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  Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 27, 2012 4:10pm-4:13pm EDT

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what were the plans? donald trump still has a big surprise planned for the republican national convention. he jointed me on the phone now. donald, what was the surprise? is it still on tap? >>guest: we had a great surprise and they want me to get there if i can but as you know i was supposed to be there on monday and a little thing called the hurricane changed my plans and a last other people's plans. so, i was in sarasota last night, we had a great evening in sarasota and i left for new york. so i'm in new york, now, i was going to do your show with you for a change, and i looked forward to that but you are had and i am in new york. >>neil: are you still on for this surprise? what was it? >>guest: they want to but we have to work it out scheduling wise and we will know over the next 44 hours. >>neil: it will kickoff, it was supposed to be the kickoff. now tomorrow is the kickoff, if you are not kicking off tomorrow, you lose the opportunity. >>guest: getting there is not
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as easy for me as it is for other people something we are trying to work on. >>neil: what do you mean, you have a swat team of private jets at your proposal? >>guest: i have a swat team of meet evening and deals. so, i do have other things. >>neil: i will eliminate some things. are you going to do one of these things where you go on camera and say president obama you are fired. >>guest: it is something really exciting and people are excited about it and i know as you know as they announce they want to do it we are seeing if we can. >>neil: it wasn't to promote the "apprentice." >>guest: nothing to do with that. no. >>neil: some folks are concerned is trump going to try to upstage mitt romney, embarrass mitt romney? >>guest: that ridiculous. that is not a fair question. i have been a big supporter of mitt romney for a long-term and a question like that, really, isn't it -- is that coming from you? i am very surprised would you ask. >>neil: i am raising what is out there.
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>>guest: let the enemies say that. look, i have been a big fan of hit and i have helped mitt a lot and i think he is a great guy and he will run a fantastic campaign and i think heel be a great president. >>neil: you are someone who is pretty accomplished, you look at markets and we are told democrats next week will be pounding that, say way will about how we are antifat cat, look at the dow, it has doubled, and things are coming back, and apple is soaring account trend is their financial friend. what donald trump thing of that? >>guest: look at appear people. -- apple make their product? in china. they make their product in big fact tries all over china. you temperature me about that. is that great for us? i'm not so sure. the stock market is up and nobody knows why. no one has any idea and that is
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usually a very dangerous scenario when the stock market goes up and people do not know why. there really is no reason. you have unemployment that probably is not 8.3 percent but, probably, anywhere from 16 percent to 21 percent, the real number. so --. >>neil: but the former chairman of the stock market thinks it is anticipation of a romney victory? >>guest: that could be possibility. it is a good point. if you have that victory a lot of good things will happen with the economy. >>neil: thank you, donald trump. always a pleasure. i look forward to the announcement. whatever it is. we told you about isaac, and now big oil workers are already sending gas prices through the roof because they are