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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we'll do it next weekend live. election night on fbn. nonstop. no b.s. at all. >> eric: hello, everyone. fox news alert. a.p. is reporting senate majority leader harry reid has been in an accident, taken to the hospital. the accident occurred in las vegas earlier in afternoon. we'll keep you informed of his condition as we know. we've also got breaking news on benghazi tonight. the fox news exclusive, very concerning information. we'll bring all of that to you later. but first, 11 days left to vet two choices for president. 11 days left before we decide who will oversee the economy and security and well-being for the next four years by a wide margin. the most important issue to every group polled says the economy and jobs is the number one issue to americans. that in mind, let's take a look at the two candidate, what they're doing today. governor romney has been delivering a major economic address to voters in iowa.
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>> this is not the time to double down on trickle-down government policies that have failed us. it's time for new bold changes that measure up to the moment. that can bring america's family to certainty, that the future will be better than the past. >> eric: president obama on the other hand, has a different agenda. today he is hanging out with mtv. look, it doesn't matter what you think of romney. what matters is this. do you really want four more years of obamanomics? check out the latest poll from abc/"washington post." when asked who do you trust more to hand the economy? romney 45 #%. president obama 43%. nine-point difference is huge. we have 11 days to decide who will lead the great republic out of the economic slump or in. ask yourself do i want to guy with job creation all over his resume, or the guy who spends his time with leno, letterman, jon stewart, pimp with the limp and mtv? i don't think, today was an
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unbelievable look in two candidates. >> dana: traditionally the weekend before the last weekend before the eselection candidates make closing arguments. president obama today, i would have gone to mtv if i were in their shoes as well, because i don't think there is anything that president obama can do at this point, 11 days out to convince people that he has done a great job on the economy. he has not run on his record up to now. he is not going to start. they need to get the youth vote out. the youth vote that he carried handily in 2008 are not there in 2012. if i were in chicago and i woke up and saw that romney beat obama in every poll, when it comes to the economy, i would be nervous, even in the battleground state obama seems to be up one or two, these economic numbers will probably slump them on election day. >> greg: i think appearing on mtv is a great move for president obama because at the hard-hitting questions will be
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faced with journalists who think libya is a swedish folk singer. so there won't be questions about that. questions like who is your favorite avengeer? this is really important. but i got to say also thank god that during his economic malaise, president obama focused on the important stuff like childhood obesity, birth control, electric cars. this administration is so lost right now. they need to gps to find their own butt. >> eric: i hope that the most pressing question comes out, when he speaks to mtv. >> andrea: the same one that bill clinton got. boxers or briefs? you newhen you go to mtv you get to crux of the issues. >> greg: pretend serious questions. like this job must be really difficult for you. sound smart and sensitive. >> andrea: the problem is over half of youth today, college graduates are unemploy. so he can talk about the environment and the other issues but the candidates, are sitting in the parents'
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basement watching him on a laptop as paul ryan said looking at faded posters. visual is important. romney giving a thoughtful speech. barack obama stel trying to gen up his base. he hasn't talked about the economy. why hasn't he? why didn't he still keep a message of hope and talk about the next four years? why did he wait until this week to roll out an agenda for his second term? i get he runs from the record but he is running from economy, too. >> bob: the mtv audjens the audience to go to. it's about targeting. get out the vote. he doesn't have it in full. also keep in mind there will be 10 million more edgable voters available in 2012 than there were in 2008. most of them are young voters. this is the right place to go. better here than some charlie rose or some other late night
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show. by the way, your open was as much as a romney pitch as i've heard from you. >> eric: nothing to do with romney. >> bob: nothing? >> eric: nothing to do with romney. do you want four years of obamanomics. pull? pull up the next graphic i put together. people on disability. there are now record number of disability on -- number of people on disability. 8 million americans went on disability. if you combine it with the people, americans unemploy, 20 million people. divide it by the workforce. 15%. >> dana: well, if people need to be on disability, the government needs to be there to help them. our problem is people left the workforce in droves. the underemployment. if you want a full-time job and you could only get a part-time job. if you got so discouraged that you left the workplace anyway. we don't have enough people working. enough years to take care of people that might legitimately need disability funding. or food stamps, whatever it might be. we do not have enough people.
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aging population. no economic plan to get it. today the economic growth number comes out for the last quarter, it's 2%. that's measly. barely keeps up with the population growth. >> eric: take out the government spending. >> dana: great point. >> eric: all got spending, zero. >> bob: wait. >> eric: just defense spending, it's 1.7%. the question is, bob, did they jack up government spending in the quarter to make the quarter -- >> dana: to cut government spending in january when president obama says seguess tration -- i'm not saying that the unemployment is because of the baby boomers. i have checked it several times. there is a little effect. but mainly the reason the unemployment rate continues to be at 7.9% and underemployment higher than that is because people that want to find jobs cannot find jobs.
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>> greg: obama thought he could stem the rising tide of the economy. he was interested in the emore face crud called social change. you can't indulge in liberal fantasies without a robust economy. that is the t irony for socialist folly. to expand socialist folly, you need capitalism first to prosper so you can have the worthless crap that you indulge -- >> eric: run out of other people's money. >> greg: to fail you have to be successful first. the last thing we should do with foltering economy and can't pay for it. >> andrea: that is the first thing he did. he had good will and capital. he won decisively. that is where he went. this is baffling to me. i get why he would go after the youth vote. most politicians try and speak to you, they hope you were born yesterday. in the case of president obama
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his audience really was born yesterday. i don't know if they will turn out. if you look at the numbers, every demographic is down and the enthusiasm is way down. again, trying to galvanize the base, you know better than anybody. ten days sout not a good sign. he should already have them in his corner. romney is reaching right through the middle and doing that. >> bob: romney peaked and obama has room to move. the myth of romney momentum is just that, a myth. >> dana: president bam become stalled at first debate. he has been treading water since. >> eric: put up the "washington post" poll to show who you would vote for. 11 days left. president obama cannot get above 47%. that has to be disturbing to you. >> bob: it is if you take one poll. but i think he has a 47% base.
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the other thing is gallup came out and for the first time, obama favoritability job rating is above 50%. >> dana: still romney/obama 51/45 p.c. >> greg: who cares if the economy is dead if you have a cool president? that's what mtv is about. saying this guy is great. he can do a mean a green impersonation. isn't that more important than the fact that you are unemployed and living at home? if you think obama can handle the economy you think joan crawford was great with kids. >> bob: i get that. >> greg: i was going to do a sandusky joke and thought not. >> eric: put up the last graphic. stunning. $2 million campaign. >> andrea: $2 billion an the president says this is disgusting to him. he is the one that turned away public funds. i would say, folks, $26 every
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second. >> bob: he turned it down in the last three elections. >> andrea: bob, remember he made the commitment and backed off it first. >> eric: today, he said this is crazy. how could i spend $1 billion. for the second time. >> bob: that doesn't include the pacs. >> dana: the $1 billion, he might mess stuff up like solyndra, maybe, the return on investment. if i were romney i would have gone to cmt, country music television and done an interrue there. that actually would have -- talk about enthusiasm. sometimes he is there. >> dana: you stand outside there -- >> greg: with the binoculars in a tree. >> dana: how do you know that. >> eric: telling me we have great news. harry reid is in stable condition, still in hospital but in stable condition. he will be okay. leave it there. coming up, stunning new development on the deadly attack on consulate in lib
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♪ ♪ >> dana: concerning developments on the attack in the attack on libya. request for help to save americas in the cia annex were denied three times by the c.i.a. chain of command. former navy seal tyrone wood part of a small team at the afex a mile from the consulate. when he and others heard shots fired they requested permission to help out. those who were there. they were told stand down. woods ignoreded those orders and went to save lives instead. he lost his own that day. megyn kelly spoke with his father earlier this afternoon. >> this is not about politics. this is about -- it were about politics it would dishonor my son's death.
5:16 pm
this has to do with honor, integrity and justice. this is lies. that is one thing as a father, whose son was killed, i do not appreciate the lies. they denied his pleas for help. my son violated his order to protect lives of 30 people. he risked his life to be here. i wish that the leadership and the fight had that same level of moral courage and heroism that my son displayed in his life. >> dana: words of a grieving father. mr. woods, the news today, greg, i would call it heartbreaking, infure rating and also for confusing when you look at the statements since september 11 of the various part of the administration. including the president himself. that don't -- they must realize they did not, they did not say what the president said they did, reveal information. >> greg: it makes you wonder. why did they abandon americans
5:17 pm
in harm's way? is this about an election? it freaks me out. imagine a loved one is murdered and they console you by saying don't worry, we'll get the filmmaker that might have ticked off your murder. this administration is becoming the world's largest clown car with this many jackasses to run tours of the grand canyon. i want to thank dana for making me this the her shirt. bob, you will love it. who pushed the video? c'mon. >> andrea: you wear it at the gym. >> greg: nobody would know what i was saying. >> andrea: they would think it's kim kardashian video. >> dana: a lot of other news outlets have been forced to table. they seek justice as well. when you saw this news today, what did you think is the next shoe to drop after this then? i can't imagine.
5:18 pm
this is close to what we found out today to be true. i remember telling you an annex a mile away that could have sent someone in. they did. told to stand down, woods was. doherty came from tripoli an hour away. we had two warships in the area, which could have had people here in an hour. there were plenty of opportunities to save woods and doherty who died four hours after stevens and smith. a lot of questions. i want to know if it's leon panetta. did he say stand down -- >> bob: the c.i.a. -- >> eric: bob, i'm not saying that. leon panetta said he had the opportunity to send assets and he chose not to, because it violated the 24-hour rule. whatever 24-hour rule he had. >> dana: what leon panetta was saying there is a lot of monday morning quarterbacking going on, which is why we have the news media in our country. you seek out information and find out. the one thing strange, you were at the state department and the white house. if something like this was
5:19 pm
unfolding you wouldn't know about it within a few minutes. this is an hour's long situation. still, they don't send help after that time. boston idea that -- first, petraeus is the head of the c.i.a., the commander in iraq. and in afghanistan. >> dana: your point is? >> bob: the idea that somehow petraeus would leave his men unprotected is ridiculous. anybody who said i want to know who the intelligence sources are on the ground, number one. >> dana: so you are questioning the report? >> bob: absolutely. dead wrong. i can not believe after the military said the commander of a military in that area said that they did not, they sent assets from tripoli and somebody made a decision they're not going to send assets to help save american lives is unbelievably a charge -- >> dana: okay.
5:20 pm
>> eric: be careful, if you find out that is it, are you saying whoever is treasonous? >> bob: i don't believe the sources. dais in the last six weeks one thing that the left said it was the video. anyone who says differently is wrong and unpatriotic. then they did know. the e-mails released coming from the consulate in benghazi to the white house and state department. >> andrea: the video, they knew and more we learn it's institutional failure at the highest level. they need an excuse to cover it up. go with the video. panetta says i didn't know. i didn't have intelligence assessment. you don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. did he need intelligence assessment to know post-gaddafi libya is dangerous? this is the same con ulate blast -- consulate attacked
5:21 pm
twice. hole blown through it. red cross was attacked in may. british embassy attack and the british attack closed. they had to know it was attacked twice. why was it not secured on september 11? he was asked it by hofstra, kerry, and ignored it. >> bob: are you suggesting that barack obama would let americans die -- >> andrea: if he knows they're getting attacked, don't you think the first phone call is the d.o.d., secretary of state and director of intelligence and the c.i.a.? >> bob: right. >> andrea: why didn't that happen? >> bob: my assumption is number one -- >> andrea: incompetence. incompetent administration to date. >> eric: two people on the ground -- >> dana: the "new york times" can run anonymous source but you question two c.i.a. -- two sources on the ground? >> bob: yes. >> greg: i want to make a point.
5:22 pm
i don't think obama would do that, but where is he now? >> dana: mtv. >> greg: he doesn't have feet of clay. clay has feet of obama. he blows the horn on bin laden and blows off benghazi. >> dana: there is a new ad to gen up the women's vote with 11 days to go. could it cost the president the most? greg has comments on that next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so how hard up is the obama campaign? >> the first time shouldn't with anybody. you want to do it with a great guy. >> it should be with a guy that's beautiful.
5:27 pm
someone really cares about and understands women. >> a guy who cares whether you get health insurance, whether you get birth control. >> my first time was amazing. before i was a girl, now i'm a woman. i pulled back the voting station and i pulled back the curtain and i voted for barack obama. >> greg: the political equivalent of a booty call. this is who he dies. actress lisa dunham describes voting for obama like losing your virginity. the left thinks the right is flipping out over this. please. we flip out over real stuff like benghazi. so the ad hangs on a tire joke, one exposes how the left as edgy as a r racquetball. this lame organization makes clint eastward's chair look shakes pairian.
5:28 pm
-- shakespearean. if the right did this, they'd scream sexism. i love metaphors but the first time is rarely your best. for guy you're nervous and drunk. for a girl it's with a sweet-talking charmer who lied to gain your trust. sound familiar? anyway, you think as a feminist, she would think work would matter more. but because she got hbo gig, unemployment among women is meaningless. who is to say her metaphor isn't true? after all, if you vote for obama you do get screwed. i love metaphors. i use lots of them. some of them are terrible. but at least they're original. this is so old. they want you to get mad. they want you to scream an yell and say i can't believe this. it's silly. >> andrea: something you would see on a college campus for the student body president, not for president of the united states. it's true. i thought we already did go with president obama four
5:29 pm
years ago and we did get screwed. it has hurt the last four years. it's been bad. we have didn't like it at all. i don't understand the point of the add. she has the same last name as obama's mom, though. bizarre. >> greg: i didn't notice that. there is a conspiracy waiting to happen. what do you think, michelle, our great first lady thinks of this? >> dana: a lot of ads they have to say i'm barack obama and i approve this message. who approved this message? valerie jarret, anita dunn? who is in the white house? stephanie cutter? who thought this was a great idea. i'll tell you who. two of the top guys at obama campaign tweeting this out like crazy, coolest thing they heard. ib stead, one of the thing it talks about is the gender gap with women on the campaign. there is also one with men. in particular, men who are fathers. a lot of them are fathers of daughters whose worst nightmare is thinking about this. it just is desperation and
5:30 pm
tacky. >> andrea: he is a father to two daughters. weird. >> greg: i bet he had no idea about that, right? >> eric: i think it's genius. >> greg: why? >> eric: the smartest thing the campaign has done. we have been talking about benghazi. obama is on the hook for benghazi. that takes the debate off benghazi and puts it back on birth control. the only time obama made any strides at all was when he was talking about this kind of stuff over the summer. remember the contraceptive thing, bishop. he wants to get back to that. >> bob: i can't believe we're talking about it. >> greg: five people right now. >> bob: i know. that's what i mean. >> dana: bob, would you have approved that message? >> bob: i would not. but i don't think it's all that bad. when you talk about the left getting pass on this, when the right gets a pass to say someone is rapeed gets pregnant because god wanted it to be that way -- >> greg: we don't make it to a campaign ad? we hate it, too. >> dana: it was on that day when all of us here that i
5:31 pm
work with, before talking to anybody, that guy should be out. he's up in the polls. not because anyone here suggested it. >> andrea: do you think rape is a winning campaign issue? rape, birth control and it hasn't helped the democrats. >> bob: demographic and turn-out are winning issues. the race is tied. who can turn out the votes. obama is in a much better position to do that. >> greg: okay. we've settled this, haven't we? group hug. coming up, can politics ruin relationships? andrea hits the street to find out next on "the five." no, she doesn't literally hit the streets. he is ambles delightfully. ♪ ♪ i've worked hard to build my family.
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>> eric: i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is new information about how repeated pleas for help from americans under terrorist fire in libya were rejected. tonight on "special report," c.i.a. operators in benghazi called for backup several times in the fire fight. they were told over and over request denied. the scandal is unfolding. as the father of one victim calls the explanations he has heard a pack of lies. 11 days before the presidential election, president obama is reacting to word the economy grew by 2% in the third quarter. by blaming his predecessor. governor romney says the nation is at a turning point in the big economic speech this morning. the national debt and the liabilities threat on the crush the nation's future. they're calling it frankenstorm. the halloween weekend weather moving up the east coast. we get a live update on hurricane sandy. friday, so that means the friday lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. back to new york and "the five." ♪
5:37 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> andrea: there are a lot of things to consider when picking a partner. their background, religious views, maybe even their political views. with the election in full swing, dating a i cross party lines can create tension. so i hit the streets to find out can politics really ruin relationships? >> do you think politics can ruin relationships? any experience with politics ruining relationships? >> not yet. but that is probably talk about it on the first date. if you get it out of the way, disagree. >> i'm not going to talk about that on my first date. that's not what i'm there for. >> i remember one woman was absolutely beautiful, incredible, smart. but she mentioned the presidential contender i did not like. i walked out of the restaurant. >> i couldn't imagine being married to somebody who was going to vote for obama. or going out with them.
5:38 pm
my daughter doesn't have a boyfriend yet, right, nick? >> no. >> we don't have a clue which way we want to go yet. >> that way we don't get in a fight. >> andrea: all right. so i don't know how many bipartisan bedfellows there are besides mary madelline and japings carville, but this could be a rough time for couples dating or married couples on the other side of the spectrum nil. advice for them? >> greg: i am married to a russian who is a communist. no, she is not. she came from a communist country and they are the ones that embrace free market capitalism and american values better than anybody. i think politics ruins everything. it can ruin bars and movies, and music. if you are attracted to somebody it should transcend that. liberal women get along with conservative men because in their hearts they can't stand
5:39 pm
male feminists. some who doesn't open the door for you or often to pay for the check. even a feminist finds that nauseating. send the letters to me. >> andrea: dana, would you date or marry someone on the opposite side? >> dana: i met peter on an airplane. he's more of a right winger than i am. and that worked out well. bob might be the only person i know who could successfully pull off a relationship like this. with a con seventive woman. i've never known anybody who can get over an argument sooner. he could say are you kidding me? you don't take it personally. >> andrea: bob, you dated a number of republican women and you have nice things to say about them. >> bob: i do. there is something that doesn't come up late at night. i don't know -- >> andrea: shocker. >> bob: i don't know why it's a big problem. would i marry somebody who was a republican? i did. converted her to democrat. then i got divorced. i don't think it's a big
5:40 pm
problem. as i say, what do you do? say i'm a republican, you're a democrat. therefore we can't do it? >> andrea: you know what tonight know i did? i had a date with someone i thought was a republican, he admitted he voted for obama. i faked sick and had to leave the date, because i just didn't respect him because he was duped by hope and change. if he was that gullible, i can't respect him. if i don't respect him, i can't date him. are you scourgeed earth? >> eric: no. i maryed my wife without knowing her politics. my son is becoming like a right winger and the only one -- >> bob: are you surprised? >> eric: like comes to me and say dad, what do i say when they say obama is for all the poor people? how the you pay for all that stuff? i hope he doesn't like not get dates because of it. >> andrea: what about the family members? most of my family is
5:41 pm
conservative. bob, you a republican brother. a lot of people say we can't speak. one lady said i can't talk to my mom now in the election. >> bob: my brother is a right winger an he wasn't that way before. i have been on hannity show. i love him more than anybody except for my kids. it hasn't been a problem. he has his reasons for being a conservative right winger. the other thing as a child he was dropped on his head. >> greg: this is a good point. it has something to do with sexes. men it's okay. liberal women are meaner. they sell out conservative women. i don't know why. the secret bitterness or giving up values -- >> bob: you know why liberal men like conservative women? conservative women always sort of give this aura they are straitlaced, they're well -- okay? when you find out later it's not quite that way. that's all i'm saying. >> andrea: that is good.
5:42 pm
end it there. end out an nice clean note. >> andrea: coming up, five more political stories that we think you should know about. directly ahead, it's our lightning round.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: it's political lightning round and i start us off. money and politics. obama and romney will spend $1 billion each for the campaign. not to mention the superpacs that are spending huge amount of money. now, mr. obama raised his money, 55% of his checks were $200 and less. mr. romney, 22% of his donors for $200 or less. romney has unprecedented amount of wealthy contributors. 45% of his contributors with: $2,500 the maximum you can give. i glean from that is obama has broader grassroots support base at least financially.
5:47 pm
romney is not exactly appea appealing to small donors. >> eric: remember yesterday i told you about president obama claiming to be the robin hood, savior of the middle class. i will tell you how he is stealing from the middle class. the white house has federal reserve, bernanke print trillions of dollars. the banks, his buddies, borrow the money from federal reseven, at 0% interest. doesn't cost them a penny. they can say give me $10 billion. the fed gives them $10 billion. they could either give us loans, home loans, car loans, small business loans, which is what they were supposed to do and should do. but instead they turn around and loan it right back to the feds. at 3%. we're actually transferring our tax money right in to the hands of the banks. no risk. that is why -- this is a no risk trade for them. it would create risk. >> bob: can you go over that one more time? >> eric: when they don't loan to these down here there
5:48 pm
are no jobs created tablas is no demand for product. >> greg: i crew the car. >> eric: that's greg's dra drawing. >> dana: one time i said on the show and greg made fun of me that i'm never star-struck. not just country music stars. republicans don't have a chance to be star-struck, no stars like us. however, last night two things happened. one, take a look at this. for the first time ever, that is meatloaf. he endorsed mitt romney openly and enthusiastically. having meetloaf on your side is good. paul ryan, great moment of sincerity, he pulls up and sees nascar star richard petty and he's star struck. i can't believe you're here. what i loved about that, it was not fake. he actually knew who he was. which was great. that was fun. >> andrea: i want meatloaf to sing i'll do anything but i
5:49 pm
won't do that, meaning vote for obama. >> bob: he blew his brains out a cheer ago. >> bob: so did you know. >> bob: that's why i'm not surprised. >> greg: whatever a gore touches opportunities to methane. current tv said the network current tv is up for sale. surprising, given the roster of eliot spitzer, joy behar and bill press. i'm prepared to make an offer to buy current tv for crisp $100. it will go up to $125 if you throw keith olbermann in there as the receptionist. what do you say? >> eric: very good. might have a deal. you might have overpaid. >> dana: yesterday, you were going fbi me $100 for my charity. >> greg: what is your charity anyway? >> dana: wounded warrior. >> greg: there could have been a funny joke. set you up. you blew it.
5:50 pm
>> andrea: your hundred dollar bill. all right. so, how is this electorate feeling? story out on gallup saying that the electorate looks like 2008. give a tip to red state. neil teachs points out if you dig deeper in the numbers the gallup party i.d. predicts a win by romney. the reason for that they are not looking at 2010, where bob's favorite group, the tea party upped the voter i.d. among republicans. more republicans seven-point increase self-identifying as the likely voters with the republicans. there has been a huge eight-point drop with democrats. i would point out this. watch your mailboxes because there are still ten days left. they will get nasty coming out of chicago. lots of mean direct mail. be careful. >> bob: 2008 is baseline is 10 million new eligible voters coming in the system since 2008. >> andrea: they are counting 2008 here. the point is 2010 changed the
5:51 pm
entire composite. that is why you have to dig deeper to numbers. >> bob: change composite of what? >> andrea: thanks to the tea party. a lot more lean right. >> bob: man. >> greg: it was occupy wall street that changeed everything. >> bob: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. five people, five minutes. >> dana: i want to talk about a colleague here. let him say in his own words. charles payne of fox business. he adores his wife who has had many heart problems and was if line for heart transplant. a friend and mentor of his alerted him to a possible heart being available. listen to him in his own words. >> he sends me an e-mail and i glimpse at it and it said my daughter is dead. i thought it said i wish i could give yvonne a heart. one of the things in the middle of the show. she gets in touch with him and turns out it's the same blood type. now everyone is getting excited. wednesday night, though, we were told by new york and california you can't have the heart. we can't fly the heart more than four hours. no big deal, we get on a
5:56 pm
plane. you to be a california resident for a year. it was a direct donation. so we gave up on it. we kind of gave up on it. wednesday around midnight we said okay. i came in on thursday, on my way home, 4:30, my wife calls. she is sobbing. and she said we got the heart. you know we went out there. >> dana: everybody loves charles and wish them the best. >> eric: he is a great man. >> dana: he is. >> eric: robert, you're up, brother. >> andrea: how do you follow that? >> bob: open heart surgery. knowing how difficult they are going through. i couldn't be happier for them. here is a little interesting story. everybody dumps on new york city cab drivers. well, i lost my license, by driver's license in a new york city cab. my driver's license is maryland driver's license. the guy had no idea who -- he couldn't figure out how to get it to me. so he got in touch with a guy who watches my house in maryland, the guy gave him my number and address up here.
5:57 pm
he called me in broken spanish and said i have your license, sir. can i bring it over to you? this is two days later. so thank you very much to him. it says a lot about at least some of the new york city cab drivers who reach out and that was an extraordinary thing for him to do. i appreciate it. >> andrea: did you give him reward money? >> bob: i did. >> eric: what are you doing just losing your driver's license? >> bob: i keep everything loose in my pocket. >> eric: right wingers we are getting better at this. watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ hope an change it was a scam ♪ ♪ every day, $50,000 to uncle sam ♪ ♪ you didn't build that, you didn't build that ♪ note that's obama style ♪ ♪ you didn't build that, you didn't build that ♪ ♪ obama style ♪ doesn't have a budget plan ♪ basic economics something he doesn't understand ♪ >> eric: i could haven't said it better myself. >> bob: you couldn't have said it. [ laughter ] >> andrea: all right.
5:58 pm
so remember this moment from the 2008 campaign? maybe foreshadowing for this time around. >> senator, how are you going help the american auto worker? >> hol on, sweetie. we're going to do it. >> andrea: sweetie? there was a debate whether it was spontaneous or sexist. indicative of the tone we've seen where he tries to reach out to women. you see biden laughing and stooping to what i think has been the lowest level of presidential politics. >> bob: what is wrong with saying, "sweetie"? >> dana: human intelligence. >> greg: it's okay for obama. if mitt said it -- >> andrea: terrible. the reporter said i felt more offended -- can i finish? i felt more offended that he didn't answer the question. but anyway, i wrote about it this week on the new york daily if you want to read about the tone of the campaign from hope and change an sarcasm and snark. it dictates his language.
5:59 pm
it's not been so great lately. >> greg: i'm pro-sweetie. new interview in "rolling stone" they asked the president about ayn ran. asked him if he read it and he said sure. what do you think of the obsession with the work? he said ask paul ryan. it's one of those things that a lot of us at 17 and 18 an feeling misunderstood we pick up and get older and realize a world we only think about ourselves and not thinking about anybody else. blah, blah, blah. went get through it. if you took out ayn rand and replaced it for voting for obama it makes more sense. voting for obama isog cow do at 17, 18. romantic and interesting. >> dana: that would be illegal. >> eric: there are libertarians going i can't vote for that man because of that article. >> greg: it's ayn rand. >> eric: that it for "the five." have a great weekend. be careful, buckle up with the


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