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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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retail sales plunging 10 percent last in, market watcher says that could be a worry for us, as well. gary, does it spread here? >>guest: well, it already is. just if the last month, companies as divorce at alcoa and baxter all lowered numbers in a big way, all blamed it on europe. when i see those numbers, spain, 24 percent unemployment, the economic confidence is at three year low has is a huge problem for our multinationals and if profits come down it affects what happens over here. >>neil: when you have a big company like hanes pulling out and others follows suit that makes the minutes worse. they are voting with their feet and getting out. >>guest: well, it is quite indicative. look it is about demand. if there is no demand you do not need a business this.
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what hanes said we are getting rid of our risk. they feel it is risky to sell product there because they are losing money over this. and when see the other companies i mentioned, and, look, it is across europe and spreading. it only gets worse from here. as i watch the euro continuing to plunge, that will only affect profits for multinationals over here more going failure. it will be a tough time. >>neil: looking at the big board and the big drop off a lost factors, not the least of which is the hanes develop lot and fears something bad could happen in european offsetting excitement for the olympics this summer. what do you think? >>guest: well, look, i see spain not if a recession. i watch my words carefully they are some what in a depression. you see it in press and all the other places, and there is a worry when people are taking their money out of banks, that is a worry. when we are seeing the numbers that we are seeing, that is a
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worry. and i think something is going to happen real big here the you cannot continue to have the junior currency head south like it is, have greece with the election june 17, and everyone is going to be worried about the outcome and i think this is a ticking time bomb and it is going to affect the whole world. and it is all about the debt and the amazing part, they keep saying we are going to fix this with more debt and that is not how you fix the problem with debt and it is amazing to watch. >>neil: when they offer reassuring words we get not so reassuring results. >>guest: we have been watching the same thing for two years and it never ends. >>neil: thank you, gary. six days before voters go to the polls in wisconsin where they will be and maybe that is what the governor walker is looking forward to, and leading right now in the polls but the g.o.p. officials warn voters not to get complacent expecting the polls to tighten.
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and enter michael reagan. >> governor scott walker is turning wisconsin around. and for less than ronald reagan's son has taken note of his efforts. >> we feed leaders like scott walker. he is a reminder of someone named reagan from a long time ago. scott walker because of what he that is doing has turned a negative to a positive and bringing business back to wisconsin and getting people back to work in wisconsin. why in the world would the people of wisconsin want go back to those days of yesterday when the budget was out-of-control? jobs were not available. that is beyond me. >>neil: that is a big endorsement and we will talk to michael in a second but, we broadcasting like, from wisconsin, next monday and tuesday, as we interview governor walker before they start counting the votes. we will do all of this at a brand new time next week because my fox business network airs now at 8:00 p.m., eastern time, more on that in a second.
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and now, michael reagan and why he is speaking out now. your voice carries clout in that state. >>guest: it is important. that is why. the story you just did about what is going on in europe, if, indeed, the unions win this battle against scott walker, you are not going to see any governors of any states if this country go up against the unions again. i sit in california. we have a $59 billion deficit in the pension fund with what is going on in the education, the teachers fund. and our governor here, our state assembly will not stop it if indeed what happens in wisconsin is that the governor is ousted out of that state. it is a huge race what is going on in wisconsin, and i will tell you if scott walker does not live through this to see another day you will see the united states of america going the way of greece and spain. >>neil: is it your sense, here, that, say your dad were alive and witnessing what is going on in wisconsin right now,
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the rap against governor walker is not so much with his tough medicine. but the way he has administered it. your dad had a nighter kind of style. does that matter? should it matter? >>guest: no, they do business differently not midwest. trust me than out here in california. and in other places. a guy used to be in the boat business, i know the difference on that. but he had to make tough decisions. they elected him to make the tough decisions. they were $3 billion in debt and by 2013 they will be $154 million surplus if that state. 23,000 jobs in 2011. and 10,000 jobs in 2012. he has lowered or stopped property taxes from going forward. he has done everything he said he would do. and the unions are up in remain as. there is a battle between the leadership of scott walker and the unions in that state. and we cannot afford for the
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unions to win. >>neil: if walker survives this, is wisconsin in play? >>guest: yes, business certainly is in play. for 2012. for this election year. but they are doing a lot of other places you will find other states in play and they will feel that the, that their jackets have been taken off and they can go out and fight the unions and get their states back to a surplus from, in fact, the problems they have had over all the manies many years. look at california. new york. automatic the states that, in fact, are in arrears because the unions who have controlled the states for so long. >>neil: thank you michael reagan. unions pumping millions into the wisconsin vote but does it have the power to win the race or are we looking at a man behind the curtain situation?
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michelle fields says wisconsin is proving union cash is king. that depends on them losing next week, and i guess you assume, michelle, them lose? >>guest: yes, this is actually very good for republicans because unions are using, wasting so were money, millions and millions of dollars on this election that they will probably use so what they are doing is exhausting their resources but they are energizing and mobilizing the conservative base, if you look at the numbers, all of walker's donation, 70 percent of his donations are less than $50. that shows how enthusiastic people are for walker and it is going to galvanize the people for the general election. >>neil: democrats have said, michelle, by pelosi and others, this is not that big a deal. >>guest: because they know they will loses. >>neil: obviously they will feel different if governor walker is voted out but what do you make of that?
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i notice the obama administration distances it self from the state and powerful democrats are not tag about what is going on. what happened? >>guest: they do not feel confident that they can get wisconsin so they are backing away from it. the unions ask that the dnc for money and the dnc never gave the check and obama is not trying to support him so they know they are going to lose and they down playing the significance of this election. >>neil: but you wonder if it is legitimate protesting. i will show the video in a second of service union workers protesting the health care that turns out a lot of them were paid to be there. listen to this. i want your reaction. >> we were paid $20.
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>>neil: they are saying, we are here for 20 dollars, to do our things. what do you make of that? >>guest: this isn't any surprise we know the unions subsidize or pay not protesters and if you look, right now they spending $4,000 a in for space in washington, dc, for the occupy movement, hanging out and do nothing. this is one of their tactics. they pay people to pretend they are outraged there is a shame because a lot of the union members thick their money is being used because the unions will help their work environment, when, really, the union is trying to further the liberal agenda. >>neil: you can argue, but i am also thinking that you do not mind paying for something if you win something. if they go down to defeat in wisconsin will members nationwide say, well, that was a waste of money? >>guest: certainly, a lot of
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people are saying that. the dnc is saying we told you not to do this so a lot of the union members are probably, like why are we wasting all of this money on this recall? so, i am sure there is a lot of outrage. >>imus: -- >>neil: thank you, michelle. and then there is this. >> i am excited to see part of it. it is exciting. >>imus: exciting, indeed, because guess what, we going right to that battle in wisconsin, for what promises to be one of the more exciting elections, maybe, one of the more developments ahead of the national election in november pitting organized labor against the guy who wants to bring if the labor, governor scott walker. we will have live coverage from wisconsin on monday and tuesday, including an interview with the governor himself, calls to the mayor, as well, at 4:00 eastern on the fox news channel and a lot people are saying it shows
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>>neil: signs people are fleeing high taxes in new york with the high of the rate, 3.5 million packing up in the last decade bringing $119 billion. now many of those people are headed to places like florida with no income tax. former reagan economic advisor not surprised and talk about high taxes, california is a mess, and art laffer, good to see you buddy. >>guest: good to see you. >>neil: what about the argument that high taxes chase folks away. we have eastbound the studyies over multiple-year periods, republicans and democrats alike, so, high taxes ... and folks hightail it out of town. >>guest: you have two locations. (a) and (b). if you raise taxes in (b) and lower in (a) people will move
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from (b) to (a). so we have the data from the census, the data from tax republicans, and the picture is clear as a bell. when you raise tax rates, people start leaving your state like mad and the growth rates go down, employment goes down; we have had 11 states in the last 60 years that have introduced the income tax, 11 including maine, new jersey, connecticut, pennsylvania, ohio, illinois, wisconsin, michigan, all those states, and every single one of those 11 states is a smaller share of the united states economy today than it was prior to putting in the progressive oncome tax. it is a killer if you want prosperity. california, which is my book, is the prime case in point and now they want to raise the tax in california to 13.3 percent state income tax. >>neil: ridiculous but the best part of the book, by the way, is the appendix that goes
4:17 pm
over, a very revealing look at city taxes and the rest, breast cancer, research, payroll tax, and electrical energy surcharge and permit fees, forfeiture fees, finger print fees, and franchise tax, and one of hundreds that you mention here. >>guest: and i stopped. there were tons of more. >>neil: you could play a bait and switch, right, states that lower their income tax and keep fees like this, california is an extreme example, you could be lied to, correct? >>guest: of course. but they have so many there, it is just -- and no one has any power. i stopped at 330 commissions. these are commissioners with budgets, with authority, and i stopped at 330 and every single imaginable commission, there are taxes on combs in barber shops
4:18 pm
they use to clean to have people check on them. it does not stop. these people cannot keep their hands out of your pockets. >>neil: it is easier to hike taxes and throw on fees than to cut spending. we have learned that. we have learned that state after state but there are some governors who try to bring that in but they catch hell. >>guest: like scott walker. >>neil: so, say he is voted out next week. hard to say the polls show that is not likely, but it could happen. then, what? do we go the way of france? austerity or what? >>guest: you have a public of states like vermont, like new york, like maryland, like minnesota, like california, versus those that are like oklahoma, like kansas, like missouri, like tennessee, and other tax cutters and it is a battle going on on the state level that is as big if not
4:19 pm
bigger, neil, than the federal battle. it is really an exciting time that we have not seen anything like this since 1979, 1980. it is just classic and it and what should be done. voters frankly deserve the government they get and if they want this nonsense, let them have it. but, we should do our best to inform them of what the consequences be. they will not be pretty. >>neil: do you think tax cuts will erase the debt? >>guest: you can do the tax cuts on some of the states we saw a tax officer in california in the few that's and they raised taxes by $6.5 billion but, revenues came in $1.5 billion or $2 billion less than the rove year and we see that all over the place today in the united states where raising tax rates actually brings if less revenue in some circumstances. we got rid of our gift and estate tax in tennessee because of charles sergeant and our
4:20 pm
governor and that will give us a lot more revenue and the people will not runaway to florida and we get the money here and they will pay the property taxes. >>neil: competing on who has the lowest taxes. "how to fix california," by art laffer. >>guest: now you have a new time i should be your dennis miller. >>neil: we can talk. we can talk. in fact, we going to talk. thank you very much, art laffer. he seconded the obama nomination at the democratic national convention but now he is bolting from the democratic party. why? you have to hear this for yourself and you will, because he is next. w, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more
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>>neil: my next guest switching parties and states. high is not just any good but once called the obama alabama. why the change of heart? and now, good to you have, sir. why this move? >>guest: well, good to talk to you. i have made a move that millions of americans have made the last several years. 53 percent of people in this country voted for president obama and at the time 51 percent said they were democrats. those numbers have gone south in the last several years. so i am one of millions of people who did not get what we voted for. a lot people in my old state of alabamas 15 democratic elected officials have if you become republicans. the guy who defeated me in the democratic primary now works for the republican governor would defeated him and a lot obvious made this way if some way, shape, or form. for a variety of reasons i can only speak for myself, but, i worked hard for president obama four years ago, because i
4:25 pm
thought he would bring this country together. and i thought he would change the way we talked to each other as americans and i thought he would change the way we see ourselves. well, there are many virtues around the country, i have great respect for the president but that is not the country the president has given us, it is not something i woke up over might and decided but it is a period of thing about a lot of issues over a period time and having the benefit, the forced licensery if you will of being in the side lines the last two years and this is where i feel more comfortable today. >>neil: cynics will hear you and say, with, this is about political survival and keeping political options open, and not cool to be a democrat if your neck of the woods better to be a republican right now. what do you say? >>guest: well, i for longer live in the state of alabama we live if virginia now, and republicans criminal about association percent of the vote in alabama and not so lucky in
4:26 pm
virginia this state, if anything, leans slightly democratic new. i have said to several people in the last several days if all i wanted to do was to hold a political office, i had easy route to do that. all i had to do was go back to alabama and run around the direct saying how sorry i was and doing the biggest asking forgiveness and i would be a united states congressman again. >>neil: you were such a high profile backer of the president and sort of represented, i appear guessing, the if you south that was rallying around an african-american who could be the first in the white house and that proved to be the case. when did it start going bad for you? >>guest: well, it became very clear in 2009 and 2010, that the agenda of the democratic party was, frankly, not the airagenda i thought i would see. i may be a minority if this regard but i supported rebound
4:27 pm
because i thought he was on the center. i thought he was someone who might be running to the left in the primaries to win the nomination, i got that but i believed when he said he wanted to turn the page. i thought he would be a pro growth president and i thought his focus would be national unity and bringing the country together and i saw enormous potential. but we saw a different path. 2009 and 2010 we saw the democratic party decide for the first time in our cup's -- country's history they would push through a major piece of domestic legislation that over 50 percent of the country opposed. better known as obamacare, affordable care. so many times in 2009 and 2010 i her people on the democratic party saying we know this is unpopular, we know people do not support this, but, sometimes politicians just is to do that. the reality is, our presidents
4:28 pm
if the past have f it was important to bring us together and to try to build a consensus and reach across party lines. i didn't see that i voted against obamacare but it has been a gradual process over a period of time and i emphasize the last two areas when you are in office, of course, you have to say things to please your party. a two team sport sometimes but when you out of office with a chance to think about the direction of the country be the drift of our country and the fact that the economy today, people say it is recovery and we can call it recovery because we are doing okay and many people are walking around the country not doing okay, and the market is going to move back now and there you will all kinds of predictions we could lunch back into a place we don't want to be in the next several months, policies we have in place are not working, and i can give you a laundry list but what we are doing is not working, and i am someone would classified myself
4:29 pm
as be on the center right, this is though center right of the democratic party. there is in the republican party, and i want to help and be part of it. >>neil: thank you very much, who knew jesus a california -- a capitalist, a priest is calling some lawmakers out for stupidity. if two minutes i will do my holy best and try to get him to try to say it as it is.
4:30 pm
man: 1939 -- my parents ran across an ad for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace." so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america
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for the last 71 years.
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>>neil: lawmakers look to high taxes maybe they should look to the heaven to the priest who says the rant against the 1 purr -- 1 percenters harms the father, and the father built a career on helping the poor and got the liberal choppers palling around with jane fonda but that was then and this is now and defending the free market, and the free economy, the good father now defends the very capitalism he railed against as a young least. and now, father, good to have you. >>guest: good to be with you, you are a troublemaker. >>neil: i am trying to get you on edge here, so give me time. >>guest: i was not a priest if those days, too. >>neil: well, you were a student, theology student? >>guest: no, no, no, i was away from my faith and as a matter of fact i was reading
4:34 pm
economics that brought me back to my faith. >>neil: well, i can for give you for hanging around with jane fonda but a lot of your colleagues are going to say it is unforgivable to appear to endorse the one percent. that is not what you are saying but explain where you are coming from. >>guest: well, the bottom line is that you do not make the poor rich by making the rich poor. an effective and readyive economy is built on people having the ability to rise to the level of their capacity. and to be able to produce wealth if a way that is moral. one percenters have the majority of their income, or their possessions invested in businesses. so if you are obliterate that you would impoverish everyone and kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
4:35 pm
>>neil: i was thinking of the line from jesus, easier for camel to go through the eye of needle than for the rich man to enter the kingdom of god so dating back to bible times there was a suspicion of rich guys. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, let me ask you how that passage finishes. everyone quotes that passage but do you know how it finishes? >>neil: and you are all going to hell? >>guest: quite the opposite, he says for map -- for man it is impossible but with god all things are possible. it is not an endorsement of wealth, i do not canonize the rich and demonize the poor. and i don't think you should do the reverse, other. i think you have to look at what wealth production is, that it is a living out of the image of god in which we are all created. and in the book i tried to show that business is a vocation that people make profits in a free market based on the amount of service they give to people.
4:36 pm
>>neil: when you hear, father, the president and others say the rich should do their fair share. should pay their fair share what do you think? >>guest: i think everyone should pay their fair share. >>neil: do you thing they are not? >>guest: no, i think they are taxed over and over and over again. so that their productivity is hampered. i like what mother theresa says, we do not believe we can condemn the rich. we believe not in class struggle. but in class encounter, where the rich save the poor and the poor save the rich. >>neil: you mentioned something in the early book this is something unique, unrepeatable and transcendent about humans, and that is that the right to liberty be respected as well as the freedom, i guess, to make what you will of yourself with the god given talents you have.
4:37 pm
but some take advantage of that, don't they? do you address those? >>guest: they do. they do. and there is a moral judgment on people who take advantage of others who are selfish, who are greedy, but greed is not the monopoly of capitalists. i am sorry there is greed if the church. agreed is not a thing about material stuff. it is about status. and the kind of prestige that people want. >>neil: isn't that what the occupiers are railing against? the term -- material fortunes and their good luck at protesters' bad luck? >>guest: the wall street occupiers are on the wrong street. they have a good point about bailouts and things like that but they need to be in the nation's capitol not on wall street. because it is the politics that enabled these kind of things to
4:38 pm
happen by legislation. it is not that the rich are exempt from moral responsibility. that is not the point at all. it is to understand what moral responsibility is and to understand that you cannot give to people what you have not first produced. if you want to give bread to the poor, you have to first be able to build a bakery. >>neil: very well put. so we will have a baker in the next segment. father, let me ask you this, i am glad you are here you are a prominent catholic priest, catholic bishops have been responding to the president's stand on contraception since the president saying he is for gay marriage and i heard one catholic bishop say it is like we are under constant attack and our views are being dismissed even laughed at. do you agree with that? >>guest: yes, i do. just a minor correction, it is not the stand of the president on contraception that the
4:39 pm
bishops are concerned with, but the mandate that our institutions are going do have to provide services and this is not just a catholic problem. many people in different faiths who are concerned by this, too, but, yes, i do feel increasingly that religious believers those who make truth claims are being marginalized not just by the white house but by the culture as a whole the things that vary entertainers and comics can get away with saying about christians and catholics. were they to say them about jews are muslims would not pass muster. >>neil: very good to see you, father, i tried to get you to go off the wagon but, maybe next time. >>guest: i would rather go to confession. >>neil: this are not enough confessionals. defending the free market --. >>guest: i will take a month
4:40 pm
off. >>neil: thank you, reverend, very much. these headlines would have you thing that the going is about to cave in on tax cuts. any truth in that? republican congressmanned somewhat differs. next.
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
>>neil: a new report showing the g.o.p. could be cooling it with the antitax pledge. and now check out the headlines, g.o.p. softens antitax rhetoric, and republicans about do cave on cuts. not if my guest has anything to do with it. congressman, good to have you. >>guest: good to be back with you. the tax debate will be serious debate as we head into tax armageddon in the lame duck section. >>neil: that will take up the expiring of the bush tax rates and the payroll tax and so many more that expire at the end the
4:44 pm
year, but there does seem to be something that the argument that the colleagues are getting where they do not want to think about it right now. what is going on? >>guest: no doubt that some folks seem to be some what interested in having a new conversation about revenue increases and i would not number that minority in the conference when you look at january of 2013, obamacare, it brings with it half a trillion of new taxes so look new further than obamacare and january of 2013 and that is why the conference is too important to bring the job creators to washington, dc and have a juts -- just conversation about bringing this conversation forward. this is common ground between republicans and democrats on the corporate tax rate. i hope we can find common ground on repatriation and move the conversation forward. tax increases are coming.
4:45 pm
it is inevitable. it was passed last congress and we have to revitalize the economy. >>neil: you just said that they were not going to be coming and you are saying they are coming. ing i am saying there is no doubt starting in january of 2013 the taxes --. >>neil: unless they do something. >>guest: yes. >>neil: the conference that you are leading with some business leaders, there are many of those same leaders, sir, would say that they are not fans of hiking taxes but they say in balance if most of what you are offering on spending cuts they could live with us, in other words, minor hype, maybe doing away with allowances and credits that would raise some folks' taxes but if the name of simpler and cleaner government they
4:46 pm
would be for that. are any of those going in your conference? >> we have a good cross section of the business community and the c.e.o. of honeywell, and dome -- domino c.e.o. and we some a cross section of the business community, both republicans and democrats and i have invited my friends on the left and my good friends from the republican conference who the be attending at a lunch tomorrow and the all day seminar to give folks an opportunity to have the conversation. i believe we have common ground if lowering the corporate rate but do we have the courage to move forward and address the loopholes that may be necessary to get to achieve that rate. i would not personally support any new tax increases. >>neil: good luck with the congress, congressman. coming up.
4:47 pm
>> this is crazy, nancy pelosi, vote if it, and find out what is in it? good luck, folks, we are finding out fast. >>neil: a small business owner, i told you so, is being proven right. very right. is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. . [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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>>neil: the government accountability office says is 70,000 small business owners of four mill have -- four million have claimed the health insurance tax credit. and now, my guest predicted this. that is what they call a failure. a failure. >>guest: yes, well, it is another one of the shovel ready projects. you look what it is: 25 maxim employees. 23,500 maximum salary. so, limiting it to people on
4:51 pm
minimum wage. but, through the policy changes of the last two years, my employees pay the $6,000 deductible so what person on minimum wage can afford $6,000 deductible? they go to the boss and say, give me a fair give me $2 raise and i will go to the emergency room. >>neil: where do they come up with the four million who were eligible? >>guest: who knows? what business owner, that is including the business owner that can only make $123,000 -- $23,000 a year. it makes no sense. >>neil: but if that did not work for small business guys like yourself, what would? >>guest: what would work? simple. you let me republican my own insurance program and i will cut the rates 50 percent in three years. uncle sam get out of way. open up the state borders and let me design my own pool. in small business you are for longer in a pool you are the own
4:52 pm
insurers one person is sick and the rates skyrocket 40 percent and they never come back down. there was a day we could gather ourselves into thousands of healthy companies or thousands of employees and if you are obesity and you want do smoke or do drug or live a nasty lifestyle that is fine but you are not on my health insurance program. let us run our health insurance program, us being small business america and we will bring the rates down and put people in the program that cannot afford it today. >>neil: what do you do for the workers right now? >>guest: we have, i believe, 42 employees we pay, some 100 percent and other employees based where they are in the company. they pay a percentage, and we pay the employee or the family side of it. but, the problem has been the deductibles. our rates want un1919 -- up 19 circumstances from $2,500 to
4:53 pm
$6,000, they are saying they cannot afford to go to the hospital and use what they have. you put the same policy for a person on minimum wage in they have an insurance plan that is absolutely, you know, kleenex. they cannot even use it. >>neil: incredible and you saw it and called it out before the experts. >>guest: unfortunately i was right. >>neil: thank you, buddy, david. i want you to meet the ultimate home wrecker. not a woman would plowed through a house in new york. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droidoes.
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>> neil: this just in. something that will blow you away. what i'm about to tell you is amazing. the yield on ten-year treasury note -- it sounds nerdy but stay with us. it hit a record low today. 1.63%. that's not low, that is beyond a financial joke. a few short years ago when bill clinton was president it afternooned around 7%. in the early 1980s, north of
4:57 pm
16%. talk about a joke then. but this is not a joke now. investors are buying bonds like crazy, pushing the yields lower. that what happens with bonds. the more people buy them, the higher the price form. since the ten-year rate is pegged to mortgage rate, the lower the mortgage rate goes as well. you would think with mortgage interest rates this low, surely interest in buying a home would be really high. but it's not. in fact, the news on housing, it's getting worse, not better. pending home sales falling 5.5% in the latest month. yes, even with home prices still low. the mortgage rate really low. mortgage likely at 3% something soon and nothing, not a zip of interest. with inflation that is probably giving it away on home prices, a few years ago,
4:58 pm
it means they are being almost given away as well. still no takers. still no boom. this does not compute. lower rates should compute, but it's not. no ceos, investing cash. average folks interested in even home projects, that i can now do. that is carry. people are not confident. they keep the cash tight and wallet closed. they ain't buying the recovery. even officials are giving away this recovery. it turns out it's getting worse. much worse. my upcoming coverage of the recall election is so hot, even the fair can't bear it. he will be doing laps around
4:59 pm
competition. then at 8:00 p.m., on the fox business network, at 8:00 p.m. a new time. so a lot of you can be home. be on o'reilly slam dunk. >> kimberly: hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino and andrea tantaros. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: we begin with planned parenthood new push to slay the 2012 election. just as new video surfaces from inside one of the clinics. the pro-abortion group political arm endorsed president obama today and pointed out this ad as part of a campaign to brand mitt romney as being antiwoman. >>


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