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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 1, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> they don't see the bill. you see the bill and o b wearl.
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>> right. >> also, they were paving this road which was a bit problematic to get into the office as well as the occupy wall street people. we'll be telling you about that the one-year anniversary as well of usama bin laden's death but pakistan still not answering how bin laden was able to hide in that country for so long. dominick live in pakistan for us now with more. good morning. >> gretchen, it was this very the pakistani authorities knocked his house down a couple of months ago to obliterate all memory, all you get is a pile of bricks. bit like this, sold in the local market believ's most terrorist had been killed by u tdha
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t d is that there is still doubt out there. people are doubting , you know, the amount of information that we got from this program. that gave us the basis to go
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after al-qaida and destroy al-qaida, e al-qaida that attacked us on 9/11 is just aming! >> all right, so thaiis to d ss d tih more
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n't t nicklend dimed bygh cinvestmes d annoyg accounfees.
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ouic ndouallon i you do not talk about raising taxes but closing loopholes. >>guest: you reform the tax code. if you look at reagan, their reform generated 4.9 percent real g.d.p. four years in a row and we are setting here struggling at 2.2 percent because people do not have
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confidence about the future and that goes back. where is t leadership? ere is the leadership to bri up the issues arehe prlems. he house o rresentiv has oht th bhe sa ev vot and t rsweo no vte iecseare do n wntth mmbrs ke har tecuse teyre runnngfo r-ectn. yrewein eenefe reot llg ak hrd ot? i ea tony the nbene fcefang n yesero
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removed from office. after he eliminated collective bargaining. >> wasteful spending at g.s.a. is moving up. senator schumer announcing the agency signed a lease at one world trade center in manhattan one of theostxpensive in the country dtill living uder investigation for living it up inla vegas andou mre grch:hg i w a h ub al rgh g o t re. no scrthamicnsro aalsfi a ttg gg wthheesyat hiracheaant pbl n i calns ht nsofth caei?ngil
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don't worry about that. >> didn't he steal it from nbc? >> they have lean forward. >> that's so different. >> it's interesting, ben was here on the show, interviewed him 10 days ago and wouldn't reveal to me what the slogan was going to be. we knew one thing for sure, it wasn't going to be hope and change again. >> that's the secret they're keeping. >> they hadn't decided whose slogan they were going to steal. they say that this particular slogan is gng to stress the cthat looking forward how the president needs to buildn hiccplishmnt aesve a sco r t wh yoo foar lt' ke a looktom of e tng aha iatre "e eworpo"his rninglesak aoot w isreig ns pod ohe ty rehe
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weced >>orexp,heeas$ trli. t6 ilonndhe s u
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oscar winner jennifer hudson's sister julia after they discovered their mom had been shot to death. here's part of the frantic call. >> someone killed my mom! >> you need an ambulance? >> i don't know. i'm scared. please. please send an ambulance, yes. >> hold on. is she breathing? >> i don't know! i just run out of the house. >> you know what happened? did she fall? >> no. there's a bullet hole in our front door. >> that tape was played for jurors at the trial for william balfour jia hudson's exusnd 's ausedf mding h otr,-yr-d n wl. teimy willonnutoay >> w dsoeeegeta okgr eerenng wh drgshi oer don' scnttst enirsyf veo dcore a nbe o
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evus knnneorsh ga tar a sw. e dnce trncatre 's son instead.
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the movie was being shown to other classes because of a teachers workshop. no word if it was the original karate kid or the 2010 remake. >> much better message in the original. >> oh, yeah? ok. one year ago, information from the c.i.a. helped send usama bin laden to his grave and ma democrats includnghe president, e quiko take a the cret w. >>owth'rtrngo sas repor fm fme agenc plyees cimg thatnhnc teogio thnqu pye maro i tckghe wod'mo wnt teort. bwi t isle jo roigz, fmeirto of e.i.'s nioal deined svi a aho tsra n bo,ta betsle ouut>> s-y oh.
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rm fta s 0 aed us to take down plots to arrest other terrorists that were coming after us, to learn about the organization's
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structure, the leadership, their methods of attack. their programs, their nuclear programs, their anthrax program. so theey that was obtained, informatn that wasbtaine waseyo the efforts to dero -qaida >>s singenuour. roigzhh adnistriowodant era t bieetasas mp a asng umain lan ndilngimnd anhgha hpeednhe stig yr bor ttas otreva. s,s iais aref loilndin ttl
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ai ut p r. >> right. one of the things that a number of people, critics of yours say nothing we got from the water boarding or anything else led us to bin laden but you say that is not true. information gleaned from interrogations at some of the black sites did set you and us on the path to getting bin laden in that house one year ago today. >> that is very correct. and i was there.
6:41 am
so i remember reading the intelligence reports coming from the field. an ias amazed to find ou and that's the signicce ofi thatinad cmunicated it eest o a-qda toune coie >>in m,ouin b lan? >> ahut tghodo yoha t fdne --uthe gnicce iha h t ruinofhergiatnnd cid sbo . tsot dy. to
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's this book is supposed to do is tell people really what happened and for a lot of americans, we never knew what happened and you're actually bringing us inside there because you had to fight for your own life and stay out of your own political trouble. hopefully that's in the past. now, jose, when we comeback, i wanto get your take aut really wt i the last chapter yrook and tt i thobama ministti's apoah toaprind llg -qid a what rrs uosinungou fltions h cir sec d w rsalouooth. >> i t anmehe'r
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we doing that? >> it's easier, it's
6:48 am
interesting because our country, as powerful as it is, can't deal with interrogating anybody. it's easier to kill someone from 10,000 feet, you know, using a hellfire missile than it is to capture somebody and pressure that individual. >> even if you're killing civilians. latest report said 300 civilians -- >> i'll never understand that because it just seems that it's -- it's -- that's anafrot to our values. let's talk abo what we're ing now. you believe the ministti has boxed themselves in with eirampaignhetori about e arm fldmaale v noertoee th. and no ty' fhtngop th b laden ptsndrok an ue aoetng arresed fo dtrin tapfhe teoardin is isaonit on t hwa wa weio
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yi rs decision like that in washington. >> would you do it again? >> i would do it again, yes, yeah. >> don't blame you. check out his new book, it is a blockbuster. "hard measures" jose rodriguez, we thank you very much for joining us.
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>> pleasure. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> we'll talk to you again. tnk you very ch. >> coming up next on "fox & frnds" lookho is inhe stuo rig now, baseball legendal ripn . nex gr c
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>> the prosecution in the perjury retrial of baseball great roger clemens playing audio tapes yesterday. the pitcher claims he did not use performance enhancing drugs. the case putting a spotlight back on major league baseball's long htory of sterd abuse over the lt 15 years. could his trial mark the beginning of the end of that ra? he to weig in, beball gendal o fmeimel c
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refusing to stand and recite the pledge. was it her right to free speech or lack of patriotism? we'll talk about that. "fox & friends" hour two for a tuesday starts right now.
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>> speaking of the pledge of allegiance, i was at a school event recently for my son and not only did they say the pledge of allegiance but they sang "my country 'tis of thee" i was like wow, i had to dig deep back in myemory ba cae, yo kn, hools n' do at >> was tha sool in the united states >> s. yes. sctualorrle w yorkndonctu hawa very imesve. >>trt >>eta yray wit helis. x w artnd vepi ory. brinfo mda mhe eyofnkrsayipehe
7:02 am
sed enhath ar bfo urgent repairs, td state failed to act. meantime, the family of the seven victims got some help as city cabbies donated $1,000 to cover some of the funeral costs. getting a bad sign this morning that confidence may be declining over the ecomy? newtudy by paynet shows loans to sllusinesesell by 3 in r. th study did sw ldga up10ro aeagout is th seev wheret sn 205. ma cpanie aant sll
7:03 am
heta to bro sce the ressnecs of db wh th ono. nniasuerle ugeho dtf if diitsisgsa
7:04 am
rykeabteeongoec >> it was. that's kind of scary. some sort of monument to usama bin laden's martyrdom potentially. the president is looking at the situation room picture and talking about those 40 minutes from one year ago today when the decision was made to take out usama bin laden. he granted an interview to nbc and gave them full access into this room. here's a snip of that. >> the poi is thatll ofs unrstande'e lgay to bo tigsean y o ie sidha ts sheones 4inesfy li. > dooi pa -ll u ows y veblkhwk don. 'snhecotyd.
7:05 am
ittunsutobe yily tse t ndon sodb
7:06 am
ca a that came out on friday. that's the one where bill clinton is talking about what a great deed that president obama did and all americans agree with that, taking out usama bin laden is not a partisan issue. what was partisan was in that ad afterwards, it said, what would mitt romney have done? and i think that that is angering people on the left and the right to politicize something that all americans were very glad about is maybe wrong. >> plus there's just the overall feeling that the president is spiking the ball. heaid he wouldn'tpike the ball a he's doi th. "thwa seejonal" da o t ,th ta aute tin cdi orit seow dn' te cdi fohrechvent a nehedi liol. sothg rd lt lar. a 7inesfthe hor. wel auto dominic wh i ven past. f kn tlt
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gan oring
7:08 am
me. >> that was a great question. many of us want to know the answer to that. >> how many times have i went up to you, steve, and i said what's for lunch today? and you'll go like this. >> he didn't bring enough for you. >> you know what? the country of pakistan doing the same thing. we can't hear you, we don't know why you're asking why we hid him from you. >> somebody who did hear the president was the seals. seals who took out usama bin laden. they heard and saw that campaign ad from the president that we were just alluding to and it has some of them a little bit upset like a former command of seal team six and now he's in polic himsf. res s que. heecsi w ao air ala h fr min i bt ul'taysfn tac foakghe rh ca. i inevy ese wul veon team in" > h's se sat ihe ste fonna and reblanndal,urenly reabed wa t c dis president
7:09 am
obama who missed a myriad of opportunities to take out bin laden including december of his final year in office. so he -- it just -- the irony is everywhere. >> i think the alluding to even
7:10 am
jimmy carter would have done the usama bin laden thing. since he's been president, he's been very anti-war. even arianna huffitonho does the huffington post says ing this i a campaign ad, iking theball i'm paraphrasing, of cose inappropia for thehite hoe. en prede hfito ou heade ttcall th'shat you reetng >>ha'srit. eye yi t makeolics tfit ppl cebo? erwaa "shgt pst plutn juyf tsea whe%dhe eno w th nmbisue homa pp sdarn rr, cuit auf l th? har he s
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im u
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responsibility. i listened to the piece earlier from senator mccain and he nailed it. >> it's not just wall street. you're talking about corporate america. there's not a lot of leadership in many cases, are there? >> there's not a lot of leadership. people that want to be true leaders have to lead from the front and lead by example. set the example every single y. >> you say the mitary is a rft busissodel f aot rpatns. >> it is amic i al a natn th'stati t le a littl bi oit eeneeut t unedtasilarast lo t prminc i coore era. potian erydyanea fr tsok >>esoom lrngig w. mef eti. u ntom i wa. nheneds imof w yon snye
7:16 am
7:17 am
we all go together. >> we all go together and nobody is actually put out there to take the blame. there are no fall guys and it's often said there's no i in team. there's no i in top gun either. >> what you learned with the military chain of command could be applied to corporate america in what way? >> it absolutely could be applied. the type of accountability and personal responsibility and the idea that learning from your lessons and standing up and taking your grade, that's really a core part of our missi in the uned states mitary. >> what doou think the number one miske tt lot o buness mnars or y o c.o. dha n mae? >>th rll d' aa an undaesnsily rheithi tt gs wrg. yi s bk -- eyo tir jbfhe ! 'stoh, y clde longou j ihe ute stte mityutfou le yobth u at utouheatgeoserti t ionalthch
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[ iss creamipl ms un'can . m m wurhuy efith ♪ m ho yoo h [ o
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golightly's iconic manhattan townhouse from "breakfast at tiffany's" just sold for. buyer -- anonymous. brian, gretch? >> all right, steve. chris spielman has done it all in the game of football. he was a star in college for ohio state. played 10 seasons inhe pros an bame a tnyst wh es. w off tie tt he m
7:23 am
soues oont. i2009ft a1 year batle wi bas nce h wi ltheateitanr de' sri teron joneinheew bk h's y 'mre odorngo ri >>o moni r lbesryour dinvislthvek
7:24 am
mo ory ae tory i'd like to share real quick is that when she was first diagnosed, it was really interesting because i was the pep talk guy. we're going to beat this thing. we're going to find its weaknesses. we're going to exploit it and destroy it. three hours later, we're driving to the cancer center at ohio state university and i pound my fist against the car window and slam myist aainst the ceiling and say why us? why ishis hpening t us? we jt miscared trdhi d i wa cominof a sve inry. sh lked aeit a lk o sgt anshsa t m i a tef vce snerse ber
7:25 am
how de u. i idowar wh? ho deyo sha wh a eesin tte' bn ve u thi pinndll e inthec cot, sa nep
7:26 am
fl platform to get this started with the goal initially of $100,000. people got behind it. stephanie became a voice for breast cancer. right now, we're at $10 million and the interesting part about that, every dollar goes to resear research. not $1 goes to overhead. a lot of breast cancer organizations out there and not many of them can say that at the james. >> it's an amazing story and amazing book. "that's why i'm here" chris spielman, a lot of guys can learn a lesson or two from you. >> i think hcould still pl. think abo a meback >>akahot e tie? >> yomabe , d't thk so. neslein aea inngbo . 'roongrit wtho cod rni whi
7:27 am
roe aifre cditelmt evy y. x fra sar mar b o weou bngo skniscli r ne er sur, t our . r ne [ manounc ] for uits, veies
7:28 am
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>> paul blart. >> does that get you as ginned up as the jet pack? >> no, if i can't fly, i'm not happy. i heard they were going to buy one. >> no, no. >> i read that somewhere. >> yeah. i think that was in a blog.
7:32 am
let's talk about this, members of congress are leasing expensive vehicles. here's the thing. they don't really have t pay for itecse you do. the tpar pays f tir vecles. wt woul you think thathe nthly ae mig ? atou beeanableor a nty ar f a as? 00 $5? tnsou iw me an at >>wh d tyee csn shgt, c.anay? mbt'orheied feract t diri? iid
7:33 am
congressman towns and we also have the one republican in it is barton out of texas. >> by the way, this is a -- this is a perk that only applies to the house. the senate has rules. they can't do it. >> all right. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. now your headlines. with a brand new terror warning, officials saying there's a possibility al-qaida could try to blow up u.s.-bound airplanes by planting bombs inside the bodies of terrorists.
7:34 am
they said there's reason to lieve tha al-qaida's master bomb maker has digd a nonmtal bomb that c pss thugh aiort secuty u.s. carrislygn fm eupendheidlet a rertlyt eiges s airptsitnhe.slsn hher crs tsain cme o th onyrar oth u. ra ttild ambi laen meer is tnwonga peat
7:35 am
terminally ill war veteran when he asked for a refund on his flight. he told us his story this weekend on "fox & friends." >> i did not know that i was terminal when i purchased the ticket. and i found out two weeks later. and just asked out of curiousity, you know, how do we o about gting a refund? and they sad tre's noway. they w'tven cnge the nme to dgher so s cld fy ckanr. 's jus unoniobl that'sheay i fe. enfrthatpits stltadiou. nove ao d t
7:36 am
whereoeleam f
7:37 am
th came from. that strikes me. the other stuff is fleeting. >> rubio's resume shows a politician on the move. and one who largely credits his success to hard working parents who came to the u.s. from cuba. >> i think that's a tribute to them, no doubt about it. but i think it's an even greater tribute to america because it's one of the few societies in all of human history where a story like that would be possible. >> rubio is the father of four young children. also, he says, a driving for in his life. >> m kids e gogo come back tasngn 2, 3ea fr n and i he tthey casa y kw,yad w away l but iwa f a as de me a dierce ani nt ho pudf svendha ieee leoore >>he ntidtf e unedtas tstp, rio hs m coeoaenco
7:38 am
bee travel agent had the
7:39 am
number, you know, the credit card number and they billed that to that card instead of the other card. sometimes it was a mistake. literally reached for the wrong card. it's important for people to understand i did not bill personal expenses to the republican party of florida. the republican party of florida never paid my personal expenses. i shouldn't have done it that way. lesson learned. >> i don't think that's a big skeleton in his closet. ralph portman is next and saw chrishristien the par sayinge ulbe persuad t t nber t. i seel b a finaltn es ri. h dck ohi pgm coplfwesgnd sid ithodeha gu,co ruo. tt hll th t troer fotaa
7:40 am
having one of those days?
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7:44 am
the brooklyn bridge. the occupy wall street movement went into a lull over the winter. you might recall that back in november, the main encampment here in lower manhattan was dismantled by the nypd but all along, protesters pegged this day as the day their movement would come back and indeed, many protests are planned here in new york city and all across the country. police here say they're ready. one of theriticisms thate've heard is th, look, the 99,
7:45 am
the oplehahe proteers want t supprt coud be innvieedoyutne peon skeo tsorng sa ty' jtryg t rae arestoy. atshe les liv fro dtwnnhaan e, bk t >>r. mos,hank uer c >>ue e. je roig t fme dicf e. tlh
7:46 am
mo kl think that the investigations were an outrage. these men are heroes. we don't know their names. the defense attorneys down at guantanamo want to find out who they are and expose them to the world but make no mistake, gretchen, these men kept this country safe. and now it's been documented, heavily documented and the obama administration knows precisely what plots were discovered and disrupted as a result othe enhanced inrrogatn. ifact yo brough mething wi you fmhe departntof jusic that ec holderro i 10 sayg at >> we, hisusc darent
7:47 am
wre i th is i e ce ofnhe gann sehe99 eay boe pt nri i n yk ciy. sttneritto iea ttu t "n'teelatancr
7:48 am
former attorney and i knew that he could speak to eric holder, his attorney general, and pull the plug on these investigations. i said to him, mr. president, you wouldn't be her today at grou zoere i n for the patritsoing tiruty. n' ypeo aory genel ndto tse mn fro th av y own o crin veigio dheai ,i t a heurdrondn wkeay om. snc e tyid sp t crin veig. s,wel,he wit uil s,wel,he wit uil e 91 aiv w oreyodly ooi>>
7:49 am
thatood mo ie style hmmm.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
25,000 people in north america this year. i suspect 5,000 to 10,000 of those jobs are brand new and the rest would be replacing some form of turnover. but we are hiring because we're adding new units in the system and by and large, that's what drives employment. >> all right, good. they hire from within. >> they hire from within and
7:54 am
they have benefits as well. that's always important. >> good, scripps health. >> this is a nonprofit health care system. and they have acute care hospitals, home health care services, very important, very normal to find jobs in hlth care right now. salary ranges for ts one, in particular they're looking f nurses that can work in the i.u.ifourenefhos nurs,$3 t $55er hr a y'r areprenti, d ifo c d saleor sis heth y c mke fm13to $2 pound iouo sas,$2 a . yo feeeahinrae, obouy thhion th'r bsenalifora n eg. oue>>wnheattr
7:55 am
>> in wedding dresses. >> it's wedding time! it is may. it is june. it is july. it is time for the weddings. in 45 states across the country and they usually have a lot of attrition so they usually have jobs open. right now, they'll be opening up five to 10 new stores. they're already in 45 stats. th have 300 sres and ty'll have j fain n yorkity meeptemb if y'r livin e new york ea >> finispit t aurce grp,nraempy. iisli,deal
7:56 am
hethho,ordaoria nothcala,x, i y'r innsan les,ouan me om0,0 t $60,00 p an th eeteerandus,n [ male announcer ] what can you dowith pin white ce?
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8:01 am
>> brian: right. they're combining with unions in various cities across the country and when you don't have a job and aren't trying to get one, it's easier to take off wore. >> steve: the traffic is moving fine. are they going to wait for lunch? >> brian: if there is a traffic jack in new york cy, no one wi note. ere is always oethe. >ste: ifyo wkn dtn,lraing if vee. gtcn:oongivat a ge fre i msaust th fmeuilyprdi rohhe cpx. issus a or dtae m-95, awe a a dicrsinuaci ts
8:02 am
ernsri re ahao attacking american soldiers. what happened to a plain old piggy back ride? a florida couple facing criminal charges after putting their 7-year-old granddaughter in a toy car and towing her behind
8:03 am
their suv. 47-year-old belinda was in the passenger seat as her husband drove at 5 miles per hour. she said it steamed like a great idea after a couple of trips. >> ste: oh, n >>unyftno, h few brs nige. dn'hi -s wll wooo w, t whoim awa >>grch: ps he hba i silehd ar aushi lssnedot
8:04 am
event that very much shamed the nation. just two months ago, this was actually all removed and a few days ago, blinden' three wives and the eight children they had here, lived here with bin laden were actually deported out of the country. this country tries put a dark chapter very much behind it, guys.
8:05 am
>> gretchen: dominique, we hear bin lenev stopped plotting attks while h liv tre. whatew information n you ll us about t pls that he was hching wne whe >>te: tnke'avg a obem wh o pkian lie. st t mtet >>rch a a es g>>bour lse
8:06 am
tape. >> brian: can you hear us, laura? >> yeah i got you. >> let me tell you that the effort to get bin laden was a ten-year effort. it took ten years and a lot of information was obtained from detainees start not guilty 2002 that allowed to us take down plots, to arrest other terrorists that were coming after us, to learn about the organization's structure, the leadership, their methodsf attack, theirrogramheir
8:07 am
clear pgram, theirntax prra soheey thaas taed inrmioth wbtain s k svethnfmio--nd threde ss rt tas xanelien m,ienw pfits bomx,ra hard these men
8:08 am
and women, how hard they've been working behind the scenes trying to put this puzzle together and they almost all end up under investigation! >> how demoralizing. it is the most demoralize thing to imagine, right? you think your government, as mr. rodriguez told you, has your back, that it's going to be there to sport you bause ue cprisingou fily's secit every d, u' aayro tm. yo les dg ad u' din t btouca d decve b e w, th s.ovnntnd prere tt we ee lit bhe jtie eptmt,an ptt mchll youet fortea ls abuhf gef a don. natedar anxaom: hono
8:09 am
8:10 am
wo.hak documentation. >> steve: rewriting history perhaps? >> a little information on this, extra information. a good friend of mine was actually responsible for writing the protocols for the briefing of congress several years ago this happened. part of the protocols that were written at the c.i.a. included notating when participants in meetings in congress left the room. let's say they had to go to the bathroom and they had to take a call and they had to lve the room not oyas the atendance taken, bu any time the lef that w ao ne t tme an tehe rurned tat iorti, ar.od gue ht oiserd. at prtf c.aroc. soierheas lerly eengrhelehe rm an is nat. he felg tt mrriez aratuso e en
8:11 am
w puts us in an incredibly difficult and compromised position.
8:12 am
but as we're seeing with mr. chen, we have fewer options now because of america's declined economic state with china. we have fewer options in dealing with him examine trying to get him out of the country, which i imagine is not going to happen any time soon. >> brian: people should know him, he managed to, although being blind, sneak out of house arrest to get over to our embassy where he'seing hel hsroceeesng agast rced abortion a stilatn pgrams. >>et hpe it' n csef heblind ldi t bnd he,hawean s t imrtncoftadip f frdo dibrtfoll oshore hd oag ou t wlow w hdl fitiswehaid pfod
8:13 am
8:14 am
ge today, we stand agast the tyrny
8:15 am
glmi crerds. baleh t? may i?
8:16 am
[ hoe neig ] too l peoe ve d r ngle. u'll en doubes easryay [ sigothch , he ]gn vecardaton , het do ve] ilaton [ ve] ilatwhaturu on t [
8:17 am
president gave back personal money. but not the bundler money. listen, what i reported on yet, i wrote a column yesterday. people are asking where are the charges? it seems so clear cut. $1.6 billion of money is missing from customer accounts. apparently not supposed to be missing. the front line regulator, terry duffy,asically it's said illega he said itgain yesrd. t ere a crg. i sd lk, ahese cflt ierest,thea ofus abt everyajgey
8:18 am
instatghi h ben itr aote by ede obar th ce he f.i., reuee ppl al ou h bng o t shrtreac hold iecndaer utatto thnfct
8:19 am
immunity. that's where this gets held up. the f.b.i. is kind of balking at complete immunity. a lot of people on the ground are saying just give it to her. >> steve: hypothetical question, if jon corzine were a republican, do you think there would have been charges? >> i think by now. does anybody really think there is going to be job charges against this guy before the election? as close as he was to the president, do you remember the comments the president made about jon corzine. >> brian: he was going to be treasury secretary! >> absolutely. this guy helped vise me on the stimlu pk aual. he's atraigh oor. mu sayi, he' atrg oor,rede oma calle jcoin ifyoaw hn hesmo in congss dn'ou le stighoer
8:20 am
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8:24 am
>> brian: our brave men and women who return home face a different battle, the struggle to find work, to get a job. for veterans ages 24 and under, the unemployment rate over the past year is 29.1%.
8:25 am
12 points higher than for civilians the same age. >> gretchen: major owen west is a formerear of a team in iraq andays vetsre the fir ple cpaeshode loin wnirg. odorngoou >>oo mrng. gtcn:ha a ta quitsetan bngto jo? ihi watpele tig detdish uera th btlrondsre ovgrod. wh t n' hrsha tleel tay y oual l a's
8:26 am
that? >> really what goes unsaid is that there has been a lot of decentralized team based decision making. the misconception is that military folks are drone. they're reliable, they'll show up on time and do their work. the reality is that you' gt to beer vyreative to be co o offic i tod's military. u're selin fmhe ver rsay. >gretchen: estav t whhe ft at fmson in tt eyav acoeg edatn? ith? >> tinhasar h
8:27 am
roh. tnga,weetun mtoe udor50es, i we heoeg e ltraes da veat jot t ynt odise
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8:32 am
♪ >> steve: that's b.j. thomas singing that song from "sundance." >>rehen: h tune that? >> ste: bus csiy. >> brn:h else d bt baarachri? sveth w t tle ng brian"il nev flln ve ain gtensobo f tt ou >>ri: , ijuam t m li sveotheor ral >>te: p ttpus it rn tuiy wor cirehe ouprsav m y w
8:33 am
it didn't test well. america built to last. they tried that. didn't go well, i questions. >> steve: so the whole idea is to look at what the president has done so far and moving
8:34 am
forward, he would need four more years to finish the job. so let's take a look at how he's done so far. when he fir took ofce, the national debt was 10 trilli. noweemong forwdo a ch bgeumr 156 ilon >>retche jle reas 7.8%. w .2 t ereri o s,. a s. w 381 fo amrepitsas gte lftttn. .2 mli anolmst eonoo thstholumren:
8:35 am
leadyrnenfen' sister, julia after she discovered their mom had been shot to death. here is just part of that phone call. >> somebody killed my mother! >> does she need an ambulance? >> i don't know, i'm scared, please. somebody, sendn blanket yes.
8:36 am
sveo mn. ata w plaed furs trlf wllm cudfurergerrher d-yarldso ael toy.y nt ler o > : n o i f
8:37 am
>> brian: right. they did that by stick figures on a cave. >> i watch the news and i go what? i have this feeling that the good lord is up in heaven shaking his head going, i had it made with the monkeys. i gave them the ability to read and think and there we go. >> gretchen: there was that first mistake in the garden of eden. he learned pretty quickly that humans made a few errors. >> bri: what hapened? gretchen:i'll tell you late >>ou think a skeal. >> steve:ll par o ou ede >>rehen: let'sal about
8:38 am
ama bin laden, t annirsy. it'sar t bie a wle ye h gne b i rll fwy. weust ghe dorio do. banitasoay bau i tnk n 'ska f ayhi ang ety>> steve: yeah.
8:39 am
>> gretchen: for the service they've given. >> yeah, you think? >> brian: how are you taking on unemployment? >> i was looking at the figures and it's going up. i have a simple solution, tell businesses to stop using voice menus. >> brian: and hire people! >> hire people. how many times have you called someone and they say hi, let's get started. >> steve: where you really matter. >> you're a valued customer and then you about through this whole mess and they go, let me give you with the operator. st give me at that first off! >>rin: even ifhey have an attude. uld take perso wth a titude ratherha aoice mai >> a so whouon that. ia a know wat d in leang msa. weonee aitna
8:40 am
intrtis. leoual ato a th g i ynoou patyextensn. kw tt,woda eteni idll th igalhgsntin ll cmds aon m aatre ably.ll htat l b allstate
8:41 am
motorcycle -- >> brian: there is the sign. >> watch for motorcycles. we need more of those. what they've done, allstate has, in conjunction with the top 30 in the country, found the most dangerous intersections because 40%f a accidents inlvg motorcles happen at teeco. 'v got ane pasoo twicecausencsotengh yo noto febknd sech allstte morcl tke eleeo tlne he rs t lkwi d alstei datolr fo eryew sn utp anhofuy c kehe t oterevyb boo eaneesngju
8:42 am
8:43 am
ke mo wenayot cath te sorbin becae ey tak tciac mim ps becae ey tak tciac mim ps e alciumemttha t
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8:46 am
>> good morning. >> steve: we should point out that right now, even though they're trying to stop business, stop people from going to school, nothing is really happening in new york city. you would have to travel to havana, cuba to see where the people -- cubans a celebating mayay tht'whatheccie wt hp he. >>nftute, aea t berue. bad unhe o stent wh ty' yis,nhi
8:47 am
dae,ooro soo d't nk dn' b. clse bid dn. wen treiont ty c jeoew cti hr t t o
8:48 am
gri anceup a time, they had cover from the political left, but for the most part they have abandoned part. >> the anarchists are the people you were talking about. people have a right to protest. but at the same time, we're cognizant that we're coming up on the year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. that's something that generates a lot of tension throughout the world. our polic department in new yo cy and oth cie are on hh ert as a resuoft. hear n ror about by mbs fm aqaeda,oi o ailas. t pbl tt hes. >>renus diraio f heeleha aupos t ottsheweha tse
8:49 am
veeroscr e cty i hdof a er t g tap
8:50 am
elh wyo bwebu medication without a prescription? martha and i will see new ten short minutes here on "america's newsroo e this war --
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> we're not going to lose this war. >> we're going to send a
8:54 am
message! >> steve: all right! joining us now is the star of the upcoming film "for greater gloriy," acady ard winni actor and musicia-- >> sometng lik that. > steve: appearedy garc. no ts looantasc. tnk you wreve ouof e lm >>rian: dorelin a yha i srcin fr lionors ghngoet ou >>n nshl, texca emonnhenebonlabor.r
8:55 am
smhai it? >> brian: i think you should have got a hotter co-star. eva longoria, not at that attractive. come on. >> steve: she's your wife? >> she plays my wife who is actually very religious in the movie and she actually encourages me to go. >> steve: are you a religious guy? >> i was raised catholic. but you don't have to be catholic toe in the movie.
8:56 am
>>brian: rig. you're not about t ask tha. >> is a unirlovie. 'slassilto. it oklir.higo betulhoarco. >> ev no sw. banwh y s aov iz yet ha nenlledeecse odat gmovety hmmm.
8:57 am
thg he bs, dre buses here, unit aated a demd intly recd a obn. turni it the at networ-- securi a world a obn.ofewpportuniti.i ♪ it the at networ-- withhe bankamericard cashewardsredit card, we earn more sh back f the things we buyost. 1% ca bk everywhere, every time. 2%n grocers. 3% on gas. automacally. no hoops to jump through. no annl e. at's 1% back on. wow! 2% on my homemade lasagn 3% bak on [ iends ] ro trip!!!!!!!!! [ ma announcer ] get 2-3 perct ca bk. apply oine a a bank of ameear yo ♪
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mathciceind mak t worldor te of m d he m rea. te built g we didwiromoths. sotohau,avie
8:59 am
>> steve: coming up, we're going to try toonvince andy gara thate should be in hisnext movie. >> banor . >> sveoh, fine. etchenbrnlrdy mad ait. we oya 7ecnd an,ou d'tavo rpo. te llta f tfr th sw sw. svese yomrr. il wol nwmt 1or weagowhma fo


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