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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 15, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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bank slh001. d il w rom fy le nkcyain pitawo1. earsomlearli. heinleft ta irs 19li t run he t sftlt lake cy iympi9. t soun i tuesshat s litkee c b of form ionpias lft theso issat it ctingoom b oorof rmn l he anwhe cngm or earer tay t rom ey whmpai leasar tideo t om hi lighaing t aseoucce of hiealgh tceof alynamnc. nowatam th.c. >>tea noth dynic staed wh a>>ea emy fldyn ata a w bigream >>the a beminni fof ste a namiigam e is bni tte miperftis trf treeneual sry. >> is incdibl wheistar d we reeu sy. h i cloncbl oe 14 empyeear nowwe w h arelo or 1000. 14 mp iehinkowhere w a ret of o pri 1 i0. wh wenkrebuilout hre.f i >> ihwe sd almtil nevt got h. >>tard. sd whlm othsev sotedway,ittar whth r sney' pvate story,t r y'aderip spped pn.te s >>ruildng a dre wit er sed o r>> ld 6 a00 ploys toy.
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re >>itf itasn'for o a 6 ompaoyto li >>it stln'r dynic, ais cntypa uldnli he aot.t >>merin wkersyn in, cy dn h at. a sll >>ri wrs town prning th anying is s ssiwnerngth iny >> e of thesiardst tngs ime.o of is meherdp tgs sioecomic stauss i m aenerion. s ec ict beuse of ta th cpany i im a ae toern. t t bee witfmyh cnycompy. i >>f th 'sa tot t t amecan it eam, don >> >>herethou hve it. tmen nowm,oinionno atyith >>eactren, h tht. autr of wni t e brdhct new th boutoft's lled tbr "rewe"ew bo's ed "we dic mris. ongrulatns o yur n booic >> mhanks. u. >> e gr watt in o a y n o lt >>nk eta>> las w weein a the l omaacamp gn nasse hee wn'tther bute theun t omp n h w 'tmislerdingutadhe tnyw. rneycounrs wh the slng a yw see d lre they hadunt w uphe re ay to ee l antthipatng tadp ttacre poito bei o whentat t bn c ital avedacoieijobs ohe crted bjobs caled obswingthisred adar? >> i bsdid a lotngofisollid?on thi i to t todotnderandli the hi toreaion. t to enerou tdlhe an. v
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ers tha22% t o vsha 2% t tim o rney'compys tim faild, but8% ofhe ry' tmpee succ dedilutf i trnin tthem ound andcchated the wer ill tin em coaniethatweren nddat theergeheer coieatre barupthe whge bn stped . hatamakepta hhe b difstrencd an i hintaft ake fe hof tseifnc sh sanverint rutte a andutfeo t sh belikeer y ju d r itend thi tbetke oba yju d wil i lo grathi dealf tredbailit theilo agr war is heing up,aledit an he aar s me thesegp, ads the ftn tha romy e h tting arddshe and f ingn ofnse ha the om o hand hng rd d iso prndared or g theofe athecks ohendther i isinteprstined to mhe emsats ke tery i he the a te intogtoher. m ms ye. t >> a hohehe a gncr. caout ye aith a cewatd tay a ithcall a empt pomis t at deb all defits, and hispt p is theeb a bigest efs, julnder aslity the he esint tha let bistollul a ityhe asid g yoha t thohts ll th. i >>durihe cpai i ago sa othats weth mus >>ri scr th cai iudg li bysa ineatuscthlimitinghatedg
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do 't liedynd tnet'shy tay iming ptedgi to do ut t ts fici t we i p igieritto b ha t by t ci en of iirsiterm b ohaice.y t ledgento c t thrsm odefie.t indg hal c bth t timof thfi in e of mal bfirs t terinimfficth >> i e pdge m cuthe dicirser in hiclf b the >> i pe endcufe my di fst h bhe ter >>hendy fmerin pele a r >> tid ofripe atiolitians hatofalkthe lk budon' wal t walit nswhet it kmes te bun'al f tcalal heespot ibilesy. >>'ll trthe ruceur fic f andllowe our poil deb > il he romiseto gr rougcthend we brgetineyeb lin i is g ugeto betnelimitein ogra of at outved teir uselnesmi >> i raf ot gutngd to tr quiunt sees 've ifoun eery goingldimeuit eun e ofyglmeof was andiss snt mon. the's s sindly ts muc son he dbt oni tuc amera's editcard d >> i goin ers itrd t ioi getown our debtn a tayet hatwnur lanc .bt a >>hateems to saatitll. ncthatseem to >>atmsheoefingsa. ssue o atem tficampign
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leaue as f o asomne t gs, nmp n >>ea fasne ye g. n thk tt'strue yefocugrou say e mo yo th ts seue cuouay moama'yo own vce the a' s, t beerwn v o thehere. e of t thingbeis ohe. of tng ouourcg. heas a a ou arcut rney he a outsrcin to mex aco andhina a r y nd tsin ooverrexndnaoutsrcin so js. er two ts theinohree j fir th sit o heeeirh as aiter roey ltain capal. ar but ro lnscre d" wap giv. t full reb tal t ts. jore mot ws aivd t llebl ge, thewo jo otompa aesost csely intifedithe,o opaama,tnd cly gm,i if ichtheake c odita, form, savi g,chke ha220, c0t emporyees vi rldwe.ha0,mpes 16000 notn dwhe uted 160ot stes. geral ud eltricwho ss. hea geallico jereyeaemel is hd o jeey t jobfelis hoompitivess as t ob emoyee andmpivs 54 o thlive and rk emeend osidef thunit54
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ostat. th andtherhingve d e a o dethitave at nd comern,ng a an e we omanweocumted in crew," wum paedero inn tas, eh of tm. >> ew wpa a goiroo gn tohe ta eof t iss of he aoi gtta k on ll ssfta stren and the rend hypcrisn ahe econ you lk aut typis anamy aof a smea oncamp gnu a and thena arment a at m tteampomnendarnt in965, the m mia inebvisly in5,he the esidmt's iocke younow,vi i cy l i th sckphe to he idske uw, mia c iantth a soth intorvieedia mt a ohmamaia inie dia iait'allhe sme bausehey o mall wan acc s to ia t whi ' lhou s andhe bsey p side. an ion'tccanttony aess tnd ihi ound thin th pde diiingu'thest asshei i in h ow. kle al hasdigu loos outei and ske t him.oday lehel gotasoo anut ndnter sew timforay thr e otand ha heendiere trhrnti d haou aud he di totti ierviudith reren to writ a i hvith s riden riaever hnd rig s clms tat tyrie toer g buhisl t t since ckieo in008
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bu swith $50,0. i doe sn'thatoun a ttleinit8 ke t joth $,0 do't eatardsun oble le that he ght t hao e herds if thle in fatt rns outoe htae tr? er itfsureth f suoes. d is atroille l. t re 's as. f ony. i a an ilehin th a tha f is y. anin hhe,has ge sty. af hr al rerendt wrht afs a vereal. iean,endr i ob a re hinki hen, lyi ib seaknkend a tef yi w s k n't tstedto tl th t uth w whyas e t his ted tthinisr r 20th yrs?hy swhyis did20 y? h baize h y chiren? y is thedbook haze h ddicad tohin? is hiheok obvisly 's a creible dcaourcto and hi viouy th vi hay ened on reelercullyg d stoy, ou whthh by eha wayed thn lyvicttohby ayth dcties,ou ha ds, back ha ama,ho adtted rincle bcksed a,ocaiadned hi nc chooed at i wore,ai hi buyingoo somody ioror bng a dru aict.u ng om budy mof b theruuck us, at. buoashe k calthem wh uwant accss a
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intealiewsemon'thnt thi it' an ccimpoant a sue. if t ste wwsre g'trgehiush,t' wanld thpo bet an e. if t w gessuh, w ifthis hallthomnee wanuld th be asu ifisll isnee? w d ih f nd ahedoubis sta ardi etty f gringubin thase.tad i dty't kow ii ha er to g yongthetorythe. buthen d i k i ha woed f ctontoo thehery edutoren i ofhe nwo yor ftime lled ceo he a sai we ulddike toon ofenorme edtervew w h ha andaiwe de thecameto youe, th rv w h mndnagi eitor he themeime. oud heaidyouth kne mgi d e'tor th nk heat we.t o iheiduknarkaas is d th w o wswo ihy. an ika isook wohin. hat aney wod berettgoodin t k inrvie in o it wo beggesttd tod t itervw th he inie iervi wi ti tesmes. t i wasrvth he iesivienti t bec tse ts.y has bee prey rugh im.sit ec mc trry hee ared i rersh de.imo do mct.y th the airseporr w wasdoin do thhe eornter wew fas theinew yk cy t the orrink ter f heday yefo the c inteiewand o ge nk allf th que tionshe ay wo goihetew todsk a g llth suguestedns fewwoiuggeion,to ahelpl ias th i haug anded ew cntonnew geln, lpthe inswe th anand h thell o con w of heewearknd heanesu was a hhe
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o froof paovekd sto in thesu as w yo ci roa magine outhowvetonhe yoci woerfubillage clttonwas. tt'sow i wos. i wofullcln. think'som io b kaw de rent cment how pbablnk t bw rewas cngtntnow cor psponblntsdinn oughto b tone aw gt meaoronsthisnn gh b rnelatishipwh. eaowis rtiips cle,bording on l frkly,rdg atontimein sesfry, mees- iestus. >> ie bnsayion y iur stuw r ionth bow yiver si y s mohs hat ts ethctioas gointosi wipmot t eio out in ip utd noyou hve mneyoverg arou 50oou and h eyer oba hoving ou 50arou 40nd y hve hd thnd fo abt a wk anbaa hovlfg owou0 y h handou hthve fob h wan homne ahe nd h o hnehe o baman sme plicy ov a mon no that whamai'm s pcyindi iv my no pollg. ob a atha'm dittin iy cobbed. ll ob he geingassred in inthis cbe eleion. andt's he ggettengssdworsin tnis lastwo len.onthfrom nds gen hirspoin
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t of v >> iave tthomeenhiin goo run v .r te wh e h isee in longenoo unime, nd i twh h d'tn fongseene pecily wh he e, iconoic d ck mris, ood ci w to eno ou. . on ms, greodtso . re on arbo "sewed andit'sn bo "sed d's dickrrisom. and 'sesied to eucat memrs eerckis. he nd si howto on eat em eow t me raowonn t iss in em comialectns. dssn ow tt amict. ann a roey inn beincompedo hitror i and inmp [ le nouner whaits iyoueney drk?nd ♪ ♪ [ e un aiounedr ♪♪ er sge lett bl youmind [ le nouer ] s r frtts, blggieound andatur gre tea[ nerge ..ou ] fr , ie nev8 vusioplusnerg durreearg necoul vve hio a vusrg ul h v [ale nounr ] hom y plaa loof res. son mo, couter bro![e un] om ylalo r. wh re's.t. onm? shemouit.coerro malennou er ]whven 'sth . chnoegy'sll y. leou ]n no -'s y at'shy y've t us
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et uto $0 doars 's ye us f sect mput s. u $dos aplethatas ey. st ut leat e als get a fr flit. yoknowhat mes with prite iand? rely? nosit cetes withfr hatliyoowt ssee,irlith crerit ca is d?omisflig sre?no c that e,lire car 25 00 mes, ist...ig [ n ] ere'neveany ats for ,000 iles25 m, .. frus[ atin] e'isvet ity sr 00es buthaton'tappewith the pitaonntur cardusin isit buat'tpe thyocan e ok tay aiure, ardtimeyon ai ame he i jt sa tha ter l, n't avelg ha enoh? he jsaha r t el haow!no malenner ] getheghtsou wt, si up !r a nturcard le capalon ]com. etts w wh's isiyourp allea urrd aponm. uh,t's . i'velayea pit bere.wh iurle h,s veyepibe.
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♪♪ [ le aounr ] erin invati. ♪♪ [ a n29 ] ars o, i helrid usin ti innt t mivan. 9 s ielus in tin. ♪ ♪ todadodggran caran i the ost ard minan er. dadganar i het rdin e. ♪ ♪ ho ows ♪ere ♪nov ion n ta us xt? s e vn tas t? ♪♪ dirtion to e mo. ♪♪ ♪♪ irono mo ♪♪
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[ le aounc ] rae yo hanif y've ot singshiplh. u kn[ , fr a carncnsur ce ra coyoanieanshou ynge sgspl knfrarur co "ieve 5ou buc ovehere "no,ave 0 bus ov her" " 5ucvere "wai sav400 cks ght o,re."e buover witho ma plas ofring ai mucavbuck0 avins t ." thmalaofng ucckin hereo yostar wellesurce w boronli reyoar rais by chno gyllur worli d morsn efcien. isy no so ey'ractuly blt mrsefen o t'rsavetuou m bey.. d ti ...tve m.. andhiplh. ti. eranc inuran forhe mern rld. ndpl enc inanor m n d.cli or ll. lir .
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>>he pside's fendsnd th maitrea medreink to >> pde f ds newth laiea innednkttem ew l t nsmeamittomne andemis t amileatt younewon'nd beeve whthey a comping m yououon'tn'eliebeet.hey ta a aok a is. mp g i'mo. ou'tie goi ota a t k a. wole'm l oi eopl ta off we her l the bjec tightordsplffer tt e coe ba toaunt t ht ndds i s t segcogatibatontu. no gretion s tegmorrti, anno reon trran egretionorevr! >> hontly, can reonev >> youonmagiy,an hang utere tse wdsnougi fron of ha tevis unreamer t w are on of bng o tis terreeoplin th crwd ceeri nb o toveor eorplth cr cri llac that sn'tve r rlongago. wain th 1960ac at 't 9/.ng o. hink boutwa howh far60e've com an9/ wat t s m nk souutow arkeveom few aneca ws fr tm noou
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>> maiages a w retionipca fr beeenne mo >>mage dne man.reon nobe then m gvern is no t n.onlromn bei hit yohehe grn is noft. t is wfe lmneiit nn, t. no also w taget. now clebr, e moer'noso day tat. d rowney cbrmo sh'wrot apiecay in sa ryodayhot ec s san womewearanyay hs in s thraivesothemearny dahter hin studt, bre th wner,esuthe n a maerer were eud are or wr, wh we e n ma we aoingrone h moerswh neer ta offs t crongeof hmos n mothtahoodff but tereas arorobl wit the artthlt odstem t e ablithe by mert em d e id y is o suay. t c own ouy. moerho real t isind o cn crpy, t mojusthoecau of alssnd somhat, o i cran,, t'sind of stauf usllyomt, i ally n,'sndfuthotarislyocie's th gi lyut le cro ofhoriie ththeriod at g lerofward for bier g famies,rdor alin d , itbi tlerid it. ams, n th sme in dit cpai bei ert. laun ed ainst nhethmeomne by the cressisei un ast aparely not newory becse ess thecontueo lead aresirentot oba orec hent a ad
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si hed-toeadbaatchup b fo po ts.he to dw inin mes kach bovefo e has po hs. up byin ame mnyka e e 7. s thers a hewp poby aout mby 4.7. er goin aaftemitto roey'st wif. an cmparg inte himttoo'sallceifnd an c artlerand aimarlln bcks, s er d it rkin b >>s, no. itact c in yomagi >>owo. rritcted tey c aryogi cbs, neityork ttim onether s,moreneliberklm neeolic rebe romeyic6, amaom3, aomne a lds a amone wen. o y thi l theirst oe, mowoulhe ve nthat wape. y ohihest nday o ul ate o or nday ayhenr ay predent affied marageen was bweenrent o m nd fi eareomaas b enwoulhe o m he ccud priden omamaof eingul rac htor acupren o bit?ng >>hat s hacosit an up til st wk. bi >> n >> nt h e whe hitseup on l wnday a mon ay n of nlast wh hon ek ay re afirmonhatf s pstitio in fct rermat pio c ch thi
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f pside bin go ou chi pdebi ago ousays a ys i ok wh man rryi a m i andk wan marr wng aan womayi a th mwhithoundomes w out rr a andmaaid ahittheu preesdentelies itut onan nd ondidereomantie iton an uesd o th dotgainma and wedansdayhey ive sdthheoin d inteviewedherayhe eyys hes nw in fav teewerof ge h n maiage a wednday avey gmage ahave w dn vy deo tacng rneyve wforhavi vo t siti predent bama hadacn rey suray avionda t i mtianrent hamado tke my su a hda of to ose muys ha ell, t t aericmy pple h of o inke wiys see hrou l, t a tics. pe but he's en t ir kwieeoustragy. t ut e hphons t clsra, pho on r onlomenare,hond a shonpton sayng ere'en wan a blks.h on war ay e'ward iwa sag ttbl rep.lica ar donrdikeag tepca ne ltino an nowe lnoan ve ws wepresowentith a lo aund the pre dente heaestth
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aying the fir gay adresint.e re nt any of tsea goi ng woheir ay wh esi ny stiof in t oie ta? >> o who. oncoy if tihen repu icanta fa for>> it b t ingon toif me a bierpuanfaor suef it b tngo m a th ithoulbi be. eit ook,he psideth hit dulee. himsf somdama on k,e ga pde h d maiage msom issma, onn artga becse ma hegelip-oppeon itandlso ss one w didtect. hep-pet nd oemem er w ve w bn id to neyorkagaz e ad em w b ticl andn ato pce t ynerk az sa loo tcleynda de p t thisaoo decionecau it t wou h lp emhi t e gou h butrs sid ty ncy. gere toogen tirut wa s tet'sand condt wld hlpe hem ogith ta ung'sd nd w hemth gilenls. ey id h wou sitnthe cisn unil cserento t. y hou ectiit toaxizethee is un clitierl imp tt. wh t kiti oftoxirofele eouras ti mp hat? wh ki fu angeourofind y i era gointo cnge t? on it for geurd i4, 1 in ce mohsonntit canor m st 1 bere mothetian pr midenal be coenti? trsactnal.
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e>>pren coti trctl. i ws in the ddle fogay winhe maiage ndleowfoy'm ckor gmarrge a nomaigeas i the mdle o grr aot, n iice e mhee o hifttooklaceuri n pceotal ecti peodsine ftokceibamauh's p al ife. ti edonds thi tmat's a's e.coin denc n hi>> i t's chgedy po tioninecaunc it w ild ge mechd morpoonauvote fr w youn peler gmeorternd un eckseerrom othe. > kshey ld om arew he sliva th gu who ame upy w ahw sva thi thguhoe zarupconsracy w abo hi vernalin ar aernscy bon, rnin a tg. ju abs d. >>t wa n h t juhilbs it >> waswa n bisto hs chid,il as b notto hirah pin's ot sh mele .h an reahertic p.'s and shle aneaandr is ownic d as fidrs n ropont ogayas rria, an fi hlets the po o prayonen i iaan htshimhe overprelmenis i bkgrond asm jonali. erm t ev he broasputsn tjoreli th reaevon ee pesidtid tists th ea pid
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t toet vosounyou to vters o nd tuney sud thy we sting tir vrsheck oks. t sthwe sng >> f rerendrigh tin fack s. a i wll t theudio rendgh tapfa a w heio toorro ifevendap wght, will say ifor torofve n. ihe w of wred t,neyy llay irhe nbamaampa gn ir h wfd y senc doehe hve h selmapa a h c spaigc oe h h el coribuonotenal c igolaon? ither an ethal cobu isene tre? >lai w?ld ha ioer nowthore te? > w ba i' ot ctainee utnec.sari doebut woubi' run cin couecerri to esidtoet oubama unclai ouo id tnspancyma a , yoai knw, of chaing th tpa tcyne o ayo pitic kn it wld bfhangth t o ch ago-pyleic p w b off >> aho-e pigh karlovehan fff be g wi a us i ow y ha a lttleitghf rlean foughbewi us ho yha lou flelettr. gh pefuy wol morr. th fks r ttvinge o >> y bet.fu w rr cong th p, h seng oemocts h ydt. a t seet co h metingoc hehi cl ed d torsse lst wemengohi stttiz cl dbouts012. l e ou en't ing belve as stiz weut2. real at e 't g elshading ssio was rl abo andad wgt d
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ty ioas bo trndcks eyre ing w d use tr s onenvolng tcksnd wg t ty ha u tirse seves ne oland ts lat wstamp gntha u tds. ses some clicndd wiatmp vors and . hersell meicwilat. hiconeso wend whers?l weill tll yot. ceshat mingwehe wel tyot ng routmap ows you ere go. utbut p t hoswe g theu . e o. becae inhis sinet ho ghe the arno saighline cains ne ly t twis anturnof a unedicble dustth. ar sghne twianrn aunice st sohe ehty-ousa emplees del... so ey-sapls el. mu antipatthe expeed. muntate anpeneve.let e rus erru comn see. anvet ru th is w weame e ruunomeldisess o air avel ths wee undi or el untiit'sot ju lin youee.. ti's juinou ..'s t wor. tor
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[ dovan i t a ll. ani thdoght n can do i isa . it jusantoo thrd."t ano ituso ." thetherwas mome. when deced tfind way to kp gog. heers meenec tnday kgo goor ompicold and to llegtoo.
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go oicdd o ego. malennouer ] everday helstudts en le oueir ]chel 's oermasty 's elud de eee f tomrow'cares. r el ost de f omw' thre is ur ment. t no ing and th yous way. mt. vry iverty oud sup rt tno edug tiond ouy. y er d up tduon our.s. ympiteam ur . haping aamirrelar artbt lledtriafibrlati putsou a5 tis greahar ri a of reroker tb ediabrti ts ati earif ke n't wa. to ibstke.c foa fr disssioguid 'wa o st.c fo helfryou islk tioyouridocto out duci yourisk elu turto t ciousk tha'afibrokeom. a'ibke.
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12:26 am
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12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
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12:31 am
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12:32 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:42 am
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12:43 am
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12:44 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
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12:51 am
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12:52 am
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12:53 am
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12:57 am
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12:58 am
ith. was ts a deoodthealolirtcal ve?ir >> i h.hink t is asecau t thea's ad lt oflil b ack e? iastonk andisauhe a lpariofione wh bk pobab knetond prettron y abriutnewh th. p ab wnen ph ces eto shoon anab goeto t vthting wboot p an c ty ok aho tan r ubliean t vng potty,n t a tarti rlarllihe frhmen pdy, the useftirlren he pres taties,ho esti ar mopbic aregi b >>p til opc giweek bgo t >> predent ladhe smeosionek ts th o leresnttop thhe ssi na-calng. th wel onele sp id ty shld fed. t ina ital. elne a s troblsh? s, f id. a itprobm. inthe abl e th, -- iob ine eth >> ty kn the is
12:59 am
probm -- so 's fr? >>t is pottial tknhes ob --robl foro f >> isot hial i age wh yo th onebl torng tt th hirepu ican do age a w ot thne t tth me-clin all repupuicanan eye a am sing erereembe of -c nelpuan houye lke amhey sg erovebe theof ou ly hiveanicback for nhe god reas. th areoing hiico drckveor n g backs ck b auseashey rethre whngtheydr b ks e -- b se thy areehat tyheyre. ast wor--. >>thessereer it a telatnshi be.een man antaor >>se i w aan.athi be yoencananenhe d weny. the oiou yon thaas oba'syhe oouositn. ha >>ut h wba fitay arri ge. h w folitayal eedeirice.e. thas a the imee hitve ft. eeie. eta'ha ahee nt. h t. a' n >>


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