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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 14, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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gringp tn lo isld meg. folk didt he ve m g didt hloesl m lk idrcon htionveg. m ner boht aew id har. onon neatebo a. spaettind e ta. neve onc didpatiy parts t. sho venc idalou towd t rh ar pele who led inarde ou ow t ci r aew mil pe w a ly. i nnereardde a fcihatil i a ard ive y nrrd a meyt and dot o erd yn m aetiz.nd at'shat do o hea. aiz bu'st ameca 5 yrs ler i a f deafere ple.bu nowme 5 y l ieave cla f e dyre tha ipl w beg stod belahe eemocaticha i beto b partocic ironallyhe mia i rt par ofhe only m i affent jad whiar manyofn t mia areffealtt jhi them lvesny t same mhingnre holwoodou halt theinhe s emes me runngng ol odound hahe sportghehe occy un wa str tnd s prortster wheniven tcc c nceomewaftr oseccuprs wldroer en buren t cee eirollyod eupansi ws to eurroun. newrlyallu psilto ask a vuny w mpleluuestn doou tnk p sk th u.s a benitsrom v havg alelassstdo t th of.senichsmeoplorav not ass f63%ay yhpl rholks aot okay % t 3 yf r arica belksve a
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e ppos e.ay ho 3ver,hen u bak i acael do byos hor,n b i par 6%doy o mocrs bieve wlthyar o amican prode cr bveo befit why the ountamanrohatsver. bit nohe i te thanterytsr. rsonly bause i yrno thay hule corsponnt aga ston bse l yddsaveecom a ichhuoronga y. ans here isom ectlyhath i do r my anounter.s e paylytll moaxes y avent n ay m offorees aount andeverying n the gernmt ff entsy ant dccouryantghe gnmwift s is uer oersoou paytft my f undat on nseday aft m rent giv awa fat n mlionfft m ntiv doarswao t poo mon t lita famiesn eed,do ars too to f thtisea taamsorldde.d, a f empeay dozs old. pple, ll oeillcom mp i myoz omall p e, busi ss. o ll addmion, bec ise theyll faor iucceful, eop si. areddn,iredecyhehe ns cofaora ion t wcek ol, theop e progedm. also n bows i w k vycora t w har ohe iog eloy pesoleow i i w my vousear ando d oeri e thiyspehat i y catse do.d d ohi t rently i tughtcabout o.retingut dded irely up thtut andore ti han peoede iouldp ha los de theobs had in eold
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cked tn.haoshes ad soow i i heahat aedostalf ofhe so iea demtrati a part f be eve prode n benit at aem totiar bee ameroca? n en of t a so iofill tellouhat c'mb. ingo d i'goin tolritell letrto priden g dbama i'inoteet prenskinma h t blic ackwledin my h t coribuon the.s.a in hisicextck pedssy conrenc i wantcoheburesin on st u ponnc wi i j t nt wansiou all t o u kn whabill'rei y iwi jan lldoin tfor e coury. knha amlleiaski i too mucinr ou am. i out faminekioo he? bottuc ine,am i jutlouseinhes h hurt he tt coury. e, i a jus oers likhe m a rt heingout.. a o s d tt'sikhe m a memhe g w f t top sry ts tonhtem f treacon, ininopus f sm on stonariae msh ndac, in from on waingtia ksten m pers. bothmre tallwarthgt ken mbers pfs. the emoc ticth pty.llh mrs kiten,egi with oueoc c ould p. ynd miann botki n, giofthou sco ld t docra y whore mnnot co doniz tghe d rrahn o isoll? >> dizelli dot r thi the l? are>>emoninghe riclldohi he tual. ihinkhat ehey,irstonfg ic
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al a 2% oal iemocnktst y, acstallyo tnk we houal %have cla of rhoc eoplacly t eichouisag e vela rith. pl but haghink th. iue i the asshatenk t aret su iosed i to helass in st ts untr asou krewsued thi h sscounny w t foued o t trs khi ea o unqual wy andou o t n o havialndristraci a n asse of eoplvi livstgci a dicay dfere liv .sef pl thi tha theuestivn f is why dca dre soivany hi ha herepustican f thi wehoul haveshyich doy puanhie culss? ve >>hill:ll rht. well cirst? y>>l:ade r.o ma misllkes insthatpeni ye noloe. >> canma waiis tsnt >>ill: wa to loint ut >> than peoaie l te jn h dam>>l:ao t d tthmaseo l jeffeon am tbenjsin fnkli werllfe amembs o theoney cla nj fandlierived a l mb ohe deyferelyla an a the therdedolonsts l d reo we ahe runerng aroond tsing gro stu to ive. w un cond y sayrohat theg rotu deocratren'e. demizin nd yay t the qdestioatn' i doemouinhink e the itedtate q benioits om hing cla ifdo rnkh oplee redot?teens hgla r an 30 le? and 4 -- 6%an30fnd demoatsay n the 4- i no
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mos nef n mheiann froeopl li ie,o non i houlf kin m ofnnroovepl o coali ri andon jusi getulutin ofe coeverody' way rinduset o we woun't ant er ty't tay ppen here i eou wha'ttas t t chaed. >>ennybo re bes iehaha. >>boes you whos w >>herere moulion o w bil i b.>>re hershat has mon cnged il b bill ther majityf ppleat as inudin c demedratstillant bell thajy pe ric ininemtsll t what heyeaveeen cnges ic thei abity t movp t at ye ecnomic ceadde by w kingeibi t ov rd a t eciclayide byy the wng a rus -- yi y >>heill:ait, hea thi opanda . a dayru-- lo. >>l: >>t,t'seahi not aa aay popagaa. >> b>>l: is is progandot fatr wkedery har pga he ame b bac isrond fro worlatwar widy and ar had a ollehe degeeac d h gotrorlr now red ad miannleeg h ot wher ok? ow y? mnn why? caus he didt terenoug ok chces. y? was susredeid t beuguse was a dressn chs. d. as he soted owhebe.e as a dss he d 9he -- --ouidette tn h 9 - d. -ute t h bil 90%f pplen sout bosn nd dches r il0% p e and0% o heutos peoe inhe d es
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woingubur ofd o wasngto areo notin goio d it wog eiturr.f astheyto liv gdarotoi les. dt myathe haditood ey live. g t h l. did tmy leaheadd claes. l i' the f st hidneeala. fi'he t f reil knedy mlock t lys, tt'sy amilil k sindy mck the famlye i tsilin t 184 . e i'mhe oyam ine t marnne, h84 ham got out ohatiddl clasar we,king h css heha ooty ot one. dl don ellas w mngt's c scked o e.w. on it alwls bn ms scked sed itlw b sed >>ouourreat arica>> succstory he isheriffence,at aca bl. cc mry shery.s fe >>e,ill:o aad. sin b the 980s in s. part ula>> herl:is t a. diineren w nowheave0s an rtaer t onom who wedien wardsow thoe aho asteed it the xpenomhoe ofdshosehoho can lea afftddt heen it of se bil howanm ieingeaff rerdedy t eco my?it il owhow? ing rew? ed t >>'m nco? w?ointg a y . >> yo n arennt a exc ytion yore >> bll: lkinpoin abo he m noo, no.xc on m t guy b: tintinbo 6% o m o.he tuy t ople and oirst is icki upor hem,lend kstenst s >> i a ki pi'mithhemm, ken
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i a tmallyhm bil i'mo befitt a to t tountly. tha s n whail it'm bit a teans itnt dsn'tean at y aha nha t noenefns. d >>'till:n hat' y wha ait ss. it ays. ef >>o, n >>l:t' ha s no t ds nit says.hat a ich>> npers doe n addny no d nbeneayt toheth ount .rsoe ndd bil be fits neto fro havg antlassf ric peo e iil inbets therolass av >> t re i aass dificrenc eo be iusen doave ness i ue t i wi thedeafifnc avinbeeoe clasf i wiheaichin peo i dot tnk tt ty suld beh treed. eo >> b l: do's n t a c tss t s likd be weo a wre. hav t b: n c totherik it's ustwe a defed b whow mucav t mone you ake.toer 'st thef is bw iuc eve sys m aneou e.overhe wld. th>>skay o ive he,ys a biler wxcep. its kyd o lik t ht beuseilhats hpeni isep itthat keopl o wik tive n thebeet hnis rld atpl w srt oehe tpper d eclon s o le t serh radallyecn diffentivesromhe r lt ofhe s coury wt mosadly peop ffo.tesm r of bil thas nou tru w youosre optereypin that not rue il ha>> i nru otu stereotyping. at's sot duefere i n. ereeall isteyp sh s dre n ells s dionne. i nt taskou, e y ncerd aut ncomdine i ineq tlitykt, y a.
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er a om >>ill:ncom ine alit eq ty>> yh. a >> bl: he i wha i a >> l:concomnedneboutit th eco ymy snks b ause he b h i ha adera ncd guternmtas otchthco ss it b se >> b trat's gnmchot - it >> bill:f ty g outf ts th wayndeteopl d -elop smal>> busl:ess, t g theut wou bethay moreobsndhenpl y d wouop alhaveusores,heou beng inc s thn's w yt iou c cern vee b abou >>nc th w i crn n ou inmenequity s bee tickgp n n stopin quy >> beel: nodyivesou ck ythi. yo ear n iop b not ny gesingou hi ayothinar a iuestn owheter o not g geres sh ain dis rityast o beeteen o n e s ireas.isty be n >> bl: tt'sapitism. ias >>tagning gng l e b t ts.s it m.uppe cla getng t bul ofll ogn thegenefs o g lhis t pelaet t ul coun y. of o >>heill:efook, o'm n buns lon, oy? un i'. not get ng>>l: anyk,ing. nun iorkor n,t. o i' otd,etnyg. yea ifou ik mak it big the meaorf lakguesou gett ig id. he m if is les fooall,et seba a. ioo l, tv maribane h theast wor. . ihink thetv dem rati parri hhet oulde aoramed of tselinkheemtiar r 4 of ld a iedfel sayguys lik 4me df i noing r th coury.ay i tsnkikhat' jus d shaful.og th . ouy. >> thi we re t msingt'heus inthal.ere. is i morabou>> thehie mng
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sh nkint mide w i oren'touettihe the portitie byhe rshingsin id c use w to p y't bytihe wheou rtie y r logs at olksseikeoomne pyho ihe thes guy wenlotoks tet stene mi iorke har very esuyen day t te healkeut w h milmions okearryay hedollkes. nu wer s o nuer t g bactohe ll intotaxnu outs t tnu t gac cated toxs t milon js. c ed il j hav3 mlion peoe unemoye avbush moneoeftt 42 illiem-dolyer sh rplut thiss nough42 at'slillol tt has t lu hapisn. n gh none ioint g's t f tgeras t atap anydy. yonohave io rtore thentiddl t fr ass.ny . >>ill:yoou hve a d rocrarec he codlressbothheenat ad the s. >>l: h hou d.ra co ss thmocric patside a the eou didn rescrre b ppdehe kis >> suldave dnes s d>> bel: "wswe" ps pridenobamon t cov withpe hal and bith "we p prenam tov thheal lelnd h fit gresint. ll tdito of "neweek l goofi gsi. ell? tto fbern golneergekith omego l? rnolghe [ ale nounr ] resrch gges theealtof o cel pla a k rol [ e un] esh es he ltrou out r enore kol ou♪ t ♪en l. e a
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y mes 50 is aomple mlti-tam a me50 apl mi- m deignefor n's ealtconcns awe a. dener s ltnc a a ♪♪♪♪ ithas re o sev antxidas its o evntda to sportell alth stharts onl a dathmen'50+ ealt advtage aondan'+ ltdvge ihoulbe aestefor imes agast pted ant-nd. iul ater es [ gaang pd t-. my use herelantcameo di[
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g y e re♪nt♪medi ut, tur out♪♪ a i w misng s maclero ptingix. , uruta wis 's g m whalea pl pt nengs.. ven lanfoothateedshem for to mont . ghaplne n noatdsmr o nt you t bier morbeauifullantu bi araned.orau ulnto's t twgreethum thks tmirae-gr an. s tweeum th tragr h, ts g. oo tg everone rowsith cl gro. ere wsh clo. [ dovan i t a ll. ani thdoght n can do i isa . it jusantoo thrd."t
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ano ituso ." thetherwas mome. when deced tfind way to kp gog. heers meenec tnday kgo goor ompicold and to llegtoo. go oicdd o ego. malennouer ] everday helstudts en le oueir ]chel 's oermasty 's elud de eee f tomrow'cares. r el ost de f omw' thre is ur ment. t no ing and th yous way. mt. vry iverty oud sup rt tno edug tiond ouy. y er d up tduon our.s. ympiteam ur. piam >> bl: iactegme tonit, g marage ill pactg pridenobamthis ek o the bover iftme "nniswe g."are l cttheprresiennt'sam picisred w h oeer "n we a ho and t e labsi'siched wirst gay pside . h inndde t tabst y pdeagaz ein h t is az pronen h ofayarrie.s joings fm miaprenfith acti thri urvjoorgf fia rnarh tithrv gdbercom, ar mrgoldrg. y kno the peoe g erm, ha toell mrld. ynoheeo mazin .ha o ime"lasteek d the therithhe mouin e"tk kw,he -yeaeroldhon easteedi orhater i k was
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iidn' ead qui usterstd idi noorte ias win' hav iui ust i gnossina brow t w ediavr o ewsw gk" ha ow tdi o sw h coniz bara oma b psing ciz hera o b tica and poung say ca?nd >>ell, i s asay bus?ess l, s decison desrateusinsusss cisi uerst d ci it.estein u psi bark ustbaman tt. cove giv him par ama t mticored ha andveaybeiv youim wl sel aa m co dw opiehaatnd thebeouews w selnd. aiehewsournisti dec sion. it dow a rhtmbarssinrn ti eci mnn, itow libalsake r fun oarin m nsertive whe weay tibseun o mea i t ingervehee to meortr i bara oba t asgessi and en ttry go ra abasosind to a pcise that bil themakeim t p semessh. >>y ttin aat ilheke t ss >> halin a jes w ptray wit aal halo je but will pellayouithis i ewswk" d ided olout tl l jes os the iover h sw ded probly wldn' getje o halhe er becae i h mht oendome ob wn'etal ca iof mheir odibereeade s.
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>> birl: wn yer say jodenaliic t s i b w yay uound isn'jonewsliek" tuppo id t be a maginef undpini? n' mea iwss"po t n r lly ike aageni ea da iy n rewspyerehron lin ents it'daat tndsp o theonin week an ty tst' t a supsedo oap ihe upnd the d havekn t a int vw. aup d eir int vie i is pat he de psideav did a aintt v r ingt ies p bydeid briingnt m riagg ualiy tori tg forront mag >>li yoh,ine. t ori hntelway y auede. pr size h tha thaaythey ad are prze ha hanoteyews maginesre amore they re jtrnals ofiberages are eyopin f >>ill:ereah. if wan toccep tha if ty e r wanin t >>l: f thatanryo tepha get tina eanrown t a a at t stgelromettimeaagaze, wn tr to aethem t sstel no,mme az w are nottrom t oecti new so, wre ot opatio. o wetire jewrnal ofpini. theyon'tdmit iopio we j al oftheyon'tdmitnit. ey't it the i havto b tako ey 'tsk witn ty dometng he liav thi b ak we h a pviou w tiscu dion, llet tol lihi h pou youcun, hatol t mea wldeou tgh on rackt t me w oba fm te to timen ckut wh he fcedob f t ao reae epubwhce
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fd oppontheeaublobbs wou resupo a orbb aainou andere su a the o pof. an alnde he p. rig. mi alomne was cpaiingnig mineas coloadoast g an a rorte asklootimk. aan r te soalsk queion. ll t tap a so >>ue shon.d tap maruanae gali d f>>ho mical u?arna >> an'their isss oli f mal ugnifancehatou wld li to aalktirss a out? thecono? if ce thit is w lioignikcant iss a? thecono thisrowt ofnintss jo? ol tho. nee to puthenoeopl t bkwtof workjo thethhalleegesofutpl ira b we he got rk norm se issllss raat w fe. h bu youotantormss tlk -go w ahea f bu ou>> mtical maruana >> t - ppos ea lalizion f mal arna ma juan i oppose legalizationfther maan nds ipp dru. butalioan telyouerhat hav s pla to gru thi cono t elu gotg.av la o g >> bl: ahi rit. no no i houggo ttitt b a rimney houl notno haug t tchalngedhe eyul rotorteas qualtioned in corad you ravete aquon cdicaad marouuanaendusy th isrobl. ca ar nait'susust ike ithsbl cal
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orni'ste i it'svolvnto a bigalni pr lem's lvnumbone, don' thi itig s weor coradprm mb, n'hito he w cad chee a cong hritehe la i di 't t nk teet w a a gd cgte ve. mberwola c orad wasdi t t w g . er c coadradoas rockmouninigh, bou ercodo d tcksunnd tth, it seed toou leg timat queion. tt eeromnto didt awert h egatuen. ws mnid ar ndesndin h thatasn'the y t hane w it. i wng. you re nesin at wn'ng.e tan . w . wil tel youou w nre w. sagr. fit o all inilelou wefen of th rortehe aid gr tfi olln en lef-ino tha pieth of rte d soun t she sai tthe wlenha ie fkingomeuestns unheaihat t her w viers ngest wandter tvis >> bl: sre. an i aumehey eileder t or ometng. b s i. tha aeensey eed . but itt iha romyses aolutye. corr t. t ant heas aom rht t b aut frusatedor th rr ane a r t b rson. us edthisounhy i facg se rn. ve isn iac s serus ve ecomicrobls and thco ncionablebt d isss th nnat s pontiay aatasophi
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issu i amonvipoedia ahatashiost su am amviican don kno howtt seoushat proem rlly amanonnoow .sestro ry but, maruana s exie tt,narna kingbout the natnalebtie t ng anut yes it'he aatlt loc i uean es tht''smpornt butou kwoc i wh inhe conocth isssor at mtutomne kante to whn no talkssbout eect mveryne sglete o persivin in lkut etry se corad rs in bil i nt tt. >>edic maruana cad d sn't ili t >> bilic romary hna a cnce get tha mes dge't o all il omy l hg c teoughis etha pess, o ll roug hisirec l tgh buy on tv. p whenou a augis repecter auy n u gv. en aut, au haepr a to. g becae i, ha wkedhe dver o.rket i kw t t c i iorke the two wd dr yrs. et yo have ko t c efleikehewo sotime y. heyove micleissu of so thme--fhat' gng oicsuf th the. it'as gurio o t th seei wheioer tt romy s tportheee lehelizaon o mijua . om wa thi a s conrt wh woud h leza o mua dwahi ihinkonhe overrwh doeou h msel disse iceyinkomineroe rosselhat queion, iseein no-- y kno ssetuen, ihou no y
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nolite sayeres m tak on it.u th's r llytell iayavee t mak saon on it t. you hany th ronomy que iionse t that theay tsa hndlet ouat. om ue>>ns tha sathe t heubtl stinion. ha thi she d eveighttlo as theueson t t sin didn. hi hed h veadht eve asightheos t seid h vefrusatedithht tse usedh lal t sueshen rllyighing l areappeng i thi esn rounty. ng very erio thies thpe he ihi waed t ta abntt. ryean,iohi seethe botides fwa tta ab this but don' thin, heaseeotes wr g. is >> b l: rt ln' qhick, eew yk time retwrcted b rorreed q, y atev you antmeo s a etartiede one ltreeek. ev ouain,tt s a h to do tithon t l gak. maragehing whe n,hey h o saido hat t agaackearehaznghey bon idt onanci wit the atarskez iteonppose. on cii sitckheporrs mrebono ostheuy who s wrot banmrno eho stelroerongistoy o bn attaing x ne cha el. el 's ng a bto dea o t m ihink hat taew yg kne timha" . di the night b thi.ea t m tinkt yhisim h pensverdihe ahthiver d o r aga. dons e hectns irs arveroing to o stoga no m ter onw et i myrng cor ctio to theytohaveo m mr e. m lk, hadeorio a eyveista m
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l h eevereporr -- eve ta rerterut treas me a er orstak-- atveomeoint re erey t cerect m i a youan akt makent e c ce.ct i caou csed,kay?ak t, c thiis t e kdca of cd,y? slop miskehi a t k rortef kesheneoesn opis l ae t rte rsonhate i snritisn abt. l inhisase, t ont iti youbill ab inse, o'rely. >>ill:s ttoull posble? >> hd t belreve.. >> l: tit'she kdose? h telf. m take's k repoer mes wen h doe't ke t mke po m wetwo h tha youoeork t fo m pttywoureha tout ifek like you nd i hefo lik pye f tif is kd of keou celes ieistaik he wldn' f hav kf mad ces bilta ill hink ou a wn'avad ri t.illlnk a bernoldbg. amican notealri hap rn abodb thamanotlresiapnt's ga maragebo th ance si 'sbritumegaotareappybout the he whingn pt" rning ce at b lyinite stoboutpy mituthe romn w whing the pover rrng was b in hig schtol.ut it oserepos aer t se mnhihe er messases. igch pd mees ipohard ao br tthe, i wn't ayin muchss of. rolin mown fe m irdbre, wt inchofol mn but th aair, i'm eathg beer t ar, so nm i cth takbethe ad a sencedvenre. n cake sceen. adir iclinallyrove
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11:21 pm
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11:22 pm
11:23 pm
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11:24 pm
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11:25 pm
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11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
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11:29 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
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11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
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11:45 pm
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11:46 pm
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11:49 pm
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11:50 pm
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11:51 pm
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11:52 pm
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11:53 pm
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11:55 pm
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11:56 pm
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11:58 pm
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11:59 pm
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