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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the hour, free of charge. anything i can do. we'll continue to be on this with jim demint. why he left the senate. where he is going now. why is leaving and why he's frustrated. as we continue the heroic efforts to save america! >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5 verz in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: 22 days until things get weird around here. >> interesting outfit. >> my gosh! >> eric: yes, the dreaded fiscal cliff. tax hike, spending cut and sequestion ration, whatever they are. belly flop the economy at once. comfortabling the know that d.c. is on top of it all. alex simpson, former senator and the guy that everyone thinks is a lifeguard at the
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fiscal pool. ♪ ♪ >> eric: okay, beckel is gangnam style. good to know we're in good hands but get serious, folks. >> any word from karl rove? >> despite what we're telling you, it's over. romney lost. >> i guess it's time i explain, the good people, the upcoming fiscal cliff. >> the economy is the car and rich sman a driver. don't give the driver many. they will drive you over a cliff. just common sense. >> eric: not exactly. the only way to save the republic is for us to let the president go off the fiscal cliff. taxes will go up. but mandatory spending cuts get enacted. that seems to be the only way dems will cut a dime.
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let's save the place for the kids. do you agree? >> greg: i do. >> bob: i think you're crazy. >> greg: funny that bob and i agree but for different reasons. fiscal cliff is a horrible med fore. i means the high grade leftism. what you get are massive cuts in defense. and higher taxes. that means the government expands without improving the one thing that works. so you are feeding obese fat man called the government who still isn't doing any good. what they are doing is blackmailing us. president obama is blackmailing saying if you don't do this, if you don't raise taxes on 2%, this is what will happen. >> eric: can i take issue with that? what if we don't go off the fiscal cliff? we are about sequestration later and do the game with the tax hike and spending cuts. we have the same thing?
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$20 trillion in the hole in four years, 25 trillion in nine years. nothing will change. this place is bankrupt. >> greg: president obama is obsessed with the 2%. like the crazy stalker breaking in david letterman's help. he hates the rich. it is not going to end. in two years we come back and deal with this. >> eric: why don't you want to go off the fiscal cliff? >> bob: a lot of people will get hurt. i don't care if the 2% will get hurt. >> greg: you hate rich people. >> bob: i don't hate them. they're all right. they give money to philharmonic. >> greg: without rich peopl people, there would be no government. >> bob: a deal is worked out as we speak. there will be a deal and include some increase. maybe not the entire for the upper income people.
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there will be adjustment to social security. >> eric: we'll continue to rack up $1 trillion. guess what our kids will be stuck with? trillions and trillions of debt. additional debt. >> dana: i am worried about the future when it comes to that. let me tell you. i don't think is about making the country better for our kids. i don't think it's been true for the last 25 years. i think that the -- >> greg: you hate kids, though. >> dana: an issue that nobody talks about that the president refuses to deal with is entitlement spending. there are ways to preserve entitlement spending for future generation but no congress since carter has been able to do it. someone told me once the only way that things will improve is when the baby boomers leave. >> eric: okay. ange, where are you? where do you fall on the fiscal cliff? >> guest: last week i said let obama have what he wants. republican member should vote present. maybe not even let him go off the cliff.
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let it go through and let barack obama have what he wants. people voted for it. we slide in recession and we say look, we had it their way. i think they are not carrying about the nation's future. right now, $136,000 household in debt. this is about getting re-elec re-elected. i want to say something quickly about the simpsons. it's dangerous to trivialize what is going on. simpson, if we go up the fiscal cliff simpsons are hit the hardest. the taxes go up 9,000%. writers of the simpson, the taxes will skyrocket. this isn't a joke. >> bob: you are right. but this is not going to happen. there is adjustment to social security. real cuts. >> eric: you know what --
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>> bob: can i say something? >> eric: you add ornaments to add things. in obama added this little thing the other day. he said i don't want a debt ceiling or bound like it going for it. debt doesn't matter. >> bob: respond to the social security thing. >> eric: obama in october of 2008 before he was president obama. season. >> the way bush has done it, over the last eight years is to take out a credit cardback of china in the game of the children, driving up the national debt. that is irresponsible and unpatriotic. >> eric: unpatriotic. $5 trillion in debt. president obama will add ten, 11, 12 trillion in debt. when he is done with this. >> for years, president obama running when he was senator, running for president always said that the bush tax cuts were only for the rich and only benefit the rich.
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now he says that the republicans are holding hostage for the lower and middle class. the tax cuts will expire. hypocrisy knows no bounds. >> bob: you just keep shooting your mouth off over and over about this stuff. i said if they came up with a deal on inflation adjustment on social security it would save money. >> dana: cola adjustment is not a big deal. >> bob: yes, you talk about a significant amount of money over ten years. here is the problem. means testing for medicare. >> eric: the problem is everything that -- [ overtalk ] >> eric: everything on the table won't solve the debt problem. >> andrea: that is right. >> eric: won't stop it. >> bob: what will it? >> eric: fiscal cliff will. >> andrea: the plan that the democrats put forward is to give tax breaks to business owners. these are gimmicky schemes. cola adjustment. to it is not going to do anything. it's a p.r. stunt to go around the country to say look at
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what we put forward. >> eric: $345 billion -- >> andrea: for cancer. >> bob: that is a tylenol? man, getting expensive. >> greg: the only way to the problem is for americans to become educated on how to cut spending. how you eliminate the tax deductions and expand the tax base so that you can increase the revenue without punishing segment of society. that doesn't it in the simp sob cartoon. they couldn't articulate that in a comical way. we are run by liberals who never spent a dollar they couldn't spend twice. obama could be a great foreign policy president if he pretended the enemies are rich americans. >> bob: you don't think there is waste in defense? >> greg: absolutely. i do think there is a waste of defense. >> dana: the waste in defense, climate change programs that they have to do.
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>> eric: greg pointed out things that are important. listen to the genius, howard dean. >> the only problem, truth is everybody needs to pay more taxes, not just the rich. >> that is not harasssy, that is honesty. honest moment for the first time. >> bob: can you tell us 30 seconds to tell us how to get the deficit down? >> greg: stop spending. >> bob: i get that. >> eric: i don't need 30 seconds. go over the fiscal cliff. take $1.2 trillion out of spending and tax hikes, stops the spending. mandatory spending cuts across the board. you know what? the only way to do it. only way to do it. everything else is chump change. >> dana: how do you deal with deficit reduction if you raise the taxes on a portion of the country that will pay for the government for 8.5
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days? >> bob: you couple that with the social security adjustments and medicare. 'canes that is not what geithner put on the table. >> dana: that is going to be on -- >> bob: that is what is going to be on the table. >> dana: republicans held their feet on the fire. >> bob: whatever it took. >> greg: i used to think howard dean was a proctologist because he had his head up his butt but he pulled the curtain back. it's never about raising taxes on the rich because you run out of rich. >> andrea: right. >> greg: that is the point. >> eric: raise tax on everyone who pays taxes or everyone? everyone means the poor and 47% will start paying. >> greg: if you raise taxes up 2%, eight days of government? >> andrea: the dirty little secret -- >> andrea: they raised the taxes on the middle class. it's in obamacare. they have already done it. wake up america. you wanted this administration, look what they gave you. >> eric: do you agree or disagree? if there are two fundamental changes for entitlement, mean
5:11 pm
testing save money. >> andrea: it's not enough to save the program. >> eric: put a number on it. >> bob: you guys are stuck on being anything anti-obama -- >> andrea: we're right. >> bob: how much would you think -- >> eric: bob, did anyone mention president obama besides you in the segment anyone mentioned obama? >> greg: i did. >> bob: we just brought out a 15-year-old videotape of him. >> dana: i mentioned him. >> greg: we can't find it. >> dana: i confess. >> eric: before he became president, it was irresponsible and unpatriotic -- coming up, o'reilly shoot-out with costas last night. we have it for you. should the guy who took this picture be trying to save that guy instead? we debate that. why aren't we in the normal studio? we got booted for these guys. >> good boy. do you like "the five"? do you like "the five"? what is your favorite show? >> "the five."
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: odd song for this segment. anyway, the criminal who pushed that poor guy in front of a new york subway to his death was caught last night. apologies to bob costas, they arrested a man, not the train. don't fret, over time you'll hear about the mental state of the thug, that he is misunderstand and had a drug problem but never a pubp puppy. easier to blame subway car but harder to say the broadwa broado brooklyn line was never hugged as a child. you can only control the cigarette on our lips or salt on your fries. rarely do you control a psycho in the path. especially in new york, permit to care i have fantasy. if you're tournist the great city and on the subway.
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steer clear of muderers, don't make eye contact. if you're a girl, wear a baseball cap and look tough. crime fighting is not your vocation, so crime should be mayor bloomberg's primary concern. not what we put in our mouths. we could take care of the ho-hos, you can take care of the hobo s. if you presented they were giant walking cigarettes you might get them off the street. >> eric: got it all in there. little of everything. >> dana: only forgot to mention one person. >> greg: what, jasper? >> dana: a person. >> greg: do you he is a person. you're taking me offcourse. photographer is under heat. why did he take a picture of the guy dying? this is the photographer on the today show defending himself. >> i saw the light in the distance of the approaching train. the only thing i could think
5:18 pm
of at that time was to alert the driver with my camera flash. if this happened again, same circumstances, with a camera or not and running toward it no, way i could have rescued him. what really surprises me is the people who are maybe 100 feet or 150 feet away from mr. hahn. they did not reach out to help him. >> greg: do you believe there is no way he could do it? >> his flash will stop a subway train >> c'mon. first, if you are on the subway and you're on it keep your eyes well down. >> greg: ahhh. >> bob: maybe he was too far away. maybe that is right. maybe other people should have come forward. but somehow he will stop a fast-moving subway thingbe with a strobe light is ridiculous.
5:19 pm
>> eric: there are people who jump in and people who don't. he was one of the people who doesn't. you are asking a lot for someone to risk their lives for another person. but there is a type that does it. newspapers are riddled with people losing their lives trying to help people. >> andrea: you saved bob's life. so you are one of those people. >> bob: that's why people hate you. >> eric: a couple of jumped up when you were choking on the shrimp. >> greg: me and dana went out for a cigarette. >> andrea: the only reason i noticed he was joking is she was so quiet. >> dana: after not defending him personally, but we live in a culture where you can take a photograph, take something viral. the moments are captured and at least he got a photograph. the photograph will end up putting the real criminal, the guy who pushed him. this photograph is played at
5:20 pm
the trial. that guy pushed him. she the one that will be in trouble. >> a security camera might verify some of this stuff. >> andrea: there is something sick that his gut instinct is reach for your camera when someone is dying. it's one thing to not jump in and help. i don't buy he thought the flash would stop a flame. to film something dieing is wackado. >> dana: or he thought someone would help and he would capture the moment. >> bob: compare sob to bob costas was so far off. >> greg: bob costas was on o'reilly. he was defending himself. or did he? >> you are saying that you want a more stringent program by the authorities. to make it harder to get guns. >> no, you are saying i'm saying that. you asked me, and i believe
5:21 pm
that there should be comprehensive and effective controls on the sale of guns. >> greg: gobbledygook. his big saucer eyes are hard to resist. i thought he'd jump on his lap and ask for christmas present. what did you make of his performance? >> dana: "b." "b." >> eric: bob costas is entitled to his opinion. fantastic. knock yourself out. but don't do it at halftime on a sunday night football game when people tune in to hear bob talk about the football game, not about gun control. >> dana: he missed the issue. gun control isn't is issue. domestic violence is the issue. >> greg: andrea, you have an interesting story that would have bothered bob costas. >> a young son, 10 tholed jumps in the way by a man trying to murder a woman, i believe it's seattle. he saved his mom's wife because he has a b.b. gun. it wonder if bob costas will opine on this on sunday.
5:22 pm
i doubt this. my issue is the way he tries to explain himself. either stands by it and says sorry, i'll inject politics in football or come out and says i shouldn't have do that. instead it's i didn't explain et well enough. i wish we had time. so if we don't get enough time, shut your mouth? >> bob: how could costas not talk about the biggest football story of the day? i don't think he tried to say he shouldn't take responsibility. he should take responsibility. but a guy like that with troubled pass, gun laws allow him to buy a gun is obscene. >> dana: but going gun control rather than talk about domestic violence. maybe it wasn't appropriate at the football game either but he made a choice and it was political. that got him in hot water. admire him for coming on the o'reilly factor. >> greg: coming up, homework is punishment. leigh it up to france. which is a country.
5:23 pm
apparently they say homework punishs the poor kids and helps the rich. dana will explain it next on five five. if you leigh now she will eat an entire beret. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: what is that lang snack >> dana: french, bob. what kids do not complaint about having too much homework, except for me because i loveed it and i would make up assignments for myself. >> dana: did you make your own homework? >> dana: i did. >> greg: there is something wrong with you. >> dana: many parents think homework have gotp out of
5:28 pm
control. the french president proposed homework banned for younger students. eric, bob, only two with children. good or bad idea? >> eric: want me to go first? >> bob: sure. >> eric: the second worst idea he has come up with. the first was a 75% tax on his people. this is the second worst idea. i will tell you, i am very proud of my son who is a high honor roll student who does homework every night. it study with him on tests. that's why the scores are up. you stop doing that. they play games. the video games are enormous. stay with the homework. >> i have seen first graders with homework. that is not bad. there is time. get this, in france they are off on wednesday. they do not have to go to school on wednesday. >> they're overrated snobs went belly up in world war ii. they think they are the most cultured people in world but they have harry armpits. british attack for 2,000 year
5:29 pm
years. they built a tunnel to these people? are you out of your nowned >> andrea: you are not vacationing in paris. >> eric: i have seen your armpits. remember when dana dunked you? you have harry armpits. >> i'm not a woman. let me make a point. there is something to be said about the young kids having homework. i don't think it's necessary for the kids in first, second, third grade. how many people come home from work and do homework? >> dana: i do. >> bob: of course you do. you are the exception, not the rule. >> eric: no, "the five" is a good example. how many of "the five" do their homework every night? even's hand is up except for bob. >> bob: it's overrated. >> dana: andrea lived in france a while. the kids don't have time to get the culture activity, be able to enjoy life. not just having play time.
5:30 pm
but sports or go to museum. you lived there. do they need more time for that? >> andrea: i support it. one less country je to compete with. right? why not? >> dana: interesting you say that. france found out they are performing worse than the americans in reading and science. >> andrea: the youth unemployment is 25%. this is with homework. okay? if you take away the homework, what does it go up to? this is classic socialism. this is not about personal responsibility. everyone starts out the same but you can't determine theout come. this, they want to determine the outcome even if it's punitive. >> bob: the idea that the big kids do homework. when they are six years old, seven, eight, nine, ridiculous. >> dana: greg? >> greg: i'm with andrea. it's the expectation of
5:31 pm
outcome opposed to opportunity. high expectations are now perceived as being mean-spirited. sometimes bigoted. we are lowering our expectations of our people. as we expect more from the product. impoint. over time we no longer have the great products that we have. what do you do instead of homework? the point of homework keep you alive through childhood. because you are supposed to give them childhood to adulthood. only way is to stay indoors. >> eric: stay indoors dand homework? >> you are watching tv and video game. >> they are punishing parents. who have good home environments, right? who don't run a crazy ship at home. the kids with a crazy environment, homework hurts then. we have to make it equitable and fair for them to have the same environment to work on
5:32 pm
the crazy, familiarial problem. >> greg: what is french homework? riding a bicycle with a basket and bah quet? >> andrea: drinking red wine and smoking cigarettes. you got a-plus. >> bob: they go home and get loaded with wine. >> greg: i'm half french. bost you are? >> greg: yes. >> andrea: oh hl la. >> dana: que paso. >> greg: what does that mean? >> dana: what's up in spanish. >> greg: what does vit to do with this? you know who words from a language. >> dana: no. i know more than that. i do. i swear. feliz navidad. that is coming up, how much do they know about fe will beiz navdad? andrea hit the streets to find out. >> can you name tall santa reindeer? >> prancer. >> ♪ on this 12th day of
5:33 pm
christmas my true love gave to me 12 --" >> geese allaying. >> dana: christmas trivia directly ahead. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action.
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and find the aarp medicare supplement plan that may be right for you. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story is the on going war in washington and throughout the country on the impending fiscal cliff. tonight on "special report," president obama visits a middle class family in virginia to emphasize the need for extending bush era tax cuts for all but the top 2%. republicans want to focus on spending cuts. the president is resisting. we'll explore that. one of the senate top conservative is leaving. south carolina tea party favorite jim demint is resigning. he will become the head of the hair tage foundation think tank.
5:38 pm
we'll talk to him live. new worries tonight about chemical weapons in syria. u.s. officials told foxyian officials -- syrian officials have loaded it on canisters to be dropped from above. on a lighter side why simpson is dancing like this to promote fiscal reform. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern now. back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." well, you are looking live at the national christmas tree lightinger? washington, d.c. any minute, the president will be lighting the 48-foot spruce, that sits on the white house. and when he does, we'll take you there. with christmas less than three weeks away we decided to hit the streets to play holiday trivia game.
5:39 pm
take a look. name santa's reindeer. >> dancer, prancer, dixon, vixen, i'm missing one. >> can you make all of santa's reindeer? >> no. >> can you help? >> no. >> blit.en. >> donner. dander. that is probably not a reindeer. >> yeah, that's not a reindeer. >> dasher, dancer, prancer, blitzen. >> dorcupid, donor, blitzing -- >> rudolph. >> what were the three wise men bringing? >> a lamp or something. >> i should know this.
5:40 pm
franken sense, new york hot dog. >> frankensense. murr. >> do you know where to get that? where? >> 125th street in harlem. >> what is the best way to spread christmas cheer? >> where an elf suit. >> singing. >> best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all the hear. >> ♪ on the 12th day of christmas my true love gave to me ♪ ♪ twelve -- ♪ >> geese a-laying. >> swans a singing. >> i'm not sure. >> ♪ on the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me -- ♪ >> ♪ five golden rings
5:41 pm
>> humming birds? >> french hens. >> turtle doves. >> partridge in a pair tree. >> andrea: good! that was fun. robert, can you name all of santa's reindeer? >> bob: yes. rue doll sof not one of santa's reindeer. dancer, vixen, prancer, comet, donor, blitzen. >> greg: they are the names of strippers. >> bob: but they were dressed up like reindeer. >> andrea: you love trivia. what is the most popular christmas carol? >> white christmas. >> carol brady. >> eric: no clue. >> andrea: silent night. on the 19th day of christmas, answer this. my true love gave to me -- >> maids dancing. >> lords leaping. >> cold sores. [ laughter ] >> andrea: no. give you a hint. tommy lee. >> greg: cold sores.
5:42 pm
hepatitis "b." >> andrea: drummers drumming. [ laughter ] >> bob, can we get off the stds and get back to christmas. >> bob: sorry. >> andrea: 11 -- >> eric: lords a leaping. >> andrea: you keep saying that. no. >> eric: did i say that for 12? >> andrea: you did. 11? [ laughter ] >> andrea: pipers piping. ten, say it, eric? >> eric: lords aleaping. >> andrea: eight maids a milking. six geese a laying. >> bob:♪ three french hens ♪ two turtle doves ♪ partridge in a pear tree >> andrea: very good, robert. >> bob: thank you. made up story after the story about santa claus. santa claus is real. >> andrea: mariah carey, she and fallen brought back one of
5:43 pm
her songs all i want for christmas is you. take a listen. >> dana: from a great movie. >> ♪ make my wish come true ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ is you ♪ ♪ >> ♪ i don't want a lot more christmas ♪ ♪ there is just one thing i need ♪ ♪ and i don't care about the presents ♪ ♪ underneath the christmas tree ♪ >> andrea: what a great version. i love her. 'canes is from one of my favorite movies ever. >> greg: "love actually." terrible movie. can i make a protest here. when christmas started the life span was only 30 years. we live twice as long. make christmas every other year. >> bob: do you not think she has a great set of lungs? >> greg: i hate her.
5:44 pm
>> eric: we live longer because we celebrate christma christmas. >> greg: this is too much for me. >> andrea: i used to reenact mariah carey videos when i was younger. a 1-year-old boozes it -- 17-year-old baudss it up and another kid dies. from christmas to this. no jail time but the judge gave hip an interesting sentence. mandated that hi go to church. is it legal? we debate it next on "the five." ♪ ♪ lashawn's got her christmas list. she's looking for a fijit at toys "r" us. let's see if we can get the same item at walmart f less? okay. fijit friends. fifteen bucks on rollback. wow! that's a savings of over 29 bucks! twenty-nine bucks!!?? and they're powered by friendship. see for yourself if you could save on brands you want. walmart.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: can't bet that. shortly the president of the united states will be lighting the christmas tree, an annual event. now, it's tradition that the president does this. brings his family down. dana, you and i have both been to one of them. tell us your story. >> dana: the first year i worked in d.c. after the 9/11 attack.
5:49 pm
christmas season was very special time. obviously, even more so. but it was 71-degrees outside. it was hard to get in the christmas spirit. when the lights went down and the sun went down and the lights came on and the president did lighting of the tree, it was a great moment. i try to go every year even if it was cold. your story is better than mine. >> bob: i was there on the podium there with president carter way back in the back. president carter had a rough year. hostages and a lot going on. he went to push a big button. you did gets or someone to push the button. pushed the button and the tree didn't light up. >> andrea: metaphor. >> bob: took ten seconds. pleasant thing. now, if it was up to eric you wouldn't do it because you'd save money. >> eric: i'm so happy he still calls at it christmas tree. can he do executive order to call it holiday tree? i'm surprised he hasn't. >> bob: for a socialist, i'm surprised he hasn'ter this.
5:50 pm
is this the president? >> no. >> eric jumps at anything that is breaking news. breaking news. have you watched the lighting of the christmas tree here? >> andrea: i won't go near it. too much traffic. i watched one at capitol hill, that speaker hastert at the time, the one we took live on tuesday. capital christmas tree. i watched that. i took my parents bun year. there was so much jumbo shrimp and catering inside, my dad was there. he started taking the jumbo shrimp and put it in his pockets. i said daddy stop doing that? he said why? my taxpayers dollars paid for it. eat as much as i want. >> bob: greg, have you had a christmas tree? >> greg: you know how to turn on a christmas tree? read it penthouse letters. this is murder. it had baby trees. obama is a monster. impeach him. >> bob: one more thing is up
5:51 pm
next merry christmas! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] more than a security system,
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5:55 pm
>> eric: well, that was president obama and first family moments ago lighting the white house christmas tree. beautiful sight. one more thing up now. a lot of people ask you why are you in studio. we tell you every day but i'll make it clear for you. go. ♪ >> all right, we're in studio d. a lot of our audience, "the five" audience want to know why we were displaced. there is a good reason. what are you doing with the studio? >> we turned in a winter wonderland. ♪ >> this is our christmas set for the fox and friends special christmas. if you notice we have taken the television -- logo is wrong. >> that is actual fire and i need to feed it. ♪ ♪ >> eric: when you are getting out of here to get back in the studio? >> as soon as we do the
5:56 pm
program. we have an elf. gutfeld will be the elf. but we have nativity scene. >> eric: beckel claims he would be the best baby jesus. >> he is certainly not one of the wise men. >> eric: thank you, steve. get out of here. get the studio back. >> fine. >> throw another log on. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: was up with of the wise men dr. manny with the beard? looks just like him! >> you are okay with the baby? you said you played baby jesus in the manger. >> bob: yeah. >> eric: broke the manger. >> greg: can i point
5:57 pm
something out, i was on the first fox and friends christmas special and they edited me out. because i was horrible. i will never do holiday specials because i hate them. anyway -- >> dana: you were good at the one we tried to do the other day. >> greg: thank you. this is my bus. my bus. which means the bus tour is back on december 15. through december 17. saturday and monday i'll be in texas, oklahoma, louisiana. if you want to find out more about it go to ggri i'll be at the bookstores signing books. >> eric: "new york times" best seller list, people. don't forget. >> dana: big news today. jim demint of south carolina made a big announcement. he recently won in 2011. and he will be leaving the senate to take over assed that of the heritage foundation. for ed fullner. big shoes to fill.
5:58 pm
a lot of buzz what does it mean? where will the heritage fountain go from here -- hair damage foundation go from here. it's huge news for heritage. do you a book to sell? >> eric: this is fantastic. this is fantastic for the country. robert in >> dana: how did i become the pinata today? >> greg: spanish word. >> bob: for all of those listening to the naysayers up here, there will be a fiscal deal. they will increase rates, republicans will cave on that. it may not be the full 4%, it may be 2%. the democrats will come around on cost of living adjustments on social security. medicare means testing, it may increase the age requirement. there will be restore cuts to defense. and couple other things that eric will like the deal we've done. down by 20%. >> eric: okay. >> andrea: what happens if you lose the bet? >> bob: nothing. >> eric: i'll bet you. you said you would do gangnum
5:59 pm
style. >> andrea: can we dress you up any way we want? >> bob: no. >> andrea: not a good bet. a couple of days ago i went to see the movie "lincoln." i don't know how many of you have seen it. if you haven't, go see this movie. it's incredible. it shows how lincoln, a republican, got a constitutional amendment passed banning slavery. guess who stood in his way? yes, democrats. democrats blocked it, it tells the story. really, i can see why they didn't want it to come out before the election. it makes republicans look fantastic. like we are. even though they want to rewrite history and say lincoln was a democrat. he wasn't. president obama is nothing like him. >> eric: you knew lincoln. was he a nice guy? >> bob: he was. i covered his second campaign. not the first. but the second one was pretty good. risky deal on my part. i was out there in the middlefield covering it. it was tough. >> eric: quick thought. heritage founder leader, a good pick. >> dana: i think so, t


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