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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 16, 2012 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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this is "the five." the show is packed tighter than mob sweat pants. let's do this america. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: mother's day took on many meanings last sunday. >> greg: for michelle goldberg it was comparing ann romney to joseph stallen. roll tape, roll tapers! motherhood is beautiful. the phrase the crown of motherhood, cutting, not just because of this like somewhat, you know, i mean it's usually really authoritarian societies that give out like the cross motherhood that give award for big families. stallen did it. hitler did it. freddie the hack received crap for that crap. but she is not calling ann romney hitler. she is just comparing ann's beliefs with hitler. it's example of relativism than value are no better than
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nazi's. goldberg should know. hitler and stallen were leftists just like her. see what i did? i pulled a gold berg on a go berg. that's why i love anita dunn. obama's former communication director. at least she is open for the admiration for mass murders. remember this? >> mao zedong and mother teresa, not often coupled with each other. but the two people i turn to most. >> greg: she gets a wow for mao but not from mitt. >> mitt romney has a backward looking attitude, particularly when it comes to women. it will come out. >> greg: so feminists lauds a man whose great leap forward led to many million deaths, including women but see mitt as backward looking. take mitt's back word over mao forward any day. the extreme of the women's movement hung shame around the
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greatest power women have, motherhood. feminists are the bouncers with a message to the unborn who approach. get a life. >> bob: time to go to commercial yet? freddie didn't you enjoy that? too deep for you, bob? complicated. >> dana: i followed it. freddie isn't being a full-time mom now an alternative lifestyle? >> dana: apparently. one of the best that i means that could happen to conservatives is to play the tape at the beginning of the sound bite from whatever her name is, over and over and over again. where is her strong voice? strong voice. you know, you don't talk like that all the time. like you're not sure what you are talking about. >> greg: i like that. >> dana: the crown of motherhood. it was so demeaning. this week we have a halo of quality for president obama,
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like it's a better symbol or something. i think one of the reasons they're having trouble with women is because that is not representative of how a lot of women think. they are worried about the big issues of the day. i would say i like the outif its. >> greg: andrea, i bet you wrote a column on this. >> andrea: i did. >> bob: always writes a column. >> andrea: i love this women's stuff. i love when they go out the women's vote. sarah jessica parker says if you're a single woman, you should vote for john kerry. look how that turned out. went don't like to be told what to do. don't like to be played for a fool or watch other women judge them. a lot of women stop and say let us make your own decisions about that. let us do research on romney. i think right now, as dana
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mention, number one tissue women, second, third, fourth, nowhere is it gay marriage. nowhere does it talk about insulting or judging other women on motherhood. i think it's going to backfire. that is why more women stop going wait a minute. they're not representative of us. >> greg: it seems like there is a strategy to paint romney as ward cleaver. that he is out of touch, old fashioned quaint and irrelevant. is this mockery a miscalculation? >> eric: i think it is a miscalculation. america is ready for that. >> the celebrity and stuff that is not working, 500,000, 600,000 jobs in america. i guess we go through it line by line. things are worse off today than 3-1/2 years ago. maybe it's time for vanilla president or ward cleaver.
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speaking of research, obama campaign is trying to walk away from the cbs news, "new york times" poll that shows romney outscoring president obama most women. keep it up. the more president obama focuses on women, the more they exit the obama rankings. >> greg: beckel, comment on the poll or anything you like. >> bob: in terming of women in the polls now on the gay marriage issue in the south, women decidedfest obama. it only matters in the seven swing states. in the seven swing states, obama is in good position with women voters. gallup released a poll showing people believe by majority for the first time in a long time, next year economy is better than today. i think there is a lot of
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things that you assume here. if you do, that you get a different picture. >> andrea: democrats are assuming things about women. they assume women sit at home and worry about birth control and gay marriage, when they are actually worried about the cost of premium rising, women going back in the workforce. they call it man session. women are going back to work. women are disproportionately affected by this. he has a married women problem. >> bob: women's problem is a republican problem. there is a gender gap for i don't know how many elections. >> eric: gender gap in income? >> bob: gender. methenes male and female. >> eric: thank you very much. here is his problem. the problem is over the course of his term, there are 500,000 fewer jobs in america. >> bob: you are still counting the -- >> eric: no.
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there are 500,000 fewer women working, too. all the job losses, every one of them is being born by women. >> bob: where you are so wrong about this, desperately wrong is because, the baby boomer generation going into social security retires. >> eric: 500,000 fewer jobs and 500,000 fewer women in the workforce now. looking for work. >> bob: 700,000 more women on social security. >> dana: the bigger problem again is a deeper root cause. that's why women are nervous and anxious. the popular guys, the one you want to date, the reliable guy is the one you want to marry. as they start to look at this and think do we want four more years of what is for the obama administration for voters as they say extreme disappointment? the exceedingly political nature of decisions is total turn off. no one is talking about the big issues. what would they do about the entitlement reform moving forward.
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speaking of ward cleaver. a reliable guy, came home every day at the same time and good parent. what is not to like? >> bob: it's america that doesn't exist anymore. that's the reality. the other thing is -- >> eric: charlie sheen. >> bob: if you put on a poll would you like to see the republicans control the house, senate and white house, you would overwhelming percentage is no. what scares them -- mitt romney may be safe in some sense. but idea of a republican congress and republican if white house is so frightening to so many people. particularly the swing voters. that is not going to happen. >> greg: it was frightening to have a democratic president, democratic congress. >> dana: that's how obamacare came to be and it look like the worst strategic decision to do in the way they did it without an attempt at bipartisan support.
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>> bob: argue if it was all democrats in the white house, and people didn't like it, they went and voted for split government. then i argue they vote for split government this time. >> dana: women came out in droves. >> andrea: they don't like to be pandered to. we talk about it before but a slide show that says it will give an obama website a women a check at every stage of the her life. they show a single mother raising a child alone. >> bob: that's not what it says. >> it's a liberal, out of touch -- >> bob: 75% of the country on welfare. >> greg: here is what i don't get. the left claims to own a mantal of tolerance but the one thing they can't tolerate is any alternative lifestyle that doesn't fit in their own. there is underlying mockery about being full-time mother
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you can't deny. andrea is getting to people are sick of that. sick of being belittled by women who claim to know bette better. >> bob: this woman from newsweek is not representative -- i don't know where she came from. >> dana: representative of the kind of women from theteamic side who go out and talk all the time. which is why they are having the problem. >> eric: her and michelle goldberg. is that her name? rosen. all the liberals are going whoa! >> bob: ann coulter, what is her name? >> greg: enough. bob, stop it. i got to go to a tease. coming up, new study says democratic leaning commencement speakers outdo the republican leaning speakers 2 to 1. what does it mean? we'll discuss it. go like our facebook page at that is a lot to remember. back in a moment. write it down. ♪
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jo we're going to get the president obama hard-hitting interview with the ladies of "the view" in the next segment. but first, are young people idiots? jonah goldberg thinks so. >> my view is if they are going to run the country in one day, we can explain why they're stupid about so many things. it's a simple fact of science that nothing correlates more with ignorance and stupidity than youth. we're all born idiots. we get over that condition as we get less young. >> andrea: to be young again. there was a saying, some say it was churchhill but he says he didn't say it. if you're not a liberal at 25, you have no heart. if you are not a conservative at 35, you have no brain. >> eric: i agree with whoever was the author of the quote. young people are enamored with
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president obama. my son and his friends talk about how he's doing a great job. >> andrea: your son? >> eric: we do discussions about occupy wall street and what it means to be a liberal and conservative. clearly there is an environment in the school setting proliberal. you can't believe slant in textbook. >> bob: you are as per situationsive with him as you with me. >> andrea: you agree with jonah? >> bob: the problem with jonah he grew up to be right winger. not conservative, right winger. young people, their brains don't develop. mine still hasn't developed. won't fete out of the teenage state. it's amazing to me, i see this with my teenage kids how absolutely dumb they can on some things. when they are faced with a problem in front of them, where they have had an approximately of trouble after
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example. staple thing. they do the same thing all over again. the testify in addition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. when they do it, say are you kidding me? what tid we just learn? >> eric: vote for obama a second time. >> andrea: studypy the young american fandation saying the 2019 commencement speakers outnumber the liberals -- out number conservatives 7 to 1. maybe that is why. >> dana: it stands to reason. most people lean liberal in academia. you know somebody who knows somebody. or jill abe rasome was supposed to give the speech that president obama gave but gave it up to allow president panel bam to have it. one thing i thought of that i can't stand, if you read newspaper article, the'siest thing is for reporters to call
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up student to get their opinion on something. the opinion doesn't matter. then they study on what others do. >> bob: if it was 7 to 1 conservative over liberals, summer break would start early. can you imagine how many people stick around for ann coulter eric? >> dana: i'd go to that. >> greg: the problem is they throw comay toes. if there is a conservative, they are harassed. academia is protection for reality. success is not measured by profit. it's measured by debt. >> bob: students don't want to hear from right wingers. >> greg: they are great when they go there. i have been there. there is a book about armed robbers where they go to a village and they are offered
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protection. in exchange for protection they pay the outrageous sums for toilet paper for the sundries in their life. that is academia. the village is academia. place to protect kids from reality and they end up in debt. >> eric: it's self-enclosed unit. teachers are guaranteed their job. >> bob: it's a union. >> eric: yes. it votes if democrats. they come back to protect their -- freddie kids are force fed junk. >> bob: do we not have the greatest university system in the world? >> greg: not anymore. >> andrea: once kids fete in real world they see the light. young american foundation sends me to campuses. i love to go. professors show up and students are in a bubble.
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professors rarely left the campus. on feminism i say the world has changed. girls tell me you don't know how it is when you get out. how do you know how it is? >> greg: the woman in "a" block, michelle, she was a graduate masters in journalism from berk ily. that is what you get. i went to berkeley. i know what it's like. there are a lot of women like that. she compared ann romney to hitler. that is what you get from a masters degree at berkeley. >> andrea: president become bam is speaking this weekend and listen to what he had to say about young people. >> in many ways you have it tougher than we do. this recession is more brutal. the job loss is deeper. no wonder that faced on the institutions has never been lower. particularly when good news doesn't get the ratings as bad news anymore. every day you receive steady stream of sensationmism and scandal. the story with a message that
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suggests change isn't possible. that you can't make a difference. >> yes, young people have it tougher. should they blame the messenger there in the gown? >> greg: like fonzi returning to the set of happy days to say it's fine. >> eric: the crazy part is bob points out young people will vote for president obama. if you are 16, 17 years old. 24% of the employment rate. 20 to 24. you get out of college and 13% unemployment. why vote for that? >> bob: that shows why they distrust republicans. for good reason. obama is the underdog. romney is the front runner. front runners tend to stumble. people will get to know this guy, his favorability is 38%. 38%. romney. good reason for it. >> andrea: young people when you pay taxes, get back to us
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at "the five" and let us know what you think about president obama. coming up, obama had lively chat with view t view and talk about re-election. and kim kardashian. wait until you hear what the ladies got him to admit. ♪ ♪ let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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2:27 am
view" to ask the president hard-hitting questions. right? >> on the road, what is next? >> you know, i am big on qualm mow lee and -- quake moll lee and sal the chips. big on that. french fries always works. >> eric: great. quacamole and french fries. whoopi, ask a tough question. contraception, fair and equal compensation for women. >> when you're on air force one, can you feel the bumps? >> eric: really? what you not? >> which kardashian was married for only 72 days? >> that would be kim. >> very good! >> eric: hard-hitting stuff. not the i'm too lazy to write and research a segment, just so we can cut time here and do the culture quiz thing again. i guess so. hey, president, pull up a chair. right here. in the morning.
2:28 am
we won't ask you about the bumps on air force one. bob, kim kardashian, quacamole and chips. that's all they come up with? >> bob: there were other questions asked that we decided not to add in this piece. for whatever reason that might be. fair and equal payment for women, obama signed the ledbetter act to give them equal pay for equal rights. that is dead wrong. this is a -- this makes sense, too. this could actually say republicans in 2012, because brains are overrated. >> greg: we had to rehash the joke for that? >> eric: the reason i brought it up, there is an hour. there is an opportunity to ask tough questions. the economy, i don't think the committee came up once. i don't think the economy came up. >> greg: it's "the view."
2:29 am
it's not face the nation or "meet the press." i don't go to view to ask the questions. i go to see what they're wearing. >> eric: but i think bill o'reilly have been on the view. they give him heat. >> andrea: they give selective guests heat. president obama is a lovefest. he must be going on the view because he thinks he has a problem with women. and look, it's a excellent way to reach women at home during the day. this assuming women are stupid. that they woner what the president feels about his shades of gray. his answer was funny about that when he was asked about that. this is what he is industrying to communicate, he likes french fries, qu crashamole which i thought were banned from the white house. >> eric: good, you define like the fact he went on jay leno. does this do him any good? >> dana: i would haven't advised it. does it do him good? i think women are unsatisfied with him and his answers at this point.
2:30 am
this is fun. love to know that we share a love of quacamole and chips. that is my favorite, too. but how will you reach across the aisle to get things done if you win that you think you will or we hope that you will even? they're unsatisfied. the white house needs to find and create opportunities for president obama. not just to give a speech. we're tired. he is so overexposed and overrated that we want answers and actual meat on the bone for what he will accomplish. >> bob: given his job performance rating that are low, the fact he is popular shown on the view. this guy is popular because he's good and a likable guy. romney not that likable. >> eric: see how likable he is. roll the sound bite talking about mitt romney.
2:31 am
>> how tight do you think it will be with mitt romney. >> if your name is barack obama it's always tight. if that kind of environment, you know, it's a tough environment. people say you know what? i like the president. i think he's trying hard. but there is still a lot of problems in my life. and that means that they are going to take a look at all the options. that's how democracy should work. >> who is going to win? >> i'm going to win. >> andrea: so humble. tight. when you're in a room with his ego, that's when it's tight. >> bob: what to you expect him to say? i'm going to lose? >> eric: no. the tight part. hey, i'm tight. i got it together. >> bob: is that what that meant in >> greg: was it just me? i thought it was a vailed reference to race. >> dana: i did, too. freddi >> greg: with a name like barack obama it's tight. as a joke. i was worried for his health. barbara was going to leap over and attack him.
2:32 am
>> eric: any chance we could move you over and bring obama in here? >> bob: sure. first thing he wants to do is sit next to eric bolling. that's his choice. >> eric: call the show >> bob: the chances of that happening are non-existent. don't feel bad about it. he just, why would you show up with you? >> eric: i don't know. we got to go. did you know that facebook is making a fortune? billions of dollars off evening they know about you, me, bob, dana, greg, andrea. it's true. details. ♪ ♪
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europe. "special report" starts at 6:00. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> bob: congress appropriated mup for ache to eight drones to be used domestically for border control. in the southern and the northern border. however, it appears that the drones are being used by certain police department around the country. that is the drones that were supposed to be used for interdicting illegal workers coming over from mexico. so, the question now is this is up to charles krauthammer who i don't generally agree with. but they asked charles about the use of these things for domestic surveillance. this is what he said? charles? >> i'm going to go hard left on you here. i'm going aclu. i don't want regulation or restriction. i want a been a on this. drones are instrument of war. founders had a great aversion to instruments of war, inside the united states. they didn't like standing armies. all kind of statutes against using the army in the country. >> bob: good for you,
2:39 am
charles. welcome back to reality. >> we have given up our rights. patriot act. now have drones to listen to us. when will it stop? ridiculous? >> greg: this is funny to hear from this from you. you cannot hold back any information about yourself. we pour our guts out on television, on twitter -- >> bob: greg, greg, greg. >> greg: everybody loves to have somebody watching them. hence the classic song. "somebody's watching me." >> bob: if i didn't have my stuff on here i wouldn't here. >> eric: i see no reason a local estate, local police force can't have a drone to keep the peace.
2:40 am
>> bob: the intention of using the drone was for border patrol. not for inside. they use it at north dakota or south dakota. i suppose you could say it's not a bad thing. why do you want to trust anyone getting the information they'll continue to protect your privacy? >> eric: ient to think it's prprivacy issue. it's law enforcement. >> andrea: that is a fine line. i agree with you. i think fourth amendment is in place for a reason. to make sure we weren't being spied on there. isn't unreasonable surveillance. >> eric: search, not surveillance. >> andrea: there is a fine line. i to think drones are for war. the difference between the patriot act is designed to protect us from foreign threats. who is protecting us from the drones. >> eric: the problem with the patriot act, they got a
2:41 am
domestic element as well. >> dana: the patriot act was reauthorized with president obama full support and 99-0 in the senate. so i think that conversation is through. it helped us protect ourselves from other attack. one women who is an advocate for using drones domestically said how is it different from helicopters that police forces use? they're much less expensive than a helicopter. there is a fine line of where do your zil libertys end and my right to be protected a as citizen begin? i'm not sure where it knows from here. i do think that the point about drones for war is good one. so could helicopters. so could all -- >> bob: if i heard a helicopter i thought they were coming to get my stash. run out of the house. >> andrea: but a helicopter is not constantly flying around. >> bob: this is a perfect segue for my next part of this.
2:42 am
facebook. faction is going public. they in -- facebook is going public. one of the issues with facebook is how much they know. they have 900 million facebook users. can we trust facebook to keep privacy in the facebook pages or turn them over to advertisers? >> eric: facebook is not the only one that does it. a bunch of companies do it. every click you click, they match it to a profile. they sell it to marketers. it's not just facebook. if you eliminate the practice, you will go beyond facebook. facebook because they have # 00,000 million users worldwide is the most valuable. don't use if it you don't like it. >> greg: we handed it over. fiction is precarious enterprise. once a 13-year-old girl gets bored with this, the whole thing is gone. look at myspace. the detroit of web destinations. >> andrea: if they start to sell information from the customers they will lose customers. that is a lesson of facebook.
2:43 am
>> dana: hasn't everybody in the direct mail, don't you -- that has always been done, right? >> bob: you tonight get this much information. >> greg: everybody hands it over. davis i'm okay it with. coming up, you won't believe this story. guy spends $60,000 in a custody battle over his dog oh. , my. more on that next. ♪ ♪ now, tre's gentle, dependable constipation relief fore... and me and me. new dulcolax laxative tablets for women are comfort-coated... so they're gentle on sensitive stomachs. new dulcolax laxative for women the overnight relief you're looking for.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: well, you heard of first world problems but have you heard of one like this. a custody battle that cost footballry employee $60,000 so far and going to the internet to raise more to continue to fight with his ex-girlfriend to get his dog back from california. take a listen. >> this is my dog in every way imaginable. from him being registered in my name. paid all of his vet bills and
2:48 am
play group bills and i raise and careded for him. i just want to bring him back home to me. >> dana: i don't know how to feel about this. there has been a breakup. i don't know whether she is just being mean or maybe she loves the dog as well and hasn't created a video with beautiful music in the background. what do you think? freddie it's weird when someone calls -- >> greg: it's weird to call a dog his son but spent $60,000 on the dog. that is spending money on dinner with obama. same menu. took me a while to get there. running out of steam. trying to get a dog joke in there. fell apart. >> eric: the dogs feel like your kids. someone says i'll give you $1 million. you say no. >> he spent $50,000 to get thing to back. just fly to l.a.
2:49 am
take the dog back. >> dana: would you spend this money? a veterinarian said there were people who were married or together. now they have joint custody of the dog. they schedule visits separately so they don't seat one another but they take care of the dog. >> andrea: my sister considers her yellow lab. a good boy. >> andrea: my sister took the dog. no visitation rights. i applaud her. she is getting his name changed back to tanarros as well. >> bob: you are all losing your mind. for $60,000 go to brighton beach and hire the russian mafia and knock the old lady
2:50 am
off. are you kidding me? $60,000 to fight for a dog? >> dana: some spent it on custody battles. at least they're wanting to see you. >> eric: i had three beagles. i was more than happy to give it to the old lady. >> wow. >> ask yourself a question. >> can we talk about somebody else who is cold hearted? that was a great transition. i'm not a big fan of this mario celebrity chef. sounds like oxymoron. so his wife and their two teenage sons, are going to eat for a week on equivalent of food stamp budget for potential cut in congress to benefit the program used by 46 million americans. i look at his menu for one of his big restaurants.
2:51 am
you could get a small pruscito for $23. >> greg: can you use food stamps there? came to a potential stupid restaurant, i hate chefs. not all chefs. i hate this pretentious butthead. if you can't use food stants at his restaurant, shut up. >> dana: this seems to me like a publicity stump for him. freddie unionized workers -- >> greg: union used workers. >> eric: he got that n trouble and he maid it off. this was unprepared food. >> bob: why don't you try food stamps for a week? >> eric: i have to talk to legal. but i want to find someone with food stamps who is in the program. see what i can buy. you claim there is literally
2:52 am
probably no -- >> dana: shop for them or yourself? >> bob: borrow my stamps. >> andrea: if you could spend this on the olive oil sampler, what is the point of getting the job done? >> bob: what? >> andrea: olive oil sampler. >> greg: i should apologize. i realize he once travelled across spain with gwyneth paltrow. that has to be the worst yourny since russia, napolean retreated from russia. i feel bad for him now. >> dana: now i feel bad. take it back. i can't wait to come to your restaurant. one more thing next. ♪ ♪
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2:56 am
>> greg: i guess it's one more thing. >> dana: remember i got to be on "jeopardy" power players? that is the shot there. i was played against dade from cnbc and kareem abdul jabbar, which he had a height advantage for sure. but i got a chance to talk to alex trabek and he said something that surprised me. >> do you know i watch you guys a lot, because your show comings on during our lunch
2:57 am
break when we are taping "jeopardy." so i feel as if the five of you have become like members of the family. >> like your friends? >> yes. >> dana: i thought that was great. it's on tonight. it won't tell you what happened. but hopefully everybody will just know everyone is a winner. [ laughter ] >> dana: pets for vets was the charity i played for. >> greg: that bad, huh? >> andrea: at least you look great. >> dana: great dress. >> eric: president obama has a new attack ad. i have a tacking bain capital private equity group. take a look at the full screen. he called it vampires. last knight, president panel bam dined with tony james, the coo of the biggest private equity group on the planet what is it? is bain, blackstone, private equity bad? make your choice. >> bob: i got an interesting one. this is youtube user flippie
2:58 am
cat. spen just under 65 hours in 30 minutes over eight days assembling 60,000 dominoes to watch them fall down in roughly 19 seconds. it's a real depressing thing when you think about it. i don't know flippie cat what you do in your life. but let me tell you, get one. >> greg: that is cute. >> bob: greg said it reminded him of a bad acid trip. >> andrea: last night, america's got talent. howard stern made a debut in place of piers morgan. thank god. howard was great i'm a huge howard stern fan. he is the greatest interviewer we have in the country. he was brilliant and charming. he watches fox news. i watch him now. america's got talent. >> bob: he dumped on me for 20 minutes op his radio show.
2:59 am
i think he owes me an apology. >> we do it over for 20 minutes. bost i never get an apology. something about you and the dogs. when you talk about dogs you all revert to 3-year-olds. freddie what about greg? he has a banned word of the day -- what about greg. >> greg: i will save it for tomorrow. no, no, no. i can concur with you. >> bob: i'm bad. sorry. i thought we were trying to burn time. i didn't want to embarrass you, dead air. excuse me. >> dana: now we won't know what the word is. what if welcome to" red eye." i am greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, deborah, and yours is no disgrace. our top story, president obama gets the women of "the view" to explain why t


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