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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 20, 2012 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> sean: that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. back monday, only 15 days monday till election day. bret baier >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, september 20th. i'm alisyn camerota. sounding alarms, newly released documents, reveal that slain u.s. ambassador chris stevens had major concerns about security and al qaeda well before the attack in benghazi. so what did the administration know and when did they know it? >> plus the candidates gearing up for the third and final presidential debate as new polls show mitt romney gaining strength in the key battleground states. will he he be able to keep up the momentum as we head down the home stretch? the numbers next. >> and it was given $150 million of stimulus cash by the obama administration. why are workers that the battery plant sitting idol playing sudoku and monopoly?
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the latest green energy flop. monopoly takes a long time to play. ever played that. >> six hours, baby. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> you are watching "fox & friends." that's great way to begin your day. >> monopoly takes a long time to play if you do the free parking or hand out the card ahead of time you can cut that time in half. >> if we started the monopoly game on the couch wield not be done by the time the show is over. >> the workers that the plant are playing it all day long getting paid auto dollars be a hour to stand around and not work. >> monopoly is hard work. let us know if you are playing monday monopoly while you watch us. a lot of news on libya. 166 pages of documents that have come out from the state department that are chilling because it shows that ambassador stevens, who was sending cables back to the state department was very
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worried about security in libya. and he saw the growing threat there. >> yeah. it really echos things mike baker told us a week ago. one, that there were many people concerned about the security. two, all you need are these cables. you don't need a month long investation. here is what we now know. it's not that they mislabeled this thing after the fact but it was really the intelligence ignored leading up to it. the state department documents alli mentioned bring to light this. in june of 2012, there was a memo from ambassador stevens titled libyans fragile security deteriorates as tribal rivalries, power plays and extremism intensify. >> more emails came along as there were attacks in other areas and outposts. stevens email out post what we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity but rather targeted and discriminate attacks. >> there we go. that one right there is the one very eyebrow raising.
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>> targeted. >> remember, is he saying targeted not opportunistic. there is one narrative the video came out, it inflamed the middle east. >> spontaneous protests. >> spontaneous protests and then they used that as cover or because there were protests then it evolved into this targeted attack. they said they are not crimes of opportunity. they are targeted and well-planned. >> most eye opening perhaps is what happened on september 11th. that is the day the attack happened. on that very day september 11th, ambassador stevens warned about the growing problems with his security situation in benghazi. and libya at large. >> and there were parts of these documents also where mr. stevens called this an understaffed location in benghazi. he was worried about the lack of security they had there. so, again, two separate problems for the administration ahead of this monday debate. one is how they labeled it two, i think the more serious charge is that they did ignore
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this intelligence leading up. that's what we have the state department for to listen to our intelligence officials for the warnings like from ambassador stevens. >> it's chilling to hear ambassador stevens was aware of how the situation deteriorated middle of it. he said he had a month before he was killed with some of these tribal leaders and they said that they -- it bass getting worse and that they were not going to respect the libyan security agents for much longer. he knew and he was trying to tell congress. now as you know there is an investigation going on in the house and the that to the get to the bottom of this. >> congress asking for nor information the tapes that should be released and this is senator lindsey graham and congressman chaffets they want the tapes released so we could get more information. >> the tapes should be released. they are either incredibly confident. they are stonewalling us all. thank god for a republic-controlled house. do you think we would know much of anything if it hadn't
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been for jason and darryl? they are not being forth coming. have to drag it out of them. >> the president said on that hard hitting interview with jon stewart as the information becomes available we share it with the american people. then, mr. president, show us that video. >> nothing like that is going to happen this weekend right now because both can tarkts president obama now at camp date hunkered down for this next and final debate down there in boca rotan florida. governor romney also practice iting for this debate. >> that may be where we get answers. it is about foreign policy. libya will come up. you remember what it flap it caused when it came up in the last debate when the president tried tried to say he first called it a terror attack. >> somethin' tells me romney's message will be much more honed and he will probably get much more precise instead of botching it. >> probably won't be about the rose garden either.
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the first two topics in the debate are revolving around the middle east. there is no way this isn't the central subject. also good miss for the romney campaign ahead of this final debate. the polls have certainly shifted his way not just nationally. you know the gallup poll that showed romney is 6 point lead and 51% overall nationally. some of the key states, all about florida and ohio down the stretch. >> take a look at florida right now. this is where we stand. here is florida at this hour. this is a new fox news poll. so romney has a sizeable lead. that's outside -- this is so important, guys. this is outside of the margin of error or right at that margin of error point. look at the drop for president obama in florida. that's a gentleman dra matted particular shift? florida. >> okay. so let's look at the all important swing state of ohio whereas we know no republic has lost ohio and gone on to win the white house in recent memory. so president obama still now
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narrowly ahead of mitt romney in ohio but his support has eroded from september. >> all within the margin of error plus or minus three points. >> all about women, and that's what we will get into later. the shift we are seeing in all of these key states is all about the women voters. i guess we are going to get to that now showing exactly where is the movement coming from? check out florida before it was a blow out in terms of the women voters in florida. still a big lead but a 10 point shift for obama with the women voters in florida. romney gets an 8% bounce. obama takes a 10% hit. >> and in the buckeye state, again here with women, take a look at this. again, a shift. from september, president obama 57%. now 49%. so these are post debate polls showing you how important those debates were for women. and we'll have -- because we don't have full full polls yet
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from the debate this past week where women's issues came up much more prominently than they did the first debate there was no women's issues discussed during the first debate. that was a big criticism during that first jim lair debate. >> we have our own two feisty and high powered women coming up tara and angela to talk about what women's issues really are. the gallup poll did throw that into question as we heard so long it's the economy and jobs in that poll it said abortion was number one. >> now, let's take a look at this. this is the important map and important map right now. >> getting wonky. >> i love these weird. >> i love when you get this excited. >> this is the first time that romney has now led in the electoral map polling number he has 206 to obama that 1201. there is two scenarios that interest me. if obama wins ohio and wisconsin and new hampshire. and romney wins florida and
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some of the battleground states, we could be headed, folks, to it a 269 to 269 electoral tie which sends it to the house of representatives were. >> there is also a lot of 2000 scenarios here. a lot of people are looking at this situation seeing romney as the popular vote winner and obama in some models hats electoral college which could be an amazing event. >> there is another model which has president obama could lose the election, that goes to the house of representatives and the other model has it going because the senate would handle the vice president. we could end up with a romney biden presidency and vice presidency. >> romney biden. could you imagine? >> that's a bumper sticker. >> i do like models. >> he has let me know that there is a lot to talk about this morning. let's get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening. angry protests breaking out in lebanon after a massive car bomb has killed 8 people there including a top security official. snfment.
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[chanting] >> protesters burned tires and set up road blocks. dozens of people were hurt in the blast. arrested one of syrians most allies in the summer. the attacks threaten to bring that civil war to lebanon's doorstep. the largest disciplinary action taken to date by the tsa. the problem plagued agency plans to five 25 employees including managers at jfk airport including bags. this comes after a year long investigation found 250 checked bags were not checked the right way. 8 other t.s.a. employees were already fired in june. fliers are pleased by the news they say. >> what if something is in that bag they are not checking got to get past them. >> you have to do a job. when you are paying someone to do a job. >> claims the fliers were
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never in danger. so you have heard of a get out of jail free card, well, workers at a stimulus backed company apparently get out of work card inspector general now investigating the lg kim battery plant in michigan current and former workers say employees there spend their days laying games like monopoly and watching movies while on the clock. since there is no work to be done. the company scored $150 million grant from the obama administration. president obama attended the ground breaking in 2010. it was supposed to make batteries for the chevy volt but has yet to produce even one. that's a good job. >> it is. playing monopoly though again that's a challenge. >> look at our own rick reichmuth angry birds. >> words with friends. >> let's clear his name. >> you can keep on going. >> i haven't played angry birds in like a year. >> i was defending your good name there. >> now angry bird space. you got to get on top of that
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shhh. >> more showers across new england today again a very slow moving storm system continues to pull out. the southeast to southwest, everywhere across the south looking good and dry. but out across the northwest, some of the coldest air that we have seen so far this year and some snow to be had. here is a look at satellite and radar picture. very potent front moved through. brought severe weather yesterday to parts of pennsylvania. now you see the rain that's going to be very slowly moving through new england. behind it, the parent system right there across the great lakes, that will continue to rotate towards canada. keep things cool. keep things cloudy and a few showers moving around the great lakes today. but the southwest, you are looking good. it's that storm in towards the pacific northwest that's dropping snow levels down to around 3,000 feet this morning. so very low certainly for this time of year. these are your temps as you are waking up, 47 in seattle, 37 in minneapolis. not that bad. back to you. >> thanks, rick. coming up on the show, he thought he was working with al qaeda on a plot to blow up the federal reserve in new york city. it turns out it was the fbi who stopped him in his tracks
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and thought that they were partnering with him. this is a sign. so is this a sign that the terror group is a bigger threat to america than ever before or a lone wolf? >> and it was double the trouble at the texas state fair. first iconic cowboy goes up in flames. then dozens of people get stuck 200 feet up in the air. details ahead. ♪ ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪
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♪ >> he said he wanted to avenge usama bin laden's death by
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murdering hundreds of americans now he is bangladeshy man who remains in custody after the fbi foiled his plan to blow up the federal reserve in no. >> stwr nor thwarted attack with ties to al qaeda. is this proof that the radical terrorist organization is stronger than ever before or are they on their heels? here now to weigh in bill good afternoon former assistant director of the fbi in new york and president of the gavin group. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dave. >> once again we are seeing cooperation. it seems we are one step ahead of the terrorists, at least on american soil. maybe not abroad. what does it say about the war on terror broadly speaking? >> the war on terror continues. and we have to constantly be aware of what they are up to. this is an individual, you know, we have seen a lot of homegrown terrorists recently. this is kind of like an amalgamation of a homegrown terrorist in somebody who came to the country just to cause havoc to the united states. it's a very very difficult set of circumstances.
6:18 am
and it points out there has to be a better system for somebody coming into the united states on a student visa in january who is out of that school in missouri coming back to new york to go to school. how do we track these kids when they do things like that? we have got to do a better job at that. because there is all kinds of red flags when people come into the united states and do things like that. >> yeah, absolutely. this guy reportedly claims to have had overseas connections to al qaeda. bill, tell us what the status is now of al qaeda in this post bin laden post al awlaki world. >> i think it's been obvious in the days gone by, in the very near past that al qaeda is alive and well. whether or not they have the same power that they had on 9/11 remains to be seen. but they have not gone to sleep. they are not dead. they are still recruiting people to do what they want to
6:19 am
do. look at the main target has always been for them, alisyn is new york. new york city. and it's so great to seat cooperation that goes on today between the law enforcement and the intelligence agencies in order to prevent things like this from happening. one thing you can't avoid here is also the cooperation of the public. somebody heard this individual make some claims and went to the police as well. so, it's the spirit of cooperation among american citizens and the expertise of the intelligence and law enforcement agencies that are keeping things like this from happening. but it can't go on forever. we can't be on top of every single one of these situations. it's difficult concept but it's true. >> you are right, bill, great police work, great success story once again for the nypd and everybody that they cooperate with you about thanks so much for that warning this morning. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it.
6:20 am
bill gavin, kudos. >> blaming g.m.'s poor car troubles on europe. he may need to get his facts straight. >> please don't disiewsh him before 6:00 a.m. the self-proclaimed master find -- a judge agrees with him.
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>> welcome back, everybody. former car caesar stephan rattner speaking out about bailed out general motors in an interview on reuters tv
6:24 am
earlier this week. >>-ron nicly the real problems that g.m. are having today are the opposite of the problems that put them into bankruptcy in the first place. it's the problems in europe. would it be nice if they sold a few more volts? sure. the volt irrelevant to the profit loss of general motor. would i like is a few more cutting edge products? yeah. is this company or the industry going back to the days of crazy incentives and overbloated inventories on dealers' lots? no. critics however saying that some the details from that interview need some fundamental fact checking. >> here to weigh in is the president of lesser government see ton molly. nice to see you this morning. >> pleasure to be here, thank you very much. >> what's wrong with mr. rattner's statements there that the problems in europe largely to blame for struggling g.m. >> where to begin. first of all, as far as europe is concerned, g.m. opal which is a european brand of g.m. has been terrible for since at
6:25 am
least 2000, if not sooner. additionally, they had a buyer, a european buyer lined up in 2009 to get them out from under g.m. opal, g.m. europe. and the obama appointed board of directors for g.m. scoched the deal. so for rattner to now say oh we had this problem with europe, they an out for europe in 2009 and rattner and obama killed it. >> yeah,. >> a secondly, real quick, as far as preexisting conditions, the main problem old g.m. had was their union contracts. the good news about a bankruptcy through which g.m. went in 2009 is, you break all your contracts. not in this instance. obama broke eviscerated bankruptcy law and maintained the united auto workers contracts through the bankruptcy. so the thing that was killing old g.m. is still killing new g.m. all these new problems that stephan rattner points to are the same problems they had before they went to the bankruptcy and the bailout.
6:26 am
>> the other thing he addressed there was bloated inventory and ridiculous incentives that he said were hurting them then. are they uttering them now. chrysler which you mentioned is doing very very well. maybe there is something those two organizations are doing very differently. is that still a problem? >> well, look, g.m., he talked about the volt being not part of the profit-loss problem for g.m. that's because they have outsourced all the loss to us. all the loss, all the subsidies, all the bailout money and the incentives for green energy and green cars is on the taxpayers' time not on g.m.'s. we have a billion dollars in incentives to green cars. not just to the volt but all green cars. but beyond that, we have got $7,500 checks cut to people who buy volts. buy the taxpayers. not by g.m. you want to talk about incentives and crazy incentives. the g.m. was offering 150 grand off of next year's products in exchange for
6:27 am
selling -- they set a ridiculously low number of voltds to sell and say if you triple this ridiculously low number we will give you 150 grand off next year's purchases. so, and of course this is an election year. next year is not. so you had leases as low for the volt, leases as low as zero down, $159 a month for an $89,000 car. >> wow. >> so if that's not a crazy incentive, look, i'm not a car dealer but that sounds a little low for 89 grand. >> with those kind of incentives it almost washes out. steve motley tells us some of the same fundamentals got us in trouble in the first place. >> chris christie has some harsh words believe it or not for the obama administration. >> see, i have read the confuse. i think all of you have read it too. it doesn't start off we the government. it starts off we the people. [cheers] >> what else christie had to say about the president's leadership ahead.
6:28 am
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very limber, see, i have to see that video all day long in my house because my kids are obsessed are jib jab. they are on jib jab four hours a day inserting their pictures. my son loves the obama video. >> wait. we have got to get a halloween one together. i loved the monster mash one.
6:33 am
>> i like that a lot. chaz, get on it. >> i will create that today. according to chris christie, governor of new jersey as you know, forget florida, forget ohio. he he thinks the entire election could come down to virginia. that's where he he was stumping with mitt romney yesterday. and, you know, giving them some of his brash new jersey style. >> here he is on the campaign trail talking about how important virginia, you know, it's not just for lovers down there. >> it's for voters. one of the most amazing things i heard them say was united states party at his convention said the following words: i want you to listen carefully: government is the only thing we all belong to. [ laughter ] that's this president's philosophy is that we long to the government. that our lives belong to the government. that our earnings belong to the government. that our families belong to
6:34 am
the government. i don't understand what else that could mean. i mean, this is him looking at us as if we're possessions of his grand plan. see, that's never been the country that i thought we were. see, i have read the constitution. i think all of you have read it too. it doesn't start off we the government. it starts off we the people. [cheers and applause] >> in virginia and very very tight, of course, still within the margin of error. i heard an analyst talk about. this he was talking about the campaigns and specifically the romney campaign and how difficult it is right now for the campaigns to figure out where to send the candidates. so, sending paul ryan to pennsylvania today, is he going to be in pittsburgh. but then you are not sure if you should send him to virginia. maybe out to nevada because they are all within the margin of error. this polling is so tight. >> he opted not to run for president for whatever reason, he is on the campaign trail every day. he has to be like why didn't i just run since i'm out stumping and traveling all the time. >> he has has a day job.
6:35 am
>> he does have a day job and he claims to like that day job. so there you go. with it days away from the third and final presidential debate set to take place in the battleground state of florida. 17 days to go. the candidates are pulling out all the stops to win over voters. what are president obama and mitt romney up to today? peter doocy live in washington with the details. are they hunkered down again, peter? >> clayton, the election is two weeks from tuesday if you can believe that and florida, as you just mentioned, has been getting a lot of love from the candidates this weekend. mitt romney, paul ryan and vice president joe biden were all there campaigning yesterday and the latest fox news poll, which was taken after the second debated on wednesday and thursday of this week shows the republic ticket ahead of the democratic ticket by three points. 48 to 45 now. nationally, the president is ahead by zero .1% in the real clear politics average of polls. and while he was rallying his
6:36 am
debate yesterday. a fired up mitt romney told floridians that if they want change for years, they need to vote for him in a few days. >> look, we can endure 18 more days of the agenda president obama but we cannot endure four more years. that's why we are going to replace him in 18 days. >> mitt romney is hopping off the campaign trail this weekend to get ready for monday's debate in boca raton. president obama won't be seen either today or tomorrow. is he hunkered down at camp david in maryland doing some final debate preps. but yesterday, before he flew off to the presidential retreat, he told voters in virginia, another swing state, that he needs more time to finish what he he started. you are going to have a chance to say whether we keep moving forward. in 18 days, you can choose between top down economic
6:37 am
policies that got us into this mess or the middle class out policies that are getting us out of this mess. >> so with the nominees off studying, the running mates are doing all the heavy lifting at rallies. this weekend iowa again before heading to delaware. congressman ryan will be spread out between pennsylvania and ohio. ohio has been tight all along. pennsylvania is a state that only recently swung to give the g.o.p. a shot on the 67th. back to you in new york. >> thanks, peter. and the president there in fairfax county. he was talking about rom nearby shah -- romnesia. forgotten the policies he was talking about in the primary. he was very happy with his jokes. >> i have a twitter follower who coined obamaesia. obama campaign tweeted his appearance on the daily show. they left out the part about libya. so one of my twitter followers
6:38 am
said okay bamaesia. >> does it work for claytonesia. >> sounds like a country. >> it was a bad day for the state fair of texas. first iconic statue was engulf in flames. take a look at the fire and smoke coming from big texas yesterday in dallas. this is reduced to a charred frame. look at that officials say electrical problem most likely caused the fire. the fair was celebrating the 60th birthday before it caught on fire. then just hours later, emergency crews had to return after 24 people got stuck near the top of the 200-foot stratosphere ride. electric problem shut down its tower. rescue crews manually lowered the ride and got everyone off safely. he maybe the terrorist mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, a judge ruled that
6:39 am
khalid sheikh mohammed still deserves his beauty sleep. ksm said court hearings are lasting too long for him and he can't concentrate. the military judge he a agreed and end court each day at 4:00 p.m. >> he needs his beauty sleep. >> judge telling gitmo guards they can't wake him up before 6:00 a.m. every day. >> family members blasting this decision. the judge also allowed him to wear camouflage in the courtroom. the maker of ban ban than that boat recalling half a million bottles of trawl mist spray on lotions after reports that a handful of people put the sunscreen on and caught on fire. that's a design flaw. there is a warning on the label that the product can be flammable. but energizing i wondered if they have a cigarette hanging
6:40 am
out when they are spraying. >> maybe the sun would ignite it? >> oh, that's a sun burn. >> sports time folks. a note for a rod this morning. there may be hope for a player labeled overpaid and overrated. just ask giants pitcher barry who would appear would never live up to signing one of the richest contracts in baseball history. last night he performed like it was 2002 and he was the cy young winner with the oakland a.'s. he finally is delivering in the post season. went seven and two thirds. blanked the cardinals. striking out six in the process. in the fourth inning an interesting turning point in this game cards analysis pitcher lance lind seems like routine play, hits the bag and allows the run to score that was a run that seemed to go the cardinals way. that's a bad hop. should have gone to first. later in the fourth, barry plays the guitar it and picks a mean bunt as well. dropping that one for an rbi
6:41 am
base hit bunt single. that is brilliant. 5-0 the final game six tomorrow. that is the first post season win since 2006 with the a's. the nfl record for a field goal is 63 yards. accomplished by multiple kickers. one washington high school player put that record to shame. check it out. >> go. >> no, no, no; he made that kick! >> holy cow. that is unbelievable, folks. >> is he bionic? >> yes. central high school kicker austin raycow booted a 67-yard field goal during his team's game on thursday that broke the record set back in 1929. the kick was clutched too sending the game into overtime where his team one 62-55.
6:42 am
college scholarships are headed your way. >> who is the green pay backer dempsy? >> with the half foot. >> he had a half foot. >> a number of guys have. >> high school guy beats nfl player. >> that's remarkable. check in with rick reichmuth. i have got marbles in my mouth this morning. >> plays a guitar and kicks a mean bunt. >> you learn that at sports casting school? >> combine to genres. >> clayton your ride is showing up right now. >> john deere tractor. >> your john deere tractors are showing up. stay tuned on the show here in just a little bit. take a look at the weather maps and take a look at this picture from hunter mountain new york, up in the cat skills. don't go up there to sce ski. you go up there in the fall. fake take a look at that absolutely spectacular. getting to about 60. very nice day for people who want to get out across at least most of the northeast to enjoy what's going on.
6:43 am
take a look at the first alert forecast for the day today in the northeast. we are going to it be dealing with little bit of rain. areas like cape cod and the islands and up towards eastern maine. the rest of the area behind that front is going to clear out pretty nicely and we'll see pretty comfortable temperatures as well. down to the southeast, we have a warm day, in fact really warm up across much of texas, oak and that warmth moves into the northern plains today as well where temps are going to be back into the 70s and 80's. all right, guys, send it back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> coming up, want to keep your finances in check? ben stein here next with what not to do with your money. >> i need to learn that. >> it's reverse psychology. >> and it has stood there since the 1920s, but now an atheist group wants a peace cross need honor those who lost their lives in world war i taken down. we'll meet one man fighting to make sure that does not happen. so you say men are superior drivers?
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at ♪
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financial advisors may try to charm with you ploys how to strike it rich. how do we know if we're being led down the path to prosperity or being handed funny money. thousand really ruin your finances and portfolio economist and financial funny man ben stein. great to he so you, honor to be here, sir. >> you in this book, i guess is it sort of the way we talk to children. >> yes. >> that if you tell them not to do something, then they are likely to do it if you tell them to do something then they won't do it? >> sort of like the way we talk to ourselves and say gosh, i'm doing this, this, and this, and ben stein, who knows a teeny little bit about money says that's the way to financial ruin. so maybe i shouldn't do that anymore. >> so in the book, let's go through some of these things, you talk about number one how to believe in your heart that you can pick stocks. >> right. even very intelligent, very wonderful people believe they
6:48 am
can pick stocks. i say the evidence is overwhelming, the data is overwhelming over long periods of time that if you just buy the indexes, buy broad spectrums of stock. all the dow stocks. all the s&p stocks. you will outperform picking stocks. almost no one can pick stocks specifically bp indexes. even warren buffet, the greatest genius there has ever been about picking stocks says at this point he doesn't think he can outperform the s and p. that's interesting. you have to spend or devote about 10 hours a week to studying a particular stock to feel confident in buying that stock. who has that kind of time? >> even if you do have that kind of time, you can't do it. look, the big investment banks and big broker have staffs of investor analyst. very smart guys. very smart gals. they have every kind of computer access and data. even they do not outperform the spiders our dow diamonds. >> another thing you talk
6:49 am
about how to ruin your finances is to do it yourself. >> right. i think it's a great idea to go to vanguard or merrill lynch or fidelity or anybody and buy their broadest index fund. i don't think you should try to do it all yourself. you should have a plan and advisor who keeps your feet to the fire. you should have some idea of how much liquidity you should have. should have some idea of how many bonds, how much in the way of stocks, don't try to do it all yourself. it's really too complicated to do it all by yourself. >> people on tv. this is something you tackle in the book i'm on tv. >> i'm on tv a lot. >> you say believe that those people that you see on tv can actually tell the future. >> right. i like to watch a certain other network i like to mention its name. has a lot about stocks on there. people actually want you to believe they dill what oil prices are going to be. what interest race are going to be what the stock market is going to be. they can't. human beings are not given the gift of telling the future. we can buy broad indexes of stocks and hold on for deer life over long periods of
6:50 am
time. but human beings are not given the gift of foresight. >> human beings predicted that apple stock would plummet now it's up near $700. >> human beings predicted the dow would be at 36,015 years ago. it's nowhere near that. >> read the book how to really ruin your financial life and portfolio if you want to get great advice. ben stein thank you so much. >> thank you so much, clayton. >> thanks, clayton. atheists threatening to take down this cross you are about to see. it's meant to honor some of our nation's heros who lost their lives in world war i. well, up next, we are going to hear from a man who is fighting back. this is america.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
didbitter battle over church and state. one calling this cross unconstitutional and they want it taken down. protesters are rallying in support of the memorial saying the group has it all wrong. is it the constitutional issue or is the group just taking this too far? joining us now is commander green belt americans american legion post 136. michael moore. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. thank you for having me. you say this cross isn't necessarily about religion. it's about honoring those who lost their lives in world war i. how so? >> >> well, quite frankly, the cross is a 40-foot tall concrete cross. when i expected it, last week we had a demonstration over 150 people local citizens and legion narrows were there. i went over to look at the
6:55 am
cross there is a quote from woodrow wilson. it has four words on it around the base of the cross that has no reference to religion. it has the american legion emblem at the nexus of the cross. when i went over to inspect it, i found no reference to religion at all. >> i just want to fill in those four words, valor, endurance, courage and devotion. >> exactly. >> michael, you know, we have seen this same battle in other small towns just like green belt, maryland across the country. what ends up happening is that the town ache qui acquiesces to the wishes of the atheists because they don't have the money to fight the lawsuit is that what is going to happen. >> we hope not. it's on land owned by the national planning park and
6:56 am
commissioner which is a planning agency. i believe that the american humanist association and here in washington we like to have acronyms so their acronym would be ahaa i guess. they had ahha moment. they are driving by a cross on public land and therefore it's a violation of the establishment clause of the first amendment. they are going to actually file suit, they claim to file suit with the county of prince gorgeous, i think. their lawyers are looking at it. >> okay. >> all right. michael moore from american legion green belt maryland post 136. keep us up to date. let us know how to this battle continues, sir. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up. mitt romney gaining ground with women voters. can he continue to close the gender gap or will president obama hold his lead with a fair and balanced debate about women's issues next hour. >> and he he cheated, was stripped of his awards and even dropped by nike, lance
6:57 am
armstrong still wants your money. the details the top of the hour. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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7:00 am
with chantix and with the support system it worked. it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, october 20th. i'm alisyn camerota. startling information about the deadly attack on the consulate in libya. newly released documents show that murdered ambassador chris stevens reached out of to the obama administration about security concerns before the attack. so what did they know when did they know it? >> and mitt romney picking up momentum in two key battleground states. plus, for the first time romney takes the lead on the electoral map. we'll take a look at the numbers 17 days out ahead. >> and forget 40 hour work weeks, did you know that full week's work is only 30 hours. we'll tell you how obama care is redefining the workweek for some companies. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now.
7:01 am
hi, this is judge jeanine pirro. you are watching it "fox & friends." be seat disbld all rise. >> be seated. >> thank you, judge. whatever the judge says we do. >> indeed, welcome in to "fox & friends" on this saturday morning. thank you so much for waking up with us. >> 17 days, can you believe it? >> no. >> two weeks from tuesday, baby. >> unbelievable. >> i'm ready. >>, the all important debate is coming up on monday night. >> foreign policy. >> so important to watch that. >> we're going to see, of course, benghazi and libya and what unfold dollars there. and, of course, the response that we had there over 150 pages of documents just released on the benghazi terror attack causing even more outrage just hours before his murder, u.s. ambassador chris stevens wrote a cable to the state department warning security that was spiraling out of control. >> fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen with more. >> dave, alisyn, and clayton,
7:02 am
good morning, all those these documents are written in the usual brewer craft particular style of diplomatics and security officers. they now take on added.ian is i. reared that rages from savage to chilling. >> on the day he died ambassador to libya chris stevens signed a three page cable labeled sensitive in which he alerted the state department and other agencies growing problems with security in benghazi. police and security forces were, quote: too weak to keep the country secure. >> i'm stunned by these documents. i figured there was probably some documents. i had no idea it would be like this. if i were the press secretary now, i would be chagrined to say the least. >> stevens' warnings had crescendoed over three months' times. june 25 he had signed another sensitive cable which stevens cataloged what he called increase in violent attack against western interests including ied against the benghazi consulate that month. extremism appears to be on the rise in eastern libya stevens
7:03 am
wrote adding the al qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings and training facilities. >> the committee will come to glord the 166 pages of internal state department parnls were released by two republic lawmakers congressman darrell issa of california and jason chaffets of utah. the documents include a number of emails and memos written by eric nordstrom a regional security officer said his request for security in benghazi were routinely buffed by the state department. one nordstrom memo from february of this year noted the easy access that they enjoyed to military grade weapons such as rpg's and vehicle mounted machine guns double a weapons 23-millimeter. he also noted ak 47's. heavy weapons and vehicle mounted weapons. these are some the very weapons used to kill stevens and three other americans on 9/11. the fall of muammar qaddafi after four decades of aauthoritarian rule in libya, led to the dissolution of the country's security forces. the disbursal of tens of thousands of small and heavy
7:04 am
weapons and rampant lawless inness. in another memo from nebraska of this year nordstrom warned quote al qaeda affiliated groups including al qaeda aqim and other violent extremist groups are likely to take advantage of the ongoing political turmoil. the u.s. government remains concerned that such individuals and groups may use libya as a platform from which to conduct attacks in the region. >> there is two real aspects of this that we need to look at. one is the events leading up to the attack in and the intelligence failures there. and then what clearly is either a coverup or is gross incompetence following it. >> state department spokesman mark toner told me the secretary of state will fully address these matters only after the department's internal review board has submitted its findings on benghazi. dave, alisyn, and clayton? >> james, thanks so much. really stunning information. and very eerie now in retrospect knowing that the ambassador knew that things
7:05 am
were getting worse and that, in fact, he he lost his life as a result of people not being responsive to those cables. >> we have broken down and bret baier's special last night did so well breaking down each and every aspect of what happened. you wonder when this will be a broad narrative in terms of the obama foreign policy. that's clearly the case romney will try to make on monday. this isn't just one incident. it's about a failed foreign policy. it will be interesting to see if he can make that argument or this is a single incident. >> and back to the campaign trail now because both candidates right now hunkered down in their respective places. mitt romney down there in florida preparing for monday's debate. president obama out at camp david preparing. and the poll numbers seem to be going in the direction of mitt romney. and that's why he has something to celebrate down there in florida right now. if you take a look at the new fox news poll out of florida. look back in september for mitt romney, 44% to president obama 49 persz of the five point gap and it seemed like president obama is running away with florida. now look at it within the margin of error. essentially tied. mitt romney up 48% to 45%.
7:06 am
>> all eyes always on ohio. that is such a critical swing state. and president obama still leads in ohio but not by much. in september, he led by 7 points. he had 49%. now this week he has 46% to mitt romney's 43%. >> we should mention 88,000 jobs added in ohio. that's why perhaps it has been well for president obama and most of those jobs auto jobs. >> in the auto industry. >> we're going to tell you how important women voters are in florida and ohio in our next block. but also the electoral map is beginning to look even better for the romney camp as well. look at this. the latest projection from real clear politics average has romney-ryan at 206 electoral. obama biden firmly at 201. that leads a big toss up. 131. so, clayton talked about earlier. there is a lot of scenarios that could unfold. one could be the 2000 scenario where someone takes the electoral college, someone takes the popular vote. there is a lot of things that
7:07 am
could happen with 17 days left to go including a recount. >> yeah. recount. we should mention that's the first time that mitt romney has been up in this electoral college map. he has trailed the president in that. one of my favorite scenarios is that if president obama wins ohio. >> don't do it? >> wisconsin. >> do i need to get out the calculator. >> go ahead. wisconsin, new hampshire and the president does and mitt romney wins florida and a few other battle grounds we could be headed to 269, 269 tie and be thrown to the u.s. house of representatives. who runs the house of representatives, republicans. >> my head hurts. >> i like it. rarely seen clayton so excited. >> on electoral map. >> that the country could be thrown into complete disarray. >> megyn kelly and brett baier hosting our election night coverage. >> all nighter. >> up in the middle of the night eating sal teens like tom brokaw in the middle of the morning check out this projection colorado political science professor not a conservative school by any meebsz. he has predicted the election every time since 1908 with his
7:08 am
model that shows romney at 330 electoral votes. >> wow. >> his model has been accurate every election since 19 0. again, that's a very liberal leaning school my alma matter. that's an interesting model. >> keep you posted on all of that throughout the show. we want to get to the headlines right now. overnight protesters setting fires and blocking roads in lebanon following a massive car bomb that killed 8 people including a top security official. [chanting] >> dozens of people were hurt in the blast. the top security official killed arrested one of syria's most loilg allies in lebanon over the summer. the links to syria have many people believing that the attacks threatens to bring that civil war right to lebanon's doorstep. the death toll continues to rise in that nationwide meningitis outbreak. 21 people have died from tainted steroid shots. federal health officials have confirmed that they found a deadly fungus in one lot of
7:09 am
steroid shots supplied by that new england compounding center in massachusetts. around 14,000 people are believed to have been exposed to these injections. well, there is brand new evidence that has been found that could lead to the murderer of 10-year-old colorado girl jessica ridgeway. police say this wooden cross was found in the investigation and they believe it may have belonged to the girl's killer. ridgeway vanished while walking to school on october 5th. her body was found in a remote area less than a week later. police are also looking into a possible link between this case and the attempted abduction of a 22-year-old woman in may about a half mile away from jessica's home. if you recognize this cross or know anything about it, please call your local authorities. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong taking center stage to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his live strong cancer charity. he admitted it's been a rough few weeks but still pleading with people to donate money to his foundation. >> this mission is bigger than
7:10 am
me. it's bigger than any individual. we will not be deterred. we will move forward, and we will continue to serve the 28 million people around the world that need us the most. >> armstrong stepped down as live strong's chairman earlier this week. the foundation, dave, has raised nearly $500 million since 1997. >> don't let the steroids and the accusations ruin what he has done for cancer and for cancer patients and for cancer treatment. he is the most charitable athlete in the history of sports and will be, no matter who does what the next 100 years. no one will ever come close to to what lance armstrong did for cancer. >> think the patients. the victims. >> look at the first alert forecast. >> not that bad of a morning out there across the country. not that cold. really warms across parts of the plains, warmer than you would be this time the year. that's going to be the case around wednesday and weather pattern shifted happens. pretty nice weekend in store. most of the east coast looking
7:11 am
pretty good. big storm a lot of rain the last couple of days that moved all through the much of the eastern seaboard. the mid atlantic. all part of this upper disturbance across michigan and the great lakes. that will continue to plague the area today. cooler temperatures right there. temps 10 degrees above normal and scattered clouds and showers. the worst of this storm is over and that's good news. the southwest you are looking good. it's the pacific northwest that's really cold. those temps are around 10 to 15 degrees below average. we're seeing snow across not higher elevations. snow down to around 3,000 feet this morning across parts of the specific pacific northwest. look plains. 77 in denver and rapid city. tomorrow we start to see this big buildup of temperatures across areas of the plains. it's going to stay that wait a minute these temps are going to be above 20's until about wednesday and then by thursday to friday we swap and see temps drop around 20 degrees. big pattern shift is going to
7:12 am
happen. next number of days looking good. guys? >> thanks for the update. >> coming up, not only is mitt romney gaining ground in key battleground states. also picking up momentum with women voters. can he continue to close the gender gap or will president obama hold his lead? a fair and balanced debate between those ladies next. >> there are female voters right there. >> the cutest video you will see all week. a baby panda taking its first steps. try it to top that, america. if you have got cuter video, send it to us. >> we dare you. jack, you're a little boring.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> well, when it comes to the women's vote. president obama and mitt romney appear to be neck and neck now with less than three weeks until the election, both candidates, of course, are looking to win over female voters. >> we made sure that insurance companies are providing women with contraceptives. he supported legislation that would turn those decisions over to a woman's employer. >> this president has failed america's women. they have suffered in terms of getting jobs. they have suffered in terms of falling into poverty. that's what the women of america are concerned about and the answers are coming from us and not from barack obama. [cheers] what do women voters want. here to weigh in angela and tara do you dill. thank for being here. >> what do women want. >> we are not a monolithic
7:17 am
group and we don't just care about birth control. we care about the economy, jobs, the future of our children and, yes, healthcare. and i think that mitt romney is the candidate that has actually articulated what is he going to do to do that for us. >> tara, let me show you a couple of interesting polls. fox news polls out of the all important swing states, this one in florida. there you can see now in florida among women voters it is neck and neck. can you see just from september president obama's support has eroded. now let's move on to ohio for a second. let's look at the results there president obama still leading mitt romney by a significant 10% but, again, down from 57% in september. why is he losing women voters? >> will, i think i agree with angela to the extent that the economy is the number one issue for women. do i think that the president although he has talked about jobs plan. i think he needs to be
7:18 am
specific every scwing gel time he speaks. for some people they are just paying attention right now. to them, they are getting the impression that he is not talking about the jobs plan in august it didn't mean much. >> today you have more womennen in n. poverty, on food stamps. unemployment rate has increased under this administration. if he is going to talk about his jobs bill when it was before congress, democrats in the senate voted it down. so he is going to have to change some of his policies for us to really pay attention to it and instead of being vague, instead of blaming republicans and bush, what are you going to do? >> what can he hang his hat on. >> i think the president can hang his hat on the fact that he did, whether republicans love to deny it because they were part of the reason we had this problem, a big part of the reason, the president had inherited a huge, huge mess. and he has created over 5.2 million private sector jobs in the last jobs report it showed that women made significant gains in the job market in particular african-american women made gains in the job market. so i think that what the
7:19 am
president needs to do is, again, be specific. and mitt romney is not being specific because what he wants to do trickle down economics hasn't worked for people. it didn't work when we cut taxes under bush in 2001 and 2003. >> when he was governor he balanced the budget every year that he was governor. >> 47th in job creation. 47th. >> but, let's look at the state as commander and chief. still he balanced the budget. >> on the backs of the middle class. >> he actually promoted more women in his cabinet and his administration, yes, it was recognized he was number 1. >> 45% in the last two years mitt romney's year as governor. only 25% of senior level appointments were women. >> you and i both know government works. we have a job we move on. we have experience. >> over 50% women in the white house. >> the bottom line is. this even in the african-american community, our numbers are up dealing with unemployment. and even though the president did create these jobs, people are still making less, people are still under employed.
7:20 am
and women are still under employed. >> tara and angela, they were rapping in my ear, i was so interested in what you are saying i ignored it. >> thank you both. meanwhile the country is on the verge of going off that fiscal cliff that you heard about. you could be paying the price come the new year. we have the key changes that could effect your wallet that you need to hear. plus, did you know that a full weeks' work is only 30 hours? good, can i leave now. we will tell you how obama care is redefining overtime and the 40 hours workweek. you see us, at the start of the day.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
>> 7:24 now eastern time. time nor news by the numbers. $50 million. that's how much stimulus money the lg chem battery plant was awarded. employees are playing games and watching movies on the clock. has not produced a battery for chevy volt since grand breaking in 2010. next, 34 days how long in advance you should book an international flight. study by travel kayak prices jump as much as 30% the week before. and 11 weeks that's how old this adorable baby panda is that san diego panda, san diego zoo ban attachment 21 inches long and weighs just over seven pounds, guys. >> later it will eat you. >> it looks adorable now. look at those claws. thanks, dave. all right. well, with the fiscal cliff
7:25 am
looming, you may want to get your finances in order before the start of the year. >> so what changes can we all expect in 2013? here to break it down for us is personal finance expert vera bib gonzales. >> good morning,. >> there is a lot of different components fiscal cliff. >> bush tax cuts if they expire we fall off the cliff. higher taxes for everybody not just millionaires. mismember accepts there. >> the average family would see a tax increase of what? >> $3,500 for the year which is about $300 a month. no small chunk of change. >> next on your list here, health reform changes. this these are other big things we need to worry about in 2013. some changes here. if you are single and have an income over 200,000 or married and have an income of over $250,000, you are up against a higher medicare tax. and on your earned income and on your unearned income.
7:26 am
so that would be your interest, your dividends and things of that nature. then there are higher taxes around for everybody. then you have got the excuse me i'm losing my train of thought. the 2500 capital gains -- the cap on the flexible spending accounts anything above that go down as income. you would be taxed on that. and as you itemize your returns and you are under the age of 65, for example, your medical expenses have to exceed 10% of your adjusted gross. 7.5%. >> i want to get back to the estate taxes for a second because there are big changes possibly coming. >> big changes, yes. currently estates valued up to 5.2 million are exempt from federal taxes you are in the free and clear there starting in 2013 that exemption great drops to just $1 million. >> that's a big drop. >> that's a big change. and the top rate jumps on transfers above that jumps
7:27 am
from 35 to 55%. so, you can get walloped. >> that top tax rate a big problem there. the medicare enrollment. let's jump down to medicare enrollment when you talk about the open enrollment october 15th through december. these drug plans are also going to be an issue. now is time to take a look at current plan to see where you are at here because prescription drugs under these plans going up. the premiums on one of these plans going up by 23%. if ever there was a time to actually take a look at where you are and what your current plan is. now you have time to do so. go to medicare's web site or, you know, call their 1800 number you are at. small increase. smallest increase actually seen in 35 years. that's not enough to cover higher medicare premiums or anything of that nature. yeah. small one. >> so people on social security are going to have to save more money. cost of living increases. >> only going to get $20 more
7:28 am
a month. >> usually you get 30, 40, $50. >> something like that. >> unbelievable. some of the great things we have to look forward. >> to happy new year. >> exactly. enjoy. >> wonderful, thanks so much. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> coming up, we just told you what's going to happen if we fall off that fiscal cliff. shocking new statistics beg the question where is the recovery? >> an an expectant mother held up by a gunman daylight with toddler next to her. she didn't give up. she ran right after him. we are going to hear from her next. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching,
7:29 am
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7:32 am
>> you think that music is good? you should hear the echo of that music off camera. >> johnny is singing it. >> my son sings that jingle. >> welcome back, everybody. >> we want it talk about some signs that the recovery is not doing so well. there is a fascinating new poll out by credit donkey. >> oh, credit donkey. >> i love credit donkey. >> huh? >> they interviewed 1100 people in the workforce. here is what they found. it is pretty disturbing. what they say is that 41% of people admit that they only
7:33 am
have $500 or less of savings on hand. >> we could do our own poll, 2 million people watching us right now. why don't you send us emails. how much money do you save on a regular basis? you don't have to give us the exact nun. >> more than 500. >> more than $500. >> rick just laughed he said weighs savings? >> emailing us right now. >> very concerning for our economi' and look how many -- if you are out of work, what are you going to do? you have nothing on reserve for a rainy day. >> financial advisors say you have six months of salary saved. >> who does that? >> well, that's what you are supposed to do. and nowadays, given the unemployment numbers, it should probably be a year. given that you can get unemployment benefits for so long. here are some more signs of where is the recovery. 388,000 weekly unemployment claims. >> and gas prices, i mean, you know look at the sticker shock thought at gas prices. $3.69. that came up during the last debate. >> by the way in the northeast
7:34 am
it's 6.69. it's so much closer. >> 4 bucks too. >> former shell ceo is going to come up with what it has to do with who is in the white house. the number that jumps out to me though is nearly 5 million people have been unemployed six months or longer. those are people that have next to nothing now in their savings. that may speak to the stat we just said less than $500. that's a devastating number. >> absolutely. that's why that old keeping six months on hand no longer applies. you heard the record number of people on food stamps. 46, almost 47 million people, it's the highest that it t. has been. i mean all of these are just signs, i mean, the fact that the numbers are increasing are signs that the recovery is not doing as well. >> okay. but then there -- let me play the other side of this which is that there are signs this week on the housing sector long been a bellwether of the economy. finally seeing like housing numbers and new construction homes for the first time. my father is a related torso when these new home construction is actually
7:35 am
spiking for the first time, that is a positive sign. want to leave people with a little bit of positivity. >> one more jobs number out before the election. speaking of work, is the obama administration, is obama care seeking to redefine what the workweek is? at least my lifetime, i don't know about everyone else, it's been a 40 hour workweek. that has set the standard for what is full-time work in this country. a provision in obama care seeks to make some changes to that and maybe slack off a bit on that. >> this hasn't gotten a lot of play so people haven't read through this part, perhaps of obama care. here it is. here is the excerpts for you. the term full-time employee means with respect to any month an employees employed on average of at least 30 hours of service per week. obviously that's not the 40-hour workweek that's a 30 hour workweek. >> so important for small business owners. of course last week on the show we talked about some of these companies like the darr continue food company which
7:36 am
owns olive garden, longhorn steak house because of having 40 hours on their payrolls they would want to down shift the individuals to 30 hours. therefore sort of a loophole for them. >> obama care would seek to punish you to put on that penalty for anyone not getting insurance coverage if they lark full time. if you are going to redefine what full time is, this could be devastating for specifically restaurants that have a lot of people that work in that gray area. 20, 30 hours a week. now if 30 is considered full time, you are going to have a lot more people that need -- that you are forced to cover or forced to pay a penalty for. it could devastate the franchises in this country. >> have to lay them off. >> that's the point. don't forget about the worker. >> or lay them off. have people with less work. >> meanwhile, let's get to your headlines, find us on twitter with comments on that.
7:37 am
overnight six afghan police officers were killed in yet another insider attack. an afghan police officer and a cook porscheed their colleagues at a check point in an assault coordinated with injure jent fighters. the rogue officer was captured but the cook got away. the taliban is claiming responsibility for this attack is o.j. simpson about to go free. a judge is about to reopen the case for the former football star since he claims he deserves another trial and should be released because he was badly represented by his lawyers in that 2008 trial simpson is currently serving 9 to 33 years. this pregnant new york woman probably looked like easy target for a robber while she was with her toddler in a brooklyn park. a teenager pointed a gun at rachel massey telling her to hand over her iphone. she did. but when he ran off, she handed her kid over to a relative and took off after the robber. >> definitely instinct actual.
7:38 am
i didn't think too much about it i was on auto pilot. i was like that kid just held a gun to me and someone needs to catch him. >> toss up leave your kid for an iphone. i understand her dilemma. >> somebody did catch him. a man who saw massey running caught up with the teenager. he handed the phone right over and then fled. there is a lesson in there pregnant women. get up and start chasing criminals around the country. >> vigilantes. >> only clayton understands the difficult decisions, rick. baby or iphone? it's a tough one. >> it real solid a toss up. >> hey, rick. >> hey, guys, are you sick of seeing all the fall pictures yet? >> no. never. >> good answer. i can't get enough of them. take a look at this one from alexandria, virginia next door to d.c. spectacular. i can't believe how beautiful this is it looks fake. coming from candace. thanks for sending that. in nice morning going on.
7:39 am
54 degrees and clear skies. getting up to the mid 60's. keep sending me your pictures rick reichmuth on twitter put them on facebook page. keep showing them as long as we have fall going on i think we can sneak out a few more weeks for a lot of people. very nice one today. mild conditions. we'll still see some areas across maine but aside from that not that bad. western side of that picture a few clouds and maybe a light shower or so but nothing that's going it to it ruin your day. down to the southeast, a sunny day, a dry day of. not humid at all. great news. even tampa not going to be humid. we will be warming it up across areas of texas and oklahoma. big warm up this week at least the first half of the week all across the plains. back up to 68 in north dakota. very very warm for now. you are going to be dealing with some snow by the end of the week i believe. out across areas of the west. that's where we have snow now across areas of the cascades in washington and oregon. down to the southwest you are still looking sunny and nice. back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> we never tire of those fall
7:40 am
pics. >> beautiful. >> coming up on the show, he is the confessed mastermind of the september 11th attacks. why is a judge letting him wear an american military vest in court? >> and now can he sleep in a little later. the race for the u.s. new york senate seat heating up and it could effect the balance of power in congress. this could be huge. we will hear some republic senate candidate wendy long next.
7:41 am
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it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> alisyn: two woman race for the u.s. new york senate seat between republic wendy long and democratic incumbent kristen gillibrand is heating up as election day approaches. what are the key issues that differentiate these two women. wendy long joins us now. we also want to mention we
7:44 am
have invited senator gillibrand to appear on "fox & friends" today but we have not yet heard back from her office. hopefully we will hear from her before the elections. what do you think are the big issues that exist here in new york. of course, once again jobs and the economy. what would you do differently than senator gillibrand? >> that's the big issue that's the big issue everywhere you go. i would do everything differently. she thinks the way to create more jobs is more taxes, more regulation. she wants to raise taxes. she voted for obama care, dodd frank. these are the things that are crushing business, particularly small business, which is the source of jobs. and she just keeps piling on and racking under the national debt. 7 trillion added since she has been in office. >> so, what's the answer? >> well, we have got to peel back the debt. we have got to stop spending money we don't have. every dollar we spend we are taking out of the pockets of taxpayers or writing up iou's to china. we have got to bring down that
7:45 am
spending. get the red tape off the backs of small business so they can create jobs. we have got to dial back these regulations that are just killing new york's economy in particular like dodd frank and the financial sector. >> number two issue you say and you have already touched on this, taxes and spending. obviously with the taxes they are fluctuating oar could be and what you can do about that. >> workers pay august 5th of each year just paying to the state and federal government. they said we wish we could keep more of our paychecks. that's the issue. we need to reform the tax code, make it simpler, she is for complicating and it handing out special tax breaks to special interest. when you start doing that there are only the little guys end up paying full retail. the people who can't afford lobbyists and people who can't afford accountants are the ones who get the most like that. >> i don't have to tell when you it comes to cutting spending, everyone is for it but no one then wants their own pet project cut. >> exactly. >> where would you make cuts.
7:46 am
>> everywhere. there is not a part of the federal government that can't be cut. and i include defense in all. president obama has really savaged our defense budget and in january even worse. we impaired our military ability. we are not the strong america who should be the super power of the world if we go along with their plans. there is waste in the defense department like there is everywhere. cut across the board and kyle back federal spending. one of the thinking things alisyn is corporate welfare. we have heard this over and over. we can't shovel hundreds of millions of dollars to companies like solyndra. we just can't do it. leave that money in the private economy for companies that are meritorious who can really create jobs. >> you say that the third key issue is religious freedom. what do you mean? >> well, it's this whole phony war on women that i believe my opponent and the democrats have cooked up just because their records on jobs and the economy is so bad. she says things like well, because we don't have 51% of congress filled with women, we
7:47 am
have to spend all our time talking about contraception. but if only congress were full 51% of women we could talk about debt and deficit and jobs and the economy and taxes. we don't have the luxury of waiting until there are 51% of the seats in congress filled with women to talk about the main issues in this election which are debt and deficits and bringing those down. getting the economy freed up. getting taxes down, regulation. but she always talks about the fact that we need more women. and this is kind of a central centerpiece of her existence. >> yet, there was this interesting gallup poll that came out recently that showed that for women, we always talk about how obviously they care about the economy. obviously they need jobs. they care about pocketbook issues, yet, abortion was higher than we know. abortion is still a top issue for women. >> well, i think there is just a lot of misleading talk about it i mean, she says, for example, that employers could be able to take away your contraception. that's just not true. it's absolutely not true. it's only a question of whether religious employers
7:48 am
would be forced to offer plans that violate their fundamental religious beliefs. no one is telling women what to do in their individual lives. yet, that is misrepresented all the time. >> wendy long, you are the u.s. senate candidate running against kirsten gillibrand. we invited her but she has not gotten back to us. thanks for being here. >> thank you very much. >> he has american blood on his hands why is the mastermind of 9/11 given the right to wear a u.s. made military vest during his trial? we are going to talk to arm foremarine jag officer about this shocking ruling. then the t.s.a. in trouble again. this time for not properly checking bags. so how safe are our skies? ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> welcome welcome back. can a khalid sheikh smomed allowed to wear a calm flawj vest in court like our american military. he wore it government hypocrisy. it doesn't stop there the 9/11 mastermind is also allowed to sleep in after complaining that he is too tired to concentrate in court. why is the judge giving accused terrorists so much freedom in the courtroom? joining us with his take criminal defense and military law attorney and retired marine corps military judge patrick mcqueen. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dave. >> so what do you think of going out of our way to facilitate to make ksm comfortable, one of the people responsible if not the person responsible for 3,000 people killed on 9/11?
7:53 am
gentleman james poll judge in this facility is doing something typical. he has to have them wear something. you do not wear a prison outfit in a contested trial. so it makes sense that ksm would wear what he would normally wear which is that outfit kind of looks like white pj's and a cam fallujah jacket. i imagine since the time that he was working funded by the united states as a fighter against the soviets that's probably what he was wearing that pajama looking outfit and his cam fallujah jacket which you will see a lot of if you go to afghanistan. >> we have also got the notion of him saying is he too tired. is he not getting enough sleep. so they moved his wakeup time from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. they need to make sure to break court by 4:00 in the afternoon. it just seems to the layperson that we are going out of our way to indicate tore an accused terrorist.
7:54 am
>> the judge wants to make sure what happens in this proceeding the result doesn't have any reason to appeal because ksm claims that he was unable to effectively assist in his defense. colonel is going to make sure the proceedings run right. that this fellow has enough sleep to participate in his defense. there is nothing unusual about setting times for the proceeding and if the defendant complains about being unable to get sleep, it's within the judge wants purview to tell the confinement officials that to make sure that he gets at least 8 hours a sleep at night. that's not irrational pretty typical of criminal proceedings in the military or the civilian. >> and our allowing ksm to have a platform to lecture people about government hypocrisy is that pretty typical in the military courtroom as well? >> you know, what will happen with a guy like ksm where if you read the accounts gone back and forth whether he is going to represent himself pro se as it were or have counsel is he allows him to speak. what colonel poll did in this case is give him a chance to speak for a bit because he was
7:55 am
obviously uncertain about what weather he was going to dress, attend the proceedings which had been the question a day earlier or wanted these attorneys still representing him. when it became clear that ksm wanted to make a political speech, the judge let him finish and then informed him that in the future anything he has to say he has to be addressed to the matter at hand. for from what can i read about colonel poll, is he running a very sensible, orderly proceeding and he is he going to do nothing to make the proceeding look like is he an agent of either the prosecution or the defense so that whatever happens in this proceeding it's going to survive appeal. >> i see. all right. judge mcclain, thanks so much for being with us live from dallas this morning. we appreciate it. >> nice to he see you, dave. >> coming up, new information revealing that u.s. ambassador chris stevens pleaded with the obama administration for more security before that benghazi attack. will mitt romney go after the president on the cover up at the final debate? we ask governor huckabee at the top of the hour.
7:56 am
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>> good morning, it's saturday, august 20th. another warning that the security in libya was spiraling out of control issued by ambassador chris stevens before he and three other americans were killed. why were these calls for help ignored? we'll have the very latest on the benghazi fallout. >> and foreign policy will be the focus of the third and final presidential debate. what do each of the candidates need to say to seal the deal
8:00 am
with snrorts we will ask governor mike huckabee straight ahead. >> former head of shell oil says the former -- why is he crossing party lines to vote for mitt romney. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> hello, folks, i'm mel tillis and you are watching and you are watching -- hell, it will be over before i can get this out. [ laughter ] >> good morning, everyone. >> we feel the same way a lot of mornings. it's hard to get those words out. >> we got the coffee to kick did off. >> good morning. governor huckabee standing by. we did have a fox news alert for you right now to get to because overnight six afghan police officers were killed in yet another insider attack. an afghan police officer and a cook poisoned two of their colleagues at a check point and insurgent fighters shot the other four. rogue officer was captured the
8:01 am
cook is apparently still at large. the taliban is claiming responsibility. we will bring you more information on this when we get it the driver of a tour bus is dead after driving right off a highway in arizona. police say they think the driver experienced a medical problem causing him to veer off the road. at least six passengers were flown to the hospital with serious nonlife threatening injuries. dozens of others on board also suffered lesser injuries. no other cars were involved. well, they gave green lights to bags that they did not check properly. now they are getting pink slips. the problem plagued u.s.a. planning to fire 25 employees including managers at new jersey's newark airport. another 19 employees will be suspended. this comes after a year long investigation found 250 checked bags were not checked the right way. 8 other tsa employees were already fired in june. some fliers are breathing a sigh of relief. >> what if something was in that back they are not checking that gots pad through. >> you have got to do your job.
8:02 am
when you are paying someone to do a job you expect them to do that job. >> this is the largest disciplinary action taken to date by the t.s.a. >> sorry, ladies, this guy is officially off the market. >> oh. >> and dave. ♪ >> that's right. justin timberlake has married his long-time love jessica biel. he and jessica have tied the knot. despite a failed attempt to keep their wedding a secret. the hollywood couple said i do at seaside resort in italy yesterday. 80 guests took lock in the week long celebration leading up to the event. >> wow. week long? >> that sounds great. >> what about fellows that are bummed she is off the market? one of the sexiest women on the planet. >> was she listed sexiest woman on the planet. >> absolutely. maybe it was just me. it was a few years ago. >> is he bringing sexy back.
8:03 am
>> it was a woman writer who wrote that story for sure. >> absolutely. good for them, i guess. italy for a week. not that bad. here in the u.s. here is what it looked like the last 48 hours. big storm system right there across the northern plains. brought winds up to 75 miles per hour. and a lot of severe weather across the eastern part of the country. that is finally beginning to taper off. we're going to start to see some patterns changing here this week. take a look at what we are dealing with right now. in the central part of the country, temps are really warming up. we are about 15 to 20 degrees above average right now. by wednesday, this is going to climb 25 degrees above average. but a big dip starts to move in here across parts of the northern plains. for the next few days in the central plains, you are looking great. enjoy the warm temperatures because by next saturday the bottom drops out. and these actual temperatures are going to be seeing highs into the 20's. some of the coldest air we have seen and possibly some pretty big snow falling across the northern plains with this. next few days are looking good. today as you are making your plans for saturday getting to
8:04 am
77 in rapid city. 57 in minneapolis. certainly good for this time of year. tomorrow we'll warm up a few degrees toward minneapolis getting toward 68, chicago 67. that's what it is shaping up like very very warm temps across the plains for this time of year. guys? >> feels like summer. >> thanks, buddy. >> let's talk about what's going on in benghazi as we are getting more information out of libya this morning. governor mike huckabee here this morning to weigh in on the latest information that we were just reporting overnight because now we have a bit of a time line and we know now that there were cables from ambassador stevens warning and asking for additional security and he, in fact, references in some of these as targeted attacks. which say something about the notion that they were spontaneous in the months ahead of time. targeted attacks. >> what we're beginning to see is there was utter chaos going on particularly in the eastern part of libya around benghazi. the ambassador knew it he was sending out for all practical
8:05 am
purposes an sos. that's what these cables indicate. it's not hey you might want to take a look at this. it was we are in danger, we need help. those were ignored. who looked at them, how high up did they go and who ignored them? there are very important questions to be answered here. >> memo from ambassador stevens, quote: libya's fragile security deteriorates as tribal rivalries power plays and extremism intensify. then a couple months later in august stevens emails the state department writing: what we have seen are not random crimes of opportunity but rather targeted discriminaryive attacks. then on the very day of the attack can you see what's on your screen there governor there is is two problems with how the administration handled this and one is the aftermath. >> yeah. >> labeling it as having to do with the spontaneous protest. youtube clip. what's the bigger problem for them. ignoring the warnings ahead of time or how they labeled it
8:06 am
after? it's actually bigger than that i will tell you where the danger is night about naive at s we exercise in the middle east. we f. we have a overthrow. better government is going to come in. what we have failed to realize there is a fundamental breakdown in the overall culture of radical islam. when you replace one bad guy, you get somebody who very likely is equally bad if not worse. so whether it's egypt, whether it's afghanistan, whether it's iraq, whether it's syria. what you are not seeing is some freedom loving people coming and setting up a democracy giving women the right to get an education and the ability for people to walk the streets free. it's one group of thugs replacing another group of radical thugs. that's what we keep getting. >> let's look ahead to the next debate which, of course, will be on foreign policy on monday night. lots of people thought that mitt romney missed an opportunity at the past debate where he got tripped up or bogged down in the words when the president called it a terror attack. rather than the overarching
8:07 am
issue of it we left our ambassador and security people vulnerable there. so what did mitt romney need to do? >> i think he needs to make it very clear that this is not about some parsing of words in a rose garden ceremony. in is about the consistent week after week for almost three weeks of a an administration that absolutely was lying about what actually happened in libya. that's a strong word. >> you are focusing on the message that they were misleading. isn't it more -- how could we have done -- ambassador stevens was basically asking for help. how could we have not helped him? >> i think mitt romney has got to turn to barack obama and look the president of the united states right in the eye and say: mr. president, you owe not me, i'm not the person who whom you are accountable, but you owe the country and specifically the family of chris stevens and three other dead americans an explanation of why you continued to mislead us and deceive us and take us down a path that you knew, mr. president, was not
8:08 am
true. that's what he has to do. he has to be bold about it? >> seems like in the first debate the president was trying to play the likability game on the president of the united states. i don't want to say anything too untoward and i'm just going to be presidential. it looked like he was sleeping as even he joked about. >> during the long nap he took. >> exactly. likability has been a pivotal poll number i guess in this election where the president has done very well. but it looks like president's likability ratings have slipped a bit. let's take a look at these latest poll numbers. from september, a 5% dropping to 49%. does that have to do with the debates or something else at play? will that change on monday night? >> i think it's part the debates. he has not come across as likeable. he has come across as arrogant, angry, really offended that he was being asked these questions like how dare someone challenge me. people believe that their elected leaders are accountable and responsible. they are not kings and princes. they don't get elevated above answering questions.
8:09 am
they are there because they are supposed to be able to answer questions with some transparency. >> i thought the al smith dinner the other night. i don't know how many people saw it but mitt romney was funny why any measure. even the mainstream media was laughing haze takerly. has -- hysterically. >> is it a factor it? >> is a very important thing. what happened with mitt romney was very important because he was the guy that was considered stiff, cold, robotic, sterile, detached, and what people have been bee gun to see, both in the debate performances and then in a very winsome way at the al smith dinner was a guy relaxed and funny and may live up to maybe's description of him as he is a hilarious guy. which when she said that, most people didn't really think of mitt romney as a knee slapper, a guy who just sits around and has the whole room cracking up. as it turns out he is really a decent warm human being self-depreciating humor. that's very very appealing to
8:10 am
people. i think it's had a huge impact. >> laura ingraham had tweeted earlier this week that the biggest mistake for the romney campaign was agreeing to foreign policy being the final debate. that that should have been the economy. it should have been national issues. is this a structural problem and will foreign policy be not on everyone's radar and, therefore, a problem for mitt romney going forward? >> first of all, foreign policy needs to be front and center because of all the things that a president does, the bun thing that he has to do is to make sure that we are safe and that our role in the world as a super power is not threatened academic compli or militarily. there is economic pony nent of foreign policy. mitt romney can take that issue of the finances of this country, weave it into this debated quite skillfully i have every reason he that is going to be doing that. >> last topic in this debate america's role in the world it will end in him probably waving in the economy into our role.
8:11 am
>> mitt romney polling ahead of the president in some key battle ground states. what does this shift mean for the election? governor huckabee is going to tell us his thoughts on that. >> let's go out to sea for this amazing rescue. paddle border comes across a dog on the rocks and saves him just in time. ♪ in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
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to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> mitt romney is gaining ground in two critical swing states. new fox news poll shows romney inking up in the crucial state of ohio. president obama still leads there 46 to 43. down from september. and, of course, that's just three points. compared to last month in florida look at this. romney takes the lead in 46% to obama's 45%. outline significant are these visits?
8:15 am
let's ask governor romney. [ laughter ] [ buzzer ] >> go ahead and ask him. >> governor romney's brain. >> now i will channel governor romney at this point. >> actually see your romney inperson nation. >> let's go to ohio first. i think ohio -- >> i was in already go there in a moment. >> ohio is the fire wall, right? for president barack obama. look at those numbers right now. it seems like all things hinge on ohio for the obama campaign. >> yep. >> three things trending right now the polls. the polls are beginning to move for romney. not just a sudden swing of the pendulum but a very definite trend that you see in every poll. some more than others, but the overall take away is the trend is moving romney. the second thing, women voters, they are coming to romney. that's huge because he had a huge deficit with women
8:16 am
voters. dead heat. is he on the brink of taking it over. under estimated. particularly in florida, jewish voters are beginning to move from obama to romney. there is a organization secure american ad running some incredibly effective messages in florida targets the issue of national security it is having an impact on jewish voters. >> that will be part of the final debate israel and iran why 210 point shift in florida and ohio toward romney. why? >> obama one message for women. romney. i don't meet many women across america that say oh. the number one goal i have is an abortion and some $9 a month bitter control pills. what they isn't a decent economy so they can have some spending power to spend on their kids. spend on decent school get
8:17 am
education. daylights whacked out of them. they want to have a safe place to play and get a job. >> abortion was more important than we talked about interesting after the last debated a lot of women i heard say that they thought that the style was so confrontational. they were turned off by each other's. turned off women, it's hard to tell that. >> who got hurt by that. >> they were both confrontational. >> i think frankly the president got hurt more by it because he was seen as the, you know, the unflappable president. he clearly you know had some burrs up under his saddle, romney has come across as a guy who will fight for the things he stands. overall debate performance. more people in america now for the first time gallup and
8:18 am
poll. strengthened is younger more pro-life than mothers and grand mothers. this goes into the youth vote, the idea women are monolithic group and mostly pro-choice is nonsense. they are more pro-life women than pro-choice women now. that is a huge difference. and i think the democrats have made a huge tactical error by playing to the women's mind set of the 80's rather than those of today we have a great line up. talk to dana perino. happens internally in the white house. how far up this chain of information information really goes. benghazi. >> benghazi. we are going to talk also with some political strategist about the nature of message formation how it goes. i think it's going to be a fascinating show. we will delve into beneath the surface. >> look forward to it 8:00 eastern time. >> of any state you will be my
8:19 am
governor. >> thank you very much. >> coming up on this show, telling you about romney ask him about this how is he taking the lead in florida. now that important swing state sunday investigation for people voting twice. >> is that bad? >> you can't real delay that. >> voter fraud segment you have to see that's coming up next. >> and a nightmare in paradise after this man was put on a no fly list and stranded. his story ahead. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events.
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>> 8:22. the maker of banana boat recalling about half a million
8:23 am
bottles of ultra mist spray on lotions after reports that a handful of people have caught on fire. they apparently came into close contact with the flame directly after a applying sunscreen. problem appears to be triggered guy the spray valve releasing too much mist. the company says raises the flammability risk. yikes. and a anonymous fliers eagle rock california offering people free pot. all they had to do is vote in the local election. the flier said voters could get $40 worth of medical marijuana and the bribe apparently might have worked. there were ten times as many voters as last year. half our crew left to try to vote there as well. guys? >> thanks, dave. >> official battleground state of florida is under scrutiny for voter fraud. there are reports people voting twice in a recent federal election and concerns that this same problem do impact the results of this year's federal election.
8:24 am
>> how big a problem is this in this double voting let's ask john fund a national columnist for national review magazine who is counting. put your vote at risk. how widespread is this? is this a big problem? i see reports of about complaints about 36 voters being able to vote twice so is this a systemic problem or just isolated incident? >> 4 million people are registered to vote in more than one state. most states don't communicate with each other. so, using absentee ballots you can voight in person in one state and easily vote by absentee ballot in another state. a few years ago the new york daily news found there were 46,000 people who were rogered to vote in both florida and new york city. lots of snow birds. between 700 and 1,000 of them had also voted in both states. now the problem with that is in florida, in 2000, we decided the entire presidential election by only
8:25 am
537 votes. so even if it's not a large problem. if the election is close enough, it can swing the whole thing. so, john, i mean no national data base that checks off -- >> -- no. >> whether or not somebody who has voted in ohio is also voting in florida or voted in new york is also voting in florida. voters kindly take your name and kindly usher you into the booth. how you can ever combat this problem? >> well, about 20 states are informally exchanging information network. we need to get more states involved in this because this network did uncover very interesting example last month. a democratic national candidate in maryland. the no, ma'am he knee of her party had been caught voting in both florida and maryland. she had to resign. it was very embarrassing. in that stage of double voting lots of people might do it too.
8:26 am
>> do we know who this adversity effects or positively effects? is it democrats or republicans when you throw out that. >> both. >> >> sure. the new york daily news found examples of both republicans and democrats doing this. i don't necessarily think it benefits or hurts one party but it's still wrong. that's the bottom line. this election is going to be very very close in many states. and you know, you are going to have 10,000 lawyers involved. i want to avoid a florida style meltdown days of crisis. nobody knows who the president is and we go to court. i don't want that. the way to stop that is to have monitors and thankfully there is going to be some monitors. other people watching the election. also tell prosecutors to take this seriously. if you prosecute people and let people know this is going to be treated as a serious felony which it is, there will be fewer people trying it. >> john fund again the book is who is counting. thanks so much for coming in.
8:27 am
i want electric ton frick voting. >> tie in the electoral college. electoral college something out of the 1800s. >> hanging chads? >> meanwhile new jersey governor chris christie has harsh words for the obama administration. >> see, i have read the constitution. i think all of you have read it too. it doesn't start off we the government it starts off we the people. >> what else he has to say about the president's leadership, that's ahead. >> you find yourself dozing off at work? don't blame lack of sleep? blame your office. all right. we have big dreams. one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
♪ >> here it is, that's the shot of the morning. >> jib jab. >> alli jamming with mitt romney. >> do you think mitt dances. >> i hope so. >> go to jib and you can put in your own pictures and dance with the candidates. there i am dancing with president obama. >> that's a little competitive. better. very good. >> there is me and obama rocking out.
8:32 am
that's how i dance. >> and by the way we should mention that head to scale. >> mine or mitt? >> jib you can upload those videos. >> also put chris christie's head on a dancer because christie is back on the campaign trail. he is in virginia. he told the voters of virginia forget ohio, forget florida. you are the very people for whom the entire election could hinge upon because, you know, virginia is obviously a very important battleground state, too. he then hit on the president's lack of leadership. let's listen. >> one of the most amazing thing i heard president of the united states party at his convention said the following words. i want you to listen carefully. government is the only thing we all belong to. [boos] >> that's this president's
8:33 am
philosophy is that we belong to the government. that our lives belong to the government. that our e belong to the government. that our families belong to the government. i don't understand what else what else that could mean. that's him looking at us as if we're possessions of his grand plan. see, that's never been the country that i thought we were. see, i have read the constitution. i think you have read it too. it doesn't start off we the government. it starts off we the people. >> and there in virginia you are looking at the latest polls out of virginia just this morning. mitt romney with a about a 3 percentage point lead right now in virginia. by all accounts just about every poll except the ppp poll which has obama up by a point. >> i think christie is so effective out there because he makes such a good large picture. i mean i know that sounds like a joke about his weight but it's not. it talks about the big picture. and he makes it makes sense. whereas romney and obama is out there and thinking of
8:34 am
these one line zingers in your heart you may laugh at it when you make that big. i never know if jersey plays in virginia. or in jersey translates to nebraska. >> do you like straight talk? you wonder if it does. >> they are so genteel in virginia. apparently teeght off the floor. >> meanwhile just two days away from the third and final presidential debate in the battle 17 days until the election. the candidates stopping at nothing to win over voters. what are the president and mitt romney up to today. >> peter doocy live in washington following the candidates this morning. what are the details? good morning, peter. >> good morning, clayton. mitt romney and president obama are actually both doing the same thing both spending the whole weekend studying and
8:35 am
practicing for their final debated on monday which actually going to be president obama's last debate ever because he has said repeatedly this is his final campaign and he left the white house. you see him there for camp david at about 5:00 yesterday joining him on the chopper out to the maryland mountains was senior advisor david plouffe and campaign advisor david axelrod. and while the president gets ready at his retreat florida not too far from the site of his showdown with the president in boca raton on monday. last night at a rally he fired up the fired up g.o.p. nominee said that there is the time is almost here, excuse me for his supporters to do the things that matters most in any campaign vote. >> look, we can endure 18 more days of the agenda of president obama we cannot endure four more years. that that's why we are going
8:36 am
to replace him in 18 days. >> the focus on florida is not surprising there. 29 electoral votes are attractive to both sides every four years. president obama stayed closer to home yesterday attending a rally in another swing state virginia. telling voters he needs more time to finish what he started. >> and in 18 days. you are going to have a chance to say whether we keep moving forward. in 18 days, can you choose between top down economic policies economic mess or hot middle class policies that are getting us out of this mess with hitting the books this weekend. the running mates are going to take care of the rallies. vice president biden has an event in florida today and congressman ryan will make stops in new jersey, ohio, iowa, and pennsylvania, which is a huge electoral college prize that is suddenly within reach for republicans according to some new polls. back to you in new york.
8:37 am
>> fantastic with the running mates on the stump we should have good sound for tomorrow. >> thank you, peter. >> thanks, peter. >> let's get right to your headlines. we have a lot to tell you right b. right now. israel winning a showdown at d.c. taking pro-palestinian vote trying to reach gaza in defiance of israel. boarding the estelle after 30 passengers on board apparently refused to change course it was averted to a nearby port. the swedish' in an attempt to challenge israel's blockade. well, george zimmerman's defense team will soon be given trayvon martin's school records and access to his social media accounts after a judge ruled in favor of that request. the judge also granted zimmerman's medical records be released to attorneys for martin's parents. zimmerman is accused in the shooting death of 17-year-old travon martin in february. he said he acted in self-defense and has pleaded not guilty. a mississippi man is stranded in hawaii after being added to the fbi's no fly list during a
8:38 am
layover there. wade hix jr. was taking a military flight from california to see his wife. she is in the navy and stationed in japan after layover in hawaii on the no fly list. no explanation was given. five days later. after fighting to be taken off the list, he got a call saying he he had been removed, again with no explanation, despite being on the list, hicks was allowed to stay on a naval base in pearl harbor while he figures things out. well, a paddle boarder comes to the aid off coast in henning gland. >> it's okay. okay. oh, what are you doing. >> charlie trip when he spotted the pooch. and his rescue came just in time as the water was rising. the dog whose microchip says he has made recovery animal
8:39 am
shelter while officials search for his owner. >> skeptic helmet can, conveniently. rock randomly in the middle of the ocean. >> yeah. alabama's owner barney. >> we'll get to the bottom of this. >> we need to put all of our resources to getting to the bottom of it. >> get to rick reichmuth who has a check of our weather. >> he was doggy paddling. he was begging for that, wasn't he look at this. christmas lights are going up. >> he is just taking them down from last year. >> that would be your house. i think they are going up. have you ever been on skyline drive? take a look at this issue. i'm sure you have. skyline drive in virginia one of the prettiest spots in all of the country in the fall.
8:40 am
take a hook at this picture. this is just from yesterday. farmer sent this in on the skyline drive absolutely spectacular. keep sending in pictures in i love them. once it's snowy and gray and muddy. here is first alert forecast across the northeast for the day. today still a few showers across parts of maine and far northern areas of new england as that upper level low moves off in towards canada. for the most part a pretty nice day in temperatures. looking comfortable in the 50s and 60's for almost everyone. down to the southeast, nice and dry across the eastern side. the carolinas and georgia. but a big warm up in across parts of the plains. central plains that is texas and oklahoma. that warm up goes into the northern plains today an the next couple of days. so temps feeling very comfortable. out across the west, that's where we have snow in the pacific northwest. to around 3,000 feet. all right, guys, back to you inside. >> thank you, sir. >> you bet. >> go help him with those christmas lights. coming up on the show, they
8:41 am
helped sweep president obama to victory in 2000 will. where do the ever critical wal-mart moms stand today? we're going to go inside a focus group of these women who see how they grade the candidates on second presidential debate performance. >> and the president's failed energy policies prompting the former head of shell oil to cross party lines and vote for mitt romney. why he says the future of our nation depends on this election. that's coming up. overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you.
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>> welcome back, everybody. here are the top stories on our web site for your health. forget apples, a grapefruit a day can keep the doctor away. the fruit is always in season and full of vitamins and minerals. grape fruits can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer, heart disease and help you
8:45 am
fight the common cold. i love the ruby red. and the next time you get in trouble at work for dozing off, camerota, you might be able to blame the office. that's right. researchers say that high levels of carbon dioxide and poor ventilation can impair decision-making skills and concentration. they say this could lead to drowsiness. for more information visit alli. >> that woke me up. thanks, dave. it was the only town hall debate of the three presidential debates, how did the crucial voting block of wal-mart moms grade the candidates from tuesday night's showdown? >> he certainly was trying to portray that confident in my role and confident in the plan and confident in what i know is the best interest of this country verse is us is the last four years. >> i find myself agreeing with barack obama. >> okay. he didn't convince me on those points. still didn't convince me. i'm undecide. >> i would like obama to say yes i said i would do, this it didn't happen. this is why it didn't happen.
8:46 am
>> so what would it take to cement their vote? margie omer voyeur a democratic pollster with momentum analysis and alex brady is a republic pollster with public opinion strategies. their parties join together for focus group on this critical block of votes. ladies, great to see you. >> imorks, alisyn. >> great to be here. >> so fascinating. margie, let me start with you, what was the headline from this group of wal-mart moms? >> the headline is like with the rest of the country the wal-mart moms we talked to in milwaukee gave obama an advantage. they have rated him higher than romney, consistently throughout the dials. however, in the focus groups that you just showed some clips of where we talked to the moms after the debate. more said the debate is a tie and although more said that they thought obama won than romney, overall more said i think it's still a wash. what's really important here is that these moms are still waiting to hear for
8:47 am
information from both candidates until they make up their minds in november. >> just mansion mentioned that wal-mart moms are defined with children under age 18 who have shopped at wal-mart in the last month and still undecided at the moment. alex, i have heard some women say and i wonder if this is reflected in the focus groups that they were not comfortable with the confrontational dynamic of that town hall debate. did that turn some of the wal-mart moms off one of the candidates? >> well, it didn't really turn them off one candidate but we did see when we were doing our -- when they were dialing during the debate the lines went down. and that's never good alisyn. when we talked to the moms afterwards what they told us was they didn't enjoy those testy exchanges or when either candidate was appealing to the moderator for more time. and the reason was they felt the candidates were wasting precious time that could have been spent more productively talking to them and trying to convince them in terms of why they should vote for either one of them.
8:48 am
they felt like it wasn't a good use of their time and they came away feeling like they still need to know more and there is only two weeks left to go before they have to vote. >> margie. >> j i mean, if anything. they thought the candidates were really talking to each other rather than talking to them. >> and that's not good. i mean, because when i hear you both saying and alex, maybe you can just expound on this. is that these are women moms who just want more more information. >> they do. that's exactly right. what we have been heang from these moms, even since the summer is that they need more details. they want to understand how is either candidate going to make things better over the next four years? for them personally and for their families? they don't feel like they came away from this debate and even the other debated feeling like they really knew the answer to that. so here we are. we have two debates under our belt and these women still don't feel like they are getting enough information from either candidate to help them make their vote decision. >> why will look forward to hearing what they have to say
8:49 am
after monday night's debate. thanks so much for coming in and explaining all of that to us. >> thank you. great to be here. >> the white house facing criticism again from our brave troops. first navy seals are upset about intel leaked about the bin laden raid. now there is fallout over maneuvers in libya. we'll hear from a former navy seal about this ahead. the former head of shell oil is crossing party lines because of president obama's energy policies. why he says the future of our nation depends on this election. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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8:52 am
>> boy oh boy was energy at the front and center during tuesday night's town hall debate with part of the focus on gas prices. >> governor romney will say he has got an all of the above plan but basically his plan is to let the oil companies write
8:53 am
the energy policies. so he has got the oil and gas part but he doesn't have the clean energy part. >> well, let's look at the president's policies, all right, as opposed to the rhetoric because we have had four years of policies being played out. and the president's right in terms of the additional oil production. but none of it came on federal land. as a matter of fact, oil production is down 14% this year on federal land. and gas production is down 9%. why? because the president cut in half the number of licenses and permits for drilling on federal lands and in federal waters. >> speaking of energy, that got heated. our next guest says the president's failed policies making him cross party lines to vote for mitt romney. joining us now is the former president of shell oil and founder and ceo of citizens for affordable energy, john hough micer, good to see you, john. >> good morning. just to bree mind folks you are a democrat and remain a democrat, you voted for obama
8:54 am
in 2008. you will not do that again. why? >> i have been a democrat most of my electoral life because that's the party of my choosing. but, i don't want to see another four years of make believe energy policy. the president has to be accountable for his entire record over four years. we never heard the president say all in all of the above until january of 2012. we never heard the president talk about natural gas until october of 2011. but instead, the first three years and i warned senator obama in 2007 that we're headed for higher gas prices on a systematic level unless he personally gets involved in expanding the drilling of this country, opening up new access. he said no, we're going to do biofuels. i said you are going to have the highest gas prices in the history of the country by 2012. i said that in 2007. what do we have this year? the highest gas prices in the
8:55 am
history of the nation cumulative over the course of 2000 12. he didn't drill. and we are stuck as consumers with what we're stuck with. he had a make believe policy that did not address the day-to-day needs of every day people. that's not good enough. >> all right. so here is the gas prices then. january of 2009. 1.84 a gallon. today, $3.69 is the national average. you argue in an op. ed this past week saying, quote: american families are burdened by record high fuel prices. only get worse if we return the incumbent for another turn. gas price could say call 15 cents in the last three weeks. s the large err argue. does the president have much control over the price that we pay at the pump? and what would mitt romney do to bring it down. >> absolutely the president has control president through the interior department controls access to untouched domestic national reserves
8:56 am
that have never been touched in this country. that's been margo argument for years in this administration. open up domestic natural resources to the people of america so we can use those resources today while we build a future energy system. i'm all for a future energy system that looks different. but it's not here today. we have 250 million cars that only use gasoline. they are going to be using it for 20 years. that's the average life of a car. but here's the problem that the administration refuses to come to grips with and that is china and india as a share of total oil consumption are only going to grow over the next several years and we got to take care of ourselves in this period of time. >> john hough meister is the founder and ceo citizens for affordable energy. thanks for being with us, sir. >> thank you. >> up next, dick morris on where this election is headed 17 days out.
8:57 am
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>> alisyn: good morning, thanks for joining us, saturday, october 20th, i'm alisyn camerota. here's what is happening this hour, an ominous warning about security threats in benghazi from ambassadors, hours before he and three other americans were killed, now, more question about the obama administration's botched response. >> dave: he has been drumming up support for the president but bill clinton is telling voters that president obama did not fix the economy. so, whose side is bill on? dick morris knows the clinton clan quite well and he's coming up. >> clayton: the dog was tossed from a moving car, and, left for dead, earlier this year. we told you you about folks who found joey in their frantic efforts to save his life, today there is an incredible ending to joey's story and joey is here to share it. joey is going to talk. fox and friends, hour you four, starts, right now.
9:01 am
>> this is new jersey governor chris christie and you are watching "fox & friends." >> clayton: thank you, governor. >> dave: good morning, thanks for being here on fox and friends, dick morris has big news, straight ahead, right? >> clayton: we'll talk with dick morris about -- >> surprise. >> clayton: we talk about, october surprises, is the attack in libya, does that amount to some sort of october surprise for shifting the campaign, one way or the other? is that it or is there something else going on? we'll talk to dick about that. >> alisyn: another surprise up someone's sleeve and we'll get to that. right now, let's tell you your headlines, a lot of news happening. this is video, just into our newsroom, we want to show you of the angry protests in lebanon over the massive car bombing. as you can see, protesters are burning tires now, blocking roads, and we're also learning the lebanese army is reportedly firing on the protesters. two people are said to have been hurt. these protests in response to the car bombing that killed a
9:02 am
top security official and seven others, the prime minister confirm today the blast was linkeded to syria's civil war and top security official was killed, had arrested one of syria's most loyal allies in lebanon, over the summer. and while you were sleeping, brand new developments in the case of an oregon woman who disappeared earlier this week, police found the body of the 21-year-old, whitney heichel, on large mountain and police arrested and charged the man with her murder, 24-year-old jonathan holt and she lived in the same apartment complex and her husband and family are heartbroken. >> this has been the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to us. >> alisyn: no word on how the two knew each other. well, he may be the first -- may be the terrorist mastermind of 9/11 attacks, but don't disturb him, a judge ruling that gitmo guards cannot wake khalid sheikh
9:03 am
mohammed up, before 6:00 a.m., each day. and, agreeing to end court at 4:00 p.m., each day, so he can get more beauty sleep. mohammed claims court hearings are lasting too long and as a result he cannot concentrate. and, the family of the 9/11 victims laughed at the judge's decision and the judge also allowed him to wear camouflage in the courtroom, lance armstrong stepped down as the chairman of the live strong cancer charity but encourages people to support the cause for the 15th anniversary celebration. >> this mission is bigger than me. it is bigger than any individual. we will not be deterred. we will move forward. and we will continue to serve the 28 million people around the world that need us the most. >> alisyn: he admitted it has been a rough few weeks for him and the foundation raised nearly $500 million since 1997. those are your headlines. >> clayton: let's check in with
9:04 am
rick, who has a look at our forecast. >> rick: nice morning for almost everybody across the country. not that cold and it could be a lot colder this time of year and a warm-up across parts of the central plains, and, today, denver, 77°, 13 above where you you should normally be this time of year and, north plat, nebraska, 18 degrees above where you should be and tomorrow, pretty much the same story, a little cooler for parts of south dakota and north dakota but, in general, the next number of days will be incredibly warm across the plains and it will not feel much like fall, just yet and that will change, around thursday and meanwhile, the eastern seaboard, you are looking good and a little bit of rain left over from the storm system we dealt with the last you few days, across areas of maine and parts of the great lakes but, the storms are weakening and shifting towards areas of eastern canada. we're almost done with this one. across the west a cold morning across the pacific northwest bringing snow across the cascades and, southern california, much of the southwest, looking good. tomorrow, nice day and we start to see rain move in towards
9:05 am
northern california from around san francisco up. here's your high temps today, warm across the plains and very cold across parts of the pacific northwest, only 49 degrees, today in towards seattle and the cold remains there in the northern plains tomorrow, but, the warm-up continues, across the central plains. >> alisyn: thanks, rick. >> rick: you bet. >> dave: let's talk about benghazi, 17 days out from the election, you how will what happened before the attack on benghazi and how the administration handled it after, how will it impact this election with just two weeks from tuesday, the big day. let's ask dick morris, who is here. good to have you in studio here. >> great, very remote. >> dave: usually you don't like to get that close to us. the debate on monday is about foreign policy but the last time romney had an opportunity he got lost in semantics and lost in an argument, and, how can he make a broader argument or picture. >> well i think she should switch grounds on this. not change his position. but, change the nature of his
9:06 am
attack. i don't think it is particularly important whether obama knew immediately that it was a terror attack or later. i think there are two things that are crucial. one is, that before the attack, they lowered the security level in libya, because they didn't want to offend anybody, by a lot of u.s. soldiers around. and, secondly, after the attack, he spoke in the same sentence, whether causality or not of the movie and the raid and, he said, sure, he murdered him but called him a bad name first. it's not an excuse. >> clayton: is this the october surprise everybody points to in campaigns, you know them well and they always seem to pop up. whether the release of a police report or information, a document dump, something comes out in october and what is unfolding in benghazi, could it be the october surprise or is there going to be something else? >> no, there may be something else and i'm very concerned about it. thank you for asking, this is the first time that i think,
9:07 am
this has ever been discussed on television. there is a report that came out yesterday, by raza khalili who you have had on the show in silhouette, a pseudonym for the guy two infiltrated the iranian revolutionary guards on behalf of the cia and the pseudonym, you had him on in profile and he writes an article in that says there is currently -- has been negotiated, already, between iran and the you you night states, an agreement, moratorium on enriching uranium in return for ratcheting back some of the sanctions. >> clayton: before the election. >> and he says the agreement is done, and that obama is putting it in writing and sending it to the ayatollah and when he gets it, it will be announced publicly. right before the u.s. election.
9:08 am
we should remember, that october surprises have a long history. in the last five presidential elections, two were won overwhelmingly by the democrat, clinton in 1996 and obama in 2008. the other three were dominated by october surprises. in 1992, on the friday before the tuesday election, larry walsh, the special prosecutor announced he'd indict secretary of defense weinberger. never happened, but here, 2000, they revealed a story about gore, and '04, the weapons cache in iraq that dominated... >> alisyn: the thing about iran, does it ring true, would mahmoud ahmadinejad agree to that. >> he might agree for five minutes. the iranians have a real history of intervening in u.s. elections. bear in mind, in 1980, they did not release the hostages until after election. because they wanted to defeat carter. and they released them before
9:09 am
inauguration day. >> clayton: the bombshell would be there is an agreement with the iranians, and if this is true and if there is this agreement between the white house and the iranian regime, that that would be the october surprise. >> it would be huge. >> clayton: an agreement... >> dave: the iranians would want obama to stay in office, why. >> because they feel romney would assist israel in attacking them. but i think the important thing is, if it comes out, we need to be all over the story, to look at the details. what is the inspection regimen, you how long will the moratorium last, is it something that will expire after election day? and, how long will it take us to ratchet back the sanctions in the event iran should violate that agreement? >> alisyn: we shall see if that actually comes to pass, and, in the meantime, swing states are very much influx, florida, ohio, you are seeing a lot of movement, and it seems to be heading in mitt romney's direction. do you think they will swing back again? i mean, is this a result of the
9:10 am
debates? what do you think is causing the momentum. >> i think the momentum is caused, because obama based his entire campaign on a vilification of romney and, when people saw romney, they saw he was not a villain and saw he was a reasonable guy. the big change here is not just in the vote, it has been that romney's favorability has gone from being under water, more unfavorable than favorable, to being not only favorable, but, higher than obama's, because people saw him and he's a nice guy and he's compassionate and reasonable. >> clayton: before we go, we'll keep you around for the next block as well, is it too late, in some of the states with the early voting now they see a romney, post-debate but some of these people voted two weeks before. >> even in states with heavy early voting and heavy absentee, it usually is only about a third and you have to assume most of them are still getting -- still get to vote and also the reversal took place on october 3rd, when the first debate took place, and there's plenty of time for that. >> dave: a third of the voting
9:11 am
in colorado is done early, dick morris will stick around, because bill clinton is telling voters the president has not fixed the economy. what kind of an endorsement is that? we'll ask dick, straight ahead. >> alisyn: a company given $150 million in stimulus cash by the obama administration and why are the workers of the plant sitting idle and playing monopoly, the latest on the green energy stimulus. ♪ [ female announcer ] the power to become a better investor has gone mobile. with features like scanning a barcode to get detailed stock quotes to voice recognition. e-trade leads the way in wherever, whenever investing. download the ultimate in mobile investing apps, free, at e-trade. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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♪ >> alisyn: call it a ringing endorsement for president obama on the state of the economy, from one of his biggest allies. >> governor romney's argument is, we're not fixed, so fire him and put me in. it is true, we're not fixed. when president obama looked into the eyes of that man, who said
9:15 am
in the debate, i had so much hope four years ago, and i don't now, i thought he was going to cry. because he knows that it is not fixed. >> alisyn: is president clinton hurting or helping the president's re-election chances? we're back with dick morris, the former clinton advisor and fox news contributor. when you hear president clinton say it is you true, we're not fixed, what do you think the back story is there? what he's trying to do. >> that is pay back or blaming libya on hillary. i think that the -- that he is probably very upset that the administration is trying to put the blame on hillary, and hillary said the buck stops here which she may have had to say and i think that is pay back. >> clayton: or is it bill clinton's inelegant way of trying to say, he came in, there was a recession which he did during the dnc, remember his speech, he talked about what was left to him. >> bill clinton is never
9:16 am
inelegant or inarticulate, if he says something he means to say it and that sound bite was followed by, saying, but we're on a long, slow road to recovery, but, when he says stuff like that, it is deliberate and i think it is pay back. >> dave: if in fact that is pay back, this being hung on hillary clinton, is it going to impact her legacy? we know she is not sticking around, will it be her final act? how will it impact her perception, she's the most popular politician in the country. >> i think it will affect it. in the short-term but the clintons know in 6 months everything goes away, and i want to get back to the question alisyn raised about the swing states. there is something interesting on, you have 7 traditional swing states, in florida, virginia, iowa, and colorado. romney seems to be ahead. in new hampshire, nevada, and ohio, it seems to be neck and neck. but, then, there are four states, that are not swing
9:17 am
states. where romney has been mounting an offensive lately, and gaining ground. pennsylvania, where he is ahead by 3 in the latest poll. michigan, where he's behind by one in the latest poll. wisconsin, which is tied. and, minnesota, where he is done by only two. in the swing states, the 7 swing states, they have been eradicatieairradiat irradiated by massive attacks by romney, to obama's ads and, the other states have not, and insy the answer all they know of romney this is romney they've seen in the debate and they like him and he's doing a skillful thing, he's still fighting the swing states an matching obama and spending in those but then is putting a lot of extra money into the other four states and i'll bet you that on election night, we'll carry ohio, i think roip will carry ohio but i think it will be much later in the night than they announced he has carried pennsylvania and
9:18 am
wisconsin and minnesota. >> alisyn: do you see any possible electoral college tie. >> clayton: not with a chance of obama winning ohio and wisconsin and maybe new hampshire, mitt romney winning the battle ground states, 269, 269, electoral apology tie, pie in the sky. >> like flipping a quarter and saying it will land on the edge. >> clayton: that has happened to me. >> dave: the latest book, "here come the black helicopters." check that out in bookstores. >> alisyn: the white house facing criticism from the brave troops, first navy s.e.a.l.s were upset about intel with the bin laden raid and now, fallout over the neithers in libya and we'll hear from a former navy s.e.a.l. next. >> clayton: and the dog tossed from a moving car and left for dead. today, there is an incredible ending to jerry's story. ♪ ♪ carry on ♪ sweet love ♪ never seen such a beautiful sight...♪ where others fail, droid powers through.
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♪ >> dave: the white house facing criticism again from our brave troops, first navy s.e.a.l.s were obviously upset about the intel leaked regarding the bin laden raid and now fallout over maneuvers linked to the terror attack in libya, benjamin smith joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> dave: it has gotten bogged down, an argument over semantics, what they label it but in terms of the broad perspective and war on terror, and how we are keeping our people safe, abroad, what bothers you about the administration's handling? >> well, first, you hear the
9:23 am
administration saying we are beating al qaeda, and, that part of their campaign slogans, now, al qaeda hits us, takes our embassy and cia annex over here in benghazi, and, there was willful disregard when they knew and the ambassador and the people there wanted more security, it was 9/11, it was a get-me, you put known security there and there were known breaches and now, after it happened, after a cover-up, you have a -- more leaks trying to get the people to think that, yes, there is more power going in there. we're going to take care of things and it is three weeks later and there are still some of my friends dead and the ambassador dead, and, what is going on? what are they doing? there are more leaks coming out. >> dave: there are steady leaks, throughout this. so, it begs the question, should everything, just be made public, all the cables, back and forth,
9:24 am
between all parties involved, is it best that we just pull back the curtain entirely? >> well, no. as per, you know, classification levels, and same thing with bin laden, there are things you do not talk about. there are things we don't need to be talking about, this, right now. this is conversation that, you know, normal american citizens shouldn't be having. like, we should just know that we got bin laden, something happened over there, we rectified the situation, and, whoever was responsible for it, here, in the administration, or wherever, was held accountable, and, thrown out, or prosecuted for there -- for the felonius activities. >> dave: and they are calling for even the video from the compound in benghazi to be made public, not just the cables between this state department and the out post there. are you suggesting that none of that should be made public? that should all remain
9:25 am
classified information? >> well, i mean, now that it is out, there's the go-between, between, you know, it never should have been out and should be out, but, all, even this conversation, we should not know any of this. it should have been taken care of. do you know what i'm saying? >> dave: yes. >> the conversation on tv about classified leaks and all of this. for the political gain, come on. >> dave: is there -- is this about benghazi? is it about ambassador stevens or is it about how the obama administration is handling the war on terror? as we now know it today. >> well. and unfortunately, as an american citizen, it's shameful to look at a government that is looking to do this for political purposes, because, you have a debate coming up on monday which is the foreign policy debate and all the stories are shifting and it is
9:26 am
hard to know, even coming here for the interview, they are trying to set up the debate. it is all for politics and it is sickening. >> dave: let's hope there is some focus on monday night's debate about the troops and those people risking their lives for our country. we have not heard enough about people like yourself, that sacrifice for the country. benjamin smith, thanks for being with us and thanks for your service. >> thank you for what you are doing. >> dave: coming up, another green energy flop for the obama administration, a company getting millions of stimulus dollars but instead of working, employees playing monopoly on the clock and falling leaves and pretty soon snow, taking over your yard. don't worry, clayton has got you all covered, he's showing off -- the gadgets to help you get the yard all set. this fall. coming up. in america tay we're running out of a vital resource we need
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. ♪ >> alisyn: welcome back, everyone, we have a programming note for you, right now, bob massi, rebuilding your dreams tour continue, this time he's heading to fort myers, florida on november 1st and will be at the royal palm yacht club, you can register for free by
9:31 am
e-mailing rebuilding your and so many viewers have real estate questions and what to do, in terms of the markets. so... >> dave: looking forward to it. >> alisyn: hi. >> clayton: keep going. >> alisyn: time for headlines, it is too bad they weren't paid in monopoly money, the inspector general now investigating the stimulus backed lg battery plant in michigan. current and former workers say employees spend their days playing games like monopoly. and watching movies. while they are on the clock. because there is no work to be done. the company scored a $150 million grant from the obama administration, president obama even attended the ground breaking in 2010, and it was supposed to make batteries for the chevy volt but has yet to apparently produce even one and if you hate those x-ray scanners, the tsa uses, there may be good news for you the next time you fly. it has quietly been removing the scanners from airports in large cities and moving them to smaller airports, and, it has nothing to do with privacy concerns, but the tsa says they
9:32 am
are replaced with newer machines, that are faster and the scanners will now display a cartooned body with yellow highlights, for areas of concern, critics say the newer scanners have a higher false alarm rate and, this pregnant new york woman looked like an easy target for a robber, she was with her toddler, but think again, a teenager pointed a gun at rachel, telling her to hand over her iphone and she did so and when he ran off, she handed her child over to a relative and took off running after him. >> alisyn: so i didn't think much about it when i did it. i was on auto pilot. i felt like, that kid just pulled a gun on me and i need to catch him. >> alisyn: and somebody who caught him, a man caught up with the teenager and he handeded over the phone, but, then fled. surprising homecoming, that will molt your heart, a soldier mom reunited with her 8-year-old
9:33 am
daughter after spending months overseas. [applause]. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> alisyn: with the help of her daughter's school, melody web surprised her during a special assembly and her husband is in the army and is still deployed. >> you get so much praise but we forget to praise the families, our family, at home, that keeps us together. they are our backbone, so, i just thank god for them. >> alisyn: well, webb spent 8 years in the service with four tours of duty. the last one was in afghanistan. so happy they are reunited. those are your headlines. let's go outside to rick for weather. >> if dave were there, he'd be crying, right now, that is why we love him! a beautiful start to the day across areas of the northeast. look, though, at the picture, sent into me from cincinnati, ohio. rolling hills, on the ohio
9:34 am
river, and, this is actually sent in from sandy and she says this is out her front door, i have to tell you, that is a really nice way to wake up every morning, 49°, this morning, and you will be getting up to 58° with plenty of sunshine and a very nice fall day to enjoy, keep sending me those pictures, rick reichmuth on twitter or my facebook page and your forecast across the northeast, a nice day for almost everyone and there will be a little bit of leftover rain across areas of maine and the upper level disturbance will bring cloud cover across the great lakes and it will not be a bad day, the storm is winding down, and down into the southeast it will be dry, especially across georgia and the carolinas, hot humid but a warm-up is occurring across parts of the central plains and the warm air will go towards the northern plains, as well. out across the west, we have some nice conditions, also, except for the pacific northwest, where it is cold, and snowy. and that will continue for the next couple of days across parts of the far northern plains and
9:35 am
someone's phone is ringing, someone saw you on tv and they said i'm calling you, and i see you on tv... i heard it. that is what is going on, right now, here! all right, guys, gadgets are coming up and these are not clayton kind of gadgets, these are big. >> alisyn: cool! >> clayton: i grew up working in the backyard with my dad. this is my time of year. >> dave: between the cooling temperatures and all the leaves, the yard can take a hit in the fall but clayton is here to make sure it doesn't happen. yard maintenance is now your thing, huh? >> clayton: i love backyard work and my wife, can't find me in the house, knows i'm outside doing yard work and i put together great gadgets... >> alisyn: gadgets or a cool ride. >> clayton: ali is sitting in our first one, the folks at john deere, no one does it better when it comes to the backyard and yard cleanup and this is something you would find on george w. bush's ranch, hauling debris and picking up brush, it is called the gator and has a drive train system, four-wheel
9:36 am
drive, front and rear suspension and smooth ride and you can put all sorts of tailgate on the back of it, brush, branches, all sorts of things on your yard... >> dave: ipod jack. >> clayton: it is a little too loud outside for an ipod. >> dave: now, i wrapped up the lawn mowing for the season and maybe a few more weeks, but still time. >> clayton: this is the select series tractor mower and it has the bag on the back and, you catch all the clippings and what is great, you can take the whole thing off, pop the whole thing off and it switches into a mulching section and come over here and all of the ashttachmen. >> alisyn: makes it fun. >> clayton: and you don't have to push so much and it mull chs it and you don't have to worry about bagging it. >> dave: beneath is to that are aeration. >> clayton: a medieval torture
9:37 am
implement. >> clayton: and you can stick it on the side of it as well and use it to aerate your yard, important to do in the fall and some people spend upwards of $600 to get the yard aerated. >> no, i don't. i heard about that. >> clayton: people do that and har here you put the attachment on the tractor and it does it for you and it is great when snow comes, on the front, you can put the snowplow, right on the front of it and you can do the snow blower... >> dave: now you are speaking my language. alisyn will learn how bad we need that in connecticut. >> alisyn: i like that. >> clayton: go to and you can find -- >> alisyn: should i turn this on, now. >> clayton: no, stay far away from it, it is something dave can handle. feel how strong it, the folks at stihl make great backyard equipment and this is a chain saw, it has tons of power and cuts firewood, chop down the trees that are dead in your yard and the storm cleanup, we had a
9:38 am
lot of storms this year. >> dave: this is the best thing you have out here. nothing against the tractor, but, the raking, i have spent 12, 15 hours, raking leaves in my yard. >> clayton: don't get a rake. come on, what's a rake any more? >> dave: back breaking. >> clayton: exactly, get one of these. this is a very powerful leave-blower. from stihl and fill it with gasoline and fire it up and you will be done within a matter of minutes instead of the hours it takes to rake the yard. >> dave: and the back pain, you will save your back, trust me! it is miserable. >> alisyn: you know what this is great for? pumpkin carving. >> clayton: pumpkin chucking. go to and they have stihl, inside, this products inside john deere as well. >> alisyn: all right. thank you, good stuff. coming up, they go to college, obviously in hopes of getting an education that will land them a great job but come out drowning in debt. the numbers, now, higher, much higher than ever before, we have
9:39 am
a recent college grad on next to talk about her frustrations with debt. >> dave: also, he was abused and left for dead, earlier this year, we told you about joey the dog, the frantic effort to save his life, we have an update, on this incredible journey, joey's story, is next. >> clayton: first we'll check in with neil cavuto for a look at what is coming up on the cost of freedom business block. >> good morning, as the election close, more than a third of all homeowners expect their adult kids to move back in, which one of these guys has the plan to get the kids back out? and, prices at the pump, fueling a pre-election fight and, what is causing it and the government buyout plan to save taxpayers money, a plan to save you money, on "the cost of freedom" at the top of the hour. we'll see you then. surprise! surprise! we totally got her! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chiles, you'll get a bowl of queso
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that makes even this get-together betr.
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9:43 am
college grads are drowning in it, more than ever before and according to the institute for college access 2/3 of college grads owe an average of $26,600, a 5% jump from 2010. >> alisyn: what does it mean for the future of our millennials? joining us is recent college grad and founder of students against barack obama, a project of the american majority action, cecilia bigelow. good morning. >> how are you. >> alisyn: you are a recent college grad and talking about how machines of you guys are saddled with debt now and we know you don't support the president. let's look at what the president and governor romney said about education, and student debt at the debate. >> absolutely. >> we have to make sure we make it easier for kids to afford college and also make sure when they get out of college, there is a job. >> president barack obama: we have the best education system in the world and the fact you that you are going to college is great but i want everybody to get a great education and we have worked hard to make sure that student loans are available
9:44 am
for folks like you. >> alisyn: you are -- not a lot of specifics there, by either candidate and what makes you think governor romney would be better than president obama. >> well after the statement, it is not quite sure, as he really is, but, in the exact study that came out for the study, president romney said he wants to return the student loan industry back to the private sector which is what we need, because, private lenders will not absolutely -- they would never let the -- never let students that could not afford these massive college loans to take out these loans, because, basically, what barack obama has done, has -- he has made these easy loan policies and he has nationalized the industry, which has increased student loan debt, significantly. and, this basically mirrors what happened back in the mortgage industry. government tries to make sothing good happen, by trying
9:45 am
to make access to these mortgages, these loans, much more easy but what we see happening is that people are coming in, and students are taking out loans they absolutely cannot afford. and, we're seeing exactly what happened in the housing stihl, student loan default rates are at an all-time high of 13°, and, they are just -- this is going to keep increasing with the nationalization of the student loan industry. >> clayton: you weren't convinced what the president said and giving students access to the loan is the right direction and there is the criticism from the left against mitt romney's comments about, just ask to borrow more money from your parents. is that the proper solution for students, either, if you have both of those solutions, and, will kids go to college anymore? >> well, the thing is, is that we're going to just keep seeing these student default rates and it is a safer way to ask for money from your parents, because it is not taking out these
9:46 am
massive government loans, because, what is going to keep happening, there are massive amount of student loan default rates it will fall back on the taxpayer and really, that is punting the ball down the line, i think, students, national debt, per capita, is $50,000. or above, and, we're punting it done the line. and we have to pay back the debt eventually, it is just increasing a problem and it is just increasing the problem. >> alisyn: we have an illustration of the problem in some states with the highest debt, and some states with the lowest debt. one of the highest we see is in new hampshire, $32,000 per graduate. followed by pennsylvania, at almost 30,000, 19,000 there and these are real numbers and they are significant. thanks so much for coming in, and telling us about what a great concern it is for recent grads like you you. >> thank you, for having me. >> clayton: thanks, how long did
9:47 am
it take to you pay off your student loans, have you done it get. >> alisyn: i got a scholarship. >> clayton: oh, well some of us didn't some of us are still paying them. coming up next, he was tossed from a moving car and left for dead. but amazingly, joey pulled through and today there is an incredible ending to the story, you don't want to miss. scholarship for what? >> alisyn: academics. >> clayton: really? >> alisyn: you sound skeptical. >> clayton: i am. >> alisyn: i can hear that. ♪ so... [ gasps ] these are sandra's "homemade" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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>> dave: quick headlines, losing
9:51 am
a small amount of weight doesn't lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes in people with type two diabetes, a federal study ended two years early after two groups, one with a rigorous diet and exercise program and one without, both had the same number of heart attacks and strokes after 11 years and an amazing show in the sky starting tonight, peaking before dawn tomorrow, you can see the annual orionid meteor shower, the debris left behind by haley's comet. it should be fantastic, ali? >> alisyn: now, a touching story we have been following on "fox & friends," back in august, a three-month-old puppy was wrapped in a plastic bag, and tossed out of a moving car. then left to die. fortunately, he was found alive, but he was severely injured. well, now, little joey made a remarkable recovery and found a loving home. joining us now, from the veterinary medical center of
9:52 am
long island, is the doctor and joey. great to have you back with us. >> thank you very much. >> alisyn: just to repeat, for our viewers, in case they are not familiar with joey's back story, when you first encountereded him, he was in very bad shape, after having been, we think, thrown out of a moving car. he had a broken neck and his limbs were paralyzed? >> alisyn: yes, he was paralyzed in all four limbs and we didn't even think that he would survive his initial shock. and, never thought that he would walk so well again. we thought he'd -- may be paralyzed. and, he has made an miraculous recovery. >> alisyn: what were you able to do for him. >> alisyn: we treated his shock, the first life-threatening... >> dave: how do you treat a dog's shock. >> alisyn: with if fluids and you treat them with medications, to get their blood pressure up to normal, you treat their pain, he was treated with antibiotics. ... okay, baby... and, once we got him over the phase we
9:53 am
stabilized his neck with a cast and, just supported his body, while his neck healed. >> alisyn: he got a lot of attention, obviously and in short order made a recovery. then you wanted a nice family, a loving family, to adopt him and there was a contest, who did you decide upon for adopting him? >> alisyn: well, it came down to, i mean, we went through the applications, over and over again and when it came down to it, he had been with me for so long and i had been the one responsible for his care, i couldn't let anyone else be responsible for him. at that point. i really felt he needed to stay with me. so i could monitor his medical condition and make sure he gets everything he needs. >> alisyn: you are joey's loving home. how is he doing. >> fantastic, he acts like a normal puppy now. he runs and plays and plays with my two-year-old son, and, he has a happy boy. -- he's a happy boy.
9:54 am
>> alisyn: slightly groggy but we understand how that is. at the time you were last here i know the police were looking for the culprit. of who might have done this. do you have any updates on this? >> i don't. i know they are still working very hard, and, they absolutely have not given up. they are on the case but i haven't heard of any new tips. >> alisyn: you say joey's case is the most extreme case of abuse you had ever seen, but you see other things like this. joey's was unusual but what can people do, who want to try to put an end to things like this? >> what people can do is, you know, donate to the local organization who are out there, trying to help stray, injured and ill stray animals. i have a foundation i started to help that. because as a veterinarian it is tough to have your hands tied due to finances when you want to help every animal. every animal deserves that
9:55 am
chance. and so i started the foundation in order to help to do that. >> alisyn: of course joey's case is shocking because of what was done to him but is it more common than we know? >> it is, we see it more often than we should, certainly and we strays evered that come in injured and may not be from abuse but are hit by cars and, dogfights and they need care as well. >> alisyn: wow, again, the web site, is and how would you say is joey's mood is now. >> we just got out of the car after two hours, i think he needs out! i think he's mad at me. take me for a walk! >> alisyn: far be it from me to argue with a dog who wants to go out. doctor and joey, thank so much for this wonderful happy ending, it is great to see him doing so well and all of this help you have given to animals along the way.
9:56 am
>> alisyn: thanks for having us. ♪ ♪ 4g lte is the fastest. so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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