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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  June 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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campaign they have had here in wisconsin the last two and a half years it touched the polls as well. last minute pushs to get out the vote. it will be a great turnout. tom barrett wants a particular pitch out there. he is telling public polls seeing him trailing. >> in the last tracking poll two nights ago was this is 800 samples i was one vote behind. not one percentage vote behind but one vote behind. we have thousands of people on the streets this weekend. we are very, very positive. >> oo for every undecided vote it is a very tight race t. functions as a dress rehearsal for the presidential campaign
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here. for the walker campaign it may also be a referendum on the governor's last two years in office. >> scott walker is talking about his record he's talking about the reforms people are getting back to work businesses are coming in. people's property taxes have gone down. you can't keep operating a government that sends more money than it takes in. scott walker is one of the special people that made promises and kept promises. >> again turnout is going to be extraordinarily important. campaigns are working hard at that. sophisticated on both sides. in state and out of state all sorts of television campaign commercials. the walker campaign has them and plenty of them. >> oo it seems to matter. stick arounded because coming up on fox and friends wisconsin
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lieutenant governor rebecca kleefisch will be on to talk about their efforts to fight the recall. stick arounded for that. this morning's wisconsin recall is a big talker. specifically the impact it will have on the presidential race. the panel tackled just that sunday. wisconsin is a very blue state. it is not voted for republican or president since ronald reagan won five states in 94. >> romney has a chance as a state as i say who has not gone republican for a quarter century. it will energize the base. there is an opportunity there that will not be missed. they didn't win by a lot last time in wisconsin. that narrow margin has many people think it's possible here for the republicans. it helps anybody.
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it doesn't guarantee anything. the state is divided over this walker thing. many people come in the coke problems i don't know if that will play but the base about the tea party and energy. the republican base feels like wow we are super man. >> the economy and job growth continuing to be big talkers. president obama and mitt romney's camps are going on sunday's show to battle it all out. former car czar steve ratner. >> they lose jobs since the recession that began since he got here. sirnlsly 2010 when the jobs started to recover we have added jobs every single month since then. nobody is happy with the rate of job creation today. i believe without the policy that is the president put in place we would not have this level of job creation. >> team romney swinging back
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saying the president's policies are simply not working. >> the president is about heading jobs fast enough. for anybody who is urgently waiting for improvement in the economy last week is not the week. jobs report were out friday and it was a revision in gdp down toward it's about consumer confidence an increase in unemployment plans. it's not that we don't think this president is trying. iveng he is. just his policies aren't working. >> the battle over jobs getting more heated yesterday. live reports later in the show and top advisors from both campaigns. >> while battling a wildfire in utah they are here with the details on that. very sad story. >> the pilots trailing the fire
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after a lightening strike in eastern nevada. the fire spreading across the utah line over the weekend. authorities say the plane was coming up for the second run when it crashed ending up in the path of the fire. captain tompkins and the second pilot both of idaho died. it isn't known why the tanker went down but an investigation could take some time. an aircraft is going to be survival. >> it was a downed airplane and i know when they were able to get to the airplane it was immediately recognizable both were fatal. it was a submarine plane gating back to the 1950s. more than half are due to retire in ten years. even though these planes are old they are well maintained.
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time for the top five at 5. dramatic video coming into fox news of a fire bomber air tanker making an emergency landing in nevada. the tanker successfully landing on its belly last night at the tahoe airport. the landing gear on the left side would not extend. the plane made in 1957 was not fighting wildfires in the area. >> a terrifying tragic scene in nigeria after a plane crashes into a neighborhood killing all 153 passengers on board. this disturbing video just into our newsroom. officials say some people on the ground were killed as well. the pilot radioing into the control tower moments before the crash saying they were having engine trouble. adding to all of the chaos the area running out of water to douse this flames from the crash. residents seen carrying fire
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hoses and buckets to try to help put out the flames. opening three new sites for the u.s. to search for troop remains for the vietnam war. defense secretary leon pineda in the first of its kind exchange of artifacts. there were 1200 of our nation's great soldiers missing in vietnam. a desperate search underway for an army staff sergeant who vanished while swimming in georgia. it happened last night off of the coast of saint simon's island. kierding to the coast guard he was caught in a rip current and swept out to sea. he is from the third infantry division at fort stewart. a new beauty queen is crowned in las vegas. >> miss usa 2012, rhode island. >> 20-year-old olivia topping
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the field of 51 contestants to take that title. during the competition there was another moment that stole the show. check out the girls lip sync to go the hit song call me navy. it feature as cameo by donald trump. ♪ ♪ >> mr. rump runs the miss universe organization. coming up on fox and friends at 7:30 we will talk to yo him liv. they are twittering and tweeting and talking about facebook. it's incredible. >> it is 9 minutes after the hour time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> good morning, guys. good to see you early today. we have a lot of akty weather with several storm systems
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including us in the northeast. in parts of new york city and philadelphia heavy at times overnight friday as we head into early saturday morning. that storm system continuing to linger. it did produce 200 reports of weather friday and saturday. today no severe weather but showers and thunderstorms expected. it is some of the heaviest activity early this morning. better as we head into the afternoon hours with y. otherwise temperatures will be much cooler today across the northeast. heavier across parts of tennessee, northern georgia and further west across oklahoma and arkansas where some of the storms could produce large hail and damaging wind gusts. not an easy go early this morning. across the northwest strong
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storm systems we are tracking bringing in cool temperatures and areas of heavy rain across parts of california and oregonianed into washington. it will be a hot one 93 in kansas city and 100 in el paso on the warm side. maria molina, thanks. the time 11 after the hour. how much did jon corzine know about the missing money. we will have a preview coming up. >> star garzs out there. we have a special treat for you this morning. we will explain coming up.
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>> it is 14 minutes after the hour. bernie madoff's son and future daughter-in-law finding the madoff name far from a blessing. they reported andrew madoff and katherine hooper trying to cover up their connection to the scheme by using her maiden name. once the landlord found out who they were they were rejectled as a couple. fox and friends first at the end of the show some of you will be able to step outside to show it. it starts at 6:00 eastern time. those of us on the east coast are not going to see this but most on the pascific time shoul be able to. joining us from fox business network is lauren simonetti. investor confidence way down 8 points on the heels of the bad
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reports. >> taking a nose-dive on the dispinting jobs reports. yesterday 93.5 from some perspective. if you take a look we were at 101.2 on day 27. confidence is typically 5,000 dollars invested in some sort of stock. ms global now trying to figure out when exactly who knew there were investor funds being dipped into. executives at ms global end with each other end with the group. it has been 10-days since the company went belly up. the money was a cushion. we have he in the end a $6 million short fall. >> no one is accused specifically of wrong doing. interesting. none of us want to hear this. a top financial executive saying that we might all have to suck is up and realize it will take
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until we are 80 to dig us out of this hole. >> we will have to work until we are 70 or 80 years old in order to make up with the debt crisis because we are shouldering the increasing life expectancies all of the risks and burden on the youth. can't handle it. we will have to work longer. >> because of the rising life expectancy. >> not 64 or 65. lauren simonetti fox business network. if this doesn't get you out of school i don't know what will. president obama excusing a student from class with a pretty good excuse note. we will tell you about that. we will tell you all about mayo mike bloomberg making his own rules.
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quick look at the price at the pump. national average is 3.569 a gallon.
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>> friends and family mourning the loss today of three teenagers killed in a car crash. for one of them just hours before his high school graduation. 18-year-old jeffery child was speeding when went over railroad tracks became airborne and slammed into a ditch. him and his 16-year-old passenger died. two others were taken to the hospital. the cause is under investigation. police say the bodies of five
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people burned beyond recognition in this abandoned suv were the victims of mexican drug cartels. the murders were either punishment or of criminals who tried to steal from the cartels or competing interests. >> zimmerman waking up behind bars after surrender to go authorities. he wants a new bond hearing. bofl reporter is live in the sim nol county jail in sanford, florida. good morning, ray. >> good morning patty ann. they will file the motion later this morning this after george zimmerman remains in the county jail. we are told by sheriff's deputies he's in a cell all by himself. he turned himself into authorities 4 miles from the jail. when he was inside the jail he was visibly heavier than when we
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last saw him. he was wearing denim jeans and a plaid shirt. we know his bond was revoked after the judge had a hearing on friday in which he said that george zimmerman's wife failed to disclose to the court that they were sitting on thousands of dollars during his first bond hearing. we know from his attorney he was visibly upset particularly since his wife may face criminal charges for not disclosing the hundreds of thousands of dollars they had in their bank account. we know that george zimmerman will not have a court appearance today but after this bond hearing motion is final we know within the next 72-hours he's expected to face a judge. his attorney not confirming to us at this time during the bond hearing. patty ann send it back to you. ray raimundi reporting live from florida.
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thank you. what are making humid lines overseas. more riots after must barak was sentence to do life in prison after last year's up rising. 16 interior ministries acquitted in the case prompting thousands of protestors to flock to the square saying the voting showed there has been little reform. next over to china where it has been 23 years since the military crack down on protestors of ten man square. this picture became a lasting image of the crack down. this year's anniversary drawing more scrutiny than usual because of the transfer of power there. finally to germany where resc r rescuers worked through the night to save a jack russell terrier dog. he was stuck in a wipe chasing after a lizard. finally 6 hours later you can see him there they wiggled little elvis out and returned
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him to his owners. no more casing lizards elvis. >> it is 24 after the hour. coming up call in mime blook berg the new york city mayor being called a hypocrite after saying no to soda but yes to nato. it is a star studded event celebrating the queen's diamond jubilee. on this date in history in 1962 the beach boys release their song "surfing safari". got to love it. ♪
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am patly a patti ann browne brown. >> unemployment rose to 8.2 percent. job creation for may was weaker than expected. the focus on the sunday talk shows was the economy. doug mcelway has more on this from washington, d.c. >> oo when the disappointing monthly job numbers came out the parties of various constituency groups blamed on congressional republicans who said they were blocking the agenda. the president not congress who
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takes the blame for the poor economy. boxing the president in the euro zone crisis of which he has very little control. the obama campaign team also explained poor employment numbers according to the magnitude chd r pd rue susz mentdedled said when he took office back in 2009 the country was losing 800 thousand jobs a day it refused to get into this mess it will take long persistent effort to get us out of this. >> they were quick to take advantage of the poor numbers saying it stifled the job creation in the private sector. >> this is a hostile environment for job kree acreation in our economy. that's a sense of urgency in this year's election to be able to turn things arounded the only thing that will change it are changing the policies that means changing the person in the white house. >> the wall street journal
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reports this morning to limit damage from the poor jobs report the white house is expressing for a new economic deal with congress. details of that are limited. it is pushing europe to do more to break out of the economic crisis. it prevents us from both side of the atlantic situation. pat patti ann. >> doug reporting live from washington. thank you. >> for your five at 5:30 making news at this hour. here is the progress in horng in the firefight in new mexico. residents are simply allowed to go back home today. the evacuation order lifted as crews built containment lines for the weather. mild weather is moving in it may help them gain the upper hand of the flames in the coming days. the fire is only 17 percent contained. airplane skidding off a runway at an air show in california. it was taking part in the wings over gillespie airport. the landing gear on the one of a
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kind british plane collapsed. the pilot was the only person on board. we hear no one was hurt. he is still sour on soda. new york city mayor michael bloomberg said he is okay with ordering a blt sandwich despite all of the calories. bloomberg is waging war against super sized sodas proposing a ban on any drink over 16 ounces. nancy pelosi is looking past this november's presidential election until 2016. pelosi keeping up the buzz for secretary of state hillary clinton. pelosi says she is our shot this year. clinton has been persistent in saying she wants to relax after leaving the obama administration and is not planning on running for president. what about a note from the president for missing school. a 5 lt grader has a note for missing school last week and it says please excuse tyler, he was
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with me, barack obama. he was able to meet the president because his dad an iraq war veteran introduced the president to the crowd in minnesota. the president was speaking about helping veterans secure jobs for police officers and firefighters. those are your top 5@5:30. maria molino she will tell us about your furs degree weather. good morning. it looks like it will be a warm day across the center of the country. expecting temperatures well above average. it is 79 degrees in dallas ks texas. only 30 past 4 in the morning there. 69 degrees in kansas city. for us in new york city current temperature at 59 degrees it's not going to be warming up that much more. we will get into a high of 62
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degrees. cool side across the northeast. we have an area of low pressure sitting here in moisture and cooler temperatures into the northeast. showers and thunderstorms expected today. the heavier stuff will be concentrated across maine and eastern new hampshire not expecting a washout for today, though. we will have heavier thunderstorms in northern georgia and atlanta. we could see delays at the airport because of the heavier thunderstorms. 94 for the high in new orleans. kansas city sunshine 85. as we head west ward the next several days we are tracking a pretty strong storm system that are bringing areas of rain.
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snowfall out across the sierras. thank you so much maria. >> today marks the 3rd day of diamond jubilee celebrations for the queen. on the agenda a star studded rock concert. amy is joining us live from the royal palace gardens in london with all of the de tills. good morning to you. you look beautiful in your hat. >> good morning. oh, thank you very much. good morning patti ann and ainsley. the action shift from the river to buckingham palace today where there will be a gala concert out front. 20,000 people have been invited. about half a million are expected to crowd on to the lawn with leads from buckingham palace to the center of the city. sir paul mccartney, sir elton john and many others. tom jones. it will be a star studded event that will end at arounded 10:30. the queen will light a beacon setting off a chain of thousands
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of beacons. yesterday was a spectacular sighted along the river. it was a miserable day. as they say in britain it was bucketing down rain. but 1,000 chips tock to the tens. it was extraordinary. it was something that hadn't been seen in 300 years. this doesn't happen every day. the queen was on what was a site s sight seeing that was retooled for the event. you can see her there looking crisp and calm and comfortable in her white outfit together with her son prince charles and grandsons prince william and harry. katherine the dutches of cambridge. they looked fantastic. what is extraordinary is it was such a miserable day and they were on the river for 4 hours. i think a lot of people are taking away from yesterday's event was that the queen was so stoic. the people outside you could see them all wet and miserable battered by the rain but the
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queen was incredible doing what she does for 60 years just kind of carrying on. back to you guys in new york. thank you so much amy. crowd of half a million expected on the lawn in front of buckingham palace. >> quite a party. i do love the hats, too. love the hats. the fans have spoken and they vote the for vampires. earlier the 2012 mtv movie awards movie of the year is "the twilight saga." >> the latest twilight movie taking home the top prize at the mtv movie awards. it was the hunger game that is scored the most awards. won best fight, best on screen transformation, best male and female performances for star jush hutchinson and jennifer lawrence. you had snow white and the hunts man took the box office by surprise. it took number one with $56.3 million. men in black iii for the top
5:37 am
spot. 29.3 million and the avengers remaining at number 3 with 23.3 million. richard dawson the long time family feud game show host and one of hogan's heros has died. >> i got good nugs and bad news. >> give me the bad news first. >> the bad news is you need 172 points to win the money. the good news is you are the man to do it. i am going to ask you the same questions i asked the others you cannot and do not want -- you cannot and do not want to duplicate his answers. he walked away from a hospital with his family related to esophageal cancer. he was 79 years old. remember how he would kiss the ladies, patti? >> oh, yes, he was a charmer. >> a ronnedup of all of the sports stories mets fans brace yourselves. you are going to be looking in a second of one of the new owners of the mets.
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bill maher saying he bought a stake in the team. he won't say how much he spent on the team or how large his stake is. >> tiger woods made an mazing 50-foot ship on the 16th hole. one of the toughest shots he has ever made. it's tiger's 73rd pga tour win. that ties him for second of all time. shawn johnson is retiring in los angeles. numerous set backs from the knee injury. the knee injury made it impossible to fight for a spot. >> 20-years old. retiring young. >> it is 39 minutes after the hour. coming up one day left in the hotly contested recall race in wisconsin. we are going to head to milwaukee for a live report. the tensions rise want to look your best on your wedding day? nicky fitness here to get you ready for the big day. ready to pump some iron.
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>> one more day to go before the hic historic campaign is here. jeff is live in milwaukee, wisconsin with more for us. good morning to you. all about jobs here. current governor scott walker. the mayor of milwaukee in downtown milwaukee. it is quiet out here. 4:30 in the morning in milwaukee. that's the kind of race it has been. as you report scott walker being recalled only the third recall gubernatorial recall election in u.s. history. by the way this is his 7th time wisconsin voters are going to
5:43 am
the state polls in the last 14 months. they have tried to recall some of the house members and senate members. some people think it will be a setup for the fall election the presidential race. there is a 65 percent turnout that's what the officials here in wisconsin say. polls they show scott walker with about the same lead he had in 2010 and beat the mayor of milwaukee. we will see how it comes out. a lot of big attention from the national media. pitted the battle between pro business the guy who thinks republican employee unions and the guy who supports unions tom barrett. >> stay tuned because later on fox and friends rebecca
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kleefisch will be on to talk about all of this. i love this video. our quick headlines right now we have new court documents we will get to the great video in a minute. new court documents reporting bank of america ex-executives fail to share with stockholders. shareholders were told the deal would make money. turns out the deal caused a $20 billion tax payer bailout. bank of america declining to comment on the report. kelsey grammer says i do for the 5th time to wife number 4. she is he can changing vows with grammar in las vegas. he wanted to celebrate love. she is pregnant with their first child. check out the replica of the shuttle explorer in houston this weekend. it was the final leg of an 8 day journey from the kennedy space center in florida to the new
5:45 am
home in nasa. another shuttle on the move here in new york. hernandez joins us live in new jersey with all of the details on the enterprise. >> i have to tell you even the tough marine workers here coming to take photographs. they are a wow factor with this here in jersey city. you can see it behind me tomorrow. it makes the final journey to the final home at the space museum. we have pictures of it here. it traveled to jfk back in april the shuttle flew from washington, d.c. to the airport. it has parked since yesterday. it made the trip to jersey city. it is going to be using a floating crane in order to get it on the space. they are hoping to have it at
5:46 am
some point in mid july. this space shuttle intrepid here it has made quite a journey from dc and tomorrow moving on to new york city. that's the latest. take it back to you. >> thanks so much. >> that's an incredible picture. >> history being made. >> 47 minutes after the hour. a new blushing bride. when you want to look your best on your wedding day like this lady we have here. we brought her in to get you ready for your big day. grab your pens papers. >> this next video will melt your heart. get your tissues ready for this one. this soldier surprising his wife and newborn baby. you don't want to miss this one. ryan kilmeade to see what's coming up on fox and friends. >> i am sorry i am sweaty. getting ready for this 3 hour extravaganza. >> are you a blushing bride?
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>> no, but i wanted to see what one looked like. i came down to see the blushing in person. show you what's coming up the next three hours after you ladies are done. scott walker will be live. plus wisconsin governor rebecca kleefisch will see whether he gets to keep her job or not. live performance from music sensation el dooef voe. inaugurals in a go-cart. they will kill me in the race. that source in just minutes. look at the cones. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering, web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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>> it is 9 minutes to the top of the hour. wedding season for all of you blushing brides out there. we have fast simple ways to help you out. joining us is your fitness expert star of 7 fitness dvd's including the beach drive wedding workout. nikki fitness is here. i understand you became a trainer because you were getting married? >> i was living in syracuse at the time there was a blizzard every day. ughttaug 30 people in class that would get me in shape. >> i am going to do it with you. i don't have any weights. >> brides are concerned about arms and cardio. the rest of it you can hide with your dress. we are going to focus on arms. first of all the lung forward you would stand up and lift your weights. you can do this with arms or not. squat in the middle. aim arm and same leg back. so you go front and lieft your arms up and go back.
5:52 am
you stand lift center squat lift. and back and lift. you can do the other leg. your heart rate raises kaes a cardio workout. front middle back. back middle back. squats, leading with your right. that makes your core work harder through balancing. >> how far back do you kick? >> keep the glutes contracted. >> do 20 on each side. >> another one would be on the floor. i will show you this right here. this is great because it works core and the arms. you do a tricep pushup with your elbows back. >> no girl pushups reece are the real thing. you do a fit cardio move like a
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lung so you stay off the floor jump high and reach for the sky. >> any one can do this in their living room. >> you get your whole muscle working. >> those four exercises will work? >> how long will it take you to see results? >> you can do a multi-tasking workout. you can do an hour long just doing this and just doing this if you put it together it takes about half an hour to do the whole workout it ups your metabolism. you can get in shape within a month. it made a difference in my life. >> last time we had you on do 30 minutes when you wake up. just add a little bit more than what you are doing now you will see results. >> do the arms maybe a twist with the abs. >> it's good also if you are a parent for your kids to see those. >> wore white in honor of the blushing brides out there.
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getter dvd, too. it is time it is 54 after the hour. 6 minutes after the top of the hour. grab a tissue because this heart wrenching soldier's returning home story is coming up. no better way to kickoff the good, the bad and the ugly. for the word of the day. take a look at it. can you figure out this word? what is this one? has a j in it. talk about this coming up. stick arounded for the answer.
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>> it's 58 after the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly.
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this soldier returning home to his wife and newborn baby in oklahoma. corporate michael wise had been away serving in kuwait for nearly a year. next, the bad. a very bizarre visitor shows up on the roof of a boise, idaho home. a white peacock. it was hard to miss since peacocks screech very loudly. the bird eventually came down and started roaming around the neighborhood and finally the ugly. bubbly singer colbe callie that is attacked on stage by an angry swarm of bugs. oh, my gosh. of course, the show must go on. the singer did continue her concert but she later took to her facebook page to write about how traumatized she was by the whole experience. i can't imagine. >> keeps the beat, doesn't she? insect repellent. time to get all scrambled up with steve doocy here to help us out. hey, steve. >> good morning, ladies. i already know it. it's too easy. let's let folks at home try. >> it's not too easy. what is it? >> think the queen on the high
5:59 am
seas. >> jubilee. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. have a great show today and we're so glad to start off your work week. >> great so see you, ainsley. have a great day, everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> that is doug. let's kick off the week with a smile. hope you have a fantastic one. it's monday and it's june 4th. thanks for sharing your time. second most important election this year, taxpayers vs. entitlements. we're talking about the wisconsin recall. what's really at stake for tomorrow's election? we're live with what you need to know no matter where you live. >> and the star of the mtv movie awards is -- an obama ad? >> hi, i'm anna winter and i'm so lucky in my work that i'm able to meet some of the most incredible women in the world, women like sarah jessica parker and michelle obama. these two women and i are


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