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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we have videos on gretawire. see the latest ads. statements. see you tomorrow night, 10:00 p.m. eastern, good night from washington, d.c. go to see you tomorrow night.
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>> we did not know they wanted more security.
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>> the two sparred on the economy congressman ryan saying the economic policies are making the economic situation worse. the vice president defending the stimulus legislation and other policies. >> we are in a situation where we inherit a god awful circumstance. people are in real trouble. we acted to move to bring relief to the people who need the most help now. in the process in case you haven't noticed we have strong disagreements but you probably detected by frustration with their attitude about the american people. >> we are going in the wrong direction. look at where we are. the economy is barely limping along. growing at 1.3 percent. that's low slower than it grew last year and last year is slower than it grew the year before. >> looking at the polls from last night respondents gave the win to congressman ryan.
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a third gave the win to vice president biden. a look at all of this perhaps the most talked about moment last night. word about policy but something all together different. >> the moments were joe biden's smirks, smiles and laughter while paul ryan was speaking. he is facing criticism. >> their own actuary said 1 out of 6 hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business as a result of this. >> no it isn't. >> 7.4 million seniors are project to do lose the current advantage they have that's a benefit cut. >> that didn't happen. >> these are from your own actuaries. >> mr. vice president -- i know you are under a lot of duress to
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make up for lost ground, but i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting each other. >> let's calm down a little bit here. iran is more isolated today than when we took office. it was on the ascend den see when we took office. it is totally isolated. >> thank goodness we have these sanctions in place in spite of their opposition. they have given 20 waivers to this sanction and all i have to point to are the results. they are four years closer toward a nuclear weapon. you can cut tax rates by 20 percent and still preserve these important preferences for middle class taxpayers. >> moth mathematically possible. >> it is mathematically possible. >> it has been done before? >> it wasn't been done before? >> it has been done two times before. >> now you are ronald reagan. >> jack kennedy -- >> jack kennedy coming up in these debates.
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both men covered several elections. biden came off as rude he has never seen anything like this from any other candidate. >> what you saw while paul ryan was talking was smirking, laughing, smiling, mugging, by the vice president. and my sense about it was that it was so xheling people couldn't see the keep their eye off of it. i thought it was unattractive and rude and i have a feeling it will come across as rude. it looks like a cranky old man to some extent debating a polite young man. >> i think i have watched almost every presidential and vice presidential debate since the first four kennedy nixon debates since 1960 thinking back over the next few minutes i don't believe i have ever seen a debate when one participant was
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as openly disrespectful as the other as biden was to paul ryan. you can talk about the smirks the head shaking, it was con tenuous and disrespectful. >> that lead us to our brew on this question of the day. what did you think of the debate? send your comments via tweet. tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at knocks or read the comments later in the show. we have other news now. it is time for your 5@5. we should know today if a body found in colorado is missing jessica ridge way. police are searching for the 10-year-old while they work to identify that body. jessica disappeared a week ago while walking to school late wednesday a body was found in the park.
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a backpack and water bod el was found where she was walking. a flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a bird hit the plane and got stuck in the engine. it happened moments before the plane was scheduled to land. the plane carrying 125 people ult hatly handed safely. >> a month after a u.s. ambassador was killed in libya a new ambassador was named. he represents our country in absence of an am das dorr. he is the former ambassador to chad and was associate director of counter servism. he steps in for chris stevens who was killed in an attack at p benghazi. >> it was not a disruption. the defense lawyer for major
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nadal hassan. this happening inside an appeals court yesterday as they argued hassan to be allowed to keep that beavered. they claim an army judge over stepped his authority in ordering him to shave off the beard or be force pli shaved. he put all court proceedings on hold. hassan says making him shave it off violates his religious rights. >> this in the newsroom for the space shuttle endeavor. leaving the hangar at lax to the new home of the california science center. endeavor will be traveling at a ways of two-miles per hour. it will be making two stops that will last more than 6 hours to raise power lines. it is expected to reach the museum tomorrow night.
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>> don't you want to see that live. it is time for your first degree weather update for janfr janice dean. >> hi there ladies. happy friday to you. this weekend we could have a severe weather outbreak. a lot of cities and places that are going to have college football games going on. a lot of football forecasters are going to have their handsful. we have great lakes back to the ohio valley you see a little snow but there is the main event across california across the rockies avoss the central plains. it expends from texas to new mexico all of the way up to oklahoma and kansas. the main event will be tomorrow. look at all of the cities involved. oklahoma city kansas city up through chicago the heartland where we could have large hail damaging winds and cotornadoes.
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this will be a spags we are following through out the day and tomorrow. a lot of local forecasters are going to be forecasting this potentially severe outbreak. >> janice dean thank you. >> 9 minutes after the hour. undoe sided voters are key in this election. what did they think of last night's performances. >> i thought he jumped the ygun. shouldn't have done it. >> i thought it was a huge mistake. it was arrogant. it sticks with me. i can't forget that. >> we will have the complete report card from frank luntz' group. >> the company already used up millions and millions of our tax payer dollars. we will tell you all about it. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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>> good morning. it is 14 minutes after the hour. here's a quick look at headlines for you. a whole lot of americans could have problems voting in next month's presidential election. more than 20 mill voters are now considered inactive. that means they haven't voted in the last elections. their addresses could not be confirmed. they are urging you to check your status before election day. got $420 million from stimulus money to create jobs for electric batteries. they may make up a struggling a 12 system and then move the operations over says. in the last three years the company lost a reported $857 million laid off workers and also recalled products.
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patti ann? >> heather, more reaction now to last night's vice presidential debate. last night on hannity frank luntz spoke to ohio voters and got their ache on the candidate's performances. >> i want to set the stage so people can know how you vote. >> we voted for barack obama in 2008. raise your hands. who voted for mccain. this is a group leading toward obama. it's important because call of you are undecided. let's start in the back. >> wall ryan faces an awesome opponent. based on the circumstances he did a good job. >> i thought he was all coached. i thought ryan and the moderator allowed biden to interrupt each
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other. >> i thought he was focused. >> i thought he was confident and respectful. >> i thought he look add little bit scared. >> deb near and prepared. >> debonaire. i have not heard a vice presidential president ever described, i don't even know how to spell that. there was talk about him laughing. what was your reaction to that? >> i thought it was disrespectful. he had plenty of time to respond. i thought he jumped the gun. shouldn't have done that. >> i thought it was a huge mistake. it was arrogant. it sticks with me. >> did you have an issue with it? >> yes, i did. i thought it was disrespectful. >> we will show i the one poem meant th -- moment that got high ratings from the focus group. >> 16 minutes after the hour.
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with little to no sleep plus a whole lot of gruelling travels, how do the presidential candidates stack up in terms of their fitness? >> u.s. taxpayers left holding the bag after the failure of solar panel maker solyndra. now a pair of government agencies trying to make sure lightening does not strike twice.
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>> 20 minutes after the hour and time for quick headlines. governor mitt romney getting support from renowned evangelist
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billy graham. he told romney he would do everything he can to help him out. romney met with graham and his son at graham's home in south carolina. they all prayed together at the end of their meeting. more bad news for american airlines. they are cutting back on the flight schedule. it effects 31 flights a day. they are blaming the cuts on pilots calling it maintenance issues. they are embarrassed over seats coming lose on several flights. >> let's go to stories you can bank on this smoerng. uncle sam saying no way to the company that lost millions of tax payer dollars. they cut 5 # $50 billion. what's the trob with the plan? >> the irs as well as the ende department opposed the bankruptcy plan of solyndra the
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solar company that got half a billion dollars from taxpayers before going bankrupt in the fall. the irs says solyndra's plan can't be approved because the purpose is to let solyndra's owners avoid future taxes. the only reason for it to exist post confirmation is to enable owners to exploit the tax attributes. >> according to the irs pose breaks are worth more than ones set aside for creditors. if it goes through they may get little to nothing for the loan. the irs goes on to say the company's owner to preserve the operating losses as they privately prepare for the fact that solyndra will go broke. it affects the bankly plan
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slated for wednesday. >> as government taxpayers hope we get some of that one back. statly ann? >> time for fox news health fix. a roundup of the week's top medical stories. the deadly meningitis outbreak and how doctors are reacting now. anna kooiman has that now. >> the meningitis death toll is on the rise. 13 are now dead. it is claimed for the outbreak leaving doctors across the country to boycott the use of compounding arm sees. in the united states there are now 3,000 of them that's up virtually none in 2000. they are over seen by state boards and pharmacies rather than by the u.s. food and drug
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administration. video games and big clean televisions may be hurting more than the waste lines. it may be becoming more common in that demographic. they tech plate the increase may be due to a rised risk factor such as diabetes obesity and high cholesterol. the rate grew from 13 percent in 93 to 1994 to 19 percent in 2005. even though younger people tend to recover better from strokes because their brains are more modifiable doctors warn the results could still be devastating. the study was published this week in the journal of neurology. men's rhett report finds this year's candidates are the fittest america has ever seen. with regular workouts and basketball obama has maintained great health through out his term. romney reportedly runs some 3
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miles a day. says paul ryan isn't just his vp pick but his personal trainer on the road as well. for information on these stories and more go to 24 after the hour. still to come did last night's vice presidential debate move the need wile at all? >> whether you decide the vice president won or lost people don't end up in the booth voting for number two. >> we will have a fair and balanced debate coming up. also more from carls brought hammer joe biden may have laid the foundation for the next presidential debate. a serious warning from the department of defense. a new waive of terrorism that could lead to a cyber pearl harbor. on this day in history in 1892 american students said the pledge of allegiance for the first time ever mark the
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anniversary of christopher columbus voyage. >> pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america.
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>> time now for your shot of the morning president obama keeping a close eye on his vice president. air force one watching joe biden go head to head with paul ryan
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during the debate. the president on his way home from the battle ground state in florida. >> mitt romney with top staffers. joining them a winner with the contest they had. grab a bite contest with mitt. she is the woman to the right. wouldn't you be nervous answering the boss on that one. what did you do there's night? >> welcome back to fox and friends first. we have a busy morning for you. i am heather nauert. >> i am patti ann grown. >> joe biden and paul ryan trading blows on the economy and the benghazi terror attacks. let's talk to doug luzader on that. >> both of these guys are probably waking up this morning a little bruised after this pretty lively debate last night. joe biden for one thing was under a lot of pressure to try to turn his ticket fortunes
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around after a tough presidential debate last night. he was more full more aggressive. watching this on a split screen it may have hardened them on both sides with biden laughing and interrupting ryan. >> this benghazi issue would be a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it is indicative of a broader problem. what we are watching is the unravelling of the obama foreign policy which is making the world more chaotic and us less safe. >> we did not know they wanted more security. by the way, at the time we were told exactly -- we said exactly what the intelligence community told us they knew. that was the assessment. as the intelligent changed their view we made it clear they changed their view. >> but biden did something his boss nailed to do last week at
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least five times he brought up mitt romney's comments about the 47 percent of americans who have become dependent upon government. when that occurred what did he do? he said no let the bank go down. romney said no let the foreclosure hbanks hit bottom. 47 percent of people are unwilling to take responsibility for their own life. >> this is a man who gave 40 percent of his income to charity. romney is a good man. he cares about 100 percent of americans in this country. with respect though that quote the vice president knows the words sometimes don't come out of your mouth the right way. (laughter) >> but i always say that i mean. >> the white house meantime trying to play this debate up. this is a photograph the white house of the president watching
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the debate on air force one heading home from a campaign appearance in florida. both the president and mitt romney are preparing for their next big debate. that is on tuesday less than a week away. a lot of key issues were touched on in that debate last night. the candidates sparring on the controversial contraception mandate. they were talking about who is to blame for the current state of the economy. listen to this. >> with regard to the assault on the catholic church let me make it clear no religious institution catholic or otherwise including catholic services georgetown hospital mercy hospital any other hospital none needs to refer contraception none has to pay for contraception none has to be a vehicle to get contraception in any insurance policy they provide. that is a fact. >> i have to take issue with the catholic church and religious
5:34 am
liberty. >> you have to. >> why would they keep suing you? it's a distinction without a difference. >> they talk about this great recession that fell out of the sky like oh my goodness where did it come from? it came from this man vote to go put two wars on the credit card prescription drug benefit on a credit card a trillion dollar tax cut. >> you have a president who ran for president four years ago promising hope and change who has turned the campaign in attack, blame and fame. if you don't have a good record to run on then you taint euro poignant as someone to run from. that's what president obama said in 2008. that's what he is doing now. >> did last night's debate sway it as well? >> whether you decide vice president won or lost people don't end up in the booth voting
5:35 am
for number two. if you liked one he was likeable the other wasn't i don't think it has any effect whatsoever on the vote. the question is will it effect the de lates that are coming up? that's the heavy weight stuff between obama and romney. the one advantage that biden laid down is in the you'll arguments he made the point that had been left out of the first debate. what he was trying to do was to set the premises for the up coming debate by filling in the larynx by answering the charges romney had made and obama had left unanswered. >> was this bv bee late a game changer? let's ask. democratic strategist. michelle talk with the economy. on that topic who came out on top? >> paul ryan came out on top. he did a great job continuing
5:36 am
the momentum to what obama had the last four years. he was trying to laugh it off and discount a lot of what he was saying. the economy is not doing well he gave us a better future while biden was doing the status quo. >> he used the word inherited. at what point does that word expire? >> i think what vice president biden was doing is providing context. this was a context in which we entered office. we were losing 750,000 jobs now we have gained 5 million private sector jobs. it is important to know how we got here president obama and joe biden are laying out in order to move us forward. for those 5 million people who had jobs in the private sector that is progress. >> michelle foreign policy. he said about the benghazi attack quote we are not told
5:37 am
they wanted more security there. at congressional hearings this week charlene lamb and eric nordstrom confirmed there were requests for more security. are you surprised biden's statement? >> there are 100 explanations we have gotten from them. isn't that stunning compared to what we have seen in the last four weeks. it is another reason why they are offering alternative on foreign policy american strengths and values. >> how dowdy fend vice president's comments on benghazi? >> i think the vice president made a very important point. there is an investigation underway right now so we can find out exactly what happened and if there were mistakes made. we shouldn't politicize the issue we should wait until it comes through. if people should be held accountable they should be. the president has been very tough on terrorists around the
5:38 am
world, osama bin laden all of the top opportunities has been taken out the one responsible for the kenyan embassy bombing. the president has been tough. these attacks on the president's foreign policy record are unfair. >> the two candidates had conflicting statements on medicare. where is the truth? >> it was funny. this is what i found to be most shocking. vice president biden bragged about the fact that he extended medicare for 8 years or 12 years until 2024. which isn't something to be excited about. somebody 53 years or younger isn't going to see medicare. he is offering solution for sustainable programs that will last for future generations. >> i am sorry. we have to leave it there. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> good debate. >> it is time for your 5@5:30. attorney general eric holder is being investigated for hundreds of millions of dollars of
5:39 am
undisclosed donations to president obama. in a letter it says the president's campaign committee is quote vulnerable to the receipt of prohibit tive contribution. it caused the questions regarding weather around the campaign invited prohibited contributio contributions. accountability institute found the campaign has sol litted -- solicited donations from foreigners. they don't have industry standard security measures. leon pineda catches a picture of cyber ter hichl. >> cyber attack perpetrated nation states are violent extremist groups could be as destructive as the terrorist attack on 9-11 could virtually paralyze the nation.
5:40 am
>> he calls it a cyber pearl harbor. there is a possibility for them to shut down the power grids transportation and financial networks. he is referring to the cyber attacks on u.s. banks as proof. he is encouraging increasing on-line security. >> did the botched fast and furious get an agent fired. he got his term may gos papers this week at a denny's parking lot. >> he was a well-known whistleblower he found a web site to cleaning up that agency. speaking out against the flawed gun operation must have been the final straw. >> he denies it was retaliation. he was on administrative leave for over a year challenged that firing. despite spending 18 month in prison on dog fighting charges michael vick is once again a dog
5:41 am
owner. he confirmed his family has a dog. he was banned from owning one during his free yethree-year pr that ended in july. since being released he has worked with the humane society speaking out against animal true crew cruelty. >> what if you got a check for a million dollars? veterans affairs check each month for college expenses but it is usually 650 bucks. his mother said her son did the right thing. >> he immediately, immediately went to the va office at fort benning, immediately went and turned in the check. he was told it was either a misprint or the system was hacked. would that check clear the question is?
5:42 am
>> who hacked it to get the money? >> before you leave the house this morning let's go back to our first keying weather. we have janice green on severe weather. >> hi ladies. we have a lot of outdoor football games tomorrow. that will be the main event. this storm system is already gearing up. we have a tornado warning for new mexico southeast of flagstaff for south central navajo county. we are seeing rotation already with the controells. winds and isolated tornadoes from texas to new mexico card kansas and ohio. we have all of the ingredients that will lead to a perhaps severe weather outbreak. large hail damaging winds and look at all of these big cities. a lot of college football games going on. forecasts have to hunker down and make sure everyone knows
5:43 am
there are warnings out. >> 42 after the hour. coming up... >> i thought he was right on. >> we will have more from the frank luntz focus group. a moment republicans and democrats gave a high score. >> if you have an iphone it may be playing i spy. if you have the iphone 5 because someone may be tracking you. we will tell you all about it. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪'s so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
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>> it is is a minutes before the hour. hezbollah confirming what israel suspected all along. they sent a drone into israeli airspace. amazing video of the unmanned drone and shooting it down. the drone was made in iran and
5:47 am
more operations to come. to italy divers finding a spanish wreckage believed to have gone down in 1718. the ship was found with an off border diver. the ship is still in tact they hope to preserve it for further study. in france you have to listen to this one. folks are celebrating as the president promises to ban homework. schoolwork should be done at school and some kids are at a disadvantage if they can't get help from their parents. there's a little catch. he wants to extend the school day from 4 days to 4 and a half. >> they wonder why they have problems over there. >> 4 to 4 and a half days. >> last night on "hannity"" frank luntz touked to a focus group who is currently
5:48 am
undecided. one moment in particular really stuck out to them. check this out. >> there is one incredible clip where wall ryan talked about defending american values and both republicans and democrats scored that very high. let's take a look at that clip. >> what we should not be apologizing for is standing up for our values what we should not be doing is saying to the g egyptian people saying he's a good guy and the next week he ought to go. what we should not be doing is rejecting for calls for more snekt our barracks and marines. we need marines in benghazi when the commander on the ground says there should be extra security. there were requests for more security those requests were not honored. >> that was one of the most powerful clips. >> i agree with what he was saying we have the right to stand up for american values and
5:49 am
defend american values and when he talked about betwenghazi i thought he was right on. >> i agree with her completely wall ryan showed he cared for soldiers our troops. >> it resinates with democrats and republicans and everyone. later this morning fox and friends will have more from frank luntz and his focus group. the time right now 11 minutes to the top of the hour. if you have purchased the new iphone 5. you want to pay apension. one may be catching and tracking you. >> what did you think of last night's debate? we want to hear from you. let's check in with steve doocy to find out what's happening. >> what do i think about last night's debate? it was on too late. can't we do it at 3 in the
5:50 am
afternoon. coming up in the post debate game show we will be talking with one of mitt romney's former debate coaches about what he thought regarding mr. biden and mr. ryan. also eigd gill leprosy. we wi >> we will get feedback from geraldo rivera. on the channel you are watching "fox."
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>> 7 minutes to the sttop of th hour. the noble peace prize winner just announced moments ago. here is who it went to. >> the noble peace prize of 2012 is to be awarded to the european union.
5:54 am
>> the european union despite the fact that the eu is currently facing a huge economic crisis. the decision praising the eu for promoting peace and democracy in europe. the iphone playing i spy on you yet again. the new report says iphone's operating system let's them prak user's behavior. it can be turned off but there's a three step process involved in your general settings. it disabled tracking in the past after criticism from customers. >> we wanted to another what you thought of last night's vice presidential debate. >> wade tweeting to us biden's lack of respect for biden only shows me his lack of respect for someone who has a different opinion. biden gacame to the debate with blame for the administration's failures. irene e-mailed us i am
5:55 am
independent registered nonpartisan who will be voting in this election. i found joe biden's performance so offensive i could barely watch it. this is an amazing story. we will tell you all about it. >> can you figure out the word of the day on your screen right now? something we talked about earlier in the show. stick around for the answer. [ giggling ]
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[ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
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>> two minutes until the top of the hour. we'll look at the good, the bad and ugly. the family dog saved the life of a couple's newborn baby. the partners would not have checked on her if duke hadn't jumped on their bed and
5:59 am
shaking it uncontrolably. the twins are fighting the heavy eye lids so they can eat their lunch. oh, you can sleep won and they ended up with more spaghetti on the faces. the ugly. a woman walked out of a store with a wedding dress she didn't pay for . she went in the shop with others posing as a bridal party. >> that is brian. not stealing dresses for you. >> looking at a delayed game. i have no clue. >> help us out with this word. >> sentence.


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