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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 26, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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tuesday night, president obama sat down with jimmy falon to discuss the most pressing issues of our time and participated in a performance that featured a band called the roots. >> we said it's simple. now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. >> oh, yes... you should listen to the president. or as i like to call him, the proofsy of the united stesey. like kim and kanye. >> sean: all right. what the media is not reporting is that the roots infamously played a song lying blank b-word when congresswoman bachmann
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appeared on the show. remember this... >> sean: again, that was a song called lying blank b-word and that is the type of band that our president decides to perform alongside, very classy. the rnc is calling last night a tale two of leaders. take a look at this ad they came out with today. >> as i like to call him, the proofsy of the united stesey. >> some successful even beyond their wildest dreams. others congratulating them for their achievement, not attacking them for it. >> frankly, i don't buy it. mm-mmmm-mmmm >> the barackness monster.
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>> as i look at millions of americans without work, the graduates who can't get a job, the soldier who is return home to an unemployment line,k it breaks my heart. this does not have to be. it is the result of failed leadership and a faulty vision. >> poduck stands for president of the united states. >> in the days ahead, join me, join me in the next step toward that destination of november 6, when across america we can give a sigh of relief and know that the promise of america has been kept. >> it's howie we slow jam the news. >> oh, yeah! >> sean: here with reaction in the studio, the one and only ann coulter. how are you? >> how are you? >> sean: slow jam in the news. >> i would want to change the subject, too, if i were the president. but i don't think he can do it.
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it's been a very bad week for him. >> sean: it was also interesting -- i thought romney's speech last night -- >> it was magnificent. >> sean: it hit everywhere, where the president's going to go, it hit comparing vision and it is president looked silly on this show. i don't care that he goes on a late-night show, that's fine. but just compare the two. >> uyeah. romney has gotten so much better from 2008. >> sean: by the way, you know you who can thank? you can thank newt gingrich and rick santorum -- >> no,,no, no, no. >> sean: you can thank this process. >> yes, you can defend your support for gingrich and santorum. >> sean: sorry! it made all of them better. >> i am not talking about since the primaries. i am talking from the beginning of the debates. all you people would say every speech he gives, it only he had been giving speeches like that. i quoted him in my column this week from something he said in the first or second debate.
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he is so much better, which is why i changed my mind n. 2008, he was good on paper, but he was a little bit stiff. now, he is such a great politician, which is a great ad the rnc did. i don't know what obama's going to do. is he going to keep going on late-night tv shows, which shockingly, jimmy falin has 175,000 viewers and only a few hundred thousand overall. there are four times more people watching the lowest-rated show on fox news. he's pathetic, if that's who the president has to go do. but what is he going to do -- talk about how they are going arve arizona? talk about the great success of obamacare, which the entire country hate? talk about how he wants to turn more of our business over to people like the ones at the gsa is and the secret service and
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the marines? this week has been a government -- a government's employee failure. and they want to give more responsibility to these people and have them take over more of our lives and have us send more money to them? >> the only thing you said that was wrong, i didn't say that romney gave a good speech. what i said, all of these candidates got stronger. i will tell you what i think was a key moment in the campaign. i think this will be very helpful to him in a general election. south carolina, goes in, double-digit lead, goes out, double-digit loss. teped up to the plate, fought gingrich really hard and i think that might have defined the campaign. i think that will help him in the general election because he knows what it's like to have his back against the wall. >> it may not be worth mentioning how stiff he was in 2008. i know you watched all those debates, except to say that he is a very smart man. he does know how to perform well.
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i was heavily pushing chris christie. >> sean: you are in love with him. >> i still am. >> sean: do you want him to be v.p.? >> but not because i'm in love with him. >> sean: i met your boyfriend and i prayed for your boyfriend. sorry. go ahead. >> i was going to say... when chris christie. >> sean: that's the one thing that flustered you, isn't it? >> no. >> sean: yes. >> i was glad he didn't run because romney had been so good in the debates, i do think that christie would be a good vice-president, but i think that romney is the strongest candidate and the president we need the most because he will cut government spending, something even ronald reagan didn't do. the scandals -- the gsa and secret service behaving like pigs. now we have the marines throwing a prostitute-- in fairness, there is a small number of people in a large group. >> but the government does it to them. >> sean: it doesn't work. >> it never does. no matter how many times
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liberals try, whether it's the soviet union or the china. if you can make the chinese people unproductive, you have figured out a system where no one will be productive. the soviet union looked at a flush toilet like it was a nuclear tower. this -- obama are the party of big government. they want to put our health care-- they already have. but they're going to lose that case and the immigration case. >> if not, romney will appeal it. >> sean: here's the next question. v.p. will be a very important choice. you near love with chris christie, i don't know if you gave him the, quote, obama breathalyzer back. i like rubio of florida because i think he's a natural leader, he is funny, smart, inspiring. but i keep hearing the establishment pushing rob portman. nice guy. boring. you know? i like bob mcdonald a lot, he did a great job. i don't want them to make a bad
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decision here. >> i am pretty confident eye am always wrong in choosing vice-presidents, so i have no insight, except that i think that romney will make a good decision if -- if -- if i were advising him, i would say stay away from the untested young ones. i would take another one in addition to marco rubio, ken ciewch nellie -- cuccinelli. i think both of them are maybe a little too young. i think they should run for governor and then run for president some day. >> sean: look, if obama can be president, they can be vice-president. >> yes, but we are republicans. we take the presidency-- i'm a registered conservative. >> so you can't vote republican in the primary? >> sean: no. >> that seems kind of stupid. >> sean: no. it's not. >> in fact-- when is a republican primary going to matter in new york?
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>> in that case, you ought to register as a democrat. every time a pollster calls, you can answer the phone. yes, i'm a democrat. i can't stand this obama. >> thank you. >> sean: he lectured us on the existence of two americas. now john edwards, two lives are being exposed for the world to see. explosive details from his corruption trial. he faces up to 30 years in yale. later, my showdown over the roles of government. who is responsible for more peopleoc food stamps and poverty? is it obama? we will debate that question, we will debate that question, coming up.journey across americ, i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby, what would you do with all those savings? hire a better ventriloquist. your lips are moving.
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>> sean: today is day 3 of the john edwards corruption trial. he is accused of using campaign funds to hide his extra-marital affair with his misvess, hunt hunt. his forminger aide, andrew young, was back on the stand today. his testimony placed a spotlight on the inner workers of this elaborates coverup and helped to remind us that the man who lectured the voters about the existence of two americas was the one leading two lives by himself. let's cue this hipockcracy. >> i stand here tonight, ready to work with you and john to make america stronger. and we have much work to do because the truth is, we still live in a country where there are two different americas. one for all of those people who
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have lived the american dream and don't have to worry. and another for most americans, everybody else, who struggles to make ends meet every single day. it doesn't have to be that way. we can build one america where we no longer have two health care systems. we shouldn't have two public school systems in this country, one for the most affluent communities and one for everybody else. john kerry and i believe we shouldn't have two different economies in this country. >> sean: the democratic party has a long and storied history of outrageous hypocrisy, but john edwards may be the new poster boy. andrea tantaros is here and the author of hopelessly divided, doug schoen. and there are two americas when can testimonies to getting hair cuts. gito super cuts sometimes. i have a wonderful person here at fox -- we have to have the music, it goes to the song "i'm so pretty."
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all right. but, you know, he had a $4 mon. hair cut. there's two americas. now that i have had my fun, here's an important question. this was brought up by rich lowrie in his column -- is there a possibility he didn't break campaign finance laws because it didn't get funneled through his campaign? >> that's a big possibility. yes. look, we don't know what the court is going to decide. in all likelihood, is there shady money, bunny money, going to his misstress? yes. that, we do know. we also know that he is, in all likelihood, his approval ratings are 3%-- in all likelihood. >> the public opinion is out. what is so confusing to so many are campaign finance laws. he is looking at 30 years for this. you talked about hypocrisy,
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there is hypocrisy in the republican party on sex scandals, too. >> sean: that's true. >> but you look at the hypocrisy, a lotted of people are asking, john edwards got in trouble for using money in a campaign, to hide an affair. you also look at bill clinton who had dalliances with an intern-- really. >> somehow, he was okay. >> sean: i never heard about that. >> i guess when you are running for office, you can get hurt, but not when you are in office. >> sean: you know the campaign laws. have you to -- you have to navigate through them. is there a chance he's a horrible human being? >> i think those are the facts and that's the case. i agree with andrea. look, andrew young has acknowledged he's a liar. he tried to tamper with the jury. he said that-- he did that sunday, leading into the trial. how dumb that was? >> very dumb. but edwards said that this was not campaign money, the deal
12:17 am
with the potential humiliation, he was going to fwais, if the affair was revealed, not-- you know what i i don't understand -- he was a multi-millionaire. >> he didn't want his wife to see the outgoing money. moreover, andrew young got the house, not rielle hunter. it bought him the house. >> i think it was bigger. i think the wife knew about the affair. i think he didn't want the public to know. >> sean: sheinoid her at a campaign event and had her fired. >> women know. >> sean: oh, come o. women don't know. >> women know. you are worse nan beck welyour phone, hannity. >> sean: you just busted me. nobody knew. >> i had to bust you because you hit me in the head with the football last week. >> sean: that's true. >> he was trying to hide it from the public. this is a politician who had historic dilutions of grandeur. >> we have bad campaign finance laws. andrea and i were speculating
12:18 am
with super pacs, they may have had a way to hide the payments legally. that's not good. super pacs are not good for our system, because it does create two americas with big donors and ordinary people. >> sean: as horrible as he is, i saw his daughter, a lawyer, behind him, helping her father in the campaign. he's got younger children. i am thinking, these kids just lost their mother. granted, when he went to bunny mellon and this other big -- >> fred baron-- these guys thought they were helping his campaign. i don't think their intention was. the only question i have not gotten a good answer to was did he run it through the campaign? >> no, he did not. >> sean: does that make a legal difference. >> it makes a legal difference in my opinion. it doesn't go through the campaign. it didn't go through his personal account. it was designed principally to keep a woman who was causing him all sorts of problems under
12:19 am
control-- it really is coom campaign related -- >> i don't think campaign related. i have been in enough campaigns, where candidates went up in the polls during periods when there were these controversies? >> bill clinton, your buddy itch it is questionable. but the voters -- the supporters, bonet and other one, clearly gave the money to help him. they believed in him for some reason. i don't know what their intentions were. >> sean: did they give the money knowing he had an affair, no. so -- >> i don't think it's their intent. it's what the money was used for, that's the legal issue. it was used to take care of humiliation and avoidance of a problem, not campaign-- seems like a really close one. >> it is a close one. we don't need to criminalize everything vis-a-vis campaign contributions, no matter how outrageous. >> sean: for me, it's a matter of law. what does the law say? >> right. >> sean: it's really i. as a lawyer... as someone running for
12:20 am
elected office, he has a duty to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. you can give money to support running a bus, having fireworks, but you can't have fireworks with the bus driver. that's the point. >> sean: good to see you both. watch andrea on "the five." >> sean: since the president took office, 15 more mill whereon more americans are on food stamps. i talk to tavis smiley and cornel west and our discussion about poverty in america next. a million fewer people -- [overlapping dialogue] >> the poverty rate skyrocketed under reagan, though, brother sean. greed is not enough. greed is not enough. i'm gonna take allison jenkins to the senior prom in this. one day, i'll park this in a spot reserved for me. it's got 26,0 miles on it now,
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>> this is a topic we cover here every night. class warfare and the president's attempt to redistribute wealth. we always ask -- does the strategy actually work? if you look at the statistics, you would be hard pressed to think that obama's economic agenda is helping in any way. the total number of food stamp recipients has increased by nearly 15 million people.
12:25 am
and when it comes to americans living below the poverty line, that has increased by more than 6 million people in 2008. so with all of these numbers indicating that big government is not the answer, they want more government involvement and they are saying that poverty is so extreme that, it poses a threat to national security. tonight, we look at the depth of the poverty problem, the impact on our country and where the solution lies. earlier, i sat down with the authors of the brand-new book, the rich and the rest of us, a poverty manifesto, professor cornel west and tavis smiley. welcome back, guys. both friends of mine. tavis and i got our careers started together. professor, it's always good to see you. i don't think we agree often. but i do enjoy it when you both criticize barack obama. >> we try to tell the truth, but we are critical of you even more. i know that, brother. >> sean: i knew that was coming.
12:26 am
listen, i am mad at the title of your book. i really am. this goes back to somehow -- look, you know, with barack obama, who said, it's not red america, blue america, it's the united states of america. i don't like this division this, wedge, tavis, that the president's using. and the 99 versus the 1%, the rich and the rest of us. somehow, it indicates that that's a bad thing that people are successful. >> not at all. mitt romney's wrong when he thinks we are engaging in the politics of envy, no one who happens to be poor want what is mr. romney has, they want to move beyond the poverty of opportunity to -- to an opportunity to play on a level playing field. we are dangerously close, sean, to cementing a permanent american catastrophe here. the rich-- the rich more than the poor are responsible, in fact, for this catastrophe we have now. yet the poor pay the heaviest price, although they are not responsible for the damage done by the great recession you?
12:27 am
>> are saying that the rich are responsible. wait a minute. how about government policies that are responsible? government policies where we now borrow 40 cents of every dollar, 43 million americans in poverty. one in seven families in america. the numbers of people dependent, 15 million new americans needing food stamps. how are the rich responsible -- the top 10% pay 70% of the bill. >> no. brother sean, government policies tend to reinforce the oligathers, walstreet, interest-free loans. wouldn't that be nice for students? but banks do. what if you take your labor forces to china and mexico -- dealing with unemployment and under employment, government policies too often reinforce the power of the well to do, oligarkic rule-- i am going to concede a
12:28 am
point to you, professor. i don't want a bailout. >> i like that. i like that. >> sean: no. i don't want a bailout -- >> we agree with that. >> sean: if we want everybody to be rich -- we can't blame the people who have been successful. we have to look at behavior of the rich. we have to give everybody a good education and we have to get government out of the way. how do you -- think government's the answer? >> we are not blaming them. >> but have you to make jobs available, though, brother sean. have you to make jobs available. tavis and i would be the first to say, when we think of the catholic bishop, critical of mitt romney because he's not concerned about the poor. we're critical of the system that president obama heads that gives to the rich. >> sean: the single best thing we can do is unleash the power of entrepreneurship. in eight years, he created 21 million new jobs i. not the
12:29 am
reagan years? >> sean: he didn't accumulate $5 trillion in new debt -- [overlapping dialogue] >> he increased the military led to the debt after the reagan regime. but this important part, entrepreneurship is very different from big banks and big corporations. you and i agree, small businesses, once they are unleashed can provide jobs with a living wage, if they acknowledge the role of the unions. when you are talking about corporations and banks who make big money and cut back, then we are deal with a third of the population making 3% of the income. >> sean: 70% of jobs created come from small businesses, which are the very people who are being targeted by barack obama, if these tax cuts expire in january. >> on this point, we agree, the obama administration has not done enough for small business in this country. they have sided with big business. they have not looked out for small business. we agree on that.
12:30 am
but this raging myth must be busted. whatever credit you want to give to ronald reagan, he did whatever he did on the backs of poor people-- oh, that is -- >> on the poor. sean, the numbers bear this out and you know it. >> sean: reagan never created $5 trillion in debt. racingan gave us 21 million new jobs -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: the only president that has not created a net single job, that he has lost about a million jobs in the country. a million fewer people working. >> the poverty rate skyrocketed under reagan, brother sean. greed is not enough. greed is not enough. >> we are still looking for that welfare queen that ronald reagan made up. >> sean: i don't know why -- listen, i want to solve the problem. >> read the book-- the book is fascinating, even though it irritates the living daylights out of me.
12:31 am
the rich and the rest of us. i think you made that title to annoy me but i think this is a conversation worth having. i don't want a single american in poverty. >> there will be a number of conservative who is have compassion-- i am compassionate. i want -- i want to solve the problem. but get government out of the way. >> so woo do we. we want compassion and justice. >> sean: dinner's on me. come in the studio. we will solve the problem, right here. [chuckles] >> we will take you up to that. >> sean: you got t. thank you both. coming up, dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz can't get her facts straight on anything. we expose the latest example of misinformation she is trying to sell to the american people. and michelle malcolm is here and michelle malcolm is here with reaction, coming [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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>> sean: she just doesn't know
12:36 am
when to stop. we find more and more examples of debwasserman-schultz blatantly misrepresenting the truth to the american people, not only about what mitt romney stands fbut also about what president obama has achieved since taking office. our friends at town hall dot-com uncovered this. >> i'm a member of congress in the minority, unfortunately, which i plan to help change in november. but the people who control the house of representatives are the republicans. ask them why they haven't brought a single jobs bill to the floor since they took over the manchet. ask them why they're getting ready to allow the student loan interest rates to double-- not sure how she can say that with a straight face. here's another example. listen to what she said about governor rom ne's stance on health care for women. >> it's clear that mitt romney is dramatically out of touch with women on the issues and the priorities that matter to us, wanting to take us back to a time when insurance companies could drop us because of our gender and considered a
12:37 am
pre-existing condition, charging up to 50% more simply because we are women. >> sean: unbelievable. this misinformation appears to be her attempt to sway the opinions of the american pee. but congresswoman, they are smart enough to figure this out. the author of the new york times number 1 best seller, culture of corruption, michelle malicalkin. by the way, if you are a woman... mitt romney doesn't want helt care for you. she's afraid if he's president. scared to death. >> i have to give her credit, he is the energizer bunny of democratic demagoguery. i think a card-carrying member of the unreality-based community because to sit there and show that stuff, in her interview with the fabulous bret baier who did an amazing job of doing his job and nailing her rhetoric to
12:38 am
the wall and really letting her hang herself. i mean, does this woman not know that the president designed the gop-sponsored jobs act? that there are dozens of house republican bills addressing the exact problems that the democrats have avoided for lo, these many months. and she has three cds that revolve in her head -- blame bush, blame the tea party, blame republicans. and they just whir over and over and over again. it's getting embarrassing. from what i understand, the white house itself is not very happy with deber wasserman-schultz. >> sean: oh, no! they hired a consultant to help her. >> that's right? >> the consultant got in trouble awe know in the comments about ann romney never having worked a day in her life, which backfired as well. >> yeah, yeah? >> i actually like what governor
12:39 am
romney said last night. he said president obama would be running on his record for re-election on achievement if he had them. but because he failed, he will run a campaign of diversion, distraction and distortion. it's all about the economy and we are not stupid. that's a very telling line. he is maybing it about obama, as they try to make it about any other issue, whether it's true or not. >> yeah. that's right. i think it's very important to hammer the obama administration and obama 2012 on the facts and to counter them, whether it's the student loan bubble that they want to re-inflate, the housing bubble, which they have re-inflated, the banks which were too big to fail, which they have made bigger, the unemployment rate and the jobs boondoggle. and to hammer this administration on its ethics and integrity and how they have treated their opponents.
12:40 am
debbie wasserman-schultz has been the filthiest mouth when it comes to demagoguing her opponents. this is a woman who took the opportunity during the gabrielle giffords shooting anniversary, earlier this year njanuary, to try and blame the tea party again for divisiveness of rhetoric in washington. yet, this is a woman who went ahead and blamed the republican party for wanting to take america back to the jim crow laws and denied she said it, even though it was on tape. >> sean: this is rated here. she is a political hack and she's not even a good one. hon evaluately -- you know, there are certain people who will say anything. david axelrod is more clever. he used the line, reign of terror, part of a distraction. but they have the gimmicks like the buffett rule, attacking evil oil companies and evil republican who is don't care
12:41 am
about -- who want dirty air. the trayvon martin/george zimmerman case, the sandra fluke case. nothing about the economy, nothing about the debt, nothing about a net loss of jobs since obama has become president. i don't think they have anything else. the question in my mind is this and i ask you -- the president that ran on hope and change and a new tone in washington, not red america, blue america, we are all americans. how does he make this transformation, as we are running one of the most negative campaigns through himself or surrogates and convince the american people that he deserves another four years? how does he pull that off? >> by running from his record, doing the distraction, demagoguing his opponents-- will it work, though? >> you know, america has -- has been collectively a slow learner when it comes to barack obama. i have said many times that we knew what we were getting. you know, we were frustrated --
12:42 am
you and i -- trying to get the main out inuent 08. on that's why we are redoubling our efforts to vet the president, not only his record over the last four years, but everything that led up hotohis grooming, the marinading and the leftist, progressive ideology. it's going to get worse. the fact that we have so many of these little lynch mobs going after republican donors, republican legislative associations, like alec and trying to use as manyad hom -- adhom -- ad hominem attacks. >> sean: he's the president of the united states of america this. new campaign ad that we showed by the rnc, you can see romney take speaking in measured tones, talking about a brighter future for the country. i know he wasn't your first choice. but the comparison now is pretty
12:43 am
stark to me. and the president is diminishing himself by allowing himself to run a campaign like this. i have to believe that the one thing that he did have that now we see -- it's chipping away here, day by day. he's diminishing the office, diminishing himself, seemingly petty. i don't know if that's going to work. i don't see that working for him in the long term? >> well, i hope not. but unfortunately, we have to battle a public education system that brainwashes the obama zombies of the young generations. president obama has played these young people like a fiddle. he goes on comedy shows and does the slow jam to try to lull them into this sense of-- thew that was priceless. just prielsless. >> what we need to tell these kids is that he is slow wrapping the economy. right? he is slow jamming so many
12:44 am
investigative probes into the filth, the corruption and the ethics investigations that are going on on the hill. we need to tell those stories. i have been evangelizing thisso to as many people as possible, whether you are online or you are a movement person-- every charge must be answered. totally agree with you. >> exactly. >> sean: as a matter of fact, speaking of the slow jam news, we will have more highlights when we come back with our great, great, great american great, great, great american panel, straight [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. we are learning tonight, the former presidential candidate, rick perry is endorsing mitt romney for president this. comes a day after mitt romney swept tuesday's republican primaries in connecticut, rhode island, pennsylvania, delaware and new york. now perihad endorsed newt gingrich. but with the rumored news that
12:49 am
newt gingrich will suspend his campaign, the texas governor has thrown his support behind rom if he felt here is our great american panel. a fox news contractor, steven crowder is back. she is known as the radio chick, radio host and friend of the program, leslie gold. he's a businessman, political activist, president of the malory factor inc., no relation to bill o'reilly inc. mallory factor is here. >> good to be here. >> sean: late for that endorsement? [chuckles] >> a little late. >> with the one choice left, i think i will go with that. wise decision. >> it was his third endorsement -- himself, gingrich and-- how many of you had jobs eye delivered papers, first real job, friday, saturday, sunday, scrubbing pots and pans. how old and first job? >> selling ad specialties. >> sean: how old were you? >> about 14 years old. >> sean: 14. >> 13, i worked in my family's business. >> sean: okay. >> i had to subtract and add
12:50 am
fractions endlessly. >> sean: now we have calculators. >> we did it on a yellow legal pad. >> sean: i remember. >> i would have been 13, mowing lawns. i was told to get a job -- i was told i couldn't mow lawns because i wasn't of legal age. >> sean: i put my first paper out when i was 8 years old and we lied to get the paper out. >> yeah? >> the department of labor is looking to ban children from doing chores. i am not kidding you. put this up on the screen. if you think -- by the way, this is governor palin's warning. new regulations will stop family farms. get your own house in orders, stop interfering with ours. what is wrong with kids having a first job. >> sean: learning the value of a dollar? this isn't about kids. this is the obama administration paying off big labor again. if you look on the united farm workers site, they're all over this. this is $big action item.
12:51 am
this is the payoff to big labor. if you stop kids from working on family farms, the farmers have to hire laborers, that gives the unions opportunity to unionize more people and gives the union bosses more dues. >> it's a stupid issue. the administration wants -- would rather take the virt use of not working, i guess. if you look at the rules, they are stupid. a kid that lives on a family farm, according to the rules, can't work with a flashlight, can't touch a tag in a cow's ear and can't clean a refrigerator you? >> think about this -- you know, my father took the belt off more than a few times. i look back now and frankly, i deserved it and more if he really knew what was going on. you hit the kid in the store, they will haul you off to jail i. my dad would make me pick my own wooden spoon. fipicked the small one, i would get more wacks? >> it didn't do any good in your case? >> but i got a contract with fox news, so i can't complain.
12:52 am
we don't want to have sweepden with over 50% of able-bodied men not at work. they get the job at the end of the 5 years. we should encourage people to work. kids should work. i mowed lawns, you have a paper route. it's fine. the kid's not being abused -- if he is, he is supposed to be. >> sean: we didn't have a dish washer. i always had money. i gotaise beer at the end of the night, i was 13 years old. i was happy. >> it's important to go to work early. it teaches you the value of work, but if you work in a family business, whether it's a farm or another business, it teaches to you sacrifice, because your family has to make to put food on the table itch this is cracking down on heme schooling. it's the obama administration trying to tell local communities how to teach. remember, the teachers union supporting this? afl-cio is supporting this. all the big unions are supporting this-- get heck out of our lives. leave us alone!
12:53 am
we don't need a baby-sitter. you are so right [overlapping dialogue] >> 13-year-olds with st. poly's beer. >> sean: every night at the end of the shift, i got a beer or two. and i would walk home happy -- >> that's horrible. >> sean: i was fine. more with our great, great, more with our great, great, great american panel, some constipation medications can take control of you. break free. with miralax. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects.
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great, great american panel. we have an nba star, what is it metta world peace? >> that's to give you an idea of the moron we are dealing with. >> sean: suspend seven games for a vicious elbow. question is -- and a brawl that ensues. i think we have the video. is that fair? >> this is a perfect microcosm of what liberals like to do -- they like to sucker punch people who can't hit back. they go in and they elbow-- you can't say that. >> yeah. okay, what happens in hoc. >> sean: >> sean: rerack that. >> it's encouraged in hocky and he gets 5 minutes in the box and you can't go out of bounds. i would like to see him take on one person who can hit him back. >> the nba is a private organization. we are trying to get involved in private organizations. people don't want to be parts of
12:58 am
the nba, they can play at the local "y" or play overseas. >> sean: the rules of the game and we have referees -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: but wait a minute. the new orleans saints drove me nuts. a fair hit, hard hit, all right. that's the game. but when you purposely going out and getting a bonus for taking somebody out of the game -- >> that's right. and the coach got a year off, right. roger goodall can lay down the law and david stearn can't. metta world peace, formerly known as ron artest. he has 13 years in the game and 13 suspensions. he can change his name, but he's a recidivist. >> sean: i played hockey as a kid and i loved the flyers, bobby clark was myooorite player of all time. they used to brawl. edschultz and hound-dog kelley, and it was part of the game i.
12:59 am
not obam's foreign policy. having an enforcer on the roster in hockey keeps -- okay, you hurt our players, we will come after you. this is like sucker punching six-year-olds saying i'm the chafeweight champion of the world. i hate the cowardice and this punk personify its. >> this is the same guy who jumped into the fans as an indiana pacer and started to fight in the stands with fans. this was a new low mark for professional sports. >> and people are complaining that it's too long i. no! too short. >> i think that's way too short. >> sean: i say hit him in the pocketbook. >> he got an 86-game suspension. i think it's somewhere between 7 and 86. >> sean: good to see you all. greta's next. see you tomorrow night, tonight, a fiery clash inside the united states supreme court and there is booing outside the court.


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