977 when he offered his first balanced budget amendment. >> he introduced the first one? >> he didn't introduce it in 77. he introduced it in 97. >> greta: in 77. >> i have to look it up. >> paul simon, the progressive democrat from illinois wrote a balanced budget amendment. he wanted to grow the size of government. how did he do it? he didn't require anything more than a simple majority. paul simon ran to the left of jesse jackson in 1998. when orrin hatch introduced it, that doesn't not a fiscal conservative because my view is, we should balance the budget by
4:47 am
limiting the sizes of government. you can raise the taxes to do that. look at the entitlement programs. why is it you are constantly trying to pass a balanced budget amendment. >> greta: which is one that you didn't like which you mentioned. >> it's 32 pages, freedom works for anybody can look at our documentation. we've gotten our facts right. >> greta: we got to go. i actually looked at the research and a even the criticism of the education vote and i disagree with that. but we need to do a lot of time. there is a lot we disagree on. but we'll do it again. >> straight ahead, move over, barbie, a look at
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>> greta: flash studio lights, time for last call. and the tapes on -- take on
4:58 am
the secret scandal, rather, here is jay leno. >> and a member of the secret service team got into anscort or how much he owed her for services. she said it was $800 he offered her $30. finally, someone in washington willing to cut spending and they fire them. the one guy! the one guy! thank you. >> greta: that is your last call. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night. stay tuned for a special report. bret baier has latest election news tonight. a big night in politics so stay where you are. good night from washington. bret i >> good morning everyone. >> i am patti ann browne.
4:59 am
>> i am heather nauert. thanks for watching "fox & friends first". >> mitt romney swept five primaries last night. let's talk to peter doocy. he is live in washington now. good morning, peter. >> good morning, heather. governor romney is on a roll. he won 43 primaries won all 5 contests in connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania and rhode island. he is not the official nominee. they need 1,144 delegates. t they have romney at 739 which is 600 more than speaker gingrich has. that has governor romney looking past the primaries to november 6th. >> of all of the thousands of good and decent americans i met who want nothing more that be a better chance, a fighting chance, to all of you i have a simple message. 40e8d on a little longer. a


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