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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 20, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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protesters packed president obama's hometown ahead of the n.a.t.o. summit. a live report. >> dave: the president is working with world leaders. mitt romney's attack dogs taking to the campaign trail. >> this country's problems are too serious, too serious to spend another day as a bystander in the oval office. >> dave: these two potential vp picks not pulling any punches. they went all out. >> clayton: it's called mann mannedles, the best or worst father's day gift you can get. m manedles, it rhymes with candles. ♪
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. >> dave: good sunday morning, everybody, we're going outside again today. and thankfully there's not 10,000 pounds of ice, clayton. >> clayton: and time for the big kayaking race and big show at bass pro and a kayak race, remember last year. >> alisyn: i do, i don't remember the outcome, one of you cheated. >> dave: take a lucky guess. >> clayton: i had nothing to do with it. >> dave: please. >> clayton: they weighted down dave's die yak. >> alisyn: and show what happened. >> dave: it was underwater, they tied weights to the kayak so clayton could win, but not enough. >> alisyn: so we're going to redo this and give everybody a fair shot.
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>> dave: someone will cheat again and weight down my boat and try to-- i can't wait to see what happened yesterday. i'm sorry i missed it, i heard it was epic. >> clayton: i'm sure you missed the tough mudder competition. >> alisyn: tragic. >> dave: i'm going to call in sing, yeah, the tough mudder competition, good fun and great money raezed to wounded we warriors. >> alisyn: if you missed it we'll replay it, but fox news alert. havoc in the streets of chicago overnight. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! everybody, everybody --. you can see tension growing high. nearly two dozen protesters were arrested and the worst are yet to come as the n.a.t.o. summit connection off later today in the windy city.
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pete are doocy joins us live with the details. what do we know president obama said job growth is the most important and now heads of state including president obama is in chicago for the n.a.t.o. summit where protesters and police have been clearing up to clash for quite a while. that's outside, inside the focus on afghanistan as well as the problems in europe. the national security director tom donlan says it's the responsibility in the next ending for the war. and the n.a.t.o. members from 61 other nations, including some from the european unions and world bank and it's important that the world bank is in the house to talk economic security because everyone attending seems to be consensus that if the financial problems in greece get any more, the entire euro zone is going to be in
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trouble. take a quick look at this picture taken late at night by my colleague ed henry startled to see president obama just strolling around the lobby well after the press was told that the president was in for the night. he was surprised to see mr mr. obama glad handing with excited guests and the security, there are dump trucks outside for suicide bombers and a day of meetings. >> dave: ed henry said go on through security, ed. he told secret service to layoff of ed. i'm surprised, i thought he'd say double down on ed henry, i know him. >> clayton: and the blurry photos. >> alisyn: naturally. >> clayton: the president
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wrapping up at the g8 meeting at camp david. one of the largest gathering there in recent memory of course, it's a dressed down affair and the economic crisis unfolding and going on in greece and trying to elect a new government, but dealing with as tearty measures there and this is on the table, austerity and some have said in europe that this is not working and they needed to come to some sort of agreement also getting some pro job growth instead of just cuts which is what the european union has been working on over the past year. >> alisyn: yeah, that was topic number one and that photo shop you see right there is kind of the culmination for the grand base, what measure would kick start the economy best. is it stimulus as the u.s. did or is it austerity, as angela merkel and obviously other european countries hav done. and it seems like the outcome. neither one, let's face it was
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the silver bullet. >> clayton: a blending of the two. >> dave: and to your point, merkel on one side and the new french president on the right and of course, that cost nicolas sarkozy his job because he wanted to continue with austerity measures and the french people were not on board with that. and now they're going to focus on jobs and growth, but the question, can't you accomplish both. can't you make cuts and still grow the economy? >> that's the hand wringing, at issue, angela merkel in germany, austerity, austerity, austerity. and listen to president obama on the back end. >> europe is our biggest partner and if cutbacks in paris or madrid, it might mean less manufacturing for manufacturing in pittsburgh and milwaukee and tougher for
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those dependent on that. >> clayton: and a ckocon sessin from germany because it was cut, cut, cut, and maybe working out points. >> alisyn: and the president's point, we're all connected in this global sort of economy and when you look at the economies of the leaders there, wait until you see what dire trouble everyone is in. obviously, it adds up to -- here it is, rolling it down. >> clayton: i love the pictures. >> dave: we're all bonded in massive debt. russia 126 billion. japan 12 trillion, canada 620 billion. france 2 trillion. the u.s. 15.7 trillion, germany with a 2 trillion dollar debt and u.k. and italy all pretty much in the same boat with the notable exception of the countries that aren't there like greece, obviously, in far worse trouble than the g8 countries represented there.
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>> alisyn: and they're both the "titanic." and something interested happened. you've heard about the war on women and what's happening with women lately. it continued a little in a different vein at the g8. the president talked in addition to the debt crisis, the role of women and how women should be empowered more and they did touch a little little on there. let's lessen to the president at the g8. we had a brief discussion around the issue of women's empowerment where we agreed both when it comes to economic development, and when it comes to peace and security issues, empowering women to have a seat at the table and get more engaged and involved in the process, can be extraordinary northwest airline fruitful. >> and the way that the women have been hit the hardest in the economy. and we knew that man hit hard in the recession, and the women weren't hit as hard.
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it turns out the recovery hit women a the a hard clip compared to men. take a look at the bureau of labor statistics. only 149,000 by women. >> it's been a man-covery, also, and they speculate about the theory, as men's jobs have improved, the situation and more men gone back to work and their salary may have increased a little bit. women who were working have been able to scale it back. if you have a working husband you don't need to necessarily stay in the work force. >> dave: are they leaving voluntarily. hundreds of thousands of women leaving the work force, the question, are they doing it voluntarily or no jobs for women today. also, young people suffering in this recovery, the numbers are daunting, if you're young and looking for a job. unemployment for 20 to 24 year
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olds, up 4.4% from 2008. 43% of college age graduates moving back home, this according to the manhattan institute. >> it's free, free to live in mom's basement. go bk home and get some free food. >> are the moms wearing muumuus? >> and they call that, this generation the boom aranges because of that and they go back home and it's a problem because you've heard that college graduates are grading with a massive amount of debt more than any other generation, all of these loans and they can't find jobs. >> interesting that despite the numbers, leads towards president obama, despite the suffering of people in this country. >> meanwhile, this is one of the things that governor romney out on the campaign trail is trying to drill home. the economy, the economy stupid and trying to point out the differences and highlight
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the recovery which he says has been exas baited by the president and he's out on the campaign trail with big guns, some potential vice-president nominees, they say, hey, we're not running for vice-president and senator rubio and governor christy out there. here is senator rubio taking it to president obama. the state of these elections are so extraordinary now more than ever before the republican party needs to be unified with a sing la are purpose and that is to change who occupies the white house and the majority in the united states senate. >> this is not whether liberals or conservatives win. this is not about whether republicans or democrats win, this is about defining what kind of country we want and what kind of role we want it to play in this new century. >> that was sedate. >> alisyn: that was sedate,
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but governor christy is less sedate, no holds bar kind of guy. this is at an appearance in kentucky. listen listen to him. >> he says that for the american people, it talks about high speed rail, aen high speed internet access, and electric cars. now, listen, this country's-- this country's problems are too serious, too serious to spend another day with a bystander in the oval office. >> dave: and again, those are the two, i think, most buzzed about vp pecs, but both of them continue to say no, and say they will not be on the tekt. will they upstage romney, some speculation. >> clayton: you get to play the good cop, bad cop with these individuals out there, the tactic here and i think the fiery comments, from
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christy we didn't play there. we said he's the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency. he talks about president obama being the guy walking around in the dark room trying to find the light switch to leadership. >> alisyn: that's the part i was talking about e wow. >> alisyn: when i said he went after him. >> dave: right. and these guys on the trail can say the more inflammatory and tense things and mitt romney can appear more statesman-like. >> dave: and the vp more likely, rob portman, who would be nothing like those two. >> alisyn: that's the biden strategy, the biden thing we're talking about. >> dave: which one works better, i don't know. >> clayton: maybe you use these guys al summer until you need to i can about your have. p come the convention in august. you use these guys all summer and then you pinning like a rob portman or a mitch
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daniels, kind after quiet guy. >> alisyn: let us know what you think the strategy should be to are a vp. let's get your headlines and say what happens, an extreme weather alert. thises with a caught on camera, a storm chaser capturing video of a twister, in and around the wichita area and hail the size of big balls, and several homes and buildings were damaged. fortunately, no one was hurt. take a look at these three. police say they were dead set on attacking the president's campaign headquarters ahead of the n.a.t.o. summer and on their hit list, rahm emanuel's house as well as local police station. the weapon of choice, homemade fire bomb. all three are now facing terror charges and even their family members say they didn't see this coming. >> i was quite surprised. >> why is that? >> because he's never done
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anything like that before or capable of such an act. i didn't expect anything like that from him. >> did he seem like he would be capable of violence or anything alleged. >> noings nothing like thattings nothing, he had incidents in the past arguments and disagreements with people wheres' become physical, but it was always one-on-one and nothing like this. >> alisyn: i think we have it call that violence. police nabbed the men during a raid earlier this week and claim they found molotov cocktails, swords, gas masks in their amount. and the chinese chen guangcheng arrived at his new home in the united states. that's chen and his family landing in new jersey yesterday after a quick exit from beijing. remember, he escaped last
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month after spending month under house arrest and years in a chinese prison. through a translator, he says he's grateful for his new found american support. >> i'm sure the american embassy in china provided a safe haven and the american government has provided given me partial citizenship rights here. >> he remains here in the u.s. on a visa to study law at nyu. the naacp is throwingets support behind same sex marriage and endorse gay marriage rights calling it a continuation of equal protection under the law. and it could be a risky one. let's check out the new pew research center poll and 43% of white voters.
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and mark zuckerberg married his girlfriend in a surprise ceremony they thought her graduation from medical school. one day after zuckerberg saw his welt soar to 20 billion dollars due to his ipo. >> i would think she would have a bigger smile. it's been a long time coming your. 28-year-old husband is a billionaire 20 times over and you married him and you are as well. >> clayton: the last time i think he wore a suit he sat down with steve jobs at the silicon valley dinner and he let people know he got married and changed his facebook status to married, that's all he did. >> alisyn: perfect timing. i don't know, her timing is impeccable. they've been together for years, beat way. college sweethearts and been together a long time. >> dave: that must be one heck
6:18 am
of a honeymoon, just made 20 bill, where are you going. >> alisyn: does egg on a honeymoon. >> clayton: go on a hack-a-thon and a honeymoon. rick, where could the richest guy go. >> rick: he can own it all. he can buy it all. >> clayton: instead of going to hawaii do what we do with the guests on the show, throw a dart in the dart board andened up in santa claus, indiana. >> rick: maybe invite them here to have a honeymoon on the plaza. >> clayton: in a kayak. >> rick: you guys a little crashed up and beat up. >> dave: so beat up. that hot shower hurt. didn't realize how many cuts and scratches there were until you took the shower. >> rick: everywhere scratched and bruised up. >> alisyn: i'm sorry i missed it. >> rick: we will rerun that.
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>> alisyn: that's okay. >> rick: and tropical storm, the atlantic hurricane season begins on june 1st, 12 days early, but tropical storm alberto off the coast of the carolinas, not a beg threat. no big worries and today we'll have storms across the western great lakes, likely hail and wind is not a threat today. and people across the west, are excited about the eclipse this afternoon. and all of the cover right there is alberto. not big, off the coast of south carolina, rain across coastal sections the next couple of days, but stay off shore and the problem is it's going to hang out for at least a couple of days before it takes a trek towards the northeast, not a land falling storm, but makes us realize that we're in tropical storm season or about to be and hurricane season, but i think this storm here not a big impact for us. so we'll continue to watch that and we've had storms
6:20 am
overnight and saw that earlier. across parts of kansas and oklahoma and into the northern plains and aside from that, at least this morning, nothing that's a big story for us. across the west it's looking great. and a storm moving into the pacific northwest and start to see the rain showers the next couple of days, but we have a threat for severe weather this afternoon and it's mostly across areas of wisconsin and towards illinois, so from green bay down through milwaukee and chicago and maybe a little bit of hail, little bit of strong wind as this cold front moves through and drop your temperatures down. and 90 degrees for a high temperature and cooler behind it and clearly where the cold front is, by tomorrow it moves through and it will be on to 68 degrees in chicago, so big changes, all right, guys, back to you. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. >> clayton: when couples tie the knot should they merge their bank accounts as well? some newlyweds say no way. is that right? we report, you decide. pooling the money, let us know. >> alisyn: an about i go--
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big debate. attention, dads, why you want for father's day, candles. they're man scented. >> clayton: lawn mower? ♪ [ male announcer ] they were born to climb...
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>> welcome back everyone. this is what alisyn missed yesterday. >> i'm sad now. >> clayton: there is dave briggs in the middle and my sorry behind, to climb up. it was cold, cold, wet and nasty. >> alisyn: ooh, what is this? >> i call this the little clayton that could. i think i can i think i can, i think i can. >> clayton: rick was saying as a kid he used to climb up the wall and he was fine. aen now had our 30's, what happened to us. >> dave: i don't know about us, i flew over there in three seconds. >> clayton: you work ought all day. >> dave: there was rock in the mud, ali, not just mud, big rocks. >> clayton: this is the worst of all. vat of 8,000 pounds of ice
6:26 am
water. >> alisyn: ex0, my gosh. >> dave: 10,000 pounds of ice, and 10,000 volts in the next part and here is where we had. our producer aj told the tough mudder creative officer hey, lock arms, let's bond and go through. about you bond arms, that means all of you get every shock. >> clayton: the chances are greater, if you actually, the chances are greater if you go by yourself. >> dave: a lot of people don't get shocked when you run through, if you lock arm you're getting every sickle shock. >> rick: you guys locked rms a? >> we were had, yeah, shocked like three times. >> rick: never crossed your mind that the wires hanging, if you locked arms. >> dave: do you think we stopped to think about electricity running through wires? we wanted it to end. >> rick: good point. >> dave: we prolonged the pain. here is rick's video and rick
6:27 am
turn and evaluate yourself here on the monitor, you flew through the mud. >> rick: yeah, this was my biggest disappointment. i thought i had it and then i didn't have it. >> alisyn: oh. >> rick: you did have it, a guy gave you a boost you don't think you needed. right there, yeah, right there. >> oh, there you go, that's the hardest part, i was slipping down the side of the wall not easy, you can do it, but you're muddy and mudsliding on the wood wall. >> it was not designed for charity, this was a team building, mental and physical xer. and ended up for charity. clayton wasn't going to go, and tony katz pulled out a $100 bill and said i'll donate if you go. aen three hours later north of $10,000. >> alisyn: look at that, dave. you need that in your man cave. >> clayton: awesome put that in the man cave.
6:28 am
>> dave: that's a manly picture. but clayton. look. [laughter] >> my wife was frustrated because she said i never got to see you over the wall because they were waiting for clayton to go over. >> well. >> and doesn't know there's enough testosterone flowing through your husband. >> alisyn: that's a good shot, rick, looks like it hurt. >> rick: everything hurt, but in the moment you weren't aware of any of the pain that might have happened. >> alisyn: i'm proud of you guys, you guys are macho. >> clayton: the guys that came over and help me over the wall, your wife would have been waiting for another hour and a half if somebody didn't lift me over the wall. >> alisyn: well, from that to this. for father's day i know what i'm going to you guys. a new trend of man candles. candles designed to evoke men's favorite scents. these are for your man cave. >> clayton: look our viewer writes on twitter hopes these are the ones the scents
6:29 am
they're rolling out. smelly hockey bag. two cycle exhaust and deer camp. he might be interested. are those among the smells. >> alisyn: no, they're meant to cover those scents. these are things, one is called riding mower. so, freshry cut grass, men like that. >> clayton: i would envoy that, yeah, i like the-- >> okay. >> alisyn: next one called mantown. now, this is not like smelly socks. >> dave: mass lynn blends of spice, woods and must being. >> clayton: something in dave's wheel house. >> alisyn: i do, first down. okay. it's pechchully, orange and leather. like a football game. >> dave: i like chick candles, not going to lie. a vanilla or cinnamon. >> clayton: apple. >> dave: i know it's a shock. >> clayton: and apple pie
6:30 am
smell. >> dave: "saturday night live" had a bit of fun with this on the program, check that out. >> yankee candles released a new line of man candles saw dust and freshly cut grass, the nights when you want to hang out with the guys, by candlelight. >> dave: i'm not feeling it. but they say that 38% of the market for scented candles are men. >> clayton: i believe that. i've bought. there was a time when i used to buy a lot of scented candles. >> alisyn: is that right? >> there was a time. >> alisyn: back when you were a ladies man. >> clayton: nice to put on some sade and light up some cinnamon candles. >> alisyn: and drink some courvoisier? wow, that's revealing (laughter) >> oh, goodness. >> clayton: would you buy that. >> dave: what a picture. let us know >> clayton: how about this story, you guys are going to get fired up on twitter. it's long been held this idea,
6:31 am
you get married and pool your money and hear that money is the leading cause of divorce. divorce related things a few weeks ago we talked about the secret stashes of money that have been leading people to get divorced as a result of this. how should you do this? pool your money in one big joint account? mark zuckerberg, i hope you're watching, you got married. >> dave: you're pooling your money, brother, i don't think she'll allow that. a survey. 30 of the 40 women have some form of their en0 accounts and don't put their entire salary. working women, and don't put their whole salary in the joint account. they keep some prorated version, because they don't want the men furious about the jimmy choos or whatever else. >> alisyn: i've never bought a pair of jimmy chus in my life. >> dave: minolo blahniks.
6:32 am
>> alisyn: women aren't just buying shoes. and we know that women make less on the dollar. >> dave: oh, just for women? >> i don't know. >> clayton: a spratt account. like my wife, she works and likes to work and feels that that adds to her level of independence, she doesn't want to just rely on me. something innate in her she wants something of her own, but we don't have a separate account for that. >> alisyn: oh, don't you? >> well. >> alisyn: may be you're not aware of the slush fund. >> find out. >> alisyn: i think a separate account for women is important. i hear all of my friends say that, a feeling of empowerment you don't have to go to your husband for whatever it is. jimmy chos or i just got back from a girl's weekend-- >> so you have the slush fund. >> alisyn: i could use the slush fund. >> dave: so you didn't, the girls weekend comes out of the joint account. >> alisyn: yeah, my husband has. >> dave: wow, a problem here. >> alisyn: that's my point. >> dave: that should have come from the slush fund.
6:33 am
>> alisyn: i haven't had to pay it so i spent the money. >> clayton: a weird account smoo when he gets angry i can rely on the slush fund. >> dave: here is how the author of this piece breaks down the take on marriage and money for a woman to feel normal, she has to spend more than a man. if you don't want to have to justify yourself every time you walk out of your door, you have to throw some money at it. marry a guy like me who doesn't look at the finances at all. i go is that a new shirt? i don't know. >> clayton: where did that come from. >> dave: i couldn't balance the checkbook. >> clayton: oh, i don't either. my wife when is the last time you balanced a checkbook. in high school in class. i did that for one month. it was painful. >> alisyn: you guys are good husbands. let's go to the headlines right now and tell us what you think about that story. and meanwhile, a class trip outside of atlanta georgia turns into a nightmare. six school buses carrying at least 200 middle schoolers crashed on the way to six flags great adventure.
6:34 am
we're told that one bus slowed abruptly because of a closed lane, that was rear-ended triggering a chain reaction crash and one bus driver cut from the wreckage and more than 50 children treated for minor injuries and nothing wag fatal. they're hunting for clues after a school bombing killed a girl and injured seven. and they've raided homes, and authorities say the school is named for the wife of anti-mafia judge falcone. and killed in 1992 in a huge explosion outside sicily, the 20th anniversary of the attack is this wednesday. this rally had been in the works for months still only seven females to show up in the national organization of women's protest against rush limbaugh. the picture of the so-called
6:35 am
massive demonstration in. the advocacy group calling for advertisers to pull the plug on the conservative talk show host. get ready for the rain of fire, the solar eclipse this evening, experts say the moon will cover the circle of the sun the last too many we saw an eclipse like this in 1994. folks in california the best view, 6:30 pacific time. >> look up ahead of time, because you can burn your retinas out. i'm going to tweet an article, if you want to look at it, protect your eyes. >> dave: can you text me when i need to look up. >> clayton: i'll text you, maybe a few minutes early. >> dave: so i can burn my eyes. >> clayton: and work blind tomorrow. >> dave: that's what friendship is about. >> alisyn: it's touching. >> clayton: dave comes in with an eye patch next week. >> dave: let's talk sports this morning. and some feel it's a dubious claim that bain capital is the
6:36 am
reason for staples's success. but what can nt be questioned the inhabitants of the staples center after two losses in a 12 hour period. kobe bryant lit it up. 38 points and lakers led by 13 with eight minutes to play, but oklahoma city thunder are determined. that was michael westbrook, he had 37 points and there was a 22-8 run for the thunder. and somehow, we're not going to show you the game winning shot by kevin durant from three-point land to make it 103-100. and kobe missing it. and meanwhile, the los angeles clippers dominating the san antonio spurs early on. wade griffin crushed it. up 33-11, trippling the spurs
6:37 am
early on. back comes the san antonio spur. and tony parker led in the first and 24-0 run. and the clippers had 8, 8 points in the third quarter and why didn't they just stay in the locker room at half time. the spurs win that one by 10 and they, too, can finish off the l.a. team and they can do that todayment a great duel on the ice between 40-year-old goalie martin brodeur and the rangers lundkwis. and finished up at boston college and five in the playoffs. henrik, 36 saves, rangers win it 3-zip and lead the series
6:38 am
2-1. i should say i'll have another. in that picture here, i'll have another. the horse wins the second half of the triple crown in horse racing, the preakness, he goes to the belmont the first week of june, going to be a huge race as we look for the first triple crown since what yooer. >> clayton: what was it secretariat. >> dave: 1978, an i affirmed. 11 horses since then. >> clayton: and billionmont is interesting, we cover the weather around the belmont stakes, it ends up being a mess. >> dave: you're right. >> clayton: you have the kentucky derby and belmont. >> dave: a long, long, long race, the dynamic changes, rick. >> rick: it is, and if the course is wet and later in the season up here it's humid and hot. makes a difference. it's nice when you have that on the stake. changes the sport, absolutely. we should send you there. >> rick: i like it, i've done
6:39 am
it a few years. maybe again. you're not going to be able to see the clips, not seeing it across the east so you don't have to worry about your eyes, there you go. take a look at the maps, warm across the central plains, but in general a nice day. cooler temperatures across areas of the northern rockies, denver, rapid city, a cooldown compared to yesterday. look at eclipse, mostly visible across the western part of the u.s. where you see that kind of yellow, see a partial eclipse. the orange area, that's the and u lahr eclipse, the ring of fire. for almost everyone at sunset, kind of a setting sun that you see the ring of fire and beautiful of course, make sure you don't look directly at it or hurt your retina. so that's the story. move forward and take a look at your forecast for the day today. across the northeast, another spectacular day, i tell you what, such a good stretch and
6:40 am
nice mid atlantic and northeast and nod is another one of those, and to the southeast, alberto off the coast of south carolina, even with that we're barely going to see rain, just a little rain across the far coastal areas and done across much more of the south, a very well day. in towards the northern plains, warm 90. chicago, storms go through there though and drop the temperatures down back into the 70's and 60's for the day tomorrow. today you're looking pretty good. and across the west, another spectacular day about you your string of luck across the northwest coming to an end and see a little rain moving there and get ready across the desert to the southwest, the temps are going to skyrocket for this week. we'll send it back to you. >> dave: rick, the tough mudder thing. you had a speech. the mc at a wounded warriors event last night and that's a cause you care a lot about. >> rick: it was such a great honor to be a part of it. greenwich, coulden con hosting a big fundraiser for the
6:41 am
wounded warsors and they got together in an absolutely spectacular setting and these are some organizers of the event and i was able to be the mc for the event and raise a ton of money and a bunch of wounded warriors out there yesterday and great to see them as well last night. >> dave: nice to see you do that, rick. i made my donation this morning and we all care about wounded warsors, it's funny we talked about how difficult that race was and turned to the wounded warrior and said do that four times, that was like breakfast for us, puts things in perspective. >> clayton: gave a leg in baghdad and-- >> we're going to be talking about armed forces day in five minutes. also, are rich people really the enemy? joe biden coming under fire for his latest attack and the words he used to describe mitt romn romney. >> clayton: plus a major spending flap at the pentagon. should we be cutting money to the military while the u.s. soldiers are still at war.
6:42 am
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6:46 am
foundation, patricia driscoll. good morning, you guys. obviously, military spending is a big debate and the military spends a lion's share of our budget. if the president were to veto any additional military spending, what would that mean for our servicemen and women? >> with he will-- well, they're talking about an increase in our military health care and that's wrong over the next five years, talking about maybe even up to 360% increase. we just can't do that to our troops. they're not talking about raising pay for our retirees or for our service members. they're talking about increasing the cost of their health care. >> dave: now, does the president have a little political cover on this because leon panetta, the secretary, that the bill passed by house republicans could make the situation a little more difficult for the military in the short-term? >> i don't think he has any
6:47 am
cover for this one. none of them do. this is inexcusable. you know, we made a promise to our service members and to our retirees who have already served that we would take care of them and their health care was something always supposed to be free and now we're talking about charging serious premiums to our service members. i don't understand how you can send people to war three, four times and serve our country and turn around and just kidding, we're going to charge for health care now. >> dave: are there some responsible cuts immediate to be made from the defense department budget. >> absolutely. we can make responsible accounts, but i don't think it should be at the expense of health care of service members. and i think we have close to a million people expected to have served and i feel that our health care is something that we need to keep for our military service members, especially in the mental elk
6:48 am
had aspects. if we make the cuts there are a lot of people who will not be treated and lead to other bigger problems in the future that's going to cost us a lot more money. >> alisyn: trisha, as i understand it, you believe that most americans have forgotten what our military and men and women sacrificing and don't think every day that we are still at war. >> yeah, it's been over ten years, and it's been almost it enyears and we have people in theaters and serving and will continue to serve. just because we cut back on portions going over, doesn't mean we've cut officer have is overseas. and we just have had so many people that served we owe it to them to take care of them. >> dave: patricia, i know you do a lot for nascar and the armed forces foundation. switching gears, did you get to the win last night for jimmie johnson. >> i was there. >> dave: and anything that folks can do for the armed forces foundation.
6:49 am
>> we bring wounded troops to the track every week with a program, troops to the track with nascar, a part of the ptsd program and it was an awesome went for jim ji johnson, 200th win for hendrick motor sports and curt, who i cheer for every week. >> dave: of course. >> kurt busch, he was 8th place last night and that's a good win for everybody last night. but if you want to do anything to help out our troops and help us take care of our military service members, look at www.armed forces foundation... original. >> alisyn: we will send our viewers there, thanks, patricia. >> thanks for having us. >> dave: are rich people really the enemy? the vice-president coming under attack for the words he oohed to describe mitt romney and others, could his class warfa warfare-like strategy back fire. >> alisyn: a spy accused of infiltrating a school. and he's not an agent, he
6:50 am
works for the teachers union. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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6:53 am
>> welcome back. vice-president joe biden pushing back against claims that the obama administration is attacking the rich. >> i recent the fact that they think we're talking about, envy, it's job envy, it's wealth envy. that we don't dream. my mother and father believed that if my brother or sister wanted to be a millionaire, they could be a millionaire. my mother and father dreamed as much as any rich guy dreams.
6:54 am
>> dave: man, i sense the howard dean moment coming there. just didn't deliver. our next guest says that's exactly with the obama administration is doing. and lee, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> clayton: the argument from the obama administration, the trickle down economics doesn't work, rich guys get richer and the middle class doesn't get any richer. >> i can't read their mind, the two davids, david plouffe and david axlerod, using this strategy and em employing it again. i believe that joe biden's parents are the first mother and father in american heft to tell their child, if you work hard, you can grow up to be vice-president, it was heartening to hear him say that. but the bottom line, this is
6:55 am
what i called diversion number three, part of the strategy of it's anything, but the economy, stupid. and you know, diversion number one, think about what's happened in the past four weeks, first we had vice-president biden talk about same sex marriage and supposedly stumbled in to forcing the obama administration to flip-flop on same sex marriage. it was anything, but that. it was deliberate in my opinion. and then, we hear that the obama myth mitt romney is a bully. the generous man returning for president in u.s. history and then class warfare rhetoric. when he's talking about dreaming, i'm trying to find the romney quote with only the rich dream. when-- >> and we, i have to cut you off there. the heart of the argument, does it work? does lowering taxes on the wealthy, does it help out the middle class? the better the wealthy do,
6:56 am
what about the middle class? >> first of all, you mentioned trickle down economics. the real folks that are practicing trickle down economics are the obama administration and the democratic party. unfortunately. trickle down economics is sucking billions of dollars from taxpayers and job creators into washington in the looney belief it's going to trickle down and help the american people. >> clayton: lee, we've got to leave is there. unfortunately we're out of time. we appreciate you joining us, come back next weekend, if you will for us. >> great to be with you. >> clayton: thanks, lee. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ♪
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, may 20th. what's happening, wild weather is tearing across america's heartla heartland. >> several tornados touching down in kansas overnight and leaving behind a path of destruction, we'll show you. >> dave: and last week president obama scolded jp morgan for losing 2 billion
7:00 am
dollars on a bad trade. should he scold the auto industry as well. should that be a highlight of his campaign. >> clayton: and an american school infiltrated by a top secret spy. this isn't the first foreign agent. who this agents works for. "fox & friends," hour two. ♪ time to go outdoors for big bass pro event and go outdoors sales happening right now. outside on the plaza this morning and we'll be talking to them about some of the great things you can take up there at the bass pro shop. >> alisyn: we'll have a rematch of the kayaking, dave. >> dave: the fifth year, fourth year. >> alisyn: fourth year? and do you beat clayton every
7:01 am
year. >> clayton: there was nintendo wii kayaking, i beat him in that. >> dave: thanks for bringing that up. >> alisyn: a fox news alert out of chicago where anti-n.a.t.o. protesters clash with police all day and well into the night. they're threatening even bigger riots today as we get close to the summit's opening later this evening. >> clayton: peter doocy will i have with the details this morning with more on this, good morning, peter. >> reporter: good morning, clayton. out of about a thousand people who protested in the loop, basecle the center of i go sh, only a half dozen arrested according to the superintendent of police. but there were certainly more than half a dozen protesters who were pushing the limit of what was legal and despite that. dest. pete the protesters best efforts, quotes to the action and near the hotel where the world leaders are staying, authorities were i believe a to redirect themselves, to the chicago river and away from the site of the summit and away from michigan avenue where a lot of chicagoans
7:02 am
likes to spend saturday night eating and shopping, but those protests were small potatoes compared to what police are expecting today. there will be an anti-war rally in chicago, and the same spot as president obama's victory rally on election night in 2008. that's a big crowd shot. per the war in afghanistan, the security council tom donlan says the next step is critical in responsible ending of the war and on top of the n.a.t.o. countries there, there are reps from 61 different nations, plus, folks from the u.n. and the world bank and even though he has a busy day today, the president stayed up very late loose night. popping out of the hotel room well after the press, shaking hands with startled, but excited guests at the share tan, our ed henry took the picture. surprised to see him there, the security is tight different the protests and the
7:03 am
threats against the summit. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: sure looks like ed henry was able to get close to him. >> clayton: right here. apparently when ed henry -- president obama was going to shake hands with secret service agents working metal detectors and when he saw ed henry, let him in, he follows me around, he's okay, but the president was apparently kidding they don't want another scandal, any trouble with the secret service. >> no, no, he wasn't kidding. he gave the wink-wink. when he says he knows you, double the search. secret service, always the code. can't let ed henry slip by. never know-- >> as the president was meeting with leaders in chicago, mitt romney is busy as well. and he has brought out two of the biggest guns in the potential, certainly, vp stakes to help him on the trail. >> clayton: two individuals who repeatedly said they would not be involved although governor christy conceded some
7:04 am
ground, he could be persuaded perhaps, if mitt romney was persuadable to get him involved in the vice-presidential stakes, but they were out there slamming president obama and this is what i guess you want for your surrogates to be out there helping you slam the current administration and here is governor chris christie in kentucky slamming the president. >> he says that for the american people, it talks about high speed rail and high speed internet active, and electric cars. now, listen, this country's problems are too serious, too serious to spend another day with a bystander in the oval office. >> dave: that was just barely, him getting started. chris christie went on to call the president the most ill-prepared person to assume the presidency in my lifetime. he went on to say this is a guy who literally walks around in the dark trying to find the light switch to leadership. he didn't even know where it is let alone how to operate
7:05 am
it. is that the guy that you want as your vice-president, guys. >> alisyn: probably. i mean, yes, you don't want mitt romney to say those things. that would be unpresidential. that would be unbecoming, right? you do want a jersey guy to go jersey on it and then talk about that. i mean, that is -- if you use the biden model, that has become the role of the vice-president, to say the things that the president wouldn't say. >> like vice-president biden saying inflammatory things and the white house able to distance itself apart from that. it's know the president obama out there saying those things. >> dave: charismaticly though, you wonder would that upstage mitt romney? you're not going to upstage obama in terms of that presence, but i don't know, here is another one, marco rubio who many feel is the guy for the slot. and he was in south carolina talking about the importance of this election. the stakes in this election are so extraordinary that unlike ever before, the republican party at this moment needs to be more
7:06 am
unified than it's ever been with a singular purpose and that is to change who occupies the white house, and the majorities in the united states senate. this is not about weather conservatives or liberals win. et cetera not about whether republicans or democrats win, this is about defining what kind of country we want and what kind of role we want it it play in this new century. >> republicans calling out the white house for a bit of hypocrisy on stricter rules on wall street in the wake of jp morgan massive loss. there is criticism from the g.o.p. camps against the obama administration, basically the obama administration publicly slams the large wall street firms for making beg mistakes and around the back door decides to take donations and money from some of very same private equity firms and otherwise. >> dave: it's not just that, but singling out the jp morgan
7:07 am
2 billion dollar loss, but bm sipped that out as the need for more regulation on wall street. here is what he said. >> for the past three and a half years we've been fighting back from a hurricane economic crisis one caused by breath taking irresponsible on the part of some on wall street who treated our financial system like a casino. recently we've seen why we can't let that happen. we found out that a big mistake at one of our biggest banks resulted in a 2 billion dollar loss. we can't afford to go back to that brand of you're on your own economics. not after the american people have worked so hard to come back from this crisis. >> let me just frame this. now, here is the question. jp morgan did lose a lot of money, their own money. no tea party dollars, it was essentially a 1% error, a trading error, know the a lot of money for jp morgan, make billions in the quarter and this is a massive bank who never needed bailout money, never a dime and the
7:08 am
government encouraged them. but furthermore. >> a 1% error, meanwhile, the auto industry is going to lose taxpayers north of 20 billion dollars and that is something that going around the country touting as the ultimate success story, is that hypocritical. the vice-president talks how the auto bailout worked and they did save the auto companies from utter destruction, so let's listen to the vice-president. >> we made it very difficult and at times we made it, it was an unpopular decision we made, early on to rescue the auto industry. >> and even some of our friends didn't think it was a weez wise thing to do. but the president wasn't about to gef up on iconic industry to help build the middle class. ladies and gentlemen, now, instead of hemorrhaging 400,000 jobs which they did just before they came to office, since the organization, they've added
7:09 am
200,000 new jobs. and growing. [applause]. >> news reports call it threading the needle. and the one hand criticizing and putting up on their website, those individuals who say they're betting against america donating to the mitt romney campaign, the blackstone group specifically. meanwhile, holding a fundraiser and 200 million dollars from the president of the blackstone group for his own campaign. i'm taking money on one side and criticizing those on the other side. >> shouldn't we prioritize, over the bank's own money? and threading the needle. >> let us know what you think about that. meanwhile, we have some news headlines to tell you about and a fox news alert right now. because we are getting our first look at the damage, from a deadly 6.0 magnitude quake that rocks northern italy. this is our news room, the quake hitting 20 miles north of the city of bologna.
7:10 am
and it's the longest quake in three yearsment to an extreme weather alert. a wizard of oz-like tornado hit kansas, the storm chaser cat one on camera, 17 twister touchdowns most of them in and around wichita. folks there seeing hail the size of baseballs. and several homes and buildings were damaged. fortunately, no one was hurt. this is one way to snag an endorsement. new york's charlie rangel going godfather on potential detractors. >> make them an offer they can't refuse. >> alisyn: okay. i don't think that's charlie rangel, but get this, the new york post is reporting one of the top campaign managers threatened a new york state senator. the campaign manager
7:11 am
reportedly telling the senator he would himself, he himself would run against him in the next senate race if he did not endorse rangele for congress. rangel running for his 22nd time-- all right. i love to run the godfather. an a music cal send-off on last night's season finale. >> and held back, our music department got a song prepared to say goodbye. this one is for you. ♪ ♪ goodbye ruby tuesday ♪ >> christen it wiig held back tears and guest host mick jagger and leaves behind a ten year legacy and includes one of her more famous political impressions, nancy pelosi.
7:12 am
>> we americans have always been a religious people, a member of my staff tells me and whatever you may have heard, the democratic party is not anti-religion, whether you're a wiccan priestess, buddha, lord of fire, presbyterian or member of the cult of collie, your faith will be respected so long as no animals are harmed during your ceremonies, except of course, gerbils. >> and who can forget the target lady. >> tomato seeds. >> alisyn: disturbing. and she's reportedly now going to focus on her movie career. she will be missed. >> my favorite character of hers, had to one-up. >> dave: imagine sitting down with your doctor to explain your problems and he says to you, shut up, stop whining,
7:13 am
your psychologist, rather. controversial new treatment some shrinks are trying, tough love. >> alisyn: hey, remember the hanging chad? turns out those were just the start of florida's voting problems. this year, thousands of people are registered to vote that shouldn't be voting at all. >> clayton: it's not just colorado, florida is the one with the issues year after year. ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
7:14 am
♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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there's no going back. at the sleep number memorial day sale, save 40% on our innovative sleep number silver edition bed-for a limited time. only at the sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> welcome back. remember the drama of the 2000 election. florida became the laughingstock of the country with the land of the recount and the hanging chad. and part of america's vocabulary back then and when it came back, the election was decided by 537 votes. we know how that ended upment now as november nears, could
7:17 am
we be headed for more trouble as the votes are castment and a florida co-chair of the romney presidential campaign, nice to see you this morning. do you mind florida considered a laughingstock? >> well, i don't think we here in florida are still, are a laughing somebodying. certainly 12 years ago we were, but, look, the florida division of elections is trying to make sure there is no voter fraud or potential for voter fraud and generated some of the recent headlines. >> clayton: as you point out you might not be a laughingstock currently. there are major issues, not just in florida, but across the country. identified 183,000 potential people in florida who may not be citizens, but registered to vote. how does that happen? >> the florida division of election, eved these as you said 183,000 people who have registered to vote, but who may not be citizens, but there's been some dispute about the accuracy of that list. they sent a list of about 2600
7:18 am
voters to the local supervisors of elections and asked them to determine and ask registered voters whether they were citizens to show they were proof they were citizens. controversy on one hand you want to make sure that people who are not eligible to vote to vote. on the other hand you want people eligible to vote to vote. i think they'll get access to homeland security data base to most accurately check and make sure that only u.s. citizens are able to vote in florida. >> could this this be a potential backlash for the g.o.p. the miami herald looking at them trying to go after some of the individuals and make sure they're eligible to vote? >> i don't think it's a problem as long as the people who are not eligible to vote are the ones taken 0 of the roles. if people who are eligible to vote are taken off the roles,
7:19 am
then it becomes a problem about you it is importa for the integrity of our electoral process that the state division of elections and local election supervisors ensure that only u.s. citizens are able to vote. but i wouldn't put it past the democrats, to potentially make a political issue of this, but i think it needs to be based on the facts and not just speculation as to what the state ultimately does. >> almost out of time. is there any clear, quick way to fix this? >> i don't think so. you're looking at guy gap particular data bases, 12 million voters in florida. computer analysis and lists, it's going to take time to short this out. >> and 12 years wasn't enough i guess. >> aen maybe by 20/24 we'll get it figured out. >> i think by november. >> and we don't want another 2000. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for being here. >> imagine sitting down with your doctor and discuss your health problems and he says, sht up and stop whining.
7:20 am
and doctors are trying tough lovement a school infiltrated by a secret agent. the spy worked for the teachers union. ♪ now's the time to move from where you are to where you want to go. look up. with u.s. bank let's get the wheels turning. use our strength & stability to open new opportunities. to lend, and lift ...every business...every dream... to new heights of prosperity. good things are happening. just look up. with u.s. bank.
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7:23 am
>> what would you do if you went to your therapist's office and she told you to stop whining? >> love it. some therapists are using tough love techniques during their session toss bring patients back down to reality and get to the root of the problem. does it work? joining us is psychotherapist julie hanks. >> good morning, julie.
7:24 am
>> good morning. >> does tough love work? and how do you dispense with it? >> it does, it does work. people are paying therapists and paying me to help them change not to just listen to the same complaints over and over again. >> julie, here is what i found interesting in what you do. you sometimes challenge your patients to go an entire session without talking about their pet issues such as their mother or spouse. what else is there to talk about in therapy? >> well, i do let them talk about those, those complaints, but there's a-- there comes a point where i say, okay, enough. we've got to get really to the root of what's going on. what people present with in therapy is not the core issue. >> dave: exactly wherein lies the difference between normal therapy, things you need to get off your back, and whining. where do you draw the line? >> well, the difference
7:25 am
between whining and good therapy is, good therapy helps you really get to the core emotion and what's really going on underneath the surface. and there's this stereo type that therapy is just letting people go on and on complaining and that's not what it's about. we want to get people to understand what the root of their problems are and then actually make some change. not just talk about the negative things in their life. >> alisyn: and does complain do the hard work? obviously, people outside of therapy could use some tips to stop whining. you think it's become a bit of an epidemic. let' talk about the tips. ask for feedback, what does that mean? >> yes, so if you wonder, do i whine? ask your close friends and family, they will tell you ab be relieved that you're asking, you do whine, you're too negative. knock it off. >> dave: and set whine time. so there is a time that you allow it or encourage it?
7:26 am
>> yes. so, in a session, i may say, okay, i have five minutes, let's talk about that topic, you know, your boss or your ex wife or whoever it is. aen then, we're going to move on from that, because that's not the issue and you can do that in your real life, too. and you can say, i'm going to give myself ten minutes to whine and done with it. >> and then keep certain topics off limits and what do i want. in terms of the off limits, if you're stuck in a rut and complaining about your spouse, j us, take that off the table? >> yes, say you're going to lunch with a friend. okay, i am not going to talk about my spouse and how annoyed i am with x, yz, see if you can do it. >> dave: julie hanks,.com. i like it, no more whining,
7:27 am
people. >> alisyn: let's try to do it for the next two and a half hours. >> dave: we have a couch right here. >> alisyn: thanks, julie. justin bieber, a role model for millions of american pre-teens, but those mimicking one of his trademark styles might be putting their own health in danger, we'll explain. a. >> dave: then yesterday, and competing in the mud and today, we're out to sea of sorts. we're going kayaking and clayton and i will battle here in midtown manhattan. ♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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7:31 am
>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning, do you suffer from vision problems? well, you may want to blame this guy if you've been wearing your hair like him. justin bieber, not only is he-- there's a health risk associated with justin bieber, some ophthalmologist, blaming his hair cut for a lazy eye. >> alisyn: there you can't see it. in this video you can't see it, the swoop over one eye. and then we have some pictures, the banks, i could do the beebs. i can do the swoop. >> like that.
7:32 am
one eye covered with hair. >> alisyn: that's the beebs sort of it. this my manies had a lazy i. >> dave: resembles what happens when you cover an it a patch. >> alisyn: that's you in high school looks like james spader. >> clayton: that's c my within eye is weak. >> dave: you think you rock the bieber. >> alisyn: yeah, that's your high school graduation picture. >> dave: i can do that, i have enough hair right now, i'm not going to do it now. >> alisyn: if it goes all the way down, that's where they say that it could cause eye problems, one ophthalmologist, and neck and posture products, you're having to flick your hair out of your icons stantly and causes neck problems. you're welcome. >> clayton: bieber is waking
7:33 am
up, going, what is this headline about it you. blamed for lazy eyes. >> alisyn: and we'll talk to you about this. if you saw "waiting for superman" you know that charter schools at least in new york are very appealing to parents. because they don't use unionized teachers so they're able to actually have more productive students in some ways because they can get rid of teachers that aren't working out or that aren't pretty much-- so, anyway it appears that now, a spy from the teachers union had infiltrated one of the charter schools and is walking around snapping pictures. >> dave: yeah, a union photographer at a manhattan charter school was caught in this school snapping photos of as alisyn said, the students, things on the walls and hallways. >> clayton: to see how it's done. >> dave: we're not sure what the point of this was e i want to see what a successful school looks like. >> alisyn: or maybe doing opposition research.
7:34 am
trying to follow them around or find some dirt on the charter school. hooker is what the charter school spokeswoman has to say, calls it harassment, a pattern of union harassment that's happened over many years, but i don't know how it's harassment. maybe trying to gather information what makes it successful. >> dave: the teachers union says they were escorted by a union rep the right to be there for what it's worth. >> alisyn: it's an interesting debate. charter schools are appealing right now to some parents in manhattan, i don't know about the rest of the country. >> all over the country. >> alisyn: so many public schools are deteriorating. >> clayton: did you see last week, that was a huge story, all of these people on the a waiting list, a longer waiting list than they. >> dave: more on the waiting list than in the schools, more charter schools. >> clayton: yeah. >> alisyn: meanwhile, let's get your headlines, what else is happening in the news. police say these three men you're about to see were dead set attacking the president's campaign headquarters ahead of
7:35 am
the n.a.t.o. summit and on the list, rahm emanuel's house as well as global police stations. the welcome of choice, homemade fire bomb. all three are facing terror charges and even their own families say they didn't see it coming. >> i was quite surprised. >> why is that? >> because he's never done anything like that before or indicated he was capable of such a tactful act. i didn't expect anything like that. >> did he seem capable of violence. >> no, nothing. he's had arguments or disagreements in the past, where it would become physical, but nothing like this. >> clayton: what. >> alisyn: police nabbed during a raid earlier this week and of course claimed that they found molotov cocktails, swords, a gas mask in the department. the end of a serious diplomatic standoff.
7:36 am
[applaus [applause] >> that's the blind chinese activist chen gauuangcheng arriving in the united states this weekend after leaving beijing. he spent months under house arrest and years in chinese prison. he remains in the u.s. on a visa to study law at new york state university. tell us about the triple crown, will you. >> dave: another triple crown contender, always fun. here is what happened saturday at the preakness. >> and i'll have another in a dramatic preakness, and gets there. horror he comes, there's the wir wire. >> dave: pretty much a replay of kentucky derby. mario gutierrez riding i'll have another to the victory. and two weeks ago, gutierrez
7:37 am
kentucky derby, just like he did. and the last time a horse won all three, triple crown affirmed in 1978. smarty jones made a run at it and in 2008. sounded like the announcer was going to have a mild infarction, really excited. let' go to rick. >> rick: big brown, dave the last horse was about to be the triple crown, thought it might be. >> dave: always the third leg that's brutal and as you pointed out the weather plays a role. >> rick: and belmont, later in the season gets warm. we have a couple of things going on the one is a tropical storm, tropical storm alberto formed yesterday, take a look at the weather maps and you can see the satellite there. it's a very small storm, not a big issue for us, it will bring a little bit of rain and maybe 30 mile per hour winds across the south carolina coast line, a little bit of squall, a little bit of kind
7:38 am
of rough surf, but for the most part. a slow moverment by tuesday starts to move up to the northeast and it will stay off shore. we're not expecting big impacts, but about 12 daes -- 12 days early. and across areas of the northeast, another spectacular day, getting warm towards buffalo. 87 degrees, a ton of sunshine, boy the late afternoon, we'll start to see some clouds fill in, especially across the southern end of that. from the same are tropical storm. move to the south and a little bit of rain from the alberto coast line and we'll see the showers, and later this afternoon as well. across oklahoma, temps in the 80's and 90's, and towards the northern plains, severe weather later today. mostly some wind and hail possible not looking at a tornado outbreak, across the areas of wisconsin and illinois, we'll see some storms and as the cold front moves through, temperatures down and across the west we're talking about another nice
7:39 am
day, except toward the pacific southwest northwest, see a storm move in and rain and some clouds cover, all right. clayton, let's send it over to you. thank you so much. and bass pro shops is here because it's their big go outdoors event which starts today and goes to may 28th. and i'm joined to tell us about it, great to he zoo-- see you. folks can go out to bass pro shop and get outdoors for the summer. over my shoulder, this is a great deal. >> nothing better than being out on the water. there's something mystical about being on the water and bass tracker, is the number one boat in earthquake m. this is the 175, boat, motor, trailer, easy to control by the car. >> a great, great deal. >> all right. hopefully the honey is watching and maybe-- great deals on tomorrow outdoor gear to get outside and get on the boat for
7:40 am
safety's sake and great vests. >> coast guard approved and under 15 bucks. kids and adult vest, important to have one on the water. >> 1595 and you need one out on the water. you'll get a ticket sometimes, got to have them on the water. and also shoes. you don't want to ruin other nice shoes or sneakers, water type shoes. teva has a great-- >> between the toes, these are normally $70. during the go outdoors eventment under 40 bucks, a great shoe to wear and-- >> under $40. i think i made a mistake paying for tevas upwards of $100. >> great shoes. >> clayton: and wills some other mens and ladies water shoes. and t-shirts and jackets all kind of things. >> a great outdoor adventure. a seven day all expense trip
7:41 am
to hawaii, and go to the store and register for a trip to a hawaii. it doesn't take a lot of money to go outdoors. you don't have to spend a lot of money, it's not real expensive just to camp in your back yard or to go out in the mountains, the appalachian mountains and go camping. something cheap you can do with your family and create lifetime memories. some of my great memories going outside and camping. go over to the big outdoors event at bass pro shop. and kayaking in a little while. and next hour we'll show you great tents and backpacking equipment as well. guys, back to you. >> alisyn: sounds good. clayton, looking forward to it. looks cool. >> dave: scientists say something will happen in the sky today that we haven't seen in nearly two decades. ring of fire. >> meet a group of incredible people we haven't heard of until now, the american heroes wounded at war.
7:42 am
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>> welcome back, quick headlines now, a massive fire guts the entire phi cappa alpha fraternity house at louisiana tech university. a pike, and several brothers may be to blame. they apparently were burning textbooks as part of a celebrity tri end of the school year ritual. not saying it's a good one. fortunately, no one was hurt. get ready for the ring of fire, guys, an extremely rare solar eclipse is set to happen this evening. the last time we saw this kind of eclipse was back in 1994. folks in california will have reportedly the best view, around 6:30 pacific time. so, clayton, out of luck out east. >> clayton: we're out east and there is the strip where you can see it. i tweeted a good article how to look at it so you don't burn your eyes. some lucky wounded warriors
7:46 am
are getting a left making their wish come true. and joining us is hally and gunnery sergeant who went on one of the trips. >> good morning. >> inks that for having me. >> clayton: how did you have an idea to help our veterans this way? >> well, we have joined with various organizations that help other military people, military organizations and we're joining with them to go down to bethesda and give a little r and r. it's a wonderful way to get them out of the hospital and they're there for many months at a time and for them to be able to go out and see the world and see the businesses of the country embrace them. a wonderful thing and enables them come back and have more hope for the rehabilitation e everyone needs a vacation and sergeant john hays, you had one of these trips and able to
7:47 am
fly on one of the flights that joe was able to pro side. what did it mean for you? >> it was phenomenal. to say it was a dream come true, it wasn't a dream as a kid living in florida to ever go to a chicago bulls game. i knew it would never happen. when i as approached by joe and my friend mike, i was floored, i jumped out of my chair and couldn't wait to kiss the floor and go to the sacred ground that is the united center. >> i would love to go to the united center sometime, too. >> awesome. >> clayton: john, you're a double amputee, use wheelchair, still active duty, and you have a wife and daughters. it's a tight communities for those who sacrificed for their country. what does it mean to get out and get some air and rest and relaxation because that time in the hospital getting back to who you really are, rehabilitate takes some time
7:48 am
ap effort. what does it mean to you? >> it really does, clayton and that's the unseen side of the rehabilitation, is the depression, the days and months in the hospital. this is a devastating injury for most guys and in the military, you know, we're pretty head strong and confident. when you lose the majority of your body. i know i'll never walk my daughters down the aisle and hurts me deeply, but when i get invited to the chicago bulls auditorium in the united center and that really kind of helps, you know, sweeten the deal and get my mind off the negative and focus on the positive and there are good people that care about me. >> clayton: joe, what does it mean for you in your organization, being able to provide, it must make you feel special to do something like this? >> it does. and i get to stay with them overnight or the two nights that we stay and fabulous
7:49 am
thing, one of the trips i took my son so they get to see the sacrifice that people his age actually have had to endure and it's a lot of fun and what i get a lot of enjoyment out of is to watch the soldiers the second day because they really relax. they're out? public and they're not on show or let's say out for show, having a good time and it's a wonderful thing they're able to do to offer that to them. >> and joe, fast before we go. is there a website people can go and help donate and provide assistance? >> yes, with a be wab pal p-a-l >> clayton: we'll link it up, and get as much service as possible. and dropping student health care coverage, is obama care to blame? the president of that
7:50 am
university joins us to talk about it. while the whole world was talking about facebook's ipo and making money, mark zuckerberg was siding a big secret. this morning we'll tell you what it is. ♪
7:51 am
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7:53 am
. >> one catholic university this ohio is considering dropping all student health care because it finds obama care repugnant. plus, they say it's making the premiums too expensive. >> we cannot comply with this sort of order. it goes against our deeply held moral and religious beliefs and we will fight it and we have been fighting it. so, this is an attack on our
7:54 am
first amendment freedoms. >> and another college may be following suit. jim of ava maria school in florida. why are you considering dropping student health care. >> it's no surprise that ava maria, and we think it's an attack on religious liberty and sued and found out from our insurers last week that our student health plan is not only going to see a huge increase in costs, but falls under the same federal mandate. >> alisyn: the premiums to go up between 67 and 82%, obviously, that's astronomical, but you do want it serve students and health care is important for students. what's the solution? >> we do think it's important. in fact, we require our students to have health insurance, it's good for them to get treated when they're ill and a lot of college age
7:55 am
kids put it off. so we say, you have to have health insurance. all of our students do. we pass through the pain to the insurance company. the school doesn't subsidize it, but now we're not only asked to pass on the huge increase no one discussed or participated that our students won't wan to pay and question the university for raising costs in the bill. we're saying no, we used to provide this man mra for our students and we're not going to do it anymore, the policy decisions made by our board and i don't see how we can stay in the student health care business. >> tomorrow, we know you have a big meeting planned on this, what do you think the outcome will be? >> i think right now when you look at all of this, ali, the reality is, we wanted to be a good university and encourage our students to have health insurance, make it affordable, getting them in a group plan. no one said during the debate on obama care, that student health costs would go up by
7:56 am
67%, they'll be shocked when they see it and not only that the deductible from 150 to $200, we're trying to coo ep the costs down and we're facing this pressure from the government. my guess is that when the board gets together they're going it decide that we get out of the health insurance and that's probably where ava maria is headed. >> and thank you for p coming up on this morning. >> thanks, ali. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ggie . hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
7:57 am
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>> good morning, everyone. sunday, may 20th, i'm alisyn camerota. a fox news alert for you. n.a.t.o. protesters taking the windy city by storm as world leaders ga thisser out of afghanistan. a live report from chicago for us. >> meanwhile, president obama making a point of saying, women have a seat at the table during the g8 summit. with so many females voters
8:00 am
losing their jobs, is he trying to court the vote at the g8. we report, you decide. >> facebook's co-founder defriended america and allegedly skipped out on paying taxes and there's a push to stop the expatriates. and we'll hear from senator bob casey, no more skipping out on your citizenship to avoid paying taxes. ♪ >> and splish-splash taking a path ♪ >> have you seen the driving racoon, the turk jerky, and the racoon is eating turkey jerky. >> and driving a boat. bass pro shop has it all,
8:01 am
including the driving raccoon and a kayak race, that clayton and i will participate in. >> clayton: the rules have changed. >> dave: that's good. i feel the competitive after yesterday's tough mudder and having a hard time motivating. >> clayton: you're the most competitive human being i've met. you'll come back. >> alisyn: and have you been training? >> oh, sure. >> alisyn: good. >> clayton: doesn't i look like i've been training kayak racing. >> alisyn: if i had lost the past five consecutive years you might change something this year? i don't know. >> clayton: this will make it five to be fair. i have new shoes i'm going to wear. >> alisyn: let's talk about what happened at the g8 summit. because the top countries and economies in the world got together and there in stark relief were the two different styles, right there on the national stage. in terms of there you've got it, angela merkel and president obama, one who believed that austerity
8:02 am
measures were going to turn around the country and president obama thought that stimulus would turn out the country and turns out neither one was the silver bullet, but you could argue that stimulus helped america more than austerity in europe. >> clayton: perhaps helped germany more to your point about angela merkel. the point is that germany was tired of bailing out other countries and deep cuts and harsh decisions and helping to bail out the like of greece, teeters on the brink of financial ruin. you look at greece and scratch your head about the amount of mo inthey-- money that they waste and spend and new french president hollande. >> dave: and how it dramatically affects our job situation in the u.s. >> europe is our largest economic partner. if a company is forced to cut
8:03 am
back in paris or madrid. that might be like business for manufacturers in pittsburgh and milwaukee and tougher times for families. >> clayton: what was accomplished? the bottom line, there are some glimmers of hope they were able to come to some agreement. yes, austerity measures need to take place, germany looked like it was willing to give some ground for wages on federal families and employees. and growth in addition to the cuts there's agreement. >> dave: it's not as if our stimulus as our robust economy growing rapidly. i'm sure merkel said look in the mirror. >> alisyn: and look at dire straits that the world's biggest economies are in right now. we have an illustration for you here. russia is 126 billion, billion, yes, dollars in debt.
8:04 am
japan up to the trillion there, you see the t behind there 12. and is goes on. >> there's no signing example. wake up at the g8 summit and looking in the mirror, the only one saying thr kind of okay, i don't know, maybe russia. >> dave: not pictured china, who owns all of that debt. >> clayton: they're all just shuffling debt around when they played monopoly. >> dave: what is the lesson to be learned? i don't know if there is one. the president brings up something that may have seen a little bit out of bounds at the g8 talking about that women's vote or was he pandering to the women's vote i guess is the question. bringing up where women stand worldwide in terms of getting jobs, this is what he said. you decide. i go he is-- i guess we're not ready for that. some said it was out of character for the women's
8:05 am
scene. >> women's empowerment was not on the agenda, but what is interesting, i think what happened in the poll numbers, president obama versus mitt romney, in just one week, if you believe the new cbs new york times poll. he has flipped it. president obama was ahead in the women's vote and now he's behind in new york times. you have to, if you believe it's political, keep talking about women's empowerment and what he would do for women to make sure his poll numbers keep going up. >> clayton: and here is the president. >> we had a brief discussion around the you shall an of women's empowerment both when it comes to economic development and when it comes to the peace and security issues, empowering women to have a seat at the table and get more engaged and involved in these processes can be extraordinarily fruitful. >> clayton: surprising given the poll numbers, how well president is doing with women. in the recovery it turns out
8:06 am
that women have been by far the hardest hit. in the recession it's the man. the man-session it was called. look at this of 1.3 million jobs last year, only 149,000 were gained by women according to the bureau of labor statistics. you brought up the point that you don't know if the men got the jobs back and i don't need that job anymore, and go home. >> alisyn: and that's one of the theory, that after their husbands went back to work. you can coin the man-covery. and construction jobs have gone away and manufacturing jobs have gone away and taking jobs previously held by women. >> dave: and young people struggling a bit in this economy, no surprise there. unemployment for 24 year olds. up since 2008.
8:07 am
and college grads moving home in a great number. 40% moving home. and interesting article in the new york times. and an anchor wrote that the obama campaign has been m maddeningly off point and suggesting they're missing the mark talking to the women. >> alisyn: was she saying they're too condescending, i have written-- >> it's part of the argument. >> alisyn: we've heard that, too, if you think that women are victims then that's the right approach. >> she's saying we're not victims, don't want to be treated that way. we want a seat at the table and in the room and fight for ourselves. put it on twitter in a minute. >> your headlines and tell you what else is happening for your fox news alert. and two soldiers killed in afghanistan, two service members from n.a.t.o.'s national security force, killed by insurgents and their nationalities have not been released after two u.s. troops
8:08 am
were killed friday in a taliban rocket attack. and we have an extreme weather alert for you, caught on camera in kansas and a storm chaser, catching the video of the tornado, at least one of 17 twisters spotted las night in and around the wichita area and the folks seeing hail the size of baseballs and several homes and businesses damaged. fortunately, no one is hurt. the naacp is putting support behind same sex marriage, calling it a quote, continuation of its historic commitment to equal protection under the law. it could be a risky one, and check out the pew research center poll from last month. 49% of black wroters are opposed compared with 43%. mark zuckerberg can change his status to married. he wed his girlfriend during a surprise ceremony at his home
8:09 am
in palo alto, california. guests thought that they were there to celebrate her graduation from medical school. the wedding game one day after he saw his wealth soar to 20 billion dollars because of his facebook historic ipo. she has impeccable timing. >> dave: but it's not an enormous smile for a man who just was worth 20 billion. >> alisyn: em comfortable forever. >> dave: suckerberg in a suit. >> clayton: and i'm going home to the 7 million dollars home i just bought. >> dave: and he had the tie undone. >> clayton: you and i, we have to take the knot out right away. >> dave: let's go to rick reichmuth. >> i think she's used to being wealthy. now he has 20 billion. it's not like he had 20 bucks before. i think she's already used to
8:10 am
it. and hey, so, yesterday we had a tropical storm that formed. alberto, this is it here it doesn look that men naysi-- menacin menacing. it's going to quickly move off to the northeast and it will be there for a couple of days and as it does, scattered showers and by the time we get to tuesday, light blue, inch to half inch. it's not a big problem for us, but 12 days before the official start to the atlantic hurricane season and the first named storm and that's it right there. across the plains, we've got plain this morning, across areas of minnesota and parts of oklahoma, across the west, you're looking quite fine except some rain that's going to move into areas of the northwest. quickly, i want to show you we have the threat for severe weather, illinois and mostly
8:11 am
talking hail and wind not a big tornado threat today. back to you. thanks, rick. when hail gets mixed with wind, not rell a concern. >> alisyn: it's not pleasant. >> clayton: hit in the head with that. coming up on the show, world leaders about to get a taste of chicago politics will run into this instead. take a look. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> no, no! . >> clayton: while you were sleeping protesters packed the streets of president obama's hometown after the break. >> dave: kids pay attention, more moms are getting facebook savvy to bust their kids doing bad things. wait until you see one mom's creative punishment. that's coming up. ♪
8:12 am
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8:15 am
>> fox news alert now. overnight protesters wreaking havoc in the streets of chicago. rallying against the n.a.t.o. summit set to kick off later today. >> alisyn: peter doocy joins us live with the details. what's happening in chicago? >> reporter: alisyn and dave, only half a dozen people reportedly arrested of the thousand or so protesting in chicago's loop last night according to the superintendent of police. despite wild looking scenes in the streets of the second city. things were pretty peaceful for the most part. there hasn't been reports of major damage, a lot that small businesses were worried about during the run-up to the summit and police were successful doing what they wanted keeping the crowd south of the chicago river and away from both the summit and from michigan avenue, which is a popular spot for chicagoans on
8:16 am
a saturday night, but the biggest protests are expected today, sunday, and a major anti-war rally is going to take place in the same spot where president obama held his victory party on election night back in 2008, grant park. from grant park, all of those anti-war protesters are going to march to the summit where the war in afghanistan is going to be a major topic of discussion. the white house's national security director, tom donlan says it's a critical milestone in the next step toward a responsible ending of the war and even though we have a busy day today. the president stayed up very late last night popping out of his hotel room well after the press was told he was in for the night. shaking hands with startled, but excited guests at the sheraton hotel our ed henry was surprising, the security is so tight given the protests and the threats against the summit. there he is, a camera phone picture and he is up again today for very big meetings,
8:17 am
thanks to you. >> alisyn: you're right, peter, obviously those people hadn't gone through a metal detectors, they were in the lobby. >> there were metal detectors in the hotel because he's staying there and that's where-- >> secret service. >> alisyn: that's better. >> reporter: and the president had the secret service all around him. >> alisyn: we saw one of the guys behind him. >> dave: because we know the guy a long time. thanks, peter. should military chaplains be required to marry couples even of the same sex? speaker pelosi pushing an idea that's not making many folks happy. >> alisyn: and then even-- sorry, ever dropped your cell phone, dave? >> oh, yeah, a few times. >> alisyn: one of clayton's new gadgets guarantees it will never break on you again. >> dave: yea, morris. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh. >> dave: wait a minute. >> clayton: still great, still great. >> dave: it popped open.
8:18 am
♪ wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggs and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8.
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8:21 am
>> 8:21 eastern, time for your news by the numbers. first 17, that's how many days the chinese coal miners spent trapped underground in an act that killed at least ten other people. one now in stable condition. and next, 1978 the last time a horse won the triple crown. i'll have another just won the preakness and kentucky derby, and the horse has a shot at history in the belmont june 9. 1 million dollars all you have to pay to own new york city's pricest parking spot. the space is actually inside an apartment building.
8:22 am
and guys? >> thanks, dave. >> alisyn: hi, everybody, it's time to geek out over the best tech gadgets and gizmos for summer fun. clayton morris our resident geek is here to show us what's going to be hot. >> clayton: at the beach and pool, barbecues and picnics. outside and actually active in general. if you go to the gym see a hot of team, you can sync with the treadmill you're on. heart rate, calories, every step. a tour de france that came out and cycling information as well. put in your height, weight, your information is inside. >> dave: i love that, i hate pushing the buttons to cycle through. >> clayton: turn it off and you can see if you've been active or not. shows a guy walking or sitting too long and actually maybe get up someone walking.
8:23 am
>> alisyn: mine shows someone napping. >> clayton: little z's. >> alisyn: these are for kids. >> clayton: i love these. wrap these around the kid's wrist and cover them in sunscreen like you normally would and absorbs the sunscreen and when it turns a color to let you know, oh, my gosh, it's worn off. i need to put more sunscreen on the kid. it shows on the wrist by the pool and water and you don't know how long it was, an hour ago that i put on sunscreen, the wristband tells. >> alisyn: usually we use when the skin is a different color, time to reapply. aen now it's bands. great. >> dave: and phones that are waterproof. >> a lot of people swim and swim for an hour and you think you're jogging, like to jog with music. what if you can swim. h h2o, ear plugs, don't want to
8:24 am
worry about getting wet while listening or swimming and waterproof i-bands and put an ipod or ipod touch inside. >> alisyn: tell us about the docking station. >> barringer, at the picnic, people are moving around and put on your i-touch and pick up the speakers and move them around and up to 150 feet in-house and one location by the grill and uninside. >> dave: they're wireless. >> no wires at all. fantastic. >> alisyn: brave new world. >> clayton: i-home, i love these guys, i w-2. apple has technology called air play and use your wi-fi network to stream your audio tune to different devices and i-home lets you air play to any defense, pick it up and move it dent worry about losing your tunes out having a
8:25 am
barbecue, using air play, stream pandora, anything in your itunes to this device. >> $200 i haven't heard the term boom box in a while, but it's back, baby? >> it is back and eaton-- >> on the shoulder? >> it has a solar panel on the front. >> dave: i do. >> clayton: you don't need to worry about sitting at the beach and iphone on the back and mp3 player on the back and connect it there and let it sit in the sun and gets full audio all day. >> plug in your iphone and you need the cord and runs, that's fantastic. >> clayton: people down at the beach worried about the batteries. >> dave: could have used this. >> alisyn: and dave could use this anytime of the day he's broke and few iphones. >> and laptops and cases, pelican is probably the leading company in the world for cases that don't break. the hard indestruct tibl cases, hiking, backpacking,
8:26 am
mp3 holder and plug it in, lock it up. put it on your belt, climb the mountain and listen to, you know,s with it, the audio ear jack sticks out of the side of it. if you have a laptop, outside, a kindle or something like that and backpacking, spending time with the kids in forest and worried about the device, they have indestructible cases. >> alisyn: and harder to use your phone, hello, hello. >> dave: this would fit the ipad. >> clayton: go to laptop cases, maybe flying overseas for a family trip or something, and don't want to damage it in air travel. pelican-- >> this is perfect to fly with. you open it up. don't have to take it out and the little keyboard, perfect for the plane.
8:27 am
>> clayton: if you missed any details up on, and i tweet it out in case you missed it. >> alisyn: did you see this, our own chris wallace raking in serious cash on jeopardy? he's here with the debrief after the break. >> dave: and coming up on fox news sunday as well. if you saw us playing in the mud yesterday. we're going to try and top it and camping out and setting sale on the streets of manhattan with our good friends from bass pro. we're going outdoors. ♪
8:28 am
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8:31 am
♪ >> i always knew you were going to ask one of these questions. what is canada. >> yes. >> what is detroit. >> that's it. >> who is john travolta. >> and 3400 and that takes you up to $50,000. 50,000 for hopes for the warriors, congratulations. >> clayton: looking sharp (applause) >> nicely done, chris wallace, made us proud. >> i have to tell you it's on a continuous loop at my house, we play it all the time. >> alisyn: i don't blame you. >> multiple televisions walks by and points at the different
8:32 am
televisions. >> alisyn: how was it? were you nervous? >> you know, it was like -- i know it's a cliche, but like a rollercoaster because now it's all great in retrospect that i did so well, but when you've agreed to do it in the first place, the opportunity and we know some of our colleagues in the news business who made complete fools of themselves. >> wolf blitzer. >> it's not sure that it's going it turn out well. >> no. >> i think that wolf blitzer complained at one time. he did poorly, infamous how poorly he did. blaming it on the button. did you have any clicker problems. >> the funny thing is you can't study on jeopardy, it's based on knowledge and world capitals and american presidents and process, one thing you've got to know the answers and know the clicker. so i literally sat there for a few weeks with a ballpoint pen and sticking because quickly you have to get your answer, you cannot click in until
8:33 am
trebek finishes the question, like a split second and click in before your competitors do. >> trebek, he'd like to moderate a presidential debate and flip and you could host jeopardy. we want to ask you about some politics this morning. joe biden was obviously the big story of the week in terms of the anger he was displaying when he took on the rich and then tamed it down a little later in the week. what do we expect to see moving forward with joe biden? is this the attack dog for the president and will it work? >> well, yeah, i think what he really is, is blue collar joe, that he likes and that's why he was put on the ticket in the first place back in 2008. his roots in delaware, his roots in scranton. his identification with feem who were in working or middle class, having tough times and since part of the obama narrative that they're standing up for the middle class while romney and republicans are favoring the rich, that you can be
8:34 am
absolutely sure that biden will play that card over and over again. he may need to get on the decaf because he did seem to go over the top in the middle of the week. >> dave: do you think it's going to work. >> clayton: at issue here we know the base is going to many could around. but it's the independents. is the argument going to work with the independents, are they going to buy that. >> when people talk about the deficit and presented with a list of options and one is to cut programs that the middle class depends on and cares about, very little support and when it's raising taxes on the rich, a lot of support. so, you know, understandably, and it's as, as old as human nature, people are going to want solutions that are going to affect and hurt other people, not them. >> alisyn: chris, i want to play jeopardy with you since you're so good at it. cue the music. i'm going to give you the answer and you tell us the question. >> reverse jeopardy. >> no, i-- >> can i buzz it or answer. >> alisyn: yeah, click in and
8:35 am
frame it like a question. here it is. austin goolsbee and paul ryan. >> who are the guests on fox news sunday coming up. >> alisyn: wow. >> and we will have a debate. that was an easy one, thank you, alex. alice, ali, it's kind of close, those or your guests a debate between the two of them. the issue was the economy and the obama campaign went after mitt romney and his record at bain and romney went after the president and his record on the deficit. and we're going to have. i think, two of the interesting thinkers in washington. goolsbee, the former chairman of the president's council. and paul ryan fair to say the leading intellectual for us in the republican party, and we'll let them have a debate on these subjects. >> alisyn: chris, congratulations again. >> dave: make them click in. >> quickly, there was $50,000
8:36 am
for my charity hope for the warriors, a terrific charity that gives money to the families of fallen soldiers and wounded soldiers, and to the wounded soldiers themselves, all kinds of support programs to help them get back into life here after the war. >> dave: hope for the warriors, great, chris, good job. >> clayton: thanks, chris. >> thank you, guys. >> alisyn: thank you. we have a fox news alert for you right now with breaking news. we're getting word that the lockerbie bomber is dead. according to his brother he died in libya. he killed 290 people many of them, of course, americans. the judge released al-megrahi after doctors said cancer would claim his life within the next few months. that did not happen then. again, alma gray--
8:37 am
despite the cold blooded killing of so many american citizens. death toll from northern italy rising to six, new damage from the 6.0 quake hitting about 20 miles north of the city of bologna. officials say this is the strongest quake to shake the region in three years. a field trip full of fun for hundreds of kids in georgia. a huge pileup as six school buses crashed into each other in the middle of a construction zone. one bus driver had to be cut from the wreckage. at least 50 people treated for minor injuries. busted, a girl gets caught by her facebook savvy mom posting party pics, look how her mother punishes here. posts a picture of her own on the girl's page this of her
8:38 am
daughter holding a sign that says since i want to post photos of me holding liquor i'm not ready for social media and taking a hiatus until i should or should not post. bye-bye. >> dave: is it when you have to squint and read the poster. >> alisyn: i think the punishment she's cut off from social media. that's just the explanation. and let's throw out to rick for how the weather is reading. make a readable. >> rick: a nice start to the northeast and pretty nice for most of the country. and take a look at the maps so this afternoon we understand the threat for severe weather across parts of the northern plains. i'll show you that and the temps across northeast, and a warm one, rochester 86. an akron, 87. and we're on a good role for the northeast. down to the southeast tropical
8:39 am
storm alberto, and coastal areas the carolinas. we'll see rain across south florida and parts of oklahoma. any severe weather across wisconsin and illinois and mostly hail and a little bit of wind. we're not talking about a big tornado day. when the front moves through and drop temperatures down there. across the west another nice one. we're going to heat things up across the four corners and the arizona desert and temps back up around the 110 mark by tomorrow. today 101 in tucson. clayton, send it ow. >> clayton: thanks, rick. great weather to get outside and go outdoors. big bass pro shop outdoor event today to may 28th. the big sales and items at bass pro shops. edwin is here to tell us about the big event. >> outdoors all about, getting your family, get your kids outdoors and you can go to
8:40 am
bass pro shops and we've got free seminars on camping, out to set up your tent, on kayaking. >> clayton: fishing, everything. >> don't be intimidated about it. it doesn't cost a lot to do these things. there's creeks and ponds across everybody's house, and enjoy time with your family. >> clayton: one great thing about the sale, save money to do it. the kayak, great deals as well. under $300, an exercise machine go fishing sightseeing and easily handled by one person. carry them on top of the car, the trunk, whatever you want to do. >> clayton: you can put a fishing rod out there. i've seen guys fishing on the lake, too. and hiking, great gear and shirts and shorts all for really, really inexpensive. >> they're under $10 redheaded t-shorts. the cargo shorts, under $20.
8:41 am
great gear at bass pro during this event. >> clayton: dave and i will be kayaking and i'm trying on different shorts for the segment. if i get wet and lose, i'll get dry quickly. and in addition to shorts and shoes, get outside and backpacking. >> talk about a family memory with your kids, nothing better than under the stars. a three bedroom coleman tent e three bedroom? this is better than any new york city apartment. >> it's big. it makes three different rooms and sleeping bags and stars through the top. if it rains you have a rainy fly over the top. >> i'm 6-2 and it's over my head. incredible. in addition great shoes, i know when i go to bass pro shop you have a massive shoe department. and this a sliver. >> there's something everything from golf to
8:42 am
hiking, running shoes and find them at bass pro, an interest of example. we've got columbia hiking boots on sale. >> clayton: columbia makes great hiking boots and get to the event at bass pro shop may 28th. and in a short while dave and i will be out here in the kayaks. do you think i can pull it off this year. >> i'll give you some tips. >> clayton: dave. >> dave: practice, ain't going to matter. and coming up, an american school infiltrated by a top secret spy. not talking a foreign agent. this spy works for the teachers union. details on the bust. >> alisyn: should military chaplains be required to marry couples of the same sex, even if it's against their faith? and speaker nancy pelosi is
8:43 am
pushing something. father jonathan is next. ♪ wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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8:46 am
>> welcome back. this week, house minority leader nancy pelosi pushed back at republican proposal, reinforcing the right of military chaplains to steer clear of gay marriages, calling it quote, fraud. >> alisyn: is the obama administration disregarding religious liberties on this. we'll bring in father jonathan morris joins us now. >> hi. >> alisyn: where are we on this? are you allowed to step aside if this counter acts your principles and morals? >> sure, well, will the me just be very clear here. nancy pelosi was not saying that chaplains in the military must do gay marriages. she was not saying that. what she said was that there's no need to put this in the
8:47 am
bill right now, right, this protection of chaplains. she says it's a fabricated crisis. now, the other part of the story, side of the story is there is good reason now that don't sk doe "don't ask, don't tell" policy has been repealed. so there's good reasons for chaplains. i called up two chaplains, protestant and catholic chaplain. is there reason to be concerned some day you might be required. both said, yes, there is reason. why? because they're not just, like myself a pastor or priest in the church who answers to their bishop. these are military chaplains under the line of command. if they're told these are your duties actually i'm not going to do this gay marriage, then maybe they wouldn't be told you must do it, but they're going to be looked down upon by their military superiors. there's good reason i think to be concerned. whether it's in this piece of
8:48 am
legislation or another one, i think we have to watch out. >> dave: so it's not a manufactured controversy? >> i don't think it is. i want it to be clear that nancy pelosi was not saying chaplains must do gay marriages now. >> dave: we have not face add sim la are situation yet. is there anything else that would lead you to believe you would be forced? >> i think it's the history of obama administration receipt now in reference to the first amendment in recognizing the religious liberty, recognizing the fact that had a government can know the force someone to act against their conscious. if they're willing to break it on one level, why wouldn't he in the military. >> dave: for instance, with the concetraceptives mandate. alisyn, i woke at the italian foundation, i haven't figured out why they'd invite morris to speak. >> alisyn: i'm sure you ate
8:49 am
well. >> you know what? that's why i accepted. >> alisyn: a good reason to hang out. >> i thought of you. >> alisyn: thanks, father. >> dave: father jonathan coming up. facebook co-founder defriended america to allegedly skip out on paying taxes, a new push to stop the expatriates. we'll hear from senator bob casey how he wants to stop this. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain;
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8:52 am
>> welcome back. facebook co-founder eduardo saverin caused controversy when he defriended america and denounced his citizenship to for taxes. and 4,000 people said so long to the u.s. in favor of their cash and peaked in record
8:53 am
numbers in 2011. >> clayton: who knew? one person who knows about it, senator bob casey, teamed up with senator schumer, trying to stop this phenomenon by the expatriate act. what are you hoping to accomplish, hoping to get these people not defriending america, basically? >> basically, what this legislation would provide that if someone, expatriates themselves, meaning leaves the country, and they do that for a substantial tax purpose, really, that's a way of saying avoiding taxes, there would be a 30% capital gains tax on future investment earnings. so, in the case of mr. saverin, this of course wouldn't apply to anything he's done in the past, it would only apply to future, future investment gains and that's after a determination is made by the irs. so, i think it's reasonable, i
8:54 am
think it's fair and one way to hold someone accountable who benefitted tremendously from being a citizen of this country. and then goes and renounces his citizenship and goes to in this case singapore, where there is no capital gains tax. >> alisyn: here is what saverin has said. i have paid and will continue to pay any taxes due on anything i earned while a u.s. citizen. it's unfortunate that my personal choice has led to a public debate based not on the facts, but entirely on speculation and misinformation. i think what he's saying he's already paid what the u.s., what he owes the u.s., is that accurate? >> well, i don't know, i don't know enough about what he's paid to date, but i would say this, on future investment gains, which as you know, with facebook, will be substantial. one estimate has it between 67 million that he-- of his potential benefit, up to 100 million dollars. i think that if you get the benefit of being an american citizen. >> clayton: yeah. >> and renounce it you should
8:55 am
have some consequence, some accountability for renouncing your citizenship, especially when it's going to cost our taxpayers to make up for money in the 60 to 100 million dollar range. >> clayton: we'll leave it here with this, senator. how can you go after a nonu.s. citizen. he's not gone, not here anymore, and renounced the citizenship. and do you expect him to pay on this personality? >> yes, there are ways that the irs can do that and we'd obviously have to involve several agencies. there are ways to do that, but not just for saverin, but for others. >> alisyn: thank you, senator for coming on the show. >> clayton: and confirming at that the lockerbie bomber on screen is dead. reaction from the families of those he killed pouring in fast. we're going to talk to one of them at the top of hour. >> alisyn: unions in
8:56 am
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8:59 am
>> alisyn: good morning, sunday, may 20th, i'm alisyn camerota, he killed nearly 200 american citizens and was released from prison and now breaking news, according to his family the lockerbie bomber is dead. we have reaction from the victims' families, seconds away for you. >> dave: wild weather tearing across america's heartland, several tornadoes touching down in kansas overnight, and leaving behind a path of destruction. rick reichmuth on this. >> clayton: mitt romney's attack dogs taking to the campaign trail. >> this country's problems are too serious. too serious to spend another day with a by stander in the oval office. >> clayton: ouch. these two potential vp picks not pulling any punches on the trail. they are going all out.
9:00 am
much more on that, "fox & friends," hour four, starts, friends," hour four, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> good morning, breaking news, to tell you about, at this hour, the lockerbie bomber, abdelbaset al-megrahi died in libya, accord to reports from his family. >> dave: he was convicted for the 1988 bombing of a pan am flight over lockerbie, scotland that killed 270 people, many of them americans. joining us now on the phone with his reaction, is burt amorman, and his brother, tom was killed in the bombing, good morning to you, sir. what is your reaction to the death of the lockerbie bomber? >> i'm very pleased. you were talking to me back in 2009, when he was released by the scottish government, that was the most angry i have been in this 24 year saga. but that has been tempered with
9:01 am
the overthrow and killing of gadhafi, the big fish, when gadhafi was killed, abdelbaset al-megrahi became a minor actor. and what our government should be doing and the british government should be doing, we arrested the libyan intelligence keefe in mauritania and he has the truth of what happened, and who else was involved and what other countries were involved. >> clayton: 24 years later and, it is -- i'm curious how it sits with you now to think, according to his family, reports we are getting from his family, that he died at home. comfortably. how does that fit with you? >> it doesn't sit well at all. when the scottish government released him under humanitarian reasons, back in 2009, i was aghast. this compassionate release, he massacred 270 people, 259, 31,000 feet in the air. the last thing he deserved was
9:02 am
to be around his family and friends at his own home, this was dis spespicable and i blame government, a betrayal of our government and the british government to allow to it happen because of oil. >> dave: and to finish the thought he was released august of '09, nearly 3 years ago with what they said was months to live and he lived nearly three years. >> we found out afterwards the gentleman making the -- doctor making the decisions was a general practitioner and not an oncology specialist and there is no question he was released because of pressure at the time, for oil and big business and our government did little or nothing to stop it. >> alisyn: of course, his death, you know, brings -- does nothing to bring back the victims who were lost that day. can you tell us about your brother? >> i look at this every so often, now it 24is years lat yed
9:03 am
i realize, after, i was very very, active and the politics of my government, the german and british government, that was my way of dealing with it, five or six years i looked up to the sky and sayings, tommy, how did you get me involved in that and i reveal realized that was the way to put off, that he was never coming back, and no matter the compensation it will never compensate for the people whose lives were taken away from them, it is a hole you live with and go on with your life, so, i think the families have done many wonderful things, which is great in our country, as much as i blame both republican and democratic administrations for not doing what they are supposed to do. the greatest gift we have in this country, we have the ability to protest and criticize and that is the greatness of our country. >> clayton: with the death of gadhafi and abdelbaset
9:04 am
al-megrahi, do you have a sense of closure. >> almost, i think it's the last chapter, someone calls like today an phones are ringing off the hook. >> alisyn: we hear that. >> the last chapter has not been written. we have got to interrogate this fellow, that was arrested a couple months ago and really have a chance to get the truth of pan am 103. >> alisyn: well, thank you so much for calling in and talking to us on this very significant day in your life and we know your phone ringing off the hook and, thank you for sharing this with us. >> thank you. >> alisyn: more headlines and another "fox news alert," two soldiers were killed in southern afghanistan, reportedly, two service members from nato's international security assistance force, killed by insurgents and the nationalities have not been released. this comes after two u.s. troops were killed friday in a taliban rocket attack in the the province. look at these three men, they were determined to attack the president's campaign
9:05 am
headquarters in chicago ahead of the nato summit and on their hit list, rahm emanuel's house and local police stations and the weapon of choice, homemade fire bombs. all three face terror charges and their own family members didn't see it coming. >> i was quite surprised. >> why is that. >> he has never done anything like that before or indicated that he was capable of such an act and i didn't expect anything like that from him. >> alisyn: police nabbed the man during a raid earlier this week and reports claim they found molotov cocktails and assault vests and gas masks in their apartment. an extreme weather warning, in kansas, one tornado was caught on army, most in and around wichita and, seeing hail the size of baseballs and sever homes and buildings were damaged, fortunately, no one was
9:06 am
hurt. congressman rangel using threats to get endorsements? what "the new york post" reports, saying one of his top campaign managers told them his strong armed -- he strong armed senator bell perkins for his support. the campaign manager reportedly telling the senator he, himself would run against him in the next senate race if he didn't endorse rangel for congress. rangel, running for his 22nd term, censured after a corruption scandal. those are your headlines. >> dave: a check of the weather and nasty in the midsection. >> rick: not bad. a great video of the tornado, one touching down in a few spots and no big damage, that is certainly good news, more importantly, yesterday we had our first tropical storm of the season, named alberto. we are a little early, 12 days before the official start to the atlantic hurricane season, so, not really expecting to see that. we also have storms today, across parts of the great lakes and part of the same system, won't be bad but we'll have a few problems and the eclipse
9:07 am
this afternoon, everybody in the west will see some sort of a nice view and the weather will cooperate for the most part. this, here, you see, that is alberto and does not look menacing and it's not. off-shore, likely to stay offshore and will hang out a couple of days, meander and pull off towards the northeast. at best we'll probably see an inch of rain across areas of the carolinas over the next couple of days and, squally weather at times, a few stronger waves and such, a little bit of breezy conditions and, not that bad, overall. the radar image of that, bigger storms, that's parts of the northern plains as well as in towards areas of oklahoma. and across the west, you are looking nice. the pacific northwest, so nice lately, a new storm pulling in, we'll see a few troubles there. right there, the cold front, a big delineation and getting to 89° in chicago and, yesterday you were warm in minneapolis and today, 61, tomorrow, chicago, you will cool down and a lot of the northeast cools down as well, along with it and will
9:08 am
remain warm down to the south and phoenix up towards 108°. >> dave: thank you, mitt romney was taking advantage of the warm weather and he was on the lake with the family enjoying his boat, but he had the attack dogs out on saturday night. and, they really have romney's back and he may not be the one to throw the sharpest jabs at the president. but, his -- some, might be his vp picks do. >> clayton: chris christie said he will not be environment but he said i might be persuaded to become the vice president at some point. he, though, was out yesterday on the attack for president -- governor romney against president obama and boy, he took the gloves off. because he was not kind in his words, saying the president basically stumbles around in the dark to try to find leadership. harsh words and he didn't stop there. listen: >> he stands in front of the american people and talks about high speed rail. and high speed internet access. and electric cars.
9:09 am
now, listen, this country's problems are too serious, too serious to spend another day with a by stander, in the oval office. >> clayton: bystander. that was tame. >> alisyn: some of the parts we didn't show you yet. meanwhile, senator marco rubio was on the campaign trail, also talked about, for possible vice president and he talked about why this election matters so much. >> the stakes in this election are so extraordinary, that unlike ever before, the republican party, at this moment, needs to be more unified than it has ever been, with a singular purpose. and that is to change who occupies the white house, and the majority of the united states senate. it's not whether conservatives or liberals win or republicans or democrats win. this is about defining who kind of a country we want. and what kind of role we want it to play in the new century.
9:10 am
>> alisyn: mitt romney has to decide soon, right? he has to pick somebody -- >> right before the convention. >> alisyn: the momentum. >> dave: he wants to announce at the convention and, it is not substance, so much as style, do you choose one of these two or someone who is safe, rob portman, more like mitt romney. >> clayton: we know the sarah palin decision, a decision made in quiet, not made for a long time and suddenly, sort of seemingly came out of the blue according to the reports. >> alisyn: but that won't work in terms of getting the bounce and momentum... >> clayton: a little bit but at the end of the day, as governor huckabee talked about and many, many others have said, picking the vice president doesn't matter a lick. it really doesn't. on the ticket. >> dave: exactly. a lot of push back against the notion as well. and, ahead, unions in wisconsin, mounting a major campaign. to remove governor scott walker from office. but, are they ignoring his accomplishments while in office?
9:11 am
the governor joins us to tell his side of the story, next. >> alisyn: attention, dads out there, how would you like a candle for father's day? why these man-dles white have you changing your mind. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. >> clayton: welcome back. in addition to mark zuckerberg getting married last night there were other big news out there. >> dave: how do you top that. >> clayton: hard to top that but the g8 summit attempted to do that. president obama meeting with the leaders of the world's biggest economies at camp david in an effort to come to some kind of common consensus as to how they are -- redundant, consensus
9:15 am
joined there, and, to find out how they'll have austerity and create jobs at the same time. it is not all one way, given the current state of affairs. >> alisyn: but it sounds like they are leaning in the direction of the u.s. it sounds like the u.s. policy won out over, say, angela merkel's, because they decided to reach a consensus, as you said, on economic growth and job creation and i thought that is what they had been working on for a few years and now they say they finished the g8 and those are their goals an economic growth and job creation. they realize they'll have to spend more, possibly, to do -- create those things. >> dave: you make it sound as if there is a consensus in the united states and certainly not. i think paul ryan would say, stimulus is not the right -- >> alisyn: they got -- >> the debate maybe hasn't worked. has it worked here? our growth is not robust here in the u.s., but here's the president talking about how the global situation applies to jobs here at home:
9:16 am
>> president barack obama: europe is our largest economic partner and simply if a company is forced to cut back that might mean less business for manufacturers in pittsburgh and milwaukee and might mean a tougher time for communities and families that depend on that give. >> clayton: there seems to be agreement in part from the germans, specifically, angela merkel and the germans have been cut, cut, cut and seem to have given ground in and federal salaries are about to be upped in germany as well, but, this idea they found some consensus going forward may be a good thing. >> alisyn: and they also talked about iran and what they would do if iran -- they spent two hours at dinner on friday night talking about iran and, they said they might actually release some of the oil reserves, if need be. >> dave: now they're off to the nato summit, and, we brushed on that a little bit and advocate becomes the chief subject there. how do we end the war
9:17 am
responsibly and when we take the picture of all of those world leaders we look at, if these are the people we are bringing together, to solve the world economic crisis, is it the great model? because, everyone in that room has a load of debt on their balance sheets. >> clayton: look at russia. >> dave: $126 billion for russia, japan, $12 trillion, you know the u.s., $15.7 trillion an even germany, still at $2.5 trillion. >> alisyn: and your point is, this is the brain trust, people to figure out how... >> clayton: maybe invite the nonlargest economies in the world and people without that much debt and interview them. turning to advice. >> alisyn: "60 minutes" did that. and, isn't it brazil, that has turned around, i can't remember, brazil, whatever south american country, a model now. >> clayton: energy independence, no debt, they hang out at the beach all day. >> alisyn: that's the answer, the beach. >> clayton: the beach. coming up, unions in wisconsin
9:18 am
mounting a major campaign. to fire governor scott walker but are they ignoring his accomplishments while in office? the governor joins us next to tell his side of the story. >> alisyn: plus the feds handing out money to help you pay your mortgage. but you won't get your checks. chances are your local lawmakers are going to somehow confiscate them to pay their government bills. we'll explain how that works. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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9:22 am
>> dave: the endorsement overnight for wisconsin governor scott walker, from the largest newspaper in the state. this as a recent poll shows him taking the lead ahead of his recall election. 50% picking the governor over his democratic challenger, milwaukee mayor tom barrett, trailing behind by 6 points, joining us this morning, to talk about the upcoming election and its national impact, is the wisconsin governor, scott walker. good to see you, governor. >> dave, good to talk to you this morning. >> dave: it's not just that poll, most we have seen are trending in your direction, between 5 and 9 points and your opponent's favorability ratings slipping 10 points the last couple of weeks. what turned things in your direction, do you feel? >> well, i think you see the shift, early on, the recall election, supposedly was about reforms and you don't talk about that much anymore, we've documented the reforms saved a billion dollars and for the first time in 12 years, they helped lower property taxes at the local level and median
9:23 am
valued home, which led to a surplus of $154 million, and for if he first time ever we've had two consecutive years and put money in the rainy day fund and the biggest issue we have heard the last couple weeks was about job numbers in 2011 and a new survey of nearly every employer in the state of wisconsin, economists agree is the best measure of jobs in the state showed we gained jobs in 2011 and had more than 30,000 new jobs since i have taken office and they keep moving the ball with what the issue is about and i think it is about rehashing the last election instead of the real substantive issues and we're moving wisconsin forward. >> dave: and we mentioned the endorsement from the milwaukee se sentinel, and, part of it, you brought on yourself, they say, with the in your face style, and, you have with you win the election you will not be bipartisan but more consens
9:24 am
consensus-building and if you were to do over the legislation that limit the public unions, how would you do it differently? >> i think i'd lay the framework better, january and february of last year, if i told voters, regardless of democrat or republican, the taxpayers of our state, more clearly, last year, most of our school districts at the time had to buy their health insurance from just one company and it cost tens of millions of dollars more than they needed to and pointed out the abuses in the public sector of overtime, a city bus driver in madison was making more than $150,000, if i point out those problems, most taxpayers, democratic, independent, republican, they would say governor, you needed to fix it and my problem, i was so anxious to fix it i didn't spend as much time talking about it but usually in politics it is the other way around, politicians talk about it endlessly and never seem to fix things. i'm always gear up to fix things and, looking forward we node have a better process to get the final product. >> dave: maybe different style but not substance, if you had to do it over. so, ultimately, all elections
9:25 am
are local but this one, has $20 million of donations, pouring in, from corporate donors including the koch brothers and the national labor unions are involved. what are the national implications, of your own recall election? >> we saw early last year, in february and march of 2011, the national special interest, big government, union bosses poured millions of dollars in first to take on the reforms and then take on the supreme court justice, and then take on 6 republican state senators in recall elections and then last fall, the petition drive itself, and, now, just friday, the unions here in the state talked about money coming from them and the national unions, the fight is over the next couple of weeks. and i think it is one of those clear debates about who is in charge, a handful of special interest? a handful at the state and local level? big government union bosses? or ultimately the hard working taxpayers? i stand up and side with the taxpayers and i think it is an important message, not just in my state here in wisconsin, i
9:26 am
think all across the country. are we going to stand with the special interest? or with the hard working taxpayers? my hope is on june 5th we send a clear and resounding message across or state and across the u.s. that we need to stay with the taxpayers. >> dave: wisconsin governor, scott walker, thanks for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> great to be with you, don't forget, to vote for donald driver on "dancing with the stars." >> dave: i will watch and, you might retire brett favre's jersey, but you think, wait a few years. >> we gladly retire him, but he still love aaron rogers, big time. >> dave: governor, appreciate you being with us. coming up world leaders about to get a taste of this when they arrive in chicago. >> while you were sleeping protesters packed the streets of president obama's home town ahead of the nato summit.
9:27 am
ed henry live on the ground in chicago when we come back. not only are they some of our nation's most dedicated soldiers, they are some of the military's most dedicated dads. the finalist force the military fatherhood initiative. good morning, gentlemen. [ female announcer ] roam like the gnome this summer. it's the travelocity spring into summer sale. you can save up to 50% on select hotels and vacation packages. so book your summer vacation now and save up to 50%. offer ends soon. book right now at
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>> alisyn: a big weekend for president obama fresh off hosting the g8 summit at camp
9:31 am
david he's now in chicago for the nato summit. and that kicks off later today. >> clayton: ed henry is live in chicago, who was there incognito last night snapping undercover... >> alisyn: paparazzi. >> clayton: paparazzi photos and is reporting for us live this morning, good morning, ed. >> reporter: good morning, good to see you. i guess i should mention so people don't think i'm really a paparazzi, when i got back to the hotel, late last night, you never see the president in an unguarded moment and i walked through the lobby and was about to go through security, staying at the hotel, with media and you can see the photo i posted on twitter and the president decided to take an evening stroll and was shaking hands with tourists and taking pictures and having a good time and told a secret service officer, i know him, let him through, but the secret service had me go through the metal detector and still doing their job and the president was joking but he has serious business to do here at nato. his home town of chicago on my alert, now, after terror arrests
9:32 am
the last couple of days and people threatening various targets around the city because of the summit, trying to get attention, perhaps, protesters putting parts of the city in lock down and the nato summit will focus on international security issues, because of afghanistan, the president trying to hold together the coalition and, the french president, francois hollande, pulling out his troops, earlier than expected and the european debt crisis overshadowed the weekend, with the g8 summit and, to give you an idea of the intensity of the discussion, leaders went an hour and 20 minutes longer than expected to deal with the situation in greece, the crisis there and the broader european debt crisis that is dragging down the u.s. economy as well and the president also had a with angela merkel and, the president said there needs to be
9:33 am
blai balanced approach. >> president barack obama: all of us are absolutely committed to making showers that both growth and stability and fiscal consolidation are part of an overall package that all of us have to pursue, in order to achieve the kind of prosperity for our citizens we're looking for. >> reporter: what is important to note there is the president is trying to navigate a split among european leaders, angela merkel from germany, as i said, she's been all about austerity. spending cuts, to try to turn around the situation, in europe, and the new french president and others say, you need more spending in europe to grow the economies out of the crisis, and a lot of critics say more spending in europe would backfire and make the situation worse and the president trying to navigate that and it is interesting and mirrors the u.s. debt crisis where you have republican speaker john boehner saying, later this year, he is not going to raise the debt ceiling the president wants to raise without real spending cuts. the president saying he will not
9:34 am
put those spending cuts on the table. all of that expected to play out after the election, and the president has to get through the voters first in november and this european debt crisis will be a huge wildcard in that election, guys. >> dave: against the back drop of the cubs-white sox series, i suggest wrigley field. >> reporter: i took my son to wrigley field last summer when they had the interstate rivalry and i have soldiers field behind me and they'll have a nato dinner and the president hosting a dinner there, and i never saw a football game there. it is spectacular here in chicago, i'm wishing it was early september and we could sneak away for a game. >> dave: michigan avenue as well. >> alisyn: chicago is always great. and, the rest of your headlines, and this "fox news alert": the lockerbie bomber, abdelbaset al-megrahi, has died in libya. according to his family. he of course was convicted in 2001 for the 1988 bombing of a pan am flight over lockerbie, scotland. 270 people were killed, many of
9:35 am
those americans. earlier on "fox & friends" we spoke to bert ammerman. his brother was killed in the bombing. >> you talked to me in 2009, when he was released by the scottish government and, that was the most angry i have been in the saga and no matter what we do and what the families have received in compensation it will never compensate for the lives of these innocent people, their lives taken away from them. >> alisyn: a judge released abdelbaset al-megrahi in 2009 and compassionate grounds after doctors said the cancer would claim his life in next few months and obviously it didn't happen until today. the death toll from the earthquake in northern italy has risen to 6, the magnitude 6.0 quick hit 20 miles north of
9:36 am
bolognia. and, from ipo to "i do", facebook founder mark zuckerberg married his girlfriend of nearly a decade. priscilla chan, yesterday during a surprise ceremony at his home in palo alto, california and guests thought they were there to celebrate her graduation from medical school and it came one day after he saw his wealth soar to $20 billion, because of facebook's historic ipo, i know what i am getting for father's day for clayton and dave. man-dles, the yankee candle company is coming up with a new candle for men. >> clayton: i thought man handles. >> alisyn: yes, it in two-by-4, which smells like saw bust and, one smells like spices and football leather and man-couch,
9:37 am
smells like smelly socks -- no, kidding. musk. >> clayton: all the scents can be smelled in dave's office. >> alisyn: a potpouri of man scents. >> dave: because i share with rick reichmuth. >> rick: i learned racoons are soft like a cat. let's look at the weather picture, your temperatures, waking up this morning, a nice start to the day, a little cooler across the rockies and today is a big day for the eclipse. the first annular eclipse since 1994 and, you have to be careful if you are looking at the eclipse -- and you shouldn't look at it and phil e-mailed me,
9:38 am
practicing with welding glasses on, what you need to do if you look at this. where we'll be able to see it. a western-u.s. event. eastern areas, not going to be able to see it. for the most part, around sunset, and those are your times where you see the orange stripe you get the complete eclipse and will look like a ring of fire that's sun is setting, everywhere else in the yellow, we'll talk about a partial eclipse. back to you, inside. >> alisyn: thanks, i'll take it. 450 military fathers from across the country were nominated by their wives, their children and colleagues, for the 2012 military father award. the award honors dads who are not just heros to our nation but heros at home and there are only three finalists left and here they are, joining us now, lieutenant william edwards, senior airman, jonathan jackson and, lieutenant dennis kelly. gentlemen, thanks for being here. >> thank you, alisyn, thanks for having us. >> alisyn: each of you guys
9:39 am
bring something different to the parenting table. and i want to highlight that. lieutenant edwards, give us a wave and let's start with you. here's what your kids say, is great about you. they say number one, you are a geek. number 2, you dress up in costume at their birthday parties, and, one thing they really appreciated, that distinguishes you from the other gentlemen, you create cool videos to send home to your kid while you are away. and you have done it for other families as well. tell us about those. >> well, i have got some editing equipment and special effects equipment and we can do light sabre effects and things and we make a lot of home videos, and we do that when i'm at home, make a lot of videos, but, i kind of thought, last time i was employed i brought a camera with me, wherever i went and i kind of taped myself and taped what i was doing and made a bunch of videos and one they liked and watched all the time, "a day with daddy" and i chronicled
9:40 am
everything i did throughout the day and added some effects in it, and made it funny. so that was... and in addition, alisyn, the laser thing i had, some of the other families that were there, the other dads, i kind of made videos for them to send home to their kids and their kids got to see them fighting with light sabres and things. >> alisyn: gosh, what kid wouldn't love that. let's get to senior airman jackson. and i want to talk about what distinguished you and your kids say they love you and you teach them how to fish and about god and one of the different things, about your parenting experience, you opened your home to 7 foster children in total and in fact adopted two. tell us why you did that. >> it was easy. when kids come into our home and then they are not able to return, it is pretty easy decision to keep them. me and my wife have been really blessed to have those kids in
9:41 am
our home, and be able to provide a home for the two. >> alisyn: and a temporary home for your other foster kids. that is special. we should get to you. you are a father of five, you were nominated by your wife, and she said that you are a special dad, because you do individual things with each of your kids from bible group to cub scout leader to soccer coach to reading books over the video messaging. what is your favorite thing about father hood? >> i think it is just the unpredictable factor. you know, it is a lot of fun. and, a lot of chaos with five kids, but, it is -- i miss it. when it is quiet. i don't know what to do with myself. but, i guess my favorite thing is, coming home and being bum-rushed by five kids, yelling daddy. >> alisyn: that is beautiful, a great moment. well, we'll announce the winner among you three next sunday and we want our viewers to know they can vote for whomever they think
9:42 am
is most deserving. you can visit initiative, you all sound deserving and seem like great fathers and husbands and thanks for sharing your personal stories and we'll check back in with you guys next weekend. great to see you guys. >> thanks, alisyn. >> alisyn: coming up the feds handing out free money to help pay your mortgage but don't look for a check in the mail. states are snatching them. to pay their own bills. then, don't rock the boat. we're about to set sail in midtown manhattan, kayaking with our friends from bass pro shop, later this hour. most life insurance companies
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to make sure we keep making progress in the gulf. the twenty billion dollars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. another fourteen billion dollars has been spent on response and cleanup. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to the gulf of mexico research initiative... to support ten years of independent scientific research on the environment. results will continue to be shared with the public. and we're making sure people know that the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues, but that doesn't mean our job is done. bp's still here, and we're still committed to seeing this through.
9:45 am
>> alisyn: five of the nation's largest banks paying out $2.5 billion to states en a mortgage
9:46 am
fraud settlement. but instead of helping struggling homeowners about 7 states are using the cash to plug their budget shortfalls. how are they getting away with this? joining us now, republican attorney general from arizona, tom horn. mr. horn, thanks for being here. how are they able to divert these funds that are meant for people who are struggle to sayer their homes, how can states put them to other uses? >> to put it in context, arizona receives $1.6 billion, to reduce payments so people can stay in their homes and of that amount, $100 million is under the control of the attorney general and the legislature and the governor took about 50 million of that and that is about 5% of the total amount available, to keep people in their homes, and, it is -- the governor and the legislature, the institutions established in the constitution by which the people control their budget, so, if that -- if the gosh and the legislature are
9:47 am
in agreement, as attorney general, i have to comply, though i had argued all the money should remain in the fund to help keep people in their homes. >> alisyn: i hear what you are saying, in other words it is not illegal what the governors of some of these states are doing. however, it is not in the spirit of what was intended. here are examples of where the money has gone youed outside of state, in missouri, $40 million to sovereign cuts to higher education, in texas, $125 million went to the general fund and indiana, more than half to an energy bills for low income families and virginia, using most of the $67 million to help starved local governments and much of the money has gone to prison and is not in the spirit of what was intended. why is that okay? >> well in the consent judgment it specifies uses and some are what we'd expect, principal reduction, interest rate reduction to help people in their homes because it reduces monthly payments to what they
9:48 am
can afford to make and it is good for them and good for the lenders because the present value of the reduced payments are better than they would get in a foreclosure, but one of the use is to compensate states for costs they incurred as a result of the prohibited conduct by the banks that led to the settlement and the point of view of the arizona state government is that they had a 30% loss in revenues, as a result of the recession that came from the mortgage crisis and that is many billions of dollars and the 50 million they took, they say is a small percentage of their costs resulting from the prohibited conduct and that is one of uses allowed in the consent judgment. again, i didn't think it was good policy and i argued against it and renegotiated with them and there are ten states where it appears all or almost all of the cash available to those states has been taken by the states here and they took half of the cash available, administered by me, 5% of the overall money available to help keep people in their homes. >> alisyn: well that helps us
9:49 am
understand it. thank you very much for explaining all of those ancillary costs, tom horn, the arizona attorney general, we appreciate you coming on. >> good to be with you, alisyn. >> alisyn: we hope the water is warm, when we come back, we are kayaking. ♪ ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place ♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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>> alisyn: dave briggs claims he's won 4 out of the last 5 kayak, races.
9:53 am
>> clayton: dave didn't pay attention to our anti-whining segment. >> alisyn: we're about to have a rematch, i'm with edwin, with bass pro and what will we see. >> we'll see, two guys try to race, two garmin gpses and crisscross and, the first one that brings it back to me is this winner. >> alisyn: clayton could get lost in there? >> they have to start right here and get in the kayaks and crisscross and it will be interesting. >> alisyn: the official horn... thank you, thank you very much. okay. guys, when i blow this, you guys are off. in 3, 2, 1... [horn sounding]. >> alisyn: here they go. okay. clayton off to a good start and dave pushed off with his hand, not sure if that was allowed and crashed into each other, and dangerous and... >> clayton as... trying to get in this corner.
9:54 am
>> alisyn: looks like he's going to end up in the drink. >> the water is really cold, like 06 degrees. >> alisyn: yesterday they were in ice water, so i think they can handle it. how are they doing? >> not doing much paddling. >> alisyn: an interesting style. but, they are not bad. dave appears to be dismounting, dismounting. >> alisyn: out of the water. >> oh! >> alisyn: dave appears to be jogging lacks dazecally. doing jumping jacks now. >> alisyn: almost won. how did that feel out there, clayton. >> clayton: exhausting after yesterday's, i didn't think we had anything left in there. >> dave: he's a worthy competitor. >> clayton: dave and i, at one
9:55 am
point, we were stuck and i thought, i think we're done! >> gridlock. >> clayton: gridlock killed it. if we didn't get stuck with each other. >> dave: we always have gridlock, i'm happy to retain my title, a 5th straight year, and, edwin may have to take me on next year, though i know he's one of the world's top anglers and probably good in the kayak, too. >> i have a year to practice. >> dave: what did you think of the performance. >> pretty good. >> clayton: the way i work it, is, every year i actually try to lose on purpose... i don't want dave and his wife to have to deal with him, a whole year being upset. >> alisyn: selfless. and, thanks for all the fun, we appreciate it and garmin. >> dave: when we come back... thanks for babysitting the kids, brittany.
9:56 am
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>> alisyn: dave briggs, basking in the glory of his 4th straight win -- or 5th. >> dave: i think it is 5, is that right. >> clayton: if you count the nintendo wii kayak race i won, i don't know. videogame... >> alisyn: you count that. and that was great. that wasn't an embarrassing lose. >> thank you. after five years i'm catching on. >> alisyn: thanks, to bass pro shops for all the fun. >> clayton: and thanks and dave is about to jump in. oh, my gosh! >> clayton: insane. >> eric: we start with a "fox news alert" this morning, one of the world's most infamous terrorists is dead, the lockerbie bomber died at his home in libya, according to his family. as we have been reporting this morning, abdelbaset al-megrahi was 60 years old, he's the only person who was convicted in the 1988 bombing of pan am flight 0 10


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