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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 8, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and if these are the president's friends, no wonder larry sabato is asking who needs enemy enemies. what is happening? >>guest: there are a lot of nervous nellies and there were, four years ago at this time. they didn't think obama could win. but, part of it, that is the way the economy is going, things are not the way the obama people thought they were going to be for the general election. it is not presenting a rosy picture for democrats running for the house and senate and other offices, and they are very, very concerned. >>neil: does the president get the enormity to say the private sector doing fine? i mean, it disheartens the most loyal allies, doesn't it? >>guest: i am sure. look, the troops want to know that the guy if charge and his
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team understand how difficult the campaign is going to be. they say they do, the chicago team does. but do they believe it? but you want to know the guy at the top understands this is going to an very difficult ross and that he is not simply whistling and singing "don't worry, be happy." that is the wrong song for this year. >>neil: a lot of the thinking comes back to when the white house appreciates how it could be slipping, now, the job news. the retail sales news, they could cling to a go day on the markets, which has been a good, for example, a good week in the markets say, if we were worried about something cataclysmic look at corner of wall and broad we would be seeing it. are they whistling past that graveyard? >>guest: they could be. what people are going to focus on in this campaign, especially, is every significant economic data release between now and
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november and there is one coming up on friday november 2nd, the last unemployment report before the election on tuesday november 6, and if that is a bad number that's going to be the headline on the weekend prior to the election just when the remaining undecided are making up their mind enough to keep a lot of people awake at night in the democratic team on the obama chicago bunch. >>neil: there was a big shift not final weekend before the 1988 presidential vote and it was building steam the final week and i should stress that, but, what turns if those days and what decides the turn? >>guest: if people are undecided about whether they want do keep the president, they are right on the 70, they are looking for last minute signals. in the case of jimmy carter what
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happened on that sunday prior to the tuesday election was the collapse what seemed to be promising negotiations to release the hostages who were in captivity in iran, in tehran, for a year and they were seized a year to the day prior to the election. so, it was so disappointing to people that those would were in the middle and undecided, they said to heck with it i cannot put up with this, we need a change, whatever the change is. that's where carter, who was behind two points going into the weekend and he finished ten points behind reagan on election day. that is the nightmare for any incumbent. now another potential trouble spot, a surprise, michigan, a new poll showing romney pulling slightly ahead of president obama in a state where unions are supreme and mitt romney,
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that campaign was against the bailout and the president was campaigning hard on the $85 billion auto bailout. so, are the post magic bus reverberations in wisconsin driving this? will we see more of it? mike huckabee is here. >>governor huckabee: the president is in trouble in states like membership michigan and michigan because the job market is not getting better. detroit on the verge of bankruptcy. there are sessions of detroit there have been abandoned. grass growing higher than rooftops. it is depressing. and this is the cradle of american industry. the part of america that --. >>neil: the rescued. >>governor huckabee: if i were the republicans because i love visuals i would love to send president obama a fiddle and say if you going to play nero lay us a tune as we burn
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because you seem not to understand that things are not going all rosy and sweet. to go to the podium and say that is absurd. michigan, no matter what they do, there are fundamental structural issues in michigan that are hard to overcome. their tax base. it is highly unionized workforce. those jobs have moved away. they are not coming back. if you can move the auto jobs to the south where you do not have unionized workers they are still going to get a great paycheck building cars in south but they can build the car for $1,500 less per car not south just based on health insurance benefits than if they stayed in michigan. >>neil: this is the weekend we saw a lot of democratic "locks" look like they were not so. and california city repudiated
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unions and san jose, a democratic matter, so maybe it is not so crazy when folks like michael reagan say california could be in play. but the math changes. how does that change a campaign? >>governor huckabee: the unions have miscalculated that they have pushed if adele -- pushed for additional benefits in the private sector and those paying for the benefits, public unions, are saying that is crazy. chicago is voting whether to go on strike. you talking about asking for 30 percent pay increase in a city where 50 percent of the kids do not graduate? and, also, where the teachers are paid $100,000 a year with salary and benefits. private sector people are saying, that is it. we are done. >>neil: we were in wisconsin but what rang true, the disconnect between what the mainstream media and what looked like the general crowd. i call this the magic bus when we were there, first i call it
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scoobie but they said he had a van. but what was amazing it would drop people off, it would carry demonstrators to and from the town square if madison and hundreds of people would come out of this, and then load them up again. but in all seriousness, they never got the crowd they expected to madison. and now i am wondering, whether the massive protests that were thought to be the stuff of a huge upswing to support of the president, are really there at all. >>governor huckabee: i don't think so. a was demoralizing to the union people the president depth show up to lit a finger. the only finger he lifted, maybe one finger, to tweet a midnight message saying, good luck. well, when you are out there marching the street and knocking on doors and the best the president who says he stand but, the best he can do is a tweet. >>neil: i can fad that
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politically. he is as popular as the governor is, when we were there, so he figures i don't want to tick off these people. >>governor huckabee: but you would not be blamed for it not working but he would be given credit for standing with the troops at the amlamo had the last moments. i understand why you don't go and i realize the conventional wisdom you do not send him in but what ought to be thrown away, the conventional wisdom, he should have gone because even if the outcome was not good he identifies with those fighting to the last breath and he spends political capital but encourages the troops not necessarily in business business but in other states that he would not forget them. what he told them in wisconsin, he will forget us, it is about him. not about us. >>neil: what are you doing this weekend?
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>>governor huckabee: a great discussion on all of the issue of the private sector economy. we are talking about the leaks coming from, well, maybe the white house, but certainly they causing bipartisan angst. huge story. >>neil: even democrats are saying "enough already." tomorrow you can catch huckabee tomorrow. and repeats on fund. >>governor huckabee: because people want to watch it twice they cannot get enough. >>neil: he didn't mean it, he swears, former president clinton trying to walk back the tax comments. we have seen this before but what is making the walk backs happen? and, taking on the donald saying the imagine ends are "fixed." now he is fixing to sue. does he have a case? this is not just because she is beautiful. concrete.
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>> i am very sorry about what happened yesterday. i thought something had to be done on the fiscal cliff before the election. but nothing had to be done until the first of the year, so, i think, he should just stick with his position and negotiate with the republicans. >>neil: it is not every day you hear a norm president apologizing for seeming to support extending the bush tax cuts for the rip. this is not the first time it has happened. newark, new jersey mayor, booker, dialing back. but the white house is done with him. and townhall on what she thinks is going on behind the scenes. what the heck? what is happening? >>guest: i have a web video ready to release when we are down i backtrack all the statement i-made in this segment. look at news reports on this, "wall street journal" saying that the white house asked bill clinton to correct the
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statements on the tax cut and the new york post said something happened with the white house and cory booker on his statements on bain capital ad. so, it is logical to think that the white house, you know, is factor in the statements. >>neil: what does the white house do? call up as in case of the newark mayor, you went to far and we do not appreciate that? what happens? >>guest: well, again, the new york post article said they were extremely upset and they wanted him to back track and they were more upset when he went on the show that night and he has damaged that relationship there. that was the point of article. so, again, it shows that you really, it comes down to who do you trust. do you trust the "wall street journal" or an administration that promises to give a state of the world address, or the administration that still is stonewalling when it comes to
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giving congress answers on "fast and furious." >>neil: but all the democrats talk about massachusetts patrick, and we talked about bill clinton and cory booker, but there is a method they are trying to send a signal to the president, maybe a well intended signal. look, you have for get more to the middle here. you are out on a limb criticizing private capital. you are out on a him bashing the rich and they are trying to amend, take it back a little bit, and they are getting slapped for doing so. >>guest: that is the real key. it is not just that the obama administration is trying to control the messaging. you want everyone in the campaign on same page but they seem to experience bash lash when they take bipartisan positions or that republicans can say "yes," we can agree. can you not agree with a republican and still go on tv for president obama, and that is the disturbing thing, rather
4:16 pm
than looking at, well, maybe we should consider extending the bush tax cuts because that is something everyone can agree on, bill clinton is experiencing backlash on the obama administration on it. >>neil: maybe there is a point you thing you might win and you do not want to alienate and you are careful what you say and you deal it back and there is a point it looks like he might lose and you say the hell with it i don't care what he thinks. are we at that point? >> i am not sure. cory booker, again, in one of the many retractions said i will still be involved as the obama campaign wants me to be. but if it continues down this path we may be closer to that in november. >>neil: thank you very much elizabeth. good to see you. did this beauty just call the donald the "beast." not quite but if what she is charging, is right, his pageant
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>> i know what i heard and i know what i witnessed, that a contestant said she saw the list so i am prepared to continue to march forward and what i want is for the truth to be known. >>neil: the now ex-miss person not backing off the claims that the pageant was rigged. and the top five contestants were already picked before the competition started and she later resigned from her spot in miss pennsylvania and posted this on facebook. i can no longer be affiliated in
4:21 pm
anyway with an organization i consider to be fraudulent lacking in morals, and inconsistent and trashy, and the owner, donald trump, suing her for defamation. does he have a case? okay, we have mercedes and lis. lis: she said it is rigged and fraudulent. that is beyond opinion. if donald trump can prove the statements damaged him and or the contest he has a great case. >>neil: but he came up after the contest. but the pageant continued. did you go to law school? >> a high standard for a public figure like donald trump. malice. he has to show reckless
4:22 pm
disregard for the truth much the contestants say, wait, i was told specifically this list existed and it was not coincidencal that list of name when they announced the last five contestants were the exact order that list was told to me. so, i concluded it had to be have been a fraud and if she can show that there was in reckless decision regard, and she believed what she was told by miss florida she can defeat a claim of defamation. >> but to say rigged and fraudulent, that would be malice. >>neil: when was she aware? she still participated in the contest. >>guest: and she did. and donald trump is, sore loser. she knew she would not make it and she was of a cad saying that, and he used more choice words and that is wrong and maybe that got her more upset. it is fine to say i don't like trump or the context. >>neil: but that takes away
4:23 pm
the agent she still participated knowing that there was supposed "fix," being in. >>guest: the big issue, the biggest challenge is credibility. she has to take that stand and i reasonably believed miss florida was telling the truth and it is based on her credibility. miss florida has said i don't know what she is talking about. so, that is where the --. >>neil: miseriry won. and now she goes on to miss universe pageant. that is a big leap, from miss usa to "universe." for mars or venus. >> you have done a lot of studying i notice on the miss universe. >>neil: i would be ticked off if i am miseriry. >>guest: if you think it is rigged. but i don't think it will get to court, done am trump may sue, and i think your client is going to turn back and say i withdraw.
4:24 pm
i am not going --. >>neil: but --. >>guest: she was force of the in the interval. part of this is she claimed --. >>neil: how much is left of the title? >>guest: she said she fulfilled most duties but there are --. >>neil: but what do you do as miss usa? >>guest: speaking engagements. >>neil: but this is big money. the pageant and endorsements, major, major money. >>guest: she is trying to get money, we are all talking about it and slow knows trump will get fired up which he should. when you come out with county fares like this. >>neil: so the other contestants have not validated what she has said. so she is hanging out this alone. >>guest: a lot people can say a lot of things and they are not
4:25 pm
sworn to tell the truth. if this was -- and she will say, i was given strict opinions. when i say fraud. >> fraud is not opinion. it is a legal term, but --. >>neil: who gets the right to judge the contests? >>guest: don't you love this. problem kardashian, and --. >>neil: people from, like, people would necessity beauty? >>guest: you should be the judge. you can judge beauty. >>neil: bottom line this will go nowhere? >>guest: bottom line trump has a case but she will give up and i don't think it will go anywhere. >>guest: she is forceful and very direct during her morning interview. she will say, no, i think she has a good case. >>neil: so we have to root for
4:26 pm
miseryiry for -- miss rhode island. >> when we come back raising holy hell over the health care mandate. .
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>>neil: and we have to wait for the supreme court's ruling on the health care law but christians are raising their voices today. not so much to god but over the health care mandate and they do not like it. this we do not want it. when it comes to catholics, father john says very good reason. father, good to have you. >>guest: good to be with you. >>neil: how is this shifting among lay catholics themselves? are they in step with you? how would you describe it? >>guest: well, you can't speak for all catholics for sure, but i believe the scale is tipping against the notion that president obama is the champion of the common good. so, to oppose him would be a terrible thing. there is an awareness all things considered that he is the leader of a policy which is leading to bankruptcy. and, therefore, social security,
4:31 pm
medicare, it is all in the balance if we can't pay our bills, we can't just keep printing money. so the picture, i think what you are looking at, so called riots, is the tip of the iceburg. >>neil: but did it start with contraception debate and whether catholic and religious institutions would have to provide the services and citizen it to gay marriage, that catholics feel underfire with a bishop would said not too long ago that's the way he felt. what about you? >>guest: well, it is not a matter of feeling. there is a coalescing of intrusion on rights. feelings are not in question here. it is not a berth -- birth control issue or abortion issue as serious as that it is, it is a philadelphia -- survival
4:32 pm
issue. the american experiment is being put in jeopardy. i don't think all the protesters are on that level in their protest because abortion rights, or, that is to say, the violation of the prohibition against abortion, is a prominent issue for most christians. and jews. and others. would believe in the right-to-life. >>neil: but it is interesting and i will wrap up on this notion, father, that you hear there is a big game between the practicing religious and the nonpracticing religious or in your case practicing catholic versus nonpracticing catholic who could be more help coastlined to oppose what you outline what the president is doing, not so much nonpracticing catholics and that is the difficulty of your job. what do you say? >>guest: nonpracticing
4:33 pm
catholics are also lapsed catholics and ex-catholics. there are many practicing catholics who are not rigidly locked in to the leadership of the bishop so there isn't anything new in that. and the controversy about abortion is, certainly, a minor part of the religious freedom issue, when the united states government can presume to tell a bishop that he has to perform abortions in his hospital, you are going to have a problem on your hand. i don't think the vast majority of people are seeing president obama as the champion of the common good. this is a turning point and he made a monumental error stepping into an -- into the question of religious rights. >>neil: thank you, father. you probably heard that governor
4:34 pm
romney raised $17 million for man president obama but the real news is it wasn't a luke -- fluke. it could be a trend. >>guest: the old saying, more money with more problems, with fundraising more money means more money. >>neil: whys what happened? >>guest: when you look at the numbers, if you ignore presidents, you see fundraising that is campaign momentum. a fundraiser what do you think i will do? i will raise money on the fact we have a winning team. and, now, here is the tricky part with mitt romney campaign. he is raising more money. but he is raising more money because so many people are ticked off on the fact that what obama is saying is not resonating. you can go on and on about the record, about, you know, what he has done is not working. the economy is so forth. but what people are saying, though, obama cannot be beaten,
4:35 pm
and he could not be touched with the continue raising, he has the hollywood glamour types and everything going on and he endorsed the lesbian and gay movement and you are seeing that no matter what, he is being outraised. that shows the momentum is going with the romney campaign meaning the super pac's are getting ready to spread on romney's behalf, and hammer the heck out of obama. >>neil: but there are a lot of the guys who deal with the swarmy works, right, following a winner. so if it looks like mitt romney is polling bet they glom on to him, right but if he stops polling they will stop glomming on. >>guest: you have to realize governor romney is kind of strange, almost like back to the bush time when you hated public so much because of the spending but you voted for the hope and change guy because you hoped he could do something so it is an antiestablishment vote. >>neil: but they do not want to be on the wrong side.
4:36 pm
>>guest: it is not they will be on wrong side they are noticing that obama's record, what his vision is in the country, is not good. he has bill clinton out there going, oops, i didn't mean to say what i did. yes, he did. >>neil: really? >>guest: you do not say that. we are in the media. do you say something you don't mean. >>neil: is it a significant turn for the president he is in deep trouble. >>guest: and it is evident with what he is saying. >>neil: but it is a nap shot -- snapshot in time. >>guest: but we have the advantage. romney team, and the g.o.p. has the advantage, and they will go into next month with the lead probably in fundraising unless he pulls a remember bit, take it away axelrod. i don't know. >>neil: thank you very much, republican fundraiser extraordinaire. >>guest: i handle bundling.
4:37 pm
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>> continue to cut spending, no doubt. and by spending tens of billions --. >> that is senator bob casey great pennsylvania. and now, listen to this again. >> spending tens of billions on tax cuts. >>neil: steve moore caught the same, does congress spend money on tax cuts? the best selling author from "wall street journal" and what do you make of that? >>guest: there -- everyone is tag about the tax cliff.
4:41 pm
bernanke talked about it in his testimony. and it is so important for people to understand, there are two cliffs. one is the spending cuts that are scheduled as part of debt reduction deal. the other is the big, what we call tax-ageddon. my view is that the tax, raising the tax rates is a disaster. it would hold back business expansion and possibly cause a double dip recession. but, senator casey is wrong. i think bernanke is wrong. i think half of the economists on wall street are wrong saying cutting government spending is bad for the economy. it isn't. because when the government spends a dollar that dollar is taken from people. it is taken from you. or me. or the bond market. >>neil: but what about equating tax cuts with that. >>guest: ridiculous. a tax cut allows to you keep my own money. >>neil: but it leads, initially, to washington. we give it to them, but, they,
4:42 pm
then, give it back. >>guest: necessity don't -- they don't give it back. it is our money. >>neil: their argument. it leaves washington, and just like the money would leave washington for a program. >>guest: but what they are leaving out is the effects from the taxes. the higher the taxes the less incentive for business to expand, for, woulders to work. this is the problem with the economy right now. and when president obama today said the private sector doing fine, and --. >>neil: what was that about? >>guest: that was delusional and that was the headline tomorrow. >>neil: if he wanted to get in front of this, and the press conference was an opportunity --. >>guest: it backfired. the headline will be president obama thinks private business and private workers are doing just fine and you know this, i go around the country talking to business groups and they are in survival mode.
4:43 pm
they are not --. >>neil: when he says like 27 months we are growing and the spending i have had, the stimulus, it is showing that it is all working, what do you say? >>guest: we have the weakest recovery since world war ii. the economy is growing at less than 2 percent at this stage under reagan it was growing at 7 percent, three times faster. we can do much better. >>neil: what would you suggest? >>guest: the most important tinge president obama can do right now to put juice in the economy, he should have another press conference tonight and say we are calling off the tax increase. i believe, look, who wants to invest in a tsunami storm of higher tax rates on capital gains, and shawl business taxes, everyone is in survival mode. they are worried about tax-ageddon. he should take that off the table. bill clinton was right: that is a severe negative for the economy which we should no do. >>neil: and bill clinton did not take it all back.
4:44 pm
if you noticed. >>guest: he had it right the first time. he got a smack down from the white house. >>neil: leak he cares. >>guest: you will see more democrats the next few months making the case now is not the time to ignite this. >>neil: but time is awasting. because they back up the planes at la guardia. >> more uncle sam gets out the more the house, market looks up? . concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet.
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>>neil: with a number of delinquent homes foreclosuring, and uncle sam make as move to sell this stuff in the private market what can we expect not housing market? to our realtor extraordinaire
4:48 pm
one of the best on the planet, she doesn't say the universe, by the way, because unlike certain beauty imagine ends they stick to earth. what is happening? >>guest: well, is it going to work? it is a small program, so likely it will work if it is a small dipping the toe and getting out of the mortgage business market. >>neil: we are doing a segment. >>guest: yes. >>neil: we thought it was important enough to do a segment so play along. kidding. you are saying that --. >>guest: it is a good sign. >>neil: you don't like the government, this is weird coming from a realtor but normally they love anything to help their industry. >>guest: at the end of the day it doesn't help all of us as americans. that is the problem. can you not just pick an industry --. >>neil: i thought realtors didn't care? >>guest: we all care about
4:49 pm
america. and we should be out of the entire real estate business. >>neil: why? it is prolonging this. >>guest: it is from -- prolonging the pain and we have to let it lay out. maybe everyone work for what they have to do. it will all come out. >>neil: why didn't they do this in the beginning? >>guest: they did the reverse, from 3 percent, 40 percent. now they want to go from 40 percent to 39 why -- to 39.5 percent. >>neil: so many in arrears kick them out? >>guest: i don't think we should kick them out but clearly review what the story is when we get them a mortgage. if they are entitled to a mortgage they should have a imagine and then maybe more look at employment issues. with no employment the real
4:50 pm
estate market is not coming back. the high end the market is doing well because they do not worry about jobs. the low end is suffering. >>neil: you create jobs and improve the underlying economy and the other points are moot. >>guest: exactly and you do not go from 3 percent to 40 percent or back to 3 percent. but it is a good sign and a good step in the right direction and hopefully they get their hands out of our pockets. soon. >>neil: are we rounding the bend? >>guest: no. >>neil: how were longer? >>guest: it could be another five years. we have to fix the structural problems or we will not fix this problem. >>neil: that makes it a 10-year housing bust? >>guest: it could be. everyone is doubling up. kids are moving back in with parents, grandparents are living with parents and grandkids. >>neil: rent you the charmer.
4:51 pm
now, it is personal, and of you are giving me the business after one week on fox. wer surge, let it blow your mind. [ male announcer ] for fruits, veggies and natural green tea energy... new v8 v-fusion plus energy. could've had a v8. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start.
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>> neil: the big show here on fox news. primetime one on fox business. we do them. great we debut them. can't stop talking about them. good and bad. chuck e-mailed --
4:55 pm
>> neil: anyway. talk to nancy, eddie, because she doesn't buy the trance thing or remotely hook thing. you're the nerdy guy i turned down for the prom. you're still nerdy and ugly and have snap-on hair.
4:56 pm
yuck then. yuck now." nancy? is that you? you are still so not over me. anyway, david in wilmington, north carolina, laments my tough time period. >> neil: carroll in new brunswick, new jersey writes -- good to know. you can watch me live at 8:00 and catch bill's fine repeat at 11:00. a win-win. good for you. john in las vegas -- well, good for you. because it's not as if my
4:57 pm
friend bill is in the 1%, right? anyway, mark e-mails -- of course not, zachary. i think i am going to rule the world. sarah in fort lauderdale -- >> neil: well, i'd make him a contributor, sarah. he would be my dennis miller. alex via aol -- well, i'm not up against cspa cspan2 at 3:00 in the morning. you're on to something with the rocketettes thing. gary writes -- don't worry, gary, i won't.
4:58 pm
tina e-mails -- >> neil: alas, teena, there are some on the planet who do not give fox business network. it's my greatest challenge, my greatest duty to pass it on to you. so the world would be as smart as you. so the world could get this network, that moves this network, that now is conquering the world. alas, not everyone, not everyone has it. >> they should demand it. since you are giving out the business, i'm cooking up the business to give them the business. yep. so, i got it all cooking up here. nice and hot. you know, snore what does this have to do with what i said about getting fox business? >> you give them the business on fox news. cooking up the business for you to give them to them.
4:59 pm
>> neil: you're cooking up burgers. >> you're destroying the illusion. it's ambiguous. giving them the business. >> neil: this is part of the draw. this is the stuff you miss. now you may be thinking well, maybe not. see you tonight. >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel -- look up, bob -- eric bolling, greg gutfeld. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so it's been a pretty rough week for president obama. earlier today, someone decided it might help for him to hold a press conference. safe to say, things didn't turn out as planned after the president said this. >> the private sector has been doing a good job creating, creating jobs. we have seen record profits in the corporate sector. as i said, we have created 4.3 million jobs in the last two, 27 months. over 800,000 just this year


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