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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 14, 2012 9:09am-11:00am EDT

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halt lze wh m b n. e go morng t you n>> gd m ning lill. w m ll: bas on wha i n goor t ouders nd ou g ge mngl. the : astornnhaener memial rs g he weend torn cply.ereml at'swo wks fm n. wed o at he yo cy. hrd? wit 's w f narch5 hyo h? fit 21, chen pside oba sd th wer goi to 2 hd p de bamebo accntab and s thet eroi toohe btom hf ts, s bocc heab wendreast to bm t s heet apoachg moria d 20 and ap we'ch miaot led u wha d the pside20nd omise' so yea we lave u been repahanghe pdeontet isoeaee docuennts,pae d't he a specic dtee tt b w wantcus, d res huti a tohis ec d t b so wer rher an l er. nt ll:o yes'veios noteard so r r ch l. : yepecicallotrd stpug? cill speficaynythg? >>e'veot ttp mak? se, ifpeou'rca goi to holth he >>ve at trneyakener in s ciftemp'roiool of coness, at yey've ert tn c mphaveverying ofons, oer. y e 've ten c tha in veder,rye'veg een re tn o. e tien c chahamann r,ven ssa tas been abs utelenhan patnt anda mostenicaln tbsir aelroac at ndhis. wis i stouldalive tu a aac s.lock sol speisficate butosh,ldee aeedhe demockatsolo jpencs,e and we th, ned theresint to mos j fulfl hnde prose i w renehesi
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evo goi to geto t lf hro i w trut bill basev onoihatoet tendmt la wee demoats ave oineut llasnt y dmlaee mosene y threhundd eity-oo re41?nd ei -oat ds th tel you >> wl, wad me ? dthelhanou o d wenemocts w m inn d 21 oc si a lter the npresentayin the encoaged 2he p side tosi lr he prove al the estinhe ocumcotsed pdeo nessar to et tov thealhe boom o tums. ju las weeneon taro tloorhe boas y o tenti edjuasee t had anor yendmt tt ss yoti caot uad funn fro dm t s yo taxperso l to ca uunro ngre. ev thoh ty he. xps l o remeer re evho t h febary h, 20 t y lmed tongrs. theyeby ent20 t l tgr eytemonrabl lseettefrom t depamentf jticeo t onunitbl stas cgres eteom sp tific ly s atorpant jce t asslit mtaths cesatermore sp ican n se morths sl ms lats -erre n m s lar, ty h t ratcind - thatette becse i was la t h t li r ndso wveot atteec a iasead bder li pa ol a wnt thoandsf a apon unadount bror. thipa thi a mee thehods anda to m ingonna surnte. hi hiee geheto t botm f. dao bi m: igur knohat geyour tot amdmen bi ti'mot qte sehaturt am en
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doowev.d. it ays m t qt s erybot shld b heldoev s acunta te e bo thatight e ne osh pap bel bu i'mot surac whatactio at ht nfoll os tapt, i bu'mny. urhaio wel oneof t ll t ionces ishat.heyave een lngel ne t anoverg up atce is t yppene innast l urioan er anp wt tsoes sennt thk itio an wil w ts witold fun thfromitil t deptmenof itsticd toohoseun om t ep enactities icwe soll h 40 demserats whoaid coue y shou betibleeso se s h0emts od ou y xpay monou toe liee t ngre, ofoursyou ayono ie tould that howidic ousrehisofrsu isut i ty old tatt,ow iics s theyse tse f ds t l i t t i toongrs and e ey t f t l can to gr monsndate hey ed t congss y'veot aanhole setfharg thanse y tan eng ye a le la t on. ll:rgha 22nategiesn ts la sun.oenaou'r loo:ng f2 swereg forsnd t y he su qunation'roo a fut. the3 eror c yegors, w h are qu toon byepub aican. tha no he c doorment w havre bee toyuban ha oovid. andontavee aitiol ni accnt id an aers,io connidere farccrom s,onrear colian we jt hed yomon t hous flo sa amecans sh ld bco embanrass by jheyo t uslo a meis.ns y sh bmbssymbarsse >> w hav a d.d orde patr se hav a g wernmavt w dde
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tr kninglto t dru a. av gnm w rtel gavhousds o kngl tru weelons.av havusa pr oidenwho rch th 201wes. avpreno romid h we wld geto t b tom01 ofmihis,e w hav' t b yom hav eoplat ts, seor lavel o. yoav tpl depament tf juice o ha beese p lmote o gen awar and t pant bonjues ae ng t haee pte g way. body as barn hnddon a t accotabl y.and 's e arradying b h caus thishou note rtis cobl iss . d e werae tgingo g toushehiou ot e tth * ruthisfss thiwe tg go. er t h rde*thalle fashi erfuris fdame hallyrleas flaw. wee go to abl to rilve ft smely it aw nweergo hapo nsblo e ag sn a u'vet goteopl nap wh madeheag a r iculvesotpl deci ons thewheniode mos rul rtio of e gernmt. ci ths k ofheannyioosrewe atiof g nmtheead tthofnyweepartent -- e thed rimil t dision we hen'tad jticeere,art - he havmi't had dion h't j pceplee, hd av accoadtabl tohis, p bile h bill coblos,memoal wkendil ll is o wksromoday we'mo we wndre is g es. w mankou jasaye' w i g.haffz. k maha:ase'veot a newff ma :ve twt inhe srchor aew missg siyear ld gl intwin sh a izon becse n the
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poli havss tsienar gin h two onec br nhershe way omliav t t hwo rs y thappey d, a that it cld m n fthhis thpe at inve igat n. c m bi: al f the calsd it spratanrial veat binowalttorheysalit ra tryngal t - wrowior theholeefen t try winw. t - w ty'reow wiheleen tayin thiin t ren'sife actlly die andin hi y poce s ts 911e cctlyiend as y'rebout to po s hr t11 c cod me o b ak yeuto th h co m o b case >> tth -- oka cal dow se t-kaalow. shs no brehing how d ishe? no,he'sotreatng sh no>>reidng omebw yis? o,'sappe at>> nebpe n.. (fale nounr) st le inranccompies (fe un l inlonc at mpu snd jt sea pocy. lot jsepo. at iva, weo thgs dferely. t a,weth dre. wee brgingumany ack
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isel c lison and x s he ham is vashedromer cs bedndom ernit aut tee wks vaedm ag ed nower bther hav bnin a t w moveag fro the w b ferher'av b re andhe cveplerohe spo fr' nd publly i theays ce apoer bl is iel'sheisapsaran and de d apera ple for h feis'sapanndetur reme derraleor thi h >> w aur l kingme fhi w a you lng f a weoveou you we ms y owee mucou . m y d weilleveriveuc u . we wl ner wel givere u okin u for w n yiv u inor y mart: evebodys ting fige o wha hapned to t s lrttleirlndvedy i tng inedigy ohaormeapd d.c t lel i mici ed detmetiveod.c ci eeleet ve ro goomorng, gd t haveou her >> g d mlening roarthoo rn gmart t: s veheer g mng pents ath rtlivi s saraty, t boy p ts have aeen remvied sat toyrom ven tirem m fath'sare, cld t precti serce sial curi inv vedthow. e, at's coingnere? firpr oftill iers sl ri imnvrtand to.ote 'sngarthe? irf i at a ti you himean aoe chthd msingrom hom aiou h's nnusu forhe ch m ngpolim toom immiate noty
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se m eryby isoingmoo stse of rchchenms h t yb siseng s r piphel t colusi whe thelookt s atheyay sethi p hest b cosihep, ohe ofok t sey pares m st hhie de b someing, of rig? t >> youe ectly ightre m h d rthaut y can meg,ig eall>>ou ely htjumpo at ha y conanusioand cautn th viellrs n to mp ju to tt cononusioio tood ut thie qu nklyoecau you ju rolly t n'tnow. on iolotoof oth tqungsy aaue iou ry ay at behw.d t sce st of tthsase. ts a i e otr tng tt ihink aeh t ce led e te.nvesgato to ot t t i nkhavehesehildn d remed estooecau m tha, theveseld empoli aretau00 pcent ma,he li nvind oheretory pnt ovid byhe fherr th mot r atinthis oointry th fachat idy fomebry c ethot atis thughnthis lthtleactindoeb c an too thi thhs lehild theydoe n 1 perntanoohi ldconv ced. ey n a mter 1 facerthe licehiefaidasteek ma ha invd. tuc mn,r rizoace ceat nefodydast bknuled ma it o thiuczo nnvesygati. b whed doethat mea ? ohi th simy mns tt enesti wh oeteratll ts te aea you thim m t kn it' e neay bn a morh no t tha t aou ltlesabe knt' haea bee b aissi t ymo stinoha lebe ha haee notome thesi t ti concsionhathe parts hay haot infe mati orayhe nc onnottar he hanftir infmati in rmstf wh haenedo h nfabelti n mart: aeaut ul lstlewh a edrl a rig nowherere
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no nsweel and n rt isa alut le aigowre no wellisndo b nsa fou. ro tha youeryuch. 'llistay b topfou i than you or yrrohaouelp.y h. tha youly op mara. i an ou ybillhe np.ron inhaou the ar culte war ll n predentbamaryinon the ltdivi theountar wit his rent ma insiti t on g arrivie?he nt ita tis rpublan i m ingtin g thatrgumt ari we' t r bldeba i whe mer ognot has poi , co ng uat inum ae' ba he onutet as also - oico >> uarthn caforn iste so >>th hemohagi red i, moca rn thanshats fit mogiedhoug. i mo thgove or s s tant gdenfi ates aut tug com etel th verun sut o t gn mon. e a t tailomonel n o theon $ bililon shorheall caung a pic inhe gden $il s te. or l ll:au aot s p in g gden,n huh s. : s gn,uh
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leme tl yoaboua ve portt phe ca i me. le tyo ou vewhen gotrty ph came mcareard, i re ized neeend ot an red, medire sreplemedt ee sura e caan, top. di s meemcare s on of tra greca to th gs aut tning5, mereon tre th a tng t itoesn cov everhing fac it ly ps upo 80of yr pa b eitensesn ov erng act pup 80 ypa ese ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar.. n o medi ore s plem t w arsura e pl sureby utedh lthc e di s inemranc comp y, rapl re udh hehcs co r so ofin ncthe mpdica expees.. he coso nofpaid y mee carecaart pe .. th canave u fr payg upo thnosandidof dmelarsre. t thane fray upth ndout d yoursown cket ese e thonlyedice suleme insancelans. t oun et e thlyic su meclusnsely cedorsns byarp. wh youall w, yus'll y t rs bythisp.ree formion t... whoul yl th ais youe eedrm n .. tonrol soou c joithe llio peo e wh
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d gue to nder andiu' et s medi re inatki toelp u ch se tgu plato er dithat rig fordiou. top ch tas wlah al medi re atig suorleme. pla you n ke youown ctor d ho ital what alceptdi medisureme la u keoun or hoalt pt di get lp ping r wh medire dsn't. ansavep tohousds t of pollag . wh di d't anveto us ca thitollofree lamber ow. cahille er. billheree goith fox ws art llregohox a 9:3in:3 grnsbough,orth roli veo oohn grboh,th edwa s aliivin vfor o the rstnay o his dense at wa assuein secrthe t mom otsis dse talig moueechan700om00 th procuto alle w li mo ed t cov upn0 throto ellards w affa wit t rieovep hter. th def eseds n g tingfa itsitie anceo hr.efut thothef n chars, a g jonnghants ce serr bk aut hisho part aonnn rr b ais eensroug p the g qutionn al thi isheth orot a the mentns johug e quonal ehiards isthr ahe i nt oh ing tak thetand edsn his iwn g akefenhe.nd whs areou hringbout then thi mningwhre hngutonat n? th >>hiou kw, i rlly mng
9:32 am
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9:33 am
rocall oren ahe n? >> aheyave n o w exssnsivo list ut tllt'sr no n gua ntee>>y e theyeex goiiv toe st talliso alof tuaee witssesn t eyoioli li. italppea t the stritegyess t ingo b sftin t li iteahe tr ycus the tri frog the b sin t molityf t s he ariair rohe the mo legtyity tehin t ar eeg y veru in ttheye trng tshowhat hn eardsas lar lyru ey tr tawarow oftll t edsoney at waroingnto arf hid tg eyelleunte and w ttngo whaterid hisnvolment leas tend inhe t covuphatt at wisolnt mo vateby ainesir toovt prot wt hiife, not h mote airo campotgn.hi e,now,ot h onrida its tmp. w, fensn tridat t unscesslly gethe j ge tnsri dp thensssy se aetinst john t ed d whes, lead aefenst argn ady well wrgue quo adenrg a mredwas cld he llue exnsesor auoaby ihe ha a mr cwapaig c or h if hexes ay idn'taveampa n,ha cigr f mr hedwas wld hidan 't e afpair ihe w or was t amrwa wid af i w r a d lkingtoday nd dee.nseitne lng lis we veayorm edectioeneise commsion cirmamcott eio omas we hmme aon pol cicalmatt llst hriso as h a hicanol al
9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
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9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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10:00 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:05 am
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10:06 am
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10:07 am
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10:08 am
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10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:16 am
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10:17 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:22 am
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:31 am
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10:32 am
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10:33 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
weha he thaol values. 20esears ago whee vue g rauatea go pa whana whe speaker lk g aboat t cultuharalhe sak wars. bo is t c catholi ther lorsng. been iss between c ho pttsnd er cholocs.een we'vsse croetssen tt tsnd hdlhoe. cs i hi 'v weron y lootke at the sh hardl vals t yha lhe t shals tdshe chch h wds evangchics it is cmo wrod. ilot glossva over ts i cmo thlocarol dd.if fe ncesihat wel ot gv bss wveher yookt mthrica dif cafefornesiat wen' b hav we haent witut tds carn chch. av he ar vueit t at's w hchn, nd iar ha t om'snd whe sde hornd i being respectl,nd ehenho sugde orthey h dferences o in opiniesonct win mhoug romney, deyou h tha dtfe nc would oapni o nwi momy, manouy that am seulsap acro ossn the couannty. ill:amonseys erronshenkou for yoou l:onime. nice toeenkouou. f yoim to. mart: tre inew llou thisorni fro theeakf a rt t i cow rtoupe ti ishanitrohek der aailed l-idco bomb pthahattas er lemed a u .sl-idomirbcraft.tas
10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
were lnghe o. w hole we orlde al ngowayoo t mngs aha teawell arehe le wttld o or ow ourhaea own a ot ti bettefforurwn k seetti etmara: i seems that tre is k mebodyseho ants ro iet s cmsditt re fo som ofhesehis that bo dy aro htsappenioetnd c tdi may befoomf se hi tintg to se f t hpes beingsnd t ayt a you point in t ooeagfe t bcontngls is e en aalou ioif we want to mov foragwa it hntl t ihesse i w ean tlati onipto mor it pro tcuheon wlde a way ti to send tt esroge way right t? ndesge >> r rhtht t t pblems ttt' ryif ficult f rht an t minist ttit inves ga iffi itltself. th way l anithis ishe i doct or hitlfus tolthday you lou a'vte i ot cce you knoctou ol beenouthisimoue, wve h c ace ougreanotnd s uccebesslrehimentim t y kwur a lieaty tond tr s you agalinexmetntime i t yur a lico to bac k ygaeaime i jteorded bycoachis. anea j i tnkbyoulhi nanev kw who to ilanklou nw n evrwhno tw what wlaenroou we have nno wh w deaded our abili w gatherav e inlligence deed obi a proseatcutehe r opleinll tenhe future beuse allhese aea psete ndorle wha t furbe e d?l se litil reaea? i'or w ierte in avg amerliicanti rivesotet?ng votesi'
10:39 am
atn teg er nexantesetngot leio ex matrtha: say you catlehio yomase o:n eec som fouornat credib oen tionuec i f minishes you ali t oed cbarry onoutu o ihe nies yutur t cry t t onk yorutur your insht a nk y alys.or >>hanks,our mnsthht bi: a c seiral t s>>eemsnk liketh bi a:thing s bms ke athin syria abg ta bsr*essayingov snmtab t oublere shelling aaygteb ldblrehell aow they aeb fli f news towha eysyriand iav fpulit t fetheew s t a s do wri andrm ito tpu tet egaime' sdo w rty tor landegim vit terty le jesalem. whyitrtse siaow jem. s owh dsangero. s ia >>s wowe'veeen, s bil a dqaidgea . w t>>hi wve sia i apprise b wort ahigidhtain w torhi siahe ari a maurwo videigohtoming ut of t country heis sho awinghe deoin fht o g tetting cnt rse nd sng worht gtind preside w baar aassa neingorend re helndp. rede an w we a asa lernggeds he' s el getting l o f oreianwe ag he's ttg lel f
10:40 am
ousa oig train el llrmed and saedigatez tin rm aatez heolla fhts. he itonhts. all iran with its it thsands of a rolutioranaryn g wrdh s th menders.s o western i rolliiory sources mes. tewe foxernewsot group ssrc a teox otworeups fus tn eve ar to w ke lgtimen e ay ke l simne presenbashy al-sadn powen es seniash al-d very we iaital link v forran. utitink rran. o r te bashar asad t hit or or dame t irae niansh ar inredst i the rioit o r >>epteam soues s irara an ha helrepest t create >>ouha sdoraw a rmel foryrre mad upf fei ha dofighrs and ryrad regpim fei lal tsghrsnd takeeg the m uavory ketivitieshe eyre hel mpi tuoryyr rmviyti pu eyre hyrown n m demonsttis dons.
10:41 am
mplicangte -ts li al-qai's entrae tohe - syrian civil -q's e warrato rent sri cdeil c bomngs in to wday ms ct h rellde c b the i to hama mrkss c o h anlllqaid attac t it trieshaork c arenate athlqa ttiled iri state c a recentea ed bl, aouple ta lea ofhis ectha bdol,ouplrme have m o tirhi dise uhander all we ve m s usu circst dceis u buter i tpp w no theyresu rrcuistceg. ut bi: a youoint onohere akesr indeedrebi aountheigh. lend itestert, thankndoudn sriger . le maha:itrtthn sr ma: gerald. mart gd. rt why rse whepo's w moer is rse s'sng ermoat f sngerat ga. bill going wre . lloi noarev ha n eve goneeforev woe. veonefr e. ♪
10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
[ ma annnce] hen o yotake-ho eney? wn i'on te ni t sht. mannce n yokeone whe theywavei'ore tergyni shtha i do heeyee gy wn i han't doel le woing ut. whether isnw enoi h ot me ll go wooung .heersnnoo o un ♪♪ wheni ha schl. ♪♪ an wor enhach veryorni. an or t's sternd sier thacoff . ryni eve aftnoo when s thater2:30d eelier hi. aff veftooenat30lii -ery y. everday. veryay a hou-enery day ery. ry [ y ale nouna r ]u er ayhour ner. very[ ay.e un] urer ry. crberrjuic ke u crrric u
10:45 am
mart f feud inourt fo rt f aeured ineeou itrsfoon she is ting treee gain lit rs oncontro o fe h i ting fathesai n finc es cntlaim ogf he notat sleo hdlfie hnc own cg h affaiot o th asdler h motwnrff s ngther a s ther mr cimin he ieral er maied a cnoimther wan. sh fnd obyal eamadingie a aer sh f o y anuncementneangoc nepar, ndanhecent she otr w inespar,he she totrg aange him tama age holder, h a maoeyolr,acon oe ywelcomeoou both. byacayon o elme backgroouund, t seotrad it s timay agoacro t buthe y hit seremimne ad m arrityem e fst whethnd mri s. witrspo. fshestlaim w tha husband suff f witrspo a c olem imatha h 'sus and h oa erff he' fsoaing ings a tm at he d't hver he' oa inmemb er, accog t ao h he marcveng this thmb, co tom trrchang ahisth taylor. th fri ends strhey'een
10:46 am
themog therlothings. now s iris see m inemther new wifhis. efnort ss ito try to gonol of ththr meyewndif mak urasrts t his gonol oamfe a nd cthal mngnd m herislfam a c s. witrspon an t h irst wt pos.itanrspoonayshe st stl s.itrs mrs. wionseroo it a b igrosteml h rs wi it's ait b questio h of co et t'.s 's aactu a i quest. fwhathe i s ryto d.o, a ttu iue at he is elizaethto d witherson the rstife i he e tzaingth t whe y l tis ten, i frsomhiif i tin y is l heren, w heomhiotect . f tre are amyere financees oateedte t remai inrd ou t re shld noty fce gsting mdri t ai fon the secoud te ishf y'rote gti gayar ed afolrea t s. d th ie w yas'r ae sat yn 96ared aea th'v.e b sthepar watedas sce at thime, 16 yn rs96ut thtill b sar ed legay theythre tim 1her.6 heuts h d e tiga hy e has r. hior efs alcole a h other as ty shi ifues, t moneyas a to ae oer tyss, ton pretoserv t ishe rpos ofhiseareng. if h iompetenthe rpseang h coerva itoomrte oruaiawie co vaappote tua aetawi bee froz a he opoth wan till t tetrewi be m tha: thefr oth a whe o is il
10:47 am
li itn ama:he i cdo nili oed b re witherspoon andhe first rswiretherspoo wnhe po sa s s isd drihengirur hiclesrswierheoo g e hsaer s sri huand sign aew is is g a eerribl he hu sitanuaon s n at tamilat s ims mere iblte coit dn to the b tamatoint m it co d n eith terhe - thafit mrie i oi stntill i eectr i nther t m right? i st i e ec rthtr. righ an dy,ou know, i ov e t guy,ut h e lghes to manaydbey,ouno i t y, les thgs may littlore thgsit confusing an t th-r. ere are twoepate cssfuueng herean. t tther. fst erhireswo sond ssmarrge tre s nre. way haett st n behi val son mri age. rr ther ne it no beucalhhi mrie. erommon l dor n o youc gho o yetom mar ed ylor st gyoet divor oce if y yantet to m marr or av geet ydouorrirfrien an otheoid u krrno trhere pntyver enguys haote d khat. pnt y r>> beh eys youharseltf,am t. >> b the th hi be youels, t onom bee tnf thi to nals, omeenf t to unrtaty,ara un
10:48 am
teesate,y, burde is very ara lo teu ge, inndur s i'm g ings to v fl thilo aff idit tnk n th g'm i gsng t af tff alcohic t. nk heth sndt i much moneyas atoohycs, t ke allhe the moneyt ucay fhrom hiey oras t ow a twa a he fronomim fndm ut t in towhe a poss sionfrf a cndonervor. ihi tt'she erssysianonro f thth cat te crvrt may d i marts joeyeracan yro o th t c m rt oey ca uom yple to hings. i inkheyre ptty car ca fapl t s.if kyarage csarnv fa meant theumng off s in for aul anthi t umsheng o f ahi e all o ts. sheanhang hisl orll any ofhe thingshs sheha's not l hi o we. o >>ehe shoulhingotshe n he evehin we. >>hoven maie again. nerally acomy perso n ilmal no ggaetin. mri arainll.y hecooemys pavsoen al p g htoinry a hlcoheol oravemtia o anhi else s aeoneoh n to be aemoitieda torote hanhi elseneo a t ro asts. it's unmistakae t as thi per n 'sshld n cominndnm ta speenmone tha he' n hi enti ed oerndn sh nom tt's n ennehae' hers, tiond riod.t' n y'rehrowinerg aun
10:49 am
mpetodcy w ay t ehring lse stecau the g et dricynk wtooy chnd owns too lanse otorcles dauhe't g mearie'os chnd os cessanil i ncoreste 't m he t mried ain. wh ssil dtes at e w med ain iwhnhe ds at ghtind. hhe fil new aut t inman. he bught her to t edng. ew ato tee rs bonht'seroedding. ma: s wasotrsonllow i it'sdi a. ermy sasotizre itory it's cesown teroyne bic fizacre ife'sto alr eadyitesow taroed hne ca fnn b earifriede'o t as odyer wonar ledal, thacat i bs tar ed artiongoint f or aerllf twohin , anks vhaert much t gtiuys.gnt a t >>ingo an vtakeerarefhara. g s. ll:he w >>in g atkeeara. ajune w ca ch, i meaatpotn. rtha ajuhe wca cnh, i o mar for that. grterhermce w nill:icel oar f at. grt on e.l: el jo stt isoming upex joonn:. i t nk stt is wein bgter floexup jo on thatnk sryn a f wewein but r thmarts tinon aha bt h ry n toda fy,evalinut thar ftsacto trsin a pday, cling theea fltoossibili eecey, could efltinng iheebt anoshabitrong ce s ccandldal aeb an ro ngbanknd a gntpmga nk a g $2 blionis.
10:50 am
s th cpaigns turnhaly t b lion thecomit. the thss cpa ig tvote say ishaoslytmp tantth t omit themhe. hav i t a teoveday for ysou.tmptant ethemen av get a itsoved s fho y i tehe en gdwtsards s sr andhe s he wies s takes t snd idwn tds a ndhe peury t alfwies b tebak great i t roger clemenspe. t alll comfingeb ire"hpeng genow.le"ns . ll: e yal inenom mut poce"h makpeeno er w. ges"om : yn diovery,hi s tpoeakencovering g esdoze mdiiledy, bies. t wh incsovehing ze tsncen btie i is mexis xi are u reivina paut om aegalettlent annty or 10 or en 20earse reinpa aaltlt nn o 10ca imp eial20 rsstru uredettlents cae exmprts l periru canedonvetl ts yo lontermayou intoex s a lu sumrif caan todve. yoonrmoutoluumcaod
10:51 am
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10:53 am
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10:54 am
roheex br. lliam jeusses he t tellus ts. r. repor r: tllhisncidm t leuee h t ma o llurr t just ov t bo er aeps tr tivsalid le carmals orrusov t fighov t tiv profi ctae d smghglinovg t rte this p onefi te d i35 smorinrigdor gng th isthneughug tonig.35 ntroingor theriou g i k ey the lug bou tvaigrd croarteinlsg he ting the k dgs eheeoplouevahe rt c atendhe casthom tg bk.hepl e e 49 a bodasies,hg ilungk.ix n ere eumped at a bod whis, stluengrc at tn eerntncume opefat e townhif n aonste juarc t e o a ownn aon ua ndred mes swef calredienexas thfr h feetnd h wl cu oex thr heeakt identific watn cualmompsible. ak lice iant ticn mmoassaeely mpoccusirre.ed n rbyndhece baod tie wer m dped he fel m im cu neffey toheen bd aod messa ge er tha h f mim fe esene v atisa you k tnohey uld longohe v sintial y ou rtel itou b e aupng oohein imelmitstei smu aggle bupy atarl w t heyimertseei s le atck nd m del w thye vaatnddeet. e ahrc . w ase aprayaied wit the w lte 100ay%aied w theta.te
10:55 am
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10:56 am
youade listf cotrie fm arnd t wor... .witthe st mh sces.oue stcoie far tor. ite msc. ...t unid stes woulbe othatist. .tnist ul oatt. 25tplac 5tac let'raisacadic sndar acrs thnati. t'isad sar crthti t's t ba to e ad othe ass. s ba o oe s. let'solvthis t'lvis
10:57 am
10:58 am
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10:59 am
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